This EDL guy wants less Muslims & more people like him in the UK

This interview was aired as part of a documentary for Press TV on the 9th March 2011. Watch how ridiculous this particular EDL supporter’s answers to the reporter’s questions are. I think this really is indicative of the stupidity and idiocy of the EDL rank and file, they are being used as a part of a pan-Europeon anti-Muslim agenda. It is time people wake up!

For more information on the EDL please visit the following links: – link to blog for ‘Exposing the EDL’, containing many articles – link to Exposing Racism and the EDL’s twitter account… – link to Richard Coughlan’s video on the relevation that EDL leader Stephen Lennon protected and then lied about EDL sex-offender Richard Price




Charlie Hebdo is rife with the choking hypocrisy that has become commonplace in the post 9/11 world


Media Spinning of Charlie Hebdo Killings Ignites Wave of Anti-Muslim Fury

The outpouring of support for anti-Muslim bigotry in the aftermath of last week’s outrageous attack on French ‘satirical’ newspaper Charlie Hebdo is rife with the choking hypocrisy that has become commonplace in the post 9/11 world.

The attack on the paper’s Paris office and the murders of ten staff members as well as two police officers was a despicable act of violence but it was not an attack on free speech no matter how hard that the media sells the narrative. If officials are to be believed – lying is typically always their first if not only resort – then the attack was the work of radical Islamist extremists waging jihad against the west.

Considering that Charlie Hebdo was a forum for so many vile and repulsive cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed as well as portraying Muslims in the most insulting, stereotypical ways possible, that wouldn’t be a reach. It would hardly be surprising that the paper would be targeted by such types because quite frankly, when you make a living out of baiting religious fanatics don’t be surprised if one day they turn up on your doorstep.

While it is true that Charlie Hebdo also published repugnant imagery of other religions — including Jesus Christ engaging in anal sex — they were a minority among those ridiculing Muslims. The one inescapable fact is that Charlie Hebdo was a hate rag and a hypocritical one at that. A former writer was sent packing for “inciting racial hatred” after writing a column alleged to be critical of Jews. He was subsequently put on trial by that bastion of freedom that is France. So much for the all-inclusive mockery that the corrupt media has invoked as a smokescreen for the paper’s blatant anti-Muslim agenda.

Julius Streicher, who was hanged with other Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg ran a fine little paper back in the day that was famous for publishing cartoons and editorials that mocked and denigrated a particular religion. Der Sturmer was instrumental in fomenting the climate of hatred that would lead to the state sponsored extermination of over 6 million Jews. Like Charlie Hebdo, Der Sturmer also mixed in cartoons that smeared Catholics and others to provide some ‘balance’ but the primary purpose was to dehumanize Jews, just as Charlie Hebdo does with Muslims.

The French paper was just another propaganda arm of the powerful anti-Muslim hate network, a foreign counterpart to domestic American chop shops the likes of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! For America and David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine being but a few of the more widely known hate factories of which there are legion.

The massive rally in Paris on Sunday – hijacked by murderous scum the likes of Israel’s megalomaniac leader Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu who stands to benefit the most from the calls for blood vengeance against Muslims – is a grim harbinger for the wave of hate and repression that is about to be unleashed.

Netanyahu drew some criticism for his comments that the September 11, 2001 “terrorist” attacks were “good for Israel” and is already eagerly exploiting the Charlie Hebdo murders. The acceptance of the Palestinians by the International Criminal Court (ICC) didn’t get much media play, being immediately swallowed by the Paris murders but Bibi and his stooges in the U.S. Congress will exact their pound of flesh soon enough. Avenging ten dead anti-Muslim propagandists and two cops will serve as their rallying cry.

The most troubling aspect of the Charlie Hebdo killings is the response, particularly in the American Homeland. The hysterical state-corporate media has been pushing all of the right buttons, especially at CNN which has turned itself into a propaganda arm of the Deep State elements that are itching for a global war on Muslims to compensate for flagging ratings.

CNN has brought in the retired ultra-fascist Mike Rogers who used his position as boss of the House Intelligence Committee to defend the NSA and surveillance state and regularly took to the Sunday morning airwaves to peddle lies. Rogers churned out more whoppers than Burger King when the media still saw fit to report on the actions of heroic former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He regularly accused Snowden of being a Russian agent, but never bothered to offer any proof. He will be a natural fit at CNN now that he has a regular nationally televised pulpit to his lies preach from.

The fear is being ratcheted up over Charlie Hebdo and the neocons who effectively run U.S. foreign and domestic policy are using the Rahm Emanuel maxim of “never let a serious crisis go to waste” by using the incident to push for Draconian enhancements to the already choking national security state. It has come to this in America, the murder of a dozen people in a f*cking foreign country can be used as a mobilizing force to push the Clash of Civilizations. The star spangled sheep have been so conditioned now that it doesn’t even take the destruction of skyscrapers to whip them up into an orgiastic blood frenzy.

The murders also nicely coincide with the beginning of the next iteration of the permanent political campaign that will culminate in the coronation of Barack Obama’s successor in 2016. The Republicans assuredly will sink to new lows in fear-mongering and demagoguery over the Muslim phantom menace as they troll for the rubes. The Hillary Clinton led Democrats will match the rhetoric of their more overtly fascist counterparts blow for blow.

That liberals are so eagerly signing up in the western war on Muslims with their “I am Charlie” proclamations and articles supporting “freedom” of the press shows that they are as easily duped as low-information conservatives. One of the most cherished “liberal” voices is that of HBO’s virulently bigoted Bill Maher whose professed atheism is a cloak for his foaming at the mouth hatred of Muslims. Whether he is really an atheist or just plays one on television is a matter of speculation. So incessant has the brainwashing been, thanks to over a decade of post September 11, 2001 agitprop, that it is clear just how quickly that Muslims will be targeted if there happens to be some sort of “terrorist” attack that takes place on domestic soil.

The Charlie Hebdo attack is a tragedy on multiple fronts and there are many who will suffer as a result. The first tragedy is of course that of the actual victims whose lives were so brutally ended on that day and whatever they may have been guilty as far as agitation and promulgating hate they did not deserve that. The people of France are also victims and once their fear and outpouring of emotion over the murders dissipates they will soon see that it has provided renewed justification for a crackdown by authorities. French military troops are already being put on the streets – unsubstantiated reports of sleeper cell activation was reported – while the governments of Europe and the U.S. ponder additional enhancements to the imperial security state. Americans will also continue to lose as the Constitution will become even more detached from the government, money that could be better used domestically will be spent on more foreign interventions, domestic spying and a burgeoning security state beast that can never eat enough.

Lastly, the millions of Muslims who practice their religion and abhor violence will increasingly be targeted by restrictions on their freedom, invasion of their privacy and of course violence against themselves and their places of worship. When you have a powerful, connected, global media mogul like Rupert Murdoch whose immediate reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks was to launch a Tweet that called for holding all Muslims “responsible” for the actions of extremists it carries clout. Particularly to that particular American based demographic who rely solely on Fox News for their information and are already itching to lock and load over the percolating domestic problems of race in the aftermath of Ferguson and New York City. It is inevitable that official state crackdowns will be accompanied by pogroms given the level of poison that has been dumped into the mass media over the years.

While history always repeats – although never exactly – it is apparent that Muslims are well on the way to becoming the new Juden thanks to those who benefit by exploiting tragedy to serve their own ends.


The Zionist Strategy Of Demonizing Islam

Via Intifadah Palestine
26. Aug, 2010

Part 3 of 4: Financial Warfare Global Campaign
Bishop Donald R. Corder  –  Intifada Palestine

By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way. This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an Economic Crisis, which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a Universal Economic Crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot. Jews will be safe. Excerpts from “Protocols of the Meetings of the 70 Learned Elders of Zion.”

In July, 1944, during World War II, economist John Maynard Keynes of England, and Harry Dexter White of the United States, organized the United Nations’ Monetary and Financial Conference (or Bretton Woods Conference) in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to lay out a plan of stabilizing the world economy. In the early 1960′s, the American economy began declining, and the international situation became unbalanced again. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced a new economic policy. The dollar was devalued, and its convertibility to gold was suspended. These moves, offered relief to the country’s economic woes, but was an indication that he was retreating from the global policies which were formulated during the 1960′s.

This series of drastic changes in the U.S. international policy motivated David Rockefeller (a Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and head of the Illuminati in the U.S.), who, after attending the Bilderberg Conference (a Jewish Who’s Who) and consulting Zbigniew Brzezinski, wanted to “bring the best brains in the world to bear on problems of the future.” Speaking at Chase Manhattan International Financial Forums in London, Brussels, Montreal, and Paris, he proposed the creation of an International Commission of Peace and Prosperity (which would later become the Trilateral Commission) in early 1972. “The Trialateral Commission: Final Warning: A History of the New World Order” by David Allen Rivera.

Journalist Bill Moyers a member of the Council of Foreign Relations  (CFR), wrote about the power of purported House of Rothschild stooge David Rockefeller in 1980: “David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class, a multinational fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital…Private citizen David Rockefeller is accorded privileges of a head of state…He is untouched by customs or passport offices and hardly pauses for traffic lights.” In his 1979 book Who’s Running America?, Thomas Dye said that Rockefeller was the most powerful man in America. “…conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” —–David Rockefeller

For the Trilateral crowd, the game is about over and the endgame is at hand according to the recent reemergence of original members Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and Paul Volker serves to reinforce the conclusion that the Zionist New International Economic Order is near. As serpentine agent for the Theodor Herzl Jewish State the Trilateral Commission and its members have engineered the global economic, trade and financial system that is currently in a state of total chaos. They are using the crisis to destroy what remains of national sovereignty, so that a New Zionist World Order can finally and permanently be put into place.

The Obama presidency was elected by promising to bring change, yet from the start change was never envisioned. He was carefully groomed and financed by the Trilateral Commission and their friends. In short, Obama is merely the continuation of disastrous, non-American policies that have brought economic ruin upon us and the rest of the world. The Obama experience rivals that of Jimmy Carter, whose campaign slogan was “I will never lie to you.”  The August Review Global Elite Research Center Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame by Patrick Wood, Editor January 30, 2009.

No other people in the history of mankind have assembled themselves against the world according to the Zionist design for global domination. Wherein, the Protocols energizing Theodore Herzl’s Jewish State reads, “We must arm ourselves with all the weapons which our opponents might employ against us. The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces – are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war. The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings: the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.”

“We must compel the governments of the GOYIM (non-Jews) to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly promoted by us through the means of that so-called “Great Power” – The press, which, with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands. In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.” (The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905; Japan; Iraq and Afghanistan – Ed.).

We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National auto-determination practiced in past centuries.– David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991. Quotes by Rockefellers.

Dark guile giving birth to these governing Protocols provides the collective genius of a people who relegate the Palestinian peoples as mere animals and bring the notions of their racial superiority and global conquest to the negotiation tables. Through reading the Protocols, The Jewish Talmud and “The Jewish State” written by Father of Modern Zionism, the late Theodore Herzl we engage the wars that are fought for control of our minds, self-interests and agendas. Quantum breakthrough in every facet of diplomacy, business and return of the Golan Heights is accomplished when we open our eyes to see that we are dealing with a spiritual monster whose design is to devour whatever decency we have in our Goyim hearts and suck our blood according to the writings of their books.

Direct negotiations have no place for an Arab win in the annals of Zionist literature. Where Netanyahu’s recent declaration, that there is to be no Palestinian State in the foreseeable future. His latest published confession of having lied to President Bill Clinton was necessitated in order to destroy the Oslo Accords. Or how within these last weeks the United Nations and President Obama were employed to cry out for calm after Lebanese border dispute and Israel returns to complete the demolition of Lebanese property having quieted the overt hostilities.

“The trick,” Netanyahu says, “is not to be there [in the occupied territories] and be broken; the trick is to be there and pay a minimal price.” …Hence the saying:  If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Sun Tzu… “The Art of War.”

Until there is an American Intifada of Zionist and a global awakening to the madness framing the lusts of the Zionist pursuit. The people of the Middle East must stop, consider and shake off the historic usury of American foreign aid after the manner of Lebanon’s Defense Minister Elias al-Murr. Who told reporters, …any party that wished to help the military had to do so without any conditions. “This person wants to make military aid conditional on not protecting (Lebanon’s) land, people and borders against Israeli aggression. Let them keep their money or give it to Israel. We will confront (Israel) with the capabilities we own.” Complexities facing the ruling elite and sovereign must serve to bring the people’s of the region closer with that leadership in order to diffuse the Zionist agendas and terrors referred to in the Protocols levied against them.

Let us not go quietly into the night of eternity or national obliteration. Rather, let those who pray…PRAY.  Those who organize…ORGANIZE. Those on the inside…LEAK. Those who care…REMEMBER … “Her eyes are Palestinian. Her name is Palestinian. Her dress and sorrow Palestinian. Her kerchief, her feet and body Palestinian. Her words and silence Palestinian. Her voice Palestinian. Her birth and her death Palestinian …”Mahmoud Darwish.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Intifada Palestine

Special Thanks to our Writer Bishop Donald R. Corder
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Bishop Donald R. Corder is the spiritual leader of the Spirit of Life International Believers Fellowship and Senior Pastor for the Pillar of Truth Ministries.

Mr. Corder is a published author, grassroots organizer and community activist, in addition to his work in urban and international development as a business consultant and entrepreneur. 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Paul Balles : Islamophobia and hate crimes

Paul Balles

– 30. May, 2010 


A hate crime or bias motivated crime occurs when the perpetrator of the crime intentionally selects the victim because of his or her membership in a certain group.
According to The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, 12 in 100,000 Muslims were reported as being the victim of hate crimes. It’s important to note that 15 in 100,000 Jews were reported being the victims of hate crimes.

The significant difference comes in the handling of these crimes.  Critical comments that associate anyone with being Jewish are simply forbidden. While a criminal like Bernie Madoff was referred to as Jewish, it was usually with a rejection of his Jewishness.
Forums recorded remarks like “Madoff is an embarrassment to our community. How does one get so greedy? It reinforces all the stereotypes about Jews. Very sad indeed.”
When a Muslim does something wrong, he’s portrayed as a member of an extremist religion. Popular expressions refer to a Muslim as a jihadist. Jihad is simply the process of “exerting the best efforts,” involving some form of “struggle” and “resistance”, to achieve a particular goal.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington-based Islamic advocacy group, reported anti-Islamic remarks by a range of American and Canadian public figures, “from congressional candidates to syndicated columnists. [They] have portrayed Islam as ‘murderous’ and Palestinians as ‘lower than pond scum’ or ‘ragheads’  ’sh*t …turds.’ ”

After 9/11, on Sept 17, 2001, CNN reported that “hate crimes against Muslims and southeast Asians have risen exponentially across the U.S. in the wake of Tuesday’s terror attacks.”
CAIR says it received more than 300 reports of harassment and abuse from Tuesday through Thursday night; nearly half the number it received all last year.  In Chicago, a man (who wasn’t Muslim) was beaten for being Muslim by someone who claimed he was “helping the fight against terrorism”.

In March 2009, Daniel Pipes updated an article he wrote in 2004, attempting to debunk the existence of hate crimes against Muslims in the US. Pipes is one of the worst of the breed of media Islamophobes.

The Guardian UK reports on a study written by a former Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officer Dr Jonathan Githens-Mazer and former special branch detective Dr Robert Lambert, now in the University of Exeter’s European Muslim research centre.
“The report provides prima facie and empirical evidence to demonstrate that assailants of Muslims are invariably motivated by a negative view of Muslims they have acquired from either mainstream or extremist nationalist reports or commentaries in the media.”
An apt description of the effects of the kind of bilge put out by extremist provokers of hate crimes like Daniel Pipes. Islamophobes, like Pipes, who preach in public forums have been free to do what is forbidden when referring to Jews.

Very simply, Islamophobia is the fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims. According to a 2009 Washington Post — ABC news statistics, almost 48 percent (a shift from 24 percent in 2002) of Americans have unfavourable attitudes towards Muslims.
As freelance writer Dina Malki has pointed out, “right-wing media commentators use terms like ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘violent Islam’ to portray Islam as a barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist religion.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has described Islamophobia as a term that “refers to unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam. Such fear and hostility leads to discriminations against Muslims, exclusion of Muslims from mainstream political or social process, stereotyping, the presumption of guilt by association, and finally hate crimes.”

Thus, the connection between Islamophobia and hate crimes still being committed against Muslims suggests the dire need of a campaign against Islamophobes.

Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for many years. For more information, see
Also read: Paul Balles : Delusions and Illusions of Press Freedom



March 28, 2010 at 14:32 (ADL Hatemongering, Israel, zionist harassment)

It must have been a slow week in the offices of the ADL…. they seem to have found time to dig up some dirt on Jimmy Carter and throw it in his face…..

BUT….. they obviously did not read the second linked article on this post or they might not be so quick to condemn.

ADL: Carter has reverted to anti-Israel stance, despite recent apology

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter’s apology to the Jewish community over his anti-Israel views should not be taken seriously, an Anti-Defamation League statement said Sunday, claiming that Carter had continued attacking Israel even after sending an apologetic letter to the leaders of the U.S. Jewish community.


Perhaps the reasons for Carter’s positions can be found in the following…..

Israel should thank Obama for acting like a friend
By Gideon Levy

If Israel had a real peace camp, if the silent majority had broken its sickly silence, if more Israelis approached the situation as a collective rather than individuals yearning for the next holiday or car, if more Israelis refused to accept blindly the deceptions of Israeli diplomacy and propaganda, Rabin Square would have been filled with demonstrators yesterday. Among the banners and flags, one sign would have stood out in this hour of risks and fateful decisions: “Thank you, friend.” Thank you, Barack Obama, friend of Israel.

Read the rest HERE

Anti-Semitism: Zionism’s Indispensable Alibi

by Maidhc Ó Cathail
(Thursday, March 18, 2010)

“…are Professors Mearsheimer and Walt engaged in hate propaganda by documenting the harmful influence of the Israel lobby over US foreign policy? Or is former US President Jimmy Carter a “bigot” for comparing the Israeli occupation of Palestine to apartheid South Africa? Are the survivors of the USS Liberty who refuse to remain silent about Israel’s deliberate attack on their ship merely motivated by hatred of Jews? Is Professor Norman Finkelstein a “self-hating Jew” for exposing the Holocaust Industry’s corruption of history and memory in the service of an extortion racket? And is UN special rapporteur Richard Falk also “self-hating” for likening Israel’s actions against the besieged Gazans to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto?”

Although Zionism typically represents itself as the solution to anti-Semitism, the truth is less flattering. In fact, hostility toward Jews is indispensable to the cause of Jewish nationalism. If anti-Semitism didn’t exist, Zionists would have to invent it. And in many cases that is precisely what they have done.

Contrary to the widespread perception that Zionism opposes anti-Semitism, its adherents have occasionally revealed a more ambivalent attitude to Jew-hatred. In 1895, Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, prophetically wrote in his Diaries, “Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.” Even the suffering inflicted on European Jewry by the Nazi holocaust doesn’t seem to have unduly tempered such cynicism. In 1995, Jay Lefkowitz, an American government official, told the New York Times Magazine, “Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews–reminds them who they are.”

If Zionist extremists can’t provoke the desired level of anti-Semitism to advance their goals, they are even prepared to fake it. A 1952 article in Davar, the official organ of Mapai, the party of the then Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, suggested sending a team of saboteurs “to help redeem Jews” from the countries where they are “absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction.”

“The task of these young men,” the article explained, “would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and, acting upon the brutal Zionism, plague these Jews with anti-Semitic slogans, such as ‘Bloody Jew,’ ‘Jews go to Palestine,’ and similar ‘intimacies.’”

Lest anyone doubt that the Israeli government would ever contemplate carrying out such a cynical plot to encourage Jews to move to Israel, the “rescue” of about 125,000 Iraqi Jews in the early 1950s involved far worse acts. “In attempts to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews,” wrote former CIA officer Wilbur Eveland in Ropes of Sand, “the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel.”

Whatever about posing as “Arab anti-Semites,” one might think that Zionists would draw the line at a post-Holocaust sponsorship of Nazism. Yet this is exactly what a leading Canadian Zionist organization has been accused of. “In the 1960s, the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) paid John Garrity, a small-time mercenary, to build up the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party,” reveals Ezra Levant in Shakedown. When the embarrassing truth emerged, it was justified by the CJC as an attempt to learn more about neo-Nazism. However, the real purpose, according to the Jewish Canadian writer, was to provide “a pretext for the addition of ‘hate’ laws to the criminal code.”

While “hate” sounds like something that all decent people would condemn, one man’s hate may be another man’s righteous indignation. Zionists, for example, tend to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, and, therefore, as something that could be considered a “hate crime.”

But are Professors Mearsheimer and Walt engaged in hate propaganda by documenting the harmful influence of the Israel lobby over US foreign policy? Or is former US President Jimmy Carter a “bigot” for comparing the Israeli occupation of Palestine to apartheid South Africa? Are the survivors of the USS Liberty who refuse to remain silent about Israel’s deliberate attack on their ship merely motivated by hatred of Jews? Is Professor Norman Finkelstein a “self-hating Jew” for exposing the Holocaust Industry’s corruption of history and memory in the service of an extortion racket? And is UN special rapporteur Richard Falk also “self-hating” for likening Israel’s actions against the besieged Gazans to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto?

In each of these cases, by no means an exhaustive list, the charge of anti-Semitism, rather than serving to protect Jewish people from defamation, has been used to obscure Zionist crimes.

However, as Zionist criminality becomes increasingly transparent, there will most likely be a sharp rise in anti-Semitism worldwide. No doubt much of it will be the result of genuine, albeit misdirected, anger as the extent of Zionist crimes against humanity becomes more widely known. But considering Zionism’s history of faking attacks on Jews, we can expect at least some of this “hate” to be the work of Jewish extremists who disingenuously claim to be fighting anti-Semitism.

Perhaps it’s time for those who are genuinely concerned about combating hatred in the world to heed the words of Israel Shahak. As the great Israeli humanist concluded in his classic Jewish History, Jewish Religion, “Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism … is now of equal or greater importance.”

by courtesy & © 2010 Maidhc Ó Cathail

River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian



What follows is an article by a Mr. Praut which I found the other day in THE JEWISH PRESS America’s Newspaper of Jewish News. I do not advise visiting the site and do not provide the URL because the two times I visited my PC flashed that it carried a virus. After the writer of this piece finishes spewing, he then publishes a letter he recently sent to the parents of Rachel Corrie.

To both parts, I must admit tossing in my $.02 of Snippits and Snappits was quite a pleasure and almost too easy to make it fun. So many holes to pick away at! A blogger’s delight. At the end, I publish a summary of the weapons possessed by Israel and Palestine at the time of the Gazan Holocaust. I am so sure Mr. Praut would have difficulties with calling this senseless slaughter a “Holocaust” as well!)

The city of Haifa is still recovering from the trauma of the summer of 2006, when it, along with the rest of northern Israel, was targeted by thousands of Katyusha rockets, fired from southern Lebanon by Hizbullah terrorists. Haifa has also been targeted by several suicide bombers who carried out mass murders against civilians in buses and restaurants.

That is quite a few years ago, Sir. How long will it take the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, to recover their Trauma?Shortly before that attack, on March 16, 2003, young Rachel was part of a group of ISM activists who were attempting to prevent an Israeli earth-mover from demolishing a home sitting atop a Hamas smuggling tunnel in Rafiah. Corrie knelt down in front of the Israeli military bulldozer. The driver insists he would have stopped had she been visible.

Now Haifa is about to become the victim of yet another indignity. It is to be the scene for a legal assault by the parents of Rachel Corrie.
Rachel Corrie, you may recall, was a clueless American-flag-burning undergraduate from Evergreen State College in Washington. Urged on by her radical professors, she decided to join the missions organized by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She and her comrades were sent off to the “occupied territories” to assist Palestinian terrorist groups.
ISM openly endorses Palestinian “armed struggle” against Israel ~ which in realistic terms means terrorism against Jews. It was the goal of Corrie and her friends to stop Israeli anti-terror operations ~ an act that by its very implication would have made it easier for Hamas and its clones to murder Israeli civilians.
Ah, yes, Hamas may not be angels, but as you have seen, until now they have been no match for the superior arms and bullying capability of the Israeli war machine. And perhaps it is not so much “against Jews” as “for justice to the Palestinians”?

Members of ISM are foolishly allowed by the Israeli government to enter the country, where they often serve as human shields for terrorists. In at least one case, weapons hidden on behalf of terrorists were discovered in ISM offices. In another notorious example of collaboration, two British Muslim terrorists blew up the Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2003, killing three Israelis and wounding 50. The terrorists had just before this been hosted by ISM members and they pretended to be in the country to lay wreaths on the grave of ~ who else? ~ Rachel Corrie.
Rachel spoke to them from the grave! She inspired them and even directed their actions promising them a spot in Paradise if they succeeded. Amazing, just amazing. It is all her fault for being dead.

Maybe he would have, maybe he wouldn’t. However, only he knows the truth now although Rachel’s friends, observing, swear she was visible and, from the photos I have thoroughly investigated, in her neon orange vest, waving and jumping up and down at him, she was visible. You must realize also that your army very very rarely penalizes your soldiers for their actions.
The columnist Dennis Prager wrote: ” grieve for Rachel Corrie’s parents, but spare us the hagiography. Rachel Corrie died fighting for the International Solidarity Movement dedicated, in its own words, to ‘armed struggle’ against Israel. She ended up being a useful idiot for, and one more victim of, Palestinian terror.”

She chose her actions, as an adult should be allowed. How much choice did the babies of Gaza have as they were bombed sleeping in their beds at night?
We know who runs NYC and it is not someone with much of an open mind, is it? NYC is a Jewish-run city and home of the Hassidim and other extremely Orthodox Jew. After seeing Max Blumenthal’s tape at the “support Israel” demonstration last January 11, 2009, we know just how Jewish New Yorkers think. We also know freedom of speech is not a Talmudic virtue.
Corrie died after being taken away for care in a Palestinian medical facility, possibly from medical incompetence.
Ok, blame the Palestinians because they are not such well trained doctors and Israelis? Or not smart enough to save her? But never mind, it was not Israel’s fault so you just keep tossing blame around, Sir.
Her behavior that day in Gaza resembled that of a teenager playing chicken with vehicles on the New Jersey Turnpike in the dark. Corrie has since become a sort of Mother Teresa for the radical left and apologists for Islamofascism. She is the martyr saint of the pro-terror lobby and is even celebrated by Klansman David Duke.
Slam, slam, slam, slam, a woman who cannot defend herself with a line just meant to derogate not educate. Almost all Palestinians just want to live normal lives at this point. Is that so terribly Islamofascist? I am, I suppose, one of the ‘pro-terror lobby” and an apologist for Islamofascist” because I believe running over women with tractors, blowing up women, children and men is wrong? Yes, was it not your beloved Sharon who bragged and encouraged his men to go for women, children, men, in that order?
When Reuters reported that Gaza Palestinians “honored” Rachel after her death in a “symbolic funeral” by flying U.S. flags, the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto wryly remarked that if Corrie were still alive, she’d no doubt have burned those flags.
Conjecture, conjecture, conjecture. Pfft this means nothing but more spewing of hatred from Mr. Plaut. The woman is dead, how do you know what she would do?

Corrie’s death quickly became the focus of an anti-Israel propaganda passion play titled “My Name is Rachel Corrie,” which has been staged in London and other cities. Attempts to stage it in New York City at the New York Theatre Workshop failed in the face of public opposition, but it later ran for a while at the Minetta Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village.

I do believe Israel needs no assistance in demonizing herself. She is doing a positively stellar job all by herself ~ Dubai and stolen faked passports, the Gaza holocaust, the treatment of natives by the Settlers, being the centre of trafficked stolen body parts, shall I go on? Naw, doing a fine job all by herself. You are certainly helping entrench your country onto the pillar reserved for the winner in the “demon of the millenium” category.

Since Corrie’s death, her parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, have traveled the planet as a two-person anti-Israel propaganda SWAT team. Not content with mourning their daughter’s tragic death, which resulted from her own foolhardiness, the Corries have devoted themselves to demonizing Israel and supporting Israel’s enemies. They made a special pilgrimage to Yasir Arafat in September 2003 to present him with a large poster of their “martyred” daughter.

The Corries blame Israel for their daughter’s death. But as Israel’s Ynetnews service reported, “An IDF investigation determined that the soldiers were not to blame and said the driver of the bulldozer had not seen her and did not intentionally run her over. The army accused Corrie and the International Solidarity Movement of ‘illegal, irresponsible and dangerous’ behavior.

We have covered this ground previously, Sir. Do you repeat yourself for a reason? To convince yourself of your righteousness? The Corries are now suing the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces in Israeli court. They and their Arab lawyer, Hussein Abu Hussein, a radical activist (involved in the movement for a world boycott of Israel), filed a civil suit in Haifa court and the first hearing is scheduled for March 10.

Nevertheless, the Corries run the Rachel Corrie Foundation, which disseminates anti-Israel political propaganda. And they share their daughter’s enthusiasm for Hamas “resistance.”
Conjecture, conjecture, conjecture. We need facts not fabrications.
The Corries claim Rachel was just an innocent peace protester, doing nothing more than showing her concern for the human rights of Palestinian civilians. But even the ferociously anti-Israel British newspaper the Guardian confirmed (February 23, 2010) that Corrie was serving as a human shield for terrorists.

How DARE they hire an AYRAB lawyer! Once again I imagine that is Rachel coming from the grave again? And gosh, is she responsible for the boycott? As for the boycott, you are thrice a fool to go there, Sir.

WW2 was largely the result of starving Germany through an international boycott that drove them to desperation while the German Jews lived, if you will pardon the expression, “high off the hog” and ostentatiously let it be known. Boycott is one of the top Jewish weapons in business affairs as has been admitted by many so, please, don’t go there because you come off as a fool.
“Fight terror” includes bulldozing homes with people sometimes warned, sometimes sleeping, and flattening olive groves, orchards, destroying the land? Does it include leaving the wheelchairs of the lame inside those houses? Get over it! Caterpillar is selling tanked up machines to kill and destroy Palestinian life as a weapon of war. These are hardly your every day caterpillar used for making roads in peaceful countries!

The Corries are also suing the Caterpillar company because it sold the bulldozer to Israel that injured their daughter. They are trying to get terror supporters from around the world to boycott the Caterpillar company for the crime of selling bulldozers, some of which are used to fight terror, to Israel. Corrie supporters regularly show up at Caterpillar stockholder meetings to demand that it boycott Israel.

Do you know how whining and weak you sound, Sir?

Ironically, the Corries were themselves briefly kidnapped in Gaza by Hamas terrorists in January 2006, when they were in town to show the local jihadis. The Jerusalem Post, the British Daily Telegraph and other media outlets reported the incident. Here’s how MSNBC described it:

Palestinian gunmen burst into a Rafah house early Wednesday and tried to kidnap the parents of Rachel Corrie, who was killed in 2003 as she protested the impending demolition of a house in the southern Gaza town, according to a witness.

The five gunmen appeared to be affiliated with the Fatah movement, according to Samir Nasrallah, the Corries’ host. The gunmen eventually relented after being told who their targets were, he said.

According to the Telegraph, “The gunmen wanted to kidnap the couple as bargaining chips to secure the release of a militia leader, Alaa al-Hams, arrested on suspicion of ordering the kidnap of the British human rights activist Kate Burton and her parents.”

The Corries later issued a statement in which they denied they had been kidnapped at all. They had just been hosted at gunpoint. But the simple truth is that the Corries were released once the terrorists realized they were a far more valuable asset for Hamas if they were running around free.

Now, now, now. Another misinterpretation of things. Hamas and Fatah are NOT allies. Sir, you should know that Fatah runs the West Bank and Hamas runs the Gaza Strip and there is great hatred between the two. Fatah is run by an Israeli and American patsy Mahmoud Abbas. It is highly unlikely that this was planned by Hamas.

That might have been a marvelous opportunity for the Corries to learn firsthand just what Palestinian terrorism is all about and just why Israel needs to fight terrorism with a variety of means at its disposal, including bulldozers. But it wasn’t to be. The Corries went right on churning out their anti-Israel propaganda, much of it carried on anti-Semitic and pro-jihad websites.

Don’t you wish you and your hatred had such access to those outlets. And speaking of propaganda. Have you watched Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land, Sir? What the Corries do is as a pinprick compared to the sledgehammer of Jewish media.

Meanwhile, ISM has a track record of using Israeli courts whenever one of its human shields gets injured or arrested.

In one well publicized case, an ISM volunteer named Tom Hurndall from the UK was injured in the head while he was serving as a human shield for terrorists engaged in a firefight with IDF troops. It turned out Hurndall was shot by an Israeli Bedouin Arab soldier (a fact the anti-Israel British media ignored in their coverage of the case). The heroic Bedouin was returning fire at Hamas terrorists shooting at Israelis. Hurndall’s family sued Israel in Israeli court. So did Orange County ISM activist and lawyer Radhika Sainath.
Now let me see if I understand this. The soldier who shot Hurndall was was in the Israeli military doing his duty for what he believed in, who happens to be Bedouin. What does this have to do with anything pertinent? He was a soldier doing his duty, not acting as a Bedouin Arab but as an Israeli soldier. What am I missing here? I eagerly await your take on what happened to Tristan Anderrson last year.
And now the Corries are coming to Haifa to continue their daughter’s war of aggression against Israel. They are suing Israel as a way to try to revise in court the facts surrounding their daughter’s death. I am hoping some Im Tirtzu students show up with photos of all the Jewish women named Rachel who were murdered by the terrorists the Corries support.
Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But this is still irrelevant to your argument, Sir. Now, in Gaza last winter, it was almost 1500 slaughtered as compared to 14, three of whom were “friendly fire”?
I have covered almost every point brought up in the following letter from this misguided Israeli patriot. He may be educated but he is not smart. Nor does he have a jolt of understanding for anything not wearing the Star of David.
In the name of the embattled citizens of Haifa, I would like to offer the Corries an appropriate welcome to our city, in the form of the following letter:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Corrie,

You are coming to our lovely town to sue Israel, claiming that your daughter was “killed by an Israeli bulldozer.” But you neglect to mention the circumstances under which she was so killed (nor the fact that she died from her injuries while under Palestinian medical care).

You have stated, “She had been working in Rafah with a nonviolent resistance organization, the International Solidarity Movement, trying to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes and wells.”

Homes and wells, huh?

There is nothing quite so fulfilling as picking on the dead, is there? I suppose it is not so bad as organ theft, but either way, this arrogant argumentative tone is typical of any self-righteous Zionist. And last time I looked, they were all self-righteous. Rachel cannot defend herself, the PERFECT Zionist target!
Well, she was not. Rachel was trying to prevent the demolition of tunnels used to smuggle weapons for Palestinian terrorists seeking to murder Jewish civilians. ISM openly endorses Palestinian “armed struggle” against Jewish children and civilians and openly collaborates with terrorists. It has hidden wanted terrorists and their weapons in its offices. It is an accomplice in murder. Lying is not the best way to drum up sympathy for your daughter.
Perhaps the Israeli leaders might learn that lesson, Sir. There is not an honest word slips out of their mouths ~ ever. And it is true, this loses sympathy for Israel on a great level that is snowballing as I respond to your allegations.

You say your daughter died trying to protect an “innocent house.” Again, this is not the truth. That “innocent house” was camouflage for a not-so-innocent terrorist smuggling tunnel, and the residents of that innocent house knew all about the tunnel.

Your daughter was in a war zone as a belligerent, on behalf of a movement of Arab fascists seeking to destroy Israel and murder as many Jews as possible. Your daughter died while interfering with an anti-terror operation carried out by soldiers in a land in which she had no business being at all.

Zionism = Communism.

You demand that we feel your pain at the loss of your daughter, yet your daughter conscripted herself as an accomplice for those seeking to murder children. You feel no pain for the scores of martyrs in my own city of Haifa murdered by those same terrorists

You speak as if Israel is innocent of such atrocities. I support no one in attacking children, but you are quite wrong if this is your belief. Just to clarify things for you, a quote from your great man of peace, Ariel Sharon to prove the falseness of your claims.

Oh, my, and I include this quote by the beloved American rabbi Friedman:

A similar feeling is expressed in June 2009, by US Hasidic Rabbi Manis Friedman, who encouraged Israelis to kill Palestinian “men, women and children.” “I don’t believe in Western morality, i.e., don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during the holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, and don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)”

<!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–>

Your daughter put herself in harm’s way by challenging a large bulldozer and positioning herself where the operator could not see her. You know quite well that the bulldozer operator was not seeking to harm her.
Again more conjecture. You do not know what anyone other than yourself knows. This is the case for all human beings.

You have written, “We had not understood the devastating nature of the Palestinians’ situation.” Of course, you have never expressed any interest in the devastating nature of the Jews’ situation. The Jews have been battling Arab fascism and genocidal terrorism for a hundred years, before, during, and after the Nazi Holocaust of six million Jews. Your daughter was helping those who perpetrate Nazi-like atrocities against randomly selected Jews.

Oh of course we knew the Holocaust would enter this argument at some point! And the number so slaughtered. Well as a Canadian I am not supposed to argue with your “facts” and “irrefutable truths” but Ernst Zundel is a hero of mine, so you know what I think of that. If the Zionists had not come into Palestine and begun messing with demographics, the original Jewish families and Palestinian people would still be living in the harmony they had shared for the past thousands of years!
You smugly praise the propaganda play about your daughter, which ignored all the other Rachels ~ the Jewish victims of terror in Israel who were murdered by genocidal terrorists.
You repeat yourself.
Your daughter, and apparently you as well, never had any understanding of the Middle East conflict. The Middle East conflict is not about the right to self-determination of Palestinian Arabs, but rather about the right to self-determination of Israeli Jews.
Tell the truth, Sir. Israel was built by the Rothschilds to instill instability in the Arab world as part of their long term agenda of war leading to their NWO, establishment of the Noahide Laws internationally. You know, the coming of the anti Christ and all that satanic jazz.
Israel land was stolen from the Palestinian people who had tended it lovingly for thousands of years. Your claims make it sound like God involved Himself in a real estate deal with you. You had been gone for a long time. But my, let a Palestinian be kept from his farmland for a few years due to road, fences, blockades and Israel is only too swift to claim the land. And face it, that is what it is all about, the land.
For a century the Arabs have attempted to block any expression of Jewish self-determination, using violence, armed aggression, and terrorism. The Arabs today control 22 countries and territory nearly twice the size of the United States. They refuse to share even a fraction of one percent of the Middle East with Jews, even in a territory smaller than New Jersey.
Now the Palestinians are ALL 22 Arab countries? My lord you certainly do know how to play with words to confuse the unaware and “stupid goyim” don’t you?! Poor little Israel surrounded by all those big bad bullies who have been where they are since time began against one little hornet under the saddle known as Israel.
The Arab countries invented the Palestinian people and their “plight” as a propaganda ploy in imitation of the German campaign on behalf of Sudeten self-determination in the 1930s. Just as the struggle for “Sudeten liberation” was nothing more than a fig leaf for the German aggression aimed at annihilating Czechoslovakia, so the struggle for “Palestinian liberation” is nothing more than cover for a jihad to destroy Israel and its population.
To this there is only one worthy response. Sticking out my tongue and making a raspberry at you. This charge of yours justifies the things done to the Arabs surrounding you? All your massacres justify what? The list of massacres is relentless and ongoing. So what is your point here? Whatever you want to call them, the Palestinians do not deserve what you do to them. The whole world sees and notices.

Your write, “Clearly, our daughter has become a positive symbol for people.”

I am afraid you are mistaken. Your daughter has become a symbol for dangerous foolhardiness. She essentially committed suicide as an empty gesture to assist murderers and terrorists. You want the world to mourn for your daughter, who died while working with monsters out to murder.

Yawns at repitition, harping and conjecture.

On the pages of anti-Semitic propaganda web magazines you denounce Israel, but you do not have a single word of sympathy for the families of the thousands of innocent Israeli victims of the terrorists with whom your daughter chose to ally herself.

On behalf of the citizens of Haifa, all of whom your daughter’s Hamas friends are trying to murder, I remain,

Steven Plaut
Who elected you to speak on behalf of ALL of the citizens of Haifa? Rather a grandiose claim Mr. Plaut. I wager you are assuming this and are missing the Jews who actually have a heart and compassion. Two things, you seem to be short on. I am wondering how you would feel if this were your child being written about. You would be dramatizing in quite a different direction! Not that I would wish such a thing on any child or any parent.
Just to educate you, Mr. Plaut, below is a comparison of military strength of Israel and the Palestinians in the last Gazan Holocaust. Do not cringe at that expression. The original meaning of Holocaust means “burnt offerings to the gods (or Lucifer)” and the Gazans were burnt most efficiently.

Institute for Middle East Understanding
Jan 5, 2009

Mr. Praut, please stop kvetching for a moment, look at the following charts and then, with a straight face, tell me this. By standing up to Israel, did not Ms. Corrie see something you perhaps missed? Genocide is genocide and anyone with the, if you will pardon me, the chutzpah to stand up against the extremely advantaged state assassins is truly a hero.

Certainly much more of a challenge than attacking a dead person by a letter or a speech, mmm? Not much chutzpah to perform the latter.

“I don’t know something called international Principles. I vow that I will burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child are more dangerous than the man because the Palestinian child’s existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I’ve killed 750 Palestinians (In Rafah in 1956).I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian woman is but a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.”~ Ariel Sharon, 1956, interview with General Ouze Herham.

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