Egypt Pulled Out Of U.S. Efforts To Form "Arab NATO" To Combat Iran: Reports




Egypt pulled out of US and Saudi Arabia’s effort to form an anti-Iranian “Arab NATO,” Israeli media reported citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

The country told the US and other participants in the Middle East Security Alliance, or MESA ahead of a meeting on April 7th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

One of the anonymous sources said Cairo did not send a delegation to the meeting, the latest gathering held to advance the U.S.-led effort to bind Sunni Muslim Arab allies into a security, political and economic pact to counter Shi’ite Iran.

An Arab source also said that this came as a disappointment:

“We all want Egypt to be a part of an Arab NATO,” said the source, “especially as it has the largest army of any Arab nation, and because it carries importance.”

The reasons behind the decision, according to the sources, is that Egypt doesn’t wish to harm its relations with Iran, as well as it doesn’t believe that US President Donald Trump would be elected for a second term. If Trump is gone that jeopardizes the entire “Arab NATO” idea since the next POTUS may decide not to follow through.

On April 9th, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi visited the US and met with Donald Trump. Trump said that they spoke of security issues, but the Arab NATO nor Iran were mentioned in the press conference following the meeting.

Both leaders praised the warm relations between the countries, which could presumably be spoiled if the reports of Egypt giving up efforts are true.

In addition to the US and Saudi Arabia, the MESA proposed participants include the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Jordan.

Two anonymous sources also told Al Jazeera that the project would be moving forward and that Egypt would be pressured into not revoking its membership. The project was initially proposed by Saudi Arabia in 2017, and was perpetuated by US President Donald Trump.

The aim of the Trump administration with the project is to form a a new security body comprising Sunni Middle Eastern countries that would be geared toward countering Shiite Iran’s ‘regional adventurism’. Reportedly, MESA member-states would seek deeper cooperation in the realms of missile defense, military training and counter-terrorism, while strengthening broader political and economic ties.

“It would serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism and will bring stability,” a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council asserted in reference to the potential association.

“It’s not a new project. However, its implementation is what matters,” said Qassem Qaseer, a Lebanese political analyst. He confirmed that the US has been working with Arab states for a while now to form such a body, noting that “the issue remains with the different agendas and political approach of its member of states.”

Qaseer said that the Arab countries don’t agree on more than one critical issue, pointing out that the Arab NATO is still an idea with no structure.

“They aim to pressure Iran on the ground by such initiative, although, they need to make it a reality first,” Qaseer said.

A Saudi political analyst, Sulaiman al-Oqaily, also said that there must be one strategy among the Arab nations that form the alliance, as well as a clear target in order for such an endeavor to succeed.

Al-Oqaily claimed that there must be one united Arab bloc that has agreed that the “Arab NATO” would protect the Arab world from all kind of threats and security challenges. “Its members’ motives and determinants have to be the same.”

Al-Oqaily says that the sectarianism with which Iran targets the Middle East is more dangerous than Israel.

“Iran is taking advantage of its culture and religious links to the Arab world to expand there and destroy it. Israel can’t violate the Arab society like Iran, but through its intelligence services.”

Between November 10th and 13th, 2018, Egypt hosted the Shield of the Arabs 1 military exercise, with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan.

Egyptian military spokesperson Tamer al-Rifai back then said the exercises were part of Egypt’s efforts to enhance military cooperation with other Arab countries but declined to speculate on whether they could evolve into some sort of a military alliance. 

Egypt on the other hand, appears to have stable relations with Iran currently.

Iran hailed the reports of Egypt giving up on the efforts. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi was cited by the IRNA News Agency, praising the possible decision.

He said that it wasn’t yet confirmed, and Iran was examining whether it was true, but if it was confirmed it would be “welcomed.”

“Egypt is an important and powerful country both in the Arab and in the Muslim world that can play a key role in creating peace, stability and security in the West Asia region,” said Qasemi.

He said that Egypt can exercise realism to help foster unity among Muslim countries and bring them closer together.

Qasemi expressed hope that Egypt, ‘as an undeniable power of Arab world’, can carry out its historical duty in the most sensitive conditions of the region.

In addition the decision, if it were true, would help foster better relations in the region and assist in fighting terrorism, provide security and sustainable stability, and give a boost to mutual understanding and multilateral cooperation.

Qasemi also expressed Iran’s doubt that the Arab NATO endeavor would be successful, arguing that NATO was founded in Western world ‘under certain historical and geographical conditions, based on a series of certain values and necessities and even very certain commonalities’ which is not likely to be copied in the Arab world.

Egypt’s relations with Russia also appear to be on the rise. Russia is a key partner of Iran, especially in Syria.

On March 18thRussian outlet Kommersant reported that Russia had inked a $2 billion contract for the delivery of 20 fighter jets to Egypt.

The contract was signed at the end of 2018 and delivery of the aircraft, as well as weapons for the planes, will begin as early as 2020-21.

Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) said that no contracts for aircraft supply were signed in the second half of 2018. So the report may be false.

Regardless, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on April 9th warned that Egypt would be subject to US sanctions if it did, in fact, purchase the Russian Su-35 fighter jets.

“We have made clear that systems were to be purchased that… would require sanctions on the regime,” Pompeo told the Senate Committee on Appropriations. “We have received assurances from them, they understand that, and I am very hopeful they will decide not to move forward with that acquisition.”

Earlier, on October 17th, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi also signed a strategic cooperation treaty designed to increase trade, military, and other ties between their two nations.

Putin said the talks encompassed “the whole spectrum of bilateral relations as well as key international and regional problems.”

He added that he and Sisi discussed expanding arms trade and military ties, pointing out that Russian and Egyptian paratroopers were conducting military maneuvers in Egypt.


«Deal of Century»: An Arab NATO in the Making

By Staff, Agencies

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is and ancient proverb that is never outdated when it comes to politics and geostrategic policies. Given the light of the situation in the region, the “Israeli” entity is literally in its pursuit.

“Israel” is smart enough not to tarnish its hands with its dirty work against Iran and have others do that on its behalf. But this time, it’s not the United States – its best friend and long supporting ally – instead, it has been focusing on our side of the globe: the Middle East.

Not long back, the “Israeli” entity has been engaged in normalization efforts with various Arab nations among which are Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman; the same countries which are also part of a Saudi Arabian initiative called the so-called “Arab NATO” – the Middle East Strategic Alliance [MESA] – to combat Iran in the region.

The kingdom on April 8 hosted a meeting with the high-level participation of Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Jordan. According to the Saudi WAS news agency, the meeting was “an important step to launching the alliance, which aims to strengthen the security and stability of the region and the world.”

Sulaiman al-Oqaily, a Saudi political analyst, says there must be one strategy among the Arab nations that form the alliance, as well as a clear target in order for such an endeavor to succeed.

First, al-Oqaily points out that there must be one united Arab bloc that has agreed that the “Arab NATO” would protect the Arab world from all kind of threats and security challenges. “Its members’ motives and determinants have to be the same,” he says.

Al-Oqaily says that the sectarianism with which Iran targets the Middle East is more dangerous than Israel.

“Iran is taking advantage of its culture and religious links to the Arab world to expand there and destroy it,” he claims. “‘Israel’ can’t violate the Arab society like Iran, but through its intelligence services.”

He also speculates that if Iran weren’t involved in Iraq, the latter would have peace by now.

The US administration has since last year been exploring the creation of a new security body comprising Middle Eastern countries that would be geared toward countering Iran. Reportedly, MESA member-states would seek deeper cooperation in the realms of missile defense, military training and counter-terrorism, while strengthening broader political and economic ties.

“It would serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism and will bring stability,” a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council alleged in reference to the potential association last year.

“It’s not a new project. However, its implementation is what matters,” says Qassem Qaseer, a Lebanese political analyst. He confirms that the US has been working with Arab states for a while now to form such a body, noting that “the issue remains with the different agendas and political approach of its member of states.”

For example, Qaseer says that the Arab countries don’t agree on more than one critical issue, pointing out that the Arab NATO is still an idea with no structure.

“They aim to pressure Iran on the ground by such initiative, although, they need to make it a reality first,” Qaseer says. It is noteworthy that the Idea of an Arab NATO coalition is one of the results of the Arab-Islamic summit hosted by Riyadh in May 2017.

Over the past year, senior American officials, including President Donald Trump’s adviser Jared Kushner and international negotiator Jason Greenblatt, have conducted shuttle diplomacy among Middle East capitals. These visits have laid the foundation for MESA, although the notion reportedly was first raised by Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the “Israeli” entity, its relations with regional Arab nations are by most accounts improving, primarily the result of a shared interest in curbing Iran.

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Trump Biggest Hypocrite, Internal Battle Against Financial Corruption Began

February 16, 2019

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured Saturday that there are between 35 and 40 resistance axes around the world and their common trait is sympathy with the oppressed people and readiness to sacrifice for their sake.

In a speech he delivered during a ceremony commemorating the “martyred leaders”, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that Sheikh Ragheb Harb refused to shake hands with the Israeli insisting that the occupation will soon end at a time when everyone considered that the occupation has become an imposed fact that they have to live with.

“They taught us patience, hope, belief in God’s promise, courage, good manners, right vision… and these are the traits of the resistance and its people today,” he stated, adding that “the resistance gained its strength and power, and achieved victories in bad circumstances imposed by the US, Israel, and their allies in the region the Takifiris, Saudi alignment, and the Emirates.”

His eminence explained that the “secret of the resistance lies in its faith and spirit not weapons and financial capacities. It lies in its readiness to defend and sacrifice, just like the case was in Syria and Iraq, and this spirit could never be defeated,” yet, he added “it keeps on its humbleness with people, specifically the oppressed ones, but it behaves differently with the thieves.”

As he denied claims about having any brigades in Venezuela or Latin America, he expressed solidarity with Venezuela against the US aggression and reassured that Hezbollah did not have any brigade outside Lebanon and has previously asked his foreign supporters to work separate from Hezbollah so that they wouldn’t be harmed from this relation.

Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Israel is aware of Hezbollah’s power and this enough deters it from any attack, indicating that the Israeli entity is aware, according to its own officials, that the Israeli army, specifically its ground force, is incapable of engaging in a war now.

“They don’t trust their army, but we trust our resistance. They are certain that the resistance can enter the Galilee but they are uncertain that their army is capable of entering Lebanon, and this is a great transformation. The concern today is in the Israeli settlements not in the south. This is the deterrence equation and it is of great importance,” he said.

Warsaw Summit

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that “the United States today needed to initiate in a new step, it is trying to seek support for Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and this is why it called for Warsaw Summit, but what was the result? No final statement and just repeated speeches.”

“Warsaw Summit does not scare us, just like Sharm Sheikh conference did not scare us in the past even though our situation was harder back then. This Summit is weak, and its target is the Palestinian cause which was completely absent while the topic raised was fighting terrorism and keeping stability in the region, knowing that Israel is the head of terrorism in the region. The real propose out of it was normalization and bringing out the secret Gulf ties with Israel to Public.

Oman and the Emirate’s ties with Israel have been evident in the past but the Saudi ones are newly publicized,” his eminence noted, considering that “from the positive outcomes of the conference is that when Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi sits near Netanyahu, this reveals the real battle in Yemen, which is a US battle against Yemen and its people, implemented by Saudi and the Emirates. The same applies when Bahrain’s PM sits next to Netanyahu, because the Bahraini regime is part of the US, Israeli equation in the region.”

Hezbollah secretary general further noted that the second target of the summit was Iran which is much stronger today to be threatened with any war.

ISIS Defeat

Concerning ISIS, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that “it will be finished in Syria in a couple of hours, just like it was finished in Iraq and Lebanon, and this is a great development and victory,” adding: “I just want to point to the US hypocrisy, as the biggest hypocrite Donald Trump will come out to claim victory even though the US did not have anything to do with the battle against ISIS. The US (Obama and Clinton) created ISIS in Iraq by releasing its leaders from their jails and facilitating their entrance to Iraq by opening borders for them, and it wanted it to extend to Syria. Today it comes out to claim victory even though it wanted the battle to last for years. Just like it created Al-Qaeda then claimed victory against it, and just like it strengthened Saddam Hussein in Iraq by supplying him with weapons of mass destruction then got rid of him under the accusation of owning weapons of mass destruction, today Trump the hypocrite wants to claim victory against ISIS.”

Sayyed Nasrallah reassured that the resistance axis is the one that defeated ISIS in the region not the “US hypocrite who came at the end to play the role of the triumphant”.

“The will of the Iraqi government, the Iraqi Army and resistance factions is what defeated ISIS in Iraq,” he confirmed, adding: “Where did the US fight ISIS in Syria? The largest battles were fought by the Syrian Army, public forces, and the resistance movements under the support of the Russian ally, and the US stood an obstacle when the forces reached Furat river and all ISIS elements escaped to the eastern area.”

Addressing Trump, he said: “You sir have stopped the completion of the battle against ISIS because you wanted to target the latter east Furat, which you also failed in doing.”

Lebanese Cabinet

Internally, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed the importance of dialogue for solving all the issues and files.

Concerning electricity, his eminence assured that “the plan that was put in 2006 for solving the electricity issue in Lebanon with the aid of Iran was rejected by the government back then due to the US/Saudi stance on it, and the Lebanese people have been denied their right for 24/24 hours of electricity for 13 years now because of what I call “political distemper”.”

“Iran is willing to help but it is not chasing that, and the silliest thing I’ve heard is that this would help it take control over Lebanon! I mean does Iran really need a couple of loans to do that if it wanted to?”

Sayyed Nasrallah announced initiating in a battle against corruption after the formation of this government, stating: “The first steps in fighting corruption and financial waste were taken, and the two files proposed were: The first file is about 11 billion dollars that nobody knows how they were gone, and the second file is about negotiations being made to take a 400-million-dollar loan for meaningless issues.”

He asserted: “We are ready to be soldiers in the battle of protecting public money. We don’t care to be in the lead but we want to see results, return the stolen money, and stop any stealth from taking place… because all this money being stolen belongs to the people. We will refer to the legislation auhtority in everything, because the legislation and the whole country should take part in fighting this corruption.”

In conclusion, his eminence said: “With the same courage and steadfastness of Sheikh Raghab, Sayyed Abbas, and Hajj Imad we will hold the responsibility of this file and continue on the road that they were martyred on and had hope in. We will keep their will as well as our weapon and thtis will forever be our stance.”

Source: Al-Manar

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The function and goals of Netanyahu’s visit to Muscat وظيفة وأهداف زيارة نتنياهو لمسقط؟

The function and goals of Netanyahu’s visit to Muscat

ديسمبر 12, 2018

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The reception of the Prime Minster of the occupation entity by the Sultanate of Oman is an unacceptable and condemned normalization, no matter what were the pretexts and justifications. Israel is the only winner of the ongoing normalization process in the Gulf whether in sports, culture, security, or politics. These are fixed facts, but the question is about the significance and the goals of this visit; is it a preparation for a military act against Iran as some think?  Is it a preparation for a similar visit to Saudi Arabia? Is it just an outcome of the relationship with Oman and Netanyahu wanted to make use of it due to the regression of the image of Saudi Arabia which he presented as a reliable ally? Or is if some of which?

Certainly, now it is not the time of the American-Israeli thinking about the war on Iran in the light of the Saudi weakness. Saudi Arabia is the central country in the Gulf and in the Arab official system and without its restoration of its strength it will not be able to make fateful strategic decisions in the Gulf, in addition, when the goal is security and military, logically it must be surrounded with secrecy rather than the show of the visit in which the senior officials of intelligence of the occupation entity participated.

It is certain that the normalization is a cultural and psychological accumulation, and every step in it is an Israeli gain, but the qualitative step on which the American and the Israeli endeavors depend is the normalization and the alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is a path that has increasingly obstacles despite the secret and the semi-public cooperation. After the new aggravated Saudi dilemma, Saudi Arabia does not seem that it is in a state that can take a step as Israel needs, and the talk about the deal of the century that requires an important Palestinian partner who accepts to abandon Jerusalem seems so far.

It does not seem difficult for Oman since it had previous similar steps as Qatar. The visit of Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 to Muscat and then the visit of Shimon Peres in 1996 say a lot. Many people think that Muscat’s moderation in the issues of the regional disputes comparing with the rest of Gulf countries is the result of the abidance by refusing the normalization. Oman and Qatar want to stand on the compromises line rather than standing on the engagement line. When Qatar lost through its leadership of the Arab Spring that role and played a bigger role, Muscat could replace it in sponsoring the compromises, but there is always an American book of terms for this role, it is a book of terms that includes a prize for Israel.

Israel is in new strategic dilemma, it is unable to wage a war and unable to make compromises and at the same time, the bet on ending the Palestinian cause with the participation of Saudi Arabia under the title of a joint alliance against Iran becomes more difficult. The waiting for the stage of completion of the Saudi developments which is still in its beginning is an Israeli need where Muscat is its gate; therefore, mystery is a need to return to the negotiation when the Saudi opportunity falls. But this is not what is going on, rather it is mere a mobilization of an Omani prize granted to Israel under American request in exchange for granting Muscat the opportunity to sponsor the American-Iranian failure in the light of the prior expected failure of the sanctions and in the light of the Saudi changes, as it is an opportunity to Muscat to lead a negotiation that paves the way for compromise in Yemen during this current Saudi situation.

Israel is the first winner even if it does not have a plan to employ such gain, since Palestine is not the Arab priority and since the Arab interest is canceled from the agendas of the rulers and governments.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


وظيفة وأهداف زيارة نتنياهو لمسقط؟ 

أكتوبر 29, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– استقبال سلطنة عمان لرئيس حكومة الاحتلال تطبيع مرفوض ومُدان، مهما كانت الذرائع والتبريرات، و»إسرائيل» الرابح الوحيد من حفلة التطبيع الجارية خليجياً من الرياضة والثقافة والأمن والسياسة على مساحة دول الخليج. وهذه حقائق ثابتة، لكن السؤال في السياسة هو عن مغزى وأهداف هذه الزيارة، هل هي تمهيد لعمل عسكري ضد إيران كما يعتقد البعض، أم هي تمهيد لزيارة مشابهة لنتنياهو إلى السعودية، أم هي مجرد ثمرة نضجت في العلاقة مع عمان وأراد نتنياهو قطافها في لحظة تداعي لصورة السعودية التي قدّمها كحليف يُعتمد عليه، أم هي بعض من كل هذا؟

– الأكيد أن الزمن ليس زمن التفكير الأميركي الإسرائيلي بالحرب على إيران، في ظل الاعتلال السعودي. فالسعودية هي الدولة المركزية في الخليج وفي النظام العربي الرسمي ومن دون استعادتها العافية لا تبدو قريبة القدرة على اللعب بأوراق استراتيجية ومصيرية في الخليج، عدا عن أن منطق الأشياء يفرض عندما يكون الهدف أمنياً وعسكرياً إحاطته بالسرية بدلاً من الطابع الاستعراضي للزيارة التي شارك فيها كبار مسؤولي المخابرات في كيان الاحتلال.

– الأكيد أن التطبيع تراكم ثقافي ونفسي وكل خطوة فيه هي مكسب إسرائيلي، لكن الخطوة النوعية التي تتركز عليها الجهود الأميركية والإسرائيلية هي التطبيع والتحالف بين «إسرائيل» والسعودية. وهو أمر تزداد العقبات في طريقه العلني رغم حجم المسافات التي قطعها التعاون السري ونصف العلني. وبعد المأزق السعودي الجديد والمتفاقم لا تبدو السعودية في وضع يتيح لها خطوة بحجم ما تحتاج «إسرائيل»، والحديث عن صفقة القرن بما تستدعيه من شريك فلسطيني وازن يقبل بالتخلي عن القدس تبدو أبعد فأبعد.

– الأمر بالنسبة لعُمان لا يبدو صعباً لكونها كانت قد قامت بخطوات سابقة على هذا الطريق، كما كانت قطر وزيارة إسحق رابين عام 1994 لمسقط وبعده زيارة شمعون بيريز عام 1996 تقولان الكثير، ويظن البعض أن اعتدال مسقط في قضايا النزاعات الإقليمية ناجم عن درجة أعلى من سائر دول الخليج من الالتزام برفض التطبيع، فعُمان كما قطر ترغبان بالوقوف على خط النهاية الأميركي وهو خط التسويات، بدلاً من الوقوف على خط البداية وهو خط الاشتباك، وعندما خسرت قطر بقيادتها لمرحلة الربيع العربي هذا الدور ولعبت برصيدها لدور أكبر تعززت فرص عُمان باحتلال مقعدها في استضافة التسويات، لكن دائماً هناك دفتر شروط أميركي لمنح هذا الدور، وهو دفتر شروط يتضمن جائزة تنالها «إسرائيل».

– إسرائيل في مأزق استراتيجي حيث العجز عن الحرب والعجز عن التسويات، وحيث الرهان على إنهاء القضية الفلسطينية بالتشارك مع السعودية تحت عنوان حلف مشترك بوجه إيران يصير أشد صعوبة، والتموضع على خط احتياطي لمرحلة ما بعد اكتمال التطورات السعودية التي لا تزال في بداياتها، ضرورة إسرائيلية تشكل مسقط نافذتها ويشكل الغموض حاجة فيها للعودة إلى مربع التفاوض القديم عند سقوط الفرصة السعودية، لكن هذا ليس هو الراهن، بل مجرد توظيف لجائزة عُمانية تمنح لـ«إسرائيل» لقاء طلب أميركي، مقابل منح مسقط الضوء الأخضر لرعاية التفاوض الأميركي الإيراني في ضوء الفشل المسبق المتوقع للعقوبات، وفي ضوء المتغيرات السعودية، وضوء أخضر آخر لمسقط لقيادة تفاوض يفتح طريق التسويات في اليمن في ظل الراهن السعودي.

– تبقى «إسرائيل» الرابح الأول حتى لو لم تمتلك خطة لتوظيف هذا الربح، عندما لا تكون فلسطين أولوية عربية، وعندما تسقط حسابات المصلحة العربية من جدول أعمال الحكام والحكومات.

US Rabbi: Gulf Emirates ’Competing’ Over Ties with “Israel”

US Rabbi: Gulf Emirates ’Competing’ Over Ties with “Israel”

Local Editor

President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding [FFEU], American Rabbi Marc Schneier, said he has recently seen a vast improvement in relations between the Zionist entity and the Gulf States.

In the same respect, he said he believes we will see establishment of official diplomatic relations between “Israel” and the six emirates as soon as 2019: “We will soon see the official forming of relations with Bahrain, and the rest will follow.”

Schneier said in an interview with “Israeli” newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth that the six Persian Gulf emirates are competing over who will be the first to go public with their relationship with “Israel”, and establish diplomatic ties.

“I believe we will soon see the official forming of relations with Bahrain, and the rest will follow,” he asserted.

Over the past 15 years, Rabbi Schneier has visited many palaces in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.”The current Emir of Qatar and leaders in Saudi Arabia said that the combination of Gulf’s wealth and “Israel’s” high-tech knowledge could potentially transform the region into the most successful area in the world,” Schneier explained.

“If in the past it was argued that the Gulf states would be willing to establish official relations with “Israel” only after ‘peace’ with the Palestinians is achieved, then today the leaders of these countries say that merely returning to the negotiating table will suffice,” said the rabbi.

“I believe we will see diplomatic relations developing with all six Gulf States as early as 2019,” he emphasized.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

اليمن بداية مسار التراجع السعودي


نوفمبر 2, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– كان لافتاً ما أدلى به وزير الدفاع الأميركي جيمس ماتيس حول صيغة لوقف الحرب في اليمن، فهو لم يوجه دعوة سياسية بل أعدّ روزنامة عملية حدّد لها سقفاً بثلاثين يوماً لوقف النار وبدء التفاوض السياسي، من دون أن يكلّف نفسه عناء زيارة الرياض والتشاور مع القيادة السعودية كشريك استراتيجي في المنطقة، وفقاً لوصف سابق لماتيس وللرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب. فكلام ماتيس الأقرب للأمر العسكري موجّه لكل من السعودية والإمارات، بوقف الحرب. والباقي دعوة ومطالب للقيادة اليمنية ولأنصار الله خصوصاً بقبول مقايضة وقف العمليات العسكرية السعودية والإماراتية، مقابل وقف قصف الصواريخ على المناطق السعودية. وهي دعوة لقيت رداً واضحاً من أنصار الله بربط كل بحث بوقف الحرب بأن يكون شاملاً وفي المقدمة يأتي فك الحصار.

– التوازن الجديد في اليمن بات واضحاً بعد الموقف الأميركي، وهو يمنح أنصار الله الموقع المقرر بالتوازي مع واشنطن التي أعلنت وضع يدها على قرار السعودية والإمارات ومَنْ معهما من اليمنيين. وواضح أن مسقط ستدير التفاوض بين الفريقين الأميركي واليمني، والواضح أيضاً أن واشنطن تقوم بذلك بعدما فرضت ضريبة التطبيع على مسقط لقاء جائزة الدور التفاوضي، لكنها تدرك بمعزل عن كون علاقة أنصار الله بإيران ليست علاقة تبعية، أن المعادلات الجيوسياسية في المنطقة جعلت من حرب السعودية والإمارات في اليمن مدخلاً لامتلاك عناصر تفوّق بوجه إيران في البحار واليابسة والممرات والمضائق المائية، وأن الحديث الأميركي عن الحاجة للسعودية في المواجهة مع إيران لا تجد لها ترجمة بمثل ما تقدّمه الحرب على اليمن، ووقف الحرب بقرار أميركي سيجد نفسه ملزماً بالتفاعل مع المطالب والشروط اليمنية بفك الحصار، تعني إحالة الدور السعودي رسمياً إلى التقاعد، خصوصاً في ما تسميه واشنطن بالمواجهة مع إيران.

– عملياً، لا يغيب عن بال واشنطن، ومن دون تنسيق تفاوضي بين أنصار الله وإيران، أن شروط وقف الحرب لن تتضمّن نزع الصواريخ البالستية من أيدي أنصار الله، وأن وهم الإشراف الدولي عليها إعلامي، وأن الدعوة لإدارة ذاتية مؤقتة للمناطق اليمنية لن يقبله أنصار الله، وأن الطريق ستكون مفتوحة نحو حكومة مؤقتة تمهّد لانتخابات، وأن مسار الوضع في اليمن لن يكون مغايراً لمصير الوضع في سورية، حيث خسارة أميركا للحرب على الدولة السورية المستقلة، سيكون كافياً لإعلان انتصار إيران. فما يهمّ إيران وفقاً لما تكتب الصحف الأميركية وتقول مراكز الدراسات التي تعتمدها الإدارة الأميركية في رسم سياساتها، هو أن يكون على حدود فلسطين دولة سورية مقاتلة قادرة ومستقلة، وأن يكون على مياه الخليج والبحر الأحمر دولة يمنية مؤمنة بالاستقلال الوطني، لا تضعها واشنطن تحت إبطها مباشرة أو بالواسطة السعودية. وهذا ما تدرك واشنطن أنه حاصل بمجرد وقف الحرب التي جاءت لمنع حصوله.

– يثير مسار العقوبات الأميركية وتزامنها مع ما يشكل عملياً رسالة انفتاح يمنية هامة على المصالح الإيرانية، وبوابة تفاوض تفتح بواسطة مسقط، التساؤل عن مدى قناعة واشنطن بالذهاب إلى المواجهة مع إيران، ودرجة الثقة بالعقوبات لتطويع إيران، بعدما صارت مجرد ضرورة تفاوضية، حيث حجر الرحى في المواجهة الذي تشكله السعودية يجري إخراجه من الحلبة مضرّجاً بجراحاته؟

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مابين السنونو الاول والسنونو الاخير ربيع عربي .. عواصم العرب تتحول الى كيبوتزات لنتنياهو…

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

الصورة المعلقة هي للسادات كنت أنوي ان انشرها في مناسبة أخرى لأسأل القراء سؤالا يستدرجهم الى الحقائق والدهشة .. من مثل ان يخمنوا أين هي هذه الصور .. واين هو هذا المقهى؟ .. هل هو في دمشق ام القاهرة ام بغداد؟؟

بقلم نارام سرجون

أحب قبل ان أكتب في شأن أن أثير في القارئ شيئا يجعله يقع في حيرة الفضول .. وكل سطر يأخذه الى سطر آخر وينزلق به كمن يسقط في شلالات وتيارات تتدحرج نحو الوديان .. دون ان يتمكن من التوقف في رحلته المثيرة الا في السطر الأخير ومصب النهر الأخير ..

 ليست مهمتي ان أنصب فخاخا بين السطور تمسك بالقارئ وأنفاسه ويصبح كالطائر الذي علق على مصيدة الدبق .. فالكاتب الذي يمسك قراءه بمصيدة العسل له مشاعر صياد تجاه طرائده وطيوره .. أما أنا فلا أعرف كيف انصب الفخاخ ولااتقن هذا الفن المتوحش ولااحب ان استعمل العسل الا كي اغمس به كلماتي كما يغمس الخبز في العسل للجائعين وأطعمه لمن امتلأ فمه وحلقه بالعلقم والملح في زمن الكذب والنخاسة .. فأرسم للقارئ في كل سطر لوحة غريبة أو خارطة تثير فيه رغبة دفينة في البحث عن كنز مفقود لبحّار ضاع في بحار المعاني وكنزه مدفون في سطور قادمة ..

ولذلك عندما وجدت هذه الصورة القديمة (المرفقة) بالابيض والاسود لمقهى ورصيف وعلى الجدار صور الرئيس المصري انور السادات لم يخطر ببالي ان أنشرها في هذا الوقت .. وكنت أنوي ان انشرها في مناسبة أخرى لأسأل القراء سؤالا يستدرجهم الى الحقائق والدهشة .. من مثل ان يخمنوا أين هي هذه الصور .. واين هو هذا المقهى؟ .. هل هو في دمشق ام القاهرة ام بغداد؟؟ ولأسال عمن يمكن ان يكون الآن صاحب الصورة المعلقة على الجدران ..

ولكن المصادفات عجيبة .. فقد وصلتني رسالة من كاتب مصري تشرح المأساة التي نجح الاسرائيليون في زرعها في عقول الجمهور العربي .. فهذا الكاتب المصري يقترح في رسالته مبادئ – من وجهة نظره – لحل المأساة اليمنية .. ولاحظت ان مبادئه مشوشة جدا فهو كتب لي نشرة محطة العربية كاملة على انها الحل اليمني .. ولكن اخطر مافي رسالته هي مانجده من عقلية انعزالية ضيقة متناقضة مع الواقع والضرورة .. فهو قال

ان آراءه استقبلت ونشرت في الصحف العربية التي وصفتها بأنها لكاتب عربي .. ولكنه اضاف ساخرا .. يصنفونني عربي رغم انني مصري ولست عربيا (واتبعها بكتابة ضحكة استخفاف هههههههههه) ..

وهنا نلاحظ كيف ان هذا الكاتب – وامثاله – هو ثمرة ناضجة لكامب ديفيد التي حولت العقل عند شريحة لايستهان بها من المصريين الى عقل لايرى ابعد من حلايب ورفح والسلوم .. فهذا هو المدى المجدي لرؤيته وتصوراته وأمنه .. فيما يربي الاسرائيليون ابناءهم على ان حدودهم لاتقتصر على فلسطين بل هي:

من الفرات الى النيل !! ..

اي ان كامب ديفيد مسخت الطموحات لدى طبقة من المصريين وجعلتهم لايرون ابعد من رفح وحلايب فيما العين الاسرائيلية ترى الى مابعد الفرات والنيل .. ولاشك ان هذا الجيل الذي سجنته كامب ديفيد بين حلايب ورفح .. قد يجد نفسه يوما قد قصر نظره أكثر وصار بين جمهوريتي حلايب والسلوم المستقلتين .. وهذا ماتشتغل عليه الحملات النفسية التي تديرها مؤسسات اعلامية عربية مبرمجة في اسرائيل .. فهي تحاول حبس العراقيين في أوطان عراقية شيعية وسنية ضيقة .. وحاولت حبس السوريين في اقفاص دويلات طائفية .. وعندما فشلت صارت تحاول جعل المدى الفعال للبصر عن المواطن السوري لاتتعدى معبر المصنع والقائم ونصيب .. ومابعد ذلك لايراه ولايعنيه ولايطمح لمعرفة مايدور خلف هذه المعابر ..

وتذكرت وأنا اقرأ رسالة الكاتب المصري التي حبس فيها نفسه بحدود مصر التي رسمتها لها كامب ديفيد .. تذكرت هذه الصورة للرئيس السادات التي ارسلتها لي صديقة مصرية .. وهذه الصورة تشرح كل المعضلة التي صار فيها بعض المصريين والعرب .. فالصورة المعلقة هي للرئيس السادات في احد شوارع تل ابيب وليست في اي عاصمة عربية ..

والسادات يطلق عليه الاسرائيليون “السنونو الاول” الذي جاء لهم بالعالم العربي بعد ذلك .. ومعهم حق فهذا السنونو المصري كان اول سنونو يعلن عن وصول الربيع العربي .. منذ اربعين عاما ..

Image result for ‫السنونو الاول‬‎

فهو أول من كسر حاجز العداوة مع الاسرائيليين وحولهم من اعداء الى اصدقاء .. وكان اول الواصلين الى أحضان الاسرائيليين وأقفاصهم التي زينوا بها بيتهم من الفرات الى النيل بقفص فيه سنونو مصري .. تلته بعد ذلك اسراب السنونو العربية .. سنونو الاردن .. وسنونوات لبنان وزمن آل الجميل الذين قتلوا انفسهم من أجل صداقة اسرائيل

Image result for ‫السنونو الاول‬‎

وطبعا وصل السنونو الفلسطيني من اوسلو ..

Image result for ‫الفلسطيني من اوسلو‬‎

وبعده وصلت اسراب السنونو الخليجية .. والتي لحقت بها جماعات السنونو الاسلامية والاخوان المسلمين والسنونو العثماني .. وعندما وصل الربيع العربي ومعه السنونو الاسلامي وجد ان اسرائيل صديقة وان اعداءه في مكان آخر .. ودخل نتنياهو الى عواصم كان لايقدر ان يدخلها الا بالحرب فاذا به يدخلها ضيفا عزيزا كريما وضيف شرف ..

واليوم فانني استغرب فعلا هذه الدهشة التي ملأت أفواه الناس من صور نتنياهو يتجول في مسقط مع زوجته سارة .. رغم ان نتنياهو في بلاد العرب انما يتجول في مستعمراته وكيبوتزاته ..

واليوم يستطيع نتنياهو وكل حكومته ان يزوروا عواصم لايقدر اي زعيم عربي ان يدخلها .. بل ان المجال الحيوي لنتنياهو أكبر بمئة مرة من المجال الحيوي للسيد حسن نصرالله قائد المقاومة وللرئيس بشار الاسد ..

نتنياهو يقدر ان يزور الآن مصر والاردن والسعودية ونصف لبنان والخليج كله من بابه الى محرابه.. ويقدر ان يزور ليبيا وتونس والمغرب وادلب التي لاتزال تحت سيطرة المسلحين الاسلاميين “العثمانيين” ويستطيع ان يزور شمال العراق حيث اقليم البرزاني الكردي .. وهو يقدر ان يزور تركيا من شرقها غربها .. وكلها مناطق مفتوحة امام اسرائيل ومغلقة على المقاومين وكل من لم يوقع اتفاق استسلام لاسرائيل ..

وبعد ان كان المهاجر اليهودي منذ عقود قليلة لايقدر ان ينتقل من كيبوتز الى كيبوتز في فلسطين الا ليلا وبحماية قوافل من السلاح .. فانه اليوم صنع من عواصم العرب كيبوتزات يزورها نهارا ويتسلى فيها ويتنزه ويلتقط الصور في مولاتها وحتى في الكعبة .. فيما تحول المقاومون الى مطاردين في العالم العربي ..

وصار الاسرائيلي يمنح فيزا تليق به فيما السوري والعراقي والفلسطيني يحول الى لاجئ في الخيام يتم تصويره لبيع صوره وصور اولاده وبناته وتتحول الى ملصقات انتخابية لاردوغان او لحملة تجنيد لمقاتلين جهاديين يقاتلون في كل مكان الا في فلسطين ..

اسرائيل اقامت دولتها على فلسفة تجاهل الشعوب العربية والتركيز على القيادات فهي استندت في قيامها على علاقات مع الاسر المالكة الهاشمية والاسرة السعودية والملك فاروق في مصر ولاحقا الاسر الحاكمة في الخليج المحتل .. ولكنها في مرحلة لاحقة انتقلت الى عملية تضليل الشعوب العربية وايهامها ان اسرائيل هي الهمّ الاصغر تجاه هموم الحرية والديمقراطية وحكم الشرع الاسلامي واحياء الخلافة و”الخلافات” .. وان مشكلة الشعوب العربية هي فلسطين وليست اسرائيل .. وان حل كل أزمات العالم العربي يمكن في تجاوز منطق الممانعة والانتقال الى منطق التطبيع وعفا الله عما مضى ..

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على جدران تل ابيب يجب ان تعلق صور وجوه عربية وعثمانية كثيرة وصور ذات لحى ايضا .. وكل اسراب السنونو العربية .. ولكن جدران اسرائيل لم تعد تتسع لصور الطيور وللاعلانات .. لانها تزدحم بصور مشاريع توسيع المستوطنات والهيكل القادم في القدس .. والمفارقة ان الشوارع العربية ستزدحم جدرانها ولوحاتها بصور الناصر نتنياهو .. محرر القدس .. والأمين على الاقصى .. راعي العرب .. وشيخهم .. وحبيبهم .. انه عسل للجائعين ولمن امتلأ فمه العربي وحلقه الاسلامي بالعلقم والملح ..

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