August 29, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon


by Michael Lesher

Because I have no ambition either to be the next Chief Rabbi of Barcelona or to be subject to the whims of whoever is – as it is, I’m not even Spanish – it’s of very little direct importance to me that the current occupant of that position, one Meir Bar-Hen, is a blithering idiot.

On the other hand, I am a Jew – and a human being. And on both counts it does matter very much to me that Rabbi Bar-Hen, who claims in the wake of a car-ramming attack in Barcelona (for which the motive remains unclear) that “Europe is lost” so long as its governments allow Muslims to live side by side with other citizens, is not only a fool but a bigot of unspeakable effrontery. In fact, he’s exactly the sort of man who, with Goebbels, would have pointed to Herschel Grynszpan’s murder of a young German diplomat in 1938 as “proof” that Jews could not be tolerated in Germany.

And yet I confess that even the rabbi’s racism – essentially a declaration of war against every Muslim in Europe – is less infuriating to me than the silent complacency with which his remarks have been received throughout the Jewish world.

One might have hoped a few Jews, even today, would remember that being stigmatized as a collective threat to civilization was a familiar Jewish experience not so long ago. In the previous century, when the Reverend A.E. Patton complained of the danger of immigrant “hordes” who were “stealthy and furtive in manner…too filthy to adopt ideals of cleanliness from the start, too bigoted to surrender any racial traditions or to absorb any true Americanism,” he was writing about Jews, not Muslims, and if asked for evidence of the threat would have pointed to nothing less momentous than the gathering storm in Russia. (The Nazis used similar “evidence,” for that matter; so did some of their descendants at the recent violent hatefest in Charlottesville.) Quite apart from its moral reprehensibility, then, is Muslim-bashing a clever game for Jews to play, given our continuing minority status and a little knowledge of our own history?

And in Spain, of all places! Has a Spanish rabbi utterly forgotten what Jewish historians once dubbed the “Golden Age” of medieval Jewry – namely in Spain, under Muslim ruleand that anti-Semitic persecutions followed on the heels of the expulsion of Muslims from that country?

But bigots don’t speak the language of history, just as they don’t speak the language of contemporary fact. They speak the language of power – and Rabbi Bar-Hen provides a fine example of how that language can turn the truth inside out. Just look at how neatly his recent statements, though at odds with reality, dovetail with Western imperial propaganda.

“I tell my congregants,” Rabbi Bar-Hen told JTA after the attack that left 14 random victims dead in Barcelona, “this place is lost. Don’t repeat the mistake of Algerian Jews, of Venezuelan Jews. Better [get out] early than late.”

Say what?

Algerian Jews did face discriminatory treatment in the 1960s, in the wake of Algeria’s bloody war for independence from France (which the Jewish community, by and large, did not support). But Venezuela is a “historically open society without significant anti-Semitism,” the U.S. State Department concluded as recently as 2005. The only “grievance” of Venezuelan Jews JTA could scrape up the following year was that President Hugo Chavez had had the temerity to criticize Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

And anyway, what has Venezuela got to do with Spain?

Well, nothing – except that Chavez was on Washington’s enemies’ list long before ISIS was. And that’s the clue to unpacking Rabbi Bar-Hen’s ominous reference to Latin America: it means, “Jews shouldn’t want open societies where the U.S. doesn’t want them. We must stay on the side of Big Brother.”

The same goes for Bar-Hen’s weird juxtaposition of Spain – where, he claims, Jews can’t survive because “radical” Muslims are “living among you” and “it’s very difficult to get rid of them” – against Israel, where he explicitly encourages his congregants to immigrate.

Now, Rabbi Bar-Hen knows as well as anyone that Israel and its occupied territories have a Muslim population too (in fact, one that is proportionally larger than the Muslim community in Spain), and that this population is not altogether acquiescent. If Spain is a “hub of Islamist terror for all of Europe,” as the rabbi claims, what in the world makes Israel a safe haven?

Again, nothing – except that Israel, unlike Spain, is an American client state. And so what the rabbi is really saying to Jews is, “Go where American power goes. The U.S. is fighting a war against the Muslim world, and we want to be on the side of the powerful – never mind what’s right or wrong.”

And then there’s Bar-Hen’s flagship “proof” that Spain is soft on Muslim terrorism: the fact that the government wouldn’t suppress the free travel of Leila Khaled, a Palestinian refugee who nearly 50 years ago helped hijack an airplane (hurting no one) and who wanted, to the horror of people like Rabbi Bar-Hen, to attend a book festival in Spain this year. This showed that Spanish authorities “do not understand the nature of terrorism, if they treat it as an action by the disenfranchised,” the rabbi told JTA.

Got it? In Bar-Hen’s world, a Palestinian woman who was driven out of her native Haifa at the age of 4 can’t possibly be “disenfranchised.” And any country that would dream of allowing a small-time Palestinian resistance fighter to set foot in it, five decades after her last illegal act – the same country having already welcomed the likes of Shimon Peres, the butcher of Qana and eager backer of apartheid South Africa – should be ashamed of itself. That is, if its moral standard is all about what’s good for the Empire.

Which, in a word, is Bar-Hen’s standard.

Taken separately, each one of Bar-Hen’s remarks amounts to pure stupidity. But their sum total is something rather more sinister. Bar-Hen may be a blithering idiot, as I called him a moment ago, but what am I to call a man who scorns the mayor of Barcelona for saying, after the tragic car-ramming deaths in her city, that “Barcelona is a city of peace,” and that “[t]error will not make us stop being who we are: a brave city open to the world”?

Bar-Hen thought so little of that fine statement that he said he might not attend the public solidarity rally called by the mayor, claiming security officials instructed him to avoid public areas in the coming days – because he is recognizably Jewish.

Rabbi, I doubt you’ll read this column. But if you do, I’m calling your bluff. I want to know which “security officials” told you it’s not safe for a Jew with a skullcap to be seen in the streets of Barcelona, though it’s apparently quite safe for Muslims to show themselves, even immediately after a terrible crime has been blamed on someone in their community, and even with the likes of you whipping up public hysteria against them all. I want to know what entitles you to claim victimhood at the same time you incite violence against roughly a billion people worldwide. I want to know why Leila Khaled’s 50-year-old violence is reprehensible to you, while Israel’s continuing brutality is not.

And I want to tell you something, Rabbi. You’re not losing “Europe.” What you’re losing is your mind – your ability to reason, to ground your opinions in fact, to guide your congregants with truth rather than propaganda.

And you’re losing something else, too: your common decency. Because behind your stupidity is, as I’ve shown, a corrupt agenda every Jew, let alone a rabbi, should repudiate. Because when you sell out to imperial power, you cease to be a religious leader and become one more toady to the powers that be. Because inciting hatred against an already demonized people puts you squarely, and exclusively, in the ranks of vulgar propagandists.

And this is one Jew who isn’t going to let rabbis like you forget how utterly, in a moment of crisis, you morally betrayed and abandoned us all.


Saudi Arabia, member of UNHRC blocks Yemen’s largest port to stop humanitarian aid

Saudi Arabia’s Blockade Of Yemen’s Largest Port Expected To Worsen Humanitarian Crisis

UN elects Saudi Arabia to Human Rights Council

Despite a warning from the UN to end its existing blockades of Yemeni ports, a Saudi-led coalition is planning another major assault on the nation’s largest port city of Al Hudaydah, a move that threatens to worsen Yemen’s already unprecedented humanitarian crisis.


A Yemeni man looks at a World Food Program ship at the port of Aden, Yemen

A Yemeni man looks at a World Food Program ship at the port of Aden, Yemen, Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

MINNEAPOLIS – While the Syrian conflict has long dominated international coverage of Middle Eastern crises, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has been continually overlooked by the mainstream media. Since March 2015, the nation has been in a state of chaos following the overthrow of former Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who was installed by the United States and Saudi governments, by a grassroots political movement led by the Houthis.

Following the Houthi-led coup, Saudi Arabia essentially invaded Yemen, eager to maintain control over the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait, a critical area for the region’s oil trade. The Saudis’ efforts to maintain their undue influence in Yemeni politics and maintain hegemony over a key oil route has now manifested as a war effort bordering on genocide — one that has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, most of them civilians. In addition, more than a third of Saudi airstrikes in the nation are believed to have destroyed civilian targets.

Despite the severity of the crisis, as well as Saudi Arabia’s apparent penchant for bombing hospitals and civilian infrastructure, the U.S. has remained unusually silent, essentially turning a blind eye in the face of repeated war crimes committed by its ally. The U.S. has involved itself militarily in Yemen to aid in the Saudis’ destruction of their southern neighbor, launching missiles and – more recently – botched raids that claimed the lives of numerous civilians, including an eight-year-old U.S. citizen.


The U.S. has also enabled the Saudis to commit war crimes in Yemen by continuing to sell them millions of dollars in weapons, despite their documented tendency to attack and bomb civilians. While the U.S. has been quick to accuse other nations of similar atrocities in Syria, it has been eerily silent, as well as complicit in, the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia.

The combination of minimal media attention, as well as tacit U.S. support for the Saudi war effort, has Yemen on the verge of collapse. According to the NGO Save the Children, tens of thousands of children in the embattled nation are dying due to the collapse of the country’s health care system. Since Saudi Arabia first invaded, more than 270 health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, many directly by the Saudis.

In addition, more than half of Yemen’s estimated 3,500 health facilities are closed or barely functioning, leaving nearly eight million Yemeni children without access to adequate health care, resulting in the deaths of nearly a thousand children every week, according to estimates.

But the health crisis is only part of the suffering that has become a daily reality for Yemenis. Famine is also taking its toll, with an estimated 19 million people – two-thirds of Yemen’s entire population – in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. More than half of the nation is suffering from a lack of adequate nutrition, according to UN estimates, with more than 370,000 children under the age of five suffering from severe malnutrition.

Much of the famine is preventable, as it has largely manifested as a direct result of the Saudis’ naval blockade of key Yemeni ports. Recent changes to Yemen’s central bank also threaten to rob many Yemenis of their capacity to purchase what little food is still available in the country.

In this Tuesday, March 22, 2016 photo, infant Udai Faisal, who is suffering from acute malnutrition, is hospitalized at Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. Udai died on March 24. Hunger has been the most horrific consequence of Yemen’s conflict and has spiraled since Saudi Arabia and its allies, backed by the U.S., launched a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade a year ago. (AP Photo/Maad al-Zikry)

In this Tuesday, March 22, 2016 photo, infant Udai Faisal, who is suffering from acute malnutrition, is hospitalized at Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. Udai died on March 24th. Hunger has been the most horrific consequence of Yemen’s conflict and has spiraled since Saudi Arabia and its allies, backed by the U.S., launched a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade two year ago. (AP/Maad al-Zikry)

Despite UN pleas to the Saudis to end their blockades, the Saudis and their anti-Houthi coalition have announced plans to assault Al Hudaydah, Yemen’s largest port city. Catherine Shakdam, associate director of the Beirut Center for Middle Eastern Studies and an expert on Yemen, told MintPress that “government officials in Hodeida have already confirmed an increase in attacks in Yemeni waters” as a result of the latest Saudi-led assault. She added that “fishermen have been shot at for trying to feed their families and drones have been spotted doing what is believed to be reconnaissance work.”

Shakdam added that this assault is only the most recent effort by the Saudis to cripple the strategic port city, remarking that the Saudis are “determined to punish civilians in the hope they will rise against the resistance movement and defeat its forces from the inside.”

Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the Saudis’ latest plan to cripple the Houthi movement, saying that the operation “would not only inevitably lead to a mass exodus of the [local] population but would also de facto cut the [Yemeni] capital of Sanaa from… food and humanitarian aid supplies.” The U.S. has yet to comment on the plan, but its silence thus far already speaks volumes

Saudi, Muslim on the outside, Zionist/Imperialist on the inside

Muslim on the outside, Zionist/Imperialist on the inside


The Arabian rulers have exposed themselves by their unrelenting hostility towards the Islamic Republic when they should have embraced it. These hypocrites put on the appearance of being Muslims but are in reality stooges of Zionism and imperialism.

The Zionist-Imperialist-Arabian officials and their religious and civil employees have shown the world a consistency of blowing hot and cold against the Islamic awakening in Iran since its very inception 38 years ago. And if the past is an indicator, these talk-big loudmouths will continue to blow their own noisy trumpets against the Islamic base in Iran.

The Muslims’ problem is not with imperialism and Zionism — these are the avowed enemies of Islamic awareness, Islamic emergence, and Islamic development. Most Muslims know this well. The Muslims’ problem is with the Arabian regimes that have an Islamic exterior (appearance) and an anti-Islamic interior (essence). These inferiority-afflicted regimes have shown all types of hostilities toward the Islamic comeback in Iran. In the course of the past 38 years, they have pursued policies and plots to sometimes intimidate and sometimes threaten, and yet at other times to overawe the standing-tall Islamic state. They were, in their munafiq ways, behind the wars that were directly and indirectly launched against this self-governing Islamic state.

At the onset of the Islamic change in Iran, these Arabian executives and officers could not offer themselves the time that was needed to evaluate and ascertain the direction of the newly established state. More than that, these Arabian political slaves of Zionism and imperialism showed their favoritism for the Iranian Shah hoping that he could survive the locking of hands between the ‘ulama’ and the people in Iran. When the master imperialist in Washington washed his hands of the Shah, these Arabian surrogate rulers were still hoping and bargaining on his return to Iran. Arabian mouthpieces and media networks went into a frenzy to discourage the Iranian and Arabic-speaking peoples from identifying the uncompromising Islamic Revolution in Iran. None of that worked. The Islamic momentum in Iran was a people’s momentum and the makeover and transformation of a jahili Iran into an Islamic Iran was here to stay and for good.

Last month (February 22–23), the 38-year enduring Islamic Revolution/ Republic held an international conference to enhance the struggle of the Palestinians — their struggle for freedom, justice, and the right to return to their homes and cities in all of Palestine. This conference is not the first (it was the sixth such conference) and will not be the last. Consistent with the strategy of a truly independent Islamic state, Tehran from its very first days of Islamic self-determination espoused the liberation of the land and mind from Zionist colonization and proselytization.

The USA, ever the Zionist minion, could never approve of a popular Islamic movement. The Arabian regimes had other things on their mind; they could not envision a non-Arabian government taking the lead and working night and day on a strategy that would rid the Holy Land of the ungodly Zionists. When Islamic Iran stands out in support of Palestinian rights it makes some Arabian fat-cat regimes resentful and others spiteful. These Arabian kingdoms and republics calculated through their gut-feelings that if the Palestinian cause was to be championed by non-Arabians (Islamic Iran) — at a time when Anwar al-Sadat’s Egypt had capitulated lock, stock, and barrel to the Zionist lord and the Shah became a wandering royal vagabond — it would only be a matter of time before their true political subservience would surface for all to see. This self-survival gut feeling now drives these political primitives into the lap of Zionists and the hugs of imperialists. Then and now they are doing everything they can to obstruct the course of Islamic Iran.

On the other hand, there were masses of Arabs who were excited to see an independent Iran and an Islamic Iran take the lead. They were optimistic that this self-determining and non-aligned Islamic country with its spectacular revolution will usher in a new phase in an otherwise deteriorating part of the world. The intuition of the Arab peoples was positive as opposed to the gut-feeling of the Arabian regimes, which was negative toward the Islamic paradigm shift in Iran. And as is the case in most circumstances, those in power reacted first. With the help of their Zionist, British, and American masters, these Arabian regimes began an extensive two-pronged attack on Islamic public opinion. They used practically all of their institutions (media, academia, political, economic, etc.) to mug Islamic Iran with their vile propaganda. They gave it all they had to convince Arabs and Muslims that Iran is an outcast Shi‘i state and the Iranian people are nothing more than fire-worshipping Zoroastrians or sectarian Safawis. These regimes wanted this propaganda to take effect in the manner of a barrier to prevent the Arabs and Muslims from following the Iranian lead in getting rid of despotic dictators and tyrannical taghuts. This poisonous propaganda was infused with all the Sunni-Shi‘i buzzwords and nationalistic catchwords. The demons of division were resurrected out of which came the monsters of animosity and the hate that loves to kill (takfir). The Arabian regimes opened the Pandora’s Box of fitnah. These Arabian regimes (especially in the Arabian Peninsula) accuse Iran of instigating this fitnah. The fact is that they themselves set off this Sunni-Shi‘i and Arab vs. ‘Ajami fitnah. These regimes and their “scholars” went looking for some controversial statements in the Shi‘i context and history and they found some. Such controversial statements are found in every context and history — the Sunni one included. And then these official Arabians began to exaggerate and blow everything out of proportion. This led and leads to an internal Islamic hemorrhage that can only benefit Zionism and imperialism.

The towering Islamic Revolu-tion/Republic produced a model of factual and faithful independence. It rejected all types of foreign interference. It proclaimed that the security of the region is the responsibility of the peoples of the region and not that of the US or the Zionist regime or any other far-off or extraneous nation-state. This did not sit well with the regimes dependent on imperialism and Zionism; true and truthful independence would mean that they would cease to exist. Regional security becoming the responsibility of regional peoples would mean that the Arabian regimes dependent on the US, Britain, and Israel would have to part with reliance on Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. To counter this, the Arabian regimes went on a verbal offensive accusing Islamic Iran of “exporting its revolution” or “interfering in the internal affairs of their countries.” Instead of opting for their own independence and self-reliance, these Arabian monarchies tried (and are still trying) their best to keep public opinion from contrasting Islamic Iran’s independence with their own dependence on the US, Britain, and Israel. There are no foreign military bases in Islamic Iran; there are scores of military bases, installations, and operation centers in Arabdom. Islamic Iran has gone a long way in building its civil, industrial, and military infrastructure. The Arabian regimes are addicted to signing military contracts with all and sundry. No Arabian official has ever told us why they are so afraid of Islamic Iran and not so afraid of Zionist Israel! They haven’t explained to us why they cannot build their own infrastructure! Who prohibits them from having their own military industry! Is it Islamic Iran? Or is it the US, Israel, and Britain?

When all this propaganda hot air gets them nowhere, these Arabian scaredy-cats go running to mama in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. And guess what? The next step, we are told, is that “everything is on the table,” by which they mean war and they hint at using nuclear weapons. This, of course, is a shot of opium to the Arabian political addict who needs his Zionist-imperialist fix. The Saudi regime and its chickenhawks scared the Ba‘th regime into a war with Islamic Iran. Actually, it was the Zionists and the imperialists speaking through the Saudis and their hangers-on that if Íaddam does not defeat Islamic Iran, Islamic Iran will defeat Íaddam: either, or! This Arabian war of aggression on behalf of Zionism and imperialism resulted in a long drawn out conflict against Islamic Iran, draining the Muslim East of precious resources and sapping the Muslim generation of an important military potential had it been directed against Israeli aggression and warmongering. The Capitalist-Israeli-Arabian (CIA) alliance was ecstatic during those eight years when Muslims killed Muslims — depleting Iran and debilitating Iraq.

Through all these years of combat and conspiracies, the Islamic Revolution/Republic has left an undeniable impression and a strong influence on the masses of Arabs and Muslims. When Islamic Iran terminated the Zionist embassy in its capital, other Arabian regimes were germinating Zionist embassies or missions in their capitals. How can thinking Muslims not take notice of this?

When Islamic Iran supports Palestinian freedom fighters and Hizbullah, and the Arabian regimes speak for or cheer on the Zionist attacks on Palestinians and Lebanon, how can thinking Muslims not take notice of this?

Islamic Iran has raised the consciousness of the Muslim public concerning the capitalist and imperialist theft of Islamic resources. Islamic Iran has been and will continue to raise the revolutionary temperature of Muslim and oppressed peoples in the Muslim East and in the oppressed south. Islamic Iran has elevated public awareness pertaining to the terrible trio: America, Israel, and Arabia. Islamic Iran lifted the spirits of the committed Muslims belonging to the Islamic movement in the world while at the same time it caused the sectarian zealots (Sunnis and Shi‘is) to come out in the open.

As tardy as it is for some to confess, the Islamic Revolution in Iran is the first real success story of Islamic self-determination in contemporary history. As a sideshow to this groundbreaking revolution, Arabian rulers began to show up in masjids, on camera, and for publicity’s sake. Kings and presidents began to show up more frequently to the public during Ramadan.

The US and Israel contributed to the popularity of Islamic Iran — not that they meant to do so, of course. Words of condemnation from Tel Aviv and Washington turned into popular adulation for the Islamic Revolution. Sanctions that were meant to bring the Islamic leadership in Tehran to its knees caused Islamic Iran to stand up on its own feet, and by relying on its own resources to stand tall among the nations. The US through its myriad policies in the Muslim East inferioritized the Arabians and superioritized the Zionists. Islamic decision-making in Iran broke out of that inferiority-superiority dichotomy by building an independent economy and a strong military. This military-economic independence of Islamic Iran scares the daylights out of the Zionists and their vassals. Islamic Iran does not go to Washington or London or any other capital to sign military contracts. Saudi Arabia and its Arabian juniors and jahili juveniles import everything from potato chips to computer chips. Not so with Islamic Iran. It has developed research and development institutions, it put scientific minds to work, it enhanced scientific investigations and discoveries, etc. It worked its will all the way to acquiring nuclear technology. In the meantime, the Arabian talkathon diplomats were busy concocting conspiracies and following orders.

Islamic Iran has its space program; it has put satellites into orbit and others are being prepared for launch. Jahili Arabia orbits around its midriff and waistline. Islamic Iran may be working on developing intercontinental missiles; Arabian officials are hardworking on intra-Islamic fitnahs. Islamic Iran supports the Palestinians openly. The Arabian stab-them-in-the-back rulers support the Israelis clandestinely. The result: Israel could not defeat freedom fighting Palestinians and Lebanese in the last four war attempts. Israel when supported by Arabian regimes defeats Arabian armies, but Israel when opposed by Islamic Iran is defeated by Arab fighters. The Arabian fitnah-masters tried to draw Islamic Iran into sectarian wars in Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria, but Islamic Iran showed great maturity by avoiding sectarianism and standing on principle in all these cases.

The US, the workhorse of Zionist interests, is trying its best to connive against Islamic Iran with calls for renewed sanctions and the forging of an alliance between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. This will come to naught because there is a limitation to imperialist power and a limitation on people’s ignorance. The Arabian emperors have no clothes. Their alliance with Yahud (Zionists) and Naßara (imperialists) is out in the open. Victory may be less than a generation away.

The “Muslim” in the “Arabian” will wake up one day soon. This “Muslim” will discover how jahili juvenile he was by always relying on an imperialist master and a Zionist boss to solve his self-inflicted problems. Liberated from his inferiority past, he will realize how obsessed he was with the false powers of the mustakbirin. The Arabian problem, in one sense, is that it cannot coexist with an Islamic power but can coexist with an anti-Islamic Zionist and imperialist power. Arabians are quick to go to war with themselves: from pre-Islamic Aws and Khazraj, Dahis wa-al-Ghabra’ all the way to today’s Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, etc. And when it comes to Zionist Israel none of these Arabians can marshal an iota of courage! Arabians, in their political madness, cannot tolerate freedom for the “other” (Iranians) when they themselves are slaves! Therefore, Iran must remain under the yoke of Zionism and imperialism — Iran must remain a slave! If these Arabians had independent minds they would have spent all those trillions of dollars on building their industries and infrastructures instead of spending it on self-destructive wars, leaving hundreds of millions of Muslims poor, hungry, malnourished, ignorant, and displaced.

A salute to Islamic Iran… and a slap to jahili Arabia!

The House Of Saud: Its Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

The House Of Saud: Its Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown


Editor’s Note:
The following two exposés provide essential material regarding the true origin of the House of Saud, as well as vital background about the current monarchy ruling Saudi Arabia.

It is virtually impossible to understand the true nature of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the USA, and between Saudi Arabia and Israel, without the historical information that follows.

*Chaim Azriel Weizmann (Hebrew: חיים עזריאל ויצמן‎‎ Hayyim Azri’el Vaytsman, Russian: Хаим Вейцман Khaim Veytsman; 27 November 1874 – 9 November 1952) D.Sc, Sc.D, LL.D was a Zionist leader and Israeli statesman who served as President of the Zionist Organization and later as the first President of Israel.
(Source: Chaim Weizmann)

There are two other related exposés which ought to be read along with the one posted below.  As follows:

Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?

The Jewish Roots Of The House Of Saud Family Tree

The Millennium Report


by David Livingstone


The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule.  One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam.

The report relies heavily on the Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, which describe in detail how a British spy to the Middle East, in the middle of the eighteenth century, made contact with Adbul Wahhab, to create a subversive version of Islam, the notorious sect of Wahhabism, which became the founding cult of the Saudi regime.  The movement was temporarily suppressed by the Ottomam armies in the middle of the nineteenth century.  But with the assistance of the British, the Wahhabis and their Saudi sponsors returned to power and founded their own state in 1932.  Since then, the Saudis have collaborated closely with the Americans, to whom they owe their tremendous oil wealth, in funding various Islamic fundamentalist organizations and other American covert operations, particularly the “jihad” in Afghanistan.  But the Saudis simulatenously use the immense wealth at their dispossal to disseminate this disruptive brand of Islam to various parts of the world, categorized by some of the largest propaganda campaign in history.

Many who defend Wahhabism as a legitimate reform movement of Islam have tried to dismiss the Memoirs as a spurious fabrication.  These include Bernard Haykel, Professor in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, who, without providing any evidence, presumes the Memoirs to have been created by Ayyub Sabri Pasha.

However, while the Memoirs only emerged in the 1970s, Pasha wrote his version of the story already in 1888.  Ayyub Sabri Pasha was a well-known Ottoman writer and Turkish naval admiral, who served the Ottoman army in the Arabian Pensinsula, writing several works about the region and it’s history.  Including The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism, where he recounts Abdul Wahhab’s association and plotting with Hempher.

In addition to that revealed in the Hempher Memoirs, the Iraqi intelligence report also makes known some surprising claims, derived from works circulated in Arabic which have not been translated into English.  As the report recounts, both Abdul Wahhab, and his sponsor, ibn Saud, who founded the Saudi dynasty, were of Jewish origin.

For example, D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey.  The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam.  Viewing it as a sacred mystery, Zevi’s followers imitated his conversion to Islam, though secretly keeping to their Kabbalistic doctrines.  In Europe, the Shabbeteans were eventually led a century later by Jacob Frank, claiming to be a reincarnation of Zevi.  And, according to Rabbi Antelman in To Eliminate the Opiate, to them belonged the Rothschilds who had a hand in the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.  The Donmeh community of Turkey were concentrated in the city of Salonika, which became a hotbed of Masonic activity, and from which the Young Turk movement evolved, which aided in the collapse of the Muslim empire of the Ottoman Turks.  There is evidence that Ataturk himself, the founder of the modern Turkish state, was of Donmeh origin as well.

Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab’s grandfather, Sulayman was actually Shulman, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey.  From there he settled in Damascus, where he feigned Islam, but was apparently expelled for practicing sorcery.  He then fled to Egypt and he again faced condemnation, so made his way he to the Hijaz, where he got married and fathered Abdul Wahhab. According to the report, the same is claimed in The Donmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahabis, Rifat Salim Kabar.

The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations.  The report relates a similar account, but from different sources.  According The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra.  Apparently, when he was approached by members from the Arabian tribe of Aniza, then claimed to be one of them, and traveled with them to Najd and his name became Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa.

Additionally, Abdul Wahhab was descended from Wahib Al-Tamimi, so, as reported by al Said Nasir, in The History of the Saud Family, the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Mufaddal, paid Muhammad Al-Tamimi thirty five thousand Jinee in the year 1943, to forge a family tree of the Saudi family and that of Abdul Wahhab, and merge them into one, claiming their origin from the Prophet Mohammed.

While it would be difficult to independantly authenticate these claims, they are interesting in light of the role that the state of Saudi Arabia has and continues to play with regards to supporting and advancing Western power in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Especially astounding is the very dubious and virulent form of Islam, that Wahhabism and Salafism represent, which is currently wrecking havoc on Islamic traditions, and dividing the Muslim community in petty squabbles over trivial details, allowing the War on Islam to proceed effectively unchecked.

Attachment from the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) titled: “The Emergence of AI-Wahhabiyyah Movement and its Historical Roots



The Saudi Royal Family Are Crypto-Jews

By Abdulaziz Saud


RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION OF: MOHAMMAD SAKHER , who was ordered killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:

1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA’EL as they allege to be?

2. Is Islam their actual religion?

3. Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

In the year 851 A.H. a group of men from AL MASALEEKH CLAN, which was a branch of ANZA Tribe, formed a caravan for buying cereals (wheat and corn) and other food stuff from IRAQ, and transporting it back to NAJD. The head of that group was a man called SAHMI BIN HATHLOOL. The caravan reached BASRA, where the members of the group went to a cereal merchant who was a Jew, Called MORDAKHAI BIN IBRAHIM BIN MOSHE’. During their bargaining with that merchant, the Jew asked them : “Where are you from?” They answered: “From ANZA TRIBE; a clan of AL MASALEEKH.” Upon hearing that name, the Jew started to hug so affectionately each one of them saying that he, himself, was also from the clan of AL MASALEEKH, but he had come to reside in BASRA (IRAQ) in consequence to a family feud between his father and some members of ANZA Tribe.

After he recounted to them his fabricated narrative, he ordered his servants to load all the camels of the clan’s members with wheat, dates and tamman; a remarkable deed so generous that astonished the MASALEEKH men and aroused their pride to find such an affectionate (cousin) in IRAQ- the source of their sustenance; they believed each word he said , and , because he was a rich merchant of the food commodities which they were badly in need, they liked him (even though he was a Jew concealed under the garb of an Arab from AL MASALEEKH clan).

When the caravan was ready to depart returning to NAJD, that Jewish Merchant asked them to accept his company, because he intended to go with them to his original homeland, NAJD. Upon hearing that from him, they wholeheartedly welcomed him with a very cheerful attitude.

So that (concealed) Jew reached NAJD with the caravan. In NAJD, he started to promulgate a lot of propaganda for himself through his companions (his alleged cousins), a fact, which gathered around him a considerable number of new supporters; but, unexpectedly, he confronted a campaign of opposition to his views led by SHEIKH SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA AL TAMIMI, who was a Muslem religious preacher in AL-QASEEM. The radius of his preaching area included Najd, Yemen, and Hijaz, a fact which compelled the Jew (the Ancestor of the present SAUDI FAMILY to depart from AL QASEEM to AL IHSA, where he changed his name (MORDAKHAI) To MARKHAN BIN IBRAHIM MUSA. Then he changed the location of his residence and settled at a place called DIR’IYA near AL-QATEEF, where he started to spread among the inhabitants a fabricated story about the shield of our Prophet MOHAMMAD (p.b.u.h), that it was taken as a booty by an Arab Pagan in consequence of OHOD Battle between the Arab pagans and the Muslems. “That shield, he said, was sold by the Arab Pagan to a Jewish Clan called BANU QUNAIQA’ who preserved it as a treasure! He gradually enhanced his position among the Bedouins through such stories which indicated how the Jewish clans in Arabia were so influential and deserved high esteem. He gained some personal importance among the Bedouins, and decided to settle permanently there, at DIR’IYA town, near AL QATEEF, which he decided to be his (Capital) on the Persian Gulf. He aspired to make it his spring board for establishing a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia.

In order to fulfill his ambitious scheme, he started to approach the desert Arab Bedouins for support of his position, then gradually, he declared himself as their king!

At that juncture, AJAMAN Tribe together with BANU KHALED Tribe became fully aware of that Jewish cunning plan after they had verified his true identity, and decided to put an end to him. They attacked his town and conquered it, but before arresting him he had escaped by the skin of his teeth.

That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI), sought shelter in a farm called at that time AL-MALIBEED-GHUSAIBA near AL-ARID, which is called at our present time : AL-RIYADH.

He requested the owner of that farm to grant him an asylum. The farmer was so hospitable that he immediately gave him sanctuary. But that Jew (MORDAKHAI), no longer than a month had he stayed there, when he assassinated the land lord and all members of his family, pretending that all were killed by an invading band of thieves. Then he pretended that he had bought that real estate from them before that catastrophe happened to them! Accordingly, he had the right to reside there as a land lord. He then gave a new name to that place: He named it AL-DIRIYA – the same name as that he had lost.

That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY (MORDAKHAI), was quick to establish a “GUEST HOUSE” called “MADAFFA” on the land he usurped from his victims, and gathered around him a group of hypocrites who started to spread out false propaganda for him that he was a prominent Arab Sheikh. He plotted against Sheikh SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA AL TAMIMI, his original enemy, and caused his assassination in the mosque of the town called (AL-ZALAFI).

After that, he felt satisfied and safe to make (AL-DIRIYA) his permanent home. There he practiced polygamy at a wide scale, and indeed, he begot a lot of children whom he gave pure Arab names.

Ever since his descendants grew up in number and power under the name of SAUDI CLAN, they have followed his steps in practicing under ground activities and conspiracies against the Arab Nation. They illegally seized rural sectors and farm lands, and assassinated every person who tried to oppose their evil plans. They used all kinds of deceit for reaching their goals: they bought the conscience of their dissidents; they offered their women and money to influential people in that area, particularly to those who started to write the true biography of that Jewish Family; they bribed writers of history in order to purify their ignominious history, and make their lineage related to the most prominent Arab Tribes such as RABI’A, ANZA, and ALMASALEEKH.

A conspicuous hypocrite in our era whose name is MOHAMMAD AMIN AL TAMIMI- Director/Manager of the contemporary Libraries of the SAUDI KINGDOM, made up a genealogical tree (FAMILY TREE) for this JEWISH FAMILY (THE SAUDIS), connecting them to our Great Prophet, MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). For his false work, he received a reward of 35 (THIRTY FIVE) THOUSAND EYPTIAN POUNDS from the then SAUDI AMBASSADOR TO CAIRO, EGYPT, in the year 1362 AH.- 1943 A.D. The name of that Ambassador is: IBRAHIM AL-FADEL.

As aforementioned, the Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI), practiced polygamy by marrying a lot of Arab women and begot many children; his polygamous practice is, at the present time, being carried out ” to the letter” by his descendants; they cling to his marital heritage!

One of MORDAKHAI’S sons called AL-MAQARAN, arabized from the Jewish root (MACK-REN) begot a son called Mohammad, then another son called SAUD, which is the name of the present day SAUDI DYNASTY.

Descendants of SAUD (the present day SAUDI FAMILY )started a campaign of assassination of the prominent leaders of the Arab Tribes under the pretence that those leaders were apostates; renegading from the Islamic Religion, and deserting their Koranic doctrines; so they deserved the SAUDI condemnation and slaughter!

In the History Book of the SAUDI FAMILY pages (98-101), their private family historian declares that the SAUDI DYNASTY considers all the people of NAJD blasphemous; so their blood must be shed, their properties confiscated, and their females be taken as concubines; no Muslim is authentic in his /her belief unless he/she belongs (affiliates) to the sect of MOHAMMAD BIN ABDUL WAHAB, (whose origins are also Jewish from TURKEY.) His doctrines give authority to the SAUDI FAMILY to destroy the villages with all their inhabitants-males including children, and to sexually assault their women; stab the bellies of the pregnant, and cut off the hands of their children, then burn them! They are further authorized by such a BRUTAL DOCTRINE to plunder all the properties of whom they call renegades (not following their Wahabi Sect).

Their hideous Jewish Family has, in fact, done all that kind of atrocities in the name of their false religious sect (the Wahabi), which was actually invented by a Jew so as to sow the seeds of terror in the hearts of people in towns and villages. This Jewish Dynasty has been committing such brutal atrocities ever since 1163 A.H. They have named the whole Arabian Peninsula after their family name (SAUDI ARABIA) as if the whole region is their own personal real estate, and that all other inhabitants are their mere servants or slaves, toiling day and night for the pleasure of their masters (THE SAUDI FAMILY).

They are completely holding the natural wealth of the country as their own property. If any poor person from the common people raises his/her voice complaining against any of the despotic rules of this Jewish Dynasty, (the Dynasty) cuts off his/her head in the public square. A princess of theirs once visited FLORIDA, USA, with her retinue; she rented 90 (NINETY) Suite rooms in a Grand Hotel for about One Million Dollars a night! Can anyone of their subjects comment about that extravagant event? If he/she does, his/her fate is quite known: DEATH WITH THE EDGE OF THE SAUDI SWORD IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE!!!!!!

Witnesses on the Jewish Ancestry of this Saudi Family:

In the 1960’s the “SAWT AL ARAB” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the YEMEN Broadcasting Station in SANA’A confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the SAUDI Family.

King FAISAL AL-SAUD at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the JEWS when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on September 17, 1969 stating: “WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem [sic] Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” That was the declaration of KING FAISAL AL-SAUD BIN ABDUL AZIZ!!!!!

HAFEZ WAHBI, The SAUDI Legal Adviser, mentioned in his book entitled: “THE PENINSULA OF ARABIA” that KING ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD, who died in 1953, had said : “Our Message (SAUDI MESSAGE) encountered the opposition of all Arab Tribes; my grandfather, SAUD AWAL, once imprisoned a number of the Sheikhs of MATHEER Tribe; and when another group of the same tribe came to intercede for the release of the prisoners, SAUD AWAL gave orders to his men to cut off the heads of all the prisoners, then, he wanted to humiliate and derogate the interceders by inviting them to eat from a banquet he prepared from the cooked flesh of his victims whose cut off heads he placed on the top of the food platters!! The interceders became so alarmed and declined to eat the flesh of their relatives; and, because of their refusal to eat, he ordered his men to cut off their heads too. That hideous crime was committed by that self imposed king to innocent people whose guilt was their opposition to his most cruel and extremely despotic rules.

HAFEZ WAHBI, states further that King ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD related that bloody true story to the Sheikhs of the MATHEER Tribe, who visited him in order to intercede for their prominent leader at that time, FAISAL AL DARWEESH, who was the king’s prisoner. He related that story to them in order to prevent them from interceding for the release of their Sheikh; otherwise, they would face the same fate; He killed the Sheikh and used his blood as an ablution liquid for him just before he stood up for his prayer (after the false sect doctrine of the Wahabi); The guilt of FAISAL DARWEESH at that time was that he had criticized King ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD when the king signed the document which the English Authorities prepared in 1922 as a declaration for giving PALESTINE to the Jews; his signature was obtained in the conference held at AL AQEER in 1922.

That was and still is the system of this Regime of the JEWISH FAMILY (SAUDI FAMILY): All its goals are: plundering the wealth of the country, robbing, falsifying, and committing all kinds of atrocity, iniquity, and blasphemy-all are executed in compliance with their self invented Wahhabi Sect which legalizes the chopping of the heads of their opposing subjects.

Egypt’s El-Baradei called on to give evidence on allegations of crimes by Sisi regime

Egypt’s El-Baradei called on to give evidence on allegations of crimes by Sisi regime

Former interim Vice President of Egypt called on to give evidence on allegations of crimes against humanity following Egyptian coup in 2013

Former interim Vice President of Egypt, Dr Mohammed El-Baradei, is called on by an international investigation team to provide evidence into crimes against humanity perpetrated by the military backed government in the 2013 Egyptian coup.

In a public statement, the former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, provided important insight into events that took place during the military coup in 2013 which saw the overthrow of President Morsi and the massacre of thousands of unarmed protestors.

Dr El-Baradei, who took the position of interim vice president in the immediate aftermath of the coup issued the statement on his Facebook page on 1st November 2016, having kept his silence for three years.

In the statement, Dr El-Baradei described attempts that he made to “work in order to avoid a civil war and to maintain peace” through a road map. He says that he hoped for “a prime minister and government with all the powers to manage a transitional period” and attempted to create a “National Reconciliation Committee.” El-Baradei suggested that these efforts were undermined by the National Defence Council (NDC).

Instead, on 13 August 2013 “matters took a completely different turn after the use of force to break up the rallies” was authorised. This made his role in the NDC untenable.

On 14 August 2014, the military went on to use unprecedented levels of violence to disperse large groups of unarmed peaceful protestors in two camps in Cairo located at the Al Nahda Square and Rabaa al Adawiya Square, killing hundreds of protestors and injuring thousands. According to Human Rights Watch, a minimum of 817 people were killed in Rabaa Square alone. They describe the massacre as “one of the world’s largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history”.

Dr El-Baradei states that he was “absolutely opposed” to these actions. He strongly disputes any allegation that he consented to the decision to use force to break up the rally at Rabaa Al-Adawiya.

Dr El-Baradei resigned as the interim Vice President on 14 August 2013 citing his opposition to the violence. In his recent statement, Dr El-Baradei complains that following his resignation, he became the victim of “vicious attacks” by the “media”.

The violent crackdown by the military led to condemnation by human rights organisations across the world and the launch of several international criminal investigations, including an investigation which is currently being conducted by the Scotland Yard’s International War Crimes Division in the UK.

The Freedom & Justice Party, which had been led by President Morsi, instructed an international team of lawyers to investigate the allegations of international crimes perpetrated by the military during the 2013 coup in Egypt.

Tayab Ali, Partner at leading London law firm ITN Solicitors, who represents the FJP, said:

I welcome the fact that Dr El-Baradei has finally broken his silence and has stated that the violence perpetrated by the military regime in Egypt was not necessary and that peaceful alternatives were available.

We now have very credible evidence that the decision to use violence was authorised by the National Defence Council and that they chose to ignore credible peaceful alternatives. We consider Dr El-Baradei’s statement to be an important new evidential development and we have ensured that it has been brought to the attention of Scotland Yard.

The allegation made is a serious one. There is ample evidence that the military crackdown amounted to a crime against humanity. I call on Dr El-Baradei to meet with my investigation team and provide evidence detailing precisely what happened within the National Defence Council in the lead up to the massacres.

I have no doubt that Dr El-Baradei will prove to be a key-witness in bringing the perpetrators of these international crimes to justice.

Read: Muslim Brotherhood responds to Baradei’s statement

Arab monarchies (dictatorships) pour in funds to support terrorist militants in Aleppo

Arab monarchies pour in funds to support terrorist militants in Aleppo – Financial Times

RT | August 9, 2016

Militants in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo continue to receive help from foreign powers that support the forces opposing President Assad’s troops, the Financial Times reports. That’s despite Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists forming a large part of the opposition.

The militants encircled inside Aleppo allege they have no shortage of weapons and ammo, having been supplied by “tens of trucks” from Turkey, the FT reports, citing an activist working on both sides of the border.

Regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are paying for weapons and supplies being delivered into rebel-controlled areas of Syria, turning a blind eye to some of the militants’ terrorist affiliations. “The Americans, of course, knew what was going on. They ignored it to put some pressure back on Russia and Iran,” the FT quotes a Western diplomat in contact with the opposition as saying.

The report claims that guns and ammo are not as much of a problem as cash is for the militants in Aleppo.

“A lot of money has gone in the last month to get all these groups to play along,” a Syrian opposition figure residing in Turkey said, the FT reports. “That’s the only way you get these guys to work together — you have to pay them.”

It is widely known that one of the main forces fighting the Syrian Army in Aleppo is Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, Al-Nusra Front (now renamed Fatah al-Sham) – although the group has now renounced direct ties to the international terrorist group.

The militant force managed to push government troops back and even declared the “end of the siege,” with some attributing the success to Fatah al-Sham.

“It succeeded not because of outside support but because Fatah al-Sham and the other jihadist groups are incredibly disciplined, with plenty of guys willing to blow themselves up at the front,” the Western diplomat said.

Meanwhile, reports from the Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force say at least 2,000 jihadists have been killed in Aleppo in a matter of 10 days.

Western diplomats are urging the Syrian government to stop fighting the militants holed up in Aleppo and start negotiations with them, for the sake of the up to 300,000 civilians still stranded in the besieged city.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel Jubair, has been threatening to increase aid to the militants in Syria if the conflict is not resolved politically.

Humanitarian corridors have been opened by the Syrian government for civilians to leave Aleppo. However, their use remains dangerous because terrorists, in need of a civilian human shield, have posted snipers that shoot those trying to escape.

So far 400 civilians have made it out through the humanitarian corridors. Some 90 militants surrendered to government troops, with Damascus promising to pardon those who lay down arms.

The inability and unwillingness of the states involved to eliminate terrorists in Syria is being camouflaged with “lament and mourning” over the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov said at a UN Security Council session in New York.

A political settlement in Syria is being intentionally hindered by “propaganda, emotional rhetoric, groundless accusations and stoking tensions,” Safronkov said, adding that the only way to end the Syrian conflict was to unite in fighting terrorism and restore the political dialogue inside Syria.

While Moscow and Damascus are busy organizing humanitarian relief in Aleppo and other Syrian regions, European diplomats in the UN say that “Russia must act,” the deputy envoy added.

“What about what you must do?” Safronkov said to his Security Council colleagues, stressing that the time has come to recognize that the Syrian government’s counterterrorist operations cannot be the source of the humanitarian crisis in the country

Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout near Fallujah [Iraq] branded as ‘Refined Sugar’ from Dubai via Turkey

Body of Proof: Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout near Fallujah [Iraq] branded as ‘Refined Sugar’ from Dubai via Turkey

Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout-1

Several tons of explosives have been discovered in a captured Daesh stash 3Km North-east of Fallujah. The bags are branded as ‘Refined Sugar’ from Dubai and shipped via Turkey to Iraq.

Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout-2

Discovered quite often during Latakia offensive, that’s how Turkey smuggles lethal supplies, as ‘humanitarian aid’.

Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout-3

Yet again we are presented with solid evidence to prove that Turkey is supporting IS directly with financial and material backing from the Saudis and other Arab Gulf states.

Tons of explosives found in Daesh hideout-4

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