The Curse of Free Elections

By Hussein Samawarchi

The US assumes it has the right to interfere in elections around the world, accepting results for some countries and refusing others. Any presidential nominee who leads a campaign on the grounds of true political sovereignty becomes the subject of hate speech on Fox News and that has proved to be the first step towards loading jet fighters with depleted uranium ordinance.

They did not like the popular vote in Iran that took the form of a spontaneous street movement about 40 years ago but the Persian nation is no easy game. In those four decades, neither did the subsequently elected governments show signs of subordination nor did the people who elected them show readiness to lose national pride. The Americans have been battering the Iranian people with one embargo after another, attempting to deprive them of medicine, food, electricity, clean water, defensive weapons, and anything else that could spark a popular movement against a political system that refuses to condone colonialism.

Syria has proved to be the master of its own politics. President Bashar al-Assad stood firmly by his people’s beliefs in independent choices regarding the rights of Arabs. He voiced out, as President Hafez did before him, the need to maintain the right to dignity regardless of which self-proclaimed superpower gets furious. And, furious it became.

After years of harsh embargos, rendered unsuccessful due to the resilience of the people, aimed at the Syrian society’s very basis, Washington gave its regional agents the green light to introduce terrorism with budgets in the billions. Qatar, alone, is said to have spent three billion dollars in arms and payoffs to those aiming mortar shells at morning markets, hospitals, and schools.

This was all because Syria held its own elections and refused foreign intervention in the people’s choice.

In January 2006, the Palestinian people chose Hamas representatives as majority seat holders in the parliament. That didn’t sit well with the American administration. A punishment was therefore administered to teach the children of Abraham a lesson in “democratic” elections. Not that they haven’t been subjected to the true meaning of the word Holocaust for the past 80 years or so, but now  their systematic annihilation is being supported by regional powers as well.

The majority in Bahrain dared to ask for proportionate representation in the government and the Saudi women began questioning their status quo. As a result, minors were executed and women were tortured. The governments who administered those crimes are not elected. The White House says those governments are friends. It seems that George Washington’s beliefs do not apply to the humans living on that side of Earth.

Nicaragua and Cuba are deemed to be in desperate need of American intervention in the people’s choice according to recent statements and last but not least, Venezuela.

The American government has finally decided that years of economic warfare against the Venezuelans are not yielding the desired results in controlling their freedom of choice when ballots are set. Last August, Former President Obama’s favorite toys were dispatched to get rid of their majority’s choice. When that did not work, they had a public figure go openly against the constitution and proclaim himself a president who could, with the help of Trump, relief the country from famine, medicine shortages, independence, and free elections.

So, despite Russian denial and lack of credible proof, President Putin interfered in the 2016 US presidential elections! The same media sources who are not letting us hear the end of this are glorifying pilots of US aerial refueling aircraft extending the range of Saudi bombers that target Yemeni civilians who chose a government out of free will.

What is the new world order going to look like if we give up our rights to form our own governments according to our social beliefs? Should we just send the voting booths to the US where Americans can do the voting for us? Perhaps, this way they can choose the puppets they have trained to govern us without cruise missiles armed with democracy warheads falling on our children.


Saudi/Bahraini FM’s dodge reporters after first-ever public meeting with Israeli PM – English subs

February 22, 2019

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Stronger than Ever, Warsaw Summit Doomed to Fail

Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Stronger than Ever, Warsaw Summit Doomed to Fail

Zeinab Essa

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Saturday a speech in which he tackled various international and internal topics.

Addressing thousands of people commemorating Leader Martyrs’ Day, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that the Resistance’s strength has been increasing linearly  on daily basis so that it reached its current power.

“This force did not come without facing difficulties and making sacrifices,” His Eminence stated.

On the event, His Eminence recalled that “Our leaders were strong and never shaken or weaken.”

Back to Sheikh Ragheb Harb martyrdom, he highlighted that late Sheikh Resistance Leader stood firm and refused to shake hands with the Zionists.

“Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi talked about the coming victory despite the environment of surrender and weakness that prevailed at the time,” he said, noting that “Sayyed Abbas believed in the victory of the resistance and the end of the Zionist occupation to Lebanon and was looking forward towards Al-Quds.”

As he emphasized that the United States and “Israel” have done all what they can do all over the years to defeat the Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the fact that the “Resistance has created equations, entered the era of victories and closed behind it the gate of defeat.”

He further denounced the “takfirist, terrorists and others who are only tools in the American scheme.”

Hailing the current Resistance strength, His Eminence revealed that “in the formation of the Resistance there are 40 axes and each axis possesses more than the resistance had on the eve of 2000 liberation.”

“US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was correct in his concern that Hezbollah is now stronger than ever,” he added, pointing out that “The US thinks the source of power is in the weapons, or with money, and so the US sanctions Hezbollah to try to limit its power.”

Moreover, Hezbollah Secretary General underscored that “ the secret of our Resistance’s strength is not only in the weapon but in the strength of faith and determination.”

“The “Israeli” talk about invading Southern Lebanon has become worthless and the Zionists do not trust their army today,” he warned, assuring the Lebanese that “the enemies can’t defeat our Resistance as long as we have this determination and strength.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also said:

“We are strong but we keep our humbleness, specifically with the oppressed people who put their hopes on us, as for the thieves, we treat them differently.”

Undermining the US claims of Hezbollah’s presence in Venezuela,  he refuted all the US claims concerning “Hezbollah’s influence and cells in Venezuela.”

“We express our solidarity with Venezuela in face of the American schemes, but the American claims that there’s a Hezbollah influence are funny,” Sayyed Nasrallah clarified.

Back to the “Israelis”, His Eminence sent a sounding message:

“If the “Israelis” have enough information about us, they will become more deterrent.”

“We are strong in the face of the “Israeli” entity  and its army isn’t prepared to wage war against us,” he stressed.

In addition, the Resistance Leader unveiled that

“the “Israelis” have become afraid that Hezbollah enters the Galilee and storms their settlements.”

On the regional scene, Sayyed Nasrallah explained that

“The regional conspiracy scheme  is resembled by the American hegemony, the occupation of “Israel” and the remaining subordinate regimes.”

Citing an important observation about “Israel’s” role as tool of the US Empire, His Eminence said:

  • “Netanyahu thinks the Americans work for him but he works for them, and all the others do too.”

“America gathered in 2011 hundred forty countries to eliminate the regime in Syria but it failed,” he added, warning that “the enemies are trying to rally the world to conspire against the resistance after the failure of their wars to eliminate it.”

In parallel, he stressed that “The lack of preparedness of the “Israeli” army is one of the consequences of its loss in 2006 war on Lebanon and 2014 aggression on Gaza.”

Commenting on Warsaw summit, the Resistance Leader emphasized: “Today they are gathering the world in Warsaw to support Netanyahu, besiege Iran and target the axis of resistance, and this does not frighten us.”

However, he assured: “Today we’re in a much better situation than before. Warsaw conference is fragile and its first aim was targeting the Palestinian cause.”

“ [Abd Rbo Mansor]Hadi’s foreign minister sitting next to [Benjamin] Netanyahu confirms who is behind the battle in Yemen. The aggression on Yemen is an “Israeli”-American war carried out by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.”

Lamenting some Gulf monarchies surrender, His Eminence said: “Bahrain’s foreign minister sitting to Netanyahu’s right shows that the ruling regime is part of the “Israeli”-American structure.”

Revealing the goals of the recent conference, Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “the real goals of Warsaw Conference is to erase the Palestinian cause, moving towards normalization and gathering in face of Iran and the resistance.”

“Iran today is stronger than being targeted by any  war,” His Eminence said, noting that “Iran’s response to threats and sanctions was the participation of tens of millions in the 40th anniversary of the Revolution’s  victory .”

He also expressed that the “main concern is over the Palestinian cause and hence the our Islamic people must be aware in the battle against normalization.”

In response, Sayyed Nasrallah uged: “All Arab peoples must return and stand against normalization as the Palestinian people refuse to surrender and normalize.”

On the Syrian front, he announced that “Daesh’s presence in Syria is about to end.”

“Hezbollah was part of the major battle to eliminate Daesh till the Boukmal. The largest area in Syria was liberated by the Syrian army and the allies, including Hezbollah,” His Eminence reiterated, noting that “Who will come out and announce the end of the battle with Desh is the greatest hypocrite in the world Donald Trump.”

According to Hezbollah Secretary General, “ In Lebanon, America was preventing a confrontational with Daesh, and in Iraq, it was America who made Daesh via Trump’s statements.”

Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “All the evidences confirm that the Americans were a factor in delaying the end of the battle with the Daash and they wanted it to last for many years.”

“This is while Americans created al-Qaeda [terror network] themselves and then claimed to have eliminated it. They emboldened [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein and supplied him with various weapons of mass destruction, and one day got rid of him over allegations that he had developed such munitions,” he highlighted.

On the internal front, Sayyed Nasrallah said that “Iran had frequently expressed eagerness to assist Lebanon, arguing the Beirut government had turned down such offers due to opposition from the US and Saudi Arabia.”

“The lingering power outage in Lebanon is the result of political bickering. Iran could have resolved the matter with its expertise. It is unwise of the Beirut government to think that Iran wants to wrest control over Lebanon,” he stated, calling the “Lebanese government must not let corruption flourish, and must root out the menace. It must act lawfully and courageously, and spend public funds for civil services.”

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Trump Biggest Hypocrite, Internal Battle Against Financial Corruption Began

February 16, 2019

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured Saturday that there are between 35 and 40 resistance axes around the world and their common trait is sympathy with the oppressed people and readiness to sacrifice for their sake.

In a speech he delivered during a ceremony commemorating the “martyred leaders”, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that Sheikh Ragheb Harb refused to shake hands with the Israeli insisting that the occupation will soon end at a time when everyone considered that the occupation has become an imposed fact that they have to live with.

“They taught us patience, hope, belief in God’s promise, courage, good manners, right vision… and these are the traits of the resistance and its people today,” he stated, adding that “the resistance gained its strength and power, and achieved victories in bad circumstances imposed by the US, Israel, and their allies in the region the Takifiris, Saudi alignment, and the Emirates.”

His eminence explained that the “secret of the resistance lies in its faith and spirit not weapons and financial capacities. It lies in its readiness to defend and sacrifice, just like the case was in Syria and Iraq, and this spirit could never be defeated,” yet, he added “it keeps on its humbleness with people, specifically the oppressed ones, but it behaves differently with the thieves.”

As he denied claims about having any brigades in Venezuela or Latin America, he expressed solidarity with Venezuela against the US aggression and reassured that Hezbollah did not have any brigade outside Lebanon and has previously asked his foreign supporters to work separate from Hezbollah so that they wouldn’t be harmed from this relation.

Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Israel is aware of Hezbollah’s power and this enough deters it from any attack, indicating that the Israeli entity is aware, according to its own officials, that the Israeli army, specifically its ground force, is incapable of engaging in a war now.

“They don’t trust their army, but we trust our resistance. They are certain that the resistance can enter the Galilee but they are uncertain that their army is capable of entering Lebanon, and this is a great transformation. The concern today is in the Israeli settlements not in the south. This is the deterrence equation and it is of great importance,” he said.

Warsaw Summit

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that “the United States today needed to initiate in a new step, it is trying to seek support for Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and this is why it called for Warsaw Summit, but what was the result? No final statement and just repeated speeches.”

“Warsaw Summit does not scare us, just like Sharm Sheikh conference did not scare us in the past even though our situation was harder back then. This Summit is weak, and its target is the Palestinian cause which was completely absent while the topic raised was fighting terrorism and keeping stability in the region, knowing that Israel is the head of terrorism in the region. The real propose out of it was normalization and bringing out the secret Gulf ties with Israel to Public.

Oman and the Emirate’s ties with Israel have been evident in the past but the Saudi ones are newly publicized,” his eminence noted, considering that “from the positive outcomes of the conference is that when Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi sits near Netanyahu, this reveals the real battle in Yemen, which is a US battle against Yemen and its people, implemented by Saudi and the Emirates. The same applies when Bahrain’s PM sits next to Netanyahu, because the Bahraini regime is part of the US, Israeli equation in the region.”

Hezbollah secretary general further noted that the second target of the summit was Iran which is much stronger today to be threatened with any war.

ISIS Defeat

Concerning ISIS, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that “it will be finished in Syria in a couple of hours, just like it was finished in Iraq and Lebanon, and this is a great development and victory,” adding: “I just want to point to the US hypocrisy, as the biggest hypocrite Donald Trump will come out to claim victory even though the US did not have anything to do with the battle against ISIS. The US (Obama and Clinton) created ISIS in Iraq by releasing its leaders from their jails and facilitating their entrance to Iraq by opening borders for them, and it wanted it to extend to Syria. Today it comes out to claim victory even though it wanted the battle to last for years. Just like it created Al-Qaeda then claimed victory against it, and just like it strengthened Saddam Hussein in Iraq by supplying him with weapons of mass destruction then got rid of him under the accusation of owning weapons of mass destruction, today Trump the hypocrite wants to claim victory against ISIS.”

Sayyed Nasrallah reassured that the resistance axis is the one that defeated ISIS in the region not the “US hypocrite who came at the end to play the role of the triumphant”.

“The will of the Iraqi government, the Iraqi Army and resistance factions is what defeated ISIS in Iraq,” he confirmed, adding: “Where did the US fight ISIS in Syria? The largest battles were fought by the Syrian Army, public forces, and the resistance movements under the support of the Russian ally, and the US stood an obstacle when the forces reached Furat river and all ISIS elements escaped to the eastern area.”

Addressing Trump, he said: “You sir have stopped the completion of the battle against ISIS because you wanted to target the latter east Furat, which you also failed in doing.”

Lebanese Cabinet

Internally, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed the importance of dialogue for solving all the issues and files.

Concerning electricity, his eminence assured that “the plan that was put in 2006 for solving the electricity issue in Lebanon with the aid of Iran was rejected by the government back then due to the US/Saudi stance on it, and the Lebanese people have been denied their right for 24/24 hours of electricity for 13 years now because of what I call “political distemper”.”

“Iran is willing to help but it is not chasing that, and the silliest thing I’ve heard is that this would help it take control over Lebanon! I mean does Iran really need a couple of loans to do that if it wanted to?”

Sayyed Nasrallah announced initiating in a battle against corruption after the formation of this government, stating: “The first steps in fighting corruption and financial waste were taken, and the two files proposed were: The first file is about 11 billion dollars that nobody knows how they were gone, and the second file is about negotiations being made to take a 400-million-dollar loan for meaningless issues.”

He asserted: “We are ready to be soldiers in the battle of protecting public money. We don’t care to be in the lead but we want to see results, return the stolen money, and stop any stealth from taking place… because all this money being stolen belongs to the people. We will refer to the legislation auhtority in everything, because the legislation and the whole country should take part in fighting this corruption.”

In conclusion, his eminence said: “With the same courage and steadfastness of Sheikh Raghab, Sayyed Abbas, and Hajj Imad we will hold the responsibility of this file and continue on the road that they were martyred on and had hope in. We will keep their will as well as our weapon and thtis will forever be our stance.”

Source: Al-Manar

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Palestinian Factions Protest Arab Participation in Warsaw Conference

By Staff

With no stop, the monarchies of the Gulf run towards normalization with apartheid “Israel”. 

And based on the Arabic proverb “if not shy, do whatever you want”, the officials of the Gulf chose to change the compass of enmity so that the “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the new direction: It’s Iran and not “Israel”

“The Arab ministers agreed that it is the right of “Israel” to defend itself against the Iranian “aggression”,” Netanyahu declared, as he revealed that he had secretly visited four Arab countries that have no official relations with “Israel”!

Quickly, the head of the Saudi diplomacy obeyed his master: “It is impossible to achieve stability in the region without peace between the Arab countries and “Israel”. Every time we go in this field we face bad behavior from Iran,” Adel Jubeir blatantly said.

Similarly, former Saudi intelligence chief and ex-ambassador to the US has given an unprecedented interview to an “Israeli” TV channel that was broadcast just hours after Netanyahu met with the Omani foreign minister in Poland.

In an interview with “Israel’s” Channel 13 news, Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud said that Saudi Arabia and “Israel” have the funds and political means to work together.

“With “Israeli” money and Saudi brains, we can go far. Yes, if there is peace.”

And following the traces of the Saudis, Emirate urged the “Israelis” to bet on them.

“Every country has the right to defend itself when it faces a challenge,” Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan said: “I do not have to invite you to bet on us, but if you do, our chances are greater to change the region.”

Meanwhile, the Bahraini representative chose to express more sympathy with “friendly” “Israel”!

“Israel” released a video of a closed session at the Warsaw security summit in which Bahrain’s foreign minister says Iran is a bigger threat to Mideast security than the “Israeli”-Palestinian conflict.

In the video, Bahrain’s foreign minister, Khalid Al Khalifa, tells an audience that he grew up believing that the “Israeli”-Palestinian dispute is “the most important issue” in the region. But later, he said, “we saw a more toxic one, in fact the most toxic in our modern history, which came from the Islamic Republic, from Iran.”

Predicting a ‘bright” future from “peace” with Arabs’ killers the Omani foreign minister hailed the meeting with Netanyahu:

“Indeed, this is an important, new vision for the future,” Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, claiming that “People in the Middle East have suffered a lot, because they have [been stuck in] the past. This is a new era for the future, and for prosperity for all the nations.”

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همروجة وارسو

وليد شرارة

 الجمعة 15 شباط 2019

مؤتمر وارسو مثال جديد على مدى تحول السياسة إلى فنٍّ استعراضي. كان الهدف المركزي المعلَن للمؤتمر، عند بدء الإعداد لعقده من قِبَل الإدارة الأميركية، هو مواجهة إيران. لكن رغبة الإدارة في تأمين أوسع مشاركة ممكنة في المؤتمر، وإدراكها جدية الخلافات بينها وبين الأطراف الأوروبية الوازنة، كألمانيا وفرنسا والمفوضية الأوروبية وحتى بريطانيا، حول كيفية مقاربة الملف الإيراني، دفعاها إلى ربطه بهدف آخر وهو «الترويج لمستقبل السلام والأمن في الشرق الأوسط».

أتى عزوف تركيا وروسيا عن المشاركة فيه، وإدانة السلطة الفلسطينية له، وضعف مستوى تمثيل الأطراف الأوروبية المذكورة، ليظهر مجدداً عجز الولايات المتحدة عن فرض أجندتها على لاعبين سياسيين معنيين بأبرز القضايا التي يتطرق لها المؤتمر، على رغم أن بعضهم لا يزال حليفاً لها. من الصعب الاقتناع بأن هذه النتيجة لم تكن متوقعة من قِبَل أركان إدارة دونالد ترامب وبقية المشاركين بحماسة في همروجة وارسو. اعتبارات أخرى، سياسية وانتخابية، يغلب عليها البعد الاستعراضي، تشكل الخلفية الفعلية للمؤتمر، وتحتلّ حيزاً أساسياً في حسابات «نجومه» الأميركيين والإسرائيليين وبعض الخليجيين.

ضرورة طمأنة الحلفاء

ليس سراً أن إيران عدو مشترك لجميع أطراف وارسو. لا يفوّت أي منهم فرصة لاتهامها بأنها مصدر كل الشرور في العالم، والتنسيق بينهم ضدها بات معروفاً. لا يحتاج هذا التنسيق العملي، والمستمر منذ فترة غير قصيرة، إلى عقد مؤتمر دولي، خصوصاً بحضور جهات أخرى تطرح مقاربة مختلفة للعلاقة مع طهران، وتعارض بدرجة أو أخرى مقاربة واشنطن ووكلائها. يُعقد المؤتمر في سياق شرق أوسطي من سماته البارزة تزايد مخاوف الوكلاء المحليين للولايات المتحدة، إسرائيل والسعودية أساساً، مما يعنيه الانسحاب المعلن لقواتها من سوريا، وما يؤشر عليه من تراجع نسبي لأولوية الإقليم وشؤونه في جدول أعمالها. احتواء الصين وما يترتب عليه من سياسات وحشد للقوى بات يحتلّ موقع الأولوية الأولى بالنسبة إلى الإدارة الأميركية بدفع من رئيسها، على رغم معارضة تيار قوي في داخلها. تلي هذه الأولوية أيضاً أولوية أخرى وهي استعادة السيطرة على أميركا الوسطى واللاتينية، وهو ما كشفته سلسلة التطورات التي حدثت في البرازيل وفنزويلا، وتحويلها مجدداً إلى حديقة خلفية مغلقة أمام تمدد النفوذ الصيني والروسي.

لا يعني هذا التغير في جدول الأولويات فقدان الشرق الأوسط أهميته الاستراتيجية في نظر واشنطن، لكنه قد يعني، كما قال آموس هاريل كبير المعلّقين في قضايا الأمن والدفاع في «هآرتس»، أن هذه المنطقة ستكون أقل حضوراً على المستوى اليومي، وأن الحلفاء سيضطرون إلى التعامل مع تحديات متصاعدة بدرجة أكبر من الاعتماد على النفس، في بيئة إقليمية متغيرة لغير مصلحتهم. قدرة الولايات المتحدة على التحكم بشؤون العالم متراجعة وبسرعة، وما سمّاه عدد من أهم خبرائها الاستراتيجيين «الغرق» في الشرق الأوسط تم على حساب التصدي لتحديات أخطر وأكبر على موقعها كقوة مهيمنة، كالصعود الصيني وعودة روسيا إلى الساحة الدولية. لم تكن هذه القناعة بعيدة عن إعلان الرئيس الأميركي السابق، باراك أوباما، عن سياسة الاستدارة نحو آسيا، ولا حتى عن قراره التوصل إلى اتفاق مع إيران حول ملفها النووي، يكون بمثابة فكّ اشتباك، للتفرغ لمواجهة الصين.

التيار الصقوري في الإدارة الحالية بقيادة جون بولتون يحذر من مغبة قيام إيران، وحتى روسيا وتركيا، بملء الفراغ الناجم عن تراجع الدور الأميركي في الإقليم، ويدفع إلى اعتماد استراتيجية أكثر عدوانية ضد الأولى، تؤدي إلى احتواء نفوذها الإقليمي وإضعاف نظامها وزعزعة استقراره، قبل التفرغ لمناطق أخرى. ليس من المصادفة تكاثر العمليات الإرهابية التي تشنّها مجموعات انفصالية مدعومة أميركياً في إيران، وآخرها عملية وقعت خلال انعقاد مؤتمر وارسو. ستواصل الإدارة سياساتها المعادية لهذا البلد بوسائل وأدوات مختلفة، كالعقوبات الاقتصادية والحصار والضغوط، مراهنة على إمكانية النجاح في إضعاف نظامه، أو حتى التسبب بإسقاطه إن كان ذلك ممكناً. غير أنها مجبرة على مواجهة تحديات أخرى في الآن نفسه. يستدعي هذا الواقع طمأنة الحلفاء المحليين إلى أن أولويات واشنطن الراهنة لا تعني تخلّيها عنهم، وأنها تحرص على بناء جبهة عالمية للدفاع عنهم. ترامب يعي أن قراره الانسحاب من سوريا تسبّب بامتعاض شديد لدى حلفائه الإسرائيليين والسعوديين، الذين أوعزوا إلى جماعات الضغط المرتبطة بهم في أميركا بمهاجمة القرار، وهو لا يريد فقدان دعم اللوبي الصهيوني القوي وأنصار إسرائيل الكثر، لأن هدفه الأول هو تأمين شروط إعادة انتخابه لولاية ثانية. وظيفة مؤتمر وارسو من منظور إدارة ترامب هي التأكيد على أنها لن تتخلى عن التزاماتها تجاه الحلفاء مهما تغيرت الظروف.

التطبيع مع العرب كورقة انتخابية

تحكم الاعتبارات الانتخابية العديد من مواقف وقرارات بنيامين نتنياهو في الآونة الأخيرة. منطق واحد يربط بين إعلانه عن مسؤولية إسرائيل عن مئات الغارات على أهداف في سوريا، والذي أثار غضب أوساط عسكرية صهيونية رأت فيه خرقاً لسياسة الغموض البناء المتبعة حيال هذا الأمر، وإصراره على التطبيع العلني مع قادة ومسؤولين عرب، وهو السعي المحموم لكسب أصوات الإسرائيليين مع اقتراب الانتخابات. فالجهر بوجود علاقات تعاون وتنسيق مع بلدان عربية، على رغم عدم تسوية القضية الفلسطينية، يعزز ـــ من منظور نتنياهو ـــ من صدقية النهج الذي اعتمده طوال فترة حكمه أمام الرأي العام، ويثبت أنه نجح في تحقيق إنجازات كبرى على المستويين السياسي والاستراتيجي بالنسبة إلى إسرائيل، من دون تقديم أي تنازلات تذكر. همروجة وارسو فرصة لتلميع صورة رجل متهم وزوجته بعدة قضايا فساد، كفيلة بأن تقوده مباشرة إلى السجن في حال خسارته الانتخابات.


ممالك الخليج وإماراته قد تكون الأكثر ذعراً من إمكانية تراجع النفوذ الأميركي في الإقليم. هذا هو الدافع الأول لمسارعتها هي الأخرى إلى التطبيع المكشوف مع إسرائيل. العلاقة معها، بالإضافة إلى كونها إذعاناً لطلب من الحليف الأميركي بغية كسب المزيد من رضاه، جزء من عملية تعزيز لشراكات جديدة ضمن سياسة تحوّط استراتيجي لأنظمة تشعر بأن بقاءها مهدد عندما تتراجع الحماية الخارجية. دونالد ترامب كان محقاً عندما أكد مراراً وتكراراً أن النظام السعودي ما كان ليبقى لأيام لولا الحماية الأميركية. همروجة وارسو فرصة للظهور جنباً إلى جنب مع حلفاء أقوياء، يمنح الوقوف معهم شعوراً بالأمن والطمأنينة لعائلات حاكمة مرعوبة من المستقبل. فالمتغيرات العاصفة التي تشهدها المنطقة يصعب التنبؤ بتداعياتها عليهم.

من ملف : مؤتمر وارسو: نتنياهو يلمّ الخليجيين

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Warsaw Summit To Advance War with Iran and Not Peace in The Middle East’

By Darko Lazar

For the architects of the inopportunely named Warsaw summit on ‘Promoting a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East’, timing is everything.

In a not-so-remarkable coincidence, the start of the two-day gathering this Wednesday was quickly followed by one of the deadliest terrorist attacks to rock Iran in years.

The Warsaw meeting has also coincided with another high-profile summit taking place further east. Iran, Turkey and Russia are meeting on Thursday in Sochi as part of an ongoing effort to stabilize Syria.

And although both summits are about the Middle East, they represent bitterly rival visions for the region’s future.

In Sochi, leaders are seeking to pacify some of the world’s deadliest warzones and broaden bilateral cooperation based on mutual interests.

Meanwhile, the guests in the Polish capital are looking to exacerbate regional tensions by building on foundations of common hostility towards Tehran and lining up behind a terrorism-fuelled anti-Iran agenda.

Some of these attendees include “Israel’s” Benyamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as well as high-ranking officials from Arab monarchies in the Gulf.

The Warsaw summit is the chosen venue for bringing them all together in what Netanyahu described as advancing the “common interest of war with Iran”.

So much for promoting ‘peace and security’ in the Middle East.

Although Netanyahu later backtracked on the comments, the summit will undoubtedly attempt to advance the rapprochement between Tel Aviv and Riyadh and possibly lay the groundwork for the official unveiling of the Trump administration’s so-called “deal of the century”.

Kushner will travel to the Gulf just days after the summit wraps up, where he is due to present the ‘economic portion’ of the deal, which presumably includes financial incentives for Palestinian factions.

Interestingly, the conference in Warsaw began less than 24 hours after Moscow hosted reconciliation talks between Palestine’s Hamas and Fatah factions.

As the talks ended, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lashed out at Trump’s “deal of the century”, warning that it “would destroy everything that has been done so far.”

Experts are convinced that the deal is ultimately designed to put the final nail in the coffin of the Palestinian struggle for an independent state – a key pillar of the Islamic Revolution – and, of course, diminish the role of the Iran-led resistance axis in Palestine.

That said, there is no shortage of challenges facing such an ambitious agenda.

For starters, the Palestinians are refusing to play ball and have ruled out any negotiations with the “biased” Trump team.

Meanwhile, the Warsaw summit is as much about those in attendance as it is about those who are staying away.

Aside from the Palestinians, the non-attendees include Qatar, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia and of course the Iranians themselves.

And then there is the European Union, which remains strongly supportive of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Since the Trump administration withdrew from the landmark agreement last May, the Europeans have repeatedly resisted Washington’s push for a confrontation with Iran.

Last month, the EU set up a financial mechanism designed to avoid US sanctions against Tehran and keep the nuclear deal afloat.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, boycotted the Warsaw event while France and Germany are dispatching junior officials.

The sheer fact that Poland – a country with no history of involvement in Mideast affairs – was chosen as the setting of the summit underscores Europe’s disproval of the agenda and the refusal of all major European capitals to host the conference.

Even the Poles have tried offering assurances to Tehran that nothing too inflammatory would emerge from the gathering.

As such, the Warsaw summit does much more to highlight differences over Iran within the Western camp than it does to isolate the Islamic Republic.

Perhaps, it was Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who offered one of the more accurate descriptions of the two-day event, calling it “dead on arrival”.

According to Zarif, many of 60 countries attending the summit informed Tehran that they were pressured into making an appearance.

“They [the Americans] used the leverage they have with various countries in order to attract more people to this conference,” Zarif explained.

Whatever the numbers, the Warsaw summit was certainly never going to do much for Mideast peace or lead to a more concerted Western effort to ‘counter’ Tehran.

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