Obama’s Legacy of Failure

December 19, 2016

by Ghassan Kadi

InObama’s Legacy of Failure his recent article titled “Obama Out Not With a Bang, But a Whimper”, and in his regular eloquent and expressive style, Pepe Escobar nailed it. More need not be said about the Obama legacy, but this man, Obama, has had a personal effect on me, one that I cannot let go of without putting down on paper my own views of his infamous legacy.

I am by no means an expert on all international wheeling and dealing that American administrations do. And speaking of Pepe, I have read with great interest his articles about how the Empire has been involved in different forms of intervention in Brazil, Pepe’s homeland. And to pre-empt comments that will argue that Obama has inherited a huge mess from his White House predecessor, I will take all of those issues on board and “confess” that this article is about the general perception of the Obama legacy from an outsider’s view; especially from a Levantine like myself.

To evaluate Obama, we have to wind back the clock to the time when he put his hand up for the Democratic Party nomination. Is this guy for real? Many, including myself thought. After all, not only he was of African roots (ie black), but his name was not exactly Jesse Jackson or even Martin Luther King. His name was Barack, in fact an Arabic word, which means “bright”, and his surname is Obama; a far cry from Smith. But what is even “worse”, is that his middle name, his father’s “Christian” name was not even Christian; it is the Muslim name Hussein.

That guy, by virtue of his name, not necessarily skin colour, had no chance to lay a foot onto the White House floor, I and many others thought.

History proved all the pundits to be wrong, and admittedly, Obama led a very effective campaign against the Republicans. After two terms of having a moron by the name of George W. Bush (GWB) in the White House, two unfinished and unwinnable wars, a crumbling economy, Americans were ready for a change. The youthful, eloquent, extremely intelligent candidate Obama presented himself to be anything but a part of the “establishment”. With his amazing gift of speech, he won the hearts and minds of not only Americans, but also many overseas.

His “Yes We Can” slogan was very effective to bring home the concept that if Americans unite, they can do what seems to be impossible.

Soon after his inauguration, he was quick to go to Egypt to talk to Arabs, specifically Muslims, to tell them that America was on the verge of taking a new direction in its Middle East policies.

He chose Egypt because despite its position post Camp David agreement with Israel and the peace treaty that followed, despite the fact that for decades after that Egypt was regarded in the eyes of the Muslim World as a “traitor” of the cause, Egypt remained to be the Arab World’s leading country at many levels. Moreover, Egypt houses Al-Azhar University, the most highly acclaimed University for Islamic studies worldwide.

So everything about this young President seemed different, and love him or hate him, even his staunchest of critics regarded him as being such. Even the Nobel Prize committee could not overlook that difference and the hope it brought humanity to the extent that they jumped the gun, rather prematurely as history proved, and rewarded the man with a Nobel Peace Prize.

I must admit that I was one of millions worldwide who hoped that Obama was going to derail the traditional American foreign policies and set them on a new course. Even the very savvy Israeli leaders were worried that he would.

It didn’t take too long however to see that in effect Obama changed his slogan from “Yes We Can” to “No I Cannot”. What is even worse, is that in the not too distant future, his slogan seemed to have change again to “No I Would Not”.

When he finally admitted that he was unable to close down Guantanamo Bay prison, I remained hopeful that he would make a dignified speech and resign. But he did not, and even had the audacity to run for a second term.

Once again, in pre-empting comments that will “defend” Obama and talk about his domestic achievements; Obama Care and the like, I must admit selfishness and proclaim that when it comes to Obama Care, I don’t care. This is not to mean that I do not support proper government-funded health care programs; especially for the underprivileged, but with America being the leading nation of the world, the nation that wants to be the only superpower, its national health program, or lack of it, does not affect the rest of the world; and this is fact. The policies that American administrations undertake, and which interest the world outside the USA, are those pertaining to foreign policies, and nothing else does.

During his first term as President, one could easily observe how his great vision of being “the one” that will save America and the world was gradually and surely eroded.

In fact, a good analysis of Obama’s Cairo speech and what followed it is a clear indication that the only achievement of Obama’s visit to Cairo was to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and give them cover. In effect, his visit was not a formal visit to meet the head of the state (Mubarak). Rather, his meeting was with the opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, and on their turf, Al-Azhar University, greeting them with “Assalamu Alaikom” (peace be upon you), the traditional Muslim salute. Whilst in effect there is absolutely nothing wrong at all in America opening up to the Muslim World for a change, however the chain of events that followed that speech only indicate that the speech was the first step towards the infamous Arab Spring turned-sectarian, anti-secular pan-Arab series of devastating wars. That speech had many subtle messages, and to think that Obama did not choose his words carefully would be rather impossible to fathom. When he mentioned that he endearingly remembers as a young boy growing up in Indonesia how he listened daily to the Azan (call to Muslim prayer), he was stirring up Muslim emotions, that he knew very well that only fundamentalists would respond to, and can respond to, in the manner that they did. Bluntly, he gave them the green light; “revolt, and I understand you”. That was his version of “Yes We Can” to the Muslim World. The rest is history.

Soon after taking off the “Yes We Can” hat and replacing it with the “No I Would Not” hat, a process that did not take very long at all, Obama stopped worrying about how to be the good President he promised the world to be. So not only he became a part of the “establishment”, but also its face, mouth piece and apparatus.

The irony that followed is that not only he failed to be a good President, but he also failed to be a bad President.

Speaking of bad Presidents, we need a yard stick, a bench mark, and perhaps GWB is that yard stick with a score of 10 out of 10. His “excuse” was his much lower than average IQ, but at least he was good at being a bad President. But Obama could not reach this score either. Perhaps he scores 7 or 8 out of 10.

When GWB decided to go to war, twice, he did. Those were disastrous wars not only for Iraq and Afghanistan but for the rest of the world including America itself, but this is how bad Presidents are made. But when Obama decided to declare war on Libya and Syria, he went there half-hearted. On one hand, he wanted to change regimes, but on the other hand he did not want to invade. And whilst regime change succeeded in Libya, it failed abysmally in Syria and nearly half a million people died as a result.

This is not in any manner, shape or form a criticism for him for not invading Syria, but a criticism of his incompetent, reluctant and spineless character. If anything, I feel extremely delighted that he failed in Syria, and Syria’s inevitable victory is not only the outcome of her resilience and the support of her international friends, especially Russia, but it was also the outcome of Obama’s failure. This win, and American failure with Obama at the helm, will see a whole change in global polarity and the end of the New World Order as we know it; partly courtesy of Obama.

Obama’s stand on Syria is not much different from his stand in Ukraine and the South China Sea. Take the world to the brink of war, and then step back; not totally, but the Obama style.

And what about his stand on Yemen? This is the war that the world remembers to forget. Obama will not support the Saudis enough to win but he won’t stop the carnage either. In the meantime, tens of thousands of Yemenis have perished and millions are facing starvation; again, courtesy of Obama and cohorts.

The impact of Obama’s action and inaction on America’s traditional opponents is in reality infinitesimal in comparison to the confusion and traps that he has set for America’s traditional allies. I will leave it to Western European analysts to write about Obama’s legacy with the EU, but it is suffice for me to say that Obama’s policy in creating a needless tension between Western Europe and Russia is best described as an “after me the flood” policy. He is now walking away, leaving behind Western Europe with a flood of refugees and a huge crisis with Russia and a surging right wing reaction. In the Levant/Middle East, America’s traditional allies are Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Obama angered Israel with his nuclear deal with Iran, and yet he did not enact it. He also angered Saudi Arabia by the same deal, and added insult to the Saudi injury by not responding to their calls to help them out of their mess in Syria and in Yemen. As for Turkey, he almost completely severed American ties with the NATO member that has the second largest army after the US, and left Erdogan closer to Putin’s Russia than he is to Obama’s America. After the recapture of Aleppo by the Syrian Army, Erdogan is now even losing his popularity in the Sunni Muslim World; again and again, courtesy of Obama care-not. This is needless to say that hardly a week goes by without a massive suicide attack hitting the streets of Turkey.

Some might argue that Obama’s reluctance in making decisions that meant a higher level of involvement is the result of wisdom, but wise leaders to do not stoke fire in the first place and then sit back to watch it go wild. Obama’s reluctance is due to the fact that the “world’s most powerful man” is an incurable hesitant, recalcitrant, hopeless, hapless and incompetent wimp.

With a series of failures scattered across the globe, the capitulation of the Jihadists that he sponsored and abetted in Aleppo was the icing on the cake that Russia and Syria offered to him as a farewell gift to his tenure at the White House.

Obama failed to be a good President and he was too weak to even be remembered as a bad President. He will probably be remembered as the most spineless American President in history.

His only achievement perhaps is that he taught us to never feel confident about any hope coming from the White House. This is why when it comes to Trump, we need to exercise this caution. Whilst it is true that many of the steps and declarations that President-elect Trump has made were done after his election win and not before, and whilst therefore they are not election promises per se that were made to gain votes, and whilst it is also good to keep in mind that more than likely he means those promises because he had no reason to make them otherwise, we must always remember Obama’s disappointment. As we analyze Trump therefore, we must qualify our analysis by saying “if” he keeps his promises.

That was Obama’s single legacy of success, a legacy of instilling doubt in the White House even when a seemingly “extraordinary” President takes its residence. At all other levels, Obama leaves nothing behind but a legacy of failure.


From religion to politics, Saudi Arabia feeling chill of isolation

Sharmine Narwani
Sharmine Narwani is a commentator and analyst of Middle East geopolitics. She is a former senior associate at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University and has a master’s degree in International Relations from Columbia University. Sharmine has written commentary for a wide array of publications, including Al Akhbar English, the New York Times, the Guardian, Asia Times Online, Salon.com, USA Today, the Huffington Post, Al Jazeera English, BRICS Post and others. You can follow her on Twitter at @snarwani
15 Sep, 2016 11:06

From religion to politics, Saudi Arabia feeling chill of isolation

At the end of August, a meeting of Muslim clerics and scholars convened in the Chechen capital of Grozny to forge a consensus on the subject of ‘who constitutes a Sunni.’

Sunnism, the 200 or so Sunni clerics from Egypt, South Africa, India, Europe, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Russia warned, “has undergone a dangerous deformation in the wake of efforts by extremists to void its sense in order to take it over and reduce it to their perception.”

The Muslim world is currently under a siege of terror, led by a deviant strain that claims religious authority and kills in the name of Islam. So the Grozny participants had gathered, by invitation of the Chechen president, to make “a radical change in order to re-establish the true meaning of Sunnism.”

If their final communique was any indicator, the group of distinguished scholars had a very particular message for the Muslim world: Wahhabism – and its associated takfirism – are no longer welcome within the Sunni fold.

Specifically, the conference’s closing statement says this:

“Ash’arites and the Maturidi are the people of Sunnism and those who belong to the Sunni community, both at the level of the doctrine and of the four schools of Sunni jurisprudence (Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi’i, Maliki), as well as Sufis, both in terms of knowledge and moral ethics.”

In one fell swoop, Wahhabism, the official state religion of only two Muslim countries -Saudi Arabia and Qatar – was not part of the majority Muslim agenda any longer.

The backlash from the Saudis came hard and fast, honing in on the participation of Egypt’s Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb of Al Azhar, the foremost center for Sunni theological study in the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia has, after all, subsidized the flailing Egyptian economy to the tune of billions of dollars in the past few years, alongside its Wahhabi neighbor Qatar, which has in turn bank-rolled the Muslim Brotherhood – a group also excluded from the Grozny meeting.

While Tayeb did not single out the Saudis in his conference speech, his elevated position in the global Sunni hierarchy lent a great deal of weight to the proceedings. And Al Azhar’s prominence in the Sunni world is rivaled only by the relatively new role of the Al Saud monarch as the custodian of the two holy sites, Mecca and Medina.

Just last year – in Mecca, no less – Tayeb slammed extremist trends during a speech on terrorism, lashing out at “corrupt interpretations” of religious texts and appealing to believers “to tackle in our schools and universities this tendency to accuse Muslims of being unbelievers.”

It is Wahhabism that is most often accused of sponsoring this trend globally.

The radical sect, borne in the 18thcentury, deviates from traditional Sunni doctrine in various ways, most notably sanctioning violence against nonbelievers – including Muslims who reject Wahhabi interpretation (takfirism).

Saudi Arabia is the single largest state contributor to tens of thousands of Wahhabi-influenced mosques, schools, clerics and Islamic publications scattered throughout the Muslim world – many of them, today, feeders for terrorist recruitment. By some accounts that figure has reached almost $100 billion in the last three decades or so.

In Grozny, conference participants made reference to this dangerous trend, and called for a “return to the schools of great knowledge” outside Saudi Arabia – in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.

Saudi officialdom took to social media to express their outrage. Saudi royal, Prince Khalid al-Saud, warned that the event represented “a conspiracy that openly targets our country and it’s religious standing, specifically.”

بالأمس القريب ، واليوم
مؤامره على المكشوف تستهدف بلادنا، و مكانتها الدينية ” تحديداً ” …

And Adil al-Kalbani, the imam of Riyadh’s King Khaled Bin Abdulaziz mosque, ominously cautioned:“The Chechen conference should serve as a wake-up call: the world is getting ready to burn us.”

ليكن منبِّها لنا بأنَّ العالَمَ يَجمع الحطبَ لإحراقنا!

For the Saudis, the bad news kept on coming. On Friday, at the start of the annual 5-day Hajj pilgrimage, Lebanese daily Al Akhbar published online a shocking database from the Saudi Ministry of Health.

The leaked documents list, in painstaking detail, the names of 90,000 pilgrims from around the world who have died visiting Mecca over a 14-year period. If there was ever any question about the authority of the Saudi king as “custodian” of Islamic holy sites, this revelation should have opened those floodgates.

But even before these documents became public, calls for the Saudis to relinquish their administration of the Hajj were coming from Iran and elsewhere. Exactly one year ago, a stampede in Mina became the deadliest disaster in the history of the Hajj. Instead of tending to the dead and wounded as their utmost priority, the Saudi authorities went into lock down – concealing casualties, downplaying the death toll, blocking international efforts to investigate, forcing Hajj families to pay for the retrieval of bodies, denying wrongdoing and refusing to apologize for the disaster.

According to official Saudi government figures at the time, the total casualty toll stood at 769 dead and 934 injured. The leaked database now shows those numbers to be false. According to the Ministry of Health’s own statistics, the Mina death toll was in reality more than 10 times higher, with over 7,000 killed.

Iranians, who appeared initially to have suffered disproportionate losses – including from the collapse of a crane 12 days earlier at the Grand Mosque in Mecca where 107 died – lost around 500 citizens. Included in that number was senior foreign ministry official, Dr. Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon and a key figure in regional geopolitical affairs. Saudi authorities initially denied he was even in the country and then took months to identify and repatriate his body.

But most disturbing of all was the manner in which the Saudis treated the dead and injured. Pictures that emerged from Mina in the aftermath of the disaster showed authorities shoveling up bodies in digger-like vehicles, then dumping them in piles as if they were sacks of sand. There appeared to be no care taken to even ascertain whether the victims were dead or alive.

The Iranians were justifiably outraged, but the Saudis politicized that reaction and turned it into an affront to Sunni authority by a Shia authority in Tehran. The Al Akhbar stats, however, tell another story. It was mostly Sunnis who were killed in Mina – from Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries – with victims from some states surpassing even the Iranian death toll.

One year on, Iran is not letting this issue lie. The Iranians have boycotted the Hajj this year, claiming that Saudi Arabia was unprepared to assure them of basic security requirements during lengthy negotiations between the two nations.

In his most confrontational address to the Saudi state yet, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei last week – during his annual Hajj message – railed against the injustice:

“The heartless and murderous Saudis locked up the injured with the dead in containers — instead of providing medical treatment and helping them or at least quenching their thirst. They murdered them…Because of these rulers’ oppressive behavior towards God’s guests, the world of Islam must fundamentally reconsider the management of the two holy places and the issue of hajj.”

And then Khamenei went to the heart of the matter:

“The fitna-promoting rulers who by forming and arming wicked takfiri groups, have plunged the world of Islam into civil wars, murdering and injuring the innocent and shed blood in Yemen, Iraq, the Levant, Libya and other countries.”

In one short month, the Saudis have been challenged by Islam’s two mainstream sects – by the Sunni and by the Shia, equally – striking out at the religious authority claimed by the Saudi state and challenging the destructive, divisive, violent sectarianism of their Wahhabi faith.

Geopolitical losses

As if to prove Khamenei’s point – and the Grozny consensus – Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Abdulaziz Al Sheikh shot back, describing Iranian leaders as nonbelievers: “We have to understand that they are not Muslims. … Their main enemies are the followers of Sunnah (Sunnis).”

But, with that last sectarian sling, it seems the Saudis may have finally hit their limit. Within days of his statement, citing “health reasons,” the Mufti was removed from delivering the Hajj sermon he has delivered for 35 years straight.

Why stop now? It isn’t like the Saudis don’t have the appetite for a fight with the Iranians.

That fight has been playing out throughout the Middle East and beyond, in various battlefields and media outlets, to the detriment of millions.

What may have started off as Riyadh’s desire to thwart the success of a populist Islamist revolution that dethroned a neighboring king – Iran, circa 1979 – has spiraled into an existential Saudi battle to claw onto hegemony and legitimacy in every sphere.

The Saudis have long lost the ability to engage in cold, hard calculation, and have thrown themselves headfirst into ‘winning by all means.’ This has meant releasing the demons of takfirism throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Wahhabi funded and enabled jihadi foot soldiers have sprung up in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and any other place where Saudis and their fellow co-religionists/ideologues have sought out hegemonic interests.

And the lack of coherent strategy has drawn the Saudis into a number of unnecessary quagmires that have now encircled their borders (Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen), wiped out their strategic depth and emptied the state coffers.

What was meant to be a swift aerial blow to Yemeni rebels for daring to defy Saudi authority, has morphed into an entrenched, 18-month-long, money-pit of a war, with 10,000-plus deaths, war crimes accusations, proliferation of jihadist terror and enemy encroachment into Saudi territory.

Riyadh’s leading role in the destabilization of Syria and Iraq has unleashed sectarian mass murder that has gutted the Muslim world, unmasked Saudi complicity, and galvanized its adversaries into historic cooperation.

These wars have drawn in powerful benefactors like Russia and China as buffers against Saudi overreach, and has reshuffled the balance of power in the region – against Saudi interests.

All of which has chipped away at Saudi political, economic and religious clout on the international stage.

In 2010, Saudi Arabia was crossing borders peacefully as a power-broker, working with Iran, Syria, Turkey, Qatar and others to troubleshoot in regional hotspots. By 2016, it had buried two kings, shrugged off a measured approach to foreign policy, embraced takfiri madness and emptied its coffers.

The hundreds of thousands dead in the wake of this ‘Saudi madness’ are mostly Muslim and mostly Sunni. As the Muslim world wakes up to this atrocious state of affairs, like the Sunni scholars of Grozny, they will not look to censure Tehran, but to disengage with Riyadh.

And to write the final chapter on an aberrant sect called Wahhabism.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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وأما من يقول بأنه لايصدق عينيه أن السعودية منعت السلاح الى غزة فيما تدكها طائرات اسرائيل بالفوسفور الأبيض فسأرسل له من يهديه عينين جديدتين .. وعقلا جديدا .. وقلبا جديدا .. لأنه يحتاج الى تغيير كل ماينفع التفكير والحدس والاستقراء والبرهان القاطع ..ولاشك بعد كل هذا العمر والتجربة مع السعودية ان مالديه لايناسب رأس نملة .. ولاعين ذبابة .. ولا قلب بعوضة ..

ولكني اعتقد جازما أن جوليان اسانج صاحب الويكيليكس أخطأ هذه المرة في رهانه بأنه سيحدث صدمة وروعا في الأمة باطلاقه لمجموعة ويكيليكس السعودية لأنه ارسلها الى أمة صار دمها باردا كدم الزواحف وذوات الدم البارد .. فالسعودية تتصرف علنا بما يفوق فضائح الوثائق المسربة .. فهي تخون علنا .. وتعلن الجهاد علنا مع اسرائيل .. وتشعل الفتنة علنا .. وتحرض على الكراهية والقتل علنا .. وتقتل اليمنيين علنا .. وتشجع القتلة وتكافئهم علنا .. وتبارك الذباحين من على منابر المساجد ومساحات الفضاء علنا .. ومع ذلك لايحاسبها أحد ولاتحتج على سلوكها حكومة ولامظاهرة .. فأين الجديد يااسانج؟؟

أخطأ أسانج لأنه أظهر الوثائق الى أمة تعرف كل ماورد في أوراقه ورقة ورقة ولكنها أمة صارت تنجب ملوكا يعملون جواسيس ومثقفين يبررون للجواسيس فعل الخيانة .. فماذا يتوقع من أمة عرفت أن فيها ملكا على مملكة هاشمية كان يعمل جاسوسا عند الأميريكيين ومع هذا لم تخلعه ولم تحاسبه ولم تقطع نسله وسلالته .. وكان يطير الى اسرائيل وينذر الاسرائليين ويحذرهم فيها من حرب مفاجئة عليهم .. بل جاء بابنه من أم يهودية عاش كل عمره خارج مملكته وجعله ملكا ولم يعترض معارض واحد على هذا الاستهتار الهاشمي والملكي بأدنى درجات احترام الشعب الذي يحكمه ..

وماذا يتوقع اسانج من أمة تثور في ربيع الحرية ولاتعبر شعارات الحرية حدود الممالك والامارات .. بل تستحم الشعارات والحرية والعدالة الاجتماعية والكتب والمؤلفات الماركسية والاسلامية والشهادات العلمية والقصائد العصماء في آبار النفط وتعود خارج الحدود مبللة وجسدها يقطر بالنفط وشعرها مبلل بالزيت الأسود .. ؟؟

ماذا يتوقع أسانج من أمة ترى أن السعودية لم تدفع طوال مئة سنة بمواطن سعودي واحد الى فلسطين وأنها حاربت كل من حارب اسرائيل دون هوادة ولكنها ترسل كل ابناء المملكة الوهابية يموتون منتحرين متفجرين بأشلائهم في مساجد دمشق وبغداد وفي اسواق فقراء العرب وفقراء اليمنيين فقط؟؟

ماذا يتوقع اسانج من اللبنانيين الذين يستسلمون لأقدارهم ويتركون أحمد فتفت يتباهى أنه قدم الشاي للغزاة الذين قتلوا آلافا من مواطنيه ومع ذلك لايسأله مواطن واحد أو يستدعيه قاض واحد الى محكمة؟؟ .. وماذا يتوقع اسانج من اللبنانيين الذين تنازلوا عن حقهم الطبيعي في ممارسة السلطة وتركوا السياسة لعائلات الطوائف .. فجنبلاط الثاني يرث عن جنبلاط الأول ويورث جنبلاط الثالث .. وجميّل الثالث يرث من جمّيل الثاني الذي ورث عن جميّل الأول ويورث جميّل الرابع .. والحريري الكبير ورث الحريري الصغير الذي سيقرر منصب ولي العهد وولي ولي العهد على غرار السعودية .. وكل الطوائف مملوكة لملوك صغار للطوائف كما ملوك النفط وشيوخ القبائل .. ومع ذلك يريدون بوقاحة تعليمنا الديمقراطية السياسية وينتقدون الجمهوريات التي يسمونها وراثية ..

ماذا يتوقع اسانج من اللبنانيين وجمهور المستأبل الذين يعرفون أن سعدو الحريري الذي يتنقل بين باريس والرياض ليس زعيما لبنانيا وليس فيه صفات الزعامة ولا القيادة وأنه سفير سعودي مدلل ليس الا .. ومع هذا فانهم يعتبرونه زعيم السنة في لبنان مساويا لرشيد كرامي وسليم الحص؟؟

ياصديقي اسانج .. لقد تجرع المواطن العربي أخبار الخيانات وأخبار الطبقات السياسية الوضيعة التي تتلاعب بمصيره دون ان تحاسب واعتاد قلبه على سم الأفاعي والعقارب .. وصار اذا لسعته افاعي الأسرار والوثائق لايصاب بالتسمم ولا حتى بالألم .. ويتابع طريقه كما لو كانت دودة قد عضته .. نصف مليون وثيقة سعودية تعادل نصف مليون أفعى تعض المواطن ولايبدو أنه تأثر بالسم .. ولكن بعوضة طائفية واحدة تخزه هذه الأيام تجده على الفور يحك جلده بالسكاكين والرصاص ويسلخ جلده السني عن لحمه الشيعي ويفصل قلبه السني عن صدره الشيعي بالساطور ..ويطيح برأسه عن جسده ..

ماذا لو كانت الوثائق تقول مثلا ان حزب الله لم يقدم السلاح الى أهل غزة في الحرب ؟؟ أو أنه اصاب بالخطأ قبة مسجد ناء لأهل السنة في قرية نائية ؟؟.. كيف كان جنون سم العقارب؟؟ وماذا لو قالت الوثائق ان الأسد قد زار السيدة زينب حفيدة النبي وقرأ الفاتحة في مرقدها؟؟ كيف سيكون فحيح الافاعي يطغى على هدير البحر وهي تبكي على الجامع الأموي الذي ابتلعته قم ..

ياصديقي يااسانج .. أسرارك ليست اسرارا بل هي أخبار قديمة .. وقديمة جدا .. الفارق فقط هي أنها تشبه القمامة في حوض من الزجاج واليوم تخرج من الزجاج وتنشر روائحها الكريهة ..

لانريد يااسانج ان نعرف كم قبض سمير جعجع لأننها نعرف أنه قاتل مأجور وقد كان يوما على الحواجز داعشي الهوى والعقيدة والسكين .. بل نريد ان نعرف من سيقتل الآن وماالثمن .. وكم صار أجر القاتل وثمن الجريمة ..

ولانريد ان نعرف ماذا يغيظ سعد الحريري ولا ماذا يستفزه بل نريد أن نعرف ان كان رجلا أم نصف رجل أم شيئا آخر بين البينين !!! مثل آل سعود .. ونريد ان نعرف لماذا يصب سعدو الحريري دم أبيه على الحدود بين المذاهب يرسم الخرائط بين الناس ويريد أن يكون هذا الدم لعنة على وطن ونقمة على أجيال؟؟ ..

لايهمنا يااسانج أن تقول لنا ماذا يدور في غرفة الملك السعودي لأن مايقوله وأتباعه أخطر مما لايقوله .. بل نريد أن نعرف سر هذه الأسرة السعودية الغامض .. من أين أتت؟؟ ومن أين تبدأ شجرتها وأين جذورها تنتهي؟؟ ولماذا تهدم هذه العائلة قبر النبي وقبر أمه ومنزله وقبور صحابته .. كما لو كانت عائلة تكرهه؟؟ ونريد أن نعرف سر ظهور اسرائيل ومملكة آل سعود في نفس الزمن وكأنهما أخوان لأم واحدة هي بريطانيا يؤازر بعضهما بعضا ..؟؟ ونريد ان ترسل لنا وثائق قديمة جدا تعترف أن هناك دما يهوديا في البيت المالك السعودي المرخاني ..

ولانريد ان تقول لنا ياأسانج ان فيصل القاسم شخص رخيص مثل رياض الأسعد بل نريد ان نعرف نوع الشيزوفرينيا التي يخفيها عن الناس عندما كان يعالج منها في بريطانيا .. ونريد أسماء الأطباء الذين كانوا يكتبون التقارير عن حالته النفسية واضطرابه السلوكي وأنواع العقاقير والمهدئات التي كان يتعاطاها ليظهر لنا رجل بعقل معاكس وضمير معاكس واتجاه معاكس ..

ماأريدك أن تنشره يااسانج مثلا ليس ان كان عزمي بشارة جاسوسا اسرائيليا أم لا بل مانريد ان نعرفه هو رتبته العسكرية في الموساد الآن فقط ..

ياأسانج قل لنا في المرة القادمة ويكيليسا تركيا لنرى كيف ان اردوغان كان يريد أن يتقاسم مع اسرائيل خارطة أرض العرب وشعب العرب ومن كان منا في حصة الباب العالي .. وكيف انه يستقبل البغدادي في بيته .. وانه يتناول الغداء مع الجولاني .. وأن له نصيبا في النفط المسروق ونصيبا في السبايا ونصيبا في معامل حلب المسروقة ونصيبا في تجارة البشر والأعضاء البشرية .. وقل لنا كيف وصل أردوغان الى السلطة بدعم ماسوني كبير في صفقة في السجن مع لوبيات المال الذين حقنوا البورصة التركية من أجل عينيه ليقال انه رجل ينقذ تركيا .. وقل لنا يااسانج أن أردوغان هو الذي قتل سكان الغوطة بالكيماوي من اجل مشروعه المجنون .. وقل لنا يااسانج أن حزب العدالة والتنمية هو ذراع الناتو الدموية التي ترتدي قفازات اسلامية ناعمة .. ومخالبها الاخوان المسلمون وداعش والنصرة ..

قل لنا يااسانج عن اسرار خالد مشعل وعن تمثيلية حقن السم في اذنيه لجعله بطلا يتسلل الينا؟؟ وقل لنا عن الثمن الذي تقاضته قيادات حماس لتطعن بالسوريين .. وقل لنا أحاديث لقاء مشعل في قطر مع أميريكيين اسرائليين لاقامة خلافة اسلامية في غزة وينسى بعدها فلسطين من البحر الى النهر .. بشعار هدنة طويلة الامد ..

كل مانشرته يااسانج لم يحول دماء العرب الى حبر أو الى نار لأن ليس في عروق العرب دماء بعد اليوم بل مذاهب وطوائف ونفط واسلام مريض وناتو .. ومانشرته من حبر الوثائق لم يتحول الى خمر معتق ودم في عروق نسيت طعم الحبر المعتق بعد أن اعتادت أن تقرأ في اوراق البترودولار ..

ماورد في وثائقك يااسانج لو كان يخص شعبا آخر لكان كفيلا بأن يسقط المريخ عن مداره وأن يسقط رأس نيوتن على سطح القمر .. وأن ينهار الضوء في القضاء وينقصم ظهره وينهدّ عزمه وموجاته .. فمستوى الفضائح فيها مخجل جدا .. وحجم العار يعلو على جبال الهيمالايا .. ولكن ماهو اكثر عارا هو أن هذه الفضائح لم تطلق محاكمات وتحقيقات واعتذارات ولن تدفع أحدا للاستقالة خجلا .. ولم تدفع مظاهرة واحدة ولافتة محتجة واحدة .. بل كل من ذكرته الوثائق متسولا وقوادا وبائعا للجريمة ينظر اليها بلا مبالاة وكأنها لعبة ورق خسرها مع الأصحاب أو لعبة طاولة لم يكسبها بالأمس في المقهى .. لأنه يعتقد يقينا أن من وراءه أبقار واغنام وقطعان ماشية .. وأن الماشية ليست الا ماشية .. وأنه لايمكن للحبر في مواسم الحبر أن يستحيل الى مواسم خمر .. وأن تكون حرارة الحبر سببا في ذوبان الدم المتجمد في العروق ليطلق فيضانا أحمر قانيا يجرف هذه الأسماء الوضيعة الهزيلة من خارطة السياسة ..وخارطة العار ..


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النبي أفيخاي .. العمامة الناجية من النار

هذه الصور ليست مجرد تعبير عن سخرية وسخط من تعاطف الاسرائيليين مع مآسي الشرق وتورطهم قي الثورات الاسلامية 

ولكنها الصورة المعبرة عن الحقيقة وهي أن كل التأزم الديني الذي يرتدي العمامات الملونة والمتنوعة في الشرق يقبع تحتها صهيوني يتلاعب بالناس و بدين الناس واله الناس .. وينشر الوسواس الخناس الذي يوسوس في صدور الناس .. فمرة نجده في ثياب جبهة النصرة ومرة في ثياب الوهابية ومرة في ثياب داعش وعماماتها ومرة يكون مع “ثوار” الغوطة و”جيش الاسلام” ويدعو لهم بالنصر ومرة تثور ثائرته لضحايا “الدروز” في ادلب وينفر لنصرة السويداء .. ولاتستغربوا أبدا ان صادفتموه يوما بعد ان ينتهي عمله في تحطيم الجمهور”السني” أن ينتقل لنراه ناشطا في النجف الأشرف …
هناك بلا شك اختراق هائل للدين الاسلامي وسيطرة على مفاصله .. ولسانه .. واعتقال لعقله .. وتجري أكبر عملية احتيال ونصب عرفها الاسلام منذ نشأ في وانطلق من غار حراء مع كلمة اقرأ .. لتحل محل اقرأ كلمة اذبح وانبح .. 
هذه الصور الساخرة لأفيخاي أدرعي الناطق باسم جيش الاحتلال الصهيوني ليست تسخر منه على الاطلاق لأنه يبدل عماماته وألوانها بل تسخر بمرارة مما وصل اليه حالنا وحال ديننا الذي تتولاه “النصرة وداعش وفتح الاسلام” وهي تنظيمات من اتجاه يؤمن بعقيدة (بالذبح جيناكم) .. وكذلك يتولاه حزب العدالة والتنمية الأطلسي الذي حلل الزنا بالغائه لعقوبة الزنا .. ويتولاه يوسف القرضاوي شيخ الناتو .. ولذلك لن يبقى تحت عمامته الا افيخاي أدرعي ناطقا باسمه .. الذي قد نجده يوما يغسل الكعبة مع من يسمى خادم الحرمين الشريفين ..ولاتستغربوا يوما أن تقوم شركة اسرائيلية بنسج كسوة الكعبة وفرشها من الداخل .. ولاتستغربوا أن تروا خادم الحرمين يلبس قلنسوة يهودية أمام حائط المبكى في القدس ويرد له نتنياهو الزيارة بجولة في الحرم المكي ..
لتطهير الدين الاسلامي من أشكال العمامات التي تخفي تحتها أفيخاي ادرعي يجب على العالم الاسلامي أن يعلن ثورة شاملة على المهانة التي الحقها به كثير من رجال الدين المسلمين الذين بسببهم وبسبب جشعهم للحياة الدنيا وممالأة الأمراء ونفاق الملوك يتجول الاسرائيليون في عواصمنا ويشاركون في افراحنا وأتراحنا وصاروا أصدقاءنا ليس في الفيسبوك فقط بل وجها لوجه كما لو كانوا من بقايا الصحابة وآل البيت الأطهار .. فيتسابق الجميع لنيل رضاهم ودعمهم من أجل السلطة .. والسلطة فقط ..
كم كان مهينا للنبي ولدين النبي أن يتسابق العالم الاسلامي للتعبير عن غضب المسلمين من رسوم سخيفة كاريكاتيرية وافلام مشوهة عن النبي .. وكم كان مشينا تلك الهرولة الاسلامية لادانة واستنكار مذبحة تشارلي ايبدو الفرنسية .. حيث تنطح المتنطحون للتبرؤ من هذا الاسلام العنيف البهيمي المتوحش .. وحيث تدافعت الأكتاف المسلمة لتزاحم الاكتاف غير المسلمة في شوارع باريس وتنافست الألسن مع الألسن في اجتراح اصناف النأي بالنفس عن هذا السلوك الشائن ..حتى محمود عباس الذي غاب عن التعزية بأي مجزرة في سورية لم يتأخر في التعبير عن تعاطفه مع الشهداء الفرنسيين ..
النبي لاتهينه رسوم .. والنبي لاتهينه قصص ولا أفلام تسيء اليه .. لأن ماقيل له في حياته وماسمعه من انكار له كان ربما أقسى ومامر عليه في الطائف وحدها ليس بالقليل .. وما لقي في دعوته من استخفاف الكثيرين من المجتمع القرشي ومن أقاربه وأعمامه الذين سموه بالأبتر ربما كان أشد ايذاء .. كل هذا ليس اهانة للنبي وللاسلام .. بل الاهانة الكبرى للاسلام ولكرامة النبي هو هذه اللامبالاة الاسلامية المفجعة تجاه العنف والوحشية التي يمارسها “الثوار” الاسلاميون من ليبيا الى سورية الى أنبار العراق والى اليمن بحق الجميع ..
فالعالم الاسلامي رأى الثوار السوريين يذبحون ويكبرون منذ الأيام الأولى لما يسمى الثورة السورية .. ولكن الكل تسابق في تبرير وحشية الثوار والكل تسابق لاعلان الصمت المطبق والشماتة بالنظام في سورية الذي كما قالوا اختار الحل الأمني فدفع “الثور” لاختيار الحل الوحشي .. وشرب الجميع اللامبالاة مع الماء وتنفسوا الاستهتار مع الاكسيجين..
كيف يمكن أن تحدث بشاعة الذبح علنا أمام كاميرا ضد شخص مسلم – لأنه خصم – ويقوم بهذا العمل الدنيء المتوحش شخص مسلم ملثم أو غير ملثم ولاتقوم قيامة العالم الاسلامي ويجن جنونه .. ويطالب بارسال جيوش لاعتقال القاتل وداعميه وكل من يباركه ويؤيده ويطالب بمحاكمة جميع من ذبح باسم الاسلام ؟؟ 
كيف يحدث أن يتباهى مجرم مثل الكويتي شافي العجمي أمام الكاميرات في شوارع الكويت ويقول علنا وهو يتفاخر بأنه ذبح طفلا ونحره في دير الزور اما أبويه ولايجن جنون الشعوب الاسلامية وتملأ الدنيا بالمظاهرات وتحاصر السفارات الكويتية حتى تحاكم هذا الرجل وتنزل به القصاص لأنه اهان الرسول ورسالة الرسول ودين الرسول .. الذي لم يقل يوما ان الطفل يذبح باسم الاسلام؟؟ 
وكيف لايهتز الأزهر الشريف ويتصبب عرقا ويرتجف فيه صوت الأذان ويتهدج فيه صوت القرآن ويبح الترتيل والتجويد وهو يسمع خبرا مذلّا للاسلام وللنبي كمثل خبر مسلم يأكل قلب جندي سوري نيئا ويكبر .. أمام كاميرات العالم ..؟؟ هل أهين النبي والاسلام بسبب صورة رسام هولندي أو فرنسي أم بسبب قلب يأكله مسلم ولايتحرك شارع واحد في العالم الاسلامي محتجا .. ولاتتصدع جدران المساجد من الهتاف والمطالبة باحضار هذا الحيوان لمحكمة اسلامية ينال بها عقابه ليباهي الاسلام ويتفاخر أمام الدنيا بأنه دين بشر وليس دين حيوانات كاسرة؟؟ 
كيف لايذبح الدواعش وجبهة النصرة ضحاياهم ولايسحقون سباياهم بالاغتصاب فيما العالم الاسلامي ينظر ببرود وبلاهة اليهم وكأنه يرى الأضاحي في عرفات في يوم العيد ولاتثور ثائرة المسلمين في كل العالم وتجبر السعودية وحكامها والأردن وحكامه على اعتقال كل عائلة أنجبت مثل هذه الوحوش وتحتفي بهم عندما يموتون وتتقبل التعازي “بشهادتهم” في أعراس ومضافات ومهرجانات بدل التبرؤ منهم وطلب الغفران من الأمة والشعور بالعار والذل كما لو كان تصرف ابنائهم تهمة كتهمة الزنا؟؟ هذه العائلات بسلوكها المشين بتقبل التهاني بمقتل ابنائهم في الجهاد ستنجب أجيالا من القتلة لاتنتهي ..

كيف لايهان النبي الا بسبب رسم وكاريكاتير وتعليق صحفي .. ولكن نبش قبور صحابته واهانتها أو التهديد بنبش قبور آل البيت لايشكل اهانة له وطعنة في قلبه؟؟ ومع هذا فان قتل امرئ بوحشية وتعليق الرؤوس الآدمية على المآذن في حلب وعلى قضبان الأسوار الشبابيك في الرقة السورية أمام الكاميرات باسم النبي لهو أقسى على قلبه من نبش قبور صحابته وآل بيته ..وأكثر تلويثا لاسمه مما يفعله رسام وصاحب مجلة ..

لاتسألوا بعد اليوم عمن أهان النبي .. فلم يهن النبي على يد أحد أوروبي كما أهين اليوم على أيدي المسلمين أنفسهم .. فالمسلمون جميعا تشاركوا في اهانة النبي وقتله وصلبه والتمثيل باسمه عندما صمتوا شعوبا وقبائل كالأموات عما يفعله بعض المسلمين ببعض المسلمين .. ولم يعد يكفي أن يقول المسلمون بأنهم ضحية مؤامرة غربية تريد النيل من الاسلام والنبي وتحطيم هذا الدين .. ولم يعد يكفي الاستسلام بالقول بأنها الوهابية السياسية والتيمية السياسية لأنه صاروا شركاء في هذا المؤامرة عن سابق اصرار وترصد وسابق لامبالاة واستهتار .. وربما من الانصاف القول بأن هذه الذرائع الواهية والحجج المائعة مثيرة للسخرية والقرف والاحتقار .. لأن مايجب على المسلمين عمله هو النهوض والقيام قومة رجل واحد وحشد الناس في الشوارع ومحاصرة كل رجال الدين الصامتين عن الذبح او الذين ينتقون من الذبائح من يغضبون لاجله ومن لايغصبون لأجله .. حسب مايراه الوالي والأمير والملك ..والاطاحة بهم جميعا أو الاضراب عن الذهاب الى تلك المساجد .. واقتلاع عشرات آلاف الوعاظ من المنابر في الأزهر والحرم المكي وكل العالم الاسلامي الذين يحدثونهم عن الجنة والنار وعذاب القبر وحيض المرأة وينسون الجحيم الذي على الارض الاسلامية .. وينسون تلويث اسم النبي بالدم وحز الأعناق والجنس المريض وجهاد النكاح .. وارغام النبي على مضغ لحم قلب نيء لجندي مسلم شهيد تحت التكبير لن يكون أكل كبد الحمزة أكثر تعذيبا له منه ..
لو كان العالم يرى أن المسلمين أكثر غيرة على انسانيتهم وعلى رقيهم الديني لما تجرؤوا على اهانة النبي ولوجدوا أنهم لايملكون سببا واحدا للاقدام على ذلك وهم يرون أن المسلمين هم من يحمون نبيهم ودينهم بمنع كل من يريد الحاق الاهانة بهما بالصاق الدم به والعنف والحيوانية .. ولكن أمة تهين نبيها بالصمت عن فعل الذبح ولاتثور مساجدها ولاتقوم فيها القيامة ضد كل من افتى بالقتل وسمح بالدم وأيّد القتل والمذابح في مصانع القتل في مساجد السعودية التي ترسل المزيد من ابنائها لممارسة هواية القتل ومتعة التوحش تستحق أكثر .. وأمة لاتدافع عن انسانية أبنائها تستحق أكثر .. وتستحق هذه الأمة أن يكون افيخاي ادرعي نبيها المصطفى .. يرتدي لها كل يوم عمامة .. وأن يكون له مسجد باسمه .. ومذهب باسمه .. وطائفة باسمه .. تكون هي الوحيدة الناجية من النار ..

ومايحدث ان هذا النبوءة تتحقق لأن اسرائيل اليوم هي الفرقة الناجية الوحيدة من النار الاسلامية .. وتل ابيب اليوم هي أكثر أمنا من أية عاصمة عربية .. لأنها تصنع العمامات والثوار والمذاهب وهي من تقرر من هي الفرق الناجية من النار ..

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Dammam Blast Provokes Religious, Regional Bodies to Call for Islamic Unity

Local Editor

Saudi Arabia: Dammam attackThe Saudi Arabia received on Friday and Saturday letters of solidarity from various international and regional bodies, condemning the terrorist attack around Al-Anoud Mosque in Dammam.

In Egypt, Al Azhar Imam Ahmad el Tayyeb condemned on Friday the suicide attack outside the Dammam mosque, asserting the need to respect the brotherhood of Islam.

“Bloodshed is forbidden and houses of worship should be distanced from conflicts,” Tayyeb said in a statement, stressing the importance of not being dragged into sectarian rifts.

Al-Tayeb stressed the need to give priority to reason and wisdom, and not to be deceived by schemes seeking to ignite sectarian strife.

The Board of Senior Ulema on Friday also condemned the suicide attack near Al-Anoud Mosque in Dammam, stating that the ” terrorist groups behind the ghastly attack on Al-Anoud Mosque and Al-Qudaih’s Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosque have exposed their hideous faces.”

In a statement issued on Friday and carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the board said: “Islam forbids attacking places of worship even in legitimate wars. How can one target mosques in a Muslim society and a country that rules by the Shariah and serves the Two Holy Mosques?”

The statement also called for unity to “root out the menace of terrorism from our society.”

A suicide bomber – disguised in women’s clothing – blew himself up in the parking lot of a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern city of Dammam.

A member of the Popular Committees (PC) – formed of residents and are charged of defending the mosque – suspected the terrorist and informed the Saudi security forces deployed there, yet he didn’t receive an answer. Then, he immediately rushed to catch the bomber who was hurry to detonate himself several meters away from the place, killing four people including himself.

The blast also set several cars ablaze.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemned the attack, and stressed the need for taking all necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

“We stress the need for taking all measures to prevent such incidents and to seriously confront all those who have targeted the regional security and stability and intend to stir the religious differences,’ Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Friday night.

For his part, Head of The Union of Tribes and Clans in Arab States, Ma’an al-Jarba, strongly condemned the twin terrorist attacks in on Al-Anoud and Al-Qudaih’s Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosques.

In a statement issued on Friday, Jarba reiterated warns of playing with the flame of sectarian sedition, and spreading hatred among religions and sects, and eliminating the human values.

“All this will pave the way for the enemies of Islamic Ummah, and will disperse its unity, calling for facing the takfiri terrorist expansion through rejecting the Wahhabi ideology and that of Ibn Taimiya.

Moreover, the Head of Arab Parliament, Ahmad bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, condemned the criminal attempt to target the Dammam mosque, and said in a statement: “Terrorists seek to destabilize the Arab and Islamic nations’ security… Terrorism will never succeed in destabilizing national security.”

Also, Head of Al-Ashraf Syndicate Mahmoud el Sharif and Chief of the Supreme Council of the Sufi Orders Abdel Hadi el Qasabi condemned the terror attack.

Source: Al-Manar Website

30-05-2015 – 13:04 Last updated 30-05-2015 – 19:58

الملف | مجزرة القديح ، الاهداف والتداعيات | العالم


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Al-Azhar scholar being investigated for visiting Iran


IMAGE635506218689312298[1]Sheikh Ahmad Karima, professor of Islamic Law at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University is being investigated by his peers for attending a Shia Seminary on Islamic Jurisdiction held in Iran in in September 2014. Al-Azhar, built by Shia Fatimid rulers, is a government controlled religious institution since Nasser took power in a military coup.

Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb, head of Al-Azhar University has condemned Karima for giving a lecture on Sunni version of Islamic jurisdiction at a Shia seminary. He also temporarily suspended Karima from the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs at Al-Azhar. The Iranian General Secretariat of Seminaries had sent an invitation to professor Karima, a Sunni scholar from Azeri region of Iran, to attend the seminar. Al-Azhar did not send an official delegate to represent Egypt or the University.

Karima told privately-owned Mehwar television channel that he went to give a lecture in Iran’s Suni Kurdistan area in order to mobilize against what he described the increasing influence of Wahhabi/Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood thought in Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world.

The conflict between Egypt and Iran is political and not religious. We are not in direct animosity with the Iranians, who are not infidels. I went for a scientific mission, and the supporting documents are in front of Al-Azhar management,” he said.

On Tuesday, Egyptian tourism minister Hesham Zaazou announced that Iranian tourists may not be welcomed in Egypt for security reason. I bet Netanyahu is pleased to hear that.

Hoda Badri interviewed Sheikh Ahmad Karima for Egyptian Daily News, published on September 24, 2014 in which Karima accused both Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi (Saudi Arabia) behind his character assassination. Karima had been a critic of Muslim Brotherhood since formerly elected president Dr. Morsi took power. He blamed both Brothers and Saudis for fueling Shia-Sunni conflict for the benefit of the western colonial powers.

Iran broke diplomatic relation with Egypt in 1979 when Egyptian military dictator Anwar Sadat recognized the Zionist entity in return for $1.3 billion annual bribe. Since then, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, became the first Iranian president to visit Egypt in February 2013 to attend World Islamic Summit in Cairo. During the visit Ahmadinejad received a red-carpet treatment from Morsi government. He also visited Al-Azhar and held a meeting with Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb.

Egypt’s deposed president Dr. Morsi visited Tehran to attend NAM summit in August 2012. It was a first visit of an Egyptian president to Iran in more than three decades.


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Al-Azhar students start school year with protests against Egyptian authorities

Egyptian students of al-Azhar university run for cover from a tear gas canister fired by riot police during clashes outside their university campus in Cairo on October 20, 2013 following an anti-army protest. (Photo: AFP-Khaled Desouki)
Published Tuesday, October 28, 2014
With the start of the new academic year about three weeks ago, student protests against the authorities have resumed and are now at the forefront of the political and the media scenes in Egypt. Protests and student demonstrations began on the first day of college classes, which started about one month later than usual – a delay that many interpreted as reflecting the authorities’ concern about the start of the new academic year.
In fact, last year, clashes between college students across the country and the police, sometimes backed by the armed forces, had reached fever pitch. At one point, members of the “Parachute Team,” an elite unit in the Egyptian army, descended in the vicinity of the women’s faculty of al-Azhar University. Last year was tough and both sides engaged in acts of violence, with the constant burning of police cars and al-Azhar administrative offices around campus all year long.
The Muslim Brotherhood (ED: BROTHERS OF AMERICA) has a strong presence among students at al-Azhar, where the “Generation of Desired Victory” was the Brotherhood’s extension in the student body, and one of its stronger arms with which it faced the government on many occasions in the past. This lead to what is known as “the Azhar Militias” in 2006, when Brotherhood student leaders were arrested and many of them sent to military court, the most prominent of whom was the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide
Khayrat al-Shater before former President Hosni Mubarak decided to set the students free.
One of the most conspicuous conflicts took place after the publication of the novel, “A Feast for the Seaweeds” by Syrian author Haidar Haidar in 2000. Many Egyptians considered its events and details heretical, in addition to the fact that its printing fees were covered by the Ministry of Culture. Subsequently, large protests broke out at al-Azhar University. In the light of these events, the authorities decided to lower the student population living on campus to a minimum, and to apply restrictions on its residents.

[T]he religious formation and knowledge al-Azhar students acquire create a gap between the true religion they learn in school and what they see in society, which strengthens their tendency to protest.

According to some observers, the religious formation and knowledge al-Azhar students acquire create a gap between the true religion they learn in school and what they see in society, which strengthens their tendency to protest.
Furthermore, a rural upbringing in Upper Egypt (southern Egypt) embeds the values of solidarity and cohesion among students in the face of what they consider threats, as seen in the dozens of clashes that took place with the university’s security guards for non-political reasons. For example, an assault on one student by a security guard because of an altercation later turned into an expansive protest in the university and on campus.
Speaking to Al-Akhbar, Omar al-Sabakhi a faculty member at the University of Alexandria, explained that al-Azhar University is taking the lead in student protests because “students there have already received a high level of religious education at school even before reaching college. Their religious sentiment is provoked, which is an essential driving force of the protests.”
“Generally speaking, there is a deep rooted idea among Egyptians that individuals enrolling in religious studies come from a poor and marginalized background, further fueling those individuals’ feelings of oppression which emanates from being raised in a modest environment,” Sabakhi said, adding that “this feeling of oppression has intensified because they did not receive their well-deserved rights, three years after the revolution against Mubarak.”
Sabakhi, a researcher who focuses on student movements, said college students have more reasons to complain compared to regular citizens, adding

“Al-Azhar students have obviously the most reasons to [complain] because they have received a higher level of religious education, added to the fact that al-Azhar as an educational institution and as part of the ruling authority, fully separates its demands from those of the student movement.”

According to Sabakhi, the administration of al-Azhar

“seeks financial or executive privileges for its members, or aims to attain stability and impose and maintain regulations. This does not involve students because administrations always side with the ruler while students stand on the opposite side.”

However, Osama al-Hatimi, another specialist in student movements, does not believe that al-Azhar University is leading the student protests which started about a year ago.
He attributed the

“intensification of student movements there, especially after June 30, 2013 to the intellectual affinity with the Muslim Brotherhood, seen by them as a party which was ousted from power. Besides, giving their strict religious upbringing, al-Azhar students [normally] side with the Islamic project, and believe that what happened also targeted them because they belong to the same project.”

“Ever since the 1930s, student groups have been opposing the administration’s wishes,” … the student movements “were the thermometer used to measure Egyptian society and its ambitions.” – Osama al-Hatimi, specialist in student movements

 “Ever since the 1930s, student groups have been opposing the administration’s wishes,” Hatimi said, elaborating that the student movements “were the thermometer used to measure Egyptian society and its ambitions.”
He also explained that student movements usually challenge the authorities’ approaches.

“In cases of an economic downturn, student movements have always been the first to step up to demand economic rights and freedom because they do not have political considerations and behave according to their beliefs in absolute and abstract values, far from the political calculations of political forces and parties.”

Hatimi rejected what he described as “attempts to link political work to a certain social environment,” saying it is a false explanation because the residents of Cairo and cities in general constitute 90 percent of the Egyptian population, although he admitted that a rural upbringing is usually more influenced by religion.
Hatimi said that even if a large segment of al-Azhar students come from modest backgrounds, in the end they are still part of the Egyptian social structure and they deserve to demand their rights.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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هجمات سيناء والتداعيات على الداخل المصري

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