Yemen By-Elections: Indication of Stability, Steadfastness


By Staff

Sana’a – Yemen’s Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums’ [SCER] senior official has called upon Lebanon to play its full effective role in the global efforts to solve “the crisis” in Yemen and to participate in monitoring the upcoming electoral process.

Mohammad Al Salemi, Judge, head of the [SCER] has expressed the importance of the Parliamentary By-elections due to be held in April, amid the ongoing war that Yemenis are expected to marks its 4th anniversary of steadfastness in the face of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

“The importance of this elections lies in the fact that it will enable a citizen to exercise his/her constitutional and legal rights to choose [his/her] representative,” Al Salemi told al-Ahed News in an exclusively interview at his office in capital Sanaa on Sunday.

The commission has been receiving applications of nominees since last Thursday. It will end on March 23.

Al Salemi said this elections will send messages to the international community at a moment while Yemen is going through a particularly trying period.

“In spite of what the country is going through of difficult circumstances, but they [countries of the Saudi-led coalition] can’t deprive a citizen of [his/her] democratic right to choose their representative,” he noted.

Yemen Calls on Lebanon for an Effective Role during the Upcoming By-Elections

Mohammed Al Salemi, judge, Head of Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums at his office March 17, 2019 (Al-Ahed News)

Invitation for Participation in Monitoring

After Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, failed in August 2017 to convene a lot of members of the House of Representatives, because majority of the members stand against his war on Yemen and there was no quorum. Therefore, to increase its legitimacy, Sana’a authorities have decided to run its first elections since 2003 to fill the vacant seats.

Yemeni parliament has decided to run for an electoral process to fill 34 vacant seats for representatives who died, but not the seats of those members who left Sana’a and joined the Saudi-led war on Yemen, as some local media revealed.

In response to the Parliament statement to the elections commission, the [SCER] has called on Tuesday on international bodies, organizations, representatives of embassies, political parties, political organizations and local civil society organizations to participate in monitoring the elections to fill vacant parliamentary seats in 2019, according to a statement released by state-run news agency “SABA”.

It has also called on voters at the 34 vacant constituencies’ districts to go to the polls at 8:00 am on Saturday, 13 April 2019, to cast their votes for the election of their representatives to the House of Representatives. []

This elections comes at a time that Sana’a has been under an all-out sea, land and air blockade, let alone the financial crunch after rebasing Yemen’s Central Bank by Saudi backed resigned president Abdrabu Mansour Hadi.

Ali Al Samet, president of the legal sector at [SCER], stressed that this elections is mainly funded by Sana’a’s Central Bank. “There is no foreign fund for this election,” Al Samet told al-Ahed News, noting that this should be considered “an advantage”.

Calls for monitoring Elections

Al Samet has confirmed to the al-Ahed News that the commission has addressed the United Nations and the Arab League on its plan to run for this elections.

“We have briefed UN Secretary-General about the electoral process that’s is ongoing currently, which is to fill vacancies [parliamentary seats].”

“We have addressed the Secretary- General of the League of Arab States, Arabic and international organizations, and the UN representative in Yemen as well,” Al Samet told al-Ahed News.

Al Samet, however, explained that no response yet has reached him back. Responses may have reached Yemen’s Foreign Ministry in Sana’a, Al Samet say, through which the [SCER] sent messages to these sides.

“I should like, through you, to call on international and local organizations and political parties to participate in monitoring the electoral process which will take place in the Republic of Yemen,” Al Samet said.

He stressing that this is to ensure that the elections will be free and fair in accordance with “international and national standards to run any electoral process”.

Calls for Lebanon to bring Yemen’s warring sides

Lebanon still stands with the people of Yemen who have been fighting the Saudi aggression since March26, 2015.

With the great support of Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, at least in his great speeches that have been hailing the Yemenis’ wounds at hard times.

Furthermore, Al Samet has called upon Lebanon to play a key role in solving what he called “Yemeni crisis,” without the US- Saudi interferences.

“We call upon our brothers in Lebanon to call all Yemeni warring sides to solve the Yemeni crisis and put an end to it [the crisis], considering Lebanon one member of the Arab League,” Al Samet said.

“We call upon organizations in Lebanon to participate in monitoring the electoral process, and this is a special invitation, hoping they will participate,” stressed Al Samet.

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‘Anti-terror fight to continue until terrorists routed’

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri (L) and his Iraqi and Syrian counterparts, Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanimi (C) and General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, attend a joint press conference in Damascus, Syria, on March 18, 2019. (Photo by SANA)
Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri (L) and his Iraqi and Syrian counterparts, Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanimi (C) and General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, attend a joint press conference in Damascus, Syria, on March 18, 2019. (Photo by SANA)

Iran’s top military commander has warned about efforts by stooges of the global arrogance to fuel insecurity in the Middle East, stressing that the fight against terrorists will continue until their full elimination.

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri made the remarks while addressing a joint press conference at the end of a tripartite meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanimi and Syrian Defense Minister General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub in Damascus on Monday, during which the three countries exchanged views on ways to combat terrorism.

Iran’s military chief said at the present time, the main goal is to preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, adding, “Measures taken by the three countries will continue until terrorists are fully defeated.”

Baqeri added that withdrawal of foreign forces that are present in Syria without any authorization from the country’s government is also top on the agenda of the three states.

Commenting on the presence of Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria, Baqeri said terrorists active in those countries posed a threat to Iran’s security, adding that the Islamic Republic dispatched its military advisors to the two Arab countries at their request.

Baqeri emphasized that no foreign armed forces should be deployed to any country in the region without its legal permission, adding that Iran will continue its fight against terrorists in Syria as long as the legal Syrian government demands it.

Speaking upon his arrival in the Syrian capital on Sunday, the top Iranian military commander said foreign forces who are illegally present in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib and east of the Euphrates, should leave these areas at the earliest.

PressTV-Illegal foreign forces must leave Syria: Baqeri

“[Those foreign] forces who are present in Syria without any authorization from the country’s government must leave the Syrian soil as soon as possible,” Baqeri said.

Iran has been offering military advisory support to Syria and Iraq at the request of their governments, enabling their armies to speed up their gains on various fronts against terror outfits.

The Syrian defense minister, for his part, said at the presser that Syria would gain full control of the country.

Ayyoub said the Syrian government will not allow anyone to have control over even an inch of the country’s soil, adding that this is what President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly emphasized.

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Hero of Salfit Operation Assassinated by ‘Israeli’ forces

By Staff, Agencies

‘Israeli’ occupation forces assassinated the Palestinian hero who carried out the heroic Salfit operation in the central part of the occupied West Bank at the weekend, which killed an Israeli soldier as well as a rabbi and severely injured a settler.

In further details, ‘Israeli’ media reported that 19-year-old Omar Amin Abu Lila was martyred during a shootout in the village of Abwein, located about 37 kilometers north of Ramallah, late on Tuesday night after special units of the Zionist forces surrounded the house he was in.

The development came a day after the occupation army and Shin Bet security service arrested relatives of Abu Lila, a resident of the village of Az-Zawiya, and mapped the family’s house in preparation of a possible demolition.

In response, dozens of young Palestinians confronted ‘Israeli’ forces, with local reports saying several were wounded as ‘Israeli’ troops opened fire at the protesters.

In another attack, two young Palestinian men were shot dead by ‘Israeli’ soldiers near the outskirts of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Witnesses told Palestinian Safa news agency that an ‘Israeli’ military bulldozer hit a car, which was carrying the Palestinians, and then ‘Israeli’ soldiers engaged them with direct fire.

The enemy’s forces also prevented Palestinian paramedics and ambulances from reaching the area.

The two young Palestinian martyrs were later identified as 21-year-old Raed Hashim Hamdan and Zaid Anad Mohammed Nuri, 20.

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سلفيت تحيي حرب استنزاف عبد الناصر والهجوم الاستراتيجي مستمرّ!

مارس 19, 2019

محمد صادق الحسيني

1 ـ انّ محاولة الاجهزة الأمنية الإسرائيلية، ومتعاونين محليين في فلسطين المحتلة، فرض توقيت ايّ حرب على المقاومة الفلسطينية وربما على قوات حلف المقاومة، عبر إطلاق الصواريخ المشبوهة من قطاع غزة باتجاة تل أبيب باءت بالفشل الذريع…!

ومع انكشاف المخطط الإسرائيلي بشكل فوري وضبط النفس الذي تحلت بة فصائل المقاومة، بالاضافة الى عجز نتن ياهو عن دخول مواجهة عسكرية واسعة مع المقاومة الفلسطينية، كل هذة الظروف مجتمعة ادّت ليس فقط إلى فشل المخطط بل إلى اشتعال حرب الجنرالات المسعورة داخل عصابات الصهاينة…!

2 ـ انّ العملية التي نفذها فدائي فلسطيني، عمره 19 عاماً بالقرب من مستوطنة ارئيل المقامة على اراضي بلدة سلفيت المصادرة، جاءت لتكشف عجز الجيش الإسرائيلي التامّ، ليس فقط في مواجهة حلف المقاومة أو أحد مكوّناته، بل حتى عن مواجهة فدائي واحد، لم يكن مسلحاً وإنما غنم سلاحه، بندقية من طراز M 16 من جنود الاحتلال الذين اشتبك معهم في موقعين بعد العملية الأولى وأثناء عمليات المطاردة والتي شارك فيها قرابة أربعين ألف جندي «إسرائيلي»، علماً انّ مساحة المنطقة التي تجري فيها المطاردة لا تزيد عن مائة كيلومتر مربع.

لذلك لكم ان تتخيّلوا ما الذي سيواجهه الجيش «الإسرائيلي»، في حال حصول حرب على الجبهة الشمالية… حيث ستكون خطوط إمداده تحت رحمة الفدائيين الفلسطينيين، الذين سبق لهم ان طبّقوا هذا التكتيك في ستينيات وسبعينيات القرن الماضي.

3 ـ فقبيل البدء بحرب الاستنزاف المصرية، على جبهة قناة السويس 1968 ـ 1970، عقد الرئيس جمال عبد الناصر اجتماعاً مع الشهيد ياسر عرفات، الذي كان قائداً لحركة فتح ولم تكن التنظيمات الفدائية قد دخلت منظمة التحرير بعد، سأل خلاله الرئيس عبد الناصر الشهيد أبو عمار عما إذا كانت حركة فتح قادرة على تثبيت لواء قوة «إسرائيلية» بحجم لواء في غور الأردن غرب النهر حيث انّ الغور يسمّى كذلك نسبة الى النهر الذي اسمة نهر الأردن وذلك للتخفيف من الضغط العسكري «الإسرائيلي» على جبهة القناة عند الضرورة. فأجاب أبو عمار بأنّ قوات الثورة الفلسطينية قادرة على تثبيت فرقة الى فرقتين حوالي ثلاثين الف جندي وليس لواءً واحداً فقط. فقال له عبد الناصر: إذاً، توكلنا على الله.

وكان ما كان آنذاك.

4 ـ وعليه نستطيع القول انّ من الممنوع على نتن ياهو وحكومته وجنرالاته ان يفرضوا على قوات حلف المقاومة توقيت البدء بتنفيذ المرحلة النهائية من الهجوم الاستراتيجي، الذي بدأ في حلب، والذي لن يتوقف الا بتحرير القدس وإعادتها عاصمة لكلّ فلسطين.

وإذا كان صحيحاً القول بأنّ كلّ ما يلزم للبدء بتنفيذ المرحلة النهائية من الهجوم الاستراتيجي قد أصبح جاهزاً، كصواريخ حزب الله الدقيقة التي تغطي كلّ فلسطين المحتلة وجيش من القوات الشعبية، على اهبة الاستعداد في كلّ من سورية والعراق، يبلغ تعداده ما يربو على مائتي ألف مقاتل، كما صرّح يوم أمس الأول اللواء محمد جعفري قائد الحرس الثوري الإيراني.

5 ـ لكن قرار بدء المعركة لن يتخذه نتن ياهو وإنما قادة أركان جيوش كلّ من إيران والعراق وسورية المجتمعين في دمشق لمناقشة تفاصيل ذلك ووضع الخطط الاستراتيجية اللازمة للمستقبل والكفيلة بتغيير خارطة المنطقة باتجاه إنهاء الوجود الاستعماري الأميركي والأوروبي منها بشكل كامل. الأمر الذي سيساهم بشكل كبير في إعادة تشكيل ميزان القوى الدولي وإنهاء سيطرة وهيمنة القطب الواحد، أيّ الولايات المتحدة، على مقدرات شعوب العالم.

6 ـ وها هو رئيس أركان الجيش العراقي، الذي شارك في كلّ الحروب العربية ضدّ الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي» لفلسطين، يعلن من دمشق عن قرب فتح معبر حدودي بين العراق وسورية بشكل كامل ودائم. وهو الأمر الذي يعني فتح الطريق البري الرابط بين موسكو وبيروت، عبر كلّ من طهران وبغداد ودمشق، وما يعنيه ذلك من أبعاد استراتيجية في المنطقة سيكون لها ما بعدها في أقرب الآجال، خاصة أنّ من أعلن عن قرب فتح المعبر ليس وزيراً للمواصلات وانما رئيساً لجيش العراق البطل، الذي تسانده عشرات آلاف الوحدات العسكرية المقاتلة والمنضوية تحت لواء الحشد الشعبي العراقي.

ولمزيد من التوضيح فمن الواجب القول بأنّ هذا التطوّر يشكل رسالة واضحة لقوات الاحتلال الأميركي في كلّ من سورية والعراق… مؤداها: ارحلوا وإلا…!

7 ـ هذا في الوقت الذي تقف فية الولايات المتحدة عاجزة عن الدخول في حروب جديدة، سواء في سورية والعراق أو غيرها من مناطق العالم، رغم أنها لا زالت قادرة على إشعال الفتن والحروب الداخلية في مناطق عديدة من العالم. ولكنها وعلى الرغم من ذلك ستواجة هزيمة ساحقة، أمام روسيا والصين، في أي حرب قادمة كما ورد في دراسة نشرتها مؤسسة راند الأميركيةRAND Corpoation قبل أيّام، علماً أنّ هذة المؤسسة تعتبر من المؤسسات المحافظة والقريبة جداً من الرئيس ترامب.

8 ـ من هنا يجب النظر إلى الزيادة التي طرأت على ميزانية البنتاغون، للعام 2019، التي بلغت سبعمائة وخمسين مليار دولار، ليس فقط على أنها زيادة تهدف الى مزيد من الاستعدادات لشنّ حروب جديدة في العالم وإنما أيضاً من أجل تصحيح الكثير من الخلل الذي تعاني منه الجيوش الأميركية في مجال التسليح.

فها هي البنتاغون تطلب قبل أيّام قليلة، حسب ما نشره موقع Task and Purpose الأميركي، شراء 10193 عشرة صاروخاً مدفعية صاروخية موجهة في موازنة 2020، ما يعني زيادة 26 عن عدد الصواريخ التي تمّ شراؤها في ميزانية 2019، والتي كان عددها 8101، بينما الرقم المطلوب شراؤه للعام 2020 زيادة تبلغ 43 عن ما تمّ شراؤة في ميزانية 2018، حيث كان عدد الصواريخ التي تمّ شراؤها آنذاك 6936 صاروخاً فقط.

وحسب ما ورد في حيثيات طلب البنتاغون، التي نشرها الموقع الأميركي المشار اليه أعلاه، فإنّ البنتاغون تخطط لتوجيه هذة الصواريخ الى كلّ من روسيا والصين.

9 ـ كما يجب على المرء ان لا يتجاهل الأوضاع السيئة التي تعاني منها القوات الجوية والبحرية الأميركية، بما فيها المشاكل الهائلة التي تواجه طائرة أف 35 وانكشافها تماماً أمام سطوة شبكات الدفاع الجوي الروسية من طراز «أس 400» و «أس 500».

كما لا بدّ من الانتباه الى الاوضاع المشابهة والتي تعاني منها جيوش دول حلف الشمال الأطلسي الرئيسية، مثل بريطانيا وألمانيا وفرنسا. اذ نشرت صحيفة «فيلت ام سونتاغ» الألمانية المحافظة يوم الأحد الفائت تقريراً حول التقييم السرّي لقدرات الجيش الألماني العسكرية جاء فيه انّ 6.11 فقط من مروحيات الجيش من طراز تايغر النمر ، وعددها 53 مروحية، جاهزة للعمل، بينما هناك 5.17 فقط من مروحيات النقل الثقيلة، من طراز NH، جاهزة للعمل.

وهو الأمر الذي أثار جدلاً واسعاً في ألمانيا، رغم محاولة المفتش العام للجيش الألماني، ايرهارد تسرون، التخفيف من وقع التقرير على الرأي العام وذلك من خلال تصريحه بأنّ 70 من قوات ومعدات الجيش الألماني قادرة على العمل بشكل عام.

عالمهم ينهار رويداً رويداً فيما عالمنا ينهض ساعة بعد ساعة.

بعدنا طيّبين قولوا الله…

Lebanon’s General Security Arrests Lebanese-Canadian for Collaboration with Israeli Enemy

March 19, 2019

General Security

The General Security indicated Tuesday that it had apprehended a Lebanese-Canadian individual for collaboration with the Israeli enemy and the collect of information for the enemy’s intelligence services.

“Within the frame of its fight against espionage for the Israeli enemy entity and the dismantlement of its rings inside Lebanon, the General Directorate of the General Security has arrested Lebanese-Canadian F.G., born 1978, upon the notice of the military prosecution,” the GS said in a statement.

“During interrogations, the detainee admitted the following:
– In 2013, he had been recruited by Lebanese fugitive spy N.G., who currently chairs a division in the enemy’s intelligence Unit 504;
– He had been tasked with recruiting Lebanese people to infiltrate into Hezbollah’s support milieu and collect security information for the enemy intelligence, including tips on Israeli air force navigator Ron Arad;
– Preparing to enter the occupied Palestinian lands,” the statement read.



هرطقة حصانات الرؤساء والوزراء والنواب

مارس 19, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– تشكل الحصانات طبقيّة فاضحة ومثيرة للاشمئزاز في أي بلد ديمقراطي يقوم على التساوي بين المواطنين أمام القانون، وتُمنح الحصانات في الديمقراطيات استثنائياً لحدود ضيقة، تتصل بضمان ممارسة النواب لمساءلة الحكومة دون القلق من التعرّض لضغوط تكوين ملفات مفبركة لسوقهم امام القضاء، أما الوزراء فلا يتمتّعون ربما في غير لبنان بالحصانة التي يمكنهم تجييرها لموظفيهم بمنع الملاحقة عنهم، ومنع مثولهم أمام القضاء وهو تدبير استثنائي عرفته بعض الديمقراطيّات خشية سيطرة الأمن على السياسة بتطويع الإدارات عبر استدعاء موظفيها للمثول امام الضابطة العدلية لتجنيدهم لحساب اجهزة المخابرات والتحكم عبرهم برؤسائهم والتجسس عليهم، أما الرؤساء فقد حصرت حصانتهم بحالات محاكمتهم بتهم الخيانة العظمى التي لا يجوز السير بها إلا امام هيئة خاصة تملك الأهلية والصفة للقيام بذلك، لكن في كل الديمقراطيات، لا تقف أي حصانة بوجه الملاحقة الخاصة بالجرائم المالية وتهم الفساد، وها هو رئيس حكومة الاحتلال بنيامين نتنياهو وسلفه إيهود أولمرت يواجهان تهماً ويتعرّضان لملاحقات ويُسجَن أحدهما بينما يستعدّ الآخر للسجن، وها هو الرئيس الفرنسي الأسبق نيكولاي ساركوزي يلاحق وقبله الرئيس جاك شيراك، وها هي كوريا الجنوبية وماليزيا والفليبين وباكستان، حيث وزراء ورؤساء حكومات يقبعون في السجون بتهم وملاحقات بالفساد ومحاكمات أمام القضاء العادي.

– في لبنان الحصانة ليست موجودة إلا لمنع القضاء من الملاحقة بالفساد، فقد ولّى زمن القلق من ضغوط الحكومات على النواب، ومن زمن ضغط أجهزة الأمن على الموظفين الكبار في الدولة، وباتت الحصانات مجرد حماية من الملاحقة بجرائم ترتكب بحق المال العام للدولة، وبذلك يصير الخيار الوحيد المتاح لتلاقي حملة مكافحة الفساد نتائجها، هو إلغاء الحصانات وفي مقدمتها الحصانة النيابية وحق الوزراء بحجب موظفيهم عن المثول أمام القضاء، وحصر محاكمة الوزراء والرؤساء بالمجلس الأعلى الذي وضعت تشريعاته بطريقة تمنعه من محاكمة أحد، حيث الشروط المعقدة للاتهام والإدانة، وكي لا يقال إن المطلوب تعرية الذين يمارسون المسؤولية العامة من أي مهابة وجعلهم عرضة من خصومهم لما يسمّى «الجرجرة « إلى المحاكم، والتي يعتبرها بعض السياسيين تقليلاً من قيمتهم، يجب كحد أدنى جعل اللجوء للحصانة استثنائياً محدداً بشروط معقدة وليس العكس، بحيث يتمّ منحها في حالات بعينها، بعد النظر فيها، واعتبار الإباحة في الملاحقة هي الأصل وحجب الملاحقة هو الاستثناء، فبدلاً من أن يحتاج رفع الحصانة إلى تصويت مجلس النواب، وجب العكس، أن يمنح النائب الحق في طلب الحصانة بوجه ملاحقة قضائية باللجوء إلى المجلس النيابي بطلب التصويت على ذلك مرفقاً بالأسباب الموجبة التي تكشف الطبيعة السياسية التي تستهدف ممارسته لمهامه النيابية الرقابية وسواها وتعطيله عن القيام بواجباته النيابية، ومثلها تقييد المحاكمة امام المجلس الأعلى بطلب المتهم رئيساً أو وزيراً بنقل قضيته من القضاء المختص إلى المجلس الأعلى لوقوعها ضمن اختصاصه، فيبتّ المجلس الأعلى بالاختصاص، وفيما عدا ذلك يكون القضاء المختص طليق اليدين قادرا دون إذن على استدعاء أي مسؤول للمثول أمامه، والاستماع إليه كما في كل بلاد الدنيا، وملاحقته عند الضرورة، باستثناء الحالات التي يقرر مجلس النواب منح الحصانة لأحد النواب أو يقرر المجلس الأعلى لمحاكمة الرؤساء والوزراء اعتبار القضية من اختصاصه، وحجب يد القضاء عنها.

– أما فضيحة الفضائح فهي اشتراط السماح للقضاء باستدعاء موظف في الدولة بالحصول على موافقة وإذن الوزير المختص، وهذه قمة الهرطقة القانونية والتعطيل للمسارات القضائية، وقد أتحفنا وزير الاتصالات بنظرية عبقرية قوامها أن موظفي ومدراء المؤسسات التي تدر أموالاً للخزينة لا تجب ملاحقتهم لأن ذلك بداعي الحسد، فالريجي والجمارك والاتصالات والنفط، مؤسسات يحصل موظفوها على الحصانة تلقائياً بالولادة، أما الكهرباء مثلا فيجب إقامة فرع تحقيق مقيم فيها لأنها تتسبّب باستنزاف الخزينة، ودائرة الدين العام مثلاً، كذلك، وكل مجال للإنفاق لا لجني الواردات، وكأن عمل الموظفين هو الذي يحول قطاع الاتصالات أو الريجي او الجمارك أو دائرة الضريبة أو الداوئر العقارية من مصادر خسارة للمال إلى مزاريب للواردات، وكذلك عمل الموظفين يحول دائرة الدين العام ووزارة الصحة من مجالات للإنفاق إلى مصادر للدخل، والقضية ببساطة أن مغارة علي بابا الاتصالات ممنوع دق أبوابها، لأن فيها أسرار الآتي وليس ما مضى فقط، وهي التي قال عنها رئيس مجلس النواب ذات يوم أنها نفط لبنان، وهو نفط يراد نقله إلى جعله ملكية خاصة، وكي يكتمل ما يعدّه ويحضره الموظفون يجب منحهم الثقة بأن ما يقومون به لن يعرّضهم للملاحقة وأنهم يحظون بالحصانة من أي ملاحقة.

– ارفعوا الحصانات أو أوقفوا حملات مكافحة الفساد، فالضحايا سيكونون الصغار والضعاف، ولن يعلق في الشباك إلا سمك السردين، أما الحيتان وسمك القرش فلديهم أسنان تطحن الصنارة وتفتك بالشباك وتخرج حرة طالما نظام الحصانات يشتغل.

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Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS

Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS


Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS

During the period of 17 September to 11 December of 2016, the United States and its allies carried out a massive operation to move ISIS’s surviving jihadists who were in the oil-producing Iraqi region of Mosul, into the Syrian oil-producing region of Deir Ezzor and Palmyra. This was done so that those oil-stealing-and-selling jihadists in Iraq would now be stealing Syria’s oil and would thereby increase the likelihood of overthrowing Syria’s long-existing non-sectarian Government. The US and its allies would then replace that Government by one which would be controlled by the fundamentalist Sunni Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, the long-time leading oil-power, and which family are America’s main foreign ally. The Sauds are crucial to maintaining the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The US aristocracy rely upon them.

Now that ISIS is being defeated by Syria’s Government (and by its allies Russia and Iran) in Syria, the United States and its allies are trying to find other governments that will take them in as refugees. It’s part of a deal the US regime reached with ISIS.

The issue of what to do with the thousands of surviving but (temporarily) defeated ISIS members — and with their spouses and children — has raised hypocrisy to perhaps the highest level in all of history. Its background needs to be understood if one wants to understand the sources of that enormous hypocrisy. Here’s this background:

When Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria on 30 September 2015, it greatly disturbed the US regime, which therefore started on 12 October 2015 to air-drop weapons into that area so as to help the jihadists to shoot down Russia’s jets, which were bombing ISIS. America’s Fox News Channel headlined “US military airdrops 50 tons of ammo for Syrian fighters, after training mission ends”. The US didn’t start bombing ISIS in Syria until 16 November 2015, and the US Government’s excuse for not having bombed them earlier was “This is our first strike against tanker trucks, and to minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike.” They pretended that it was done out of compassion — not in order to extend for as long as possible ISIS’s success in taking over territory in Syria.

And then on 26 February 2019, Syria’s government news-agency reported that the US had sent to the US Federal Reserve 40+ tons of gold that ISIS had accumulated from selling, on the international black markets, oil from Syria’s oil-producing region around Deir Ezzor — Syria’s oil stolen by ISIS and the proceeds now being stolen yet again by the US regime — and this gold now being sent to the US (On March 8th I reported the further background and context of that US theft from Syria.) The US regime had offered to ISIS-members who were in Syria’s oil-producing region a choice either to become captured and killed by Syria’s Government, or else for them to give to the US that gold, and the option which was selected by the jihadists was to give the gold to the US, which is therefore now trying to find other countries to send the jihadists to as ‘refugees’ (since Syria certainly doesn’t want them, and neither does the US regime). The US regime is honoring its commitments to those ‘former’ ISIS members and their families, to assist them to find countries which will accept those people as ‘refugees’. Sweden, being very liberal (meaning ideologically very confused), happens to be one of these countries, and is actually considering and debating whether to allow them in.

Zero Hedge is perhaps the keenest news-site for exposing The West’s rampant hypocrisies (and so all of The West’s propagandistic ’news’-sites hate it and call it ‘fake news’ even though it actually is more reliably accurate than the mainstream ones themselves are); and, on March 10th, it pointed out that Sweden was in a flurry over whether to accept, as refugees, ISIS jihadists who have escaped, and their spouses and children. Zero Hedge truthfully pointed out that,

Sweden’s new government, which was finally formed in January after months of delay, is introducing policies that will lead to more immigration into Sweden — despite the main governing party, the Social Democrats, having run for office on a promise to tighten immigration policies.
The right to family reunion for those people granted asylum in Sweden who do not have refugee status is being reintroduced — a measure that is estimated to bring at least 8,400 more immigrants to Sweden in the coming three years. According to the Minister of Migration, Morgan Johansson, this measure will “strengthen integration,” although he has not explained how.
“I think it is a very good humanitarian measure; 90 percent [of those expected to come] are women and children who have lived for a long time in refugee camps, [and] who can now be reunited with their father or husband in Sweden”, Johansson said.

This is supposed to be ‘democracy’?

However, that article, as noted at Zero Hedge, was written by Judith Bergman, of the Gatestone Institute. Sometimes, even such vicious propaganda-organizations, as that, produce authentic news, and here was such an instance. (It’s yet another reason why arguing ad-hominem, instead of strictly — that is, 100% — ad-rem, is essential to avoid, in order to determine truth and reject lies. That was a truthful article. Though Bergman wrote for a hate-mongering anti-Muslim site, the reporting in it was honest and factual. So, here’s some ad-hominem background to it, not as a part of the argument in this particular case — regarding Sweden’s debate over whether to accept former ISIS members as refugees — but instead as context explaining how this truth came to be published by the hate-mongering Gatestone:)

The Gatestone Institute is a rabidly pro-Israeli-Jews, and rabidly anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim operation, which was founded and is run by the heir and grand-daughter, Nina Rosenwald, of the biggest early (1895) investor in Sears Roebuck & Co., Julius Rosenwald. He died in 1932. His heir and son was Nina’s father, and in 1939 he“was one of three founding members of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA).[12] [Nina] Rosenwald’s mother, a professional violinist, was a refugee from both the Russian Revolution and Nazi Germany.[9].” Nina, being not very bright, was never able to rid herself of the prejudices her parents felt against Palestinians and generally against Muslims (since Israel’s main supremacism is against Muslims, because Israel’s ruling ethnicity, Jews, have been stealing land from Muslims). Nina identifies herself as “a human rights activist”. (As was said at the start here, this issue “has raised hypocrisy to perhaps the highest level in all of history.”) She had, in fact, hired John Bolton as Gatestone’s Chairman; and, for his service as that, during June 2017 to March 2018 (when he became hired as Trump’s National Security Advisor), Bolton received $310,000. So, Bill Berkowitz headlined on 27 September 2018 “Meet Nina Rosenwald, the Sears Heiress Seeding Islamophobia at Home and Abroad”, and he brought together and linked to the great reporting by Max Blumenthal and by Lee Fang, documenting the Gatestone Institute’s rabid global hate-mongering for Israel.

But, in this particular case (the article by Judith Bergman), there was no deceit, because nothing in her reporting violated Nina Rosenwald’s biggest hatred, hatred of Muslims — so, these truths were acceptable to Rosenwald. Bergman’s article happened to be truthful Israeli propaganda. (After all: some propaganda is truthful.)

The Israeli regime won’t have any credibility whatsoever unless it condemns Sweden’s compassion for jihadists and for the wives and children of jihadists. Israel’s Minister of Justice had endorsed exterminating all Palestinians, but that rationale — sheer bigotry — for opposing them, isn’t suitable for foreign consumption, and so it was almost immediately disappeared from its public posting (shown there at that link). If Israel can’t pretend to be against Muslims on account of jihadists, then Israel’s barbaric treatment of its Palestinians won’t make any sense at all to the many fools (mainly in America, Israel’s chief patron) who support Israel (such as the Rosenwalds do). The US regime hides the barbarous reality of Israel, but that reality isn’t blacked-out quite as much in the rest of the world; so, Israel can’t afford to be publicly silent regarding jihadists, even in cases where the US regime would prefer such silence. Obviously, the US regime wants Sweden to accept those ‘former’ ISIS members (because the US regime aims to conquer Russia and all nations — such as Syria — that are allied with Russia, and uses ISIS, Al Qaeda, and nazis, as “boots-on-the-ground” mercenaries, in order to do that), and so this ISIS-as-refugees issue is one on which the American regime and the Israeli regime happen to disagree.

Bergman closed her article by describing the Swedish Government’s efforts to be compassionate toward jihadists while the Swedish Government also provides an appearance of caring for the safety of non-jihadist (the vast majority of) Swedes:

On a positive note, however, at the end of February, the Swedish government presented plans to introduce legislation that would criminalize membership of a terrorist organization. This new law would enable the prosecuting of returning ISIS fighters who cannot be connected to a specific crime, but who were proven to have been part of a terrorist organization. Critics have pointed out that it has taken years for the government to take steps to criminalize membership of terror organizations.

Sweden is hypocritically ‘neutral’, but actually a vassal nation of the United States. Sweden is being pushed by its master, the US regime, to accept some of the people the US Government had been protecting in order for the US to become enabled to take over Syria and to deliver it to the US aristocracy’s chief ally the Sauds; and, so, the Swedish Government is now trying to square this circle, in order to satisfy everyone at least somewhat. This split loyalty (between the imperial master, and the domestic public) is what’s called ‘democracy’, nowadays. The master pulls one way, the public are confused or undecided, and the US regime’s other main Middle Eastern ally, Israel, is pulling in the exact opposite direction, on this particular matter. This is how international affairs actually are being decided. The various aristocracies come to an agreement on how to proceed. The respective publics are virtually ignored, except as fronts for their PR. That’s today’s international order, just as has been the case for thousands of years: it is agreements that are reached between aristocracies.

Back in September of 2018, the US regime was backed by the United Nations in opposing Russia’s and Syria’s plan simply to slaughter all of the tens of thousands of Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists (and their families), whom the Syrian Government had exiled to Idlib, Syria’s most pro-jihadist province, and who were being collected there with the intention to destroy them all at the very end of the war — finally to finish them off there. Both Syria’s Government and Russia’s Government wanted simply to destroy them en-masse, at the war’s end. However, because of the success of that US-based (and also U.N.-backed) international propaganda campaign arguing that bombing them would be ‘inhumane’, those jihadists survive, and will probably also be moved to other nations. Sweden could become one such nation, if they decide to take in not only ‘former’ ISIS but ‘former’ Al Qaeda, as ’refugees’. The US has protected both of those groups, against Syria’s Government.

Hypocrisy exists when people don’t care enough about their values so as to think carefully through to decide what values — if any — they actually hold, and what their actual priorities are. Fools like that are the meat upon which their aristocrats constantly feast, producing, as the aristocracy’s excrements, bigots (such as jihadists, and such as the majority of Israelis — and such as people who accept those bigots). Without those fools, aristocrats would need to actually earn a living, instead of merely to live off the fat (the fools) of the land and thereby producing this waste-matter, bigots, who make things difficult for everybody else, including for any decent people who might happen to exist in the given receiving nation (such as in Sweden).

The origin of The West’s hypocrisies that claim to be supporting “human rights” and “democracy” around the world, while actually invading or overthrowing target-governments, go back at least as far as Cecil Rhodes in the late 1800s, and the rationale that’s given of it is entirely fraudulent. It is the difference between, on the one hand, an authentic revolution, which can sometimes produce a democracy, versus, on the other hand, a coup or else an invasion, neither of which can, nor is actually designed to, produce a democracy. But the PR has to say the reason for an invasion or coup or sanctions (such as against Venezuela or Iran or Syria or Libya or Iraq or Ukraine) is to promote ‘human rights’ or ‘democracy’ or ‘oppose corruption’ in the given target-country that’s to be, basically, destroyed. Suckers are necessary, in order for this fraud — the actual aristocratic control of international relations — to succeed. And that’s how the system works. It works by that combination, of liars and fools.

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