Hassan Nasrallah on Israeli Warmongering & US Sanctions: Hezbollah Stronger than Ever, Resistance Not For Sale

June 10, 2018

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 25, 2018, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 18th anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon.
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In Any Upcoming War, Hezbollah will Surely Defeat Israel […] Despite all the intimidation, all the threats, all the blockades, (despite the inscriptions on the) lists of terrorist organizations, the (campaigns of) defamation, all these efforts (to weaken Hezbollah and diminish its popularity in Lebanon) have been in vain. Therefore, we have a community, a people who, prior to 2000, were worthy of victory, and that is why God granted us victory (on May 25, 2000), and He gave us the victory of 2006, and we remain, by the grace of God, the strongest and the most glorious, because we are worthy of it.

Myself, personally, when I talk about the future … Of course, we always say that we do not rush to war, but we do not fear it. The (Israeli) enemy is always threatening, promising, erupting, (trying to) terrorize us, but when we talk about the possibility of a war (against Israel) – may God take this perspective away from this country and this region –, whether during internal meetings or other, I speak of our victory with certainty, because God, with whom we were and with whom we still are, stands by our side. He never left us nor abandoned us, because our people, our community, our Resistance, are there and are worthy to be granted victory by God, the Most High and the Exalted. This is the fundamental point of strength on which we base ourselves and rely. […]

Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine Not For Sale

(First, the US are exerting) pressure on our popular base to punish it (for its support for Hezbollah), psychological, moral, financial, economic pressures, meant to dislocate, reduce and weaken it.

Second, (there is pressure on) our friends and allies to scare them and induce them to distance themselves (from us), because of fears (of sanctions).Third, and this is the fundamental and most important goal, (these sanctions are intended to) cut our funding sources, what they refer to as the drying up of the funding sources of Hezbollah, of the Resistance in Lebanon and of the Resistance movements in the region. But this is not something new, they work at it since 1990. We are on the list of terrorist organizations since the 1990s. It is in order to dry our funding sources that continuous pressure is exerted against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is our main support. And that is a mark of honor for the Islamic Republic of Iran, this gives it a high rank and status.

Today, what is the US problem with Iran? You’ve seen the 12 demands of the US Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) for them to reconsider their relations with Iran. Among the 12 demands… What do they really want from Iran? That it becomes a weak country, without missiles, without civil nuclear power, excluded of the Middle East’s (issues), that takes no responsibilities and has no involvment nor influence at the regional level, that it becomes, like many countries, an enslaved country. That if (Washington) requires (Iran) 100 billion, they would pay it cash. If (Washington) wants to appoint or depose a President, a King or a Prince, (Iran) would comply at once. That’s what they want from Iran. That’s what they did in Iran at the time of the Shah.

Anyway, among the US demands, there is cessation of support to Resistance movements that (Washington) characterizes as terrorist. And (Pompeo) mentioned Hezbollah and Palestinian Resistance movements. Thus, one reason of these pressures against Iran is that it assumes (the responsibility of Resistance to Israel).

Likewise, (the sanctions) are pressuring any contributor or benefactor who can bring money or donations to this Resistance, its organizations, its (families of) martyrs, its wounded, its orphans, its Resistants, its infrastructure, its capacity… This is their goal (to dry any financial support for Hezbollah).

This is part of the struggle. I do not mean just to describe its aspects, but also to determine our responsibility (against these measures). They are part of the confrontation, of the current battle. And we, psychologically, have to understand (the goals of) our enemy and realize that this is part of the current struggle.

It goes without saying that when the Resistance in Lebanon stood since 1982 and proclaimed its rejection of continued Israeli occupation of Lebanon –which is also a US occupation–, its rejection of the American-Zionist project in Lebanon, either as an occupation, or the imposition of political control, policy management or peace agreements with the enemy… (When) we reject this and struggle, fight and sacrifice, and inflict a defeat on this enemy… When Israel is the primary project for the United States and its military forward base in the region, and that you cross their path, confront them and defeat the army (reputed) invincible, when you humble and expel it from your territory, humiliated, defeated, running (for their lives)… When you cause a strategic turning point in the Arab-Israeli struggle because of what happened in 2000, with its repercussions inside occupied Palestine and the launch of the Intifada… When you are responsible for a huge cultural transformation in the region… When you face the American project, as happened again in 2006, the new Middle East project which, according to Condoleeza Rice, was being born before our eyes… When you raise against the US-Israeli projects and contribute to their collapse –I do not pretend that we have ruined them alone, but we helped to make them fall to some extent, according to places, battlefields and countries… When you are a force that denies US and Israeli hegemony over Palestine, in Lebanon and the countries of the region… When you are a force demanding your rights to sovereignty, authentic sovereignty, not sovereignty as a slogan (devoid of reality)… Every day, the Israeli enemy violates our airspace. Yesterday, it hit Syria from Lebanese skies. Where are the (pseudo) sovereignists? (I mean genuine) sovereignty! When you are a force that demands and truly work for the sovereignty, freedom, liberation (of your territory), for its independent decision, not submitting to the United States or anyone else in this world, (when you claim) that the people of each country is sovereign at home, and must take decisions by its own in his country… When you do not allow neither the US nor Israel to put their hands over a (single) inch of your territory at the border, or one (single) cubic meter of your (territorial) waters, or a (single) drop of your oil, it is natural that this enemy will see the threat (you represent for him), for its projects, for its hegemony, for its interests, (because you are) a force that defends your people, your nation and your Community and it will not sit idle in front of you. It will (try to) fight you, kill you, launch wars against you, it will plot against you, etc., etc., etc. Then from there, it will submit you to an economic and financial blockade, (put you on) the list of terrorist organizations, dry your funding sources, etc. So that’s (a full) part of the struggle.
And those of our brothers, among our noble families, merchants, businesses, organizations, associations, affected by (the sanctions), they must consider the damage as part of the struggle. This is exactly the same as for the family that offers a martyr, who has an injured or a partial or total paralysis, who sees their house bombed during the war and who ends up in a camp. In the same way, this is part of the sacrifices required by this battle, and those affected and disabled (by sanctions and inscription on the list of terrorist organizations) must consider this damage, firstly at the personal and psychological level, as part of the sacrifices (required), we have to consider this as part of the sacrifices on the path (of Resistance) that we took, we must consider that this is part of the battle and face it.How to cope with it? In order to face (these measures), the essential point, as we have said in some (previous) battles, is to defeat the purpose (of sanctions). We cannot respond to these inscriptions on the list of terrorist organizations (and the resulting sanctions) by similar measures, because we have neither banks nor US currency, nor do we exchange dollar, euro or any such thing. But we have to frustrate their purpose. What is it? Their goal is to shake our resolve, the determination of our people and our popular base. They want to engage our will, our determination and our resolve, our perseverance and persistence on this path, on this line and on this position. As long as we remain resolute, determined and steadfast, (their sanctions) have no weight. And may God make the best out of it.

True, there will be damage, we will suffer losses, but this is part of the required sacrifices, like the martyrs, the wounded, demolished homes and factories that were destroyed during the war. After that, God the Almighty and the Exalted compensated, international assistance helped rebuild, the State assumed its share of responsibility, we took our responsibility, but it’s part of the path (of Resistance we chose).

So far, the experience showed (our enemies) that death, murder, wars, massacres, destruction, refugees, and all that was inflicted on us, to us and to our people in Lebanon, in no way diminished our commitment, our resolve and our determination. And therefore, now, I say that these measures will lead to no result. They do not delay nor accelerate anything. They cause damage, this is natural. As I said, it’s like all the other sacrifices: when a martyr falls, the father, mother and wife are grieving, the woman becomes a widow, the mother becomes *** (word untranslatable designating the mother who lost her child), children become orphans. We are human beings, we have feelings, but it’s part of the struggle. We endure, we rely on it to go ahead, and we shape victories over these losses. We do not stop, we are not scared, we are not afraid.

Now I want to return to the point that I mentioned at the beginning, I said I would come back to it. Before 2000, the capacities of the Resistance were very modest. And now it is true that the capacities of the Resistance are very large, and it needs money, no doubt. But in the worst case, in the worst case, say this inscription on the list of terrorist organizations and financial and economic siege manage to cut a large portion of that money, or even all of the money. I declare to the US, its allies in the region and the Israeli enemy: you are very wrong in understanding the Resistance and the people.

Wherein lies this error? It stems from their culture. It is that they see their friends (allies) and the people in general as mercenaries. Every man, every individual, for the United States and its allies or instruments, is not considered a man. They consider them, as we joked before, like an S with two bars (dollar sign). Money. How much are you worth? How much do we have to pay to buy your voice (in elections)? $ 100? $ 1,000? $ 3,000? Or is it that (on the contrary), your voice is not for sale? Can your position be reversed with money, with suitcases (full of banknotes)? If one brings you suitcases, will you move from one position to another? Or is it that (on the contrary), your position cannot be bought, it’s not for sale? They see the world only through the prism of money. They do not believe in principles. If they are told that such people are people of principle, patriots, they will ask you to explain the meaning of “principle”, “patriot”, “humanity”. (They are unaware of and unable to understand) these concepts, they have no existence for them. What matters for them is the work, money, weapons trade, how much money you have, how many yachts, how many banks, how much is your oil, how much credit you have in the banks, etc. This is your value. Your value is not your good deeds, as the prophetic tradition says: “The value of a man lies in his good deeds.” Your value is the balance of your bank account.

Their mistake is to consider the Resistance as mercenaries of Iran, for example. Since Iran gives money (to Hezbollah), just like Syria, they believe that we are mercenaries, that we are fighting as mercenaries, and that if they deprive us of our money, we will stop fighting and change our position. This is their fundamental error.
This Resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and the region, those people who demonstrate every Friday in Gaza are not mercenaries. They are defenders of a cause. These Resistants, and their people, their fellow countrymen, their families, their popular base and all who are with them, (Washington and its allies) must know that they are people of principle, patriots, humanists, defenders of a cause in which they believe (fervently), and for which they fight and are willing to sacrifice, and sacrifice their dearest ones and their children. They are ready to live their entire lives in the worst conditions for their cause to triumph. Such people cannot be defeated neither by lists of terrorist organizations, nor by sanctions, nor by a financial siege or by drying up their sources of money.When you fight, in Lebanon and Palestine, those opposed to the Israeli enemy, a popular will, a popular Resistance and a popular culture, you are unable to inflict a defeat on them, regardless of any measure you can implement. That is why their (economic) battle (against us) is lost in advance.

But the condition for that, like in the military war, as in all previous challenges, is that we become aware of the essence of this (economic) war, that we understand their motive and goals, that we endure and that we make its objectives fail. And this is easy. Because if we maintain our determination, our resolve and our will, they will not be able to do anything.

Denunciation of Morocco and tribute to Algeria & SoudanEven (the US attempt) to isolate (Hezbollah) in the region (will be in vain). The fact that such country has no links with us, that another breaks relations with us, than another yet (accuses us) under a thousand false pretexts, as did Morocco just a few weeks ago without any basis of truth.

(Morocco) said that the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Iran, and submitted a folder to the Foreign Minister of Iran about the involvement of Hezbollah with the Polisario Front. The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs promised to keep me informed, and he did. I asked where is the folder, but there is no folder! The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs did not even provide a single file or piece of paper, although they claimed to have provided evidence and documents, but they refused to give even the sheet that… He had a sheet in his hand, from which he was reading (to the Iranian minister) the names (of Hezbollah members allegedly involved with the Polisario): so and so, so and so, so and so, so and so. (The Iranian minister) asked for the sheet, but (the Moroccan Minister) refused. Even this piece of paper (he read), he refused to give it!

Well, where is the evidence, where are the facts? Do you have videos, recordings, witnesses? Who are your witnesses? But there is absolutely nothing. (Morocco) said that so and so, so and so, so and so, so and so from Hezbollah… Moreover, some of these (Hezbollah members) have no involvement in the security and military operations, and these brothers mentioned work in very remote locations from each other, so it is clear that it is the Israeli intelligence that provided the names to Morocco, but there is no link between these (Hezbollah) brothers. (Morocco is merely asserting emphatically that) Hezbollah supports the Polisario, and it breaks its ties with Iran, (just like that).

While we have no relationship with the Polisario, not even political relations. I do not even take a position on this issue, that we have not studied, and on which we have no position, neither negative nor positive. In truth, there is no relationship between us, not even political, we have no contact, but we will see Morocco accuse us of having received the Polisario in Lebanon, of having visited them in their town –I do not even remember its name, it was the first time I was hearing of it–, of having provided them with support, training, training camps, weapons, etc.

Anyway, these accusations and actions are futile, they will have no result in terms of resolution and determination of the Resistance. Before 2000, when the Resistance has triumphed and achieved this feat of which we celebrate the 18th anniversary today (Lebanon’s Liberation), it had no regional relations. There was Iran and Syria, nothing else. We could have friendly relations with the Embassy of Algeria, the Sudanese Embassy, ​​such or such country, but we did not have regional relations. Rather, many did not even dare to open links or contacts with us, because since 1992, we are on the list of terrorist organizations.

Therefore, all these measures of political, diplomatic and financial siege, these intimidations, I say to our enemies that they will not change anything. The Resistance that has shaped the victory of 2000, this glorious and resounding victory that imposed on the (Israeli) enemy to get out humiliated and crushed, with no clause, without any conditions, without any concession whatsoever (only by the force of arms, as Hezbollah refused any negotiations with Israel), the Resistance is stronger today, more powerful, more robust, even regarding the determination, faith, principles, soul, mind, until the new generations that you think (corrupted by materialism).
It is this new generation that fought in 2006, and much of our martyrs are part of the generation born in the 1990s. And today, it is also the case for the great battle that was conducted in the region (Syria). When you participate in the fight against the American project in the region, in Syria… We are proudly and publicly involved in this crucial battle. And it is during such a commemoration (on May 25) that I announced our entry into this battle several years ago (in 2013). And we said then that the US and its allies have gathered the takfiris from all around the world to bring down Damascus and the Syrian State, and I said in a speech like this, without vis-a-vis, that the Syrian leadership, the Syrian people and the Syrian army and its allies would never allow Damascus to fall, whatever sacrifices were required.Today, on the occasion of the holiday of the Resistance and Liberation, which we celebrate to commemorate the South(-Lebanon) Liberation, today also, we address Syria, the Syrian leadership, the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian people and all their loyal allies, and we congratulate them for the liberation of Damascus, the Damascus suburbs and the whole Damascus area in its entirety, freed from any danger and any (terrorist armed) organization, especially during this last battle against ISIS and the glorious victory that took place there, and now that all Syria goes from success to success, successes that set up the next stage (of reconstruction). Those who (like Hezbollah) take such positions must bear the consequences, and I declare that we are stronger, more determined and more present, and with God’s grace, these (diplomatic sanctions) will have absolutely no effect. […]


الأسد و«الفالق الاستراتيجي»

يونيو 12, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– تستحوذ المواقف الشجاعة في الصمود والثبات وخيار المواجهة على صورة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد لدى حلفائه ومحبّيه، والصورة نفسها تجري شيطنتها لدى أعدائه فتصير قسوة وصولاً لحدّ الإجرام، وتوازيها صورة الوطنية الصافية والعروبة الخالصة والعلمانية المدنية، لتقابلها في الشيطنة صورة التبعية لروسيا أو لإيران والتشيّع الطائفي، لكن في الحالتين تغيب صورة المفكر الاستراتيجي الذي يستحقّ التوقف والتمعّن من الصديق والعدو. فالمحبّ يُنصف ويطمئن عندما يتيقن من هذا العمق الاستراتيجي للركن الرئيسي في صياغة مسار حرب مصيرية في المنطقة والعالم. والعدو ربما يُعيد حساباته وينظر بعقلانية عندما يقرأ بعين أخرى، وربما ينجح بتفادي رهانات خاسرة وحسابات خاطئة.

– قبل الحرب على سورية، وربيع الغرب في بلاد العرب، قرأ الرئيس الأسد حال الفراغ الاستراتيجي الناجمة عن الأزمات التي لحقت بالدور والوجود الأميركيين في المنطقة، قارئاً وجود تحوّل كبير في معادلات الجغرافيا السياسية وعلومها، بحيث لم تعُد المناطق الإقليمية تُبنى بالحدود البرية كالجبال والصحاري، مستنتجاً سقوط مفهوم الشرق الأوسط الذي جرى التعامل معه كمنطقة إقليمية لها مواصفاتها ومعايير الحركة فيها، مورداً البديل لمفهوم الأقاليم الجديدة، بالحدود المائية، البحار والممرات المائية الضخمة، مقدّماً صياغته لمنطقة إقليمية تحلّ مكان مفهوم الشرق الأوسط هي منطقة البحار الخمسة، التي يحدّها بحر قزوين والبحر الأسود والخليج والبحر المتوسط والبحر الأحمر، وفيها تصير روسيا وإيران وتركيا ودول أوروبا المتوسطية شركاء في إقليم جغرافي واحد، مخاطره واحدة ومصالحه متقاربة، داعياً لمنظومة تعاون إقليمية بين قواه الكبرى لحفظ الأمن وقيام التعاون الاقتصادي.

– عملياً تجاهل الأميركيون هذا المفهوم، وأصرّوا على المفهوم التقليدي القديم، فأوروبا وروسيا دول عظمى معنية بالإقليم القديم، أيّ الشرق الأوسط بقدر أميركا، وشركاء بالقدر ذاته مع فارق القوة والأحجام، وكانت الحرب على سورية، التي قالت في خواتيمها تباعاً منذ خمس سنوات على الأقلّ، إنّ اميركا تبقى «برانية» عن هذا الإقليم. وها هي تسحب أساطيلها. وإنّ أوروبا جزء عضوي من الإقليم مهما حاولت مسايرة أميركا، فهواجسها تبدأ ديمغرافية وسكانية وتنتهي أمنية واقتصادية. وها هي في قضية الملف النووي الإيراني تجد نفسها مُجبرة على التمايز لهذه الاعتبارات التي طالما أنكرتها وتجاهلتها. وأنّ تركيا مهما كابرت، فهي لن تستطيع مواصلة السير على خط ترسمه واشنطن لم يكن ولن يكون معنياً باستقرار هذا الإقليم الذي تقع تركيا في قلبه وتجمعها بكياناته مصالح عليا موحّدة يتقدّمها الحفاظ على وحدة الكيانات. وها هي تكتشف بعد مغامرات ومقامرات خطيرة، ونصف استدارة، أنّ عليها إعادة النظر بالكثير، وستكتشف أكثر. وها هي روسيا التي تمّ التعامل معها كقوة خارجية وافدة إلى إقليم أجنبي عنها، تكتشف تشابك المصالح والمخاوف. ويكتشف الأميركي الذي ينطلق من تفوّقه عليها لاستنتاج أنّ هذا التفوّق يسري في كلّ مكان، أنه تفوّق محكوم بالجغرافيا، فحيث لا يجرؤ الأميركيون على مواصلة التدخل يجرؤ الروس، ومنشأ القضية كان ولا يزال، الفكرة الاستراتيجية المسمّاة بمنطقة البحار الخمسة.

– في مرات سابقة وفي سياق معالجته لفكرة الحرب على سورية وتحذيره للغرب من المبالغة بالعبث، أورد الرئيس الأسد معادلة وقوع سورية على فالق الزلازل، وهو نصّ استراتيجي في علم الجغرافيا السياسية، يرى أنّ ثمة كيانات مفاتيح في جغرافيا العالم بحكم تكوينها التاريخي وطبيعة موقعها الجغرافي، وحساسية تموضعها السياسي على ضفاف الأحلاف والجبهات، وأنّ سورية مثال على هذا النوع من الكيانات. وأنّ الأمر لا يرتبط فقط بقربها وتشابكها مع دول إقليمها الجديد، البحار الخمسة، بل بخصوصيتها بينها، وبلدان الفالق الزلزالي، هي البلدان التي يترتّب على كلّ تغيير فيها سلسلة تغييرات مشابهة تصيب بالتتابع الدول المجاورة لها، دون قدرة على توقّع حدود توقف الموجات الزلزالية، ليصير ثمّة ما يمكن تسميته بلعنة سورية، يجب أن يؤدّي السعي لتفاديها، سبباً لعدم العبث بمستقبلها وتوازناتها، وهو عنصر ردع تكويني بنيوي، يحميها بما لا يقلّ أهمية عن مصادر قوتها.

– يُعيد الرئيس الأسد اليوم إنعاش ذاكرة الغرب وأوروبا، خصوصاً بمفهوم الفالق الزلزالي، فتقسيم سورية بعبث بتركيبة الطوائف والأعراق، سيعني تقسيم تركيا والعراق والسعودية، وربما يسير الفالق الزلزالي لما هو أبعد، فتنقسم دول البلقان المتشققة أصلاً، من بوابة الفالق الأوكراني، وتنهار الكيانات الموحّدة في شرق أوروبا وقد تنتقل العدوى بمسمّيات جديدة في غربها، من بوابة الفالق الألماني والاسكندينافي. ومثله العبث بالأمن والاستقرار سيحمل كتلة سكانية وازنة على الهجرة والنزوح وستكون قبلتهم أوروبا، وسيصبحون مصدراً لأزمة تفوق قدرتها على الامتصاص والاحتواء، ومثله العبث بالجغرافيا السورية واستسهال التموضع فيها، تحت عناوين شتى سينشئ من الشيء ضدّه، فها هو التموضع التركي يجسّم المشكلة الكردية فتصير مشكلة لتركيا أكبر من عائد وجودها، ومثلها كيان الاحتلال مذعور من وجود قوى المقاومة التي تجذرت بمفاعيل موازية لعبثه بالجغرافيا السورية ونظرياته عن الحزام الأمني كمصدر لمزيد من وهم الحماية، ومثل كلّ ذلك العبث في الاستثمار على الإرهاب، بوهم حصر أضراره على سورية وفيها، واستنزافها بواسطته حتى تخضع، فما خضعت سورية، وصار الإرهاب مشكلة الغرب بمقدار أعلى من خطورته على سورية، التي تمكّنت منه أو تكاد.

– تشكل معادلتا البحار الخمسة والفالق الزلزالي بعضاً من معادلات نظرية في علوم السياسة والاستراتيجية، لن يحسن الغرب التعامل مع سورية ورئيسها دون أن يفهمها، كما كانت نظرية التوازن الاستراتيجي مع كيان الاحتلال التي وضعها الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد، وكانت في أساس استثماره على العلاقة بإيران وتبنيه خيار المقاومة ودعمها.

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يونيو 11, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– يتزامن إحياء رحيل الرئيس حافظ الأسد ورحيل الإمام الخميني خلال هذا الشهر، وقد قادا حقبة ممتدّة في ثمانينيات القرن الماضي، وسمت هذا الشرق ببصماتها، وامتدّت مع الرئيس حافظ الأسد والإمام الخامنئي كخليفة للإمام الخميني في التسعينيات، لتمتدّ منذ مطلع القرن الحالي بشراكة الرئيس بشار الأسد والإمام الخامنئي، حتى أيامنا هذه. وقد ولدت في كنف هذه العلاقة المقاومة في لبنان، وصارت رمزية ومكانة قائدها السيد حسن نصرالله تشارك الدور وصناعة المشهد الاستراتيجي للرئيس بشار الأسد والإمام الخامنئي، كما صارت روسيا الجديدة بقيادة الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين العائدة لمكانتها التاريخية بقوة، علامة من علامات المسرح الدولي الجديد لا يمكن رسم معادلاته بدونها، ومعها الصين الصاعدة كقوة اقتصادية أولى في العالم لا تنازعه عليها أميركا، رغم إمساكها بمفاصل النظام المالي العالمي.

– الأسبق في القراءة وصناعة السياسة ورسم الاستراتيجيات بين هذه الرموز، والذي مهّد الطريق لنهضتها ووثق بقدرتها، واستثمر على قوّتها، هو الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد، الذي قرأ بصورة عبقرية أربع معادلات تحكم المنطقة والعالم اليوم: أوّلها مكانة سورية واستحالة إسقاطها أو تفكيكها، وقدرتها على تغيير المعادلات الدولية والإقليمية، رغم تواضع إمكاناتها التقليدية قياساً بالدول الكبرى ما قد يغري البعض بالمغامرة، لكنه سرعان ما يكتشف تحطّم مغامراته على جدران التاريخ والجغرافيا التي تحميها. والمعادلة الثانية هي قانون الصراع مع كيان الاحتلال ومكانة المقاومة فيه كعامل صناعة لتوازن استراتيجي سعى إليه واستثمر عليه. والمعادلة الثالثة هي مكانة ودور إيران، وقد وقف مع ثورتها الفتية في أيامها الصعبة ووقف بقوّة ضدّ الحرب الظالمة التي فُرضت عليها تحت عنوان عروبة مزيّفة، واثقاً من كونها السند والعمق لكلّ حركة مقاومة ومواجهة صادقة مع الاحتلال وكيانه الغاصب، ومن أنّها شريك تاريخي واستراتيجي لسورية في مواجهة الصعاب والمحن المقبلة، والمعادلة الرابعة هي نظرته لروسيا التي نجح مبكراً في قراءتها بعيداً عن عقد الأيديولوجيا، وتعقيداتها، فروسيا دولة عظمى وشريك في أمن هذا الإقليم ومستقبله، كما يقول تاريخها أيام القيصرية، وسيقول مستقبلها.

– جاءت الحروب التي شهدتها المنطقة بعد رحيل الرئيس حافظ الأسد، لتؤكد صوابية النهج والتوقعات والقراءة والمعادلات، فها هي سورية برئيسها وجيشها تثبت أنها عاتية على العاتي، وأنّها أقوى من الأقوياء، وأنها الأثبت في معادلات يرسمها زائلون. وها هو الجيش السوري والرئيس بشار الأسد يدخلان التاريخ تحت عنوان، أقوى الجيوش وأقوى الرؤساء، ويتعلّم الذين توقعوا الوقيعة بسورية بعد رحيل حافظ الأسد أنهم سيلاقون ما يفوق توقعاتهم حتى الندم. وها هي المقاومة وقد اشتدّ عودها وصارت قوّة ضاربة، وفية لمن وقف معها ورعاها، تنتصر لسورية ولنفسها في الحرب التي شنّها أكثر من نصف العالم لإسقاط سورية وإطفاء جذوة المقاومة فيها. وها هي إيران كما قرأها الرئيس حافظ الأسد قوّة دولية وإقليمية صاعدة ومُهابة، صديقة وفية لسورية ولفلسطين، صادقة العهود والوعود. وها هي روسيا تستردّ عافيتها ومكانتها، وكما توقعها، ها هي قوية جبارة وواثقة بقوّتها وإمكاناتها، تعود.

– في لبنان مَن قرأوا في كتاب العروبة للرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد، وما هزّتهم الرياح، وبقوا على الثبات في الموقع والموقف رغم المخاطر، والإرهاب والتخوين والتخويف، وهم اليوم مع الرئيس بشار الأسد، ويرون في المعادلات الجديدة لدور روسيا وإيران ومحور المقاومة بشائر خير مقبلة على المنطقة والعالم، وفي الطليعة لفلسطين البوصلة. وهم على ثقة بأنّهم الأشدّ تمسكاً بلبنانية وطنية صافية، تعرف مصلحة لبنان ولا تساوم عليها، ولا تبيع ولا تشتري، مهما كرهَ الكارهونَ ومهما قال المقاولون. وفي المقابل في لبنان مَن تاجر بالعلاقة مع سورية صداقة وعداوة، فباع الصداقة واشترى بالعداوة صداقة أعدائها، أو نظر للصداقة كتجارة رابحة لنيل المكاسب والمناصب على ظهر العلاقة بسورية. وهؤلاء يتشدّقون بلبنانيتهم، وهي عندهم مجرد عنوان لبضاعة معروضة للبيع أو للإيجار في سوق السياسات الدولية والإقليمية، ومن موقع لبنانية وطنية صافية، تعرف حجم تضحيات سورية وصدق الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد والرئيس بشار الأسد مع لبنان قويّ ومقاوم، نقول خسر لبنان برحيل الرئيس حافظ الأسد أخاً كبيراً صادقاً، ونقول لا يستوي الجمع في العلاقة بين لبنان وسورية، بين أهل تلازم المسارَيْن وأهل تلازم الفسادَيْن، فكلاها يؤمن بالتلازم، لكن لكم تلازمُكم ولنا تلازمُنا.

– نستعيد للرئيس حافظ الأسد كلمتين، ما بين لبنان وسورية صنعه الله، وما صنعه الله لا يفرّقه بنو البشر، ولبنان وسورية شعب واحد في دولتين، وستثبت الأيام صحة القول، مهما كثر المنافقون.’

On Int’l Quds Day: Sayyed Safieddine Articulates Important Stances in Interview with Al-Ahed

09-06-2018 | 12:03
On the occasion of International Quds Day, the Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, sat down for a comprehensive interview with al-Ahed, covering developments surrounding al-Quds, Palestine, the deal of the century, the Arab World and the regional situation as well as internal Lebanese affairs.

the Head of Hezbollah's Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine

“Quds Day this year has a very special peculiarity,” Sayyed Safieddine stressed. “There are Arab groups that spoke clearly about abandoning al-Quds, and Saudi Arabia did not need the deal of the century to announce its abandonment of al-Quds. It is basically a permanent partner in all American and “Israeli” projects targeting our region and our sanctities, including Palestine and others.”

According to Sayyed Safieddine “the “Israelis” have drawn up a specific program to annex the Golan Heights. There is available information, documents and data about an actual program and American promises to the “Israelis” that they will recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights to the usurper entity. This is not only a political and propaganda matter. It is an actual matter. Netanyahu talked about it openly and clearly. There is a program put in place. They are waiting for the right moment to declare and announce the official annexation.”

He points out that

“the forces of the resistance, thanks to God, today are unified. Some of the breakdown and weakening in the resistance that took place during the Syria crisis, thank God now, have been addressed. The cracks have been repaired. The axis of resistance is one unified and strong axis that depends on a large force called the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Touching on the Iranian nuclear dossier, Sayyed Safieddine said,

“The secret of Iran’s power is its right. Iran is oppressed. It is defending its natural right. The secret of its strength is that it depends on a courageous and strong leader who defends his people and their rights to the last breath [and also depends] on the Iranian people’s unity behind its leadership.”

Concerning Yemen, he noted that the country

“has been imprisoned throughout past decades. Regardless of any other political title that the Al-Saud talks about, there is a big headline today in Yemen which is the Yemeni people have come out of the Saudi prison and will not return to it.”

On the issue of Bahrain, Sayyed Safieddine told al-Ahed that

“the people of Bahrain are an honorable and brave people that proved throughout the past years that they possess awareness, will, determination and the ability to maintain the high nature of its rise and objectives and defend its leading figures – first and foremost His Eminence Sheikh Isa Qassim and His Eminence Sheikh Ali Salman as well as all the leaders that the Bahraini people stood by and defended over the last few years.”

Moving over to Lebanon, he underscored Hezbollah’s “priorities”.

“We are seeking to receive important ministerial portfolios to carry out the duties that have become a necessity to us in order to serve the people and to exert the greatest influence in politics and government. This is one of our priorities,” Sayyed Safieddine added. “Today we are in the process of forming an anti-corruption file on a structural, individual, and policy level. And as soon as possible, work with the various concerned parties will begin, and the Lebanese will see the steps clearly – step by step and movement after movement.”

As far as the issue of the return of displaced Syrians to their home country is concerned, Sayyed Safieddine said that “our position … is stable, permanent and clear. This issue should be worked on within the political framework to reach a solution and solve the problem in the near future.” He also called for “a direct engagement with the Syrian state which declares every day that it is ready.”

The following is the text of the interview:

– Hezbollah won balanced popular support in the parliamentary elections, how will this be utilized in politics?

Political work will be on the implementation of the electoral program and giving priority to each item that was adopted and mentioned in the program. In general, political investment for the electoral achievement is to maintain the pledges and promises to the people, try to improve the country at the political, economic and developmental level and address the urgent files politically, economically and developmentally. Today, everyone knows that the economic and development file dictates urgency and necessity. It cannot be ignored anymore. It is not permissible to refrain from assuming responsibilities in this regard. So, the priority will be to pay attention to all that matters to the people at the level of securing their needs in terms of services and to improve the country economically and developmentally.

On the general political level, the political situation is acceptable to good. We do not need the parliamentary elections to depend on the results to improve the political situation, although the elections proved without a doubt that the political choice adopted by Hezbollah is the option that enjoys the support of the majority of the Lebanese people and also has a parliamentary majority. This has important political effects.

Some political files should have been put to bed after the elections. Arguments that did not benefit the country, specifically with respect to the defense of Lebanon and its resistance identity and confronting “Israeli” ambitions and threats, should stop.

– Lebanon is heading toward a new phase after Prime Minister Saad Hariri was appointed to form a government. In the context of talking about an American-Gulf attempt to prolong the formation of the government and putting Lebanon in a state of political fanaticism, what is your reading of the difficulties and the obstacles facing this formation?

We have yet to prove that there are important and fundamental obstacles to the suspension of the formation of the government. These are legitimate and acceptable political concerns. But on the level of facts, it seems that things will proceed at a good pace. This is what we wish for and seek and what most politicians in the country seek. US and Gulf intentions to suspend the political process in Lebanon is a separate analysis. But we do not believe that the Americans and the Saudis can disrupt the political life in Lebanon. They worked on influencing the political situation before, during and after the elections, but they are unable to suspend the political process as a whole because there are urgent requirements for all the Lebanese. If they wanted to face a team, they will be facing all the Lebanese. I believe that the existing will among all the Lebanese is the will to quickly form a government in order for it to do its duty to address the problems that will benefit all Lebanese.

– Will Hezbollah demand a greater share of ministerial posts?

It is known today that Hezbollah has three ministers. This is agreed upon with the various parties we spoke with in forming the government. The subject of the portfolios is still under discussion. We are seeking to receive important ministerial portfolios to carry out the duties that have become essential in order for us to serve the people and to have a greater impact in the political and governmental process. This has become a priority for us. The translation of these priorities is the strong participation in the government. Having strong participation means that there are important ministries run by Hezbollah, even though Hezbollah will consider itself concerned with all the government and all ministries.

– What are Hezbollah’s red lines regarding the ministerial statement?

I think the issue of the ministerial statement after the formation of the government will be handled in a flexible and easy way as in the previous government. I do not think there are major obstacles that will stand in the way of issuing a ministerial statement that is acceptable to all Lebanese. The past experience has proven that what we are asking for is easy and not difficult. Therefore, we do not need to talk about red lines as if there is a big problem that we are facing. I do not think that is the case at this stage.

– Hezbollah’s Secretary General spoke of a new stage in the fight against corruption. How will this project be translated into practice?

The practical translation of this process began in preparing the necessary introductions. When Hezbollah creates a special anti-corruption file, then this is an organizational decision. But it is linked to the commitment with the Lebanese to fighting corruption. When the Secretary General announced it and follows up directly, this means that we have begun. We are in the process of forming this file at the level of its structure, members, policies and plans. And as soon as possible, work with the various concerned parties will begin, and the Lebanese will see clearly the steps, step by step and movement after movement. It is no secret when I say that there are a number of files that we have started receiving. But the concerned party and the official responsible for the file will check and verify the data received to start working according to the files that are completed and prepared. We can say that we are in the stage of completing the necessary introductions. Work has already been going on for weeks.

– Some talk about the difficulty of Hezbollah’s response to corruption because of the vibrations it might cause to its relations with some allies. Is the party ready for such internal battles?

Before we announced the step to tackle corruption in Lebanon, we have studied Hezbollah’s objectives and policies and what we can do; what are the caveats and obstacles. According to our vision, we have reached the conclusion that the potential achievement is very important for the country. And it is necessary to set limits to the movement of corruption. Hezbollah did not talk about a comprehensive revolution in Lebanon because Lebanon does not tolerate a revolution to eradicate corruption from its roots. Some have said – and they are right – that corruption in Lebanon is rooted even in the structure of the system. We do not consider that there are favorable circumstances now or that our priorities now are to eliminate corruption in the Lebanese system. This is another discussion. We are talking about the extent to which we face corruption at the level of decisions, waste, some cases and some files that exhaust the public treasury and are at the expense of all the Lebanese. We are not talking about files that are unknown or hidden from many ministers and politicians who have dealt with the governmental and administrative affairs. Fighting corruption in the comprehensive political sense associated with the system is different from what we are doing now. It requires extensive Lebanese consensus. I do not think that Lebanon is ready for it now.

– In the coming days, we will witness a voluntary return of displaced Syrians due to the efforts of Major General Abbas Ibrahim and with the support of the President. Is there a role played by Hezbollah in this?

Our position on the return of the displaced Syrians to their country is stable, permanent and clear. This issue should be worked on within the political framework to reach a solution and solve the problem in the near future.

It is clear that this thorny and pressing issue on the Lebanese must be addressed in the near future. Why do some insist on distant roads that have no horizon at all. The road is easy and clear. It needs a decision, initiative and responsibility. In any case, this voluntary return, which is happening from time to time, is encouraging and important. It is in the interest of the Lebanese and Syrians. We must all work to develop it so that it becomes a voluntary return in a more comprehensive and complete manner.

– Do you mean dialogue with Syria?

Direct engagement with the Syrian state. The Syrian state declares every day that it is ready. This must be implemented. All the Lebanese will benefit from it. As a result, the international community and all the solutions that come from abroad are temporary and their usefulness is limited because their disadvantages that befall all Lebanese are bigger and greater.

– This year’s International Quds Day coincides with the death anniversary of its founder, Imam Khomeini. What are the challenges facing al-Quds today? Did the Gulf-American alliance achieve its objectives of obliterating the Palestinian cause in the Arab and Islamic conscience?

This year’s International Quds Day has a very special peculiarity. If we needed to observe International Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as Imam Khomeini emphasized every year, this year the Muslim and Arab world needs it more, especially the Palestinian arena. The reason is the aggression that al-Quds is being subjected to today. Al-Quds is usurped and violated. But this year, there are Arab groups that talked about abandoning al-Quds. It is basically a permanent partner in all American and “Israeli” projects targeting our region and our sanctities, including Palestine and others. What is new is this Saudi and Gulf audacity when they announced the deal of the century, including ending and eliminating the issue of al-Quds from the political priority, and even from the general culture and popular conscience. This needs a proportional level of rejection of all these ugly and shameless projects and need a higher level of emphasis on the sanctity and priority of al-Quds and its cause.

But they have not succeeded in obliterating the issue of al-Quds. No deal, no ruler, no matter how powerful or wealthy, not America with its arrogance and dominance and Saudi Arabia with its money and its hatred can obliterate the al-Quds cause. Yes, they plotted and are conspiring against it. They are pushing for the normalization of ties with the “Israeli” enemy. They are also making the nation forget al-Quds politically, culturally and through the media. But they will not succeed. The proof for this is the Palestinian voice on the shores of Gaza and in all the Palestinian territories. This voice reaffirms that al-Quds will remain present in the culture and conscience and a political priority. Yes, we must admit that what Saudi Arabia and some Gulf and Arab countries have done is a very advanced step to end the al-Quds cause. But will they succeed or not? This requires effort, sacrifice and resistance, and to emphasize what Hezbollah has always asserted that the road to al-Quds can only be opened through resistance, blood, martyrdom, giving, and sacrifices.

– The marches of return formed a qualitative addition in confronting the enemy. The night of the rockets in the Golan early May gave impetus to military action. Is the enemy stuck between a rock and a hard place both internally and externally?

The “Israeli” enemy sensed real and actual existential danger after the 2006 war. After the 2000 victory and the humiliating withdrawal from southern Lebanon and the Lebanese territories, except for the Shebaa Farms, the “Israelis” felt that there was a great threat to them. They tried to deal with this danger by political and satanic projects and machinations, but they were unable to do so. The results of the 2006 war stipulate that the “Israelis” were broken and defeated. When the points of superiority of the “Israeli” enemy were broken and defeated, they began to feel the existential danger. The “Israeli” yelling today regarding the Golan, the rockets and the ability of the resistance, the advanced positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the ability of the axis of resistance to record achievements and victories in Syria and the region in general are an expression of the crisis that began in 2006. It has been trying to find a solution. But what happened from 2006 until 2018 is that its crisis became more complicated and its existential fears increased. This is a point of strength for the resistance axis. We should look at all these threats, “Israeli” screams, American sanctions, American and “Israeli” attempts at the Islamic Republic and the resistance axis with a different view. It is not a proof of their strength. It is a proof of their weakness and retreat.

– Is American recognition of al-Quds as the capital of the usurping entity recognition of the Golan as an “Israeli” land as the Zionists say?

The “Israelis” have drawn up a specific program to annex the Golan Heights. There are information, documents and data that speak of an actual program and American promises to the “Israelis” that they will recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights to the usurper entity. There are information, documents and data about an actual program and American promises to the “Israelis” that they will recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights to the usurper entity. This is not only a political and propaganda matter. It is an actual matter. Netanyahu talked about it openly and clearly. There is a program put in place. They are waiting for the right moment to declare and announce the official annexation. Then comes the American approval to remove the Golan from being an occupied area in all corridors and political scenes in the world. Yes, if al-Quds is in real and serious danger, do not be surprised that the Golan is in a serious danger to be included in the usurper entity.

– Can these new developments and challenges reunite the resistance forces in the region after the war in Syria has affected them?

The forces of resistance, praise be to Allah, are united today. They have scored great achievements in confronting the “Israeli” enemy, the projects of fragmenting the nation and the targeting of the governments that stood by the resistance, for example Syria. The axis of resistance is growing in strength and leverage, but it is normal that the fronts and titles of confrontation increase whenever there is progress in the work of the axis of resistance. The forces of resistance, thanks to God, today are unified. Some of the breakdown and weakening in the resistance that took place during the Syria crisis, thank God, now have been addressed. The cracks have been repaired. The axis of resistance is one unified and strong axis that depends on a large force called the Islamic Republic of Iran. It also depends on good and important governments in the region that bear the idea of resistance and depends first of all on the people of resistance from Palestine to Lebanon to Syria to Yemen to all this area, which will remain, God willing, strong and great with its resistance and the resistance axis. Yes, this axis will face difficult challenges. It faced difficulties in the past and will face new difficulties. God willing it will achieve better results. In general, the axis of resistance addressed all the repercussions of the events that took place in Syria.

– US sanctions and threats to the Islamic Republic were met by Imam Khamenei’s decision to increase the number of centrifuges. What is the secret of Iran’s strength in this confrontation?

The secret of Iran’s power is its right. Iran is oppressed. It is defending its natural right. The secret of its strength is that it depends on a courageous and strong leader who defends his people and their rights to the last breath [and also depends] on the Iranian people’s unity behind its leadership. For the past 40 years, it did not accept to be complacent for this American hegemony, conditions and pressures. For eight years, the Iranian people fought the world that stood behind Saddam Hussein in order to remain a free and independent and in order to have a sovereign state with an independent decision in this region. Iran’s strength is in all these elements from its right to lead its people to its experience and development to its enormous capabilities in the face of these developments and American hegemony.

– Do you agree with the view that Jordan is paying the price for abandoning its obedience to the Saudi master over the al-Quds file or is it preparing to be the alternative homeland?

Regardless of the project being hammered out for Jordan and the analyzes that exist today, what is happening in Jordan is undoubtedly one of the repercussions of the bad policies of some regional countries that want to pressure the entire region in order to abandon their causes in favor of the deal of the century or American and “Israeli” priority. Naturally, Jordan as well as all the countries in this region, are likely to be in a position of pressure at the popular, political and economic levels when priority is elsewhere. When the priority of those who possess money and capabilities in this region is to serve the Americans and “Israelis”, it will be at the expense of the people of the region, whether the Jordanian or the Palestinian people. On the occasion of al-Quds Day, we must not forget the famine the Palestinian people are suffering from. The problem is not in Jordan alone. There is a real famine and unjust siege in Jordan and Palestine, as is the unjust siege in Yemen. The repercussions of the events taking place in the region are the result of these corrupt and distorted Gulf policies.

– More than 3 years have passed since the Saudi-American aggression on Yemen began. No objectives have been achieved. Meanwhile, the Saudi-UAE begging for direct American intervention is increasing. What is the endgame in this war?

It was the Yemeni people who talked about the endgame of war in Yemen. When the people of Yemen clearly state that they will not bow down and will not bend to Saudi dictates, it will no longer be accepted that Yemen is under Saudi rule as it has been over the past decades. The Yemeni people, due to the political circumstances and the foolishness of the of Saudi political positions during the past three years and earlier, discovered that its path to salvation and its path towards being an actual authority on their land are open. Why should it return to prison? Yemen has been imprisoned throughout the past decades. It was in the Saudi prison. Yemen was deprived of the benefit of its oil potential. It was deprived of the ability to determine economic and financial policies that serve its people, whether in the south or the north. Yemen was living all this deprivation, and the poverty we see today on the faces of the Yemenis, their homes, streets and cities is the product of Saudi policies that wanted to keep Yemen in prison. Regardless of any other political title that the Al-Saud talks about, there is a big headline today in Yemen which is the Yemeni people have come out of the Saudi prison and will not return to it. It has given martyrs and is ready to offer more. All that we hear and see including heroism and courageous sacrifices confirm that the Yemeni people will reach victory. And victory is the natural result of Yemen’s courage, will and chivalry.

– The Bahraini authorities continue to abuse those demanding the most basic civil rights in Bahrain. What is your message to the people of Bahrain, who peacefully demonstrate against the arrest of their leaders, most notably Sheikh Isa Qassim?

The people of Bahrain are an honorable and brave people that the people of Bahrain are an honorable and brave people that proved throughout the past years that they possess awareness, will, determination and the ability to maintain the high nature of its rise and objectives and defend their leading figures – first and foremost His Eminence Sheikh Isa Qassim and His Eminence Sheikh Ali Salman as well as all the leaders that the Bahraini people stood by and defended over the last few years.

The Bahraini people have high morals. We have witnessed this moral in their positions alongside the Palestinian cause and al-Quds. The Bahraini people today is with al-Quds and the resistance while the ruler of Bahrain and the rulers of the Gulf are working day and night to sell al-Quds and abandon it in order to preserve their thrones. All these events came to prove once again that the Bahraini people were right, and at the same time they are an oppressed people. It is a people that has no power but to say its word and will continue to say this word, in the media, in politics, in the demonstrations … its men, women, and youth. All that is happening in Bahrain confirms that the Bahraini people are right in their cause and will continue in this cause to achieve its goal. God willing it will be achieved. Yes, we can only tell the people of Bahrain, to our loved ones and dear ones in Bahrain, patience Bahraini people, victory will come. Following the patience that you have demonstrated, there is no result but to achieve your goals with all the sacrifices that have been made in the eyes of Allah Almighty.

Source: Al-Ahed News

Sayyed Nasrallah to Israelis: Return to Your Homelands, or Great War Will Liberate Entire Palestine

June 8, 2018


Mohammad Salami

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Friday called on the Israelis to return back to their homelands, adding that if they insist on occupying Palestine, a great war will erupt and liberate all the occupied Palestinian territories.

Delivering a speech during the crowded ceremony held by Hezbollah in the Lebanese southern town of Maroun al-Ras on Al-Quds International Day, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah has a clear-cut belied that Palestine will be completely liberated and that Al-Quds shrines will be regained by its local.

“We all will pray in Al-Quds on the Day of the Great War.”

Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by referring to the religious aspects of Imam Khomeini’s announcement of Al-Quds International Day to be marked on the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan every year, stressing that his eminence wanted let its cause persist in the conscience of the Umma.

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that Al-Quds International Day is an occasion for the Umma solidarity with Al-Quds because it is the essence and the symbol of the 70-year conflict and of because of the recent US moves against the holy city (referring to the US decision o recognize Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity and transfer the embassy to it after it had been in Tel Aviv).

“The most dangerous is what has been unveiled recently about the Century’s Deal which aims at eradicating the Palestinian cause and giving up Al-Quds and the sanctities to the usurping entity.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added that Hezbollah chose the border town of Maroun Al-Ras because of its geographical location near the occupied Palestinian territories and its symbolic memory of challenge and victory achieved by the Islamic Resistance fighters against the Israeli enemy in 2006 war.

Hezbollah Secretary General said that Al-Quds Day is being marked more vigorously in the holy city itself where the worshippers performed the prayers of the last Friday in the Holy Month of Ramadan, in Gaza where the fasting protesters gather under the striking sun on its border to clash with the Zionist occupation soldiers, and in various Arab and Islamic cities, including Tehran, Sanaa and others, to announce their support to the Palestinian cause.

After the US recognition of Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity, there is a challenge to prevent the world countries (especially the Arab and the Islamic ones) from supporting the American decision, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that “we have considerable capacities to reach this target.”

Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that the Palestinian locals in Al-Quds also have to encounter the demographic challenge imposed by the Zionist enemy that is attempting to cause major demographic alterations in the occupied Al-Quds by the Zionists who resort to constructing large numbers of settler houses in order to change the identity of the city.

The Resistance leader added that the Palestinians further must confront the Zionist threats and moves against Al-Aqsa Mosque, stressing that the locals have a major and vital role in this concern.

The Arabs, Muslims and Christians, must preserve their houses, stores and all their means of existence to defeat the Zionist challenges, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who underscored that the Arabs in Al-Quds are confronting the Zionists on behalf of the entire Umma.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that all the Umma must financially help the Palestinians in the occupied Al-Quds in order to enable them to face the Zionist challenges, noting that some treacherous Arab businessmen are purchasing Palestinian houses in the occupied Al-Quds and selling them to the Zionists.

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the Saudi and a number of other countries are presenting a religious theory on the Israelis right to control Al-Quds, adding that they falsify and distort the meaning of the Holy Coranic verses in order to protect their thrones by surrendering to the US orders, recognizing the Zionist entity and eradicating the Palestinian cause.

The US President Donald Trump acknowledged that some Arab regimes will immediately fall if they lose the American protection’ consequently, they will follow all the US instructions, including supporting the Zionist entity, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that the enemies are betting on changing the priorities and interests of the new generations.

“However, the facts which show that the most of Gaza martyrs are young indicate that the new generations will preserve the Palestinian cause as a priority.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added that the Palestinian people will never give up Al-Quds and the sanctities to the enemy, adding that all their factions are exposed to heavy pressures, yet that their steadfastness is basic in frustrating the Century’s Deal.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that all the countries which bow to the US will do not allow their citizens to publicly advocate the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds, adding that they arrest anyone who even tries to do that.

Hezbollah leader highlighted the case of the Yemenis who marked Al-Quds Day in support of the Palestinian cause, despite the Saudi-led war against their impoverished country, stressing that this proves they are pure Arabs, unlike some regimes in the region.

Sayyed Nasrallah also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not have faced all the US pressures and paid that heavy prices, if it had not been supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

“Never bet on the Iranians choices because they have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs for the sake of the Islamic regime which defends the Palestinian cause,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the enemies.

Sayyed Nasrallah also highlighted the Iraqi strategic change, referring to the rallies held to mark Al-Quds International Day and stressing that the Iraqi stance have always supported the Palestinian cause.

The axis of resistance in Syria has been able to liberate the largest part of the cities from the terrorist group, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who called on the Israelis to acknowledge their defeat in that country.

“They wanted to dethrone President Bashar Assad. However, now they just aim to eradicate the role of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria.”

On Hezbollah role in Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the Resistance group intervened militarily to defeat the takfiri terror groups upon the Syrian government’s request, adding that whole world can never force the part to withdraw troops from Syria.

“Hezbollah may withdraw troops from Syria only at the request of the Syrian government.”

Every year, the International Quds Day is celebrated on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Millions of people across the world throng the streets to mark this day designated by the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini.

This year, Quds Day has become a larger rallying cry as it comes after months of mass protests in Gaza which were met with deadly force against unarmed protesters. More than 120 Palestinian protesters were martyred.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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ماذا قال سماحة السيد حسن نصرالله عن البحرين في يوم القدس العالمي؟

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جميل السيّد


يونيو 8, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– لأيام متتالية يتحدث النائب اللواء جميل السيد من منصة الشهود في المحكمة الدولية التي أنشئت لاستكمال مهمة من اغتالوا الرئيس رفيق الحريري بتوجيه الاتهام لكل من سورية والمقاومة. والواضح من متابعة الشهادة وما يُدلي به اللواء السيد وكيفية تفاعل المحكمة وأركانها مع شهادته أنه قد نجح بصورة لا لبس فيها في توظيف هذه المنصّة بقوة الحقائق التي يُدلي بها مقابل كمية الأكاذيب التي جرى التفوّه بها من هذه المنصة نفسها على ألسنة شهود الخمسة نجوم الذين استُجلبوا إليها لمنح المصداقية لكميات الكذب المبرمج الذي فقد مصداقيته مع سقوط شهود الزور، الذين طبعوا مرحلة لجنة التحقيق الدولية، بمثل ما طبعت شهادات السياسيين اللبنانيين مرحلة عمل المحكمة، ولأن هؤلاء السياسيين يعرفون أنّ جميل السيد يعرف، وأنّه يعرف أنّهم يعرفون، وأنّهم يعرفون أنّه يعرف أنّهم يعرفون، فلن يجرؤ أحد منهم على مساجلته بدقة ما قال أو بصدقه أو بكونه الحقيقة التي يملك السيد الكثير مما يقوله لتأييده لو تجرأ أيّ من هؤلاء على الطعن بواقعة واحدة مما قال.

– جوهر ما ترتكز عليه إفادة اللواء السيد هو تقديم صورة مغايرة لعلاقة الرئيس رفيق الحريري بكل من سورية وحزب الله عشية اغتياله على خلفية ما ترتب على صدور القرار الأممي 1559 الذي دعا للانسحاب السوري من لبنان ونزع سلاح المقاومة. والصورة التي رسمت من منصة المحكمة وقرارها الاتهامي محورها، أن سورية وحزب الله كانا مع حلفائهما على ضفة مواجهة القرار الأممي الذي كان الحريري عراباً له، وأنه قتل في قلب هذه المعركة، على خط تماس اسمه قانون الانتخابات والانتخابات النيابية التي صُمّمت لإسقاطه وتحجيمه. فجاء السيد ليقول العكس تماماً أن الحريري كان في قلب جبهة سورية وحلفائها، رغم خلافه مع الرئيس إميل لحود، ورغم علاقاته القوية بالغرب الذي وقف وراء القرار 1559.

– من موقعي كواحد من قلائل واكبوا عن قرب تفاصيل تلك المرحلة، ولم ينجُ من الاتهام بالشراكة في اغتيال الرئيس الحريري، في اليوم ذاته لتوقيف اللواء السيد ورفاقه الثلاثة في 30 آب 2005، ومداهمة منزلي وإعلاني مشتبهاً به خامساً في مؤتمر صحافي مشترك للرئيس فؤاد السنيورة ورئيس لجنة التحقيق الدولية ديتليف ميليس، سأورد بعضاً مما قلته للجنة الدولية التي قابلت محققيها في ذلك اليوم نفسه، عندما تحدّيْت اللجنة في مؤتمر صحافي عقدته على الحدود اللبنانية السورية، عائداً من دمشق لقناعتي أن مداهمة منزلي وإعلاني مشتبهاً به في الاغتيال يهدفان لبقائي فيها تمهيداً لملاحقتها، وفقاً للفصل السابع بتهمة إيواء مطلوبين للتحقيق.

– في الإفادة التي امتدت لإثنتي عشرة ساعة متصلة من الخامسة بعد الظهر إلى الخامسة صباحاً، تحوّلت من مشتبه به إلى شاهد، بعدما نصح أصدقاء اللجنة من يقف وراءها بالتراجع عن اتهامي لأن قرار مجيئي من دمشق إلى بيروت وتحدّي اللجنة أكسبني براءتي أمام الرأي العام، ومواصلة الاتهام ستُضعف مصداقية اللجنة وصدقية اتهاماتها الأخرى. أطلعت اللجنة على وقائع لقائي الأخير بالرئيس رفيق الحريري في الرابع من شباط 2005 بناء على طلبه، لمناقشة ما قال إنها أمور وطنية يعتقد بأنني لن أتاخر عن تلبية دعوته، مضيفاً بعرف أنك زعلان من الكلام عن ودائع سورية بس أنت ما بتوقف عند قصص صغيرة قدام القصص الكبيرة ، فلبّيت دعوته صبيحة السبت 4 شباط رغم الفتور الذي ساد علاقتنا بعد الذي نُقل عن لسانه، ولمدة ساعتين تناقشنا وانتهينا بشبه اتفاق. تحدّيت اللجنة أن تسترجع تسجيلات ذلك اللقاء في منزل الرئيس الحريري والذي شارك في دقائق منه اللواء وسام الحسن الذي كان في صلب عمل اللجنة تلك الأيام، طالباً أخذ إفادته حول صحة ما أقول، ومقارنة كلامي عن وقائع هذه الجلسة بما تقوله التسجيلات.

– كان محور كلام الرئيس الحريري طلب تفسير التناقض الصارخ بين موقفي المعلَن في كل منبر عن رفض مشروع قانون الانتخابات النيابية الذي يقوم على القضاء ويتبنّاه الرئيس لحود والوزير سليمان فرنجية كوزير للداخلية، وبين ما قيل للرئيس الحريري أنه مشروع الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد لتحجيمه، ليدخل في الموضوع، الذي من أجله اللقاء. فقلت للرئيس الحريري الجواب بسيط. وهو أنني أرسلت بطلب موقف الرئيس الأسد مما يُشاع عن القانون، وأبديت رأيي بهذا المشروع. وكان الجواب أن الرئيس الأسد على الحياد، طالما حلفاء سورية منقسمون حول القانون. فالرئيس لحود والوزير فرنجية يريدانه والرئيس نبيه بري وحزب الله يعارضانه، والجواب هو أن لا إحراج لسورية في أن يختار أيّ من أصدقائها أو حلفائها أحد الخيارين، لتكون دهشة الرئيس الحريري مضيفاً، إذن أنا فايت بالحيط ، بافتراض معركة مع سورية والرئيس الأسد حول القانون. ويُضيف هل من فرصة برأيك لترميم جبهة حلفاء سورية حول موقف موحّد، وأجيب بالتأكيد.

– في تلك الجلسة قرّر الحريري أن يبادر للتذكير بموقفه الرافض للقرار 1559 عبر نشر كلام منسوب إليه في الصفحة الأولى من جريدة السفير ليوم السبت 5 شباط تحت عنوان صغناه معاً الـ 1559 يُقسِم اللبنانيين والطائف يوحّدهم ، وتوافقنا على قيامه بمناقشة تفصيلية لصيغ قانون الانتخاب مع السيد حسن نصرالله، الذي كان خيار الرئيس الحريري أن يتابع معه، وقمت بعد هذه الجلسة بنقل ما دار فيها للرئيس بري والسيد نصرالله وأرسلت مضمونَها للرئيس الأسد وتلقيتُ تشجيعاً وتأييداً للمتابعة، فيما أبلغني السيد نصرالله أنّه سيتابع عبر القنوات القائمة مع الرئيس الحريري هذا الطلب، وبعد أيام جرى اغتيال الرئيس الحريري، وكشف السيد نصرالله بعدها علناً عن لقاء جمعهما، وعن ترتيبات للقاء يجمع الرئيس الحريري بالرئيس الأسد.

– تستحق إفادة اللواء السيد التقدير لقيمتها السياسية الهامة في منح الرواية الحقيقية لكون اغتيال الرئيس الحريري محاولة اغتيال لسورية وللمقاومة، وتوظيفاً لدماء الرئيس الحريري في تطبيق القرار 1559 الذي رفض منح مكانته وزعامته لتنفيذه، فصار دمه أهمّ من حياته، حتى لدى صديق شخصي له كالرئيس الفرنسي جاك شيراك، وصار لسان حال حلفائه بعد اغتياله، ليس مهماً مَن قام بالاغتيال، المهم أنه بات ممكناً توظيف حرارة الاغتيال للانتقام من الخصوم، ومَن يُجنّد شهود زور أو يصمت على تجنيدهم، لا يمكن أن تكون الحقيقة هدفاً له.

– قال لهم جميل السيد استحوا… أم أن اللي استحوا ماتوا؟ .

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Hassan Nasrallah: Trump, Netanyahu and Bin Salman want to liquidate the Palestinian cause


Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 14, 2018, commemorating the second anniversary of the death of Hezbollah Commander Sayed Moustafa Badreddine.
Translation : unz.com/sayedhasan

[…] (Finally), Palestine, (the most) important question —I will be brief because everything we said before had to do with Palestine. Tomorrow (May 15) is the 70th anniversary of the Nakba (‘catastrophe’, designating the forced exile of Palestinians in 1948), the Nakba of Palestine, or rather the Nakba of Arabs, Muslims and the (Muslim) Community, and even the Nakba of humanity. What happened 70 years ago and has continued for 70 years is a badge of shame (branded with a hot iron) in History and on the forehead of all mankind, of all States and world leaders, as well as all international organizations in the world. And it continues to this very day: what is happening today in Gaza —tens of martyrs, over a thousand injured— is a continuation of what happened 70 years ago.The Palestinians, for 70 years, did not abandon their cause. They may have differed on some choices, but none of them has accepted that the Palestinian cause is liquidated or definitively closed, regardless of the minimum (1967 borders), median (1948 borders) and maximum (historic Palestine) terms. And their struggle, their fight, their sacrifices and martyrs have continued until what happens today.

Today we are also facing a great and very dangerous challenge to the Palestinian cause, of which I will talk briefly, ie what is known as (Trump’s)  (definitively settling the Palestinian issue), and according to some information —I do not have specific insight about it, but that’s what can be read in the media—, Trump will announce in May, in the last remaining two weeks, he will officially announce this Deal. And the US project to solve the Palestinian issue is this, points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (which I’m going to detail).

(What is the position of Trump 🙂 “O Palestinians, O Arabs, O Muslims, if you agree (to the Deal), you’re welcome, come and sign it. If you do not agree, so long (we have nothing more to say), and we will still impose it on you.” Because I forgot something in the first part (of my speech) about the consequences (of the American withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal), it’s not only that (Trump and the United States) do not respect (the agreements nor the world) but they take (unilateral) decisions that favor their interests and just impose them (forcefully) to the world. And those who do not give in, they subject them to sanctions, even if they are their allies. They are not going to propose a settlement (of the conflict), but they will announce it (as a fait accompli). If you accept it, you’re welcome. And if you refuse it, they will wage war against you, inflict sanctions on you, impose it to you (by force). Such is the danger facing the Palestinian cause these days.It started with the recognition of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel, and now it’s done, despite the fact that Trump had promised the Arab (leaders) it would take two or three years and that there was time before its implementation. But no, they chose a modest place of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and rushed to move their embassy (for the inauguration) today.

Well, what is this project, a clear, known project about which nothing is hidden?1 / No Quds (Jerusalem), neither East nor West (for Palestine), it will not even be a matter of discussion. And what appears of the holy places, is that neither what is on the surface, nor what is underground (will be given to the Palestinians). No Quds (Jerusalem). Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Israel.  If a Muslim wants to go to the Al-Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Islam), or if a Christian wants to go to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, he has to ask Netanyahu. That’s the first point. This is definitely settled for Trump, he announced it.

2 / No return of Palestinian refugees. Nothing at all. Now they’re wondering what to do at the Sinai (Egyptian desert), whether they will take them there… Palestinian refugees will either take the nationality of the country in which they reside, or be sent to other places. But there shall be no return of refugees (in Palestine).

3 / The Palestinian State will be Gaza. That is all. The State of Historic Palestine, which is two or three times larger than Lebanon, will be limited to Gaza.

4 / As for the Palestinian presence in the West Bank, it will take some form: self-governance, regional autonomy, partly linked to the ‘State’ of Gaza… I do not have details on that.

5 / Treaties of comprehensive peace. And all Arab and Muslim countries will have to stand in rank, recognize Israel, establish relations with Israel, normalize relations with Israel, and those who do not accept will be subject to sanctions, blockade, pressures and plots ready to be implemented.

Such is the “Deal of the century”. What then is the “Deal of the century” (if not that)? That is to say, the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. This means that the Palestinian cause will end this way.

In this context, what should be our position? We must not be content to describe and analyze. Let’s be realistic. Trump is serious in this choice, and things take their natural course. What is happening, and what does it require from us? From us and others, every Muslim, every Arab, every Christian, every worthy man in this region (and in the world).

What is happening now is that there is a process to impose this outcome. The first step in this process, is the (considerable) pressure exerted on Iran. Currently the pressure on Iran is maximal. Perhaps we who are staying in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, are not well aware of this. Today, they are exerting maximum pressure on Iran. They work on finances and on the economy (of Iran), to bring down the Iranian currency, and to undermine the economic situation inside the country, in order to create situations of popular demonstrations against the government and against the regime, and therefore lead Iran to a (completely) different location (domestically and regarding its stance on Palestine). The ultimate pressure on Iran consists in the removal of the nuclear deal, the return of US sanctions and the threat of new sanctions. It is not just the old sanctions but also new sanctions against Iran.

Is it only a nuclear issue? They know very well that there is no military nuclear (program) in Iran. The real reason was stated by Trump himself, I do not even need to make an analysis.

He mentioned:

1 / nuclear weapons, knowing that it is a false (charge);2 / ballistic missiles (owned by Iran) and the fact that Iran manufactures them;

3 / support from Iran to Hezbollah and Hamas. He said so explicitly. That is to say, to Palestine.

This means: “O Iran, my problem with you is not only the nuclear issue, ballistic missiles, their scope, their manufacture and their number. One of my main problems with you is your support for Resistance movements in the region.”  And when Trump speaks of Hamas, in truth, it is not only Hamas. It is he who says ‘Hamas’. But the Islamic Republic stands with the entire Palestinian people and all the Resistance movements in Palestine, and supports all those who believe in the choice of Resistance in Palestine. Such is the (true cause of) the pressure against Iran.

“If you want us to go back to the (nuclear) deal, if you want us to waive the sanctions, to quit putting pressure on you with the conversion rate of your currency to the dollar, if you want us to allow European companies to continue investing in Iran and trade with you (O Iran), then leave Palestine aside, detach yourself from it (and toe the line like the others).” That’s the first point.Second, the continuing pressure on Syria in order to monopolize and exhaust it. Syria is nearing victory. Soon they will resort yet again to the pretext of chemical weapons to come and threaten, intimidate and bomb, and if there were not some fears (for the USA), they would not content themselves with what they hit (the last time). The US wants to ensure that the Syrian leadership, President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian state, the Syrian Army and the Syrian people continue to be drained in the inner battle, in order to get Syria out of this equation (Palestine).

Third, the continuing pressure on Resistance movements in the region, especially in Lebanon. They had already inflicted banking sanctions on us, and now they threaten us with new sanctions from the Congress, they threaten anyone who has links with Hezbollah, financially, etc., etc. You know the extent of this issue, we have already talked a lot about (in the past).

But what is even more dangerous, and it had been a while that there was no such thing, is that today, every day we hear threats of launching a war against Lebanon, saying that if such and such happens, they will send back Lebanon to the Stone Age, etc., this kind of intimidation. What does it mean ? This is part of this process (liquidation of the Palestinian cause), this is a way to say “Watch out you Lebanese, watch out Hezbollah, be reasonable, keep aside. Do not stand in our way by trying to help the Palestinians, give them support, backing and assistance, otherwise you’ll have all kinds of problems.” So there is also the pressure on Lebanon.And lately, the renewal of the blockade against the Palestinians in Gaza to the point of starvation. Gaza today faces a famine situation. Over time, Gaza gets closer and closer to the situation of the Yemeni people. The situation in Gaza is difficult and (even) terrible at this point. There will come a time when people will not have money to buy food. Already, people have no money to buy food. What does it mean ? “Either we bring Gaza into submission and bend its knee by famine, until they fold and sign, either we lead it to an inner explosion.” And the leaders of the Resistance in Gaza acted (very) wisely, because they turned the threats of internal explosion into an opportunity with the March of Return, which will reach its pinnacle tomorrow. But this project and vision (liquidation of the Palestinian cause) are continuing.

It’s the same with the pressure on all Palestinians, on the Palestinian Authority, the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine, inside, outside, with refugees, moral, psychological and financial pressures, blockades, etc. What they ask from the Palestinians today, and we come to the position (required), what they want from the Palestinians today, through the blockade, pressures, famine, their efforts to break them and humiliate them, all this is to obtain their signature. This signature is very expensive, it is (really) expensive.

In addition to all this, in that process, we always find more support from Arab governments and the Gulf for the US-Israeli project of “Deal of the century” . This is also part of this process. And worse, what some Gulf countries do, is two things.The first thing, which I have already referred to several years ago, is the religious and (Islamic) Law cover, that is to say the religious justification for surrendering to Israel. You see, when Anwar Sadat went to make a peace agreement (with Israel), it was (as) a political State, a secular President who was making peace with Israel. Sadat did not give any religious cover, nor did he invoke Islamic jurisprudence. He did not claim that he was following the will of God, the Prophet, and the Prophet’s companions, no. The most we could hear in the speeches of Anwar Sadat is that he tried to take advantage of a Quranic verse, reciting it in his Egyptian dialect (thus showing a lack of deference to the Quran, which should be recited in an unaltered classical Arabic), “And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also].” (Quran, 8, 61). End of the story.

King Hussein (of Jordan), when he officially made peace with Israel at (the border post of) Wadi Araba, he did not bring with him the religious organizations claiming that it was the will of God, the Prophet, the family of the Prophet, the Companions, nor, since he is a Hashemite King (descendant of the Prophet), did he claim that it was the will of the Banu Hashim, of his ancestors and forefathers, he did not claim that they accepted this, never. It was (only) a State concluding a peace treaty.

The great misfortune, as I said a few years ago, the great calamity is when Saudi Arabia walks this path. This is the great misfortune. This is the great calamity. Because we will then see the Grand Mufti, the Committee of great scholars, great scholars, jurists, muftis, scholars of hadith, commentators of the Qur’an, as it has already begun, (we will see them justify their surrender to Israel in the name of Islam)…

What have we just seen? It’s Mohammad Bin Salman who said it, but he first spoke with the sheikhs. This is what we heard : “O brothers, O Arabs, O Muslims, you are mistaken! Palestine is for them, O people, it is the Jews who are entitled to it. They are the legitimate owners. This is the land of their fathers and ancestors. And it is God who has given it to them. And the Quran says so.”  Look how they want to lead people astray and fool them. “It is the Quran that says that.” And they cite verses from the Quran as evidence.An imbecile from the Gulf claiming to be a strategic thinker —I saw him on television—, said: “Israel was mentioned 38 times in the Quran, but the word ‘Palestine’ is not mentioned in the Quran. So who is within his rights? Palestine belongs to the Jews. You do not have a say. Enough, give back the land to its rightful owners!”

And now what do we see? Look, now that Saudi Arabia gets (openly) involved, it would be religion, the Quran, History and God’s promise that would have granted (Palestine) to the Jews. And therefore, we Muslims, before 1948, and for hundreds of years, would have usurped Palestine, deprived its rightful owners from it, so we should apologize to them and also compensate them. And Mohammad Bin Salman is ready to pay those compensations. This is what is happening.In an discussion with an important Sunni scholar, I told him: “If anyone has connections to Saudi Arabia, let him ask them ‘O my brothers, who came to Palestine and freed Al-Quds (Jerusalem), making it enter the great Islamic state? It is the second caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab (revered by Sunnis). So be careful (with what you say). Who is it that would have ‘occupied’ Palestine (according to you), depriving (the Jews) of their rights (on this land) and would have taken away from them this so-called historic right?” But unfortunately, we have now arrived at a point where (we hear that) it would be their historical right.

I heard one of the important (scholars) in Saudi Arabia declare on TV that we must recognize that just as Mecca is a holy city for Muslims, just as Medina is a holy city and belongs to us, Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the House of Holiness, is a holy city for Jews, and so we should leave it to them, with respect, humility, generosity. This Arab ‘generosity’, which only manifests itself towards the enemy.

This first point is worse (than what was done by Egypt and Jordan).

And the second thing that is worse (than that) is that the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, are leading the region against an enemy they have fashioned from scratch, and towards a war that they want to push the world to declare, namely against Iran. These governments are willing to pay the United States hundreds of billions of dollars to come and fight a war against Iran, without (any consideration) for Palestine and the Palestinian cause. This is part of the ongoing process.

(What is) the position (we must take)? To be realistic, and benefit from our experience (in Palestine) from 1948 to date, for 70 years, and from our experience in Lebanon.

O Palestinian people, O Lebanese people, O Syrian people, O peoples of the region, O Iranian people —as it is now in the heart of the challenge—, O all the peoples of the region. Pinning one’s hopes on international law, international institutions, international organizations, for any issue whatsoever, is vain, meaningless, empty talk. More than that. Pinning one’s hopes on the Arab regimes, in their great majority, for anything at all, is vain, meaningless, empty talk. I speak from our experience and from the experience of Palestinians. Where to pin our hopes, in short? On the position of our people, the position of some countries and the position of the Resistance movements. This is what brings results, and this is what changes the equation (in our favor). I do not speak to give hope. I only remind what the experiences taught us, that hope is open before us, and in very big way.

Today, a position is needed in two places.

First, with the Palestinians. Currently, it is not necessary that the Palestinian launch a war, or that they launch an armed intifada, or anything like that. This popular uprising expected from them, even if it does not materialize, only one thing is required from them, and that will be enough to dismiss the “Deal of the century”. Of course, now the Palestinians are demonstrating, and they have been demonstrating for weeks, and it destroys and annihilates (completely) the “Deal of the century”.

But there is one basic thing that will prevent the “Deal of the century” to become effective, even if the whole world is unanimous about it, even if a decision of the UN Security Council (recognizes it): that no Palestinian sign it. That neither the President of the Palestinian Authority nor the PLO Chairman, neither Fatah nor Hamas nor (Islamic) Jihad nor anyone signs it. No Palestinian who claims he is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people must sign this agreement. If they do not sign it, this Deal will have no effect whatsoever (it will be null and void).Israel occupied Palestine, and in addition the Golan, and parts of Lebanon and the Shebaa farms so far —may God make the best out of it—, (but) the cause remained alive, Resistance movements have expanded and have become more powerful and more determined (than ever), and the awareness of the (Muslim) Community grew. As for the Arab leaders, nothing has changed, except that they took off their masks, but their essence and reality have not changed, (treachery) has been their reality for decades.

Therefore, the main position (required), from which derives the second position, is that the Palestinians do not sign. And even if a thousand Trump, a thousand Netanyahu and a thousand Mohammad Bin Salman strove to it, they could never impose on the Palestinian people the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

And the second place is the Resistance Axis: the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Iraq, Yemen, our peoples in the region, from Bahrain to North Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, etc., etc. The Resistance Axis, with his countries, his parties (movements) and his peoples, must stand firm, enduring, not bow, not bend the knee, not give up, even if it is subjected to sanctions, blockade, even if the price of its currency is brought down, even if the war in Syria and Yemen is extended, even if (its members and supporters) are oppressed and imprisoned. It must remain firmly attached to its rights and yield nothing, and that is all that is required for us to overcome this stage (successfully). And we can overcome this stage.

In 1996, the world met in Sharm el-Sheikh, the whole world, and it was said at the time that the settlement (of the Palestinian cause) was over, that the Palestinian issue was over, and the world had made a final choice. But thanks to the battle that took place in Lebanon and Palestine, and to the endurance of Syria and Iran, (this final settlement) claimed to be “at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer” (Qur’an 53: 9), the end of the Palestinian question in 1996, all (this) was shattered, and we are now in 2018.

The current project, as some say —these are not my words, but I borrow them— this project is based on the three vertices of a triangle: Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammad Bin Salman. In all likelihood —in order not to be categorical—, if only one of the three falls, the entire project will fall. Each of these three men, from the standpoint of political realism, (is unstable). Trump is faltering in the US because of the scandals, problems, etc., we do not know where he will lead the world and where he will lead the United States’ domestic situation. Netanyahu also because of the corruption cases which weigh (heavily) on him, and he strives to strengthen his position with political successes to save himself from all the corruption cases. As for Muhammad bin Salman, God knows what is happening in Saudi Arabia (dynastic and personal conflicts, rumors of serious injury and/or assassination attempt, etc.). Anyway, may God make the best happen. After King Salman, we’ll see what happens. None of these three is firm, solid, stable and rooted in his office.

And I add to this that all their projects in the region have fallen and failed, and they vainly wasted their resources, their allies and their instruments. And today, the Resistance Axis is stronger than ever. And after what happened in Syria several days ago, and what is happening today in Gaza, I tell you this: my brothers and sisters, do not listen to all these… Today my heart is stronger on this point. Do not listen to all the Israeli intimidation and war threats, these (claims that) they will achieve and accomplish (such and such things), strike (us) and swoop down on (us), turn our world upside down. In the vast majority, all (these rantings) are, according to me and to others —we talked about it with my brothers(-in-arms) —, I am convinced that these are empty words, vain threats. This Israel, if someone is more afraid to go to war than anyone else in this region, it is Israel. And although, as it is known, terrified people would scream louder, make threats, bomb the torso, shows muscles and insult, so that nobody approaches them, but as soon as we approach him, he flees for his life. As soon as one approaches him, he will hide in his hole.

We have very high hopes. We have very high hopes. We have (real) men in Lebanon and throughout the region, similar to the martyr Mustafa Badreddine, the (Hezbollah) martyred commander, courageous, determined and lucid. We have many men like Hajj Imad Moghnieh (Hezbollah martyred commander) among his brothers and comrades in arms. We have scholars, leaders, great (men), personalities, entire generations. And I know our new generation. Our new generation has even more enthusiasm, impulse and preparation for martyrdom. There is no loss or deficit in this regard, despite everything they do (to pervert it): social networks, games, numbness, moral corruption, drugs. Our new generation is stronger than that and stronger than previous generations. That’s why (we are not pessimistic), and we have high hopes. We just have to sustain our efforts, to stand firm and maintain this position. […]

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