Gaza Fights against Genocide and Breaks “Israel’s” Cabinet

Marwa Osman

The illegal founding of the “Israeli” entity has been ironically presented to the world as the noble and profound national recovery of a people who had suffered centuries of discrimination under the alleged Nazi extermination of the Jews of Europe.

Yet there remains a still repressed part of this story; the experience of several million people for whom the almost 70 years from the founding of this parasite entity to the present time have brought nothing but disaster and carnage upon them. They are the people of Palestine.

Gaza this past week was again on the brink of an all-out war, with six Palestinians martyred in just a few days and one Resistance commander. In the most intense exchange of fire since the 2014 conflict, “Israeli” occupation forces bombed a series of civilian buildings across the enclave, while the Palestinian resistance fired around 400 rockets into the Palestinian occupied territories. The spark for the latest flare-up was the exposure of a covert “Israeli” special occupation forces unit in the Gaza city of Khan Younis on Sunday, November 11. Hamas declared that its hails were in retaliation for that botched raid, which martyred one of its commanders Sheikh Nur Barakeh, a commander of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, and six other resistance fighters. A high-ranking “Israeli” colonel was also killed because of the “Israeli” ground raid.

“Israeli” War Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation on Wednesday in protest at a Gaza cease-fire that he called a “capitulation to terror,” weakening Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative coalition government.

“Were I to stay in office, I would not be able to look southern residents in the eye,” Lieberman told reporters, referring to “Israelis” subjected to a surge in Palestinian rocket attacks before Tuesday’s truce took hold.

Facts are clear; the Gazan resistance took Liberman out of office. It is now speculated that Netanyahu, who despite his approval ratings have been dogged by multiple corruption investigations, might bring forward the next ballot inside the “Israeli” entity. Hence, Netanyahu’s continuous genocide against the people of Gaza will most likely kick him permanently out of office as well.

Hezbollah’s Presence in Gaza

Zionist officials have repeatedly voiced concerns over the sophisticated weaponry in Hezbollah’s possession, which, according to “Israeli” reports, amounts to at least 100,000 short-range rockets and several thousand more missiles that can reach central “Israel”. Zionist officials had valid doubts that Hezbollah weapons had also made their way into Gaza somehow but had yet to see their effect, until this week.

It is true that back in 2017, Hezbollah secretary-general Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stated that his resistance fighters had “transferred arms, including Kornet missiles, to Gaza,” referring to a Russian-made anti-tank missile. However, it was this week when the “Israeli” occupation forces felt the heat of the Kornet from their southern front for the first time since the 2014 war that Hamas and its allies in Gaza fought against the “Israel” genocidal aggression.

The Palestinian a video captured of the anti-tank missile retaliation on an “Israeli” occupation military bus near the Gaza border on Monday, November 12, which left one IOF soldier seriously wounded. The video shows several “Israeli” army vehicles and a large number of soldiers standing near the bus at the time of the attack.

The video of the retaliatory resistance operation took us back to the beautiful memories of Hezbollah’s videotaped operations against the “Israeli” occupation forces in south Lebanon before the 2000 liberation. It gave the “Israelis” the chills thinking that Hezbollah has a presence in the south just as much it has a presence in the north. It re-established the notion that comes what may in the region’s geopolitics, Hezbollah’s main cause is Palestine and Hezbollah’s main allies are the courageous and heroic resistance factions inside of the besieged Gaza strip.

Gaza Resists Genocide not only Occupation

The 1948 Genocide Convention clearly states that one instance of genocide is “the deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a people in whole or in part.” No matter whether this happens at a fast rate, or in “slow motion.” That is what has been done to Gaza since the imposition of the blockade by “Israel,” and the subsequent massacres, which led to the death of more than 4000 Palestinians in three successive genocidal wars.

After its great defeat in the Lebanon 2006 war, “Israel” became more brutal towards the Palestinians in Gaza, bombing them with top-notch weaponry, most of which are internationally banned. There is no question that the policy of the Zionist government aims to destroy life in Gaza. They have demolished all the working facilities of electricity, water supply, sewage systems; they are making it unfit for life while blockading the people of Gaza and besieging them so they can find nowhere to hide. All this for one sole purpose, to create an exclusive “Israeli” [state] only for illegal Jewish colonial settlers on Palestinian stolen land. Why? Because they believe, God promised them so. Yes, you read that correctly.

For sure, there exists a global opinion, which voices its support for Palestine and openly condemns the Zionist “Israeli” genocide against the people of Palestine. However, “Israel” continues to kill because it feels it has impunity from western governments and elites steered by the US government, which continues to supply arms, massive amounts of funds and provide diplomatic protection for the ongoing genocide.

War without mercy is the official “Israeli” policy. It is crystal clear that the rule of law doesn’t apply on Zionists. Throughout its entire history of illegal existence, “Israel” has waged genocidal war on Palestine. From the very beginning, its 1947-48 War of Occupation prioritized an exclusively Jewish [state] with no Arab presence. They put their strategy into effect and their means to end process was mass murder, destruction, and forced displacement.

Even in the occupied territories of the West Bank, Zionists deny Palestinians fundamental rights that everyone deserves and they live in constant fear. A fear that seems to be increasing as senior Zionist officials have been encouraging “Israeli” soldiers and police to martyr Palestinians they only suspect of possibly attacking “Israeli” colonial settlers even when they are no longer a threat. Which means “Israel” legalizes the excessive use of force against any Palestinian whether inside or outside his own house.

The city of Gaza has been under a decade-long besiegement that has turned it to an open-air prison. The West Bank is increasingly smothered through the acceleration of illegal “Israeli” settlements. And even Palestinians with “Israeli” citizenship are criminalized by their Palestinian identity and treated as second and third class citizens.

Fighting genocide in Gaza is now an extension to the fight against occupation. An extension which as perceived by many observers will most definitely spill over into the occupied territories in Al Quds and the West Bank. This is evident in the increase of all forms of resistance inside the occupied territories whether with rocks, fires, knives or cars. Any means of resistance is a legitimate one when faced by a genocidal warmongering illegal occupation. Any means of resistance is legitimate to fight for Gaza and to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.

Source: Al-Ahed News


Palestinian Political Prisoners

By Stephen Lendman

Cold-blooded murder of defenseless Palestinians has been official Israeli policy from inception.

Its 1947-48 ethnic cleansing war of independence indiscriminately raped and massacred countless thousands of defenseless Palestinians, displacing hundreds of thousands from their historic homeland – one of history’s great crimes, accountability never forthcoming.

Knesset members are debating whether to authorize capital punishment against Palestinian political prisoners – guilty only of wanting to live free from oppressive Israeli occupation, their legal right under international law.

On Tuesday, Israeli war minister Lieberman vowed to get legislation passed, tweeting:

“After over three years of a stubborn struggle, the death penalty for terrorists (sic) law will finally be brought to the law committee (on November 14). We won’t relent or stop until completing the mission.”

Israel calls legitimate nonviolent Palestinian resistance terrorism and/or incitement. If the death penalty bill is enacted, countless numbers of Palestinian political prisoners could face capital punishment for exercising their legal rights.

The world community is doing nothing to intervene against it, dismissive of Palestinian rights, one-sidedly supporting Israel, ignoring its highest of high crimes.

Under current Israeli law, a three-judge military court panel must unanimously approve capital punishment for Palestinians. They’re denied civil due process and judicial fairness, available only for Jews, one of the core features of apartheid rule.

New legislation would require only a majority military judicial ruling in capital punishment cases. Israel last pronounced the death penalty in 1962 for Adolph Eichmann, an exception to its 1954 law prohibiting it except for certain reasons. See below.

Palestinian Prisoners Society director Qadura Fares earlier said Israel’s capital punishment legislation if enacted will “be imposed on Palestinian prisoners only” in military courts, not Israeli Jews for similar offenses in civil courts.

Netanyahu backs the measure, pushing for it to be enacted, rejecting opposition from Shin Bet security service chief Nadav Argaman, saying he’s “unequivocally” against it.

Last Sunday, Netanyahu approved advancing the measure for Knesset debate, according to Israel Radio.

Although already allowed in cases of treason and crimes of war, against humanity, and against the Jewish people, Eichmann’s hanging was the only time it was ever used.

If Netanyahu, Lieberman, and likeminded Knesset extremists get their way, that may be about to change, another pretext to eliminate Palestinian political prisoners – world community outrage highly unlikely.

Arabs and Muslims: Read This Before You Celebrate Rashida Tlaib


Marwa Osman

American citizen of Palestinian origin, Rashida Tlaib, won a seat in the US House of Representatives after winning the Democratic Party elections in the city of Detroit for lack of a competitor.

Rashida, the eldest amongst her 14 siblings and born in Detroit to Palestinian parents, became the first Muslim woman in 2008 to be elected State Representative. From 2009 to 2014, she served in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The mainstream media celebrated Tlaib’s win as history being made with her being one of the first Muslim women to be elected to serve in Congress. As a result of this media hype, Muslims around the world celebrated this win as “a source of pride for Palestine and the entire Arab and Muslim world” without doing minor research as to what might Tlaib have done to ensure her success.

Experience in the twisted ways of both Republicans and Democrats in US internal and foreign politics urges us to look closer and start by looking at Tlaib’s troubling relationship with a leading pro-“Israel” organization.

Rashida Tlaib was endorsed and supported by the liberal Zionist “Israel” lobby group J Street through its political action committee JStreetPAC. JStreetPAC boasts that during the 2016 election cycle it “distributed a record $3.6 million to its 124 endorsed candidates for Congress, making it the largest pro-“Israel” PAC for the fifth cycle running.”  According to a 15 July filing with the Federal Election Commission, the Rashida Tlaib for Congress committee had received $3,000 from JStreetPAC.  For sure, it is a small portion of the more than $1 million she has raised, but it is also a low price to tie yourself to an organization with clear anti-Palestinian views.  On the other hand, was it perhaps only a down payment in fear that Tlaib might change her views as she did later on in August?

On its page soliciting donations to support Tlaib’s campaign before they withdrew the endorsement later, JStreetPAC stated, “When it comes to the peace process, she believes that the US should be directly involved with negotiations to reach a two-state solution.”  “Additionally, she supports all current aid to “Israel” and the Palestinian Authority, particularly to fund initiatives that ‘foster peace, as well as economic and humanitarian services,’” JStreetPAC notes.

This means that aside from her emphasis on “humanitarian” aid which Trump banned end of August, Tlaib supported all current US military aid to “Israel,” including Obama’s record-breaking giveaway.  The same aid preserves “Israel’s” military occupation and colonization and negates the prospects for any kind of peaceful and just outcome.

However, on August 17, 2018, the “Israel” lobby group J Street withdrew its endorsement from Rashida Tlaib.  “After closely consulting with Rashida Tlaib’s campaign to clarify her most current views on various aspects of the “Israeli”-Palestinian conflict, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that a significant divergence in perspectives requires JStreetPAC to withdraw our endorsement of her candidacy,” J Street announced.

“JStreetPAC was created to demonstrate the wellspring of political support that exists for candidates who take pro-“Israel,” pro-peace positions, including support for a two-state solution,” J Street said.  “We cannot endorse candidates who conclude that they can no longer publicly express unequivocal support for a two-state solution and other core principles to which our organization is dedicated.”

The page JStreetPAC had established to collect donations for Tlaib was taken down on August 17, but an archived version is still visible online.

J Street had endorsed Tlaib on the basis that she supports “all current aid to ‘Israel’”, which necessarily means all military aid, the vast majority of US assistance, and a two-state solution.  J Street also requires candidates it endorses to oppose boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS], the nonviolent Palestinian-led movement that aims to pressure “Israel” to respect Palestinian rights and international law.

Following Tlaib’s primary victory in Michigan’s 13th congressional district last week, writer Ali Abuminah raised questions in The Electronic Intifada about Tlaib’s acceptance of an endorsement from an “Israel” lobby group under political conditions that contradict support for Palestinian rights.

Amid growing controversy, Tlaib at first dodged giving a clear explanation of the J Street endorsement, which she herself had reportedly “sought out.”  However, later on, Tlaib made a clear break with the “Israel” lobby group.

In an interview with In These Times, Tlaib expressed strong support for the right of activists to engage in BDS.  She also distanced herself from the two-state solution.

“One state.  It has to be one state.  Separate but equal does not work,” she said, citing America’s history of racial segregation that was challenged by the civil rights movement.  “This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”  Tlaib moreover said she would not support aid to “Israel.”

However, in another interview with Democracy Now on August 16, 2018, Tlaib appeared to pull back a little bit, saying she was open to the “possibility for a two-state solution.”

The issue with Rashida is not only about her swinging views concerning the two-state solution as much as it is with what she offered J street to begin with that made them endorse her.

The issue with Muslims celebrating Rashida’s accomplishment, in becoming the first Palestinian American Muslim woman to make it to congress, is about them forgetting how ugly the game of politics is in the US and how Rashida Tlaib is first and foremost a Democrat and not a Palestinian when serving inside the congress.

Let me remind you of a democrat who was celebrated when elected as the US president for being a Black man and the son of a Kenyan immigrant father, but who ended up dropping more than 26,000 bombs on countries around the world in his last year in office alone.

I am not saying Rashida Tlaib will for sure be complicit in similar decisions to be taken by the congress, but I have every right to ask Muslims celebrating her “accomplishment” to wait and see how she will handle many controversial issues before rejoicing.

Tlaib will have to choose a position concerning the Palestinian right of return, the illegal presence of the US embassy in Al Quds and the constant US collusion in the “Israeli” genocide against Gaza. Tlaib will also have to acknowledge that the government she is now part of is to send aid to “Israel” amounting to $3.8 billion annually over 10 years beginning in 2019, that is 2 months from now.

Tlaib might serve her American voters well while in Congress, but how about we, the non-American Muslims and Arabs, take a breath before we celebrate a win that means nothing to us except a possible additional Arab-Palestinian signature on the next US congress supported war planned for us.

Source: Al-Ahed News

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