Ireland to Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Ireland to Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Israel is its own worst enemy. Its new land grab law is the latest example – stealing privately owned Palestinian land for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Germany bashed the measure, discussed in a previous article. UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin oppose it.
French President Francois Hollande called for its annulment. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said it “crosses a new and dangerous threshold.”
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said its breach of international law will have far-reaching legal consequences for Israel – Trump so far largely silent ahead of meeting with Netanyahu next week in Washington. His administration supports unlimited Israeli settlement expansions, flagrantly illegal under international law.
According to a Haaretz report, Israel’s ambassador to Ireland Ze’ev Boker informed Netanyahu or his office of Dublin’s intention to officially recognize Palestinian statehood.
Over two-thirds of UN member states recognize its sovereignty – largely symbolic gestures.
Palestine remains illegally occupied, no prospect of it ending, its people denied virtually all fundamental rights, its puppet Ramallah regime subservient to Israel, not its own people.
According to Haaretz, Ireland decided to move on recognition in response to Israel’s land grab law – a lawless act against a people defenseless to stop it.
The world community failed to make Israel pay a stiff price for decades of viciousness against defenseless Palestinians, including wars of aggression and daily persecution – stealing their rights, welfare, land and lives.
Boker’s cable reportedly urged Tel Aviv to ask Trump for help. It recommended Netanyahu call his Irish counterpart Enda Kenny to discourage Ireland’s extending recognition to Palestine.
In 2014, both houses of its parliament urged it. EU envoy to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen hinted at possible punitive measures never before imposed on Israel, most unlikely now.
Ireland was the first European country to extend recognition to the PLO. Its government criticized Israeli policies numerous times before, meaningless lip service alone.
No action was taken to help long-suffering Palestinians. Recognizing their sovereign rights is a friendly gesture far short of aiding their liberating struggle

US-EU Supported Terrorists Contaminate Syria’s Water Reservoirs: Complicity of “White Helmets”

US-EU Supported Terrorists Contaminate Syria’s Water Reservoirs: Complicity of “White Helmets”By We Save Syria,

Syria’s Water, Irish Fascism & the White Helmets Murder Gang

Just before Christmas 2016, NATO’s Syrian rebels threw thousands of tonnes of diesel into Damascus’ water reservoirs before blowing up the wells to divert the water into nearby rivers, which immediately flooded. The result of this war crime is that the 5 million civilians of Damascus have been without water since then.

Mothers do not have water for their babies, hospitals do not have clean water and, incredibly, Irish aid organisations are directly complicit in this war crime by giving succour to the White Helmets who, as the above letter shows, have given their imprimatur to this war crime.

The White Helmets themselves are a NATO funded ISIS auxiliary force, the worst of the Black and Tans with the best PR agents and crocodile smiles Gulf State money can buy. Even though not a single one of the 100,000 civilian hostages rescued from East Aleppo had ever heard of them, let alone seen the White Helmets in action, Western organisations paid this al Nusra and ISIS affiliated group tens of millions of dollars supposedly to rescue women and children, with USAID alone paying them a whopping $23 million to spread their fictions and their bile

Such was the mega hype around this fraudulent group that brain-dead Hollywood actors, British MPs and Irish aid organisations all heavilypimped them for the Nobel Peace Prize – despite their documented serial collusion in al Nusra’s war crimes and despite there being no independent evidence of them ever having performed even one rescue mission.

Irish groups which supported these war criminals’ attempts to win the Nobel Peace Prize include GOAL, Trócaire and the Irish branch of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Controversial Irish journalist Mary Fitzgerald has predictably been unstinting in her praise of this gangster group, which has even been allowed to address the Irish Parliament on more than one occasion.

The Irish edition of the Daily Mirror even says the main thing Irish people can do to help Syria is to donate to the White Helmets, a group which acts as al Nusra’s undertakers and which thinks poisoning the water supply for Damascus, which has a population akin to that of the entire island of Ireland, is an acceptable tactic, whereas such barbarities have always been regarded as the war crimes that they are.

The Daily Mirror is wrong. The worst thing Irish people can do is to support terror groups like the White Helmets. The best thing they can do is to do their humanitarian duty and oppose them and all in Ireland who give them succour.

If that includes Trócaire as well as GOAL and Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), so be it.

Syrian Mufti Gives Stunning Talk on Visit to Ireland – updated

Syrian Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun is part of a delegation of Syrians currently visiting Ireland. The delegation consists of medical professionals as well as religious leaders. The above video shows Mufti Hassoun giving a talk before the Irish Parliament on December 1, comments in which he discusses the toll the war has exacted upon the Syrian people as a whole as well as a personal tragedy in his own family, with the death of his son.

The delegation’s visit reportedly also included a visit to Trinity College Dublin, and the visit has been reported on by a Catholic website (see article below).

Back in August I put up a post on a visit to Syria by a US delegation of peace activists, who had a chance to meet with Mufti Hassoun while they were in the country. Upon returning to the US, the delegation gave a presentation at the UN. You can find more on that here.


In Ireland, Doctors, Church Leaders Tell Horrors of Life in Syria

By Sarah Mac Donald

DUBLIN (CNS) — Fifty percent of Syria’s hospitals and medical centers have been destroyed or looted and their staff kidnapped, tortured or slaughtered, a leading Syrian surgeon told members of the Irish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Dr. Bashir Mohammad, a cardiologist, was part of a delegation of high-profile Syrian medical and religious leaders who appealed Dec. 1 for an end to punitive European Union sanctions against his country.

Mohammad was accompanied by Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregoire III Laham; Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II; Syria’s grand mufti, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun; and Dr. Ahmad al Khaddour, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Khaddour, a professor of medicine at Damascus University, explained that the group had come to Ireland “to pass the message that Syria needs help.”

“The European sanctions have affected our medical system very badly. We have a shortage of medical supplies on a daily basis. We have children dying because there is no medicine and children suffering because there is no fuel for heating.”

He highlighted how the sanctions had depleted Syria’s “capacity and capability in a very devastating way to manufacture medicines and to treat our patients.”

“The sanctions have killed more people than ISIS,” he said, referring to the Islamic State.

Prior to 2011, when the conflict in Syria erupted, hospitals had always been a safe place, but they became a “soft target,” and the country’s pharmaceutical industry was now no longer able to meet Syria’s medical needs, Mohammad explained.

He contrasted this to the situation five years ago when the country was able to meet up to 95 percent of its own medical needs and was exporting its products to more than 54 countries.

Syria is now “reliant on medication from the black market and, with the weak purchase power of our currency, we are unable to buy medication,” he said.

He told Catholic News Service: “We have lost half of our hospitals and three-quarters of our factories for medication — lift the sanctions please. We are friends to America and to the West.”

Patriarch Laham described the delegation as “ambassadors for peace.” He also asked, “as patriarch, that the bishops’ conferences of Europe gather together to raise their voice for peace.”

Speaking to CNS, the 83-year-old indicated his own personal exhaustion with the conflict. “It is war, war, war. Enough war!”

Referring to the 1,435 years in which Christians and Muslims co-existed together in Syria, Patriarch Laham stressed that faith is “part of the solution” to Syria’s war.

“Faith can really help us to make peace in the world. My slogan is ‘We should stay together to build a new world; we can stay together to build the world; we want to stay together to build a new world,” he told the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Patriarch Ignatius told the committee, “We feel sometimes we are abandoned by the international community because all they talk about are the rebels and what the rebels are suffering. But nobody is talking about the real Syrian people who are under government-controlled areas and what they are suffering.”

“Suffering has gone beyond all bounds,” Patriarch Ignatius said.

The Orthodox patriarch, who escaped a suicide bomb attack last June, spoke about the difficulty of trying to live life in such a dangerous context.

“I live in Old Damascus, not far from the street where St. Paul was led to be baptized. Occasionally we get bombs thrown on us by rebels who live about 2 kilometers away. There is no safe place left in Syria for anyone, and all Syrians need peace.

“We want a new Syria — for all Syrians — that respects diversity and gives a chance to every Syrian to serve Syria. I don’t think that having an opposition that is armed will help Syria; no country in the world would accept that, be it a moderate or unmoderate opposition. Obama and the U.S. government trained thousands of people and spent $500 million on the so-called moderate opposition, but they all joined Daesh (Islamic State) or al Nusra — except for maybe four or five groups.”

As to the situation of Christians in Syria, he confirmed that, along with other people of faith, Christians were being targeted because they were not willing to take sides.

“Our archbishops have been kidnapped and we don’t know anything about them; there are many priests who have been killed and many churches have been destroyed and Islamic scholars are also being killed. All people of faith are being targeted because Daesh and others act in the name of Islam, but they do not represent the real Islam,” he said.

Hassoun, the grand mufti, recalled how when the conflict erupted in 2011, he was told to leave but refused because he wanted to be a “bridge of peace between the opposition and the regime.”

His refusal to leave resulted in his son’s assassination outside his university. Later, his son’s remains were dug out of his grave by the rebels and have never been recovered.

“This is the revolution in Syria — if it were a revolution to reform the regime I would have been with them, but it is a revolution to kill men,” he said, urging legislators to go to Syria and see for themselves “what they have done to us.”

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Published on Dec 2, 2016

The goals of the visit are to firstly send a fact-finding medical, religious, political and humanitarian mission to the Syrian Arab Republic from Ireland, as well as from other independent-minded countries; to encourage Irish charity and NGO groups to send aid to Damascus via Trócaire/Caritas and other transparent and credible conduits Syria’s venerable religious leaders recommend and to lay the foundations for a major international fact-finding and medical delegation to visit Damascus and environs on March 17th 2017, St Patrick’s Day.
The situation in Syria, as East Aleppo’s human shields show, remains very grave for all Syrians. Although this visit is strictly non-political it must be clearly stated that EU sanctions, in which Ireland is fully complicit, are responsible for more deaths than even ISIS. The bulk of the Irish people do not accept that rampant collusion or that of our media, which is a crimson blight on our neutrality.

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I’m surprised Ireland has taken this backward step in closing bank accounts for the BDS movement

Protest at Bank of Ireland over shutting down Ireland Palestine

THE YOUTH WING of Sinn Féin staged a protest on Monday at the Bank of Ireland on Dublin City’s O’Connell Street against the bank’s weekend closure of the account belonging to the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Bank of Ireland shut down the account because it considered the Palestine solidarity group to be associating with a “high-risk country”. It is not believed that the Bank of Ireland has taken this action against any other country or organisation in the world.

The IPSC said the shock news came after 15 years of banking with BoI.

“It’s difficult to escape the conclusion that this attack on our ability to bank is a politically-motivated measure to silence a human rights organsiation that campaigns for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it fulfills its obligations under international law – a campaign the Irish Government views as entirely legitimate,” the IPSC said.

“Such closures of accounts of BDS-supporting organisations have occurred all over Europe – in France, Germany, Austria and Britain.”

The IPSC organised the high-profile picket lobbying fans at last week’s Dundalk Europa League soccer match at Tallaght Stadium against Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv under the slogan #LoveFootball/HateApartheid.

SF Palestine IPSC BoI protest 3 Oct 2016 Close-up

Eoin Rochford, a spokesperson for Sinn Féin Republican Youth, told An Phoblacht that the Bank of Ireland action is unjustified, insulting and plain wrong.

“We are asking people to support the BDS campaign to bring an end to Israeli apartheid, for people who have accounts with the Bank of Ireland to write or call its head office to protest the decision, and consider closing their accounts in solidarity with Palestine.”

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan, who was in Palestine in August on a fact-finding visit, was also at the protest.

He described the Bank of Ireland’s action as “corporate censorship, a political and vindictive position against decency and justice for the Palestinian people”.

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald TD said on Sunday:

“The IPSC are a non-profit NGO who handed their audit reports to the bank. Funding is used for advocacy with no funds being sent directly to Palestine.

“Bank of Ireland should reopen the account.”

● Seán Crowe TD, Sinn Féin’s Dáil spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, has submitted Parliamentary Questions on the Bank of Ireland closure of the IPSC account to the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

SF Palestine IPSC BoI protest 3 Oct 2016 Line

IPSC logo

◼︎ The IPSC has appealed for people to “consider making a regular subscription to our help us in our ‘risky’ work advocating for freedom, justice and equality for the people of Palestine” by donating here.



UK SITREP: The Brexit Farce and the Headless Chicken-Coup

Via The saker

July 09, 2016

by Jack J.

The British establishment have suffered two serious setbacks in rapid succession: The Tories have lost both of their leading figures, caused economic turmoil and empowered secessionist forces in Scotland, whilst the genuinely anti-establishment Leader of the opposition has been massively strengthened through a botched coup attempt.

During the 2015 General Election Cameron promised a referendum ‘on Europe’ to the British electorate, and won a slim majority through doing so. The defeat threw Labour into crisis and the feckless Miliband stepped down, triggering an election for a new leader of the Labour Party. Labour were in such disarray, that somehow a ‘Real Left’ MP (Jeremy Corbyn) was able to gain the backing of the 35 MPs needed to get on the ballot. (In both previous elections for leader John McDonnell [The Real Left candidate at the time] was denied such support, despite, or rather because, his politics resonated strongly with both the Unions and the Members.) With a Real Left candidate to vote for it was no real surprise that Corbyn went onto win, despite what the MSM were spewing at the time, but what was remarkable was both the margin of his victory (59%) and the surge in membership, both before and after (approx. 150,000). Thus the Labour Party membership gained a Leader who represented their views for the first time since Blair took over.

Despite receiving an absolute mauling from the MSM, Corbyn went on to win by-election after by-election with increased majorities, and then won the Local elections in May (which included various Mayoral contests, some by-elections and the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament). These victories denied the prospective ChickenCoupers the pretext they needed to launch their coup, so instead they were forced to wait until after Brexit Referendum.

Corbyn, a life-long euro-sceptic, was forced to campaign for Remain to maintain party unity, and as much distance from the likes of Johnson and Farage as possible. None-the-less, he refused to share a platform with Cameron and his fear-mongering, opting instead for a ‘sceptical Remain’: ‘pro-EU but not as it stands’. Effectively, Corbyn positioned himself, and Labour, so as not to side with either Johnson or Cameron. The 172 used this to declare his Remain campaign a failure and launched their ill-fated coup, with full backing of the MSM.

ChickenCoup Fallout:

  • Corbyn has come out of this ‘smelling of roses’: calm, cool, thick-skinned, measured, magnanimous and looking like a leader, even reported as ‘looking like a Prime Minister’ in the Independent.
  • The Real Left massively strengthened: new progressive Shadow Cabinet, an extra 200,000 (yes, 200,000!) Labour Party Members, and momentum has reported a 100% increase in membership.
  • 10,000 people turned out at Parliament Square with 24 hours’ notice to back Corbyn and 250,000 people signed a petition to do so.
  • The Unions and the CLPs are over-whelming defending Corbyn.
  • The 172 Right-wing Labour MPs are weakened, discredited and facing de-selection.
  • Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader, put himself in the firing-line through his participation in the ChickenCoup.
  • Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Leader, has lost face as a majority MSPs have come out for Corbyn contrary to her snipes.

Brexit Fallout:

  • Cameron and Johnson, and their associates, ran awful fear-based campaigns that disgusted the electorate.
  • Cameron lost and is stepping down soon.
  • Johnson won, accidentally, and then bottled running for Leader, realising the impossible predicament he would find himself in if he won.
  • Teresa May now looks likely to be next Prime Minister.
  • SNP and the prospects for Independence have been massively strengthened: Scotland now has a Foreign Policy, polls are showing around 60% in favour of INDE., the SNP have legitimate cause for INDE. Ref II, and have reported a membership surge.
  • Northern Ireland has been ‘destabilized’.
  • The UK Economy has suffered, as has Europe’s.
  • The future of the EU is in jeopardy.

The Tories now have a choice between equally horrific and uncharismatic leaders, face a deteriorating economy, a difficult divorce from the EU and Scottish succession; all of which is very obviously and publicly problems of their own creation. On top of that, all the nasty things they have done to everybody really are starting to hit home. There is no way they can relish the prospect of taking on Corbyn, and Sturgeon, under these circumstances, but they have a slim majority and a Prime Minister with no legitimacy. From Right to Left, Young to Old, Destitute to Reasonably well-off, everyone is very upset, and with each passing week the opposition, both North and South of Hadrian’s wall, grows stronger.

Some Links:

For the first time this week, Jeremy Corbyn looked like a Prime Minister, Faduma Hassan,Independent.

Anatomy of a Failed Coup in the UK Labour Party, Richard Seymour, Telesur,

Tory Activists stage ‘painfully embarrassing’ march on Parliament in support of Andrea Leadsom,Tom Marshall, The Evening Standard.

Your Next Prime Minister, Mike Small, Bella Caledonia,


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Britain Is Not Going to Leave The EU Anytime Soon

June 29, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

Despite the Brexit referendum, Britain is not leaving the European Union in the foreseeable future. No one in Britain has expressed a desire to issue Article 50 and officially launch withdrawal from the EU. In addition to the complex questions regarding the legal effects of the referendum and the added complications posed by a possible Scottish secession, it has become clear that the people who led the leave campaign were astonished by their victory. They clearly do not know how to rid themselves of the spoils of their achievement. In fact, the Brexiters and pretty much everyone else in Britain are relieved by Cameron’s decision to buy Britain three months of calm. The assumption is that this will provide sufficient time for the entire nation to search google and find out what the term EU stands for.

It is apparent that the leading Tory Brexiters: Michael Gove, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson share the ambition to become the next British prime minister. However if you expect Gove or Fox to formulate a coherent EU exit strategy you are either optimistic or naive. These corrupted politicians who are among the most devoted servants of the foreign lobby CFI (Conservative Friends Of Israel), are oddly quiet about Brexit. They behave as if it never happened. It isn’t modesty that keeps them silent.

Unlike Gove and Fox, Boris Johnson the Tory politician who led the call to leave the EU, seems to have switched sides. The man is clearly baffled by his unwanted victory. “52-48 result was not entirely overwhelming,” he told the BBC.

In a post referendum article in The Telegraph Johnson wrote,  “I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe, and always will be. There will still be intense and intensifying European cooperation and partnership in a huge number of fields: the arts, the sciences, the universities, and on improving the environment. EU citizens living in this country will have their rights fully protected, and the same goes for British citizens living in the EU.” I can’t remember Corbyn or PM Cameron describing Britain’s relationship with Europe in such glowing terms.

If anyone is worried about any significant consequences ahead, Johnson provides complete reassurance. “British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down. …there will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market. Britain is and always will be a great European power, offering top-table opinions and giving leadership on everything from foreign policy to defence to counter-terrorism and intelligence-sharing – all the things we need to do together to make our world safer.”

So where is the change or what is left of the call to leave? “The only change – and it will not come in any great rush – is that the UK will extricate itself from the EU’s extraordinary and opaque system of legislation.”

Johnson is basically telling us that Brexit’s only consequence will be to resolve a few minor disputes with Brussels regarding immigration. “The Government will be able to take back democratic control of immigration policy, with a balanced and humane points-based system to suit the needs of business and industry.” It seems that it took only one day and Cameron’s resignation for Boris Johnson to transform into a remain enthusiast.

This is no surprise. The Brexit referendum was an ugly opportunistic political exercise. Its Tory advocates are amongst the most horrid neocons within the European political theatre. Still the results of the referendum are meaningful. If you leave out London, Scotland and Northern Ireland you find that the vast majority of Brits are expressing dissatisfaction. These Brits are tired of politicians controlled by party politics and global banking and they want to see a prospect of a real future. The people who voted against the EU voted against the type of global capitalism that sustains the political careers of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Michale Gove, David Cameron and also Jeremy Corbyn and his treacherous Labour Party.

Britain is not leaving the EU anytime soon. No one within the British political arena can implement such a maneuver.  But the Brits have sent a clear message to their politicians. And this anger is not going to just fade away.

هل بدأت اهتزازات الحرب السورية ترتد على الاتحاد الأوربي بخروج بريطانيا ؟؟

بقلم نارام سرجون

لايبدو طرح هذا السؤال سهلا وليس من السهل ربط الاحداث بين الحرب السورية واهتزازات عالمية .. 

ولكن اعادة قراءة التاريخ البعيد والقريب والتحالفات الاقتصادية التي لها روابط سياسية واستراتيجية تأخذنا الى خطوط الغاز التي انقطعت أوصالها ولم تقدر على المرور من سورية التي كانت الغاية منها تقوية أوروبة والغرب في مواجهة اقتصادات الشرق في الصين وروسيا .. الغرب أثار الحرب السورية والأوكرانية ضمن نفس الاطار ونفس الغاية الاستراتيجية .. وكلتا الحربين لم يتم انجاز المهمة الكاملة فيهما وتعثرت الخطط .. وكان لصمود الشعب السوري الدور الكبير في هز الاتحاد الأوروبي الذي خرجت منه بريطانيا وهي ترى أن لاأفق لاوروبة التي لم تصلها خطوط الغاز ووجدت أن بوتين قد أخذ القرم وأوقف تحرك أوكرانيا نحو اوروبة واستفاد من الصمود السوري..

تفاصيل هذه الفرضية والقراءة العميقة لايستطيع الا مفكر بسوية ناصر قنديل أن يغامر بدخولها وسبر أغوارها بمهارة وذكاء رغم ماقد يلاقيه من اعتراضات ودهشة .. وهي تتلاقى وتتقاطع جزئيا مع نظرية عضو مجلس النواب الأميريكي آدم كينزينغر عن ولاية ايلينويز يرى أن عدم اسقاط الأسد هو الذي أخرج بريطانيا من الاتحاد الاوربي وسيفكك الاتحاد الأوروبي ..

السيناتور الاميريكي لايعترف بدور أنابيب الغاز التي تحطمت على الحدود السورية ويكتفي بالقول ان أمواج المهاجرين من سورية أفزعت البريطانيين وكان يجب اسقاط الأسد لايقاف النازحين وابقائهم في بلادهم وبذلك ينجو الاتحاد الأوروبي ..

في الحلقة الجديدة من (ستون دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل) نظرة حاذقة عميقة في محاولة لفهم التلاقي بين أحداث العالم الذي لاتجري فيه الأحداث في بقعة دون أن ترتد على مسافات بعيدة .. ليس عندي شك أن الاستماع لرأي الاستاذ ناصر قنديل مفيد وممتع .. أدعوكم للاستماع اليه بروح الانفتاح على الآراء العميقة والنقد البناء ..

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بريطانيا ،، وجدلية الاستفتاءات

الزلزال البريطاني ،، هل سيصدع الاتحاد الاوروبي

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