Government Bestows an Honor to the Butcher of Al Khiyam: Al-Akhbar الدولة تكرّم جزّار الخيام


Al-Akhbar Newspaper

September 14, 2019

Few days ago, Amer Elias Al Fakhoury, the former military commander of Al Khiyam detention center, arrived in Beirut through its airport.
Al Fakhoury was responsible for a battalion of Antoine Lahad militia agents who guarded Al Khiyam detention center, suppressed the detainees and tortured them brutally.

Al Fakhoury, 56, is from southern Lebanon. He claimed that after a dispute with his bosses, he left Lebanon to the United States in 1998 through Palestine. He was known for his abduction, incarceration and torturing at the Center. Al Fakhoury was the head of the Center with the Chief of Security and Investigation Jean Al Homsi (Abo Nabil) who were directly supervised by the Israeli Intelligence.

Last week, the General Security Commander, checking Beirut arrivals’ passports at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, observed that the American passport holder Amer Elias Al Fakhoury has been wanted for arrest. However, audits showed that the detention order was withdrawn. In a default judgment, Al Fakhoury was sentenced to 15 years in jail with hard labor, in addition to the arrest warrants in abduction and rape crimes and non-judicial arrest warrants issued by the Lebanese Army (in the cable no. 303). All the aforementioned provisions were withdrawn, which means that the General Security is unable to arrest Al Fakhoury since there’s no judicial decision. What should be done? The General Security chief has the power of anyone’s papers. Al Fakhoury was allowed to enter the country after keeping his passport.

Who mended Al Fakhoury’s status whom Al Khiyam detention center freed detainees say he’s responsible for all the torture they were subjected to at the center, not to mention their arrest. Who is the secret authority who allowed the withdrawal of all the arrest warrants issued against him? “Al Akhbar” newspaper was told yesterday that due to the passage of 20 years on issuing them, the verdicts against him had been dropped.

Well, what about the arrest warrants the Army issues? Who ordered annulling them? The answer may carry a scandal. Yesterday, Al Fakhoury was escorted with a Brigadier wearing his military uniform to the General Security office in Beirut!

Did the Brigadier volunteer by himself to help Al Fakhoury without the knowledge of his commanders? Why is they dealing with leniency with such security, humanitarian and legal dangerous issue? Despite of the inability to be issued by judicial decision, the cable number 303 forms an “above-legal” protection of national security in the issues of dealing with the Israeli enemy. So, why is the wavering when dealing with this case particularly?
Many questions are raised with no specific answers. An enough evidence that indicates the significance of Al Fakhoury is that when asking about the facts of his return to Beirut, a security official wanted to know his place to detain him, then discovered that the former agent returned legally by a ‘superior’ decision.

The law in Lebanon doesn’t allow the detention of Al Fakhoury 20 years after his sentence was issued. But, why couldn’t he been prevented from returning to the country he betrayed? Why wasn’t he expelled? This should be the least thing to be done in honor of his victims instead of the ‘honor’ he bestowed.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper (Translated and edited by Al-Manar English Website Staff)

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Lebanon’s Defense Minister: We’re Not Concerned about Pressure, Will Respond to Any ’Israeli’ Aggression

Fatima Salami

When “Israel” invaded Lebanon in an attempt to occupy it and the resistance confronted it, it was often said at the time that “the eye does not resist the gimlet”. The weak believed this defeatist saying. But the resistance ignored it. A few have sought and struggled for the sake of Lebanon. It triumphed despite little material capabilities. And history recorded the enemy’s first ever unconditional withdrawal from an Arab country.

In 2006, the enemy waged a massive war against the homeland. The outcome was its surrender under Lebanese strikes. In 2017, the resistance and the military establishment fought a war hand in hand against the Takfiris. This war ended with the liberation of Lebanon from the terrorists. The so-called emirate was toppled thanks to the golden equation: the army, the people and the resistance.

A few days ago, “Israel” committed a new folly – a blatant and open attack on Beirut’s southern suburbs [Dahiyeh]. It did not go unnoticed. We saw the unanimous official positions as well as the popular support for the resistance and the military institutions, which seems ready to face any “Israeli” aggression against Lebanon.

While speaking to Lebanon’s Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab one gets the sense of how powerful and determined the military establishment is to defend the country. The minister seems confident more than ever about Lebanon’s ability to defend its territory from any attack.

In an exclusive with Al-Ahed News Website, Bou Saab confirms that the Lebanese army will take the initiative to confront any “Israeli” attack. In his opinion, Lebanon is stronger than before and it only gets more powerful with each passing crisis, especially with a strong president and a mindful leadership from all parties. The “Israelis” should take note of this.

Bou Saab also stresses that objections to Lebanon’s behavior are “anomalous” voices that have no value in politics and in influencing public opinion. Regarding external pressures, Bou Saab explains that the president is not concerned and neither are we. He says that their only concerns are Lebanon’s interest first and foremost. Thanks to this awareness, Lebanon continues to go from one victory to another.

Below is the transcript of the interview:

Q. Has Lebanon been subjected to pressure as a result of the positions it has formally adopted, especially with regard to the position of President Michel Aoun and the decisions taken by the Supreme Defense Council?

A. I do not want to say that Lebanon came under pressure. His Excellency the President is not concerned with these pressures and neither are we. When we make decisions at the Supreme Defense Council, we are concerned only with Lebanon’s interest first and foremost. President Aoun’s position is well known. In 2006, it was known, and today it is still known. Every attack on Lebanon is viewed by His Excellency the President through his articulated position. This was evident in his last stance following the attack on Dahiyeh. President Aoun is not concerned with any external pressures. He ignores any position from any party that contradicts his convictions. This is the approach of any President of the Republic who is keen on dignity and sovereignty. Lebanon makes its decisions in line with the positions we heard from the President of the Republic. He does not adopt positions that take into consideration how to please external parties. He does not adopt positions based on fears of exposing Lebanon to external pressures. We should know this about President Aoun. He is not concerned with any pressures. He is only concerned with the Lebanese national interest. And this is what we have seen the last time.

Q. There was talk of US pressure exerted on the Lebanese army, especially after confronting the Zionist drones. Was the army really pressured to be neutral? 

A. The decision made by the Lebanese army on Wednesday (August 28) to confront the Zionist drones in Adaisseh is not a spur of the moment decision. The order was not given on Wednesday. The army implemented the decision after seeing the drones with a naked eye. So, it fired directly at them. Earlier, I said that the Lebanese army will take the initiative to respond to any “Israeli” attack against Lebanese territory. Any attack that is clear and apparent and the army has a clear shot, the military will initiate, confront and shoot at it. Coincidentally, a few hours later, this incident took place. It turned out that drones flew at an altitude the army could see with a naked eye. So, it fired at them. This decision has not changed whether there is pressure or not. The position remains the same and will not change.

Q. If the incident reoccurs?

A. I assure you that the decision will remain the same. It will be in line with the defense of Lebanon and the Lebanese territories. We will respond to any “Israeli” aggression that the army sees clearly whether on land or in the air. In a previous incident along the border, a Lebanese army officer shot at “Israeli” drones. This means that the Lebanese army is following the same protocol and will not change courser under any pressure.

Q. Are you confident of the official Lebanese stance after seeing an honorable position from the three leaders? Or do you have fears of a split that may happen at any moment?

A. I do not think divisions can happen because the official positions in Lebanon and the political parties represented in both the parliament and the government are all united and clear. This is a blatant “Israeli” attack against Lebanon. Some Lebanese may agree with us that this is an “Israeli” attack, but they had a different position regarding the response, stating that the response should be decided by the government. They also argued that decisions regarding war and peace must be in the hands of the Lebanese state.

When this team said this in the Cabinet, the prime minister responded by stating that we do not make the decision for war and peace. “Israel” was the one that made that decision. It is the aggressor, and we will defend ourselves.

I think that these words demonstrate that there is certainly no fear of the unified positions among Lebanese officials being divided. I believe that the “Israelis” must learn a lesson from what happened. And each time they choose to attack Lebanon, they will be met with an unanimous position in the face of their threats.

Q. Do you think that Lebanon is stronger today?

A. We come out stronger than before following every crisis we go through and all the problems inside Lebanon or problems due to “Israeli” attacks. Many of the decisions made in Lebanon in the presence of the President of the Republic made us emerge from any crisis stronger than before. We have been through crises, both internal and external, and every time we came out stronger and stronger. Here, we are talking about the “Israeli” aggressions.

If you made a comparison between the present and what happened in the July war, in terms of the divisions and the political positions, I believe we have achieved a massive victory, even inside Lebanon, through political and unanimous positions. The “Israelis” should learn a lesson from this. Perhaps in the past, they were able to exert greater influence on Lebanon’s political decision-making process through international pressure. However, this is no longer an option for them, especially in the presence of a strong president and a mindful leadership of all parties. Therefore, the objections to Lebanon’s behavior are “anomalous” voices that have no value in politics and in influencing public opinion, which will be supporting the state in defending the Lebanese territory in the face of “Israeli” attacks.

Q. On the second anniversary of the liberation of the Joroud, the equation of the army, the people, and the resistance was embodied. Today we are beginning to see this trio is ever present in light of the recent Zionist aggression against Lebanon. Do you think this equation will peak?

A. In the ministerial statement we were clear: the Lebanese have the right to defend their land by all available means. They have the right to resist any aggression. Some get upset over the description of the trio: the army, the people and the resistance. But the ministerial statement translates this. The disagreement may occur in terms of talking about the resistance as an organization, whether it can make decisions on its own. I am not going to discuss this here. As a defense minister, I am not in a position to talk about this issue now. This should be discussed on the dialogue table in due course. But I emphasize that in any problem, crisis or aggression, we will not accept to burn time debating how to respond. We will all defend our homeland whether through the army, or the people. And whoever wants to resist, let him resist the way he wants. This is evident in the unity that is embodied during any assault. This issue is out of discussion. Any aggression will be faced with Lebanese consensus and defense by all means.

Q. With regard to the international and regional contacts that Lebanon has made officially, have you obtained what some call reassurances that “Israel” will not launch a large-scale war against Lebanon?

A. Diplomatic circles are saying that “Israel’s” message implies that they are not preparing for war and they do not intend to wage a war. What takes us to the other possibility is that “Israel” is preparing for elections and is trying to strengthen its internal situation by launching attacks of this kind. But these attacks are a double-edged sword that could turn against those who think about attacking. Because today we have a strong Lebanon capable of responding and creating equations. It can deter the enemy. If this was “Israel’s” intention, it does not necessarily mean it would have a positive outcome for the elections. It might turn out to be an issue with negative repercussions for them because as I said we are much stronger than before.

Q. Have you felt that the Americans are upset with what “Israel” did, or is there agreement with the “Israeli” position?

A. We found out that no one was expecting this to happen, after inquiries were made from more than one side.

Q. How do you explain what UNIFIL was quoted as saying that shots fired by the army violated Resolution 1701? Isn’t this a double standard, as we do not see this tone when “Israel” violates Lebanese airspace on a daily basis?

A. If an official position is issued by UNIFIL regarding this issue, we will respond in due course and give them the appropriate reply.

Final Words

On the anniversary of the Dawn of the Joroud Liberation, I pay tribute to the souls of all the martyrs who have fallen and without them we would not have been able to continue on this path. Without them, we would not have emerged stronger. We emerge from every battle, every war and every crisis stronger thanks to the blood of the honorable martyrs who fell while defending Lebanon, the Lebanese people as well as the homeland, its dignity and sovereignty.

Therefore, we can only salute their families, pray for mercy for the martyrs and say Lebanon will carry on from one victory to another until the logic of the state is achieved, attacks are prevented and any terrorist or enemy is deterred from thinking of violating Lebanon in the future or sees an opportunity to steal its land, oil or anything else.

Aoun’s Adviser to Al-Ahed: ’Israel’ to Receive Strong Response

By Al-Ahed

Beirut – The Advisor of Political Affairs to the Lebanese President Pierre Raffoul told Al-Ahed News Website that President Michel Aoun’s decision to respond to “Israel” would be carried out despite those disapproving of it. He warned of a strong response to the latest “Israeli” aggression. The position of the president of the republic is clear in this regard.

“There are positions from those who claim to be sovereign and they do not even issue a statement of condemnation against ‘Israel’. On the contrary, they are attacking the sovereign decisions and protection of Lebanon,” Raffoul said. “We are preserving our dignity and our country. Anyone who opposes the decisions of the state that protect Lebanon and defends “Israel” in one form or another must be prosecuted. People who do not adopt a national position do not know the taste of freedom and sovereignty. Unfortunately, they only know how to be subordinate. ”

The president’s advisor for political affairs explains to Al-Ahed that “Israel has reached Dahiyeh [Beirut’s southern suburbs] and the Bekaa and attacked us, and we must preserve the sovereignty of Lebanon. There are some voices that must be tried because we are under ‘Israeli’ aggression and there are those who refuse to defend our homeland. This also happened during the July war when certain figures got involved and wanted the war to continue to eliminate the resistance.”

He stressed that today in Lebanon there is national unity. The three levels of leadership in the state want to defend Lebanon and protect its territory. He pointed out that “the position in the Council of Ministers is aligned with this direction.”

Raffoul praised the position of the Supreme Defense Council regarding the recent “Israeli” aggression against Lebanon, which he described as “a national and honorable position that can be relied on now and in the future to protect Lebanon.”

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Israel has Attacked Lebanon and Syria – So What?


26.08.2019 Author: Andre Vltchek


On August 25th, 2019, Israel attacked Lebanon. It has done it again.

Just as it attacked Syria, the same night.

RT reported the same day:

Israeli drone flights were “an open attack on Lebanese sovereignty” and an assault on UN Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, Hariri said on Sunday, just hours after reports of two Israeli UAV incidents in Beirut.

Hariri called the drone incursion a “threat to regional stability and an attempt to increase tensions.”

He said there’s a heavy presence of planes in the airspace over Beirut and its suburbs, adding he will consult with Lebanese President Michel Aoun on what could be done to repel the “new aggression.””

So, what? Really, we have been ‘here’ before, on so many occasions.

PM Hariri is fuming, but he is one of the closest allies of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the region. In fact, he is a Saudi citizen. Is he going to do anything, like getting into a war with Israel? Never.

Can he actually do anything? No; nothing, even if he would want to. The truth is that practically, he can do absolutely nothing. Not he, nor Lebanon’s President Aoun, or even the Lebanese armed forces. Lebanon has no means with which to repel any Israeli attack. Absolutely no means! The country’s air force is pathetic, consisting of several flying toys, like modified Cessnas, old helicopters, and several A-29 Super Tucanos. That could hardly frighten some of the mightiest and well-trained squadrons in the world – those of the Jewish state.

The bitter and uncomfortable truth is, also, that Israel can basically do anything it desires, at least in this part of the world.

Just a few days ago, I dared to drive, again, from Beirut all the way down to Naqoura, and then, along the Blue Line (‘protected’ by the United Nations), east to Kfarkela.

Now, the repulsive Israeli wall which is scarring one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Middle East, has almost been completed, all along the border. One year ago, the Lebanese government protested, calling it almost an act of war. The Israelis did not care. As always, they did what they wanted. They came right towards the line, or more precisely, at least on several occasions, they crossed the line; and constructed their concrete monstrosity right in front of the eyes of the Lebanese soldiers and the UN personnel. “So, now, what are you going to do?” they were practically saying, without pronouncing it.


Nobody has done anything in retaliation. Zero! Now UNIFIL Indonesian soldiers are taking selfies right in front of the Blue Line, leaning against their armored vehicles, while Hezbollah flags are waving only few meters away from Israel. All this horror show is just some 10 kilometers from the Israeli occupied Syrian territory of the Golan Heights. You can see the Golan Heights easily from here. A few years ago I was there, in the Golan Heights; I ‘smuggled’ myself there, to write a damming report. I learned then, and I am getting more and more confirmation now: Israelis are really great experts at building the walls that are ruining and fragmenting the entire region!

But then and now, nothing that can stop them!

Whatever Israel bombs it gets away with it, no one dares to intervene.

Today as the Israel drones, full of explosives, flew into Lebanon, UN battle ships were docked in the harbor of Beirut. After an explosion rocked a Shi’a neighborhood, damaging the Hezbollah Media Center (which I visited some two years ago), the ships did not even change their position, let alone depart from the harbor in order to defend Lebanon!

So why are these ships there? No one knows. No one asks, obviously.

Here, it is always like that. I drive to a Hezbollah area. There is a private checkpoint. I photograph it. They stop me. A huge guy with a machinegun blocks my way. I jump out of the car, put my hands together: “Do you want to arrest me?” He gets insecure. I ignore him. I drive away. I am pissed off: why not better fight the Israelis and their constant invasions, with such a physique and weaponry?

A friend of mine, a top UN official from the Gulf who doesn’t want to be identified, just told me bitterly:

There is no condemnation: there is complete silence from the United Nations and from the West.”

Hariri feels obliged to protest, as his nation was attacked. But is he really outraged? Hardly. He hates Syria, he hates Hezbollah.

Lebanon is only united by a few iconic dishes, culinary delights; not by politics.

Is the country ready to defend itself? Hardly. Those who have money are too busy racing their European cars, without mufflers, on potholed streets, or showing their legs in various five-star malls.

The poor people of Lebanon do not matter; they do not exist. Palestinians matter nothing, living and dying, cramped like sardines in repulsive camps with hardly any rights. This has been going on for long decades.

Many Lebanese Christians actually secretly cheer Israel. Or not so secretly… And they are so enamored with everything Western, that, as they told me on several occasions, they would love to be colonized by France, again.

Lebanon is so fragmented by race, religion, social status, that it cannot stand on its feet. Turkish powerplant platforms are providing energy. Infrastructure has collapsed. Filth is everywhere. Cynical corruption consumes everything. But exhibitionism and showing off never stop. Money is there only for hedonistic clubs and sojourns to Nice. Hezbollah is the only institution which cares about the welfare of all Lebanese people; the only force ready to defend the country against foreign interventions. Israel and the West know it. And they are doing all they can to destroy Hezbollah.

Lebanon has become a laughing stock in the region. Like this, it is very difficult to face one of the mightiest militaries on earth.


Just a few hours before Lebanon was hit, Israel admitted that its air force hit the Shi’ite militia and Iranian targets in Syria. It declared that it took out “killer drones” prepped by the Quds Force to carry out attacks in Israeli territory.

Israel justifies everything by its ‘defense’. Any outrageous attack, any bombing, is always ‘preventive’. The world has become used to it, by now. The world is doing nothing to stop it.

People die. Many do; annually. So, ‘the Israeli citizens can be safe’. So the West and its allies can control the region, indefinitely.

On August 25th, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, described the ongoing situation in the Middle East as ‘very, very dangerous’:

U.S. tries to revive Daesh in Iraq… U.S. helicopters are rescuing Daesh in Afghanistan… “

He spoke about the attack on Lebanon:

The drones that entered the suburbs at dawn are military aircraft. The first aircraft was a reconnaissance aircraft flying at low altitude to get an accurate picture of the target. We did not shoot down the plane, but some young men threw stones at it before it fell. What happened last night was a suicide drone attack on a target in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Netanyahu would be mistaken if he thinks that this issue can go unnoticed. Lebanon will face a very dangerous situation if this incident goes unaddressed. The dawn suicide attack is the first act of aggression since 14 August 2006. The Lebanese State’s condemnation of what happened and referral of the matter to the Security Council is good, but these steps do not prevent the course of action to be taken. Since 2000, we have allowed Israeli drones for many reasons but no one moved. Israeli drones entering Lebanon are no longer collecting information, but assassinations. From now on, we will face the Israeli drones when they enter the skies of Lebanon and we will work to bring them down. I tell the Israelis that Netanyahu is running with your blood.”

The West and its allies are escalating tensions all over the Middle East. Some say, “war is possible”. Others say “it is imminent”. But it is not just a possibility. There is a war. Everywhere. In Afghanistan and Syria, in Yemen and Iraq. Wherever you look! Even in Lebanon.

Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, and a writer that penned a number of books, including China and Ecological Civilization. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Strike Israeli Drones over Lebanon, Zionist Soldiers on Border Must Stand on a Leg and a Half and Await Us

August 25, 2019

Mohammad Salami


Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah confirmed on Sunday that the Islamic Resistance will confront all the Israeli drones which violate the Lebanese airspace, and endeavor to down them, adding that the party will prevent ‘Israel’ from repeating in Lebanon the same aggression path it followed against the Hashd Shaabi sites in Iraq at any price.

“The time at which Israeli war jets used to strike targets in Lebanon while the usurping entity in Palestine kept safe has ended.” “If any Lebanese party opposes our decision, let it ask the Americans to rein in ‘Israel’.”

Delivering a speech during Hezbollah ceremony which marks the second anniversary of the Second Liberation, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that party will do anything possible to prevent ‘Israel’ from pursuing this new aggression path, calling on the Zionists across the entity to keep worried and expect the Resistance attacks at any time.

Hezbollah Secretary General described the Israeli drone attack on Dahiyeh as very dangerous, clarifying that the Israeli drone has a military nature and devised by the Zionist army to carry out a suicide attack on a target in the southern suburb of Beirut.

“Hezbollah possesses the drone and may show it publicly in coordination with the state security apparatuses in Lebanon.”

The above mentioned drone was flying at a low attitude when a group of young men in the targeted area of Moawad stoned it, so it fell down, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that after one minute another drone carried out a suicide attack as it had been booby-trapped.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that although the attack did not claim martyrs, it indicates a very dangerous development which may be repeated on a daily basis if it keeps unanswered, highlighting that “this was the first Israeli attack on Lebanon since 2006 war”.

If we do not respond to the Zionist attack on Dahiyeh, ‘Israel’ will repeat the same model used to attack the Hashd Shaabi sites in Iraq.”

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will not the enemy to turn back the clock on the new formulas which have protected Lebanon, calling on all the Lebanese to support the national right in face of the Israeli aggression.

“If the Zionist enemy thinks that the financial pressure on Hezbollah will push it to surrender, we reiterate that we are ready to sell our houses in order to fight and defend our dignity, sovereignty and presence.”

Commenting on the Israeli air raids on Syria on Saturday night, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that they targeted a Hezbollah site there and claimed two martyrs, stressing that they may never remain unanswered.

Sayyed Nasrallah recalled his threat that if the Israeli attacks on Syria claim any of Hezbollah members, the Resistance will respond in Lebanon, adding that Hezbollah will respond to the Zionist airstrikes overnight on Syria in Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Israeli troops on Lebanon’s border,

“Stand on a leg and a half and wait for our response which may take place at any time on the borders and beyond the borders.”

(“Stand on a leg and a half” means that the Zionist soldiers must keep trembling with fear and wait for Hezbollah response.)

The Israelis must know that their prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu aims at winning the parliamentary elections at the expense of their blood,  according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that the Zionist leader lies to the settlers by alleging that the overnight air strikes targeted Iranian troops in Syria.

“Netnayahu is pulling the Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi fire to the entity and pushing you into the abyss,” his eminence told the Zionist settlers.

Hezbollah leader had started his speech by hailing the “great” attendance of the resistance supporters at the ceremony titled “The Nation’s Safeguard”, stressing that it represents the first response to the Israeli attacks.

Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated the Bekaa locals and the rest of the Lebanese on the Second Liberation Day which marks defeating the terrorist groups on the northeastern border with Syria, felicitating also the Syrians on the Second Liberation Day because Syria benefited greatly from the victory.

Hezbollah Chief recalled the anniversary of kidnapping Imam Sayyed Mousa Al-Sadr and his two companions (August 31), stressing that resistance path has prospered thanks to his eminence.

Sayyed Nasrallah explained that the terrorist threat in the Lebaonon-Syria border area was existential and the victory of the militant groups of Nusra Front and ISIL has never been a secondary event.

The terrorist scheme which was launched in Syria in 2011 aimed at fragmenting the region on sectarian and racial basis after destroying it, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that axis of resistance frustrated all that plot.

“We have to recall the terrorists’ control of the Lebanon-Syria borders. We also have to recall the Lebanese political stances which supported the militant groups.”

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the US administration asked the Lebanese authorities not only to refrain from launching a campaign to liberate the northeastern outskirts from the terrorist groups but also to prevent Hezbollah from doing that, adding that the Americans are even now refreshing ISIL terrorist group in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas in the region.

“US helicopters save ISIL leaders in Afghanistan and plotting to incite a civil war in the country.”

Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted the Syrian army achievements, stressing that it will certainly regain control Idlib and Eastern Euphrates.

Sayyed Nasrallah maintained that the victory over Nusra Front and ISIL on Lebanon-Syria border pushed away the terrorist danger for an area of more than 50 square kilometers, adding that Hezbollah is still deploying troops on Lebanon-Syria border to repel any possible terrorist infiltration into the Lebanese territories.

Sayyed Nasrallah also called on the Lebanese government to take the needs of the Lebanese who live in Syria’s Qusair into the consideration of its socioeconomic projects, hailing their role in achieving the victory over the terrorist groups.

Domestically, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated Hezbollah support to the socioeconomic demands of Al-Bekaa locals, blaming the sectarian considerations which frustrate the development projects and urging the Lebanese authorities to assume their responsibilities in this regard.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will exert all the needed efforts to pass the law pertaining establishing Baalbeck-Hermel Development Council, adding that “we may resort to demonstrations and sit-ins if the other ways were blocked”.

His emeince also called on Bekaa locals to cooperate with the state authorities to restore peace in the area, urging them to reject all those who disrepute the families and their honorable history.

The ceremony, held in Al-Ain town in Bekaa, was started with a recital of a number of Holy Quranic verses before a group of of Hezbollah fighters recalled allegiance to the General Commander of the Islamic Resistance troops Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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بعضُ اللبنانيين مع استراتيجية دفاعية مُجردةٍ من السلاح!!

أغسطس 22, 2019

د. وفيق ابراهيم

تتواكب عودة رئيس الحكومة سعد الحريري من الولايات المتحدة الأميركية غانِماً مؤزراً كما يقول مع ارتفاع أصوات السياسيين اللبنانيين الموالين له بضرورة إعداد استراتيجية دفاعية تتعامل مع المستجدات في الإقليم بأسلوب جديد، ما دفع للاعتقاد بنمو مشاعر وطنية مباغتة عند أحزاب المستقبل والقوات والكتائب وبعض الاشتراكيين المصابين بتعثرٍ مفاجئ في الفصاحة على جاري عاداتهم.

إلا أنّ تدفق التصريحات المعنية عمّم خيبة أمل مضاعفة من إمكان التوصل الى تفاهمات لبنانية في قراءة المخاطر التي تتهدّد لبنان، حتى بدا أنّ هناك كلمة سرّ تسلّمتها رؤوس «فرقة الدبكة» وتقوم على نقطتين لا ثالث لهما: الأولى هي ضرورة حصرية السلاح بيد الجيش والثانية حيادية لبنان عن كلّ النزاعات في الإقليم من سورية حتى اليمن والكيان الإسرائيلي في فلسطين المحتلة.

فهل لهذه الشروط علاقة بنتائج زيارة الحريري الى الولايات المتحدة؟

التقاطع في التوقيت بين الزيارة «الغانمة» والمؤازرة للسعد وارتفاع أصوات «دبيكة» واشنطن اللبنانيين لا لبس فيها، خصوصاً أنهم يشكلون حزبه المستقبل وتحالفاته في الأحزاب الاخرى، فلا يمكن لهم ان يتفوّهوا بما يربكه ويُحمِله مواقف لا طاقة له على تمريرها او حتى مجرد طرحها في هذا الوقت بالذات.

يمكن إذاً اعتبار ما يجري شروطاً أميركية سرّبها «السعد» الى حلفائه كي يناقشوها في وسائل الاعلام فتحدث صراعاً داخلياً بين فريقين: فريق حريري سعودي أميركي يزعم انه يريد إنقاذ لبنان بتحييده عن صراعات الاقليم، بما يؤمّن لأهله ازدهاراً اقتصادياً. وفريق آخر هو حزب الله الذي يقاتل في الاقليم عسكرياً وسياسياً محتمياً بقوته وتحالفاته متسبّباً بالتراجع الاقتصادي حسب ادّعاءاتهم.

لا بدّ في المنطلق من تحديد مصادر التهديد على لبنان فيتبيّن فوراً انه الكيان الاسرائيلي الطامع بالمياه والارض اللبنانيتين في مناطق الجنوب والذي ظل يعتدي على لبنان بغارات صغيرة وصولاً الى حروب صغيرة واجتياحات بجحافل ضخمة وصولاً الى احتلال لجنوب لبنان من 1982 وحتى 2000 تاريخ اندحاره بمقاومة حزب الله معاوداً الهجوم في 2006 الا انه انسحب تحت ضغط أعنف مقاومة صنعها الحزب على الارض اللبنانية.

تؤرّخ هذه الهزيمة الإسرائيلية لبناء موازنات قوى جديدة، حرمت «إسرائيل» من تنفيذ اي هجمات حتى الابسط منها، وذلك للوجود الجهادي لحزب الله في جنوب لبنان وبعض المناطق الأخرى.

أما الجيش اللبناني فهو كلاسيكي تقليدي يعمل فوق الأرض ويحتاج لمنظومات دفاع جوي وبحري وأسلحة برية ملائمة ليست بحوزته بسبب حظرٍ أميركي منع لبنان من استيراد سلاح من ايّ دولة محتكراً مسألة تزويده بسلاح للزوم الشرطة والأمن الداخلي ومعظمها هدايا أميركية مقصودة.

فجاء هذا الحظرُ لخدمة «إسرائيل» التي تواصل انتهاك الأجواء اللبنانية ولولا إمكانات حزب الله البرية والبحرية لكانت الهجمات الاسرائيلية على لبنان متواصلة.

للتنبّه فقط فإنّ حزب الله اكتفى بسياسة دفاع عسكرية حتى الآن لم يبادر فيها ولو لمرة واحدة الى شن هجمات آخذاً بعين الاعتبار الامكانات اللبنانية المحدودة والاقتصادية المعتمدة على الخارج.

هناك إذاً جيش وطني جداً، لكن المنع الأميركي يحول دون تسليحه، في المقابل لدينا مقاومة مسلحة لا تعكس نجاحاتها العسكرية على الوضع السياسي الداخلي في البلاد. بما يدفع الى البحث عن استراتيجية دفاعية مزدوجة تقوم على إمكانات الجيش اللبناني المدعوم من حزب الله والشعب اللبناني العظيم ايّ المعادلة الذهبية التي تقوم على الشعب والجيش والمقاومة.

ماذا تعني إذاً دعوة الحلف الحريري السعودي الأميركية بحصرية السلاح بيد الجيش وضرورة تفرده بالدفاع عن لبنان؟

بقراءة التوازنات العسكرية تبدو هذه الدعوات مشبوهة، لأنّ هناك مطامع إسرائيلية مكشوفة بجنوب لبنان، وخصوصاً بمياه الليطاني التي كشفت وثائق الخارجية الفرنسية عن رسالة من بن غوريون رئيس وزراء كيان العدو الى الرئيس الفرنسي الراحل شارل ديغول يقول فيها: «أناشدكم في الدقيقة الأخرى ان لا تحرمونا من نهر الليطاني». وهذه وثيقة حقيقية موجودة وكيف ننسى تلك العروض الاسرائيلية التي حملها أوروبيون وأميركيون إلى سياسيين لبنانيين تعلن استعدادها لاستئجار نهر الليطاني لمدة مئة عام بالسعر الذي يحدّده اللبنانيون وردت هذا العروض في مرحلة الاحتلال الاسرائيلي للبنان وقبلها، وما كان ذلك ممكناً لتنامي قوة المقاومة وقوة المقاومة فقط.

لذلك فالمطالبات باستراتيجية دفاعية مسألة ضرورية انما على أساس التعامل مع المخاطر وليس التغافل عنها وإعلان ضرورة المساواة بين عدو اسرائيلي يعتدي علينا منذ 1948 ولم يتوقف إلا بالقوة منذ 2006 لكنه لا يزال يهيّئ نفسه لاعتداءات مقبلة، وبين دولة سورية لم تعتدِ علينا مرة واحدة منذ سلخ لبنان عنها بقوة الاستعمار الفرنسي، وتفتح لنا حدودها وتعاملنا بأخوة متميّزة، فكيف يتجرأ بعض اللبنانيين على المطالبة بقوات عسكرية لبنانية تنتشر على حدود سورية لتمنع اي تنسيق سوري لبناني في وجه الارهاب والعدو الإسرائيلي؟

وكيف يطالبون حزب الله بعدم القتال في سورية وهو الذي حارب الإرهاب في كامل ميادين سورية وجبال لبنان الشرقية بما يكشف ان هذه المطالبات ليست إلا أوامر أميركية حملها معه الحريري في حركة لها هدف حصري وحيد هو النيل من الدور الجهادي الكبير لحزب الله المناهض للنفوذ الأميركي والكيان الإسرائيلي.

وهناك اتجاه أخطر يلعبه أصحاب هذا الطرح الخطير وهو الإصرار على هذه الاستراتيجية مقابل موافقتهم على تأمين إصلاحات في النظام الاقتصادي قد تعيد له الازدهار، وإلا فإنهم لن يتضرّروا اذا ما أصيب لبنان بانهيار اقتصادي لأنهم يعتقدون بقدرتهم على اتهام حزب الله بالتسبّب به، مع ربطهم بمساعٍ أميركية للنيل من المغتربين اللبنانيين في الأميركيتين الشمالية والجنوبية وبعض بلدان الخليج، ولإرباك حزب الله يمكن للغربيين التذرّع بالخشية من «ازدهار» حزب الله المزعوم كسبب لطردهم.

فهل يجرؤ لبنانيو أميركا والسعودية على تنفيذ هذا المخطط ومعظمهم يعرف أنه فاشل وبشكل مسبق؟

ناك شائعات انّ الحريري يحتاج الى تبرير داخلي ليعلن للأميركيين عجزه عن تطبيق المطلوب منه، وهذا يتطلب تريثه قليلاً حتى مرحلة إعلان تحالفاته السياسية أنها عاجزة عن عرقلة حزب الله أو اتهامه بتخريب اقتصادهم الذين سرقوه وأوقعوه في ديون تفوق المئة مليار دولار، ويذهبون نحو المزيد من الديون لسرقتها عبر مؤتمر سيدر وأشباهه.

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