FP: White House Officials Push For Widening War in Syria

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A pair of top White House officials is pushing to broaden the war in Syria according to two sources familiar with the debate inside the Donald Trump administration.

FP: White House Officials Push For Widening War in Syria

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council, and Derek Harvey, the NSC’s top Middle East advisor, want the United States to start going on the offensive in southern Syria, where, in recent weeks, the US military has taken a handful of attacks.The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

The Pentagon has publicly asserted it has no intention to fight Syrian Arab Army forces and their allies, unless provoked.Meanwhile, Trump’s address in Saudi Arabia in early May made clear the United States was going to take sides in the Middle East’s sectarian struggle, choosing to back some Arab parties in an attempt to isolate Syria’s ally, Iran.In this respect, the Gulf monarchies and the Zionist entity have all welcomed Trump’s vows to push back against Iran.Some administration officials have argued for expanding support for the Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen.

Like Syria, however, a larger US role in Yemen’s war carries an array of risks, and experts say treating Yemen as a proxy war with Iran could backfire badly.

While officials argue in Washington over strategy and vie for influence in the administration, events on the ground in Syria are moving quickly, raising the potential of a conflict.

Relatively, US military officers made clear that they will not hesitate to carry out additional attacks in case American special operations forces are ‘endangered.’”If our folks are on the ground and they’re threatened, we will use air power, whether it’s against regime forces or pro-regime forces,” one officer said.

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17-06-2017 | 13:08
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Washington’s War Crimes in Syria

By Bill Van Auken

June 16, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The United States government is guilty of war crimes. This is the stark conclusion reached by the independent international commission of inquiry established by the United Nations in 2011 to investigate human rights violations stemming from the protracted US-backed war for regime change in Syria.

The Pentagon’s relentless bombing campaign in and around the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, the so-called “capital” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has inflicted a “staggering loss of civilian life,” while forcing over 160,000 civilians to flee their homes, Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN’s commission of inquiry, said on Wednesday.

US warplanes have dropped tens of thousands of munitions on Raqqa and the surrounding area, killing and maiming thousands of Syrian men, women and children. US Marines units, which have steadily swelled the ground forces illegally deployed on Syrian soil, have unleashed further lethal firepower, firing 155mm howitzers into crowded urban neighborhoods and flying Apache attack helicopters to provide close air support to the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces. This proxy force of Washington is dominated by the Kurdish YPG militia and “advised” by US Special Operations troops.

The bloody siege of Raqqa is unfolding even as the Pentagon is carrying out a similar slaughter, begun last October, in Mosul, an Iraqi city 232 miles to the east that once boasted a population of over 2 million. Most of Mosul has been pulverized by US bombs, rockets and shells. Thousands have been killed and wounded, while many remain still buried under the rubble.

The scope of the war crimes being carried out by the Pentagon comes more sharply into focus with the verified reports that US artillery units are firing white phosphorus shells into both Raqqa and Mosul. These incendiary chemical weapons, banned under international law for use in populated areas, ignite human flesh on contact, burning it to the bone, while those who breathe the gases released by the shells suffocate and burn from the inside out. The horrific wounds caused by these weapons reopen when exposed to air. White phosphorus is used to strike terror among those under attack.

Another murderous weapon being employed against the populations of Raqqa and Mosul is the MGM-140B rocket. Fired from a mobile rocket launcher, the weapon detonates in midair, scattering some 274 anti-personnel grenades, each of which is capable of killing anyone within a 15-meter radius.

Last month, US Defense Secretary James Mattis told the media that the Pentagon was adopting “annihilation tactics” in its anti-ISIS campaign, adding, “Civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.” Mattis, a recently retired Marine general whom the military nicknamed “Mad Dog,” knows whereof he speaks. In 2004, he led the two murderous sieges of Fallujah that claimed the lives of thousands of Iraqis, and, as in the latest US atrocities, made use of white phosphorus shells against a civilian population.

The US military interventions in Iraq and Syria are not aimed at “annihilating” ISIS, itself the product of the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq, followed by Washington’s utilization of Islamist fighters as proxy ground forces in the regime-change wars in both Libya and Syria. While Raqqa has been surrounded by US-backed forces from the north, east and west, an escape route for ISIS fighters has been opened up to the southeast in order to funnel them into the province of Deir al-Zour, so they can fight the Syrian army there. Similarly, large numbers of ISIS fighters were allowed to flee Mosul, crossing the border into Syria for the same purpose.

Washington’s strategic objectives in Iraq and Syria are not those of “fighting terrorism,” but rather consolidating US hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East and preparing for war against the principal obstacles to this objective, Iran and Russia. For US imperialism, undisputed control over both the Persian Gulf and Central Asia would provide the means to cut off energy supplies to its global rival, China.

These predatory aims are the source of war crimes, and not only in Iraq and Syria. In Yemen, Washington is backing a near-genocidal war led by the Saudi monarchy with the objective of weakening Iran’s influence in the Persian Gulf. During his visit to Riyadh last month, President Donald Trump announced a $110 billion arms deal with the kingdom, which will, in the first instance, replenish the bombs and missiles it is raining on the population of the most impoverished nation in the Arab world.

This arms package follows similar deals signed by the Obama administration, which also supplied the Saudis with logistical and intelligence aid for the Yemen war, including mid-air refueling for its warplanes and US naval backing for a blockade that is starving the population and denying it medical supplies. In addition to killing 12,000 people outright, the US-Saudi war has left at least 7 million Yemenis on the brink of famine, while cholera is threatening to kill thousands more. Save the Children reports that, on average, one Yemeni child is contracting the disease every 35 seconds.

Meanwhile, Washington is preparing to once again escalate the protracted slaughter in Afghanistan. US officials reported Tuesday that Trump has authorized Mattis to set troop levels in the country, which the US has occupied since 2001. Thousands more soldiers are expected to be deployed, with the aim of carrying out the “annihilation tactics” favored by the defense secretary. A taste of what is to come was seen Monday when US troops whose convoy hit a roadside bomb opened fire indiscriminately on civilians, killing a brick kiln laborer and his two sons, ages eight and 10.

As these atrocities play out across an ever-expanding global battlefield, what is striking is the absence of any organized opposition to US war crimes. The continuous wars are not even a subject of debate in Congress and are supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The media, a faithful propaganda arm of the Pentagon and the CIA, has shown a complete disinterest in US war crimes, paying attention only when allegations are made against Russia or the Syrian government.

Moreover, while masses of working people in the US and around the world are opposed to war, the pseudo-left groups that got their start in the middle class antiwar protests of the 1960s and 1970s have abandoned even verbal opposition to US military aggression. Reflecting the interests of privileged middle-class layers, groups like the International Socialist Organization in the US, the Left Party in Germany and the New Anti-capitalist Party in France have articulated the politics of this new constituency for imperialism, justifying neo-colonial interventions in the name of “human rights” and portraying CIA regime-change operations as in Libya and Syria as “revolutions.”

The emergence of a genuine antiwar movement is today a matter of life and death, as the war crimes being carried out by Washington across the globe threaten to coalesce into a global conflict involving the major nuclear powers. Such a movement can be built only in the fight to mobilize the working class independently on the basis of a socialist program to put an end to capitalism, the source of war.

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Syria – The End Of The War Is Now In Sight

By Moon Of Alabama

A look at recent developments in Syria. [Updated below June 14 1:00am EDT]

Source: Al Watan Onlinebigger

June 14, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  The most important change over the last days was the Syrian government forces move (red areas and arrows) in the south-east towards the Iraqi border. The original plan was to retrieve al-Tanf further south-west to secure the border crossing of the Damascus-Baghdad highway there. But al-Tanf was occupied by U.S., British and Norwegian invaders and some of their proxy forces (blue). Their airplanes attacked Syrian army convoys when they approached. The U.S. plan was to move from al-Tanf north towards the Euphrates river and to thereby capture and control the whole south-east of Syria. But Syria and its allies made an unexpected move and prevented that plan. The invaders are now cut off from the Euphrates by a Syrian west-to-east line that ends at the Iraqi border. On the Iraqi side elements of the Popular Military Unites under the command of the Iraqi government are moving to meet the Syrian forces at the border.

The U.S. invaders are now sitting in the mid of a piece of rather useless desert around al-Tanf where their only option is to die of boredom or to move back to Jordan from where they came. The Russian military has made it very clear that it would intervene forcefully should the U.S. attack the Syrian line and move further north. The U.S. and its allies have no mandate to be in Syria in the first place. There is no justification or legal ground for them to attack any Syrian units. Their only option now is to retreat.

The U.S. move into al-Tanf was covered by an attack of U.S. proxy forces in the south-west of Syria. A large group of “rebels”, which include al-Qaeda elements and is supplied from Jordan, moved to take the city of Deraa from Syrian government control. It was hoped that this attack would divert Syrian forces from their move east. But despite the use of suicide bombers the attack on Deraa failed to overwhelm the strong defenses of the Syrian forces. It did not provide the necessary diversion. The Syrian position in Deraa was reinforced by units from Damascus which are now attacking the U.S. proxy gangs. Significant progress was made today in the southern suburbs of Deraa and the Syrian army attack will likely continue the move until it has reached the Jordanian border.

The U.S. plans in south Syria, in the west as well as in the east, have failed for now. Unless the Trump administration is willing to invest significant more forces and to openly and against all laws wage war on the Syria government and its allies the situation there is contained. The Syrian forces will over time recapture all the (blue colored) land in the south that is currently held by the various U.S. proxies and other terrorist groups.

In the north-west the Takfiri “rebel” groups are concentrated around Idleb and further north. These groups are sponsored by Saudi, Qatari and Turkish money. The recent spat between Qatar and other Gulf states has throw the Idleb situation into further chaos. Saudi sponsored groups are now fighting Qatari and Turkish sponsored groups. These conflicts come on top of other animosities between al-Qaeda aligned forces and those of Ahrar al-Sham. The Syrian government forces keep the province surrounded and Turkey in the north has kept its border mostly closed. The Takfiri “rebels” in Idleb will cook in their own juices until they are well done and completely exhausted. Eventually government forces will move in and destroy whatever is left of them.

In the center of the map the Syrian army (red) arrows are pointing towards the central desert areas held by ISIS forces which are retreating towards the east (black arrows). Moving simultaneously from the north, west and south the Syrian government forces make fast progress with several kilometers of ground retaken each day. During the last month 4,000 square kilometers and over 100 settlements and towns have been recovered. Within a few weeks they will have recovered all the (brown) ISIS held areas up to the Euphrates river line and the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Russian military bridging equipment recently started to arrive in Syria. It will be needed to cross the Euphrates and to recover the areas north of it.

Meanwhile U.S. supported Kurdish forces (yellow arrows) are attacking the ISIS held city of Raqqa. The Russian military command claims (video) that the Kurds and the U.S. made a deal with ISIS to let its fighters leave Raqqa towards the south and east. The fast progress the Kurds are making in taking the city supports that claim. There seems to be barely any Islamic State resistance left.

All ISIS forces left in Syria, those coming from Raqqa as well as those from the desert areas, are moving east along the Euphrates towards the city of Deir Ezzor. There as many as 100,000+ government aligned civilians and a Syrian army garrison have long been surrounded by ISIS forces. The besieged people are supplied by air drops. The Syrian military garrison has long held off the attacking ISIS forces. But with thousands of new Islamic State forces coming towards the city the government troops are in real danger of getting overwhelmed. Reinforcements must be flown into the city to keep ISIS off and to prevent a very large massacre. A much better alternative is a relief line on the ground. But the Syrian army race towards the city had been delayed by the U.S. shenanigans in the south. A new large ground move of government forces towards Deir Ezzor is in preparation. One can only hope that they arrive in time.

Qatari, Saudi and Turkish proxy forces, directed by the CIA, have waged a six year long war against Syria and its people. With Qatar and Turkey now in opposition to the Saudis and their U.S. allies, the gang that attacked Syria is falling apart. The Islamic State is shrinking fast and nearly defeated. The U.S. attempt to gain ground in the south has been stopped. Unless the U.S. changes tact and starts a large scale attack on Syria with its own army forces the war on Syria is over. Many areas still need to be recovered by Syrian forces. Terrorist attacks within the country will continue for several years. The wounds will take decades to heal. Negotiations will have to be held over areas in the north now under Turkish or U.S. (proxy) control. Further settlements will have to be reached. But the large scale strategic war against Syria has for now ended.

No one has won anything. The Kurds, which for while looked like the sole winner of the war, have just thrown away their gains.

The U.S. supported Kurdish forces of the YPG made the lunatic error of openly asking for support from Saudi Arabia. The anarcho-marxists of the YPG, always proudly showing off their feminism, are suddenly bowing down in front of the medieval Wahhabi nutters. They thus ruined their appearance of being a progressive leftist force. This move will reinforce Turkish and Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian animosity and hostility against them. All political advances they made during the war by staying mostly neutral between “rebels” and the Syrian government is now in jeopardy. The move is crazy. The Kurdish held area is completely surrounded by more or less hostile forces. U.S. or Saudi support for the land-locked and encircled Kurdish enclave is not sustainable over any longer time-frame. The Kurds have thus again demonstrated that they are their own worst enemies in their striving for a (semi-)sovereign Kurdish state. They will be thrown back into their original areas and again be folded up into the Syrian state.


Secretary of Defense Mattis was questioned in Congress yesterday about the situation in Syria. There is no transcript yet but here are some tweets from a Stars & Stripes journalist who attended:

Tara Copp‏ @TaraCopp – 3:11 PM – 13 Jun 2017

#SecDef Mattis says “pro regime” forces that have moved into S. Syria near #AnTanf base are actually #Russian 1/2
#SecDef Mattis: “I did not anticipate that the #Russians would move there (near At Tanf.) … it was not a surprise to our intel people.”

The U.S. had claimed that the Syrian government aligned forces moving towards al-Tanf were “Iran backed” or “Iran led”. Now the Secretary of Defense says that was a lie. They were Russians allied with the Syrian government. The Russians certainly do not take their orders from some Iranian generals. It is no wonder than that the Russian command issued strong warnings against any attacks on these forces.

Mattis also exposes that he is incapable of strategic thinking. He really believed that Russian would not move to al-Tanf to cover for their Syrian comrades? It has been clear your months now that the Russians are all-in in Syria. They will not let the Syrian government fall to make nice with Mattis or Trump or anyone else. The strategic issue for them is clear and has been for a while. They will fight. They said so. It was utterly stupid to believe anything else.

Al-Tanf is a tactical issue but the U.S. military elevates it to a strategic one. This is clearly not justified. We have to ask again what the possible gains for the U.S. are from defending that place in the empty desert. There is none to be had but defending it out of “principle” could evidently start a much bigger war.

[T]he Tanf garrison is now surrounded by hostile forces. The U.S. forces in the area would have to fight through regime positions to get to al Bukamal, further risking escalation.

What now? Is the United States prepared to protect these forces in perpetuity? Will the U.S. provide air cover for forces that clash directly with regime allied assets outside of the 55-kilometer zone? Did the previous three strikes prompt a counter-escalatory act that undermined U.S. interests? Sadly, the answer to the last question is yes.

Strategy should drive tactics when it comes to handling Iranian-backed elements in Syria, not the other way around.

The United States has the capability to defend a garrison in the Syrian desert. However, the reasons for doing so are devoid of any purpose, making a simple cost benefit analysis all but impossible.

That insight has obviously not yet reached the Defense Department and the U.S. command on the ground. The local U.S. commander moved a U.S. HIMARS long-range artillery system from Jordan to al-Tanf. HIMARS has a range of 300 kilometers. It makes no difference from a tactical perspective if its fires from Jordan or from al-Tanf in Syria some 12 kilometers east of the border line. It is a symbolic move to “show flag” in al-Tanf but it exposes the system to a legitimate attack by Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces.

As Secretary of State Tillerson rightly said: The U.S. has no legal authority to attack Syrian, Iranian or Russian forces. None at all. It is invading Syria with no legitimate reason. Syria, in contrast, has the legal authority to throw the U.S. troops out.

To move the HIMARS to al-Tanf is utterly stupid grandstanding. It is high time for Washington to shut such nonsense down.

This article was first published by Moon Of Alabama

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

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سليماني يحاصر الأميركيين في التنف والأسد يرميهم خارج الحدود

محمد صادق الحسيني

يونيو 13, 2017

كل الوقائع والأحداث المتسارعة في الشرق السوري تفيد بأن أحلام واشنطن باقتسام النفوذ مع الروسي في سورية فضلاً عن وضع موطأ قدم لها هناك تجعلها شريكة في رسم مستقبل الخريطة السورية، ناهيك عن قطع المجال الحيوي الذي يربط طهران بالجليل الأعلى عبر بوابة دمشق الذهبية…

ليست سوى سراب ستبتلعه رمال البادية السورية التي صارت حباتها لظىً يحرق جنود العدوان وزبانيته الإقليميين…

ولكن كيف يقرأ المتابعون الغربيون الحرب على الإرهاب في بادية الشام:

أولاً: تُجمع القيادات العسكرية والأمنية كافة في الولايات المتحدة على أن القيادة السياسية والعسكرية الإيرانية تتقن تماماً فن المناورة وتضليل العدو في خطواتها السياسية والعسكرية كلها. كما تجمع تلك القيادات على أن الدهاء «الأموي» الذي تتمتع به القيادة السورية لا يقل خطورة عن فن المناورة والتضليل الإيرانيين. وإذا ما أضيف لهما دهاء الدب الروسي وبرودة أعصابه وصعوبة تقدير توقيت ومدى قفزته القادمة، فإن الكارثة تكون مؤكدة على أعداء هذا التحالف الحيوي والمتين.

ثانياً: وهذا بالضبط ما أثبته الميدان في البادية السورية خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية.

فبعد أن قامت الطائرات الأميركية بقصف رتل للجيش العربي السوري والقوات الحليفة وما تبعه من صدور بيان غرفة العمليات المشتركة في سورية، والذي أبلغ العدو الأميركي وأذنابه من «إسرائيليين» وأردنيين وغيرهم، يوم السابع من الشهر الحالي في الوقت الذي كانت قيادة العدو في واشنطن وغرفة عمليات الموك، التي هي فرع لوزارة الحرب «الإسرائيلية» في الأردن، يفكّرون بأن الحليف الإيراني مشغول عن الجبهة السورية، بسبب متابعة جريمة طهران الأميركية «الإسرائيلية» السعودية، كانت توافقات بين أطراف غرفة المشهد الدمشقي قد وضعت اللمسات الأخيرة لإطلاق مراحل الهجوم الاستراتيجي للجيش العربي السوري والقوات الحليفة بقيادة نخبة جنرالات الأركان السوريين، وقائد فيلق القدس الجنرال قاسم سليماني…

وقد بدأت هذه المرحلة بمناورة تضليل في غاية الذكاء والدهاء، حيث أرسلت قيادة الميدان يوم 8/6/2017 طائرة مسيرة إيرانية الصنع من طراز شهيد 129 لتقوم بالتعرّض لنقاط قوات الاحتلال الأميركية في منطقة التنف وإطلاق بعض الصواريخ باتجاهها بهدف المشاغلة ليس إلا….!

ثالثاً: في هذه الأثناء بالذات صدرت الأوامر للوحدات المدرعة والقوات الخاصة المحمولة، وكذلك قوات الإنزال الجوي بالبدء في تنفيذ عملية أخرى تماماً هدفها السيطرة على قاطع الحدود العراقية السورية شمال شرق التنف.

القيادة الميدانية العليا، وفي مقدمتها الجنرال قاسم سليماني، قامت عملياً بالتمويه على العدو ومشاغلته وتسميره في نقطة التنف عندما باشرت بتوجيه وحدات قتالية باتجاه القوات الأميركية ومرتزقتها هناك الى الحد الذي تقدّمت فيه باتجاههم حتى مسافة كيلومتر واحد للإيحاء بأن الهجوم الرئيسي سيقع على هذا القاطع بالذات من دون غيره…! هنا أطلقت الأوامر في اللحظة نفسها لقوات الحلفاء الرديفة المكلفة بالوصول الى نقطة الحدود المطلوبة بالتحرّك في سهم هجومي على قاطع البديع – الهلبا باتجاه رجم الضبعة فالحدود العراقية، تاركة عملياً القوات الأميركة وعملائها المتسمّرين في التنف لقمة سائغة في فم الأسد يقضمها متى شاء أو يلفظها إلى مجمع القمامة في الأردن بعد أن أصبحت محاصرة وفي عزلة تامة…!

وبالتالي، فإنه وعلى عكس ما كان يتمنّى وزير الحرب الأميركي، الجنرال جيمس ماتياس بأن تتمكّن قواته مع المرتزقة الذين تشغّلهم عندها من منع الجيش العربي السوري والعراقي من السيطرة والتواصل على الحدود، فقد قامت الوحدات السورية وحلفاؤها بعملية اندفاع صاعقة باتجاه الحدود التي وصلتها طلائعهم في وقت قياسي لتجعل تمنيات الجنرال الأميركي تذهب أدراج الرياح…

وكانت صلاة الشكر التي أقامتها قوات الفاطميين الرديفة ومستشاري الحرس الثوري الإيراني بإمامة الجنرال قاسم سليماني في تلك النقطة بمثابة المقتل الذي أصاب الأميركيين في قلوبهم…!

رابعاً: خيبة الجنرال الأميركي ماتياس لم تقف عند هذا الحد، بل إنها تجاوزته بكثير عندما اكتشفت القيادة العسكرية الأميركية في سورية والعراق، أن الجهود الديبلوماسية التي بذلتها روسيا والتي أثنى عليها الناطق باسم البنتاغون، الكابتن البحري جيف ديفيس، لم تكن إلا جزءاً من المناورة الاستراتيجية القاتلة التي نفّذتها القيادة العسكرية السورية…

نقول إن خيبة ماتياس تجاوزت ذلك بكثير عندما اكتشف وصول وحدات النخبة من الحشد الشعبي العراقي الى نقطة الحدود نفسها التي وصلتها الوحدات السورية على بعد ٥٦ كم شمال شرق التنف. تلك الوحدات العراقية التي تحرّكت الى الهدف من جنوب غرب العراق، أي من شمال غرب الرطبة، في عملية منسقة بدقة مع القوات السورية المتقدّمة، مما سبّب صدمة كبرى لدى القيادة الاميركية التي كانت تتبجّح بخطوطها الحمراء في التنف، بينما تقوم القوات السورية بتنفيذ عملية التفاف وعزل وتطويق للكتل السرطانية الأميركية في النقطة إياها والتي لن يطول الزمن حتى يتمّ اجتثاثها وتحرير هذا الجزء من الاحتلال الأميركي ومرتزقته تماماً.

خامساً: وفي إطار البحث عن مبررات الضربة الموجعة التي تلقّاها البنتاغون يقوم الخبراء فيها بـ»تحليل الدور الروسي في هذه المناورة الكبرى ودورها في الحرب الالكترونية التي رافقت عملية الاندفاعة السورية العراقية الصاعقة باتجاه الحدود بين البلدين والسيطرة عليها».

وهنا نرى أن من المفيد تذكير الجنرال الأميركي بأن إمكانيات الجيش الروسي في الحرب الالكترونية تفوق مثيلاتها لدى الجيشين السوري والعراقي والحلفاء بعشرات المرّات.

هذا كما يجب تذكيره بأن وحدات الحرب الالكترونية لدى حزب الله المشارك في هذا التحالف الكبير هو نفسه الذي كانت وحداته الذكية قد سيطرت على أنظمة الاتصال في الطائرات المسيرة «الإسرائيلية» في العام 1997، اي قبل عشرين عاماً، حيث تمكنت آنذاك من رصد عملية وحدة متكال «الإسرائيلية» ليلة 5/8/1997 ونصبت لها كميناً في بلدة انصارية بجنوب لبنان أسفر عن إبادة تلك القوة بشكل كامل وتحويل جنودها أشلاء.

كما أن من المفيد أيضاً تذكير هذا الجنرال الخائب بأن الجيش السوري يملك إمكانيات في غاية الفعالية على صعيد الاستطلاع والتنصّت والحرب الالكترونية، بالرغم من التدمير الممنهج، الذي مارسته العصابات المسلحة التي يديرها فرع وزارة الحرب «الإسرائيلية» في عمان، ضد قواعد الدفاع الجوي والحرب الالكترونية في المناطق السورية كلها.

ومن نافل القول تذكيره كذلك بالنجاح الإيراني الأكبر في عمليات الحرب الالكترونية عندما تمكّنت وحدات الحرب الالكترونية الإيرانية بالسيطرة على طائرة الاستطلاع الأميركية من دون طيار من طراز R Q 170، التي كانت في طريقها لتنفيذ عمليات تجسس في الأجواء الإيرانية، يوم 4/12/2011 والسيطرة عليها وإنزالها في الأراضي الإيرانية من دون تعرضها لأية أضرار…

سادساً: وعليه فإن نتائج التحليلات التي يقوم بها خبراء البنتاغون وفرع وزارة الحرب «الإسرائيلية» في عمان، أي غرفة الموك، هو ما يفسّر عصبية مرتزقة النظام الأردني وسيّدهم الأميركي وقيامهم بقتل خمسة عناصر سوريين بالقرب من التنف ظناً منهم بأن هؤلاء هم من عناصر القوات السورية وحلفائها…!

نقول ذلك، لأن معركة التنف قد حُسمت لصالح الجيش العربي السوري بعد نجاحاته المهمة في الأيام الماضية، وما تعنيه هذه النجاحات من تغير استراتيجي في وضع ذنبيه اليتيمين «الإسرائيلي» والأردني على حد سواء.

فبعد نجاح الجيش العربي السوري بعزل الأميركي في التنف عن شمال بادية الشام، وتمكّنه من قطع خطوط إمداد داعش بين الشمال السوري ودير الزور، نستطيع القول للأميركي وأذنابه:

Bye bye Tanaf…. See you in Deir ezzor

بعدنا طيّبين، قولوا الله.

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Ziad Fadel



General Ghaassem Solaymaani was engulfed in jubilation yesterday after the all-Afghan “Liwaa` Faatimiyyoon”, seconded by the Syrian Army, the PDC, and HZB reached a point on the Syrian-Iraqi border where our Iraqi allies were waiting.   The forces have now linked up despite American efforts to stymie the push toward that critical area which protects the Baghdad-Damascus Highway and through which Iran is able to supply the Lebanese Resistance and over which the natural gas pipeline is expected to traverse.  It is a glorious day of victory for the Syrian government.  And, by the way, it should be no secret why Iran was so heavily invested in this particular operation.  As I have written before, the U.S. is trying to do the impossible in an effort to advance the Zionist program, i.e. block Iran from completing the Fatimid Crescent.

According to sources in Damascus,  Sergei Lavrov, had a not-too-polite conversation with Rex Tillerson 2 days ago during which American interference in Syrian government plans was discussed.  Lavrov was not subtle.  He warned Tillerson that the U.S. must stop encroaching on Syrian sovereignty and violating international law.  Tillerson sent the message off to Mattis and we just saw the link-up with mostly pro-Iranian Iraqi militias take place.

The presence of Solaymaani will have the Zionists scurrying around with bees in their bonnets.  Not only have they failed in assassinating him, they have made him a legend in his own time because he appears to be either invulnerable to their malice or protected by some demi-god on earth.  He is always there with his men goading the Zionist Apartheid State, reminding the mostly Eastern European Jews that their proper place on this planet is an unpopulated jungle somewhere on the coast of Atlantis.

In conclusion, the U.S. plan to hook up with the Kurdish SDF has been put on hold.


The SAA has advanced to the Arak Oil Field east of Palmyra and to the 4th Station.  They destroyed 7 4-wheel drive Toyota pickups with 23mm cannons and killed an estimated 18 rats.



City:  The SAA’s now falcon-eyed artillery units struck and killed one of ISIS’ most renowned terrorist psychopaths, one Abu ‘Umar Al-Baljeeki.  This was accomplished on June 6, 2017.  Our reports indicate the remaining rodents had to piece him back together for burial.  From his name you can tell he carried Belgian papers.  I kind of wished he had been spared such an ignominious ending to that he might have traveled back to Belgium to give the citizens there a taste of what it’s like to have state-sponsored terrorists running amok in their country.


On June 11, 2017, ISIS mounted another somewhat ferocious and audacious assault on SAA Republican Guard positions.  But, the SAA and its allies repelled the attack killing about 20 rodents and seizing an armored car complete with Turk documents.

Al-Saalihiyya in the southern rural area south of DZ, pro-Syrian militia killed “Abu Maryam Al-Shaami” along with another 11 of his favorite catamites in an assault by mostly Shu’aytaat tribesmen.

Panorama, Al-Eemaan Gas Station, Al-Tharda, Tallat ‘Alloosh, Al-Urfi, Al-Junayna Village:  The SAAF swooped down in multiple sorties killing scores of huddling rodents, destroying several vehicles and one tank.

Panorama:  82 rodents killed during the last 48 hours near the Al-Tanmiya Wall, Al-Ta`meenaat Roundabout and the Hifsa Mosque.



أبرز التطورات الميدانية على الساحة السورية

A major Nusra/Alqaeda official who held German and Jordanian citizenship along with 2 others belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam were blown up by an IED placed just for them in Al-‘Abdali west of Der’ah.  His name is Abu Talha Al-Almaani (The German).  The identity of the heroes who planted the bomb is being kept a secret.  The date of this operation is June 7, 2017.


Tafass:  The SAA has shot down an armed pilotless drone see in the picture below.   It was shot down well before it reached any realistic target.  `


(Photo courtesy of the Syrian National Defense Forces)



Here’s even more about ‘Umraan Daqneesh as the alternative media is having a feeding frenzy over the MSM BS.  Please read this article, it’s important because it’s by Eva Bartlett:


Read more 


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The summit of weakness and infiltration قمة الضعف والتسلل


Trump on Saudis

ترامب : السعوديون حمقى ، ولكنني احبهم؟ انهم مصرفنا المركزي !


The summit of weakness and infiltration 

يونيو 4, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Nothing has changed in the sources of the US power since the arrival of the US fleets to the Mediterranean Sea, and when the generals have decided that the president whatever his name is, has to withdraw them and to resort to negotiation on a settlement with Moscow, because the great confrontation which will be broken out is beyond Washington’s capacities and considerations,.

All of what has changed was not in favor of Washington, since Moscow is here and Iran has become stronger politically, economically, and militarily. Syria is achieving victories every day, and Turkey which was the base of war has become the lost son, so what is left for Washington to possess is the infiltration to implement militarily ineffective strikes accompanied with clamor made by the panicked allies regarding the era that will follow the victory of Syria and its allies,  and a public relations campaign to avoid its turning into escalation that is not desired by Washington, so the discourse to the allies becomes; we are here once again, and to Moscow we will not repeat it again.

Washington comes to say to its allies in the Gulf and in Israel; do not be afraid of what is going to be in Syria, I will not leave you to Iran and Hezbollah, and I will not let neither Syria nor its President to avenge you, so be gathered, assembled, and be armed, and you will find us with you if you are in danger.

The press conference of the Secretary of Defense and his Chief of Staff and what they said about the future of Raqqa after its liberation, and the certainness of its handing over to the Syrian country under the slogan that the situation is very complicated, and that the issues of the employees’ salaries, the availability of electricity and energy are under the responsibility of the government, furthermore as we cooperated with its teams in the Euphrates Dam, we will behave in the civilian issues. All of that is enough to define the real balances not the scream of Donald Trump who comes to take what is left of money in the pockets of the Gulf rulers and what they have for the security of Israel in order to go to Tel Aviv distributing more of reassured messages.

The words of the Chief of Staff of the US armies denying the intention to engage with the Syrian army and its allies, or the seeking to prevent it from reaching to the Iraqi borders, and restricting the issue with the protection of the US bases and not to come closer to them, draw the rules of engagement not meaningless sanctions against the figures of the resistance or nonsense or glasses filled with hatred that will be exchanged by the defeated in Riyadh where any free Lebanese person will feel ashamed to be among them.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

قمة الضعف والتسلل

مايو 20, 2017

ناصر قنديل

لم يتغيّر شيء في مصادر القوة الأميركية منذ جاءت الأساطيل الأميركية إلى البحر المتوسط وقرّر الجنرالات أنّ على الرئيس مهما كان اسمه أن يأمر بسحبها واللجوء إلى التفاوض على تسوية مع موسكو، لأنّ المواجهة الكبرى التي ستندلع فوق قدرات واشنطن وحساباتها.

كلّ الذي تغيّر ليس في صالح واشنطن، فموسكو صارت هنا، وإيران زادت قوة سياسياً واقتصادياً وعسكرياً، والدولة السورية تزيد من سلة غلال انتصاراتها كلّ يوم، وتركيا التي كانت قاعدة الارتكاز في الحرب صارت الإبن الضال، وجلّ ما تملكه واشنطن هو التسلل لتنفيذ ضربات غير مؤثرة عسكرياً يرافقها صخب تسويقي لدى الحلفاء المذعورين مما بعد نصر سورية وحلفائها، وتعقبها حملة علاقات عامة لتفادي تحوّلها تصعيداً لا تريده واشنطن، فيكون الخطاب للحلفاء ها قد عدنا ولموسكو لن نعيدها مرة أخرى.

تأتي واشنطن لتقول لحلفائها في الخليج ولـ»إسرائيل» معاً، لا تخافوا مما سيجري في سورية فلن أترككم لقمة سائغة لإيران وحزب الله، ولن أدع سورية ورئيسها ينتقمون منكم، تجمّعوا وتكتلوا وتسلّحوا وستجدوننا معكم إذا تعرّضتم للخطر.

المؤتمر الصحافي لوزير الدفاع الأميركي ورئيس أركانه وما قالاه عن مستقبل الرقة بعد تحريرها وحتمية تسليمها للدولة السورية تحت شعار أنّ الوضع معقد جداً، وأنّ مسألة رواتب الموظفين، وتأمين الكهرباء والطاقة أمور تتولاها الحكومة ومثلما تعاونّا مع فرقها في سدّ الفرات سنتصرف في الشؤون المدنية، وحده كافٍ لتعريف التوازنات الحقيقية وليس صراخ دونالد ترامب الآتي لتجميع ما تبقى من مال في جيوب حكام الخليج وما في جعبتهم من طمأنة لـ«إسرائيل» ليرحل إلى تل أبيب موزعاً المزيد من رسائل الاطمئنان.

كلام رئيس أركان الجيوش الأميركية نافياً نية الاشتباك مع الجيش السوري وحلفائه، أو السعي لمنعه من الوصول للحدود العراقية، وحصر المسألة بحماية القواعد الأميركية وعدم الاقتراب منها يرسم قواعد الاشتباك وليس عقوبات بلا معنى تطال رموز المقاومة، ولا كلام فارغ وكؤوس مليئة بالحقد سيتبادلها مهزومون في الرياض يخجل لبناني حرّ من أن يكون بينهم.

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Just listen to this pompous ass!


May 30, 2017

I am sure the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrians are terrified out of their wits by this tough talking wannabe cowboy…
But the reporters, yeah, they *truly* love that…

(But, seriously, when will American learn that “talking tough” is considered a sign of weakness, not strength, in most of the cultures of our planet?)

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