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by Jonathan Azaziah

Eight months. Eight long, grueling, harsh, despicable, PROFOUNDLY unjust months have passed since Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky was locked up on false charges and his partisans were massacred in Zaria by the increasingly disgusting, tyrannical and collaborationist regime of US-‘Israeli’-Saudi servant Muhammadu Buhari. This murderous despot, who claims to be a representative of African “democracy”, has tried his best to paint the Sheikh as a “Shi’a terrorist” who threatens “state security” in an attempt to brainwash the Nigerian everyman into thinking that there isn’t a criminal Zionist-Imperialist scheme at play here. Buhari’s ploys, cooked up in Riyadh, Herzliya and Langley, may have worked on large chunks of Nigerian “Muslim” society–i.e. that “Islamic” sector bought and paid for by Saudi petrodollars–as well as “The Ummah” at large which remains disturbingly and horrifically indifferent to the plight of Zakzaky–also due to Al-Saud’s filthy money–but it has not had any affect on Nigeria’s Igbo Christians, who stand with the Sheikh in full, beautiful, inspiring, cross-communal solidarity.

Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has spent his life striving tirelessly to bridge ethnic, religious and sectarian gaps in Nigerian society opened up by the Rothschild-financed British colonialists and he prides himself on having many close Christian comrades. Clearly, those efforts have paid dividends as Christians are now coming to his defense in defiant droves and have in fact been calling for justice on behalf of the Zaria Martyrs since the unspeakable crime was committed by Buhari’s Zionist-backed army last December. These gorgeous, resistant followers of ‘Isa al-Masih (A.S.) are sending a strong message to the Buhari regime and its backers: We shan’t be fooled by hasbara! We shan’t be tricked by the lies of a Zio-Empire-owned dictator! And we shan’t be divided!

As World Zionism works day and night with its “clash of civilizations”, its war on Jesus Christ (A.S.) via Hollywood and its simultaneous dissemination of Islamophobia and Wahhabi-Takfirism to sow discord between Muslims and Christians, one can’t help but cheer and smile incandescently upon seeing Nigerian Christians stand up for the Sheikh and the oppressed Islamic Movement of Nigeria. May their efforts not only reverberate throughout the Nigerian state but the entire globe, so all free people and all Moustazafeen, Muslim and Christian alike, stand up as one and demand the immediate release of the saintly, revolutionary Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and retribution for the innocent lives taken at Zaria’s Huseiniyyah Baqiyatullah. Looks like one more struggle can now be added to the growing “We Are One Hand” list! #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #MuslimChristianUnity #DeathToTheBuhariRegime #WeAreOneHand

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by Jonathan Azaziah

Seven months now. Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has been unjustly imprisoned in a hellish dungeon by the US-Zionist-Saudi-controlled Nigerian regime of Muhammadhu Buhari for seven months now and the collective apathy from the Muslim world has only grown. A modern-day saint, Africa’s premier champion of the Palestinian cause, a pillar of Resistance, an Islamic scholar of the highest caliber and a revolutionary mind surpassed by very few, the Sheikh’s name should be on the lips of every Muslim in the world, yet the Ummah, on this matter, has ostensibly teleported to a distant planet and simply cannot be bothered. How is it that a moujahid of Zakzaky’s stature can be shot, tortured, throw into a cell on false charges, his wife shot and also locked up, three more of his sons murdered (the other three were assassinated on Quds Day 2014), his daughter attacked, his deputy slain, his home destroyed, the masjid where he teaches razed, and hundreds to thousands of his partisans and students slaughtered then dumped in a mass grave underneath the ruins of everything he built with his bare hands without the outcry of any “Muslim” organization on the planet?

Outside of the Resistance Axis and the communities of the states and movements that comprise it, not to mention the beautiful people of occupied Kashmir, there isn’t a single “Muslim” state or mainstream “human rights” group claiming to speak for the Islamic Diaspora in the West that has come forward for Zakzaky and the innocent lives lost in the Zaria Massacre; nothing from CAIR and not a word from the OIC. Why? This isn’t a brain-tease; it’s not a strenuous task to figure out what the deal is but I will spell it out for you anyway. Because the piggish petrol pukes of the GCC who call themselves “kings” and “emirs”, the Saudi demons most especially, have paid everyone to be quiet.

Take down Qadhafi and level Libya? Yell it loud says Al-Saud!

Take down the Syrian Arab Republic led by Dr. Bashar al-Assad (or at least try to)? Scream it louder says Al-Saud!

Spread the filthiest of filthy lies about Hizbullah and Iran? Do it big says Al-Saud!

Recognize ‘Israel’, accept its criminal, genocidal presence in our midst and call it an ally? Zionism is super-halal says Al-Saud!

Murder Yemeni babies in the name of “legitimacy” for a wholly illegitimate regime? Super-DUPER-halal says Al-Saud! But coming to the defense of an anti-Zionist, anti-Wahhabi, anti-Imperialist Nigerian leader whose followers were massacred in one of the most barbaric crimes you will ever come across? SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND SHUT IT HARD says Al-Saud!

Thus, standing for Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and the Zaria Martyrs isn’t just a stance of righteousness taken for a man who belongs free and back on the streets with his people to do the good work ALLAH (SWT) put him here to do. It is also a stance of justice taken as part and parcel of our Islamic Liberationist project to bring forth the end of Zionism, Rothschild-financed Imperialism and Dönmeh Wahhabi-Takfirism, for the Sheikh and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are as much victims of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire as Palestinians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Iraqis, Syrians, Bahrainis, Afghans and Kashmiris. Zakzaky said that our weapons are positive reasoning, good manners and the truth. So let us broadcast the truth to Earth’s ends since the rest of the Ummah has been put into an induced coma by Saudi oil-and-gas cash. We are all that he and the oppressed Nigerian Shi’a have. We owe him this. For all the light that he has beamed into Nigeria and the example that he has set for Moustazafeen everywhere, we owe him our service, our voices, our words, our writings, our du’a and so, SO much more. ‪

#‎FreeZakzaky‬ ‪#‎LongLiveZakzaky‬ ‪#‎ZariaMartyrs‬ ‪#‎DeathToBuhari‬n ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬


Abou Bakr Zaki's daughters (Gwagwalada, Abuja)

by Jonathan Azaziah

DEATH TO THE BUHARI REGIME IN ABUJA. The depth of depravity that unfolded at Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky’s home in Zaria from December 12th-14th, 2015 will probably never be fully uncovered. Thousands of murdered and wounded, with the dead being buried under the rubble of the Sheikh’s house and the Husseiniyah Baqiyatullah which were razed to the ground in the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Nigerian Armed Forces’ savage raid. The three beautiful young women and the absolutely adorable little girl pictured here are the niece (A’isha), 18-month old grandniece (Fatima-Batoula) and the two daughters (Nusayba and Fatima) of Malam Abou Bakr Zaki, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s deputy in Gwagwalada. The heartbreak this man is experiencing, despite being a Khomeiniist-Husseini lover of martyrdom and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), must be unfathomable–even Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S.) is said to have cried everyday for 20 years straight after what happened in Karbala on Ashoura–as all four of these angels plus A’isha’s husband Buhari Bello Jega were slaughtered in the Zaria Massacre by the monstrous, malicious, Zionized Nigerian army.

Knowing the connections the cancerous ‘Israelis’ have to the Nigerian security apparatus–indeed it is a Mossad-CIA taskforce initially set up by former Zionist ambassador to Nigeria Moshe Ramwhich are running the military-intelligence show in the oil-rich African state–it’s impossible to stop the comparisons that come to mind when gazing at these four daughters of Lady Zaynab (A.S.), these angels who were taken from this Earth by demons too soon. I look at them and see 13-year old Palestinian Iman Darwish al-Hams, insanely shot 17 times by ‘Israeli’ terrorists in Rafah on October 5th, 2004. I look at them and see 14-year old Iraqi Abir Qassem Hamza al-Janabi, raped and murdered along with her whole family by the occupation forces of the American ZOG in Mahmoudiyah on March 12th, 2006. I look at them and see the Lebanese children of Marwaheen, massacred by a Jewish supremacist entity helicopter gunship on July 15th, 2006. I look at them and see 12-year old Yemeni Tayseer Okba, murdered by the Dönmeh House of Saud in an air strike as she went to visit her grandmother in Sanaa on September 12th, 2015. I look at them see each and every victim, male or female, child or adult, all throughout the Islamic world slaughtered directly by World Zionism or indirectly by its proxies.

It is as tragic as it is pitiful that the faces of A’isha, Fatima-Batoula, Nusayba and Fatima aren’t plastered on every website, Twitter feed and Facebook page of any and all people claiming to be “human rights activists”. Assuredly, the silence is deafening because they are Nigerian. And because they are Shi’a. And most importantly, it is because they represent an organization, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, which is truly Anti-Zionist and completely uncorrupted by Saudi-Emirati-Qatari blood money. Learn their names. Come to know their stories. After that, tell their stories! Pray for their souls. Demand justice for the perfidious crimes committed against them and every martyr from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Expose the Zionist-Wahhabi-slave regime of Muhammadu Buhari at every turn. And keep on keepin’ on until Sheikh Zakzaky is free and the truth about what took place in Zaria last December is known by the entire globe. ‪#‎FreeZakzaky‬ ‪#‎LongLiveZakzaky‬ ‪#‎JusticeForAisha‬ ‪#‎JusticeForFatimaBatoula‬ ‪#‎JusticeForNusaybaAndFatima‬

Nigerian president doesn’t want Cameron corruption apology… just all the country’s money back

Nigerian president doesn’t want Cameron corruption apology… just all the country’s money back

RT | May 11, 2016

Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari used a keynote speech at a major anti-corruption conference in London to blast Prime Minister David Cameron for calling the African country “fantastically corrupt.”

The conference, which is currently underway, was meant to address global corruption, but a shadow was cast when Cameron was caught on camera calling Afghanistan and Nigeria “fantastically corrupt” in a conversation with the Queen and Speaker of the House John Bercow.

“What would I do with an apology? I need something tangible,” Buhari said.

“I am not going to demand any apology from anyone. What I am demanding is a return of assets.”

Buhari freely admitted before his address that his country had a graft problem and is thought to have been referring to major assets stashed in the UK by corrupt Nigerian figures.

In April 2016 a group of leading figures from Nigerian civil society raised a similar issue in an open letter, demanding Britain end its role as a “safe haven” for white-collar criminals who steal Nigeria’s wealth and resources for personal gain.

The letter’s signatories stressed the devastating effect corruption can have on ordinary citizens, stunting economic growth and exacerbating violent conflict and mass migration in its wake.

“Our Nigeria is one of those countries that has most bitterly suffered the impact. Despite the blessings of nature, which endowed us with abundant oil wealth, our infrastructure is deplorable,” the letter said.

The conference, a pet project of the PM’s, is likely to see Cameron file a motion to create a global anti-corruption body.

However, his plans have been attacked by critics on the basis the organization would have no meaningful powers of enforcement, instead relying on national and international policing agencies to intervene.

The summit comes only weeks after Cameron himself was caught up in a scandal relating to his father’s offshore company, Blairmore Holdings.

Following the Panama Papers leak that showed Cameron had profited from offshore tax schemes, the parliamentary standards committee said the PM would not be investigated. It gave no reason why.

The Day After

January 18, 2016

by Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich

Some final thoughts – the day after

Not the movie about a fictional war between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact and a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union, but the Day After the Implementation Deal of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Although I said and wrote repeatedly in the past that the US stance toward Iran will not change, by now it should be obvious to all that this is the case.   America “thanked” Iran by imposing further sanctions on Iran for its defense capabilities – the ballistic missiles.

If we all share a common dream of some balance in this world, which would hopefully lead to more security for all, here is what must happen.  With the nuclear-related UNSC sanctions against Iran lifted, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SC)) must IMMEDIATELY include Iran in the SCO as a full member.  The alternative is bleak.

While some Iranian ‘reformists’ have written that ‘America needs Iran’, the truth of the matter is a more just and balanced world needs Iran, foremost Russia and China.   The United States has not abandoned its aspirations of becoming a global hegemon.   The US has never sought peace.  Peace and expansion/domination are incompatible.   Only last month it was revealed that Pentagon was planning on more ‘enduring bases’ around the world’s most volatile regions (Pentagon Seeks to Knit Foreign Bases Into ISIS-Foiling Network, NYT, Dec. 10, 2015 ).

In 1941, Isaiah Bowman, a key figure in the Council on Foreign Relations wrote:  “The measure of our victory will be the measure of our domination after victory.”  True to this, after the Cold War, Prominent Americans such as Wolfowitz and Rustow opined that it was important to contain Russia (the Heartland – Defense Planning Guideline 1992, 1993).    It was felt that the domination of  the Heartland (Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia) would lead to the domination of the World.   Events in the past several years confirm the implementation stages of the plan.

As recently as April, 2015, during a speech at the Army War College Strategy Conference, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work elaborated on how the Pentagon plans to counter the three types of wars supposedly being waged by Iran, Russia, and China.  These goals have been facilitated with the Nuclear Deal.   Let us consider.

The deal buys America time.  Iran’s strength has been its ability to retaliate to any attack by closing down the Strait of Hormuz.  Given that 17 million barrels of oil a day, or 35% of the world’s seaborne oil exports go through the Strait of Hormuz, incidents in the Strait would be fatal for the world economy.    Enter Nigeria (West Africa) and Yemen.

In 1998, Clinton’s national security agenda made it clear that unhampered access to Nigerian oil and other vital resources was a key US policy. In early 2000s, Chatham House was one of the publications that determined African oil would be a good alternate to Persian Gulf oil IN CASE OF OIL DISRUPTION.This followed a strategy paper for US to move toward African oil. Push for African oil was on Dick Cheney’s desk on May 31, 2000.  In 2002, the Israeli based IASPS suggested America push toward African oil.   In the same year Boko Haram was ‘founded’.

In 2007, AFRICOM helped consolidate this push into the region.  The 2011, a publication titled: “Globalizing West African Oil: US ‘energy security’ and the global economy” outlined ‘US positioning itself to use military force to ensure African oil continued to flow to the United States’.   This was but one strategy to supply oil in addition to or as an alternate to the passage of oil through the Strait of Hormuz.

Enter Yemen. To understand the geopolitics of the Saudi war against Yemen, it is imperative to read “The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen: The Start of a New Front against Iran” written by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.  Nazemroaya correctly states: “[T] he US wants to make sure that it could control the Bab Al-Mandeb, the Gulf of Aden, and the Socotra Islands. The Bab Al-Mandeb it is an important strategic chokepoint for international maritime trade and energy shipments that connects the Persian Gulf via the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea via the Red Sea. It is just as important as the Suez Canal for the maritime shipping lanes and trade between Africa, Asia, and Europe.”

In 2012, several alternate routes to Strait of Hormuz were identified which at the time of the report were considered to be limited in capacity and more expensive.   However, collectively, the West African oil and control of Bab Al-Mandeb would diminish the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz in case of war.

A very important consideration is the stark fact that the fallout from bombing an operating uranium enrichment facility with several hundred kilograms of enriched uranium would create an environmental catastrophe which would dwarf all nuclear accidents to date killing millions of people.   The Iran Nuclear Deal greatly reduces the scope of the ensuing disaster should such steps be taken.

All this is of course speculation.   There is no doubt that the primary goal of the United States is to install a Washington friendly compliant regime in Iran.   But what if it fails? Has Washington spent billions of dollars to undermine and destroy the Iranian revolution, decades in demonizing the people only to change its mind?   Isn’t this the same scenario we hoped would be the outcome of the end of the Cold War only to learn that Washington continued a covert war against Russia?

Islamic Movement in Nigeria: Wahhabism Targets Us

Local Editor

ZakzakyThe Islamic Movement will stick to the peaceful choices in face of the bloody aggressions launched by the Nigerian army, Ibrahim Moussa, the head of the movement, told Al-Akhbar newspaper.

In an interview with the Lebanese paper, Moussa blamed the Saudis for stirring the sedition between the Nigerian government and the Islamic Movement, expecting an imminent escalation in this concern.

What follows is the text of the interview:

1-First of all what are the latest news about Sheikh Zakzaky after his injury with his wife and daughter in the attack in Zaria?

ANSWER: Sheikh Zakzaky is still incarcerated by the Nigerian authorities. They have refused all entreaties to see him. On Wednesday a committee of National Supreme council for Islamic affairs (NSCIA) went and met the Inspector General of Police, demanding to talk to the Sheikh, but he refused. Though he promised them that members of the movement and his family members can come and see him after fulfilling some conditions; though he did not elaborate on the conditions. From these you can see that the authorities are not being transparent on the well-being of our leaders; and that is something that is agitating us. His daughter Suhaila has been released and she is nursing her bullet wounds she sustained during the attack.

2-There have been conflicting figures of casualties due to the large number of missing people and the arrest of many others, including some injured and also kidnapping of bodies of some of those killed. Do you have new figures of victims other than the 1000 you have already declared? Is it true that some injured people were executed, as what happened in the Al-Quds Day last year?

ANSWER: It is difficult to give a definite figure as of now, becouse the army gave mass burials to member of the Islamic Movement they killed. But we are now busy compiling the list of missing persons from the various towns that brothers left to converge in Zaria that fateful Saturday. However we still stand by the earlier figure that at least a thousand might have been killed by the soldiers. Even yesterday some dead bodies of our brothers were seen when the state governor sent officials of a government agency, KASUPDA to razed to ground the Husainiyya complex.

It has also been confirmed to us by some survivors of the carnage at the Sheikh’s residence that some army personnel poured petrol on some injured brothers and set them alight.

3-Whom do you accuse for ordering the opening of fire? Can we comfortably say that Major General Buratai is a new version of a dictator similar to General Abacha?

ANSWER: President Muhammadu Buhari is to be held responsible over our predicament, because the bucks stops at his office. And from the way he has handled the matter – his nonchalant attitude to it – is a pointer to the fact that he ordered for the onslaught on the Movement. Gen. Burutai was just carrying out orders. The army alone without the express backing of the government can’t carry out such an enormous carnage. If at all there is any comparison with late Gen. Abacha then President Buhari’s name should be mentioned. In fact his own is even more painful than that of Gen. Abacha. Throughout the reign of terror of Abacha on us, he didn’t kill that much or destroy that much.

4-Yet another 13 new people were killed, including 6 who died under torture, after the peaceful gathering in Kaduna to protest the Zaria massacre. Do you expect the situation to escalate?

ANSWER: We presume so, because they have decided this is their last chance to obliterate the IMN. But Allah is with the mumin which we are certain they are not.

5-Do you see what happened in Zaria as an attempt by a dominant externally-funded lobby to decrease your popularity and to create problems between you and the President a month after his visit to Iran? Or is it a warning for you by those who consider you as a risk after your requests for credible investigations of the corruption allegations and your attempts to weaken Nigeria’s ties with the Israeli-American axe?

ANSWER: I think both the two play their own part in this attack of the army upon the Islamic Movement. Before this attack since last Ramadan the Wahabbi Ulama funded by Saudi Arabia in our midst did intensify their attack on Shia Islam and the Movement. Most of them were calling on the government to kill us and exterminate the movement. So one can say they prepared the ground for all these atrocities. And survivors have testified that the soldiers were saying to them even if they killed them they will get reward from Allah. Which means before they came for what they term ‘operation’, they were incited against us by their Wahabbi sponsors.

Also we should not forget the fact that since the last regime, the security apparatus of the country has been entrusted on to the Israeli Mossad. And they know how virulent the Sheikhs’ attack on Israel and America is. It has even been testified to us that some white people presumably the Israeli security agents were seen during this attack on the Islamic Movement.

6-How do you describe your relationship with the National authorities in the various stated and in Abuja? Is there a direct communication between you and the President?

ANSWER: The Islamic movement don’t court the attention of the various regimes it has witnessed in its almost forty year history. So like others before it, we don’t have any relationship with this government of Buhari. We treat it just like others before it. We don’t have any direct communication with the President.

7-Which political, religious or ethnical groups are closest to you in Nigeria? Is the Nigerian Maliki heritage and its Tijaniyyah and Qadiriyya Sufism able to stop the Wahhabi invasion in Nigeria?

ANSWER: We enjoy cordial relationship with almost all the religious groups in Nigeria, if you exempt the Wahabbis and Salafist among them. Even them, its only in certain towns that they attack us or instigate local authorities to attack us. The Sufi orders, we even attend their programs and they do attend ours. The Sheikh has even instituted Unity Week between the 12th and 18th of Rabi’ul Awwal, wherein in all the major towns where members of the movement are they invite the ulama from various Islamic groups to talk about Islamic topics. We believe what joined the Sunni and Shia schools is greater than what separates them. And I think It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Movement enjoy a cordial relationship with its Christian brothers. We visit them, and they visit us. And when there is communal conflict we try to give them protection.

8-To what extent is Saudi regime able to influence the Nigerian authorities particularly after King Suleiman’s call to the President where he welcomed Nigeria’s joining of the Islamic Coalition and expressed his support of the Saudi to the Nigerian government’s efforts to combat terrorism?

ANSWER: I think it has emboldened the government to finish off what it started against all the international pressure upon it to stop the carnage. We can see that from the way the 19 governors of Northern Nigeria endorsed the army crackdown, promising to carry it to their states. Though at the time of this interview the onslaught hasn’t reached any other state apart from Kaduna, but we won’t be surprised if they acted on the script given to them.

9-Peaceful demonstrations, called for by Mohammed Zakzaki (the son), continues to take place in the northern provinces of Nigeria. Do you expect escalations if the status-quo remained unchangeable for long?

ANSWER: Yes the processions are continuing, and will continue insha Allah. That is why we call on the government to meet our demands, especially that of releasing Sheikh Zakzaky unconditionally.

10-You have communicated with national and international legal committees to investigate what happened in Zaria. What are the obstacles, if any, that hinders a suitable condemnation of the incident?

ANSWER: The government is not impartial in this massacre of members of the Islamic Movement, so I believe it will try to obstruct any independent investigation on the killings that took place.

11-Do you see yourselves as a national or a regional movement- taking into consideration your influence in Niger, Chad and Cameroon? Can this influence cause a regional tension?

ANSWER: We don’t see ourselves as a threat to anybody, because we don’t take measures to force people to follow our path, the path of Islam. From our point of view there shouldn’t be any tension in the region, though our influence transcends the Nigerian border.

12-The establishment and popularity of the Islamic Movement started amongst students in Ahmadu Bello university. Now, 3 decades later, and with its presence in central cities, how would you describe the composition of the Movement religiously, regionally, ethnically, etc?

ANSWER: It’s true the popularity of the Islamic Movement is rising, and probably that is why the authorities feel they should put a brake to it. But members of the Islamic Movement, followers of Shaikh Zakzaky can be found in all the strata of the society. Even an estimate emanating from those Wahabbis said we are in the region of around 25 million members.

13-What is your perception of the core of the conflict, particularly since you believe, as per the description of Dauda Nalado, that you are the only resistance body in the whole of Africa?

ANSWER: It is true we are the only resistance body, and insha Allah the burning flame of that struggle will continue. This onslaught against us won’t stop us.

14-Your slogans against the Western policies are religious, political and cultural. Will it be limited to those three subjects only?

ANSWER: The Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is an all encompassing movement preaching all that Islam stands for. We do cover other subject or part of life very well.

15-You accuse Boko Haram of being an intelligence product since it is active geography in oil-rich states of Borno and Yobe. Do you expect that there could be any potential cooperation in the future between you and the Nigerian Army?

ANSWER: As I said earlier we have not been cooperating or not cooperating with any government. We are simply Muslims bent on following the true teachings of Islam. We don’t need to cooperate with the army, because the freedom of religion is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution.

16-The Secretary General of the Muslim Cooperation Group in Nigeria Dawood Omran warned that Iran trained 3000 fighters of your Movement to fight in Syria. How accurate this information is, taking into consideration the good relations that you have with the Iranians?

ANSWER: What Dawood said is false. We are not an armed Movement. For the past 40 years nobody can pin point a single incident where we used arms on anybody or organization. Even the GOC of 1 Div of the Nigerian army in Kaduna told reporters that they didn’t find weapons with us. These accusations are mainly coming from the Wahabbi-Zionist cohorts  in Nigeria.

17-Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement, talked about your cause and the massacre in Zaria. He called for the release of detainees and for proper investigations into this crime. What would you like to respond to him?

ANSWER: We were glad he did. We have been in solidarity with the Palestinian cause for long. He epitomize the hadith of the Rasool that says the believers are like one body. Whenever part of it is pinched the other part feels it. We appreciate his concern.

The interview was conducted by Ali Yehya.

Source: Newspapers

28-12-2015 – 14:59 Last updated 28-12-2015 – 17:46

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‘Revolution Means a Change of Mind’: The Man Nigeria’s Government Seeks to Destroy

Posted on December 21, 2015

“People are coming to understand what we are saying, and they are siding with us, and they are doing it in large number, in multitudes…Truth will always prevail….”

“We have a status quo, and we are not happy with the status quo. We have challenged it. It is bad. It needs to be done away with…A lot of people think of revolution as a change of government. Change of government is not the same thing as a revolution. A revolution means change of mind, change of attitude. People have one set of ideas, and they behave in one way, and they change those set of ideas and they behave in a different way. In other words, you change the mind of the man, not that you take a gun and force him to do one thing. That’s no revolution. A revolution is not by force. It’s [when] people voluntarily change.”

The attacks of a week ago were only the most recent against the Nigerian Shia community. In late July of 2014, Nigerian soldiers attacked an Al Quds day procession in Zaria that left 34 people dead. Strangely, you could almost think of the most recent assault as a case of that history repeating itself. The 2014 attack also occurred over two days, and three of the dead were Zakzaky’s sons. The Islamic Human Rights Commission conducted an investigation into the affair and found, among other things, that soldiers opened fire on unarmed civilians without provocation and without issuing any warnings.

The 2014 attack took place over July 25-26, and may conceivably have been prompted by comments made by Zakzaky to a reporter just two months prior–comments in which he implicated the government as a possible supporter of Boko Haram and claimed to even know where the leader of the terrorist group was hiding:

Renowned Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky said the Boko Haram leader, Shekau is hiding in a military camp in the country, not even outside the shores of Nigeria. Zakzaky, who is also the leader of the Shittes Muslim group-the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, declared on Saturday that the Nigeria military knew the whereabouts of the most wanted leader of  violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau.

Asking the military to henceforth stop fooling Nigerians, Zakzaky insisted that there was nothing like Boko Haram, noting that the whole scam was aimed at balkanizing the country, using ‘terrorism’ as a launch-pad. Zakzaky noted that apart from balkanizing the country, Boko Haram was being used as tool for the Western countries to invade Nigeria just as they did in other countries in order to plunder the nation’s resources.

The cleric , who said he knows the hideout of wanted Boko Haram leader, alleged collaboration with Nigeria’s military authorities, insisting that the activities of  the Boko Haram sect  was part of covert operations of a section of the West to balkanize Nigeria and plunder the nation’s resources.

And in an interview conducted earlier this year, Zakzaky made some comments about the Nigerian Army that didn’t seem to mince too many words:

“Nigerian military can be equated with wild beasts. Their actions has tarnished the prestige of the nation across the world. In the psyche of a Nigerian soldier, citizens have no right, but are enemies meant to be killed. The Nigerian soldier thinks he can do anything, having the license to kill and harass the citizens”.

He wondered how a top ranking military officer in Nigeria did not know the real definition of war, saying “a war is a war between two armies of two sovereign nations”.

Finally here are excepts from a speech Zakzaky gave some years ago on the subject of terrorism, a speech in which he specifically sought to offer a definition of the term. The speech can be found here on the IMN’s website, though there is no date given for it. It does, however, seem to have been made prior to the US killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011, and my guess is it probably dates to 2004, which was the year of the Besalen School seige in Russia:

So, terrorism is actually defined as the use of violence to achieve a political goal.  Yes violence is there; striking terror is there, but for what reason?  It is either to establish a government or to destroy one, or to establish a state, or to create one, or to destroy a state.  Now, when you have a political party, which adopts a way of striking terror either by kidnapping, sexual assault, bombing, striking or any form in order to intimidate the government to succumb to their demands, they are terrorists. I thought before the riot in September 11, 2001, terrorism used to be confined to its real meaning, as a means of achieving a political goal by a group.  And it was used to refer to some specifically political entities or political organizations, that used violence in other to achieve their aims, except perhaps the misuse of the word by the Israelis, who actually happen to form a state through terrorism, and in fact one might say on the map of the world today, the only state created by terrorism is Israel. And it is a state where all the citizens, 100% of them are terrorists. But they call others terrorist, so they have defined P.L.O, Palestine Liberation Movement as terrorist.

When one uses it in its real sense, it should be the use of violence in other to achieve a political goal. Now, another question arises, is it justifiable or unjustifiable.  Some might say: well, in a way, we are forced to do this, as there was no other way, some might say well it wasn’t right to do it.  We all know that human beings fight what is called “war”, and it seems that war has been legalized by all known states, they have ministries that are in charge of it and allocate huge sums for buying weapons to fight, they have what is called “war colleges”.  So it seems that somehow, war, though undesirable, has come to be part of human life, so rules and regulations are made on how war should be fought.  Nobody will say that is how you should go to war, but if you are in a war, there are rules and regulations.  It appears that terrorists do not use the conventional means of waging a war, and that is why they are also qualified as terrorists.  Paharps if they use conventional means, it might be accepted as an act of war.

Now, perhaps I should not be concerned with the definition, a lot of people have defined terrorism in their own way.  But I must be concerned about what should be called terrorism, but it is not called, and that is “state terrorism.”  I’ve heard terrorism being mentioned but none of them have written a certain Government, which has been using terrorism as a weapon to sustain itself and to intimidate its opponent.

It seems that after September 11, some particular Governments have adopted the word and misuse it in a way that strike terror. In other words, use terrorism in order to sustain either their own policies in their countries or outside world.  Typical of this, is the Government of the United States of America, which in itself is becoming more and more of a terrorist Government.  I’m not saying all the people in the United States are terrorists, but the Government is becoming a terrorist one.  What will you say of their own atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq? If it is not known, it is now accepted for an open secret indeed.

Somebody told me a story of Afghanistan, where a delegation from the United States had a meeting with the Taliban government long before the September 11, 2001 tragedy.  They wanted to have some agreement, which will allow the United States government access to abandoned gas resources of Afghanistan.  But the Taliban government refused. When the agreement failed they wrote them (Taliban government) that they either consent to US exporting their gas or they will litter the streets on top of the land beneath which is their gas with corpses of their people.  And after sometime, we heard September 11 attack, and while the flames could still be seen burning and the smokes filled up the skies; they said it was Usama bin Laden! How did they know?  And they kept on saying it was Usama bin Laden up till today.  And the same person, the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush said the responsibility for the strike was from one man.  His name was Usama bin Laden, with his network of Al-Qaeda.  So he confined it to one man and his network, and he said his message to the Taliban Government was to deliver Usama bin Laden.  A little after, they did what they did in advance, one would have thought that was the end of it.

Who is responsible for striking the World Trade Center on September 11 2001?  The United States Government said it was from one man, his name was Usama bin Laden and his network of Al-Qaeda.  So it proves that this man was a suspect, they were thinking he was a prime suspect.  One might ask, if you are representing director of security.  Somebody is suspected of committing a crime; whatever the crime, whatever the gravity of the crime, even if it is a matter of hundreds of people, but the suspect is inside a house. What do you do when you want a suspect?  Does the rule allow you to destroy the house including everybody inside it? No! How much more when he is hiring a room in a hotel. Does the law say that you can go and destroy the whole hotel and the entire guest inside it because you want to destroy him?  If that is the case, they should have shown if it is legally allowed.  But this is what they did in Afghanistan – they destroyed the whole nation looking for one man. Worst still at the end of the day the man escaped! And they have destroyed the lives of so many millions of innocent people.  If this is not state terrorism, what is it?  Next time they will now come to Nigeria and say, they want all our oil for the next one hundred years or we will face the consequence like Afghanistan, if we decline. What do we do?  Do we just say ok, come, and have it?  Because we wouldn’t want to be like Afghanistan, who have been taken one hundred years back.

Zakzaky goes on to give a similar recounting of the US invasion of Iraq, and his assessment of that war, too, like the war in Afghanistan, most of us, I think, would probably not take too many exceptions to. A great many of us, however, would likely find fault with his analysis on Russia:

If America can occupy Afghanistan, usurp all its resources, and do the same to Iraq and all its resources, why shouldn’t other countries do the same?  More so, what you need to do is evolve your September 11 and start to attack your neighbors in the name of fighting terror.  And this I believe is what the Russian Federation had done on September 1 this year, in Southern Russia, where some terrorists took school children as hostage. At one time the children were playing and they were shooting them from behind.  They said they were terrorists, they covered their faces, you couldn’t see who were the terrorists.  But they surprised the world, I don’t know how people think.  They wanted us to believe that these terrorists had a tape and they recorded the operation, just visualize it in your senses, with ordinary human sense, you’re not trained as himself in security matters.  An armed robber for example, goes to robbery with a cameraman?  And he’ll be busy stashing away the money and then the cameraman will be taping?  And he’ll leave the videocassette behind so that people would know how he robbed the area?

I happen to see it as they were showing it in the television, my wife was even drawing  my attention. One of the terrorists as they were taping him, was asking the man to video tape the bomb he was putting.  Now I don’t have the proof, but I believe that the terrorists were with the KGB.

Regardless whether we agree or disagree with him, what seems clear is that Zakzaky has triggered enormous levels of concern within the Nigerian government, most likely due to the size of his following. And given his value judgements on state sponsored terrorism and the roles played by the US and Israel, it could probably be conjectured that the concern has extended into those governments as well. The silence of the Obama administration on the massacre of a week ago, a massacre which claimed hundreds of lives, as well as its seeming indifference to Zakzaky’s fate, would suggest this might be the case.

Interestingly, the mainstream media are now warning of a “new Islamist threat” about to emerge in Nigeria–not from Boko Haram, but from the IMN, which AFP describes as “a radical Shiite group.” The same report also estimates the death toll from the carnage of a week ago as “at least a dozen.”

And finally from the IMN website, a statement released just today by Nusaibah Zakzaky (the cleric’s daughter who you see in the video above) calling for Muslim unity.


I am not a Shia Muslim, I am just a Muslim, and NOTHING comes before the name Muslim. We Muslims should not accept names like that. Names that segregates us into different types of Islam, there is only one type of Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his Family).

We Muslims shouldn’t accept names like Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim, Nigerian Muslim, American Muslim, modern Muslim, contemporary Muslim, moderate Muslim and so on.

Its really unfortunate and disappointing how I see some of our brothers and sisters referring to what happened in Zaria as a massacre of Shiites, as if these people (The Nigerian government and Army) attacked us because we gravitate to the Shia school of thought. As if there are no other people in Nigeria that gravitate towards the same school of thought but were not attacked.

When this movement started, most of the people in it gravitated to the Sunni school of thought, none the less the government attacked them just like they are attacking us now. They imprisoned them just the same, and viewed them as a threat to their unjust and corrupt ways. Why? Because we seek to end their oppression of the Nigerian people. If we behaved just like most people in this country who say nothing about the corruption and the oppression we all suffer, then we will live in “peace” , as much peace anyway as you can live in a country where we have no rights, not even basic human rights.

My father has never identified himself as a leader of a sect, or the Islamic movement as a sect. The Islamic movement’s main agenda was to fight the injustice of the system that we are forced to live under in this country. Anyone from anywhere including non-Muslims are welcome to join our struggle.

At the end of the day, whatever school of thought we gravitate towards, we all want to be doing exactly what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) brought to us.

We where only weeks from celebrating ‘usboo9ul wa7da’, a week when all muslims from all walks of lives are invited to celebrate what we have in common rather than our differences. Don’t let what happened make you forget the valuable lessons we have learned from this week over the years.

When my three brothers were killed last year, they were demonstrating in solidarity with the Palestinian people (most of whom gravitate towards the Sunni school of thought). They weren’t killed because they happen to follow the Shia school of thought, they were killed because they were fighting for the oppressed, The authority figures in Nigeria felt threatened by that because they are oppressors themselves, otherwise why would a peaceful protest drive you to shoot unarmed people and let them bleed to death for hours.

This is not a Shia massacre, this was a massacre period.  And everyone in the world should be outraged by it, including non-Muslims and especially Nigerians. If your government or people sworn to protect you, like the army can kill you for a petty reason like a road blockade, and even release a video that in their mind can justify the death of hundreds if not thousands of people, what else do you think they can kill you for? If you don’t speak against this, someday this will happen to you and then who will speak for you?

By Nusaibah Ibraheem El Zakzaky


HRW Accuses Nigeria Soldiers of Killing Children in ’Planned Attack’

Local Editor

World Protests against Nigerian army massacreThe Human Rights Watch accused on Wednesday the Nigerian soldiers of “killing unarmed Shiite children with no provocation before unjustified raids” that killed hundreds of the community in the country 12 days weeks ago.

“It is almost impossible to see how a roadblock by angry young men could justify the killings of hundreds of people. At best it was a brutal overreaction and at worst it was a planned attack on the minority Shia group,” said the Africa director of Human Rights Watch, Daniel Bekele.

The Nigerian army committed on Dec. 12 a massacre against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) killing dozens of faithful who were attending a religious ceremony in Hussainiyyah Baqeeyatullah in the northern city of Zaria. The second day, the army raided Sheikh Zakzaky’s house without any charge or previous notification, arrested him and killed his wife.

Two days after the massacre, Nigerian troops evacuated in trucks the bodies of the martyrs and buried them to hide to hide tolls, the same way used by Al-Saud to evacuate the bodies of the pilgrims who died during the Mina stampede in Saudi Arabia this year.

As many as 1,000 people may have been killed in Nigeria, rights activists say, protests were held in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north and have been spread to Tehran, Beirut and New Delhi.

The IMN said Tuesday that people wounded in the attacks are dying in military and police detention because they are being denied medical care, including head of the movement, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky.

IMN Spokesman Ibrahim Musa also said the Kaduna state government has destroyed the property of the movement followers, estimated 3 million followers, adding that an IMN-led school and cemetery were bulldozed Monday.

Source: Websites

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