Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Axis Stronger than Ever, Iran Not Alone in Any Coming War

Zeinab Essa

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Wednesday a televised speech in which he focused on the Islamic Revolution and Iran’s position after 40 years on the revolution.

From A Man to Revolution

Addressing thousands of people commemorating the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the Islamic Revolution that started with a man and spread after 40 years to make Iran in the top of the world countries.

“Iran is the most influential country in the region,” he said, noting that “the Shah Mohammad Rida Pahlavi has made Iran a state that belongs to America and is run by Washington. He was its servant.”

Back to the mid of the last century, Hezbollah Secretary General recalled that “this was the case until a courageous man came out of Qom after years and years of observation, and stood against the Pahlavi regime’s dictatorship and its complete submission to the US.”

“Before the sixties, Imam Khomeini prepared for the revolution and settled the environment against the Shah,” he said, underscoring that “the Iranian people have endured all the tortures and massacres committed by the Shah.”

According to His Eminence, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that “this revolution was patriotic par excellence. It was a revolution of hungry, deprived and oppressed people.”

“The divine nature and essence of the 1979 Islamic Revolution distinguishes from other uprisings [in the world]. Late Imam Khomeini led the revolution against the poverty created by the Pahlavi regime. People from all strata of the society participated in it as it was an uprising of the oppressed against injustice,” he said.


Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah viewed that “one of the main achievements of the Islamic revolution is toppling the Shah Regime and bringing America and “Israel” out of Iran.”

“Iran today is one of the first independent countries in the region and among the few truly independent countries in the world,” he mentioned, highlighting that “another achievement scored is maintaining national unity and steadfastness in face of all internal conspiracies.”

He further said that “among other political achievements is the establishment of a new regime on basis of popular sovereignty and referendum. Iran in 40 years turned to become the state of institutions, constitution, law and popular sovereignty under the mandate of the Supreme Leader.”

“Elections have never been suspended in Iran, even when it was being bombed by Saddam. They did not extend the terms of the president or the parliament. They held elections on time and committed to “sovereignty of the people,” Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated, noting that “Iran today is a neither an Oriental state nor a Western nation. Unlike others, it is not submitted to the American will.”

The Hezbollah leader said Iran has made great achievements under the rule of the Islamic Jurisprudence, and is now leading in the region concerning the number of university students, international researchers and scholars, share of science production besides activities in the fields of nanotechnology, space technology and sports.

Listing some aspects of the victories scored by the Islamic Revolution, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “Iran does not need to import medicine, but Iran makes 97% of its pharmaceutical needs. Iran ranks 1st in the region in Mathematics and 13 in the world in Math and Physics. Iran produces 90% of its defense needs and exports $ 5 billion to the world. Today, the gas reaches 20 million Iranian families through pipes that reach homes.”

On the current situation, Sayyed Nasrallah praised the fact that “one of the major achievements of the Iranian revolution is the revival of religion, not just the Islamic religion.”

Iran and The Region

He went on to say: “Despite the eight-year war on it, Iran did not abandon its responsibility towards the region, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan,” noting that “Iran stood in face of the Zionist entity, where the victory of the revolution restored the balance and placed a large wall in the face of the “Israeli” scheme.”

“One of the greatest achievements of the Iranian revolution is its serious resistance to the American hegemony and to say no to humiliation. In this context, Iran stood by the Iraqi people and had a quick intervention with its officers and cadres, headed by Haj Qassem Soleimani.”

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that “At a time when the whole world has abandoned Palestine and Al-Quds, Iran will never do this, because Iran honors the holy places – because of this, the US imposes sanctions on it.”

Iran Ready to Arm LA

On the Lebanese front, His Eminence “announced that as a “friend of Iran and I’m willing to bring the Lebanese Army air defense systems from Iran to confront “Israel”.”

“In the military field, wouldn’t people make an uproar and accuse Hezbollah of dragging Lebanon into war should the party shoot down an “Israeli” aircraft attacking Lebanon?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered, noting that he is also ready to talk to Tehran on supplying the army with any arms and equipment it needs.

“Lebanon does not lack expertise and yet we are confused about the electricity file.” He mentioned, denouncing the US logic stating that there should be no Lebanese cooperation with Iran.

Saudis A US Tool

Turning to the region, His Eminence stressed that “As acknowledged by Trump, the US administration created Daesh in Iraq in order to return to the region.”

“MBS admitted that America had asked Saudi Arabia to spread Wahhabism in the world,” he said, adding that “Saudi Arabia was asked to promote the culture of Daesh.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also assured that “claims that there are “Israeli”-Iranian or Saudi-Iranian wars or conflicts in the region are untrue.”

“There is an American war on the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been running since 1979 and Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries are tools in this war.”

Iran Not Alone

In parallel, the Resistance Leader vowed that In case a war was waged against Iran, it will certainly not be left alone in it.”

Stating that “We were affected by the US sanctions on Iran,” Sayyed Nasrallah vowed that Hezbollah would “overcome the difficulties” through its “firmness, will and resolve.”

Once again, he reiterated that “The resistance axis is stronger than ever and the US will further withdraw from the region and Israel is heading towards more fear and panic.”

“We see the struggle in the region may escalate and may take different forms but in all cases, today the Islamic Republic is the strongest state in the region … and America is headed for more withdrawals and retreats from the region,” Sayyed Nasrallah concluded.

Source: Al-Ahed

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The Enemy Threatening from behind the Wall for 20 Days… Remains behind It!


Ali Shoeib

On the morning of December 4, people woke up to news reports about the implementation of new measures by the Zionist enemy along the Lebanese border.

These measures were labeled using different descriptions and accompanied with the word “operation”- in the hope that they would have a greater impact on the readers and viewers.

In addition, a broad objective was announced, which included the exposure of “tunnels” that the “Israelis” claimed Hezbollah had dug into the occupied territories.

What was the scene at the border that morning?

At first glance, many believed that the enemy would escalate the situation as the noise from behind the wall of four “Israeli” diggers got louder. The excavators were positioned between two points: the first near Fatima Gate and the second near the water line on the Kafr Kila-Odaise road.

The entire Hebrew-language media, western outlets as well as the “Israeli” army’s Arabic and Hebrew speaking spokespersons positioned themselves at a point overlooking the excavations. The airwaves were opened for most channels to broadcast the event. Leading the “Israeli” army’s charge were soldiers carrying either handheld or cameras mounted on their heads. Two soldiers belonging to the war media department were deployed at each of the two points.

It only took the “Israeli” army two hours to announce that it discovered a tunnel and broadcast a photo. “Israeli” media reports were peppered with plenty of exaggerations and highlights of the supposed achievements.

An hour after the enemy broadcast a simulated image of the tunnel on Lebanese territory followed by a video, it was clear that “Israel” had prepared in advance because it was impossible to photograph so deep underground with such speed using a small camera.

Here lies a paradox. While it was able to achieve such rapid and gradual progress – media wise – with respect to the tunnels in Kafr Kila, it failed to do so in Ramyeh. The “Israelis” had dug 36 wells opposite to the village of Ramyeh. 18 days later, the enemy announced it blew up a tunnel. It, however, failed to present proof of its existence. There was also no media coverage. Similarly, “Israel” has been digging in the areas opposite to Aita al-Shaab and Blida. The work is still ongoing, but with no apparent results.

This raises a question. Is this not the same army that discovered a tunnel within two hours? How come it is unable to back its other alleged discoveries with evidence?

The enemy’s new measures have been accompanied by a campaign of intimidation against Hezbollah, the Lebanese state and civilians through the hacking of local communication networks and the sending of threats through voice messages.

How did the Lebanese face this challenge? The Lebanese media’s role should be commended in sending a counter message to the “Israelis”.  

The Lebanese state dealt calmly and wisely with this issue and rejected the dictates of the enemy. The Lebanese army, which was in contact with the “Israeli” soldiers, proved its ability to take the initiative and not to give up a single inch of land based on the trilateral equation. This was evident in the events that unfolded in Mays al-Jabal. The enemy was forced to move back its barbed wire along five points. At the last point the barbed wire was moved back by about five centimeters. The Lebanese army emerged victorious in the war of wills.

As far as the masses were concerned, there was an increase in the number of Lebanese cars driving along the border just a few meters from the “Israeli” diggers. The enemy threatened the Lebanese people and warned them to stay away from the vicinity of the excavation areas, but they did not seem to care what was happening behind the wall.

Elsewhere in Kroum al-Sharaqi, “Israeli” soldiers became the subject of jokes thanks to the media’s psychological warfare policy. Pictures and activities mocked “Israeli” soldiers. They exposed the weakness of the heavily armed “Israeli” troops. In one picture, a soldier is seen dozing off while on guard duty. In another, the soldier breaks the service rules by showing his face and smoking a cigarette in secret behind a rock. Another soldier is shown brandishing a rifle at a child carrying a toy bulldozer.

All of the above forced “Israeli” media to keep up with events at Mays al-Jabal at the expense of covering the news about the actual tunnels. Zionist analysts wondered: “how is it possible that the commando forces deployed along the border became the subject of ridicule and mockery!”

For its part, Hezbollah remained silent on the grounds that everything taking place across the border does not require any comment.

On the other hand, the “Israeli” operation cast a shadow of anxiety and tension over Zionist settlers who feared a response. This prompted “Israeli” Premiere Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the Misgav Am settlement, opposite to the border village of Odeise, and meet with the heads of the so-called local councils in Kiryat Shmona to calm them down. So did the chief of staff and some of the other top leaders.

The “Israeli” media’s task was redirected from broadcasting news about the tunnels to ensuring a state of calm among the settlers.

In addition, the enemy transformed the Metula hole into a ‘monument’ and invited all foreign diplomatic missions there. The objective here is to pressure Lebanon in international forums.

It is worth mentioning that all the incidents along the border involved the occupation forces and the Lebanese army, especially in Mays al-Jabal. However, the enemy’s media distorted the truth and included Hezbollah in every incident.

As the objectives of the “Israeli” project – which were based on intimidation and threats – fail, it is clear that the media’s efforts in this affair remained confined behind the wall. And the settlers alone hear them amid the silence of the “Israeli” bulldozers along the border.

Today, the “Israelis” are back to the same old “wall” symphony. The enemy resumed work on installing an iron fence after briefly halting construction to focus on the excavations earlier this month.

In the end, the enemy did not record any military, media or psychological achievements from its measures. On the contrary, it lost more of its people’s trust. It did not impose any new equation on the opposing side.

The developments exposed that “Israel’s” actions were fuelled by their Lebanese obsession, which is ever-present. This calls for more self-confinement by completing the construction of the wall at new points. This is what the commander of the “Israeli” army’s Galilee Division, Rafi Milo, recently promised during his meeting with the settlers along the Lebanese border.

Source: Al-Ahed News, South Lebanon

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نتنياهو ينتهي بحرب نفسية عكسية

ديسمبر 19, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– اعتمد رئيس حكومة الاحتلال منذ تسليمه الضمني بتغير موازين القوى لغير صالح جيش الاحتلال، أمام قوى المقاومة والمحور الداعم لها من سورية إلى إيران ومن خلفهما بطريقة أو بأخرى الحضور الروسي الفاعل في المنطقة، على نصيحة مخابراته بتبديل المنهج الاستراتيجي القائم على توظيف الحرب النفسية في خدمة استعمال الجيش والقدرة العسكرية، إلى استخدام الجيش والقدرة العسكرية وتوظيفهما في خدمة الحرب النفسية، والتفسير الظاهر للاستبدال يقوم على فرضية صحيحة، وهي أن الهزائم تقع في النفوس قبل أن تقع في الميدان، لكن ما ينقصها عملياً هو أن يكون من يخوضها منتصر نفسياً، وليس مهزوماً، وألا يكون مكبلاً بفعل هزائم الميدان فيهرب إلى اللعبة النظرية للتذاكي حول أولوية الحرب النفسية أم الحرب العسكرية، لأن النظرية تصلح فقط للجاهزين لخوض حروب الميدان والقادرين على صناعة النصر فيه، فتصير هاماتهم وهالاتهم وسباباتهم كافية لتجنيبهم خوض الحروب في الميدان الذي لا يهابون اختباراته ولا يتهرّبون من استحقاقاته.

– وفقاً للمعادلة الجديدة لمخابراته، كانت أنصاف الحروب التي خاضها نتنياهو في مواجهة سورية وغزة وانتهت بعكس رغباته وخطط مخابراته. فالعمليات التي أريد لها أن ترفع المعنويات، وتردع الجيش السوري والمقاومة الفلسطينية، رسمت المزيد من الخطوط الحمراء تباعاً وبالتراكم التصاعدي أمام قدرة جيش الاحتلال، الذي كان يأتي لكل جولة جديدة مثقلاً بمعادلات وقواعد اشتباك أشدّ قسوة ورثها من المواجهة التي سبقت، حتى تثبتت مصادر القوة على الجبهتين بردع معاكس صارت معه يد الاحتلال مغلولة، إلا في حال تخطّت عقدة الخوف من المغامرة الكبرى، وما تعنيه من خطر الانزلاق إلى حرب شاملة، يدفع خلالها فواتير باهظة من دم جنود الكيان ومستوطنيه، والدمار والخراب في منشآته وعمقه الاستراتيجي، وبلوغ مرحلة الخروج عن السيطرة في المواجهات البرية.

– في لعبة خداع نظري جديدة وجدت مخابرات نتنياهو ضالتها، عندما انتبهت لكون القلق من الخروج عن السيطرة ناجماً عن تبدل معادلات المواجهة البرية، التي كان الاحتلال يهدّد بها قبل حرب تموز 2006 ملوحاً باجتياحات خاطفة لسحق قوى المقاومة، وصارت شيئاً فشيئاً قلقاً إسرائيلياً من توغل المقاومة في الجليل، مع كلام واضح لسيد المقاومة بأن خيار الجليل صار خياراً واقعياً وجاهزاً في أي مواجهة مقبلة بالنسبة للمقاومة. وجاءت النظرية الجديدة لمخابرات نتنياهو، إسقاط خطر المجهول، وخطر الخروج عن السيطرة مدخله حرب آمنة على الأنفاق قرب حدود لبنان، لا تورط في حرب وتستعرض قدرة الردع، وتبطل مفعول الأنفاق، وتصير استعمالاً بارداً للقوة العسكرية في حرب نفسية رابحة، فكان درع الشمال، وخلال أيام من بدء العملية تتراكم حقائق نتائجها، مع تفاعل الرأي العام في الكيان مع الصور والأخبار الواردة من الجبهة، وهي تعرض صوراً لأنفاق تقول إن حزب الله حفرها من الجنوب اللبناني نحو الجليل وتبدو الأنفاق مرعبة، ومجهّزة ومهيأة لنقل المقاتلين، وتقول الأخبار وفقاً للقنوات التلفزيونية الإسرائيلية، إن هذه الأنفاق كانت معدّة للسيطرة على واحدة من التجمعات الاستيطانية وخطف من فيها رهائن، وفي صور أخرى تنقل الفضائيات، صور جنود لبنانيين يصوّبون بنادقهم على جنود الاحتلال ويجبرونهم على التراجع، وصور أخرى لحياة عادية في الطرف اللبناني من الحدود وسخرية من «العراضة الإسرائيلية».

– يتساءل الكثير من محللي الصحافة والتلفزيون في كيان الاحتلال، لماذا يتم ذلك علناً لو كنا أقوياء، ألم يكن من الأفضل عسكرياً الحفاظ على هذه الأنفاق واستعمالها عكساً؟

– يأتي الجواب، أنه في زمن الانهزام النفسي والفشل الميداني تصير الحرب النفسية، حرباً معكوسة يشنّها نتنياهو على معنويات مستوطنيه بدلاً من أن تستهدف معنويات المقاومة وجمهورها.

– ما تتحسّب له مخابرات نتنياهو الآن هو ما بدأ يصل إلى مسامعها عن توازن قانوني يتجه لبنان لإقامته بين أنفاق حزب الله والطلعات الجوية الإسرائيلية، ومطالبة الأمم المتحدة بربط الإدانة بالإدانة والتحرك لوقف هذه بوقف تلك، فتكون «دجاجة حفرت على رأسها عفرت».

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Army-People-Resistance! Lebanese Soldiers Defy «Israeli» Will, Order IOF to Step Back

Fatima Haydar

In the most recent act of heroism and valor, two Lebanese Army soldiers stood up against the “mighty” undefeated “Israeli” army in the southern Lebanese village of Meis al-Jabal.

With only meters away from the “Israel” Occupation Forces [IOF] troops, both soldiers refused to giveaway even a small piece of Lebanese land to the occupying entity.

On Monday, Lebanese soldiers and IOF came head-on when the “Israelis” crossed the so-called “Blue Line” demarcated by the United Nation. The IOF troops were pushed by the Lebanese soldiers.

Army-People-Resistance! Lebanese Soldiers Defy «Israeli» Will, Order IOF to Step Back

A video of the incident which went viral on social media, showed one of the Lebanese soldiers brandishing his assault rifle, while the second telling the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, or UNIFIL, that the border goes behind the tree – not in front of it.

The Lebanese soldiers – making sure not to commit any act of normalization with the “Israeli” troops – asked UNIFIL members on site to tell the invading soldiers to move the barbed wire they had placed.

“Sir, they [the ‘Israelis’] tell us [they’ll put it] behind the tree,” one Lebanese soldier is heard telling the UNIFIL officials, going on to point out that the barbed wire is in fact being laid on the Lebanese side of the tree.

The two soldiers identified as Corporal Ahmed Saleh and First Lieutenant Mohammed Qrayani. Both had been widely praised on social media.

Qrayani is the son of Fatima Ezzedine who burned an “Israeli” tank in South Lebanon during the 1984 “Israeli” occupation. A hero born from a hero’s womb!

The “Israeli” entity’s air force had on many occasions violated sovereign Lebanese airspace, territorial waters, and lands.

Just between 12:53 a.m. and 6:49 a.m. on Monday, the Lebanese Army reported that an “Israeli” military boat had violated Lebanese territorial waters near Ras al-Naqoura.

Source: Al-Ahed News

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Lebanon’s President Discusses with Hezbollah Delegation Cabinet Formation Process

December 11, 2018



The Lebanese President Michel Aoun received on Tuesday Hezbollah Secretary General’s political aide Hajj Hussein Al-Khalil and head of Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad as the discussions tackled the latest developments of the cabinet formation process.

After the meeting, MP Raad told the reporters that it was a brainstorming session which reviewed the various suggestions to end the governmental vacuum.

The caretaker prime minister Saad Hariri was tasked to form the new government on May 24, 2018; however, the political parties have not agreed on the distribution of the ministerial seats, which has delayed the cabinet formation.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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That’s How Israeli Army Became a Joke on Lebanon’s Border

Mohammad Salami

December 10, 2018

Inattentive Israeli soldier photographed at a close range

Since the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hezbollah of storing and developing missiles in residential areas and at civil facilities, Lebanon and the whole world expected a military escalation on the Lebanese-Palestinian border caused by any Israeli mad move.

The expectations were substantiated by the Zionist claims about alleged Hezbollah tunnels on the southern border in order to move the world countries against the Resistance and justify any aggression on Lebanon.

However, the balance of deterrence imposed by Hezbollah military power prevented the expectations from coming true, and ironically the Israeli soldiers deployed on the border with Lebanon have become a joke as the Lebanese public enjoyed making fun of them.

The story started when the Zionist occupation army units advanced into the border area off Mays Al-Jabal town (Southern Lebanon) in order to put demarcation marks on the Blue Line before the Lebanese army rejected that and forced the enemy troops to retreat.

Zionist soldier removing the JioPhone after Lebanese army move

Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib reported that a Zionist tank advanced into the border and directed its cannon into the Lebanese town before the Lebanese army directed its cannons towards the Israeli tank, forcing it to back off.


Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib

Meanwhile, the Zionist occupation military announced that two machine guns were missed in the border area, which made the so-called “invincible army” so clumsy that it cannot even hold its guns. (Some social media users said that Hezbollah fighters seized the two guns in order to make fun of the enemy fragility.

الحدود اللبنانية الفلسطينية

Lebanese civilians inspecting border area despite Zionist military alert

Hezbollah war media department launched an intensified campaign to show the weakness and fragility of the Israeli army, shooting the enemy soldiers from rear positions, which shows that the Resistance soldiers can infiltrate into their positions and capture them.

Hezbollah phantom is always haunting the Israelis, imposing on them certain formulas which they would have never followed.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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Israeli Occupation Soldiers Alarmed at Lebanese Border

South fog

December 8, 2018

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) are alarmed at the border with Lebanon due to the fog which has spread across the area, few days after the occupation military announced the start of the so-called “Northern Shield” Operation which is aimed at ‘cutting off’ alleged attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah.

Al-Manar reporter in Lebanon’s south, Ali Shoeib, reported that IOF fired their machine guns into the air as they were frightened when a Lebanese Army vehicle carried out a routine patrol east of Mais Al-Jabal town, near the border with the occupied territories.

“Israeli enemy soldiers fired their machine guns into the air in fear as they were surprised by a Lebanese Army routine patrol,” Shoeib tweeted on Saturday.

Shoeib then used the hashtag: “weaker than a spider web,” referring to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s well-known quote about the Zionist entity.

Source: Al-Manar

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

The Israeli military fired warning shots at three supposed personnel of Hezbollah who approached one of its units while it was carrying out a mission near the separation line with Lebanon as a part of Operation Northern Shield, Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the Israeli military, announced on December 8.

“The Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] warns from approaching the area near the fence or its operation to discover and neutralize the terrorist tunnels. Anyone who tries to approach and sabotage the IDF efforts will be risking his life,” Adraee said on Twitter.

From its side, the Hezbollah media wing said that the personnel who approached the separation line were of the Lebanese military intelligence. According to the source, a unit of the Israeli military was planting vibration sensors next to the fence when the incident occurred.

The Israeli military launched Operation Northern Shield on December 4 to destroy cross-border tunnels between Lebanon and Israel. So far, only two short tunnels have been allegedly discovered.

Today’s incident shows that the situation in southern Lebanon may escalate further. Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister warned that the Israeli military may have to operate in Lebanon to counter the threat of Hezbollah tunnels.


New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

New Hot Point: Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots And Plants Sensors On Separation Line With Lebanon (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

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