Palestine: Several blows to the enemy in several positions and at the same time

Shooting in Silwad near Ramallah in West Bank

Three Israelis Killed in Heroic Operation near Ramallah

December 13, 2018

Three Israelis were killed on Thursday and two others was critically injured in a shooting in Silwad in Ramallah.

Two occupation soldiers were killed and two others were critically injured in the drive-by shooting at a bus stop near Silwad, Israeli media reported adding that the attacker exited his vehicle and opened fire on Israelis standing at the bus stop.

An Israeli settler was later killed by occupation soldiers by mistake after they thought that he was involved in the attack.

Al-Manar correspondent said that the operation was carried out by Palestinian attacker who managed to flee the scene of the shooting.

Shortly following the attack, Israeli occupation forces cordoned off the area and blocked northern entrance of Al-Bira town along with all entrances of Silwad town, according to Israeli media .

Our correspondent said that IOF then stormed Beitin town in Ramallah as they were hunting for the attackers.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad resistance movements hailed the operation as heroic, stressing the efficiency of resistance in West Bank.

Silwad shooting took place after three Palestinians were martyred by Israeli fire late on Wednesday and early on Thursday including Barkan and Ofra attackers.

Source: Agencies and Al-Manar

Hero of Ofra Op Martyred, “Israel” Says

Local Editor

In the wake of the latest heroic Ofra operation against Zionist settlers, the “Israeli” occupation army stormed the house of Martyr Salih al-Barghouthi, north of Ramallah.

The “Israeli” occupation army claimed that al-Barghouthi [29 years] was martyred after attempting to escape the shooting and a clash with the Zionist soldiers, however witnesses confirmed that the hero was detained after opening fire on his car, and that he was seen stepping out of the car where no blood stains were detected.

According to the “Israeli” army statement, al-Barghouthi “is a member of the cell that carried out the Ofra operation,” adding that they detained other members.

The man was announced by Hamas resistance movement as the one who carried out the operation outside the illegal Ofra settlement earlier this week.

“Hamas announces with great pride the death of its martyr Salih Omar Barghouthi, the perpetrator of the heroic Ofra operation,” Hamas wrote on its official Twitter account early Thursday morning.

Barghouthi is a resident of Kobar, a village near Ramallah.

For the past three days, soldiers have been carrying out intensive searches for suspects involved in the operation.

Late Wednesday, Zionist troops raided a home in Kobar belonging to Barghouthi’s family and surrounded a building in Ramallah.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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Gaza burns hotter than Hollywood but there’s nobody to put the fires out – George Galloway

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By George Galloway

5beaecdbdda4c8513f8b45b5.jpgA ball of fire above the building housing the Hamas-run television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli air strike, November 12, 2018 © AFP / Mahmud Hams


The world is fixated by the forest fires in Hollywood burning down stars’ mansions. With supreme irony some of them belong to those who helped raise millions of dollars for the Israeli Army which is now burning the hovels of Gaza.

The Hollywood warriors have insurance of course, and other homes too, sometimes many of them. The hovel-dwellers of Gaza have neither.

The brave firefighters of California are well-equipped and have the wind of hope of millions of well-wishers at their backs. There are no firefighters in Gaza.

The hovels of Gaza are unfortunately well-known to me, since long before Hamas even existed. In fact I saw Hamas be born, and Israel was the midwife. I was a comrade of Yasser Arafat then the Chairman of the secular PLO, an Arab nationalist, whose executive committee consisted of Arab nationalists and Moscow-aligned leftists like the PFLP led by the late Dr George Habash.

Israel feared this then zeitgeist in the Arab world so they turned, as the British had earlier in seeking to undermine Egypt’s President Nasser, to the Islamists. The Muslim Brotherhood, a client of the British in Egypt had brothers in Gaza of course. Those brothers became Hamas with the full cooperation of Israel.

I saw with my own eyes the open development of Islamism in Gaza, a catspaw against Arafat and the PLO. While the gaols (and the graveyards) were full of PLO men, the roads were choc-a-block with Islamist society vehicles. Communities were served by Islamic schools, hospitals & civic-society institutions of all kinds. Permitted, encouraged, sometimes financed by Israel. It was divide and rule in perfect harmony.

Of course, that was nearly 40 years ago and none of the leaders of Hamas then are still alive – by one means or another. The Hamas Israel thought it was developing as a client long-ago outgrew that role and is now a formidable fighting force which can be slaughtered from the air of course (along with anyone nearby) but on the ground, face to face, not so much.

Whilst a ceasefire was in place and peace talks were taking place in Cairo between Israel and Hamas, Netanyahu sent a special forces commando undercover into Gaza to assassinate a Hamas military commander and in the accompanying firefight an Israeli commander was slain. And all hell broke loose. As I write the dogs of war are unleashed and havoc has ensued.

Increasingly accurate Hamas missiles have been fired with greater accuracy and quantity. Israeli warplanes are bombing and rocketing like there was no tomorrow (with an unlimited guarantee of more from Donald Trump). This week the Palestinian television station Al Aqsa was eviscerated in an air-strike about which the Israeli government boasted on Twitter. Like Yugoslav TV in Belgrade, like the Al Jazeera TV station in Baghdad, the slaughter of tea-ladies, make up departments, camera-operators and of course journalists has elicited only stony-silence from Western media outlets.

The fourth estate, rightly scandalized by the kidnap, torture, murder and dismemberment of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, is unmoved by the dismemberment of Palestinian journalists.

The media solidarity, triggered by Donald Trump withdrawing the White House credentials of CNN journalist Jim Acosta, who none of us had ever heard of, working for a station that none of us ever watches, was impressive. The withdrawal of the life’s blood of TV make-up ladies hasn’t even made the news, especially on CNN.

For them as with the other Western fake-news machines, the clock starts ticking when Israel says it does and when Israel “responds“. That the response is a response to a provocation matters not a jot or tittle.

In any case, nobody working in the Western media today either knows or cares that the root cause of this is the existence of the barbed wire enclave called Gaza.

Two million Palestinians locked in a tiny strip of land (it’s called the Gaza Strip for a reason) with no entry or exit guaranteed and overwhelmingly refused. Eighty percent of those two million are refugees there, looking through the barbed wire at their own property now occupied by others. When they approach the fence they are mercilessly cut down by snipers.

Since March, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been wounded at the Gaza fence. Hundreds have been killed including children, women, nurses and of course the press. Hundreds of limbs have been amputated, many have been blinded, left eyeless in Gaza. They were unarmed, in their “own territory” and had not remotely reached the fence which, entirely unilaterally, the Israelis have demarcated as their border.

Throughout the last ten years or more the Palestinians in Gaza have endured bitter cold in winter & baking heat in summer, with deliberately-rationed electricity supplies controlled by Israel. Often there is none, at best four hours per day. Medical supplies and foodstuffs frequently perish as refrigeration fails.

Israel controls the water supply too and most of Gaza never has access to clean potable water.

Even the sea off Gaza is remorselessly controlled with abundant fish-stocks only harvestable by fisherman at the risk of their lives which are frequently lost.

It is a ghetto of suppurating suffering. It is a crucifixion of an entire population. But it is not the whole story.

The whole story goes back much farther and is beyond the scope of this article. Palestine no longer exists, it is wiped off the map. Its people are scattered to the four corners of the earth as exiles and refugees, or live in the Bantustans of the West Bank, the illegally annexed Holy City of Jerusalem, or in besieged Gaza. Until this is resolved and as long as a single Palestinian remains alive there will be resistance, there will be trouble. It is this story that all the world’s governments and all their institutions have singularly failed to meaningfully address.

And so for now, and for the future, there will be much wailing, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth in the Terra Santa.

ماذا تقول مواجهات غزة للبنانيين؟

نوفمبر 14, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– خلال يومين شهد قطاع غزة مواجهة نوعية بين قوى المقاومة وجيش الاحتلال. المواجهة بدأت بعملية نوعيّة لمخابرات الاحتلال داخل غزة، نجحت المقاومة بمنعها من تحقيق أهدافها وكانت الحصيلة شهداء فلسطينيين ومقتل ضابط مخابرات صهيوني رفيع الرتبة وجرح آخر، ولم تكتف المقاومة بهذه الحصيلة بل نظمت رداً نوعياً في اليوم التالي تجسّد باستهداف مواقع الاحتلال والمستوطنين بعشرات الصواريخ ليضاف للحصيلة مقتل جندي وإصابة آخر. وعاد بنيامين نتنياهو على وجه السرعة قاطعاً زيارته لباريس واجتمع بمجلسه الأمني المصغر، وكان الرد شن غارات إسرائيلية على غزة، وتواصل إطلاق الصواريخ، وأعلنت المقاومة أنها سترد بمدى أبعد ونوعية أشد قوة من الصواريخ إذا تواصل العدوان، خصوصاً بعدما أظهرت المواجهات محدودية قدرة القبة الحديدة في تعطيل صواريخ المقاومة من جهة، وضعف القدرة الاستخبارية للاحتلال الذي تورّطت مخابراته بعملية تبين أن المقاومة جاهزة لمواجهتها، بينما أطلقت المقاومة صاروخاً حرارياً تمكّن من بلوغ هدفه المرصود بعناية وهو حافلة تنقل عشرات الجنود، فأصابها ونجا الجنود بأعجوبة لمغادرتهم لها قبل دقيقة من إصابتها واحتراقها بصورة كاملة.

– هذه الوقائع برسم الذين يفترضون أن ميزان الردع الذي تملكه المقاومة في فلسطين، وفي لبنان بصورة أشدّ وأقوى، قد اهتزت بفعل العقوبات على إيران، أو بفعل التعاون والتطبيع بين كيان الاحتلال وحكام الخليج. فالمواجهة التي شهدتها غزة تقول شيئاً واحداً، وهو أن اليد العليا في أي جولة حرب صغيرة أم كبيرة لا تزال لقوى المقاومة، وأن كيان الاحتلال أمام مأزق العجز المركب، العجز عن احتمال الصمت على تنامي مقدرات قوى المقاومة، والعجز عن استهداف هذه المقدرات دون التورط في مواجهة يجد نفسه مضطراً لوقفها بشروط المقاومة، وعجزه عن صدّ صواريخ المقاومة، كما عجزه عن تحدي المقاومة في الميدان الاستخباري.

– خلافاً لكل الأوهام التي يتم الترويج لها، يثبت أن معادلات القوة في المنطقة وتوازناتها راجحة بصورة ثابتة لصالح قوى المقاومة، وأن المعسكر المقابل الذي يمثله تحالف كيان الاحتلال وحكام الخليج مأزوم وعاجز، رغم ضخامة ما يمتلك من مقدرات مالية وتسليحية. ففي سورية هذا التحالف يخرج من المعادلة، وفي فلسطين مصاب بالعجز، وفي اليمن من فشل إلى فشل، بل إن هذا الحلف عاجز عن إطلاق عملية سياسية عنوانها رعاية أميركية لما عرف بصفقة القرن، لأن قوى المقاومة نجحت في تعميم ثقافتها في صفوف شعبها، وباتت هذه الثقافة رادعاً يمنع إيجاد أي شريك فلسطيني في هذه الصفقة، أما في لبنان فالذين يتوهّمون ويروّجون أن حزب الله في أزمة فهم في حالة غيبوبة عن الحقائق والوقائع التي لا مجال لتعديلها، وهي أن المقاومة في لبنان تعيش زمن الانتظار الهادئ لحصاد زرعها، وهذا مصدر قدرتها على تحمّل كل هذه الهيستيريا التي يعيشها حلف خصومها الداخليين وأعدائها الخارجيين، الذين يرسمون لأنفسهم أحلاماً وأوهاماً ويريدون تصديقها، وحقيقة غزة الساطعة تقول ما يجب أن يفهموه، أن زمن الهزائم قد ولى وزمن الانتصار تجلّى، والحديث عن كون لبنان في دائرة الخطر من عدوان إسرائيلي كلام يجب أن يشطب من الخطاب السياسي، لأن مبرره الوحيد هو عدم منح العدوانية الإسرائيلية شهادة براءة ذمة، لكن الحقيقة الثابتة هي أن لبنان خارج دائرة الخطر، وإن تجرأ بنيامين نتنياهو وعساكره بالذهاب في غزة إلى مواجهة أوسع فسيرون العجب العجاب، وهو ليس إلا بعض البأس الذي ينتظرهم عندما يحاولون العبث مع المقاومة في لبنان.

لبنان أمام خطر وحيد، هو الخطر في الجبهة التي لا تتولى المقاومة حراستها، ويتولى ادعاء حراستها خصوم المقاومة منذ ثلاثة عقود. وهي الجبهة الاقتصادية والمالية والاجتماعية، ووفقاً لكلامهم هم، لم تكن النتيجة إلا فاتورة دين يبلغ مرحلة الخطر، ووضعاً اقتصادياً يصفونه هم بشديد الخطورة، وحافة الانهيار، وعلى هؤلاء أن يتعظوا من الخبرة العظيمة التي تقولها تجربة المقاومة في ما تولته من مسؤولية وفازت فيه بالنصر العظيم، ويعرفوا أنه قابل للتكرار في المجالات الاقتصادية والاجتماعية، وعنوان الخبرة هو الثقة بالشعب واحترامه، وعدم السماح بربط مصيره بتسديد فواتير للخارج، أي خارج.

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Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds

Gaza strike

Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds

November 12, 2018

Elite Israeli occupation soldiers crossed the border into Gaza on Sunday in a civilian car in a special operation to assassinate Hamas commander prompting an exchange of fire between Zionist soldiers and the Palestinian resistance.

According to Hamas resistance group, the Israeli unit was unmasked, prompting air forces to come to its aid and extract the troops from the territory.

Hamas’s military wing confirmed the assassination of commander Qassam Brigades Nour Barakah by Israeli special forces three kilometers from the Gaza border.

The Israeli squad became exposed after taking out Barakah and was forced to retreat back to the other side of the fence under the cover of aerial bombardment, the statement from the military wing said on Twitter.

Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza identified the casualties in the exchange of fire that followed Baraka’s assassination as: Nouriddin Salama, 37, Mohammad al-Qarra, 23, Alaa Qweeder, 22, Mustafa abu-Odeh, 21, and Mahmoud Musabbeh, 25.

Israeli Website Walla admitted that a Zionist soldier was killed and another was seriously injured after clashes between the Palestinian resistance and an Israeli occupation force east of Khan Younis. The resistance group also fired projectiles towards the occupied territories driving Zionist authorities to impose restrictions on Israeli schools, work near Gaza.

Rocket sirens have sounded half a dozen times since the outbreak of fighting, Israeli media said.

The Israeli army confirmed a fire exchange took place, with local reports in Gaza saying that Israeli planes fired at the open area near the place of the incident.

“IDF operated in the Gaza Strip, exchange of gunfire ensued. All IDF soldiers back in Israel. Several alarms have sounded in Southern Israel. More to follow,” said Zionist spokesman Jonathan Conricus.

The Interior Ministry in Gaza said in an official statement earlier that members of Hamas group were martyred and wounded in the incident, which took place east of Khan Younes. Security forces in Gaza announced a state of high alert.

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is visiting in Paris, held consultations on the topic while the Zionist War Minister Avigdor Lieberman is holding consultations at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv. Officials in Netanyahu’s office said he is cutting his Paris visit short and will return tonight instead of Monday morning, due to the intense Gaza incidents.

Netanyahu said earlier on Sunday that there is “No political solution exists for Gaza, just as there isn’t one with ISIL” and that he is doing everything he can to avoid “unnecessary war.”

Source: Al-Manar Website

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Once Upon a Time…There Was a Martyr

Local Editor*

Tanks and military vehicles were all over the roads, and the soldiers watched the entire place. It was a crossing point where people waited for days to get “assent” to reach their towns or the capital (Beirut).

He got off his car and walked steadily to the investigation chamber. His eyes glowed with fury. The “Israeli” investigator examined his face and the photograph posted onto his identity card. In an ineptly accented language, the investigator asked him whether he had been in Saudi Arabia. “Yes,” he briefly answered. That was enough to exclude his name from the list of “terrorists'”. Having clinched his fist, he could hardly avoid punching the investigator in the face. He walked back to his car as soon as he was allowed to leave.

The driver he sat beside didn’t bother to stop speaking about politics, the current security situation, the high living cost, and anything that would eventually blame him for coming back to his homeland. How could one enjoying this golden chance waste it by returning to a country manipulated by war? But he kept quiet all the way, staring at the roads, most of which had been turned into mounds and checkpoints… Hardly could he breathe in any air… Even the tree leaves of the orchards along the seashore of Sour city (Tyr) resembled captives beyond bars…

Could that be the South?! Was it the beautiful city of Sour any longer?! Then why did shell smoke mask away sunlight?! Where were the little yellow flowers sprouting all over the town?! And what about the wild flowers with the scent of earth which inspired souls?! Besides, where were the kids sneaking to the roads to play ball?! Behind which curtained window had freedom hidden?!

It was hard for the car to cross all of those roads. The situation was too throbbing; agony grew wilder every time he reached a new town…

He reached his town, where he walked with his heavy suitcase in hand. While his family eagerly waited for him, he was anticipating the moment he would meet his father… For a while, he anticipated his father’s eyes blaming him for returning home… He had been enjoying a productive job in Saudi Arabia, and his family did need such an income, especially in that harsh time of war. Actually, that war left no room for good but rooted poverty wherever the “Israeli” tanks went…

“I could not stay there,” he said to his father in a soft voice, “It is hard to be away from home when occupation forces strike… Imagine that I needed “assent” to get home… But I promise you, dad, I promise I’m going to send those soldiers to hell…” His father patted his shoulder and held his arm tight, “I’ve been waiting for you…”

The smell of the bread his mother was baking at dawn woke him up. He prayed and went out to sit near her. He began to fuel the saj (traditional bread oven) fire with short wood sticks. The low crackle of fire pleased him, and the smell was so lively…

When he met his friends, they said they were headed by His Eminence Sheikh Ragheb Harb at every Friday prayers. His friends added the Sheikh’s sermons overwhelmed the Zionists…

As his friends retold some of Sheikh Ragheb Harb’s statements, he was impassioned… He adored the Sheikh even before seeing him… Wouldn’t that be the case sometimes?

Hardly could he wait for Friday… He got ready early and started the pickup, transporting fresh vegetables he would sell at his father’s shop, just like every day. Two friends sat in the front, while the others sat at the back…

Fast he set off to Jibshit… But wait a minute! He slowed down and got off his pickup truck, getting closer to a sign reading Hebrew letters… He looked at his friends, “What the heck is this?!”

“It’s the town’s name,” one of them said, “The enemy has replaced the Arab signs with Hebrew ones so that the soldiers would find their way…”

Hearing so, he grabbed the sign pole and shook it forcefully until he uprooted it. Then he placed it in his pickup. Breathing out loud, he told his friend, “Well, we do not want the “Israeli” soldiers to find their way…”

All along the way, he kept getting off his pickup, uprooting signs, and placing them in the pickup trunk. Now the trunk was full of signs!

Having reached Jibshit, he met Sheikh Ragheb Harb… It was one of the happiest moments of that dark-skinned young man’s life. He heard the Sheikh saying, “Martyrs’ blood is received by Allah, and whatever Allah receives grows plenty.” Now all he could see were daisies spread above martyrs’ bodies…

Every morning his pickup truck transported vegetables, under which were firearms that the Resistance fighters would be expecting to get… As he drove through “the Bus region”, he could neither accept having to wait at the “Israeli” checkpoint nor seeing the headquarters of the “Israeli” military “governor”… Just like he uprooted the signs, he uprooted that headquarters… And his blood wrote the name of the southern towns, “Welcome to Deir Qanoun an-Nahr…”

This story “Keep in Mind, I’m an Arab” is dedicated to the Self-Sacrifice Martyrs’ Prince Ahmad Jaafar Qasir.

*Written by Nisreen Idriss on behalf of the martyrs association–obtained and translated by 

Ahmad Kassir’s Final Moments

Samir Alemeh

He came up with an idea and fulfilled his joy by defeating the Zionists.

What did Ahmad do before executing the operation and what were the circumstances that accompanied it?

“Machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades will not destroy this building. It needs something that would completely destroy it.”

Martyr Ahmad Kassir confided these words to one of his friends while they passed by the Azmi building in the Jal al-Bahr area in Tyre. The building housed the headquarters of the “Israeli” military governor. It was just an idea he had since the Zionist enemy occupied southern Lebanon in June 1982. That idea then grew into a proposal that he presented to officials from Hezbollah. It entailed him blowing himself up in the Azmi Building. By doing so, he became the prince of the self-sacrificing martyrs.

Whenever he saw the enemy’s aircraft violating the airspace in southern Lebanon, he would say, “Your turn will come soon, God willing.”

Thus, Ahmad began preparing to defeat the Jews. He was rushing things fearing that he might miss his opportunity. Yet, he did so without any changes in his behavior that would indicate that he is on a path to martyrdom.

People close to him described him as cheerful and happy. No one could have imagined that this young man had the spirit of martyrdom in him. At the same time, he continued with the acts of worship, especially reading the Quran and performing Salat al-Layl [Night Prayer].

Those who knew him spoke about his patience. Some said that prior to the execution of the operation, he stayed alone in one of the houses for two weeks. Due to security concerns, he was unable to use the heating or even the lights. Yet, he bore the cold and dark. He prayed to God to bestow him with victory and martyrdom.

He spent his nights, all the way to the last one, in worship. As dawn approached, he performed Ghusl al-Shahada [bath of martyrdom]. Due to the necessities of the execution, he performed the Morning Prayers in the car, which was driven towards the target with his determination and faith.

God has men who will what he wills. The large number of dead and wounded among the ranks of the Zionists was, first and foremost, the result of divine care. The operation was postponed for two days due to several reasons. On the night of the execution, it rained heavily and forced “Israeli” soldiers housed in tents to take cover in the Azmi building. They remained in the building all night and left the second day as stiff corpses and torn body parts.

One of the coincidences that came under the auspices of God Almighty is that days before the operation, the Zionists transferred the Lebanese detainees to the roof of the building after placing barbwire around it. Instead of using one of the floors below, the rooftop was transformed into a prison. When the explosion struck, the building was flattened and the roof was reduced to the same level as the ground below. Most of the Lebanese detainees were safe and sound. They were able to escape. Those who found themselves in the interrogation rooms at the time of the blast were martyred.

Ahmad Kassir drove his car slowly with a great deal of courage and trust. Moments before his arrival, one of the Zionist soldiers moved a vehicle blocking the main entrance. The martyr was meant to enter through that entrance. Another soldier lifted the shutters of the door. Thus, Ahmad’s way to martyrdom was cleared of any obstacles. He was able to defeat the Jews at a time when they were perceived as invincible.

And so Ahmad got his wish that always used to utter, “my greatest joy is that, God willing, I will inflict losses on those Jews the way they harmed our dignity and our people.”

Source: Al-Ahed News

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“Mother of Resistance” Leaves Behind a Lasting Legacy of Love


October 9, 2018

An icon for Lebanese women, Amina Salami, known as Um Imad Mughniyeh, a proud mother and grandmother of four martyrs, passed away yesterday at the age of 80, but her legacy lasts forever.


She was described as the “Mother of the Resistance” following the martyrdom of her first son Fouad (1984), second son Jihad (1994), third son and senior Hezbollah commander Imad (2008) and grandson Jihad (2015), Imad’s son, who was martyred along with five of his comrades in Syrian Quneitra, following an Israeli raid on their parade in January 2015.

Her last appearance was during her attendance at Robert Frangieh’s funeral, uncle of the leader of El-Marada movement Suleiman Frangieh, to pay her respect and condolences.

All social media platforms buzzed with grief and sorrow upon receiving the sad news of her death. Many people posted pictures of her with her sons and praised her steadfastness, resistance, patience and most importantly her never-ending sacrifices throughout her life.

Um Imad was at the forefront of women activist who were working at the onset of the Islamic awakening in Lebanon, seeking to spread the message of resistance through words and actions. She was interested in the Palestinian cause and the Islamic awakening following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. She kept pace with all the stages of martyr Imad Mughniyeh’s work within the resistance, Al-Akhbar newspaper said. She never failed to perform various tasks within the resistance even in the darkest and most difficult circumstances, it added.

Um Imad’s story with resistance and martyrdom started in 1984 as she lost her young son Jihad. She swallowed her grief for ten years, then she was agonized by the martyrdom of her second son “Fouad” in a terrorist attack in 1994.

The story didn’t end here. She was trying to move past her tragedy when she received the news of martyrdom of her elder son “Imad” in 2008. Imad, aka Hajj Radwan, was the founding member of Lebanon’s Islamic Jihad Organization and number two in Hezbollah. He has been described as “a brilliant military tactician.”

Imad Mughniyeh Mom

The bereaved woman later lost her grandson Jihad in 2015 followed by her husband’s death last year. This time her burden grew heavier and harder which made her give up to death.

Hajja Amina gave life to a nation. Rest in eternal peace, our mother…


Source: Al-Manar English Website

Iran’s Suleimani Condoles Sayyed Nasrallah over Death of Um Imad Mughniyeh

October 10, 2018

Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) elite Quds force, Major General Qassem Suleimani

IRGC’s Al-Quds Force Commander General Qassem Suleimani on Wednesday offered condolences to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah over the death of Um Imad Mughniyeh.

In a letter to Sayyed Nasrallah, Suleimani wrote that Hajja Amina Salami, who was the mother of Mughniyeh brothers, should be remembered as “the mother of Hezbollah”.

“Martyr Mughniyeh’s mother was a legendary woman who defended Islam, Lebanon and the Resistance axis,” he said, adding that Hajja Amina was not just the mother of Mughniyeh brothers, but she was the mother of all Lebanese martyrs.

Hajja Amina Salami passed away on Monday at the age of 80.

Um Imad was described as the “Mother of the Resistance” following the martyrdom of her first son Fouad (1984), second son Jihad (1994), third son and senior Hezbollah commander Imad (2008) and grandson Jihad (2015), Imad’s son, who was martyred along with five of his comrades in Syrian Quneitra, following an Israeli raid on their parade in January 2015.

Source: Al-Manar English Website and Mehr News Agency

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Nasrallah and the new equations نصرالله والمعادلات الجديدة

Nasrallah and the new equations

Written by Nasser Kandil,

سبتمبر 30, 2018

There are two main keys that allow reading and understanding the words of the Secretary General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the messages which he wanted to send on the tenth of Muharram, between statement and hint. The first one is his call to the observers, writers, and researchers to note the meaning of the rise of Husseini national transitional movement that depends on reviving the incident of Ashura as a collective platform for it. It became a renewed global cultural situation that is committed to refuse the sectarian and doctrinal strife and the project of the US hegemony. It takes Jerusalem as a collective goal, and it sees hope and devotion of Hussein’s concept in the victories of the resistance. While the other key is to put the role of Hezbollah and its resistance in the heart of the region’s crises as an decisive factor that cannot be intimated or neutralized under the title of confronting the US project, overthrowing the Israeli aggressiveness, and making them the base for understanding its regional and Lebanese perspectives and an explanation of its role in the battlefields.

These two keys involve accepting the idea of considering the project of the resistance as it is in its ascendant stage which is reaching its advanced stages regionally and wants to balance its gains, and as it is in the process of its universality and the stabilization of its concepts and dimensions from culture to politics as what happened in Lebanon for more than thirty years ago when the reviving squares of Ashura turned into bases for launching the resistance. This means that everyone who understood from some details of Al Sayyed’s speech the meaning of the call for calming and built his wrong conclusion as a response to the impacts of pressures, will fall in illusion and suspicion, because the calming in the battlefields does not serve the confrontation in which resistance project is present, because many things will be drawn in arenas for the next stages.

Al Sayyed put a joint framework for the paragraphs of his speech entitled “What has been achieved”. In Syria, through ensuring the end of the war, and the recognition of the victory of the Syrian country under the leadership of its president and army. In Iraq, through establishing a political constitutional structure that prevents the penetration of the resistance’s project enemies. In Yemen, where the steadfastness is, and where the project of the resistance breaks the Saudi arrogance which is based on the US encouragement. And in Palestine, through making use of the revenues of US project dedicated to overthrow the Palestinian cause through developing the project of the resistance and unifying the Palestinian positions under a broad title “the uselessness of negotiation choice and the fall of the settlement project”.

The current crucial mission of the resistance project according to the speech of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah internationally, regionally, and in Lebanon is to destroy the legend of the Israeli Air Defense as the last source of illusion which causes the Israeli aggression, the US arrogance,  and the joining of some Arabs. The project of the resistance which won in destroying the occupation capacity and imposing the withdrawal, has won in destroying the legend of the navy, tank corps and infantry corps in the War of July 2006, and has won in distorting  the US and Israeli intelligence services and their regional and international allies in the wars of Syria and Iraq against the organizations generated from the Wehabbi thought, but the distortion of the image of the Air Defense remained a compulsory passage  for keeping Lebanon safe against the dangers of aggression, and a current mission to end the unbearable and intolerable situation due to the repetitive Israeli attacks on Syria. What can be done by the resistance in confronting them is to distort the image of the Israeli air superiority which seems crucial in the speech of Al Sayyed Hassan about the project of the resistance which is related culturally and ethnically to the global Husseini march where the compass was and will remain Palestine and Jerusalem.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


نصرالله والمعادلات الجديدة

سبتمبر 20, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– مفتاحان رئيسيان يتيحان وحدهما قراءة وفهم كلمة الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله في ليلة العاشر من محرم، والرسائل التي أراد توجيهها، بين التصريح والتلميح، لتقع في مكانها الصحيح، الأول هو دعوته المراقبين والكتاب والباحثين إلى ملاحظة معنى نهوض حركة أممية حسينية عابرة للقارات واللغات والقوميات، تتخذ من إحياء مراسم عاشوراء منصة جامعة لها، وصارت حالة ثقافية عالمية متجددة المعاني لمشروع مقاومة ملتزم برفض الفتنة الطائفية والمذهبية، ورافض مشروع الهيمنة الأميركية، ويتخذ القدس هدفاً جامعاً، ويرى في انتصارات المقاومة أملاً وتكريساً للنهج الحسيني بلغته المعاصرة، أما المفتاح الثاني فهو وضع دور حزب الله ومقاومته في قلب قوس أزمات المنطقة كفاعل حاسم غير قابل للكسر والتطويع والتحييد، تحت عنوان مواجهة المشروع الأميركي وإسقاط العدوانية الإسرائيلية، واعتبار هذين الركنين في تحديد دور الحزب والمقاومة أصلاً في فهم نظرته للشؤون الإقليمية واللبنانية، وتفسيراً لدوره في ساحات المواجهة على مساحة المنطقة.

– هذان المفتاحان يلزمان مَن يقرأ أبعادهما في خطاب السيد نصرالله، أن يتقبل فكرة اعتبار مشروع المقاومة في طور الصعود الذي يبلغ مراحل متقدمة من إقليميته ويريد ترصيد مكاسبها وصيانتها، وفي طور التأسيس لعالميته وتثبيت مفاهيمها وأبعادها، من الثقافة إلى السياسة أسوة بما حدث في لبنان قبل أكثر من ثلاثين عاماً عندما تحوّلت ساحات عاشوراء إلى قواعد انطلاق للمقاومة. وهذا يعني أن كل مَن يفهم من جزئيات منفصلة في الخطاب دعوات التهدئة ليبني عليها استنتاجاً خاطئاً بأن تلك استجابة لتأثيرات الضغوط سيقع في الاشتباه والوهم. فالتهدئة في ساحات لا تخدم المواجهة فيها مشروع المقاومة ناتجة عن كون المقاومة لا تريد التلهي بالمواجهات الجانبية، لأن لديها الكثير لتفعله في الساحات التي تشكل ميدان ما رسمته لنفسها للمرحلة المقبلة.

– يضع السيد نصرالله إطاراً جامعاً لعدد من فقرات خطابه حول أوضاع المنطقة عنوانها ترصيد أرباح الانتصارات من سورية بتثبيت نهاية الحرب وتكريس نصر الدولة السورية برئيسها وجيشها، إلى العراق وتثبيت بنية سياسية ودستورية تقطع الطريق على أعداء مشروع المقاومة، إلى الصمود في اليمن حتى ينتزع مشروع المقاومة حق الشراكة ويكسر العنجهية السعودية المرتكزة على التشجيع الأميركي، وصولاً إلى فلسطين حيث الاستثمار على عائدات المشروع الأميركي لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية، في تنمية مشروع المقاومة وتوحيد المواقف الفلسطينية تحت عنوانه العريض القائم على لا جدوى خيار التفاوض وسقوط مشروع التسوية.

– المهمة الراهنة المفصلية في مشروع المقاومة تبدو لبنانياً وإقليمياً ودولياً، وفقاً لخطاب السيد نصرالله، هي تدمير أسطورة سلاح الجو الإسرائيلي، بصفته آخر بقايا مصادر الأوهام التي تتسبّب بالعدوانية الإسرائيلية والغطرسة الأميركية والتحاق بعض العرب بهما، ومشروع المقاومة الذي فاز بتدمير قدرة الاحتلال وفرض عليه الانسحاب، فاز بتدمير أسطورة سلاح البحر وسلاح المدرعات وسلاح نخب المشاة في حرب تموز 2006، وفاز بتدمير صورة جهازَيْ المخابرات الأميركية والإسرائيلية وحلفائهما الإقليميين والدوليين في حربي سورية والعراق بوجه التنظيمات المستولدة من رحم الفكر الوهابي، وبقي تدمير صورة سلاح الجو ممراً إلزامياً لجعل لبنان آمناً بوجه مخاطر العدوان، ومهمة راهنة لإنهاء الوضع الذي قال إنه لا يُطاق ولا يُحتمل في الاعتداءات الإسرائيلية المتكررة على سورية، وما يجب أن يفعله محور المقاومة في مواجهتها. وهذه المهمة بضرب صورة التفوّق الجوي الإسرائيلي تبدو مفصلية في خطاب السيد حول مشروع المقاومة المترابط ثقافياً ووجدانياً بالمسيرة

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