Pentagon – and Daesh – Target Iran

By Pepe Escobar

April 03, 2017Information Clearing House” –  “Sputnik” – CENTCOM commander Army Gen. Joseph Votel channeled his full Dr. Strangelove in front of the US House Armed Services Committee this past Wednesday.

“We need to look at opportunities where we can disrupt [Iran] through military means or other means.”

As Orwellian as our times may be, this still ranks as a declaration of war. With the inbuilt consequence of smashing to bits the UN nuclear deal struck with Iran in the summer of 2015.

Joseph Strangelove did not bother to chainsaw his words.

Iran is one of the greatest threats to the US today (Pentagon official doctrine; number four after Russia, China and North Korea). Iran has increased its “destabilizing role” and poses “the greatest long-term threat to stability” in the entire Middle East.

Iran is sneaky; “I believe that Iran is operating in what I call a gray zone.” And that’s “an area between normal competition between states — and it’s just short of open conflict.”

Iran is involved in “lethal aid facilitation”; the use of “surrogate forces”; plenty of “cyber activities.”

The US has “not seen any improvement in Iran’s behavior.” The naughty boy/country in question still poses “credible threats” through its “nuclear weapons potential” and “robust” ballistic missile program.

So this is it; we’re going to take them out.

CENTCOM’s Endless Jihad

The easy way out would be to characterize this juvenile mobster-style outburst as brought to you by the House of Saud petrodollar fund.

Or to be reminded that Joseph Strangelove was addressing the very same crowd who despite acronym-laden 17 multibillion dollar intel agencies telling them over and over, via National Intelligence assessments, that Iran did not have, and was not planning to have, nuclear weapons, still mightily denounced Iran’s “nuclear threat.”

But reality always tops fiction.

No one less than the Islamic State/Daesh released a video in Farsi – complete with a message to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei —   declaring war on Iran because they are apostate Shi’ites and because they “tolerate” Jews.

No, this is not a Monty Python sketch. In fact, we have been propelled to the curioser and curioser situation of a CENTCOM that invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq; distributed death and destruction free of charge; provoked a myriad, monster refugee crisis; is back at war in Iraq; is still implicated in regime change by all means in Syria; and “leads from behind” the Saudi destruction of Yemen, is now de facto, on the record, allied with Daesh – which it let fester – to take out Iran.

Feel free to call it CENTCOM’s jihad.

Joseph Strangelove’s performance took place right on cue as the neocon/neoliberalcon axis hysterically peddling its Russophobia – and Iranophobia — across the Beltway and beyond was celebrating a tasty geopolitical candy: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in the magnificent Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Or, in neocon shorthand, “the mullahs” meet “Hitler”.

There were predictable developments; Foreign Minister Javad Zarif confirmed the Russian military may use air bases in Iran on a “case by case basis” – essentially against Salafi-jihadis in Syria, as was the case in August last year, when Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Su-34s flew missions from Hamadan airbase.

But, as Rouhani and Putin made it quite clear, the meeting went way beyond cooperating on a real, on the ground, war on terror.

The partnership now encompasses increased trade; energy investments; scientific exchanges; Russia building two new nuclear power plants in Bushehr, site of Iran’s first reactor; the upcoming membership of Iran in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); and in the near future, the possibility of Russia-China helping Iranian banking institutions.

As the White House tries to get its act together before Secretary of State “T.Rex” Tillerson’s first official trip to Russia, in two weeks time, Russian “overtures to Iran” is now being packaged as one of the key problems preventing some sort of deal – alongside the same old “Russian aggression” meme in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and cyberspace.

For the Pentagon, Iran-Russia cooperation is anathema – in Syria or anywhere else, especially after Aleppo. That happens to mesh quite well with the White House Richelieu/Macchiavelli Steve Bannon’s worldview; Bannon was a naval officer during the Iran hostage crisis and regards Iran as an existential threat as much as the Pentagon brass.

So the picture now sold to internal US public opinion could not be more frightful; Iran “destabilizes” the entire Middle East while Russia “destabilizes” Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans, Ukraine, actually the whole planet.
What Nuclear Deal?

At least Washington’s road map ahead on Iran is now being fully laid out; more – and tougher – sanctions; non-stop harassment coupled with brainwashing of Western public opinion; covert ops; and last but not least, outright war.

Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is avidly promoting the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Bill which, if approved, will bury the American commitment to the UN-sponsored nuclear deal; brand the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization; and open the gates to yet another sanctions flood.

It might as well be a case of all bark, no bite. Anyone who’s seen the writing on the wall across the Beltway knows that the Iran-Russia strategic partnership is one of the three key nodes, along with China, in the big story of the young 21st century; Eurasia integration, with Russia and Iran closing the energy equation and China as the investment locomotive. And there’s not much they can do to prevent it.

So once again the dogs of demonization bark while the Eurasian caravan passes.

Pepe Escobar is an independent geopolitical analyst.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

Global and Info wars March 5th SITREP

March 04, 2017

Global and Info wars March 5th SITREP

 NATO continues build up of troops in Europe and on Russia’s borders

The US carrier strike groups

NATO General Peter Pavel offered Russia to recall the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. In response, Russia has started a snap drill  in its Southern Military District with units deployed in Chechnya, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia and Crimea. Russia also has scrambled Sukhoi fighter jets in response to the NATO Poseidon and Global Hawk drones flying near Crimean airspace.

Russia jets have started patrolling an entire perimeter of the Black Sea.

February 10th the US fleet “encounters” the Russian jets are explained in details by John Helmer in his “Black Sea buzz – the US NAVY waits four days, then sends SOS to president Trump.”


Russian fighter jets buzz USS Porter in the Black Sea


On March 3, Russia Ministry of Defense has started a snap military drill in the Central region Military District


Press briefing of the Chief of Main Operational Directorate Col. Gen. S. Rudskoy (03.03.2017) English subtitles

 NATO and the US continue a buildup of troops on the Russia’s borders
Soldiers assigned to 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Task Force Phoenix, led by 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, based out of Fort Drum, N.Y., demonstrate the rapid deployment capability of the Black Hawk helicopter, Mar. 1, 2017. The 10th CAB is prepared to lead and provide aviation support to regional and global military forces at a moment’s notice which was demonstrated as they received, off-loaded, and readied for use the Black Hawk helicopters that arrived at at Riga International Airport on a United States Air Force C-5 aircraft from New York.

 The Amphibious Assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) departs Naval Station Norfolk as part of a scheduled deployment. Bataan departs as part of the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (BAT ARG) deployment in support of Maritime Security Operations and Theater Security Cooperation efforts in Europe and the Middle East. BAT ARG also includes Commander, Amphibious Squadron 8, Bataan, USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19), USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) and 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Seaman Patrick Morrissey/Released)

Mar 1, 2017 RIGA, Latvia – Soldiers assigned to 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Task Force Phoenix, led by 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, based out of Fort Drum, N.Y., demonstrate the rapid deployment capability of the Black Hawk helicopter

American and British troops in Estonia

British Soldiers at Estonian Independence Day Parade (2)

Mar 4, 2017 – Romania –Helicopters from the 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade landed at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania on Thursday, Mar. 2, 2017. The brigade made its way to MK Air Base from Thessaloniki, Greece.

The brigade is in Romania in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission that focuses on strengthening and enhancing the bonds between U.S. and European forces, and deterring foreign aggression. The Combat Aviation Brigade will be conducting many missions over the length of their deployment.

Russian and NATO top brass hold first talks over past years

The alliance made a decision to unilaterally freeze relations with Russia in April 2014, now they call Russian counterparts to resume talks.

The Middle East

Predictably, after Russia has mostly defeated the Daesh international terror organizations, the US has sneaked behind their backs and with the help of the Kurdish terrorist organization is setting up illegal military bases on the territory of sovereign Syria.

The same maneuver the US used at the end of the World War II.

Russians in Manbij Syria on March 4, 2017

Yankees in Manbij Syria on March 4, 2017

Yankees on the road to Manbij


Russian troops are in Manbij  and the Americans are surrounding it.

Photos of the Russia’s humanitarian convoy in Manbij

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Turkey will strike the Syrian Kurdish group the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Manbij if the latter does not withdraw.

From the Turkish media: the US made a decision to give Manbij to the PYD. This  will create a source of terrorism on the Turkish border, we can’t allow this to happen.

Turkish army on the road to Manbij, photo gallery

Syria: Manbij Military Council set up new base with ‘international coalition’ help

Soldiers of the newly founded ‘Manbij Military Council’ set up a base in the rural area of Manbij in Aleppo province on Friday, amid armed clashed between several militant factions. The maneuver follows the council vowing to hand over villages to the west of Manbij to the Syrian army, in order to stop Turkish-backed forces from taking them.


From the Kulak: ‘By coincidence, Scott, the same weekend US and Russian troops may have quietly met in Syria (not with cameras rolling) at Manbij. Very clever of Trump to put the neocons on the defensive about Obama wiretapping so they won’t shriek about American-Russian troop contacts in Syria as ‘proof’ Trump really is Putin’s puppet.’

You may find this tidbit encouraging regarding quality of Trump’s sources and evidence:

Note that Clapper tried to have Admiral Rogers fired before he went to Trump Tower the week after the election, nominally to brief the president elect on the encrypted smartphone NSA had for him, but likely to warn him of the failed FISA court request in June and the Obama NSA/DoJ getting the second one approved in October. ‘The Kulak ‘

Interesting evidence of Trump Admin-RU ‘tacit’ cooperation in Syria via deconfliction talks between Dunford-Gerasimov as RU sends troops to Manbij in Syrian SDF Kurds town Turkey covets

Pentagon says they observed Russian humanitarian convoys moving into Manbij along with Russian armoured vehicles

Russia informed Pentagon through deconfliction lines that it was moving to Manbij, and this is why US wasn’t surprised by it

Russia’s Special Forces in Syria

Moderini has been met by the members of Serbian Parliament chanting “Russia, Serbia, we don’t need the EU”


Video claimed to be of a crashed Syrian aircraft

Images presumed to be of the crashed Syria army aircraft


Iran successfully test-fires Russia’s S-300 missile system.

Iran Khatam Al-Anbia air defense “Damavand” exercise, S300 PUM2

The British come to replace the American troops and instructors in Ukraine


 Info Wars

  1. From our contributor the Kulak: Easy to miss the propaganda in this piece by Greg Price for the International Business Times March 3, 2017

Russia Tested NATO Aircraft Four Times In Same Day

“Kaliningrad is described as a ‘territory Russia has controlled since WW2’. Er, uh, it is a part of the Russian Federation since WWII, just like Silesia is a part of Poland since the war and Hawaii has been a U.S. state not territory since the 1950s. There aren’t hardly any Germans there even though it used to be German.”

Another epic phrase by Greg Price, Russia is “re-enforcing its military presence near and around Europe.”

Furthermore in regard to these “The commander of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, Gen. Tod Wolters, said there were four different “encounters” on Feb. 10 with three Russian Su-24 jets and a fourth with Ilyushin Il-38, a maritime patrol aircraft also capable of fighting submarines. Each was a separate incident according to Wolters, who spoke at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida.”

February 10th the US fleet “encounters” the Russian jets are explained in details by John Helmer in his “Black Sea buzz – the US NAVY waits four days, then sends SOS to president Trump.


2.  If Germans/NATO believed their own BS about the Russia threat wouldn’t they be spending much more instead of resenting Trump for asking them to?

The 4th Reich is going to be even more short lived than Hitler’s 3rd, should the Germans think they can coerce Greeks into staying in the EU.

is so afraid of , yet its members won’t pay for their own defense 

Photo published for Here's undeniable proof NATO is wracked by hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Here’s undeniable proof NATO is wracked by hypocrisy (VIDEO)

The NATO alliance’s members love to peddle the Russian ‘threat’, but won’t shell out the cash for their militaries

3.  Contribution from the Kulak with the very interesting question. Does SKorea or someone else have a secret VX CW program? And if so was it scale able to create East Ghouta attack blamed on Assad in 2013?

Or a chemical attack somewhere in the Mideast perhaps on Israel to be blamed on Iran?

 4.  Did Obamacare trolls become RU-scare trolls on Twitter? Looks like it….

The Social media is fake and the majority of accounts of twitter are either paid or software generated. That’s why we see the pro Obamacare trolls are regrouped into Russia-hating trolls.

5. Vladimir Putin is a Russian intelligence officer and an Orthodox Christian, but mice keep throwing themselves against the rubber wall.

by Scott Humor

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Sandwiching NATO in Ukraine, by Scott Humor

By Scott
Sandwiching NATO in Ukraine, by Scott Humor

When I started my master’s program in an American university, I also took work as a web developer, and programming was making me very hungry.

My tuition paid for a meal plan and the use of a buffet-style dining hall, but as the only Russian there, I was the subject of extreme scrutiny by the student body of “food police,” resulting in my inability to take a second helping of turkey and mashed potatoes without being stared down.

I managed to get by by buying high-energy food in a local Russian-Ukrainian grocery store. Which is to say I snacked on sandwiches with salo. Salo is pure 100% pork fat, pickled and smoked. In college, during the breaks I would eat a sandwich assembled with bright white slices of salo between two slices of black Russian bread. Other students would ask me, ‘What are you eating? What smells so good?’ ‘It’s a tofu sandwich,’ I would tell them.

Not everything is what it’s seems, and many things are not even close to what they are named and appear to be.

As we all know the plans to instigate war between Russia and Ukraine go way back.  It’s kinetic stage, however, started in 2008. Immediately after the skirmishes in South Ossetia with Georgian and NATO troops in August 2008, in October the Washington Times publishes an article of  Jeffrey Kuhner: “Will Russia-Ukraine be Europe’s next war?”

Europe faces the risk of another major war. In 1939, Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland triggered the Second World War. Today the possible trip wire is not Poland, but Ukraine. And the aggressor will not be Adolf Hitler, but Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.”

That’s a statement; it’s not an analyses, or expert opinion, its a statement of intent. This statement was made not by anyone in the government of Russia. This statement was made by the “deep state” globalist government. It says that they are about to stage a major war in Europe. Like the previous big war in Europe, this new war will be fought under the fascists and Nazi flags. They also say that they will start this war on the territory of Ukraine, the war will be against Russia and Russia will become an appointed aggressor and even “the invaders of  their own homeland.

This is a typical for globalists switch, when the victims are named aggressors, and that the Western powers act in order to “stop an aggression” and even better “to prevent an aggression.”

What actually happened was a remarkable transformation since 2008. The American Universities came out as a breeding ground for the militant Marxists movements, while the Western media had died a slow death of virtue signaling and reporting the CIA memos as news.

War on Donbass was planned to ignite a major war in Europe.

Just let this to sink in for a moment: the collective armed forces of the European nations, including but not limited to Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Denmark, United States, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Canada, and last but not least Israel, are in a war against the Russian population of Ukraine in order to bait the Russian government to interfere and start a major European war.

The list of participants tells you how much Europeans want a major war in their countries. It’s actually quite remarkable

Don’t get me wrong. I am not particularly adverse to a major war in Europe. I even think that Western Europe needs a major ass kicking. Just keep Russia out of it. It’s not Russia’s problem to fight your wars any more.

Left Picture: German Nazi Troops at the Russian Border facing Ivangorod Fortress 1941

Right Picture: the US Troops at the very same spot yesterday

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Left Pic: German Nazi Troops at the Russian Border facing Ivangorod Fortress 1941 | Right Pic: US Troops at the very same spot yesterday

 Ivan-Gorod was a fortes built in 1485 as a Russian for-post as a way to prevent the European hordes from moving any further east. Six centuries later, it is still serving the same purpose, which speaks volumes of the progress the Europeans have made in the past six centuries, which is exactly zero.  Not that they didn’t try.

No matter how many times the Russian government says that Russia doesn’t have a war with Ukraine and Putin says that it’s impossible to fathom and that it will never happen, people who started this war back in 2008 keep saying that it’s all “Russian aggression.”

After the assassination of the Donetsk militia leader Givi, the Russian government’s spokesperson, Peskov, made yet another statement saying that the Donbass republics’ tanks are from Kiev, and not from Russia.

He also said that Russia officially has never deployed any volunteers to Ukraine, and that all volunteers that have been fighting in Donbass have done so on their own free will.

The question about tanks came after 100’s of old Soviet tanks magically appeared in Eastern Ukraine, most likely Poroshenko finally used those junk tanks Kiev bought from Hungary.

The Russian media and other experts have been consistent in one regard about the recent intensification of the war in the Donbass republics: most of them trace this to the “fight” between Poroshenko and the “national patriots” for control over the Ukrainian army.

Upon careful consideration, I think it’s a misleading idea. Poroshenko is nothing but a front man for the globalists’ rule of Ukraine. Poroshenko and all the others insiders of the Kiev regime always do what they are told. Poroshenko does what he is told to do by the CIA, and by the US senators, like Lindsey and McCain.

In this scenario, that I suspect is called a “Bear Trap,” NATO is sitting on the Russians Western borders like a hunter, Ukraine is positioned as a trap and the Donbass republics are a collective bear cub being used as a bait.

Captured beforehand, a bear cub is being tormented and when it screams in pain, the hunters in NATO are getting ready to shoot a mother bear coming to save her cub. That’s a scenario, but luckily for us, those who wrote this scenario have no knowledge neither of bears, nor of the Russian intelligence.

Bears are extremely smart animals; they won’t go for a trap without circling it around many times covering vast areas of space while doing so. If in their travels they run into a hunter, they attack from behind.

Instead of trying to figure out the Porosh’s next move we should be looking at the broader picture of NATO’s moves. The question is not why the Ukrainian armed forces had started their massive assault on Donbass. The real question is why they stopped and backed out.

The attacks of the Ukrainian armed forces on Donetsk is connected and coordinated with NATO actions from Russia’s Northern border in Norway, to the Southern border in the Black Sea.

With German and American tank divisions moving across Poland towards Belarusian and Russian borders, with the US troops arriving to the east European countries, the NATO fleet has started gathering in the Black Sea.

February 5th, 2017 the US troops have arrived in Latvia

📹 US troops have arrived in Latvia today.

 US troops have also arrived in Romania.

The US troops marching to Narva on February 9th, 2017


On February 2 the USS Porter entered the Black Sea for the Sea Shield 2017 naval exercise

US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer “USS PORTER” DDG78 passed İstanbul Strait for join to Sea Shell 2017 naval exercise (18:00 local)

Sea Shield 2017’ was scheduled to run between February 1 and 11 in the proximity of Russian borders. The “drill” was designed to be NATO and Ukraine’s provocative activities in the Black Sea. 16 warships, a submarine and 10 warplanes along with some 2,800 troops from Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Canada, and the US. The drill also was scheduled to include the HMS Diamond of the UK Royal Navy dubbed “Putin Hunter.”

Against all this “might” Russia put just one: the Vishnya class intelligence collection ship RFS Priazovye SSV201.

So, once again the same Black International as always is gathering on the Eastern front. It’s this time of a century again, when our better civilized Western non-brothers get an itch they can’t scratch yearning for a good ass kicking by the Russian soldier’s boot. This one, if it takes place, is going to be swift and spectacular.

Other NATO activities in January – February 2017

  • The president must tell the Senate to act swiftly and ratify Montenegro’s accession to NATO. Tell those few holdout Senators not to mess with Montenegro. By Evelyn N. Farkas
  • According to the Daily Mail, 650 British military specialists and troops are involved in secret mission in Ukraine.
  • the France24: NATO backs Ukraine as clashes surge: deputy chief

On February 6, the Russian military Red Star TV channel posted an analysis of the Sea Shield 2017 navy drill, stating its main task to prepare for a “liberation of Crimea,” it’s impressive coverage – 80,000 square kilometers, it’s extreme proximity to Russian border, you can see the  NATO ships from the Russian shores.

Something happened, however, and on February 10, much earlier than planned and before the Sea Shield drill was over, the USS Porter left the Black Sea.

11 Feb 2017  US Navy’s Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer USS Porter DDG78 southbound on the Bosphorus, returning from Sea Shield 17 in Black Sea

View image on Twitter

US Navy’s ArleighBurke Class Destroyer USS Porter DDG78 southbound on the bosphorus, returning from in Black Sea

In the middle of the Bosphorus Crossing USS Porter passed Korolev 130, a Project 775M Large Landing Ship (LLS), a.k.a. “yankie-terminator” returning from Syria.

Bosphorus Crossing: Just after USS Porter’s Med-bound Bosphorus transit, ВМФ Бф BF Korolev 130 entered Strait after returning from Syria

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Bosphorus Crossing: Just after USS Porter’s Med-bound Bosphorus transit, ВМФ Бф BF Korolev 130 entered Strait after returning from

It’s obvious that the heavy shelling of Donetsk and other local towns were done in preparation for the start of the Sea Shield drills in the Black Sea. That’s the basic American strategy of invasion, that I described in the Failed NATO Invasion of Moldova.

Only, unlike Libya, NATO would have to go over Crimea to “liberate Donbass.” It’s interesting how the invasion of the historical Russian lands are called “liberation” by the Europeans and Americans.

In clear coordination with the Sea Shield, on February 7th,  the Ukrainian “free” media announced that Kiev is sending its aviation to the “ATO Zone.”

At the same time, Shoigu announced the sudden combat readiness for the Aerospace forces of the country.

Today, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, an unannounced inspection of the Aerospace Forces has begun to assess the readiness of military administrative bodies and forces to carry out combat training tasks,” Shoigu said at a meeting.

Needless to say, the Ukrainian aviation stayed grounded.


Coming back to our ship. Before we decide that USS Porter fled the Black Sea chased by the “yankees terminator” Korolev,  consider that something else has happened.

On February 8th, the FOX news Pentagon news  producer Lucas Tomlinson  posted an information that per unnamed US official, Syria had received a shipments of 50 SS-21 Tochka short-range nuclear-capable  ballistic missiles. The missiles allegedly  arrived at the Syrian port of Tartus along the Mediterranean Sea in the past two days, starting with Monday February 6th.

The SS-21 short range missile is called “Scarab” by NATO.

A month prior, on January 7, 2017  some Israeli news sources reported that Russia’s advanced Iskander SS-26 “Stone” short-range ballistic missile systems have been spotted at Russia’s Hmeimim air base in Latakia by Israel’s ISI EROS-B satellite.

To put it in simple terms, an Israeli satellite was allowed to “see” those systems.

After pointing out that, “this places Tel Aviv and Jerusalem well within dangerous range of these missiles, as well as the cities of Haifa, Tzfat, Herzliya and numerous other targets.”

The Israeli newspaper with incurable optimism stated that : “However, it is believed the Russians have no interest in targeting Israeli cities, at least at this point.”

That was January 7th, a month before the Kiev regime, whose members in Rada publicly call themselves as being “one nation” with Israel, had started pounding Donetsk, and NATO fleet entered the Black Sea to “liberate Crimea.”

On Thursday, February 9th, asked about those pesky “Scarabs” spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters:We cannot comment on that. I have no such information.”

It’s important to note that by then the heavy shelling of Donetsk died out and the major attack of the Ukrainian army on Donetsk was canceled.

I see the murder of Givi by the CIA as a demonstration of their weakness. Since they are neutralized on the Middle East from making any military moves in Ukraine, they go and act like average terrorists by killing someone in the middle of the huge city.

Givi was assassinated on Wednesday, February 8th, the Donetsk republic security services reported that they were in hot pursuit of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group (DRG) group suspected in his murder.

On Saturday, February 11th, Ukrainian military reported a disappearance of one of the their sabotage-reconnaissance groups (DRGs) that according to their version went to Lugansk and disappeared without a trace.

In an unprecedented move, the press officer of the tactical grouping “Mariupol”  Dmitry Zavtonov made an announcement on the Ukrainian TV channel 112 Ukraine.

What makes it interesting is that they never before reported on the activities of those groups. What makes this one special? It’s clearly the group that took part in the assassination of Givi. It also being reported as an alert to the Russians, because it has US and maybe UK special ops troops. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be mentioned. In essence, NATO wants those their “specialists” back in one piece.

In conclusion, the heroism and stoicism of Donbass defenders is already written into the book of Russian military victories along with the defenders of the Brest Fortress and  the Badaber uprising, when eleven Russian POWs took on the Army of Pakistan.

However, the battle for Donbass and Ukraine is being fought on the Middle East.

In this bright new multi-polar world, a tofu sandwich might turned into a smoked pork sandwich, and the battle for Donbass can be won by the rush delivery of the Scarab ballistic missiles to Syrian Tartus.


P.S. Every generation Russians has been in war, directly and indirectly:

1914-1917 – WWI

1917-1920 – The War against Atlanta and the Red Terror

1941-1945 – WWII

1979-1989 – The war in Afghanistan, shielding the country the spread of Islamic terrorism and extremism

December 1994 to August 1996 – First Chechen War with Islamic terrorists coming to Russia and setting up their Islamic caliphate

1999-2006 – Second Chechnya War, kicking Islamic terrorists from the Russian territory

2008 – Georgian–Ossetian conflict. Not sure what it was all about.

2014 – present – the War in Ukraine, the rise of the European fascism.

2015 – present – war in Syria, finishing up those Islamic terrorists coming from Chechnya and some of those European fascists.

All of these wars were fought either on the Russian territory, or near its borders. All of these wars were fought with the same Euro-Atlantic nations and the same states’ actors.

Now, by getting Syria under its wing, and by talking control over the Israeli skies, Russia gets a reprieve from the need to fight the wars on our territory, current and historical. In response to the hopes expressed by our comrades in Israel, – don’t worry,  your security is in the Russian’s capable and kind hands.

A Soviet soldiers’ song, “We are leaving, leaving, leaving….the Middle East forever. We will never come back.

 Well, guys, don’t despair and never say never.  

News of our “Run, Mice, run…” department

The Interpreter staff are offered to freelance.

From the Kulak: “RFE/RL claimed that the decision to defund The Interpreter came a few weeks before the election. I am not so sure that’s true but to save face and not burn his bridges at the Prague Palace for future funding, perhaps neocon’s neocon Michael D Weiss is sticking to that version of what happened. There will be more WH directives to management I’m sure to at least try to cover FN or AfD fairly and GASP even give their party spokesmen or women the same right to comment on stories as any other political parties even while the shrill ‘Russian media (that no one but extremists and losers in moms basement read anyway) are attacking Merkel and Macron’ talking points are spread.

There’s an old expression in military circles that tracer rounds not only allow you to track your fire but also reveal your firing position to the enemy. The same holds true in social media when you see #TheResistance trolls or the likes of Jakub Janda, Jakub Kalensky and Bellingcat (Bellingcrap)’s Eliot Higgins all eagerly retweeting the same agitprop article from fake news creator John R Schindler on the same day:”

The bottom-line, our Orthodox Chekists have bent everyone over. BOHICA.

Thank you for your time,


‘6 Million Jews’–The History of a Number

A Curious Fixation on the number ‘6 million’

As we see in the video above, “six million Jews” suffered death and a host of other misfortunes…in Russia in 1915; “the entire world” in 1918; in Ukraine and Poland in 1919; in eastern Europe–also in 1919; “eastern Europe and Palestine” in 1920; central and eastern Europe, also in 1920; the Soviet Union in 1921;  southeastern Europe in 1931; and in central Europe in 1938. Oh yes, and we also have a newspaper mentioning “the European holocaust” in 1936–before the outbreak of World War II.

How the UN resolution on Crimea and Trump’s tweet will restore Russian historical borders, by Scott

How the UN resolution on Crimea and Trump’s tweet will restore Russian historical borders, by Scott


December 23, 2016

19 December 2016, the Assembly adopted, by a vote of 70 in favor to 26 against with 77 abstentions, the draft resolution titled “Situation of human rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)”.

The Western and Ukrainian media true to its practice to never say a word of truth reported this as “The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on human rights in Crimea.”

There is a hope that the NATO members pushing for this resolution would abandon this issue, but when did they ever behave reasonably?

Quoting the UN transcript: “Regarding the draft on the human rights situation in Crimea, the statement delivered by Ukraine’s delegate had compelled the Russian Federation to take the floor.  He expressed hope that delegates would vote against the text, demonstrate their positions in principle and focus their attention on the human rights situation in all of Ukraine, including where the Government was waging warfare with its own means.”

“References to territorial integrity in the resolution concerning Ukraine went beyond the objective of that text.” per representative of Armenia

In it’s new “resolution” the UN General Assembly names the Russian Federation as the “occupying power in Crimea.” So, twenty five years after the biggest tragedy in our history, a forced dissolution of the USSR in the Russian historical borders, we Russians are being named “the occupiers” of our own Russian land, including those Russians who live on this land. It’s very important that in this “resolution” Russians are not named even once as the population of Crimean. Also, Russians are never named as the majority of population  elsewhere on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The resolution was submitted by NATO occupied Ukraine and supported by all of the NATO members.

Brief history of the resolution on Crimea:

In November 2016, Russia Withdrew from ICC,  the international criminal court, after this court frivolously accused Russia of war crimes in Crimea.

At the 46th meeting, on 8 November, the representative of Ukraine, on behalf of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Palau, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America: draft resolution, introduced a draft resolution entitled “Situation of human rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)” (A/C.3/71/L.26). Subsequently, Albania, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Montenegro, Norway and the Republic of Moldova joined in sponsoring the draft resolution.

On 15 November, the Secretary of the Committee read out a statement of the programme budget implications of the draft resolution.

At the same meeting, a statement was made by the representative of Ukraine. Subsequently, Iceland, the Marshall Islands and New Zealand joined in sponsoring the draft resolution.

On December 19th, 2016 the Assembly took up the report on the “Human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives” (document A/71/484/Add.3), containing four draft resolutions.

“Joint statement on human rights situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”

Dec 19, 2016 Press statement


The following is some of the wording that has been used in this  piece of legislature:  the Referendum for re-unification with Russia called “discriminatory legislation,”  demands for an “unconditional and immediate access of international and regional human rights mechanisms to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.”  Calls for recognition of Crimea is “part of Ukraine and call upon Russia to end its occupation.”

The UN Assembly also encourage the Secretary-General in this regard to consult regularly with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a representative of Saudi Arabia.

The document calls on Russia to provide  access to international missions and non-governmental human rights organizations that were kicked out of the Russian territory for anti-government activities in years following the 2014 anti-government putsch in Ukraine.

The resolution thinks that “the international presence is necessary in Crimea to prevent further deterioration of the situation.” The document claims “violations of the rights of the inhabitants of Crimea,” without providing specific facts and explanations.

By this UN General Assembly effort, Russians are turned  into “inhabitants” of Russia. I have been looking for another UN document that would use a term “inhabitants” in relation to the country’s population, but I couldn’t find any. In political literature, the term “inhabitants” is routinely used to describe the population of the Western colonies in Africa.   It seems that the UN Western coalition has specifically designated the use of derogatory politically charged term as “inhabitants” to Russian people, naming them as “inhabitants” on the territory of Russia and simultaneously its “occupiers.

Predictably, the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov called this document proposed by Kiev “a useless propaganda leaflet.”


I want to beg the difference with the Mr. Lavrov. Instead of just shrugging this draft resolution off as another NATO sponsored propaganda stunt, maybe it makes sense to look into its workings and to see if Russia can use this document and other like this to bring forward the issue of the violation of the territorial integrity of the USSR, and as a consequences, to declare the EU and NATO memberships of the territories of the former Soviet Union as being under occupation.

As pertinent to the paragraph:

“Reaffirming the responsibility of States to respect international law, including the principle that all States shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State and from acting in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations, recalling its resolution 2625 (XXV) of 24 October 1970, in which it approved the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, and reaffirming the principles contained therein…” page 1,  A/C.3/71/L.26

There are known statements made by Gorbachev and Yeltsen that indicate that if the Belavezha Accords of the dissolution of the Soviet Union wasn’t signed, the US and other NATO members threatened the Communist government with nuclear strikes.

As pertinent to the paragraph of the draft that says the following:

“Recalling its resolution 68/262 of 27 March 2014 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in which it affirmed its commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, and relevant decisions of international organizations, specialized agencies and bodies within the United Nations system…”

The UN made a grave mistake by its failure to affirmed its commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of the USSR.

The UN has also failed to adopt a resolution condemning the dissolution of the USSR, failed to condemn the violation of the territorial integrity of the USSR, failed to affirmed its commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of the USSR within its internationally recognized borders at the time when parts of the USSR have been occupied by the EU and NATO.

Using A/C.3/71/L.26  as blueprint, Russia should condemn the temporary occupation of the parts of the territory of the former USSR, afterwards named Russian Federation,  by the EU members and members of the aggressive military anti-Russian alliance known as  NATO.

Russia should also reaffirm the non-recognition of the annexation of its territories.

Furthermore, Russia should condemn the imposition of the legal system of the European Union and the negative impact on the human rights situation of it’s territories occupied by the EU and NATO military forces.

Russia should condemn the reported serious violations and abuses committed against residents of its territories of Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Georgia,  occupied by the EU and NATO, in particular extrajudicial killings, abductions, enforced disappearances, politically motivated prosecutions, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, violence, arbitrary detentions, torture and ill-treatment of detainees and their transfer from the named territories to the territory of EU and US, as well as reported abuses of other fundamental freedoms, including the freedoms of expression, religion or belief and association and the right to peaceful assembly.

Russia should expressing serious concern at the decision of the so-called European Council and other judicial entities of the occupiers, to declare the liberation movement of the Russian population on the occupied territories to be an extremist organization and to ban its activities.

The UN General Assembly has to recall the prohibition under the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 for the occupying Power to compel a protected person to serve in its armed or auxiliary forces, and for the occupied territories of Russia to become and to be a part of aggressive anti-Russian military alliance of Western country known as NATO.

Russian Federation should condemns the abuses, measures and practices of discrimination against the residents of the temporarily occupied territories of the Russian Federation, including Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as well as Russians and persons belonging to other ethnic and religious groups, by the European Union occupation authorities.

Russia should express its outrage with the racist and Russophobic stance of the UN officials using the term “ethnic Ukrainians” that refer to an alleged existence of “Ukrainian ethnicity” that is somehow genetically different from Russian ethnicity.

Since it’s has been already genetically proven that there is no such genetic entity as “ethnic Ukrainian,”  Russian authorities should demand a scientific independent evaluation of this claim and condemnation of the UN member as being racists and Nazis.

In conclusion: If there are any legal experts here, please help me to extend on my discovery. We would submit the final draft to the Russian Federation Mission to UN. Trying to think as a lawyer, I believe we have  here an outline for the legal framework on declaring the dissolution of the USSR to be illegal. Next step will be demand for re-unification of territories of the Russian Federation and its people.

With this I want to remind you recent statement made by President Putin that Russia’s border is limitless, and that it doesn’t end anywhere.

The UN org News:

23 Dec 2016 the US president-elect made a promise that after his inauguration the UN will be reformed.  Experts for some reason blame the UN resolution on Israel, but I think it’s because of the UN draft resolution on Crimea.

As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th. “

My other article on matters of international judicial malpractice


Thank you for your time


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USA’s NATO warmongers Confirms Major Buildup in Eastern Europe

NATO Confirms Major Buildup in Eastern Europe

Russia Seeks to Expand Baltic Fleet as Troops Pour Into Eastern Europe

A day after reports NATO was soliciting even more ground troops for their deployment into Eastern Europe, officials are reporting “progress” in recruiting more troops from more member nations to participate in the deployment, intended to be around 40,000 troops along the Baltic states, near Russia’s border.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claimed to have been “very inspired” by the response of nations he sought troops from, after yesterday’s report quoted diplomats as saying the deployment was meant to both “confront” Russia and to undercut Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s complaints NATO isn’t participating enough in its own defense.

The new participants in the deployment include Albania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, and Norway. The size of individual deployments from different nations is unclear, but there will be four battalions, and the US is expected to provide the majority.

With all these troops headed to the Baltic coast, reports out of Russia’s media suggest that they are planning some new warship deployments into their Baltic Fleet, with an eye toward enhancing their targeting capacity along the shore.

Nasser Kandil: July War, Syria’s steadfastness, Brexit and the Coming Collapse of the Anglozionist Empire



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نهاية سلطنة الوهم وعاصفة الحزم وإمبراطورية القرم

ناصر قنديل

– ليس مهماً ما يقوله المكابرون والرافضون للقراءة بعيون مفتوحة ما يجري في العالم وما تشهده وستشهده المنطقة. ولا يفيد هدر الوقت والجهد لإقناعهم بأنّ العالم والمنطقة يدخلان مرحلة جديدة، تطوي ربع قرن افتتحه سقوط جدار برلين وتفكك الاتحاد السوفياتي، ونشأت في ظلاله مشاريع تقاسم تركة الرجل المريض، كما جرى بعد الحربين العالميتين الأولى والثانية وتقاسم التركة العثمانية والألمانية على التوالي، لكن هذه المرة سقطت الامبراطورية السوفياتية بلا حرب، وبلا تحالف متعدّد المصادر ومتناقض الهويات خاض الحرب لإسقاطها، بل نشأ تحالف متجانس بقيادة محسومة لواشنطن لخوض حروب الوراثة، فتشكلت في أوروبا الشرقية ساحة الحرب الأولى عبر يوغوسلافيا، ومنها إلى جوار روسيا، وتشكل في الشرق الأوسط مشروع حرب بدأ في الخليج بحصار العراق بانتظار تنظيف أوروبا من بقايا المرحلة السوفياتية لتبدأ حربان كبيرتان في أفغانستان والعراق، تضعان اليد على موارد الطاقة وممراتها، كما ورد في وثيقة الطاقة الأميركية المقرّة عام 2000 في الكونغرس، ومنطقة العمليات تمتدّ من حوض بحر قزوين إلى الخليج والبحرين المتوسط والأسود، وهي بالمناسبة المنطقة التي أطلق عليها الرئيس السوري دول البحار الخمسة مضيفاً إليها البحر الأحمر.

– شكل الاتحاد الأوروبي الميمنة التي ولدت في كنف هذا المشروع الامبراطوري وحدّد له هدف يترجم الوظيفة المثلثة بحصار روسيا وإخضاعها للحصول على النفط والغاز بأسعار رخيصة وضمان تدفقها السلس، ومنافسة الصين صناعياً بالاستناد إلى اليد العاملة الرخيصة في أوروبا الشرقية والطاقة الرخيصة مقابل التحكم بسعر وتدفق الغاز والنفط إلى الصين، والإمساك بالشرق الأوسط كسوق استهلاك كبرى تقرّر مصير القوى الصناعية.

الوظيفة الثالثة هي هذا الإمساك للشرق الأوسط لفرض منظومة أمن إقليمية تقودها «إسرائيل» تساوقاً مع طرح الرئيس «الإسرائيلي» آنذاك شمعون بيريز لـ «الشرق الأوسط الكبير» ومفهوم «إسرائيل العظمى» التي تقود اقتصادياً وأمنياً، وذلك عبر عملية سلام تلبّي الشروط «الإسرائيلية» وتمرّ عبر ضرب المقاومة في لبنان وتطويق وإخضاع سورية وإيران، فتشكل إلى جانب الاتحاد الأوروبي، الثلاثي التركي السعودي «الإسرائيلي»، وتغيّرت الخطط وفقاً لمتغيّرات الحروب المفتوحة والمنفصلة ظاهرياً، لكن المتماسكة في الرؤية الاستراتيجية والممسوكة بقيادة واحدة، لكن بقيت العناوين ذاتها، كيف تنتصر أوروبا في القرم، لأنّ أوكرانيا تختصر مستقبل روسيا ومكانتها وسوق الغاز الأوروبية، وكيف تطلق تركيا مشروعها لعثمانية جديدة تحاكي الموروث الإسلامي بلغة تلاقي الغرب وتتحالف مع «إسرائيل»، وكيف تقود السعودية العالم العربي وتخضع مواقع الممانعة والمقاومة فيه، بقوة تنظيم «القاعدة» وفروعه المتعدّدة، أو بقوة مال النفط وحساباته السائلة والمجمّدة، وإنْ اقتضى الأمر بحروب ردع لتأديب من يشق عصا الطاعة.

ليست مجرد مصادفة زمنية عبثية، أن يلتقي تعثر «عاصفة الحزم» السعودية في اليمن، رغم تعثر العملية السياسية، وتسليم العالم باستحالة تحقيق السعودية لنصر عسكري حاسم هناك، مع الفشل الأوروبي على أبواب القرم، وتبدّد وهم السلطنة العثمانية، مع تتالي العثرات، من سقوط مشروع الإخوان المسلمين في كلّ من مصر وتونس واليمن وأخيراً، خصوصاً في سورية، وليست مصادفة أبداً أن يتقرّر مصير هذه الأبعاد الثلاثة على ضوء ارتباط مصير الزعامة السعودية والسلطنة العثمانية ومساعي تحجيم المكانة الروسية بالحرب الدائرة في سورية، ولا هي مصادفة أن ترتبط في المقابل خطط الحرب والمفاوضات حول مستقبل المقاومة ومن خلالها مستقبل أمن «إسرائيل» ومستقبل الحرب والتفاوض حول إيران وملفها النووي وضمناً مكانتها الإقليمية، ومثلهما مستقبل الزعامة الروسية وحجم التسليم بشراكتها في السياسات الدولية بهذه الحرب في سورية، حتى بدا أنّ حرب القرم ولدت في سورية بسبب موقف موسكو مما يجري في سورية وعقاباً لها على هذا الموقف وحسمت في سورية بثباتها المضاعف على الموقف، كما هي الحال في ملف إيران النووي الذي جمّدت مفاوضاته على ساعة توقيت التوقعات للحرب في سورية، وأفرج عنه على إيقاع تطوراتها.

– انهيار الاتحاد الأوروبي كمشروع سياسي استراتيجي من بوابة الانسحاب البريطاني، هو انهيار لامبراطورية القرم، بهذه الرمزية لمكانتها في الحرب وقول كلمة الفصل فيها، وسقوط سلطنة الوهم، بالخطوات الدراماتيكية التي يعرف الأتراك أنّ إقدام رئيسهم رجب أردوغان عليها تسليم بسقوط مشروع العثمانية الجديدة وتموضع على ضفاف الدولة التركية الصغيرة قياساً بوهم السلطنة، وإعادة رسم السياسات على الحجم الواقعي، بتطبيع العلاقات مع «إسرائيل» وروسيا والسعي إلى مصالحة مع إيران ومصر، وسورية لاحقاً، كما يقول الإعلاميون والمحللون المقرّبون من أردوغان نفسه على الفضائيات المموّلة من السعودية، بصورة لافتة للمعنى المقصود، ومثلهما سقوط «عاصفة الحزم». علامات نهاية الحرب الامبراطورية التي بدأت في يوغوسلافيا، قبل ربع قرن، وكانت سورية آخر وأقسى ساحات حروبها ولا تزال.

– قليل من التدقيق والتأني في القراءة، سيوصل إلى التثبّت من أنّ تطورات ومتغيّرات كثيرة تشبه ما بعد الحربين العالميتين الأولى والثانية وما بعد تفكك الاتحاد السوفياتي وتوحيد ألمانيا لقيادة مشروع الاتحاد الأوروبي، لا تزال بالانتظار، وتستعدّ للظهور، ولا تنبئ عن حدوثها، لأننا في قلب الزلزال والطوفان، ومثلهما يحدث فقط دون أن يبنئ بموعد الحدوث وشكله وحجمه ومداه، نحن في البداية فقط.


من غزوة الأشرفية إلى تفجير التهجير للقاع جعجع: لستم مستهدفين لا تخافوا… إنهم حلفاؤنا

«الحكيم».. و«غزوة» القاع

ناصر قنديل

– لم تمنح تفجيرات القاع الصباحية رئيس حزب القوات اللبنانية الوقت الكافي لقول كلام قابل للحياة، تماماً كما حدث معه يوم غزوة الأشرفية في الخامس من شباط عام 2006، فخلال ساعات من كلام جعجع يومها متوجّهاً إلى سكان الأشرفية لعدم الخوف من الغزوة السلفية التي داهمت شوارع الأشرفية تحت شعار التوجه إلى السفارة الدنماركية وتوجيه رسائل الاستنكار على المنشورات المسيئة للنبي محمد، كان من قال عنهم لسكان الأشرفية إنهم حلفاء يمكن الوثوق بهم ولا مبرّر للإصغاء لدعوات الخوف من تحركاتهم، يحرقون السيارات ويدخلون الكنائس ويحطمون الزجاج ويزرعون الذعر في البيوت. كذلك أمس لم يكد جعجع يُنهي كلامه عن أنّ المسيحيين غير مستهدَفين من قبل تنظيم داعش وعملياته، وخصوصاً بلدة القاع التي خاطبها جعجع ليطمئن سكانها بأنهم غير مستهدفين وأنّ صدفة المرور ببلدتهم من انتحاريّي داعش لا تعني استهدافها، حتى حلّ المساء وكان انتحاريون جدد من داعش يداهمون كنيسة البلدة وساحتها ويفجرون أنفسهم، معلنين الحرب على القاع في رسالة واضحة مضمونها، الدعوة إلى النزوح تحت طائلة المزيد من التفجيرات، وجعجع يصرخ لا تخافوا لستم مستهدَفين، لأنه يريد الجملة النهائية، حزب الله لا يحمي المسيحيين، كما كان همّه في يوم غزوة الأشرفية أن يقول جملة ختامية تستبق لقاء العماد ميشال عون والسيد حسن نصرالله وتقول لسنا بحاجة الحلف مع حزب الله.

– القاع تختصر بنظر داعش وبنظر جعجع التعامل مع الوجود المسيحي في الشرق، فبنظر داعش هذا الوجود إضافة لا مبرّر لها، يجب إنهاؤه ليستقيم للحرب المذهبية سلوك الطرق المطلوبة. وهذا الوجود مصدر ضجيج في الإعلام الغربي يزعج الحرب التي يخوضها التنظيم. كذلك مسيحيو القاع عقبة جغرافية تجب إزالتها كخاصرة رخوة، بالتفجير تمهيداً للتهجير للتمكّن من ثغرة في الجدار البقاعي، بعدما صار الحصار محكماً على مسلحي داعش في جرود بلا مياه، وفي ظلّ حرّ وجفاف لا يحتملها البشر ولا حتى الضواري التي بدأت بالنزوح من الجرد، كذلك بالنسبة لجعجع مسيحيو الشرق ليسوا قضية إلا بقدر توفير الفرصة للنيل من حزب الله. فهو يتبنّى ترشيح العماد ميشال عون تحت عنوان الوحدة المسيحية، واحترام الصوت المسيحي، لكن عينه على إحراج حزب الله، والقول سريعاً ها قد رشحنا العماد عون فلمَ لا تنزلون إلى المجلس النيابي لانتخابه، إذا كنتم تدعمونه فعلاً؟ وفي القاع يعتبر مسيحييها مجرد معبر، للوصول إلى النيل من حزب الله، فيتشابه جعجع وداعش مع «إسرائيل»، التي تنظر للمعادلة المسيحية في الشرق بالعين ذاتها، عين النيل من حزب الله. وإذا كانت «إسرائيل» تقاتل بذلك لمصالحها وكذلك داعش، فكيف يمكن لزعيم مسيحي أن ينظر لمن قال إنّ أمنهم فوق كلّ اعتبار، أن يجعلهم أضاحي أعياد القتلة، للنيل من خصم لا مشكلة للمسيحيين معه، بل بالعكس يرونه حليفاً صادقاً، لا يطلب ثمناً لموقف مبدئي، يرى فيه لبنان بمسيحييه قيمة مضافة في هذا الشرق، بما يستحق بذل الدم دفاعاً عنه.

– واضح أنّ داعش كما جعجع في مأزق الحصار، والبحث عن سراب وصولاً إلى انتحار رخيص، فعمليات داعش تقول عسكرياً إنّ التنظيم في أسوأ أحواله كي يخاطر بانتحارييه، وهم نخبة المقاتلين عادة، ليقتل ستة منهم مقابل قتل خمسة مواطنين، وعدم تحقيق أيّ هدف عسكري أو سياسي. وتصريح جعجع صار انتحاراً سياسياً بقياس ما حملته تفجيرات المساء من تأكيد أنّ القاع مستهدَفة بذاتها ولذاتها، خصوصاً لأنها مسيحية، عكس ما قاله جعجع تماماً المفترض أنه صاحب مشروع الأمن المسيحي، لا بل إنّ التفجيرات قالت ما قاله وجهاء القاع من الحاجة للقاء عاجل يجمع العماد ميشال عون والسيد حسن نصرالله، كما اجتمعا بعد غزوة الأشرفية في رسالة المصير المشترك التي لا زالت تقدّم نموذجاً لعلاقة على درجة من الرقيّ والمصداقية، ترفد الحياة السياسية والوطنية بجسر قوة وجدته في الحرب مع «إسرائيل»، كما في الحرب مع الإرهاب.

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