Hizbullah men

by Jonathan Azaziah

When people think of Shimon Peres aka Szymon Perski, almost immediately they painfully remember the Lebanese children butchered at the UN compound in Qana on April 18th, 1996. It was one of those displays of Zionist savagery that can never be scrubbed from one’s mind, no matter how thorough the cleaning. Bodies charred to space-like blackness. Frozen and statuesque. Stills of fathers and mothers screaming at the bits and pieces of flesh that were once their beautiful, vibrant babies. And while those young martyrs were indeed avenged when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance brought the barbaric 22-year Zionist occupation of Lebanon to an end on that glorious 25th day of May in 2000, there is an even greater avenging still on the table that Hizbullah’s moujahideen are awaiting to take whenever the call comes down.

It is a little-known fact about Perski that he served as the ‘Israeli’ Minister of Transport and Communications from 1970-1974, and during that brief 4-year stint, one of his central focuses was building up the settlement infrastructure of Al-Jalil (the Galilee) and making it easier for Jewish interlopers to commute between the various colonies of the artificial entity. Years later, he would be seen from time to time around Al-Jalil “vacationing” in all his arrogance, as if he, the son of an obscenely rich timber trader from Poland has any right to even be standing on the Palestinian-Arab-Muslim-Christian lands that were once called home by Messiah Jesus (A.S.)–who Perski’s Talmud obscenely insults, degrades and opposes–let alone using it for a holiday. It was also the gun-running efforts of Peres that were crucial to the Haganah’s near-total ethnic cleansing of the Galilee in 1948 at the peak of the Nakba. In layman’s terms, the Zionist occupation of Al-Jalil and the usurping entity’s ongoing putrefying of it to this very moment are as much the bloody work of Perski as the Qana Massacre.

O’ children of Qana! O’ beloved martyrs! There can NEVER be enough vengeance for your precious blood! But there will indeed be true justice when Hizbullah marches into occupied Palestine and liberates the Galilee, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised. It will be in that radiant moment that we will finally be able to say that Shimon Peres, the butcher of Qana and the father of Zionist nukes, has paid for his evil and ungodly atrocities. To hell with The Hague. We don’t need the ICC. Nor the ICJ. And certainly not the UN. We only need Hizbullah and the truthful, sublime words of its Secretary-General. Righteous retribution is coming o’ Qana! Even your butcher in his current hellish abode, even his contemporaries, even his occupation army that carried out his orders to take your lives, even the squatters of the cancerous entity itself, all of them, they know in their bones that righteous retribution is coming! #DeathToIsrael #RestInTormentPeres #LongLiveHizbullah #LabaykahYaNasrallah



hizb martyr ali bilal saleh

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you don’t believe in miracles, it is only because you never heard of Ali “Bilal” Saleh. This legendary Hizbullah martyr, who was also known for being a leading moujahid on the Nabatiyeh front prior to the historic liberation of Lebanon in May 2000, singlehandedly changed the course of the 2006 July War. Before the aggression came to a close, the ‘Israelis’ (Unit 162) had made their way into the ultra-vital arena of Wadi al-Hujeir with a horde of their allegedly “invincible” Merkava tanks and were looking to set up shop on the Litani River, not only for military positioning but also for energy purposes, as stealing precious Lebanese water resources has always been a strategic goal of the Zionist occupation.

But Bilal, a glorious guerrilla veteran with genius-level battlefield intellect and the “eyes of an eagle” who had accuracy with projectiles unlike anything ever seen before in the Resistance’s history, was NOT about to let such a calamity happen on his watch. He declared that the advancement of the Zionists’ tanks had be halted and with his comrades wounded all around him, he adopted this mission as his alone. Bilal himself was hurt as well but it didn’t matter! He moved from Syrian-provided Kornet launcher to Syrian-provided Kornet launcher, neutralizing tank after tank while taking cover behind the rocks and trees of Lebanon’s heavenly landscape like the true son of the Jnoub he was; like a formidable, elusive, Mouqawamist ninja-jinn! For the last 30 years, the ‘Israeli’ military leadership has routinedly described Hizbullah’s moujahideen as “ghosts” the way they deliver an attack on a target and then collapse into the background like they never were even there to begin with. Ali “Bilal” Saleh, may ALLAH (SWT) be pleased with him, proved himself to be the Prince of the Ghosts.

Indeed, the oppressors simply didn’t know what the hell hit them. They were clueless to the fact that all the fire they were taking was from a single individual–Bilal, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s One Man Army. ‘Israeli’ drones and spyplanes tried to locate the source of the blaze raining down upon Unit 162 but Bilal continued to blend into the environment of his homeland and evade detection, giving further credence to the “Prince of the Ghosts” moniker. With his wounds bleeding profusely, he kept firing, and in the end, he destroyed fifteen, yes, you didn’t read that incorrectly, FIFTEEN Merkavas, shattering the myth of the tank’s invincibility. The Yahoud called their catastrophic defeat in Wadi al-Hujeir a “war within a war” and it was a microcosm of the Mouqawamah’s triumph over IOF for sure. Ali “Bilal” Saleh killed the myth of the Merkava tank’s invincibility. Hizbullah as a whole killed the myth of the ‘Israeli’ occupation military’s invincibility. And without the victory of the former, there wouldn’t have been the victory of the latter, that’s how pivotal Bilal’s miraculous triumph in the iconic South Lebanese valley was.

Bilal would slip into a coma from the wounds he sustained in his superhero-like showing, only to wake up one more time to receive confirmation that Hizbullah achieved victory, A DIVINE VICTORY, before departing this world for eternal rest, solidifying his status as a legendary martyr and inaugurating the “Ali ‘Bilal’ Saleh Anti-Tank School”. His epitaph reads “The Merkava Myth Destroyer”. Do you have the chills yet?

There will be some who attempt to provide a “scientific” and/or “rational” explanation about what Bilal achieved on the front lines of Wadi al-Hujeir, where Zionist machinations were burnt to ash and century-old Jewish supremacist ambitions were melted down to scrap metal. They will say that perhaps it was his brilliant battlefield mind and knowledge of his native terrain that helped him stay alive, with a dash of adrenaline thrown into the mix. They will say that perhaps it was the arrogance of the ‘Israelis’ and the supremacist ideology that guides their every maneuver and leads them into underestimating their opponents, Hizbullah particularly. And while these points are all true, they don’t tell the whole story, because they can’t tell the whole story, as what took place was something far beyond the scope of secular geopolitical and military analysis.

Here was a man, deathly wounded, disconnected from his brothers, spied on from the air, attacked from the ground and ultimately outnumbered by the invaders a hundred to one, but somehow, SOMEHOW BY THE GRACE OF ALLAH (SWT), he not only survived, but delivered the blow that would win the war for Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, our region in general, and, truly, the entire world. His comrades spoke of angels surrounding him and protecting him as he did what was necessary to safeguard his people and homeland. A “shield of light”, as his fellow moujahideen called it, was placed on Bilal by the angels to blind the enemy to each of his next moves. It looks, feels, smells and reads like the very personification of Divine Intervention, i.e. the Creator assisting someone of the highest moral and spiritual character directly so good can conquer evil. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says it is the unwavering faith of the moujahideen and the love of ALLAH (SWT), His Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and the Holy Prophet’s Pure Household (A.S.) that beats in their hearts that guides them to victory. It was this faith and love that granted Ali “Bilal” Saleh the ability to ascend to the status of superhero, become a one man army and perform the miracle Lebanon needed to prevail over the Zionists; faith and love and nothing but. The “most moral army in the world” of the “only democracy in the ‘Middle East’” was broken into bits by these Men of God. Subhan’ALLAH.

I was going to write a poem for Bilal, but his heroism, his victory and his martyrdom are prose in and of themselves. Verily, his sacrifice is poetic enough. You may not have believed in miracles prior to reading this, but you damn sure should believe now. Ali “Bilal” Saleh walked with angels on Earth and today he walks with angels on the Other Side; beloved he was here, beloved he is there, and his legacy can currently be seen everyday in the young Hizbullah fighters across the combat zones of Aleppo, Damascus, Deir Ezzor and elsewhere in Syria who fire anti-tank weaponry at the Takfiri scourge like Bilal did in Wadi al-Hujeir against the Zionists. Yes, he continues to shock the enemy and its tools in death as he did in life. One Man Army, Miracle-Maker, Superhero and Mouqawamah hero, rest in power forever, always and after ya Shahid.

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Palestinian Rams His Car into Four Zionist Soldiers in West Bank

Local Editor


Four Zionist soldiers on Thursday were injured in a new car ramming operation in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, according to al-Manar reporter.

Media reports mentioned that the executor managed to escape the scene after ramming his car into the Zionist settlers on the high way which leads to the Israeli settlement of Beit Aryeh.

The Zionist police launched a wide scale manhunt to arrest the attacker, the media reports added.

Palestine news

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Palestinians Call for Putting Israeli Settlers on Terrorist Lists


Israel’s occupation forces killed Palestinian Authority intelligence officer Mazin Hasan Ureiba at or near Israeli occupation forces checkpoint in Hizma on the occupied West Bank, north of occupied East Jerusalem.

Israel’s occupation forces claim that Ureiba would have stepped out of his car at the checkpoint with a gun and started to fire at Israeli occupation forces, injuring one Israeli occupation soldier and one illegal Israeli settler, the former lightly at hand, the latter – a 47 y/o man – supposedly critically.

Few details speak against this: Ureiba was not shot and killed at the checkpoint, but at some distance away from it, there is no weapon or spent shells near his body in any of the photos and based on the way he fell to the ground, he might have been shot from the back.

Ureiba is also claimed to have been shot by the injured illegal Israeli settler, not Israel’s occupation forces. He was from Abu Dis, east of occupied East Jerusalem, and a father of four children.

Later, during the evening, Ezz Aldeen Radad, a 21 y/o youth from Tulkarem on the occupied West Bank was shot and killed near the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem after allegedly stabbing Israel’s occupation forces soldier or occupation policeman based on different sources.

The supposedly stabbed occupation forces member suffered ‘moderate injuries’ according to the Israeli occupation. There is no evidence of medical aid being given to the youth, nor news of how quickly he died.

Ezz Aldeen Radad was stripped and left to lie on ground fully naked, to be gawked at, as Israel’s occupation forces commonly do to Palestinians they kill and wound.

The idea behind this is an attempt to humiliate the wounded and the dying, the dead even in death and their families and nation.

This basically primitive ritual of attempted humiliation of the dying and the dead is something which ‘Western’ mainstream media is totally silent of, as it’s too revealing of the barbaric nature of Israeli occupation – as were the crowd of hundreds of illegal Israeli settlers who gathered at the scene to gawk at his dead, naked corpse.

The last victims of the day came during the early hours of the night, as cousins Mustafa Fanoun and Taher Fanoun were shot and killed in occupied Hebron’s Tel Rumeida by Israel’s occupation forces.

According to unconfirmed claim the boys were underage and would then be the 25th and 26th minors killed during the uprising by Israel.

There is relatively little in the way of information available from news sources at this point, so our readers can expect some details to change as more reports are published.

Israel’s occupation forces’ claims are the usual ones: The cousins supposedly stabbed Israel’s occupation forces soldier – with a knife that afterwards appears to have no blood in it, though the light conditions were dark admittedly – and were shot dead.

There is an unconfirmed claim reported by @PalinfoAr, that the father of Taher Fanoun would have said that his family had found a message from their son, which read “Forgive me”. He also published a short video of him and his cousin online only two hours before they were killed.

These facts, more than anything that Israel’s occupation forces claim, would in our opinion show that this was likely to be a real attack. But at this point it’s unconfirmed and as far as we know, reported by no other source.

Stabbing of occupation forces’ soldier no way justifies killing the youths, or any violence towards them beyond the point they would not have caused any threat.

Especially as Israel’s occupation forces’ photo show only one knife, which would mean that one of the youth would have been unarmed, if this was a real attack against Israeli occupation forces.

Based on photos of the scene of their deaths, they were left without medical aid and Taher appears to have been shot in his stomach.


Another Palestinian Youth Shot Dead for Alleged Stabbing in Jerusalem (VIDEO)

Assailant who shot two Israelis in West Bank was PA officer; Israel razes home of Palestinian terror suspect…/94370-151203-israel-razes-home-of-c…

Palestinian killed after alleged shooting attack near Hizma checkpoint

Palestinian killed for alleged shooting attack…

Palestinian man shot dead by IOF under attack pretext…/palestinian-man-shot-dead-by-iof-u…/

PA Officer Dead after Alleged Shooting at Hizma

Palestinian youth killed after stabbing soldier…

'Mazin Hasan Ureiba. (1)'
'Mazin Hasan Ureiba. (2)'
'Mazin Hasan Ureiba. (3)'
'Mazin Hasan Ureiba. (4)'

Israeli Woman Stabbed in Retaliation for Palestinian Girl Killing

 A Palestinian man stabbed and killed an Israeli woman on Sunday, after the occupation police and settlers shot and run over a Palestinian girl in the same day.

The attack took place near the so-called Gush Etzion block of settlements south of al-Quds.

The Palestinian attacker was shot dead by occupation forces afterwards, Israeli police said. He was identified as Issam Thawabteh, 34, from Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem.

The Israeli woman was stabbed in retaliation for the brutal killing of a 16-year-old Palestinian girl who was shot and run over by occupation police and Zionist settlers earlier on Sunday.

Also on Sunday another Palestinian was shot dead by occupation police, who claimed he was attempting a stabbing attack against occupation forces.

Source: Agencies

23-11-2015 – 08:00 Last updated 23-11-2015 – 08:02

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Arab, Muslim people determined to foil Zionist Takfiri project



Palestinian, Arab and Muslim people mark these days the International Quds (Jerusalem) Day, an annual event held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. The event was first marked in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli occupation entity and its Judaization policy in Jerusalem, especially the construction of Jewish settlements around the city to wipe out the Arab Islamic features of Jerusalem and replace them with Jewish ones.

Several rallies were held in Arab and Islamic capitals affirming the necessity of standing side by side with the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate their occupied lands and establish their independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The demonstrators also expressed complete support for Syria in its battle against terrorism, because Syria is the last pivot of the Palestinian cause and were it to be destroyed, then Palestine and the entire nation will be gone.

The protesters slammed the international community’s deafening silence in the face of Israel’s attempts to Judaize the occupied Palestinian lands and destroy historical Palestinian identities, calling on regional and global organizations to take serious and practical measures to counter the Zionist regime’s plots.

They also censured the Takfiri violence fueled by ISIS terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as the Al Saudi regime’s ongoing onslaught against Yemen as a plot hatched by the US, Israel and their reactionary allies in the region in an attempt to create divisions in the Arab Islamic world.

As we mark this anniversary, we should highlight the important role of the resistance axis in confronting the occupation, this axis will not remain silent in the face of terrorist organizations which have copied the practices of Israeli occupation.

If Syria is lost, then Palestine will be lost as well, and what is happening in Syria and the Takfiri plot both serve Israel. Israeli leaders have recently expressed satisfaction over the war, destruction, and fighting taking place in Syria.

The states that are funding, arming, and smuggling gunmen into Syria and employ media to instigate conflict and prevent Syrians from holding dialogue must cease these actions which stoke the fire in it.

Some still insist on continuing the mistaken adventure, and in their mind they are anticipating Syria’s fall. These same delusions have been there since five years ago.  The situation on the ground is shifting and now the Syrian Arab Army and popular forces are gaining the upper hand in several areas inflicting heavy losses on ISIS and other takfiri terrorists.

Syria will not fall and will remain steadfast and resilient along with all those who stood alongside it in confrontation of the Zionist Takfiri project which aims at perpetuating the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, fragmenting the Arab states and creating religious and sectarian conflicts in a way that enables Israel to invade the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.

Israel is calling for an “Israeli-Arab alliance against terrorism” while Israel supports Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed Takfiri groups. Israel is responsible for the rise of terrorism in the region and is itself responsible for heinous crimes and savage atrocities committed by Takfiri terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq, because Israel is the main supporter of these terrorist organizations. This support is clearly manifested through the Israeli –made weapons confiscated by the Syrian Arab army when it targets the terrorist dens and gatherings.

The liberation of Jerusalem from the clutches of the Israeli regime is the top priority of the Muslim world. Any scheme meant to distract the Muslims’ public opinion from the Palestinian cause should be denounced.


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A Special Interview With AHMED JIBRIL Leader of PFLP-General Command

لقاء خاص مع احمد جبريل ابوجهاد | العالم

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