Hezbollah: Bassel Al-A’raj Proved That Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Bassel 3

March 9, 2017

Hezbollah praised the Palestinian martyr Bassel al-A’raj who was killed earlier this week during heroic clash with Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

In a statement released by the Party’s Media Relations Office, Hezbollah congratulated the martyrdom of al-A’raj who “mixed the words with blood and proved that actions speak louder than words in the struggle against the Zionist enemy which has been targeting the Palestinian people in a bid to wipe them off their roots and land.”

“Hezbollah denounces the horrific killing of this hero by occupation soldiers in Bireh town of the West Bank, in which dozens of bullets went into his blessed body,” the statement said, noting that the killing “indicates the level of spite by the Israeli enemy against anyone who raises the banner of resistance.”

Meanwhile, the Lebanese resistance party stressed that al-A’raj’s martyrdom proves that the Palestinian people are sticking to the resistance path, noting that the martyr had contributed to documenting the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians throughout the history.

“As Hezbollah offers its condolences to the martyr’s family and all the Palestinian people as well, it stresses the importance of supporting the resistance in Palestine in all means.”

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations


Bassel Al-A’raj: A Beacon for Intellectuals, Revolutionaries

March 10, 2017

Marwa Haidar

It’s hard to write about martyrs. You can easily see the faith in their eyes, smiles and words. But really, it’s very hard to change this faith into words written by your own.

Bassel al-A’raj, or the “battling intellectual”, as known on social media, has proven that actions speak more than words.

The 31-year-old Palestinian engaged on Monday (March 6, 2017) in an individual battle with Israeli occupation forces in Ramallah. He heroically fought for two hours, ending his life with martyrdom.

Bassel was well-known for defending the Palestinian cause and the oppressed people across the region. He called the intellectuals in the Arab world to engage in battles in behalf of their beliefs.

In a video, Bassel appears during a lecture saying: “If you want to be an intellectual… You have to be a battling intellectual. If you were not so then your intellect is useless. The battling intellectual is the revolutionary intellectual.”

Imam Hussein’s Words Our Slogan

Talking about revolution, it was clear that Bassel was inspired by Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Imam Hussein (a.s.).

In a post on his Facebook account, Bassel wrote:

“My mom had taught me to love the battling prophet more than the peaceful prophet, and if (Prophet) Yusuf was her distinct one, that was because “bravery lies in patience.”

In his post, Bassel recalled the words of Imam Hussein as saying:

“May his words remain our slogan in life and death: “Surely, the imposter – a son of an imposter – has [given us a choice] between death and disgrace. Surely, we will never bend to disgrace. God refuses that for us. So do his Messenger (s), the believers, noble ancestors, purified households, zealous souls, and proud spirits. None would prefer obedience to the wicked over a noble death.”

Go Look for the Answer

In his will, too, Bassel was talking about martyrdom with passion and conviction. He said that the wills of martyrs have bewildered him, stressing that there is nothing more eloquent than martyrs’ deeds.

“If you are reading this, it means that I have died and my soul has ascended to its Creator. I pray to Allah that I meet Him with a guiltless heart, willingly, not reluctantly, full of loyalty and free of any whit of hypocrisy.

How hard it is to write your own will. For years, I have been contemplating wills written by martyrs, they have constantly bewildered me. They were fast, short, and lacking eloquence. They did not satisfy our thirst to find answers about martyrdom. Now I am heading towards death satisfied as I have found my answers. Woe unto me, how dumb I am! Is there anything more eloquent than a martyr’s deed! I should have written this months ago, but what kept me from that was this question that you, the living beings, ask. So why should I answer on your behalf? Go look for the answer yourselves, as for us, the dead ones, we only seek Allah’s mercy.”

Sara Taha Moughnieh contributed to this report

Source: Al-Manar Website

Elor Azaria and the Myth of Jewish Universal Values

March 04, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon interviewed by Alimuddin Usmani for La Pravda and E&R

Alimuddin Usmani: IDF soldier Elor Azaria was convicted of manslaughter for shooting dead a  wounded Palestinian. The case deeply divided Israel. Many Israelis said he was just doing his duty and was scapegoated by the army. On the other hand, a military spokesperson said“This is not the IDF, these are not the values of the IDF and these are not the values of the Jewish people”. Gideon Lévy called the 18 month sentence “a sentence fit for a bicycle thief”.

What are your comments on this case?

Gilad Atzmon: A lot of issues are at stake here. Azaria was obviously a cold-blooded murderer who shot a wounded Palestinian in the head. Basically, he committed an execution in broad daylight.  From an Israeli perspective, Azaria’s main crime was being caught on camera. Yet, the circumstances in which he operated were pretty impossible. These Israeli soldiers are deployed in policing tasks. They, the occupiers, are engaged in conflict with the indigenous people of the land. It is a recipe for disaster. More often than not, Israeli soldiers and police forces end up operating as execution squads. Yet, these vile practices do not necessarily reflect any official military order. Instead, they bring to light the atmosphere within the Israeli street: the PRE-traumatic stress, the impunity to kill, the lack of any ethical sense and so on.

Putting aside Azaria’s brutal act, the court case exposed a deep conflict within Israeli society. Zionism, as we know, promised to make the Jews ‘people like other people.’ Yet, the reality on the ground suggests that Israelis have to spend a lot of time and energy concealing the fact that they actually share very little with other people, if anything at all.

Azaria was found guilty of manslaughter, which is surprising considering the clear evidence of 1st degree murder. Yet he was sentenced to just 18 months in prison.  The explanation of this discrepancy between the court’s verdict and the light sentence can be understood on more than one level.

Military courts, as opposed to civilian courts, are not committed to any notion of ethics but rather to the needs of the military system. For instance, a military court sentencing a soldier to death at daybreak is not guided by the seeking of justice but by the needs of the system. It attempts to deter other soldiers from insubordination, cowardice or defection.    

Similarly, because Israel needs the IDF to sustain the occupation, Israel must make sure that its soldiers are confident that the system will always eventually stand by them even if they are  caught in an unfortunate situation such as shooting a wounded Palestinian in the head.

On the day of the verdict, veteran chief of staff Moshe Yaalon, admitted that his initial and harsh reaction to the Azaria incident was because there was an immediate need to calm the situation on the ground. He basically had to throw something at the Palestinians, hoping to prevent mass protest and possible escalation. But at the end of the day, Israel wants the Palestinians to know that any form of resistance will be met with by radical and unpredictable measures.

This leads us to the notion of Jewish values in general and the IDF’s moral values in particular. As I have said many times before, there are no Jewish universal values. Judaism and Jewish culture are tribally-oriented. Moreover, Judaism is guided by Torah and Mitzvoth (commandments). Accordingly, the Jew is expected to follow rules rather than forming ethical judgments. Haskalah, the Jewish enlightenment, was an attempt to universalize Judaism by mimicking European secular thinking. Thus, those universal values that were introduced by Haskalah are not Jewish, but simply borrowed by the Jews from their host nations.

Zionism was a promise to civilise the Jews by means of ‘homecoming.’ It implicitly accepted that Jews weren’t people like all other people, but it believed they could be. Zionism promised to make the Jews productive, to gravitate towards labour and farming. The IDF was supposed to be a humane and ethical military force.  I grew up with photos of Israeli soldiers giving their own water to Egyptian POWs in the desert (1967). It took a few years before I learned that in fact, the Sinai desert was a slaughter zone for thousands of Egyptian soldiers who were sent to their deaths in the burning sand. It took a few more years before I became aware of the Nakba horror – the brutal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population in 1948. Just 3 years after the liberation of Auschwitz the young Israeli army, together with Jewish paramilitary forces, massacred dozens of  Palestinian villages. I assume I don’t have to go into details of current Israeli war crimes.  To sum it up,  the IDF as never been a moral army. IDF moral values are a myth. What we have instead is a growing record of crimes against humanity.  The facade of the military trial was, in practice, an attempt to convey the image of ethical thinking. After all, ‘by way of deception’ must be a kosher procedure.

Alimuddin Usmani: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency wrote that Socialist primary winner in France, Benoit Hamon, had the backing of prominent anti-semites. Before the vote, Dieudonné and Alain Soral called for Manuel Valls to be knocked out of the race and Valls, known for his zealous support of Israel, did indeed receive a slap in the face.

What do these things reveal about the mood of French people?

Gilad Atzmon: It isn’t just France. We detect a global fatigue with Jewish politics and lobbying. We see it in Britain and in the USA – and Jews are the first to notice it. Jewish organisations have long been complaining about the rapid growth in ‘antisemitic’ incidents (whatever that means). Yet, instead of engaging in some elementary self-reflection, asking themselves what is it about them and their behaviour that brings such anger and opposition, these organisations manage to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of opening the discussion on Israel and Jewish power, they use every means at their disposal to suppress freedom of speech and to silence legitimate criticism of Jewish ID politics, global Zionism and the brutality of the Jewish state.

One would think that, after the Shoah, Jews would learn the necessary lessons and would go out of their way to conceal Jewish arrogance. But In practice, the complete opposite has happened. The Jewish lobbies, both Zionists and ‘antis,’ are more obnoxious and arrogant than ever.


Alimuddin Usmani: CRIF defines itself as the political representation and official mouthpiece of the organized Jewish community. In the FAQ on it’s website we find this question : Does CRIF have an influence on French politics? 

And the answer is:

Yes, CRIF influences French politics by defending its vision of what should be the public policy against racism and anti-Semitism, offering its thoughts on the transmission of the memory of the Holocaust, or defending its idea of the peace in the Middle East.

In summary, CRIF acts exactly like any other association concerned by the public interest.   

What do you think of this answer?

Gilad Atzmon: I believe that it is a valid answer as long as French people are willing to accept that one minority group that just happens to be privileged can dominate the discourse on public matters such as racism, French past and foreign affairs. But Jewish history actually teaches us that these celebrations of Jewish power always come to a tragic end.


Alimuddin Usmani: On CNN, Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote that the Trump administration has a problem with Jews.

How do you explain that BHL is so worried about Trump?

Gilad Atzmon: It is simple. BHL realises that, considering his intensive bellicosity and war-mongering, he himself is a serious Jewish problem. Zionism was all about a promised land yet global Zionism, for which BHL is a prime conduit, signals the transformation from a ‘promised land’ into a ‘promised planet.’ It is, in fact, immoral interventionists such as BHL who bring disasters on the Jews.

When BHL accuses Trump, the first American Jewish President, of antisemitsm, he may be providing us with a glimpse into his own sense of guilt. It is a last and desperate attempt to prevent the floodlight from exposing the criminal continuum between Israel and the Ziocon wars spreading around our planet.

Alimuddin Usmani: Recently you gave concerts and talks in Czech Republic. You announced that you will be back there in June. What do you like about this country?

Gilad Atzmon: pretty much everything. It is a country that has managed to sustain its culture, its work ethic, its cuisine, its productivity. It is a country that is living in peace with its past and sees a prospect of a future ahead.

Bahrain …. toward the resistance البحرين… الى المقاومة

Bahrain …. toward the resistance

يناير 27, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Six years ago, the people of Bahrain were facing all the provocations of Al-Jazeera shield led by Saudi Arabia, but they remained sticking to the peaceful path. The people of Bahrain who are led today by Islamic movement have sacrificed a lot in all stages, under the banners of Liberalism in the forties, when they were demanding of elections, under the banner of Gamal Abdul Nasser in the fifties, when they were demanding of liberation, and under the banner of the Left, when they were leading the struggle of the trade union which is the most avant -grade in the Arab world. The people of Bahrain did not leave the arenas and no one can call their revolution as the sectarian awakening.

The people of Bahrain insist on the peaceful path despite the cascade of blood that is shed by the Saudi intervention and despite the semi-complete negligence of what is so-called the International Community, comparing with the allegations of the defense for the human rights where the West has interests, so the killers of Al-Qaeda organization become martyrs and its fighters become the heroes of freedom as described by Laurent Fabius the Former French Foreign Minister on the Turkish-Syrian borders. Here the insistence is more than a historic patience; it is a strategic choice and may be it reaches its final stages.

What has happened in Bahrain as a remorseless killing, a felony that did not get an investigation or a trial of youths who were arrested in the movement of the Bahraini street; they were accused of bombing a vehicle of Al-Jazeera Shield’s vehicles, and a summary execution  without an actual trial said that Saudi Arabia which has ordered of killing is drawing a red line for accepting the settlements in the region, it is the recognition of making the people of the Gulf countries slaves for the family of Saud as a precondition for settlements outside the Gulf, otherwise there is no objection by Saudi Arabia from keeping the agitating wars and spending all the money to bring the extremists and the mercenaries to wage them. This means the transformation of Saudi Arabia to a greater opportunity for the dominance of ISIS practically and gradually.

The dominance of ISIS on Saudi Arabia geographically, demographically and militarily as well as the rootedness of its project in it seems as a salvation of ISIS in the light of the defeats which affected it in Iraq, and the difficulty of resilience in the war of Syria, and in the light of the European Russian race to prevent ISIS from the stability in Libya as an expected substitute for ISIS after Iraq and Syria. So it is logical that ISIS will aspire to Saudi Arabia for the next two years. It seems that the rulers of Saudi Arabia do not mind that or they are not aware of it, on the contrary they say to the world; you have to choose between our dominance with our savagery on oil and ISIS’ dominance on it with its brutality.

Saudi Arabia puts the region and the world between the two options of the recognition of humiliated bondage for the people of the Gulf or giving the sources of oil to ISIS. The comparison between what has happened in Iraq and what might happen in Saudi Arabia makes the matter logical, since the background is ready popularly and the devotions to extremism, atonement, and the blood according to the sheikhs of Wahhabism are shown through their public fatawas.

Between the two parts of this duality, it is no longer possible for anyone to address the people of Bahrain by asking them to be patience and to endure. The resistance has become an option that no one can denounce it or considered it a haste or emotion. If the Saudis want to weaken the influence of Iran in the Gulf, they are succeeding because they make the people rebel against the advices of Iran to be calm and sticking to the peaceful path because they kill every call for wisdom.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

البحرين… الى المقاومة

ناصر قنديل

– منذ ست سنوات يقف شعب البحرين في الشوارع يواجه كل استفزازات درع الجزيرة بقيادة السعودية، متمسكاً بالمسار السلمي. وشعب البحرين الذي تقوده اليوم حركة إسلامية لم يبخل على النضال العربي بالتضحيات في المراحل كلها. فكان تحت شعارات الليبرالية في الأربعينيات يطالب بالانتخابات، وتحت لواء جمال عبد الناصر في الخمسينيات يطالب بالتحرر، وتحت لواء اليسار يقود النضال النقابي الأشدّ طليعية في العالم العربي، فشعب البحرين لم يغادر الساحات ولا يمكن لأحد تسمية ثورته بالصحوة الطائفية.

– بقي إصرار شعب البحرين على المسار السلمي، رغم شلال الدم المسال بتدخّل سعودي، ورغم التجاهل شبه التام لما يُسمّى بالمجتمع الدولي قياساً بمزاعم الدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان حيث للغرب مصالح، فيصير قتلى تنظيم القاعدة شهداء ويصير مقاتلوها أبطال حرية، كما وصفهم لوران فابيوس وزير خارجية فرنسا الأسبق على الحدود التركية السورية. وهذا الإصرار أكثر من صبر تاريخي، بل هو خيار استراتيجي، ربما يكون قد بلغ مراحله النهائية.

– ما جرى في البحرين من قتل بدم بارد بجرم لم ينل تحقيقاً ولا محاكمة لشبان اعتقلوا من حراك الشارع البحراني، ووجّهت لهم الاتهامات بتفجير آلية من آليات درع الجزيرة، وتنفيذ حكم الإعدام بهم من دون محاكمة فعلية، يقول إن السعودية التي أمرت بالقتل ترسم خطاً أحمر لقبولها بالتسويات في المنطقة. وهو التسليم بجعل شعوب بلاد الخليج عبيدا لآل سعود كشرط مسبق لتسويات خارج الخليج، وإلا فلا مانع لدى السعودية من بقاء الحروب مشتعلة وإنفاق كل المال والمجيء بكل المتطرفين والمرتزقة لخوضها. وهذا يعني تحويل السعودية عملياً وتدريجياً إلى أكبر فرصة لسيطرة داعش.

– سيطرة داعش على السعودية جغرافياً وسكانياً وعسكرياً، وتجذُّر مشروعه فيها يبدو خشبة خلاص داعش في ضوء الهزائم التي يُمنَى بها التنظيم في العراق، وصعوبة الصمود عندما تدور آلة الحرب عليه في سورية، وفي ضوء التسابق الأوروبي الروسي على منع داعش من الاستقرار في ليبيا، كبديل متوقع لداعش بعد العراق وسورية، فيصير المنطقي أن يبني التنظيم خطته نحو السعودية للسنتين المقبلتين، ولا يبدو أن حكام السعودية يمانعون بذلك أو لا يدركونه، بل يقولون للعالم عليكم أن تختاروا بين سيطرتنا بهمجيتنا على النفط، أو تسليمه لداعش بوحشيته.

– السعودية تضع المنطقة والعالم بين خيارَيْ التسليم بعبودية ذليلة لشعوب الخليج أو تسليم منابع النفط لداعش. والمقارنة بين ما جرى في العراق، وما قد يجري في السعودية يصير الأمر منطقياً. فالبيئة جاهزة شعبياً والولاءات للتطرف والتكفير والدم لدى مشايخ الوهابية تُظهرها فتاوى علنية.

– بين حدَّيْ هذه الثنائية لم يعد ممكناً لأحد مخاطبة شعب البحرين بطلب الصبر والتحمّل. فالمقاومة صارت خياراً لا يمكن لأحد استهجانه واعتباره تسرّعاً أو انفعالاً، وإذا كان السعوديون يريدون إضعاف نفوذ إيران في الخليج فهم ينجحون، بأن يجعلوا الشعوب تتمرّد على نصائح إيران بالتهدئة والتمسك بالسلمية، لأنهم يغتالون كل نداء للحكمة.


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Between Kabouji, Jerusalem’s process …. And the voice of the Arabs بين كبوجي وعملية القدس… وصوت العرب


Written by Nasser Kandil,

In many rare times the history sends unexplainable symbolic coincidences that cannot be accepted as mere coincidences, as the coincidence of the conjunction of the return of the body of the resistant Bishop Ilarion Kabouji from Rome to Beirut, who is a symbol of Jerusalem’s symbols and its icons, and the heroic martyrdom process of Fadi Qanbar the young man who drove his truck and ran over twenty-one injured as twenty-one bullets for the spirit of the Bishop who neither obtained the glorification of the rifles of any Arab army nor the artillery had opened fire at his farewell greeting. Jerusalem which the Syrian army is the only army among the Arab armies which still considers it the compass of its national security knows that the war which was waged against it is a war by proxy, so it excuses it, while the Lebanese resisting army was confined with settlements that observe it and make it under the influence of sects and the regional dependencies, so how the shots and the greetings, so it waits for it.

The value of Jerusalem’s process and its symbolic relation with the departure of the Syrian Bishop Kabouji after the liberation of Aleppo surpasses just the confidence that the Palestinian cause will remain and will not die, and surpasses the feeling of pride for the presence of a Palestinian Jerusalem youth that is persistent in fighting, does not recognize theories and the balances of powers which at their limits many armies, countries, parties, and organizations recoil in dread, and a Palestinian authority appeals for a negotiation. The process raises two issues at the intellectual level that need to be focused in front of the nations, elites, intellectuals, those who deal with the public affair, and the public opinion-makers, the first issue is the mechanical linking which is made by the Arab collective mind between every call to support the right cause and asking for a ready integrated clear recipe for achieving the victory, stemming from the absence of the ability to present such of this recipe for the withdrawal, even from the verbal support under the slogan of what will we benefit? And how will the owners of the issue get the benefit? The second issue is to hide behind an equation; its basis is what is the value of the words? Since the change is made by deeds and we do not have but the words?

Quite simply the matter is like that; the liberation of Palestine or some parts of it from any bargaining accomplished by the resistance against the occupation does not seem a current project, so does the project of attrition seem possible realistic project?, the facts which are shown by the confrontations and the acts of the resistance show that it is possible, realistic and may happen. The question here is; Are prolonging the conflict, preoccupying the occupier, and proving the apparent right, the cause, and the identity facts against the world which is blind toward the right as a mute Satan?. Are not they necessities for the transition from this bad time till the time of renaissance, and the change where there will be data that make the resistance which aims for liberation a legitimate project? Is not that attrition a consumption of the mental, material, intelligence, and tactic efforts of the enemy,  which the occupation and the settlement will suffer from and will be obliged due to this resistance to consume them in confronting it as a threat?. Is not it a resounding fact around the world, so the search for the reasons for these questions lead to the fact that the cause is still alive and it says that in vain you try to set the stability without a solution that recognizes the rights. Was not that the significance of the immortal word of Che Guevara “ We will continue screaming in order not to let this world sleeps with its weight over the helpless bodies”  who has the right to utter a statement of the absurdity of the scream and the attitudes as  the attrition of an enemy, occupier, and oppressor? Who has the right to judge with the uselessness of the confusion and the preoccupation if the termination is impossible? Even in the science of medicine the doctors become talking about antibiotics which they know that they are useless in curing the chronic diseases, but hoping to weaken them, till they find another way or till the Medicine reaches to what is more effective.

In the second issue, which is the issue of the words and saying, here we are not talking about the philosophy of religions and the thoughts which changed the world and which based on sayings, we will satisfy to respond to those who said about the uselessness of that saying, since we do not have the act. Therefore the invitation here is precisely to everyone who writes and communicates through the press and the satellite channels, to those who have the prestigious statuses as some leaders, writers, thinkers, or some celebrities and artists, even to everyone who has narrow scope of opportunities to promote a word that reaches to his friends who are active in the social media. The intention here is narrower than what some imagine, a devotion of a word once in a month as “we support you” and “we will not forget Palestine”, or republishing a saying or a poem, a greeting, or an attitude of a leader as Gamal Abdul Nasser, Hafez Al-Assad, Yasser Arafat, the President Bashar Al-Assad, and Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah, or a saying from the sayings of Al Imam Al Khomeini, a poem for Mahmoud Darwish to say to the youth of Palestine and its people that they are not alone and their cause is still the issue of the Arabs even if it is left by the rulers or betrayed by the leaderships. For those who do not know, let them know that the youth of Intifada and the resistance fighters are those who asked for that. They say that in each time Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah or the President Al-Assad say and devote a sufficient time for Palestine, their discussions revive and send in their souls and memories a determination that leads to such processes, but whenever the interviews and the speeches of the leaders who belong to the resistance axis resort in brief about Palestine, they feel of disappointment, anxiety, and weakness, they are searching and observing every word dedicated to Palestine, so do not think that your words without feasibility, they are the spirit which revive their hearts with strength and determination.

The Bishop said, and Fadi Qanbar did, so the occupation has stunned twice….. So just say…..  “VIVE PALESTINE” .

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

بين كبوجي وعملية القدس… وصوت العرب

يناير 9, 2017

ناصر قنديل
– يرسل التاريخ في أحيان نادرة مصادفات مرمزة غير مفسّرة، لا يمكن قبولها كمصادفات مجردة. منها هذه المصادفة بتزامن عودة جثمان المطران المقاوم ايلاريون كبوجي من روما إلى بيروت، وهو رمز من رموز القدس وإيقوناتها، مع العملية البطولية الاستشهادية لفادي قنبر. الشاب المقدسي الذي أشهر شاحنته ومضى يطلق العنان لها حتى حصدت إحدى وعشرين إصابة، بمثابة إحدى وعشرين طلقة لروح المطران الذي لم تصطفّ له بنادق جيش عربي أو تطلق له مدفعية مثلها في تحية الوداع. والقدس التي لم يبق إلا الجيش العربي السوري من بين جيوش العرب مَن يعتبرها بوصلة لأمنه القومي تعرف أن الحرب التي شنت عليه هي حرب شنّت عليها بالواسطة، فتعذره، بينما كبّل الجيش اللبناني المقاوم بتسويات تراقبه وتجعله تحت مجهر الطوائف والتبعيات الإقليمية وتحصي عليه الأنفاس فكيف الطلقات والتحيات، فتنتظره.

– قيمة عملية القدس وصلتها الرمزية برحيل المطران كبوجي السوري الحلبي، بعدما تحرّرت حلب، تتعدّى مجرد الثقة بأن القضية الفلسطينية باقية ولن تموت، وتتعدّى الشعور بالفخر لوجود شباب فلسطيني ومقدسي مثابر على القتال لا يعترف بنظريات موازين القوى التي تجبن عندها جيوش ودول وأحزاب ومنظمات، وسلطة فلسطينية تستجدي التفاوض. فالعملية تطرح قضيتين على المستوى الفكري تحتاجان للإضاءة أمام الشعوب والنخب والمثقفين ومتعاطي الشأن العام، وصنّاع الرأي العام: الأولى هي الربط الميكانيكي الذي يقيمه العقل العربي الجمعي بين كل دعوة لنصرة قضية محقة وطلب وصفة متكاملة جاهزة واضحة في بلوغ النصر، منطلقاً من غياب القدرة على تقديم مثل هذه الوصفة للانسحاب حتى من النصرة الكلامية، تحت شعار ماذا سنفيد وماذا سيستفيد أهل القضية. والثانية هي الاختباء وراء معادلة قوامها، ما هي قيمة الكلام والتغيير تصنعه الأفعال وما بيدنا غير الكلام؟

– ببساطة شديدة، الأمر يبدو كما يلي، أن تحرير فلسطين أو بعضها تحريراً نظيفاً من كل مساومة تنجزه مقاومة بوجه الاحتلال، لا يبدو مشروعاً راهناً. فهل يبدو مشروع الاستنزاف مشروعاً واقعياً ممكناً. الوقائع التي يقولها تتالي الانتفاضات والهبات والمواجهات وموجات المقاومة إنه ممكن وواقعي ويحدث. ليصير السؤال هل إدامة الصراع وإشغال المحتل وإثبات الحق الحي، والقضية والهوية كحقائق تصرخ بوجه العالم الساكت عن الحق كشيطان أخرس، أليست ضرورات الانتقال في زمن السوء حتى يحين زمن النهضة، وتتفتح زهور التغيير وتظهر معطيات تجعل المقاومة الهادفة للتحرير مشروعاً؟ أليس الاستنزاف استهلاكاً لجهود عقلية ومادية واستخبارية وتخطيطية للعدو، كانت ستذهب لتأبيد الاحتلال والاستيطان ويُضطر بسبب هذه المقاومة لاستهلاكها في مواجهتها كخطر، ثم أليست طرحاً مدوياً على مستوى العالم، لأسئلة عن أسبابها تفضي في أكثر من مكان لجعل القضية حية وتقول: عبثاً تحاولون إقامة استقرار من دون حل يعترف بالحقوق، أليس هذا مغزى كلمة تشي غيفارا الخالدة: سنبقى نصرخ حتى لا ينام هذا العالم بثقله فوق أجساد البائسين. مَن يملك الحق بإصدار الحكم بعبثية الصراخ والمواقف كاستنزاف لعدو ومحتل وظالم؟ مَن يملك الحق بالحكم بلا جدوى الإشغال والإرباك إذا استعصى الاستئصال، حتى في علم الدواء صار الأطباء يتحدثون عن مضادات يعلمون لاجدواها في إنهاء الأمراض المستعصية وتكتفي بإشغالها أملاً بإضعافها والتمكن منها بوسيلة أخرى، أو ريثما يكون الطب قد أوجد ما هو أجدى؟

– في المسألة الثانية وهي مسألة القول والكلام، وهنا لن نتحدث عن فلسفة الديانات والأفكار التي غيّرت العالم وكلّها تأسست من أقوال، سنكتفي بما هو مباشر رداً على الذين يقولون وما جدوى القول، ونحن لا نملك آلة الفعل. والقول المقصود هنا هو بالتحديد ما يملكه كل مَن يكتب ويتواصل عبر الصحافة والقنوات الفضائية لأصحاب المكانات المرموقة لبعض القادة والكتاب والمفكرين أو بعض المشاهير والفنانين، ومَن يملك فرصاً أضيق لكلمة تصل على نطاق أصدقائه من رواد وسائل الاتصال الاجتماعي. والقصد بالكلام هو أضيق مما يتخيّل البعض، تخصيص كلمة من نوع نحبك، ولن ننساك فلسطين في الشهر مرة، أو إعادة نشر قول أو قصيدة أو تحية أو موقف لقائد كجمال عبد الناصر أو حافظ الأسد أو ياسر عرفات أو الرئيس بشار الأسد والسيد حسن نصرالله، أو مقولة من مقولات الإمام الخميني أو قصيدة لمحمود درويش، للقول لشباب فلسطين وشعبه إنهم ليسوا وحدهم، وإن قضيتهم لا تزال قضية العرب، ولو تركها حكام وخانتها قيادات، ومَن لا يعلم فليعلم أن شباب الانتفاضة، والمقاومين هم مَن يطلب هذا، فيقولون إن كل مرة يتحدث فيها السيد حسن نصرالله أو الرئيس الأسد ويمنحان فلسطين وقتاً كافياً تنتعش نقاشات ومناخات وتتخزّن في الروح والذاكرة عزماً لا تنفصل عنه الروح التي تقف وراء العمليات المقاومة. وكلما تستهلك إطلالات وخطب القادة المنتمين لخط المقاومة قضايا تختصر مساحة فلسطين يشعر المقاومون بخيبة وقلق وضعف. ويضيف هؤلاء الشباب نتابع كل مَن تعلمون ولا تعلمون وننقّب عن كل كلمة وتحية لفلسطين، فلا تظنوا كلماتكم بلا جدوى إنها الروح التي تنعش قلوبنا وتفعم قلوبنا بالقوة والعزم فلا تنسونا.

– قال المطران وفَعَل القنبر، وأصيب الاحتلال بالذهول مرتين، قولوا هذا يكفي… تحيا فلسطين.

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Hezbollah: Al-Quds Heroic Operation Displays Cowardice of Elite Zionist Soldiers

January 9, 2017

Hezbollah flagHezbollah hailed on Monday the heroic operation which was carried out by the Palestinian struggler Fadi Qanbar in the occupied city of Al-Quds, leaving a number of Zionist soldiers killed or injured and forcing dozens of others to escape.

In a statement, Hezbollah added that the scene of the operation displays the pride of the Palestinian people and the cowardice of the elite Zionist soldiers.

This martyrdom operation indicates that the Palestinians’ commitment to the resistance approach as the only way to liberate the occupied territories from the Zionists and insistence  on inflicting the heaviest losses by all means on the usurping entity, according to the statement.

Hezbollah pointed out that what martyr Qanbar has done is a right and duty and springs from the heart of the Palestinians’ resistance against the occupation and that the operation cannot be placed in the context of the global terror practiced by ISIL and other terrorist groups as what the enemy leaders claim.

The statement maintained that the Zionist entity is the source of terror in the region and has been behind the tragedies of the Umma since decades.

Hezbollah offered congratulations to the Palestinian people and the martyr’s family, stressing support to their resistance against the Zionist occupation.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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Israeli Soldiers Killed in Heroic Truck-Ramming Operation in Al-Quds

January 8, 2017

The martyred Palestinians attacker is a ex-prisoner: media

At least four Israeli occupation soldiers were killed and 15 others were injured on Sunday as a Palestinian ex-prisoner rammed a truck into a group of soldiers near al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Al-Manar correspondent in the occupied territories said the Palestinian attackIsraeli occupation soldiers were killed and injured on Sunday as a Palestinian ex-prisoner rammed a truck into a group of soldiers near al-Qudser was martyred by Israeli fire during the operation. He identified the Palestinian as Fadi al-Qanbar, a former prisoner in the Israeli jails.

Israeli police said a truck with Israeli license plates veered from its course and rammed into a group of uniformed Israeli soldiers at a promenade in the settlement of East Talpiyyot, which overlooks the Old City of East al-Quds. A number of people were initially trapped under the truck, and three of the wounded had to be extracted from under the track using a crane.

Israeli police reported imposing heightened security measures in the Jerusalem area, and that investigations were ongoing.

The illegal East Talpiyyot settlement is also known as Armon Hanatziv, and is located just west of Jabal al-Mukabbir.

truck operation 1


truck operation 3


truck operation 2


truck operation 4

Source: Agencies

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