USA seeks to drive regime-change by starving the people of Syria


30 June 2020 

By:Reneva Fourie

The United States of America has intensified its economic warfare against the people of Syria. Battered by a 9-year war that resulted in investment and capital flight; and infrastructure and industry destruction, Covid-19 came as a heavy blow to the ailing Syrian economy. The most devastating however has been the ongoing, escalating, illegally imposed USA-driven, and European Union supported, sanctions against Syria. 

Sanctions barring USA-based companies from trading with Syria were imposed in 2004. In 2011 it was extended to include the financial and energy sectors (this while the USA pillages Syrian oil daily; an act that has been designated as illegal under international law and the rules of war, yet there are no repercussions). On Wednesday, June 17, 2020 the sanctions provisions of the USA so-called ‘Caesar’ Civilian Protection Act of 2019, which extends sanctions to all foreign firms or countries that deal with the government of Syria, came into force.

The government of Syria had largely managed to control their weakening currency during the war, despite its domestic challenges. The value of the currency, however, plummeted over the past three weeks in anticipation, and due to the implementation of, the ‘Caesar’ Act.  The Syrian Pound (SYP), which was trading at around SYP 47 (about R ) to the dollar prior to the war, is now, as at end June 2020, hovering around SYP 2 500 to the dollar.

The impact of these sanctions on the quality of life of the Syrian people has been disastrous. According to UNDP data, Syria’s human development index was on the rise between 2000 and 2010.

The IMF outlook for 2010 was as follows, “The outlook for 2010 points to an overall strengthening in economic performance. The ongoing recovery in Syria’s trading partners is expected to contribute to a gradual increase in exports, remittances, and FDI in 2010.” The currency was beginning to appreciate against the dollar. But the gains made during those years were reversed by the war and subsequent sanctions, and the country experienced a drop of nearly 60 percent in GNI per capita from 2010 to 2016.

As political stability in the country increased recently, the economy was once again beginning to show signs of recovery. Sadly, the ‘Caesar’ Act, will cause a major setback.

Syria, home of some of the oldest cities in the world, has a highly sophisticated and cultured populace, who have relatives across the world. Sanctions have compelled them to do much of their banking, particularly that of an international nature, from Lebanon. Most Syrians have relatives in Lebanon due to the historic ties between the two countries.

Traveling between the two countries is a common practice and goods and medication that could not be accessed in Syria due to sanctions, were still obtainable in Lebanon. All that has now come to an abrupt halt.

Covid-19 has made travel across borders difficult; but threats of sanctions against Lebanon, which has its own economic crisis that pre-dates Covid-19, for trading with Syria, will be the final nail in the coffin. Syria is unable to repair the power stations and water infrastructure that was damaged during the war by the West, Israel, Turkey, and insurgents including Isis and al-Qaeda, as they cannot purchase the parts due to sanctions.

Domestic manufacturing of medicines is waning as ingredients cannot be imported. The exemptions around food and medicines touted by the USA and EU are misleading as they apply mostly to areas that remain outside of government control and their “humanitarian aid” in these occupied areas primarily serves to strengthen counter-revolutionary activities.

Exacerbating the cruelty of the general adverse economic impact of sanctions, are the deliberate actions to undermine food security through the regular burning of staple crops by the USA and Turkey-backed mercenaries. For example, Apache helicopters affiliated to the USA occupation forces dropped thermal balloons on barley and wheat crops in a number of villages surrounding al-Shaddadi city, while Turkey-backed mercenaries set fire to a number of wheat and barley fields in Abu Rasin and Tal Tamir towns.

The intention literally is to starve the people of Syria into submission. According to the World Food Programme, as at June 2020, food prices have increased by a staggering 209 percent in the last year, in which most of the increases occurred over the past weeks. This country, where less than 7.5 percent of the population experienced multidimensional poverty in 2009, now has more than 80 percent of its population living below the poverty line, thanks to the USA and its allies. 

The government of Syria has tried to ease the impact of this economic onslaught on its people, who have already suffered tremendous human losses, by broadening access to food parcels, vouchers, subsidised fuel, and government-subsidised grocery shops.  The interventions are however unsustainable. Domestic and international protests calling for the lifting of sanctions in Syria took place regularly over the past two weeks.

But while there have been reports of protests in Syria, almost none of those reports, even from ‘reputable’ entities, state that the protests were AGAINST the USA and its implementation of the Act. The international protests received little coverage.

Sanctions must be lifted. In fact, the USA’s regime-change agenda in Syria must be stopped.

Sanctions are but one aspect of the continued broader regime-change agenda of the USA. The ‘Statement of Policy’ which serves as a preamble to the ‘Caesar’ Act states, “to support a transition to a government in Syria that respects the rule of law, human rights, and peaceful co-existence with its neighbours.”  The last phrase – ‘peaceful co-existence with its neighbours’ – can only refer to Israel, which illegally occupies the Golan and regularly conducts acts of military aggression against Syria.

It must be noted that prior to the war, neither the UNDP nor the IMF made any reference to corruption, maladministration, and human rights abuses in Syria. It became the buzz word when an alleged Syrian military dissenter codenamed Caesar, after whom the USA Act is named, who in 2014 revealed thousands of photographs supposedly depicting torture in Syrian prisons.

An examination of the photos however revealed that it could not be indisputably proven that the injuries depicted in the photographs were indeed inflicted in government prisons.  In fact, the Human Rights Watch found that at least half the photographs depict the bodies of government soldiers killed by the armed opposition.  This confirmed that the opposition is violent and has killed large numbers of Syrian security forces.

The credibility of ‘Caesar’ is highly questionable given the discrepancies in his ‘evidence’ and the USA’s history for fabricating information to suit its interests. Prof Theodore Postol, a respected expert on missile defence and nuclear weapons, who was part of the Joint Investigative Mechanism that investigated allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, disputed the conclusiveness of the allegation. 

Note further that the preamble does not say ‘peaceful transition’, thereby justifying military intervention.  The military situation remains tense despite the cease-fire negotiated between Russia and Turkey in the northwest of the country, as the USA and Turkey continue to reinforce their troops in Syria.

Turkey-backed insurgents and mercenaries continue to engage in motorcycle and car bombs in areas that are outside of the Syrian government’s control.  And Israel regularly invades Lebanese air space to advance missile attacks on the south of Syria.

In addressing the United Nations earlier this month, the Syrian Ambassador, Bashar al-Jaafari stated, “The crimes and practices perpetrated by the governments of those states (the West, Israel and Turkey) rise to the level of war crimes and constitute a violation of the rules of international law and a direct aggression on the sovereignty, safety, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.”

The continued aggression in Syria cannot be delinked from other developments in the region.  The Israeli government continues to persecute the people of Palestine and is determined to forge ahead with implementing the Trump ‘Deal of the Century’. Tension between Lebanon and Israel remains high.  And USA-led sanctions against Iran remain. 

The USA-Israeli-Turkey alliance with their allies continue to seek hegemony in the region, supposedly to reduce the influence of Iran, Russia, and China. Their relentless aggression has however cost this region too many lives.  The people of the region have also suffered too much due to sanctions. Their actions are tantamount to genocide.

As we join the global demand for an end to racism, we should also call for a just and peaceful world. Implementation of this demand begins with a call for all USA troops to exit West Asia, as well as an end to Israeli aggression in the Middle East.

* Reneva Fourie is a policy analyst specialising in governance, development and security and currently resides in Damascus, Syria.She is also a member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party.

This article was first published by Independent  Online,South Africa  

Reem Haddad 


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عندما يشتم بومبيو إيران على منبر مجلس الأمن!‏

 عمر عبد القادر غندور

شنّ وزير الخارجية الأميركي بومبيو حملة شتائم عنيفة ضدّ إيران في اجتماع مجلس الأمن الدولي لمناقشة الاستمرار في حظر الأسلحة عن إيران، مدفوعاً بالمخاوف «الإسرائيلية» من ترسانة الأسلحة الإيرانية، ولم يترك سلبية كبيرة أو صغيرة إلا لصقها بالجمهورية الإسلامية، وكلها اتهامات لا تليق إلا بالولايات المتحدة وربيبتها الصهيونية.

ودعا المنظمة الدولية للوقوف الى جانب السلام والأمن الدوليين حفاظاً على سلام العالم. بينما الولايات المتحدة في حالة اشتباك دائم مع العديد من دول العالم في القارات الخمس تعاقب وتضرب وتحاسب وتهدّد وتحاصر. وبلغت الوقاحة بوزير الخارجية بومبيو أن حذر الدول من خطورة التعاون مع النظام الإيراني الذي يقوم بـ «تجميع المعارف الخطيرة» وقد تزوّده روسيا بطائرات حديثة تمكنه من قطع ثلاثة آلاف كلم ما يتيح له ضرب نيودلهي والرياض وروما وأوسلو، بالإضافة الى تكديس وشراء التقنيات الجديدة والمتقدّمة والتي يمكن توريدها الى حزب الله وحماس والحوثيين.

وقال أيضاً انّ إيران ربما حصلت على غواصات تتيح لها القرصنة في خليج هرمز وباب المندب والخليج وبحر العرب وتهديد الملاحة الدولية.

وبعد ان انتهى بومبيو من أداء وصلة الشتم والتحريض توجه الى ممثلي الدول بالقول:

«أنا لا أقول هذا الكلام من عندي، بل أرددّ ما تقوله إسرائيل والدول الخليجية».

أما الجمهورية الاسلامية الإيرانية الصامدة في وجه الشيطان الأكبر فهي ماضية لا تساوم ولا تفاوض على سيادتها وحريتها، ولا تشتكي ولا تتذمّر محتسبة صمودها لوجه الله تعالى.

ومشكلة أميركا أنها لم تتعوّد مثل هذا الشموخ والثبات على الموقف الذي لا تنفع معه التهديدات ولا العصا ولا الجزرة ولا الأساطيل ولا الطائرات ولا الأقمار الاصطناعية، وقد تدرك الولايات المتحدة وتتعرّف في يوم من الأيام على هذا النموذج من العرب والمسلمين الذين لا يخافون إلا الله ولا يخشون إلا حسابه وفيهم قال سبحانه «يُثَبِّتُ اللَّـهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا بِالْقَوْلِ الثَّابِتِ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ وَيُضِلُّ اللَّـهُ الظَّالِمِينَ وَيَفْعَلُ اللَّـهُ مَا يَشَاء ُ(٢٧) ابراهيم»

*رئيس اللقاء الإسلامي الوحدوي

Foreign Election Interference: Who is to Blame?



Photograph Source: Bill Smith – CC BY 2.0

Ever since the Russian election interference in 2016, the New York Times  has been blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the new Cold War with the United States.  On July 2, it ran a front-page article that headlined the United States “stands on the sidelines” while the Kremlin conducts a “wave of aggression.” On July 1, the Times ran an oped article by former national security adviser Susan Rice, reportedly on the short list as a possible Biden vice presidential candidate, describing a White House run by “liars and wimps catering to a tyrannical president who is actively advancing our arch adversary’s nefarious interests.”  In view of the blame being assigned to Putin, perhaps it’s time to remind readers of the Times of the U.S. record of intervention in foreign elections.

The New York Times has always taken the view that U.S. election interventions have “generally been aimed at helping non-authoritarian candidates” whereas Russia has “more often intervened to disrupt democracy or promote authoritarian rule.”  Too bad the Times could not interview Iran’s Mohammed Mossadegh, Chile’s Salvador Allende, or the Congo’s Patrice Lumumba, who were targeted by the Central Intelligence Agency and replaced by brutal regimes that ruled for decades.  Allende and Lumumba, moreover, didn’t survive the violence that the CIA orchestrated.  The revelations of assassination plots in Cuba, the Congo, the Dominican Republic, and Vietnam finally led to a ban on CIA political assassinations in the mid-1970s.

The grand master of election interference and regime change is, of course, the CIA, which was created in 1947 and immediately began to interfere in elections in Europe.  France and Italy were the primary targets as “bags of money” were “delivered to selected politicians, to defray their expenses,” according to F. Mark Wyatt, a former CIA operative.  The road got much darker in the 1950s, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Iran in 1953 and the installation of a brutal military regime in Guatemala in 1954.

The CIA released a small batch of records on the 1954 military coup in Guatemala, but it has not declassified materials on the CIA-assisted Guatemalan security forces responsible for the deaths of an estimated 200,000 Guatemalans since the coup.  The CIA trained and supported notorious security forces throughout Central America, particularly in Honduras, where the Battalion 316 operated brutal detention centers throughout the country.  The United States and the CIA were responsible for installing abusive authoritarians in Nicaragua and El Salvador as well.

American national interests were rarely at stake in any of these interventions.  Henry A. Kissinger, President Richard M. Nixon’s national security adviser, put it best when he facetiously described Chile as a “dagger pointed at the heart of Antarctica.”  Kissinger simply could not see “why the United States should stand by and let Chile go communist merely due to the stupidity of its own people.”  The CIA’s installation of the Shah of Iran in 1953 was the original sin that continues to plague U.S.-Iranian relations.

A Carnegie Mellon scholar, Dov H. Levin, examined the historical record and determined that there were more than 80 overt and covert election influence operations by the United States from 1947 to 2000 as opposed to 36 Soviet and Russian operations in the same period.  The United States relied on various clandestine means, including breaking into political offices to steal codes.  In 1996, the Clinton administration intervened overtly and covertly in the Russian election to make sure that Boris Yeltsin was not defeated by an old-fashioned communist bureaucrat.  The United States engineered a $10 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund to Russia and assigned American political consultants to Yeltsin’s campaign.

The Russian intervention in the U.S. election in 2016 was merely a technological version of the kind of political influence operations that the KGB and the CIA conducted throughout the Cold War.  The digital interventions were far less costly and risky than the clandestine operations of the CIA and the National Security Agency over many decades.  We may lack a full understanding of the extent of U.S. intervention over the yearsm but we know a great deal about the Russian effort to use social media to attack Hillary Clinton, to boost Donald Trump, and to sow discord in the United States. We still lack information on the nature of the cooperation that existed between the Trump campaign and the Russian influence operation.  I’m sure that my former CIA colleagues would find nothing unusual in these Russian actions.

Too many opinion leaders in the United States still believe that several presidential administrations have failed to take advantage of the so-called U.S. victory in the Cold War.  Self-proclaimed liberals such as Susan Rice even share a point of view with neoconservatives such as John Bolton.  They appear to believe that the “shame of the West” is the failure to capitalize on the winning of the Cold War by not making sure that former Soviet republics such as Georgia and Ukraine be admitted to NATO and that recent events in Crimea and Hong Kong justify a new Cold War.  They have exaggerated the extent of Putin’s risk-taking and ignored Washington’s contribution to the sorry state of Russian-American relations.

Unfortunately, a presidential campaign in the United States doesn’t allow for the time or space to conduct a rational dialogue on the importance of restoring stable and predictable relations between the United States and Russia.

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More articles by:MELVIN GOODMAN

Melvin A. Goodman is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and a professor of government at Johns Hopkins University.  A former CIA analyst, Goodman is the author of Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA and National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism. and A Whistleblower at the CIA. His most recent book is “American Carnage: The Wars of Donald Trump” (Opus Publishing), and he is the author of the forthcoming “The Dangerous National Security State” (2020).” Goodman is the national security columnist for

US national media is useless – so tell me the good local news sources?


US national media is useless – so tell me the good local news sources?

July 04, 2020

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog

During the recent wave of rebellions in the US I was reminded of just how woefully, woefully inadequate the US nationwide media truly is. I only foresee one solution to ferret out what is truly going on in the United States during the 2020 summer & fall of discontent – going local, nationwide.

(However, I do please need help with this solution – more on that shortly.)

It’s not just CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, etc., but the major city newspapers too, as they are owned by the same corporations/conglomerates, after all. Therefore, tuning into any of these stations/newspapers is to see the same story over and over and over; to watch just one of them is to watch them all, such is their uniformity.

That’s a huge problem in creating a politically-intelligent citizenry.

There is also a significant trend in US newspapers about which I have not read any comment: The New York Times has become not only the nation’s “paper of record” but apparently also a newswire. Look at your major city daily and you’ll likely find that reprints of Times articles are not quite on par with usage of the Associated Press but certainly exceeds the number of Reuters articles.

That’s a significant development for US culture: it certainly increases the amount of NYC-centeredness, something which had already exploded with the advent of cable TV. Using more Times articles also means less space for local coverage (newspaper journalists always view everything as a constant and hierarchical battle for precious inch space, LOL) and thus the local culture suffers from exclusion. Disagree with that? Consider radio:

For much of the 20th century local US musical culture could be rewarded with local #1 hits which were big regionally but never broke nationwide – this fostered a unique local musical arts scene, and explains why US musical culture was so vibrant and diverse in the 20th century. But steady deregulation, beginning with Jimmy Carter, and permitting the rise of media conglomerate domination – sealed by the Clinton administration’s Telecommunications Act of 1996 – immediately resulted in a total stagnation, sameness and dullness in American music (in every genre but country music).

Consider the incredibly banal and unexceptional “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X – last year it inexplicably became the longest running #1 hit ever in US history – it spent a stunning 19 consecutive weeks at the top of the charts. Some say that Lil Nas X was only so heavily promoted by the media conglomerates because he became the first openly homosexual rapper, but that misses the larger trend: we see that nearly all of the #1 hits which have spent 10 weeks or more on the charts occurred after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 – the main story here is how the cultural omnipresence of media conglomerates has standardised US culture and eliminated once-vibrant regionalisms. What holds true for music holds true for news.

However, it’s quite, quite a change in US newspapers to open one up these days and discover that half the national and world coverage are reprints from The New York Times. Only an idiot would uncritically accept the Times latest allegations based on anonymous AND discredited sources – alleged Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan – but they did the same thing to provoke Gulf War II, of course.

For real news go local and – surprisingly – go to local public television

If you really want to find some actual current information in the US you have to go to local public TV.

Take Chicago, for example, the 3rd-largest city in the US: The Chicago Tribune did just a terrible job precisely covering the enormous local impact of the Floyd rebellions, rather nullifying the usual consensus that print is more intelligent than TV.

As a journalist whose background is in print please believe that I am usually biased in print’s favor, but there is a reality about print which is rarely stated: the very medium of print lends itself to conservatism when presenting new and urgent issues.

A huge part of this is caused by the “objective” method of reporting so popular in the US – to read the newspaper is to read a “balanced” accounting, but one which is always “balanced” (i.e. censored) in favor of the corporate fascism and capitalism-imperialism upon which the US system is undoubtedly ideologically constructed. Thus, even though for the first time in 50 years Americans were in the street demanding radical changes and revolution the average newspaper was unable to reflect those demands without an omnipresent, and editorially overt, status-quo-loving counterbalance of “many believe these are mere rioters and that it useless to discover if there is a coherent ideology behind their actions”.

Television, contrarily and undoubtedly, can stick a microphone in someone’s face and that person can scream bloody murder – you can’t “balance” that via toning down their sentiments with a rewrite back at the office.

This explains why the only place I found some real discussion about actual issues which truly affect the average person is the local news on the local PBS channel (PBS is the lone public TV channel in the US).

Chicago is an interesting place in the US because it’s the 3rd-largest city but totally absent from US national coverage, which is dominated by NYC, DC and LA. However, to paraphrase the Rolling Stones: win over (understand) Chicago and you win over the bulk of the US. Chicago is the undisputed Qom of neoliberal thought, and yet also gave the world May Day. There’s no doubt that the average American peasant & worker lives/thinks/feels more like a Chicagoan than like any in that trio of rather incredibly resented US cities, so we can somewhat confidently extrapolate the current problems/solutions/rebellions/economic catastrophes seen in Chicago to the myriad of other cities both non-Americans and actual Americans never hear a word about in the national media, such as Cleveland, Tallahassee and Pittsburgh, to say nothing of Oskaloosa, the Quad Cities and anywhere in inland California.

So if you are looking for actual on-the-ground information regarding the US 2020 dystopia and the ongoing Summer of Hate as experienced by the average American, may I recommend you check out WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago – here is the home page for their main news program, Chicago Tonight. I saw their live coverage of the protests and I was surprised at what a solid (but not “leftist great”) job they did. Contrarily, I saw much more cowardice, stupidity and craven compliance from national MSM journalists doing live coverage of the rebellions.

If you watch their “full show” or just certain clips you will find intensely critical local officials & local citizens, honest roundtable discussions, sound bytes which aren’t 5 seconds long, and reporters who actually know and care about what is going on around them – these are all things absent in the national MSM. In 2020 – that’s as precious as gold. They travel all around the near-megalopolis and ask about things like: “How is the Corona hysteria ruining your business?” instead of “How is Russia ruining our country and your life”?

I have no idea why you would ever want to tune into CNN’s Chris Cuomo again: I have never seen any TV journalist use the words “I” and “myself” as often as he does. Rachel Maddow – here’s a minute-by-minute breakdown of her in 2018 and the conclusion was clear: she is not a journalist but an unprincipled propagandist, just like how Tucker Carlson’s lawyer stated last month that his viewers should not expect him to state nor verify truthful facts. The national news of Washington-based PBS or NPR? PBS fails to see the problem with using military brass as foreign policy analysts, LOL, while Neocon Public Radio is the most unabashed proponent of useless & divisive identity politics. Bottom line: if you want to see all of these places at once – just go check out The New York Times.

That is the echo chamber of the modern US – it will make you crazy, and it will certainly make you stupid with identity politics, Trump Derangement Syndrome and Russophobia.

With public TV you can actually find out what is going on with the average American in the average community – turn off the national MSM and go local: it’ll be nice to be reminded that you aren’t alone and that all Americans aren’t totally out of touch.

A request for your help

I don’t recall ever asking readers to share one of my articles, but I wish you would please share this one: I am hoping people can please pass on a truly reliable local TV news source other than in Chicago?

Please comment below if you know of one – I will check the internet and find your comments. If people give enough news sources I will make “Part 2” to this article and list them.

Wouldn’t such a list be really useful? If a munitions plant poisons half of Texas, wouldn’t it be good to have a list at your disposal to find the good local news resource?

During the recent rebellions there were major & unique happenings in places like Minneapolis and Memphis but I could not find a similar news program like Chicago Tonight to really find out the local assessments, problems and proposed solutions.

However, I have already asked dozens of journalists and activists and gotten scant replies – I worry that everybody is glued to the national MSM? Really, you need to learn more about Chris Cuomo’s personal greatness?

Given the current/looming economic disaster, even more than the upcoming presidential election, we really need to find out what the heck is actually going on in the US, no? And we can’t rely on the MSM for that.

So, if you could please pass on a reliable, quality local news recommendation I will be happy to compile them and include them all in an article on this subject in the near future.


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Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. He is the author of the books Ill Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China’ and the NEW Socialisms Ignored Success: Iranian Islamic Socialism.

Lee Camp: How the Media Used the Bounty Scandal to Stop the ‘Threat’ of Peace in Afghanistan

By Lee Camp


Peace seems to have exceedingly, ridiculously, laughably bad timing, this latest time in Afghanistan, says Lee Camp.

This is not a column defending Donald Trump.

Across my career, I have said more positive words about the scolex family of intestinal tapeworms than I have said about Donald Trump. (Scolex have been shown to read more.)

No, this is a column about context. When The New York Times reports anonymous sources from the intelligence community say Russia paid Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers, context is very important.

Some of that context is that Mike Pompeo said, “I was the CIA director – We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses.” So we know for certain that U.S. intelligence agencies lie to you and me. We saw it with WMD, and we might be seeing it again now.

But that’s not the context I’m referring to.

We could talk about the context of the fact that the Taliban does not need to be paid to kill American soldiers because their entire goal for the past twenty years has been to kill American soldiers. Paying them a bounty would be like offering the guy sleeping with your wife twenty bucks to sleep with your wife.

But that’s not the context I’m referring to.

We could talk about the fact that the U.S. has been funding the Taliban for years! Yes, we fund them, sometimes arm them, and then fight them. This is barely a secret. So for all intents and purposes, the U.S. does the same thing our corporate media is now accusing Russia of doing (with no proof).

But that’s not the context I’m referring to.

No, the context I’m referring to is how our military industrial complex (with the help of our ruling elite and our corporate media) have stopped Trump from pushing us toward the brink of peace. …Yes, the brink of peace.

Now, I’m not implying Trump is some kind of hippy peacenik. (He would look atrocious with no bra and flowers in his hair.) No, the military under Trump has dropped more bombs than under Obama, and that’s impressive since Obama dropped more bombs than ever before.

However, in certain areas of the world, Trump has threatened to create peace. Sure, he’s doing it for his own ego and because he thinks his base wants it, but whatever the reason, he has put forward plans or policies that go against the military industrial complex and the establishment war-hawks (which is 95 percent of the establishment).

And each time this has happened, he is quickly thwarted, usually with hilarious propaganda. (Well, hilarious to you and me. Apparently believable to people at The New York Times and former CIA intern Anderson Cooper.)

I know four things for sure in life. Paper beats rock. Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper. And propaganda beats peace. All one has to do is look at a calendar.

Trump has essentially threatened to create peace or pull U.S. troops out of a war zone in three countries – North Korea, Afghanistan, and Syria. Let’s start with Syria.

April 4, 2018: President Trump orders the Pentagon to plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

This cannot be allowed because it goes against the U.S. imperial plan. So what happens within days of Trump’s order?

April 7, 2018: Reports surface of a major chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria.

What are the odds that within days of Trump telling the Pentagon to withdraw, Bashar al-Assad decides to use the one weapon that will guarantee American forces continue attacking him? Assad may not be a chess player, but I also don’t think he ate that many paint chips as a kid. And sure enough, over the past two years we’ve now heard from four whistleblowers at the Organization for The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) saying the so-called chemical attack didn’t happen. (Notice that the number “four” is even bigger than the numbers “one,” “two,” and “three.”)

But establishment propaganda beats peace any day and twice on Sunday. The false story succeeded in keeping America entrenched in Syria.


Let’s move on to North Korea. As you surely know, Donald Trump “threatened” to create peace with the hermetic country. Simply saying he would attempt such a thing sent weapons contractor stocks tumbling—one of the many reasons peace had to be stopped.

Feb 27, 2019: Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam.

The summit fails, and reports begin emerging that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton succeeded in napalming any progress.

March 15, 2019: Pompeo and Bolton deny derailing North Korea nuclear talks.

From The Nation, “There were reports from South Korea that the presence at the talks of John Bolton, Trump’s aggressively hawkish national-security adviser, helped torpedo the talks.“

But just destroying the peace talks wasn’t enough. The American people needed some good, solid propaganda to reassert the idea that Kim Jung Un was a dastardly bloodthirsty dictator.

March 30, 2019: The New York Times reports North Korea executed and purged their top nuclear negotiators.

Yes, apparently Kim Jung Un must’ve fed his top diplomats to his top alligators. Then, two months later we learn…

June 4, 2019: The fate of the North Korean negotiator “executed” after the failed summit “grows murkier” with new reports that he’s still alive.

One would have to say that his being alive does indeed make the report that he’s dead “murkier.” Within the next day or two it becomes quite clear the diplomat is very much in the land of the living. But the propaganda put forward by The New York Times and many other outlets has already done its job.

Far more people saw the reports that the man had been murdered than saw the later retraction. And to this day, the Times has not removed the initial article saying he was executed. Exactly how wrong does propaganda have to be, to warrant an online deletion? Dead versus alive is a pretty binary designation.

And now we get to the outrage du jour, and it’s a bombshell!


May 26, 2020: Pentagon commanders begin drawing up options for an early Afghanistan troop withdrawal, following Trump’s request.

June 16, 2020: “President Donald Trump confirmed in public for the first time his administration’s plans to cut the U.S. military troop presence in Germany from its current level of roughly 35,000 to a reduced force of 25,000.” –

June 26, 2020: The New York Times reports Russia paid the Taliban to attack U.S. troops. (According to anonymous sources from an intelligence community that proudly admits they lie to us all the time, sometimes just to amuse themselves.)

So when this story first came out, I thought, “You know, Trump has been stopped from withdrawing troops in the past by ridiculous propaganda that seems to land like a giant turd right after he announces his intentions. Maybe I’ll check what happened in the days preceding this jaw-dropping story.”

So just days after Trump goes against the military industrial complex and against the ruling establishment by announcing he’ll be withdrawing about a third of our troops from Germany, and just weeks after announcing an early withdrawal from Afghanistan, a seemingly mind-blowing story drops about Russia paying the Taliban to kill American troops.

This serves to remind everyone what a threat Russia is (so we better put more troops in Germany!) and serves to keep us in Afghanistan (because screw those Russian-funded Taliban!).

Look, I’m not saying Trump is a hero or a great guy or even a man who wants peace. I’m not even saying he’s a man. He very well may be a giant blood-sucking leech in a human skin suit. (A poorly tailored human skin suit.)

All I’m saying is the timing doesn’t add up. Either these landmark stories that destroy every chance of peace are false (in fact we’ve already proven two out of three of them are false), or peace has exceedingly, ridiculously, laughably bad timing.

صيف ساخن بين “قيصر” والكيان

د. عمران زهوي

القطب الأوحد وسيّد العالم كما يقدّم نفسه حاول فرض شروطه وإملاءاته على إيران، ففوجئ بدولة تتمرّد وتغرّد خارج السرب، فتيقّن أنّ إيران ليست كالدول العربية أو غيرها ممن ينصاعون بالكلمة للأميركي، فسقطت أغلى وأهمّ طائرة أميركية مُسيّرة، ثم تبعتها الهيمنة على المضيق وفرض الشروط الإيرانية، وصولاً الى ضرب قاعدة “عين الأسد”، وأخيراً وليس آخراً فكّ الحصار عن فنزويلا وعن سورية.

اختلّ توازن ترامب ليخسر بالنقاط، وانكسرت شوكته في غرب آسيا والمحور.

فحاول الأميركي النزول إلى الحلبة مجدّداً بيده أسلحة ستقوّض المحور وتجوّع شعوبه وقواعده الشعبية عبر الحصار الاقتصادي، رامياً كلّ ما في جعبته، معتقداً أنّ “قيصر” هو السيف الذي سيقطع به رأس المحور، فانبرى له رأس الحربة في المحور مفاجئاً بهجوم سيسجله التاريخ قائلاً إننا هنا… نمسك رغيف الخبز بيد والبندقية باليد الأخرى و”سنقتلكم”.

رامياً أحجيات على الامبرالية الصهيوأميركيه أن تحلها علّها تنجو أو تتفادى الزلزال الآتي…؟!

انهمك المحللون والتابعون والخائفون حتى طال التخبّط سفيرة أميركا في لبنان لتردّ بالمباشر على خطاب رأس الحربة (وهي سابقه في التاريخ).

لا شك انّ المهزوم هو من يسعى بأيّ وسيلة لكي يردّ اعتباره، والمنتصر هو الذي يذكّر بأنه قادر على القتل مرة أخرى حتى الوصول إلى الهدف المنشود.

فجاءت النصيحة من السفير الروسي لدى الكيان بأنّ عقوبات “قيصر” على سورية وخطّة ضمّ أراض واسعة من الضّفة الغربيّة المُزمع البدء بتنفيذها الشهر المقبل، وضمّ غور الأردن، كلها خطوات ستكون لها تداعيات خطيرة جداً على “إسرائيل” نفسها، مُسدياً نصائح لرئيس حكومة العدو ولقادة تل أبيب، بالتوقّف مليّاً وباهتمام أمام رسائل السيد نصرالله، وتجنّب أيّ استفزاز جوّي جديد ضدّ سورية “لأنّ هذه المرحلة مختلفة تماماً”.

هذه الرسائل لا تعني فقط إسقاط طائرات إسرائيلية، وإنما هي الوجبه الدسمة التي ستنزل صواعق في الصندوقة الانتخابية الأميركية وستؤدّي إلى زلزال سيطيح بترامب في السباق الرئاسي هو وصول توابيت جنوده إما من الشمال السوري أو من العراق أو من دول الخليج التي تحمل على أرضها القواعد العسكرية الأميركية، والتي هي كلها تحت مرمى الصواريخ البالستية وتحت وطأة أقدام المقاتلين الأشداء لهذا المحور…

وعند اندلاع الانتفاضة الفلسطينية المقبلة التي لن تشبه مثيلاتها بوجود هذا المحور الذي لن يقف مكتوف الأـيدي، خاصة بعدما انكشف المخطط الداخلي اللبناني الذي كان يحاول خلق الفتنة والتجييش والمطالبة بسحب سلاح المقاومة من قبل قطيع الغنم الذي يديرونه، وقبيل الانتخابات السورية العام المقبل، والتلويح من الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة أنطونية غوتيريش بتعديل مهام قوات اليونفيل في لبنان (أيّ يقصد توسيع صلاحياتها لتشمل الحدود السورية اللبنانية.

فالواضح انّ قانون قيصر والقوانين كلها ستكون وبالاً وبلاء على الطفل المدلل (الكيان الغاصب). فالمقاومة وسورية وحلفاؤهما قرّروا اللعب فوق الطاولة وقلب هذه الطاولة على “الإسرائيليّ”، والنّفاذ من خلال ذلك للقضاء على حرب التجويع الجديدة والإنتصار عليها وعلى كلّ مَن شارك أو يشارك فيها.

بناء على كلّ ما تقدّم أكاد أجزم بأنّ الأسابيع المقبلة ستكون حافلة بالتطورات المفاجئة والمتلاحقة في المنطقة، ستُتوّج بإنجاز “استراتيجي” غير مسبوق للمقاومة سيجبر ترامب وإدارته على اتخاذ قرار مفاجئ بمنزلة “هدف ذهبي” لصالح سورية ولبنان، ويشكّل باكورة مفاجآت محور المقاومة في الحرب الإقتصادية المفروضة عليهم.

من هنا شكراً “قانون قيصر” لأنك ستجبر المحور أن يغيّر قواعد اللعبة وأن يكشر عن أنيابه باكراً ليغرسها في أعناق “الإسرائيلي” وترامب على حدّ سواء.

‎ الأميركيّون أكثر تواضعاً من عملائهم

ناصر قنديل

لا يجرؤ العملاء على المجاهرة بمواقف واضحة كأسيادهم، فيختبئون وراء شعارات ملفّقة، ويرفعون سقوفاً عالية، وهم يسمعون أسيادهم يفاوضون على سقوف مختلفة ويتحدثون علناً عن أهداف مختلفة، فهل هي عبقريتهم الخاصة أم هي التعليمات. الجواب جاء في كلام السفيرة الأميركية في بيروت التي كشفت سر اللعبة بتصريحاتها التي تطابقت مع أمر العمليات الذي ينفذه عملاء الخمس نجوم الذين تشغلهم السفارة وتشكل السفيرة رئيسهم المباشر. فما قالته السفيرة هو ما نسمعه من هؤلاء العملاء منذ أسابيع، والمضمون هو أن حزب الله بنى دويلة داخل الدولة ويستولي على مليارات الدولارات لحسابه، وهو بذلك سبب الأزمة الاقتصادية والمالية، ولا حلّ للأزمة إلا بسحب سلاح المقاومة، فهل هذا هو المشروع الأميركي؟

الواضح أن مَن هم أعلى رتبة من السفيرة مسموح لهم بما لا يسمح لها ولمن تشغلهم بقوله، فاللعبة هي أن تتولى السفيرة وجوقتها التحريض على حزب الله، ليتقدّم المسؤولون المعنيون، والذين يحق لهم بالكلام الجدّي بالسقوف التفاوضية التي تعبر عن جوهر الموقف الأميركي، فيقولون الكلام الرسميّ المعتمد. وهكذا جاء كلام المبعوث الأميركي الخاص حول سورية، ليحدّد المطلوب لقاء وقف العمل بقانون قيصر، قائلاً إن ما تسعى إليه واشنطن هو العودة إلى ما قبل العام 2011، عندما لم يكن هناك وجود لحزب الله جنوب سورية. والمعلوم طبعاً أن المقصود بهذا الوجود هو أمن كيان الاحتلال وجيشه، وليس أي شيء آخر، والأميركي لا يشعر بالحرج من الإجابة بنعم على هذا السؤال. كما لا يخفي أنه مستعد للانسحاب من سورية إذا تحقق ذلك، ضمن مفهوم العودة إلى ما قبل 2011، والقضية الوحيدة التي لا يجرؤ على التسليم بفعلها تحت عنوان العودة إلى ما قبل 2011، ليست مصير المتعاملين معه شرق سورية، بل مصير قراره بتبني ضمّ الجولان من جانب كيان الاحتلال.

على ضفة موازية يتحدث معاون وزير الخارجية الأميركية ديفيد شينكر، فينتهي بعد تكرار استعمال سيمفونية جوقة السفارة عن مسؤولية حزب الله عن الأزمة المالية، ليبقّ البحصة ويقول ماذا يريد وماذا تستهدف إدارته، فيقول للبنانيين بصراحة تصل حد الوقاحة، لديكم أزمة خانقة وعندم غاز وفير وواعد تجارياً في بلوكات متنازع عليها مع كيان الاحتلال ولديكم تصور أميركي لحل النزاع فوافقوا على التصور. والمقصد معلوم وهو ترسيم الحدود البحرية لثروات الغاز اللبناني وفق خط فريدريك هوف الذي يمنح كيان الاحتلال الجزء الرئيسي من حقوق لبنان، ومعلوم أيضاً أن كيان الاحتلال المستعجل على بدء الاستثمار في حقول الغاز الشمالية لا يستطيع فعل ذلك من دون إنهاء الترسيم مع لبنان، خشية تهديدات المقاومة لكل شركة تدخل النطاق المائي الاقتصادي اللبناني أو المتنازع عليه، وفق المفهوم الدبلوماسي الرائج، ستعتبر أهدافاً مشروعة للمقاومة.

لا حاجة للشرح، للاستنتاج أن أي مسؤول أميركي مكلف بملف جدي، أي فوق مرتبة السفيرة قائدة جوقة الطبّالين، لم يتحدث عن نزع سلاح المقاومة كهدف واقعي، بل رسمت معادلات جيفري وشينكر إطاراً تفاوضياً مضمونه، نفرج عن المال للبنان مقابل قبول منح كيان الاحتلال ميزات من حقوق لبنان في الغاز والنفط، ونفرج عن المال لسورية، مقابل مقايضة وجود المقاومة جنوب سورية بالوجود الأميركي شمالها، شرط عدم إلغاء التبني الأميركي لقرار ضمّ الجولان من جانب كيان الاحتلال. وعلى جوقة عملاء أميركا “السياديين” في لبنان أن يخرجوا دون لف ودوران للمجاهرة بالحديث مباشرة عن دعوتهم لقبول ترسيم الحدود البحرية وفق شروط الكيان، وعلى زملائهم “الديمقراطيين” في سورية أن يعلنوا موافقتهم على قرار ضم الجولان، من دون ادعاء أنهم أعلم بمواقف أميركا من الأميركيين.

Journalist Julian Assange Charged with New American Indictment

By Leon Tressell


On 24 June a US Federal Grad Jury issued a second superseding indictment against Journalist Julian Assange.

The new indictment incorporates the 18 charges from the first indictment and seeks to ‘broaden the scope of the conspiracy’ and asserts that Assange and Wikileaks tried to recruit hackers for the purpose of stealing secret documents from the US government.

Thirteen of the 49 page indictment are devoted to Assange’s efforts to recruit ‘Anonymous’ hackers. At one conference Assange is alleged to have encouraged hackers to join the CIA and then use their position to steal top secret documents.

It also alleges that Assange cajoled, encouraged and assisted Chelsea Manning in ‘stealing’ hundreds of thousands of secret government documents relating to the Iraq and Afghan wars as well as diplomatic cables and Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments.

The icing on the cake of this new indictment are the claims that Assange wilfully revealed the ‘name of Human Sources and Created a Grave and Imminent Risk to Human Life’ through publishing ‘stolen’ secret documents. The tally of secret documents that Wikileaks published includes 75,000 Afghan war reports, 400,000 Iraq war reports, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments and 250,000 US diplomatic cables.

The new indictment alleges that Wikileaks published documents that revealed the names of various collaborators working with US military and intelligence agencies deliberately putting their lives in danger.

The new indictment also tries to make the help that Wikileaks gave NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden a criminal offence. Never mind the fact that the FBI relied upon paid informants such as ‘convicted conman, and sex criminal Sigurdur Thordarson’ to make up bogus claims against Assange. According to WikiLeaks Thordarson is one of the star witnesses for new indictment from the US Department of Justice.

The timing of this new indictment is suspicious. Trump is trailing in numerous polls due to his disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic that has left over 120,000 Americans dead and caused trillions of dollars worth of economic damage. Is the new indictment a pathetic attempt to try and steer the news away from the storm of negative press encircling the White House?

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has commented:

“The Trump DOJ’s new Assange indictment has all the same problems as the old one. Source communication and publishing are not crimes. They didn’t add any new charges. They didn’t really change any old ones. And the using the Espionage Act is beyond the pale.’’

Julian Assange’s extradition trial does not resume until 7 September. Further outbreaks of the virus could put a spoke in that judicial frame up by the British government. Yet it appears the entire British political class including the so called opposition Labour Party will do nothing to try and prevent Assange’s extradition. Its new leader Keir Starmer, a former human rights barrister, supports the extradition process.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose reports revealed the global surveillance operations of the US and UK, has noted the connivance of British and American politicians and media of all political colours with Trump’s war on whistle blowers:

“The Trump DOJ’s attempt to imprison Julian Assange for working with his source to publish classified documents that exposed US war crimes is the most severe US threat to press freedom since 2016. It’s sickening to watch so many journalists ignore it, & so many liberals cheer it: ‘’

Kevin Gosztlioa of the Shadow Proof news outlet has written a detailed expose of the new indictment. He conclusion declares:

“While the conspiracy charge includes sensational claims of collaboration with hackers, it is no less of a political charge than the seventeen Espionage Act offences Assange faces for publishing information.

The additional sections in the indictment represent an attempt to give the illegitimate prosecution a greater veneer of criminality. Unfortunately, it does not take much to scrape it off and expose the contempt for press freedom that still lies behind this vindictive prosecution.’’

Ordinary people around the world must step up their efforts to secure the release of journalist Julian Assange. If extradited to the US he would face a show trial that would resemble the worst excesses of Stalin and Hitler’s courtrooms in the 1930s.

The extradition of Julian Assange by the crisis ridden American empire sends a clear warning to anyone who has thoughts about investigating or revealing US war crimes. It represents a threat to investigative journalists and anti war activists who challenge the bloody rule of American capital which will not go down without a fight.

The persecution of Julian Assange reveals a certain desperation on the part of the American ruling class. However, it won’t solve any of the social, economic and political problems facing American capitalism which is in a state of deep crisis.

هل قطار الشرّ الأمريكي قابل للإيقاف

نضال حمد – رئيس تحرير موقع الصفصاف

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تابعت مشاهدة الاحتجاجات في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية على اثر قيام شرطي عنصري أبيض بقتل شاب ( زنجي) خنقاً. فتذكرت أحداث فيلم (غير قابل للإيقاف) التي تتحدث عن قطار مسرع خرج عن السيطرة، في حين يحاول بطلا الفيلم فرانك بارنز (دنزل واشنطن) و ويل كولسون (كريس باين) إيقافه. بعد مغامرة شاقة يستطيع البطلان (الزنجي) و(الأبيض) إيقافه بنجاح.

 لقد عالجت السينما الأمريكية قضية العنصرية والرق والتمييز في عديد من أفلامها الشهيرة والتي تعد بعضها من روائع السينما ونالت شهرة واسعة، لكن على ما يبدو انها لم تساعد السياسيين في أمريكا على التخلص من العنصرية والتمييز والجشع الرأسمالي الامبريالي. وبمناسبة الحديث عن الافلام المذكورة يمكن ذكر الأحداث الشهيرة في أمريكا التي اندلعت على اثر ادعاء زوجين في  16 تموز 1949 إنهما تعرّضا لهجوم من قبل أربعة شبان من أصل إفريقي في غروفلاند. حيث اسفر الهجوم بحسب ادعائهم عن اغتصاب الفتاة نورما بادجيت التي كانت آنذاك تبلغ من العمر 17 عاماً. كان حادثا مروعا ومن أكثر الحوادث الدامية بين (البيض) و(السود). تم تعذيب أحد المتهمين( الزنوج) حتى الموت ووجدت في جسده اثار 400 رصاصة. بعد 70 عاماً تمت تبرئة المتهمين وأفادت المحكمة أن كل ما نسب إليهم من تهم كان باطلاً. كما تبين أن القصة برمتها كانت قضية عنصرية، من تأليف قائد شرطة المدينة ويليس ماكال، الذي كان من أشد العنصريين.

 تنص المادة الأولى من الإعلان العالمي لحقوق الإنسان على أن “جميع الناس يولدون أحرارًا ومتساوين في الكرامة والحقوق”. منذ 1949 بدأ العالم الاحتفال في 2 ديسمبر بـ”اليوم العالمي لإلغاء الرق”، الذي يهدف إلى القضاء على كل أشكال الرق والعنصرية، حيث أقرته اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة. لكن قطار الاستعباد والاستعمار الأمريكي والغربي استمر بأساليب أخرى حديثة ومتطورة.

 بعد انتهاء فترة الرئيس الأمريكي الافريقي الأصل بارك أوباما انتخبت أمريكا رئيسا عنصريا وتاجرا جشعا يدعى دونالد ترامب. لا يخفي عنصريته وعجرفته حتى ضد حلفاء الولايات المتحدة. إذ يتعامل معهم بعقلية التاجر البلطجي وزعيم المافيا. لغاية الآن يرفض توجيه خطاب للشعب الأمريكي حول الأحداث العاصفة التي تدور في المدن الأمريكية. لقد دمر المتظاهرون نصبا تذكارية عديدة منها لجورج واشنطن مؤسس أمريكا ولكرستوفر كولومبس مكتشف أمريكا. وكلاهما عنصريين دمويين ساهما في ابادة الهنود الحمر سكان البلد الأصليين.

عرفت أمريكا أبشع أنواع الرق والعبودية في التاريخ البشري الحديث، فبعد ابادة السكان الأصليين الهنود تم استعباد (السود). حيث جُلب الأفارقة لاستعبادهم بشكل همجي لا مثيل له.  سيبقى هذا العمل الاجرامي اللاانساني وصمة عار تقبح وجه أمريكا حتى الأبد..

إن اظهار الأمر وكأن هناك  مساواة فعلاً بين السكان في الولايات المتحدة لا ينطلي على أحد. إذ لازالت هناك فوارق كبيرة بين الجانبين في كل مجالات الحياة. حتى أن وباء كورنا حصد الكثير من (السود) بسبب الاهمال وانعدام الرعاية من قبل الدولة. كما يدل التعامل العنصري للشرطة الأمريكية مع (السود) على مر السنين وحتى حادثة قتل جورج فلوريد مؤخراً على استعداد النظام الرأسمالي العنصري لقتلهم بكافة الأساليب وبدون الشعور بالذنب أو الرجوع للعدالة وللقوانين.

 ليس أسهل من أن يكذب الانسان حين يصف الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية بحامية وضامنة العدالة والديمقراطية والسلام في العالم. تلك الكذبة وجدت لها مكانة كبيرة وسط شعوب أوروبا الشرقية بالذات، حيث كانت تحكم أنظمة حكم شمولية، ساهمت في تكريه الشعوب تلك بالشيوعية والاشتراكية وفي انجرارها وراء الدعاية الامبريالية والرأسمالي. يبدو أن تلك الشعوب ستنتظر طويلا حتى تعرف أن نظام الارهاب والعنصرية الأمريكي أسوأ بكثير من النظام الشمولي الذي قمعها سواء عبر منع الناس من التملك والحركة وحتى اقتناء أبسط الأشياء مثل جواز السفر والسيارة.

 على كل حال موضوعنا الآن عن العنصرية والاستعباد والتمييز والظلم في أمريكا، حيث منذ تأسيس الامبراطورية الأمريكية على عظام وفوق جماجم سكانها الأصليين من الهنود الحمر، الذين أبيدت غالبيتهم العظمى أما بالأوبئة أو رميا بالرصاص من الرشاشات الثقيلة. كل تلك المذابح وعمليات الإبادة تمت على أيدي الغزاة والمستعمرين البيض القادمين من أوروبا وممالكها آنذاك للعثور على أرض الميعاد، لكنها الأرض التي لم تكن لهم ولم يفكر شعبها يوما ما بميعاد مع الغزاة المجرمين حيث كانت  ابادته ونهايته. ميعاد مع الإرهابي والسفاح الأول كولومبوس وصولا الى جورج واشنطن وتباعا حتى يومنا هذا حيث يحكم رئيس عنصري وشخص استعلائي، تاجر رأسمالي اسمه ترامب، يعادي البشرية والحضارة العالمية.

 أمريكا أرض الميعاد” لشعب الله المختار” أي لمن اعتبروا أنفسهم كما اليهود الصهاينة المحتلين في فلسطين شعبا بلا أرض استطاع أن يؤسس وطنا للشعب  المختار. تأسست أمريكا في البدء بالدم والحديد والنار، عبر مجموعات من المجرمين وقطاع الطرق الذين وصلوا الى أرض الهنود الحمر. وبنفس الطريقة تأسس الكيان الصهيوني في فلسطين المحتلة، الذي حظي ولازال يحظى بكل الدعم الأمريكي والغربي. لأنه يمثل قاعدة متقدمة للاستعمار العالمي الرأسمالي الامبريالي في بلادنا. نفس هؤلاء عندما تمكنوا من ابادة الهنود أخذوا يبحثون عن (الزنوج) الأفارقة حيث تمت عمليات اختطافهم من بلدانهم الأصلية وجلبهم للخدمة والعمل كعبيد لدى السادة البيض حيث تم اضطهادهم على مدار سنوات طويلة.

على كل حال الهبة الشعبية الأمريكية ضد الجريمة والعنصرية لن تنجح بدون ايجاد قيادة تمثلها وتعد لها برنامج عمل واضح للتغيير وتحقيق مطالبها والاطاحة بالادارة الأمريكية الحالية، ثم العمل على تغيير النظام الأمريكي الراسمالي الى نظام انساني وديمقراطي حقيقي وغير عنصري.

شنكر «بق البحصة»: «وافقوا على التصوّر»!‏

ناصر قنديل

يبدأ منطق أيتام جيفري فيلتمان وأتباع ديفيد شنكر من اللبنانيين، بتقديم الأزمة المالية كنتيجة لوجود سلاح المقاومة، ويرفقونه بتوجيه اتهامات لها لا يمكن لعاقل تصديقها، أو تصديق تسبّبها بالأزمة إذا صدق صحتها، فيصير منطق العقوبات مقبولاً ومسلماً به، ويصير التراجع المطلوب هو من المقاومة، وليس من صاحب العقوبات. وهذا النقاش لا جدوى من دخوله، لأنه نفق بلا نهاية، لذلك أراد السيد شنكر أن يهوّن الأمر علينا، فبلغ النتيجة التي كنا نقول إنها هي الهدف الحقيقي للعقوبات، وفي الطريق هي الهدف للحملة على المقاومة، و»بق البحصة» وقال بالفم الملآن، «أنتم في أزمة مالية وتحتاجون الغاز الموجود بوفرة في البلوك 9 والبلوك 10، وقدّمنا لكم تصوراً لترسيم الحدود يمكنكم بالموافقة عليه بلوغ هذا الغاز، والكرة في ملعبكم الآن فوافقوا على التصور». والتصور هو ما عُرف بخط هوف الذي يخسر لبنان بموجبه نصف حقوقه من الغاز، المقدرة بمئة مليار دولار لحساب كيان الاحتلال.

الذين يدعون للسير بما يريده الأميركي ومراضاته ومراعاته، حتى يمنّ علينا عبر صندوق النقد الدولي، او عبر منح الضوء الأخضر لمؤتمر سيدر والبنك الدولي من خلاله، لتقديم بضعة مليارات من الدولارات بصيغة قروض، ويدعون لتقديم فروض الطاعة للأميركي لهذه الغاية وتجنّب كل ما يمكن ان يتسبب بإغضابه، مدعوون لإشهار قبولهم سلفاً وعلناً، بالتراجع عن رفض لبنان لخط هوف. وفي هذا السياق على الذين يتمسكون بالدفاع عن حقوق لبنان في البحر، والمتمسكين بسيادته، أن يتمسكوا بما يقطع الطريق على عبث التحريض الذي يمارسه الأميركي، عبر مقترحات توزعها السفيرة الأميركية ذات اليمين واليسار بالدعوة لتبديل مرجعية التفاوض من رئاسة المجلس النيابي، مرة نحو رئاسة الحكومة، ومرة نحو وزارة الخارجية، وثالثة نحو رئاسة الجمهورية، لأنه بإغلاق هذه النوافذ يقطع الأمل أمام الأوهام الأميركية بفرص فرض التنازل عن الثوابت اللبنانية، وبالتالي بتخفيف للضغوط المرافقة لهذه الأوهام.

الواضح من اللهجة الحانقة لشنكر على خيار «التوجه شرقاً» أنه يخشاه بالفعل، لأنه يقطع الطريق على أوهام تحقيق الأحلام التي ينتظرها قادة كيان الاحتلال بوضع اليد على الغاز اللبناني في البحر، كثمرة للضغوط المالية، فلو كان شنكر غير متأكد من جدية الصين تحديداً بالاهتمام بلبنان كوجهة اقتصادية، ومن فشل محاولات الضغط عليها للتراجع عن الاهتمام بلبنان، لاستهزأ بالدعوة، وسخر منها، بينما نراه يتحدث والغضب ينفجر بين كلماته، متحدثاً عن فضل أميركي على لبنان بمساعدته بـ 25 مليون دولار في مواجهة كورونا، ليسأل ماذا قدمت لكم الصين بالمقابل، ويحذر من خطورة الوقوع في «الفخاخ الصينية»، كحريص يذوب حرصاً على لبنان وحقوقه وسيادته، مقدماً مثال جيبوتي ليقول للبنانيين، احذروا الصين لأنها ستستحوذ على الدولة ومرافقها كما استحوذت على مرافئ جيبوتي لـ 99 سنة لقاء ديونها. وقيمة كلام شنكر القلق فعلاً من الخيار الصيني الاستثماري أنه اعتراف بجدية هذا الخيار من الزاوية الصينية، وفقاً للمعلومات الأميركية، ما يستدعي ولو من باب تحسين القدرات التفاوضية للحكومة اللبنانية، التعامل بجدية مع هذا الخيار، للوصول في النهاية إلى عروض متوازية يختار لبنان منها الأفضل له.

لا ينسى شنكر أن يقدم لجماعاته من اللبنانيين ضيافة أخلاقية، ذات بعد سيادي، فانتهاك الأجواء اللبنانية من طيران جيش الاحتلال ليس خرقاً للسيادة، لأنه لو أتيح لليونيفيل الدخول إلى الأملاك الخاصة في الجنوب، لما احتاج جيش الاحتلال لدخول الأجواء، ونعم المفهوم السيادي، ونعيماً!!

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Russia marks 75th Victory Day parade anniversary at Red Square


June 24, 2020

Russia marks 75th Victory Day parade anniversary at Red Square

Russia stages Victory Day military parade in Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the former Soviet Union’s victory in World War II, the , featuring 15,000 soldiers, more than 200 units of military equipment as well as 75 planes and helicopters.


Al-Moallem: Our fight against terrorism is not over and the “Caesar Act” will be a chance for the Syrian people to perk up their economy


Tuesday, 23 June 2020

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem has affirmed that the real goal behind the so-called “Caesar Act” is to open the door for terrorism to return to Syria as in 2011 and to force Syria to give up its alliance with the resistance and accept normalization with Israel.

 In a press conference on Tuesday, al-Moallem said that the statements made by Mike Pompeo and James Jeffery about the so called “Caesar Act” prove that they are all liars because if they wanted the good of the Syrian people they wouldn’t conspire against their livelihood.

He stressed that there are no exceptions in what is termed as the “Caesar Act” and that the Americans are lying when they claim that this Act doesn’t include medicine or medical supplies.

He pointed out that the Syrian people are used to dealing with unilateral sanctions that have been imposed on them since 1978 under several terms.

 The top Syrian diplomat reiterated that this American legislation will be a chance for the Syrian people to perk up their economy, achieve self-sufficiency and deepen cooperation with friends and allies in all domains, noting that Syria’s war on terrorism hasn’t finished yet.

He wondered if the presence of US forces around Syrian oil fields, the burning of wheat fields and the US threat to friendly countries that want to contribute to reconstructing Syria serve the interests of the Syrian people. He said that the US occupation forces are investing in terrorism and this was proved in transporting leaders of Daesh terrorist organizations by their helicopters to Iraq and in supporting Jabhat al-Nusra and the Turkish regime in their acts of aggression on Syria.

“They are definitely lying when they talk about the interests of the Syrian people,” al-Moallem affirmed.

On the political arena, Al-Moallem affirmed Syria’s commitment to the process of finding a political solution to the crisis in the country and its rejection of any American or non-American foreign interference in the work of the constitutional committee, which must be a Syrian-led process away from any foreign interference.

He reiterated that the Syrians will allow no interference in their constitution and will only recognize a national constitution that will serve the interests of the Syrian people.

On the situation in Idlib, al-Moallem said that Syria behaves according to its priorities, available capabilities and in the light of dialogue with its allies, mainly Russia, pointing out that there is a cessation of hostilities in Idlib pursuant to the Sochi Agreement. “When the terrorists don’t abide by the agreement, our heroic armed forces retaliate directly, but this decision is taken by the military leadership,” said al-Moallem, indicating that the Turkish regime invades northern Iraq, transfers mercenaries to Libya for the sake of oil and occupies lands in Syria to revive the Ottoman ambitions.

The Syrian top diplomat clarified that the popular resistance in the areas under the US occupation is normal, but the strange thing is the illusion of some Kurdish groups which think that the United States will continue to support them.

” I want to tell them that there will come a day when they wake up in the morning and will not find the Americans who actually don’t defend the Kurds’ interests in the region, but the interests and security of “Israel”.

On Syria’s relations with its allies, al-Moallem said that ” we are in close alliance with our Russian friends who have offered sacrifices in the fight against terrorism on the Syrian soil. The Russian support for Syria will continue and consultations between the two sides are done on daily basis. Also Iran is a close friend that will always support Syria. As for China, we consider it as an ally with who Syria has continuous dialogue and we are sure that our friends and allies will not leave Syria alone .”

On Palestine, al-Moallem said that Syria continues to support the Palestinian people and their right to return and build their independent state. “

“We don’t recognize the annexation plans of the Israel occupation with regards to the West Bank. Israel should withdraw from all Arab lands that it has occupied,” al-Moallam made it clear.

Al-Moallem asserted that Syria supports the Libyan National Army and institutions as well as the Libyan sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also reiterated Syria’s support for Egypt’s national security.

Hamda Mustafa

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Trump Wanted To Constantly Call Assad And Demand Release Of US Hostages Held By "Syrian Regime"

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened,” is stirring some controversy, regarding US President Donald Trump’s views and conduct in regard to Syria.

In the book, Bolton describes himself as a sort of “fireman” who puts out fires caused by an erratic and irrational president in the lead up to the withdrawal of US troops from northeast Syria in October 2019.

“It is difficult beyond description to pursue a complex policy in a contentious part of the world when the policy is subject to instant modification based on the boss’s perception of how inaccurate and often-already-outdated information is reported by writers who don’t have the Administration’s best interests at heart in the first place,” Bolton describes in chapter seven. “It was like making and executing policy inside a pinball machine, not the West Wing of the White House.”

In Bolton’s own story, he is the architect of a policy strategy that tried, and ultimately failed, to maintain the US as a key player in Syria.

Bolton, for his own part, also viewed the US alliance with the SDF as a “strategic partnership” and little more.

“Why we were affiliated with one terrorist group in order to destroy another stemmed from Obama’s failure to see Iran was a much more serious threat, now and in the future. Many parties to this conflict opposed ISIS […] Tehran, however, unlike Obama, was also focusing on the next way, the one after ISIS was defeated,” he wrote.

“It was complicated, but what was not complicated was the strong sense of loyalty to Kurds who had fought with us against ISIS, and fear that abandoning them was not only disloyal but would have severely adverse consequences for any future effort to recruit allies who might later be seen as expendable,” Bolton added.

Notably, Bolton explained that former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, a “warrior-scholar” was quite poor at debates, and in negotiations between Trump and his aides he had little success.

“All these negotiations about our role in Syria were complicated by Trump’s constant desire to call Assad on US hostages, which Pompeo and I thought undesirable. Fortunately, Syria saved Trump from himself, refusing even to talk to Pompeo about them.”

And when US President Donald Trump was told this by Pompeo, he angrily retorted:

“You tell [them] he will get hit hard if they don’t give us our hostages back, so fucking hard. You tell him that. We want them back within one week of today, or they will never forget how hard we’ll hit them.”

That, fortunately, according to Bolton took the Trump-Assad call off the table, but no actions on striking Syria regarding these hostages were ever carried out.

There’s very little information about US hostages in Syria, some of them were being held by ISIS, back around 2014.

The 2014 rescue mission in Syria was an American led effort to locate and rescue hostages being held by ISIS forces.

Plans to rescue the hostages were accelerated after the execution of journalist James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and Kayla Mueller by ISIS militants. A total of 14 hostages were held hostage by the ISIS at an undisclosed location. No soldiers were killed, and none of the hostages were found.

Currently, as of May 2020, the CIA pledged to ramp up efforts to learn where Austin Tice, a former Marine is located, allegedly somewhere in Syria.

Back in 2019, the Washington Post also reported that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must release all US hostages.

“There are “around half a dozen” American citizens missing in Syria and suspected to be held by the Assad regime, according to a senior administration official, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive matters. One is journalist Austin Tice, missing since 2012; the U.S. government has said publicly it believes the Assad regime is holding Tice. The other known cases are Syrian Americans, none of whom the regime has acknowledged detaining, the official said.”

“There are a number of Syrian American dual citizens that went missing in regime-held areas that the U.S. government is tracking and we are engaging with diplomatic partners in an effort to secure their safe return from Syria,” the official said.”


Guess Which Surrender Monkey Won the Battle Of The Monuments?


June 21, 2020

Guess Which Surrender Monkey Won the Battle Of The Monuments?

by Ilana mercer posted by permission for the Saker Blog

Steve Hilton is a Briton who anchors a current-affairs show on Fox News.

Mr. Hilton made the following feeble, snowflake’s case for the removal of the nation’s historically offensive statues:

It’s offensive to our Africa-American neighbors to maintain statues in public places that cause not only offense, but real distress. And it is disrespectful to our native-American neighbors to glorify a man who they see as having committed genocide against their ancestors. None of this is to erase history. Put it all in a museum. Let’s remember it and learn from it.

“What’s wrong with Camp Ulysses Grant,” Hilton further intoned sanctimoniously. He was, presumably, plumping for the renaming of army installations like Fort Bragg, called after a Confederate major general, Braxton Bragg.

Sons of the South—men and women, young and old—see their forebear as having died “in defense of the soil,” and not for slavery. Most Southerners were not slaveholders. All Southerners were sovereigntists, fighting a War for Southern Independence.

Hilton, it goes without saying, is a follower of the State-run Church of Lincoln. To the average TV dingbat, this means that Southern history comes courtesy of the likes of Doris Kearns Goodwin, a Lincoln idolater and the consummate court historian.

“Doris Kearns Goodwin,” explains professor Thomas J. DiLorenzo, the country’s chief Lincoln slayer, “is a museum-quality specimen of a court historian, a pseudo-intellectual who is devoted to pulling the wool over the public’s eyes by portraying even the most immoral, corrupt and sleazy politicians as great, wise, and altruistic men.”

When Doris does the TV circuit, evangelizing for power, she never mentions, say, the close connection between her great Ulysses Grant and Hilton’s “native-American neighbors.”

Yes, Doris, Steve: who exactly exterminated the Plains Indians?

Indian-Americans will likely be hip to the fact that the Republicans, led by General Sherman himself, supervised the genocide of some 60,000 Plains Indians from 1865 to 1890. The Plains Indians endured land dispossession that culminated “in the late 1880s, with the surviving tribes of the West being herded onto reservations,” writes DiLorenzo, in “The Feds versus The Indians.”

Primary sources notwithstanding, to make his case in this tract alone, DiLorenzo galvanizes sources such as L.A. Marshall’s Crimsoned Prairie: The Indian Wars (1972), John F. Marszalek’s Sherman: A Soldier’s Passion for Order (1993) and Sheridan: The Life and War of General Phil Sheridan (1992), by Roy Morris, Jr.

“We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, Sherman wrote to Ulysses S. Grant (commanding general of the federal army) in 1866, ‘even to their extermination, men, women and children.’ The Sioux must ‘feel the superior power of the Government.’ Sherman vowed to remain in the West ‘till the Indians are all killed or taken to a country where they can be watched.’”

“‘During an assault,’ he instructed his troops, ‘the soldiers cannot pause to distinguish between male and female, or even discriminate as to age.’ He chillingly referred to this policy in an 1867 letter to Grant as ‘the final solution to the Indian problem,’ a phrase Hitler invoked some 70 years later.”

Hilton, who believes in the Republican Party’s moral supremacy, can’t be expected to know that, in “eradicating the Indians of the West,” Sherman was delivering good old “veiled corporate welfare” to “a segment of the railroad industry, which heavily bankrolled the Republican party.”

Some things never change.

More so than The Other Worthies mentioned, “our native-American neighbors” have a tendency to harken back to a once-proud history. If they retain any historic memory, then, America’s First Nations should balk at serving on Camp Ulysses Grant, or at Fort William Tecumseh Sherman.

The folks Hilton dubs “our Africa-American neighbors,” on the other hand, are more vested in breaking and burning stuff to get what they want, which is, invariably, other people’s stuff, sometimes called “reparations.”

It follows that Conservatism Inc. usually uses American Indians as its perennial piñata, while generally acceding to the aggressive demands of African-Americans for permanent victim status. It’s to Hilton’s credit that he even mentioned Native-Americans, who have little political clout and even less of an extractive approach to politics.

Given the state of his knowledge, Steve Hilton can’t be expected to be familiar with Lord Acton’s nuanced thinking on the Confederacy. According to another good, English thing, Encyclopedia Britannica, Acton was “the first great modern philosopher of resistance to the state, whether its form be authoritarian, democratic, or socialist.” And this enlightened British thinker favored the Confederacy.

Lord Acton certainly supported, even admired, Robert E. Lee, and saw secession and states’ rights as a check on the sovereign will.

The general, surmised Lord Acton, was fighting to preserve “the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will”: states’ rights and secession.

Lee’s inspired reply to Lord Acton:

… I believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people … are the safeguard to the continuance of a free government … whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.

“Lee,” argues Clyde Wilson, distinguished professor emeritus of history at the University of South Carolina, “was the product of a pre-ideological society, whereas the ‘treason’ shouters [Lincoln and his accomplices] were [modern statists] products of post-French Revolution nationalism. [To them], the Union meant the machinery of the federal government, under the control of their party, to be used for their agenda.”

“But as the Southern poet Allen Tate put it, the original Union was a gentleman’s agreement, not a group of buildings in Washington from which sacred commandments were issued.”

The acolytes of the French Revolution have carried the day, in their nihilistic Jacobinism. Still, for its radicalism, America circa 2020, makes the philosophical descendants of the original Jacobins look positively clingy about their symbols and statues.

President Emmanuel Macron evinced the resolve the Anglo-American surrender monkeys are too feeble to feel, much less display:

Said Macron, “The [French] republic will not erase any trace, or any name, from its history … it will not take down any statue.”

Bravo, Monsieur Macron.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. New on YouTube

دروس التاريخ التي يجب أن نستخلصها من أجل المستقبل العادل

ألكسندر زاسبكين

في 22 حزيران 1941 بدأت الحرب الوطنية العظمى للاتحاد السوفياتي ضدّ ألمانيا الفاشية وحلفائها. واليوم نتذكر هذا التاريخ لنحيي بطولة الشعب السوفياتي الذي وقف صفاً واحداً ضدّ العدوان، مؤمناً بحتمية هزيمة المعتدي الذي كان يسعى إلى إبادة شعوب الاتحاد السوفياتي على اختلاف قومياتها والاستيلاء على أراضيها. كما نتمسك بالحفاظ على صدق الرواية والوقائع التاريخية لتطورات الأوضاع ما قبل الحرب وأثناءها وبعدها ولا نسمح بتزوير الحقيقة الذي يجري خلال الفترة الأخيرة في أميركا ودول أوروبية.

يحاول هؤلاء وضع ألمانيا الهتلرية والاتحاد السوفياتي في كفة واحدة لجهة تحميلهما معاً وعلى حدّ سواء المسؤولية عن الحرب. وفي الواقع إذ يشوّهون صورة الاتحاد السوفياتي التاريخية فهم يقصدون استهداف روسيا حالياً. والعودة إلى التاريخ تفيدنا أنه في عام 1932 وافقت الولايات المتحدة وإنكلترا وفرنسا على إعادة تسليح ألمانيا وفي عام 1938 تمّ «توحيد» ألمانيا والنمسا ووقعت بريطانيا وفرنسا معاهدة ميونخ مع ألمانيا التي أدّت إلى تقسيم تشيكوسلوفاكيا بمشاركة بولندا وتعزيز القطاع الصناعي العسكري الألماني، وكانت الفكرة الأساسية لكلّ هذه المناورات تشجيع ألمانيا الهتلرية للهجوم على الاتحاد السوفياتي. وتؤكد ذلك حالة «الحرب الزائفة» أيّ عدم تحرك قوات فرنسا وبريطانيا في بداية الحرب العالمية الثانية حتى شنّت ألمانيا هجوماً واسعاً على بلجيكا وهولندا وفرنسا في أيار 1940. أما الاتحاد السوفياتي فخلال سنوات بقي يطرح مبادرات خاصة بالأمن المشترك في أوروبا وتشكيل التحالف ضدّ هتلر، حتى وقع مضطراً في آب 1939 معاهدة عدم الاعتداء مع ألمانيا بعدما فشلت كلّ المبادرات لتحصين المواجهة بموقف موحد. وفرضت عقد هذه المعاهدة ظروف اندلاع الأعمال العسكرية بين الاتحاد السوفياتي واليابان وكانت بذلك خطوة ذكية حمت المصالح الوطنية للاتحاد السوفياتي بتأجيل الحرب مع ألمانيا.

لذلك كله كان من المهمّ جداً نشر الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين لمقال بعنوان «75 عاماً من النصر العظيم: مسؤولية مشتركة تجاه التاريخ والمستقبل» الذي يكشف معلومات عن مرحلة قبل الحرب ودروس يجب أن نستخلصها منها. وورد في المقال: «لم تحدث الحرب العالمية الثانية بين عشية وضحاها، ولم تبدأ بشكل غير متوقع أو فجأة. ولم يكن العدوان الألماني على بولندا من العدم. كانت نتيجة عدد من الميول والعوامل للسياسة العالمية في ذلك الوقت. وقعت جميع أحداث ما قبل الحرب في مكانها لتشكل سلسلة قاتلة واحدة. لكن، بلا شك، كانت العوامل الرئيسية التي حدّدت مسبقاً أكبر مأساة في تاريخ البشرية هي أنانية الدول والجبن واسترضاء المعتدي الذي كان يكتسب القوة وعدم استعداد النخب السياسية للبحث عن حلّ وسط».

نعتبر توضيح وقائع الأجواء السياسية وتصرفات الدول التي أدّت إلى اشتعال الحرب العالمية الثانية حاجة ملحّة لأننا نرى سلوكاً متشابهاً في الظروف الدولية الراهنة عندما تحاول الأوساط الغربية الحاكمة أن تفرض إرادتها على شعوب العالم وتحاول إسقاط الأنظمة الشرعية بذريعة «حماية حقوق الإنسان» أو «تأييد الثوار». وتستخدم هذه الأوساط استفزازات ودعاية كاذبة يشارك فيها السياسيون والخبراء والصحافيون الذين يخلقون عالماً افتراضياً موازياً لتضليل الرأي العام العالمي وذلك للحفاظ على الهيمنة بكلّ الطرق الممكنة بما في ذلك عدوان مباشر وتأييد مجموعات إرهابية ومراهنة على فتن طائفية وفوضى وتفكيك الدول وفرض العقوبات الاقتصادية التي تسفر عن تجويع الناس المدنيين.

في عصر أسلحة الدمار الشامل يحتاج العالم إلى تعزيز الاستقرار الاستراتيجي على أساس مبدأ عدم تجزئة الأمن ومشاركة الجميع على قدم المساواة. لكن الولايات المتحدة تنسحب من المعاهدات الرئيسيّة التي تشكل إطاراً قانونياً دولياً في هذا المجال. علاوة على ذلك يجري العمل التخريبي في المنظمات الدولية لوضع «نظام القواعد» التي يخترعها الغرب لمصلحته بديلاً للشرعية الدولية.

اليوم يكرّر الغرب أخطاء الماضي التي أدّت إلى الكارثة العالمية وما أشبه اليوم بالأمس، وقد شهدنا كيف كرّر الغرب خطأ الرهان على النازية مع ألمانيا الهتلرية بالرهان على الإرهاب، خصوصاً في ما شهدناه خلال الأزمة والحرب في سورية، معتقداً أنه سيبقى بمنأى عن الخطر، عندما يترك النيران تشتعل بثوب مَن يصنفهم خصوماً، وفي المرتين النتيجة ذاتها. فالنوم مع الشيطان في السرير ذاته لا يمكن أن يجلب الأمن ولا أن يحقق السلام .

اليوم وقد تزايدت مشاكل العالم وزاد تعقيدها، لا يمكن تجاهل مخاطر انزلاق إلى نهاية تاريخ البشرية نتيجة للنزاع العالمي بسبب تصرّفات غير مسؤولة للمغامرين والمهووسين بأوهام العظمة والتفوق والجشع وأشكال الفوبيا القديمة.

من المطلوب تكثيف الجهود لمواجهة هذا النهج الذي يهدّد مستقبل البشرية. وبهذا الصدد نشير إلى ضرورة توسيع دائرة الدول والقوى السياسية التي تسعى إلى نضج النظام العالمي المتعدّد والمتوازن الذي يؤمن الحقوق المتساوية لأعضاء المجتمع الدولي والالتزام بميثاق الأمم المتحدة. وإذ نتذكر تحالفاً معادياً لهتلر فتطرح روسيا مبادرات بناءة بخصوص جميع مواضيع الأجندة العالمية ابتداء من الاستقرار الاستراتيجي والتعاون في الفضاء والفضاء السيبراني وصولاً إلى تسوية النزاعات الإقليمية ومكافحة الإرهاب. من المعروف أنّ الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين وجه الدعوة لعقد لقاء لرؤساء الدول الخمس الدائمة العضوية في مجلس الأمن الدولي لمناقشة أهم القضايا الراهنة. ونأمل أن تمثل هذه الخطوة نقطة انطلاق لعملية تنقية الأجواء وانتقالاً إلى مرحلة الحوار والتعاون لأن ذلك حاجة ماسة للبشرية كلها التي تعاني من تراكم المشاكل.


*سفير روسيا الاتحاديّة لدى الجمهورية اللبنانيّة.

Nasrallah: US choking Lebanon, Hezbollah will respond, Iran/China on standby


Nasrallah: US choking Lebanon, Hezbollah will respond, Iran/China on standby
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June 19, 2020

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In a televised speech on Tuesday (16.06.2020), Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah attributed the deteriorating economic situation in Lebanon to the role of the United States in seeking to strangle the Arab country in the service of Israeli interests.

Nasrallah said that Hezbollah will not allow the United States to starve Lebanon and its people, and that his group had a “grave equation” of its own that it may activate in response to this American economic war.

Hezbollah’s leader also presented very real alternatives for Lebanon, in the form of dealing economically with ‘friendly states in the East’, such as Iran and China, in order to reduce reliance on the US dollar and extract Lebanon from the US stranglehold.

Source: Newsgate (YouTube)

Date:June 16, 2020

Note: we have added our own sub-headings in the below transcript to make for easier reading


The real causes of the current economic crisis in Lebanon

The core issue as to why the value of the (US) dollar has (drastically) increased (relative to Lebanon’s currency), very briefly speaking…we all know the law of supply and demand. Any commodity over which there is high demand, and which is in low supply in the market, will increase in price. High supply and low demand will cause the commodity to drop in price. All people know about this. What has happened to us here in Lebanon, is that demand for the (US) dollar grew…and there was a lack of dollar supply. So the growing demand for the dollar, and this will not stop, because…especially due to the past policies that greatly tied the Lebanese economy to the US dollar. And all imports require the dollar…The problem is in the lack of supply. Why is there a lack of supply? Now we are about to share (definitive) facts, we are not accusing anyone or politicising the issue:

1) There is definitive information, this is from official sources, I am not speaking based on my opinion, there is definitive information that the Americans are preventing sufficient and required amounts of dollars from reaching Lebanon, later we will explain why (they are doing this).

2) The Americans are interfering and pressuring the Lebanese Central Bank to refrain from pumping the necessary amounts of dollars into the (Lebanese) markets. The pretext that the Americans are using, and the Americans themselves are saying this, this is not secret information, this is known now in the country: the excuse that the Americans say they are doing this is because they claim that when the dollar is injected into the Lebanese market, Hezbollah and others are buying them up and sending them to Syria and Iran. Last time I clarified this issue (and said it was false), and I realised that in the two weeks that followed, no one is now saying (Hezbollah) is gathering dollars from (Lebanon) in order to send to Iran. However, what remains is the claim that (Hezbollah) is gathering dollars and sending them to Syria.

So, with the excuse that the dollar is being gathered up by (Hezbollah) from the (Lebanese) markets and is being sent to Syria, the Americans, the AMERICANS, the US administration, the US Treasury, the US State Department, and their representative here (in Lebanon) i.e. the US ambassador, they are preventing (US) dollars from coming into Lebanon, this is one. And two, they are pressuring the Lebanese Central Bank to avoid providing (US dollars) to the (Lebanese) market aimed at dealing with this problem. This is the reality. So that we know where the problem lies, to know who is causing this problem. When you’re going out to protest against the rising price of the dollar, you ought to know who you are protesting against. What do these stores in central Beirut that people are attacking have to do with this?

…If Hezbollah is indeed transferring dollars to Syria and Iran (as some claim), then let the security forces investigate the matter and show us proof. I have mentioned a few times, and when I again speak about this matter it harms Hezbollah, because it opens up the eyes of the Americans on us more, but I must say again: we (Hezbollah) bring dollars into Lebanon, we do not take dollars out of Lebanon. We bring dollars into Lebanon. I won’t get into how we do this.

3) (The truth is that) there are people who are taking dollars outside of Lebanon, and not to Syria. A specific bank, which I won’t name, smuggled tens of millions of dollars out of Lebanon, in August 2019. It did not take them to Syria, nor to Iran. And this bank is protected by certain political sides. Come forward and tell the people the truth. In official (government) sessions, Lebanese officials are on record to have said that between September 2019, meaning before the protest movement began in October (2019), and here it raises certain question marks surrounding certain sides within the protest movement: between September 2019 and February 2020, 20 billion dollars were taken out of Lebanon. They were taken neither to Syria, nor to Iran. And they weren’t taken out by Hezbollah. Nor by the Amal Movement. Who is it that took 20 billion dollars out of (Lebanese) banks and took them abroad? These (facts) have gone down on record in an official (government) meeting. When 20 billion dollars is taken out of the country within a few months, and a certain bank buys tens of millions of dollars in cash, and takes this money out of the (market), and takes this money abroad, all these (facts) are ignored (by certain sides in Lebanon), (and they claim that) this is not where the problem lies?!

The problem is actually (as some sides claim), that ‘there’s a few (illegal) money exchanges (here or there) that are selling dollars to the Syrians on the borders’. I do not deny that this occurs, but to what extent does this contribute to the problem? And regardless go ahead and apprehend these people. Did we (Hezbollah) protect such people? We did not protect any such people. The problem is (obviously) not here, this is a (form) of deception. This is an American lie. The issue of the (drastic rise in the price of) dollars is in fact a conspiracy against Lebanon, its people, economy, and currency, before it is a conspiracy against Syria. Syria is merely an excuse. The mentioned bank did not take out tens of millions of dollars from Lebanon and take them to Syria. Go ask the Governor of the (Lebanese) Central Bank, out of the 20 billion dollars that were taken out of Lebanon, was even one dollar of those taken to Syria? And if any amount was taken to Syria, how much? Therefore, out there is a (side) that is directing this operation, so that there are no more dollars in the country, causing the price of dollars to rise, thereby causing the value of the (Lebanese) Lira to fall, causing everything to rise in cost, harming thereby the economy, production, agriculture, shops, employment etc., leading the country towards collapse. This is the truth.

We should know regarding this issue who is our enemy and with whom is our problem, so that we can hold them responsible and not smile in their face (as some are doing), and so that we know that it is they who are slaughtering and executing us, he is the one who is humiliating our country and our people, so we can see how we can confront them properly…So the issue is much bigger than (illegal) money exchanges here or there, this is a simplification of the currency problem in Lebanon. In fact, this is a smokescreen to hide the huge beasts that gathered (US) dollars and took them out of the country, or who prevent dollars from entering the country. Some one may say: wow, so we have a huge problem, the issue is with the Americans, and not with money exchanges here or there, or a few banks that need to be penalised – even though this does need to happen. Do we surrender? Ofcourse not, we must see how to fix this problem.

…How can we reduce the pressure on the need for the dollar? Where are they holding and pressuring the country, from which point are they trying to bring this country to its knees and humiliate it? By (exploiting) our need for the US dollar. (We currently need it) to buy petrol, gas, diesel, wheat…medicine, to import medical equipment, basic commodities for production to occur, all of these require the dollar. The Lebanese Central Bank comes and says: I don’t have enough dollars to cover all of these (commodities). Okay, we cannot confront America itself and throughout the world (as Lebanon), that is understandable. Okay then, are we able to – and I am not bringing forth a new idea here, but I mean we really  need to work on this practically now – can we try to resolve these (economic) issues without using the dollar?

Trading with friendly nations such as Iran to reduce reliance on USD

Can we try to resolve these (economic) issues without using the dollar? To put things simply, can we find a friendly regional country, such as Iran for instance, that can sell to the Lebanese government or (Lebanese) companies oil, gas, diesel, fuel, petrochemical products, and other products, without the dollar? Not just Iran (but other states too)? Would these countries for instance, accept from us our national currency, the Lebanese Lira? Is this possible? Can we possibly explore such ideas?

But first, based on past experiences, we have to convince the Lebanese (themselves) to accept this before we go trouble ourselves and talk to the Iranians and others. I haven’t gone to ask any (state) yet, I am taking the initiative right now based on my personal responsibility.  Even if the Iranians are watching me right now, they may be surprised that I am talk about such huge steps while not having spoken to them beforehand. I am frankly speaking about this. Because in the past, when our brother Mohammad Fneish was the (Lebanese) Minster of Electricity, I went to Iran for 15 days and sat with officials there to try to draw up electricity (infrastructure) projects (for Lebanon). We brought back the plans to the Lebanese (officials), but not (all) accepted these (plans to go ahead).

…Another example: perhaps we can use a bartering system i.e. exchanging goods for goods. Perhaps they won’t accept the Lebanese Lira, but in exchange for their oil they take Lebanese products, industrial, agricultural (products), or anything of this sort. Lebanon has some capabilities, even if they are limited. Are there such possibilities, can we potentially explore such avenues? And this could work with Iran or other states, (the bartering system) is easier…

…If we open such a door, this will stimulate Lebanese production, agricultural production, economic activity in the country, it will create job opportunities, it will raise the value of the Lebanese national currency once again, because demand for the dollar will be reduced…there will always be some demand for (US) dollars, but demand for it will (greatly) reduce, and the value of the national currency will go up once again. It has great advantages (for Lebanon). And we wont remain seated before the Americans, waiting for them, wondering whether they will have mercy on us or not, whether they will allow dollars to reach Lebanon or not, whether they will allow our Central Bank to pump dollars into our market (or not). Frankly speaking.

…This would be a huge door of salvation that will open up for Lebanon. I am addressing the Lebanese people to tell them not to feel helpless, that there are options, and I am calling on the Lebanese people to help us pressure Lebanese officials if they happen to say “no”,  because they are afraid of the Americans for instance. So are we to always remain afraid of the Americans? (As the saying goes): ‘They do not have mercy upon us, nor do they allow God’s mercy to fall upon this country and people either?’ This is unacceptable. This is unacceptable.

This is an option that one can work on. We will be addressing (these options) earnestly with Lebanese officials, and if we see some acceptance, we will send a delegation from our brothers to go speak with the Iranians or other states, I won’t name those countries so as not to put them on the spot right now, Iran won’t mind me mentioning it by name. We will go and explore such avenues (if we find there is Lebanese acceptance).

Opening economic relations with China to transform Lebanon

….Today I have definitive information – if I am not certain of something I never say it – that Chinese companies are ready to bring money (into Lebanon), without all these complications we experience in Lebanon. It won’t be us giving them money. They will bring money into this country. One project is the high-speed rail from Tripoli to Naqoura – not just from Tripoli to Beirut, but all the way to Naqoura. If this happens, it will infuse the country with money and investments, it will create jobs, and will give a boost to the economy, to society, to the living conditions, and so on. Imagine a high-speed train from Tripoli to Naqoura. I am telling you this while the information is official, Chinese companies are ready for this as we speak. So go ahead.

(Another project is) the building of power plants. The Chinese – we have their specific names and addresses – are ready to come and build electric plants. They will do it in the BOT format. You won’t be asked to pay a single penny. There will be understanding with the Lebanese government as to how this money will be paid back. Furthermore, a few days ago, I enquired about the tunnel regarding which a decision was made, to dig between Beirut to Chtoura in the Beqaa. Ofcourse (such a project) will have great impacts on Lebanon and its economy and society, and it will help people transport from area to area, and the money that will saved etc. There are so many analyses about the importance of this tunnel. (I asked:) ‘Are you ready?’ The Chinese companies are ready to carry out this project, also in the BOT (format). So go ahead (O’ Lebanese and take action)…We don’t have much time to waste, I am with this issue being finalizing in a decisive and swift manner. Come forward O’ Lebanese and act (on these projects with the Chinese), why should we keep waiting for the Americans?

…The Lebanese people cannot continue in this manner, just sitting here and waiting for the Americans. There are negotiations ongoing (between the Lebanese government) and the IMF, it is unclear how long they will last for, one month, two months, some say it could take a whole year. Does the country have that long? This is one.

Two, France and the EU are waiting for American permission on resuming CEDRE. Arab states, particularly Gulf states, and regardless of their readiness or not, require American permission (before supporting Lebanon). The Americans are using the Lebanese economy to secure their own interests, and not the interests of Lebanon. There is no such thing as the Lebanese interest in the American calculus and conscience. In fact there is no such thing as American interests in Lebanon, do you want more than that? The only thing that exists in the American calculus (vis-à-vis Lebanon) is the interests of Israel i.e. the security of Israel, the land borders with Israel, the maritime borders with Israel, the oil and gas within (Lebanese) maritime territory (and how that can be seized) by Israel, the future of Israel etc. This is what the Americans are working on in Lebanon. Otherwise, whether the Lebanese people live or die, eat or not, gain access to medicine, education and work or not, all this means nothing to the Americans. Neither for their president nor their ambassador here (in Lebanon). It means nothing to them at all.

Shall we remain waiting for the Americans? That would mean waiting for starvation, humiliation, and submission. Look at how Americans treat their allies around the world. They steal from them, milk them, and humiliate and insult them, every single day…

Our weapons will remain in our hands, we will not starve, & we will set the equations

If anyone is trying to turn the (supportive) base of the resistance on the resistance, he is a failure and is wasting his time, whether (he tried this) for one, two, or even a hundred years. Give up on this. If you are betting on us starving, or that we allow the country to starve, I tell you that we will neither starve, nor allow the country to starve. I am certain in what I am saying. If you are betting O’ Americans on the idea that through starvation, we will come to you submissively and abjectly, and surrender our country and its security to you, and that we fall under the mercy of the Israelis, (you should know) that this is completely out of the question for us.

Now what are some people doing in Lebanon, they say: ‘yes, frankly speaking, Hezbollah has nothing to do with the (widespread) corruption, nor the past economic policies (of the country), and has nothing to do with etc. etc., but we are now in a situation such that O’ Sayyed, for us to obtain bread, you will need to surrender your weapons. Weapons in exchange for bread, weapons for food’. When they wish to put us before such an equation, they should know that we have an equation (of our own) that is much bigger, more important and more grave, which I will not talk about now. And you (O’ enemies) go ahead and try to analyse what I mean. We have our own equation in this regard, but as for your equation, we cannot possibly accept it.

I wish to simplify the issue for the Lebanese: it is like someone sitting in an orchard, and around him are wolves, and this man owns weapons that prevent these wolves from entering his orchard and killing his wife and children. And this man is somehow surviving and living. They come and tell him: give us your weapons or we will starve you to death. Okay, if he gives them his weapons and they give him bread to eat, and then the wolves and beasts set upon him, what would he then do? How would he protect his wife and children? So it is like you are saying: I wish to kill you either (by taking) your weapons, or through starvation. This is the equation being talked about today in Lebanon.

Lebanon is neither protected by international resolutions nor the United Nations Security Council. See now in Yemen, I was intending to leave this for the end (of my speech). This Secretary General of the UN, this submissive and subservient one to US policies, he removes the ‘American-Saudi aggression’ from the list of those killing children (in the world). That same day, Saudi warplanes carry out a massacre in the province of Saada, killing women and children. This is so God exposes this weak, submissive and subservient one (i.e.the UN Secretary General).

What (really) protects people? Who protects Lebanon from Israel? Look at the Palestinian people. They (the Israelis) annexed the West Bank or parts of it. The Palestinian people are screaming. Jordan is screaming. The Europeans say this is illegal. So? If the Palestinian people don’t go down themselves in the West Bank and in Gaza – and internally and externally – and take responsibility (for their fate), then no one in the international community will do anything for the Palestinian people. And we in Lebanon, after an experience dating back to 1948, what safeguards our country, sovereignty, water, oil, gas, people, dignity, security, honour, women and children, is our weapons.

As for the one who wishes to put us before two options, either we kill you with weapons or through starvation, I say to him: our weapons will remain in our hands, and we will not starve, and we (are the ones that) will kill you! We will kill you! We will kill you!

(Your equation) is completely out of the question as far as we’re concerned. The options are in our hands. When we say let’s look Eastwards, we are not saying cut (all relations) with America, France, the West, and Arabs. No. We are saying open all the doors, East and West. Except for Israel. Even America, it is our enemy and we (as Hezbollah) have no relations with it, but if it helps you (Nasrallah is addressing here certain Lebanese parties), then accept its offers. Except for Israel.

Whoever is ready to help us in the world and help us free our reliance on the hard currency (US dollar), by selling us gas, diesel, fuel, foodstuffs, medicines, manufacturing material etc., in exchange for the Lebanese Lira, then we must open up relations with those sides. And we should not wait for anyone nor their approval nor permission. Whichever state or company in the world is ready to come and invest in Lebanon, (under a) BOT (arrangement), and carry out (infrastructure) projects in the country, we should kiss them on the forehead and warmly welcome them, and we must not wait for anyone. Otherwise, they wish to starve this country to death and in an abject state too. And we will never allow this to happen to our people in Lebanon, never!

Syria’s allies will not allow it to fall in the face of US Economic War

Syria gained victory in the global war against it, (whether in terms of the) military, security, political or psychological (levels). They were not able to divide it, neither through military (means), nor security, nor political (means), nor through psychological warfare.

Today, the (American) Caesar Act, which activates this tough siege on the state and people in Syria, this measure is the final American weapon. Today if I wish to prove that Syria gained victory in the military, security, political and moral war (against it), I do so by pointing to how America is resorting to this Caesar Act. If Syria was suffering defeat they would not need the Caesar Act.

….I wish to remind people of the first 1-2 years of events in Syria. I made a television appearance and delivered a speech, and I used an expression that some later thought was an exaggeration and what not. That day the city of Damascus was in a dangerous situation. The battle was at a critical point. I said at the time: ‘Indeed the allies of Syria will not allow Damascus to fall’. And this indeed occurred thereafter.

Today I would like to affirm to the Syrian people and to all our brothers in Syria – and to all those in Lebanon and the region who care about the fate of Syria, that Syria’s allies, who stood by it in the military war, the security war, and the political war – and even if they themselves are in tough circumstances – will not give up on Syria in the face of this economic war. They will not allow the fall of Syria in the face of this economic war. I am certain of that. Hezbollah and I are part of the machine that works on this




As an American, it’s hard to admit things are not as they seem. Democracy, that ideal we were taught as children to worship, it turns out to be only a fancy idea. Like all the other noble, fancy, ideas in history, the illusion of true freedom makes these edges of our existence warm and safe. Even while we live in a deadly, cruel, and unpredictable world. American’s are supposed to be different. Or so we were told. But we are no different from citizens of any ancient empire.

I was reading this morning a story on the Wall Street Journal, which is supposed to be a financial newspaper. The title, especially given the situation in the world now, slapped me hard across the face. The title read:

“Pandemic Upends Putin’s Plans to Raise Russia’s Dwindling Birthrate”

“What are they wishing for here?” this is what I asked myself. For, you see, this is what editorial is, a mirror into the desired effect. As journalists or analysts were are trained to present cases and Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper trains its cause toward the destruction of the evil billionaire’s enemies. And the Australian born American media mogul hate Vladimir Putin and Russia. He wants the Russian people to die out, and his scribes spend their days writing a bible about how it can happen. Come on, it’s not so difficult to see.

You can’t read the whole story of wonderful infertility in Russia. Because the Wall Street Journal has a paywall. This fact not only ensures that Murdoch gets his twenty pieces of silver, but it also certifies that the audience of bankers, brokers, and politicians who consume WSJ content get what they want. An old testament to a world where Russia is a history chapter in the New World Order’s religion of greed and chaos.

But why? Doesn’t every American wonder how we’ve managed to go nowhere in the more than seven decades since World War 2? Black lives still don’t matter in the US? And neither do, red, yellow, brown, Slavic, Celtic, Christian, or Muslim ones anywhere. And least of all, do Russian children matter – but why? When did Russia attack America? Where are the dead and buried in America’s wars with the USSR or Russia? Are the memorial cemeteries secret? Has the liberal order that’s run things hidden from us the very premise on which we base our almost religious fear and hatred of a people?

No. There are no battalions of dead warriors from the Russo-American war. Because there never was such a war. I wonder why we can’t ask “why” on that one? Oh, I am sorry. It’s because Australian-American billionaires and golf playing American presidents protected us from the evil Putin and the war-hungry Ruskies! Yeah, I forgot.

I want to end this observation today with a couple more questions. First, and foremost, how can we Americans stand idly by and watch the foundations of our country destroyed? How can we fight amongst ourselves over problems that should no longer exist, while the purveyors of every evil we ever fought against, they are thriving in their ivory towers? Second, how did we get to be so mean and nasty? Or, were we always hoping Russians or Iranians or Chinese people would have more hardship? And Murdoch, the man referred to as “the man whose name is synonymous with unethical newspapers,” is but one of the privateers hell-bent on taking his share of Russia if Putin fails.

I won’t delve too deeply into Murdoch’s Russian ventures but ousted oligarch Sergei Pugachev and many others align with the News Corp dictator. The thrives Putin uncovered and banished from Russia are the henchmen who would butcher her people for their gold. Here’s where it started, back in 1998, when News Corp. made the move to influence Russia the way it influences the west. You may recognize another famous name from the UPI story, which begins:

“Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has entered the Russian market, joining with Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky in a venture holding exclusive rights to sell advertising time on two major Russian television networks, ORT Channel 1 and TV-6.”

Murdoch, Ted Turner, and other media moguls had their sights on expanding their propaganda/advertising businesses into Russia back when. Eventually, Vladimir Putin’s straight game of preserving Russia for Russians ran contrary to their plans, they pulled out, and we see the revenge they take every time we pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV.

In America, and in much of the so-called “west”, a subculture of thought, academia, journalism, and business has taught anti-Russia narrative for generations now.

However, what concerns me is not deep think, Cold War policy still going on behind the scenes in Washington and Moscow. What bothers me is how we Americans allow such unfair and improper relations to go on. Russia was never a real enemy, only a contrived perceptual opponent made so by our imperialist drive for control. The United States, more than any other country in the world, has become rich and powerful at the expense of the world, not alongside the world. This is an incontrovertible truth. But a truth any “Trumpster” would fight to the death to hide. We create so much harm and destroy so much goodwill believing in these lies. We condone things like races of people just “dying out” – and THIS is what those headlines mean.

This is not the country I went into the armed forces to defend. This is not the country may parents, grandparents, and ancestors pledge allegiance to their entire lives. Americans are not supposed to be unfair, cruel, bad sports, and ruthless. We’re just not supposed to be.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook

Exclusive Interview with SYRIA TIMES Newspaper


Wednesday, 17 June 2020 09:52

Ambassador Ja’fari: “Main Victim of Caesar Act is The Syrian Citizen.”

The Caesar Act comes at a time when the whole world is suffering not only in the health arena (Covid-19) but also in the financial one.

 Syria specifically is suffering from great duress. Coming out of a ten year long war which has exhausted the country in all its sectors, Syria now faces more hardship.

Sanctions have long plagued Syria, European and American ones. Since the war started on Syria, the USA and the West have sanctioned Syria, starting with Syrian companies and Syrian individuals and ending with non Syrians that trade with Syria.

The transport of oil and gas to Syria’s ports was forbidden. This had adverse living conditions on the ordinary Syrian citizen. Many Syrians suffered from the cold due to lack of heating fuel and gas. Unable to even guarantee that they had enough gas to cook a simple meal, Syrians resorted to other alternatives like using wood or electricity when and if available.

Today Wednesday 17/6/2020 the Caesar Act comes into effect, punishing the Syrian civilian population in obtaining its most basic needs.

Syriatimes was lucky enough to exclusively interview Syria’s permanent representative to the UN and one of its most vociferous defenders Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’fari.

 Exclusive Interview with SYRIA TIMES Newspaper

June 17, 2020

SyriatimesWhat does the implementation of the Caesar Act mean to the ordinary Syrian?”

–        Ambassador Ja’afari: The unilateral coercive economic measures, mistakenly called sanctions, are based on a shared unethical principle by governments that impose such blockades, based on belief that whoever possesses economic, military and political influence is capable of imposing his own will, decisions and policies on any country in the world by just trapping them commercially, economically and impeding their banking system, while totally ignoring and condoning the fact that these measures are illegal according to international law and the Charter of the United Nations. With regard to the so-called “Caesar’s Act”, let me say that Syria has been subject to US sanctions for decades since 1979 under the pretext of supporting terrorism and threatening the security of Israel, but since the terrorist war on Syria began, the US government has issued eight executive orders to impose or tighten economic, commercial and banking unilateral measures on Syria. These punitive measures, which were accompanied by similar European ones, had and still have clear impact on the Syrian economy and on the Syrian citizen. The main idea behind drafting “Caesar’s Act” is to exercise political pressure and psychological warfare on Syria, because measures contained in this act are already imposed on the Syrian Arab Republic. The main new factor in the act is the practice of economic and financial terrorism on any government or foreign party that might consider doing business with Syria or to contribute to the process of reconstruction. On the other hand, this act focuses more on the status of the Syrian Central Bank, as it is responsible for controlling the exchange rate of foreign currencies, by trying to accuse it of practicing money laundry. Allow me to point out here an important fact, which is that the Western ambassadors in the Security Council have always said publicly in all meetings of the Council regarding the political and humanitarian situation in Syria, that their governments will not contribute and will not allow the reconstruction process to be launched in Syria unless the Syrian government and its allies accept political concessions that these Western governments want. Meaning, they are taking Syria and its people hostages of their own schizophrenic policies. Needless to say, that the required concessions from Syria and its allies are totally incompatible with the national and security interests of Syria, and that they target Syria’s political independent choices and ultimately aim at achieving the mere interests of Westerners and Israel. In conclusion, the practical application of the US economic blockade imposed on Syria and other countries is to prevent any country that is subject to Unilateral Coercive Economic Measures from free and sustainable access to the global banking system and free trade without restrictions or obstacles. This is exactly what the US government and the European Union are doing against the Syrian Arab Republic. When the Syrian government and private banks are prevented from accessing the global banking system and benefiting from its facilities and transfers, this inevitably means that the ability of Syrian commercial institutions and entities is very limited in concluding deals and commercial partnerships and in carrying out import and export operations in a free and stable manner. Consequently, the main victim is the Syrian citizen, because restricting the free movement of trade and import means higher prices, less materials, and weakening the purchasing power of the Syrian citizen.

Syriatimes“Will this act not hurt the very citizen it claims it wants to protect?”

–        Ambassador Ja’afari: It is well known that successive American administrations rely in their foreign policy on specific tools, foremost of which are military power and aggression, economic blockade, and destabilization in order to change legitimate governments. The claims of Americans and Europeans that they impose Unilateral Sanctions in order to protect citizens in some countries are false, and facts on the ground expose that. The Americans and Europeans claim that the sanctions target Syrian government institutions exclusively! Any sane man will ask a question about the role of the government in any country of the world, and the answer is that the government is responsible for providing services to citizens in various fields starting with medicine and food to providing water, electric power and basic services and needs for citizens. Therefore, if the State institutions have been targeted with punitive measures that subsequently means that their capability to perform their primary services role is targeted.

On the other hand, the unilateral measures that target countries such as Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Syria, have been and will always be targeting citizens. These countries, among others such as Russia and China, are a target of these measures because of their political stances against the American and Western hegemony over the world. One of the biggest Western governments lies is that they are seeking to “protect democracy and human rights” in the world by imposing unilateral coercive measures. Everyone knows that the American government and the European Union are the allies of the most brutal dictatorial religious regimes in this world, just as they are the true allies of Israel, which occupies Arab lands to this day.

The Western political mindset knows well that economic embargoes are primarily harmful to citizens, but its political institutions continue to press ahead with punitive measures against people in order to create stifling social crises and push people to stand against their national governments and hold these governments accountable for their suffering.

Syriatimes“The USA claims that the Caesar Act will not affect daily necessities like medicine-How true is that claim?”

–        Ambassador Ja’afari: Most of the illegal measures in the so-called “Caesar Act” are not new, and Syria has been subject to the last wave of unilateral US and European coercive measures since ten years ago until today, and they amount to war crimes and constitute economic and financial crimes of terrorism. These punitive measures cause great economic and social damages, and their profound impact is no less than the impact of the crimes committed by terrorist armed groups against Syria and its people during these years.

 American and Western governments are so brazen. They openly declare that they will continue to impose an economic blockade on Syria until the Syrian state succumbs to their political, economic and military blackmail. They already know that this blockade directly affects health, banking and education sectors, as well as communications, transportation, electricity and basic services sectors, and every sector that relates directly to the daily details of the life of the Syrian citizen.

It is one of the ugliest forms of political hypocrisy embodiment in our world. The United Nations is subject to the pressure of these powers in order to limit the organization’s contribution in Syria to only providing humanitarian relief and refrains from launching projects to rehabilitate infrastructure and reconstruction. These Westerner governments do not find anything wrong with saying that they only allow the flow of humanitarian aid to Syria, but they will not allow the early recovery process that will directly affect the lives of Syrian citizens at home, and will provide the appropriate economic and social conditions for the return of Syrian refugees.

Syriatimes“American and European sanctions have been implemented in Syria for some time now. How is this different?”

–        Ambassador Ja’afari: This new US Act seeks to impose a kind of territorial division on the Syrian state, by excluding the area controlled by the unpatriotic Kurdish separatist factions from the consequences of Caesar Act. The US administration wants to undermine the reconstruction efforts and seeks to deprive the Syrians of their natural resources, paralyze production mechanisms, close production gates, and stop import and export operations, in addition to impeding the normalization of relations with Syria and undermining the contribution of Syrian expatriates to reconstruction efforts.

The so-called “Caesar Act” seeks to stifle Syria politically and economically after Washington was unable to strangle it with terrorist war. What is new in this Act is that it extends to include Damascus’ main allies, such as Russia and Iran, which the Act mentions by name.

In order not to repeat myself, I would say that more than 95% of the punitive measures mentioned in this Act are already imposed on Syria, and what the Americans, along with the Europeans and the Turks want is to target public opinion in Syria, to create a state of uncertainty and weak confidence in the local currency and the ability to promote self-sufficiency and in the capability and credibility of Syria’s allies that fought terrorism with it over the past years and will not abandon it in the face of this economic blockade.

The most important element in this battle is to know the goals of your enemy. Today, we are fully aware that Americans and Europeans want to compensate for their defeat when they supported terrorism, by exerting economic and social pressure on the Syrian state and its allies and preventing them from proving their capability to recover damages caused to the Syrian economy and launch the reconstruction process. In sum, our battle with them is a battle of existence, settling old and new accounts, and targeting the Syrian nation and national identity. We have no option to retreat after we succeeded in our war on terrorism that was and still supported by same governments.

Syriatimes“What can be done politically (in the UN arena) to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people?’

–        Ambassador Ja’afari: We used to say within the diplomatic community of the United Nations, that this Organization is not a charity, and that what ultimately prevails in it is the logic of political and financial polarization. Needless to say that this does not lead us to despair, as much as, it pushes us to be realistic and to strive with our allies to confront as much as possible the attempt of Western domination of the frameworks of the United Nations by adhering to the provisions of the Charter and international law.

The main dilemma while addressing Unilateral Coercive Measures is that the United Nations periodically rejects and condemns them, but due to Western domination of the United Nations, this Organization has not been able, to date, to adopt clear legal and practical mechanisms or instruments to end these punitive measures or to mitigate their impact on the peoples of the targeted countries. Nevertheless, during the last period, especially with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to push the Secretary-General and relevant international organizations and bodies to issue statements and adopt positions that speak candidly about the profound inhumane impacts of this economic blockade on the peoples of the targeted countries and the ability of the United Nations to achieve global collective solidarity in confronting this health pandemic.

In recent years, the Syrian government has sent many letters and appeals to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council regarding the impact of Unilateral Coercive Economic Measures imposed on the Syrian people. We have succeeded during the past months in creating sufficient lobbying power within the United Nations that embarrassed and provoked the American and European representatives and their governments.

However, the final evaluation is that these Western governments will not abandon the policy of military intervention or the imposition of Unilateral Economic Measures on every country that politically disagrees with them, including friendly countries such as Russia, China and Iran.

Therefore, options and methods of addressing this challenge are mostly national, and should focus on developing economic and industrial strategies that deal with these punitive measures and provide local alternatives to meet basic needs, and build strong and sustainable economic, industrial and banking relationships with our real friends, especially in light of the fact that governments imposing the economic blockade also control international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank Group, in order to define the course of the global economy.

Once again, our battle requires complete awareness of the goals of our enemies in the region and the world, and a clear definition of the limits of their capabilities and wills, so that we can address the main goals for which these Unilateral Coercive Measures were imposed, namely economic and social pressure on citizens and limit the state’s ability to secure the basic requirements for life.

Editor in Chief

Reem Haddad

Syria’s Jaafari to UNSC NATO Klan: Let My People Breathe


June 17, 2020 Miri Wood

Syrian ambassador Jaafari addressing NATO reps at UNSC
H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas [Archive].

The UNSC held its anti-Syria meeting via webcam, 16 June, and, despite the massive anti-racism demonstrations in western countries, the NATO clique had not a single moral scruple when it came to flouting its klansmanship in its ongoing imperial plot to recolonize the Levantine republic.

One day later, the UN website has not yet found the Council meeting worthy of a press release; at this time, the only full statement available if by the UN offshoot of the Geopolitical & Peacedestroying Affairs. The UN Speck Envoy Geir O. Pedersen re-regurgitated his speeches of the last several months: Lying concern for COVID-19 in Syria; fictitious concern for humanitarianism in Syria; demand for Syria to empty its prisons; demand for Syria to stop fighting NATO-funded terrorists within its borders; demand for al Qaeda to run Idlib; demand for the imposition of fascist UNSCR 2254 only by Syria not by the other parties involved in it; demand for Syria to relinquish all control of its borders.

In short, the unindicted war criminals of the UNSC demand the racist right to run Syria like a NATO colony.

The rabid hyenas’ humanitarian bastards concern for coronavirus in Syria remains one of the most hypocritically anemic cover stories in the history of NATO humanitarian destruction of sovereign nations, given the comparison of death totals from COVID in the SAR versus this virus in the US, UK, and France.
Coronavirus COVID 19 positive cases in Syria - Syria News

British and French P3 members flaunted a cynical mocking of this month’s bogus meeting, in the tweet sharing of a variation on a nasty, digitally altered, war pornography photograph that was viralized by NATO stenography journalists in early May.
The Brits retweeted a variation of a digitally altered photograph that NATO media viralized in May.
In May, the stenographers demonstrated their gentleman’s agreement regarding war criminal propaganda in the diligence of not noticing that the key photograph of the bombed unhospital — from various POV‘s, taken by different ‘photographers’ on site — was not only bombed on two different days (5 and 6 May), but was also two different [un]hospitals, one even underground, according to the NYT (which claimed it proved that it was bombed twice).
The vehicle in the criminal propaganda in the digitally altered — or completely created except for the very real and very illegal ambulance — viralized photograph appears to be a vandalized ambulance, not a bombed one. Thanks to the arrogance of the French and English, we now have inclusion of the operative who may have vandalized it.
“The collapse of the Syrian currency is due to our measures.” — James Jeffrey, 7 June. Jeffrey is a US Orwellian envoy paid by American taxpayers, though there is no US embassy in Damascus. The work of true diplomats is to build bridges to other countries, not bomb them, not brag about destroying the lives of their citizens.
H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the NATO criminals running the UN as the consummate diplomat that he is — he congratulated the French ambassador in French, on his appointment as temporary president of the Security Council.
Dr. Jaafari again explained to them the meaning of the noble Charter of the United Nations and then explained that Trump’s stealing of 200,000 barrels of Syria’s oil, daily, is theft, and also a breach of both the Charter and International Humanitarian Law.
— Miri Wood

Syrians hold large demonstration against Caesar Act in Homs: photos


BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 P.M.) – Several Syrians participated on Thursday in a large demonstration against the U.S.-applied “Caesar Act”, which is a new set of sanctions that are meant to force regime change in the Arab Republic.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the demonstration took place at Martyrs Square in the administrative capital of the Homs Governorate.

Credit: SANA

The demonstrators waived the Syrian national flag, along with photos of President Bashar Al-Assad and signs against the U.S.-imposed sanctions.

“They also expressed anger and condemnation of the U.S. hostility towards the free peoples, affirming that the fake humanity of the U.S. and its allies has been exposed,” SANA reported.

Credit: SANA

The Caesar Act was applied on Wednesday, June 17th, as part of the U.S.’ continued pressure against the Syrian government.

This new set of sanctions particularly targets the Syrian government and all entities and individuals that do business with them.

صراع المعادلتين: “ارحلوا عنا أو تُقتَلُون»‏‎ ‎في مقابل «استسلموا أو تُقتَلُون»!؟

العميد د. أمين محمد حطيط

في أعلى درجات الوقاحة والفجور سنّت أميركا قانون قيصر لخنق سورية وفرضت تطبيقه على كلّ من يتعامل معها وبرّرت سلوكها بالقول إنه من أجل حماية المدنيّين، وهو ادّعاء كاذب طبعاً، حيث لا يخنق المرء حتى الموت مع الادّعاء بأنّ الفعل من أجل إحيائه.

لقد شنّت أميركا على سورية أبشع حرب اقتصادية تطالها منذ عقود بقصد أن تحرمها من انتصاراتها وتسلبها أو تمنع عليها استثمار تلك الانتصارات التي دفعت ثمنها دماء زكية وجهوداً مضنية ومعاناة قاسية خلال عشر سنوات خلت، وتريد أميركا أن تمنع إعادة إعمار سورية لتمنع عودتها إلى حياتها الطبيعية والانطلاق مجدّداً في مسار الدول الحديثة التي تؤمّن الرفاه لشعبها وتحقق الندّية في التعامل مع الآخرين دون استتباع أو تبعية أو هيمنة إلخ…

قانون قيصر عدوان اقتصاديّ أميركيّ يروّج له بأنه ضدّ سورية فحسب، لكنه في الحقيقة يطال سورية وكلّ العالم المتعامل مع سورية اقتصادياً، إنه قانون أميركي يُراد منه عزل سورية كلياً عن دورة الاقتصاد العالميّ ومنعها من التعامل مع الخارج في أيّ سبيل أو طريق، وهو يطال لبنان كأول متضرّر منه لأنّ التزام لبنان به يؤدّي كما تريد أميركا إلى إقفال الحدود البرية مع سورية ليس في المعابر غير الشرعية التي كثر الحديث عنها وإيلائها أهمية لا تستحقها، بل وإقفال عملي للمعابر الشرعية عبر التهديد بالعقوبات لكلّ اقتصادي أو متموّل أو رجل أعمال يجتاز تلك الحدود ببضاعة أو بمال أو بخدمة أو بقصد استثمار في سورية.

ولا تكتفي أميركا في ارتكاب هذه الجريمة فحسب بل إنها تضيّق الخناق على لبنان في مسألة عملته الوطنية من أجل الإضرار به أولاً ثم التضييق على سورية ثانياً وهي تدير عبر منظومة «جبهة أميركا في لبنان» حرباً نقدية تشكل فرعاً من فروع الحرب الاقتصادية التي يتعرّض لها لبنان بحجة محاصرة المقاومة، تنفذ هذه الحرب مع معرفة أميركا بتأثيرها على المواطن اللبناني – كلّ مواطن – ثم تصرّ عليها راسمة معادلة أولية: «التجويع للتركيع»، أما المعادلة الأساسية التي تريدها أميركا من حربها التي تستعمل خدمة للمشروع الصهيوأميركي العام فهي «التجويع للاستسلام» التي تقود إلى نزع سلاح المقاومة وتفكيكها، ما يمكن من دفع لبنان إلى التنازل لـ «إسرائيل» في البر والبحر في الأرض والماء والنفط، فتكون أميركا بذلك عاقبت مكوّنين من محور المقاومة بضربة واحدة مؤمّلة النفس بأن تحقق لها تدابيرها الاقتصادية الكيدية ما عجرت عصابتها الإرهابية في سورية وقبلها الحرب الصهيونية على لبنان عن تحقيقه.

فأميركا بكلّ بساطة تقول للبنان وسورية “تستسلمون أو تموتون جوعاً“. وهي معادلة تنطوي بشكل واضح على التخيير بين الموت على درجة واحدة تكون عبر الموت جوعاً أو الموت على درجتين تكون الأولى منهما بنزع السلاح ومصادر القوة تليها الثانية بالقتل والاعتقال والتصفية. أميركا تخيّر المقاومة وبيئتها بين الموت أو القتل. هذه هي بكلّ بساطة ووضوح معادلة أميركا بعد هزيمتها في سورية وعجزها عن تحقيق أهدافها في وجه محور المقاومة.

وتعتقد أميركا بأنها بهذه المعادلة الإجراميّة التي تنتهك حقوق الإنسان وتنتهك قواعد وأحكام القانون الدولي، والتي تعتبر ضرباً من ضروب الجرائم ضدّ الإنسانية، ويمكن تصنيفها بأنها جريمة إبادة جماعية، المعادلة التي تخيّر المقاومة بالتخلي عن سلاحها وإنجازاتها تمهيداً لاجتثاثها بشرياً، وتتصوّر أميركا أنها ستنجح في معادلتها، خاصة أنها مطمئنة إلى وجود من سيتطوّع لخدمتها في الداخل اللبناني أو في الإقليم ويكون معها في حربها ضدّ المقاومة، ويصدّق مقولتها بأنّ سلاح المقاومة هو سبب المشكلة الاقتصادية وانّ الحلّ يبدأ بنزعه.

بيد أنّ ردّ المقاومة لم يتأخر وعشية البدء بتطبيق قانون قيصر جاء الردً حاسماً وصاعقاً على لسان الأمين العام لحزب الله في لبنان، ردّ فهم المدققون فيه والخبراء الاستراتيجيون الذي يغوصون في كلام السيد فهموا فحواه وما رمى إليه ورأوا بأنه ردّ باسم محور المقاومة كله يرمي إلى تزخيم المواجهة وعدم التراجع بأيّ قدر، فهو ردّ يقول لأميركا بأنّ معادلتها مرفوضة، وبأنّ تجويع جمهور المقاومة وشعوب دولها مرفوض، وبأنّ نزع سلاح المقاومة مستحيل وبأنّ مَن يحلم بذلك فهو واهم أو مشتبه وأنه يبني على الظنّ العقيم.

وصحيح أنّ السيد نصرالله احتفظ لنفسه بنص المعادلة التي تطلقها المقاومة في مواجهة معادلة العدوان الآنفة الذكر أيّ معادلة «استسلموا أو تموتون جوعاً» أو بصيغة أخرى «استسلموا او تقتلوا»، فإنّ رفضه للاستسلام والتسليم لأميركا ورفضه لصيغة أخرى من جدار المكر الإسرائيلي المسمّى «الجدار الطيب» في جنوب لبنان، وتمسكه بسلاح المقاومة لأنه مسألة وجود ومسألة حياة أو موت وتهديده للعدو الذي يستعدّ لقتل المقاومة وجمهورها وشعوب دولها، تهديده له بالقتل متوعّداً له ثلاث مرات بالقول «سأقتلك»، يعني بكلّ بساطة انّ المقاومة صاغت معادلتها في وجه معادلة العدوان، وبات المسرح اليوم محلّ صراع بين معادلتين… معادلة العدوان الأميركيّ التي تقول للمقاومة وشعوبها «استسلموا أو تقتلون» ومعادلة المقاومة الدفاعية التي تتضمّن «دعونا وشأننا وارحلوا أو تقتلون».

وكما انّ تطبيق معادلة العدوان يشمل كلّ يد تمتد للعمل مع المقاومة ودولها وشعوبها مهما كان العمل أو التعامل، فإنّ معادلة المقاومة الدفاعية ستكون موجهة في تطبيقها أيضاً لكلّ مَن يخدم العدوان في فعل أو سلوك، لأنّ العمل بالمعادلة الدفاعية الجديدة لن يكون محصوراً في جهة أو طرف بل سيكون مفتوحاً على كلّ الاتجاهات والمستويات والأهداف في ما تصحّ تسميته بكلّ ثقة بأنه «حرب شاملة» لا يستبعد منها طرف او موضوع او مكان.

وعليه نرى انّ المنطقة باتت بين احتمالين لا ثالث لهما… الأول أن تفهم أميركا جدية معادلة المقاومة الدفاعية وتتجنّب المواجهة وتتراجع عن عدوانها وتحفظ نفسها ومصالحها وحلفاءها وعملاءها في المنطقة بدءاً من الأفراد صعوداً إلى الكيانات، أو تصرّ على غيّها وتجازف بالدخول في حرب مفتوحة شاملة مع المقاومة، حرب لا تستثني عدواً او حليفاً او عميلاً لأميركا او مصلحة لهم في المنطقة، أما حلم أميركا بالتركيع عبر التجويع فهو حلم لن يتحقق والأشهر الخمسة المقبلة ستحمل الجواب حول أيّ احتمال ستكون عليه الأمور.

*أستاذ جامعي – خبير استراتيجي

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