Kudos Mr. Abbas‏, the tragic hero": The “plucked chicken” is soaring into the sky. Give him a chance

“Will U.S., Israel give Abbas a chance? Thus asked Uri Avnery on Dec, 2004, “Abu Mazen represents the Fatah Old Guard, while his opponents represent the fighters of the first and second intifadas. But the real confrontation is between two world views and two grand strategies for the Palestinian national liberation struggle.”

U.S., Israel gave Abbas the chance, supported him to smash opponents in his own Fatah party, but what was the outcome?

Hamas has won a surprise victory in January 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections. “Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said after a three-hour emergency meeting on Thursday that Israel would not negotiate with a Palestinian government including Hamas.”  and Bush “hoped Mr Abbas would stay in power.”

The election results stunned U.S. and Israeli officials, who have repeatedly stated that they would not work with a Palestinian Authority that included Hamas, which both countries and the European Union have designated as a terrorist organization. In Washington, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that a party could not “have one foot in politics and the other in terror. Our position on Hamas has therefore not changed.”

“CAN ABBAS be saved?” asked Uri Avnery on June 25, 2007. I don’t know.” he answered, “Some of my Palestinian friends are in despair.

They grew up in Fateh, and Fateh is their home. They are secularists. They are nationalists. They definitely do not want a fanatical Islamic regime in their homeland.

But in the present conflict, their heart is with Hamas. Their mind is split. And that is not surprising.”, he added

Again the U.S. and Israel gave Abbas the chance, because Abbas is a necessity for both,

“Abbas cannot be “eliminated” the usual way, as were [Hamas leader] Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and many other Palestinian leaders. In the case of Abbas, it is not even allowed to use the word “elimination” – an official term of the Israeli army, taken straight from the Mafia lexicon.”


In the final analysis, Abbas is under the control of Usrael, they always have the carrot and the stick. THEYsupported him to smash Hamas in WB, launced brutal war on Besiged Gaza,
starved Gazans for electing Hamas.

What was the outcome?

Hear it from Uri. On September 14, 2009, Uri wrote, Barack Obama, Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas – All three of them – are fighting for their political life. The three battles are quite different from each other, yet interconnected.” The three battles are still ongoing and still interconnected.

The Palestinian UN bid: Abbas and the Domestic Front

“Behind the scene, there is a domestic political imperative behind Abbas decision. Yes, he wants to seek a statehood, but he is also planning his own political survival.

For many years, Abbas watched his popularity plummet among the Palestinian public. Many viewed him as a collaborator who only maintain Israel security. Netanyahu made things even harder, his refusal to renew the moratorium on settlement building in the West Bank has led to the final breakdown of the direct negotiations.

By opting to go outside the framework of the Oslo accord, Abbas would probably be able to regain his popularity among the Palestinians, snooker the Israelis and US and most importantly score a few points against Hamas….

he also understands the Palestinian psyche who will probably appreciate the small gains from the UN more than any achievement from any negotiated settlement….By seeking the UN bid, Abbas would enhance the image of a leader who want to create a state for his own people and is willing to defy the USA”the world superpower”to achieve his goal….Abbas is banking on two factors; the Arab uprising and the risk of Hamas take over the West bank…The UN bid is ideal for Abbas domestic needs. The UN may not offer the Palestinians full statehood, but would give Abbas a reasonable chance for political survival in the possible next year election and that is what probably matters most to him. As for a permanent solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, there appears to be no strategy except prayers!”

The the zionist hasbara outlets denouced the “deadly serious implications of Abbas’ U.N. campaign,”

“it has elements of farce. Abbas can’t claim to represent all of Palestine. Hamas, not the Palestinian Authority, rules in the Gaza Strip, and it has no interest in any settlement that recognizes the Jewish state. What’s more, Abbas’ election mandate ran out two years ago, and no new elections have been possible because of the Gaza-West Bank schism.”

Obama’s speech confirmed Uri Avnery’s worries:  Obama on the wrong side of history and Egypt will change his live, you
Uri, rejoice, but the wise speech of yoyr “tragic hero”shall not stop the water rising slowly and silently behind the dam, until it burst, sweeping the illustion of possible peace with Zionism. 

Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama: “tragic hero” vs political prostitute

By Uri Avnery

24 September 2011

Uri Avnery compares Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas’s gamble in making a bid for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations – and thereby putting Palestine at the centre of world attention – with Barack Obama’s sheer unprincipled prostitution in the service of Israel – all for the sake of a second term as president.

”The Arab Spring may have been a last chance for the US to recover its standing in the Middle East. After some hesitation, Obama realized that…

“Now he has blown it, perhaps forever. No self-respecting Arab will forgive him for plunging his knife into the back of the helpless Palestinians. All the credit the US has tried to gain in the last months in the Arab and the wider Muslim world has been blown away with one puff.” (Uri Avnery)

A wonderful speech. A beautiful speech.

The language expressive and elegant. The arguments clear and convincing. The delivery flawless.

A work of art. The art of hypocrisy. Almost every statement in the passage concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue was a lie. A blatant lie: the speaker knew it was a lie, and so did the audience.

It was Obama at his best, Obama at his worst.

Being a moral person, he must have felt the urge to vomit. Being a pragmatic person, he knew that he had to do it, if he wanted to be re-elected.

 Obama – selling America’s national interests for a second term

In essence, he sold the fundamental national interests of the United States of America for the chance of a second term.

Not very nice, but that’s politics, OK?

It may be superfluous – almost insulting to the reader – to point out the mendacious details of this rhetorical edifice.

Obama treated the two sides as if they were equal in strength – Israelis and Palestinians, Palestinians and Israelis.

But of the two, it is the Israelis – only they – who suffer and have suffered. Persecution. Exile. Holocaust. An Israeli child threatened by rockets. Surrounded by the hatred of Arab children. So sad.

Obama spewed out a “straight right-wing Israeli propaganda line, pure and simple – the terminology, the historical narrative, the argumentation. The music.”

No occupation. No settlements. No June 1967 borders. No Nakba. No Palestinian children killed or frightened. It’s the straight right-wing Israeli propaganda line, pure and simple – the terminology, the historical narrative, the argumentation. The music.

The Palestinians, of course, should have a state of their own. Sure, sure. But they must not be pushy. They must not embarrass the US. They must not come to the UN. They must sit with the Israelis, like reasonable people, and work it out with them. The reasonable sheep must sit down with the reasonable wolf and decide what to have for dinner. Foreigners should not interfere.

Obama gave full service. A lady who provides this kind of service generally gets paid in advance. Obama got paid immediately afterwards, within the hour. Netanyahu sat down with him in front of the cameras and gave him enough quotable professions of love and gratitude to last for several election campaigns.

Mahmoud Abbas – “a tragic hero”

The “plucked chicken” is soaring into the sky.
Not bad for a chicken, even for one with a full set of feathers

The tragic hero of this affair is Mahmoud Abbas. A tragic hero, but a hero nonetheless.

Many people may be surprised by this sudden emergence of Abbas as a daring player for high stakes, ready to confront the mighty US.

If Ariel Sharon were to wake up for a moment from his years-long coma, he would faint with amazement. It was he who called Mahmoud Abbas “a plucked chicken”.

Yet for the last few days, Abbas was the centre of global attention. World leaders conferred about how to handle him, senior diplomats were eager to convince him of this or that course of action, commentators were guessing what he would do next. His speech before the UN General Assembly was treated as an event of consequence.

Not bad for a chicken, even for one with a full set of feathers.
His emergence as a leader on the world stage is somewhat reminiscent of Anwar Sadat.

When Gamal Abd-al-Nasser unexpectedly died at the age of 52 in 1970 and his official deputy, Sadat, assumed his mantle, all political experts shrugged.

Sadat? Who the hell is that? He was considered a no-nentity, an eternal No. 2, one of the least important members of the group of “free officers” that was ruling Egypt.

“Sit, Anwar!”

In Egypt, a land of jokes and jokers, witticisms about him abounded. One concerned the prominent brown mark on his forehead. The official version was that it was the result of much praying, hitting the ground with his forehead. But the real reason, it was told, was that at meetings, after everyone else had spoken, Sadat would get up and try to say something. Nasser would good-naturedly put his finger to his forehead, push him gently down and say: “Sit, Anwar!”

Sit, Pharaoah

To the utter amazement of the experts – and especially the Israeli ones – this “non-entity” took a huge gamble by starting the 1973 October War, and proceeded to do something unprecedented in history: going to the capital of an enemy country still officially in a state of war and making peace.

Abbas’ status under Yasser Arafat was not unlike Sadat’s under Nasser. However, Arafat never appointed a deputy. Abbas was one of a group of four or five likely successors. The heir would surely have been Abu Jihad, had he not been killed by Israeli commandoes in front of his wife and children. Another likely candidate, Abu Iyad, was killed by Palestinian terrorists. Abu Mazen (Abbas) was in a way the choice by default.

Such politicians, emerging suddenly from under the shadow of a great leader, generally fall into one of two categories: the eternal frustrated No. 2 or the surprising new leader.

The Bible gives us examples of both kinds. The first was Rehoboam, the son and heir of the great King Solomon, who told his people: “my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions”. The other kind was represented by Joshua, the heir of Moses. He was no second Moses, but according to the story a great conqueror in his own right.

Modern history tells the sad story of Anthony Eden, the long-suffering No. 2 of Winston Churchill, who commanded little respect. (Mussolini called him, after their first meeting, “a well-tailored idiot”.). Upon assuming power, he tried desperately to equal Churchill and soon embroiled Britain in the 1956 Suez disaster. To the second category belonged Harry Truman, the nobody who succeeded the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt and surprised everybody as a resolute leader.

Putting Palestine at the centre of world attention

“Abbas has placed the quest for Palestinian freedom squarely on the international table. For more than a week, Palestine has been the centre of international attention.”

Abbas looked like belonging to the first kind. Now, suddenly, he is revealed as belonging to the second. The world is treating him with newfound respect. Nearing the end of his career, he made the big gamble.

But was it wise? Courageous, yes. Daring, yes. But wise?

My answer is: yes, it was.

Abbas has placed the quest for Palestinian freedom squarely on the international table. For more than a week, Palestine has been the centre of international attention. Scores of international statesmen – and women – including the leader of the world’s only superpower, have been busy with Palestine.
For a national movement, that is of the utmost importance. Cynics may ask: “So what did they gain from it?” But cynics are fools. A liberation movement gains from the very fact that the world pays attention, that the media grapple with the problem, that people of conscience all over the world are aroused. It strengthens morale at home and brings the struggle a step nearer its goal. [All to save his political career -UP]

Oppression shuns the limelight. Occupation, settlements, ethnic cleansing thrive in the shadows. It is the oppressed who need the light of day. Abbas’s move provided it, at least for the time being.

“Oppression shuns the limelight. Occupation, settlements, ethnic cleansing thrive in the shadows. It is the oppressed who need the light of day.”

Barack Obama’s miserable performance was a nail in the coffin of America’s status as a superpower. In a way, it was a crime against the United States.

The Arab Spring may have been a last chance for the US to recover its standing in the Middle East. After some hesitation, Obama realized that. He called on Mubarak to go, helped the Libya-ns against their tyrant, made some noises about Bashar al-Assad. He knows that he has to regain the respect of the Arab masses if he wants to recover some stature in the region, and by extension throughout the world. [SO, Its all about democracy!!! Its the bloody oil and “Shalom” for Israel, stupid]

Now he has blown it, perhaps forever. No self-respecting Arab will forgive him for plunging his knife into the back of the helpless Palestinians. All the credit the US has tried to gain in the last months in the Arab and the wider Muslim world has been blown away with one puff.

All for re-election.

It was also a crime against Israel.

[Why Uri??  here is the answer: A letter from a 1948 settler to 1967 settlers in Gaza ]

Israel needs peace. Israel needs to live side by side with the Palestinian people, within the Arab world. Israel cannot rely forever on the unconditional support of the declining United States.

Obama knows this full well. He knows what is good for Israel, even if Netanyahu doesn’t. Yet he has handed the keys of the car to the drunken driver.

The state of Palestine will come into being. This week it was already clear that this is unavoidable. Obama will be forgotten, as will Netanyahu, Lieberman and the whole bunch.

Mahmoud Abbas – Abu Mazen, as the Palestinians call him – will be remembered. The “plucked chicken” is soaring into the sky.

Kudos Mr. Abbas‏,

Thus commented Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh

Dr. Mazin is vey exited with the “brilliant speech at the United Nations, getting rounds of applause from most of the representatives”

I think it demonstrated clearly and unambiguously that the Palestinian leadership has been “unreasonably reasonable” and has instead seen the hopes of peace and of millions of Palestinians suffering for 63 years dashed on the rock of Israeli expansionist, colonial, and apartheid policies. He explained that Israel has been taking one unilateral action after another each resulting in more pain and suffering for our people. Going to the UN, he explained is putting things back where the problems started (he did not use the last two words but I do). He said a word that I think he should defend strongly that no person or country with an iota of logic or conscience should reject the Palestinian state membership in the UN or its formation in the 22% of historic Palestine that is the West Bank and Gaza. I think he took a courageous step and gave a good performance.”

Mazin is optimistic, Abbas would “now implement quickly the reconciliation agreement…would act quickly and decisively to really promote popular unarmed resistance throughout Palestine.”  In other words, Hamas and resistance factions should willingly lay arms or othetwise.

“A new strategy to encourage real nonviolent resistance must be adopted”….Mazin is “waiting to see clear evidence of change; a new Palestinian Spring as Mr. Abbas called it.”

I am adraid, Mazin’s “new strategy would end with a “new book”: Sharing the “Land of Samira”


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


Uri Avnery Elaborates on Israeli Psychosis

DateSunday, July 10, 2011 at 10:05PM AuthorGilad Atzmon

He referes to the Israeli ignorance, arrogance and collective neurosis.
“Israelis are not afraid of war, they are afraid of peace”

I don’t always agree with Avnery but I have a lot of respect to this brave man.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

We March to Jerusalem, Martyrs in the Millions


Despite his desperate attempts to appear thrilled and delighted for the recent events in the Middle East, the words of Uri Avnery could not hide his ominous mood; fear, panic and gloom.

He frantically strives to rescue his “zionist dream”; the “Jewish state”, by his alarming words pointing at the inevitable hidden danger awaiting his brethren, just around the corner, if they fail to act, and act fast.

Uri-in the Irgun terrorist group

“What will happen if hundreds of thousands of Palestinians march one day to the Separation Wall and pull it down? What if a quarter of a million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon gather on our Northern border? What if masses of people assemble in Manara Square in Ramallah and Town Hall Square in Nablus and confront the Israeli troops? Mr. Avnery asks.

then he warns: “Perhaps this will not happen tomorrow or the day after. But it most certainly will happen – unless we make peace while we still can

Too little too late Mr. Avnery

That day you are so fearful of is undoubtedly coming insha’Allah.

The ball has started rolling now, and there is no way to stop or reverse its motion, it’s only a matter of time.

The aims and dreams of most Palestinians are not confined to the change of zionist regime or the vacuous declaration of abandonment of zionism by the Jewish-zionist occupiers, nor is it the acceptance of your pathetic pretence that YOU are making “peace” with us while throwing at us crumbs of a pathetic mini-state while YOU keep most of our beloved Homeland!للقدس رايحين … شهداء بالملايين

translates toWe march to Jerusalem, martyrs in the millionsثوره حتى النصر… حره فلسطين

translates to

Revolution until victory, Free Palestine

If I were a zionist, now, I would be preparing my suitcases, renewing my old passport and looking for a job in my original country.

Uri- a soldier in the Nakbah war (80% Palestine was occupied)

While you repeatedly condemn the “occupation” , you only condemn the occupation of Gaza and the west Bank, thus implicitly you condone the occupation of 80% of Palestine

When you call for “making peace” with the Palestinians, does it not occur to you that YOU are one of those occupiers that you always blame and denounce?Does it not occur to you Mr. Avnery that your approval of the war of aggression of 1948 is in total contradiction of your vacuous calls for “peace” since they justify a posteriori wars of conquest?

In your “peace-loving” conscience, how do you reconcile your support of the concept of keeping the loot of other people’s land and property which has been robbed from them by massacres, bombs and ethnic-cleansing?

Any call for occupiers to remain in occupied Palestine, even whitewashed as a “call for peace” is nothing else than a call to finalize the zionist conquest at the expense of a whole other nation

Mr Avnery, you and your brethren need to understand that:

Objectively, EVERY INCH of Palestine is occupiedEVERY Palestinian is a victim of the greed, arrogance and violence of your brethrenEVERY grain of sand has been buried under the sadistic brutality of your tanksEVER drop of water is drowning in the bloodbath you’ve created
Mr. Avnery, you and your brethren need to understand that:YOUR “zionist dream” has turned the lives of the indigenous people of Palestine into never-ending nightmaresUnder the cover of the “unique” suffering of the Jews, you have turned the Palestinian existence into a callously measured holocaust and slow-motion genocide

Mr. Avnery, you and your brethren need to understand that:The FULL LIBERATION of PALESTINE and the restoration of ALL our STOLEN rights is by now inevitable.

After a century of lies, terror, theft, deceit, murder and ruthless crimes, had your brethren, the zionist occupiers, shown any signs of remorse, respect or willingness to be decent guests in our beloved Homeland, our STOLEN Palestine, had they embraced with open arms the hospitable people of Palestine rather than destroying them with fire-arms; they might have had a chance to be accepted and forgiven. Not any more, as far as I am concerned. They have lost that opportunity.

and I can reassure you Mr. Avnery that I am not alone, my voice is just one amidst millions of Palestinians and millions more of Arabs and Muslims whom your brethren have vilified, dehumanized, humiliated and lied about and demeaned their faith for decades

Those millions are waiting with burning hearts and yearning souls to March to Jerusalem, can you hear them Uri?

Posted by nahida the Exiled Palestinian at 3:06:00 PM  

Uri Avnery is worried: Obama on the wrong side of history, Uri is not?


 ‘shalom initiative’.

Uri is worried, the “Only democracy in Middle East” missed the second (The first was in 1952) wonderful opportunity of Egytian tsunami to show solidarity with the Egyptian people.

Muslim Brothers, like you said, are not “Taliban-like fanatics”, they are Hamas-Like “Fanatics”  democratically elected, they are for Full Liberation,

So, be worried or be on right side of history, and follow Helen Thomas’ Honost Advise

With the fall Mubarak’s regime who played a role in the war on Gaza as well as the 2006 war on Lebanon, The region entered a new stage, and your IOF is concerned not about planed wars on Gaza and Lebanon, but about Hamas Liberating Negev and Hezbullah liberating Gallili ( BTW, my home is just 10 km from the borders).
Before yesterday, Nasralla answered your Barak:
“I tell Barak, Ashkenazi and Gantz that the Resistance might have to occupy Galilee. I tell the resistance fighters to be prepared for the day when war is imposed on Lebanon. Then, the Resistance leadership might ask you to lead the Resistance to occupy the Galilee.”
Believe him Uri, he never lied, thefore I assume here is ready, and would turn Barak’s war into an oportionity, Imad invented some new rules, that turned the art of war upside down.

SO, URI, HAVE GOOD SHELTER  OR ‘Get the hell out of Palestine’,


On the wrong side of history: Obama’s wavering on EgyptBy Uri Avnery

13 February 2011

Uri Avnery argues that US President Barack Obama should have trusted his instinct and placed the US on the right side of history by supporting the people’s revolution in Egypt, rather than give in to the “small people” – politicians, generals, “security experts”, diplomats, pundits, lobbyists, business leaders and. the hugely powerful Israel lobby.

Until the very last moment, the Israeli leadership tried to keep Hosni Mubarak in power.

It was hopeless. Even the mighty United States was impotent when faced with this tsunami of popular outrage.

In the end it settled for second best: a pro-Western military dictatorship. But will this really be the outcome?

The right instinctsWhen confronted with a new situation, Obama’s first response is generally admirable.

Then, it seems, second thoughts set in. And third. And fourth. The end result is a 180 degree turn.

When the masses started to gather in Tahrir Square, he reacted exactly like most decent people in the US and, indeed, throughout the world. There was unbounded admiration for those brave young men and women who faced the dreaded mukhabarat secret police, demanding democracy and human rights.

How could one not admire them? They were non-violent, their demands were reasonable, their actions were spontaneous, they obviously expressed the feelings of the vast majority of the people. Without any organization to speak of, without leadership, they said and did all the right things.

Such a sight is rare in history. No sans-culottes screaming for blood, no cold-minded Bolsheviks lurking in the shadows, no ayatollahs dictating their actions in the name of God.

So Obama loved it. He did not hide his feelings. He practically called on the dictator to give up and go away.

If Obama had stayed this course, the result would have been historic. From being the most hated power in the Arab world, the US would have electrified the Arab masses, the Muslim region, indeed much of the Third World. It could have been the beginning of a completely new era.

I believe that Obama sensed this. His first instincts are always right. In such a situation, a real leader – that rarest of all animals – stands out.

Enter the small people – and the Israel lobbyBut then came the second thoughts. Small people started to work on him. Politicians, generals, “security experts”, diplomats, pundits, lobbyists, business leaders, all the “experienced” people – experienced in routine affairs – started to weigh in. And, of course, the hugely powerful Israel lobby.

“Are you crazy?”, they admonished him. To forsake a dictator who happens to be our son-of-a-bitch? To tell all our client dictators around the world that we shall forsake them in their hour of need?

How naïve can you get? Democracy in an Arab country? Don’t make us laugh! We know the Arabs! You show them democracy on a platter and they would not know it from baked beans! They always need a dictator to keep them in shape! Especially these Egyptians! Ask the British!

The whole thing is really a conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Look them up on Google! They are the only alternative. It’s either Mubarak or them. They are the Egyptian Taliban, worse, the Egyptian Al-Qaeda. Help the well-meaning democrats to overthrow the regime, and before you know it you will have a second Iran, with an Egyptian Ahmadinejad on Israel’s southern border, hooking up with Hezbollah and Hamas. The dominos will begin to fall, starting with Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Faced with all these experts, Obama caved in. Again.

Of course, every single one of these arguments can easily be refuted.

Spurious argumentsLet’s start with Iran. The naïve Americans, so the story goes, forsook the Shah and his dreaded Israeli-trained secret police in order to promote democracy, but the revolution was taken over by the ayatollahs. A cruel dictatorship was replaced by an even crueller one. This is what Binyamin Netanyahu said this week, warning that the same is inevitably bound to happen in Egypt.

But the true Iranian story is quite different.

In 1951, a patriotic politician named Mohammad Mossadegh was elected in democratic elections – the first of their kind in Iran. Mossadegh, neither a communist nor even a socialist, instituted sweeping social reforms, freed the peasants and worked mightily to turn backward Iran into a modern, democratic, secular state. In order to make this possible, he nationalized the oil industry, which was owned by a rapacious British company which paid Iran miniscule royalties. Huge demonstrations in Tehran supported Mossadegh.

The British reaction was swift and decisive. Winston Churchill convinced President Dwight Eisenhower that Mossadegh’s course would lead to communism. In 1953 the CIA engineered a coup, Mossadegh was arrested and kept in isolation until his death 14 years later, the British got the oil back. The Shah, who had fled, was put back on his throne again. His reign of terror lasted until the Khomeini revolution, 26 years later.

Without this American intervention, Iran would probably have developed into a secular, liberal democracy. No Khomeini. No Ahmadinejad. No talk about nuclear bombs.

Netanyahu’s warnings of the inevitable takeover of Egypt by the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood, if democratic elections were held, sound logical, but they are similarly based on willful ignorance.

Would the Muslim Brothers take over? Are they Taliban-like fanatics?

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded 80 years ago, long before Obama and Netanyahu were born. They have settled down and matured, with a strong moderate wing, much like the moderate, democratic Islamic party that is governing Turkey so well, and which they are trying to emulate. In a democratic Egypt, they would constitute a legitimate party playing its part in the democratic process. (This, by the way, would have happened in Palestine, too, when Hamas was elected – if the Americans, under Israeli guidance, had not toppled the unity government and set Hamas on a different course.)

The majority of Egyptians are religious, but their Islam is far removed from the radical kind. There are no indications that the bulk of the people, represented by the youngsters in Tahrir Square, would tolerate a radical regime. The Islamic bogeyman is just that – a bogeyman.

Obama’s volte-faceSo what did Obama do? His moves were pathetic, to say the least.

After turning against Mubarak, he suddenly opined that he must stay in power, in order to carry out democratic reforms. As his representative, he sent to Egypt a retired diplomat whose current employer is a law firm that represents the Mubarak family (much as Bill Clinton used to send committed Jewish Zionists to “mediate” between Israel and the Palestinians.)

So the detested dictator was supposed to institute democracy, enact a new liberal constitution, work together with the very people he had thrown into prison and systematically tortured.

Mubarak’s pathetic speech on 10 February was the straw that broke the back of the Egyptian camel. It showed that he had lost contact with reality or, worse, is mentally deranged. But even an unbalanced dictator would not have made such an atrocious speech had he not believed that America was still on his side. The howls of outrage in the square while Mubarak’s recorded speech was still being aired was Egypt’s answer. That needed no interpreters.

But America had already moved. Its main instrument in Egypt is the army. It is the army that holds the key to the immediate future. When the Armed Forces Supreme Council convened on 10 February, just before that scandalous speech, and issued a “Communique No. 1”, hope was mingled with foreboding.

“Communique No. 1” is a term well known in history. It generally means that a military junta has assumed power, promising democracy, early elections, prosperity and heaven on earth. In very rare instances, the officers indeed fulfill these promises. Generally, what ensues is a military dictatorship of the worst kind.

This time, the communique said nothing at all. It just showed on live TV that they were there – all the leading generals, minus Mubarak and his stooge, Omar Suleiman.

Now they have assumed power. Quietly, without bloodshed. For the second time within 60 years.

It is worthwhile recalling the first time. After a period of turmoil against the British occupiers, a group of young officers, veterans of the 1948 Israeli-Arab war, hiding behind an elderly general, carried out a coup. The despised ruler, King Farouk, was literally sent packing. He put to sea on his yacht from Alexandria. Not a drop of blood was shed.

The people were jubilant. They loved the army and the coup. But it was a revolution from above. No crowds in Tahrir Square.

The army tried first to govern through civilian politicians. They soon lost patience with that. A charismatic young lieutenant-colonel, Gamal Abd-al-Nasser, emerged as the leader, instituted wide-ranging reforms, restored the honour of Egypt and the entire Arab world – and founded the dictatorship which expired on 11 February 2011.

Will the army follow this example, or will it do what the Turkish army has done several times: assume power and turn it over to an elected civilian government?

Much will depend on Obama. Will he support the move to democracy, as his inclination will undoubtedly suggest, or will he listen to the “experts”, Israelis included, who will urge him to rely on a military dictatorship, as American presidents have done for so long?

But the chance of the United States of America, and of Barack Obama personally, leading the world by shining statesmanship at a historic moment 19 days ago has been wasted. The beautiful words have evaporated.

For Israel there is another lesson. When the Free Officers made their revolution in 1952, in the whole of Israel only one single voice was raised (that of Haolam Hazeh, the news magazine I was editing) calling upon the Israeli government to come out in support. The government did the opposite, and a historic chance to show solidarity with the Egyptian people was lost.

Now, I am afraid, this mistake will be repeated. The tsunami is being viewed in Israel as a terrifying natural catastrophe, not as the wonderful opportunity it is.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Uri Avnery is worried: Egypt will change our lives


“Peace with the Palestinians is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Peace now, peace quickly.’ Uri Avnery (too little too late, Mr Avnery)

Nothing but Full Liberation, Uri , never ever compare youself to the 15 year-old boys in Alexandria, Amman or Aleppo. They are natives, your are not.‘Get the hell out of Palestine’, Go back to Germany before ‘Mountains turn into valleys, islands emerge from the sea, volcanoes cover the land with lava.”

When you were a 15 year-old boy you never asked your father why he behaved like abject slaves of Nazi Zionist movement collabrating with Geman Nazi , Instead he fled his country (Germany) and the Nazi regime, immigrated to Palestine.

Instead of asking, you joined a terrorist organization, Irgun, to kill Palestine people, destroy its peaceful villages to establish a Jewish Nazi regime.

This is how your father raised you.

Four years later, 1952, you calledfor a preventive war against Egypt, After the 1956 Suez Crisis, you suggested that Israel aid Palestinians in overthrowing the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan Israel would then form a federation with the new Palestinian Jordanian state.

Are you different from Lieberman calling for the same now? not much.

Palestine was NEVER a “lost cause” , even after Anwar Sadat’s unprecedented visit to Jerusalem, and your rush to Cairo without no visa ears after your rush to Beirut, also withot a visa.

At the time while you “were feted like kings, almost expecting at any moment to be lifted onto people’s shoulders.

“The ‘Peace” you felt in the air was an illusion.

So felt many, such as that guy insisting in his “peace conspiracy”, trying to bluff palestinians, calling for a joint Fatah-Hamas statement delaring being ready to recognise and live in permanent peace with the reality of an Israel inside its borders as they were on the eve of the 1967 war, with Jerusalem an open, undivided city and the capital of two states’ and confine the Palestinians of retun to the Palestinian state.

Uri, your Zionist entity failed to notice the water rising slowly and silently behind the dam, until it burst, sweeping the illustion of possible peace with Zionism.

Yes, Uri, Egypt already changed your lives, the preventive war against Egypt, you called for in 1950’s shall only expedite the end of the so-called Israel.
Its time, to quit self-denial, and to get, the hell out of Palestine.

Uprooted Palestinian


Egypt will change our lives

A Villa in the Jungle?

5 February 2011, Uri Avnery

WE ARE in the middle of a geological event. An earthquake of epoch-making dimensions is changing the landscape of our region. Mountains turn into valleys, islands emerge from the sea, volcanoes cover the land with lava.
People are afraid of change. When it happens, they tend to deny, ignore, pretend that nothing really important is happening.

Israelis are no exception. While in neighboring Egypt earth-shattering events were taking place, Israel was absorbed with a scandal in the army high command. The Minister of Defense abhors the incumbent Chief of Staff and makes no secret of it. The presumptive new chief was exposed as a liar and his appointment canceled. These were the headlines.

But what is happening now in Egypt will change our lives.

AS USUAL, nobody foresaw it. The much-feted Mossad was taken by surprise, as was the CIA and all the other celebrated services of this kind.

Yet there should have been no surprise at all – except about the incredible force of the eruption. In the last few years, we have mentioned many times in this column that all over the Arab world, multitudes of young people are growing up with a profound contempt for their leaders, and that sooner or later this will lead to an uprising. These were not prophesies, but rather a sober analysis of probabilities.

The turmoil in Egypt was caused by economic factors: the rising cost of living, the poverty, the unemployment, the hopelessness of the educated young. But let there be no mistake: the underlying causes are far more profound. They can be summed up in one word: Palestine.

In Arab culture, nothing is more important than honor. People can suffer deprivation, but they will not stand humiliation.

Yet what every young Arab from Morocco to Oman saw daily was his leaders humiliating themselves, forsaking their Palestinian brothers in order to gain favor and money from America, collaborating with the Israeli occupation, cringing before the new colonizers. This was deeply humiliating for young people brought up on the achievements of Arab culture in times gone by and the glories of the early Caliphs.

Nowhere was this loss of honor more obvious than in Egypt, which openly collaborated with the Israeli leadership in imposing the shameful blockade on the Gaza Strip, condemning 1.5 million Arabs to malnutrition and worse. It was never just an Israeli blockade, but an Israeli-Egyptian one, lubricated by 1.5 billion US dollars every year.

I have reflected many times – out loud – how I would feel if I were a 15 year-old boy in Alexandria, Amman or Aleppo, seeing my leaders behave like abject slaves of the Americans and the Israelis, while oppressing and despoiling their own subjects. At that age, I myself joined a terrorist organization. Why would an Arab boy be different?

A dictator may be tolerated when he reflects national dignity. But a dictator who expresses national shame is a tree without roots – any strong wind can blow him over.

For me, the only question was where in the Arab world it would start. Egypt – like Tunisia – was low on my list. Yet here it is – the great Arab revolution taking place in Egypt.

THIS IS a wonder in itself. If Tunisia was a small wonder, this is a huge one.

I love the Egyptian people. True, one cannot really like 88 million individuals, but one can certainly like one people more than another. In this respect, one is allowed generalize.

The Egyptians you meet in the streets, in the homes of the intellectual elite and in the alleys of the poorest of the poor, are an incredibly patient lot. They are endowed with an irrepressible sense of humor. They are also immensely proud of the country and its 8000 years of history.

For an Israeli, used to his aggressive compatriots, the almost complete lack of aggressiveness of the Egyptians is astonishing. I vividly remember one particular scene: I was in a taxi in Cairo when it collided with another. Both drivers leapt out and started to curse each other in blood-curling terms. And then quite suddenly, both of them stopped shouting and burst into laughter.

A Westerner coming to Egypt either loves it or hates it. The moment you set your foot on Egyptian soil, time loses its tyranny. Everything becomes less urgent, everything is muddled, yet in a miraculous way things sort themselves out. Patience seems boundless. This may mislead a dictator. Because patience can end suddenly.

It’s like a faulty dam on a river. The water rises behind the dam, imperceptibly slowly and silently – but if it reaches a critical level, the dam will burst, sweeping everything before it.

MY OWN first meeting with Egypt was intoxicating. After Anwar Sadat’s unprecedented visit to Jerusalem, I rushed to Cairo. I had no visa. I shall never forget the moment I presented my Israeli passport to the stout official at the airport. He leafed through it, becoming more and more bewildered – and then he raised his head with a wide smile and said “marhaba”, welcome. At the time we were the only three Israelis in the huge city, and we were feted like kings, almost expecting at any moment to be lifted onto people’s shoulders. Peace was in the air, and the masses of Egypt loved it.

It took no more than a few months for this to change profoundly. Sadat hoped – sincerely, I believe – that he was also bringing deliverance to the Palestinians. Under intense pressure from Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter, he agreed to a vague wording. Soon enough he learned that Begin did not dream of fulfilling this obligation. For Begin, the peace agreement with Egypt was a separate peace to enable him to intensify the war against the Palestinians.

The Egyptians – starting with the cultural elite and filtering down to the masses – never forgave this. They felt deceived. There may not be much love for the Palestinians – but betraying a poor relative is shameful in Arab tradition. Seeing Hosni Mubarak collaborating with this betrayal led many Egyptians to despise him. This contempt lies beneath everything that happened this week. Consciously or unconsciously, the millions who are shouting “Mubarak Go Away” echo this contempt.

IN EVERY revolution there is the “Yeltsin Moment”. The columns of tanks are sent into the capital to reinstate the dictatorship. At the critical moment, the masses confront the soldiers. If the soldiers refuse to shoot, the game is over. Yeltsin climbed on the tank, ElBaradei addressed the masses in al Tahrir Square. That is the moment a prudent dictator flees abroad, as did the Shah and now the Tunisian boss.

Then there is the “Berlin Moment”, when a regime crumbles and nobody in power knows what to do, and only the anonymous masses seem to know exactly what they want: they wanted the Wall to fall.

And there is the “Ceausescu moment”. The dictator stands on the balcony addressing the crowd, when suddenly from below a chorus of “Down With The Tyrant!” swells up. For a moment, the dictator is speechless, moving his lips noiselessly, then he disappears. This, in a way, happened to Mubarak, making a ridiculous speech and trying in vain to stem the tide.

IF MUBARAK is cut off from reality, Binyamin Netanyahu is no less. He and his colleagues seem unable to grasp the fateful meaning of these events for Israel.

When Egypt moves, the Arab world follows. Whatever transpires in the immediate future in Egypt – democracy or an army dictatorship – It is only a matter of (a short) time before the dictators fall all over the Arab world, and the masses will shape a new reality, without the generals.

Everything the Israeli leadership has done in the last 44 years of occupation or 63 years of its existence is becoming obsolete. We are facing a new reality. We can ignore it – insisting that we are “a villa in the jungle”, as Ehud Barak famously put it – or find our proper place in the new reality.

Peace with the Palestinians is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Peace now, peace quickly. Peace with the Palestinians, and then peace with the democratic masses all over the Arab world, peace with the reasonable Islamic forces (like Hamas and the Muslim Brothers, who are quite different from al Qaeda), peace with the leaders who are about to emerge in Egypt and everywhere.

Paul J. Balles: Grains of sand: perspectives on roles of Israel and USA in Middle East


Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 4:35AM Gilad Atzmon

Paul J. BallesIn an article entitled “Weapons of mass deception“, I suggested that there has been too much control of the mainstream media by too few people.

The result? Much gets left out, covered up or distorted to suit special interests like those of Rupert Murdoch.

In a subsequent article, I suggested reading writers in the alternative media, a facility that has grown significantly on the internet.

As might be expected, a few knowledgeable commentators suggested that they had better choices of both websites and authors than those I offered. No doubt.

My pick of both writers and venues is based on several criteria: (1) they’re honest and reliable, (2) they often provide information unavailable in the mainstream media and (3) they focus on political, social, environmental, aesthetic or educational issues that concern me.

Thus, other readers’ different interests will naturally lead to different writers in different places.

In my article “Grains of sand: highlights from the alternative media”, I quoted a number of my favourite authors on a variety of issues coming through my lens: the establishment press, international relations, wars and threats of war, Palestine and Israel, American weaknesses and WikiLeaks.

Israel and the role of America in the Middle East

This week, I’d like to share my interest in writers who have brought important perspectives to one major issue: Israel and the role of America in the Middle East. Incidentally, six of my choice authors (three here) are Jewish.

Uri Avnery

”The country [Israel] is embracing the racist demon. After millennia as the victims of racism, it seems as if Jews here are happy to be able to do unto others what has been done to them.”

Franklin Lamb

“The 522 hour indiscriminate carnage, ‘Cast Lead’ that killed 1,417 Palestinians, mostly civilians, 352 of them children, injuring for life more than 5,300 , indicts Israel as well as those countries that continue to supply it weapons, diplomatic cover and to enforce Israel’s illegal siege on sealed Gaza.”

Debbie Menon

“There will never be peace in the Middle East unless the US, the major force which sustains Israel, withdraws its support, and Israel loses its most important and essential crutches for its survival, the money of the American people and the lives of American soldiers!”

Mike Whitney

“US foreign policy doesn’t change. It is immutable, relentless and vicious. America owns the world and demands that foreign leaders obey Washington’s directives. ‘Follow orders, or else’; that’s all one needs to know about US foreign policy.”
Jeff Blankfort

“…thanks to the unconditional backing by the US for all its crimes, and given its arsenal of nuclear weapons, I consider Israel to be the most immediate threat to the future of the planet.”

Alan Hart

“If it is the case that American presidents are frightened of provoking Israel, the conclusion would have to be that the Zionist state is a monster beyond control and that all efforts for peace are doomed to failure.”

Gilad Atzmon

“Israeli behaviour should be realized as the ultimate vulgar biblical barbarism on the verge of cannibalism. Israel is nothing but evilness for the sake of evilness. It is wickedness with no comparison.”

James Petras

“We are a people colonized and directed by a small, extremist and militarist ‘ally’ [srael] which operates through domestic proxies, who, under any other circumstance, would be openly denounced as traitors.”

Richard Falk

“We have witnessed the carnage of ‘pre-emptive war’ and ‘preventive war’ in Iraq, but we have yet to explore the moral and political imperatives of ‘pre-emptive peace’ and ‘preventive peace.’ How long must the peoples of the world wait?”

Source: http://www.redress.cc/global/pjballes20110116

Uri Avnery: Free-elections, not Iran – dangerous for Israel


 Uri is worried about this (rise of Islamic leadership in Israeli neighborhood).

Uri Avnery is on the left and a Yemeni Jew
who is the original Jew of the bible- on the right.

Uri with another Jew of the Bible
somebody called him “Father Palestine”

 Uri, look at the mirror, and listen to Helen Thomas: Zionists get the hell out of Palestine’

Posted on December 6, 2010 by rehmat1|

A recent article by the German-Israeli Jewish columnist, human-rights activist and former member of Jewish terrorist militia Irgun and Knesset MP, Uri Avnery (born 1923), title Islam is the Solution happens to be as much misleading as Zionists’ definition of anti-Semitism.

After making fun of Wikileaks (he doesn’t believe that Israel is behind the documents which are based on Israeli propaganda lies with a little sprinkle of truth), Turkey’s abandoning Ataturk and his great westernization (by electing Islamist AKP), Yassar Arafat, PLO, Christians’ part in resistance against the Jewish occupation of Palestine, Islamist Hamas and Hizbullah Islamic Revolution (Iran), Dr. Ahmadinejad (whom he calls “Iranian Hitler” who is on verge of obtaining a nuclear bomb) and Egypt’s fraud election which did not allow any Islamist candidate to win (praised by US media) – Uri comes to the conclusion: “All over the Arab, this is a real dilemma. Free elections would bring fundamentalists (Islamists) to power“.

Uri painfully admits that secular-nationalism (Arabism, Zionism, etc.) has delivered no real independence, no freedom, no economic and technological breakthrough. However, he boasts that while the Arab countries have totally failed in economic sphere – “The successful Israeli example is near at hand and increases the frustration”. Naturally, Uri prefer not to mention the US, German, British and Swiss contributions of over US$4 trillion to Israeli economy. Furthermore, Israeli daily Ha’aretz had reported on January 23, 2006: “More than 1 in 3 Israeli children live in poverty“.

“Almost all Arab countries are backward American clients and dance to the American tune. A whole generation of Arab leaders has spectacularly failed,” wrote Uri. But, he doesn’t like to give the reason behind this pathetic situation – which David Ben Gurion had called “Israel’s first defence” against Islamic forces.

“The rise of Hamas in Palestine is a direct result of this failure. Secular Palestinian nationalism has been given a try, and has failed. The Islamic revolutionaries are appealing to a people deprived of all national and human rights, with no alternative in sight,” wrote Uri.

“The Sunni Hamas (“Islamic Resistance Movement”) and the Shiite Hezbollah (“Party of God”) are becoming the models for masses of young people all over the Arab world,” admits Uri.

Personally, I don’t see any wrong with being an Islamist, if it helps in the betterment of the community, country or the Muslim Ummah. After-all, such actions are expected from the true Believers by the Creator (Allah). However, one doesn’t have to be an ‘Islamist’ to recognize “Islam is the Solution”. In fact it is people like Lauren Booth or Kevin Barrett PhD or former NATO’s director of information Dr. Murad Wilffried Hofmann or Malcolm X and others, born Jews or Christians, who are proving that truth.

At the end of his article, Uri Avnery is not ashamed to admit: “If I were responsible for Israel at this moment, I would worry about this (rise of Islamic leadership in Israeli neighborhood) much more than about the Iranian bomb“.


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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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