Not Every Jewish Woman is Gal Gadot

June 11, 2019  /  Gilad Atzmon

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Deconstruction by Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by GA: The DC Jewish Dyke march has been immersed in controversy,  its organisers banned marchers from carrying  rainbow Star of David flags. In the following interview Jill Raney a “mildly radical Southern queer Jewish feminist”  interviews  IfNotNow DC, a community partner of DC Dyke March. I have provided commentary for the interview, deconstructing and exposing the duplicitous nature of the Jewish anti Zionist argument. This interview is a crucial window into the Jewish Identitarian discourse and it provides proof,  yet again, that not every Jew is an Einstein and as the documentation of the march reveals, not every Jewish woman is Gal Gadot.

 Jewish dykes are welcome at DC Dyke March! Nationalist symbols are not.

Q: Are Jewish dykes welcome at DC Dyke March?

 A: Absolutely!

 GA: The question is whether Goyim are also welcome at this Purim celebration.

 Q: Why does it sometimes seem as though liberation for Jews and liberation for Palestinians are at odds with each other?

 GA: The obvious answer is that the two calls have nothing in common.  Jews are liberated and Palestinians are oppressed by the Jewish state. ‘Jews’ and Palestinians have little or nothing in common politically.

 A: Because white supremacy wants to divide us! Antisemitism structurally makes intersectional organizing more difficult by making Jews feel afraid of non-Jews. Zionism and the State of Israel are important to some Jews, but the particular way that the State of Israel was founded caused catastrophic harm to Palestinians. Antisemitism and white supremacy have pitted Jews and Palestinians against each other, and we say enough!

 GA: Did  “antisemitism and white supremacy” pit Jews and Palestinians against each other? NO! It is the Jewish State that commits crimes against the Palestinians in the name of the Jewish people and with the almost universal support of world Jewry and its institutions. It is blatantly duplicitous to blame  ‘White’ goyim for Israel’s crimes, although the accusation is symptomatic of the Jewish Left call.

 Q: What is antisemitism?

 A: “Originating in European Christianity, antisemitism is the form of ideological oppression that targets Jews. In Europe and the United States it has functioned to protect the prevailing economic system and the almost exclusively Christian ruling class by diverting blame for hardship onto Jews.”

— Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ), Understanding Antisemitism

 GA: When you refer to  the ‘Christian Ruling class’ who do you have in mind? Are you thinking of Goldman Sachs, or perhaps you mean George Soros or the Kushner Family, or might you mean Haim Saban, a major funder of the Democratic Party or perhaps  you are thinking of  Sheldon Adelson who takes care of both Bibi and Trump’s campaigns?  Who,  I wonder do the IfNotNow’s Dykes intend to fool by this deception?

 Q: What is Anti-Zionism?

 A: “‘Anti-Zionism’ is a loose term referring to criticism of the current policies of the Israeli state, and/or moral, ethical, or religious criticism of the idea of a Jewish nation-state. There has been debate, criticism and opposition to Zionism within Jewish thought for as long as it has existed…

 GA: This is revealing. In the good old days, anti Zionism was understood to be opposition to the ‘right’ of the Jewish State to form a Jewish homeland at the expense of others. But as a result of the domination by Jewish groups of the anti Zionist discourse anti Zionism has been diminished into just  “criticism of the current policies of the Israeli state.”  Here, we are treated to an exposition of the controlled opposition apparatus.

 There are also many non-Jewish anti-Zionists whose perspectives may be informed by moral criticism of the policies of the Israeli government, problems with the impact of Zionist thinking in Israel on non-Jewish residents, and/or a criticism of ethno-nationalism more broadly.”

— Jewish Voice for Peace, “Our Approach to Zionism.”

 Q: What is the difference between antisemitism and Anti-Zionism?

 A: Antisemitism is hatred of Jews for being Jews, also known as bigotry.

Anti-Zionism is criticism of the actions and policies of the State of Israel and/or criticism of the idea of a Jewish nation-state.

 GA: Once again, under her definition, Anti Zionism is not the rejection of the Zionist agenda i.e., the erection of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. It is merely criticism of Israel’s policies.

 Q: What is IfNotNow’s position on Zionism?

 A: A principle of our movement is: “We focus on what unites rather than what divides us…We do not take a unified stance on BDS, Zionism or the question of statehood. We work together to end American Jewish support for the occupation.”

 GA: IfNotNow could not be clearer, it is not even anti Zionist. It only opposes the occupation. In other words, it supports the existence of the Jewish State, and criticises only some of it policies.

 Zionism in practice causes many harms, but Zionism as a conceptual movement for Jewish liberation, and Israel as a place where Jewish people live and visit, are dear to many Jews. Most mainstream Jewish institutions assume all Jews must be Zionist and even hide from young Jews the reality of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians, so many Jewish dykes are unfamiliar with the harms Zionism has caused to Palestinians. We can take seriously the harms Zionism causes to Palestinians and to some Jews, and also welcome Jewish dykes who hold a variety of perspectives on Israel and Zionism.

 GA: This is consistent with the Likud Party’s philosophy. Making plain that IfNotNow is a left field Jewish Hasbara project. We do not need Jewish “progressives” to advise us that “Zionism as a conceptual movement for Jewish liberation, and Israel as a place where Jewish people live and visit, are dear to many Jews.” This is what the ADL are there for .

 Q: I want to show that I’m a proud Jewish dyke! Are there things I should think about?

 A: Jewish dykes deserve to be proud of their Jewishness at DC Dyke March. Certain symbols of Jewishness have been co-opted by the pinkwashing movement, an effort to conceal Israel’s harms against Palestinians. Palestinian dykes deserve to be proud of their Palestinian-ness at DC Dyke March too, and we believe that Jewish and Palestinian dykes can celebrate shared liberation at DC Dyke March. Is it frustrating that Jews are uniquely expected to consider another marginalized group’s needs before showing our own pride? Absolutely! It is very frustrating that Israel violates Palestinians’ human rights in the name of Jews around the world.

 GA: Just out of  interest, is the notion of ‘Dyke’ a form of sexually orientated stance on human rights or is it a well informed position on global politics?  Would the DC Jewish Dyke organisers who are defined sexually (as queers)  and racially (as Jews)  welcome Aryan Dykes to their kosher protest? If not, why not?  

 Q: What happened at Chicago Dyke March in 2017 and why were people upset about it?

A: A few Jewish dykes who were associated with A Wider Bridge, an Israel lobbying organization that engages in pinkwashing, brought a rainbow flag with a Star of David in the middle of it, which looks a lot like an Israeli flag, a Zionist symbol. These dykes purposefully disrupted the march and harassed attendees during the rally. Organizers of the march, including other Jewish dykes, asked them to stop their disruptive, harassing behavior and to put the flag away. They told press that they felt as though they could not be openly Jewish at Chicago Dyke March. This caused many Jewish dykes who heard about the event to worry that they would be unwelcome or asked to hide their Jewishness in dyke spaces. The dykes associated with A Wider Bridge took advantage of common public misunderstanding of the difference between being proudly Jewish, and carrying a flag that represented Zionism. This can be confusing because the Jewish star has been co-opted by Zionism and the State of Israel.

GA: What entitles these Jewish Dykes to decide for other Jewish (Zionist) Lesbians how  to identify and what symbols represent them? Their statements here provide a window into the tyrannical and vile nature of the Jewish Identitarian discourse.

 Q: What is pinkwashing?

 A: Pinkwashing is the practice of a country or corporation presenting itself as queer-friendly and progressive in order to downplay their negative behavior. The State of Israel practices pinkwashing by promoting itself as a safe haven for queer and trans people. This distracts attention from Israel’s denial of Palestinian human rights, erases queer and trans Palestinians and some queer and trans Jews who don’t have a safe haven in Israel, and promotes the Islamophobic and anti-Arab racist narrative that Palestinian queers must be saved from Arab and Muslim society.

 GA: Is this true? Do we really turn a blind eye to Israel’s criminality simply because it pretends to be gay friendly? Do we fail to see that Israel locks Palestinians in open air prisons because Israel pretends to be LGBTQ paradise? Sorry to deliver the news. The Anti Israeli Pinkwash campaign is a classic controlled opposition apparatus. It is there to rehabilitate the moral validity of the Jewish Identitarian Left and it does so at the expense of the Palestinians. It diverts the struggle from the essential Palestinian cause of the right of return to irrelevant Jew-related issues to do with queer politics. 

 Q: Why is IfNotNow cosponsoring DC Dyke March?

 A: One of IfNotNow’s principles as a movement is We show up for others. We stand with other movements, such as those working for racial, economic, and gender justice. We are building a world in which American Jews use our unique position to fight for the liberation of all people.” We are also here to show up for ourselves: there are a lot of Jewish dykes who are members of IfNotNow DC, and our work for queer and trans liberation and for Jewish liberation are deeply connected.

 GA: Since when do people who care for ‘all people’ dictate to others how they may or may not identify and what symbols to avoid? IfNotNow ought to be honest and admit that they really care for the Jews who think as they do. We are dealing here with an Orwellian synagogue. 

 Q: Can we talk more about the rainbow flag with the Star of David in the middle? What’s wrong with bringing that flag to DC Dyke March, and what are my other options?

 A: The flag that caused so much consternation back in 2017 was a rainbow flag with a Star of David in the middle that used the same proportions and line art as the Star of David in the middle of the Israeli flag. It was very specifically an Israeli flag and a rainbow flag merged together, a specifically Zionist symbol, not a neutral symbol of Jewish pride. DC Dyke March is a liberatory space for all dykes, and that includes liberation from violence, from cops, from militarism, and from nationalism. “We are asking people to not bring nationalist symbols because violent nationalism does not fit with our vision of queer liberation,” says a recent piece from DC Dyke March organizers.

 So DC Dyke March welcomes Jewish dykes and does not welcome nationalist symbols. What symbols of Jewish dyke pride are available to us? Paint a rainbow Star of David on your face! Scrawl the words YIDDISHKEIT DYKES across a rainbow flag, or a lesbian pride flag, a bi pride flag, an ace pride flag, a trans pride flag!

 Or if Yiddishkeit isn’t your thing, take your pride flag of choice and put a big menorah on it, or a Hamsa or a chai or a pomegranate, or a cool dinosaur wearing Star of David sunglasses and eating a bagel!

Wear a yarmulke, your rainbow tallis, maybe booty shorts that say Jewish Dyke across the ass! There are so many options! Go wild! See you there!

 GA: The Jewish Dykes certainly provide a list of kosher symbols. I could add a few: what about putting matzo balls in your bikini? Or gefilte fish in the bra? Maybe noodles dripping from armpits? I better stop now before I get too exited.  


صفقة القرن: سقوط يتهيّأ وتداعيات تعقبها؟

يونيو 11, 2019

العميد د. أمين محمد حطيط

قد يكون تراءى للبعض خاصة من أولئك الذين يؤمنون ويتصرفون على أساس انّ إرادة اميركا وقرارها قدر لا يُردّ، ان يكون تراءى لهم انّ سعي اميركا لتصفية القرار الفلسطينية عبر ما اسمي «صفقة القرن» بات امراً نهائياً مؤكداً، وانّ مواجهته ستكون عقيمة فاشلة. وقد غاب عن هؤلاء انّ إرادة الشعوب إذا فعلت تبقى هي الأقوى، غاب عنهم انّ مساعي كثيرة لطمس جريمة اغتصاب فلسطين خلال الأعوام السبعين الماضية لم تنجح في تحقيق المُراد، وبقيت القضية الفلسطينية عند الأمتين العربية والإسلامية وأحرار العالم القضية المركزية الأولى التي يتمّ التمسك بها ويرفض تصفيتها مع سعي دائم الى إعادة الحقوق الى أصحابها، ولا يغيّر من هذه الحقيقة خيانة بعض الأنظمة الرسمية لهذه القضية وارتهانها للعدو الإسرائيلي وأميركا.

اليوم ومنذ ان صعد ترامب الى كرسي رئاسة الولايات المتحدة الأميركية ويتصاعد الحديث عن قضية فلسطين وتصفيتها الى ان عبّر عنه بعنوان «صفقة القرن» التي تختصر بإعطاء فلسطين كلها لـ «إسرائيل» واعتبارها وطناً قومياً لليهود، وتوطين الفلسطينيين المهجّرين من أرضهم حيث هم خارجها وبخاصة في سيناء والأردن ولبنان وإقامة نظام إقليمي ذي طبيعة مركبة سياسية أمنية اقتصادية بإدارة «إسرائيلية» وقيادة ورعاية أميركية، عملية تتمّ بتمويل عربي مع بعض الدعم الطفيف من أميركا وأوروبا واليابان.

وفي التنفيذ، تمّ اعتماد سياسة القضم المتدرّج والابتلاع لقمة لقمة، فكانت مواقف أميركا من مسألة القدس وإعلانها عاصمة للكيان الصهيوني ثم مسألة إسقاط صفة المحتلّ عن كلّ أرض تحتلها «إسرائيل» الآن، ثم اعتبار الجولان جزءا من «إسرائيل»، ثم التضييق على وكالة غوث اللاجئين لتصفيتها وإسقاط مصطلح لاجئ فلسطيني من التداول لإسقاط حق العودة، ووصل قطار التنفيذ الآن الى بناء النظام الدولي لتمويل الصفقة، ولأجل هذا كانت الدعوة الى ما اسمي «ورشة البحرين»، من أجل «الازدهار والسلام» أيّ ازدهار «إسرائيل» وسلامها.

هذه المشهدية والتسلسل المتتابع للخطوات التنفيذية أقنعت البعض كما سبق القول، بانّ صفقة القرن في طريقها الواثق للنجاح الأكيد… فهل هذا الظنّ أو الاعتقاد في محله؟ وهل يمكن الركون الى هذه العناصر للقول بنجاح القرار الأميركي بتصفية القضية الفلسطينية، وتنفيذ الخطة المسماة صفقة القرن؟

انّ البحث في المقلب الآخر، وتجميع العناصر وتحليلها، يؤدّي الى نتيجة مغايرة للتسليم المتقدّم ذاك ويقودنا الى القول بأنّ أميركا تعمل للتصفية مع «إسرائيل» ومعها بعض أنظمة العرب الرسمية، لكن هناك كتلة كبرى مقاومة لهذه الصفقة تملك من القدرات والمكانة وتتمتع بمزايا من شأنها ان تعرقل التنفيذ أولاً وان تسقط الصفقة ثانية، وقد بدأت هذه الكتلة الممانعة المقاومة باتخاذ المواقف التي تنبئ بأنّ تهيئة بيئة إسقاط صفقة القرن قائمة على قدم وساق، لا بل انّ الاعتقاد بسقوط الصفقة بات أقوى بكثير من الظنّ بإمكان نجاحها، ويمكن ان يبرّر هذا الاعتقاد بفشل أميركا الأكيد في خطتها الإجرامية بما يلي:

1 ـ إجماع فلسطيني محكم وشامل على رفض التنازل عن الحقوق الوطنية في فلسطين بشتى وجوهها بما في ذلك حق العودة وحق تقرير المصير وحق إقامة الدولة الفلسطينية الكاملة السيادة والناجزة الاستقلال، هذا الرفض يعني بكلّ بساطة: الزواج لن يحصل إذا كان رفض من العريس او من العروس. فالفلسطينيون هم الطرف الأول والأساسي في الصفقة لأنهم هم أصلاً أصحاب الحقوق المنوي تصفيتها وشطبها.

2 ـ رفض دولي وإقليمي للصفقة مع تمسك بما نصّت عليه القرارات والمبادرات السابقة بحلّ الدولتين. اذ رغم كلّ ما يُقال عن سيطرة أميركية على قرارات الأمم المتحدة ومجلس الأمن فيها فإنّ هناك متغيّرات دولية جعلت مجلس الأمن يتفلت من هذه السيطرة نوعاً ما مع وجود فيتو صيني روسي فاعل بوجه أميركا، وقد رفضت كلّ من روسيا والصين الخروج على الشرعية الدولية في مسألة فلسطين، ما يعني عدم السير بصفقة القرن، والأمر ذاته ظهر في منظمة التعاون الإسلامي التي أكدت على هذه الشرعية ورفضت التنازل عن الحقوق الوطنية الفلسطينية ثم كانت أغلبية المواقف الدولية بما في ذلك الأوروبية التي تختصر بعبارة وجوب احترام الشرعية الدولة او قول الآخرين «لا نقبل بما يرفضه الفلسطينيون» عبارة كافية للقول بانّ هناك عقبة دولية كبرى أمام الصفقة.

3 ـ الوهن والضعف المستشري في بنية أطراف الصفقة: من المعروف انّ الصفقة أرسيت على قوائم ثلاث ترامب ونتنياهو ومحمد بن سلمان، وهؤلاء الثلاثة يعانون اليوم من حالة وهن تستشري في أوضاعهم وتمنعهم من التحرك الآمن لتنفيذ مشاريع استراتيجية كبرى بحجم صفقة القرن، حيث نجد ترامب في وضع مهتزّ داخل أميركا مع شحذ وشهر سيف العزل بوجهه إضافة الى انه أصلاً يستعدّ للدخول في السنة الأخيرة لولايته وهي سنة الانتخابات، ونتنياهو تعثر في تشكيل الحكومة ما اضطره للذهاب الى انتخابات مبكرة غير مضمونة النتائج، والأخير ابن سلمان يغرق في وحول اليمن ويخسر المواقع في العسكرية في جيزان وتتعرّض مرافقه النفطية لتهديدات جدية تجعله في وضع يتنافى مع مستلزمات إطلاق صفقة استراتيجية كبرى.

4 ـ عجز معسكر العدوان على سورية من احتواء الخسارة فيها وتحييد سورية عن الهمّ الإقليمي العربي الأساسي. حيث انّ سورية استطاعت بعد عظيم الإنجازات التي تحققت في معركة الدفاع عن نفسها، استطاعت مؤخراً ان تفشل حرب الاستنزاف التي جرت إليها، وان تنطلق وبثبات واضح في معركة تحرير إدلب، المعركة التي تجهض استراتيجية أميركا إطالة امد الصراع وتسرع في استعادة سورية دورها الاستراتيجي العربي والإقليمي في المحافظة على حقوق الأمة عامة والفلسطينيين خاصة، وقد أثبتت التجارب السابقة ان لا حلّ ولا سلام ولا هدوء في المنطقة انْ لم يقترن بتوقيع سوري، وسورية ترفض صفقة القرن علانية ووضوحاً.

5 ـ اشتداد التماسك في محور المقاومة وتنامي قدراته المختلفة بما في ذلك العسكرية والسياسية، وعلى هذا الصعيد يسجل أمران… الأول بنيوي وفيه عودة بعض الفصائل الفلسطينية التي اختارت الطريق الخطأ خارج المحور، والثاني التوسع الجغرافي والعسكري لمحور المقاومة وقدرته على ممارسة الحرب الشاملة الواسعة التي يعجز العدو عن إنهائها، والمعروف المؤكد عليه انّ محور المقاومة وفي ظلّ إجماع فلسطيني على رفض الصفقة سيكون في خدمة هذا الإجماع لمنع تمرير الصفقة.

ـ إحجام مصري أردني عن منح التسهيلات التنفيذية التي تتطلبها الصفقة ومن المعروف انّ على الدولتين أعباء يشترط القيام بها لإنجاز الصفقة، فعلى مصر ان تعطي أرضاً في سيناء وعلى الأردن ان يفتح باب التوطين لمليوني فلسطيني وان يراجع نظامه السياسي ليصبح الأردن بمثابة الوطن البديل. وكلا الأمرين مرفوضان من قبل أصحاب العلاقة كما يبدو.

لكلّ ما تقدّم نكاد نقول انّ المشهد بات محبطاً لأميركا واتباعها، ولا يشجع على القول بانّ نجاح الصفقة أمر مضمون، لا بل العكس تماماً نقول انّ المشهد يكاد يقطع بفشل الصفقة، قول يعززه أيضاً ان وقت صاحب المشروع وأطرافه قد ضاق كثيراً، فترامب يستعدّ في الخريف المقبل لإطلاق سنة الانتخابات الرئاسية مع ما يستلزم انشغاله بها ونتنياهو مضطر لخوض انتخابات مبكرة في أيلول أيضاً ما سيحرمه من بذل الجهد والقدرة على القرار للعمل من أجل الصفقة المترنّحة ولهذا نرى انه من المجدي النظر الى المستقبل وفيه فشل الصفقة المرتقب، وتوقع بعض التداعيات لفشلها خاصة في:

أ ـ الأردن: الذي سيضطر الى إعادة النظر في الكثير من المواقف والسياسيات الخارجية والداخلية وان يكون أقلّ تبعية لدول الخليج التي دعمت الصفقة على حساب الكيان الأردني ومصالحه.

ب ـ لبنان الذي سيؤدّي به فشل الصفقة الى إعادة النظر بخطة التجويع للتركيع ثم المقايضة مع التوطين وقد تكون خطة سيدر وموازنة التقشف المبحوث المطروحتين من ضحايا فشل صفقة القرن.

ج ـ سورية التي سيرتدّ فيها فشل الصفقة على خطة أميركا الرامية الى إطالة الحرب والتمهيد للتقسيم وإذا عطف الأمر على العناوين الأخرى المتقدّمة الذكر أمكن القول بانّ تسارع عمليات إنهاء الازمة السورية سيكون منطقياً.

د ـ فلسطين وهي الأساس، وانّ اهمّ ما سيسجل فها تبريد في العلاقات الداخلية بين الأطراف الفلسطينية مع تعثر ضمّ الضفة وسقوط خطة تهجير فلسطيني 48، ومراجعة لبعض سياسات السلطة تجاه «إسرائيل».

Hassan Nasrallah: Without Hezbollah, South Lebanon would be Israel’s, Palestinian & Syrian Refugee Crisis must be solved

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 25, 2019, on the 19th anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon.

[…] One of the most important results of this (May 25), 2000 victory, which was confirmed and strengthened over time, is to have shaped the equation of force in Lebanon. In 2000, with the Israeli defeat, it became clear that in Lebanon, a force had imposed on the Israeli enemy (by force) to get out defeated, humiliated, fleeing (the battlefield). Israel has not obtained any gain nor was it able to impose any conditions, any security agreement (for an orderly retreat or a peace treaty), any reward or compensation whatsoever: on the contrary, it was a retreat (without negotiations or conditions), a (real) humiliation. And anyway, Israelis themselves unanimously acknowledge this.

All that was said at the time to (try to) confiscate the results of this victory, that what happened was allegedly the result of a secret agreement, of a deal (between so and so), a (mere) implementation by Israel of UN Resolution 425 (passed in 1978!), it all fell apart within a few days, because it was a mirage, illusions, lies, mystification attempts that had no basis of truth or reality. The whole world –and primarily Israel itself– submitted to the fact, and recognized and accepted that what happened on May 25, 2000 was a total defeat for the Israeli enemy and a clear, decisive, conclusive, radiant and glorious victory for Lebanon, for the Lebanese people, for the Resistance in Lebanon, for the Lebanese army, and for all those who have helped shape this feat and the victory in Lebanon (especially Iran and Syria). And therefore, the presence of this proactive force was revealed (to the whole world), this force that imposed a defeat on the enemy.

And ever since, Lebanon is not considered anymore as the weak link in the Arab-Israeli conflict or as the main weakness of the body of the (Muslim) Community or in the structure or situation of the region. This is well and truly over. Now, Lebanon is regarded as the holder of a large point of strength (Hezbollah). And it is not (only) me who says so. Anyone can ascertain this truth by following (the statements of) Israeli officials, the Israeli enemy, its politicians and military, security services, analysts, media, study centers, conferences held each year within the (Zionist) entity, reports, security measures, (military) maneuvers, all the measures taken by Israel at the border (construction of a defensive wall, earthworks, trenches, etc.), all this confirms that the enemy is considering seriously and follows in real time this real strength present in Lebanon.

For a long time, we have been considered by Israel as a strategic threat or as the main threat. I’m going back to the fact that we are a “threat” to them. But the fact is that the enemy recognizes our strength, and that the whole world does the same, including the United States, and that’s why they constantly ponder how they can liquidate Hezbollah as the spine and base of the new Lebanese force equation which was achieved after 2000. They constantly wonder how they can get rid of Hezbollah. They speak of assassinations, sanctions, pressure, isolation, inclusion in the lists of terrorist organizations, blockade and even total war… All this, they have undertaken, but Hezbollah has stood against all these conspiracies and all these trials.

Therefore, the enemy recognizes the presence of this force, and the reality of this great upheaval that took place in Lebanon after 2000, and took root and expanded after the victory of the Resistance in 2006. Today, Israel says about this force, particularly about Hezbollah, that it is a strategic threat or the greatest threat to Israel. I would like to… Of course, this is a glorious testimony for us, and we are proud of it and take pride with this fact, because what even our enemies acknowledge undeniably underlines our merit. But I want to present it in positive and national terms, from our front, our side, not from the perspective of the enemy. Because when Israel presents us as a strategic threat and the main threat, it aims thereby to incite the world against us. But we have to present (this reality) from our point of view, positively. In a positive way, what the enemy sees as a threat, we designate it as a defensive force, a force that prevents (aggression), a force that pushes back (the enemy), a protection, deterrence and confrontation force. In a nutshell, as an integral part of the Lebanese force that got rooted after 2000, Hezbollah represents part of the force of deterrence, response and prevention that prevents the Israeli enemy to satisfy any of its greed (in Lebanon), or to carry out any of its threats.

We all know that the enemy has ambitions in our lands, waters, country, borders, etc. So far, even in border areas –to which I shall return in a moment–, the Israeli enemy continues to claim certain strategic areas for Lebanon, like the issue of the Shebaa farms, or others who have a major value in terms of security, strategy and economy. The same goes for the issue of the (maritime) border (and offshore resources in) oil and gas. The greed of this enemy goes far beyond these borders. Anyway, Israel’s cupidity and threats are well known, and he tries to forcefully impose his choices to our country, to our people and to the Lebanese State, but this force (Hezbollah) stands before him (and neutralizes his aggressive tendencies).

This force, just like the enemy recognizes it and works to neutralize it, to liquidate it and get rid of it, as for us, we need to know, we the Lebanese, the importance of this force for the preservation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, welfare, safety, choices and resources, for the present and the future of Lebanon, and we must work to protect this force, that we dubbed the ‘Golden Equation’, namely the Army, the People and the Resistance. We must preserve this strength to face this greed and these threats. And it is thanks to this strength that we could liberate our territory.

Imagine that there were no Resistance in Lebanon, that there were no Liberation in May 2000. So imagine that the army of occupation were still occupying our territory, at least Southern Lebanon, to this date, wouldn’t we see Mr. Trump grant southern Lebanon, or at least large areas of southern Lebanon, to the enemy government, as he granted them Al-Quds (Jerusalem), as he granted them the Golan, as he will grant them the West Bank, and as his predecessors in the past granted them the 1948 territories?

Therefore, today, the Resistance, as a part of this fundamental Lebanese force, this fundamental Lebanese force, this defense force, this deterrent, this protection force, this retaliation, prevention and confrontation force, it is the force that we must protect with great care and at the best of our capabilities. When we see that our enemies target it by all means to finish it off, we need to know that they act in their interests, and therefore, as Lebanese, we must act on the basis of our national position, our sovereignty, our ethics and also according to our interests. Our interest as Lebanese is to live in security, welfare and health, to protect our territory, our capabilities, our blood, our honor, our dignity and our freedom, which implies that we should be strong. The strength is our (only) real guarantee (against Israel).

What we need to confirm during the occasion that we celebrate this day, especially in a world that appears more than ever as making no place to international law, UN resolutions, the Security Council, or to international organizations, and where only the US-Zionist tyranny, arrogance and despotism have a voice, as well as the Resistant, strong and steadfast peoples, those who are fully committed to their rights and are prepared to defend themselves and to sacrifice for these rights to be respected. As for the others, they are (mere) victims, who have no place in the equations, and must spend (huge) sums of money, pay the consequences (of their cowardice), and in the end, the (US) will get rid of them when they become a burden (refers to Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Based on the occasion that we celebrate this day, I want to briefly mention a few related points. First, on the 19th anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, we must confirm our commitment to the Shebaa Farms, the hills of Kfar Shuba and the Lebanese part of Ghajar village (occupied Lebanese territories). The statement issued yesterday by His Eminence the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun on this issue was strong, clear and categorical. The same applies to the Declaration of the General Staff of the Lebanese Army, which affirms its absolute commitment in appropriate terms: it was, in essence, an irrevocable commitment to liberate the Shebaa Farms, the hills of Kfar Shuba and the rest of the (Lebanese) occupied territories, whatever sacrifices are required and at any cost, as high as it may be. I do not quote verbatim from their statement, but you can refer to it, and that’s what it says in substance, and its content is clearly strong and appropriate. So today, we confirm our natural right to our territory, to resist, to deploy all forms of Resistance and to implement all means to liberate the rest of our Lebanese (occupied) territory.

The second issue is the demarcation of borders. Currently, one of our elements of strength is the agreement between the various Lebanese officials, and in particular between the three Presidents (of the Republic, of the Council of Ministers and of the Chamber of Deputies) on this issue. The Hezbollah Resistance supports the position shown by the State and stands behind him, as we have announced in the past. In all certainty, the Resistance, the Lebanese people and all the Lebanese trust and place their hopes in the commitment of the (three Lebanese) Presidents and of all the State officials to all of our land, sea and natural resources rights presumed in our waters, and expect from them a wise management of our case, persistence in our national claims and to see them live up to their historic responsibilities in the negotiations on these issues.

In these (indirect) negotiations, Lebanon can rely on two key points: 1 / The strength (provided by) right because what Lebanon demands is its rights. What Lebanon demands is rightfully ours. 2 / The strength (provided by) the strength I have just mentioned, and which is present in Lebanon.

Today, Lebanon is not in a weak position against Israel, not at all. And no Lebanese must feel that their country or State is in a weak position, never. Today, Israel is intimidated, scared, worried and fearful with what is in Lebanon. And just as Israel can prevent Lebanon from exploiting the oil and gas (present in the Mediterranean), similarly, Lebanon can prevent Israel from exploiting maritime resources in oil and gas. I have no need to utter new threats. The Israeli enemy, and behind them the United States are very familiar with these (deterrence) equations.

And therefore, as long as the Lebanese State and politicians rely on the strength (provided by) the righteousness of our claims, and the strength (provided by) our strength, we’ll remain committed to our rights and we can be very optimistic, as the President of the Chamber (of Deputies) Nabih Berri, in our ability to achieve a great victory in this case, God willing.

The third point (of my speech) is the issue of the (permanent) settlement (of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and elsewhere). I would like to draw attention to the fact that the most important thing that can come out of the Bahrain Economic Conference (scheduled for June 25 and 26, 2019, to launch the ‘Deal of the Century’) and the economic investments (for Palestine) that must be discussed there, plus some incentives and financial aid here and there, all this can open the door for the naturalization of our Palestinian brothers (who are refugees) in Lebanon and in the rest of the countries in which they are located, in addition to the pressures and restrictions experienced by UNRWA, that can lead to stopping its activities (of vital aid to Palestinian refugees, especially in Gaza).

Similarly, as for the issue of the border demarcation (between Lebanon and occupied Palestine), there is common ground, a common background on the Lebanese scene, namely that all the Lebanese, despite the many differences between them, are unanimous in the refusal of the naturalization (of Palestinians), be it in the Constitution, politically, patriotically, and on all levels. It is also a common ground with our Palestinian brothers in Lebanon, as all Palestinians, whether Palestinian factions, the Palestinian people (as a whole), Palestinian refugees, all our dear and honorable Palestinians brothers in Lebanon are unanimous in their rejection of naturalization, and insist to assert their right to return to their land, Palestine, in their lands, their property and their homes. This is a common ground (between all Lebanese and all Palestinians).

Now we are at a stage where it is no longer enough for everyone to declare that we are against the naturalization (of Palestinians). O Lebanese, O Palestinians in Lebanon, it seems that the danger of naturalization is dangerously close. And that is why I call for a quick meeting, which does not need to be extensively prepared, because it is not a negotiating table, nor a set of conferences. (This meeting will not require) long days (of preparation or discussions). It is simply a meeting of Lebanese and Palestinian leaders in Lebanon to discuss seriously the creeping and imminent danger of naturalization, and to devise a plan against it.

Of course I do not mean the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), which debates of major problems in detail, but of a meeting that will come on top of this committee, or will be at its side, or held at a higher level, and I suggest that it be held at a high level, with the main officials, and in a serious manner. Today, we must be vigilant, and it is not enough that I make a statement (against naturalization), that the other (Lebanese groups) do the same, and that our Palestinian brothers too, and all will be well. Absolutely not. Because in our statements, we are all opposed to naturalization. But what is the Lebanese-Palestinian joint action plan (to be implemented)? We need a common plan to face the creeping and imminent danger of naturalization. We must all sit together, the Palestinian and Lebanese officials concerned must sit and devise an action plan. And as for the ideas, suggestions or active assistance that can be asked from us, of course we are very willing to participate in this fundamental, patriotic and national struggle.

The fourth point of my speech is a word about the Syrian refugees, to which I referred (at the beginning of my speech) regarding Syria. I will also speak of it briefly, although the subject deserves an entire hour, because it is full of tedious details. But today I just say this to the Lebanese: everyone is unanimous in Lebanon, and it is also a common ground – I try to be positive today, and look for common ground between all Lebanese. In terms of appearances, all Lebanese are unanimous in declaring that they want to help our brothers and families of Syrian refugees return in their country. We all agree on the principle, but we disagree on how, on the means, etc.

But the truth of the issue, because I want to reveal the truth and to be clear, and not make up false reasons for these divergences: the real reason (of the obstacles to the return of the Syrians) is a political reason. All this is related to the upcoming presidential elections in Syria. The mandate of President Bashar al-Assad will end in 2020-2021, and elections will be held no matter what happens, regardless of what may or may not occur in Astana, in Geneva, whether a constitutional committee be organized or not, whether a political solution (to the conflict) is found or not, presidential elections will be held as scheduled.

There is an insistence of the United States, of Western countries (France, Great Britain, etc.) and of the Gulf countries… We must be clear. Today, the Lebanese people is unanimous in his desire to resolve this issue, whose sufferings are shared (between Syrians and Lebanese): Syrians suffer from being displaced, except a minority of them who managed to get a good situation in Lebanon, and now have shops, restaurants, facilities, resources, and everything is fine for them, and they are comfortable, but it is a minority. The majority of the displaced Syrians are living the suffering of displacement. The Syrians are suffering, and the Lebanese also suffer, in all regions. At some point, some people, and that is unfortunate, tried to give a sectarian dimension to the differences on the issue of the displaced Syrians, and a religious or regional dimension. But today, all Lebanese, in all regions, regardless of their religious group, are suffering the consequences of this displacement and are therefore concerned by it. They suffer economically, socially, in terms of security, and you know the details of the situation. We see the news every day, and know well the details of the situation.

Why is the suffering of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon still ongoing? Why is the suffering of the Lebanese still ongoing? Why should the two sides continue to bear all these burdens? For a simple reason. This is the truth. This is the (plain) truth: the United States, the West, and at least some Gulf countries do not want the displaced Syrians to return to their country, at least not before the Syrian presidential elections. The reason is (purely) political.

This has nothing to do with humanitarian considerations. Rather, humanitarian considerations require that everyone returns home, to his house, shops and fields, to his family and beloved ones, to his country. And it has nothing to do with security reasons. All those who have returned to Syria live there (in peace), like the other Syrians. The rumors that some Lebanese officials have tried to spread about alleged murders, settling of accounts, etc., are mere inventions and lies, and I ask – I have already asked some officials at the State level, outside the media – that these false claims be the subject of an investigation because they are dangerous. And in truth, these fabrications constitute a (false) charge against all the political parties who supported or facilitated the return (of the Syrians), and especially against a respected Security institution of prime importance in Lebanon, namely the Directorate of General Security in Lebanon who mainly took charge of the issue. These lies, designed to scare the displaced Syrians so they do not return to their country, are baseless, but serve the political purpose that I just mentioned.

As for the State and the Syrian government, several years ago – it is not recent -, during a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad, I spoke to him frankly and asked him frankly: “Do you want the displaced Syrians to return to Syria?” Because it was necessary that we understand each other. We are friends and allies, and shouldn’t harm each other (even unintentionally). He answered frankly and truthfully, “Yes, we want them all back in Syria and we are ready to make it easy for everyone to return to Syria.” Today, what is the obstacle? This is the one I mentioned. It is a political obstacle. The obstacle is political.

Can Lebanon, the Lebanese State and the Lebanese government be subject to these political considerations, and should they take precedence over humanitarian considerations, security considerations and economic considerations only because the United States, the West and some Gulf countries give the priority to these political considerations, and impose on Lebanon a ban on the return (of the displaced Syrians to their country)? I say that what is happening in Lebanon is that displaced Syrians are prevented from returning to their country. It would be wrong to say that there is a voluntary return in place, and those who want to return can do so, and those who want to stay (in Lebanon or elsewhere) can do so. It is not the case! There is a real impediment. One way to prevent this return is intimidation and fear spread by some Lebanese officials in the past and to this day (for some). Some Lebanese media continue to spread (these false, scary rumors). And likewise, one of the ways to prevent the return of the displaced is to entice them, to make their staying in Lebanon desirable. Therefore, we must do away with these obstacles (preventing the return of the Syrians), and not merely (condemn them).

Today, of course, no one in Lebanon, no Lebanese political force can declare themselves in favor of maintaining the Syrians in Lebanon, or declare themselves opposed to their return to Syria, no one would dare say that, even if that’s what they really want. Everyone says that the Syrians must go back home and that we must help them. I believe that after the debate on the budget, the government and the Lebanese political forces must seriously discuss this issue and not just give their stance about it.

Anyway, the regional and international scene has become clear: the Lebanese delegations, during the conferences that were organized and the contacts that have been made with all countries of the world… And I declare that what I now reveal on television has become a certainty for the Lebanese officials for months at least, if not for years. (Lebanese officials know with certainty that the United States, the West and the Gulf are fiercely opposed to the return of the Syrian refugees) since months at least. Therefore, it is clear to all Lebanese officials and leaders that there is a political obstacle (to the return of the displaced Syrians). How will we react? What are we to do with this issue which is a major national problem? […]

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ارتباك ربع الساعة الأخير

مايو 31, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– وفقاً لخطة العقوبات والحشود بوجه إيران وخطة صفقة القرن، يفترض أن تكون مرجعيات التحالف الأميركي الإسرائيلي السعودي تعرف جيداً ماذا تريد، وأن تكون في قمّة التماسك والهدوء. فالموعد المفترض للإعلان عن صفقة القرن يقترب وموعد الحشد الخليجي والعربي والإسلامي بوجه إيران يدقّ الباب، وكل ما يفترض أنه ترتيبات تمت مناقشتها بالتفاصيل الدقيقة قد جاء وقت الإفراج عنه وتظهيره بثقة، فيتقدم الحلفاء صفاً مرصوصاً يحملون مشروعهم الواحد علناً، يشهرون تحالفهم ويضعون قوتهم على الطاولة ويقولون للجميع من أراد فليقف معنا ومَن لم يرد فبيننا وبينه المواجهة. وها نحن نملك حلاً يعلن نهاية الصراع العربي الإسرائيلي، ورؤية واضحة للمواجهة المشتركة مع إيران، فهل هذا ما يحصل؟

– في الربع الأخير من الساعة، تعلن السعودية أن أولوية القمم الثلاث هي القضية الفلسطينية بلسان وزير خارجيتها الذي تحتفظ بصمته فترات طويلة ولا يخرج للكلام إلا في مثل الحالات التي يصير فيها وزير الدولة عادل الجبير فاقداً للمصداقية، وتصير المملكة في مأزق، وفي الربع الأخير من الساعة يخرج الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب بطريقة تستدعي السخرية ليقول إن إيران تنهار وتتوسل صفقة، ولم يقل ما الذي يمنع ذلك طالما ان واشنطن أبدت الاستعداد الدائم للحوار، وكانت ممانعة إيران هي التي تمنع قيامه، وبالتوازي يخرج رئيس حكومة الاحتلال المستقيل والمقال والعاجز عن تشكيل حكومة والذاهب لانتخابات مبكرة، ليتاجر بموعد محدد مسبقاً لاجتماع مستشاري الأمن القومي الروسي والأميركي والإسرائيلي ويسمّيه قمة ثلاثية في القدس، قبل أن تستدرك مصادره وتصحح أن المقصود قمة أمنية.

– لا يحتاج المتابع لاكتشاف حال الهذيان التي تصيب أطراف الحلف الثلاثي، وقد اقترب الربع الأخير من الساعة الذي يفترض أن كل تفاصيله الدقيقة قد تمّ تحضيرها، ويفترض أن كل شيء يسير وفقاً لما هو مرسوم، فليست إيران التي حشدت قواتها قرب السواحل الأميركية ولا هي من فرض العقوبات على أميركا. وليست إيران من قرع طبول الحرب، فكل ما في المنطقة هو ثمرة التفاهم الأميركي الإسرائيلي السعودي على ثنائية مواجهة إيران وتقديم الحل السحري للقضية الفلسطينية المسمّى صفقة القرن. وثقة أطراف هذا التحالف الذين يملكون المال والسلاح والمكانة السياسية للفوز برهاناتهم وخياراتهم وقد أشبعوها تمحيصاً ودرساً، وآن أوان أن تبصر النور، فلماذا يتصرفون وكأنهم في حال مفاجأة، ولماذا يختبئون بعضهم من بعض. السعودية تريد أن تتغطى بمزاعم كاذبة عن فلسطين، والفاشل الإسرائيلي يرمي خبراً في السوق للإيحاء انه لا يزال تحت الطلب في الأسواق العالمية، والزعيم العبقري كما يصف نفسه، يخترع نظرية الصفقة مع إيران ويترك النصف الأخير من الجملة فارغاً؟

– الاستنتاج الذي لا يحتاج عبقرية دونالد ترامب ولا أكاذيب بنيامين نتنياهو، ولا وقار إبراهيم العساف، هو أن حملة التخويف فشلت في إضعاف موقف إيران، وأن حملة الإغراء فشلت في تسييل لعاب الفلسطينيين لمقايضة القدس وحق العودة بالمال، فلا ترهيب الحشود ولا ترغيب الأموال في مؤتمر البحرين حققا ما كان مرجواً، ويواجه الفاشلون الثلاثة نتائج الفشل بالتلعثم وفقدان الخطاب.

– قبل الحرب مع إيران تقدمت فلسطين لتحتل المقعد الأول في مكة، وقبل صفقة القرن قالت فلسطين كلمتها لتعلن أن الصفقة ولدت ميتة فلا مَن يشتري ومَن يبيع.. وفلسطين ليست للإيجار ولا للبيع.

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Sayyed Nasrallah Warns US: War on Iran to Burn Region, Ready to Open Precise Missiles Manufacturing Factories

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled various regional topics, on top of which is US administration’s “Deal of century.”

Addressing thousands of Resistance supporters who gathered to commemorate Al-Quds Day, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that “today, 40 years have passed since late Imam Khomeini announced Al-Quds International Day.”

“The enemies have bet that people forget Al-Quds, but people’s sympathy is growing,” he added, noting that “attempts to disrupt Al-Quds Day and turn it to a sectarian issue have failed.”

On the event,  His Eminence stopped at and the mass million marches in Iran. “The Iranian people are demonstrating in solidarity with Al-Quds, not as [US President Donald] Trump says against the Iranian regime.”

Stressing that “Al-Quds Day rallies in Iran form a message to Washington and all the governments in the region,” he went on to highlight that it’s the nation’s to topple the deal of the century [the deal of shame] because it is a deal of falsehood, loss of Palestinian as well as the Arab and Islamic rights.”

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that we can thwart the deal of the century . “The axis of resistance stands to prevent the success of this deal and scheme,” he mentioned.

“We have strong hope as peoples in the region that we can prevent the crime of the deal of the century,” His Eminence added, pointing out that “in 2011, there was an American attempt to end the Palestinian cause and to only give the Palestinians some demands.”

He further warned that “as the American administration, the Zionist entity and some Arab regimes are working to implement the deal of the century.”

According to Sayyed Nasrallah: “Trump’s deal of the century  is unjust and it is our duty to oppose it.”

“In return there is a strong axis standing to prevent the implementation of this deal,” His Eminence stated, noting that “The goal of the deal of century is to end any talk about Al-Quds, the Gaza Strip and the refugees.”

Hailing the heroic Yemeni people that poured into streets despite the aggression and siege to commemorate Al-Quds Day, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “Al-Quds Day rallies in Bahrain confirm that the Bahraini people and scholars are innocent of the Deal of the Century’s workshop [to be hosted by Al-Khalifa regime.”

On the same level , the Resistance Leader highlighted that Washington has been able to absorb the Arab popular revolutions, divert it from its course towards the wrong direction.”

“ There is a supposed strategic environment that Trump and [“Israe;I PM] Netanyahu are to impose the deal of the century and end the Palestine,” he emphasized.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to accuse “all those who interfered in the Arab Spring
from seeking to take from it a rotten fruit [that is the deal of the century.

According to His Eminence, “the American bet on the tiresome of the peoples in region to impose the deal of the  century is a wrong diagnosis.”

Sayyed Nasrallah once again reiterated that “The resistance axis today is stronger than ever before.”

Elsewhere in his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that The Palestinian resistance today is stronger than ever and is approaching the equation of bombing “Tel Aviv” in response to attacking Gaza.”

He further revealed that “The resistance in Gaza is capable of controlling large areas of occupied Palestine in any future war.”

Regarding Syria, His Eminence explained that “Syria today has overcome the scheme against it and will regain its strength and ability.”

In addition, he said: “Iraq today returned to its regional role and has a capable, struggling and influential people.”

““Israel” fears the resistance in Lebanon and  “Israeli” officials continue to talk about the state of deterrence and the resistance capabilities,” he added pointing out that ““Israel” fears missiles from Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and claims the existence of rockets in Iraq.”

Commenting on the recent summits held in Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah Secretary General viewed that “the Arab summits that are taking place today reflect the Saudi distress from the inability and failure in face of the Yemeni people.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also elaborated that “Trump could not protect Saudi Arabia.”

“The Saudi funds and weapons did not benefit it in its war on Yemen and its king appealed to Arab, Islamic and Gulf summits to protect him,” he explained.

However, His Eminence vowed that “All the summits will not be able to protect Saudi Arabia in its war against the oppressed people in Yemen because they are the people of faith, wisdom and sacrifice.”

“The Lebanese delegation’s stance at Mecca’s Arab Summit is rejected and condemned and it does not conform to the government’s policy statement,” he said.

On the regional scene, the Resistance Leader listed a serious of factual developments.

“Iran is the greatest regional power in our region and a real force with its power,” he added, pointing out that “ in 2019,“Israel” is weaker than ever.

Sayyed Nasrallah further stressed that ““Israel’s” prestige is demising and the strength of its ground army has retreated as it moved to the defensive position.”

“The “Israeli” internal front is exposed in face of the resistance rockets,” the Resistance Leader declared.

As he cautioned that “some American tools in the region are unable to protect itself and some regimes are concerned of implementing the deal of the century.”

Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “The US is no longer the same as before 20 years after it sent its troops to the region and came out defeated.”

According to His Eminence, “The current US administration is anxious to go to new wars.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further assured that “Today the axis of resistance and the rejectionist front to the Deal of the century  are strong and capable of confronting this deal.”

He underscored that “the pressure on Iran today is because all the resistance forces resorted to it to save Palestine.”

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah quoted the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei who ruled out a possible war with the US.

“One reason that there’s no war is that Iran is strong, otherwise the war could have been launched,” he added, lamenting the fact that “Bolton, Netanyahu and others from the Gulf are inciting war against Iran.”

“The other reason that there is no war is that the CIA knows that a war on Iran will set the region on fire and won’t stop behind its borders,” His Eminence vowed , noting that “ The war against Iran did not happen because Iran is strong and has a great leadership despite all this incitement.”

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that “Trump knows that when the region is on fire, a barrel of oil will be $200 or $300.”

“The US knows well that any war on Iran will not remain confined to Iran’s borders. The entire region will burn, leading to all US forces and interests in the region being annihilated,” he threatened.

On another level, Hezbollah Secretary General urged US defenders to go and study America’s internal front. “On the socioeconomic levels; according to a USDA report, 40 million Americans are food-insecure. This is the America that wants to take over the world.”

Moreover, His Eminence vowed that “Any “Israeli” attack on any target linked to the resistance in Lebanon, we Hezbollah, will respond to it quickly, directly and strongly. “Israel” is afraid of us and keeps talking about our rocket capabilities. We will be able to take over large areas in the next war.”

“Missiles are in fact made manufactured in Yemen and in Lebanon, they have the technology, but the Saudi mind can’t absorb the idea that a Muslim country can make its own missiles,” he added, stating that “It’s none of the US business whether we have precision rockets and facilities to produce them or not.”

Unveiling that “We [Hezbollah] have in Lebanon accurate missiles that reach all the targets in “Israel” and  are capable of changing the face of the region,” Sayyed Nasrallah sent  the Americans a sounding message:

“If the Americans continue to incite on us over manufacturing missiles, we shall establish facilities and factories for manufacturing precision rockets,” he stated, warning that “the US is taking advantage of border demarcation to benefit “Israel”, target Hezbollah’s precision missiles arsenal.”

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “ Our axis is strong and our front is strong. We made sacrifices. We came out stronger and more present. We are able to topple the deal of the century.”

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التنبه لمناورة الزمن وروزنامة الاستحقاقات مع ساترفيلد

مايو 29, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– حتى الآن يبدو أن ما حمله معاون وزير الخارجية الأميركية ديفيد ساترفيلد إلى المسؤولين اللبنانيين حول التفاوض لترسيم الحدود البرية والبحرية إيجابياً ويبدو استجابة مفاجئة للرؤية اللبنانية التي تستطيع القول إنها حققت انتصاراً تكتيكياً مهماً بفعل التضامن السياسي والرئاسي من جهة وقوة لبنان الرادعة التي وفّرتها المقاومة وفق معادلة الغاز بالغاز. من جهة أخرى وبفعل الحاجة الإسرائيلية الماسّة لطمأنة أسواق الاستثمار العالمية في مجال النفط والغاز إلى مستقبل تعاملها في المنصات الإسرائيلية تحت سقف اتفاق يوفر الأمن للاستثمارات والأعمال من جهة موازية.

– المفاوضات لم تبدأ بعد وقبول التلازم بين المسارَيْن البرّي والبحري من جهة وقبول الرعاية الأمميّة من جهة أخرى موافقتان إسرائيليتان وأميركيتان تثيران الريبة ولا يجب وضعهما حصراً في دائرة النجاح اللبناني والحاجة الإسرائيلية والقلق من معادلات الردع. فأميركا و»إسرائيل» في قلب حربين متلازمتين واحدة بوجه إيران وثانية لتسويق صفقة القرن ويجب التنبه لحاجة واشنطن وتل أبيب لتحييد لبنان وقوة مقاومته، خصوصاً عن هاتين الحربين. فالمقاومة هي القيمة المضافة الرئيسية في جبهة المواجهة التي تنتصب خصوصاً بوجه مشروع صفقة القرن، وملف التوطين وتصفية حق عودة اللاجئين الفلسطينيين قضية لبنانية لا تقل أهمية عن مفاوضات الترسيم، والموقف اللبناني الجامع مع المقاومة في مواجهة صفقة القرن سيُسهم في كشف حدود المناورة الأميركية الإسرائيلية، بينما الابتعاد عن المقاومة في هذه المواجهة ومطالبتها بالتهدئة فسيعني تشجيعاً لمناورة أميركية إسرائيلية تستثمر تضييع الوقت التفاوضي لتمرير العمليات التمهيدية في صفقة القرن، ومن ضمنها إنهاء حق العودة بغياب المقاومة، وتغييبها بشراكة لبنانية.

– التنبّه هنا يعني أن يضع اللبنانيون الواقفون في صف المسؤوليّة التفاوضيّة والذين لا يوافقون المقاومة في كل خياراتها في حساباتهم أن شلّ قدرة المقاومة على تظهير موقفها من الحربين الكبيرتين المتصلتين بمستقبل المنطقة يصب في خدمة «إسرائيل» لا المصلحة اللبنانية، وأن الزمن الذي ستستهلكه المفاوضات سيكون مؤشراً على حقيقة النيات الإسرائيلية الأميركية، حيث يفترض إذا صدقت التحليلات والقراءات عن تراجع إسرائيلي برعاية أميركية بخلفية الحسابات المصلحية التي يمليها الإسراع في استخراج النفط والغاز أن تسير المفاوضات بسرعة، وأن تفضح كل مماطلة في الشكليات والتفاصيل وروزنامة التفاوض ومواعيد جلساته وجود نية أخرى لها عنوان واحد، هو التفاوض لأجل التفاوض، كما كان حال المفاوضات الإسرائيلية مع السلطة الفلسطينية، ولذلك فإن أولى مهام الجانب اللبناني وضع روزنامة افتراضيّة لكل مرحلة من المفاوضات، ترسم خطاً أحمر عندما يكون الوقت المستغرق قد تخطّى التوقعات المفترضة، سواء لمرحلة المفاوضات التحضيريّة قبل الجلسة الأولى، أو مفاوضات الشكليّات والترتيبات، أو المفاوضات التقنية الجغرافية، والمفاوضات القانونية الاقتصادية، وصولاً إلى المفاوضات الختامية، وفي كل مرة يتم تخطي الزمن الافتراضي المتوقع يجب التساؤل حول الخلفية، والتدقيق بحجم قضايا الخلاف بقياس المصلحة النفطية الإسرائيلية وأضرارها، وما يستحق بالمقابل تحمل هذه الأضرار، ماذا عساه يكون؟

– على ضفة موازية يجب أن يضع لبنان أمامه ميزاني قياس ومراقبة، واحد يتصل بمسار التوتر الأميركي الإيراني في ظل تهديد إيران بالخروج من الاتفاق النووي خلال ستين يوماً تنتهي مطلع شهر تموز، والحديث الأميركي عن القلق من قدرة إيران على امتلاك ما يكفي لإنتاج قنبلة نووية خلال شهرين أو ستة شهور إذا عادت للتخصيب المرتفع لليورانيوم، ومراقبة إيقاع الحركة التفاوضية الأميركية الإسرائيلية مع هذه المواعيد. وبالمقابل مؤتمر البحرين الخاص بصفقة القرن وما سيليه من مواعيد ترتبط بها وبحلقاتها المتسلسلة، وجعل تقاطعات الروزنامتين مؤشراً للمفاوض اللبناني ومرجعيته السياسية والأمنية في قياس الجدية من المناورة في الحركة الأميركية والإسرائيلية.

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كلمة السيد نصرالله: اختبار نيّات لبنانيّة حول خطر التوطين

مايو 28, 2019

ناصر قنديل

في كلمة الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله في عيد المقاومة والتحرير معادلات لبنانية داخلية تركزت على التضامن والتوافق والمؤسساتية. وقد برز ذلك أولاً بالحجم الذي احتلته القضايا الداخلية من كلمة جرت العادة أن تبتعد عن شؤون الداخل لتتفرّغ لمعادلات الصراع مع العدو، وكان ذلك الابتعاد يتمّ تفادياً لقضايا خلافيّة تثير التوتر لا تريد المقاومة زجّها بقضية ذات وزن استراتيجي بحجم المقاومة وقضية الصراع مع الاحتلال، وهو ما بدا أن المقاومة لا تستشعر وجوده، فحجم الجسور المتاحة لتناول القضايا الداخلية بمنطق التوافق والتضامن تبدو مطمئنة وكثيرة من جهة، والتزامن مع مناسبة هي يوم القدس العالمي سيتصدر خطاب السيد نصرالله فيه رسم معادلاته الكبرى لصراع يتداخل فيه البعد المرتبط بالمواجهة مع «إسرائيل» تحت عنوان القدس وصفقة القرن بالصراع الإقليمي الذي يدور بين واشنطن وطهران وتقف في قلبه أنظمة الخليج وإسرائيل على الضفة الأميركيّة، بينما تجد المقاومة نفسها معنية بتحديد اصطفافها العملي وليس المعنوي فقط، في ضوء الترابط بين توترات الخليج وصفقة القرن.

العنوان الداخلي المفتوح على الملف الإقليمي الذي تناوله السيد نصرالله في كلمته، كان ملف التوطين، سواء لجهة الإعلان عن اعتقاد المقاومة بأن خطر التوطين لم يعد مجرد فرضية محتملة بل أصبح تحدياً راهناً، مع وضوح ما تدعو إليه صفقة القرن من إسقاط لحق العودة للاجئين الفلسطينيين، وما تتعرّض له وكالة الأونروا، أو لجهة الدعوة التي وجهها السيد نصرالله للقاء لبناني فلسطيني على مستوى عالٍ يتحمل مسؤولية وضع خطة موحّدة لضمان حق العودة وإسقاط التوطين. وهذا التطور الداخلي الإقليمي، يبدو في حسابات المقاومة مرشحاً للنمو والتوسّع كعنوان لدورها في المرحلة المقبلة بما يشبه تعاملها مع تطور الأزمة السورية، التي أصبحت في مراحلها المتقدّمة حرباً مع الإرهاب التكفيري، وتطوّر في قلبها دور المقاومة من الدعوة للحل السياسي إلى الحضور الميداني المباشر، فصفقة القرن التي تشكل جوهر المشروع الأميركي الإسرائيلي الخليجي المشترك تقوم على ثنائيّة أبديّة السيطرة الإسرائيلية على القدس، وتصفية حق العودة للاجئين، تعني اللبنانيين مباشرة، فمن لا يعتبر أن مستقبل القدس يستحق ما يسمّيه توريط لبنان بنزاعات المنطقة، عليه أن يحدّد موقفه من نظرته لخطر التوطين، وحدود ما يستحق من تحمل أخطار في مواجهته، بما يتعدّى الحديث عن الاكتفاء بما تضمنه الدستور من إعلان رفض التوطين.

الأكيد أن المنطقة تعيش درجة عالية من التوتر والتصعيد يظنّها الكثيرون بداية حرب أميركية على إيران، يدعون إلى النأي بالنفس عنها، وتفيد المعطيات والمعلومات والتحليلات باستبعادها، وبالتالي استبعاد حاجة المقاومة للتورط فيها، أو استبعاد حاجة إيران لتورط المقاومة، لكن الأكيد أن المنطقة ستدخل بالتزامن مع هذا التوتر والتصعيد مرحلة التمهيد والترويج والتسويق لصفقة القرن. وهنا ستجد المقاومة نفسها كما كانت عشية انفجار الحرب على سورية، معنية بحساب الموقف اللبناني وكيفية تفاعله مع اعتبار إسقاط التوطين وبالتالي حماية حق العودة من الأولويات، مهما كان حجم الموقف الذي يجب إعلانه وصولاً للتلويح باعتبار السلاح واحدة من مفردات المواجهة، وإذا كان هناك من يجد الأعذار في الحالة السورية لإخضاعها لحسابات الانقسام اللبناني من جهة، ولنظريات النأي بالنفس من جهة أخرى، فإن المطلوب أجوبة لبنانية صريحة وواضحة وقاطعة حول المواقف من خطر التوطين وصفقة القرن وحق العودة، ومعرفة مَن يعتبر أنها من عناوين النأي بالنفس، ومعرفة الحدود التي سيغطيها التوافق اللبناني في المعركة المقبلة مع صفقة القرن وإسقاط خطر التوطين، وهما معركة واحدة لا ينفصل عنوان فيها عن الآخر.

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