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January 13, 2018

[Bombshell] Document Proves – Current President Best Ever

Steemit asked me for ID confirmation id confirmation

It’s been four years and four months since we lost Meng (Minnagh – Mingh) Airbase in northern Aleppo countryside to the NATO-sponsored terrorists, and since then the Syrian Arab Army is struggling to clean the massive parts of land taken by the evil empire and its mercenaries in Syria.

We can’t count the repercussions of that loss, in lives of innocent souls slaughtered, in massive areas of land, in direct incursions by the different NATO member states to the holy land of Syria, to the fall of other important cities, towns, and suffering of millions of internally displaced and fled away Syrians. It’s just too enormous.

I tried to outline the importance of that loss in my post ‘Meng Battle a Big Loss for the Axis of Resistance‘, and instead of many of the supposed to be pro-Syrians agreed to this loss and my anger towards all of assumed Syria’s allies, the Western operatives took it as an opportunity and a platform to attack me to the extent of once an Australian Intelligence agent described me as a “Traitor not only to Syria but to the whole world”…! They run a Facebook Group called ‘Syrian Revolution Untold Story’, led by a ‘High Ranking Freemason’ (in his own words), which they stole from its original creator, a Syrian lady activists, who made them admins to the group and they evicted her from her own group!

The reason behind their attacks was very simple. It’s the oldest tactic of divide and conquer. Create a schism among the pro-Syrian camp and then blame it on the members of the camp themselves. Well, have to admit, they did succeed for a while in that but with my insistence and the diligence of the Syrian activists, we managed to expose those planted foreign agents and enemies of Syria.

Last year 2017, we were shocked by a decision taken by YouTube, a subsidiary owned by Alpha (Google’s parent company), to suspend our YouTube channel, effectively deleting hundreds of our very important video reports I personally worked hard to translate to English and add the English subtitles to each one of them, and many of them were more than 40 minutes long.

Since we are a very small group of individual and independent activists, we are already struggling enough to maintain this website itself, we couldn’t maintain our own platform to host our videos, as even the case with many established news outlets who need a powerful platform to host their video libraries. And since Google decided to cut our earnings from ads published on our website, mind you, we barely make few cents a day from these ads, I was searching online for an alternative platform to at least host our videos there.

I did find a video hosting platform called Vidme (, which after uploading many of the videos I managed to find from our deleted library still stored in one of my Hard Disks, and updated many of the posts here with the relevant videos, Vidme platform went bust and ceased to exist. Seems they didn’t expect many people to use their service.

Finally, and thanks to James Corbett of The Corbett Report who posted a video promoting some alternative sites I found BitChute and Steemit. Two, so far, seems to be independent alternatives to the masters of censorship in Google, Facebook, Twitter and their subsidiaries and ilk.

I’m on Steemit since September 21, 2017, and managed so far to post 286 posts there including many videos as a backup and main new video clips through their amazing Dtube platform. I urge the readers here to check them out, and they do have an interesting reward scheme there for writers. However, I posted a recent post on Steemit revisiting the Meng Battle post and discussing how the Syrian Arab Army was overwhelmed by tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists, and how just recently I proved that Syrians can differ with their assumed allies openly and publicly and criticize their moves.

To my surprise the latest two posts were hit with a ‘Spam Warning’ and one of them suggested my ID there could be an attempt of an ID theft. I can highly commend them for their efforts to fight ID theft, but it could have been put in a nicer way though. An admin from Steemit asked me to prove my ID by a post here on to prove authorship of the content, so why not do both? Prove authorship and at the same time add a few thoughts.

image-Steemit Post for Identification
Steemit asked for ID confirmation of authorship.

I hope this will prove the authorship and I ask once again our dearest readers to share more of our posts, visit the ads placed by Google on our site here, you know every 100 cents make a dollar, and we highly appreciate any donation whether through PayPal you can use the button on the right side and top and bottom of any post, we even accept donations in any cryptocurrency, our Wallet ID is also placed on the side (1MPkajkNGbBU13XxwbTKcTpBKGJFiZjPZR).


Please consider signing this petition for Freedom of Speech Act (UK)

January 09, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


I never sign petitions or urge people to do so, but this is one is too important. We used to live in a free society. We used to love ourselves being free. We must reinstate elementary liberties now before it is too late. I do not know who initiated this petition but I am convinced that hate should be fought with ethics rather than laws.  Similarly “Ideas must be fought with other ideas, not with force.”

Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to “Hate Speech” laws

Please follow this link:

For several years now the government has been infringing peoples’ most basic rights to speak freely on matters, by deeming their speech “offensive” or “hateful” and declaring that such speech, even online, warrants being fined or jailed. This is an outrage.

More details

We demand the legal right to Free Speech, in an Act which will bring an end to the ludicrous notion that “hate speech” and “offensive speech” deserves people be imprisoned or charged. In short, an Act to codify the citizens’ right to freedom of speech without government intervention.

Ideas must be fought with other ideas, not with force.
Sign this petition

Ahed Tamimi’s Twitter Account Deleted

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RT is reporting that the Twitter account of Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen jailed for slapping an Israeli soldier, has been deleted. See report below

Twitter account of imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi deleted
Without explanation, the Twitter account belonging to imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi was deleted. Tamimi was arrested and imprisoned by the Israeli military.

Till yesterday Ahed’s twitter account was online (@ahedAlTamimi), today @twitter decided to delete the account. And we decided to do Another account and work on , Please follow @AlTamimiAhed and spread the word. we will not give up on our .

Another account has been created, calling for Twitter to reinstate Tamimi’s original account.

While it is unclear if Twitter itself deleted the account, Manal Tamimi, a relative of Ahed, suggested Twitter did indeed ban the account.

I’m not sure about that & not think her father did, I expect that Twitter deleted it due to a campaign or a call by zionists to block it or delete it

The Palestinian teenager was arrested last week after a video of her slapping Israeli soldiers who were blocking the steps at her family’s house went viral. Israeli forces confiscated computer equipment from the Tamimi residence during the nighttime raid. It is possible that Israel accessed Ahed Tamimi’s account from those computers.

Tamimi’s cousin Nour was also arrested. Her mother Nariman Tamimi was detained as well, when she went to the police station where her daughter was being held.

The Tamimis are prominent anti-occupation activists who reside in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. They lead demonstrations every Friday to protest the confiscation of the village’s well for the nearby settlement of Halamish.

READ MORE: A tale of two girls: Ahed Tamimi and Bana al-Abed highlight media bias

An Israeli soldier shot Ahed Tamimi’s brother Mohammad, 14, in the head during a demonstration on December 22. He has been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery and a medically induced coma.

14yr-old Mohamed Tamimi, cousin of Ahed, is released from hospital after being shot by Israel 

 The Tamimis have long been targeted for their activism. In 2011, an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas canister from closer range at Mustafa Tamimi, killing him. Israel’s Military Advocate General cleared the soldier who fired the canister of any wrongdoing. The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said the ruling “conveys the indifference of the military law enforcement system to the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank.”

While it is unknown if Israeli authorities requested that Twitter suspend Tamimi’s account, the social media giant has collaborated with Israel before. In 2016, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked revealed that Twitter was removing content it deemed “harmful.”

RT reached out to Twitter for comment on the suspension of Ahed Tamimi’s account but had not received any response at the time of publication.

Jens Wernicke –Another Jerusalemite to the list

I’m Not Racist, am I?

December 10, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

I’m Not Racist:

The above video is rapper’s Joyner Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist.” It’s uncomfortable for some of us to watch, but within a few days it was viewed by  12 million people.

The video opens with a big white man in a “Make America Great Again” hat ‘speaking his mind,’ by expressing what many white Americans believe about blacks.  In the second verse, the song takes a surprising turn — a young black man in dreadlocks tells his story and counters each of the white man’s identitarian generalizations.

Why has I’m Not Racist  attracted millions of viewers? Because unlike Western academia, media, politicians and progressives who try to suppress the way people think and express themselves, the artist here attempts to reshape the universe, offering a prospect of unity.

While oligarchs and their identitarian lapdogs push us into race wars, religious conflicts, immoral interventionist disasters  and identity battles, beauty focuses on the universal. Art shows us how to escape from the dystopia inflicted by the Soroses and their cultural and political mercenaries.

In I’m Not Racist’s  final scene we see forgiveness. The white and the black men reconcile. The big Trump supporter and the young black man embrace.  Human bonds prevail. Let us try extend this exercise a bit. Can we imagine an Israeli and a Palestinian telling each other what they really think about each other? I think we can. Can we think of a Jihadi Muslim playing a similar role with a  global war enthusiast? I think we can.

But what about a Goy and a Jew? Can we envisage a video of a Goy shouting angrily at a Jew what many Goyim think about Israel, choseness, the Fed, Goldman Sachs, Soros, Hollywood, the Holocaust industry, the Holodomor, Palestine, AIPAC, CFI, the Lobby, Weinstein, Epstein, Lord Janner?  Would a video with such content survive for one day on youtube? Can we also imagine an angry Jew standing in front of a camera sharing the Jewish side of the story? Will he proffer the Jewish view of the world and in particular, the Goyim?  Will he tell us the meanings of  Goyishe Kopfshiksa and Shvartze ? I suspect that we all know the answer to this. It is not going to happen for the same reason it has never happened.

Those who self identify (politically) as Jews are often removed from the realm of the universal.  When they ‘oppose racism,’ they are too often primarily concerned with antisemitsm. Even when they support the Palestinians, they do so within racially exclusive Jewish political cells as JVPs can attest. When they fight for ‘freedom of Speech on Israel’ within the Labour Party they still operate as the ‘Jewish’ Voice for Labour and form an ‘all-Jewish panel.’

freedom of speech on on PLS.png

It is a reasonable argument that the Jew/Goy relationship is volatile territory, guarded and even policed by a variety of means including legal measures.

Rapper Joyner Lucas crosses the black/white divide because for him being in the world is being amongst others.  To achieve the same goal, Jews must find a way to rid themselves of all traces of choseness and exceptionalism. And here is the Jewish dilemma once again – when Jews do that, when they drift away from choseness, they become ordinary boring humans, they stop being Jews they become Goyim. Some Jews in the past have chosen this path – they have successfully blended into the universal.

الموت البطيء… حُكم آل خليفة على الشيخ عيسى قاسم

الموت البطيء… حُكم آل خليفة على الشيخ عيسى قاسم

نور مريم الزين

موتاً بطيئاً، هكذا قرّر آل خليفة، حُكّام النظام البحريني، طريقة النيل من أبرز خصومهم السياسيين، الشيخ عيسى قاسم، الذي هو أهم المرجعيات الدينية في البلاد. رصاصةٌ واحدة كانت كفيلةً بوضع حدّ لأشدّ خصوم النظام يوم اقتحمت القوات الأمنية منزل قاسم في الدراز (شمالي غربي البلاد)، في أيّار الماضي، حينما أجبرته على الإقامة الجبرية فيه. وأدى الهجوم آنذاك إلى سقوط خمسة شهداء وعشرات الجرحى من المعتصمين أمام منزله، حيث تحوّل إلى «ساحةٍ للفداء»، كما سمّاها البحرينيون.

ويُقال آنذاك إن الملك «طأطأ سلاحه عن وجه قاسم حتى لا يناله عار قتل أكبر مرجعية دينية لشيعة البحرين»، وأيضاً في محاولة منه لحفظ ما تبقّى من «ماء وجهه» أمام المجتمع الدولي.

يقبع قاسم في منزله المحاصر بنصف وزنه بعدما سحبت جنسيّته، رافضاً المغادرة الفورية من الوطن الذي لبثت فيه عائلته عقوداً، مع اتهام آل خليفة لهم بأنهم «عجمٌ وليسوا عرباً»، إذ تحت قوّة السلاح، خضع الرجل الثمانيني للإقامة الجبرية، لكنّه ظلّ صامداً حتى أنهكه المرض.

الطبيب الذي زار قاسم، أوّل من أمس، تحت حراسة مشددة من وزارة الداخلية، أكّد أن «أبو سامي» يعاني فتقاً خطيراً تسبّب في نزيفٍ داخلي في جسده النحيل. فـ«الأدوية لم تعد فعّالة، لكن مجموعة عمليات جراحية، وبإشراف طاقمٍ طبي مختص، كفيلةٌ بشفاء الشيخ»، وفق الطبيب.

وبعد تشخيص إصابة قاسم بنزيف غير قابل للعلاج في المنزل، ما زال الرجل طريح الفراش، ولم تحرّك السلطات ساكناً حتى الساعة. مرّ يومان ولم تظهر سيارة إسعافٍ لتقلّه إلى المشفى، ولم تنبس «الداخلية» ببنت شفّة، فأي تصريحٍ علني برفضها تأمين العلاج سوف يثبت إخضاع «الشيخ» للإقامة الجبرية، وهو ما لم تعلنه الحكومة يوماً، لكنها تنفذه منذ ستة أشهر.

وفق معلومات «الأخبار»، لم يوافق قاسم، في بادئ الأمر، على أن يأتي أحد بطبيبٍ حتى لا يتعرض الأخير لخطر التحقيقات والاعتقال بسببه، كما رفض أي معالجةٍ تأتي من جهةٍ غير موثوقة، ولا سيّما أن التخلص منه يأتي في صلب اهتمامات الحكومة وحلفائها في الخليج.

في هذا السياق، أكّد النائب السابق عن «كتلة الوفاق»، علي الأسود، أن «هناك مشروعاً لتصفية الشيخ»، مشيراً إلى وجود «تدويلٍ لقضية الشيخ عيسى قاسم، إذ تستخدم الحكومة هذا الملف كورقةٍ أخيرة للمناكفة السياسية في الصراع السعودي ــ الإيراني». وأضاف في حديث إلى «الأخبار» أن «حرمان الأب الشيخ عيسى قاسم العلاج هو لعب بالنار بالنسبة إلى آل خليفة».

علماء البحرين أكّدوا بدورهم حراجة الوضع الصحي للزعيم الديني، ووجّهوا في بيان دعوة إلى «الشعب من أجل النزول في الشارع رجالاً وشباباً ونساءً وأطفالاً، وإعداد النصرة، عبر الخروج في المسيرات السلميّة في جميع المناطق، في ليلة الجمعة القادمة… في هبّة جماهيرية غيورة على سلامة الوطن، وسلامة فقيهه وقائده»، واحتجاجاً أيضاً على «تصاعد حملات القمع والمداهمات والاعتقالات، ورفضاً للزجّ بالوطن وقضاياه في النزاعات والتصفيات الإقليمية».

وحذّر البيان من أن «الوطن ما عاد يحتمل أكثر، والانفجار وشيكٌ إنْ لمْ يُتدارك… المسؤولية الشرعية والوطنية تحتّم على الجميع التحرّك قبل وقوع الكارثة وحدوث ما لا تحمد عقباه».

هذا المشهد يوضح أن النظام لا يدرس أبعاد الأزمة السياسية التي وصلت حدّ الانفجار مع تهديد الحكومة بوضوح لصحة قاسم وحياته، الأمر الذي يراه معظم البحرينيين تعرّضاً مباشراً لهم، ومسّاً بأكبر رموزهم.

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B is for Book Burners

November 23, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

book burners.jpg

The New York Daily News reports that Leaders of a prominent West Side synagogue are threatening to cancel a book fair next month unless a nearby store ditches a pro-Palestine children’s book.

P is for Palestine” teaches children the alphabet using Palestinian references. But Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch  (photo above) of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue said it also glorifies violence.

“The book states that ‘I is for Intifada,’ Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!” Rabbi Hirsch said in an open letter posted on the temple’s website. “The intifada was not ‘a rising up for what is right.’ It was a mass descent into immorality.”

It would be helpful if the Rabbi explains to us how a popular uprise against a brutal racist occupier is ‘immoral.’  I would also like to learn from the rabbi whether book burning is a reform Jewish value, it has clearly become a popular exercise.

The book “P is for Palestine” is on sale at the Book Culture bookstore on Columbus Ave. on the Upper West Side.

Or buy online here 

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