Israel, U.S. , want Abbas to be full-fledged traitor

In his previous comments.

  • Mr. Amayereh thought “the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.”
  • Cosequentely he “thought that the Dayton era was well behind us.” and Abbas will be remembered as a a sincere man who tried but failed to make peace with Israel, even at a terrible price, namely giving up more than 78% of historical Palestine”.
  • Shocked with Abbas Disgraceful behavior, Mr. Amayereh, after de facto alliance” and “Mass axis”, invented another new term. He wrote: Israel, U.S. , want Abbas to be full-fledged traitor”

Don’t blame Mr. Amayereh, living in WB he can’t call the traitor ( “He, presumably could lose his freedom if he did”), Traitor. May be he will do it in his next comment.

In his below coment, you would learn new terms, such as, “genuine democratization”

Democracy can’t bring freedom to prisoners. “The Palestinian people therefore need, first and foremost, freedom from the Nazi-like occupation before they can exercise democracy.” he clamed, ignoring (not forgetting) that Palestinians exercised democracy and elected Hamas and prevented, the so-called half-fledged traitor” from selling Jerusalem, and the right of return.

After 477 Palestinians were freed in Gilad Shalit deal Zahar challenged Abbas to measure his popularity in elections.

Yes “Hamas is here to stay” So far Hamas stayed Because it represents the true aspirations of most Palestinians for a better tomorrow ( Forgive Mr. Amayereh, he can’t say for full liberation, “He, presumably could lose his freedom if he did”)

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  • Israel, U.S. , want Abbas to be full-fledged traitor

    [ 28/10/2011 – 10:13 PM ]

    It seems that the tight Jewish stranglehold on the American government is not only preventing the Obama administration from pursuing a fair, rational and honest approach to the enduring Palestinian crisis, but is also inhibiting the formulation in Washington of an accurate and objective understanding of basic facts in and about the Middle East.

    An example of this willful and unnecessary ignorance was a statement made recently by the US Ambassador for Middle East Peace David Hale.

    According to Hale, the Arab Spring could “sweep Hamas from power.”

    “The Palestinians are no more immune to currents of change and demand for democratization, reform and freedom than any other people in the region,” he was quoted as saying.

    “I think you will see those same forces affect Hamas because clearly their leadership is not characterized by any of those words.”

    Hale’s words exude a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding of the facts and realities in the region.

    First of all, the Palestinian people have been languishing under a sinister Israeli military occupation for 44 years, and no amount of “democratization” in occupied Palestine will change this fundamental fact.

    The Palestinian people therefore need, first and foremost, freedom from the Nazi-like occupation before they can exercise democracy. Perhaps people like Hale can’t bring themselves to uttering the word occupation for fear of upsetting the Jewish lobby in Washington . He presumably could lose his job if he did, especially in a sensitive election year. Hence, the conceived phobic reaction.

    Like most Palestinians, I am not against genuine democratization in Palestine. However, let us be honest and have no illusion: Without ending the evil Israeli occupation, no amount of democratization would really help the Palestinians attain their freedoms. The absence of democracy in Palestine is due to the presence of the occupation. Twisting this fact would be an expression of dishonesty and mendacity.

    Does democracy practiced by inmates in a maximum-security jail bring freedom to prisoners? Yes, it might help them manage their daily life and routine inside the jail, but it won’t help them regain their freedom.

    Likewise, the Palestinian people are not merely striving to enhance their daily life, though this is a legitimate and important task, if only to help Palestinians withstand the systematic and institutionalized oppression meted out to them by Zio-Nazism.

    The Palestinian people want absolute and total freedom from the decades-old nefarious Israeli occupation.

    Besides, since when did the US really show any serious concern about democratization in occupied Palestine or elsewhere in the Arab-Muslim region?

    Didn’t the U.S. abruptly lose its composure and mental equanimity when Hamas won the Palestinian elections in 2006? Didn’t a U.S., under aggressive and frenzied Jewish pressure, acted rather spasmodically to strangle and throttle the Palestinians following the said elections which by the way the Bush administration itself had Okayed?

    I am afraid I have bad news for Mr. Hale and his equally ignorant boss or bosses in Washington. Hamas is here to stay. Hamas, which only last week forced Israel to release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from its dungeons and concentration camps, is strong and getting stronger:
    Strong because it represents the true aspirations of most Palestinians for a better tomorrow; and stronger because an arrogant Israel driven by Talmudic insolence only understands the language of force, stubbornness and strength.

    More to the point, a soft, obsequious approach toward Israel won’t take the Palestinians anywhere. It will only transform them into vanquished supplicants begging for their legitimate rights from an arrogant and rapacious Israel that is hell bent on stealing the remainder of Palestinian land.

    The truth of the matter regarding the impact of the Arab Spring on Hamas is that it has not only vindicated the liberation movement’s approach toward Israeli occupation, but it has also created an auspicious atmosphere conducive to helping Hamas and the Palestinians as a whole expedite their goals.

    The growing good chemistry between Hamas and Cairo is undoubtedly an auspicious development. The upcoming elections in Egypt, slated to start on 28 November, is expected to produce pleasant surprises if the nationalist and Islamist forces achieve victory in the polls and form the next Egyptian government.

    Israel and her guardian-ally, the U.S., (the latter is getting weaker and bankrupt by the hour) know that hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims expect the next government in Cairo to find a real correlation between the Egyptian commitment to uphold the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and Israeli treatment of and behavior toward the Palestinian cause and people. I bet this is going to be a serious matter for Israel’s firsters and the Zionist shipyard dogs in Washington who think Israel’s interests come even before American interests.

    In any case, the Islamists are simply coming, and Israel will soon become bereft of friends in this region, no matter what desperate feats Israel is trying. And Israel has only itself to blame.

    The Israeli state, itself a crime against humanity (perhaps people like Hale would shake in fear while reading this shocking but veracious phrase) never really lost an opportunity to alienate Arabs and Muslims. The murderous Israeli modus operandi toward the Palestinians and other peoples in the region has generated a huge reservoir of hatred toward the Jewish state. The Arab masses, whether in Egypt or Tunisia or even Libya, will not waste anytime venting their frozen rage and accumulative frustration vis-à-vis Israel when they are given the chance to do so.

    The King of Jordan Abdullah II recently “warned” that Egypt might effectively abrogate its peace treaty with Israel and that Jordan was effectively becoming the last remaining advocate of peace with the Jewish state? The king knew what he was talking about. However, his warnings are unlikely to be heeded, given Israel’s characteristic insolence and America ‘s brazen subservience to the evil entity and its backers in Washington .

    As to the whoring peace process, it is really difficult to talk about this process using dignified language. How else can one relate to a process that is based on lies, fraught with lies, and shaped by lies?

    Israel, which we earlier described as a crime against humanity because it is based on ethnic cleansing, genocide, and aggression, wants Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to become a full-fledged traitor.
    Israel wants him to kiss the paramount right of return for the refugees goodbye, wants him to forget East Jerusalem, and wants him to formally accept perpetual Israeli control over Palestinian borders, water resources as well as the settlements established by Israel on occupied Arab land since 1967.

    Needless to say, Abbas would rather commit suicide than agree to these irrational demands. He knows that any Palestinian leader agreeing to these capitulations will not live long to even regret his folly.

    Besides, how can Abbas possibly offer a “workable” alternative to Hamas’s seemingly more logical and appealing line, which is based on resistance and steadfastness?

    Will Israel, for the sake of Abbas’s legendary moderation, withdraw to the borders of the 4th of June, 1967? Will Israel terminate the building of colonies and Judaizing of Jerusalem? Will Israel allow for the repatriation of millions of refugees uprooted from their homes when the evil entity was established 63 years ago, which is a sine-qua-non for any genuine and durable peace deal in the region? Will Israel dismantle the settlements?

    The answer is a plain NO.

    Another question: Will the U.S. pressure Israel to end its decades-old occupation? The answer is also a plain NO because the Jewish lobby is in tight control of American politics and policies. Moreover, an American president, especially in an election year, won’t commit political suicide by displeasing the only state in the world that truly calls the shots in Washington.

    So Bahr hit the nail in saying Unity Is Abbas’ Only Option
    The so-called half-fledged traitor” faces three bitter options,

    Commit suicide as a “Full-Fledged traitor”
    Commit suicide as a “Half-Fledged hero”
    Or he would try to save his by dissolving the Palestinian Authority

    Another Question for Mr, Amayereh: Will the “Jewish lobby is in tight control of American politics and policies let the US intervine in Libya, and Syria?

    The answer is also a plain yes, “especially in an election year”, to please “the only state in the world that truly calls the shots in Washington.”

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    Eye on The Enemy: Shalit Deal Verifies Hassan Nasrallah’s “Spider web” Theory

    Shalit Deal Verifies Hassan Nasrallah’s “Spider web” Theory

    Ron Ben-Yishai – Yedioth Ahronot

    The deal that brought Gilad Shalit back home was internally and politically unavoidable and it is probably also reasonable in relation to the security risks it holds.

    Nonetheless, in its essence and strategic meaning it was a capitulation. The capitulation of “Israel” to the extortion of a radical Islamic terrorist organization, which exposed the weak spot of the “Israeli” society, and struck with cruelty and firmness until it got all what it had asked for.

    But “Israel” isn’t only capitulated. It also celebrated a humiliating festival the “IDF” gave a hand to organize.

    Capitulation is not a bad word. Sometimes, it cannot be avoided in a drawn out war against a determined, fanatically-driven enemy. It is a humiliating act, yet it can be tolerated so long as it does not create an irreversible situation.

    That is, as long as this act does not endanger our physical existence as a nation and as a people, and enables us to preserve our strength in preparation of the next round where there is a good chance to be victorious.

    The Shalit deal is a capitulation of this kind, the tolerated kind, for the “IDF” and the Shin Bet have the tools to successfully deal with security ramifications, and because it helps us to preserve our strength. To be more exact – it boosts up the motivation of “IDF” soldiers and “Israeli” citizens as a whole, to fight and face the threats, while recognizing that mutual camaraderie is a meaningful expression in the “Israeli” society.

    Mutual camaraderie, to who have forgotten, is not just a perception that a state and its citizens would do everything they can to free someone who is abducted. That is only one side of the story. The other side is that Shalit deal strengthened our internal recognition that in “Israel” every citizen counts. That’s why, both the state and citizens should carry this burden, and we’ll sacrifice our soul and body for their sake.

    But this is the truth, it’s important to our future and so as it may be to our national might; it is only one part of the whole picture. A realistic estimate of what is expected must take into account the impact and outcomes of the deal on the other side. Not only on Hamas, but on all of “Israel’s” enemies, starting from Iran and Hizbullah to the most extreme Arab “Israelis”.

    “Israel’s” Enemies: Kidnappings Come Off

    Judging the reactions to the deal, it can be determined that it proved to our enemies that “Israeli” society knows how to endure losses, up to a point, but it cannot stand up to emotional and psychological dilemmas.

    Not only abductions – any use of violence that “Israel” does not have a good military response for, causes weakness and hysteria in the “Israeli” society, thus it’s an effective procedure that will lead to tactical capitulation and perhaps even strategic one to the Jews and their state.

    In fact, the Shalit deal provided a renewed Hassan Nasrallah’s “spider web” theory.

    In his opinion, the “Israeli” society symbolizes a spider web, which is easy to disentangle through imposing emotional damage, while taking advantage of the
    humanitarian values of Western society that force “Israel” to restrain its response – without directly confronting the IDF’s superior military power.

    As far as he concerned, the “IDF’s” withdrawal from southern Lebanon is proof of this theory, and Hamas reached the same conclusions after the “Israeli” withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

    According to this theory, kidnappings almost come off, and should be continued, whether it was bodies of “Israelis” or living “Israelis”. This is proved by Hizbullah’s only achievement in the Second Lebanon War, which was the release of hundreds of prisoners – including the odious murderer Samir Kuntar -in return of two bodies.

    Such deals, including the Tennenbaum one, verified for the masses in the Arab world that Islamists, whether Sunnis or Shiites, are genuine when they claim that “”Israel” only understands force”.

    As such, it is obvious that the Shalit deal strengthens Hamas and the armed struggle it believes in, whereas it weakens Abou Mazen, who supports the non-violent struggle that aims to make “Israel” surrender through international pressure.

    Hamas’ success forces Abo Mazen to bolster the reconciliation with Hamas. But even if the Hamas leadership in Gaza will lean towards some sort of arrangement with “Israel”, as some experts claim, the released prisoners will not allow it to moderate its stance, at least not soon.

    Many of them enjoy great prestige and influence over the movement’s political leadership and its armed wing, and would do anything to outwit an arrangement with “Israel”. The Shalit deal, therefore, makes an “Israeli”-Palestinian agreement doubtful in the near future.

    Nevertheless, there are some positive aspects to the deal from “Israel’s” viewpoint. The deal very much improved the relationship with Egypt. The success of the Egyptian mediation made it clear to the Supreme Military Council that the relationship with “Israel” is valuable and significant.

    The agreement set by Egypt also allowed its military leadership to prove to the Egyptian and Arab masses that Cairo is capable of looking out for the Arab-Palestinian interest, and put “Israel” down if necessary.

    The deal also enabled Egypt to prove to the US, Europe, and to moderate Arab states, that it is the curbing factor that knows how to defuse regional mines. All of this rebuilds and boosts Egypt’s prestige as a leader in the region, which also supports Egypt’s demand from the US and Arab leaders to provide it with needed economic and financial aid, necessary as oxygen is to breathe.

    However, the deal also brought Egypt and Hamas closer. It is logic to assume that this firm bond would limit “Israel” actions against Hamas in the future.

    Another positive aspect related to the deal’s conditions. The exile of scores of major vandals to Gaza or foreign countries not only minimizes the security threat they pose, it is also heavy punishment for the deportees.

    Disconnecting from their families and their environment causes the released detainee psychological hardships, which not many can overcome. This Experience proves that many view exile as a kind of social isolation, which saddens and afflicts them for an extended period of time.

    Another positive point associated to the government, or Netanyahu to be exact. Anyone who claimed that the “Israeli” prime minister is unable to be pragmatic and make painful concessions must admit he was wrong. Pay attention, Abo Mazen, the American administration and European leaders.

    The red lines

    It is now a must that “Israel” learns its lessons from the Shalit case. It can be assumed that the next kidnapping is already on its way and therefore these lessons must be carried out rapidly.

    The main lesson is that “Israel”, in case of abduction, must immediately take action on three levels: first, establish a special intelligence task force which only mission is to deal with all the aspects of freeing the kidnapped citizen, starting with gathering intelligence info on his whereabouts, then develop operational options to free him, to support and consultations of negotiations.

    This task force must immediately be operated by “IDF”, Shin Bet and Mossad personnel. For instance, if an “Israeli” is kidnapped overseas, the Mossad would be in control, while the “IDF” and Shin Bet would take the lead in other instances.

    The second lesson is that the “IDF”, with the help of the intelligence systems, must carry out operations that would pressure the kidnappers. If the “IDF”, immediately after Shalit’s kidnapping, had entered Gaza and divided it up into three parts while announcing that the condition for leaving would be to free the kidnapped soldier – perhaps the negotiations with Hamas would have been easier and faster.

    Instead, the “IDF” entered the Strip and carried out a series of useless operations, which eventually did not create any effect.

    A targeted assassinations campaign would probably have resulted in a more desired outcome had it been properly planned, otherwise they wouldn’t have feared rocket barrages. These operations would not only help secure the kidnapped person’s release, it would also increase the prevention ahead of future abductions.

    In addition to this, “Israel” must specify in advance its “red lines”, which the government won’t cross unless legislated. It needs to be stressed that these red lines must be realistic and take into account the precedents set in previous deals as well as “Israeli” society’s sensitivity to the lives of its people.

    But they must be established after prolonged, meaningful public discussion, and full knowledge of the other side – any potential kidnappers and their controllers.

    The fourth lesson is that “Israel” must stand behind its statements and threats. If the prime minister said after Shalit was released that the delinquents who return to their previous activity would be abolished, he, and those who follow him in office, must apply what they say.

    If “Israel” takes decisive and practical steps to implement these lessons and proves it to the families of those who were kidnapped, the extensive media festivals that prolonged Shalit’s captivity and upped his price could be avoided in the future.

    They would also make the disgraceful capitulation festival that we witnessed, extraneous, with the help of the PM’s bureau and the “IDF” wonders.

    A capitulation deal should be accepted with restraint as one accepts a bitter outcome that is unavoidable. Only here (“Israel’s”) humiliation turns into a celebration, without considering how such a celebration is perceived on the other side and the damage it may cause.

    Source: Hebrew newspapers, Translated by

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Settlers earmark $100,000 “bounty” for anyone who kills two liberated prisoners

    [ 20/10/2011 – 02:53 PM ]

    NABLUS, (PIC)– A Jewish family in Yitzhar settlement near Nablus earmarked the sum of 100000 dollars for anyone killing the two liberated Palestinian prisoners Khuweiled and Nizar Ramadan who have been released in the exchange deal between Israel and Hamas.

    Hebrew daily Maariv published the ad in which the family claimed that the prisoners, who were deported one to the Gaza Strip and the other to Turkey, killed two of their relatives 13 years ago.
    The ad was published on a website for one of the Jewish fanatic settlers in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Turkish languages along with a recent photo for the prisoners.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Spare a thought for the 8,000 Palestinian prisoners

    Spare a thought for the 8,000 Palestinian prisoners

    By Stuart Littlewood
    20 October 2011

    Stuart Littlewood highlights the hypocrisy of Britain’s Israeli stooges, foremost Prime Minister David Cameron and Defence Select Committe Chairman James Arbuthnot who, while rejoicing over the release of Israeli prisoner Gilad Shalit, are happy to ignore the fate of 8,000 Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons and Israel’s utter disregard for international humanitarian conventions.

    I was once a national serviceman, drafted into the military by a barmy government. So I can’t deny that I’m pleased for Gilad Shalit and his parents. No teenage soldier, especially a conscript, should spend five years in anyone’s prison even if soldiering for the world’s vilest regime.

    On the other hand, why is there such a torrent of sympathy for Shalit when the much-hyped thousand-for-one prisoner swop leaves 8,000 Palestinians still rotting in Israeli jails, some of them having languished in captivity far longer than our Israeli hero?

    Life in Israel’s prisons

    And for those 8,000 it’s no picnic. A United Nations Human Rights Council report (A/HRC/WG.6/3/ISR/3) of December 2008 highlighted some unpalatable truths about life in Israel’s prisons:

    • Use of coercive techniques to extract confessions
    • Use of confessional evidence obtained illegally to convict
    • Lack of effective mechanisms for investigating complaints of torture
    • Arrests and detentions are based on secret evidence to which neither the detainees nor their counsels have access
    • Neither the prisoner nor his/her lawyer has the right to see the evidence against them
    • Repeated extension of initial detention without evidence to justify it
    • Large numbers detained without charges or any trial procedures
    • “Administrative’”detention is grounded on “security reasons” and hearings are not open to the public.
    • “Administrative” detention is regularly used against Palestinian children
    • Seriously bad prison conditions including overcrowding, family visits denied, arbitrary transfers, torture and ill-treatment by Israeli security, soldiers and prison guards, deteriorating health conditions and increasing deaths in custody.
    “The UN has laid bare the evil of Israel’s “snatch squads” that prey on innocent Palestinian men, women, children and students, and the regime’s cynical disregard for their wellbeing while in its clutches.”

    Even when it’s a civil matter Palestinians are dealt with by Israeli military courts, which treat Palestinian children as adults as soon as they reach 16 – a flagrant violation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These courts ignore international laws and conventions, so there’s simply no legal protection for individuals under Israeli military occupation.

    As detention is often based on secret information, which neither the detainee nor his lawyer is allowed to see, it is impossible to mount a proper defence. And the security service always finds a bogus excuse to keep detainees locked up “in the greater interest of the security of Israel”. Although detainees have the right to review and appeal, they are unable to challenge the evidence and check facts because all information presented to the court is classified.

    The UN has laid bare the evil of Israel’s “snatch squads” that prey on innocent Palestinian men, women, children and students, and the regime’s cynical disregard for their wellbeing while in its clutches.

    It’s obvious that Israel still hasn’t emerged from the swamp, and probably never will.

    Hypocrisy of Britain’s Zionist stooges laid bare

    Commenting on the release of Sergeant Gilad Shalit, British Prime Minister David Cameron said:

    I know that people across Britain will share in the joy and relief felt by Gilad Shalit and his family today. I can only imagine the heartache of the last five years, and I am full of admiration for the courage and fortitude which Sergeant Shalit and his family have shown through his long cruel and unjustified captivity. I congratulate Prime Minister Netanyahu and everyone involved for bringing him home safely, and hope this prisoner exchange will bring peace a step closer.

    Britain will continue to stand by Israel in defeating terrorism. We remain strongly committed to the cause of peace in the Middle East – with Israel and a Palestinian state living side by side in security. We will continue to work for direct negotiations to achieve that end.

    Note that Cameron says nothing about the long, cruel and unjustified captivity of the thousands of Palestinians. And he badly needs re-educating on the subject of terrorism.

    The parliamentary chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel, James Arbuthnot MP, said:

    I congratulate Prime Minister Netanyahu. Like every good prime minister he listened to what the people wanted and he made the tough decisions. He did the right thing. We must, however, not confuse this victory for humanity as a victory for Hamas. As Israel and the Palestinians continue to work towards peace and two states for two peoples it remains as clear as ever that Hamas cannot play a part in this process with their ideology intact. The UK must continue to ensure that the Quartet Principles are upheld and re-enforced.

    No problems with Zionist ideology then, Sir James?

    It hasn’t yet dawned on Arbuthnot that no self-respecting Palestinian wants any part of the discredited “process” he eagerly recommends. Besides being a devoted Israel flag-waver, he is, worryingly, chairman of our Defence Select Committee and, laughably, a member of the posh-sounding “Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation”, where one presumes he pleads Israel’s case for not signing.

    The remarks of both men, rejoicing for Shalit while showing no concern whatever for the thousands still languishing in Israel’s jails, demonstrate a lack of humanity that’s quite obscene.

    “How many innocent Palestinians did Shalit shred and how many homes did he blast? How much infrastructure (paid for by British taxpayers’ aid money) did he blow to smithereens?”

    Apparently, 60 MPs and other parliamentarians, including Arbuthnot of course, were sufficiently befuddled to sign the following Conservative Friends of Israel petition:

    Free Gilad Shalit petition
    We the undersigned call for the immediate release of Corporal Gilad Shalit. On 25 June 2006, Shalit was abducted by Hamas militants in a premeditated cross-border terrorist attack inside Israel. Captured at the age of 19, the young solider has been held in isolation ever since and is neither permitted to send or receive messages from his family.

    Shalit’s detention is a serious violation of international humanitarian laws governing the treatment of prisoners of war, as enshrined by the Third Geneva Convention. Throughout his captivity Shalit has been denied the most basic of rights. This cruel and inhumane treatment is a blatant and direct contravention of the Third Geneva Convention.
    We insist that Hamas immediately release Gilad Shalit, and before it does so, afford him the right of communication with his family and unfettered access for the International Committee of the Red Cross to ensure his well-being.

    I doubt if this made the Hamas resistance sit up and take notice. Many of their leaders, including Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud al-Zahar, have seen the inside of Israeli prisons and all their lives have been on the receiving end of non-stop mega-violations of international humanitarian law, as indeed has the entire Palestinian population.

    Shalit, we’re told, was a tank gunner deployed on the Gaza border, a teenager playing with big boys’ lethal toys. Those tanks make frequent incursions into Gaza to shell civilian targets. How many innocent Palestinians did Shalit shred and how many homes did he blast? How much infrastructure (paid for by British taxpayers’ aid money) did he blow to smithereens?

    How many notches on his big gun barrel? Or did he keep a bung in it?

    Like the rest of Israel’s army of illegal occupation, his job was to terrorize the Palestinians in pursuit of the Zionist regime’s land-grabbing master plan.

    Hard-core depravity

    Last night I watched a TV interview in which the Israeli government’s propaganda chief, Mark Regev, called the Palestinian prisoners “hard-core killers”. Tell you what, Mr Regev, killing doesn’t come more hard-core than tanks, helicopter gunships, F-16s, armed drones and warships taking pot-shots at tightly packed civilians in the most crowded strip of land on earth. Or Israel’s vicious blitzkrieg called Operation Cast Lead. Or the murderous assault on the Mavi Marmara bringing desperately needed humanitarian aid to illegally blockaded Gaza.

    The kill-rate is disgustingly hard-core – Israelis slaughtering Palestinians at the rate of 11 to 1 (over 14 to 1 when it comes to children) – according to B’Tselem’s statistics since the start of the second Intifada in 2000.

    And it’s not just the dead. Israel’s Cast Lead Operation against the Gazans is reported to have left some 5,450 injured and maimed. It also destroyed or damaged 58,000 homes, 280 schools, 1,500 factories and water and sewage installations. And it used prohibited weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorus shells. That’s hard-core depravity, Mr Regev.

    And here’s something else. Young Gilad Shalit was born and brought up on Palestinian territory which Israel was never entitled to. The UN allocated it to the Arabs in the 1947 Partition Plan and it was stolen and ethnically cleansed by hard-core Jewish/Israeli terror squads in 1947-48.
    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    477 freedom-fighters released and the struggle continues

    October 18, 2011 -11:58 PM
    October 18, is a milestone in the history of Palestine and the region. The date of the release of 450 Palestinian prisoners including 27 female prisoners, the first step of the exchange agreement between the resistances, represented by al-Qassam Brigades, and the Zionist entity. Within two months under the terms of the agreement, supervised by the Egyptian security services,the second stage will see the release of 550 other prisoners.

    This October 18th is also a milestone in the history of the national movement of prisoners, although this is not the first time an exchange takes place to release Palestinian and Arab prisoners in exchange for Zionist soldiers. However, this is the very first time a Zionist soldier is kidnapped captured on occupied Palestine land, and the first time a Zionist is held hostage by the Palestinian resistance during a period of over five years, in total secrecy, defeating the Zionist intelligence services, the east and the west and their collaborators.

    It is also the first time since the Oslo accords, political prisoners of the city of al-Quds and the occupied lands of 48 are included in an exchange agreement. Having had our say; that Isma’il Haniyyé, the acting Prime Minister in Gaza,- is representing the front-line borders of Palestine.- and – For the first time so many fighters lives are rescued.! – During his first press conference, Khaled Meshaal declared that – “ the exchange agreement with the Zionist entity was a great and historic achievement.” – These public appearances actually, despite the judgments, justified or not, “rocketed” immediately after announcement of its details.

    On October 18, 2011 we experienced the release of 477 combatants, members of the Palestinian resistance, who for their most part today,wish for a return to the fields of armed struggle, a selfless course aimed at improving the quality of their people’s life. In a tireless strive against the colonial administration; the Palestinian armed resistance has served their time as political prisoners.

    Sent to five lifetime sentence’s, released on October 18 were 310 political prisoners, including female combatants, in exchange for one Zionist soldier The exchange agreement, which overhauled the claims of the resistance in broad outline, despite of its shortcomings, is a victory of the resistance, which reflects a balance of force on the ground. More than 100 prisoners from the West Bank city of al-Quds are released to Gaza, and 40 prisoners, including 25 of al-Quds, are deported to the Arab and Islamic countries ( Syria, Qatar and Turkey). Several leaders of the resistance are still prisoners, including Hamas movement, the Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and the PFLP … and many prisoners are still detained, including three in (48), of the occupied territories. These are items that somewhat has tarnished the joy and the rejoicing of the Palestinian people,wherever they are.
    Following the issuance of the Zionist soldier, who in an interview on Egyptian television acknowledged that he had been well treated, and that he wished for the release of all Palestinian prisoners. A key-word is repeated by several Palestinian organizations, meaning the need to kidnap Zionist soldiers to exchange them for the liberation of 5000 and more prisoners, (not included are the 550 fighters to be released within two months.) The exchange agreement proved to the Palestinian people, the Arab and Islamic people, even to the rest of the world; that only resistance is able to free their freedom fighters. According to the criteria of resistance, exchange agreement alone, can not liberate such a great number of combatants.
    It is true that the acting Palestinian President of Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas, hosted prisoners return to Ramallah, which in regard, Na’ila Barghouty and Fakhry Barghouty,said: -” A deal to release many prisoners, is the very next issue with the Zionist state” Wait and see, since it seems to be an interesting case, which will become a priority in the formation of a Palestinian state – within the 1967 borders. However, it is important to note that its security services, many fighters of Islamic Jihad and the Hamas Movement are still captive in the prisons of the West Bank.


    To the successful exchange agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist entity – the release of 477 Palestinian soldiers and combatants, and moreover, the pending parole of 550 prisoners, in regards to security, we must dedicate the great victory to the Palestinian resistance. During five long years of obstructed justice, besieged, bombarded with missiles from dawn to sunset, yet, still no intelligence – service in the world have been able to determine the whereabouts of a soldier held captive in an geographic area as tiny as the Gaza Strip. If the Zionists were capable of murdering the Palestinian envoy, Mahmoud Mabhouh and the Lebanese commander Hajj ‘Imad Moghnieh in countries where the resistance does not control all the data.

    Hamas security men keep watch as a bus c In Gaza the Zionists entity were unable to infiltrate the resistance, whom today have gained an even greater control over their land.

    Today, liberation fighters in Zionist prisons crown the years of sacrifice of a population, which has suffered from two bloody wars, air strikes, blockades, destruction and threat of annihilation. But their injuries will heal, by time their injuries will heal. The Palestinian people never exerted pressure on the leaders of the resistance to release the abducted Zionist soldier. On the contrary, the Palestinian people have
    despite unmeasurable hardship carried through and patiently waited, with faith in Gods will, in the cause of his people and his prisoners. With the support of its people, resisted all international pressure. The victory of the Palestinian resistance is the victory of Gaza, for all that of the great Palestinians who refused to comply and submit to normalization with the Zionist occupant.

    Finally, the comparison between the conditions of a Zionist soldier, detained by Palestinian freedom fighters, accentuates a particularly significant detail, as it is stated by the leaders of Hamas; that is, the difference between Islamic moral – the humanity of the Palestinians resistance, and the immorality of the criminal Zionists occupation of Palestine. The killing, the racial extermination, the nauseating and humiliation of prisoners in Zionist detention – centers. In their prisons, the Zionist fixed intentions are to destroy the will of the Palestinian prisoner, the Palestinian distinctive traits of mind and prominence. Yet, contrary to expectation, they have failed. Today, the will of Palestinian prisoners whom were freed from Zionist prisons, have proved ability to withstand great suffering and provocations. Palestinian political prisoners were stronger than their jailers, the Zionist entity and its institutions.These men, and women are true freedom fighters!
    On Tuesday, Hamas media office in the southern town of Gaza, Khan Younis, released the names of 16 Palestinian prisoners freed by the Zionist entity in the exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance.

    1. Taleeb Ibrahim Abu Mustafa
    2. Ibrahim Mohammad Shabaan Ibrahim al-Hindi
    3. Ismael Mousa Hussein Bakheet
    4. Akram Abdul-Rahman Salameh
    5. Hani Mohammad Salman Abu Setaah
    6. Muunes Ahmad Hussein al-Aqaad
    7. Abdul-Aziz Mohammad Abdul Aziz Masri
    8. Imad Al-Deen Atta Qasem Zoroub
    9. Fareed Mohammad Mahmoud Qaisi
    10. Nasser Yousef Mahmoud Fadi “al-Qadi”
    11. Yahia Ibrahim Hassan Al-Sinwar
    12. Ihab Hasheem Mohammad Qenen
    13. Ahmad Salman Ahmad al-Fajjam
    14. Salam Hassan Khalil Shab
    15. Alian Abdul-Kareem Salameh al-Zir
    16. Mustafa Ali Hussein Ramadan

    “Palestine is the heart of Arab countries” – The PalestineFreeVoice

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Hasan Salamah hails the prisoner exchange deal

    [ 19/10/2011 – 03:10 PM ]

    RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Imprisoned Qassam Brigades leader, Hasan Salamah said in a message from Askalan prison on Tuesday afternoon: “To get women captives free is an achievement to be proud of [..] to get all these veteran captives freed is a great achievement.”
    “I wished to be with you along with all my remaining brothers, but Allah’s Will is for that not to happen now despite all your efforts,” he said.
    Armed Palestinian Hamas militants keep p“We live with your promise to us, the promise of heroes, and that is enough for me, because you are the ones who promised and fulfilled your promise in this deal dubbed ‘the promise of free men’,” he added.
    To the freed captives he said: “I wished I could have seen you off and hugged you before you left, but my consolation and that of my fellow captives is that you are going to your freedom. I wish happy times and hope you enjoy your freedom. We have a date when we will meet.

    Again I congratulate this people, this movement, and this resistance spearheaded by the Qassam Brigades for this great achievement which contented my heart and brought tears to my eyes.”

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Freed Detainees Pledge to Continue Resistance

    Sixteen Palestinian prisoners arrived in Damascus on Wednesday after being released on Tuesday as part of a swap deal in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

    Fifteen men and one woman, Amna Muna, walked down the steps of an aircraft at Damascus airport to be welcomed by Hamas officials. Muna, an activist from the West Bank, was jailed for life for being responsible for killing an Israeli in 2001.

    Muna said the joy of leaving prison was tempered by a future living in exile. “I lived seven years in prison and today is a happy day but not completely because we are away from our home and we left prisoners who are suffering from the detention. Sure it is my second home (Syria) but there is nothing such as the land you were born and grew up in,” Muna said.
    Under the terms of the deal, around 40 of those who had been jailed for involvement in deadly attacks were being deported abroad. Turkey confirmed it would take in around 10, while others were destined for Syria and Qatar.

    Hundreds of Palestinians crossed Israel’s borders on Tuesday as the thousand-for-one prisoner swap brought joy to families.

    “The resistance is increasing and there are steps for the future. The resistance will continue until the victory, God willing,” said one of the released men, Nimer Darwaze, according to Maan news agency.
    “We dedicate the best greetings to the martyrs who were the reason in capturing the soldier. We send our greetings to the negotiators who succeeded and earned a lot. This is a great accomplishment,” another former prisoner, Motassim Mawdidi said.

    He said the conditions for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails were harsh. “The prisoners are suffering from the worst conditions in the occupation’s prisons. The occupation creates every day new ways to torture and humiliate the prisoners. But, thank God, the prisoners are strong and they will not give up.”
    After the 477 freed on Tuesday, a further 550 Palestinians will be released soon.

    Source: Agencies

    16 Liberated Palestinian Prisoners Arrive in Damascus

    20111019-085935.jpgDAMASCUS, (SANA)- Sixteen liberated Palestinian prisoners arrived on Wednesday in Damascus International Airport, on board a Syrian airplane.
    The liberated prisoners deported to Syria include one Palestinian girl who had spent seven years in the Israeli jails.

    477 prisoners were freed on Tuesday as part of a swap deal between the Israeli occupation government and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.
    The deal included the release of 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who was held captive by Hamas in 2006. The other 550 will be released within two months.
    Freed prisoner Nimr Ibrahim Drouzeh told SANA that the swap deal proves that the resistance will continue until achieving victory, adding that some of the freed prisoners were jailed for 30 years.
    For his part, Rabee Salamah Za’al said that “I chose to come to Syria because it supports the resistance… When I’m in Syria, I feel my return to Palestine is near.”
    Freed prisoner Ahmad Hanini, said “I’m proud to be in Syria because Syria is the throbbing heart of Arabism… Syria and Palestine are one country.”
    Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmed Jibril pointed out to the importance of this operation which proved the ability of the resistance to confront the Israeli occupation.
    Jibril added that “The Israeli occupation understands only the concept of power and the negotiations with it never resulted in releasing any prisoner.”
    He stressed the role of Syria in embracing the Palestinian resistance, highlighting that this operation wouldn’t have been accomplished without Syria.
    Jamal Issa of Hamas Movement, said that Syria will embrace the prisoners because it is the basic supporter of the resistance, stressing that this swap deal proves that the Palestinian people support the resistance.
    Member of the PFLP Political Bureau, Anwar Raja, said that “The number of the prisoners who came to Syria stresses that Damascus is the strategic bastion of the resistance despite the intentional crises plotted against it to undermine its national and pan-Arab stances.”
    Member of the PFLP Political Bureau, Maher al- Taher, described the swap deal as a huge accomplishment, hoping that all the prisoners will be released from the Israeli jails.
    “We came to Damascus Airport to welcome the freed prisoners in their country Syria, which have always embraced the resistance.” He concluded.

    Plane Carrying 11 Freed Palestinians Lands in Turkey
    A Turkish plane carrying 11 Palestinian prisoners, released as part of a deal that freed Israeli occupation soldier Gilad Shalit, landed at an Ankara airport Wednesday, a foreign ministry official said.

    The plane landed at Esenboga airport in Ankara after bringing the 11 Palestinians, including one woman, from Cairo airport in Egypt, the official told AFP.

    Television footage showed the freed inmates making victory signs as they were taken from the airport under tight security measures.
    “We extend our deepest thanks t
    o Turkey,” the Palestinian ambassador to Turkey, Nabil Marouf, was quoted as saying by the private NTV television.

    It was not immediately clear where the 11 Palestinian prisoners would stay and for how long. The Palestinian envoy said that would be decided by the Turkish government.
    Turkey had said it was ready to host some of the released Palestinian detainees along with Qatar, Syria and Egypt.

    English BulletinRiver to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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