October Liberation 2018

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ On the 45th   Anniversary of October Liberation War, the Syria Times is honored to publish the historic speech of the late President Hafez Al-Assad on this occasion:

Brotherly citizens,

Our brave soldiers and army officers,

Our great people,

I salute each and every one of you. I address in you, today, the true Arabian spirit, the spirit of courage and heroism, the spirit of sacrifice and giving.

I address in you, your love to the homeland, and your faith in the cause you have decided to defend. For more than a week, the enemy has been mobilizing  and premeditating its forces, thinking it will deal a treacherous blow to us. But we were vigilant enough to monitor its movements and cantonments, and to repel its new potential aggression.  We did not allow the enemy to take us by surprise. So, our armed forces respond appropriately  to it  . Our brothers in Egypt did  not allow  the aggression  to take them by surprise. The great army of Egypt rushed to defend the dignity of Egypt and the dignity of the Arab Nation. Greetings to our army and  to our people, and a tribute to the army of Egypt and the great Arab people of Egypt.

I must at these  crucial moments pay  another tribute  from the heart to the  brave military forces ,  who came to our  country from our  Arab brotherly country of Morocco to take part in the  battle of pride and dignity and to sacrifice their blood generously ,  shoulder to shoulder with their brothers in Syria and Egypt . Thereby, they embody the unity of the nation, the common destiny and the  sanctity of the goal.

Today , we are fighting the battle of honor and pride, in defense of our precious land, for our glorious history , and of the heritage of our forefathers. We fight  the  battle, equipped  with faith in God and in ourselves; and with the solid  and compelling determination  that victory will be on our side.

 Israel is stubborn  and is  hit  by vanity,  and arrogance filled the heads of its officials. They continued their crime  and aggression. Their hearts  are filled with black hatred  against our people and against humanity. They are fret with thirst for bloodshed. Their footsteps disregard the principles and ideals of humanitarian principles and sublime morals and the international laws and resolutions.

Such persons are, the same, like their predecessors, among  the advocates of war,  do not confine themselves  to a limit, nor get deterred , unless they are deterred  by people who believe in their own  right, and fight for their freedom and own  existence.

 While we do our duty to defend our land and the honor of our nation, we are ready to make every sacrifice and accept all challenges in order to win the right and win principles, so that  just peace would prevail.

Brotherly citizens,

Adversity is the touchstone for the nature of peoples, and a test for their authenticity. The more severe the crisis is, the more the pure  metal revealed and the entrenched originality confirmed .

You are the sons of a nation, which has been known throughout history for stances of manhood and pride, of heroism and redemption.  You are the sons of the nation that had carried the message of light and faith into all the corners of the earth, and  the  entire world was a witness to its  highest traits and noblest morals.

You are the  descendants of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali, God bless them.  You are the  grandchildren  of Khalid, Abu Obeida, and Amre, and Saad, and Salah al-Din.  The conscience of our nation calls on us, and the souls of our martyrs ignite us as to abide by the teachings  reflected in  Yarmouk, Qadisiya, Hittin, and  Ein Jallout. The  eyes and hearts  of the masses of our nation from  the Atlantic to the Gulf are now clinging   to our great steadfastness .These masses  are all hope and  confidence  that we are proceeding towards  ultimate victory.

Dear brave soldiers and army officers,

We are the rightful  owners and the owners of a just cause, and God grant victory to the one who is  rightful defending his right. You are defending today the honor of the Arab nation, preserving its  dignity and existence, and  rendering sacrifices , so that the future generations  are to live satisfied and secure.

 By accident , it  is the  will of the Almighty God that your Jihad  is in  one of the days of  the holy month, the month of Ramadan, the month of jihad. The month of the Battle of Badr, the month of victory. A bright chapter in the history of our armed forces  to be added   to the many chapters of  heroism and sacrifice, testified by the blood of our martyrs  throughout the history of our country and   Arab nation .

Our ancestors have won victory through faith , sacrifice and  through their racing  to win martyrdom in defense of our divine religion and the rightful message . Today, through your courage  and heroism , you have revived  these  spirits alongside the  glorious  Arab tradition.

Your weapon is  but a deposit  in your hands , that you have  to use properly. The honor of the Arab soldier is your responsibility  and the future of our peoples is in your hand,  for the sake of which you  have to fight relentlessly.

Our  people whose sons  survive great  enthusiasm stand, one line,  behind you, protecting your back lines , and supporting your struggle by all means .  The masses of our Arab nation stand  behind our people. This position by the Arab nation is dedicated by national duty  in this crucial phase.  Behind our people, there also many friends in the world who stand in support of our cause and struggle.

We are not amateurs of killing and destruction, but we are repulsing murder and destruction from ourselves.

We are not the aggressors and never were   aggressors; but we were and are still defending ourselves, repulsing the aggression.

We do not want death to anyone, but we repulse death off our people.

We love freedom and we want it for ourselves and for others. We are  struggling  today ,  so that our people will  enjoy  their freedom.

 We are advocates of peace, and  we work for peace for the sake of  our people and for all the peoples of the world. And we struggle  today in order to live in peace .

Proceed with God’s blessing, when Allah render you victory, no one would defeat you.

Peace be upon you


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim





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The Yom Kippur Syndrome

September 18, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


A message to Jews from Gilad Atzmon

When the Yom Kippur War broke out 45 years ago I was ten years old.  I recall a lot of fear all around me. Israel was my home and it was about to be wiped out. This is what I believed at the time, and this is what everyone around me repeated. We were all certainly caught unprepared.

My father was called up by the Air Force in the early hours of Yom Kippur (October 6th 1973). We didn’t hear from him for a few weeks. We didn’t know whether he was alive. In fact, we had good reason to believe he wasn’t. We were very worried.  For the adults around me, the first days of the war were a reminder of the Shoah. Israeli leaders, Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan as well as the top Israeli military command appeared perplexed and hesitant on TV. Their message was: ‘the future isn’t clear, we may even witness the destruction of the 3rd temple.’

Years later, when I became an avid reader of history and military texts, it became clear to me that the collective Shoah dread into which we immersed ourselves was a manifestation of Jewish pre traumatic stress disorder (Pre TSD). We were tormented by a phantasmic fear. Neither the Syrians nor the Egyptian armies had plans to ‘destroy Israel,’ wipe out the Jewish state or ‘throw the Jews into the sea’. Their military objectives were, in fact, very limited. Neither the Egyptians nor the Syrians wished to expand their military ground operation beyond a few miles into the Sinai and the Golan Heights. Both Arab armies were dependent on Soviet ground to air missiles that severely limited Israeli air superiority above the battlefield. The Soviet missile umbrella provided about 10 miles of anti air cover and the Arab armies had no intent to proceed beyond that ‘safe’ zone.

It took me years to grasp that Israel’s panic during the first few days of the war led to some serious military blunders (such as the IDF’s disastrous counter offensive on the 8th of October). This panic was fuelled by projection.  Believing that the Arabs were ‘about to throw the Jews into the sea’, Israeli generals and cabinet members reacted irrationally and wasted their limited reserve forces in a  counter offensive that failed and cost many Israeli lives.

But why did the Israelis believe that the Arabs were about to throw them into the sea? Why did they assume the Arab armies were murderous or possibly genocidal? Why did PM Golda Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan believe that the ‘3rd temple’ was about to be annihilated?  Simple, because the Israelis were and still are driven by lethal inclinations towards their neighbours. It was the Israelis who literally pushed the Palestinians into the sea in 1948 into the sea. Israelis were panicking because they were projecting their own symptoms onto the Arabs. 

In ‘The Wandering Who’ I elaborate on projection in the context of Jewish ‘pre traumatic stress.’ The principle is simple. The more murderous and sinister one is, the more fearful one becomes of others. Humans tend to attribute their own reasoning and symptoms onto others. Accordingly, the more menacing one is, the more sinister one believes the other to be.

Israelis consistently attribute their own racist and barbarian symptoms onto the Palestinians. The possibility that a Palestinian or an Arab would be as merciless as the IDF causes real and total panic for the Israeli. The thought that the Palestinians, for instance, would want to displace a quarter of Israeli citizens and massacre Israelis as the IDF has done to Gaza numerous times must evoke terror amongst Israelis and for a good reason.

But this state of collective anxiety is not unique to Israelis; it is embedded in Jewish culture. Basically, Jews are tormented by anti Semitism because they assume that their own ‘goy hatred’ is echoed by ‘Jew hatred’ from their gentile neighbours. As Martin Heidegger noted in the 1930s, the Jews opposed in the Nazis the racism which they recognized from themselves. Heidegger wrote in his Black Notebooks: the Jewish people, with their talent for calculation, were so vehemently opposed to the Nazi’s racial theories because

“they themselves have lived according to the race principle for longest.”

In 1973 Israel believed that that the Arabs were out to eradicate them because this is exactly what the Israelis would have liked to do to the Arabs.

The Syndrome

Projection is just one aspect of the Yom Kippur war. I guess that, at least from a philosophical perspective, the most interesting aspect of the 73 War was that it marked a sudden switch from Judeo centric manic ‘hubris’ to melancholia, apathy and depression.

Following their outstanding 1967 military victory, the Israelis developed an arrogant disrespectful attitude toward Arabs and their military capability. Israeli intelligence predicted that it would take years for Arab armies to recover. The Israeli military didn’t believe that the Arab soldier had the ability to fight, let alone score a victory.

But on 6 October 1973, the Israelis had a devastating surprise. This time the Arab soldier was very different. The Israeli military strategy that was built on air superiority and fast ground maneuvers supported by tanks was crushed in only a few hours. The Egyptians and Syrians helped by new Soviet antitank and ground to air missiles managed to dismantle Israeli’s might. In the first days of the war Israel suffered heavy casualties and, as mentioned above, the Israeli leadership and high command were in a state of despair. This type of crisis wasn’t new to the Jews. It is consistently symptomatic of Jewish culture to be ‘surprised’ and overwhelmed by the Goyim’s fierce resilience.

The Israeli military fiasco at the first stage of the war was a repetition of a tragic syndrome that is as old as the Jews themselves. Jewish hubris that is driven by a strong sense of choseness and that repeatedly leads to horrific consequences is what I call ‘The Yom Kippur Syndrome.’  The syndrome can be defined as a repeated chain of events that drive Jewish societies towards an extreme irrational sense of pride, arrogance, self-confidence and blindness toward others and the tragedy that inevitably follows.

On October 6th, the Israelis realised that they had grossly underestimated their enemies.  But it wasn’t the first time such a mistake occurred in Jewish history. Every Jewish disaster is, to a certain extent, a repetition of the Yom Kippur Syndrome. In 1920s Berlin the Jewish elite boasted of its power. Some rich Jews were convinced that Germany and its capital were Jewish occupied territories. At the time, a few German Jews dominated banking and influenced Germany’s politics and media. In addition, the Frankfurt School as well as other Jewish school of thoughts were openly dedicated to the cultural uprooting of Germans, all in the name of, ‘progress,’ ‘working class politics,’ phenomenology and cultural Marxism. Then, almost from nowhere, as far as German Jews were concerned, a tidal wave of resentment appeared. And the rest is known.

But was there really a sudden shift in German consciousness? Should German ‘anti Semitism’ have come as a surprise? Not at all. All necessary signs had been present for some time. In fact, Early Zionists such as Herzl and Nordau correctly predicted the inevitable rise of European anti Jewish sentiments. But Jewish hubris prevented Berlin’s Jewish elite from evaluating the growing opposition around them. The Yom Kippur Syndrome.

The same could be said of the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC, Friends of Israel clubs in Britain, the BOD, the three British Jewish papers that, in the name of British Jewry, declared war on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.  These Jewish lobbies and institutions that relentlessly seek influence over Western foreign affairs and the Labour Party in particular: do they grasp the level of resentment and the potential disaster they are bringing on their fellow Jews?

Can the Jew recover from the Yom Kippur Syndrome? Can the Jew somehow detect resentment as it grows and amend his or her ways?  All it takes is drifting away from choseness. But once stripped of choseness what is left of the Jew or for the Jew?

This may be the most devastating question and the true meaning of the existential Yom Kippur Syndrome; there is no Jewish collective ideological escape for the Jew. Zionism failed to provide the goods and the so called ‘anti Zionists’ have done little other than form their own racially exclusive enclaves of chosenness within the so called ‘Left over.’

The only escape route from the Yom Kippur Syndrome is personal and individual. Try leaving the tribe late in the night, crawl under the ghetto fence, dig a tunnel under the ‘separation wall’ if necessary and then once on land of the free, proceed quietly and modestly towards the humane and the universal.

Good luck

An Israeli war on Egypt; taking a stand is a duty حرب «إسرائيلية» على مصر والموقف واجب

An Israeli war on Egypt; taking a stand is a duty

ديسمبر 4, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,حرب «إسرائيلية» على مصر والموقف واجب

There are facts that must be fixed before discussing the position which must be adopted by the forces of the resistance axis, its elites and its followers towards the terrorist operations which target it. For sure, it is a position of solidarity from the initial clear considerations towards the nature of the terrorist aggression against the Egyptian people, its security, and its stability without any ambiguity. What we want to discuss is beyond the initial, humanitarian, moral, and national position especially because in Egypt there are no ambiguities similar to the situation of the war in Libya and the infiltration of terrorism behind local facades in an open civil war.

The first fact is that the debate about the Egyptian-Saudi relationship and its ceilings in the Egyptian foreign policy must not prevent taking into consideration what is going on in Egypt. The subject of the official political discourse of Egypt which sometimes is wrong and sometimes is right is not the war and the position towards it, especially if the one who launches this war bets on the non-cohesion of the axis of resistance behind Egypt in its war, because it monopolizes making use of confusions which are created by the debate about choices, positions, and the resulting differences at least at the level of the public and the elites, in addition to the decision-makers level.

The second fact is that during the crucial moment experienced by the region with the double-breaking of the war waged by Washington against the axis of the resistance, and the terrorism in Syria and Iraq Israel seems at the most difficult state of confusion, and the searching for mechanisms for the new demarcation lines. Due to Egypt’s size and its geographical, political, military, and population status, and its open policy on the major countries and their settlements it is nominated to play roles, while Israel is feeling that it is a source of danger on its plans, and a reason of concern about its considerations whether in Syria or Lebanon. Both of them are a source of concern to Israel directly, especially in Palestine where Egypt as Israel is present powerfully, but they are not present together.

The third truth is that the arrangements of the Israeli house means the arrangement of the so-called backyards, most importantly Golan, the southern of Lebanon, and Gaza, it is an impossible arrangement with the Israeli capacities alone, and it is impossible through the Israeli wars, moreover it is not possible but only if Israel succeeds in embroiling Egypt to exert pressure on Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon, and through exerting pressure on the resistance in Palestine as a condition for its sponsorship. Israel succeeded in making use of the terrorist operations which targeted Egypt to link them with the relationship between Hamas Movement and the Muslim Brotherhood organization and confusing the Egyptian security about the sponsor party of terrorism, as well as the borders through which the terrorists get the safe shelter. During the crisis of the Gulf-Egyptian relationships with Qatar and its effect on Hamas, the Israeli bet was on the joint Egyptian-Israeli reaping, regarding the future of the resistance weapons in Gaza as a weapon of support of terrorism, which is a condition for lifting the double siege of the Egyptian and Israeli sides on Gaza, but the Egyptian position was decisive by neutralizing the resistance’s weapons from the negotiation.

The fourth fact is that the experience of the Egyptian security and its long history do not allow it to believe the hypothesis of the ability of the terrorist groups to possess the ability to move as armies without borders that form a safe shelter and without a support that protects it in infiltration, moving, transforming weapons, equipments, and funds. Despite all the tension in the relationships of Egypt with Turkey and Qatar and despite all the harm from which Egypt suffered through the long positioning of Hamas under the ceiling of the Muslim Brotherhood and their conflict with the government in Egypt. The Egyptian security succeeded in tracing the lines to discover the Israeli sponsorship of the terrorist groups in Sinai, especially after the Egyptian President has already warned according to the reports received by the security services about the hypotheses of the displacement of ISIS after its defeat in Syria and Iraq towards Sinai, before the last massacre which interpreted these expectations which built on information that documents the Israeli role in transferring and putting the militants of ISIS in Sinai in conjunction with the position of Egypt which sponsors the Palestinian reconciliation, including neutralizing the weapons of the resistance.

Depending on all of that there is a strategic intelligence war between Egypt and Israel, its title is Sinai, as a backyard of Israel and an alternative capital to ISIS or an Egyptian full-sovereign territory. The subject of attraction is the usage of ISIS by Israel to subdue Egypt and to oblige it to change its regional intervention starting from Gaza by positioning in a hostile position against the forces of the resistance, towards linking its intervention in Syria and Lebanon with the same hostile titles in exchange of the security of the Egyptians which Israel thinks that it has control on it by having control on ISIS. So Egypt and its position in the new maps of the region becomes the winning card in drawing balances and in determining the status of Israel as a loser or as a winner in the wars of the region. It is the conflict over Egypt.

If the resistance’s forces in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen cannot make an influence in this confrontation but through the solidarity with Egypt, its government, army, people and transcending all the differences about the political and the media performance, and in calling the public and the elites to express this position with strength and stability, the resistance forces in Palestine is called to know that this war is the war of its existence, so it has to wage it along with Egypt strongly, and to disclose what it has as facts and documents about the relationship of ISIS and the other formations of the Takfiri terrorism with Israel. This is the task of Hamas mainly and it has many things to do, but most importantly is the ability of the resistance forces to contribute in a way that does not expose Egypt to danger by making the security of Israel versus the security of Egypt. The proper equation is that the relationship of Israel with tampering the Egyptian security will not put the weapons of the resistance into negotiation, but the security of Israel will be under negotiation, so the Israeli government which is keen on its security has to stop tampering with the Egyptian security, because this tampering aims at driving Egypt to accept the blackmailing by obliging it to discuss the fate of the resistance’s weapons.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

حرب «إسرائيلية» على مصر والموقف واجب

نوفمبر 28, 2017

ناصر قنديل

حرب «إسرائيلية» على مصر والموقف واجب

– ثمة حقائق لا بدّ من تثبيتها قبل مناقشة الموقف الواجب على قوى محور المقاومة ونخبها وجمهورها من العمليات الإرهابية التي تستهدفها. وهو بلا تردّد موقف تضامني من الاعتبارات المبدئية لجهة طبيعة العدوان الإرهابي بلا أيّ التباس وطبيعة المستهدَف وهو الشعب المصري وأمنه واستقراره بلا أيّ التباس. وما نريد مناقشته أبعد من الموقف المبدئي الإنساني والأخلاقي والوطني، خصوصاً أنّ في ما تشهده مصر لا التباسات تشبه حال الحرب في ليبيا وتسلّل الإرهاب وراء واجهات محلية في حرب أهلية مفتوحة.

– الحقيقة الأولى هي أنّ النقاش حول العلاقة المصرية السعودية وسقوفها في السياسة الخارجية المصرية لا يجوز أن يحول دون رؤية حقيقة ما يجري في مصر، كما أنّ الخطاب السياسي الرسمي لمصر الذي يُصيب ويخطئ ليس موضوعاً ميدانه هذه الحرب والموقف منها، خصوصاً إذا كان مَن يشنّ هذه الحرب يراهن على عدم تماسك محور المقاومة وراء مصر في حربها لاستفرادها بالاستفادة من الالتباسات والتشويش اللذين يخلقهما النقاش حول الخيارات والمواقف والتباينات الناتجة عن ذلك، على الأقلّ على مستوى الجمهور والنخب، إنْ لم يكن على مستوى صنّاع القرار.

– الحقيقة الثانية أنّ اللحظة الحرجة التي تعيشها المنطقة مع انكسار مزدوج للحرب التي شنّتها واشنطن على محور المقاومة، وللإرهاب في سورية والعراق، وهو في وجه من وجوهه إحدى أدوات تلك الحرب، تبدو «إسرائيل» في أقصى حالات الارتباك، والبحث عن آليات الدخول على خطوط ترسيم الخرائط الجديدة، وتبدو مصر بسبب حجمها الطبيعي ومكانتها الجغرافية والسياسية والعسكرية والسكانية، وسياستها المفتوحة على القوى الكبرى وتسوياتها، مرشحة للعب أدوار، تستشعر «إسرائيل» أنها مصدر خطر على خططها وسبب قلق على حساباتها، سواء في سورية أو لبنان، وكلاهما يعنيان «إسرائيل» مباشرة، ولكن خصوصاً في فلسطين حيث تحضر مصر وتحضر «إسرائيل» بقوة ولا تحضران معاً.

– الحقيقة الثالثة هي أنّ ترتيب البيت «الإسرائيلي» يعني ترتيب ما يُسمّى بالحدائق الخلفية وأهمّها الجولان وجنوب لبنان، خصوصاً غزة. وهو ترتيب مستحيل بالمقدّرات «الإسرائيلية» وحدها، ومستحيل بالحروب «الإسرائيلية»، وغير ممكن إلا إذا نجحت «إسرائيل» بتوريط مصر بجعل الضغط على حزب الله في سورية ولبنان عنواناً لمداخلتها، والضغط على المقاومة في فلسطين شرطاً لرعايتها، وقد نجحت «إسرائيل» باستعمال العمليات الإرهابية التي استهدفت مصر لربطها بعلاقة حركة حماس بتنظيم الإخوان المسلمين، وتشويش الأمن المصري حول الجهة الراعية لهذا الإرهاب، والحدود التي يحظى الإرهابيون عبرها بالملاذ الآمن. وكان الرهان «الإسرائيلي» مع أزمة العلاقات الخليجية والمصرية بقطر وانعكاسها على حماس، أن يكون القطاف مصرياً «إسرائيلياً» مشتركاً، بالنظر لمستقبل سلاح المقاومة في غزة كسلاح داعم للإرهاب، مطروح على الطاولة نزعه كشرط لفكّ الحصار المزدوج من الجهتين المصرية و«الإسرائيلية» على غزة. فجاء الموقف المصري حاسماً بتحييد سلاح المقاومة من التفاوض ضربة على رؤوس «الإسرائيليين».

– الحقيقة الرابعة أنّ خبرة الأمن المصري وعراقته لا تسمح له بتصديق فرضية قدرة جماعات إرهابية على امتلاك قدرة التحرّك بأحجام تعادل حركة جيوش، من دون حدود تشكّل ملاذاً آمناً، ومن دون ظهير يحمي التسلل والانتقال والتدفق ونقل السلاح والمعدّات والأموال، ورغم كلّ التوتر في علاقات مصر بتركيا وقطر، وكلّ الأذى اللاحق بمصر من تموضع حماس لفترة طويلة تحت سقف الإخوان وصراعهم مع الحكم في مصر، فقد نجح الأمن المصري بتتبّع الخطوط والخيوط، ليكتشف الرعاية «الإسرائيلية» للجماعات الإرهابية في سيناء، خصوصاً بعدما سبق ونبّه الرئيس المصري للتقارير التي ترده من أجهزة الأمن حول فرضيات نزوح داعش بعد هزيمتها في سورية والعراق نحو سيناء، قبل المذبحة الأخيرة التي ترجمت هذه التوقعات المبنية على معلومات توثق الدور «الإسرائيلي» في نقل وتوضيع مسلحي داعش في سيناء، بالتزامن مع موقف مصر الراعي للمصالحة الفلسطينية ومن ضمنها تحييد سلاح المقاومة.

– بالاستناد لكلّ ذلك تدور حرب استخبارية استراتيجية بين مصر و«إسرائيل»، عنوانها سيناء حديقة خلفية لـ«إسرائيل» وعاصمة بديلة لداعش، أم أرض مصرية كاملة السيادة، وموضوع التجاذب استخدام داعش «إسرائيلياً» لتركيع مصر وإلزامها، بتعديل وجهة تدخّلها الإقليمي بدءاً من غزة، بالتموضع في موقع عدائي لقوى المقاومة، وصولاً لربط مداخلتها في سورية ولبنان بالعناوين العدائية ذاتها، مقابل أمن مصر والمصريين الذي تظنّ «إسرائيل» أنها تمسكه بإمساكها بـ«داعش»، لتصير مصر وموقعها في الخرائط الجديدة للمنطقة بيضة القبان في رسم التوازنات واستطراداً تحديد مكانة «إسرائيل» كرابح أو خاسر بحصيلة حروب المنطقة، وهو الصراع على مصر بكلّ ما تعني الكلمة.

– إذا كانت قوى المقاومة في لبنان وسورية والعراق وإيران واليمن لا تملك التأثير في هذه المواجهة إلا بالتضامن الحارّ مع مصر حكومة وجيشاً وشعباً وتخطي كلّ الملاحظات التي تطال التباينات حول الأداء السياسي والإعلامي، ودعوة الجمهور والنخب للتعبير عن هذا الموقف بكلّ قوة وثبات، إلا أنّ قوى المقاومة في فلسطين مدعوّة لإدراك أنّ هذه الحرب حرب وجودها، وأنّ عليها خوضها إلى جانب مصر بقوّة، وأن تفضح بما لديها من وقائع ووثائق علاقة داعش وأخواته من متفرّعات الإرهاب التكفيري بـ«إسرائيل». وهذه مهمة حماس بصورة رئيسية ولديها الكثير الكثير، ولعلّ الأهمّ هو تمكّن قوى المقاومة من تقديم الإسهام النوعي الذي لا يعرّض مصر للمخاطرة، بجعل أمن «إسرائيل» في كفة موازية لأمن مصر. فالمعادلة الواجبة هي أنّ علاقة «إسرائيل» بالعبث بالأمن المصري لن تطرح سلاح المقاومة على الطاولة، بل ستضع أمن «إسرائيل» نفسه على الطاولة، وعلى الحكومة «الإسرائيلية» الحريصة على أمنها أن توقف هذا العبث بالأمن المصري، الهادف أصلاً لدفع مصر لقبول الابتزاز بجرّها لبحث مصير سلاح المقاومة.

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Egypt Mosque Attack: 230+ Martyred in Sinai Massacre

Local Editor

25-11-2017 | 11:01

Militants martyred more than 230 people at a mosque in North Sinai Friday, detonating a bomb and gunning down worshippers in the deadliest such attack of Egypt’s modern history, state media and witnesses said.

Egypt Mosque Attack

No group immediately claimed responsibility, but since 2013 Egyptian security forces have battled a stubborn Wahhabi Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] affiliate in the desert region, and militants have killed hundreds of police and soldiers.

State media showed images of bloodied victims and bodies covered in blankets inside the Al-Rawda mosque in Bir al-Abed, west of Al-Arish, the main city in North Sinai.

Worshippers were finishing Friday prayers at the mosque when a bomb exploded, witnesses said. Around 40 gunmen set up positions outside the mosque with jeeps and opened fire from different directions as people tried to escape.

“Four groups of armed men attacked the worshippers inside the mosque after Friday noon prayers. Two groups were firing at ambulances to deter them,” said Mohammad, a witness. The public prosecutors’ office said 235 people had been killed and 109 more wounded.

Hours after the attack, Egypt’s military launched airstrikes on targets in mountainous areas around Bir al-Abed, security sources and witnesses said.

“The armed forces and the police will avenge our martyrs and restore security and stability with the utmost force,” Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said in a televised address.

“What is happening is an attempt to stop us from our efforts in the fight against terrorism, to destroy our efforts to stop the terrible criminal plan that aims to destroy what is left of our region.”

Egypt later said it would delay the opening of the Rafah border crossing to Gaza after the attack due to security concerns. The crossing had been due to open for three days beginning Saturday. Striking at a mosque would be a change in tactics for the Sinai militants, who have usually attacked troops, police and Christian churches.

The militants have also attacked local tribes and their militias for working with the army and police, branding them traitors.

Sisi, a former armed forces commander who presents himself as a bulwark against extremist militancy, convened an emergency meeting with his defense and interior ministers and intelligence chief soon after the attack.

Security has long been one of the key sources of public support for the former general, who is expected to run for re-election early next year for another four-year term.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri contacted Sisi to give his condolences for the attack.

“These attacks revealed the falsity of taking religious as a pretext to commit the most heinous crimes against innocents,” Hariri’s press office said in a statement, “These attacks call for the necessity to unite all efforts to deracinate terrorism from its roots and protect Islam and Muslims from those who violate their security, religion and safety of their homelands.”

US President Donald Trump, in a post on Twitter Friday, called the assault a “horrible and cowardly terrorist attack.”

“The world cannot tolerate terrorism, we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence,” he added. A White House statement called on the international community to strengthen its efforts to defeat terrorist groups.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent condolences to Sisi, calling the attack “striking for its cruelty and cynicism,” while condemnations poured in from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also condemned the attack and said Paris stood with its ally.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

The national forces of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt الجيوش الوطنية في سورية والعراق ومصر

 The national forces of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt

نوفمبر 7, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,حرب سعوديّة أم حرب «إسرائيليّة» بواجهة سعودية؟

It was clear and certified that there is a plan that aims at destroying and dismantling the national forces especially in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. For those who want to ask about the future of the Israeli project in the region, have to measure the outcome of what has happened at the level of the future of these armies, and to measure as well the future of the disintegration projects from the most important gate which is represented by the separatist attempt of the Kurdistan region in Iraq.

A look at the situation of the armies in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, especially because the Syrian and the Iraqi armies have been exposed to systematic dismantling projects and have suffered from serious losses in their structure, armament, and geographical control, shows that these armies got out of war stronger than what they were before, more cohesive, and have more experience, number, steadfastness, morale, armament, and skill.

In Syria and Iraq we are in front of two armies of one million  soldiers and officers who have the most modern military weapons that were tested in the fields, they got out of battles which last for years victorious contrary to many armies in the world, these armies are surrounded by about two million  people in similar fighting organizations as the national and the popular defense in Syria, and the popular Crowd in Iraq, in coordination with a resistance that can mobilize  a quarter of a million fighters led by an elite of fifty thousand fighters who master all kinds of wars and have all kinds of weapons. While in the strategic depth which is represented by Iran there is an army of million soldiers surrounded by five million of Revolutionary Guard and mobilization forces who participated in the wars of Syria and Iraq. So it is not hidden that in Lebanon and Egypt some of that also, moreover, in Palestine there is a resistance that is recovering after the plight of the wrong positioning of some of its factions in the war of Syria.

The Israeli leadership looks from this perspective to its future in the region, but it finds it black, it commemorates the centenary of Balfour Declaration as a one hundred year non-renewal promise, as the British 99-years lease contracts, where Israel has completed it in 1946. Many predictors and soothsayers ensured its end before that date, while the seculars and the scientists said depending on facts and figures that Israel will not withstand till that date, maybe the next decade will be the date of its demise, so if it does not go to war to accelerate the historic confrontation others will drive it to, otherwise why do they accumulate arms and expertise and spend money for that?

I have asked three leading figures of active influential countries in the wars of the region, who have relation with the security and the military act about if there is a final conception of the formula of settlements in the region, their answer was the same; almost everything is clear and decisive but what is delaying is the complex of the American insistence on ensuring the security of Israel and the impossibility of getting this guarantee, therefore the settlements will take place gradually as well as the combination between the understandings and the imposing of the fait accompli and linking the ongoing conflict about the security of Israel till something great happens, they added either to indulge in a war that is difficult to stop or Israel has to accelerate to accept the comprehensive withdrawal till the line of the fourth of June of the year 1967 and the establishment of real Palestinian state, then there will be card shuffling that will change the rules of engagement.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


الجيوش الوطنية في سورية والعراق ومصر

نوفمبر 3, 2017

حرب سعوديّة أم حرب «إسرائيليّة» بواجهة سعودية؟ناصر قنديل

– كان واضحاً وموثقاً أنّ ثمة مخططاً يستهدف تدمير وتفكيك الجيوش الوطنية، خصوصاً في سورية والعراق ومصر، وللذين يريدون التساؤل عن مستقبل المشروع «الإسرائيلي» في المنطقة، أن يقيسوا حاصل ما جرى على مستوى مستقبل هذه الجيوش، وأن يقيسوا بالتوازي معها مستقبل مشاريع التفتيت من بوابة المشروع الأشدّ أهمية وجاهزية، الذي مثّله المسعى الانفصالي لإقليم كردستان في العراق.

– إنّ نظرة نحو حال الجيوش في مصر وسورية والعراق، خصوصاً في سورية والعراق، وقد تعرّض الجيشان لمشاريع تفكيك منهجية، وتلقى كلّ منهما إصابات بالغة في بنيته وتسليحه وسيطرته الجغرافية، تفيد بأنها جيوش تخرج من هذه الحرب أشدّ قوة مما كانت قبلها، وأكثر تماسكاً وخبرة وعديداً وثباتاً ومعنويات وتسليحاً ومهارة.

– في سورية والعراق نحن أمام جيشين من مليون جندي وضابط يملكون أحدث العتاد الحربي وقد اختبروه في الميدان، وخرجوا من معارك لم يعِش مثلها جيشُ في العالم لسنوات ويخرج منتصراً، محاطين بحوالي مليوني منضوٍ في أطر رديفة للقتال كالدفاع الوطني والشعبي في سورية والحشد الشعبي في العراق، وبالتنسيق مع مقاومة تستطيع تعبئة ربع مليون مقاتل تقودهم نخبة من خمسين ألف مقاتل يتقنُون أنواع الحروب كلها ويملكون أنواع السلاح كافة، وفي العمق الاستراتيجي الذي تمثله إيران جيش من مليون جندي وحوله خمسة ملايين بين حرس ثوري وقوات تعبئة، وقد شاركوا في حربَيْ سورية والعراق، وليس خافياً، أنّ في لبنان ومصر بعضاً من هذا، وفي فلسطين حال مقاومة تتعافى بعد محنة التموضع الخاطئ لبعض فصائلها في حرب سورية.

– تنظر القيادة «الإسرائيلية» بهذه الحسابات لمستقبلها في المنطقة فتراه أسود، وهي تحتفل بمئوية وعد بلفور، كأنه وعد مئة عام غير قابلة للتجديد، كحال عقود الليزينغ البريطانية سقفها تسعة وتسعون سنة، ستتمّها «إسرائيل» عام 1946، فيكثر المتنبئون والمنجمون بزوالها قبل هذا التاريخ، وينظر العلمانيون والعلميون بعيون أخرى تقول بالوقائع والأرقام إنّ «إسرائيل» لن تصمد حتى ذلك التاريخ، فربما يكون العقد المقبل موعد الرحيل، فإنْ لم تذهب هي للحرب لتسريع المواجهة التاريخية، سيأتيها بالحرب الآخرون، وإلا فلماذا يكدّسون السلاح والخبرات وينفقون عليهما الأموال؟

– ثلاث شخصيات قيادية ذات صلة بالعمل الأمني والعسكري من دول فاعلة ومؤثرة في حروب المنطقة، سألتهم السؤال ذاته، هل من تصوّر نهائي لصيغة التسويات في المنطقة، كان جوابهم واحداً، كل شيء تقريباً واضح ومحسوم، والذي يؤخّر هو عقدة الإصرار الأميركي على ضمان أمن «إسرائيل»، واستحالة الحصول على هذه الضمانة، ولذلك ستتمّ التسويات بالتدريج والمزاوجة بين التفاهمات وفرض الأمر الواقع، وربط النزاع المستمرّ حول أمن «إسرائيل» حتى يحدث شيء كبير، وعن هذا الشيء الكبير قالوا، إما الانزلاق لحرب يصعُب وقفها تكتبُ هي الجواب، أو مسارعة «إسرائيل» لقبول الانسحاب الشامل حتى خط الرابع من حزيران من العام 1969 وقيام دولة فلسطينية حقيقية، عندها سيحدث خلط أوراق يغيّر قواعد الاشتباك.

نارام سرجون : العبرانيون عبروا كل شيء الا جبال دمشق .. وثائق سرية من حرب تشرين

السادات حارب بجيش عبد الناصر التائق لثأر حزيران .. وبعقيدة جيش عبد الناصر .. ولكن نتيجة الحرب كانت ضد عقيدة عبد الناصر وضد جيش مصر

Image result for ‫حرب تشرين‬‎

نارام سرجون

لاتزال أسرار حرب تشرين مقفلا عليها بالمزاليج الفولاذية .. ولاشك أن فيها كثيرا مما سيفاجئنا الى حد الدهشة التي قد تصيبنا بالصدمة .. ففيها لايزال أشياء لم يفرج عنها حتى الآن لأن كل مايحدث الآن له علاقة بما جرى في السر بين السادات والاميريكيين .. لأن كل مايحدث منذ 1979 وحتى اليوم سببه غياب مصر .. فاسرائيل لم تكن قادرة على اجتياح لبنان مرتين في الثمانيات لو أن حدودها الجنوبية منشغلة بالجيش المصري وقلقة من ردة فعله في ظهرها جنوبا .. كما أن عاصفة الصحراء لم تكن لتحدث لو ان مصر كانت لاتزال زعيمة للعالم العربي وتمنع عبور أساطيل الغزاة منها .. ولم يكن اسقاط بغداد وتمكن دول الخليج من السيطرة على القرار العربي لو كانت مصر بثقلها الناصري الذي كانت عليه قبل كامب ديفيد .. ولم يكن سهلا ان تنظر تركيا بطمع لابتلاع بضعة دول عربية بما فيها مصر وهي ترى أنها بذلك فانها تتحرش بمصر ..

السادات حارب بجيش عبد الناصر التائق لثأر حزيران .. وبعقيدة جيش عبد الناصر .. ولكن نتيجة الحرب كانت ضد عقيدة عبد الناصر وضد جيش مصر .. لأن الجيش المصري لم يحارب من أجل كامب ديفيد .. ولا من أجل المنطقة (أ) الضيقة في سيناء التي أبقت كل سيناء بعدها خالية تماما من الجيش المصري وكأنه انسحب بأمر عبد الحكيم عامر ولم يعد الى سيناء منذ ذلك القرار .. ولم يبذل الجيش الدم من أجل شيء كان يمكن لمصر أن تناله دون حرب بل انه عرض على عبد الناصر بشروط افضل عشرات المرات من شروط كامب ديفيد ولم يقبل به ..

الا أن السادات ذهب الى الحرب .. ولكنه كان يبيت شيئا لم يعرفه أحد في حينها ولكن الوثائق الشحيحة التي بدأت تظهر تفيد بأن الرجل كان جاهزا للسلام بعد 24 ساعة من بدء الحرب .. وربما قبل الحرب .. وربما ماقبل قبل قبل الحرب ..

بدليل الرسالة التي أفرج عنها من مراسلات السفارة الاميركية في القاهرة ووزارة الخارجية الاميركية في واشنطن .. وفيها وثائق موجهة من وزير الخارجية المصري حافظ اسماعيل الى هنري كيسنجر في اليوم التالي للحرب مباشرة يبلغه فيها قرار السادات أنه لن يتعمق في الجبهة ..

وهذا يفسر لنا كيف أن الجيش المصري توقف عن القتال الى نقطة المضائق حسب الخطة ووفق الاتفاق مع السوريين الذين كان لهجومهم من الشمال الفضل في تشتيت جهد الجيش الاسرائيلي عن القناة لأن قلب فلسطين المحتلة قريب جدا من الجولان على عكس سيناء ولذلك فقد فضل الاسرائيلين أن يركزوا جهدهم لايقاف الهجوم السري الذي كان يمكن أن يتدفق في ساعات على الجليل الأعلى ويندفع نحو قلب فلسطين .. فيما لايزال على الجيش المصري اجتياز بارليف وسيناء الكبيرة والنقب قبل وصوله الى أي عمق مهم وقاتل للجيش الاسرائيلي ..

ولايزال العسكريون السوريون لايعرفون لماذا توقف الجيش المصري لمدة عشرة أيام لوم يصل الى المضائق كما اتفق عليه .. وهذا التوقف كان كافيا جدا لأن تتفرغ كل الآلة العسكرية والجوية الاسرائيلية لصد هجوم الشمال وتكثفه وترده لأنها لسبب ما كانت مطمئنة جدا أن الجيش المصري سيبقى منتظرا ولن يطعنها في الخلف وهي تقاتل بكل عتادها وقوات النخبة شمالا .. والغريب هو السرعة في تطمين الامريكيين بأنه سيترك السوريين وحدهم وهو يعلم أن التطمينات ستنقل للاسرائيليين .. الذين لم يكونوا قادرين على استيعاب الهجوم السوري لو ظلوا قلقين من استمرار الهجوم المصري ..

وبعد عشرة أيام قرر السادات فجأة تطوير الهجوم الى المضائق في سيناء ولكن كان الآوان قد فات .. ونجت اسرائيل من هزيمة ساحقة شمالا .. بل واستردت أنفاسها بوصول الجسر الجوي .. وكان تطوير الهجوم المصري الذي أمر به السادات ضد رغبة العسكريين المصريين هو السبب في ثغرة الدفرسوار وبقية القصة .. حيث تدفقت اسرائيل من ثغرة الدفرسوار الى كل العالم العربي .. لأن كامب ديفيد دخلت منها .. ومنها دخلت أوسلو .. ووادي عربة .. وحرب لبنان .. وسقوط بغداد .. وطرابلس وعدن .. وتهديد سورية من قبل اسرائيل وتركيا ..

ولكن بخروج مثل هذه الوثائق يثبت بالدليل القاطع أن السادات كان يخفي حتى عن جيشه أنه يلعب لعبة اخرى .. فهو لن يصل الى المضائق كما وعد حلفاءه .. وهو لن يكمل الحرب .. لأنه أبلغ هنري كيسنجر في أقل من 24 ساعة من بدء المعارك أنه لاينوي التوغل أكثر .. وهو طبعا مافهمه الاسرائيليون أنه ايماءة مصرية لهم بأن يتفرغوا للشمال دون قلق من جبهة سيناء .. وهذه هي كلمة السر التي كانوا ينتظرونها ..

طبعا الاعلام العربي لايكترث بهذه الوثائق الدامغة بل لايزال يحكي لنا اساطيره الخرافية عن بيع الجولان ببضعة ملايين من الدولارات وكرسي الحكم .. رغم أن العالم كله فشل في التقاط اي وثيقة عن بيع الجولان واسرائيل اليوم أحوج ماتكون لها لتبعدنا عنها وتحرجنا كمحور ممانعة ومقاومة .. لكن العرب لايذكرون الوثائق الامريكية والمصرية التي تتسرب بين حين وحين عن تلاعب السادات بمسير الحرب .. ولا يذكرون وثيقة أخطر عن الملك حسين (مستر نو بيف) اللتي تقول بأن الملك الذي كان يحكم الضفة الغربية عام 67 كان جاسوسا يتقاضى راتبا من السي آي ايه .. والجاسوس يبيع ويباع .. بالوثيقة ..

لاندري كم سننتظر لتخرج الوثيقة التالية التي ستقول بأن السادات ابلغ الاميريكين انه سيطور الهجوم بعد 10 أيام كي ينقلوا ذلك للاسرائيليين كي ينتبه اريئيل شارون ويلتقط الاشارة بأن تطوير الهجوم يعني أنه سيتسبب بثغرة .. وعليه انتظار الثغرة الأهم في تاريخ بني اسرائيل منذ زمن سليمان وداود ..

فمنها عبر بنو اسرائيل الى اجتياح بيروت .. ومنها عبروا الى أوسلو .. والى عواصم الخليج .. ومنها عبروا الى بغداد يوم 9 نيسان .. وكادوا ان يعبروا الى دمشق في عام 2011 .. ولذلك سموا بالعبرانيين لعبورهم ثغرة الدفرسوار الى العالم العربي كله وليس لعبورهم نهر الأردن .. ولو أنجزوا أهم عبور لهم الى دمشق لكانوا العبرانيين الأعظم في تاريخ بني اسرائيل لأنهم سيربطون المنطقة من الفرات الى النيل .. ولكن هيهات .. لكل القصص نهايات مختلفة عندما تحاول العبور من دمشق .. ومن لم يعبر من دمشق فكأنه لم يعبر .. ولو عبر المحيطات .. وكل الدنيا ..

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Nasser Kandil: On Syrian and Lebano’s Army Day


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