America’s Derangement Syndrome a Danger to World Peace

America’s Derangement Syndrome a Danger to World Peace

Strategic Culture Foundation – 20.07.2018

America’s Derangement Syndrome a Danger to World Peace

It is significant that Presidents Putin and Trump have both spoken out against “haters” among America’s political establishment who would rather see conflict between Russia and the United States instead of a normalization of bilateral relations.

Following their landmark, successful summit this week in Helsinki, Putin and Trump separately made public comments deploring the hostile hysterical reaction emanating from broad sections of the US political establishment and its dutiful, controlled news media.

Speaking in Moscow to his diplomatic corps, President Putin warned that there were “powerful forces” within the US which are ready to sacrifice the interests of their country and indeed the interests of world peace in order to pursue selfish ambitions.

For his part, Trump also slammed opponents in the US who “hated” to see him having a good meeting with Putin. “They would rather see a major confrontation with Russia, even if that could lead to war,” said the American president.

That’s it in a nutshell. Rather than welcoming the opening of a cordial dialogue between the US and Russia, the American political establishment seems to desire the deepening of already dangerous tensions between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. If that’s not deranged, then what is?

Significantly, the hostile reaction was overwhelmingly on the American side. Russians, by and large, welcomed the long-overdue summit between Trump and Putin, and the potential beginning of a new spirit of dialogue and partnership on a range of urgent global problems. Problems including arms control, nuclear proliferation, and working out political settlement to conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine and the Korea Peninsula.

Few people would believe that these problems can be resolved easily. But the main thing is that the leaders of the US and Russia are at least attempting to open a dialogue for understanding and political progress. That in itself is a breakthrough from the impasse in bilateral relations which have frozen into a new Cold War since the previous US administration.

We dare say that most citizens of the world would also endorse this effort by Trump and Putin at improving the relations between the US and Russia.

Significantly too, according to recent polls, most ordinary Americans seem to be agreeable or neutral about Trump’s diplomatic engagement with Russia. According to a Gallup poll out this week, the vast majority of US citizens are far more concerned by economic woes than they are by anything untoward in American-Russian relations.

Thus, what we are seeing in the explosion of hostility towards the Trump-Putin summit is twofold. It is an American phenomenon, and secondly, it is an angst that animates only the political class in Washington and the news media corporations. This constituency, it is fair to say, is an elite faction within the US, albeit extremely powerful, made up of Washington politicos, the state intelligence apparatus, the corporate media and think tanks, and the deep state establishment of imperial planners and strategists. In short, this constituency is what some observers call the “War Party” that transcends the US ruling class.

Any reasonable person would have to welcome the friendly rapport engendered between Trump and Putin, and at least their initial commitment to working together on major matters of global security. The dangerous impasse of recent years in which dialogue was absent must be overcome for the sake of world peace.

Nevertheless, what has become crystal clear this week following the Helsinki summit is the “War Party” within the US is more determined than ever to sabotage any rapprochement with Russia.

No sooner had Trump returned to the US, he was assailed with a tidal wave of vilification for having met Putin in a mutual, agreeable manner. The most disturbing aspect was the recurring slander denigrating Trump as a “traitor”. The hysterical name-calling was conveyed by all the major news media, citing former intelligence officials and politicians from both Democrat and Republican parties.

Which again shows that in the US there is really only one party, the War Party.

President Trump was evidently forced into making an embarrassing U-turn over his views expressed in Helsinki. He made an unconvincing disavowal of statements made alongside Putin. Trump had been pilloried for appearing to dismiss allegations of Russian interference in the US elections while he was in Helsinki. Within 24 hours, he was forced into making a retraction, saying that he did – kind of – believe that Russia had meddled in US democracy.

What Trump was subjected to by the US establishment was akin to the worst years of McCarthyite Red-Baiting as seen during the Cold War in the 1950s and 60s, when Americans were mercilessly humiliated and ostracized for being “Communist sympathizers”. Today, official American paranoia is back with a vengeance. In truth, it never went away.

To be fair to Trump he has not completely capitulated to the American derangement syndrome. He has since said that he is looking forward to holding a second meeting with his Russian counterpart and continuing their promises of partnership as announced in Helsinki.

However, it is instructive that the American president is, in effect, being held hostage by powerful elements in the US ruling class who view any kind of detente with Moscow as an unforgivable betrayal.

Trump’s instincts are correct that the whole so-called Russia-gate mania is a phony contrivance. That has been orchestrated by the US establishment based on its refusal to accept Trump’s democratic mandate, as well as being based on an abiding hostility towards Russia as an independent world power.

The object lesson here is that the scope for improving US-Russia relations is limited, in spite of Trump’s favorable personal inclinations.

An entrenched animosity towards Russia remains among the American War Party, and the current president has evidently little room for implementing his avowed policy of normalizing relations.

Russia therefore cannot place too much faith in making progress towards peaceful relations, because all-too apparently President Trump has actually very little freedom to exercise his democratic mandate. That is a damning indictment on the charade of American formal democracy. A president is elected partly on the basis of peaceful engagement, but the unelected powers-that-be have another agenda of conflict which they are pursuing come hell or high water.

What’s more, the American derangement syndrome is becoming even more virulent, as can be adjudged from this week’s hysterical backlash over the successful Helsinki summit.

Trump’s willingness for dialogue with Russia is a welcome development. But the far more disturbing development is the full-tilt belligerence and derangement on display among the American political class. This American political schizophrenia is a clear and present danger to world peace. American citizens are as much a victim of the madness as are Russians and the rest of the world.

One positive aspect of the new phase of Cold War is that before it was largely concealed, and deceived, as a simplistic bifurcated confrontation of Americans versus Russians. Today it is evidently a situation of an American deranged elite versus the rest of the world, with the latter including ordinary American citizens who have much more to gain from standing in solidarity with Russian citizens.


Two analyses by Paul Craig Roberts

July 18, 2018Two analyses by Paul Craig Roberts

Note by the Saker: As I have mentioned here, I am currently on a road trip and I have very spotty access to the Internet.  The recent Putin-Trump summit has elicited a lot of reactions and I will write an analysis of my own by the time I get back home (somewhere around the 20th-22nd of July).  In the meantime, I am posting two more articles by the special permission of Paul Craig Roberts. They were initially posted here

I don’t necessarily agree with every point made by Paul Craig Roberts, but I do fully share his assessment of the gravity of the situation.  In fact, I have a very strong feeling that in spite of the fact that Trump is in reality a very weak man (just look how long it took him to deny having said what he, in fact, did say) the USA seems to be headed for a major constitutional crisis.  On this topic, please all see this article by Finian Cunningham originally posted on Sputnik.  Until my return, I leave you with Paul Craig Roberts’ latest analyses.

The Saker

Putin Confronts The American Dystopia

We have to hand it to Putin. He is the best that there is. Note the ease with which he mopped up the floor with that idiot Chris Wallace.

What is wrong with the US media that it cannot produce a second competent journalist as company for Tucker Carlson? Why are America’s remaining good journalists, such as Chris Hedges, now in the alternate media?

All I can say, and Putin probably already knows it, is that there is more going on than presstitutes holding the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to an internal political struggle between the Democratic Party and President Trump. It is not just that the corrupt US media is serving as propagandists for the Democratic Party against President Trump. The presstitutes are serving the interest of the military/security complex, which has ownership interests in the highly concentrated US media, to keep Russia positioned as the enemy that justifies the huge $1,000 billion budget of the military/security complex. Without the “Russian enemy,” what is the justification for such a waste of money when so many real needs go underfunded and unfunded?

In other words, the American media are not only stupid, they are corrupt beyond all measure.

Today at 12:40 Eastern time NPR had a collection of Trump-bashers doing their utmost to prevent the Trump/Putin meeting from leading to a normalizing of relations between the two governments. For example, as every informed person knows, the US intelligence community has most certainly not concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential election. That conclusion was reached by a few hand-picked members of 3 of the 16 intelligence agencies and was expressed not as a proven fact but as “highly likely.” It other words, it was nothing but an orchestrated opinion given by cooperative agents who no doubt expect promotions in return.

Despite this known fact, the NPR propaganda team said that Trump had believed Putin instead of an unanimous US factual intelligence report that proved Russia interfered. The NPR Trump-bashers said that Trump had believed the “thug Putin” and not his own American experts. The NPR Trump-bashers went on to compare Trump’s “siding with Putin” with Trump’s opinion that the Charlottesville violence had contributors from both sides. The NPR Trump-bashers equated Trump’s factual statement about violence from both sides with “siding with the neo-nazis” in Charlottesville.

NPR’s point is that Trump sides with Nazis and Russian thugs and is against Americans.

What Trump said in fact about alleged election interference was that whether there was or was not any election interference, it had no effect as Comey and Rosenstein have admitted, and is certainly not as important as two nuclear powers getting along with one another and avoiding tensions that could result in nuclear war. One would think that even an NPR idiot could understand that.

The Trump-bashing on NPR has gone on all day intermixed with an occasional bashing of Russia for killing Syrian civilians in air attacks on the Washington-supported jihadists that are, as instructed by Washington, trying to hold on to a bit of Syria so that Washington and Israel can restart the war. One wonders at the stupidity of those who give money to NPR so that NPR can lie to them all day long. Like George Orwell foresaw, people are more comfortable with Big Brother’s lies than with the truth.

NPR was once an alternative voice, but it was broken by the George W. Bush regime and has become completely corrupt. NPR still pretends to be “listener-supported,” but in fact is now a commercial station just like every commercial station. NPR tries to disguise this fact by using “with support from” to introduce the paid advertisements from the corporations.

“With support from” is how NPR traditionally acknowledged its philanthropic donors. The real question is: how does NPR hold on to its 501c3 tax-exempt status when it sells commercial advertising? No need for NPR to worry. As long as the presstitute entity serves the ruling elite at the expense of truth, it will retain its illegal tax-exempt status.

It is obvious that the indictments of the 12 Russian intelligence officers immediately prior to the Trump/Putin meeting was intended to harm the meeting and to give the presstitutes more opportunities for more dishonest shots at President Trump. In my day, journalists would have been smart enough and would have had enough integrity to understand that. But Western presstitutes have neither intelligence nor integrity.

How much proof do you want? Here is presstitute Michelle Goldberg writing in the New York Times that “Trump shows the world he’s Putin’s lackey.” The presstitute says she is “staggered by the American president’s slavish and toadying performance.” Apparently Goldberg thinks Trump should have beaten up Putin.

The Washington Post, formerly a newspaper, now a sick joke, alleged that “Trump just colluded with Russia. Openly.”

It is not only the presstitutes. It is the so-called experts, such as Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, a self-important group, financed by the military/security complex, that presides over American foreign policy. Haass, sticking to the official military/security line, declared erroneously: “International order for 4 centuries has been based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect for sovereignty. Russia has violated this norm by seizing Crimea and by interfering in the 2016 US election. We must deal with Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.”

What is Haass talking about? What respect for sovereignty does Washington have? Surely Haass is familiar with the ruling neoconservative doctrine of US world hegemony. Surely Haass knows that the orchestrated troubles with Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Russia, and China are due to Washington’s resentment of their sovereignty. What is Washington’s unilateralism about if Washington respects the sovereignty of countries? Why does Washington want a unipolar world if Washington respects the sovereignty of other countries? It is precisely Russia’s insistence on a multi-polar world that has Russia in the propaganda crosshairs. If Washington respects sovereignty, why does Washington overthrow countries that have it? When Washington accuses Russia of being a threat to world order, Washington means that Russia is a threat to Washington’s world order. Is Haass demonstrating his idiocy or his corruption?

As the American media has conclusively proven that it has no independence but is a mouthpiece for Democrats and corporate interests, it should be nationalized. The American media is so compromised that nationalization would be an improvement.

The armaments industry should also be nationalized. Not only is it a power greater than the elected government, it also is vastly inefficient. The Russian armaments industry with a tiny fraction of the US military budget produces far superior weapons. As President Eisenhower, a Five-Star General, said, the military-industrial complex is a threat to American democracy. Why are the presstitute scum so worried about non-existent Russian interference when the military/security complex is so powerful that it can actually substitute itself for the elected government?

There was a time when the Republican Party represented the interests of business, and the Democratic Party represented the interests of the working class. That kept America in balance. Today there is no balance. Since the Clinton regime, the rich one percent has been getting vastly richer, and the 99 percent has been getting poorer. The middle class is in serious decline.

The Democrats have abandoned the working class, which Democrats now dismiss as “Trump deplorables,” and support instead the divisiveness and hatreds of Identity Politics. At a time when the American people need unity to stand up to warmongering and greed, there is no unity. Races and genders are taught to hate one another. It is everywhere you look.

Compared to the America I was born into, the America of today is fragile and weak. The only effort at unity is to create unity that Russia is the enemy. It is just like George Orwell’s 1984. In other aspects the current American dystopia is worse than the one Orwell described.

Try to find an American public or private institution that is worthy of respect, that is honorable, that respects truth, that is compassionate and strives for justice. What you find in place of compassion and demand for justice are laws that punish if you criticize the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians or leak information showing the felonies committed by the US government. With all of their institutions corrupted, the American people become corrupted as well. Corruption is what the young are born into. They know no different. What future is that for America?

How can Russia, China, Iran, North Korea reach a compromise with a government that does not know the meaning of the word, a government that requires submission and when submission is not given destruction follows as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen learned.

Who would be so foolish as to trust an agreement with Washington?

Instead of pursuing an agreement with Trump, who is being set up for removal, Putin should be preparing Russia for war.

War is definitely coming.

America Overrules Trump: No Peace With Russia

The governments of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, if their countries are to survive, must give up their deluded hopes of reaching agreements with the United States. No such possibility exists on terms that the countries can accept.

American foreign policy rests on threat and force. It is guided by the neoconservative doctrine of US hegemony, a doctrine that is inconsistent with accepting the sovereignty of other countries. The only way that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea can reach an agreement with Washington is to become vassals like the UK, all of Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

The Russians—especially the naive Atlanticist Integrationists—should take note of the extreme hostility, indeed, to the point of insanity, directed at the Helsinki meeting across the entirety of the American political, media, and intellectual scene. Putin is incorrect that US-Russian relations are being held hostage to an internal US political struggle between the two parties. The Republicans are just as insane and just as hostile to President Trump’s effort to improve American-Russian relations as the Democrats, as Donald Jeffries reminds us.

The American rightwing is just as opposed as the leftwing. Only a few experts, such as Stephen Cohen and Amb. Jack Matlock, President Reagan’s ambassader to the Soviet Union, have spoken out in support of Trump’s attempt to reduce the dangerous tensions between the nuclear powers. Only a few pundits have explained the actual facts and the stakes.

There is no support for Trump’s agenda of peace with Russia in the US foreign policy arena. The president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, spoke for them all when he declared that “We must deal with Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.”

Russia is a “ rogue state” simply because Russia does not accept Washington’s overlordship. Not for any other reason.

There is no support even in Trump’s own government for normalizing relations with Russia unless the neoconservative definition of normal relations is used. By normal relations neoconservatives mean a vassal state relationship with Washington. That, and only that, is “normal.” Russia can have normal relations with America only on the basis of this definition of normal. Sooner or later Putin and Lavrov will have to acknowledge this fact.

A lie repeated over and over becomes a fact. That is what has happened to Russiagate. Despite the total absence of any evidence, it is now a fact in America that Putin himself put Trump in the Oval Office. That Trump met with Putin at Helsinki is considered proof that Trump is Putin’s lacky, as the New York Times and many others now assert as self-evident. That Trump stood next to “the murderous thug Putin” and accepted Putin’s word that Russia did not interfere in the election of the US president is regarded as double proof that Trump is in Putin’s pocket and that the Russiagate story is true.

We can see now why neoconservative John Bolton arranged the Helsinki meeting. It set Trump up for political execution by the media and Congress, both controlled by the military/security complex. In the United States there is zero independence, with the exception of Tucker Carlson, in the print and TV media, and zero independence in Congress. These are controlled institutions, and Tucker will not be tolerated much longer.

The lie of Russian interference is now so firmly established that even the Open Letter published in The Nation and signed by luminaries such as Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, and Gloria Steinem states: “We must reach common ground to safeguard common interests—taking steps to protect the nation’s elections and to prevent war between the world’s two nuclear superpowers.” Even the most lucid Americans have to accept Russiagate as a fact and regard protecting our elections as important as preventing nuclear war.

There is no meaningful support in the Republican or Democratic party for Trump’s agenda of normalizing US/Russian relations. The combination of a lie made into truth and the power of political campaign combinations from the military/security complex suffice to stifle any support for normalizing relations with Russia. Any US Senator or Representative who supports Trump’s effort to remove Russia from the enemy category will find themselves confronted in their re-election with well-financed opponents declaring them to be traitors who supported Trump’s sell-out of America, while their own campaign contributions dry up.

The American people who are not on the military/security payroll or otherwise dependent on this powerful lobby support peace and elected Trump for that reason, only to discover that a president who stands for peace with Russia is branded a traitor.

It has happened many times before. For example, in his history, The First World War, A. J. P. Taylor explained that all efforts to stop the disastrous war that destroyed Europe were blocked by smearing “as a defeatist, a pacifist, probably a traitor, every advocate of peace, or even of moderation.” As Taylor writes, the “top hats” wanted the money, and the “cloth hats” paid for it with their lives.

What we are experiencing is that democracy is weak and dysfunctional when confronted with powerful lobbies capable of controlling explanations. In America the control over explanations is so complete that the vast majority live in The Matrix.

The Russian media has ignored the American outpouring of hatred and insult against Trump for “selling out America” and has portrayed the Helsinki meeting positively as having established a road to better relations. This Russian view ignores that Trump has no support in the US government or in the media to help him to build this road. The Russian media desperately needs to become familiar with the American response to Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin. I have collected together a number of these responses in my recent columns, and the link in this column to Donald Jeffries provides a good sample of the Republicans’ rejection of Trump’s effort to repair the US-Russian relationship.

Just as the World War I British, French, German, and Russian governments could not end the slaughter because they had promised victory and would be discredited, once the Russian government encourages the Russian people that better relations with America are in the making, the Russian government will be locked into delivering the better relations, and this will require the Russian government to give up more than it gains. Russian sovereignty will be part of the price for the agreement.

If the Russians, desperate for Western acceptance, hold on to their delusion that Washington’s hegemony is negotiable, it will not only be at their own peril but also at the peril of all of humanity.

Postscript: The rant in the URL below in Salon, which I suspect is a CIA asset, by a non-entity of no merit or achievement is devoid of fact. But it does stand as an accurate representation of the organized, orchestrated assault in the United States on truth and on those individuals committed to truth, such as Jill Stein and Julian Assange. As the goal is to denigrate Trump, it is not possible to believe the portrayal of the unidentified Republican state senator in the Salon account who lost his faith in Trump simply because Trump did not behave provocatively when he met with Putin. Nevertheless, the portrayal, even if fictional, is accurate in the sense that it represents the controlled explanation that is being fed to the American people and the subject peoples of Washington’s empire.

The Russian media desperately needs to accurately translate and publish the Salon article in order for the Russian people to comprehend the impossibility of any agreement with the United States that leaves Russia a sovereign nation. The hatred of Russia that is being generated in America is extraordinary. It can only lead to war.

Throughout the Western World truth and facts have lost their authority. The West lives in lies, and this is the West that confronts the world. It is pathetic to watch Lavrov and Putin continue, time and again, to appeal to facts and to truth when these mean nothing in the West.

معادلات هلسنكي للعالم الجديد

يوليو 19, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– إذا وضعنا جانباً ما يتصل بقراءة موازين القوى التي عبّرت عنها قمة هلسنكي بين الرئيسين الأميركي دونالد ترامب والروسي فلاديمير بوتين، يمكن استخلاص المعادلات التي أسفرت عنها القمة، والتي ستشهد المزيد من التطوّر تمهيداً لمسار ربما يحتاج السنتين الباقيتين من عمر ولاية ترامب ليتبلور بإنجازات تمهّد له الولاية الثانية التي ستكون فرصة تظهير المعادلات الجدية بوضوح أشدّ وتحويلها قواعد حاكمة في المشهد الدولي وإدارة الاقتصاد والسياسة فيه.

– عملياً مع التقاسم الذي شهدته القمة لسوق النفط والغاز في أوروبا، وهي السوق الأكبر عالمياً لبلدين، أحدهما روسيا، بلد يعتمد اقتصاده على موارده من بيع النفط والغاز ونجح في استثمار موارده لتطوير شبكات أنابيب مكنته من تحويل قوّته في سوق الطاقة مصدر تحكم سياسي بحاجة أوروبا الحيوية لهذه الموارد، والآخر يخسر حرب الأنابيب التي خاضها في سورية ويسلم بالخسارة لحساب تفرّد روسيا بالسوق الأوروبية كعامل قوة في التفاوض، في ظلّ ركود اقتصادي أميركي فرض استثمارات هائلة في قطاع جديد هو النفط الصخري والغاز الصخري ولا يجد أسواقاً أمامه، بالمنافسة التي تمنح روسيا تفوّقاً بالقرب الجغرافي من السوق الأوروبي والكلفة المنخفضة لشبكات الأنابيب، والكلفة الأصلية المنخفضة للنفط والغاز الطبيعيين. فحرب الأسعار هنا خسارة أميركية محققة، والتقاسم بالتراضي تحت شعار تنظيم السوق وتحديد أسعاره، كما قال بوتين، هو ثمن تسدّده روسيا لأميركا، لتنعش اقتصادها، لكن على قاعدة التسليم بأمرين جديدين، الأول أنّ روسيا هي سيدة أسواق النفط والغاز في العالم، والثاني أنّ أوروبا هي مدى جغرافي حيوي روسي رغم المكانة التي تحتلها أميركا فيها أمنياً وسياسياً واقتصادياً، مقابل ضمان المصالح الأميركية الحيوية في هذا المدى الحيوي وفي قطاع النفط والغاز. وهاتان المعادلتان الجديدتان ستظهران في قضايا كثيرة مختلفة لاحقاً.

– في الحقائق المحيطة بالتفاهم حول سورية، بات واضحاً أنّ المعادلات تنقسم إلى أربعة عناوين: الأول يتصل بالسقف السياسي لمستقبل سورية بين معادلات إسقاط النظام والتقسيم والفدرالية والدولة الموحّدة برئيسها وجيشها، وقد حُسم بوضوح لصالح الخيار الروسي بالتوافق على الدولة السورية الموحّدة برئيسها وجيشها. والثاني يتصل بكيفية إدارة العملية السياسية في ظلّ هذا الخيار، بين استثمار الجغرافيا الواقعة خارج سيطرة الدولة السورية واستثمار ملف النازحين لترجيح كفة خيار الدولة الرخوة والضعيفة والمخلخلة، وبين الإفراج عن الجغرافيا والنازحين لصالح الاستثمار في مفهوم الدولة القوية، وقد حسم الخيار الثاني، وفقاً لمعادلة أن الدولة الرخوة لا تستطيع أن تضمن التزاماتها، والدولة القوية وحدها تفعل ذلك، وفي منطقة الزلازل التي تقع سورية في قلبها أثبت مفهوم الدولة القوية بعد كلّ الاختبارات أنه الأضمن حتى لخصومها من العبث بتماسكها والسعي لإضعافها، ولأنّ هذين العنوانين موضوع ربح كامل للرؤية الروسية توقع الأميركيون ربحاً موازياً في العنوانين الآخرين: وهما أولاً ضمان أمن «إسرائيل»، وعبر ثنائية العودة لفك الاشتباك وإبعاد إيران وحزب الله عن الجنوب لعشرات الكيلومترات، وثانياً منح الأميركيين فرصة إخراج إيران فريقاً خاسراً من سورية لتزخيم السعي الأميركي للفوز بالمواجهة الشاملة التي يخوضونها مع إيران، والحصيلة كانت واضحة بأنّ أمن «إسرائيل» كسب نصف المطلوب بقبول فك الاشتباك، لكن معطوفاً على تطبيق القرارات الأممية. وما يعنيه ذلك من تعطيل مشاريع ضمّ الجولان. وفي المقابل تعليق كلّ بحث بمستقبل وجود إيران وحزب الله، بصورة لا تمنح طمأنينة كاملة لـ «إسرائيل» ولا تمنح الأميركي الربح المرجو أصلاً. وهذا يعني أنّ المعادلة الجديدة في غرب المتوسط هي التسليم بالإدارة الروسية السياسية والأمنية. وهذا معنى التأكيد على مرجعية أستانة، مقابل ضمان تجنيب الأميركي الخسائر دون منحه فرصة تحقيق أرباح.

– المنطقتان اللتان قاتلت فيهما أميركا منذ سقوط جدار برلين، قبل ثلاثة عقود يوم تفرّدت بحكم العالم، ورمت فيهما بثقل مشاريعها، هما أوروبا وصولاً لحدود روسيا، وغرب آسيا وصولاً لحدود الصين، وفي هاتين المنطقتين تسلم بالدور المحوري لروسيا، على قاعدة ضمان الأرباح الأميركية في أوروبا ومنع الخسائر الأميركية في غرب آسيا. وهذا كله سينتظر نهاية الرهان الأميركي على مفعول التحالف السعودي الإسرائيلي بوجه إيران، وما يجري تحضيره في قلب هذا الرهان تحت عنوان صفقة القرن، وهو ما تعتقد موسكو أنّ مصيره الفشل، والمزيد من تصدّع وحدة الجبهة الأوروبية الأميركية. وبالتالي المزيد من مراكمة التأثير الروسي في أوروبا، والمزيد من التقارب الروسي الأوروبي، وفي المقابل المزيد من العقلانية الأميركية في فهم ماهية تعريف الخسائر، بصورة لا يبقى معها لـ «الإسرائيلي» فرص وهوامش للمناورة، تتيح التهرّب من استحقاقات تطبيق القرارات الأممية حول القضية الفلسطينية كسبيل وحيد لمنع الانفجار، الذي يشكل مجرّد منعه عنوان معادلة الحؤول دون المزيد من الخسائر الأميركية.

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حزب الله فلسفة القوة:ناصر قنديل

قنديل سلّم عون كتابَه الجديد «حزب الله… فلسفة القوّة»

يوليو 20, 2018

استقبل رئيس الجمهورية العماد ميشال عون في قصر بعبدا، أمس رئيس تحرير جريدة «البناء» النائب السابق ناصر قنديل، وأجرى معه جولة أفق تناولت الأوضاع الراهنة والتطورات السياسية الأخيرة…

وخلال اللقاء قدّم النائب السابق قنديل للرئيس عون نسخة من كتابه الجديد «حزب الله… فلسفة القوة»، وسلّمه دعوة للمشاركة في حفل إطلاق الكتاب الذي سيُقام في قصر الأونسكو في بيروت يوم الإثنين 30 تموز الحالي، الساعة الخامسة بعد الظهر، وسيتحدّث خلاله رئيس المجلس التنفيذي لحزب الله السيد هاشم صفي الدين.

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We went to war with Iraq without any evidence of WMDs. Now we are under threat of going to war with Russia without any evidence of Collusion. Mueller is responsible for both

We went to war with Iraq without any evidence of WMDs. Now we are under threat of going to war with Russia without any evidence of Collusion. The same man is responsible for both.

They dragged this lying SOB out to justify Iraq and now they are pinning their hopes on him again. Pathetic. Do they think we have goldfish memories.

It was attorney Jeffrey Marty, who at American, compiled a long list of scandals casting shadows over Mueller. The following are a few of the better-known:

  • Some $12 billion in $100 bills was dispatched to the Iraq war theater, and vanished.
  • The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organizations to cause them trouble.
  • Fast and Furious saw the government traffic guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals.
  • The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters.
  • Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation got millions for speeches while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
  • Hillary Clinton dealt to Russia control of 20 percent of the uranium capacity inside the U.S.
  • Of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and all the government records, including classified, that ended up there.
  • The HSBC money-laundering scandal.

Marty pointed out that, despite his history, Mueller was sold, when handed the job, as “ramrod straight” and “utterly incorruptible.”

Trump for once actually makes sense, Says “Critics Badly Want War With Russia”

Trump Says Critics Badly Want War With Russia

Says they’re pushing recklessly for a ‘major confrontation’

In comments on Twitter early Thursday, President Trump faulted his critics, saying he believes they “badly want to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war.”

Trump has been saying he wants better relations with Russia since the 2016 campaign, and has been facing heavy criticism for that position ever since. This week saw Trump’s first summit with Putin since the election.

That summit went well, but Trump was roundly castigated by much of the media as well as the overwhelming majority of US lawmakers. They were indeed demanding confrontations of Vladimir Putin and were extremely angry that the summit went well.

Trump believes this amounts to pushing “recklessly hard” for war, saying “they hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin.” Though these critics generally aren’t advocating for war itself, they have been advocating for years for ever-worsening bilateral relations.

It is this hostility toward Russia that has driven bilateral ties to their worst point since the height of the Cold War, and has them resisting even the hint of detente. While they aren’t necessarily expecting this to lead to war, they are determined to see it not lead to peace.

President Trump is being increasingly vocal about his annoyance at this resistance to his diplomatic overtures, despite avoiding a war with Russia seemingly being an obvious part of long-term US strategic interests.

But as President Trump firmly positions himself against a disastrous war with Russia, it is likely to escalate the rhetoric coming out of his critics, making their anti-Russia stance yet more overt and more willing to counsel an unthinkable conflict

Putin Slams US Forces Ready to ‘Sacrifice’ Russia-US Ties

July 19, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed “forces” in the US who were willing to sacrifice Russian-US ties, two days after a summit with his US counterpart Donald Trump who has since faced a storm of criticism.

“We see that there are forces in the US that are easily ready to sacrifice Russian-American relations for their own ambitions,” Putin said in a speech to Russian ambassadors who gathered in Moscow.

Source: AFP

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