Saudi Crown Prince Wants to End Yemen War: Leaks

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Newly-leaked emails written by two former top US officials show that Saudi crown prince and defense minister Mohammed bin Salman “wants out” of the war he started in Yemen.


Mohammed bin Salman

Email correspondence from April of this year between Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to the Zionist entity and Yousef Otaiba, the UAE’s ambassador to the US, was obtained by Middle East Eye, in which the two discussed their dealings with Prince bin Salman.

Indyk said bin Salman had been “clear” in meetings with himself and former national security advisor Stephen Hadley that he “wants out of Yemen” and is “OK with the US engaging with Iran,” despite his publicly aggressive stance on both the Yemeni crisis and Tehran.

Otaiba, however, did not reply to requests for comment, while Hadley told MEE: “I cannot comment on what was a private conversation.”

The then 29-year-old Mohammed bin Salman attracted criticism internationally for plunging Saudi Arabia into a bloody intervention in Yemen in March 2015.

The Saudi-led bombing campaign and air and sea blockade has left 70 per cent of Yemen’s 27-million strong population reliant on some form of humanitarian aid, 7.3 million on the brink of famine and caused the worst cholera outbreak in modern history.

The idea that Saudi Arabia is trying to exit its expensive war next door is not a new one, however, co-founder of the Sanaa Centre and non-resident fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC told The Independent.

The UN estimates $2.1bn is needed to stop Yemen turning into a completely failed state, but donor governments only pledged half that amount at an aid conference in Geneva in April.

Western governments have also faced criticism for their role in the conflict: arms sold to Saudi Arabia are destined for use in the Yemeni war, rights groups indicate.

Source: The Independent, Edited by website team

15-08-2017 | 09:59
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EU-Iran ties growing stronger despite the USA’s ridiculous position

Rogue state, what rogue state? Burgeoning EU-Iran relations signal US adrift
The phalanx of European leaders, ministers, and dignitaries, attending the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last weekend was a stunning snub to Washington. It was also a clear signal the US is losing its thrall over Europe.

Think about it. According to US President Donald Trump and the American Congress, Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. And yet here we saw European leaders respectfully attending the swearing-in of the country’s re-elected president. A rather big contradiction, don’t you think?

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s highest ranking diplomat, was accompanied at the Iranian presidential ceremony by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Germany’s Minister of State Michael Roth. Also in attendance were ministers and dignitaries from Austria, Britain, Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands, as well as many other non-European countries.

So, what’s all this American talk about Iran being a rogue state, a scourge of global terrorism? The presence of European officials – and the absence of American ones – during the inauguration of President Rouhani was a spectacular demonstration of dissonance and repudiation of American policy.

Only a few weeks ago, in May, while President Trump was on his first overseas official visit in Saudi Arabia, he called on all nations of the world to boycott Iran. Trump told assembled Arab leaders then: “All nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran,” accusing the Islamic Republic of threatening Middle East security.

Evidently, European countries have ignored Trump and his demeaning caricature of Iran.

Indeed, ever since the July 2015 signing of the international nuclear accord between Iran and six other world powers (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany), European governments and businesses have been hot on the trail to Tehran to ink new joint ventures and investment deals.

The nuclear accord – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – has lifted international sanctions on Iran in return for it adhering to restrictions on its nuclear program to bar weaponization. Six reviews carried out by the UN watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, have verified Iran is in full compliance with its side of the JCPOA bargain.

The Europeans seem more than happy about that. Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign affairs chief, is a formidable advocate of the nuclear deal, proclaiming it a success and a source of regional stability. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif was warmly welcomed in Brussels in June when he reported via Twitter: “Excellent meeting with leaders in Berlin, Rome and Paris. Despite reckless US hostility, EU committed to JCPOA and constructive engagement.”

European investors have duly piled in to snatch part of the Iranian market of some 80 million people and the world’s second and fourth largest source of natural gas and oil, respectively.

This week, two days after Rouhani’s inauguration, French automaker Renault signed the “biggest-ever” car deal in Iran, worth €660 million, where it will manufacture 150,000 vehicles a year in partnership with two Iranian firms.

Last year, French company PSA, the maker of Peugeot and Citroen, announced a similar investment in Iran, worth €400 million.

The champion breakthrough for European-Iranian investment came last month when France’s Total signed up to a nearly €5 billion 20-year project with Iranian and Chinese firms to develop Iran’s South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, reckoned to be the world’s biggest reserve.

Both Germany and France have seen exports to Iran soar since the implementation of the nuclear accord. Germany’s by some 26 percent and France’s by nearly 50 percent, according to trade figures.

Eric Schweitzer of the German Chamber of Commerce estimates his country’s bilateral trade with Iran will double within the next two years. Being the kingpin economy of Europe that means a burgeoning relationship between the wider EU and Iran.

It was notable the EU’s Mogherini said last month the JCPOA “does not belong to any one country,” when she met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Brussels. This was a veiled notice to the US that the Europeans intend to implement the nuclear accord with or without the Americans. Russia and China are, of course, onboard with the agreement, both having signed significant energy deals with Iran over the past year.

By contrast, Washington has signaled that it may rip up the JCPOA. President Trump has so far reluctantly gone along with the accord, which was negotiated under the previous Obama administration. Nevertheless, Trump has reportedly sidelined his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, an ex-oil CEO, and is pushing to rescind American compliance.

Such a reversal would have legal implications since the JCPOA is an internationally binding treaty confirmed by the United Nations. What Trump’s White House will seek to do is either ramp up accusations that Iran is in breach of it by testing ballistic missiles or try to antagonize Iran into rejecting the JCPOA by slapping on more bilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Last week, Trump signed into law new sanctions targeting Iran, as well as Russia and North Korea.

These “secondary sanctions” – which nominally are unrelated to the nuclear deal – will also potentially target European banks and industries over investments in Iran.

Thus, while European businesses and governments are legally entitled to partner with Iran due to the JCPOA terms, Washington is seeking to impose obstacles on the grounds of its bilateral sanctions based on dubious allegations of Iranian links to terrorism or illicit development of ballistic missiles.

This echoes the same repercussions for Europe about new American sanctions imposed on Russia over its natural gas delivery projects to the continent. British, French, German and Austrian energy firms are threatened with American penalties because of their partnership with Russia’s Gazprom in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

Europe’s response to those American sanctions has been furious, condemning Washington’s policy as blatant interference in EU energy security.

Iran is another flagrant case in point, where European economic and political interests are being dictated to by Washington.

However, increasingly it seems, the Europeans are realizing through bitter experience that Washington is not acting out of some benevolent “transatlantic unity” but rather for its own base, selfish strategic interests.

Whether it’s the Paris climate agreement, the Iranian nuclear accord, or sanctions on Russian energy supplies, the Europeans are on a journey of political discovery, in which they will fully realize their so-called strategic partnership with the US is, in fact, a huge liability.

As Deutsche Welle reported earlier this month: “Europe and USA on a collision course over Iran nuclear deal.”

Europe needs to extricate itself from the double think of following American sanctions against Iran and Russia, while also being penalized by Washington at almost every turn.

As the Americans famously say: “There’s no such thing as allies, only interests.” It’s surely time for Europe to put its own interests first and forget about fictitious allies.

Not only is the American “ally” fictitious; it is also destructive and rather dangerous to be around.

Putin Slams Europe for Upholding Child Rape By a Migrant

The case Putin is referring to is reported on here. You have to hand it to the Russian leader. He never seems to tire of supplying us with ample evidence of what a huge difference sane, rational leadership can make in the life of a country. There is no immigrant crisis in Russia.


ٍSouth Front

The area controlled by the Damascus government in Syria has grown by 250 percent over the past two months, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu said on Sunday. Shoigu added that the liberation of the key town of Sukhna in the province of Homs opens an opportunity to lift the ISIS siege from the strategic city of Deir Ezzor. He added that Russia has “started persuading our American colleagues that terrorists should be separated from opposition to understand where to strike… Establishing the de-escalation zones today is exactly this separation.”

On Saturday, special operations units from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces carried out a successful air landing operation behind ISIS lines at the administrative border between Homs and Raqqah provinces.

Government troops led by Tiger Forces Commander Suheil al-Hassan were transported by 4 Mi-35 attack helicopters to the eastern Raqqah countryside 21km behind the frontline and liberated Khirbet Makman village, Al-Qadir town and Bir Rahum. Government troops are now deployed in only about 40 km from the recently liberated town of Sukhna.

Special operations forces killed and injured large numbers of ISIS fighters, and destroyed 3 battle tanks, 17 armed vehicles, 7 VBIEDs, and captured two VBIEDs, two tanks and several ISIS artillery pieces during the operation, according to the Syrian Ministry of Defense.

This was the first ever air landing operation conducted by the SAA during the ongoing war. It showed the growing military capabilities of the SAA supported and trained by Russia and Iran.

Meanwhile, the SAA and tribal forces continued pressuring ISIS in the town of Maadan near the Euphrates River. The SAA has still not liberated the town because of constant flanking attacks by ISIS in the area. Last weekend, ISIS attacked the SAA near Ghanim Ali and al-Kadir killing 7 SAA troops and capturing a battle tank.

In the province of Homs, ISIS conducted raids near Sukhna, in the area of Humaimah and at the Shaer fields. According to Amaq, 32 SAA soldiers were killed and 3 battle tanks, a BMP, a bulldozer and 5 vehicles were destroyed in the clashes.

Despite counter-attacks, ISIS is in very complicated situation. As soon as the SAA fully secures the Sukhna area, government forces will be able to pay more attention to other frontlines in the Homs province and counter a threat posed by ISIS units there.

Two US soldiers died and five others suffered injures while they were conducting operations in northern Iraq, the US military said in a statement on Sunday. According to the released statement, “the incident was not due to enemy contact”.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq released a statement claiming the US military suffered casualties because of the group’s shelling near al-Bwair village east of Tal-Afar town. According to the statement, ISIS used Grad rockets, killed 4 US soldiers and injured 6 others. Amaq claimed that ISIS members were tracking US forces movement via a small drone.

Troops of the US-led coalition actively operate in Iraq and Syria. The US Special Operations Forces even spearhead offensives in the crucial directions like Mosul or Raqqah, according to local sources. However, the US military prefers avoid providing official confirmations of such facts.



Russian Military Advisors Assisted Syrian Amry Airdrop Operation Behind ISIS Defense Lines

Russian Military Advisors Assisted Syrian Amry Airdrop Operation Behind ISIS Defense Lines
A screenshot from the video

Russian military advisors particiapted in the preparation of the Syrian Army airdrop operation behind ISIS defense lines that took place at the administrative border between Homs and Raqqah provinces last weekend, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday.

The airdrop opeation was led by Commander of the Tiger Forces, General Suhel Hassan, and supported by Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters.

“On August 12 night, for the first time since the beginning of hostilities against ISIS terrorist group in Syria, the government forces managed to prepare and conduct a brilliant operation to make a tactical landing in the rear of the militants which resulted in their complete defeat and capture of the settlement of Al-Hadar about 120 kilometers west of the city of Deir Ezzor,” the ministry said. “With the help of night vision systems, the renowned [Ka-52] Alligators not only effectively directed and corrected the fire of multiple-launch rocket system, but also destroyed [ISIS] armored vehicles and armed cars,” the ministry said.

The airdropped troops were holding positions until the appraoch of the main striking force.

“The actions of the tactical landing force and the effectiveness of the fire damage inflicted on Daesh fighters allowed the government troops to seize al-Hadar without losses,” the ministry said.
The Russian Defense Ministry’s video of the operation:



Tiger Forces Liberated Kawm Oasis En Route To Strategic Sukhna Town In Homs Province (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Following the previous advances, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces liberated the entire Kawm oasis en route to the strategic Sukhna town in the province of Homs.

The Tiger Forces are now developing momentum in the direction of the Taybah town located north of Sukhna. If Taybah is liberated, the Tiger Forces will get a strong point at the important road linking up Sukhna and the government-held area in Raqqah province.

Tiger Forces Liberated Kawm Oasis En Route To Strategic Sukhna Town In Homs Province (Maps)



Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

Photos have appeared online confirming a large advance made by the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces against ISIS in the province of Homs.

Photos how Tiger Forces members in the recently liberated Kawn oasis in only about 30km from the recently liberated town of Sukhna north of Palmyra.

The Toger Forces are advancing along the Resafa-Sukhna road in order ot link the government-held areas in the provinces of Homs and Raqqah and to cut off ISIS members in the eastern Hama countryside from their allies in the rest of Syria.

Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

Photos: Tiger Forces Troops In Recently Liberated Kawn Oasis In Homs Province

Click to see the full-size image

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Nasser Kandil Exposing the Cowards and the Defeated Fifth Column

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رفيق نصرالله وواصف عريقات


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US senators meet with head of anti-Iran terrorist group MKO

US senators, head of anti-Iran terror group meet

US senators meet with head of anti-Iran terrorist group MKO

From right: US Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC), Roy Blunt (R-MO), MKO chief Maryam Rajavi, and John Cornyn (R-TX) pose for a photograph Saturday in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on August 12, 2017.
From right: US Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC), Roy Blunt (R-MO), MKO chief Maryam Rajavi, and John Cornyn (R-TX) pose for a photograph Saturday in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on August 12, 2017.

A group of senior US senators has met with the head of the anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, in Albania.

The delegation of Republican Senators Roy Blunt, John Cornyn, and Thom Tillis had a meeting with Rajavi in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on Saturday. The senators also met with other members of the terrorist group.

Blunt, the junior senator from Missouri, is chair of the Senate Rules Committee; Cornyn, the senior senator from Texas, is the current Senate Majority Whip; and Tillis, the junior senator from North Carolina, previously served as the speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

During the meeting with the American lawmakers, Rajavi welcomed Washington’s hostile approach toward Iran, especially the imposition of new sanctions and called for “regime change” in the Islamic Republic.

The MKO has carried out numerous terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians and government officials over the past three decades.

Out of the nearly 17,000 Iranians killed in terrorist assaults since the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, about 12,000 have fallen victim to MKO’s acts of terror.

Also back in April, Republican US Senator John McCain met with Rajavi and some other members of her group in Tirana, and praised her anti-Iran activities.

US Senator John McCain met Maryam Rajavi in the Albanian capital of Tirana on April 14, 2017.

He congratulated the terrorist group’s “successful transfer” from Iraq and praised its members for what he described as “sacrifice.”

In 1986, the terrorist group’s members fled Iran for Iraq, where they received support from the then Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, and set up Camp Ashraf, now known as Camp New Iraq, in Diyala Province near the Iranian border.

The terrorist group sided with Saddam Hussein during Iraq’s eight-year war against Iran in the 1980s. The MKO also helped Saddam in his brutal crackdown on his opponents.

In December 2011, the UN and Baghdad agreed to relocate some 3,000 MKO members from Camp Ashraf to Camp Hurriyet. The last group of the MKO terrorists was evicted in September 2013 and relocated to Camp Hurriyet to await transfer to third countries.


Let’s Save the World – Trump Must Go!

Let’s Save the World – Trump Must Go!

By Peter Koenig,

For the last few days, the megalo-psychopath, Donald Trump, doubling as President of the United States of America, with a happy finger on the red-nuclear bottom – has been lambasting and shouting threats of “fire and fury” at North Korea, for her purely self-defensive ICBM tests, carried out under constant threats by US air and naval forces. According to the latest “fake news”, DPRK’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles are capable of bearing “miniaturized nuclear bombs”. – Most scientists call this false propaganda which is again so proper to the empire of doom. Fortunately, the mainstream presstitute’s credibility is rapidly fading, in fact is almost dead. There is an up-swell of people waking up. See also 

This morning, the same almost Inhuman Being has not only doubled-up on his threats of fire and fury to the Pyongyang Government, but had the audacity to also menace Venezuela with military intervention – to save lives. He, who – along with his predecessors – have killed tens of millions of people around the world in illegal wars and conflicts, now wants to invade the hydrocarbon-rich neighbor, Venezuela; incidentally almost the only true democracy left in the Americas, and arguably on the globe.

President Trump today refused a phone call from Venezuela’s President Maduro, who probably wanted to explain what the people of Venezuela intended to achieve with this newly voted National Constituent Assembly, the ultimate step towards a true people’s democracy. He did so, perhaps in the hope, a clever man would understand.

To no avail. One of Trump’s aides told Mr. Maduro, his boss would talk to him, once he, President Maduro, reinstated democracy in Venezuela. Imagine! – That coming from the man who is reigning over the biggest, oppressive police state on this globe, using deception and falsehood to brainwash the western world into a heard of sheep; and playing world dictator slaughtering people throughout the planet, only because they want to keep their sovereignty and are not willing to be subjugated by this ridiculous, preposterous caricature of an emperor.

A new threat hangs over Venezuela. US Military invasion. The country is already invaded by US / CIA trained, funded, fed and armed proxy fighters, that regularly help disturbing peace, stirring up chaos and causing death in the streets of Caracas – death, that the Anglo-Zionist controlled press is ascribing to the Maduro Government – an outright lie. The west largely believes it, as the lie is hammered in throughout the globe. The West is losing its marbles for licking Trump’s blood-stained casino boots.

This madman occupant of the White House pulls along his close entourage, foremost his Minister of War, “Mad-Dog”, General James Mattis, and his oil-magnate Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, plus certainly a number of Pentagon and Congress hawks. – But, do they follow him because of conviction or fear? – Fear cannot be excluded, as the little common sense they may still have left tells them what their unpredictable psychopath-in-chief may be capable of doing. Fortunately, some reasonable generals in the Pentagon and representatives of Congress are aware of the real danger in leaving the ultimate responsibility for triggering a pre-emptive nuclear war with Trump. They quietly distance themselves – and in Congress there is an initiative under way to curb Trumps power as Commander-in-Chief of pushing the red bottom. Will they succeed — before it is too late?

This madman has to go to save humanity and the planet.

There are already talks – and well-founded talks – that after the DPRK will be Iran. Never mind the Nuclear Agreements reached with Iran after years of negotiations on 14 July 2015 in Vienna, the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), between the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States – plus German, and the European Union, under which all sanctions would be lifted on Iran, so that this country rich in resources, history and science, a nation that has never done any harm to her neighbors, may become integrated again in the chorus of world societies.

Trump and his Mad-Dog warrior simply and without any substance pretend Iran does not adhere to the deal and therefore must be punished – new economic sanctions, of course, which by now are almost useless, since Iran applies a strict regime of Resistance Economy, largely moving away from the western dollar-hegemony and towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) into an alternative economic system. Better even than ‘sanctions’, giving the sick killer-duo’s thought process, would be a few preventive surgical nuclear strikes aiming at Iran’s atomic energy facilities.

They would certainly please Israel’s Master Zionist and the Trump family’s close buddy, Bibi Netanyahu, now under a cloud of serious corruption charges. The common saying goes – the chicken are coming home to roost – and roost they may, rather sooner than later, also in The Donald’s backyard.

Is there any diplomatic peaceful way to stop this megalomaniac from annihilating Mother Earth, and life as we know it?

How about for once a true UN Security Council Resolution, true and factual in the sense that it is introduced on behalf of the world community and for the security of the globe. To save species, to save the environment, to save life as we know it. Not some fake ‘security’ serving only the purpose of enlarging Washington’s grandeur.

How about China and Russia taking such an initiative, calling upon the entire United Nations to stop the Empire of Horror, the United States of America, as it were, from her ever-increasing killing spree around the globe, from her masterminding mass murder, oppression, human exploitation, abrogation and violation of human rights and invasions, infringements on peoples’ and their nations sovereignty – a UNSC Resolution that would wake up the world and have the192 members stop and dismantle the one empire of fear and destruction that risks to devastate human lives and livelihoods?

That should be possible. – Russia and China have nothing to fear. They are way above equal powers with the self-styled hegemon. Acting fast, before it is too late is of the order. The madman has his finger on the trigger. Whether he is bluffing or not, we can’t say. And there is no room to gamble.

The League of Nations, today’s United Nations, may it become solidary again – has nothing to fear. The tides are turning. Russia, China and the SCO alliance are offering a new perspective, a new economic paradigm, one of peace and equality, instead of the fraudulent dollar-hegemony. The tide is rapidly turning away from the enslavement of hydrocarbons dominated and monopolized by the bogus dollar economy. The tide is turning towards alternative energy sources. The tide is gradually turning its back to the fake, worthless fiat money that has no backing other than the hypocritical freemasonry slogan “In God We Trust”. – What God, for heaven’s sake? It’s their god of money. Their god of usury, their god of the stranglehold by debt.  The tide is turning – and turning fast.

People of this planet, the only one we have and know, wake up, lift your courage upon your shoulders and step out of the blue pill-managed matrix into a new world offered by a legally steadfast UN Resolution – your Resolution, Resolution 101, the only one to freedom; dear People,192 nations united against an atrocious vicious despot. There is no way of losing.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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