Syria: March Revolution Re-Visited

Thursday, 07 March 2019


March 8, 1963 Revolution, in reaction, at least to the then repeated coups and exploitation of the homeland resources, has indeed been the driving force behind the Syrians aspiration and desire for freedom, equality and justice. 56 years since then, Syria today, notwithstanding all the sinister plots, conspiracies and the foreign-backed terrorism, is still the throbbing heart and bastion of resistance and civilization. The major pivotal role of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the late President Hafez Al-Assad in March 8 Revolution, and later in the Correction Movement, has and will ever have immense contributions to the current steadfastness of Syria, under the wise historic leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the guardian of all humanity against every evil and terrorism.

In his March 8, 1990 Speech, President Hafez Assad’s outlined that by then

  • We covered the most difficult stages as we put our shoulders to the wheel and exerted concerted efforts to set things right and balance the books.
  • Our belief is deep seated that life is an eternal revolution and man is the essence and target.
  • The revolution is the locomotive to change status for a better condition to serve man`s aspirations. Speaking of man as an essence and target of the revolution, we tend to think of the youth where we find an optimal personification of man.
  • As I described them before, the youth are the hope for the future and the future hope lies in the present.
  • Freedom lives along with man and thrives on with his development because it needs a system in life like any other one. Plants grow according to a system; the earth, planets and the human body function according to a very accurate and precise system, but when it malfunctions, destabilization occurs and the system degenerates and collapses altogether.
  • The corrective movement was a necessity being an achievement of our party and people. It was the victory of freedom where I used to say time and again that we are as strong as we have freedom and free as much as we are strong.
  • The movement has been the bandwagon in all institutions where people participated in the premiership councils, the elected people`s assembly, and councils of the elected domestic administration.
  • It is taken for granted that the nation concerned should consult, coordinate and stick together in perilous circumstances. It is pitiful that the other powerful nations coincide with the fragmentation of the Arab weak nations. The Arab nations do not weigh the imminent perils adequately.
  • We should not distance ourselves from the past. In a nutshell, we say that he who reads history and geography would realize that since the decadence of the Arab state, we started to lose parts of our people and land all over the Arab region.
  • The ongoing events and the new challenges today set an additional alarm to make us gear up in order not to lose what we hold.
  • Syria has been and will be keen on preserving the nation`s dignity.
  • A lot wanted to distort or mayhem the nature of our relations with the Soviet Union, but I would say that our nexus is stable as it has ever been in the past. We have been true friends long ago and relations were nurtured by close cooperation.
  • We do not abnegate or be ungracious especially when it comes to colossal issues. The Soviet Union stood by us and supported us in our just struggle in confronting aggression. Such stances will remain an essential page in the history of our relations and will forge them.
  • Let us continue building man and land and boost the team spirit. Let us nourish altruism and the national spirit, abnegate selfishness and strengthen the national unity to scatter love everywhere and treat each other tolerably and preserve the dignity of the nation.

   In his March 8, 1989 Speech, President Hafez Assad’s outlined that by then

  • What has been realized since the beginning of the revolution is something we are proud of with respect to the scientific profusion and technical cadres, economic growth, social betterment and the increase in production and services.
  • Such truth is obvious in all walks of life as in the educational institutions, health sector, factories, natural wealth and agriculture.
  • Undoubtedly, our position today is much better with regard to the economic impedimenta, and our economy is robust because we tend to develop our resources constantly.
  • This job makes it incumbent on us to slog feverishly and hone our skills and promote teamwork. We all realize that what affects the country would recoil and every success we accomplish would benefit all.
  • We must be determined to strengthen our national unity in tune with the aspirations of our people, and by inculcating the national spirit we create the cooperation spirit among all citizens and the atmosphere of initiative and creativity to lay firm grounds of self sufficiency.
  • We still have a lot to do to build the nation and achieve production booms, and enhance our steadfastness and capability to extirpate aggression and occupation.
  • All that would require the reliance on our people and the support of our friends and the assimilation of the general world opinion of our causes. The basis of our stand remains the firm belief in the causes and in our preparedness to defend them.

 On the 25th Anniversary of the 8th of March Revolution, President Hafez Assad’s outlined that by then

  • On the morning of this day in 1963, the sun of the revolution scattered in the sky heralding a new phase in history that eliminates colonization and backwardness, a stage where we embarked on a march of unity, liberty and socialism.
  • We have encountered hardships and conspiracies, but owing to our resolve and determination, we have overcome these hurdles and offered great sacrifices for optimal and noble targets to preserve our national unity where we achieved superbly. We made Syria a modern state and the base of the Arab struggle to defend ourselves and liberate the usurped land.
  • We covered wide strides on the path of the democratic front. The constitutional institutions exercised their jurisdictions satisfactorily and the interior front remained impervious where no enemy or conspirator is able to smear the nation or undermine its national struggle.
  • In the domains of culture and education, progress was remarkable where universities and institutes mushroomed exponentially. Furthermore, in the fields of public health, many well-equipped hospitals and dispensaries were erected. Healthcare and childcare were given prominent attention including vaccination and inoculation campaigns against diseases.
  • We opted for the motto of self sufficiency. It is so important especially during the current status where we challenge a fierce enemy supported by a super power like the USA.
  • If October war liberated part of the land it means that it constituted a turning point and a catalyst in the conflict with the Israeli invasion. It was the first time when the Arabs moved from defense to attack position. The Zionist media and its allies could not divert this reality from being seen by the world.
  • The results of October war were reflected upon the Arab fighter by sharpening him with self confidence and preparedness to sacrifice.
  • The honorable battle which was fought by our armed forces against the Israeli invasion in Lebanon bears witness where the forces defended Lebanon and offered thousands of sacrifices.
  • Our people in Golan and Palestine express their steadfastness by stones and other means.
  • Blessed are your sacrifices, martyrs and the wounded.
  • We must build a powerful nation to become a castle of love and steadfastness against invaders. We are a great nation working hard for our unity and solidarity. We must stick together and have one unified will.


On the 24th Anniversary of the 8th March Revolution, 8-3-1987, the Late President Hafez Al-Assad underlined:

  •  Our revolution is incessant and strong. It has firm principles and able to accept the challenge and to confront the difficulties.
  •  Our revolution confronted the enemies everywhere. We insist on accepting the challenges and defeating it and on making flags of our people which express hopes and aspirations of our nation and their right to fight for their unity, freedom and progress high.
  •  The revolution has stepped great steps in realizing its targets through overcoming the obstacles. The revolution through its achievements and victories became the most significant defiance to the colonialist and Zionist forces.
  •  We are used not to surrender to any threat or any aggressor , not to be frightened by anything and not to accept any foreign dictations.
  • We accept the challenge directed to us. Our decision is to realize triumph on our enemies and to foil the plots as well as making firm steps on the victory road.
  • We are strong with our revolution and people, with our aims that express the people’s conscious and with our determination to struggle and offer sacrifices.
  • We are strong with our national unity which was always our weapon in each battle and with determination of our people to struggle and offer sacrifices in order to make Syria remaining free, strong and steadfast.
  •  We are strong with the Arab nation’s people who refuse surrender and who are always ready to wage battles of liberation, unity and confrontation of surrender and humiliation.
  •  Our revolution wasn’t an accidental event in the history of our country and nation, it was a remarkable incident in the history and a turning point in the country’s track of development. It has shouldered the people and the progressive revolutionary vanguards the responsibility of the power.
  • It has established the strong base of the Arab steadfastness in the face of the imperialist and Zionist schemes and the strong base of the real Arab action for realizing the Arab unity and the unified Socialist Arab society.
  •  Through the 8th March revolution and the Correctionist Movement, Syria has achieved progress in the political, economic, social and cultural domains and became pioneer in the Arab national liberation movement and in the lead of the countries marching on the road of progress and sociality.
  • Syria became the basic force of the Arab steadfastness in the face of Imperialism and Zionism and the foundation stone in the Arab action to liberate the usurped Arab territories and restore the Arab rights.
  •  Syria became, according to testimony of all people including the enemies, a force that has to be taken into consideration.
  •  The 8th March Revolution has offered radical changes in Syria in all fields of life. We will not hesitate in the progress, we will not going back whatever the threats and the challenges were.
  • The pressures we are facing will not be to any further extent able to create strategic difficulties for us. We will tackle these pressures and will find the useful and long term solutions to them.
  •  The 8th March Revolution is considered a people revolution launched under the leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party. The people are the base of this revolution. The Correctionist Movement restored the revolution and the party to people and vice versa and it has trusted people and allowed them to take part in the planning, taking decisions and implementing through the institutional establishments and the popular organizations.
  • Our national unity is the basis which we depend on in working and cooperating to confront the interior and exterior tasks. The national unity proved its efficiency in the circumstances and the battles we passed through and it will remain the basis of the internal building and confrontation of the antagonist forces.
  •  The legislative decree No.15 for 1971 which included the Local Administration Law was considered a second great step, after the first step of the People’s Assembly, in the road of realizing the popular democracy and engaging the people representatives in managing citizen’s affairs.
  •  The Popular democracy isn’t a motto but it is a real practice enriched by experience. We are still looking forward enlarging and enhancing the popular democracy experience to make wide scale of people partners in shouldering responsibility and taking implementing decisions.
  •  Last month, the Local Administration carried out elections of the 4th session of the governorates councils and the 2nd session of the cities and towns councils. The electors who won the elections were elected by the citizens. It is pleasing to me that the number of the winning women in these elections amounted 140 comparing with the 65 women in the previous elections. This refers to the fact that women are achieving progress in the society and its establishments to take their natural position, practice their right and duties and to shoulder their responsibilities.
  •  The application of popular democracy has reached advanced stages. It is a very important experience to make people manage their affaires by themselves and implement the decision they take to improve their life in all fields.
  •  We appreciate the proposals submitted by the Soviet Union for disarmament and call for reviewing them with great seriousness and responsibility to reach a situation removing people’s fear from the nuclear destruction and contributing in solving the international dispute according to the UN charter principles and the peace interests.
  •  Getting rid of the nuclear threatening is not limited to one state or other area in the world but it is considered an issue of every state, area and person keen on the life and civilization.

On the 16th anniversary of the 8th March revolution, 8-3-1979, the beloved late President Hafez Al-Assad delivered the following landmark speech:


Dear citizens:

As a new day in the age of the 8th March revolution starts, we will review in this occasion our actions in the last years. We will review what we have implemented and what was hampered to be carried out due to the circumstances. We will evaluate the actions and will deduce the results.

We will review the actions in the Arab world and the neighboring countries and then we will review the whole world. Through this we will emphasize on our process and will be reassured on the safety of it. We will go forward the future with more resolution and trust after correcting the process’ flaws and eradicating its obstacles. We will do all of this with high responsibility and under the principles of our great party, the Baath Arab Socialist Party , leader of the 8th March revolution .

This review in this time of every year pushes us forward, activates our potentials and gives us more clear view because it is true and sincere and takes into consideration viewing issues according to the people viewpoint and taking decisions in light of the people’s higher interest.

If we limited this occasion just on celebrating it without reviewing ourselves, thus we will rip it off its characteristics and emptying it its real content. We have to avoid committing such mistake.

So, we were used every year to unveil to our people the issue of accountability to be familiar with the makers of the revolution process. To make issues more clear in front of them, this occasion was, during the last eight years, an opportunity to cast light on our achievements in all fields, unveil the default points  and tackle them.

Tomorrow, the citizens will get a statement of the achievements realized in the agricultural, industrial, trade and service fields. This is a clear evidence of what has realized in the last year since celebrating the 15th anniversary of the revolution.

If the annual realization of the economic achievements has become in the latest year firm part of our life process, the achievements in other fields, mainly boosting the revolution process, applying the party’s principles, have been attached more importance in this process. This was more important in consolidating notions of the revolution and moving from theoretical way to the practical one and from defining the aims to working realize them.

We had emphasized during the last eight years that pursuing the revolution course we have to incessantly work and to be real revolutionaries in our behavior, action and target. The revolution is not a work program or just goals, it is in the first class a specific behavior. As we apply this behavior, as we ensure the success to the revolution process. This behavior will be guided and directed by hopes and targets of the nation and the people which the Baath Arab Socialist Party has been inspired in formulating its principles and targets.

If the revolutionary has to be vanguard and ideal, this requires him to be in permanent contact with people .

What we have realized in the revolution path is not enough, however every day we feel that the more in every field is required. This feeling motivate us to double action and to make “working which advances the saying” the title of our process.

In spite of our need for more successful and feasible work, we have to be assured that we are standing on firm ground and acknowledging clearly our way to the hoped-for future. We have to trust in our capacity to pass this way firmly in spite of the plots contrives by our enemies.

We are building on a strong popular base with the help of the people who believe in our revolution. We pursue this policy in the internal, political, economic and social building as well as in the national building for consolidating the Arab solidarity and consolidating any possible unity step. We pursue this policy also in the international field to boost the position of our country and nation in defending the Arab territories and rights.

We do all of this lifting the flag of our nation’s honor and dignity and resisting anything that may undermine the Arab dignity. For this target, we sacrifice whatever this was great because as we always assert that the life is meaningless without dignity.

Dear brothers:

The achievements we are realizing in our country in different fields are the way to attain our nation’s targets, apply the party’s aims of unity, freedom and socialism, set-up industry, expand the cultivation area and foster the economic base.

We are incessantly working to ensure the social life of citizens and upgrading their standards of living. We will construct schools, institutes and universities, set up the public facilities and improve the services. We will continually work to ensure the social life of citizens and follow up building the popular democracy through the establishments achieving the target of the popular democracy.

At the same time we are confirming the role of the popular organization and resuming efforts to let this role efficient completely.

We do all of this to realize the highest goals manifested in building up the human being and defending the national causes.

I am saying this with full knowledge that there are a lot of complains in the aforementioned fields. We have complains in the fields of agriculture, industry, services and popular democracy. We have a lot of complains, I don’t want to say that we have realized what we want. What we want in the different fields of life is great like our nation and like its history and its civilization. It is will not come into anyone’s mind that this will be realized in a limited period of time measured by few years or more than this.

But I want to say that we are making a progress, not standing in the same place, leaving the starting point far from us and closing reasonably to the target.

I want to say that the 8th March revolution, which came as a response to our aspirations, has passed acceptable stages. This constitutes in this historical phase the laying down of foundations of  building the future.

The road is very long and rocky, but the will of people is able to attain the target and eradicate any obstacle in this road.

The revolution is not a skip limited to a specific time, it is an advanced successive action.

The revolution has a firm will to carry our successive achievements. Thus the revolution was immune in front of the infiltrators. The will of revolution remained stronger and more firm than the will of falsification.

In this way, we made a progress and we waged the October War, and from the liberation aim we have decided to fight on the northern and southern fronts.

I don’t want to speak about the performance and the epics of our forces in the October war because everyone knows it. This war was a heroic epic in which the Syrian soldier had proved his potentials, qualifications and bravery and was an honor to the Arab nation.

The October war was the greatest achievement to our people and a great historical evident which left imprints on the Arab and international life. This war has directly and indirectly affected different aspects of political, military, economic and cultural life which in turn made it one of the most significant incidents in the history.

It is not possible to let the tragic incidents carried out by Egypt governor- backed by the USA and the world Zionism, to dominate our comprehension and evaluation of the October war, the great action which we have realized with the heroics and sacrifices of our people.

There is no doubt that our next generations will be more proud than us in the October war and will know the great value of this great incidents. Here, I want to highlight an essential matter that we didn’t just fight with honor and heroism but we limitless dealt with our brothers with honor and truthfulness and sacrifice exceeding all considerations and regional interests.

You notice that more than one time I approach speaking about the war issue and didn’t complete the road. As I have said in the past one day in which all details will be presented is inevitably coming.

While the Arab soldiers in the Golan and Sinai are competing to martyrdom, it hasn’t come into our mind that the political leadership in Egypt was working to divide the unified rank and arranging for a reconciliation with the enemy aiming to get Egypt out of its national context through the Sinai agreement, the surrender visit, David Camp scheme and Begin-Alsadat-Carter meetings.

We had lived five years and half of suffering due to the insistence of the Egyptian regime to detach Egypt from the Arab nation and to dress it a cover which Egypt and its people and army reject it.

We had suffered in our brotherly and sincere attempts to take the Egyptian regime away from the surrender track. We had endeavored this in the bilateral and Arab meetings and through the mediations of some sides in the Riyadh meeting and other meetings.

Our concerns were the sincere commitment to the target and the and certain conviction in the fact that the  Arab solidarity is the road of their triumph and that the action unity is the guarantee to attain targets.

We were shocked that the regime in Egypt was violating any accord and then suggesting the isolation in action and preferring the association with the enemy more than a meeting including the friends. We were shocked that this regime was accepting a humiliating conditions that seek behind fake interests. In spite of this submission, the regime didn’t restore the Sinai land, didn’t save the Egyptian people from the incessant Israeli aggression threats and didn’t attain the Egyptian people demands of security and food.

This regime is suffering from many complexes. It is suffering from the foreigner complex which means that it is impressed by anything foreign. It sees that anything outside the country has the capability and power while the Egyptian people and the Arab nation have no capability or power.

Outside Egypt, this regime is keen to take feelings and advices of the governors into consideration while the Arabs have no feelings, no advices, no rights and no interests deserving the consideration and respect.

In this regime consideration, anything the foreigners saying is good while anything the Arabs say is bad.

I wish that no one that I want to enter arguments, but I want to highlight some of the realities I know and which were established during the latest four or five years process.

The Arab countries had repeatedly called on the Egyptian President to give up the surrender track and the prospects of return were widely opened in front of him, but he gave no ears to this and opened his heart to the nation’s enemies who want the evil to it.

since the Egyptian President’s visit to Jerusalem and his bowing to the Flag of Israel and the and honor to the Israeli soldier, we have a sad image of a regime getting out from its nation’s consensus and isolate itself  and on the other hand approaching from an enemy trying to extort  and to obtain a high price regarding its agreement to make the Egyptian regime signing the surrender document.

We are mistaken if we think that the enemy aimed only to subjugate the Egyptian regime but it also wanted to impose surrender on the Arab nation, expecting that the subjugation of the Egyptian regime will drag many Arab countries to the surrender track.

This is what they expect, but fie on their plans and suppositions. What they are doing is a deal full of cheat and collusion to attain a profit at the expense of right, justice, history and all justice realities consolidated by human being throughout the ages with great effort and blood.

The Arab Governor, who is part in this deal, was looking for a selfish opportunist profit. Bust, as the people’s process and the history demonstrated such cheat and silly issues will not remain steadfast in front of the history movement and the people’s power.

They may delude people that they had realized peace, but time will pass quickly and the world will discover reality. The realities will clearly appear. They didn’t realize the peace and what they had realized from the peace point of view worth nothing.

All of the world will see that the region, after this signing, is still in a state of war and didn’t move to the peace reality because as I have said they didn’t make peace, and if we had to call what they are doing ‘peace’, it is worthy to mention that they are making the peace of war not the peace of security because the peace of security is the peace of community which is in turn built on justice.

Anyway, you, in this country and the Arab nation had chosen the way of justice, right, honor and dignity. You know that this way has a tax. You had chosen the difficult and the rocky road but it is the more honor and secure road.

All of us will remain ready, we will unhesitating pay the wanted tax and sacrifice. We will offer this faithfully and with satisfaction.

Our response to the surrender course was highlighting and uplifting the flag of steadfastness to put an end to the deterioration of the Arab stance and Arab front. The conferences of the national front for steadfastness and confrontation in Tripoli, Algeria and Damascus were considered as warning to enemies of the Arab nation because it is stronger than their conspiracies.

Then, the 9th Arab Summit conference in Baghdad was held to confirm to the world that the Arab nation  is keen to realize solidarity and is refusing surrender and calling for peace on the basis of the Israeli occupation evaluation from the Arab territories and admitting the firm rights of the Palestinian Arab people. The Baghdad summit approved a work program to commit to it for the sake of the Arab nation’s dignity and rights.

On the course of steadfastness and resisting surrender, the Syrian and Iraqi countries met in the framework of the joint Arab action charter. This meeting was the commence of the serious unity action which became advancing with high responsibility and keenness to make firm steps and to make the findings meet aspirations and wishes of the Arab nation.

In implementing the joint Arab action charter, we express our keenness to benefit from the past experiences and to make the action matching the principles we believe in and the targets we are fighting for. We express our hope that our sincere and serious action will be the essence of more wide and comprehensive Arab action.

Dear citizens:

Nowadays, we live in an unrest world suffering from unbalance and underestimation of values. In Such a world, we can avoid stumbling through adhering to our values and principles to make principles of our process clear to our people and the world.

The Arab unity is our supreme goal which we are fighting to realize without tedious and hesitation. We are part of the Arab nation, so until the realization of this Arab unity goal we will hard work for realizing and boosting the Arab solidarity.

Our commitment to the freedom of nation and citizen is a principled commitment which we will do our utmost apply.

We had chosen the course of socialism to build up our life and ensure the happy life to our people.

We are keen to preserve our moral values and our historical Arab heritage which they are considered the basis of our society and life.

We are non-aligned country believing in principles of the Non-Aligned Movement and working to foster the Movement, disseminate its principles and boost its role in the international life.

We are with liberalization everywhere and we are supporting its allies. We are with struggle of the 3rd World people in order to find a just world economic system protecting the people’s fortunes and using these fortunes for the interest of humanity.

We are friend to anyone seeks our friendship and enemies to any one seeks our hostility. In this framework we greet our friends in the socialist countries and appreciate their support to our just conflict.

We are peace callers, wherever there is peace there will be no prejudice and aggression and there will be restoration to every usurped right.

In the light of these principles, we are urging on revolution, building up our generation and next generations and fostering the armed forces –the shield and protector of our country- and ensuring to it factors of steadfastness and victory. We are fighting to liberate the Arab lands and restoring the Arab rights and we are also working to play the civilized role convenient for our people and nation.

Dear brothers:

We are celebrating this anniversary of the 8th March revolution with the absence of great leader who devoted his life for serving his people and nation. So, we have to ask God to have mercy upon the brother and friend late president Hwari Bu Madian.

We are trusting that Algeria under its new leadership will remain as it always, the country of dignity, struggle, revolution and the Arab nation.

In this moment I salute the martyrs, the ideal of the nation and the struggle.

Finally, I salute all of you and call on you to resume our integrant action, hoping to celebrate the next anniversary of the 8th March revolution with more achievements in all domains.


On the 12th Anniversary of the 8 march revolution,8-3-1975, the Late President Hafez Al-Assad underscored:

  •   We know the way and the goal we are heading towards with confidence, belief and strength that will enable us to realize the target which is mainly marked by good, right and justice.
  •  I am convinced that our enemies and their allies have absolutely no doubt that we ,in Syria, will not yield to any pressure.
  • They are deep-rooted people and part of a deep-rooted people and nation, they are organizing and building up themselves, and have the determination to realize victory and will reach this.
  •  It is very important that the 8 march revolution come and we achieve great progress on the revolution track with firm resolution, realize more achievements in the internal building domain and at the same time booster the efforts to liberate territories and restore rights.
  •  It is great evidence that the 8 march revolution will always be as its people wish, an incessant movement which is considered the main characteristic of revolution. For us, the revolution in its essence is a persistent work to transmit toward the best and an incessant effort for progress and building and realizing more achievements to people. The road of revolution is endless, whatever we pass stages we have more ones in front of us. Revolution needs more hard working and energy.
  •  The essential point in the continuity of this track is the incessant interaction between the revolution and people, between the leadership and people and the adherence to principle and to norms of revolution. Thus, people will be the support of the revolution, which in turn will ensure the continuity of progress and success.
  •  Our people, who struggled for social justice and socialist metamorphosis, were bounded to fight the imperialist and Zionist forces and to wage the war of liberation.
  •  Our armed forces are the shield of the country and the defender of our land and rights. They are the first confronting force, which its heroism in the wars of October and Golan had realized great appreciation and admiration in the Arab nation and the world.
  •  Our armed forces gained care and will gain more to preserve its high level of readiness and combating capacity and to remain the immune force that is frightening the enemy.
  •  Our armed forces had played its role and will remain doing this with honor, it renewed the nation’s championships, asserting that a nation containing such these brave men  will not conquer.
  •  We are enforcing our defensive capacity in face of an enemy fed up with weapons after the heavy losses it obtained in the October war. This enemy disguised to every human values and principles and insist on resuming aggression and occupying lands.
  •  As we are speaking about national and Arab struggle and about the circumstances it is passing through, which require popular awareness and determination to realize success.
  •  As we are speaking about all of this, we have to refer to an important part of our people; to half of our people, to women, especially due to the fact that this year is the year of woman.
  •  The world people are now celebrating the international woman year. No people are prior than us in celebrating this year. In our country, woman played pivotal role in all phases of history and our struggle against colonialism. Her struggle was multiple. She was struggling with herself , with her husband, with her son, with her father and with her brother. She is fighting against hardness of circumstances and against disorder of life.
  •  Of course this issue is new. All of us have to know that this taking must be translated into realities, measurements and laws. This thing must be clear, it doesn’t just mean issuing legislative decree or law to the People’s Assembly, but we have to be confident in contents of the law.
  •  If man in general knows how much he suffered during his suffering , woman in our countries deserve best appreciation and respect and complete cooperation of us in attaining her aspirations to be the genuine person who is able to donate and to give his country all his potentials.
  • I am always saying our logo must be martyrdom or victory, and I am saying martyrdom because it’s our way to victory.
  • The best to conclude my word is to ask God to have mercy on our martyrs who fight for the sake of nation.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


President Hafez Al-Assad

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ناصر قنديل

– شخصياً لم أتمالك نفسي من الشعور بتيار كهربائي يجتاحني وأنا أسمع دولة رئيس مجلس النواب اللبناني نبيه بري يصدح بصوته الرخيم وتعابيره الجزلة، المكتوب والارتجالي منها، في الكلمة الرسميّة وفي مناقشات البيان الختامي في مؤتمر الاتحاد البرلماني العربي. هو شعور بالفخر ممزوج بشعور بالفرح والثقة بأن دنيانا العربية لا تزال بخير، وأن فلسطين ليست وحيدة، وأن كلمة الحق هي العليا، وأن هناك رجالاً رجالاً بهمم قمم، تنوء تحت حملها الجبال فلا تكلّ ولا تملّ، ولا تقرأ إلا في كتاب الحق، بينما يقرأ ما يتوهّمه الآخرون في كتاب القوة، وقد صار الحق بذاته قوة وصارت له قوة، ويعرف من يعرف أن المقاومة التي يزلزل ذكرها حسابات كبار القادة في كبريات عواصم العالم، قد ولدت في رحم هذا الإيمان، وقد كان لهذا الإنسان القمّة والهمّة البصمة الأساسية والتأسيسية.

– يتحدّث كثيرون ويتفلسفون ويغمزون بعيونهم، فيغمضون واحدة ويفتحون أخرى في الحديث عن علاقة الرئيس نبيه بري بسورية، سورية الرئيس حافظ الأسد، وسورية الرئيس بشار الأسد، ويوهمون لكنهم في الحقيقة يتوهّمون، أنّهم يعرفون ما لا يعرفه الآخرون عن مشاكل تمرّ بها هذه العلاقة، فيتلو النبيه على مسامعهم جميعاً مزاميره، «لا نستطيع الشعور بالمسؤولية تجاه الفلسطينيين وفلسطين ونحن نعزل سورية»، فسورية كانت ولا تزال وستبقى في العقل الذي نظر وينظر من خلاله نبيه بري المناضل والمقاوم، قبل رئيس المجلس النيابي، للمشهد العربي، حيث هي منذ البدايات إلى نهاية النهايات، حيث لا نهايات، فهي قلب العروبة النابض وهي قلعة المقاومة العصيّة على العصر والكسر معاً، وهي عرين أسود لا تُضام، ويكفي أنها القلب في بلاد الشام، وهو لمن لا يعرفون أو لا يعترفون، مع سورية ظالمة أو مظلومة، يجادلها وهي في عزّ سطوتها، حيث لا يجرؤ الكثيرون، من موقع البحث عن مكامن القوة العربيّة وتعزيزها، ونقاط الضعف والوهن وتلافيها، كشريك في الغرم، وليس كباحث عن شراكة في الغنم، لكنه عندما تتعرّض سورية للضيم ويأتي زمن الضراء، يشهر قلبه ويقاتل بشغافه كي تبقى سورية القوية القادرة الحاضرة، وهي مرتع الأحلام وساحة البطولات، وموطن الشهامة والوفاء، يعرفها وتعرفه، كما يعرف السيف غمده، وتعرف القلعة حراسها، وتعرف الساحة فرسانها، وفي الميدان يسرج برّي صهوة جواده ويقتحم، حيث لا يصل إلا صوته، فيُشهره عالياً، سورية مصدر فخركم وبدونها أنتم ذلّ وهوان، فحافظوا على بقايا الشهامة العربية المتهالكة، واحتموا بها، سورية لا تحتاج حمايتكم بل أنتم مَن يحتاجها، علامة أمة لم تُهزَم.

– عندما يتحدّث الرئيس نبيه بري عن فلسطين في خطابه الرسمي فهو لا يفاجئ، لأننا نعرفه، وليس لأن المقال لا يناسب المقام، لكن عندما يناقش بعفويته وتدفقه نصوص البيان الختامي، مداخلاً ومتدخّلاً، تشعر برغبة أن تقفز من وراء الشاشة لتطبع قبلة فخر على جبينه، فيناقش رئيس الجلسة عند فقرة التطبيع، ويقول «هذا البند هو كل المؤتمر سيدي الرئيس»، «لأن التطبيع يعني إزالة الحاجز النفسي بين العرب وبين العدو الإسرائيلي، دون إعطاء أية حقوق للفلسطينيين، نحن نقول ذلك وأمامنا مؤتمر القمة، وأحدد مؤتمر القمة في 2002 الذي دعت إليه المملكة العربية السعودية، فإذا سمحتم تنبّهوا أن هذا البند هو كل المؤتمر»، وعندما يستجيب المؤتمرون لإضافة الفقرة المقترحة برفض التطبيع، وفيها الدعوة لقيام دولة فلسطينية على الأراضي المحتلة العام 67 وعاصمتها القدس، يتذاكى المتزحلقون لنيل الرضى الأميركي بتحفيف مضمون النص، فيقترحون إضافة الشرقية إلى القدس، لتصير القدس الشرقية، فيهمّ بري إلى جواده مجدداً في جولة جديدة يكسبها، فيقول، أنا أقول القدس الشريف ويتلفت حوله منتظراً، ولما يأتي رد متفذلك، يلاحقه بكلمة قائلاً، لماذا نعطي بالمجان، طالما هم لا يعترفون فلماذا نتسابق على الاعتراف؟ ويمسك كلمة ويكتب، ويقول بصوت عالٍ: «نعم، القدس الشريف وينتهي الأمر».

– القضية ليست بأهميّة مصيريّة تقريريّة يتمتع بها مؤتمر الاتحاد البرلماني العربي، بل بأهمية نسخة من المواجهة التي تدار ويتم ربحها، من منصة يسيطر عليها وعلى التفكير فيها، عقل الهزيمة، فيطغى صوت الحق والحقيقة رغم قلة العدد والمال، حيث يجتمع المال والعدد، لأن المهابة التي تجلل صاحب الكلام، فيحضر التاريخ المليء بالنبض العربي الأصيل، فهو نور مبهر، ونصل صقيل، وصوت جهير، وهو في اللغة حقل مزهر، وفي الخطاب نصٌّ جزيل، وفي المضمون كبير وكثير وخطير.

– جولة ربحناها، ربحها نبيهُنا لنا، ربحتها العروبة ليكون الأمل بالغد لفلسطين.

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Syria at Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference: Resistance Our Only Choice

March 4, 2019

Syrian Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh

Syrian Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh told Arab speakers that resistance is Syria’s only choice

Speaking at the 29th conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) currently being held in Amman, Jordan Sabbagh Al Quds (Jerusalem) is the essence of Arabism, and defending them is defense of Palestine and the existence of the Arab nation.

Referring to the title under which the conference is held, which “Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine,” Sabbagh said that defending Al-Quds is the same as defending Palestine, and defending Palestine is the same as defending the existence of the Arab nation.

The Syrian speaker said that Syria’s victory over terrorism is a victory for all Arabs and the region, and that with this victory, and that this victory will herald a new, more balanced world order.

He said that the Syrian people are making great sacrifices in defense of their country, despite the great imbalance in power between them and the many enemies rallying against them including the NATO, the Israeli enemy, and their terrorist mercenaries who came from all over the globe, SANA news agency reported.

Sabbagh also noted that despite the unprecedented scale of terrorism targeting Syrian people, along with the psychological and media war and diplomatic and economic embargo, they proved that true strength lies in unbeatable willpower.

Source: Agencies

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Is the UK pushing a false narrative on Hezbollah?

Arzu Merali is a writer and researcher based in London. She is one of the co-founders of Islamic Human Rights Commission ( and co-authored its recent study “Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK” with Saied Reza Ameli.
Ban on Hezbollah will criminalise dissent and become part of a gamut of law and policy the state uses to silence criticism

Supporters of Hezbollah wave the Palestinian national flag during a demonstration in the village of Meiss al-Jabal on the border with Israel on 16 December 2018 (AFP)

In 2006, there was a war – another onslaught by the invincible Israeli war machine.

Despite a media bias so palpable that even the BBC found itself guilty in a review of its coverage of Israel-Palestine affairs, people did not care for the aggressors.

They did care – in large numbers, on the streets of the UK and around the world – for the dead, injured and dying children who were collateral damage in what was supposed to be the annihilation of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Once again, at the hands of Hezbollah, the group responsible for more than a decade of guerrilla resistance that saw the Israeli army literally run out of South Lebanon in 2000, the Israelis lost.

Israel’s psychology in this defeat was so much worse because people hoisted banners around the world proclaiming: “We are all Hezbollah.” With the banner came the flag, carried by young Muslims, old Muslims, middle-aged English ladies and anti-Zionist rabbis. It was pervasive, and it has stayed.

Converging interests

This psychology is important towards understanding the UK government’s recent decision to proscribe Hezbollah under the Terrorism Act 2000. The Labour Party has raised concerns, while analysts have explored the convergence of the hard-power interests of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia with Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s decision, which many see as an attempt to raise his star in the run-up to a Tory leadership contest.

Amal Saad, a British-Lebanese professor at the Lebanese University, has highlighted the lack of justification within the context of the Terrorism Act’s own flawed raison d’etre, the UK’s attempts to work with Hezbollah to maintain stability, and the vested interests in Javid’s decision vis-a-vis another attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Amal Saad@amalsaad_lb

Javid justifies his position by claiming Hizbullah is “destabilizing” the region, knowing full well that a British ban on the party that aims at delegitimizing it politically, is highly destabilizing for Lebanon which only recently formed a government after a long impasse

Amal Saad@amalsaad_lb

It’s clear this bill is a bludgeon against Corbyn, but its effects on Lebanon will not be insignificant. It will also complicate things for the UK: how will it deal with the Lebanese president who is a staunch Hizbullah ally, or the Lebanese army which coordinates with Hizbullah?

It is perhaps no surprise that a nervous, Brexit-unready country seeks validation from the US and Israel and money from the Saudis. But at the same time, there is a bizarre and truly shameful connection between hatred on the streets of London against pro-Palestinian activists and the British government.

Al-Quds Day

This is due to the link between this latest decision and a two-year campaign by a crew of fascists and pro-Israel media to shut down pro-Palestinian solidarity. This campaign has focused on the growing popularity of al-Quds Day demonstrations in London, which have increased in size over the years since the 2006 war.

Many powerful banners proclaim messages of solidarity, interfaith and inter-community harmony, and political and religious diversity in support of Palestine.

Muslims, Jews and Christians, along with people of other faiths or no faith, take part. It differs from other demonstrations in that it looks to the long-term issue: the original usurpation of Palestine and ongoing injustices. It is not reactive only when another large-scale atrocity is taking place.

People participate in an al-Quds Day march in Lebanon (AFP)

People participate in an al-Quds Day march in Lebanon (AFP)

The far-right rages against it on social media every year. The trope of new anti-Semitism has been levelled against the march, alongside chants of “terrorists off our streets” and op-eds about flying a “terrorist flag” in reference to Hezbollah flag. The grassroots group North West Friends of Israel petitioned London’s mayor to ban the event, saying: “After the terrible recent terrorist events in Manchester and London this display of extremism has no place on the streets of the UK.”

To characterise an event where rabbis stand alongside imams, Palestinians and Israeli activists speak on the same platform, and women, men and children gather from around the UK, in such a way is offensive.

But words can definitely hurt: after Darren Osborne drove a van into worshippers in Finsbury Park in 2017, news broke that his original target might have been the al-Quds Day demonstration.

Whose side are you on?

This egregious narrative has been validated further by Javid. It is a truly perverse moment, where those targeted for acts of terrorism now face the prospect of incarceration should they continue flying the flag of resistance against racism.

Is the government really beholden to this bunch of right-wing groups? Has the state really taken what is essentially a hearts-and-minds debate around human rights, racism and justice for Palestinians and all oppressed peoples from the streets of London to the corridors of Whitehall?

Like the ricin plot that didn’t exist, yet was used at the UN to justify a war on Iraq, or the trope of humanitarian aid necessitating intervention in Venezuela, this is flimflam that only the most misguided could believe.

‘Whose side are you on’ is the key question that will define those willing to resist oppression

Alongside the various banners hoisted each year on al-Quds Day, one stands out. It was painted during the Second Intifada and depicts the martyred 14-year-old Faris Odeh throwing a stone at an Israeli tank. It reads simply: “Whose side are you on?”

A toxic marriage

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has chosen his: an Islamophobic narrative demonising al-Quds Day via his tweet on the ban. Bizarrely, he talks about a ban under anti-terrorism laws in the context of anti-Semitism and hate crimes.

It’s ludicrous, and this is the same thing we said when the law came into being two decades ago. This will criminalise dissent and become part of a gamut of law and policies the state uses to silence criticism.

That toxic marriage of racism, legal instruments and those interest groups committed to chauvinism mirrored in the state’s own hierarchical and supremacist institutions is what any and all progressives – with all their differences – are up against.

Britain’s ban on Hezbollah is hypocritical and unhelpful
Edward Wastnidge

Read More »

“Whose side are you on?” is the key question that will define those willing to resist oppression and work for the betterment of this world, versus those who will continue with their racist policies and discourses and plough into crowds of worshippers/Palestinians/anti-fascists worldwide.

I know which side I am on.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.

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President al-Assad: Syria Will be Liberated


17 February، 2019
Damascus, SANA

President Bashar al-Assad stressed that thanks to our armed forces, the supporting forces, allies, friends and brothers we managed to defeat terrorism, stressing that protecting the homeland would not have been achieved unless there have been a unified popular will of all the Syrian spectra.

President al-Assad said in a speech during his meeting with heads of local councils from all provinces on Monday that holding elections of local councils on time proves the strength of the Syrian people and the state, adding that the elections proves the failure of enemies’ bet to turn the Syrian state into a failed state unable to perform its tasks.

President al-Assad stressed that issuing law no. 107 was a significant step for enhancing effectiveness of the local administrations.

The President said that the launch of development projects locally will be integrated with the strategic projects of the state and this in itself is an investment of financial and human resources.

He added that one of the positive aspects of local administration’s law is to broaden the participation in the development of the local community that manages resources.

President al-Assad said that with liberating every inch, there is an agent or a traitor who collapsed after their sponsors betrayed them.

“After the improvement of field situation, we have the opportunity to make a qualitative leap in the work of the local administration that would reflect on all walks of life,” the President said.

President al-Assad added that the local units have become more able today to perform their tasks without depending on the central authority.

He stressed that the policies of some states towards Syria depended on supporting terrorism and promoting the attempt to apply a comprehensive decentralization to undermine the authority of the state.

President al-Assad underlined that the partition scheme isn’t new and it doesn’t stop at the borders of the Syrian state, but it covers the region as a whole.

President al-Assad added that the partition scheme isn’t new and it doesn’t stop at the borders of the Syrian state, but it covers the region as a whole, adding “those who set the scheme are narrow-minded because reaching this aim cannot be achieved unless there is a real social division and that does not exist in Syria and had it been really, the country would have been divided during the first years of the war or maybe since the very first months of the war.”

He clarified that there are two unchangeable facts…”the first one is hegemony on the world led by the US hasn’t changed and the second is that our people’s resistance has become more solid,” affirming that the homeland isn’t a commodity and it is sacred and it has its real owners and not thieves.”

“After all of those years, the agents haven’t learnt that nothing gives man his value except his real belonging,” the President said, affirming that the only way to get rid of misguidance is to join the reconciliations and to hand over the arms to the Syrian state.

The President added “We have been able to eliminate terrorism thanks to our armed forces and the support by the supporting forces, the allies, the friends and the brothers.”

The President said “It couldn’t have been possible to protect the homeland without the unified popular will through different segments of the Syrian society.”

“The Syrian people have a deep-rooted history and they have resisted terrorism…We achieve victory with each other not on each other,” President al-Assad said.

President al-Assad said that that the Syrian state is working to return displaced people who left their homes due to terrorism as their return is the only way to end their suffering.

He underlined that the absence of belonging to the homeland is the weapon used by the outside to target our homeland.

The President added that the term of the broad popular support may be explained by some as the support of the majority, which were present in the state-controlled areas , but while the truth is that the support was also present in areas controlled by gunmen, clarifying that the citizens were living in those areas and they were forced to stay there.

”some of them continued contacting with several government sides by conveying information and giving ideas as they were constantly insisting on the return of the army and the state institutions to those areas, and some of them unfortunately paid the price,” the President highlighted.

“The absence of belonging to the homeland is the fuel which is used by the foreign parties to target our homeland,” President al-Assad said.

The President continued to say “The Syrian people have suffered a lot during the war and we do not forget that part of the suffering was due to the state imposed by terrorism in terms of the displacement of millions of people outside the country as they suffered from all aspects of displacement including humiliation and inhuman treatment, in addition to the political, financial and human exploitation of them.”

“The more the state has sought to alleviate the suffering inside Syria and worked on making the displaced return to their hometowns after liberating them from terrorism, the more it sought at the same time to work on the return of the refugees to the homeland being the only way for putting an end to their suffering,” he added.

The President noted that the states concerned in the file of refugees are hindering their return and the main basis of the scheme hatched against Syria is the issue of the refugees which has been prepared before the beginning of the crisis.

He indicated that the issue of refugees has been a source of corruption that has been exploited by a number of states which are supporting terrorism, and the return of refugees will deprive those from the political and material benefit.

“The file of the refugees abroad is an attempt by the states which support terrorism to condemn the Syrian state,” the President said, adding ” We will not allow the sponsors of terrorism to transform the Syrian refugees into a political paper to achieve their interests.”

The President called upon everyone who left the homeland due to terrorism to contribute to the reconstruction process as the homeland is for all of its people.

“Our national awareness has foiled the sinister scheme of our enemies which hasn’t finished yet…Some are still entrapped by the schemes of partition hatched by our enemies,” President al-Assad said.

President al-Assad asserted that “Dialogue is necessary, but there is a difference between the proposals that create dialogue and others which create partition and we should focus on the common things.”

“Criticism is a necessary issue when there is a default but it should be objective,” the President noted.

The President stressed that dialogue should be a fruitful one that is based on facts and not emotions, adding that such dialogue differentiates between those who have real problems and those who are opportunistic.

He noted that social media have contributed to a certain extent to the deterioration of the situation in the country.

“We all know that we are in a state of blockade, and we should deal with this positively and cooperatively,” he said, adding that “we shouldn’t think that war is over, and this is addressed to both citizens and officials alike.”

The President pointed out that “We are facing four wars. The first war is a military one; the second is the blockade, the third is via the internet and the forth is the war launched by the corrupt people.”

The state of negligence that happened recently in relation to shortage of gas cylinders is due to the lack of transparency on the part of the institutions concerned towards the citizens, the President noted.

Her stressed that the current situation demands great caution, explaining that since the enemies have failed through supporting terrorism and through their agents, they will seek to create chaos from inside the Syrian society.

He went on saying that the major challenge now is providing the basic living materials to the citizens that are suffering due to the blockade.

“The blockade,” he said, “is a battle in itself. It is a battle of attack and retreat similar to the military battles.”

The President said that those who suffer need to have their problems dealt with, not to listen to rhetorical speeches.
He highlighted the important role the Local Administration plays since “no matter how much honesty, integrity and how many good laws we have, they cannot be managed centrally.”

The President added that “We have laws, but we lack the standards and mechanisms, which even if they exist are weak and not good, and without the standards we will not be able to solve any problems, therefore we have to be practical in our dialogues.”

The President went on saying that “Suffering is the justification for looking for rights, but it cannot be a justification for treating the truth unfairly, and the truth says that there is war, terrorism and blockade, and the truth is that there is a lack of morality and there are selfishness and corruption, and part of these facts are out of our hands partially but not entirely.”

The President said that rebuilding the minds and reforming the souls is the biggest challenge, not the reconstruction of the infrastructure.

“When our enemies started the war, they knew that they would leave us destructive infrastructure, and they know that we will reconstruct it, but the hardest thing is to deal with the intellectual structure and we should not fail in that,” the President said.

The President stressed that the future of Syria is decided exclusively by the Syrians.

He said the sovereignty of states is a sacred thing, and that if this sovereignty is violated through aggression and terrorism, this does not mean abandoning its essence, which is the independent national decision.

The President stressed that “the constitution is not subject to bargaining. We will not allow the hostile states to achieve any of their objectives through their agents who hold the Syrian nationality.”

He added that hostile countries are still insisting on their aggression and obstruction of any special process if it is serious like Sochi and Astana.

He said that any role of the UN is welcomed if it is based on the UN Charter.

The President reaffirmed that there will be no dialogue between the national party and the agents, stressing that it is the people’s steadfastness and their support to the Syrian Arab Army is what has protected the homeland.

He went on saying that those who conspired against Syria have failed in their reliance on the terrorists and the agents in the political process, and therefore they have moved to the third stage, which is activating the Turkish agent in the northern areas.

The President made it clear that “Syria will be liberated to the last inch, and the interferers and occupiers are enemies.”

President al-Assad addressed the groups that serve as agents to the US saying: “the Americans will not protect you, and you will be a tool for bargaining in their hands. Only the Syrian Arab Army can defend you.”

“When we stand in one trench and aim in the same direction instead of aiming at each other, no threat can make us worried no matter how big,” the President said.

He added “We will not forget our kidnapped citizens, hundreds of whom have been liberated. We will not stop working until liberating them and we will not spare any chance to ensure their return.”

The President said “We all have responsibility and a national obligation to stand by the families of the martyrs and the injured.”

“The big recovery and stability will only be achieved through eliminating all the terrorists to the last one,” he stressed.

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فخامة الرئيس… المطلوب تغيير اتجاه دفة الدولة… منعاً للانهيار والانتحار

ديسمبر 31, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– أتوجّه إليك فخامة الرئيس بهذه الرسالة التي تعبر عما يختلج نفوس الكثيرين من الذين آمنوا بصدق مسعاك لبناء دولة مدنية والسير بخطى حثيثة لإصلاح نظامنا الفاسد، ووثقوا بأنك فرصة ربما لن تتكرر بسهولة لتكون لنا دولة قوية قادرة، ودولة مؤسسات وقانون يتساوى فيهما الناس في الحقوق الواجبات، ومجتمع يتعافى من العصبيات ويتماسك في ظل هوية وطنية تتعاظم مكانتها في نفوس أبنائه، وتتعزّز وحدته الوطنية، ورسموا في ذهنهم صورة عما سيكون مع رئاستكم للدولة من إخراج لاتفاق الطائف من كونه إطاراً للمحاصصات الطائفية ليتحوّل خريطة طريق نحو بناء الدولة، وفقاً لما نصّ عليه من سعي لإلغاء الطائفية، وإعادة صياغة دور لبنان في المنطقة انطلاقاً من علاقة لبنانية سورية تتخطى كل الأمراض والعقد والتلاعب السياسي والمصلحي، لكون هذه العلاقة وفقاً لاتفاق الوفاق الوطني في الطائف الركن الأساس في هوية لبنان العربية، ولكون المصالح الاقتصادية اللبنانية تبدأ وتنتهي عند الإجابة عن سؤال ماهية العلاقة بالعمق الجغرافي الذي تمثله سورية، وحجم وعود إعادة الإعمار فيها، وموقعها المفصلي جغرافيا كرئة يتنفس عبرها الاقتصاد اللبناني، عدا عن الحاجة الملحّة في حلول شاملة ونوعية لملف النازحين لا تفي به إلا بعلاقة متعافية بين لبنان وسورية.

– ها نحن فخامة الرئيس، أمام استحقاقين يتجمّعان معاً يطال كل واحد منهما كشف حساب حول عنوان من عنوانَيْ بناء الدولة والعلاقة اللبنانية السورية. وفي كليهما نشعر أن بلدنا يسير بالاتجاه العكسي لما كانت عليه آمالنا وتطلعاتنا ووعد وصولكم إلى رئاسة الجمهورية، وليس سواكم من يستطيع تصويب المسار، بعدما اختبرتم الفرضيات التي ظننتم أنها تصون لبنان، وتحقق استقراره وتقدمه نحو مشروع الدولة، وتضع العلاقة بين لبنان وسورية حيث يجب أن تكون، والقضية بالتأكيد ليست شأناً تقنياً في العنوانين، بل فعل ثقافة وسياسة وتوجهات ورسم خريطة أولويات، فخلال سنتين من عهدكم كان الجهد على إنتاج قانون للانتخابات النيابية أعقبته الانتخابات ومساعي تشكيل الحكومة، وكانت إدارة للعلاقة مع سورية تتظلّل ما سُمّي بخيار النأي بالنفس، وخير طريقة للحكم على صواب الخيار من عدمه هو ما حصدناه. وها هو المشهد الذي نراه مع مسار ولادة الحكومة يكفي للحكم على ما حصدناه في مسار بناء الدولة، بالفشل والخيبة والتراجع، حيث العصبيات أشدّ حضوراً من الوطنية بأضعاف، والمحاصصات أكثر فجوراً وفكرة الدولة يُصيبها الضعف والإضعاف، والناس من يأس إلى مرارة فوق مرارة تضاف. وفي الاستحقاق الثاني، نحن على أبواب القمة الاقتصادية العربية في بيروت، والعرب يتسابقون إلى دمشق، ودمشق غائبة عن بيروت، وبيروت غائبة عن دمشق، وفي الغياب يسقط النأي بالنفس لينضم لبنان إلى عرب بلا سورية، ويكون آخر وأسوأ لحظات التعبير عن القطيعة العربية لسورية، التي التزم لبنان بالنأي عنها، وها هو يستعدّ ليصير عنوانها، والعرب يستعدّون لإنهائها، ولبنان الاقتصاد غائب في القمة الاقتصادية، فماذا عساه يشتري وماذا عساه يبيع بدون علاقته بسورية، فالعناوين المقرّرة عن فتح الأسواق والربط الكهربائي والانفتاح على الفرص المقبلة، كلها تترجم بالنسبة للبنان بكلمة واحدة هي سورية.

– فخامة الرئيس، إن الكلام الصادق وحده ما يحتاجه نجاح العهد وما تحتاجه قيامة الوطن، ومن قلب صادق وعقل حريص، لا يبدو للحظة أن خيار قانون الانتخابات المبني على معادلة الاستنخاب الطائفي بفرضية الجمع بين تحسين التمثيل الوطني والتمثيل الطائفي كان خياراً موفقاً، فقد نهش القانون نفوس الناس وأضعف حسها الوطني وأيقظ العصبيات النائمة وشحذ اليقظة منها بمصادر القوة، وشقّ الطريق الواضح نحو فدرالية تنتظر الفرصة لتطل برأسها، فتحوّلت الطوائف إلى إقطاعيات يتقاسم تمثيلها قادة يفرح الطائفيون منهم بما حازوه، ويتأقلم الوطنيون منهم مع الطائفيات التي لا بقاء لهم دون الخضوع لمقتضياتها، وغاب كل حساب للهوية الوطنية والمصلحة الوطنية والحسابات الوطنية، وتهمش كل مؤمن بالوطن العابر للطوائف وازداد إحساسه بالغربة، وكأننا اليوم عشية النقاش حول اتفاق الطائف، نرتضي الفدرالية التي بني الطائف كله على السعي لدفنها، ونهض على روح عنوانها إسقاط خطر التقسيم وكل أنواع الفدرالية والتمسك ببديل واضح هو السير نحو إلغاء الطائفية، هذا بدلاً من أن نكون ونحن نتنافس ونتبارى بالحديث عن الطائف نضع روحه سقفاً ممنوع تخطيها أو تجاوزها، فكيف بنا نطعنها في الصميم.

– فخامة الرئيس، كيف يستقيم السعي لتنقية العلاقات اللبنانية السورية وإعادة صياغتها على أسس تحقق المصالح المشتركة ويسودها الاحترام المتبادل، وتجسّد مفهوم الأخوة والتعاون والتنسيق الذي شكل ركناً رئيسياً في اتفاق الطائف، وكل يوم يخرج مسؤول في الدولة يتبجّح بالعداء لسورية والتطاول على رموزها ورئيسها، وتربط الدولة كلها توقيت علاقاتها الطبيعية بسورية، بساعة الذين ناصبوها العداء، ونحن ندرك أن رهان الآخرين يسقط ورهانكم على قيامة سورية ينتصر، فكيف يستقيم أن يحكم لبنان رهان المهزومين، وأن يتحكّم هذا الرهان الخاسر بمصالح اللبنانيين الحيوية المتعلقة باستثمار لبنان لعلاقة مميزة مع سورية، في تطوير حياته الاقتصادية وحل قضية النازحين، وإرساء قواعد تبادل الفرص والمنافع، وكيف يستقيم أن ينعقد في لبنان آخر مؤتمر قمة عربية تغيب عنه سورية، مراعاة لداخل مريض أو خارج بغيض، أو حساباً لمصالح الآخرين على حساب مصلحة لبنان.

– اضرب بيدك على الطاولة يا فخامة الرئيس منعاً للانهيار ووقفاً للانتحار، فها نحن نخسر آخر ما تبقى لنا من رصيد هوية وطنية في الداخل، وهوية عربية في الخارج، وليس للهوية العربية من تجسيد وفقاً لاتفاق الطائف إلا العلاقة المميزة بسورية، وليس للهوية الوطنية من مقياس إلا التقدم نحو إلغاء الطائفية، والطريق واضح ويشبه الصلابة التي تجسّدونها، وفيه مفهوم الرئيس القوي، القوي بالموقف، والقوي بتلبية طموحات شعبه، ولك بين اللبنانيين الكثيرين الذين سيقفون خلفك عندما تقدّم، والمطلوب موقف وللموقف عنوان، إن لبنان سيوجّه الدعوة للرئيس السوري لحضور القمة وليرضَ مَن يرضى ويغضب من يغضب، ويشارك مَن يشارك ويقاطع مَن يقاطع، وعلى ضفة موازية تماماً، موقف لا يقل صلابة، أن الدولة اللبنانية لن تسير نحو الفدرالية، وقانون الانتخاب المريض يجب أن يسقط ومعه تسقط كل ثقافة المحاصصة، وها نحن ذاهبون إلى قانون انتخاب نصّت على مضمونه المادة 22 من الدستور بمجلس نيابي خارج القيد الطائفي معه يمكن تطبيق التمثيل النسبي واللوائح الحزبية في لبنان دائرة واحدة، ومجلس للشيوخ تتمثل فيه الطوائف ويقدّم الضمانات لطمأنة الهواجس الطائفية المشروعة فقط.

– فخامة الرئيس، أنتم الأعلم أن الموقف سلاح، وأن رسالة تحمل توقيعكم كرئيس للقمة الاقتصادية العربية تتوجّه للملوك والأمراء والرؤساء العرب تعلن عزمكم على دعوة رئيس الجمهورية العربية السورية لكل الأسباب العربية واللبنانية، إلى القمة العربية الاقتصادية في بيروت، ستنقل لبنان من موقع الملعب المفتوح للاعبين الآخرين إلى اللاعب الذي يدير قواعد المرحلة العربية الجديدة ويصون مصالح لبنان، وأن رسالة موازية للقادة اللبنانيين المشاركين في هيئة الحوار الوطني برئاستكم، تقول إن مسار التآكل والإنهيار يجب أن يتوقف وأن المطلوب تطبيق بنود اتفاق الطائف الإصلاحية والسير قدما بقانون انتخاب يستوحيها ويلتزم معاييرها، وبناء عليه تتم الدعوة لانعقاد هيئة الحوار لمناقشة الانسداد السياسي، كنتيجة للخراب الوطني الناتج عما جلبناه من تعاظم الحال الطائفية، وجعل البحث في المسار الحكومي ترجمة لهذا التوجّه وتلبية لاحتياجاته ومقتضياته، هذه خريطة طريق وحيدة نحتاجها، وتعيد رسم الأمل في السواد المقيم، ووحدها ستشكل الباب لوقف حال الإحباط والخيبة التي يعيشها اللبنانيون وتخيم على النخب الحاضرة للوقوف وراءكم كرمز لمشروع بناء الدولة عندما تقدمون وأنتم أهل العزم، وعلى قدر أهل العزم تأتي العزائم.

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Sudanese President Becomes First Arab Leader To Break Diplomatic Blockade On Syria, Meet With Assad

Sudanese President Becomes First Arab Leader To Break Diplomatic Blockade On Syria, Meet With Assad

South Front

On December 16, Sudan’s President, Omar al-Bashir, visited Syria and met with President Bashar al-Assad, thus becoming the first Arab leader to breaking the diplomatic blocked on the war torn country.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SAA) said that Assad welcomed al-Bashir in Damascus airport then both presidents headed to the People’s Palace, where they held a meeting on bilateral relations and developments in Syria and the region.

“President al-Assad and President al-Bashir affirmed that the circumstances and crises affecting several Arab countries require finding new approaches for Arab action that are based on respecting the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs, which should improve inter-Arab relations and serve the interests of the Arab people,” the SANA said in a press release.

During the meeting, al-Bashir said that weakening Syria means weakening Arab causes. The Sudanese President added that “despite the war, Syria continues to adhere to the standards of the Arab nations.”

“He [al-Bashir] voiced hope that Syria will recover its vitality and role in the region as soon as possible, and that its people will be able to decide the country’s future themselves without any foreign interference,” SANA said.

From his side, Assad affirmed that Syria still believes in Arabism and warned from the dependence of some Arab countries on the West that “will not bring any benefits to their peoples,” according to him.

Al-Bashir, who reportedly arrived aboard a Russian plane, has built a network of complicated relations across the Middle East over the last ten years. While he actively supports the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, the Sudanese President maintained excellent relations with Turkey and Qatar.

Local observers said that al-Bashir’s visit to Damascus will pave the way for other Arab leaders. Since the beginning of this year, Syria’s relations with Jordan, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt witnessed much improvement.

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