On The 2nd Anniversary Of Saudi Arabia’s Aggression, Heroic Yemenis March In Their Millions To Condemn War & Siege

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yesterday witnessed one of the largest antiwar, anti-Saudi demonstrations in history as MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of Yemenis converged on the city blocks of their capital city Sanaa to mark 2 years of war, siege and ruin at the hands of the House of Saud. The murderous tyrants in Riyadh have launched around 90,000 air strikes on the people of Yemen since March 26th, 2015. They’ve murdered over 15,000 Yemenis and wounded tens of thousands more. And thanks to their all-out, air-land-and-sea blockade on the the whole of Yemen–a blockade mind you that is being assisted in full by ‘Israel’ and all major Western states, including America, Canada, the UK and France–more than 17 million Yemenis are either starving or “food insecure”, i.e. on the brink of starvation. What we are witnessing here in the poorest state in the Arab world (and among the poorest states in the entire Islamic world) is the greatest humanitarian crisis on Earth today and a crime against humanity that runs parallel to what Empire Zionica did to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

BUT STILL THE YEMENI PEOPLE REBUKE DYING IN FAVOR OF SKYING. Indeed, this is what is most remarkable of all. So much death and destruction, chaos and carnage, horror and spilled hemoglobin all around them but the lions and lionesses of Yemen march and chant the slogan inaugurated by Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) like there is no tomorrow: “God is Great! Death to America! Death to ‘Israel’! Curse be on the Jews! Victory to Islam!” This scream of defiance echoes in the demonic brains of the GCC tyrants and their Zio-Imperialist controllers in “Tel Aviv” and Washington. Valiant and steadfast, Yemen wills itself out of the jaws of oblivion time and time again to raise the banner of resistance to Heaven’s rafters. You would think with so much suffering permeating Yemeni society, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance would have been long defeated by now but the opposite is in fact true.

730 days of war and Ansarullah’s missile-firing capabilities are stronger than ever, their maneuverability is stronger than ever, their morale is higher than ever, all of its commanders and leaders remain touched and their popularity is through the roof. Dönmeh Al-Saud on the other hand is spending so much money it has had to take austerity measures on the “home front”–quotations apply because Arabia/Al-Hijaz does not belong to the Saudi “royals” but rather is occupied by them–it has seen the UAE, Academi and Dyncorp driven from Yemen in humiliation, its casualties are over 10,000 and it has lost territory in Jizan, Asir and Najran. The toll Saudi Arabia’s invasion has taken on Yemenis is catastrophic no doubt, and immediate humanitarian assistance is required, but in asymmetrical terms, Ansarullah has already achieved total victory over the despotic Wahhabi enemy and this is a triumph to be celebrated for all-time. Yes, the great Egyptian revolutionary Gamal Abdel Nasser (R.A.) helped inflict defeat on Saudi Arabia in the 60s, also in Yemen coincidentally enough, but that was a proxy fight. What the Houthis have accomplished is unprecedented in the two centuries that Al-Saud has wreaked havoc on the land where Islam was born.

Notice the sea of Yemeni flags in the absolutely epic protest. Men, women, children, elderly, disabled, civilians, politicians, clerics, moujahideen and soldiers were all present. Sunnis, Shi’a and Sufis too. This was the embodiment of everything Yemen is and everything that Al-Saud failed to transmogrify Yemen into. A unified state and an even more unified society standing as one to combat a most wretched enemy. The vile tactics of divide and rule did not (and will not) work in Yemen. The usurping Zionist entity’s dream of controlling Bab el-Mandeb and implementing the ethno-sectarian regime laid out in Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” has flopped on its hideous, six-pointed-star-encrusted face. And most tellingly, despite the fact that there were millions on the street, that Saudi Arabia’s crimes against humanity are certified and verified, that Western ZOGs are complicit in this genocide and that ‘Israel’ is the strategic mastermind of all of it, the mainstream media was nowhere to be found, instead choosing to report about a few thousand Soros-paid, NED-controlled stooges chanting against Vladimir Putin on the streets of Moscow. Zio-MSM has been the central cog in the war machine against Syria and the same can be said for Yemen. The complicity (and duplicity) of these agents of deception is truly unique to this epoch.

With the “Arab” petrodollar monarchies led by Saudi Arabia against them, the global press lying about them or ignoring them, “The Ummah” brainwashed and apathetic towards them and nobody but Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, Hizbullah, Sheikh Zakzaky of Nigeria and a handful of REAL activists scattered across the world speaking up in defense of them, Yemenis remain unbroken and upright two years into this Zionist-planned aggression. May peace return to their ancient civilization soon. ALLAH (SWT) knows they need it and deserve it after delivering blow after blow to the Takfiri Kingdom of Darkness on behalf of every single living, breathing creature on this planet. Striking Star Salute o’ Yemenis! The people of Mouqawamah are forever in awe of you! And history will remember you as CHAMPIONS! #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #DeathToSaud


by Jonathan Azaziah

Linda Sarsour is the trash that just keeps on sinking, ain’t she? This vile, ultra-collaborationist, boot-licking House Muslim, fresh off “protesting” with every degenerate known to man at the Soros-funded #WomensMarch, is back in the news after she organized a fundraiser and procured $100,000.00+ in the name of repairing damaged Jewish graves in Missouri. Where to even BEGIN with this slimy creature and her latest slimeball activity?

The most logical starting point perhaps is that Sarsour The Sanhedrin Slave’s move represents an upholding of Muslim “Goyhood”–that is, the Jewish narrative that Muslims cannot be considered human, or decent, or part of the greater fabric of the US “melting pot” unless they are subservient to Judaic discourses, fawning over Jews, acting like Jews and going out of their way to please Jews. Linda L’Chaim is what her name should be as she is saying “cheers” to Jewish supremacy whilst cloaking it in salaams and a hijab. Yet again, she’s plastered throughout liberal media where praise is heaped upon her by Jews across the spectrum for her promotion of (fake) Muslim-Jewish solidarity.

We all know that if she raised money for a defaced mosque, a burnt-down church or, GOD FORBID, children in Yemen orphaned and disabled by the Zionist-aligned Saudi regime–which, for the record, she adores and whitewashes–the establishment would either not give a rat’s ass or find a way to slander her. But in this age of an Israelified America specifically and a Judaized West more generally, kissing the Jew-ring of the Jew-kings is a surefire way to skyrocket one’s person to social and political stardom.

Which brings us to the next point of pertinence: If this wasn’t a matter of socio-political opportunism and/or Linda Lilith getting marching orders from one of her controllers, what the hell would be the point ANYWAY when police don’t even know who did it? It still hasn’t been designated a “hate crime” after a week of investigation and if we’re keeping it 100% honest here, even if a “White Supremacist” or a “Muslim extremist” turns out to be the patsy, the most likely culprit for wrecking the headstones is the Jews themselves! Every single time the MSM hysterically screeches about a swastika or some other fake expression of “Jew-hatred” being scripted on a synagogue or in a dorm room, a Jewish community center or on Jewish graves, a Jew turns to be responsible.

It just happened recently at Northwestern. Why do the Yahoudlings do this? Easy! To keep the fraudulent notion of “anti-Semitism” alive and well so other minorities–Gentile minorities, that is–think of Jews as “one of their own” instead of the privileged, wealthy, globe-holding oppressor-class that they actually are.

Next question:

Why in the name of God is a Palestinian woman, and an ostensible “activist” and “liberation advocate” at that, raising money for a Zionist institution? Yes, the Chesed Shel Semeth Society is both Orthodox Jewish (read: the most supremacist of the supremacists) and Zionist. The group, which also operates the Beth Shalom Cemetery, was founded by Russian Zionist Jews and has served as the historic link between the St. Louis Orthodox Jewish community and the Jewish usurpers in Palestine since 1888. For decades, it funded Zionist Hebrew schools in both Poland and Russia. It also has operational ties to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, one of the most powerful Zionist organizations in the Midwest and the group responsible for sending St. Louis Blue Bacon (cops) to the cancerous Zionist regime for “riot” training.

Considering these facts, Sarsour The Succubus and her partner in this hideous escapade Tarek El-Messidi weren’t raising money for “their Jewish brothers and sisters” but an organ which represents the Halakhic-Talmudic terrorist cancer occupying Palestine. I’d ask how she likes THOSE apples, but knowing what we do about this putrid woman, she probably won’t care and will happily bob for more if that’s what Soros orders.

And finally: Why did ANYONE have to raise money for these Zionist pigs ANYWAY, Muslim or otherwise? Don’t they have the damn dough themselves? Obviously, they do. Just look at the top two personalities on the board of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis – Harvey N. Wallace (Board Chair), the owner of the second-biggest accounting firm in all of St. Louis, and the extraordinarily demonic Kenneth Kranzberg, an American Jewish Committee patron and the the Chairman of Kranson Industries, (dba TricorBraun), one of the biggest packaging suppliers in all of Amreeka. Couldn’t one of these “philanthropic” Jewish gents paid to renovate the rather minuscule damage to Chesed Shel Semeth’s headstones? Of course they could’ve. It is, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, piss-on money to them. So why didn’t they? Because then they couldn’t milk the story for all that it’s worth and keep Jews in the news to the detriment of “Goyim” everywhere. Keeping this in mind, it should be more than evident that Linda Bint Shlomo’s fundraiser is indeed nothing more than a publicity stunt to reinforce Jewish hegemony and colonize Muslims even further.

To close:

While we wish it didn’t have to be said, thanks to the likes of Linda Sarsour, it most definitely and emphatically does – Muslims do not have to give one iota of a damn about anything that befalls Jews in America (or anywhere in the world for matter), let alone lick Jewish boots, just so we can be considered “upstanding citizens” in this hyper-capitalist, hedonistic, materialistic, consumerist society which is diametrically opposed to everything good and righteous we hold somewhat dear. We simply don’t. For we are the ones oppressed here; the ones aggressed against; the ones threatened and in danger always.

It is in fact the Jews who should be proving ***their*** humanity to ***us*** since they are the ones who fuel Islamophobia, degrade society with pornography, lobby for the wars that destroy our homelands with direct invasions and indirect terrorist destabilizations, stage false flags, brainwash our children with their Hollywood filth, do everything in their power to illegally uphold the disease in Palestine called “Israel” and so on. Jews are the 1% of the 1%. The shadow government behind the shadow government. The puppetmaster pulling the strings of the puppetmaster. And the vice-regents of Dajjal. We don’t owe them a bleeding thing except our resistance to their criminal, hegemonic, Kabbalistic system.

As for Sarsour, she is the gleeful agent of this system–the Sanhedrin’s Slave, as mentioned above; the Mishpucka’s Menial; the Vilna Gaon’s Vassal. And it is beyond telling that with all the horrors facing the Ummah today because of Organized Jewry and the illegitimate, virus-like ‘Israeli’ regime, from the Takfiri terrorist assaults on Syria and Iraq, to the genocidal destruction of Yemen by Al-Saud, to the occupations of Palestine and Kashmir, to the renewed aggression against Iran, Linda The Liar thought her time was best spent raising money for superficially damaged Jewish graves instead of any of the aforementioned states. She’s operating outside the fold of Islam. No clue why she even bothers keeping up the facade anymore. When she disregards the suffering of her brothers and sisters in faith for those who are responsible for their suffering, she’s totally exposed.

She might as well just convert to Judaism. And truth be told, with her services rendered to the Kehilla in her tirades of hasbara against Syria and Yemen, her defense of the murderous Saudi regime, her commitment to the existence of ‘Israel’, her censorship of all discussion on Palestine at the #WomensMarch and now THIS… She’s practically a member of “The Tribe” already.

Christmas in Syria: Syrian President and his wife visit Saïdnaya Convent

Protectors Of Syria’s Pluralism

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 10:51

Bashar and Asma al-Assad Visit Saidnaya Monastery For Christmas, Reaffirming Their Status As Protectors Of Syria’s Pluralism

by Jonathan Azaziah

December 26, 2016

Gotta love Bashar and Asma al-Assad. The Syrian Arab Republic’s President and First Lady, as well as their daughter Zein and two sons Karim and Hafez, spent Christmas Day at Our Lady of Saidnaya Monastery in the ancient Aramaic-speaking town of Saidnaya, which rests on the slopes of the rugged Qalamoun Mountains that were liberated from Takfiri terrorist occupation by Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army last Spring. The Assads visited with the nuns and orphans of the Monastery and spent the day eating, laughing, snapping photos, unwrapping gifts and just generally enjoying the holy occasion.

“God bless you!” is what Bashar and Asma were hit with when they first entered the Monastery, and as they made their way down into the courtyard where they were adorably mobbed by loving children, they were also told by the nuns, “Now we are truly feeling the holiday spirit!” ‘Twas one of those moments in which you realize that these individuals, Dr. Assad and First Lady Asma, truly are FOR the people, OF the people and BY the people. This is the kind of popular support that cannot be bought, nor staged, nor forced. One simply has it or one does not. Clearly the Assads ABSOLUTELY have it.

And this is the essence, isn’t it? Every drop of Zioganda that the mainstream media has spewed out like an obese ‘Israeli’ settler with a torn stomach tract over nearly 6 years is rendered useless with scenes such as these. If Syria’s First Family was as despised by “everyday Syrians” as the Zionist press says they are, why the warm welcome and embrace from nuns and orphans, i.e. some of the most vulnerable persons in all of Syria, especially during this “conflict”? If the Assads were so petrified of their well-being because of this aforesaid hatred from “the people”, why’d they travel to an area as volatile as Saidnaya, which had been attacked by Takfiri gangs at numerous points, with nothing but basic security?

And if Bashar, Asma and their children were “divorced from reality” as a cornucopia of officials from Western ZOGs, “activists” of the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex and terrorist-sympathizers the world over have suggested since the opening days of the manufactured rebellion in March 2011, wouldn’t they be holed up in some mountaintop mansion bunker somewhere instead of traveling around Syria to be with their countrymen in these most desperate times? Yes. Certainly. Dr. Assad and the First Lady are in fact very much in tune with Syrians, hence why they were voted back to the People’s Palace in overwhelming numbers by Syrians, why the SAA is supported just about entirely by Syrians and why Syrians view the Assads’ leadership as a trusted source of guidance.

For posterity’s sake, let us be fully lucid: The Saidnaya visit was not some kind of publicity stunt or media operation but the latest stop in the routine nationwide rounds made by the Assads. The Syrian President has recently been in Kafar Souseh to celebrate Mawlid al-Nabawi and was also on the front lines of Aleppo to mark the liberation of the city. Asma, for her part, has been seemingly even busier, visiting wounded soldiers, the disabled, orphans, shellshocked students and the families of martyrs in and around Damascus, Latakia, Hama and Tartous.

Can the same be said about the Takfiri terrorist darlings of Washington, the EU, the GCC and ‘Israel’? No. Because celebrating Mawlid al-Nabawi and/or Christmas in the ever-shrinking “rebel”-held areas is grounds for lashes and beheadings. Zio-NATO’s proxies continue tormenting Syrians from all ethno-sectarian backgrounds and from every age bracket. And the only “martyrs” that these Wahhabi mercenaries have any interest in receiving are the ones who bring disgrace and dishonor to the very concept of martyrdom, i.e. those who are brainwashed as well as manipulated, among them children, into unleashing suicide operations on Syrian civilians.

Indeed, Christmas Day highlights the genuineness of the Assads along with the stark contrast between their commitment to upholding and safeguarding Syria’s pluralism vs. the hateful, destructive barbarity of the Takiri scourge. Imagine for a moment what life would be like for the people of Saidnaya, or Maaloula, or Halab, or Armenian Kessab in Latakia, or Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of Christians) in Homs if the Assads were no more and all that remained was the Christmas-hating Wahhabi fanatics bankrolled, armed, trained and politically supported by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire.

Let that sink in and try not to scream from the horror. So if it comes down to the democratically elected Resistance Axis leader and his brilliant, compassionate, composed-but-fierce and elegant missus, or the head-chopping maniacs that Zio-Imperialist powers keep referring to as “revolutionaries”, check the scenario: I’ll take the “dictator and his wife” over the “democratic freedom fighters” each and every day of the week plus twice on a beautiful Christmas Sunday in Damascus.

And you know what? Syrians–from liberated Aleppo to protected Saidnaya–would, and do, agree. Emphatically. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveTheAssads #MerryMouqawamistChristmas




Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian First Family joined the sons and daughters of the martyrs for Christmas celebration in Saidnaya Convent.





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Not a joke, Zionist Jews protest Aleppo’s Liberation from Al-Qaeda, call for donations to White Helmets




by Jonathan Azaziah

G’head and bust out the “anti-Semite” smear, the damns I give are somewhere between zero and negative three quadrillion. There is just too much sugary-sweet irony oozing off this bizarre development not to rip into it with the thunder of a Yemeni monsoon. Jews the world over, from the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity to New York City (or as some prefer to call it, Jew York City) to London, are organizing rallies to protest the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Aleppo and the city’s historic liberation. Under the fraudulent “Save Aleppo” banner, these Zionist “humanitarians” are raising their supremacist voices to defend “the Syrian people” against “butchery” and “massacres”. No, this is not meant to be comedic or satirical in any way, shape or form. This is an actual thing that is actually happening. And yes, I would agree with you in totality: These Jews are completely insane.

In occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem), where ‘Israeli’ occupiers routinely bulldoze homes, burn olive trees, shoot peacefully-protesting Palestinian youth dead, build settlements and desecrate Muslim and Christian sanctities, an organizer named Roni Slonim calls Syrians her “fellow human beings”–apparently they’re not “Goyim” anymore, a miracle in and of itself, or perhaps they’ve merely ceased to be subhumans temporarily for this publicity stunt–and says, “We want to unite as an active force for human rights and against the terror taking place in Aleppo.” Meanwhile in the occupied Golan Heights, Jewish settlers are staging protests called “The world is silent again” and “Stop the Holocaust of Syrian children.”

In NYC, where Jews run Wall Street, the diamond district, the garment business, the mayor’s office (through AIPAC) and control a network of rabbinical child-rape across Brooklyn protected by their stooge, D.A. Charles Hynes, a French-colonialist-flag-waving ‘Israeli’ businessman named Moti Kahana is crying out “Never Again!” and staging Hanukkah rallies on December 24th as well as January 1st. This filthy squatter–who has had a hand in anti-Syria #FakeNews for some time now and claims that Syrians and Zionist land thieves aren’t enemies–runs an organization called Amaliah which delivers “humanitarian aid” to “the people” of Southern Syria. Make no mistake here, this is a front for Mossad activity on the Syrian Arab Republic’s southernmost border. “Humanitarian aid” means weapons, ammo and logistics and “the people” means Jabhat al-Nusra, the FSA Southern Command and other Takfiri terrorist groups.

Elsewhere in the US, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), two of the biggest muzzlers of Anti-Zionist activism in the world, are foaming at the mouth over Aleppo, shouting “Never Again!”, slamming Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran and calling on “the international community”, i.e. the American ZOG and its marionettes, to intervene. The Jews protesting in London though take the cake for the most absurd and sickening. In Britain’s capital, where the uppermost upper echelon of the Jewish-Zionist Imperium resides, namely the globe-holding, multi-trillionaire Rothschild family, the Union of Jewish Students is holding an “emergency rally” and also chanting “Never Again!”

Shamelessly, these Jewish deception-masters, in their condemnations of the Syrian government, declared, “Indifference – to human suffering, to hatred and to genocide – contradicts everything that Judaism holds sacred.” Then, in the cherry on top of this festival of frolicking hypocrisy and Jewish chameleonism, the “activist” students called for donations to none other than the White Helmets, Al-Qaeda’s clean-up crew fronting like the “Syrian Civil Defense”. Despicableness aside, it’s rather fitting that Jewish liberal interventionists would call for money to be given to a terrorist organization funded by the US ZOG, the UK ZOG and “leftist” Zio-billionaire George Soros, isn’t it?

The question is – Do these Jews really have that much cognitive dissonance swirling around in their Halakhic-Talmudic brains that they can claim that they (and the Zionist tumor) have been “INDIFFERENT” towards Syria? Or are they just trying to pull a fast one on the Gentile world by using a “humanitarian” mask (of Zion) to cover up their beloved usurping entity’s architectural role in the terrorist-fueled destruction of Aleppo and all of Syria? The answer, undoubtedly, is the latter. The parasites who used the “6 Million Jewish WW2 Victims” myth and the “Never Again!” slogan as ideological, intellectual and political battering rams against anyone who rejected the criminal existence of ‘Israel’ are now at work again, saying Western powers must hit Syria to stop an impending “holocaust”. But here’s the thing: All their “kvetching” is doing nothing but exposing their own duplicity. How can the Yahoudlings believe that Syrians are woefully oblivious to the fact that the plot against Bilad al-Sham is Jewish-Zionist at the root? Verily, this isn’t even remotely close to reality.

The Syrian traitors here and there in the ranks of this or that Takfiri terrorist group, those scoundrels who have offered to sell ‘Israel’ the Golan Heights and who have shouted “God is great!” after ‘Israeli’ warplanes raided Syrian territory, are a microscopic minority. Syrians as an overwhelming (99.9%) whole have a fierce Anti-Zionist identity. That’s why the ‘Israeli’ flag is burned and “Death To ‘Israel’!” is roared in all pro-government rallies going back to the very beginning; why Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari condemns the ‘Israeli’ occupation of the Golan Heights (and Palestine) every week at the UN; why the Syrian government has risked everything to provide weapons to the Palestinian Resistance; and why the Syrian Arab Army’s heroic soldiers curse the Zionist entity in every breath after launching mop-up operations, including most recently in Aleppo, because they find ‘Israeli’ weapons, satellite phones, bullets, rockets, medicine and other Mossad-provided equipment in the stashes of former terrorist hideouts.

But it gets thicker still. Because at the most base level, Jews protesting to “Save Aleppo” and “Save Syria” takes hypocrisy to lengths yet to even be discovered by mankind. It was the Jews who stole the Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan) in 1967, destroying 134 villages and driving 124,000 Syrians from their ancestral soil. It was the Jews who annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 and have been building settlement monstrosities on the lush, archaic land ever since. Over 20,000 illegal Jewish settlers currently reside in Al-Jaulan. It was the Jews who launched Operation Oranim after invading Lebanon in ’82 to pave the way to steal Syria’s water and liquidate the Syrian Arab Army. It was the Jews who drew up “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” and “A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm”, policy papers that featured the ruination of Syria as a cornerstone of the Zionist entity’s regional policy.

It was the Jews whose Mossad has been funding “Syrian opposition” groups since 2004. It was the Jews who murdered Syrian General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.), the key link on the Syrian side in the chain which sends arms to the Palestinian Resistance. And it ***IS*** the Jews who activated Operation Oranim 2.0 to depose Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who treat Nusra and ISIS terrorists in their military hospitals, who have killed Syrian engineers based on intelligence acquired from their “rebel proxies”, who carry out air strikes on the Syrian Arab Army for their Wahhabi allies, who have used the fake “revolution” to steal Syrian oil in the Golan as well as more land and who have assassinated high-level Hizbullah commanders fighting against this horrible scheme. The “Syrian revolution” is, from A to Z, a Jewish-‘Israeli’-Zionist destabilization operation.

Considering all of this, how can the Jews “save Aleppo” when they’re the ones who birthed the conspiracy against Syria in pursuit of establishing unchallenged Zionist hegemony in our region to begin with? Simply put, they can’t. And the fact of the matter is, contrary to the foolishness spewed by the Jewish anti-Assad demonstrators in London, Judaism holds nothing sacred–and MOST CERTAINLY not the Syrian Arab Republic’s people–but Jews and Jewish interests. Judaism opposes Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), with vileness. Judaism opposes Christ (A.S.), with even more vileness. Judaism opposes Arabs, Blacks and Persians, with bigotry on top of bigotry. Judaism opposes Gentiles generally. And Judaism has been cited over and over again by rabbis throughout the globe to justify the atrocities and crimes of the ‘Israeli’ regime and Jewish felons. It’s Judaism that has driven the entity’s leadership into pursuing the current course vis-a-vis Syria.

Lest we forget that it is not only ‘Israeli’ Jews in the upper ninetieth percentile who have enthusiastically supported the illegitimate, cancerous “Tel Aviv” regime’s wars on the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon, but Jews at large across the West. These Jews speak of nonexistent “massacres” committed by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo when their entity has been committing very real massacres, very real aggressions and very real genocide against Gaza, Lebanon, Syria itself and all of Palestine going back to the Nakba in 1947-1948. Not to mention playing a role in the horrors inflicted on Algerians by the French, Iraqis by the Americans, and Yemenis by Al-Saud. They may claim “chosenness” but the Jews have about as much “moral authority” on the issues of mass killing and brutality as the aforementioned Saudi tyrants–their homeboys, not-so-coincidentally enough–do when it comes to condemning terrorism, like they’re not the biggest funders of terrorism across the planet.

So at the end of the day, all of these Jews didn’t get together to protest because they’re outraged over human suffering in Aleppo–human suffering mind you that, again, their Jewish “state” facilitated in the first place. They’re protesting because things didn’t go according to plan. Their Al-Qaeda proxies were supposed to win. They were supposed to hold on to Halab and use it as a springboard to unleash the final march onto Damascus, topple the government, break the Resistance Axis, sign a surrender treaty with ‘Israel’ and impose Saudi-style rule on the secular, pluralistic Syrian people. What occurred in place of this demented scenario is the triumph of the Resistance Axis, with Syria sitting in the driver’s seat, over International Zionism and the global Jewish-controlled media.

Maybe after everything noted, it doesn’t need to be said. Or maybe it does and should be so there isn’t even the slightest scintilla of discrepancy: Jews aren’t friends of Syria. Jews aren’t friends of Palestine. Jews aren’t the friends of anyone other than Jews and those traitorous Gentiles who do the bidding of Organized Jewish Interests. And the sooner that Arabs, Muslims and Gentiles as a whole realize this uncomfortable but nevertheless unequivocal truth, the sooner that we will liberate our people from Palestine to Syria and even beyond that, and ultimately, expedite the end of Zionism’s stranglehold on this magnificent place we call Earth.


By Jonathan Azaziahcross-and-crescent

What will not be read regarding the historic, world-shifting victory in Syria’s Aleppo, either in the Zionist-controlled, Christ-bashing, Islam-hating mainstream media, or the anti-spiritual, Zionist-infiltrated alternative media, is that this victory is perhaps FIRST AND FOREMOST a triumph of Islamic-Christian Unity over an enemy which seeks to destroy both the followers of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and the followers of Christ (A.S.)

From day one of the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic, the global press attempted to frame it in sectarian terms–i.e. “an Alawite minoritarian regime repressing the Sunni majority”–and the alternative outlets tried to paint a picture in neocon-derived “clash of civilization” terms–i.e. “authoritarian but secular regime” fighting “reactionary Islamism”. Both of these narratives are equally false and maliciously so at that, not to mention rooted in the Zionist scheme to see Muslims and Christians opposing one another instead of working together to defeat the Jewish Power Configuration.

Yes indeed, Syria is very much secular and Syrians are proud beyond proud of their secularist identity. BUT! The Syrian Arab Republic is also the Arab-Islamic world’s capital of pluralism and the fiercely pluralistic Syrian people pride themselves on the fact that so many different Islamic schools of thought, Christian sects and other faiths not only coexist but coRESIST. The Syrian Arab Army is multi-communal and multi-ethnic. The NDF is multi-communal and multi-ethnic.

Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary groups like Liwa Al-Quds and Fatah al-Intifada are comprised of both Muslims and Christians. Syrian Muslims defend churches. Syrian Christians defend mosques. Syrian Druze defend both. As Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad once eloquently said, “We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That’s how religions live together in Syria—a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side, and have historically.”

And then when the identities of Syria’s allies are factored into the equation, Christian Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance movements of Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, it is actually tremendously fitting that these forces would come together in Syria, the hallowed ground of religious unity, to ward off the Takfiri terrorist proxies of the globe-holding enemy attempting to liquidate them all–International Zionism.

Orthodox Christianity in Russia has roared back to the forefront under Vladimir Putin and the Russian president himself has shown his own commitment to forging an Islamic-Christian alliance with his increasingly close (as well as strategic) ties with Tehran and his presentation of an ancient copy of the Holy Qur’an to Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Russian forces aren’t merely active in Syria on the aerial front, they are on the ground, shoulder to shoulder with the pluralistic SAA, the Hizbullah-trained NDF and Shi’a moujahideen from Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. A melting pot of Mouqawamah and the ultimate recipe for spoiling everything being devised by the sedition-cookers in “Tel Aviv”, Dimona and Herzliya.

The liberation of Aleppo will always be remembered, rightly, as the event which killed the Zionist conspiracy against Syria and expedited the end of the war. But never forget that its significance does not stop there. Aleppo’s newfound freedom will also be the catalyst for the expedition of International Zionism’s total collapse; the moment that the Islamic-Christian alliance solidified its presence as a power to be reckoned with on the geopolitical grand chessboard by defeating World Jewry and its perversions–“Christian” Zionism (aka Scofieldism) and Wahhabi-Takfirism–in totality. Verily, as Idlib, Raqqa and the remaining (almost-microscopic) pockets of terrorism in Hama, Daraa and Rif Dimashq are set to be cleansed of Empire Judaica’s tools, this Islamic-Christian powerhouse–with bases in Damascus, Tehran, Karbala, Kufa, Najaf, Baghdad, South Lebanon, Dahiyeh, the Bekaa Valley and of course, Moscow–is only going to expand its victory.

Muslims and Christians the world over should take note: Stop hedging bets on the broken and entirely fraudulent system of Western Liberalism, a dying, declining hegemony spearheaded by the ‘Israeli’ tumor in Palestine and its parasitic “chosenite” brethren in the US, the UK and other Imperialist capitals. Instead, get behind Syria and its allies, the truest representatives of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Christ (A.S.) on Earth in centuries. And if you need an example of what kind of righteousness the Muhammadi-Masihi, Syrian-Hizbullahi-Iranian-Iraqi-Russian union is capable of… Then look no further than the liberated ancient city of Aleppo. The shine simply could not be any brighter



by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

With the imprisonment of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky now entering its 11th month, the world at large primarily remains nowhere to be found on his plight and the cause to find justice for the Zaria Massacre victims. And this theme, SILENCE, whether from “The Ummah”, the “Palestine Solidarity Movement”, the “social justice activists”, the “Anti-Imperialists”, the African-American political “elites”, the “White Savior” liberals, the “Pro-Black” Jews and others, has been featured prominently in my own radio programs and writings since the criminal attacks on the Nigerian Shi’a and their sanctuary, Husseiniyah Baqiyatullah, during December 12-14 last year. But there is only so much that commentaries and podcasts can do.

Music on the other hand, is comparable to Aurora Borealis the way it engulfs the ears, like those Northern Lights indeed draping the sky with spectacular color and spreading out far and wide. And because I don’t even feel alive if I’m not on a microphone rhyming, I decided to pen a song, “Silence On The Sheikh”, to encapsulate the rage many of us feel for Sheikh Zakzaky and the Zaria Martyrs. Featured on the track are my Husseini brother Yusuf Abdul-Mateen, who is so smooth with the flow you’d swear he’s Swiss Alps chocolate, my dear homie Rafiqi Green who is angel-voiced and is so gifted on so many levels it’s just ridiculous, and lastly, but most certainly not least, my partner-in-rhyme Khanverse KV, whose lyrical ability is second to none on Earth. The joint is an Islamic outcry for unity and justice; a powerful salute to the work of light done by Sheikh Zakzaky for Muslims and humanity at large, as well as a categorical rejection of the factionalism and sectarianism that Empire Judaica has attempted to inject into our ranks. Shi’a, Sunni and Ahmadi standing together as one! We plan to drop “Silence On The Sheikh” next month to mark one year since Zakzaky’s arrest.

Also, I’m proud to announce that the VERY NEXT single off “Eternally Husseini” is going to be “Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)”. As the final battle for Aleppo is heating up, my brilliant producer Iron Galaxy and I decided that our track for Bilad al-Sham is the perfect anthem joint for the occasion so we shall be releasing it some time in the next few days insha’ALLAH khair. Y’all are gonna flip when you hear it… TRUST! As for this breathtaking artwork? That’s none other than Intifada Street founder Mohammad Hamza, the most talented graphic artist this side of the universe. There’s more where these beauties came from too! Just wait for “Eternally Husseini” to be completed! Watch this space and brace yourselves for something otherworldly! #LongLiveLiveZakzaky #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveSyria




by Jonathan Azaziah


How does world-renowned “politically conscious” MC Talib Kweli, who should now be considered a Sorosite, Democratic Party shill on every level, even look himself in the mirror? He had the audacity to recently go on the Qatari tyrant’s Al-Jazeera, a media institution with the blood of countless Syrians, Libyans and Yemenis on its hands, to apologize for Donald Trump’s presidency, while on the very same segment revealing that he voted for Zio-Killary Clinton. Cognitive dissonance much? What makes this so astonishing is that last time I checked the record, while Trump hasn’t even reached office yet, Obama has wreaked havoc on the entire Black and Brown world for the last 8 years and this self-styled “revolutionary” has been chirping with the crickets.

Zio-Killary’s rap sheet meanwhile, not track record, but RAP SHEET–as she is a war criminal of the highest order–is miles and decades long, but he chose to actually cast a vote for this evil demoness to “stop Trump” (a “noble” mission mind you that has also been taken up by the entire Zionist media, Wall Street and all of the Wicked Witch of Zion’s very wealthy Judaic backers)? Yo! Kweli! Are you braindead, brainwashed, ignorant or catching a check from the same Yahoudlings breaking off all these duplicitous sacks of shit in the streets right now for the American color revolution? Hmmm? What’s the deal b? Ultimately though, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. This is indeed the very same Talib Kweli who needed to be TOLD to cancel his gig in occupied Palestine, like he ain’t know ‘Israel’ was an expansionist, malignant tumor and like he ain’t know, after living in Brooklyn and being in the music industry for decades, that Jews are obnoxious, toxic, aggressive, Black-Hating, Muslim-cursing, land-stealing, globe-holding oppressors.

This is the same Kweli who gleefully met with Obama like a happy lil’ House Negro in April ’16, not to mention that one of the reasons he voted for Zio-Killary is because he thinks that Clinton being the first female US president is “revolutionary”. Keeping these truths in mind, there are some important questions for the “activist” MC that should be answered immediately: Where the fuck was he when the “first Black president” laid waste to Libya and turned what was Africa’s wealthiest country into a Takfiri-terrorist haven? Where the fuck was he when Obama unleashed AFRICOM on the the entire African continent and launched murderous military interventions in Uganda, the CAR, Mali and elsewhere, as well as the expansion of brutal CIA drone strikes and covert operations in Somalia? Where the fuck did he disappear to when the US-backed Buhari regime massacred hundreds (possibly thousands) of unarmed Nigeria Shi’a and threw Sheikh Zakzaky in a dungeon? Where the fuck has he been for the last 20 months as Obama has limitlessly backed Saudi Arabia in its evisceration of the Yemeni nation and the deliberate starvation of millions of Yemeni children?

And where the flying fuck has Talib Kweli been for the last five and a half years as Obama and “revolutionary feminist” Zio-Killary have armed head-chopping, suicide-bombing, organ-eating Takfiri terrorist death squads in Syria in an ill-fated try to liquidate the Resistance Axis on the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s behalf? Huh? Where?! Since we’re in full-blown rage mode now, let’s switch over to Zio-Killary and her “progressive” and “anti-racist” career, shall we? Her and her mass-murdering husband implemented the infamous “Crime Bill” that boosted the Prison-Industrial-Complex–which Kweli claims to oppose–like a steroid, militarized the Blue Bacon (cops/pigs/police) at a rate comparable to hyperdrive and saw the unlawful, brutal lock-up of hundreds of thousands of Black and Brown youth for nonviolent crimes.

Her and her husband oversaw the mass killing in Rwanda, the overthrow of a government in Haiti–which they then raped and pillaged alongside ‘Israeli’ organ traffickers with their Clinton Foundation–the bombing of a pharmaceutical production plant in Sudan, the sanctioning of Iraq that wiped out millions and the balkanization of Yugoslavia. Zio-Killary herself played an intimate role in nearly every ungodly violation of humanity that Obama committed in his first presidential term, especially Libya and selling weapons to the malevolent, slave-owning Saudi regime. And she’s also outright called for war on Syria, where she mothered the aforementioned Wahhabi filth, and Russia, which would be a global (and likely) nuclear conflict. Broken down to the atoms: When it comes to preference, Talib Kweli will take the baby-killing, blood-drinking, nation-destroying, terrorist-birthing psychopath over the loudmouth billionaire who doesn’t want to overthrow Damascus, nor Moscow. Got it. And he came to this conclusion by the way because Bernie Sanders, a two-faced, lying Zionist Jew to end all two-faced, lying Zionist Jews, convinced him of it. Told y’all he was a Sorosite, Democratic Party shill.

And to be UNEQUIVOCALLY clear, this isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about liberals, progressives, leftists and humanists who will run their mouths ’till their jaws are sore about “right-wingers”, but seem physically incapable of moving their lips when it comes to even uttering a word against establishment personalities from within their own ideological spheres. It’s sickening. It’s infuriating. It’s vomit-inducing. You wanna take it upon yourself to apologize for the American ZOG Kweli? Then let’s start with an “I’m sorry” for all the innocent people your beloveds Obama and Hillary have slaughtered across the Global South. Slaughter, which, since ***YOU*** voted for those who carried it out, should be apologized for by you too. And if you don’t have the guts to do that, if you don’t have the humility to admit just how wrong you are, then you really should just keep your hypocrite-mouth the hell closed. We will all happily “Get By” without you.

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