Kevin Barrett on Gilad and ID politics.

Ahead of my current USA tour, Kevin Barrett recorded this brilliant short promo.

USA DATES, May 2018: NY, WI, IL, CO, OE and CA


Monday 7 May, 2018 @ 7 pm, Africa and Zionism – Dissecting anti-black racism in Israel and beyond, led by El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan and Gilad Atzmon, ,39 Eldridge St 4th Fl, Chinatown, NYC

Tuesday 8 May,  2018 @ 7 pm, Truth, Truthfulness & Palestine – a talk and Q&A with Gilad Atzmon,  353 West 48th Street (2nd Floor), room 1, NYC

Thursday 10 May, 6.30 – 8 pm ,Truth, Truthfulness & Palestine – a talk and Q&A with Gilad Atzmon followed by a music party. Meeting @ Wil Mar Center, Mendota Rook, 953 Jenifer St. Madison, WI

Friday 11 May, 8 pm Truth, Truthfulness and Palestine, a talk and Q&A with Gilad Atzmon –  AL Nahda 10555 Southwest Highway, Worth, IL (Chicago)

Saturday 12 May, Rich Forer and Gilad Atzmon with WE ARE CHANGE Denver 6.30 pm. 7401 W. 59th St, Arvada, CO.

Sunday 13 May, 12.30 Rich Forer and Gilad Atzmon,Truth and Truthfulness in Americaprivate meeting in Denver, Co. Please contact me if you want to attend.

Sunday 13 May, 3.00 pm Jazz & Beyond,Come and see how Gilad blends, bop with Middle Eastern folk music.  The Mercury Café, 2199 California St, Denver. CO

Monday 14 May, Jazz night, Dan Schulte -bass, Fred Ingram – drums, Steve Cleveland – kb. 7:30 pm till 9 pm, Sanctuary at the Southminster Presbyterian Church, 12250 SW Denney Road, Beaverton, Oregon

Tuesday 15 May, Today is the Day, Truth, Truthfulness and Palestine,   The Clackamas Truth and Inquiry Group at 15815 SE 82nd Dr., Clackamas, OR in the Denny’s Banquet Room at 7 pm.

Wednesday 16 May 7 – 9 pm Gilad with Jason Hanna and the Bullfighters at the Riviera Supper Club, 7777 University Ave. LA Mesa CA 91941 (San Diego)

Thursday 17 May, Morning talk in SD. This event is private – if you want to attend please contact Gilad.

Saturday 19 May2:00 PM, Gilad Atzmon in Los Angeles – Music by Fritz Heede and Gilad Atzmon  followed by a talk  on the current dystopia  by Gilad   1827 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Sunday 20 May, Santa Barbara. Ca TBA

Tuesday 22 May Bay Area. CA TBA


Should Putin Help Syria To liberate The Golan Heights?


By Kevin Barrett

In the wake of yet another United Nations vote reaffirming the unanimous position of the international community – that every square centimeter of land stolen by Israel in its 1967 war of aggression must be relinquished – Russian President Vladimir Putin has an unprecedented opportunity to bring peace to the Middle East and inaugurate a new multipolar era in international relations. He can do so by liberating the Occupied Golan Heights and returning it to to its rightful owner, the government of Syria.

Putin should immediate declare and enforce a no-fly zone over Golan. Russia has the anti-aircraft capabilities to do this. Then he should give the Israeli squatters one week to evacuate.

Though the Zionist-dominated Western media and its brainwashed following would erupt in curses and lamentations, everyone else on earth would be cheering for Putin.

President Obama would not object. Though he would undoubtedly issue a pro forma verbal protest, Obama would secretly rejoice at the humiliation inflicted on his arch-enemy Benjamin Netanyahu, and would make sure that the US did nothing to prevent the liberation of Golan.

Incoming President Trump, surrounded as he is by  Greater-Israel-humping Zionist lunatics, might issue an angry, bombastic tweet or two. But Putin and Trump seem to have an unspoken understanding; and by the time Trump took office the return of the Golan to Syria would be a fait accompli. After all, as Bibi knows too well, you can’t argue with facts on the ground. Trump would then have an opportunity to try out his new policy of making foreign nations pay for American protection, by demanding that Israel and its Rothschild patrons return the trillions of dollars they have gouged out of American pockets…and  then pay the US top dollar to ensure that Putin doesn’t go right ahead and liberate ALL of Palestine.

That’s the kind of deal that a savvy businessman like Trump shouldn’t refuse.

Putin’s liberation of Golan would make him a hero to the entire Middle East, indeed to most of the world. The “Arab street,” currently brainwashed into anti-Russian anti-Assad insanity by Zionist-Saudi media, would erupt in adulation. Zionist puppet rulers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE and elsewhere would be overthrown by their jubilant, Putin-loving populations.

The population of Turkey, too, would undergo a massive pro-Putin shift, and Erdogan would be pushed even further down the road he is already traveling, into an even more cordial alliance with Russia. This would lead to the complete resolution of the problem in Syria, where even most of the “rebels” would be so overjoyed by the return of Golan that they would be willing to overlook their differences with Assad and Putin.

The Yemen war, too, would end, as the corrupt Ibn Saud dictatorship would fall like the rotten house of cards it is. Israel humbled, its endless bluffs finally called, and its capacity to wreak havoc limited, the Zionist entity would finally have to accept a peace deal along the lines drawn by dozens of UN resolutions: Complete return to the pre-1967 borders, right of return for all Palestinians,  proportional compensation both for returnees and for those who choose not to return, and Equal Protection Clauses for an Israel/Palestine that would move towards binational federation and ultimate union.

Putin’s achievement — reversing the perpetual train wreck of decades of US domination of the Middle East – would highlight the advantages of a multi-polar, non-American-exceptionalist world. Once UN resolutions on Israel-Palestine were finally honored, the global community would be in a position to persuade other recalcitrant entities (such as India vis-a-vis Kashmir) to accept reasonable UN-endorsed solutions.

Given all of the above arguments for a Russian liberation of Golan, are there any counter-arguments?

Only one. It’s called the “Samson Option”: Israel’s threat to inflict nuclear annihilation on the capitals of Europe and the Middle East if it is ever forced to accept United Nations demands that it withdraw from the Occupied Territories and accept Right of Return for the Palestinians.

So should Putin call Israel’s bluff?

Somebody will eventually have to. I say let’s do it now and get it over with.


Kevin Barrett: Israel-Linked Forces Might Be Behind Murder in Ankara

Posted on December 22, 2016

Press TV

The recent assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara was possibly perpetrated by Israel-linked forces which want to destabilize Turkey and damage its warming relations with Moscow and Tehran, according to an American scholar and political analyst.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an author, political commentator and a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry denied American involvement in the assassination of Russia’s envoy to Turkey, voicing concern about Ankara’s rhetoric against Washington.

Earlier, Turkey blamed US-based opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen for Monday’s assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and tried to place blame on the United States for allowing Gulen to live in the country.

“It’s interesting that John Kerry feels it’s necessary to deny American involvement in the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara,” Dr. Barrett said.

“And indeed it’s a real testament to the power of the internet, which has awakened so many people around the world to the reality that all sorts of dirty dealings have been going on under the cover of the mythical mainstream media pabulum that’s what pretty much people have been imbibing since the print press turned into a sort of daily news press back in the nineteenth century,” he stated.

“But today because we have such a wild plethora of news sources available, the really dirty laundry stuff that’s banned from the mainstream organs has gotten a lot of attention. And today people understand that these kinds of spy vs. spy games, political assassinations, false flags and other kinds of things are going on that you never really hear about in the mainstream [media],” the analyst noted.

“And that’s why when something like this happens, Kerry actually has to deny the possibility of American involvement because people now know that Operation Gladio, for example, which is an ongoing wave of NATO-sponsored terrorism and political assassinations, is run by the United States’ military and deep state,” he explained.

He said, “They shot the Pope a couple of decades ago.  They committed most of the supposed leftwing terrorism in Europe during Cold War.”

Gladio B continues

“And today Gladio B continues, killing people and blaming radical Islam for it. And Gladio is very much centered on Turkey,” said the author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie.

“A majority of the people murdered during the Cold War era by the US military’s deep state Operation Gladio were in Turkey. So Turkey is a real focus,” he added.

He said the assassination, “it seems to have been calculated to try to ruin relations between Turkey and Russia. The first question that people today, the awakened people ask themselves is who benefits?”

“And we have seen this coup attempt against Erdogan, after which Erdogan was supported by Iran and Russia. The coup attempt has been blamed on Fethullah Gülen, who is a CIA-linked so-called Islamist who lives in Pennsylvania,” the commentator said.

“And elements of the US deep state were widely blamed for that coup attempt, which was also perhaps an attempt to ruin warming relations between Turkey, Russia and Iran,” he said.

“So the rumors are going wild and indeed being amplified by people who are in official positions in Russia and Turkey who are saying that this looks like may have been done by the usual sort of Gladio and/or Israel-linked forces to destabilize Turkey and ruin its warming relations with Moscow and Tehran,” the analyst said.

“Kerry himself may very well believe that the US had no role because the deep state is not usually connected to the State Department.  Everything is deniable, everything is compartmentalized. But Kerry has to deny, that’s part of his job. And it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to believe it,” the researcher concluded.

Canada: Zionists plant “hate speech” on professor – then call the police

Zionists plant “hate speech” on professor – then call the police

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Did someone associated with B’nai Brith Canada – or at least on the same ideological page – post a ridiculous “kill all Jews now” graphic on Professor Anthony Hall’s Facebook page, then lodge a complaint with the Calgary police?

B’nai Brith, a self-proclaimed Jewish freemasonic organization, plays a lead role in orchestrating provocations, PR stunts and witch hunts aimed at silencing critics of Israel. Their website recently posted:

Calgary Police Investigating Antisemitic Post on Facebook

Police in Calgary have launched an investigation into an antisemitic Facebook post that was exposed by B’nai Brith Canada last Friday.

Facebook initially determined that the post, which was a graphic explicitly calling for the genocide of all Jews, “doesn’t violate its Community Standards” and the global social media giant refused a request by B’nai Brith to remove it. Thanks to an overwhelming response from our supporters to our Friday news release, however, Facebook was pressured into removing the offensive post later that day.

The entire incident appears to have been orchestrated (with the possible complicity of Facebook) to smear Professor Tony Hall, who had nothing to do with the offensive image, which was posted by FaceBook user “Glen Davidson” as a comment on a story at Hall’s FB page. Facebook’s initial refusal to remove the image, which gave B’nai Brith the traction it needed to create a scandal deceptively targeting Professor Hall, must be seen as suspicious, given that the image clearly meets FaceBook’s definition of sanctionable hate speech. (At least if we take it at face value…more on that later.)

How did B’nai Brith know the image was posted as an obscure comment on Professor Hall’s Facebook page before Professor Hall himself did? Either they are spying on him with amazing diligence, or they themselves were responsible for posting the offensive image. The latter interpretation seems more plausible.

The B’nai Brith article falsely stated that Tony Hall “is well-known for using academic credentials to deny the Holocaust.” In fact, Professor Hall is well-known for his work in Native Studies and North American History, but has never published any academic articles, or presented at scholarly conferences, on “the Holocaust.” The B’nai Brith claim that Hall is “well known” for “academic holocaust denial” is ludicrous and defamatory…and undoubtedly the PR talking point that the entire incident was orchestrated to unleash. Such calumny, once published, is very hard to remove, given the nature of the internet.

As Professor Hall noted on today’s False Flag Weekly News (embedded above) B’nai Brith states it will “monitor the police investigation.”

But what, precisely, will the police investigate? A real investigation would attempt to determine the origin of the offensive image. When and where was the photo taken? Who are the two men it depicts? When was it first posted to the internet, from where, and by whom?

But that might not please B’nai Brith…since the image was very likely produced by B’nai Brith itself, or other Zionist extremists of like mind, as a PR operation. No wonder they are “monitoring” the police to make sure they behave themselves.

The absurd rant with its lurid references to “greedy hook-nosed kikes” and so on does not pass the smell test. Whoever created this image obviously did not do so with the intention of convincing the public to take action against Jews and/or Zionists. On the contrary, it appears to have been designed for the opposite purpose: To convince the public that crazed, foul-mouthed, murderous anti-Semites are a clear and present danger.

pathetic-zionist-propaganda-imageVirtually every time a swastika is spray painted on a synagogue, the culprit turns out to be a “self-hating” Jewish Zionist trying to conjure up the specter of an “anti-Semitic threat.” Would an investigation of the provenance of this image find something similar?

This B’nai Brith manufactured incident seems to have two purposes:

  1. Smear Professor Hall, who has become an outspoken voice of 9/11 truth and anti-Zionism in his alternative media work at the American Herald Tribune and False Flag Weekly News.
  2. Pressure Facebook to crack down on anti-Israel users

Israel major player in Syria destruction: Analyst

Watch the interview at Press TV

Press TV has interviewed Veterans Today editor Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator, about the Israeli regime’s recent attacks on Syrian military positions after stray fire into open areas in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: If stray fire drifts into open areas in the Golan Heights from Syria, does this justify Tel Aviv conducting precision strikes on Syrian tanks as a response?

Barrett: No, of course not. The Israelis are the masters of disproportionate responses, and a lot of other unfortunate things. And I think the bottom line here is we need to keep in mind that Israel is a major player in supporting the war on Syria. It’s been supporting ISIS or ISIL from the get-go. And in fact, we recently had a report coming out of the Begin-Sadat Institute, which is one of the most important Israeli think tanks, arguing that it’s very important that the West should not destroy ISIS or ISIL because it is a very useful weapon against Syria and against Iran and Hezbollah.

So, they’re openly saying that they want to protect this extreme Takfiri terrorist group. And that’s just one example of the way the Israelis have consistently lined up behind this war on Syria.

So it’s not surprising that the prime minister of Israel would visit ISIL fighters in hospitals where they’re being treated in Israel. And it’s not surprising that they would use this excuse of supposedly a couple of stray mortar rounds to get directly involved in the Syrian war once again, committing yet another war crime. All of these countries that are going to Syria without the permission of the Syrian government are committing the supreme war crime of aggression.

And I think Israel is revealing its hand and showing who’s really behind this war on Syria.

Press TV: And ultimately, what’s your take on what Israel’s trying to really get out of the Syrian conflict?

Barrett: Well, they’re of course pursuing the Oded Yinon plan for dismembering their neighboring countries. This has been the Israeli long-term strategy since the 1970s, when Oded Yinon published it. They’ve argued that they need to break up surrounding countries and balkanize the region on ethnic and sectarian lines, create chaos and civil war, and make sure that none of the surrounding countries are stable and strong enough to apply pressure on Israel to give the Palestinians justice and to withdraw from the territories that were so blatantly illegally occupied in 1967.

Of course, the territories they stole in 1948 are also occupied territories. But the whole world supports the Palestinian position that the Israelis must withdraw from all of the territories they occupied in 1967. The Israelis have no interest in doing that. And so they are essentially taking down the whole region. They blew up the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 to get the Americans into the Middle East to destroy their enemies and pursue this Oded Yinon plan for the destruction and balkanization of the Middle East. And that’s why they’re the major players behind the destruction of Syria.

Kevin Barrett’s and Greg McCarron look into Max Blumenthal’s affairs

September 02, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

You want to listen to this radio program:

Kevin Barrett’s:  Max Blumenthal – son of Zionist operator, Libya-destroyer, and Hillary confidante Sidney Blumenthal – is one of the highest-profile pro-Palestine Jews and foundation-funded “alternative” media luminaries. Though a notable truth-teller concerning on-the-ground realities in Occupied Palestine, Max Blumenthal occasionally mutates into a self-appointed thought-policeman. As if his past witch-hunts against Gilad Atzmon and Alison Weir were not shameful enough, Blumenthal has now taken it upon himself to decide who is guilty, and who is not guilty, of the dreadful crime of 9/11 truth. The good news is that he has found Abby Martin “not guilty.” The bad news is that he seems to be taking the position that 9/11 truth is indeed pernicious, but that Abby Martin only sought the truth about 9/11 when she was young and foolish. Older and wiser now, Abby is no longer interested in such things, Max assures us.

Today’s guest, Greg McCarron, is not impressed by Blumenthal’s attempts at gatekeeping. Read his analysis at:


…and listen to our exasperated attempts to figure out where Max Blumenthal (and Abby Martin for that matter) are coming from.


Kevin Barrett’s and Greg McCarron look into Max Blumenthal’s affairs

Ex-CIA official on Iraq’s future

Muqtada-al-Sadr[1]On May 24, 2016, ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller posted an article on his personal blog, entitled,Glimmers of a Future in Iraq?.In the article, the writer paints Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose fighters inflicted a humiliating defeat on US forces led by Zioconservatives’ hero Gen. David Petraeus in Fallujah as a moderate, national, and anti-Iran Iraqi Shi’ite leader.

The Shi’a have not handled the post-Saddam situation well. As the numerical majority, the Shi’a quickly moved to ensure their electoral dominance over the political order after Saddam Hussein and have sidelined the once-ruling Sunnis from a major voice in governance. Worse, Shi’ite militias have behaved harshly against Sunni communities in an effort to reduce Sunni power and even to avenge the past. This very Shi’ite heavy-handedness is one reason why some Iraqi Sunnis have lent support to the Islamic State with its militantly anti-Shi’ite policies,” Fuller said.

Some key elements of the Shi’ite clergy are often more enlightened that their political counterparts. The impassioned young cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, bane of the U.S. occupation, is back yet again. Often mercurial, he also has a huge loyal following including a militia; his power and reputation rest particularly upon the impeccable clerical and nationalist credentials of his famed clerical father and uncle – both murdered by Saddam,” Muller adds.

Muqtada has regularly demonstrated streaks of broader Iraqi nationalism even within his sectarian power base. He has spoken for all of Iraq against the U.S. occupation; he believes in a united Iraq and not just a Shi’ite Iraq. Lately he has made remarks critical of Iran, a country that has often offered him refuge in the past and has supported him with funding and weapons,” says Muller.

I agrees with Muller so far. But then Muller spills his ‘Zionist beans’: “But Muqtada is his own man, and he is making it clear that Iraq, while grateful to Iran for all its help over the years, cannot let Iran run Iraq; Iraq must be independent and sovereign.”

So I ran a check and found Muller’s very interesting background involving his association with pro-Israel RAND Corporation, authoring several books on Islam, Middle East and Pakistan. He even muzzled Turkish journalists over telling that CIA and Mossad pulled the 9/11. Graham Fuller is also on FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’ list of National Security State criminals who are known to be criminals by the FBI, but are being protected under the State Secrets Privilege.

On May 28, 2013, American academic Kevin Barrett, PhD, wrote:

During my three-week tour of Turkey in 2011, I learned another interesting fact about Fuller: he led the CIA’s 9/11 cover-up in Turkey. By September 12th, 2001, most of the leading international-affairs journalists in Turkey knew or suspected that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had been an inside job. But few wrote about their suspicions. Why not? Because Fuller had threatened them, and they feared for their lives.”

In April 2013, Jewish investigative journalist, film-maker and author Daniel Hopsicker claimed that uncle of Chechen Tsarnaev brothers’ (framed in Boston Bombing), Ruslan Tsarni, was married the daughter of CIA operative Graham Fuller.

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