Palestinians slam TRAITOR Abbas meeting with Terrorists MKO



Published on Aug 1, 2016

Palestinian resistance groups have denounced a recent meeting between the “traitor Abbas”  and the leader of anti-Iran Mujahedin-e-Khalq terror organization.

The alliance of the Palestinian resistance forces called the meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Maryam Rajavi as a stab at the Iranian-Palestinian relations. It warned that such meetings, dictated by Saudi Arabia, bring no benefit to the Palestinian nation and only deal blows to the Palestinian issue. The alliance, which includes ten political parties and factions, reiterated that it would stand by Iran and the axis of resistance against the Israeli regime.

On Saturday, Abbas held a meeting with the terror group’s leader during his trip to France. The MKO is responsible for numerous acts of terror and thousands of deaths in Iran and Iraq.

Paul Sheldon Foote
Professor, California State University

Press TV has interviewed Paul Sheldon Foote, a professor at the California State University, about a recent meeting between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the ringleader of anti-Iran terrorist group, Mujahedin Khalq Organization, in the French capital of Paris late Saturday.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of this meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Maryam Rajavi?

Foote: It’s an outrageous blow to those of us who support both Iran and the Palestinians and the people of Gaza. Here you have a traitor who many call the quisling of Palestine. And for the people don’t know what quisling is, quisling was the Norwegian who was executed for having worked with the Nazis during World War II. But here’s a man who supports fully the leadership in Israel who is supporting the evil aims of the leaders of Saudi Arabia who have been funding the Mujahedin Khalq communist terrorists and who are doing anything they can to fund terrorism in the region. And at the same time the Palestinians have been asking people such as myself to support their cause. Well, it’s not possible for us to support the cause of someone who supports communist terrorists. They’ve got to pick their sides.

Press TV: What kind of a message is Mahmoud Abbas trying to send by setting up this meeting with the leader of the MKO?

Foote: He’s trying to show that he supports entirely the agenda of the Zionists and the neo-conservatives and the neo-Trotskyites that he will represent their interests in Palestine. He’s not even elected anymore. He is claiming to be a leader once in last election of Palestine. Who elected him? Why doesn’t anyone speak for him? Why does he speak for anyone in Palestine?

Press TV: Of course as we just mentioned Palestinian resistance groups have denounced this meeting between Abbas and the leader of the Mujahidin Khalq Organization. What does that mean basically on the ground when it comes to that axis of resistance when it comes to standing up against Israeli oppression on Palestinian land?

Foote: Well, there are many people in Gaza and in Palestine who suffer very much from the Israeli occupation. Even though Mahmoud Abbas isn’t suffering. He’s profiting from it. Everyone else in Palestine and Gaza should be definitely protesting him and getting him out of the country.

Mohsen Rezaie: If We Get Angry, We’ll Leave No Trace of Al Saud

Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaie said on Monday that Iranians are patient, but that if they get angry they’ll leave no trace of Al Saud on earth.

Mohsen Rezai“Our message to Saudis from today is: If we get angry we will leave no trace of Saudis on earth. The Saudi government is responsible for the track-record support for MKO terrorism and anti-revolutionary assassinations whose documents have been collected,” Rezai wrote on his Instagram account.

Rezaie said that terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization always enjoyed Saudi support to carry out terrorist attacks in Iran against the government officials and cabinet ministers, according to IRNA. He added that Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Prince and the former Saudi intelligence chief, had taken part in the MKO conference in Paris, calling on them to resume terrorist operations in Iran.

Rezaei said that it is not the first time the Saudi intelligence approached the anti-government terrorist group to strike a blow to the Islamic Republic of Iran. He said that the Saudi intelligence service has always advocated subversive operations carried out by MKO.

In the past few months, Saudi leaders held the same sessions with Kurdistan Democratic Party, Komełeh and Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) in Erbil of Iraq and thus far, several terrorist operations were carried out in Iran’s Kurdistan province.

Source: Agencies

12-07-2016 – 12:46 Last updated 12-07-2016 – 16:17


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Iran slams Saudi prince for joining MKO meeting – Terrorists, Tools for Furtherance of Saudi Plans against Muslim Countries

Iran: Terrorists, Tools for Furtherance of Saudi Plans against Muslim Countries

An informed source at the Foreign Ministry said that Saudi Arabia is using terrorists as a tool for developing its plans against Muslim nations in the region.

IranThe source, who talked under the condition of anonymity, made the remarks while commenting on an anti-Iran gathering held on Saturday in Paris, France, by a number of the rented and ‘bankrupt terrorists’ affiliated to the terrorist group of Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) and their Western and Saudi supporters to protest against Iran.

Referring to the presence of former Saudi security official Turki al-Faisal among the so-called protestors in Paris, the source said Faisal’s presence in the gathering of ‘bankrupt terrorists’ has indicated, once more, Riyadh’s ‘political foolishness.’

In an indirect reference to Riyadh, the source added that Turki al-Faisal’s presence has also indicated frustration of the ‘father of Taliban and Al-Qaeda and the partner of Zionists’ in dealing with Iran.

Tehran-Riyadh diplomatic relations have been soured following the Hajj tragedy on September 24, 2015 in Mina where over 8,000 pilgrims, including 461 Iranians, were killed in a stampede. Many believe that the incompetence and mismanagement of the Saudi officials caused the tragedy.

“Turki al-Faisal’s presence among the MKO protestors in Paris and his anti-Iran remarks showed that the Saudis have resorted to terrorists as they had already done so in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, to achieve their goals against Muslim nations in the region,” the Foreign Ministry source told IRNA.

He described Saturday’s anti-Iran rally as a ‘street show’ made by terrorists affiliated to MKO and its Saudi and Western supporters adding, the so-called anti-Iran protestors and their ‘overt and covert supporters have come together to comfort each other.’

The MKO has carried out numerous terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians and government officials over the past three decades. Out of the nearly 17,000 Iranians killed in terrorist attacks since the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, about 12,000 have fallen victim to MKO’s acts of terror.

Washington and the European Union have removed the MKO from their list of terrorist organizations and the group currently enjoys freedom of movement and activity in the US and Europe, including regular meetings with American and European politicians.


Source: IRNA

10-07-2016 – 16:46 Last updated 10-07-2016 – 16:46

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MKO Ringleader Admits Massacre of 10,000 Iranian People

MKO Ringleader Admits Massacre of 10,000 Iranian People

The ringleader of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as MEK, PMOI and NCRI) Massoud Rajavi in letters to Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, confessed that he had ordered the killing of over 10,000 Iranians.

The three letters which date back to 1985 were sent to the Soviet Union and the communist party 4 years after Rajavi escaped to France. A copy of each letter can also be found in Stanford University’s archives.

In these letters, Rajavi and Farhad Olfat, an MKO representative, have demanded $300mln aid and granting asylum to the MKO members who had fled Iran.

But what attracts attention in these letters, is Rajavi’s crystal-clear confession that he had ordered the killing of over 10,000 Iranians across the country which proves Tehran’s claims that the MKO has killed over 12,000 Iranian people.

The MKO, founded in the 1960s, blended elements of Islamism and Stalinism and participated in the overthrow of the US-backed Shah of Iran in 1979. Ahead of the revolution, the MKO conducted attacks and assassinations against both Iranian and western targets.

The group started assassination of the citizens and officials after the revolution in a bid to take control of the newly-established Islamic Republic. It killed several of Iran’s new leaders in the early years after the revolution, including the then President, Mohammad Ali Rajayee, Prime Minister, Mohammad Javad Bahonar and the Judiciary Chief, Mohammad Hossein Beheshti who were killed in bomb attacks by the MKO members in 1981.

The group fled to Iraq in 1986, where it was protected by Saddam Hussein and where it helped the Iraqi dictator suppress Shiite and Kurd uprisings in the country.

The terrorist group joined Saddam’s army during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran (1980-1988) and helped Saddam and killed thousands of Iranian civilians and soldiers during the US-backed Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

Since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, the group, which now adheres to a pro-free-market philosophy, has been strongly backed by neo-conservatives in the United States, who argued for the MKO to be taken off the US terror list.

The US formally removed the MKO from its list of terror organizations in early September, one week after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent the US Congress a classified communication about the move. The decision made by Clinton enabled the group to have its assets under the US jurisdiction unfrozen and do business with the American entities, the State Department said in a statement at the time.

In September 2012, the last groups of the MKO terrorists left Camp Ashraf, their main training center in Iraq’s Diyala province. They have been transferred to Camp Liberty. Hundreds of the MKO terrorists have now been sent to Europe, where their names were taken off the blacklist even two years before the US.

The MKO has assassinated over 12,000 Iranians in the last 4 decades. The terrorist group had even killed large numbers of Americans and Europeans in several terror attacks before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Some 17,000 Iranians have lost their lives in terror attacks in the 37 years after the Revolution.

Iran, a victim of state-sponsored terrorism

Iran, a victim of state-sponsored terrorism

by Kourosh Ziabari (source: Faith Today)

Those who mischievously called Iran a part of the so-called “Axis of Evil” and put its name in their fabricated list of the state sponsors of terrorism – the list from which the name of Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime was removed in 1982 so that the United States and its European stooges could rationalize their unjustified, immoral and insane war against Iran – have blatantly forgotten that Iran has been long one of the guiltless victims of terrorism, sponsored by the United States, Israel, UK and their puppets in the Middle East.

Following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 as a consequence of which the government of the US-backed Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was toppled and the charismatic religious leader Imam Khomeini became the Supreme Leader, several efforts were made by the United States and its cronies to destabilize the newly-born Iran and sow the seeds of insecurity, fear and terror all over the country; a country which had released itself from the tyranny of the US-installed Shah and embraced a new era of prosperity and success.

At the early years of Islamic Revolution which promoted the establishment of a government ruled by the teachings of Islam and the law of God, the United States and its European cronies — the so-called ‘pioneers of human rights’ — unconditionally supported MKO, a terrorist organization which had explicitly expressed that it would take arms against the Islamic Republic and will fight until the subversion of Iran’s government.

Under the leadership of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, MKO carried out several terrorist attacks all over the country and killed hundreds of innocent civilians including the Shiites of Western Iran and the Iraqi Kurdish people.

In 1970s, the terrorist group targeted the American citizens living in Iran and killed William C. Cottrell, Colonel Lewis L. Hawkins, Donald G. Smith, and Colonel Jack Turner.

On 28 June, 1981, a powerful bomb was detonated at the headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party of Iran in which 72 governmental officials, the members of parliament and the then Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti were killed. Mohammadreza Kolahi, one of the low-ranking members of the MKO carried out the explosion project and immediately escaped to France without being extradited to Iran to be tried.

In 1986, MKO transferred its headquarters to Iraq and remained under the auspices of Saddam Hussein until he was removed from power by the multinational forces that invaded Iraq in 2003. According to the US State Department, MKO received all of its military support and most of its financial assistance from Saddam’s government until the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The disreputable terrorist group of Jundallah which has carried out several terrorist attacks in Iran is another representation of the United States’ sponsorship of terrorism against a country with which it is at odds.

According to the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, former Jundallah’s leader Abdolmalek Rigi had received great amounts of money and military training from the United States. In his confessions which were aired on several TV channels around the world, Rigi revealed upon being arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that he has been under the patronage of the United States for a long time and received weaponry, military training and money from the US-linked sources in Pakistan and Afghanistan on a regular basis. In a New Yorker article dated July 7, 2008, Hersh wrote that ” The CIA and Special Operations communities also have long-standing ties to two other dissident groups in Iran: the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, known in the West as the MEK, and a Kurdish separatist group, the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, or PJAK.”

Hersh revealed that supporting Rigi, MKO and PJAK was only a single part of United States’ anti-Iranian agenda which was initiated during the Bush administration: “Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country’s religious leadership.”

With the sponsorship of the United States, Jundallah had previously carried out a series of atrocious, bloody massacres in Iran which claimed the lives of 165 Iranians, including several police forces and IRGC commanders. The December 14, 2010 bombing in Chabahar in which 39 Iranian citizens were martyred while attending a mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (PBUH) was the latest felony carried out by this terrorist gang.

The European Parliament last year removed the name of MKO from its designated list of terrorist organizations. From the 27 members of the European Union, only a few condemned the last terrorist attacks in Chabahar. The world is witness to the exercise of double standards by the United States and its European allies with regards to human rights and terrorism.

Let’s be frank and answer this question by referring to our conscience. Aren’t the United States and its European allies the implicit state sponsors of terrorism? Isn’t Iran an innocent victim of state-sponsored terrorism?


USA supported anti-Iran MKO terrorist group makes unfounded claims about underground nuke site

An Iranian technician is seen at the Natanz enrichment facility. (file photo)

MKO claims on nuclear site ‘baseless’

The Islamic Republic of Iran has strongly rejected allegations about the existence of an underground nuclear research center in the northern part of Tehran as claimed by the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

In a Wednesday statement, Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations called the allegations reported by The Washington Post “baseless” and “fake”.

“It is regrettable that the newspaper has released false and repeated claims of a terrorist grouplet whose anti-human nature is evident to all,” the Fars news agency quoted the statement as saying.

It reiterated that Iran’s nuclear energy program is peaceful and the allegations by the terrorist group are made out of desperation as Tehran has adopted a logical approach towards the issue.

On Tuesday, the Post quoted MKO members as saying the site, referred to in the report as “Lavizan-3”, has been used “since 2008 to enrich uranium”.

Similar claims by MKO have previously proven false while the group continues attempts to turn the matter into a security case, said the Iran mission to the UN.

In reaction to the new allegations, US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US officials “have no information at this time to support such a conclusion.”

Tehran and the Sextet of world powers – the US, Britain, Russia, France, China, and Germany – have been engaged in nuclear negotiations in an effort to ink a high-profile political deal by the end of March and to confirm the full technical details of the accord by July 1.

Iran has so far suspended some of its enrichment program in return for certain sanctions relief.

Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO): US-Israel Sponsored Terrorist Entity directed against Iran

Global Research, January 08, 2015

In their abortive effort to assassinate another Iranian nuclear scientist, Israeli officials only sustained desperation and disgrace in their dastardly elimination campaign against Iran which was apparently in sync with ISIL inhumane brutalities inside Iraq and Syria.

More alert than ever, security forces are diligently tasked with protecting the lives of the Iranian scientists wherever they are.

A top Iranian military official said on Saturday that in the last two years,

“the Zionist entity has been making clandestine efforts to assassinate an Iranian nuclear scientist, but the timely presence of the IRGC security forces thwarted the terrorist operation.”

It is now common knowledge that Tel Aviv has been carrying out covert ops inside the Iranian soil for a couple of years, assassinating Iranian nuclear officials and scientists although Israel has constantly declined to admit to its unjustified iniquity against the Iranian nation.

mossadTranslating suspicion into conviction, a report carried by CBS News in March 2014 revealed that Obama has pressured Israeli espionage apparatuses to put an end to their assassinations inside Iran against the country’s nuclear scientists.

The terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization AKA MKO or MEK seems to be a ubiquitous agent any time there is an assassination in Iran. A shadowy cult with myriad of financial, military and intelligence connections to Tel Aviv and Washington, the MKO works in league with Kidon, the assassination unit within the Mossad. There are solid reports which indicate that the MKO members have received military and intelligence training both from the US forces as well as from the Mossad.

In 2012, Seymour M. Hersh revealed that at a secret site in Nevada, the US Special Operations Command (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, “a dissident Iranian opposition group known in the West as the M.E.K.” According to the report, the training ended sometime before President Obama took office. A retired four-star general says, “They got the standard training, in commo, crypto [cryptography], small-unit tactics, and weaponry—that went on for six months…. They were kept in little pods.”

Within the US government, the cult enjoys a rather immense support for their sabotage activities against the Islamic Republic. Among their shills are former top Bush officials and other Republicans (Michael Mukasey, Fran Townsend, Andy Card, Tom Ridge, Rudy Giuliani) as well as prominent Democrats (Howard Dean, Ed Rendell, Bill Richardson, Wesley Clark).

A revealing report by NBC News report by Richard Engel and Robert Windrem cites two anonymous senior US officials with two interesting claims: 1) that it was MEK which perpetrated the string of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and 2) the terrorist group “is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service.” So the report testifies to the veracity of what Iranian officials have asserted about the involvement of MEK and Israel in murdering nuclear scientists on the Iranian soil.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, I received a threatening email from Ali Safavi, the notorious MKO spokesman (through a western publisher of mine) in which he had pontificated about the virtues of the MKO terrorists and the so-called ‘vices’ of the Islamic Republic, accusing me of serving as a mouthpiece for the Islamic Republic. I strongly believe that revealing the murky realities of a terrorist group responsible for the deaths of 17000 innocent Iranians is only my ethical obligation. Besides, Ali Safavi and the likes

of him should come to their senses and realize that their efforts to whitewash their crimes will eventually prove pointless and that there is no way at all for them to lend a cloak of legitimacy to their unnamable crimes against the Iranian nation.

During the Iraq-Iran war, the MKO joined hands with Saddam Hussein, the tyrannical ruler of Iraq in attacking and killing Iranian combatants. However, a bloodier chapter in the history of the cult can be traced in their collusion with Saddam in crushing the popular uprisings in 1991. No doubt, their tanks took an inconceivable reprisal on thousands of innocent civilians. The callous command of Maryam Rajavi is still gnawing and tearing at the hearts and minds of the Iraqis: “Take the Kurds under your tanks, and save your bullets for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

Unfortunately, the MKO, long considered a terrorist organization, was delisted thanks to the unflagging endeavors of former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In 2011, Mohamed Ali Lobnani, a Lebanese national, who was arrested on charges of spying for Mossad confessed that he had spied for Israel under the cover of a Shiite cleric in Lebanon.

In a court hearing session, Lobnani said he had phone contacts with Mohammad Alizadeh, an MKO ringleader, claiming that had no idea that the number was a Mossad contact number.

Asked about the link between MKO and Mossad, he noted,

 “As far as I know, the group (MKO) has been collaborating with Israel for several years and has massive interactions with Mossad.”

The MKO is the artifact of a corrupt ideology which is in many respects comparable to that of the ISIL cult. No wonder they are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

The fact that these two curious cults are thriving rigorously, that the West caters – either publicly or secretly – to their cravings, that they are being bigheartedly financed by the puppet regional regimes and that they receive sophisticated military and intelligence training from Mossad and CIA evinces a believable bond between the two.

That the MKO and the ISIL cults are pursing the selfsame path of perversion is no coincidence at all. The reason is simple: they are cut from the same cloth. And that Mossad is dispatching assassins into Iran to liquidate Iranian scientists is only meant to strike fear and beyond that, to secretly make up for what the ISIL and MKO terrorists feel emasculated to do in Iran.

By Dr. Ismail Salami,

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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