President Trump legislative briefing for January 2017 by Scott Humor

January 30, 2017

President Trump legislative briefing for January 2017 by Scott Humor

This is what I call instant karma. Do you recall how Obama and the democrats consolidated executive power under the auspice of the president of the United States? How the liberal press loved it, and many republicans warned them against doing such things and the democrats ignored the warnings; they thought that their reign of terror will go on for at thousand years or at the least until WW III.

I even suspect that they were consolidating those powers tailored for Hilary, so they would be able to inflict trauma on humanity. This consolidation, however, didn’t go completely unnoticed by those republicans, independents, and democrats. As a result of this understanding, the consolidators lost their power,  and those on whom those powers were inflicted, got it.

On Friday, January 27, President Trump signed three latest executive orders.

First order establishes the Ethics commitments by executive branch appointees, which bans most government workers from acting as as lobbyists for foreign governments:

This piece of legislature is like putting in a toe to test the troubled waters of the deep state, namely the Council for Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Council and other privately owned think tanks, NGOs, and private military companies whose work was for foreign governments and nongovernmental entities, allegedly.

Trump and the security forces backing him understand that an entire apparatus of the United States Government’s decision-making structures and processes has to be revised and reformed.

That’s why on Friday another piece of legislature issued and went completely ignored by the liberal press, Presidential Memorandum Organization of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council

Trump  directed that his system for national security policy development and decision-making shall be organized as follows:

  1.     The National Security Council, the Homeland Security Council, and Supporting Staff
  2.     The Principals Committee (PC)
  3.     The Deputies Committee (DC)
  4.    A new agency is being established called  the   Policy Coordination Committees (PCC)


“Management of the development and implementation of national security policies by multiple executive departments and agencies typically shall be accomplished by the PCCs, with participation primarily occurring at the Assistant Secretary level.”

Looks like Trump is bringing to life the Republican party political commissars that will manage and supervise the development and implementation of national policies. They also will report on the daily activities of the enormous governmental apparatus.

Quoting,As the main day-to-day fora for interagency coordination of national security policies, the PCCs shall provide policy analysis for consideration by the more senior committees of the national security system and ensure timely responses to the President’s decisions.”

Next paragraph the same statement reinforced:

“The PCCs shall review and coordinate the implementation of Presidential decisions in their respective policy areas.

“An early meeting of the DC will be devoted to establishing the PCCs, determining their memberships, and providing them with mandates and strict guidance.  Until the DC has established otherwise, the existing system of Interagency Policy Committees shall continue.”

I like the word “mandate” here. It has a certain reflection on the leather jacket-clad and revolvers-waving youths from small Polish towns, who came to the Winter Palace, murdered ten million civilians and destroyed the Empire.

They called themselves deputies, also. Only, as the fate has it, Trump’s Policy Coordination Commissars will be wearing something like a republican party uniform: dark navy blazers with gold buttons, khaki slacks  red-white-and blue ties, and tailored shirts with cuffed sleeves and initials embroidered on the breast pockets.

With this document, Trump also establishes a new vehicle for his presidential orders named “National Security Presidential Memoranda that shall replace both Presidential Policy Directives and Presidential Study Directives as the instrument for communicating relevant Presidential decisions.”

“This memorandum shall supersede all other existing Presidential guidance on the organization or support of the NSC and the HSC.  With regard to its application to economic matters, this document shall be interpreted in concert with any Executive Order governing the National Economic Council and with Presidential Memoranda signed hereafter that implement either this memorandum or that Executive Order.”

Useful links:

Urgent Notice: Executive Order on Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals

January 27, 2017

Urgent Notice

Per the Executive Order on Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals signed on January 27, 2017, visa issuance to nationals of the countries of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen has been suspended effective immediately until further notification. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, please do not schedule a visa appointment or pay any visa fees at this time. If you already have an appointment scheduled, please DO NOT ATTEND. You will not be permitted entry to the Embassy/Consulate. We will announce any other changes affecting travelers to the United States as soon as that information is available.

What does this executive order do?

The Executive Order has four main policies:

1) Places a 90-day moratorium on entry into the U.S. from the seven countries named in a 2015 law aimed at requiring stricter vetting for people entering from Iran or countries overrun by jihadist violence.

2) Suspends admission of refugees from any country for 120 days in order to conduct a review of the program.

As you can see it’s a simple and lawful way to slow down the flow of immigrants for the new president, to sort out the security issues before new people will start working.

It’s a far cry from the new memeTrump banned all the Muslims,” that the liberals are touting.

Another equally scandal-ridden presidential statement was made for International Holocaust Remembrance Day by not mentioning Jews as a special category of victims.

“It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.

“Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest.‎ As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

“In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”


We are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.” This is the closest thing to acknowledging of the heroism and enormous sacrifice of the Russian people in defeating the European fascism and liberating Europe from the rule of the National Socialist party of Germany.

By the way, it took almost seventy years for the state of Israel to erect a memorial to the Soviet soldiers who had died liberating death camps. As the story goes, it was the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who gave money to Israel to build a Great Patriotic war heroes memorial.

The reaction of the liberals globalists is the same as always.

Howard Dean, former 6 term Governor of Vermont and failed Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, tweeted:Since the Boston bombers came from Russia, shouldn’t Russia be on the list?” in response to Gabriel Debenedetti, the National political reporter at Politico: “Dem Party officer candidates are joining these protests all over.”

So far, for the American Politicians ignorance remains a bliss. Tsarnaev was born into an ethnically Chechen family in Kyrgyzstan, and emigrated from Kyrgyzstan. But who world ever ask to check facts from a former presidential candidate?

As of the end of January, the corporate press is still firmly anti-president, and has positioned itself to be a 5th column’s tribune. I will explain my thesis later, but I can tell that serious research is underway to prove it.

So far I can only see only the penniless conservative bloggers rebuffing the liberal “virtue signaling.”  Take for example Justin Raimondo, an Editorial Director for

He tweeted in response to Gabriel Debenedetti : “Where were they when Obama stopped all refugee applications from Iraq for 6 months in 2011? What hypocrites.

The facts that he brought up had been promptly ignored by the National political reporter at Politico.


On Sunday afternoon it became clear that the liberals won’t let America rest. The UK tabloid The Independent announced that the Democratic states Attorneys General from 16 US states have condemned Donald Trump’s travel ban and were going to challenge the presidential order in court. Their joined statement calls the executive order, “unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful.”

Needless to say, that one doesn’t need to pass the American Bar Association exams to know that this statement is not true. However, in the US the law has been suspended by the previous democratic administration, so it’s perfectly fine for the state’s Attorney generals to be ignorant in all things legal.

Let’s as an example, take a look at the new attorney general of Pennsylvania:

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General issued an official statement as following:

(Source: Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General ) 1/29/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro led multi-state effort to oppose federal order. HARRISBURG – Seventeen Attorneys General issued a joint statement today that ‘condemns’ as ‘un-American’ the executive order signed by President Trump. The rapid-response, multi-state effort was lead in part by Pennsylvania Attorney General..

More about  Josh Shapiro crusade against federal government read the article by Michael Tanenbaum, Pennsylvania AG Shapiro joins state prosecutors in condemning Trump’s travel bans

The following is in their statement:

“As the chief legal officers for over 130 million Americans and foreign residents of our states, we condemn President Trump’s unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful Executive Order and will work together to ensure the federal government obeys the Constitution, respects our history as a nation of immigrants, and does not unlawfully target anyone because of their national origin or faith.”

As we all know, Pennsylvania, a historically democratic state, voted for Trump, because it suddenly remembered that in 1776 Pennsylvania enacted its first state constitution in direct response to the Declaration of Independence and the instructions of the Second Continental Congress to the colonies to reject British rule. Once again, the people of Pennsylvania voted against Hillary Clinton and the globalists rule that she embodied.

The Pennsylvania new attorney general, who took his office in January 2017, doesn’t have a mandate for his crusade against Donald Trump as a president of the US. During the presidential elections his office was involved in some dubious practices of inciting a riot and hiring people to pose as anti- Trump “protestors” for a pay.

Similar practices are described here:  Leftist Paid Protesters Behind Anti-Trump Violence

Let’s take a look at some Josh Shapiro activities around election time.

In 2016 his political campaign office was located here:

Look at the top listing titled “Don’t wait, Defeat Trump…” it was posted on Nov. 5th, 2016, the election took place on Nov. 8th. The Craigslist protesters for hire wanted note was still up after the election.

Shapiro’s  political campaign office number is the phone number on the wanted anti-Trump protesters classified listings.

Would be interested to hear a legal opinion on the practices about the protesters for hire.

Getting paid to protest Trump is not a democracy, it’s a job. Do those protesters pay taxes?


News and Statistics

Tensions are flying high. No wonder that at the end of the day on Sunday, President Donald Trump addressed Republican Senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham  on twitter

The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two…Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

U.S. admits record number of Muslim refugees in 2016

A total of 38,901 Muslim refugees entered the U.S. in fiscal year 2016, making up almost half (46%) of the nearly 85,000 refugees who entered the country in that period, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center. That means the U.S. has admitted the highest number of Muslim refugees of any year since data on self-reported religious affiliations first became publicly available in 2002.

A slightly lower share of 2016’s refugees were Christian (44%) than Muslim, the first time that has happened since fiscal 2006, when a large number of Somali refugees entered the U.S.

Refugees make up a small percentage (about one-in-ten) of the roughly 1 million immigrants granted lawful permanent residency in the U.S. each year. Because the U.S. government does not keep track of the religion of new legal immigrants, it is not possible to say what share of all recent immigrants are Muslim

Just two countries – Syria (12,486) and Somalia (9,012) – were the source of more than half of fiscal 2016’s Muslim refugees. The rest are from Iraq (7,853), Burma (Myanmar) (3,145), Afghanistan (2,664) and other countries (3,741).

Putin and Trump: We have got a contact


 Scott Humor

On the Night Before Christmas Comes the Ghost of Russian Private Armies, by Scott Humor

Via The Saker

December 17, 2016

On the Night Before Christmas Comes the Ghost of Russian Private Armies, by Scott Humor

December 15, a day of remembrance for journalists killed in the line of duty is observed across Russia in memory of journalists who died while simply doing their jobs.

We remember how Russian journalists were made to be targets by NATO-backed forces in Ukraine. The hunt was declared not just on Russian journalists, but Ukrainians and Italians who were writing against the NATO occupation.

A similar relentless hunt was conducted in 2011 and 2012 in Syria by the Free Syrian Army and Al-Nusra.

In October 2012 they even kidnapped a Ukrainian journalist working for Anna-News. Anhar (Anna) Kochneva who, even though she grew up in Ukraine, spoke fluent Arabic thanks to her Palestinian mother.

After spending five months in much publicized captivity, she managed to escape by simply walking out of the house she was kept in and walking several kilometers through the Syrian wilderness before meeting some good Samaritans who helped her to get to Syrian-government controlled territory.

Her “escape” was remarkable, because around the same time terrorists from the Al-Nusra Front kidnapped and executed Syrian TV anchor Mohammed al-Saeed in August 2012.

The terrorist sniper killed Maya Nasser, a 33-year-old Syrian national and an Iranian Press TV reporteron air on September 26, 2012. He was reporting on the bombings in the Syrian capital when two car bombs struck the Syrian Army’s command headquarters, setting one of the buildings on fire.

On August 10, 2012, three television journalists and their driver were abducted while covering reporting from a Damascus suburb and have not been heard from since.

Also in August, Syrian terrorists attempted to seize a state-run broadcasting radio and TV complex in Aleppo, and planted an ISIS flag on top of the building.

The attack on the Al-Ikhbaria TV station in the town of Drousha, south of Damascus, killed seven journalists and four security guards on June 27, 2012. One building in the complex was nearly demolished.

Unlike all of those Syrian and Iranian journalists who were killed or disappeared without a trace, the “kidnappers” of the Anna-News journalist Kochneva were in contact with the government of Ukraine presumably discussing a ransom that was set to $50 million dollars, but reduced to $300,000 and was never paid.

For some reasons her ordeal was widely publicized by the Western media,  Russian Speakers Become Prey in Syrian Conflict

MOSCOW — Late last month, a Ukrainian blogger and journalist, Anhar Kochneva, sat on a couch in the place where she was being held by a Syrian rebel group and, as one of her captors filmed her, confessed to working at the behest of Russian intelligence services.

At the time, Russian emergency services official told the newspaper Izvestia about contingency plans for an evacuation that could accommodate as many as 30,000 Russian citizens — or 60,000 if it included citizens from all the former Soviet countries. Russian warships were sent as part of that plan.

A similar threat came from masked men claiming to be Ms. Kochneva’s captors, who said on Ukrainian television, “Let not a single Russian, Ukrainian or Iranian come out of Syria alive.” Syria’s opposition coalition denounced such statements to a Russian news agency on Thursday, saying they were “in conflict with the principles and goals of the Syrian revolution,” but worries here have been stoked.

Kidnappers of Ukrainian Journalist Force Her to Confess Being a Spy, video Nov 29, 2012 with the English subtitles.

On this video they show her Anna-News ID.  She said that her journalistic ID was “fake,” which would imply that she didn’t work for Anna News.  They also show a picture of Kocheva holding an AK, and demonstrate her passport with a Syrian Visa issued in 2011. She claimed to be in Syria on a special mission from the “Russian intelligence.”

This is an extremely important detail because the entire operation with the Anna-News journalist alleged “kidnapping by the Syrian Free Army” and then her miraculous “escape” was staged to deliver the message that Russia had “military officers on the ground in Syria.

Remember, back in 2011 and 2012 it was all about “Assad regime” “mass murdering” Syrians who wanted “democracy”? For us the most important detail of the Kochneva’s statement is that she claimed to work as a translator for the Russian and Syrian military intelligence, that she was present at their meetings, and that she was “participating in the armed clashes with “rebels.”  She didn’t mention that she was a journalist for Anna-News.

Her “statement,” made under the real or fake pressure, was taken literally by the Western media and Washington as proof that Russian military specialists were advising then Syrian government in 2011 and 2012 on how to fight with the “democratic uprising” and even participated in actual armed clashes. What makes the whole kidnapping plot not credible, in my opinion, is that even after her returned from captivity, Kochneva never rebuffed her statements.

Let’s look at this from a simple logical standpoint. Why would Russian and Syrian armed forces for strictly confidential communication between themselves use a freelance journalist from a third country, Ukraine, who worked for the news outlet of Abkhazia headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Was Kochneva a member of the Russian or Syrian military? No, she wasn’t. Was she a citizen of Russia or Syria? No, she wasn’t. Has Russia been lacking translators in the Arab language? No, Russia has excellent specialists in Middle Eastern languages, both civilians and military personnel.

Most importantly, Russia didn’t have military servicemen on the ground in Syria fighting with “rebels” in 2011 and 2012.

It was back then and it is now a sustained attempt by Western governments to tie the Russian military and its government  to the death of the civilian population, which has been the result of the Western destabilization of Syria.

According to Russia Today reports, the Syrian “rebels” were in contact with the Anhar (Anna)  Kochneva’a  ex-husband. Kochneva in her videos’ and her former husband both blamed the Ukrainian government and President Yanukovich for doing nothing to deliver her from captivity.

In accord with the husband and Kocheva, even “rebels” were complaining that “Ukrainian authorities were doing nothing. ” Latter, after her alleged “escape,” the Ukraine Foreign ministry confirmed that she was free.

I am not exploring here an idea that it was a ploy of Kochneva, her employer Anna- News, or her former husband to extract $50 million from the government of Ukraine. It was far more sinister, because her video statement from “captivity” was a part of the fake news campaign with the simple formula stating that “like  in Srebrenica, the Russian military is in Syria and helping “Assad regime” to “murder” freedom loving Syrians.”

In 2014, echoing Kocheva’s  claims, Anna News published unsubstantiated reports about presence in Donbass of some mysterious private military company named “Wagner.” I have seen screenshots of  one of the Anna News founders either Anatoly Nesmiyan, known as a blogger El Murid, or his wife, or  Marat Musin, or their mutual friend Lev Vershinin, hiding in Spain, admitting how they made the “PMC Wagner” up using the last name of their rabbi.

It all started on August 3rd, 2012 with the resolution of the UN General Assembly’s demands All in Syria ‘Immediately and Visibly’ Commit to Ending Violence that Secretary-General Says Is Ripping Country Apart.

“It’s four-part resolution drafted by the Arab Group and sponsored by scores of other countries” demands that the first step in ending the violence must be made by the Syrian authorities, and therefore called on the Government to fulfill immediately its commitment to cease the use of heavy weapons and complete the withdrawal of Government troops; “and to immediately begin the “rapid” transition of power under the auspice of “the Office of the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States.

It was at this August resolution that the US South Korean Secretary-General Ban drew comparisons between the current deadly fighting in Aleppo “the epicentre of a vicious battle between the Syrian Government and those who wish to replace it” — and Srebrenica, which he said “represented one of the darkest chapters in United Nations history.”  

Srebrenica, of course was the psyop organized and executed by US and NATO countries’ special forces to create a pretext for the outright war on Yugoslavia and bombing of Serbia.  You can read about Srebrenica in the Saker’s Special Report: The Truth about Srebrenica 20 years later

It’s seemed very logical for the UN and “the international community” that since Al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army  and other forces of democracy were murdering journalists, postal workers, government officials, and high ranking military officers, that the Syrian government had to immediately and “rapidly” to step down and to give the power over the country to Al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army.

Since they killed so many Syrians it was only logical to give them power over the entire nation. At least that’s what happened in the former Yugoslavia, and in Ukraine. But later about this.

I just want to illustrate you how the same people and organizations who were whipping up Syria into bloody hell did the same to Ukraine. The same people, the same faces, the same bloody mess. And how they try doing same job in Russia a year before the presidential elections.

In Russia, private military companies are explicitly banned by law. The Armed forces of the Russian Federating is the only military force in Russia. So, when past week there was a massive injection of information about some “Chechen” military battalions named ‘West” and ‘East”  getting ready to deployment to Syria. Ramzan Kadyrov has denied this information and posted the following statement on his Instagram:

“Local media spreads messages about deployment to Syria some “soldiers of the battalions “Vostok” and “Zapad” and “Chechen special forces”. I state with authority that there are no battalions “East” and “West” in the Chechen Republic . In Chechnya, as in any other region of Russia, military units are deployed by the Russian Defense Ministry. They are serving the citizens of Russia from Chechnya and all other subjects of the Russian Federation. It is well known that the Russian troops don’t take parts in ground operations in Syria.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense has never made any secret of the fact that Russia has an air force base and its security is provided by soldiers of the Defense Ministry with periodic rotations. Some teams arrive, others depart. If the military, stationed in Chechnya, would ever receive an order, to serve for the protection of air bases in Syria, that will make them very happy.”


We posted a video and the Saker’s analysis of this.

Why is it so important for the Western governments who are currently at war on Russia to create a fake secret Russian or Chechen battalions fighting for Assad? Because, as they threatened many times, they are trying to initiate a tribunal to accuse Russia in war crimes and genocide in Ukraine and Syria.

Another this kind of attempt was conducted on August 10th,  2016 by the British company “Sky News” when they published a video called “Revealed: Russia’s ‘Secret Syria Mercenaries‘ – Sky News”

Aug 10, 2016 – Video: Exclusive Report On Russia’s Secret Mercenaries. By John Sparks, Moscow Correspondent.

[I could only find this video being distributed by an youtube Free Syrian Army account claiming to be Syrian, but linked to a paypall account located in Germany. Could be one of those “Merkel’s children.” Also, his twitter and FB accounts are suspended, and he doesn’t use a word in Arabic. ]

After this report, RT investigated and on August 18, published their results:

Actor says he impersonated Russian mercenary in Syria for Sky News report

A Russian actor claims the recent Sky News documentary about undercover Russian mercenaries in Syria was staged. RT spoke with a man who claims that he was hired as an actor to impersonate one of the fighters of the secret private military company “Wagner” (Vagner)  for the British news.

One of the key pieces of evidence provided was an interview conducted by Sky News’ Moscow correspondent, John Sparks, who spoke to two males who allegedly comprised part of a secret Russian force, called “Wagner” operating in Syria. They even named a Russian Military officer Colonel Utkin, as the alleged owner of the mighty defense company. Frankly, they could name absolutely any military officer whose image they found on the net.

The alleged existence of the private military company “Wagner” was confirmed to Sky News by someone named Pavel Felgenhauer, whom they call a “Moscow based military analyst.” That Mr. Felgenhauer had no credibility was discussed in December 2008 correspondence  between then Ambassador of the US to Russia  John R. Beyrle and the US Foreign Service officer and the future Ambassador to Ukraine and Russia, John Tefft, and published by WikiLeaks.

In particular, it was said that “while Felgenhauer is received at high levels in Tbilisi, he has no access to Russian military or political circles,” and that ” Felgenhauer sometimes engaged “in a style similar to yellow journalism in order to to attract attention to himself and his articles.”

The TV channel NTV and Russia 24 also conducted their own investigations. They pointed out that the medals shown in the SkyNews video didn’t look like the real medal For Distinguish in Battle. The question was also about how alleged Russian troops were wearing some sort of pinkish outfits with the St. George ribbons. These ribbons could be theoretically worn on the May 9th Victory Day, but the St. George ribbons don’t constitute a part of the Russian military uniform.

Further details were reveled in an interview with Alexander Agapov, a Moscow actor, who played a role of the “Wagner fighter” lives in Moscow. When John Sparks contacted him and offered a gig, Agapov agreed, but made his own recordings of their interactions and turned this material to the Russian media sources. Everyone was quietly waiting for SkyNews to come out with this “blockbuster revelations” to immediately publish the rebuttal.

Sky News has removed the video with an actor, but left the article on their web site.

Soon after, on November 3, 2016the British Reuters published article titled,

Ghost soldiers: the Russians secretly dying for the Kremlin in Syria

The article is a recycle of everything that has been already written, peppered with phrases like  “Reuters was not able to identify the company or companies that hired the fighters,” or  the website “Fontanka, has published what it says is the only known photo of him, a picture of a bald man in military fatigues striding near a helicopter,” and finally, “Reuters could not verify the image or the name.”

Under Russian law, it is illegal to work as a private military contractor in another country,” which is a half-truth. The private military companies are illegal in Russia.

However, Russian citizens have participated in wars across the former Soviet Union throughout the 25 years since it broke up in 1991.”  While this could be true, it doesn’t prove that those people were employed by some private military companies.

This Reuters’ article went largely unnoticed, but it served the purpose of the general plan to drip anti-Russia propaganda on schedule.

Sure enough, a month later on December 14th all the Washington backed media outlets in Russia came out with the same announcement that Colonel Dmitry Utkin attended the Kremlin banquet and was awarded the Order of Courage for his military service. They also claimed that Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed these information.

However, all Peskov said that that the banquet was for people awarded by Hero of Russia and the Order of Courage for military service, and that there was a person named Dmitry Utkin, a retired military officer, who was invited from Novgorod region. At no point Peskov said that the liberal media claims he said.

The same exact text, word by word, was also published by the Moscow Times in English. “Russian Mercenary Leader Attends Kremlin Banquet.

The situation gets even more interesting, since Rosbalt, one of the fake news generators, declared that “Wagner, a.k.a. the commander of the private military company Wagner Dmitry Utkin was killed in Donetsk” in January 2016. They even wrote that the death of Wagner caused huge relief and celebration among the Donetsk independence fighters. So, sometimes this virtual ‘Wagner” is a person, and sometimes, it’s a powerful military company that terrorizes Donbass and fights all the battles for the Syrians, who don’t do anything, but wait while this virtual ‘Wagner” fighting for them.

This is a brief illustration of how the Western information war against Russia is being fought: they make up characters, and those fake characters live and die, and are being resurrected at random.


The anti terrorist operations in Syria are being conducted by the SSO RF or the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (SSO VS RF)


Declassified: How Special Operations Forces work in Syria


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Syrian Army Purges Terrorists, Washington Attempts to Save Them from Total Collapse, Russia Deploys Chechen Military Police to Syria ~ [Reports, Videos]


Russia Deploys Chechen Military Police To Syria

(SouthFront) ~ Russia is deploying the military police from its Republic of Chechnya to Syria according to an amateur video appeared in the Social Media on December 7. The video allegedly shows preparations of over 100 Chechen military police members before their dispatch to Syria from the military base in Hankala, a settlement near the Chechen Republic’s capital – Grozny.


According to reports in the Russian media, Chechen fighters will guard crucial infrastructure, civilian and military objects in Syria. Russian experts suggest that at least a part of Chechen fighters will be dispatched to the city of Aleppo. With the full liberation of the city, the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance will have to improve humanitarian and security situation in the city damaged by the war.

Earlier, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced that some Chechen units already operate in Syria along with other units of the Russian Special Forces.

In total, Syrian government forces liberated from militants 50 neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced in a statement late on Wednesday.

Last evening, the Syrian army and its allies further peneterated Jaish al-Fatah defenses south of the Aleppo Citadel and liberated the neighborhoods of Bab al-Nayrab, Salheen, al-Qasileh and the al-Madi station.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Aleppo rebels” asked a 5-day ceasefire for as they said “the medical and civilian evacuation from the eastern part of the city of Aleppo”.

In other words they want the time to receive supplies and reinforcements. Because the only reason why civilians cannot leave the militant-held area of Aleppo via established corridors is that the so-called “rebels” prevent them from this. There is a little chance that the situation could be changed during the ceasefire.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces have liberated the village of Hawsh Ash Shalaq and cut off the road between al-Shifuniyah and Autaya in the Eastern Ghouta region of Rif Damascus province.

Now, the army and the NDF are developing their advance iin the direction of Hawsh Dawahra and the nearby military base. If government forces succeed in this, they will be able to use the Duma-Hashabiyah road to operate in the region and to pose multipletactical threats to remaining Jaish al-Islam forces.

Syrian Army Purges Terrorists, Washington Attempts
to Save Its Mercenaries from Total Collapse

(SouthFront) ~ Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Halab militant coalitions’ defenses are collapsing in the Syrian city of Aleppo under the pressure of pro-government forces.

Late on December 6 and early on December 7, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwa al-Quds set control over the areas east and north of the Aleppo Citadel and seized the almost whole neighborhood of Old Aleppo, including the Umayyad Mosque. The advance took place amid a panic in the rebels’ ranks and reports that now the so-called “moderate” opposition is ready to discuss a deal on withdrawal from the city.


A big group of Fatah Halab (a local coalition of militant groups in Aleppo city) fighters even surrendered to government forces near the Aleppo Citadel. The army and its allies are developing the advance against militants.

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Tuesday that he expects to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov later this week for further talks on a proposal for the rebels’ departure and is “not aware of any specific refusal” to follow the initially discussed agreement.

Earlier on Tuesday Lavrov said that the US withdrew its initial proposal on militants withdrawal and wants to suggest new terms and conditions that the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance will have to follow in Aleppo.

This US move faced a hardline reaction in Moscow and the Russian minister (Sergey Lavrov) announced that all militants refusing to leave Aleppo will be eliminated. It looks Kerry is busy as a bee in his attempt to save al-Qaeda linked militant factions in the city. However, he has little chances to achieve this goal.

When Aleppo is liberated, over 25,000 pro-government fighters will be free to participate in further operations against militants across the country. The most likely direction of the next major advance of government forces is the province of Idlib. The storm of al-Bab is less likely because this could lead to a significant escalation with Turkey.

Last week, the US House passed a defense bill that included language authorizing supplies of anti-aircraft missiles to rebel groups fighting in Syria, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. On Friday, the bill passed in the House 375 to 34 and could be voted in the Senate within the week. If the bill succeed, it would be a green light for supplies of MANPADs to so-called “opposition factions” in Syria. There are no doubts that as result missiles will be received by Jabhat al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda groups, as a major part of the all previous weapon delivers to rebels. This will pose a major threat to the aviation in the region.


Major Russian Geopolitical Moves Going Unnoticed in Wake of US Election

November 17, 2016

by Oleg Maslov

Major Russian Geopolitical Moves Going Unnoticed in Wake of US Election

It’s official, Russia has decided to grab the bull by the horns. Just one week after the shocking vote in the US presidential election resulted in a Trump victory, Russia has decided to pull all the stops and take care of some long lingering business while Obama’s administration is working overtime to manage a transition that no one expected would happen and Obama himself is out of the office, making what might be his very last visit to Europe, calming the closest of American allies in a time of serious questions about the future of the American relationship with NATO.

Obama has just two months before Trump will be sworn in and much of the time and energy of his staff will be consumed by briefing Trump and his cabinet, which is not yet fully formed, on their duties and on the situation in the world in general. Perhaps Obama’s own transition team will try to convince the Teflon Don and his staff to pursue a similar policy on many issues, not the least of which include Obamacare and the Paris agreement on climate change. Trump himself has already received a call from Putin shortly after the election, one of Trump’s most publicized calls with world leaders after news of his victory broke, putting even more pressure on Obama’s transition team to get their points across quickly.

In the meantime, Obama is making his last expected tour of Europe before Trump’s inauguration. It is not certain exactly why Obama chose to visit Greece first, but it is certainly significant that he was greeted with tens of thousands of protesters, in the least because it shows the current zeitgeist. Obama has to perform his duties of Salesman in Chief as he goes around to NATO allies and reassures them of budget commitments to American forces stationed abroad. I can only imagine the brain-tingling questions that Obama will have to field from the German and French defense ministers.

The main source of all the sweating European bureaucrats is Trump’s apparent friendliness with Russia and criticism of NATO, which could mean that Brussels will have to have some existential discussions on many long standing policies, including the sanctions against Russia. In fact, if Trump were to recognize Crimea as a legal part of Russia, as he has suggested that he is willing to do, Europe may either have to follow suit and bring down the house of cards commonly referred to as the Ukrainian Crisis or declare an open break with Washington’s foreign policy, a veritable checkmate.

If the current batch of Eurocrats were to keep their jobs (which is looking questionable), they would most probably try to avoid an open break with Washington or, ironically, risk losing their jobs. An open break with Washington would set the European Union into open waters of foreign policy sovereignty, a move that would meet with great resistance from many sources. Either way, an incredible shake-up is coming to Ukraine soon as they are about to have much less friends in the ‘international community’.

However, all of these major theatrical dramas and loud, painful snowflake whines are actually working wonderfully to divert attention from the real news. This last Monday night, Russia did several noteworthy things on a globally relevant geopolitical level that will surely resonate with the global movers and shakers. Russia launched an all-out air assault onto ‘Syrian rebels’ operating in the Homs, Idlib, and Latakia provinces of Syria. Monday night’s military campaign coincided with the biggest corruption bust in the history of modern Russia – the Russian Economy Minister Ulyukaev was taken into custody by the FSB after being caught demanding and accepting a $2 million bribe. Lastly, and perhaps less significantly but just as suddenly and symbolically, Russia has announced that it will no longer participate in the International Criminal Court.

However, in the humble opinion of this author, the most important fact to note connecting these three events is that they represent huge milestones in the modern history of Russia. One event is on the domestic political and economic level, connecting staff thought to be within the inner circle of the Kremlin specifically with financial corruption. The second is purely military in nature and works to show off the power projection capabilities of the modern Russian military. Thirdly, Russia’s decision to leave the ICC is a huge signal to Russia’s positions in the context of international bodies, up to and including the UN.

I would like to highlight this point just one more time to make sure that the meaning doesn’t slide by anyone. The government of Russia has just performed the biggest government shake up since the fall of the Soviet Union, with the FSB arresting the ‘untouchable’ Economy Minister from his post and placing him on a very public trial for extorting a very large bribe. Russia have also launched the biggest attack on an enemy military at least since the Second Chechen conflict, which was the major event of the first few years of Putin’s presidency over 17 years ago, and, at most, since Soviet forces left Afghanistan in 1989, 27 years ago. And lastly, Russia has made a very major and unexpected decision to abandon the jurisdictions of the ICC, long known for its adherence to justice and fair verdicts (sarcasm). AT NEARLY EXACTLY THE SAME TIME!

Is it just me, or does it seem like the planets are aligning here?

Let’s analyze the first event. Alexei Ulyukaev was accused of extorting a bribe from state-owned oil company Rosneft to tune of $2 million, cold hard cash, and was arrested by investigators (mostly three letter agencies) at night. To top it all off, one official said under condition of anonymity that Ulyukaev’s arrest was the final act in a yearlong investigation by the FSB. Ulyukaev, a member of the Russian government since the break-up of the Soviet Union, has been considered as member of Russia’s liberal, Western-leaning politicians. Of particular interest is Ulyukaev’s CV.

Ulyukaev has held some critical positions in the modern Russian government, including serving under Gaidar and managing the shock privatizations of Soviet assets (as well as the shock hyperinflation) from 1991-1994. He was a deputy to Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin from 2000-2004 before taking a job as the first vice-chairman of the Russian Central Bank, a position that he held from April 2004 to June 2013. When he was arrested, again, in the middle of the night, he was the acting Economy Minister.

Ulyukaev was certainly high on the list of those considered to be untouchable.

Along with Ulyukaev, the vice-governor of Saint Petersburg and some high-ranking officials in the regional government of the Kemerovo region have also been arrested for corruption after investigations by the FSB.

Various commentary has already surfaced claiming that Putin has turned to the age old Russian tradition of the Purge. Opinion leaders in the community are writing that no ‘chinovnik’ or oligarch could feel that ‘untouchable’ anymore after Ulyukaev’s arrest and that corrupt officials better behave or face the ax. Still others are claiming that Putin is consolidating his power and is preparing to become a dictator in the classic sense. No matter which explanation you prefer, the fact remains that the Russian government is powerfully expressing its political and economic sovereignty and is publicly making a loud statement against corruption.

The second incident was a comprehensive and simultaneous assault on rebel targets all over Syria in a very short time frame. Targets were struck with a bevy of missiles launched both from sea and by land. One of the most surprising features of this massive campaign is the sheer size and diversity of it. The Bastion system, highlighted as a defensive surface-to-surface missile system, showed off its potent attack power, engaging targets up to 300 miles away.

IHS Janes reports on the news that Russia is “not known to have previously claimed” that the Bastion, which is originally an anti-ship missile, “has a land attack capability”. It turns out that missile ‘defense’ systems designed to engage land targets, such as the United States Missile Defense systems in Poland and Romania, can easily be used to engage in attacks on land targets. Surprise, surprise.

However, the brunt of the missile strikes done by Kalibr missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea, most notably from Russia’s new and improved frigate, the Admiral Grigorovich. In fact, the Russian naval group, led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, made ‘waves’ in Europe as the group was headed to their final destination, the Syrian coast, from which they launched volley after volley of high precision cruise missiles at targets from what is most likely a confusing medley of rebel groups. It is highly likely that, among the rebel groups which met the explosive end of a Russian cruise missile, some were directly funded by American allies, and less likely that the Russians even targeted groups directly trained or supplied by the CIA.

This major military move actually kills two birds with one stone. First, it provides Russia’s allies and ‘partners’ in the area with a bit of information about how far and in what quantity the Russian military can project its power. Further, it reveals that the Russians are most likely purposefully understating the power and capabilities of many of their newest technologies (although this should come as a surprise to no one). Also to this point, the Russian government did not ask permission of any international body when it passed through international waters and made its way to Syria, despite the ‘uncomfort’ felt in London. The second stone is that Russia has engaged in one of the most effective and convincing advertising campaigns for their newest export model military products. With loud fanfare, the Russians showed the world that Russian arms still give great bang for the buck.

The last major move, but, in the view of this author, not nearly as significant as the other two, is Russia’s decision to withdraw its signature from the Rome Statute, which established the International Criminal Court. This move was sudden and symbolic, coming after the ICC ruled Russia’s ‘annexation’ Crimea illegal and called the current situation an ‘occupation’, but will lead to no noticeable change in real terms, since Russia never actually ratified the Rome Statute, meaning that it never submitted itself to the jurisdiction of the ICC to begin with.

One can write more on the nature and meaning of the withdrawal of Russia from the ICC, but the readers are welcome to find their own facts and form their own opinions. I will also stop short of giving my opinion on this strange set of geopolitical ‘coincidences’, and finish only with a invitation for speculation on what these facts could mean for the future of Russia, Russia’s relationship with Europe and the world, and the global security structure as a whole.

Large numbers of Chinese, Caucasian terrorists erased in Southwestern Aleppo by SAA


Syrian Fre
e Press

(FNA)- An opposition source disclosed that a large number of militants from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the Caucasus have been killed in terrorist groups’ large-scale operation [by Syrian Arab Army and its Allies] to lift the army’s siege on the militants in Eastern part of Aleppo last week.

“At least 70 Uyghur and Caucasian militants have been killed in the Great Epic Operation on government troops’ positions in the Western and Southwestern parts of the Aleppo city in the last seven days,” the sources said.

“Fatah al-Sham Front (the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) and some other terrorist groups launched the Great Epic Operation in Western and Southwestern Aleppo city on October 28 to remove the siege on their comrades in the Eastern districts of Aleppo,” the sources added.

“In the meantime, only 86 Syrian terrorists have been killed in the first nine days of Great Epic Operation in Aleppo,” the source said.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have laid siege on thousands militants in the Eastern part of Aleppo city.

Media sources said for their part that the real number of killed militants in Great Epic Operation is larger than the number which is announced by the terrorist groups and their backers.

Sources close to the terrorist groups admitted on Wednesday that between 2,200 up to 2,500 militants have been killed or wounded in their large-scale offensive on government forces’ positions in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city in the last few days.

The Arabic service of RT quoted the sources as saying that the terrorist groups suffered between 2, 200 up to 2,500 casualties, including a large number of non-Syrian militants, in their Great Epic Operation on Army positions in Western and Southwestern Aleppo.

Terrorist groups-affiliated media acknowledged on Saturday that hundreds of militants were killed or wounded in failed attacks on the positions of the government troops in the second wave of the Great Epic Operation in Western and Southwestern Aleppo.

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Fars News Agency
Submitted by SyrianPatriots
War Press Info Network at:

From religion to politics, Saudi Arabia feeling chill of isolation

Sharmine Narwani
Sharmine Narwani is a commentator and analyst of Middle East geopolitics. She is a former senior associate at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University and has a master’s degree in International Relations from Columbia University. Sharmine has written commentary for a wide array of publications, including Al Akhbar English, the New York Times, the Guardian, Asia Times Online,, USA Today, the Huffington Post, Al Jazeera English, BRICS Post and others. You can follow her on Twitter at @snarwani
15 Sep, 2016 11:06

From religion to politics, Saudi Arabia feeling chill of isolation

At the end of August, a meeting of Muslim clerics and scholars convened in the Chechen capital of Grozny to forge a consensus on the subject of ‘who constitutes a Sunni.’

Sunnism, the 200 or so Sunni clerics from Egypt, South Africa, India, Europe, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Russia warned, “has undergone a dangerous deformation in the wake of efforts by extremists to void its sense in order to take it over and reduce it to their perception.”

The Muslim world is currently under a siege of terror, led by a deviant strain that claims religious authority and kills in the name of Islam. So the Grozny participants had gathered, by invitation of the Chechen president, to make “a radical change in order to re-establish the true meaning of Sunnism.”

If their final communique was any indicator, the group of distinguished scholars had a very particular message for the Muslim world: Wahhabism – and its associated takfirism – are no longer welcome within the Sunni fold.

Specifically, the conference’s closing statement says this:

“Ash’arites and the Maturidi are the people of Sunnism and those who belong to the Sunni community, both at the level of the doctrine and of the four schools of Sunni jurisprudence (Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi’i, Maliki), as well as Sufis, both in terms of knowledge and moral ethics.”

In one fell swoop, Wahhabism, the official state religion of only two Muslim countries -Saudi Arabia and Qatar – was not part of the majority Muslim agenda any longer.

The backlash from the Saudis came hard and fast, honing in on the participation of Egypt’s Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb of Al Azhar, the foremost center for Sunni theological study in the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia has, after all, subsidized the flailing Egyptian economy to the tune of billions of dollars in the past few years, alongside its Wahhabi neighbor Qatar, which has in turn bank-rolled the Muslim Brotherhood – a group also excluded from the Grozny meeting.

While Tayeb did not single out the Saudis in his conference speech, his elevated position in the global Sunni hierarchy lent a great deal of weight to the proceedings. And Al Azhar’s prominence in the Sunni world is rivaled only by the relatively new role of the Al Saud monarch as the custodian of the two holy sites, Mecca and Medina.

Just last year – in Mecca, no less – Tayeb slammed extremist trends during a speech on terrorism, lashing out at “corrupt interpretations” of religious texts and appealing to believers “to tackle in our schools and universities this tendency to accuse Muslims of being unbelievers.”

It is Wahhabism that is most often accused of sponsoring this trend globally.

The radical sect, borne in the 18thcentury, deviates from traditional Sunni doctrine in various ways, most notably sanctioning violence against nonbelievers – including Muslims who reject Wahhabi interpretation (takfirism).

Saudi Arabia is the single largest state contributor to tens of thousands of Wahhabi-influenced mosques, schools, clerics and Islamic publications scattered throughout the Muslim world – many of them, today, feeders for terrorist recruitment. By some accounts that figure has reached almost $100 billion in the last three decades or so.

In Grozny, conference participants made reference to this dangerous trend, and called for a “return to the schools of great knowledge” outside Saudi Arabia – in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.

Saudi officialdom took to social media to express their outrage. Saudi royal, Prince Khalid al-Saud, warned that the event represented “a conspiracy that openly targets our country and it’s religious standing, specifically.”

بالأمس القريب ، واليوم
مؤامره على المكشوف تستهدف بلادنا، و مكانتها الدينية ” تحديداً ” …

And Adil al-Kalbani, the imam of Riyadh’s King Khaled Bin Abdulaziz mosque, ominously cautioned:“The Chechen conference should serve as a wake-up call: the world is getting ready to burn us.”

ليكن منبِّها لنا بأنَّ العالَمَ يَجمع الحطبَ لإحراقنا!

For the Saudis, the bad news kept on coming. On Friday, at the start of the annual 5-day Hajj pilgrimage, Lebanese daily Al Akhbar published online a shocking database from the Saudi Ministry of Health.

The leaked documents list, in painstaking detail, the names of 90,000 pilgrims from around the world who have died visiting Mecca over a 14-year period. If there was ever any question about the authority of the Saudi king as “custodian” of Islamic holy sites, this revelation should have opened those floodgates.

But even before these documents became public, calls for the Saudis to relinquish their administration of the Hajj were coming from Iran and elsewhere. Exactly one year ago, a stampede in Mina became the deadliest disaster in the history of the Hajj. Instead of tending to the dead and wounded as their utmost priority, the Saudi authorities went into lock down – concealing casualties, downplaying the death toll, blocking international efforts to investigate, forcing Hajj families to pay for the retrieval of bodies, denying wrongdoing and refusing to apologize for the disaster.

According to official Saudi government figures at the time, the total casualty toll stood at 769 dead and 934 injured. The leaked database now shows those numbers to be false. According to the Ministry of Health’s own statistics, the Mina death toll was in reality more than 10 times higher, with over 7,000 killed.

Iranians, who appeared initially to have suffered disproportionate losses – including from the collapse of a crane 12 days earlier at the Grand Mosque in Mecca where 107 died – lost around 500 citizens. Included in that number was senior foreign ministry official, Dr. Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon and a key figure in regional geopolitical affairs. Saudi authorities initially denied he was even in the country and then took months to identify and repatriate his body.

But most disturbing of all was the manner in which the Saudis treated the dead and injured. Pictures that emerged from Mina in the aftermath of the disaster showed authorities shoveling up bodies in digger-like vehicles, then dumping them in piles as if they were sacks of sand. There appeared to be no care taken to even ascertain whether the victims were dead or alive.

The Iranians were justifiably outraged, but the Saudis politicized that reaction and turned it into an affront to Sunni authority by a Shia authority in Tehran. The Al Akhbar stats, however, tell another story. It was mostly Sunnis who were killed in Mina – from Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries – with victims from some states surpassing even the Iranian death toll.

One year on, Iran is not letting this issue lie. The Iranians have boycotted the Hajj this year, claiming that Saudi Arabia was unprepared to assure them of basic security requirements during lengthy negotiations between the two nations.

In his most confrontational address to the Saudi state yet, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei last week – during his annual Hajj message – railed against the injustice:

“The heartless and murderous Saudis locked up the injured with the dead in containers — instead of providing medical treatment and helping them or at least quenching their thirst. They murdered them…Because of these rulers’ oppressive behavior towards God’s guests, the world of Islam must fundamentally reconsider the management of the two holy places and the issue of hajj.”

And then Khamenei went to the heart of the matter:

“The fitna-promoting rulers who by forming and arming wicked takfiri groups, have plunged the world of Islam into civil wars, murdering and injuring the innocent and shed blood in Yemen, Iraq, the Levant, Libya and other countries.”

In one short month, the Saudis have been challenged by Islam’s two mainstream sects – by the Sunni and by the Shia, equally – striking out at the religious authority claimed by the Saudi state and challenging the destructive, divisive, violent sectarianism of their Wahhabi faith.

Geopolitical losses

As if to prove Khamenei’s point – and the Grozny consensus – Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Abdulaziz Al Sheikh shot back, describing Iranian leaders as nonbelievers: “We have to understand that they are not Muslims. … Their main enemies are the followers of Sunnah (Sunnis).”

But, with that last sectarian sling, it seems the Saudis may have finally hit their limit. Within days of his statement, citing “health reasons,” the Mufti was removed from delivering the Hajj sermon he has delivered for 35 years straight.

Why stop now? It isn’t like the Saudis don’t have the appetite for a fight with the Iranians.

That fight has been playing out throughout the Middle East and beyond, in various battlefields and media outlets, to the detriment of millions.

What may have started off as Riyadh’s desire to thwart the success of a populist Islamist revolution that dethroned a neighboring king – Iran, circa 1979 – has spiraled into an existential Saudi battle to claw onto hegemony and legitimacy in every sphere.

The Saudis have long lost the ability to engage in cold, hard calculation, and have thrown themselves headfirst into ‘winning by all means.’ This has meant releasing the demons of takfirism throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Wahhabi funded and enabled jihadi foot soldiers have sprung up in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and any other place where Saudis and their fellow co-religionists/ideologues have sought out hegemonic interests.

And the lack of coherent strategy has drawn the Saudis into a number of unnecessary quagmires that have now encircled their borders (Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen), wiped out their strategic depth and emptied the state coffers.

What was meant to be a swift aerial blow to Yemeni rebels for daring to defy Saudi authority, has morphed into an entrenched, 18-month-long, money-pit of a war, with 10,000-plus deaths, war crimes accusations, proliferation of jihadist terror and enemy encroachment into Saudi territory.

Riyadh’s leading role in the destabilization of Syria and Iraq has unleashed sectarian mass murder that has gutted the Muslim world, unmasked Saudi complicity, and galvanized its adversaries into historic cooperation.

These wars have drawn in powerful benefactors like Russia and China as buffers against Saudi overreach, and has reshuffled the balance of power in the region – against Saudi interests.

All of which has chipped away at Saudi political, economic and religious clout on the international stage.

In 2010, Saudi Arabia was crossing borders peacefully as a power-broker, working with Iran, Syria, Turkey, Qatar and others to troubleshoot in regional hotspots. By 2016, it had buried two kings, shrugged off a measured approach to foreign policy, embraced takfiri madness and emptied its coffers.

The hundreds of thousands dead in the wake of this ‘Saudi madness’ are mostly Muslim and mostly Sunni. As the Muslim world wakes up to this atrocious state of affairs, like the Sunni scholars of Grozny, they will not look to censure Tehran, but to disengage with Riyadh.

And to write the final chapter on an aberrant sect called Wahhabism.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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Iran’s Leader issues message on 2016 Hajj pilgrimage

(Saker note: note the *very* harsh words of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei against the Saudi Wahabis)
Imam Khamenei issues message on 2016 Hajj pilgrimage

 In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful And all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah’s greetings be upon our Master, Muhammad (PBUH), and upon his Immaculate Household and chosen companions and upon those who follow them rightfully until the Day of Judgment.Muslim brethren and sisters all over the world,

For Muslims, the Hajj season is a period of honor and glory in the eyes of [all] human beings, and a period for the illumination of hearts and humility and supplication before the Creator. Hajj is a sacred and mundane and divine and communal obligation. On one side, [the Quran] commands “Then remember Allah as you remember your forefathers, or with [much] greater remembrance” and “Remember Allah during [specific] numbered days” and on the other side, the declaration [that] “[Masjid al-Haram is a placIran’s Leader issues message on 2016 Hajj pilgrimagee] which We made for the people; equal are the resident therein and one from outside,” shed light on its infinite and diverse aspects.

In this one-of-a-kind obligation, temporal and spatial security bestows serenity upon the hearts of human beings like a clear sign and a shining star and frees the Hajj pilgrim from the siege of factors of insecurity [created] by hegemonic tyrants, which have always threatened all humanity, and let him taste the pleasure of security during a specified period.

The Abrahamic Hajj, which Islam has bestowed upon Muslims, is the manifestation of dignity and spirituality and unity and glory. It shows off the greatness of Islamic Ummah and their reliance on the eternal divine power to ill-wishers and enemies, and highlights their distance from the quagmire of corruption and humiliation and oppression, which international bullying powers impose on human societies. Islamic and monotheistic Hajj is the manifestation of [the Quranic verse, which describes the faithful as being] “firm against the unbelievers, [and] compassionate among themselves.” It is a venue for disavowal of polytheists and [promoting] friendship and unity with believers.

Those who have reduced the Hajj to a mere pilgrimage-tourism trip and have hidden their enmity and grudge against the faithful and the revolutionary nation of Iran under the title of the “politicization of the Hajj” are puny and belittled devils, who shudder as soon as the ambitions of the Great Satan, America, are put in jeopardy. Saudi rulers, who have obstructed the path to Allah and the Masjid al-Haram this year and blocked the way of the fervent and faithful Iranian pilgrims to the House of the Beloved, are disgraced misguided people, who tie their survival on the throne of [their] oppressive power to defending global arrogant powers and [forming] alliance with Zionism and America and making efforts to meet their demand, and they do not shy away from any act of treason to that end.

About one year has passed since the horrible Mina incidents in which several thousand people, on the day of Eid and attired in the Ihram [garment], lost their lives tragically under the [searing] sun and with thirsty lips. A short while before that at the Grand Mosque, a group [of pilgrims] were killed while they were in worship and circumambulation and [saying] prayers. The Saudi rulers are to blame in both incidents; this is something on which all attendants [in Hajj] and observers and technical analysts agree, and some experts [even] speculated the intentionality of the incident. Dawdling and negligence in saving the half-alive injured people whose enchanted souls and eager hearts were busy with dhikr [mention of God] and whispering the divine verses [of the Quran] on [the day of] Eid al-Adha are also definite and proven facts. The ruthless and criminal Saudi men locked them up along with the dead in tightly closed containers and martyred them instead of providing treatment to them and assisting them or even supplying water to their thirsty lips.

Several thousand families from a variety of countries lost their beloved ones and their nations were rendered bereaved. From the Islamic Republic, there were nearly 500 among the martyrs. The families’ hearts are still hurt and bereft and the nation is still in grief and enraged.

However, instead of offering apology and expressing regret and prosecuting those directly behind this horrible incident, the Saudi rulers even refused to set up an international Islamic fact-finding mission in ultimate shamelessness and impudence. Instead of taking the stand as defendant, they took the seat of claimant and brought further to the fore their age-old enmity with the Islamic Republic and with any Islamic flag, which stands against blasphemy and arrogance, with more wickedness and insolence.

Their propaganda mouthpieces, ranging from politicians, whose behavior vis-à-vis Zionists and America is a source of disgrace for the Islamic world, to non-pious muftis living on haram [prohibited] income, who openly issue fatwas against the [holy] Book and [the Prophet’s] Sunna, to media footmen, who cannot be kept from fabricating and spreading lies even by professional conscience, are making a futile attempt to hold the Islamic Republic responsible for the denial of Iranian pilgrims this year’s Hajj.

Seditionist rulers, who have embroiled the Muslim world in civil wars and the carnage of innocents and who have stained Yemen, Iraq, the Levant, Libya and some other countries with blood by forming and equipping Takfiri and evil groups; godless politicians, who have extended the hand of friendship to the occupying Zionist regime and have turned a blind eye to the heart-wrenching suffering and plight of Palestinians and have broadened the extent of their oppression and treason to cities and villages in Bahrain; [as well as] unfaithful and unconscientious rulers, who created the great tragedy of Mina and under the guise of [being] Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques flouted the sanctity of the safe divine sanctuary and slaughtered the guests of the Compassionate God on the Eid day in Mina and before that at the Grand Mosque, are now speaking about non-politicization of the Hajj and accuse others of the big sins they have themselves committed or caused to happen. They are a flagrant example of the clearly enlightening expression of the Holy Quran [where it says]: “And when he turns his back, his aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and to destroy crops and cattle and Allah does not love mischief.  And when it is said unto him: Be careful of your duty to Allah, pride takes him to sin. Hell will settle his account, an [what an] evil resting-place [it is].”

This year too, according to reports, in addition to blocking the Hajj pilgrims from Iran and some other nations, they (the Saudis) have subjected Hajj pilgrims from other countries to unprecedented surveillance with the help of espionage agencies of America and the Zionist regime and have rendered the secure House of God unsafe for all. The Muslim world, including Muslim governments and nations, must know the Saudi rulers and truly realize the reality of their sacrilegious, unfaithful, dependent and materialistic nature; they must not let them go with impunity after [all] the crimes they have caused across the Muslim world, [but] in response to their unjust treatment of the guests of the Merciful God, they must think of a fundamental solution for the management of the Two Holy Mosques and the issue of Hajj. Shirking from this duty will expose the Islamic Ummah to bigger problems in the future.

Muslim Brethren and Sisters! This year, the eager and devoted Iranian pilgrims are missed in the Hajj ritual, but they are in attendance with their hearts and they are standing along Hajj pilgrims from across the globe and are concerned about them and pray for them to be spared any harm from the accursed tree of tyrants. Remember your Iranian brethren and sisters in your prayers and acts of worship and invocation, and pray for the Muslim communities to get rid of their troubles and to have the hand of arrogant powers and Zionists and their stooges cut off the Islamic Ummah.

I personally honor the memory of last year’s martyrs of Mina and the Grand Mosque and the martyrs of Mecca in [the Hajj pilgrimage in] 1987 and I pray to the Almighty God to bestow His forgiveness and mercy upon them and reserve them high positions [in the Heavens]. I salute Hadhrat Baqiatallah al-A’zam (Shall our souls be sacrificed for him) and request that venerable figure’s accepted prayer for the exaltation of the Islamic Ummah and salvation of Muslims from sedition and malevolence of enemies.

And providence belongs to Allah and reliance is on Him.

Dhu al-Qa’dah, 1437-September 2016

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Al Saud... The Cursed Tree!

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