Israel to Police European Coastlines – Protecting the Continent from Refugees?

November 12, 2018

by Peter Koenig for The Saker BlogIsrael to Police European Coastlines – Protecting the Continent from Refugees?

This sounds like a bad joke. It ain’t. Its real. One fascist government helps another fascist government. Yes, I have written about fascism invading the west before – warning that the European Union (non-union) is being gradually, but ever faster turned into a fascist dictatorship under the guise of democratic protection of ‘Democracy’; and this by her unelected European Commission (EC) leaders (sic). EU citizens are being brainwashed with neoliberal lie-propaganda into believing that they are living in the heart of democracy – that they are free and protected by police and military, 24×7.

Indeed, such protection can be seen at almost every street corner in France’s major cities; France, the country that had the audacity to make the permanent state of emergency part of her Constitution. And others are dutifully following Macron’s example. No wonder, EU member country governments have all been ‘put in place’ by fake elections, with the help of Cambridge Analytica and other social media tricks, by now well-known around the globe – and even the myriad MSM (mainstream media). It would be a strange coincidence, if practically all of the heads of EU states are following either neoliberal or Nazi doctrines. In any case, the difference are a few details. Most obvious neonazis are depicted with the denigrating term of populists, disregarding the fact that a populist is someone who is liked by the people. Wouldn’t that be democracy?

The PM of Hungary, Victor Orbàn, and Poland’s far-right Andrzej Duda, fall into this category and soon Italy’s government, basically led by the far right, deputy PM, Matteo Salvini, who calls the shots in Italy, to the detriment of the Five-Star lead party, will follow suit. Everybody who refuses to bend to Brussels’ rules is a ‘populist’. It’s that simple. And it’s no coincidence.

Back to the head-story: An Israeli private military contractor, Elbit Systems Ltd, has been awarded a contract to Monitor European Coasts, as reported by the Palestine Chronicle. Israel’s private defense contractor has “won” a 68 million dollars two-year contract, renewable by another two years, to survey most of European coastlines and to report to Brussels and the countries’ authorities. Universal surveillance and fascism are on the march – and running ever faster. This ‘bidding process’ was not an open competition. This was ‘one fascist hand washing the hand of another fascist. Yes, that’s as bad as we have become in Europe. And the populace has no clue, because they are comfortably seeing their freedom, their civil rights, their human rights, being eroded, ‘floated’ away, under the pretext of national security – and of course their own, the people’s security. – That’s what a few ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks can achieve – people scream for help, for police protection. The more the better. And who is better suited than a fascist state to respond to that call of desperation – to fulfill that fake role of protector?

Israel is known having armed the fascist Ukraine government. Israel’s purpose of policing the European coastlines is to prevent Palestine Gaza prisoners from escaping their horrible, horrible fate. Two million Palestinians need to be forcefully kept locked into this open-air concentration camp, being tortured, bombed, starved and finally killed. That’s what Zionist-Israel is all about. Mind you, that is no at all an anti-Semitic statement. There are millions of Israelis who disagree with this fascist policy. But they are being shut-up, they have no right to speak out – plus they are, like Europeans, constantly drip-by-steady-drip indoctrinated by lies, falsehoods and deceptions – that Palestinians are a danger for the survival of Israel.

This is simply NOT TRUE. It is a flagrant lie – a lie sustained by the United States, whose interest is permanent conflict in the Middle East to control the Middle Easts rich resources – and Israel is an important ally – more than an ally. Thanks to Israel’s and AIPAC’s (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the strongest Washington lobby) endless flow of money to Washington’s politicians – Israel, as the paymaster of political campaigns of both parties of the US-One-Party system – calls the shots. By Israel, is meant Zionist-led Israel, not the common people who want nothing more than peace and a friendly and harmonious relationship with Palestine; Israelis who are aware that they are actually camping on Palestine land – Israelis, who have not been blinded by those who have since 70 years purposefully distorted history, altered schoolbooks and pretend that this Holy Land is theirs, rather than a piece of land of mutual ownership, to be shared equally and with equal rights.

These Israelis, the vast majority, are not targeted with this article, or with the accusation of being fascists. It’s their dictator leadership, those who are in lock-step with the neofascist Trump Administration – and, well, those who call the shots in Washington, in all the so-called thinktanks (sic) that make US foreign policy. Neoliberal, cum neonazi Israel wants to eradicate Palestine, Iran, Syria, but they are in bed with the murderous Saudis – with the killers of tens of thousands of Yemeni children, with the brutal murderers of the entire Yemeni population through famine, destruction of water supply and sanitation systems, of lack-of-hygiene induced cholera and a myriad of other diseases.

Israel’s private defense contractor announced having won a two-year contract, renewable for another two years, with the EU Maritime Safety Agency. They will patrol the Mediterranean Sea and Europe’s Coast lines with drones and inform Europe’s authorities of ‘irregularities’, of refugee ships, of last-hope vessels carrying desperate people, escaping from western created misery in their lands. And Palestinian refugees are on the rise. They can no longer stand their abject fate under Israeli’s inescapable rules and cruel dictate. They seek refuge in Europe, paradoxically, they go to their hangman seeking shelter. But where else to go?

So, these unmanned Israeli military aircraft will automatically signal the defense forces of Israel to intercept any attempt of escaping Palestinians – to bring them back to their open torture chamber – which Gaza has become. – Gaza’s terror conditions have become the utter “normality” from the western populace, especially Europeans. They will just watch like Palestinians will be slaughtered into fear of escaping from their ‘life’ prison, called Gaza.

That’s what the west has become, or as my friend, Andre Vltchek, would say, they have colonized, enslaved and raped Asia, Africa and Latin America for at least a thousand years – why would you expect them to change? They have gotten away with murder for so long – why would they change? Today, they continue with (slightly) different methods – its financial slavehood. It’s the epitome of shameless criminal neo-colonialism. Israel’s two to four- year contract of their defense contractor serves as a mere proxy for the EU’s terror, lack of compassion and inhumanity. Mind you, the United States is just the heritage of Europeans migrated across the Atlantic.

The company, Elbit Systems Ltd, will provide European Union countries with maritime unmanned aircraft patrol services and in theory with nothing more -which is, of course, a flagrant lie. They will ex-contractually confiscate refugee boats, as miserable as they may be, contributing to more refugee deaths. In September 2018, UNHCR, Mediterranean refugee transfers have been deadlier than ever this year, having reached more than 1,600 so far.

“Rocket News” reports, “in October, Israeli companies signed purchase agreements with the United Nations for the provision of water and security service to UN forces in Africa. Israel also won a $777 million contract for the supply of India’s missile defenses, as well as being revealed as a lead exporter of tools for spying on civilians being used by dictatorships or authoritarian governments around the world.”

Rocket News continues, “Such deals and multi-million-dollar contracts over a variety of regions are seen as not only a benefit to the Israeli economy but also [as proof for] the reliability of its [Israel’s] services and the subsequent potential increase of its international credibility.”

Whatever Zionist-Israel does, the Chosen People, is for the good of Mother Earth. How long will it take until the populace inhabiting Mother Earth wakes up, screaming for fear and agony, bringing an end to this farce, this criminal Anglo-Zionist farcical dictatorship?

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.


الانقسام السياسي والتحذير من صعود الفاشية في أميركا

04 تشرين ثاني 15:53


رجالات المؤسسة الأمنية الأميركية أيضا يحملون مسؤولية التدهور الأمني لخطاب الرئيس ترامب الشعبوي والمفرط في السطحية. استضاف معهد الأمن القومي التابع لكلية الحقوق في جامعة جورج مايسون، بضواحي العاصمة واشنطن، جلسة حوارية مطلع الشهر الجاري حول “التهديدات والتحديات أمام المؤسسات الديموقراطية،” شارك فيها المدير السابق للاستخبارات الوطنية، جيمس كلابر، ومدير السي آي ايه الأسبق، مايكل هايدن. كلابر كأن أحد أهداف الطرود المتفجرة.

الحزب الجمهوري على أتم الجهوزية ليتحول إلى نسخة أميركية عن حزب (العدالة والقانون) البولندي الحاكم، مستغلاً نفوذه السياسي" الواسع

الحزب الجمهوري على أتم الجهوزية ليتحول إلى نسخة أميركية عن حزب (العدالة والقانون) البولندي الحاكم، مستغلاً نفوذه السياسي” الواسع

تمر أميركا بحالة استقطاب “غير مسبوقة منذ عدة عقود” بمطالبة الحزبين مؤيديهما من الناخبين بأوسع مشاركة في جولة الانتخابات التشريعية (النصفية) وبعض مناصب حكام الولايات: الحزب الجمهوري أرخى العنان للرئيس ترامب للمشاركة في الحملات الانتخابية مطلقاً وعوده وتهديداته في اتجاهات متعددة، والحزب الديموقراطي لا يزال خطابه حبيس هواجسه العدائية لروسيا علّها تنقذ إخفاقاته السياسية في التصدي الفاعل لسياسات الرئيس ترامب. أما جمهور الناخبين فيمضي لحشد وتنظيم معارضته للسياسات الإقصائية متوعداً بمعاقبة قاسية للطبقة الحاكمة في صناديق الاقتراع. بيد أن الجمهور الأميركي، بشكل عام، أرسل رسالة مدوية لصناع القرار حول حقيقة الخطر والتهديد القائم، وضاق ذرعاً بعد تعرض زبائن مطعم محلي في فلوريدا لحادث اطلاق نار دون مقدمات.

وكشفت يومية بوليتيكو، وهي نشرة محسوبة على تيار يمين الوسط الأميركي، عن نتائج استطلاع رأي فور وقوع الحادثة المشار اليها جاء فيه أن “58% من الناخبين اعتبروا ما جرى بأنه عنف سياسي،” توزعت النسبة على ذوي الميول للحزبين الديموقراطي والجمهوري، وحمّلت أغلبية من الناخبين “56% منهم المسؤولية للرئيس ترامب،” لاستنهاضه خطاب العداء والإقصاء وانقسام المجتمع وخرق الاتفاقيات الدولية مما عاد بالعزلة على الولايات المتحدة.

النائبة عن الحزب الديموقراطي، ماكسين ووترز، والتي كانت أحد أهداف الطرود المتفجرة، حفزت جمهور مؤيديها على “مواجهة أي مسؤول من الإدارة قد يرتاد مطعماً أو متجراً أو محطة وقود، ومحاصرته بحلقة من مؤيدين يتواجدون في المكان وإبلاغه رسالة مفادها أنه غير مرحب به في اي مكان بعد الآن.” أما الرئيس ترامب فقد أشاد بتوجيه نائب عن الحزب الجمهوري لكمة مباشرة لصحافي معتبراً التصرف نموذجاً “يمثلني.”

المؤسسة الإعلامية الأكبر، وهي شبكة سي أن أن للتلفزة، التي يكن لها الرئيس ترامب عداءً يردده في كل مناسبة ومن دون مناسبة، علقت في أحدى نشراتها الإخبارية على أحداث العنف السياسي بالقول إن “الرجل الأبيض” المدجج بالسلاح يشكل أكبر تهديد إرهابي على الولايات المتحدة، ووجهت النقد للجهات الرسمية لعدم “فرضها حظراً على الرجل الأبيض” المسلح.

رجالات المؤسسة الأمنية الأميركية أيضا يحملون مسؤولية التدهور الأمني لخطاب الرئيس ترامب الشعبوي والمفرط في السطحية.

استضاف معهد الأمن القومي التابع لكلية الحقوق في جامعة جورج مايسون، بضواحي العاصمة واشنطن، جلسة حوارية مطلع الشهر الجاري حول “التهديدات والتحديات أمام المؤسسات الديموقراطية،” شارك فيها المدير السابق للاستخبارات الوطنية، جيمس كلابر، ومدير السي آي ايه الأسبق، مايكل هايدن. كلابر كأن أحد أهداف الطرود المتفجرة.

كلابر حمل الرئيس ترامب المسؤولية المباشرة عن تنامي أحداث العنف “نظراً لأن مفردات خطابه لها دور مباشر في تجسيد نزعة التطرف .. وهي ليست بعيدة عما خبرته في التعامل مع تنظيمات مشابهة كداعش، الذي أتقن استخدام وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي لتجنيد عناصره،” في إشارة واضحة لمواقع التواصل التي تروج للخطاب العنصري والشعارات النازية في الداخل الأميركي.

وأضاف ساخراً من الرئيس ترامب “..استمرار العبقري المتزن في استنهاض نزعات من شأنها تأييد هذا النمط من التصرف، تقود إلى أننا مقبلون على تلقي مزيد من ذلك، وانا مقتنع بما أقول”.

هايدن في مداخلته شاطر زميله كلابر واستنتاجاته التي ذهب إليها في “.. تطابق مطالب المتشددين مع خطاب ينسجه رئيس الولايات المتحدة.”

الدوائر الرسمية والمسؤولون الأميركيون شديدوا الحرص على نفي وجود ظاهرة الفاشية في المجتمع، بخلاف بعض النخب والمفكرين البارزين.

وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية السابقة، مادلين اولبرايت، اصدرت كتاباً منتصف الصيف الماضي بعنوان مثير ومباشر الفاشية: تحذير، باللغتين الانكليزية والألمانية في وقت واحد، استعرضت فيه مراحل صعود الظاهرة وأفولها في اوروبا في القرن العشرين، كتيار سياسي مؤثر يتمتع بدعم شعبي داخل عدد من الدول الغربية بما فيها “بريطانيا والولايات المتحدة نفسها؛” محذرة من عودة الحركة الفاشية لسابق عهدها، وأنه “.. ليس هناك ما يمنع تدحرج الأمور مجدداً إلى تلك الهوة المظلمة.” ووصفت الرئيس ترامب وما يمثله بأنه “أول رئيس معادٍ للديموقراطية في التاريخ الأميركي بأكمله.”
تحذيرات اولبرايت وآخرين لها ما يدعمها من وقائع حية في مجمل الدول الغربية أبرزها “الانقسامات وحالات الاستقطاب .. وتفاوت الفرص والمنافع الاقتصادية دون أفق لتقليصها حتى على المدى المتوسط.” وشددت في تحذيرها على صعود “السياسيين الشعبويين إلى مواقع السلطة” وخطابهم المؤثر “عبر التلاعب والخداع” وتوجيه الأنظار نحو “عدو متخيل” دون التقدم بحلول حقيقية للأزمات البنيوية.

لهجة التحذير المشار إليها أخذت بعين الاعتبار صعود رمز “ومبشر الفاشية” في الإدارة الأميركية، ستيف بانون، الذي احتفظ بلقب “مستشار رئاسي للشؤون الاستراتيجية؛” ومضى لنشر افكاره في أوروبا، بعد اعفائه من منصبه في البيت الأبيض، عبر مؤسسة سياسية وفكرية، أسماها “الحركة،” ترمي لإطلاق ثورة شعبوية يمينية حاضنتها الاحزاب اليمينية الراديكالية، لتشجيع اليمين المتطرف في اوروبا الوصول إلى مراكز السلطة، كانت أولى ثمارها صعود رئيس وزراء يميني في ايطاليا، جوزيبي كونتي.

التحذير من صعود الفاشية الأميركية تناوله الخبير الاقتصادي الحائز على جائزة نوبل، بول كروغمان، في مقال نشره في يومية نيويورك تايمز، منتصف أيلول/ سبتمبر 2018، قائلا “..إن الحزب الجمهوري على أتم الجهوزية ليتحول إلى نسخة أميركية عن حزب (العدالة والقانون) البولندي الحاكم، مستغلاً نفوذه السياسي” الواسع. وأوضح أن الولايات المتحدة في نسختها السياسية الراهنة “.. تعاني من نفس الأعراض العنصرية البيضاء التي تجتاح العالم، والذي استطاع تدمير الديموقراطية في دول غربية أخرى، ونحن قريبون من نقطة اللاعودة.”

التحذير جاء أيضاً على لسان أحد أبرز “مفكري” المحافظين الجدد من اليمين الأميركي، روبرت كاغان، في غمرة حملات الانتخابات الرئاسية الماضية قائلاً “.. الحركات الفاشية لا تتجسد في فراغ ما لم تتوفر لها ايديولوجية متماسكة .. الفاشية لا تنجح (بالبرامج) السياسية فحسب، بل في التفافها حول رجل قوي، باستطاعته التغلب على أي تهديد دون الاضطرار إلى شرح كيف يتم ذلك.” (واشنطن بوست، 18 أيار/مايو 2016)
لعل السؤال المنطقي عند هذا المفصل يتمحور حول مدى “تجاوب” وتناغم مرشحي الانتخابات النصفية مع الخطاب الفاشي. في زمن وفرة المعلومات وآليات التدقيق الفوري لا يستعصى على المرء استكشاف تصريحات متعددة لمرشحين “عن الحزب الجمهوري” تفوح منها العنصرية وتمجد “العنصر الأبيض.”

أحدهم مرشح لمقعد نيابي عن ولاية كارولينا الشمالية، راسل ووكر، أعلن أنه “لا ضير في أن يكون المرء عنصريا.” (الوكالة الفرنسية، 30 تموز/يوليو 2018). ولعل ما يضاعف منسوب القلق حضور المرشح الجمهوري عن ولاية ويسكونسن، بول نيلن، والذي من المتوقع أن يتسلم منصب رئيس مجلس النواب خلفاً لسلفه المتقاعد عن الولاية عينها، بول رايان، في حال احتفظ الحزب الجمهوري بأغلبية مقاعد مجلس النواب.

نيلن يصنفوه مؤيدوه ومناوئيه على السواء بأنه ركن موثوق لتيار اليمين المتطرف – اليمين البديل، ينتظر ممارسة دوره القيادي ليمنح امتيازات عالية “للقوميين البيض” وتعيينهم في مناصب سياسية وثقافية حساسة. المرشح الجمهوري لعضوية مجلس الشيوخ عن ولاية فرجينيا، كوري ستيوارت، أثنى على زميله نيلن ووصفه بأنه “أحد ابطالي الشخصيين.” تزامن تقييم توجهات (نيلن) العنصرية مع ارتفاع معدل حوادث استدعاء الشرطة من قبل “اميركيين بيض .. يشتكون فيها من حضور أفراد ذوي بشرة داكنة” وهم يقومون بأداء اعمال اعتيادية، أدت في إحدى +المناسبات إلى اقتياد الشرطة لشابين أسودين مكبلين بالسلاسل من داخل مقهى “ستاربكس” كان يجلسان فيه بوضعية عادية

علماء الاجتماع الأميركي مولعون بنظرية “ستراس – هاو العابرة للأجيال” لتعقب الازمات والتكهن بالمستقبل؛ والتي ترتكز على فرضية أن التاريخ البشري يتحرك وفق أربع “حقبات متتالية” تشكل دائرة كاملة من التطور. ما يهمنا في هذا الشأن “الحلقة الرابعة،” والتي توصف بحقبة الأزمات من خصائصها انتشار “.. الفوضى السياسية، الانقسام، التآكل الاجتماعي والاقتصادي” مما يحفز فئات المجتمع الأميركي على التغول والتطرف. أما نهاية “الأزمة” لن تتأتى إلا بعد نشوب نزاع شامل يؤدي بالأميركيين إلى التوحد “اضطراريا” وبناء مستقبل أفضل

حالة الانقسام الحادة والتطرف المنتشرة في مناخ الانتخابات “النصفية” لها ما يبررها وفق النظرية أعلاه. فالمتشددون على جانبي التجاذب السياسي سيرفضون بقوة نتائج الانتخابات، خاصة وان الاتهامات بالتزوير لاحت بوادرها منذ الساعات الاولى لتطبيق “التصويت المبكر،” في عدد من الدوائر الانتخابية. وكلما كانت النتائج النهائية متقاربة بين الفريقين ستتعزز فرص اندلاع العنف والاقصاء تحصد ضحايا جدد من كافة الفئات الاجتماعية والتوجهات السياسية.

Welcome to the Jungle

October 31, 2018

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with Consortium News by special agreement with the author)

A troubling new era has begun in Brazil with the election on Sunday of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro as president, writes Pepe Escobar.

It’s darkness at the break of (tropical) high noon.

Jean Baudrillard once defined Brazil as “the chlorophyll of our planet”. And yet a land vastly associated worldwide with the soft power of creative joie de vivre has elected a fascist for president.

Brazil is a land torn apart. Former paratrooper Jair Bolsonaro was elected with 55.63 percent of votes. Yet a record 31 million votes were ruled absent or null and void. No less than 46 million Brazilians voted for the Workers’ Party’s candidate, Fernando Haddad; a professor and former mayor of Sao Paulo, one of the crucial megalopolises of the Global South. The key startling fact is that over 76 million Brazilians did not vote for Bolsonaro.

His first speech as president exuded the feeling of a trashy jihad by a fundamentalist sect laced with omnipresent vulgarity and the exhortation of a God-given dictatorship as the path towards a new Brazilian Golden Age.

French-Brazilian sociologist Michael Lowy has described the Bolsonaro phenomenon as “pathological politics on a large scale”.

His ascension was facilitated by an unprecedented conjunction of toxic factors such as the massive social impact of crime in Brazil, leading to a widespread belief in violent repression as the only solution; the concerted rejection of the Workers’ Party, catalyzed by financial capital, rentiers, agribusiness and oligarchic interests; an evangelical tsunami; a “justice” system historically favoring the upper classes and embedded in State Department-funded “training” of judges and prosecutors, including the notorious Sergio Moro, whose single-minded goal during the alleged anti-corruption Car Wash investigation was to send Lula to prison; and the absolute aversion to democracy by vast sectors of the Brazilian ruling classes.

That is about to coalesce into a radically anti-popular, God-given, rolling neoliberal shock; paraphrasing Lenin, a case of fascism as the highest stage of neoliberalism. After all, when a fascist sells a “free market” agenda, all his sins are forgiven.


Bolsonaro: Leader of trashy jihad.

The Reign of BBBB

It’s impossible to understand the rise of Bolsonarism without the background of the extremely sophisticated Hybrid War unleashed on Brazil by the usual suspects. NSA spying – ranging from the Petrobras energy giant all the way to then President Dilma Rousseff’s mobile phone – was known since mid-2013 after Edward Snowden showed how Brazil was the most spied upon Latin American nation in the 2000’s.

The Pentagon-supplicant Superior War College in Rio has always been in favor of a gradual – but surefire – militarization of Brazilian politics aligned with U.S. national security interests. The curriculum of top U.S. military academies was uncritically adopted by the Superior War College.

The managers of Brazil’s industrial-military-technological complex largely survived the 1964-1985 dictatorship. They learned everything about psyops from the French in Algeria and the Americans in Vietnam. Over the years they evolved their conception of the enemy within; not only the proverbial “communists”, but also the Left as a whole as well as the vast masses of dispossessed Brazilians.

This led to the recent situation of generals threatening judges if they ever set Lula free. Bolsonaro’s running mate, the crude Generalito Hamilton Mourao, even threatened a military coup if the ticket did not win. Bolsonaro himself said he would never “accept” defeat.

This evolving militarization of politics perfectly meshed with the cartoonish BBBB (Bullet, Beef, Bible, Bank) Brazilian Congress.

Congress is virtually controlled by military, police and paramilitary forces; the powerful agribusiness and mining lobby, with their supreme goal of totally plundering the Amazon rainforest; evangelical factions; and banking/financial capital. Compare it with the fact that more than half of senators and one third of Congress are facing criminal investigations.

The Bolsonaro campaign used every trick in the book to flee any possibility of a TV debate, faithful to the notion that political dialogue is for suckers, especially when there’s nothing to debate.

After all, Bolsonaro’s top economic advisor, Chicago Boy Paulo Guedes – currently under investigation for securities fraud – had already promised to “cure” Brazil by bearing the usual gifts: privatize everything; destroy social spending; get rid of all labor laws as well as the minimum wage; let the beef lobby plunder the Amazon; and increase the weaponizing of all citizens to uber-NRA levels.

No wonder The Wall Street Journal normalized Bolsonaro as a “conservative populist” and the “Brazilian swamp-drainer”; this fact-free endorsement ignores that Bolsonaro is a lowly politico who has only passed two pieces of legislation in his 27 lackluster years in Congress.

WhatsApp Me to the Promised Land

Even as large misinformed masses progressively became aware of the massive Bolsonaro campaign manipulative scams on WhatsApp – a tropical post-Cambridge Analytica saga; and even as Bolsonaro pledged, on the record, that opponents would have only two options after Sunday’s elections, jail or exile, that was still not enough to arrest Brazil from inexorably slouching towards a dystopian, militarized BET (Banana Evangelical Theocracy).

In any mature democracy a bunch of businessmen – via black accounting – financing a multi-tentacle fake news campaign on WhatsApp against the Workers’ Party and Lula’s candidate Haddad would qualify as a major scandal.

WhatsApp is wildly popular in Brazil, much more than Facebook; so it had to be properly instrumentalized in this Brazilian remix of Cambridge Analytica-style Hybrid War.

The tactics were absolutely illegal because they qualified as undeclared campaign donations as well as corporate donations (forbidden by the Brazilian Supreme Court since 2015). The Brazilian Federal Police started an investigation that now is bound to head the same way of the Saudis investigating themselves on the Pulp Fiction fiasco in Istanbul.

The fake news tsunami was managed by the so-called Bolsominions. They are a hyper-loyal volunteer army, which purges anyone who dares to question the “Myth” (as the leader is referred to), while manipulating content 24/7 into memes, viral fake videos and assorted displays of “Bolso-swarm” ire.

Consider Washington’s outrage at Russians that may have interfered in U.S. elections allegedly using the same tactics the U.S. and its comprador elites used in Brazil.

Smashing the BRICS

Crushing the BRICS (Russian presidency)


On foreign policy, as far as Washington is concerned, Reichskommissar Bolsonaro may be very useful on three fronts.

The first one is geo-economic: to get the lion’s share of the vast pre-salt reserves for U.S. energy giants.

That would be the requisite follow-up to the coup de grace against Dilma Rousseff in 2013, when she approved a law orienting 75 percent of oil wealth royalties towards education and 25 percent to health care; a significant U.S.$ 122 billion over 10 years.

The other two fronts are geopolitical: blowing up the BRICS from the inside, and getting Brazil to do the dirty work in a Venezuela regime change ops, thus fulfilling the Beltway obsession on smashing the Venezuela-Cuba axis.

Using the pretext of mass immigration from Venezuela to the Brazilian stretch of the Amazon, Colombia – elevated to the status of key NATO partner, and egged on by Washington – is bound to count on Brazilian military support for regime change.

And then there’s the crucial China story.

China and Brazil are close BRICS partners. BRICS by now essentially means RC (Russia and China), much to the disgust of Moscow and Beijing, which counted on Haddad following in the footsteps of Lula, who was instrumental in enhancing BRICS geopolitical clout.

That brings us to a key point of inflexion in the rolling Hybrid War coup, when the Brazilian military became convinced that Rousseff’s cabinet was infiltrated by agents of Chinese intel.

Still, China remains Brazil’s top trade partner – ahead of the U.S., with bilateral trade reaching $75 billion last year. In parallel to being an avid consumer of Brazilian commodities, Beijing has already invested $124 billion in Brazilian companies and infrastructure projects since 2003.

Chicago Boy Guedes has recently met with Chinese diplomats. Bolsonaro is bound to receive a top Chinese delegation right at the start of his mandate. On the campaign trail, he hammered that “China is not buying in Brazil, China is buying Brazil”. Bolsonaro might attempt to pull a mini-Trump sanction overdrive on China. Yet he must be aware that the powerful agribusiness lobby has been profiting immensely from the U.S.-China trade war.

A mighty cliffhanger is guaranteed to come at the 2019 BRICS summit, which will take place in Brazil: picture tough guy Bolsonaro face to face with the real boss, Xi Jinping.

So what is the Brazilian military really up to? Answer: the Brazilian “Dependency Doctrine” – which is a true neocolonial mongrel.

On one level, the Brazilian military leadership is developmentalist, geared towards territorial integration, well-patrolled borders and fully disciplined, internal, social and economic “order.” At the same time they believe this should all be carried out under the supervision of the “indispensable nation.”

The military leaders reason that their own country is not knowledgeable enough to fight organized crime, cyber-security, bio-security, and, on the economy, to fully master a minimal state coupled with fiscal reform and austerity. For the bulk of the military elite, private foreign capital is always benign.

An inevitable consequence is to see Latin American and African nations as untermenschen; a reaction against Lula’s and Dilma’s emphasis on the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and closer energy and logistical integration with Africa.

Can’t Rule Out Military Coup

Despite this there is internal military dissent – which could even open a possible way towards the removal of Bolsonaro, a mere puppet, to the benefit of the real thing: a general.

When the Workers’ Party was in power, the Navy and the Air Force were quite pleased by strategic projects such as a nuclear submarine, a supersonic fighter jet and satellites launched by Made in Brazil rockets. Their reaction remains to be seen in the event Bolsonaro ditches these techno-breakthroughs for good.

The key question may be whether there is a direct connection between the cream of the crop of Brazilian military academies; the “dependency generals” and their psyops techniques; different evangelical factions; and the post-Cambridge Analytica tactics deployed by the Bolsonaro campaign. Would it be a nebula congregating all these cells, or is it a loose network?

Arguably the best answer is provided by war anthropologist Piero Leirner, who conducted deep research in the Brazilian Armed Forces and told me, “there’s no previous connection. Bolsonaro is a post-fact. The only possible connection is between certain campaign traits and psyops.” Leirner stresses, “Cambridge Analytica and Bannon represent the infrastructure, but the quality of information, to send contradictory signals and then an order resolution coming as a third way, this is military strategy from CIA psyop manuals.”

Brazilian Military: Keeping an eye on Bolsonaro. (Wikimedia Commons)

There are cracks though. Leirner sees the arch of disparate forces supporting Bolsonaro as a “bricolage” which sooner or later will disintegrate. What next? A sub-Pinochet General?

Why Bolsonaro is not Trump

In The Road to Somewhere; The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics, David Goodhart shows that the driving force behind populism is not the fascist love of an ultra-nation. It’s anomie – that feeling of a vague existential threat posed by modernity. That applies to all forms of Right populism in the West.

Thus we have the opposition between “Somewheres” and “Anywheres”. We have “Somewheres” that want their nations’ democracy to be enjoyed only by the “home” ethnicity, with the national culture not contaminated by “foreign” influences.

And we have “Anywheres” who inhabit the roootless postmodern vortex of multiculturalism and foreign travel for business. These are a demographic minority – but a majority within political, economic, educational and professional elites.

This leads Goodhart to make a crucial distinction between populism and fascism – ideologically and psychologically.

The standard legal distinction can be found in German constitutional law. Right populism is “radical” – thus legal. Fascism is “extreme,” thus illegal.

Trump being labeled a “fascist” is false. Bolsonaro in the West has been labeled “The Tropical Trump.” The fact is Trump is a Right populist – who happens to deploy a few policies that could even be characterized as Old Left.

The record reveals Bolsonaro as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, weaponizing thug, favoring a white, patriarchal, hierarchical, hetero-normative and “homogenous” Brazil; an absurdity in a deeply unequal society still ravaged by the effects of slavery and where the majority of the population is mixed race. Besides, historically, fascism is a radical bourgeois Final Solution about total annihilation of the working class. That makes Bolsonaro an outright fascist.

Trump is even mode moderate than Bolsonaro. He does not incite supporters to literally exterminate his opponents. After all, Trump has to respect the framework of a republic with long-standing, even if flawed, democratic institutions.

That was never the case in the young Brazilian democracy – where a president may now behave as if human rights are a communist, and UN, plot. The Brazilian working classes, intellectual elites, social movements and all minorities have plenty of reasons to fear the New Order; in Bolsonaro’s own words, “they will be banned from our motherland.” The criminalization/dehumanization of any opposition means, literally, that tens of millions of Brazilians are worthless.

Talk to Nietzsche

The sophisticated Hybrid War rolling coup in Brazil that started in 2014, had a point of inflexion in 2016 and culminating in 2018 with impeaching a president; jailing another; smashing the Right and the Center-Right; and in a post-politics-on-steroids manner, opening the path to neo-fascism.

Bolsonaro though is a – mediocre – black void cipher. He does not have the political structure, the knowledge, not to mention the intelligence to have come so far, our of the blue, without a hyper-complex, state of the art, cross-border intel support system. No wonder he’s a Steve Bannon darling.

In contrast, the Left – as in Europe – once again was stuck in analog mode. No way any progressive front, especially in this case as it was constituted at the eleventh hour, could possibly combat the toxic tsunami of cultural war, identity politics and micro-targeted fake news.

They lost a major battle. At least they now know this is hardcore, all-out war. To destroy Lula – the world’s foremost political prisoner – the Brazilian elites had to destroy Brazil. Still, Nietzsche always prevails; whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The vanguard of global resistance against neo-fascism as the higher stage of neoliberalism has now moved south of the Equator. No pasarán.

Pepe Escobar, a veteran Brazilian journalist, is the correspondent-at-large for Hong Kong-based Asia Times. His latest book is 2030. Follow him on Facebook.

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Fascism on the March

October 30, 2018

by Peter Koenig for The Saker BlogFascism on the March

Latin America is re-converting into Washington’s backyard and as a sideline is returning to fascist rule, similar but worse than the sixties seventies and eighties, which stood under the spell of the CIA-led Operation or Plan Condor. Many call the current right-wing trend Operation Condor II which is probably as close to the truth as can be. It is all Washington / CIA fabricated, just with more rigor and more sophistication than Plan Condor of 40 and 50 years ago. As much as it hurts to say, after all the glory and laurels sent out to Latin America – with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Rafael Correa, Evo Morales, Lula, the Kirchners, José Mujica, Michelle Bachelet – more than 80% of the population of Latin America were living for some 15 to 20 years under democratically elected mostly left-leaning governments, really progressive. – Within no time, in less than 3 years the wheels have turned.

Latin America was for about 20 years the only western part of the world, that was fully detached from the fangs of the empire. It has succumbed again to the forces of evil, to the forces of money, the forces of utter corruption and greed. The people of Latin America have betrayed their own principles. They did it again. Humans remain reduced as in ancient times, to the unfailing powers of reproduction and ego cum greed. It seems in the end, ego and greed always win over the forces of light, of good, peace and harmony. That’s why even the World Bank calls corruption the single most hindrance to development. They mean economic development; I mean conscientious development. This time the trick is false and fraudulent election campaigns; bought elections; Washington induced parliamentary coups – which in Brazil brought unelected President Temer to power, a prelude to much worse to come, the fascist, misogynist, racist, and self-styled military man, Jair Bolsonaro.

The 2015 presidential election in Argentina brought a cleverly Washington manufactured win for Mauricio Macri, a friend and one-time business associate of Donald Trump’s, as it were. The election was manipulated by the by now well-known Machiavellian Cambridge Analytica method of cheating the voters by individualized messages spread throughout the social media into believing all sorts of lies about the candidates. Voters were, thus, hit on the head by surprise, as Macri’s opponent, the left-leaning Daniel Scioli of the Peronist Victory Front, the leader in the polls, was defeated.

Today Macri has adopted a fascist economic agenda, indebted the country with IMF austerity packages, increased unemployment and poverty from12% before his election in 2015 to close to 40 % in 2018. He is leading Argentina towards a déjà-vu scenario of the 80s and especially 1990’s when under pressure from the US, IMF and World Bank, the country was to adopt the US dollar as their local currency, or to be exact, Argentina was allowed to keep their peso, but had to commit to a one-to-one parity with the US dollar. The official explanation for this, in economic terms, criminal move (to impose the use of the currency of one country for the economy of another country is not only insane, its outright criminal), was to stop skyrocketing inflation – which temporarily it did, but to the detriment of the working class, for whom common staple and goods became unaffordable.

Disaster was preprogrammed. And the collapse of Argentine’s economy happened in 2000 and 2001. Finally, in January 2002, President Eduardo Duhalde ended the notorious peso-dollar parity. The peso was first devalued by 40% – then it floated towards a 70% devaluation and gradually pegged itself to other international trading currencies, like the euro, the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan. Eventually, the newly floating currency allowed the Argentine economy to get a new boost and recovered rapidly. Perhaps too rapidly, for Argentina’s own good.

The economy grew substantially under the left, fully democratically elected Kirchner Governments. Not only did the economy grow rapidly, it also grew in a widely ‘distributive’ mode, meaning reducing poverty, assessed at almost two thirds of the population in 2001, cutting it to about 12%, just a month before Macri was catapulted into office, by Washington and Cambridge Analytica in December 2015. Argentina has become rich again; she can now be milked again and sucked dry by the banking sector, and international corporatism, all protected by three to be newly established US military bases in the provinces of Neuquen, Misiones and Tierra del Fuego. They will initially be under the US Southern Command, but most likely soon to be converted into NATO bases. NATO is already in Colombia and may soon spread into Bolsonaro’s Brazil.

Though nobody really understands what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has to do in South America – the answer is unimportant. The empire suits itself with whatever fits the purpose. No rules, no ethics, no laws – everything goes under neoliberalism. NATO is to become a world military attack force under Washington’s control and directed by those few “enlightened”, pulling the strings from behind the curtains, form the deep dark state.

Macri marked the beginning of Latin America’s new fascism. South America struggled for 15 -20 years to become independent from the neoliberal masters of the north. It has now been reabsorbed into the northern elite’s, the empire’s backyard — yes, sadly, that’s what Latin America has become for the major part, a mere backyard of Washington.

Argentina’s Washington imposed right-wing dictatorship was preceded by Paraguay’s 2012 parliamentary coup that in April 2013 brought Horacio Cartes of the right-extreme Colorado party to power. The Colorado Party was also the party of Alfredo Stroessner, the fascist brutal military dictator, who ruled Paraguay from 1954 to 1989.

In Chile on 9/11 of 1973 a democratically elected socialist, Salvador Allende, a was overthrown under the guidance of the CIA and a brutal military dictator, Augusto Pinochet installed for almost 30 years. After a brief spring of center and left-leaning governments, Chile, in December 2017, has returned to right-wing, neoliberal politics with Sebastian Piñera, a former associate of Pinochet’s. With the surroundings of his neoliberal friends and close accomplices in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and even Ecuador, to be sure, he will move to extreme right, neo-fascist economic rules and, thus, please Washington’s banks and their instruments, the IMF and the World Bank.

Fascism is on the march. And this despite the fact that 99.99% of the population, not just in Latin America, worldwide, want nothing to do with fascism – so where is the fraud? Why is nobody investigating the scam and swindle in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia? – and then putting the results up for everyone to see?

In the meantime, we have learned about Cambridge / Oxford Analytica (CA & OA). How they operate and cheat the electorate. They themselves have finally admitted to the methods within which they operate and influence voters with lies – and with data stealing or buying from social media, mainly facebook; millions and millions of personal data to target electronically special groups of people – bombarding them with lies to promote or denigrate the one or the other candidate.

And precisely this happened in Brazil. A week before the run-off election that took place this past Sunday, 28 October, Fernando Haddad, (PT), launched a criminal investigation precisely for that reason against Bolsonaro’s campaign. Of course, nothing happened. All the judges, courts and lawyers are under control of the unelected corrupt right-wing Temer Government – which came to power by a foreign directed ruthless parliamentary coup, impeaching under totally false pretenses democratically elected Dilma Rousseff.

And now – there is nobody investigating what happened in Brazil, bringing a military boy, Jair Bolsonaro to power? The left is dead? Flabbergasted into oblivion -indeed? – How come? With all the lessons to be learned around the world, and not last in Argentina, the neighbor – why can the Brazilian left be so blind, outright naive, as to not understand that following the criminally legalized system in their country is following the path to their own demise and eventually to shovel their own grave?

From day One, the US firmly counts on Bolsonaro to encircle Venezuela, together with Colombia. President Trump has already expressed his expectations to work ‘closely together’ with the new Bolsonaro Government in “matters of trade, military – and earthing else.” Bolsonaro has already met with Mike Pompeo, the US Foreign Secretary, who told him that the situation in Venezuela is a “priority’ for Brazil. There you go; Washington dictates foreign leaders their priorities. Bolsonaro will oblige, for sure.

Wake up – LEFT! – not just in Latin America, but around the world.

Today, it’s the mainstream media which have learned the tricks and cheats, and they have perfected the Cambridge and Oxford Analyticas; they are doing it non-stop. They have all the fake and fiat money in the world to pay for these false and deceit-campaigns – they are owned by the corporate military and financial elite, by the CIA, MI6/5, Mossad – they are owned and directed by the western all-overarching neoliberalism cum fascism. The rich elite groups have free access to the fake and fiat money supply – its government supplied in the US as well as in Europe; debt is no problem for them, as long as they ‘behave’.

Yes. The accent is on behaving. Dictatorial trends are also omni-present in the EU, and especially in the non-elected European Commission (EC) which calls the shots on all important matters. Italy’s Fife-Star Eurosceptic Government presented its 2019 budget to Brussels. Not only was the government scolded and reprimanded for overstretching its accounts with a deficit exceeding the 3% EU imposed debt margin, but the government had to present a new budget within 3 weeks. That is how a not-so-well behaving EU government is treated. What a stretch of authoritarian EU rule vis-à-vis a sovereign government. And ‘sovereignty’ is – the EU boasts – the key to a coherent European Union.

On the other hand, France has for years been infringing on the (in)famous 3% rule. And again, for the 2019 budget. However, the French government received a friendly drafted note saying, would you please reconsider your budget deficit for the next year. No scolding. One does not reprimand a Rothchild Child. Double standards, corruption, nepotism, are among the attributes of fascism. It’s growing fast, everywhere in the west. It has taken on a life of itself. And the military is prepared. Everywhere. – If only they, the military, would wake up and stand with the people instead of the ruling elite that treats them like their peons. Yet, they are part of the people; they belong to the most common of the people. In the end, they get the same shaft treatment as the people – they are tortured and shot when they are no longer needed, or if they don’t behave as the neocon-fascists want.

So, Dear Military Men and Women – why not pre-empt such risks and stand with the people from the very beginning? – The entire fake and criminal system would collapse if it wouldn’t have the protection of the police and the military. You, dear Men and Women form the Police and Military, you have the power and the moral obligation to stand by the people, not defending the ruthless, brutal elitist and criminal rulers – à la Macri, Bolsonaro, Piñera, Duque, Macron, May and Merkel. And there are many more of the same blood.

One of the first signs for what was to happen throughout Latin America and spreading through the western world, was the “fake election” of Macri, in 2015 in Argentina. Some of us saw it coming and wrote about it. We were ignored, even laughed at. We were told – we didn’t understand the democratic process. Yes, right. In the meantime, the trend towards the right, towards a permanent state of Emergency, a de facto Martial Rule has become irreversible. France has incorporated the permanent state of emergency in her Constitution. Armed police and military are a steady presence throughout Paris and France’s major cities.

There are only a few, very few exceptions left in Latin America, indeed in the western world.

And let’s do whatever we can to save them from the bulldozer of fascism.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

Fascism Triumphs in Brazilian Presidential Election

October 29, 2018

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

In Sunday’s runoff presidential election, hardline Social Liberal Party (PSL) candidate Jair Bolsonaro defeated Workers Party (PT) aspirant Fernando Haddad with 55% of the vote.

He’ll succeed US-installed Michel Temer, serving as interim president after the Obama regime’s orchestrated coup d’etat, ousting democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, replacing her with illegitimate fascist rule – continuing under Bolsonaro.

A previous article explained that his campaign openly featured fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic rhetoric.

His running mate retired general Hamilton Mourao suggested a military coup is possible, adding “very well elaborated plans” are in place for the military to intervene against what he called “illicit acts.”

He and Bolsonaro praised Brazil’s 1964 – 1985 military dictatorship, a dark period when countless numbers of regime critics were kidnapped and murdered.

According to Bolsonaro, former Brazilian military despots didn’t go “far enough” in eliminating regime critics.

He’s openly anti-indigenous Brazilians, anti-Black; anti-gay, urging parents to beat their gay children.

He’ll take office for a four-year term on January 1 as Brazil’s 38th president, a former military officer turned hardline politician, certain to be a US favorite.

He’s pro-hardline governance, pro-dictatorial rule, pro-free-market predation, pro-neoliberal harshness, pro-gun, pro-torture, anti-populist, anti-equity and justice for all Brazilians.

According to historian Pablo Meriguet, he represents the “extremely dangerous for democratic processes…extreme right,” adding:

His economic agenda is likely to be “aggressiv(ely)” neoliberal without neoliberal ethics…an absolutely repressive state to benefit the most powerful layers” at the expense of ordinary Brazilians.

His elevation to power “means the consolidation of a new political model in which the usage of hatred and fear are paramount in order to generate political support…”

Governing this way “could cause a very serious crisis in Brazil. (He’s) openly intolerant, and that can have very serious repercussions” in a nation already hugely unequal.

His extremist rule risks potentially serious consequences. “I mean real dangers of war,” said Meriguet.

Sunday turnout barely over 70%, almost 29% of eligible Brazilians not voting or their ballots were marked null.

Dubbed a “Brazilian Trump” or a “Tropical Trump” by some media sources, he called America’s president his inspiration.

He’s pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, promising to move Brazil’s  embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, along with and shutting down the PLO office in Brazil.

Trump congratulated him on his triumph, promising to work closely with him, according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“We are going to change the destiny of Brazil,” he vowed – to the detriment of the vast majority of its people.

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Brazil – Bolsonaro Towards a Military Dictatorship – Worse than 80 Years Ago

October 23, 2018

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog

Brazil – Bolsonaro Towards a Military Dictatorship – Worse than 80 Years Ago

One week before the second round of voting in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, the extreme right-wing candidate from the Social Liberal Party (PSL), against Fernando Haddad from the Worker’s Party (PT), Lula’s Party, for Brazil’s Presidential run-off elections – Bolsonaro leads to polls by double digits, about 58 against 42. And the gap is growing, despite the fact that as recent as end of September 2018, Brazilian women campaigned massively against Bolsonaro with the hashtag #EleNao (Not Him). His misogynist record left him with only 27% of women supporters only a couple of weeks ago. Massive cheat-and lie-propaganda increased that ratio by now to 42%. – Does anybody seriously believe that Bolsonaro has changed his racist character and his women-degrading attitude? – It is mind-boggling how people fall for propaganda lies and manipulations.

The usual propaganda of deceit from the right has infiltrated every election in the last 5-10 years, starting with the sophisticated internet and propaganda fraud invented by Oxford Analytica (OA), which is largely believed having brought Trump to the White House, Macri to the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Macron to the Elysée in Paris and Mme. Merkel for the fourth time to the German Federal Chanceller’s office in Berlin – among others. OA is also said having helped the BREXIT supporters. In the meantime, OA’s dirty election manipulation methods have been mainstreamed to the mainstream media – with lots and lots of corporate and banking money.

In fact, the frontrunner Bolsonaro is currently being accused by his opponent Fernando Haddad, of a ‘fraud and fake news’ campaign, and that just a few days before the run-off. The charge is that Bolsonaro is running a multi-million-dollar defamation campaign against Haddad, via whatsapp and other social media. This means sending out literally millions of tailor-made messages to potential groups of voters. That’s the way of the of OA’s algorithms.

According to RT, Haddad told a media conference in Rio,

“We have identified a campaign of slander and defamation via WhatsApp and, given the mass of messages, we know that there was dirty money behind it, because it wasn’t registered with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.” This, after the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper uncovered a suspected election fraud. The publication alleges that a group of entrepreneurs are backing a multi-million-dollar slander campaign that would use several popular social media apps to reach out to Haddad supporters and smear his name with ‘fake news’.

We can only hope that the discovery of this slander and fraud may not be too late to stop Bolsonaro’s end run – and to inform voters. Leading to an indictment of Bolsonaro is hardly a realistic chance, as he is supported by the current corrupt and fascist-type Temer Government and all the high judges who have impeded Lula’s legitimate request for running for Presidency. Only voters’ consciousness may make a difference.

Imagine what happens, if Bolsonaro is elected? – It is hardly fathomable. Bolsonaro has already declared that if elected he will render full power to the military. “When I’m elected, those who will command are the (military) captains”. His word – in Portuguese.

He is a fascist no doubt. There were other fascist military governments in Brazil, like Getúlio Vargas, who reigned from 1930-1945 as a military dictator mostly by decree. He abrogated the 1891 Constitution and introduced a new one in 1934 which was overturned, when finally, in 1945 Vargas was deposed and a new democratization process began with a new Constitution being introduced in 1946. But that was not all for fascism and military dictatorship in Brazil. There was more to come in the decades preceding Lula.

Another brutal military government came to power in 1964 by a coup d’état by the Armed Forces. It ruled Brazil from 1 April 1964 to 15 March 1985 by President Joao Goulart. It came to an end when José Sarney took office on 15 March 1985. What’s important to know is that both the Vargas coup of 1930, as well as the 1964 military coup were supported by the US Embassy in Brazil and the State Department in Washington. Mr. Bolsonaro has already today – after the first election round – the full support of Washington. He was immediately congratulated by the Trump government after the October 7 election result were known.

If no miracle happens within the coming week, Brazil may be slanted to go back some 90 years, into a fierce military dictatorship. Worse, today with the neoliberal doctrine being the overarching last word on economic policies, also for the military. We are looking at full privatization of everything, of social services, water and health privatization has already begun; basic and profitable infrastructure, natural resources – and the IMF, World Bank, FED-Wall Street indebtment is already well under way and its future programmed, including a devastating austerity program which under unelected Mr. Corrupt Temer has already started.

In fact, economic disaster in terms of dependence on IMF, WB and the FED, may also loom under Haddad, who has already said he would work with the financial fiefdom of Washington. As Luiz Inacio Lula did, when he was elected in 2002. He was the “golden example boy” for the IMF, following strictly the rules he was taught would bring progress to his country. Later he realized what was actually going on within the financial sector of Brazil. He corrected some of the aberrations, but many stayed in place throughout Dilma Rousseff’s Presidency.

Brazil could become South America’s Greece – just multiplied by a factor of 100.

Just imagine the political and economic impact this would have on the Latin American region. Brazil is by far the largest economy of Latin America with a GDP of about 2.1 trillion US-dollars in 2017, a population of 210 million and a landmass 8.516 million km2 – and with the world’s largest known fresh water reserves. Trade without Brazil is unthinkable for Latin America and the world. Plus, a Bolsonaro regime would have full ideological and military support from Washington. In fact – Brazil may soon become the second South American NATO country after Colombia.

How would Venezuela feel, surrounded by two fierce militarized NATO countries? – Washington could just smile and watch, while Colombia and Brazil – and their NATO command – would do the rest. Or would they? – Venezuela is on the best way to detach herself from the dollar hegemony and ally with the East. And that not only in trade, but also in huge investments from China and Russia. Invading Venezuela would not be easy, despite NATO from the east and from the west and with the empire just across the Caribbean.

Back to Bolsonaro. It will not be as easy to thrash this fascist military doctrine, of a President, hitherto hardly known to the outside world, down the average Brazilians’ throats. Their vote and mind may be manipulated, but once they wake up – the election may be past, and the Temer policies implemented by factors of ten – social suffering will increase, à la Greece – people may simply not take it.

They will realize that this entire propaganda farce serves only a few Brazilian oligarchs, but mostly the transnational corporations and banks. – Will they take to the streets? Demand another government, fight for their rights? Brazilians are not (yet) the kind to double up and shut up, as the Greeks had to do, weakened by a Government of treason, by an absence of medical and other social services and by a low-low moral that is reflected in an exponentially rising suicide rate, according to the British Lancet. Brazilians may have learned a lesson.

Brazil and the BRICS. Already under Temer, Brazil’s role in the BRICS was merely anecdotal. It was clear that politically Brazil would and could no longer adhere to the principles that was behind the BRICS association, namely economic independence from the debt masters IMF, World Bank and FED. – What with Bolsonaro? – It would behoove the BRICS expulsing Brazil; sending Brazilians a warning now, before the run-off elections, that no fascist government could be admitted within the ranks of the BRICS. Fascism is the absolute antidote to the new alliances of SCO, BRICS, EEU, and newly the Caspian Sea Alliance (Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan).

But – and this is highly important – let’s not let it get out of hand. Let not Bolsonaro being elected this coming Sunday. Make the right choice now. Regardless what you are being manipulated to believe. Stand up Brazilians, Women and men – say #NAO Bolsonaro!

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organizationaround the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

Fascism, the Nazis and Israel


Are there valid comparisons to be made between Israel and Nazi Germany, or with other examples of fascist states in history? Just asking this question could get you into trouble as a British Labour Party member.

The party’s ruling national executive decided recently to do a U-turn on its code of conduct against anti-Semitism, and to embrace fully the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s discredited “working definition” of anti-Semitism. The highly criticised IHRA document includes a clause (an “example” of anti-Semitism) outlawing “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.”

This is just yet another example of why the document is useless as a definition of anti-Semitism. It was created by pro-Israel groups – in close consultation with Israel itself – purely as a weapon against the Palestine solidarity movement.

The IHRA document clause which outlaws criticism of Israel as “a racist endeavour” is intended precisely to outlaw political speech in support of Palestine. As any Palestinian will tell you, Israel as a state (not just the current “Israeli government”) is indeed structurally racist.

Its foundation as a “Jewish state” in a country whose population at the time was mostly not Jewish is the very definition of racism. This reality required violent gerrymandering by the Zionist militias who formed the nucleus of the nascent “Israel Defence Forces”. In 1948, the Haganah militia, along with the Stern Gang and Irgun terrorist groups, set about expelling 750,000 Palestinians from the country for the “crime” of not being Jewish. Their legitimate return and the return of their children has been blocked ever since using a combination of racist laws and extreme violence. That is nothing if not a “racist endeavour”.

Furthermore, Israel continues to be defined in its laws and practices as a “Jewish state” rather than a state for all of its citizens, 20 per cent of whom are Palestinian Arabs. The recent “Nation State Law” further entrenched this apartheid structure and made it even more explicit. However, this is by no means the only such law. Human rights group Adalah documents more than 65 laws which privilege Jewish citizens of Israel over Palestinian citizens of Israel, to say nothing of the millions of Palestinians the West Bank and Gaza Strip living under Israel’s regime of military dictatorship.

Comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany are usually made as an attempt to shock people into action against the violent extremism represented by the Israeli occupation. More often than not, they are a form of hyperbole. That in itself is not any form of anti-Semitism, of course, but sometimes such comparisons are made by Israel politicians, usually inadvertently. Far-right — and thus mainstream in the Israeli context — politician and then deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament Moshe Feiglin, for example, made one such comparison indirectly in 2014.

During that year ‘s murderous Israeli war against the civilian population of Gaza, Feiglin called for the “conquest” of Gaza, the “annihilation” of all resistance fighters and for “the civilian population” to be expelled and “concentrated” in “tent encampments” in Egypt’s Sinai Desert. Of course, Nazi Germany did not invent concentration camps. That was done long before by the German and British Empires in South-West Africa (later Namibia) and South Africa respectively. And a concentration camp is not the same as the death camps where Nazi Germany systematically exterminated some 6 million Jews and millions of others.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to see the spectre of fascism in Feiglin’s blood-curdling threats. That Israeli war in 2014 resulted in the killing of 2,200 Palestinians, including almost 500 children. Deliberately invoking concentration camps seems a special kind of threat; just like graffiti used frequently by the extremist “Jewish Defence League” in the occupied Palestinian city of Hebron— “Arabs to the gas chambers” — it seems calculated precisely to invoke the Nazis.

There’s also the well-documented (but under-reported) fact that Israeli weapons and training are being given to an actual Nazi militia in Ukraine. The Avoz Battalion is an extremely racist and anti-Semitic group being aided by Western nations as well as Israel.

While such far-right fascists are never going to join the Labour Party, ironically the party’s adoption of the IHRA “working definition” into its rule book could mean the threat of expulsion for anyone drawing attention to the fact that Israeli politicians themselves have made fascism-Nazi-Israel comparisons.

A similar chilling example was seen in a recent speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “There is no place for the weak. The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive.” There was much talk online that his speech seemed eerily reminiscent of a pre-war rant by Adolph Hitler.

If the Israeli Prime Minister seems to be making Nazi comparisons almost inevitable, why on earth should the Labour Party be banning them for being beyond the bounds of acceptable free speech?

By Asa Winstanley

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