Venezuela – The National Constituent Assembly is in Place – But the fight for Sovereignty isn’t Over

by Peter KoenigVenezuela – The National Constituent Assembly is in Place – But the fight for Sovereignty isn’t Over

Venezuela has voted on 30 July for a National Constituent Assembly (ANC – Asamblea Nacional Constituyente) with a resounding close to 8.1 million votes, or over 41% of the total eligible electorate. The figure was confirmed by the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena. The Chavistas battle cry before the elections was Venceremos! – Ché Guevaras favored revolutionary slogan. And the day after, 31 July, the victorious Ganamos! Accompanied by dancing in the streets.

To counter the mainstream presstitute mass media slandering of Venezuela, calling the legitimate democratically elected President a dictator, and that the vote was illegitimate and against the present Venezuelan Constitution – lets explain upfront what the Constitution says:

Article 347 of Venezuela’s constitution:

“The original constituent power rests with the people of Venezuela. This power may be exercised by calling a National Constituent Assembly for the purpose of transforming the State, creating a new juridical order and drawing up a new Constitution.”

Article 348 states

“(t)he initiative for calling a National Constituent Assembly may emanate from the President of the Republic sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers; from the National Assembly by a two-thirds vote of its members; from the Municipal Councils in open session, by a two-thirds vote of their members; and from 15% of the voters registered with the Civil and Electoral Registry.”

Article 349 states

“(t)he President of the Republic shall not have the power to object to the new Constitution. The existing constituted authorities shall not be permitted to obstruct the Constituent Assembly in any way.”

The process to vote for the ANC is complex but highly democratic. The 30 July election chose 545 members to the National Constituent Assembly, of which two thirds (364) were elected on a regional or territorial basis, and one third (181) by sectors of professions or activities, i.e. students, farmers, unions of different labor forces, employees, business owners – and so on. This cross-section of people’s representation is the most solid basis for democracy. See also

The 8.1million pro-ANC vote may, at first sight, with 41% of total eligible voters not constitute an absolute majority, but they are a legitimate majority analyzed from different perspectives. The only historic data we currently have on Venezuela is the one from the 1999 Constitution (still valid today), which President Hugo Chavez Frias, elected in 1998, initiated after asking the people whether they agreed to the drafting of a new Constitution. He received an overwhelming 80% support.

Assuming that on average about 20% to 25% of the electorate do not vote (based on the past 19 elections since the Bolivarian Revolutionary Government took over in 1998), of the 20 million eligible electorate, about 15 million could be expected to vote. With 8.1million ANC supporters, the National Constituent Assembly resulting from the 30 July elections is a clear majority, about 54%.

The election result is another resounding victory, when compared to the opposition’s plebiscite, illegally held a week earlier. The opposition claims having received 7.2 million votes against the ANC. However, by all observers, including internationals, this is a highly questionable and probably vastly inflated figure (based on their election boots which were a fraction of those of the ANC election process countrywide. Plus, the announced result cannot be checked, as the voter’s bulletins were burned by the opposition, as soon as they informed the public of the plebiscite’s result. However, even assuming this figure was correct – which it most likely isn’t – the total alleged votes cast between de official ANC process and the illegitimate referendum would amount to 15.3 million, of which 8.1 million represents about 53%, or an absolute majority of the votes cast.

For analysis sake, let’s just look at the curious composition of votes the oppositions claims having received. In their referendum people had to respond with yes, or no to three questions, with each one being a leading question against the ANC. Each one of the three answers counted for one vote, thus, there were up to three votes per person. The same people also were allowed to vote in several districts. During the press conference held by the opposition, a journalist asked whether it was correct that one voter could cast his / her vote 17 times. The answer of one of the directors was yes, but it may bediscovered at the final count. There were also stories of 10-year old kids and other minors voting. Also, there are 101,000 eligible voters abroad – but according to the opposition, the votes received from Venezuelans living outside Venezuela were almost 700,000.

The illegitimate – yes, illegitimate – opposition vote is pure farce. Though it can never be checked, since the votes were burned and given the above details, the promulgated results of 7.2 million votes against the ANC would have to be discounted by at least 30% to 50%. Yes, illegitimate, as the Constitution does not allow interference from anybody, once the ANC process has been launched.

Curiously though, the opposition, having the majority in the National Assembly could have initiated themselves an National Constituent Assembly. They didn’t. They could have actively participated in President Maduro’s ANC vote and presented their own candidates as they would have, had they respected the principles of democracy. They didn’t do that either. It is clear, they are not interested in a democratic process. They are not interested even in dialogue, one of Mr. Maduro’s priorities for conflict resolution. They want a violent ‘regime change’ – that’s what their Washington masters want and pays them for.


The most vociferous critics of the process came from the usual villains, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, NYT, even The Guardian, but so far relatively few from the EU and her members. One of the countries that sticks out most with her unsolicited comment is “neutral” Switzerland, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on President Maduro, to cancel the elections for the new National Constitutional Assembly in ‘respect of democracy’. It further declared through the Swiss state-run radio-TV station, SRG, that the elections were illegal, as they are against the Constitution – which is a blatant lie, the Swiss Executive is aware of, but it pleases for sure Washington.

The Trump Administration also said it would not recognize the vote and slammed more heavy sanctions on Venezuela, among them, blocking President Maduro’s alleged ‘assets held in the US’. This in itself is a massive and ridiculous propaganda falsehood. It must be clear to any dimwit, that President Maduro does not have assets in the US. Washington forced ‘sanctions’ will probably also follow from its European vassals.

The right-wing puppet leaders (sic) in Latin America have of course also immediately played to the tune of their northern masters. The first one to do so was Peru’s President Pablo Kuczynski, saying that his government would not recognize the result of the elections. But who cares what Peru thinks about sovereign democratic Venezuela? – His arrogance went as far as calling upon the Peruvian Prime Minister to form a committee that should look into possible actions Peru could and should take against Venezuela. If one knows the level of corruption that literally runs Peru – one of the worst, if not the worst of all Latin America – and the way Kuczynski was ‘elected’, or rather shoed in by his Washington Masters, one can just chuckle in disbelief. If there was any un-bought, uncorrupted functioning legal system in Peru – the last five consecutive Presidents would now be in jail for corruption and crimes against humanity, including the present one.

Of course, Colombia and Mexico, among the staunchest vassals of the northern empire were also accusing Venezuela’s ANC initiative as being illegitimate, anti-democratic, for the sole purpose of allowing President Maduro to become a dictator and to bend the new Constitution so that he may stay President for life. None of this is of course intended or in the cards, or indeed allowed under the Constitution and the National Assembly still in place. In fact, according to the Constitution, neither the President or the National Assembly which is not being resolved or replaced by the new National Constituent Assembly, have a right to interfere in ANC’s process of drafting a new Constitution.

On a recent visit to Mexico, the ultra-right-wing (Tea Party) CIA chief, Mr. Pompeo, pledged for both Mexico and Colombia to help assure that the situation in Venezuela is being corrected. Let’s not forget, Colombia’s President Santos (the latest Peace Nobel Laureate!) has already several months ago asked Brussels to send NATO troop to Colombia. They may already be there. With a 2,200 km porous border between Colombia and Venezuela, infiltration of Colombian and NATO troops into Venezuela would not be complicated (

Among the few but strong supporters of the ANC and which called for the world to respect this legitimate and democratic process, were Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, China and Russia. Others may follow. So far Brussels has only been mumbling. What remains to be seen is how these countries, notably Russia and China, would react, when it comes down to the wire with a possible CIA / US / NATO instigated coup à la Maidan, in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2014.


Why did President Maduro call now for a National Constituent assembly to modify or redraft the current Constitution? – The answer is simple. Dictators around the world, like France under Macron, the UK under Mme. May, and probably soon Germany under Mme. Merkel, would call for Martial Law to clamp down ‘legitimately’ on the peoples’ rights and carry through their atrocious militarization and austerity programs, as well as to ’selectively curtail foreign influence’.

President Maduro, instead, follows democratic principles to the core. The purpose of a new or reality adjusted Constitution has precisely to do with foreign interference to the detriment of Venezuela’s economy. They include outside orchestrated food and medical supply shortages; from Miami manipulated black-market vs. official exchange rates, ruining local purchasing power, thereby causing inflation and a sagging economy; foreign news networks deadly propaganda; and infiltration of foreign trained, armed and funded violent terror groups to help organizing the relatively small Venezuelan elitist opposition to cause havoc and civil unrest – as we have seen over the last several months in the runup to these ANC elections. The US State Department funded NED – National Endowment for Democracy – is a key sponsor of violent opposition in Venezuela, as well as elsewhere in the world. The new or adjusted Constitution is expected to allow the government to sovereignly control its borders and its economy with whatever means it has to take to keep the criminals out and regain full sovereignty.

These vicious foreign supported groups have cost the life of some110 people during the last few months leading up to the ANC vote, through the most horrendous acts of terror, including lynching, burning alive, shooting, looting of shops, attacking and destroying schools, public infrastructure, police headquarters and more. There is no end to the list of heinous crimes committed by the so-called opposition – which is nothing else as a tool for the Washington tyrant-in-chief, who will not let go until he has achieved ‘regime change’.

The presstitute doesn’t present this real picture of things. They portray the violence and dead toll as the government’s responsibility. In fact, thanks to the diligence of national police and the 200,000 military forces deployed throughout the country in the last couple of weeks to protect the population, the voters, in the leadup to the elections, violence and dead tolls were kept in check. Violent outbreak would have most likely been even more atrocious without the military deployment.

A new puppet government would return Venezuela to the pre-Chavez years – or most likely much worse – giving away Venezuelans world’s largest hydrocarbon deposit is to US petrol giants and torturing Chavistas and anybody who had in the past opposed and still opposes the violent undemocratic, oppressive servile-to-Washington elite.


What’s next for Venezuela? – Well, it’s not over. The National Constituent Assembly is just the first step. The rabid bulldog will not let go. He keeps attacking and biting relentlessly and without merci sovereign democratic and un-obedient Venezuela. The steady internal foreign instigated economic and social decay, the build-up to what prompted President Maduro to initiate the ANC vote, was very reminiscent of the fascist 9/11/1973 CIA instigated military coup in Chile.

The Chile coup was also preceded by artificially and outside instrumented shortages of food and medical supplies – paying people to protest in the streets. The only difference there is that the Chilean army was split and high ranks defected President Allende. This doesn’t seem to be the case in Venezuela. – The overwhelming people’s support for the ANC has further cemented the solidarity within the Bolivarian Republic – and given the revolution new energy. Venezuela will prevail. Venceremos!

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.


How will the Syrian group of Riyadh behave? كيف ستتصرّف جماعة الرياض السورية؟

How will the Syrian group of Riyadh behave?

يوليو 26, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

It seems clear that the authorization which was granted to Saudi Arabia to manage the negotiation about Syria through Riyadh conference has been totally taken away from it by America after the US and the Russian Presidents have announced their understanding on a plan for the southern of Syria. This authorization was partially taken away from it before due to the refusal to grant any of the military formations that affiliated to the group of Riyadh a role in Raqqa battles, and restricting the matter with the Kurdish groups which were shown as a main ally to Washington among the Syrian groups, which were followed by chosen groups from the workers in Jordan who were assigned to the battles of Tanf. This is a sufficient shift to say that the opposition group of Riyadh which has remained since the arrival of the US President Donald Trump to the White House declaring publicly that it waits till the new US strategy to become clear on which it relies to have many changes discovers that it is outside this strategy.

It was right for this group to wait the US strategy, because it is the essence for what determines the policies of the alliance which gives it the cover, support and role, but after the signs of this strategy became clear, which their basis is the understanding with Russia on a political and security solution proposed by the French President in the presence of the US President and was announced by the Washington Post as an axis of the US change, it based on the recognition of the legitimacy of the Syrian President and dealing with him as a fait accompli till new agreed elections take place within a political solution and after the end of the war on terrorism. The question becomes how the group of Riyadh will behave towards the issue which it made the center of disrupting every opportunity of the political solution under the title of the priority of determining the fate of the Syrian presidency as a condition for any solution?

It is clear that the Americans, the Russians, and the French, and soon the Turks will cooperate to form a negotiating opposition unified delegation that includes the Kurds, it will ensure the abolition of the Kurdish military privacy on the Turkish borders, and it will ensure the representation of those who are of interest to America, France, Russia, and Turkey. It is clear that such of this political- ceiling attempt that is agreed by the major players will create a regional international connecting group that includes them with Saudi Arabia and Iran, so the Saudis will be asked to choose between going on in this solution or getting out of it without embarrassment. Saudi Arabia is burdened with two big files: its war in Yemen and its crisis with Qatar. In both cases it needs America more than its need to the group of Riyadh, so what will those do?

The UN envoy talked and the Russian Ambassador in Geneva talked about positive changes in the position of the group of Riyadh. The Russian Ambassador said that there are extremist elements that are still live in the past and they obstruct the unity of the opposition and its reality, the response came from the coordinator of the group of Riyadh, who speaks in the name of the group by negation and the sticking to the position against the Syrian leadership as a determining factor of the political solution. After this group has lost any military influence; the Army of Islam the negotiating representative and the head of its military mission in Astana and after it announced its disbanding in order to join a formula that allows its accepting in negotiations for Ghouta, after it has lost the international coverage of its position due to the positions of America and France, and has lost half of the regional cover after the joining of Turkey implicitly through the equation of Astana on which the Russians, the Americans, and the French agreed, as long as it ensures the end of the Kurdish military privacy, through the participation of the Kurds in Geneva, the question simply became will the bet on the Saudi disruption form a sufficient reason for a position where Saudi Arabia does not have but only more of reservation, withdrawal or leaving the matter to the group of Riyadh and what it will decide?

The political stupidity is a description that needs for real examples. The professors of history and the political sciences explain to their students through it the meaning through means of clarification. It is certain that the history of the opposition group of Riyadh and its symbols will provide an example for the professors to explain the meaning of the political stupidity without making effort.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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 كيف ستتصرّف جماعة الرياض السورية؟

يوليو 17, 2017

ناصر قنديل

m– يبدو واضحاً أنّ التفويض الذي مُنح للسعودية بإدارة التفاوض حول سورية عبر واجهة مؤتمر الرياض قد نزع كلياً منها أميركياً، بمجرد الإعلان عن التفاهم بين الرئيسين الأميركي والروسي على خطة لجنوب سورية، بعدما كان نزع جزئياً مع رفض منح أيّ تشكيلات عسكرية تابعة لجماعة الرياض دوراً في معارك الرقة، وحصر الأمر بالجماعات الكردية التي جرى تظهيرها كحليف رئيسي لواشنطن بين الجماعات السورية تليها جماعات منتقاة من العاملين في الأردن الذين أنيطت بهم معارك التنف. وهذا تحوّل كافٍ للقول إنّ جماعة الرياض المعارضة التي بقيت منذ وصول الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب إلى البيت الأبيض تصرّح علناً بأنها تنتظر تبلور الاستراتيجية الأميركية الجديدة التي تعوّل عليها بالكثير من التغييرات، تكتشف اليوم أنها خارج هذه الاستراتيجية.

– من الضفة التي تقف عليها هذه الجماعة كان صحيحاً أن تنتظر الاستراتيجية الأميركية لأنها جوهر ما يقرّر سياسات الحلف الذي يقدّم لها التغطية والتغذية ويصنع لها الدور ويرسم حدوده، لكن وبعدما تبلورت علامات هذه الاستراتيجية وقوامها التفاهم مع روسيا على حلّ سياسي وأمني هو ما نطق به الرئيس الفرنسي، بحضور الرئيس الأميركي، وأعلنته «واشنطن بوست» كمحور للتغيير الأميركي، يقوم على الاعتراف بشرعية الرئيس السوري والتعامل معه كأمر واقع حتى تتمّ انتخابات جديدة متفق عليها، ضمن الحلّ السياسي وبعد نهاية الحرب على الإرهاب، يصير السؤال، كيف ستتصرّف جماعة الرياض تجاه القضية التي جعلتها محور تعطيلها لكلّ فرصة حلّ سياسي تحت عنوان أولوية البتّ بمصير الرئاسة السورية كشرط لأيّ حلّ؟

– واضح أنّ الأميركيين والروس والفرنسيين وقريباً الأتراك سيتعاونون لبلورة وفد معارض مفاوض يضمّ الأكراد، ويكون موحّداً، يضمن إلغاء خصوصية عسكرية كردية على حدود تركيا، ويضمن تمثيل مَن يهمّ أميركا وفرنسا وروسيا وتركيا تمثيلهم. والواضح أنّ مثل هذا المسعى بسقف سياسي متفق عليه بين اللاعبين الكبار سيُفرز مجموعة اتصال دولية إقليمية تضمّهم مع السعودية وإيران، وسيعرض على السعوديين الاختيار بين السير بهذا الحلّ أو الخروج من دون إحراج، والسعودية مثقلة بملفين كبيرين هما حربها في اليمن وأزمتها مع قطر، وفي كليهما تحتاج أميركا أكثر من حاجتها لجماعة مؤتمر الرياض، فماذا سيفعل هؤلاء؟

– تحدّث المبعوث الأممي وتحدّث السفير الروسي في جنيف عن تغييرات إيجابية بموقف جماعة الرياض. وقال السفير الروسي إنّ عناصر متطرفة لا تزال تعيش في الماضي وتعرقل وحدة المعارضة وواقعيتها، فجاء الردّ من منسق جماعة الرياض، رياض الأول وتأكيد رياض الثاني الناطق باسم الجماعة، بالنفي والتمسك بالموقف من مصير الرئاسة السورية عاملاً مقرّراً للحلّ السياسي، والسؤال هو ببساطة وقد خسرت هذه الجماعة أيّ تأثير عسكري، وآخر فلولها جيش الإسلام وممثلها التفاوضي ورئيس بعثتها العسكرية في أستانة، يعلن حلّ نفسه للانضمام إلى صيغة تتيح قبوله في مفاوضات حلّ للغوطة، وقد خسرت أيّ تغطية دولية لموقفها، بموقفي أميركا وفرنسا، وخسرت نصف الغطاء الإقليمي مع انضمام تركيا ضمناً عبر معادلة أستانة لما يتفاهم عليه الروس والأميركيون والفرنسيون مادام يضمن إنهاء الخصوصية الكردية العسكرية، عبر مشاركة الأكراد في جنيف. فهل يشكل الرهان على التعطيل السعودي سبباً كافياً لموقف لا تملك السعودية معه أكثر من التحفظ أو الانسحاب أو القول بترك الأمر لجماعة الرياض وما تقرّره؟

– الغباء السياسي وصف يبحث دائماً عن أمثلة حسية لأساتذة التاريخ والعلوم السياسية يشرحون عبره لتلامذتهم المعنى بوسائل إيضاح. والأكيد أنّ تاريخ جماعة الرياض المعارضة ورموزها ستُقدّم مثالاً دسماً يفرح به الأساتذة لشرح الغباء السياسي لتلامذتهم من دون عناء.

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Erdogan condemns al-Aqsa violence before flying to Gulf states

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:30 P.M.) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the violence in East Jerusalem and called on the governments concerned to resolve the situation at al-Aqsa, during a press conference in Istanbul on Sunday.

He said he and French President Emmanuel Macron do not “approve the violations against the rights of life, the rights of property and the right to worship no matter who does it.” He went on to invite the Israeli administration to behave “according to the rules of a settled society, [of] justice and of basic humanitarian values.”

Disputes regarding the holy site of al-Aqsa Mosque have sparked violent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators in recent days.

Erdogan also mentioned his upcoming trip to the Gulf region, where he will be visiting Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in a bid to resolve the diplomatic crisis between Qatar and its neighbouring countries. Gulf States have cut ties with Qatar after accusing the country of supporting terrorism.

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“Greater Israel” in the Making? Israel to Control Mediterranean From Beirut to Gaza?

Global Research, July 21, 2017

With the recruitment of novice French President, Emmanuel Macron, the US Israel lobby can now boast a powerful political agent inside the corridors of power of the Élysée Palace, to liaise with those agents already resident in the British Parliament and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. It is, of course, no small achievement to have managed to recruit half of the European Union as well as the United States Senate to support the dispossession of five million indigenous Arabs who have populated the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Gaza for over a thousand years.

No small achievement of the powerful minority Zionist movement of America to enforce its political agenda upon the United Nations Assembly in direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

Hiding behind the usual accusations of ‘antisemitism’, the US Zionist movement is now in a position to control EU foreign policy as well as that of America through the new French President, the British Prime Minister (CFI) and the US Congress (AIPAC) together with the tacit approval of Germany’s Angela Merkel (who has already supplied Israel with a fleet of submarines now armed with nuclear cruise missiles). Not a bad achievement for a neo-colonial, minority political Zionist movement, in the 21st century!

So, what would be the likely consequence in the event of Political Zionism succeeding in its expansionist agenda?

1. Under the pretext of a future pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, US-backed Israeli forces are expected to attack both Lebanon and Gaza in order to occupy and control the entire Eastern Mediterranean seaboard from Rafah to Beirut – a coastline of some 312 kms (194 miles) in length.

2. The next objective of the ‘Greater Israel’ project would be to consolidate all the land up to and including the Jordan River in the East; to Eilat in the South; Beirut in the North and the Mediterranean in the West. This would entail the forced displacement of millions of Lebanese, Gazan and Jordanian citizens as well as the original Palestinians, to neighbouring states, plus the expropriation of their land and wealth by turning the population into refugees within their own countries – countries now occupied by Political Zionist migrants from Europe, FSU and America.

However, such a ‘Greater Israel’ project can only end one way, and that is in a nuclear war, which is not an existential threat that the Macron presidency, or the EU, should facilitate because gamma radiation recognises no borders.

Note: ‘Greater Israel: a nuclear-armed, US-aided, Zionist state with an agenda to confront Iran and Turkey for regional hegemony.   Intended eventually to extend from the Euphrates to the Nile by gaining control of large areas of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq plus the Sinai Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean from Cairo to Beirut.’

Protocol 7.2 Netanyahu to Macron: Islam Seeks to Destroy israel and Europe

Netanyahu to Macron: Islam Seeks to Destroy Israel and Europe

In the whole of Europe, and with the help of Europe, we must promote on other continents sedition, dissensions and mutual hostility. In this there is a twofold advantage:
firstly by these means we command the respect of all countries, who well know that we have the power to create upheavals at will, or else to restore order. All countries are used to look to us for the necessary pressure, when such is required. Secondly, by intrigues we shall entangle all the threads spun by us in the ministries of all governments not only by our politics, but by trade conventions and financial obligations.

Henry Ford 1921 “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.”

French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: MEMO)

During his visit to France on Sunday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the expulsion of French Jews in Paris, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued his incitement against Islam, while recalling the scarecrow of “Islamophobia” and describing Islam again as “terrorism.”

In his statement, Netanyahu stressed that Jerusalem is the united and eternal capital of the State of Israel, and attacked “Islamic terrorism,” calling for unity and fighting it together. “Political Islam seeks to destroy both Israel and European countries,” Netanyahu said. “We have heard  extremist voices that not only call for the destruction of the Jewish state, but the Jews themselves and everyone who objects to and opposes their way,” he added.

Addressing the French president, Netanyahu said: “You spoke two days ago in the city of Nice about the Crusades and you are sincere in what you said. The radical Islam that Iran and ISIS represent seeks to destroy us and destroy Europe. Israel is their first goal. They do not hate the West because of Israel, but they hate Israel because of the West. They are trying to destroy us and you, and since France is a great power they will not ignore it.”

Regarding Palestine, Netanyahu told the French president that the source of the conflict is the Palestinian refusal to recognize a national state for the Jewish people and to allow it to live in peace.

He stressed also that he would never concede to “anti-Zionism” because it represents the new form of anti-Semitism. At the end of the ceremony, Macron and Netanyahu went to the presidential palace in Paris to talk about Syria and Iran as well as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

(MEMO, PC, Social Media

ماكرون وترامب: نهاية الحرب على سورية

ماكرون وترامب: نهاية الحرب على سورية

ناصر قنديل

يوليو 14, 2017

– لم يكن للسعودية وتركيا و«إسرائيل» رغم المال والسلاح والاستخبارات القدرة على شنّ حرب تستهدف سورية ورئيسها، الذي صارت إطاحته شعار الحرب وهدفها، لولا التغطية الأميركية والأوروبية ممثلة خصوصاً بفرنسا التي يسلّم لها حلفاؤها الغربيون بخصوصية الدور التاريخي في سورية ولبنان. وقد صار واضحاً أنّ الحرب بما هي مال وسلاح وإعلام، هي رجال أيضاً وأنّ تركيا والسعودية و«إسرائيل» قاتلوا بتنظيمي القاعدة والإخوان المسلمين ومتفرّعاتهما وصولاً لداعش، وما كان هذا ليتمّ لولا التغطية الأميركية الفرنسية.

– من الواضح أنّ القناعة الأميركية الفرنسية بلا جدوى مواصلة الاستثمار على خيار الحرب لتحقيق الأهداف ذاتها، قد حُسمت، فسقف ما تتيحه مواصلة الحرب ليس السيطرة على سورية ولا إطاحة رئيسها، بل خوض حرب استنزاف تعني تمكن التشكيلات المتطرفة من شنّ حروبها الخاصة التي تهدّد أمن أوروبا من جهة، وتغرقها بسيل النزوح الذي يهدّد استقرارها الاقتصادي والاجتماعي والسياسي والأمني، وتعني تجذراً مقابلاً لمعادلتي حزب الله والأكراد، اللتين تصيبان في الصميم أمن تركيا و«إسرائيل»، بينما تبدو السعودية أضعف من مواصلة الاهتمام بالحرب السورية كأولوية، وهي غارقة في حربَيْها لإسقاط قطر وإخضاع اليمن بلا طائل.

– يلتقي الرئيسان الأميركي دونالد ترامب والفرنسي إيمانويل ماكرون بعد لقاءات رئاسية لكلّ منهما مع الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين ليكون الحديث بوضوح عن سقوط مشروع إطاحة الرئيس السوري كهدف للحرب، والتوجّه لأولوية الحرب على الإرهاب، التي دعا إليها الرئيس السوري منذ البدايات، ويجري التمهيد لحلّ سياسي يقول الفرنسيون إنه يمرّ بحكومة موحّدة تضمّ معارضين وموالين في ظلّ رئاسة الرئيس السوري، تجمع قدرات السوريين في الحرب على الإرهاب، وتخيّر الفصائل المسلّحة بين الانضمام لهذه الحرب تحت قيادة الجيش السوري أو الانضمام للتنظيمات الإرهابية، وتضع الحكومة الموحّدة دستوراً جديداً وتتولى بمعونة أممية إجراء انتخابات برلمانية ورئاسية، وهو برنامج الرئيس السوري منذ مطلع العام 2013 للحلّ السياسي.

– عندما تعلن قيادة الحرب التخلي عن الهدف الذي خاضتها لأجله، وعندما يصير للحرب شعار وهدف هو الذي يتبنّاه الخصم الذي كانت الحرب تهدف لإطاحته، وعندما يصير للحلّ السياسي روزنامة وجدول الأعمال هو الذي اقترحه مبكراً هذا الخصم، فهذا يعني أنّ الحرب قد انتهت، وأنّ ما هو قائم حروب فرعية ولدت على هامش الحرب الأصلية، وصارت لها قوة دفعها الخاصة، فالحرب لم تخضها الدول الكبرى بجيوشها، كي توقف إطلاق النار وتجلس لمائدة التفاوض، بل خاضتها بواسطة عصابات لها مشروعها وأيديولوجياتها ومصالحها، وقد صار التخلّص منها هدفاً مشتركاً وطريقاً لوقف الحرب، وهذه أعراض الحروب بالوكالة عموماً.

– عندما يصير النصر على داعش له طريق واحد هو القبول بدور لحزب الله الذي أنشئ داعش وجُلب لضربه، وعندما يصير تفادي خطر حزب الله على أمن «إسرائيل» يستدعي تسليم الجيش السوري طوعاً مناطق المسلحين القريبة من الحدود، بعدما جرى دعم هؤلاء المسلحين لضرب الجيش السوري وإخراجه من هذه المناطق، فهذا يعني أنّ الحرب التي عرفناها قد انتهت، وأنّ ما يجري أمامنا هو حرب أخرى مختلفة تماماً.

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Satire: Trump’s Unprecedented Move Helped ‘Energize’ the G-20 Meeting

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

President Trump stepped out of the G-20 meeting  for a while (these sessions can be very tiring) and to everyone’s surprise he sent Ivanka to sit in his place, next to Merkel and the Chinese premier.

This is unprecedented, since in such circumstances the substitute is usually a high-ranking official, not the presidential offspring, playing the role of “special advisor.” Nevertheless, this was just the beginning.

Emboldened by Trump’s action, Putin stepped out next and sent in his black Labrador retriever. The Lab got a warm and friendly (albeit surprised) reception from all except for Angela Merkel, whose fear of dogs is said to date back to when he she was a STASI agent in East Germany and was bitten by a dog during field training. She has also never forgiven Putin for scaring her a few years ago by bringing Konni into a one-one meeting.

Cynologists at both the Brookings Institution as well as the Enterprise Institute claim that the Lab who participated in the G-20 meeting is not Konni (long retired at a dacha in Crimea), but rather his grandson, Smersh.

Any objective observer had to conclude that the originality and sophisticated level of the discussions were notably increased by the presence of the two substitutes. The Lab in particular made some incredibly astute, albeit brief comments in Russian, which the translator conveyed in English. Only a cat lover could have failed to admit the dog’s brilliance and superiority of intellect compared to Ivanka and other participants.

This opens up a new era in international diplomacy. President Putin has more than enough on his plate and by now he knows pretty much in advance what each leader is most likely to say in such meetings. He should spare himself and make use of Smersh as often as possible.

Similarly, Trump could reserve his time to more robust twitting by sending Ivanka or his son in his place. Jared The Kushner, of course, should go along as script supervisor. Macron of France could send in his septuagenarian wife, and leaders who have pets well versed in international affairs could send them in. Only Merkel is indispensable.

The American MSM could complement their in-depth analysis of Ivanka’s sartorial accomplishments–

…with a well-researched biography and credentials of Smersh, e.g.,:

Early Youth–

Special Services Training–

To me this is a breath of fresh only made possible by Trump’s once again thinking outside the box.

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