Soft War Mercenaries

This person called Elias Khoury who was a Arafat supporter and working for Arafat and rallying for Arafat in the streets of west Beirut while civil war was ignited in Lebanon by foreign Intelligence and the administration of Kissinger. And the Fateh movement of Mr Khoury -who went by a different name to hide his Christian identity- was then taking sides with and against, and getting immersed in the local mud while Palestine was no more the priority, but the dirty war in the streets of Beirut .

Mr. Elias Khoury – after so many years – is still doing the same thing, giving priority to internal wars over the real struggle with Israel ,but he stopped being a Arafat supporter after Arafat became of no use to him since he was ousted from Lebanon to Tunisia with his gang who never liberated an inch of Palestine but created chaos all over Lebanon .

Mr. Khoury -as the good opportunist that he is- shifted from the Fateh to the main figure that came freshly from Saudi Arabia and was delivered to the Lebanese to help them get out of the civil war that was partly funded by him. This fresh Saudi figure was none other than Hariri who made great profit from the civil war since he got down town Beirut destroyed and then bought it for crumbs and confiscated what he could not buy and turned it into his private real estate company.

Elias ‘Atallah

Mr. Khoury- of course- would not miss on the opportunity to join the Saudi/Lebanese Tycoon in all his glory since he had developed a good sense for money and power along with the gift of writing and publishing second rate novels and stories. Of course, the mediocre person that he is and the second rate writer could not get a chance to directly affiliate to Hariri, for this reason he became affiliated to one of Hariri’s men , a detestable person that goes by the name of Elias ‘Atallah who is more of an opportunist than Khoury himself .

Khoury had relinquished the Palestinian cause, but not the internal war, as this was the topic and activity in which he excelled, sending many of his best friends- during the Lebanese civil war – to dire death under the label of Marxist revolution and Palestinian liberation of which –of course- nothing was achieved . So, by supporting the internal war in Syria , Khoury is just working along the same line that he has grown familiar with, and no wonder that -on his way –he had met another opportunist that goes by the name of Mary Rizzo, also a fan of internal wars and internal conflict, under the cover of the Palestinian cause, because these conflicts- in Arab countries – serve best the Israeli entity of which Rizzo is a great supporter .

Mary Rizzo

Posing as a Palestinian activist, Rizzo is an Israeli under cover, rejoicing over the destruction that afflicts the Arab world- whether in Libya or in Syria -and dedicating her writings to fuel such conflicts and attacking real activists committed to the cause who expose her and know her as a fake one.

After being exposed as a dubious writer misinformed about many facts, and spreading lies and misinformation about things happening in the Arab world, she has now resorted to translate lies instead of fabricating them which -she thinks- is safer for her . For this reason she has chosen the lies of Mr. Khoury who is no less talented than her regarding this practice .

Remains the place where the two fake writers had met which must be a fake place as well, and -in this instance – it is the daily News paper al Quds al ‘Arabi of ‘Abdel Bari ‘Atwaan where the article of Khoury was originally published .

‘Atwaan has been the spoiled child of al Jazeera and a promoter of the Palestinian cause and -because of this- we almost forgave him his red hair dye or his courting of the British authorities whenever he had the opportunity, but now he has transgressed all limits by siding against the Syrian regime and joining the chorus of the so called Syrian armed opposition probably to please his masters- the British authorities – who are hosting him and his news paper. From Mr. Khoury to Rizzo to ‘Atwaan all what was needed was al Jazeera or al ‘Arabiyya to complete the chain of lies woven around Syria.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!


Israel to Build Separation Wall on the Lebanese Border

Once upon a time, Gilad Atzmon before leaving PTT hasbara site and joining UP’s site, wrote:

“The Pls are at the forefront of a clash between 2 totalities. between 2 symbolic orders. It is not a political debate and it is not an issue of local tactics or strategy. As Israeli intelligence generals have been predicting for 2 decades, all Pls need in order to win is to survive.If you look at Israel and Zionism from that very perspective,  you would realise that the ‘Wall’ is actually the biggest Pls victory. They dismantled the Zionist project and made the Israeli into a ‘diaspora ghetto Jew’. The Pls have managed to push the Jew back to the ghetto, and this ghetto will shrink as Pls ballistic capability grows. The Jewish state is a matter for Historians, its future is doomed. “

Mary Rizzo, the Anti-Zionist-Zionist queen of PPT, until Haitham Sabbah kicked her ass wrote to me:

“you claim along with Gilad that the Separation Wall is a “great Palestinian achievement”. Can you please respond to the two people, including another Palestinian like yourself, who challenge this statement that Zionist oppression instruments are “Palestinian achievements”. I am not the only one who looked at this and was aghast, there were others in public and private. I would like to hear your defence of this.”

I replied:
“I am obliged, on reading term defense to DEFEND myself as follows:
Your HONER, I admit, I did that, but forgive me your Honor, to say, you failed to understand what Gilad and me meant by saying that the Wall is a “great Palestinian achievement”. Both of us are aware that its Sharon’s achievement, I would add its Ahmad Quraa Achievement, being the cement supplier. Your honor, Gillad and me are against that wall and all walls.

Your Honor, we expected free minded thinker would understand what we meant. We know, that Israel wanted to steal more Land and water recourses, but your honor, Israel, the 4th military power in the world, wanted also to stop Palestinian freedom fighter operations, especially the so-called suicide bomber….

….Your honor, IDF occupied Beirut, and its the Great Lebanese resistance that forced the IDF to withdraw to Awaly river, north of Saida, and gradually to the so-called security zone, and Its Hezbollah who comlpeted the Job, and forced Israel to leave without conditions….

…..Your honor, inspired, by Hezbollah, the Palestinian launched the second Intifada, that brought Sharon to Power with a promise to finish the Intifada in 100 days, and you know what happened. Sharon failed and followed the steps of Barak, pulled out of Gaza, without conditions, but he and puppet Mubarak kept the keys…..

“…Your Honor, Gilad and me are talking about the collapse of Zionism, building the wall is and index for the shrinkage of the zionist goal from greatest Israel from Nile to Furat, to a Jewish Ghetto surrounded by the separation wall.”

Two year after:

Netanyahu: Security fence to be built along Jordan border
Israel to Build Separation Wall on the Lebanese Border

Local Editor
‘Israeli’ daily Yedioth Ahronoth said the Zionist army is to build a separation wall between the Lebanese village of Kfar Kila and the Mtella settlement in the occupied Palestine.
“The wall is the first of its kind between Lebanon and Israel, and it may be expanded in the future towards some other points,” the newspaper quoted an ‘Israeli’ officer in the Northern Command as saying, noting that the wall construction comes after the borders became an area of contact and drugs smuggling.
The officer believed the process of construction will be in coordination with UNIFIL in order to increase the level of security in the region.
Source: Al-Manar Website

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!


>“Those who have besieged Mr. O’Keefe like rabid dogs are fully aware of who they are. Their names remain far away from this piece as a common courtesy and as an extension of brotherhood and sisterhood; so they recognize the error in their ways and return to the fold in the fight to free the planet of Zionist gangsterdom.” – Jonathan Azaziah

With full repect to Jonathan they are part of the Zionist gangsterdom.
Let us call spade, spade

In case you missed it: After Galloway, Ken O’Keefe under fire at HTT (Hasbara think thank).


A pensive Kenneth O’Keefe.
I have more than once expressed appreciation and admiration for Ken O’Keefe. To me, this deeply spiritual man is what all of us should strive to be in the face of international injustices to the downtrodden. The concept of being a “citizen of the world” is beautiful.
Everything about Ken O’Keefe is of value to humanity. But enough of that, he will blush if he read this because above all things, he is driven by conscience, not ego, and is a humble hero. Those are the best kind.

One evening while digging around the net I found an article on Ken. What really surprised me were the over 600 hate comments about him. I think it was 653 comments. So many peaple saying such ugly things, of course it was a Zionist site. My only thought was, “Wow, he sure is doing something right!”

Needless to say, Kenneth O’Keefe will never receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his unselfish dedication to true peace between people; that dubious honour is reserved for warmongers and international criminals like Menachim Begin, Henry Kissinger and Barack O’Bama!

At the end of Jonathan Azariah’s article you will find links to the entries I have made about Kenneth O’Keefe. Do yourself a favour and get inspired.

Freedom Flotilla survivor and activist Kenneth O’Keefe

By Jonathan Azaziah
Mask of Zion

January 26, 2011

“The problem facing our people.. is bigger than all other personal or organizational differences. Therefore as leaders, we must stop worrying about the threat we seem to think we pose to each other’s personal prestige (1)…” ~ Malcolm X ~The words of martyred revolutionary giant El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz reflect the nature of the particular instance about to be discussed undoubtedly.

The words of martyred revolutionary giant El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz reflect the nature of the particular instance about to be discussed undoubtedly.

It is an undeniable fact that the Zionist entity remains extraordinarily steadfast in its daily routine of illegality and criminality.

It commits crimes against humanity, like shooting a 66-year old Palestinian man 13 times to death in his bed (2), keeping the people of Gaza under siege and starving them of basic living essentials like cooking gas (3), and ethnically cleansing Palestine of indigenous Palestinians, including issuing demolition notices to families who are already humiliatingly living in tents (4).

The Israeli regime of usurpation violates international law, like sending its warplanes into Lebanese airspace and breaching Lebanese sovereignty on a daily basis (5), stealing the natural gas in Lebanon’s territorial waters between occupied Palestine and Cyprus (6), terrorizing Palestinian fishermen in illegally besieged Gaza, by firing at their boats and disrupting their only way to provide for their families (7), and quintessentially expanding Zionist settlements in occupied Jerusalem, zionizing the holy city a little bit more with each passing day (8).

The Zionist entity’s illegal nuclear facility in Dimona.

Israel carries out environmental terrorism, like leaking uranium from its illegal Dimona nuclear facility in occupied al-Naqab, subjecting Palestinians in the West Bank to cancer, sterility and abnormal births (9), and inflicting Palestinian surfers in Gaza with harsh skin disorders due to the Zionist entity dumping toxic waste into the Strip’s coastal waters (10).

Tel Aviv also spreads division throughout the region, like its financing of military helicopters for secessionist rebels in southern Sudan (11), part of the greater Zionist plot to divide the African nation into ‘sectarian’ states to keep the Sudanese people fractured and weakened (12), or Mossad’s false flag terrorism, like the brazen bombing of al-Qiddisin Church in Alexandria, Egypt (13) and the Zionist-admitted destruction across occupied Iraq, from Nineveh in the north, to the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad in the central region, to Najaf, Karbala and Basra in the south (14).

Instead of dedicating each waking moment of their time to documenting and exposing these crimes in every detail that they can find, some personalities in the ‘activist community have unfortunately, pathetically and disgustingly directed their efforts towards attacking a man who has done just that, as well as put his life on the line in defense of his fellow activists and the Palestinian people themselves. A man who has dedicated the better half of his life to fighting for truth, justice and peace: Kenneth O’Keefe.

This abominable group masquerading as activists has slandered a man who has shown no fear in standing up to the powers that be, whether they are residing in Zionist-occupied territory in Washington or Palestine. These abhorrent persons posing as members of the solidarity movement have attempted to discredit a man who has never acted in any other way other than honorably in regards to his activism.

These detestable excuses for truth-seekers have assaulted a man who stands with the oppressed in the homeland of the oppressed, while they sit behind the fortress of their computer screen in disdainful envy of another’s heroism, which they are too cowardly to duplicate. Shameful doesn’t begin to provide the proper description of such deplorable behavior.An ex-Marine and veteran of the genocidal Gulf War which bred the criminal sanctions afflicting Iraq to this very day, Mr. O’Keefe began his fight for freedom in 1994 when he was arrested for protesting against the Zionist-occupied American government’s nuclear testing. His activism would extend to animals in a massive way when he moved to the occupied kingdom of Hawaii years later, and started a mission out of his dive shop to rescue turtles and clean up toxic pollution terribly affecting the oceans.

While living in Hawaii, Mr. O’Keefe also became acutely aware of the United States government’s ‘blood quantum’ conspiracy against the Hawaiian people; a little-known and scarcely talked about genocide that eclipses the highest peaks of racism and ethnic cleansing. He stood in solidarity with his Hawaiian brothers and sisters to his detriment, resulting in perpetual harassment from traffic police and the exceedingly corrupt traffic courts. He cemented his solidarity with the indigenous Hawaiian people when he swore allegiance to the kingdom of Hawaii, which America considered an enemy nation (15).

From occupied Iraq to occupied Palestine,
Kenneth O’Keefe stands with oppressed peoples

.In 1999, Mr. O’Keefe announced his intention to renounce his United States citizenship, and did so in March 2001, infuriating his government tormentors to an even greater degree, but remaining steadfast in his activist efforts (16).

Ken, who was subjected to contaminated immunizations and pills during the Gulf War and who has relentlessly campaigned against the usage of depleted uranium (17), returned to Iraq and founded the Human Shield program in late 2002, where civilians from Western countries would place themselves in front of non-military targets to show solidarity with the Iraqi people in the face of an illegal occupation.
Mr. O’Keefe was ultimately deported, as well as many other volunteers, and the humanitarian project had to be disbanded (18). To drive the point deeper into the US-Zionist trachea, that he wasn’t going to stop fighting for humanity, Ken O’Keefe burned his American passport on January 8, 2004 (19).

These noble actions alone cast doubt on the intentions of anyone attempting to fire shots of falsehood at Mr. O’Keefe. But the intentions of these aforesaid attention gluttons are exposed in an even more extensive manner, after examining Mr. O’Keefe’s actions on May 31st, 2010 and the subsequent events in the blood-drenched aftermath.

The Freedom Flotilla was mercilessly assaulted by IOF.
On that fateful morning at the end of May, nearly 43 years to the day of Israel’s napalming and massacring of the USS Liberty which left 34 American sailors dead and 171 others wounded, Israeli commandoes stormed the humanitarian aid project known as the Freedom Flotilla, and murdered 9 activists including a 19-year old Turkish-American named Furkan Dogan aboard the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships part of the flotilla. It was an act of war, an act of mass murder, an act of terrorism and an act of piracy.
The Zionist entity’s typical, shameless and maniacal act of brutality was broadcasted by the Zionist media with spin provided by agents from Zionist lobby organizations and pathetically defended by the Obama regime, which is no more than an extension of the Knesset. The reason for the attack? To defuse the historic Iran-Turkey-Brazil diplomatic agreement for nuclear fuel and to show the international community that it remains under the control of the illegitimate Israeli state, powerless in the face of Zionist terror (20).
Former IOF terrorist and son of one of the bombers of the King David Hotel, Zionist warmonger Rahm Emanuel, made a trip to the Zionist state just days before the murderous assault to issue ‘American’ approval to Tel Aviv for the attack (21).
Kenneth O’Keefe was aboard the Mavi Marmara. He saw 9 of his brothers murdered in cold blood by Zion’s brigade of killers and dozens of others critically injured within an hour of the IOF assault. Mr. O’Keefe displayed an unprecedented form of valor, confronting the armed commandoes and disarming two of them. Once the murderers were disarmed by Mr. O’Keefe and another activist, they were taken below deck by other Flotilla activists and treated for injuries.
Zionist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu orchestrated
the massacre of 9 unarmed Flotilla activists.
Kenneth, along with numerous other activists aboard the Mavi Marmara and other ships of the Flotilla, was punched and kicked while he was restrained. He witnessed as his fellow activists and friends were abused by IOF. Elderly people were physically abused, women were sexually abused during IOF’s body searches, O’Keefe and his brothers and sisters were denied food, water and access to a toilet as well as access to a lawyer. The activists had their cash, credit cards, laptops, cameras and other personal possessions stolen by Israel. Mr. O’Keefe was one of the last activists to be deported from Port Ashdod where the Flotilla was held illegally by the Zionist entity (22).

Beaten and choked to the point of blacking out in an Israeli prison cell, this by no means deterred Mr. O’Keefe. He called out any and all who would defend the Zionist regime’s actions on May 31st, including the leaders of Tel Aviv themselves (23). Israel responded by labeling Mr. O’Keefe a ‘terrorist,’ ridiculously stating that he was attempting to reach Gaza to train and establish Hamas commando units (24).

Kenneth O’Keefe was invited onto the Zionist-owned BBC program Hard Talk several weeks after the attack, as a means for Israel and its allies to desecrate his image to an even greater extent and finish him once and for all. The attempt failed horribly, as O’Keefe stood his ground in defiance, relentlessly defending the Palestinians, the Freedom Flotilla and speaking unadulterated truth to the BBC propagandist portraying herself as a talk show host (25).
Mr. O’Keefe’s name spread across news headlines again not too long thereafter when he made an appearance on the Press TV program, The Agenda, where he not only fearlessly defended 9/11 truth, but went on the record to state it was an inside job carried out by elements within the American government and Israel’s mass murder organization, the Mossad (26), proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that O’Keefe’s only concern is the truth, and his only dedication is to the truth.
Kenneth O’Keefe’s most recent mission took him back to illegally besieged Gaza aboard the Road To Hope aid convoy. The convoy arrived at Egypt’s El-Arish port, carrying 30 vehicles and 101 humanitarian workers, including 8 survivors from the Freedom Flotilla massacre.
Though the Road to Hope accomplished its goal of breaking the Zionist siege and delivering its aid to the suffering people of Gaza, its journey wasn’t without tumult and turmoil. The Road to Hope was stranded on the Egyptian-Libyan border for 9 days over a technicality and moreover, the captain of the ship brought Ken O’Keefe and the other courageous activists to the Piraeus port in Greece against their will, where the ship was boarded by Greek commandos and the activists were ‘treated like terrorists (27).’
Greek commandos invading the Road to Hope
convoy to illegally besieged Gaza.

Due to meddling from war criminal Hosni Mubarak’s Zionist dictatorship, only 35 members of the original 101-man crew were allowed to enter occupied Gaza, including Kenneth O’Keefe, who has remained there to conduct daily video reporting which focuses on the Palestinian children of the besieged coastal enclave (28).

Mr. O’Keefe’s activism, heroism and clear genuineness regarding the Palestinian struggle and other struggles of oppressed against oppressor have been covered by Press TV, Russia Today, Al-Jazeera English and countless pages of social networking websites and blogs of activists, journalists and average folk alike. His heroic actions are undeniable. The evidence supporting these actions is irrefutable. So how has Mr. O’Keefe been labeled by the previously discussed persons of abhorrence?As a Zionist. Yes, a man who has fought against Zionism from America to occupied Iraq to occupied Palestine and who has exposed the prominent Israeli role in the 9/11 false flag attack is a Zionist.

The MV Mavi Marmara stained with the blood of 9 unarmed activists.

As a fraud who uses his activism as a front to make money. Yes, a man who doesn’t have any money whatsoever and who spends time getting shot at by the Israeli terrorists of IOF in Beit Hanoun (29) uses his activism as a fraud to make money.

And as a liar, who faked his injures at the hands of the Zionist entity’s thugs on the Mavi Marmara, who didn’t renounce his US citizenship and who lied about being kidnaped aboard the Road To Hope, despite all accurate media reports of the Road To Hope being abducted and the activists being kidnaped. Yes, a man who can’t seem to do anything except tell the truth, which is verified by physical evidence and documentation, and who is respected across the ‘truth movement’ and activist community is a liar.

What egregious, disgusting and slanderous accusations against a decent, honest individual from personalities who exemplify the twisted and darkened opposite end of the spectrum.
A hero is classically defined in two parts. A) a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength. B) champion: someone who fights for a cause.

An enemy is also classically defined in two parts. A) an armed adversary. B) any hostile group of people.

Kenneth O’Keefe is the personification of the former, and his detractors, armed with falsehood as their chief form of ammunition, flamboyantly personify the latter. While Mr. O’Keefe marches forward with ‘ambitious projects’ to break the criminal and savage Zionist siege against the people of Gaza (30), his atttackers continue to smear him with baseless insults of ‘agent provocateur’ and ‘plant (31).’ Insulting someone and lying about someone says more about the type of person that you are than the person that you are insulting and slandering. It is the lowest form of intellectual expression and a tactic that resembles the intelligence wings of Zionism like the ADL, the ZOA and the AJC.
Kenneth O’Keefe after being beaten by Israeli goons.
His enemies despicably suggested that he faked these injuries.

In this struggle for truth, justice and peace for all oppressed people, the slandering of activists like Kenneth O’Keefe must not be confronted with cowardice and silence, but firm defense and steadfast Resistance. Mr. O’Keefe campaigns for the people of Palestine with passion and dignity, and his efforts must be upheld by those who support the struggle for one Palestinian state, free of Zionism, and Mr. O’Keefe’s efforts to make this dream a reality, with the same passion and dignity.
Those who have besieged Mr. O’Keefe like rabid dogs are fully aware of who they are. Their names remain far away from this piece as a common courtesy and as an extension of brotherhood and sisterhood; so they recognize the error in their ways and return to the fold in the fight to free the planet of Zionist gangsterdom. This extension of mercy is a fleeting one however, and if the barrage of falsehoods continues to be slung Mr. O’Keefe’s way, the slingers will be dealt with accordingly. Additionally, this declaration of Resistance and defense pertains to all other righteous activists under siege from fakers, actors and agents.
Mr. O’Keefe has gone on record, as a matter of humbleness, to state that he isn’t a hero and he would appreciate it if people would stop referring to him as such. Unfortunately Mr. O’Keefe, I regretfully have to inform you that everything that you do, and everything that you are, fits the description of ‘hero’ down to the most minute detail. And I, Jonathan Azaziah, for one, salute you, and thank you.~ The End ~

Kenneth O’Keefe’s renunciation of his US citizenship.

For more on Ken O’Keefe here are some of my own writings on him. This man deserves to be honoured, but then, those who tell the truth are too dangerous for those in power. By their very existence alone, they are a threat.


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Posted by Noor al Haqiqa at 11:07 PM

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

After Galloway, Ken O’Keefe under fire at HTT (Hasbara think thank).



“Ken is a prophet to us, a deeply spiritual man, loving husband and father. I also spent much time with his mother and learned about his childhood. I hope to one day help Ken write his bio for he is of This Generation and his story, struggles, defeats and successes will inspire generations to come.”
“I wonder why is The PTT has been so silent about the denial of Vanunu’s Human Rights in light of the fact that he has been awarded the 2010 Carl von Ossietzky Medal and an International campaign was launched in September to get him to Berlin by 12.12.10 to receive it” eileen fleming Is the Producer “30 Minutes with Vanunu” and “13 Minutes with Vanunu”. Author of BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010

“The truth is that Ken is a force of nature and one either loves or does not love Ken.Please let us remember that divide and conquer is the empires oldest trick.” eileen fleming Founder of, Staff Member of, A Feature Correspondent for



I was part of the R2H convoy and I can assure you that you have got your facts regarding Strofades IV incident very wrong. The truth will set us free indeed and when it all comes out I hope you will be big enough to apologise for your vicious attack on Ken.
We all saw your personal insults and childish name calling on Facebook while we were in transit to Gaza. A quick google search on your reveals that this is not your first time attacking members of the movement and you seem to have quite a reputation as a toxic character.
With people like you in the movement, who needs Zionists!

“The use of references and quotes to lend legitimacy is depressing. There is much here that is utter nonsense. Your sources are things like Facebook upon which you yourself cast doubt. You even quote yourself (regarding the ship). Certainly, the vast majority of convoy members (of which I was one) have not been consulted about this misinformation you have published. It appears to be, in essence, an attack on Ken. I don’t seek to defend him as such, but I regret your desire to make it all about him.”
A convoyer

Mary Rizzostine, thecutter, needs attention

The Cutter old three sites are dead:
So She is worried about the Forth, and needs attention. After Golloway, Ken O’Keefe is under fire at HTT (Hasbara think thank).
I have no time, and no intention to comment on her long post, because I know where she and her boys stand.

They think (thank),

  • Like Galloway Ken O’Keefe has another Agenda,
  • Like “Galloway Ken is no Salah Eddin” .
  • Like Galloway he crossed the borders of solidarity, (Read it also at Desert poison)
  • Like Galloway who gave money to Hamas on camera. ” Ken supports Hamas in the open,
  • Like Galloway he failed to recognize the “Egyptian protocol”. RTH informed “Egypt that we would start campaigns to boycott Egyptian tourism if the demand was not met.”
And Hamas is not an Authority.Thus said Neo-Handhalla, “It’s no secret that real democratic elections will always bring surprises. Remember Dubya’s slogans about bringing democracy to the Middle East and new dawn in the Arab world? Well, this was not what they expected. Not what they paid for, and no one ever heard these slogans coming from them ever again in Palestine after Hamas won.”
Surprised Haitham forget to mention that Dubya did everything he can do to remove Hamas and collectively punish Palestinian for their Democratic choice. A war was launched to bring Abbas back to Gaza.
Haithem is Frightened of another Surprise in Egypt?? He knows that Moslem Brothers would win in a Free Election.
Mary’s boy is against breaking the siege because “Opening Rafah Crossing Without PA efficient controlling Gaza Borders for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot.”

Moreover, Ken failed to follow Rizostine Activism manual, and like me he declined to be intervied by the “Queen” of Rozzistine, the Queen of Cencership .

(Would you to be on Palestine Think Tank’s Website of the Week?‏)

Having went through the e-mails exchanged with Ken, I assume he felt fishy and declined Mary’s request.

Alice Martensson hit the nail, ” Mary: no doubt you will have heard of sleepers. I have long suspected you but now you have given me confirmation. It’s clear to me that you have made it your principal aim to sow discord and sedition within the Palestine solidarity movement. Well, you have failed because, whoever is paying you, have chosen a dunce. You’re so transparent.

Go back to Tel Aviv. Tell them you couldn’t quite manage the job because others saw right through you.

Shame on you, damn lunatic!” Alice commented

Finaly, the “Queen”  wonder “why all these EX vets (Semper Fidelis) are all of a sudden making a lot of statements and assuming a key position in the activism world for Palestine. I really do wonder about that. I think other people might have the same feeling.”

Mary, never wondered that her other boy Sami Jamil Jadallah the Ex vet who  received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers where in US military service about the same time”, is doing the same, under her nose “ making a lot of statements and assuming a key position in the activism world for Palestine.” smearing the Palestinian people A whole lot. calling Nato and UN to release our people form being held hostage by Israel PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc.. . Off cource he ment Hamas and Jihad, because he know that Ramallah traitor are sponsored by Nato and UN.

In case you missed it:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


In Defense of a Palestinian.‏ (Censored at Rizzostine’s PTT)


I found the following comment in my mail box. I don’t know Tezozomoc, but I would thank him for passing it to me. I visited PTT for the first time since several months, and was not surprised to find that the comment is censored by PTT thought police (Mary the Queen of Hasbra).

Istead she as usual commented on the censored comment, whlie accusing for “not even allowing any of my (her) own comments in”

To expose her lies, links are embedded in her comment

Mary Rizzo on August 5th, 2010 at 11:35: (Links added by Me).

Tezozo left a comment that says that in my rant to Richie, I smear a respected writer. That I should reprint the very article that is full of innuendo, accusation and nastiness, so that I can prove it is false. The reason is that it doesn’t insult me, but it attacks others and the “direction of the site”.

Obviously, if we gave space to anyone who wants to attack us, any complaint about us not being what someone wants, and dictating clearly what we are supposed to do, as if they themselves have built this site and work hard on it, ( they basically criticise publishing pieces that are critical of idols and ones that promote the values that some of us adhere to strongly, that is, Palestinian unity within Arab unity, and rejection of any forces looking for divisionism, smears based on claims that the writers, if they are secular Palestinian are “infiltrates” or attacking Palestine), we would be satisfying the drive for attention that serves our enemy.

our enemy is Israel, and anyone who shifts the blame to someplace else, someone else, is helping the enemy and keeping us busy with time wasting things.

Just because “I” was not attacked, I am not going to allow Kawther and Haitham to be, as they are true patriots who themselves have suffered and still suffer the pains of their own exile and many years of mistreatment and abuse. That they should accept the accusations that they are “working for Pharaoh” is a joke. That they are “israelis” because they spell “Nakba” in a way our critic doesn’t approve of, as though this is the sign! That they knew and still trust a handful of Israelis is the other sign… that they protest equally the human rights abuses made by ANY faction, not just the PA is proof that they are “evil”…

forget it!

They were able to spam their stuff for weeks, not even allowing any of my own comments in, (click the link to see her comments and also Check the liar here) and creating some smear campaign against me that, frankly, is infantile and abusive and serves their own interests,,, whatever those may be. They are no longer worth my time………”

In Defense of a Palestinian

By Hermano Tezozomoc

Mary Rizzo often makes the resonating claim of supporting Palestinian unity within Arab unity, and whatever ambiguous interpretations can be stuffed in this statement, I do support it also.

Jeff Blankfort wrote a brillant article exposing Noam Chomsky’s lack of constancy about Palestine. In the comments section to the article, Mary Rizzo was first replying to Mark Richie.

But in this same comment, she deviates into some weird, almost incomprehensible and endless serie of attacks against the author of an article that was allegedly “full of unsubstantiated crap” and “lies”. In her serial litany Mary Rizzo also insinuates that this author is manipulated by “Pretend Muslims”, and that this mysterious author accuses Palestinians to be “infiltrators” because of being “secular”.

I was intrigued, and when I found out that the author incriminated is Nahida Izzat, i was shocked since the profile and writings of this respected Palestinian author do not fit at all the smear portrayed by Mary Rizzo.

I made the effort to read carefully Nahida Izzat’s article in which she expresses her discomfort and suspicions about one of Palestine Think Tank’s editors, Kawther Salam, and this article has the merit to present its evidence, instead of mere accusations and smears.

I wrote a reply to Mary Rizzo.
It was deleted, and yet she did not shy away from making snaring remarks about it. Does she perhaps think her reader are unable to make their own judgment, that she has to take them on a fools ride like this? That by itself is smear and resembles to Zionist methods. May be this explains why she refuses to publish Nahida Izzat’s article explaining her departure from Palestine Think Tank.

There is a matter of strict contradiction, when someone like Mary Rizzo claims to be supporting “Palestinian unity within Arab unity” and then goes on attacking and smearing a respected Palestinian author.

Such divisive and deceptive method of smearing and blacking out the defense, of dividing and capturing the audience, are not new for anyone who has experience with hasbara.

Suspecting it would not be published, I saved the webpage with my comment (35) “awaiting moderation” which at Palestine Think Tank means “awaiting censorship and smear”

Tezozomoc on August 5th, 2010 at 0:47: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Mary Rizzo et al,

In your ranting reply to Mark Richie, you engage into smearing of someone who reveals to be an author you apparently hate. This is odious, especially since it is a renown Palestinian author with integrity and unrepentant commitment to Palestine. It was easy to find out who it was, just as it was uneasy to discover that you are engaging in slander and attacks behind the back against Palestinians.

IF the article you mention in your slanderous comment is “Through the Fog of Deception”

And IF it is indeed ” full of unsubstantiated crap” and if it is indeed ”based not on fact, but on prejudice and lies” , then why don’t YOU Mary et al. publish that article at Palestinian Think Tank, and give the readers a chance to make their own judgment?

Let all your readers have a look and judge for themselves, since you say “it’s BS anyway and anyone can see that by taking a look”

And “since this person had been spamming and harassing for months” then why don’t you “expose” her and publish her “harassment” and “spamming” for all your readers to see??
I had a look for myself, and made my judgement is that this person did not say a bad word against you personally, but expressed concerns about someone she does perceive as untrustworthy, and about a new direction taken by Palestine Think Tank, she disapproved with.

It begs the question as to what is your motivation, and what is your benefit, to propagate in Palestinian circles such slanderous and repeated smearing of this author ?

Mary Rizzo et al, your activity of personal vengeance against this respected Palestinian author is simply inexcusable. You pursue your smearing publicly without the incriminated person’s knowledge or awareness. That you fully know your accusations are without merit explains your methods of sending around false rumors, ……….(I removed this part about the so called fake activist because I don’t trust Mary)

Your readers deserve to see the evidence of your accusations against a Palestinian author, who proved her points of apprehension in her article with quote after quote of Kawther Salam.
People can READ, and they are well capable of making their own conclusions.

It is unconscionable for a website and a person who claims to be supportive of Palestine, to be deceptive, and divisive by engaging in smear campaigns in what seems to be a personal vendetta by Mary Rizzo against a Palestinian author, Nahida Izzat.

What is it that makes Mary Rizzo censure any serious criticism of anything published on Palestine Think Tank?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

ZIONISM UNMASKED: Chutzpah, thy name is Zionism by Maidhc Ó Cathail


Friday, February 12, 2010 at 9:27AM Gilad Atzmon

One might think that with over a million people dead and almost five million others displaced in Iraq—and not a weapon of mass destruction to be found—that Netanyahu might be showing some remorse. Instead, he’s beating the drums loudest for an even more catastrophic war with Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(OSAKA, Japan) – Chutzpah, a Yiddish word meaning “shameless audacity,” has been famously defined as “that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.” Considering Israel’s increasingly outrageous behaviour, perhaps it’s time for a new definition. The one that springs to mind is “that quality enshrined in a state, which having induced its ‘allies’ into a disastrous invasion of Iraq, then urges them to attack Iran.”
At a recent dinner in honour of visiting Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took yet another rhetorical swipe at Tehran. “Humanity stands before one of its most difficult tests since World War II,” Netanyahu intoned. “The radical Islamic regime threats [sic] the well-being of the state of Israel, the region, and all of humanity.”

Sounding more like an Israeli envoy than the head of a sovereign nation, Berlusconi responded, “My job is to make sure that world leaders do not commit the same error of the past, the error of indifference that brought about the greatest tragedy in history.”

In Defamation, a highly revealing 2009 documentary on anti-Semitism by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir, Professor Norman Finkelstein noted this strategy of invoking past Jewish suffering to justify future wars. “The irony is that the Nazi holocaust has now become the main ideological weapon for launching wars of aggression,” said Finkelstein, the author of The Holocaust Industry. “Every time you want to launch a war of aggression, drag in the Nazi holocaust.”

Or, to be more precise, every time Israel wants other countries to launch a war of aggression on its behalf, it drags in the Nazi holocaust. In the build-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Netanyahu was one of many Zionists who did just that. In a September 20, 2002 Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “The Case for Toppling Saddam,” Netanyahu laid on the guilt trip: “We now know that had the democracies taken pre-emptive action to bring down Hitler’s regime in the 1930s, the worst horrors in history could have been avoided.”
And as he and other Zionists are now doing with Iran, Netanyahu was in 2002 hyping a non-existent Iraqi nuclear threat. Saddam Hussein, he claimed, was “feverishly trying to acquire nuclear weapons.” Moreover, “the deadly material necessary for atomic bombs,” the then former Israeli Prime Minister speculated, could be produced “in centrifuges the size of washing machines that can be hidden throughout the country—and Iraq is a very big country.” To uncover Saddam’s hypothetical “portable manufacturing sites of mass death,” Netanyahu warned that “nothing less than dismantling his regime will do.”

One might think that with over a million people dead and almost five million others displaced in Iraq—and not a weapon of mass destruction to be found—that Netanyahu might be showing some remorse. Instead, he’s beating the drums loudest for an even more catastrophic war with Iran.

That should tell us a lot not only about the man but about the nature of the ideology that drives him. Zionism, like the fictional Jewish parenticide, shamelessly attempts to turn reality on its head.

Instead of acknowledging that it is the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East, Israel and its supporters focus the world’s attention on imaginary threats from its regional rivals.

Rather than apologizing for their crimes against humanity—most notably, the dispossession and virtual imprisonment of the Palestinian people— Zionists arrogantly portray themselves as the defenders of humanity against Islamic aggression.

And instead of admitting that they lied about Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories, Iraqi yellowcake uranium from Niger, and Iraqi meetings in Prague, Zionist propagandists are busy concocting similarly brazen lies about Iran.

If world leaders are indeed committing an “error of indifference,” it is hardly their supposed resistance to Zionist scaremongering. Rather, it is their indifference to the suffering of Arab and Muslim peoples. Foremost among them are the Palestinians—the ultimate victims of the shameless audacity of Zionism.
Maidhc Ó Cathail is a writer and educator. Born and raised in Ireland, he has been living in Osaka, Japan since 1999. is happy that this extremely diverse writer has joined forces with our team. In addition to writing a monthly column for the Irish language internet magazine Beo!, Maidhc’s work has been published by, Dissident Voice, Foreign Policy Journal, Khaleej Times, Media Monitors Network, Online Journal, Palestine Chronicle and many more. Maidhc Ó Cathail was asked to join the Salem-News team because of his fantastic world coverage. His reports covering events like the conflict in Palestine, show a fantastic overview of the developing events that are shaping world history. We look forward to sharing stories from this well connected individual with our readers. It is a tough and complicated world out there, and we’re all better off with the additional education gleaned from Maidhc Ó Cathail’s research and reporting. You can write to Maidhc at:

See also: We are all Palestinians – by Maidhc O’ Cathail

Maidhc Ó Cathail is a widely published writer based in Japan.

February 11, 2010 Posted by Elias

River to Sea

Uprooted Palestinian

Ramullah Traitor, Neopatriots of Rizzostine On: Viva Palestina, Siege and the Wall of Shame

Hamas is the Enemy.
Galloway crossed the limits of Soliderity.
Long Live Pharaoh and his WALL. until the return  to controll Rafah.  
Let Egypt build its Iron Wall mile deep, and let Israel build its Cement Wall mile high and let. Operate Gaza Sea Port under a joint US/NATO. Virtually placing Gaza under an international custody.

Take it from their own mounths:

“Contrary to expectations in Turkey, he (Abass) did not allow Egypt to be blamed here, placing the blame squarely on Hamas’ shoulders.”

“Egypt, as a sovereign state, had a right to guard and protect its borders as it wants. … it was Egypt that was the key player in the region,” [ABBAS]

Contrary to the expectation of readers in Rizzostine, Hiatham Sabbah did not allow Egypt to be blamed here, placing the blame squarely on Galloway’s and Hamas’ shoulders.

“this turned to no more than smearing Egyptians, which have done to Gaza more than any other Arabian or Western country did.”
“why would Egypt open the boarders? At the end of the day they have the right to protect their citizens”
“Why in the world any country open its borders without any regulations?
“We all know who controls the tunnels, and what they are used for. Who can dig a tunnel and who can’t. What can be brought from Egyptian Rafah and what should not. And we all know that the tunnels are not used ONLY for food. In fact food is just a cover to many other businesses and even worse a passage for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaedaa and their likes which Gaza are full with these days. If this is not enough reason for Egypt to construct this iron wall, I don’t know what can be a good reason. That not to mention the drugs business. Guess who is doing the trading and were the money goes. definitely not to buy food for the palestinians in Gaza. ”  [Neopatriot Haitham]

“Hamas had taken the steps that ended with the closing of the Rafah border gate,…. Hamas was trying to force open the Rafah gate under its control…. President Abbas made it clear, however, that as the legitimate Palestinian administration, they would never accept this.” [ABBAS]

“without any international guarantees that Palestine is going to be autonomous in controlling its own borders for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot. [Neopatriot Haitham]

     Thanks Haitham… you speak the truth, the goals and objectives of the solidarity movement with Palestine but be the same as Palestinians; ending the siege of Gaza, ending the Israeli/Jewish Occupation and of course the right of return for Palestinians.

    However the immediate goal is opening the sea port of Gaza for international shipping, and let Egypt build its Iron Wall mile deep, and let Israel build its Cement Wall mile high and let Ramallah partner with Israel in keeping the gates closed… Opening the Gaza Sea Port will end the siege of Gaza once and for all… it will allow the free flow of goods, and people to and from Gaza… of course this could not happens without the support of the US.
    That is why I called for the operation of Gaza Sea Port under a joint US/NATO with both organizations taking total operational and security control free and independent from Israel, Egypt, Hamas and certainly Fatah and Ramallah….Virtually placing Gaza under an international custody… to allow people to rebuild what Israel destroyed and what Ramallah corrupted.” [sami jamil jadallah]

    President Abbas defends Egypt against Turkish vilification

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    Thursday, January 7, 2010
    Semih Idiz

    There is anger and indignation in Turkey directed at Egypt because it would not initially let an aid convoy go through the Rafah border gate to Gaza earlier this week. Turkish public opinion was quick off the mark with its gut reaction against Cairo, after clashes between Egyptian police and members of the convoy – during which one Egyptian soldier was killed by a shot fired from the Hamas controlled Gaza.

    We had a similar situation last year following the events in the Xinjiang province of China. Overnight China became an object of hate for Turkish Islamists and nationalists. Ironically China was for the same groups a country to be admired a week before these events for the way it was standing up to the West, and competing with it in every sphere.

    Fickle as ever, those Turks who turned on China overnight did not bother to question the reasons for what was happening in Urumchi. It was again an instant gut reaction, with Islamic and nationalist sympathies coming to the surface in an automatic and Pavlovian manner.

    We had to opportunity on Thursday to ask Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a few questions about all this, during his visit to Ankara for high-level talks about the latest developments in the Middle East. Their papers having carried the anger against Egypt to their main headlines, some of the reporters in attendance were curious about what the Palestinian president had to say about the events at Rafah.

    His answer indicated that he too will become an object of hatred in Turkey, where Hamas – regardless of all its terrorism – is the better-loved side of the Palestinian divide. The reason why he will become so is clear. Contrary to expectations in Turkey, he did not allow Egypt to be blamed here, placing the blame squarely on Hamas’ shoulders.

    Indicating that like all sovereign countries, Egypt too had a right to protect its borders, President Abbas also reminded that many aid convoys to Gaza had gone over this country in the past. Abbas said that the latest problem arose when those in the convoy – headed by the maverick British politician and former Labour MP George Galloway – insisted on going into Gaza over Egypt through a route they selected themselves, refusing to use the route Cairo had determined for them.

    Abbas said that Egypt, as a sovereign state, had a right to guard and protect its borders as it wants. He also indicated in so many words that it was Egypt that was the key player in the region, not just in terms of the Middle East peace process, but also in terms of the attempts to bring about a rapprochement between estranged Palestinians.
    Abbas pointed out that it was Hamas, after all, that had taken the steps that ended with the closing of the Rafah border gate, and the imposition of an embargo on the region. He also agreed that Hamas was trying to force open the Rafah gate under its control with a view to gaining some kind of international recognition a separate independent entity.

    President Abbas made it clear, however, that as the legitimate Palestinian administration, they would never accept this. The Palestinian leader also made it clear that their principle priority at the present time was to get Hamas to accept general elections in Palestine.

    Abbas said that while Hamas was elected democratically in 2006, it seemed now that it did not want to leave power by democratic means and so was opposing the holding of elections, which it had initially agreed on under Egyptian auspices.

    He also made it clear that this was the point at which he wants Turkey to intervene, in order to use its ties with Hamas to convince this organization to accept the holding of general elections.

    Put in perspective, the grand role that Turkey sees itself playing in the Middle East peace process was not exactly reflected in Abbas’ remarks.

     According to him, it is Egypt that is up front in this respect, and that is the way they want it to stay, no matter what Turkey or Turks may feel about that country at the present time.

    We found Abbas’ remarks useful in terms of shattering some illusions that the Turkish public has because of being generally ill-informed about the intricacies of Middle East politics. It was also telling that the convoy that caused so much trouble at the Rafah border gate, had at least four deputies from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP.
    This alone was enough to show where the government’s real sympathies lie when it comes to the divide between the Palestinians. Behind all of this, of course, Prime Minister Erdoğan’s by now famous reprimand of Israeli President Shimon Peres at Davos last year.

    That made Erdoğan an instant hero, not just in Turkey but also in the streets of the Middle East – and especially in Gaza.
    Even George Galloway complimented Erdoğan during the incident at the Rafah crossing this week. He said his wish was that all Arab countries, and his country the United Kingdom, would one day have leaders like Erdoğan.
    Given his fondness for populism, these remarks were undoubtedly music to Erdoğan’s ears. However, that is about all they represent. Because the Middle East being the place it is, Erdoğan’s interlocutors are not the masses that admire him today, but the leaders of the various countries that look on some of his behavior with misgivings.
    The simple fact is that most of these leaders today are against Hamas, a fact that Turkish public opinion is not fully aware of until something like the incident at Rafah happens. Now that portraits of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are being burned across Turkey, and Egypt is being vilified nationwide alongside Israel, it is unlikely that these leaders, starting from Mubarak, are going to be very pleased.
    President Abbas’ strong endorsement of Egypt as the key player in the region goes to show that the Erdoğan government is not fully in tune with the established “powers that be” in the Middle East. Neither is his strong endorsement of Iran enamoring him much to some of these regional powers, since they too have serious concerns about Tehran’s efforts to enrich uranium.

    Turkey has alienated Israel and lost its chance, for all intents and purposes, to mediate between that country and Syria. Turkey is now in the process of alienating the other key regional power, namely Egypt. From President Abbas’ remarks it is also clear that there is little role for Turkey in trying to mediate between Hamas and the PLO.
    Put another way, all that is expected from Ankara in this respect is to try and convince Hamas, with whom it enjoys good ties, to accept general elections in Palestine. This appears, however, to be no more than a messenger’s role, and does not provide the image of “proactivity” that Ankara is trying to project concerning its involvement in the Middle East.
    The fact that the government did nothing to calm Turkish public opinion this week against Egypt – by trying to explain what was going on in Rafah – and instead allowed the reputation of an important country like Egypt, a traditional friend, to be dragged in the gutter will clearly not be forgotten easily in some quarters in the Middle East.
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