ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Exposes US Ally for Running Global Sex Trafficking Ring (Video)




ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Exposes US Ally for Running Global Sex Trafficking Ring (Video)


An escaped sex slave, once held captive by ISIS, noted that the country Donald Trump just promised billions, is facilitating a massive sex trafficking ring. Conveniently absent from the mainstream media as well as the white house is the Saudi role in modern day slavery.

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project: 

Few Americans could hardly have imagined the devastation, destruction, and horror experienced by the Iraqi people when the decision to invade Iraq was made in 2003. And no people, arguably, have endured more suffering than the Yazidi people, an Iraqi minority group.

Nadia Murad knows. The Iraqi Yazidi woman was kidnapped in 2014 and used as a sex slave by the Islamic State (ISIS). Murad has just exposed Europeans, Tunisians and US ally — Saudi Arabia — for their role in this horrific sex slave trade.

Murad eventually escaped her hell on earth and returned to her home village of Sinjar Thursday to the welcoming arms of her people. While sobbing, and standing on the roof of her old school, she addressed those gathered and those around the world who dare to listen to what she has to say.

After just three months of rape and torture, Murad escaped her Sunni Muslim captors, eventually finding refuge in a refugee camp, and later found saftey in Germany. But she didn’t stay there for long, and she’s not staying silent about what she experienced.

Reuters reported she’s now become the Yazidi ambassador to the world;

Murad has taken to the world stage to appeal for support for the Yazidi religious minority, in the United Nations Security Council in 2015 and to all governments globally, earning her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador role.

She was one of nearly 7,000 girls who were taken as sex slaves and traded like used cars to soldiers who’d come to wage Jihad against anyone other than Sunni Muslims. She watched as the men were separated from the women and children. They were later killed and buried in mass graves. The young boys were sent off to ISIS training camps, while the women and girls were used for the sexual gratification of Sunni fighters.

She told Reuters at the time she wanted to die. “We hoped that our destiny would be like the men and be killed, but instead Europeans, Saudis and Tunisians and other fighters came and raped us and sold us,” she said.

Last year, Saudi Arabia, a country President Donald Trump just signed a $300 billion dollar arms deal with, was exposed for not only facilitating the ISIS sex slave trade — but participating in it.

According to eyewitness reports, ISIS sex slaves are being sold in Saudi Arabia.
Jihad Watch reported:

“It isn’t news that the Islamic State has long been abusing and trafficking sex slaves – especially Yazidi girls – but it has been now discovered that the sex slaves of IS are being “sold in horrifying auctions to UK (and US) ally Saudi Arabia.”

An eyewitness reported:

Dozens of women were being held in a large room, and it was not only Iraqis and Syrians trading women but also Saudis and Westerners, whose actual nationality was not clear.

Western women have also been reported to be among the victims in keeping with the Islamic State’s practice of enslaving kafir women:

The Islamic State’s human trafficking operation includes enslaving women who they consider to be ‘kafir’, non-Muslim people like Yazidis and Christians, before selling them for money.  The depraved thugs are also involved in the radicalisation of young women all over the world and try to tempt them to come to their caliphate with false promises of wealth, marriage and forgiveness of sin.

The misdeeds and human rights violations by Saudi Arabia are astonishing, yet Trump had no problem striking a deal with the terrorist regime as well as bowing down to them.

With tears in her eyes, Murad told her village, “I am a daughter of this village.” She then called on the United Nations to, “Open a case for those that lost everything, their parents, people who can not go back to their villages.” She continued, “exhume their loved ones buried around their villages.”

Murad then had harsh words for the world that looked away, including the United States under the direction of Barack H. Obama and now Trump. Reuters said she stated the international community has failed to help free the Yazidi women and children held captive by hoards of rapists. “The international community has not delivered on its responsibility,” she said adding, “I tell anyone that you are being unjust for not supporting a minority like the Yazidis.”

She’s calling for the Yazidi genocide to be officially recognized as such and not treated as a global conflict. Ironically, it wasn’t NATO who liberated the Yazidis, it was the Shia Muslim country of Iran who, alongside Iraqi soldiers pushed all the way to the Syrian border, liberating Yazidis along the way.

The American narrative coming from Washington is that the Iranians aren’t to be trusted. They’re accused of planning to develop nuclear weapons with which to threaten the U.S. The Iranians rule with an iron fist, oppressively stifling dissent. The ancient Persian people are subjected to strict adherence to Islam, but their government’s actions, at least in this instance, demonstrate their desire to stop the Islamic State.

If Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are to be believed, the U.S. government has purposefully been funding Islamic militants and supplying arms to terrorist organizations, arms which have made their way into ISIS hands. If their accusations are true, the U.S. is de facto responsible for the Yazidi genocide by not reigning in those factions.


ناجية من عبودية داعش: السعودية تدير شبكات دعارة ورقيق أبيض

الجمل- بقلم: Jack Burns-

ترجمة: وصال صالح:

هاربة من الاستعباد الجنسي، فتاة كانت ذات يوم أسيرة لدى تنظيم داعش تفضح السعودية- البلد الذي عقد معه ترامب صفقات بمئات مليارات الدولارات- يعمل على إدارة حلقة ضخمة للاتجار بالجنس، وسط تكتم وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية كما البيت الأبيض على الدور السعودي في عبودية ونخاسة العصر الحديث.

قلة من الأميركيين بالكاد يمكن أن يتصوروا حجم الدمار والخراب والرعب الذي يعيشه الشعب العراقي نتيجة اتخاذ الإدارة الأميركية قرار الغزو عام 2003، ويمكن القول، أنه ليس هناك شعب على الإطلاق تحمل المعاناة التي عاناها الإيزيديون، وهم أقلية عراقية.
نادية مراد المرأة الإيزيدية المعروفة، التي اختطفت عام 2014 وتم معاملتها كرقيقة جنس من قبل داعش. كشفت للتو، عن دور الأوروبيين، التونسيين، والسعودية –حليفة الولايات المتحدة- في تجارة الجنس المروعة هذه.

وكانت مراد هربت في النهاية من جحيمها على الأرض وعادت إلى قريتها ومسقط رأسها في قرية كوجو قضاء سنجار، يوم الخميس استقبلها أهالي قريتها مرحبين بها بالأحضان. واقفة فوق سطح مدرستها القديمة والدموع تنهمر من عينيها، خاطبت مراد المجتمعين من أبناء قريتها، ووجهت رسالة إلى جميع أنحاء العالم ممن يجرؤون الاستماع إلى ما ستقوله.

بعد ثلاثة أشهر فقط من الاغتصاب والتعذيب، هربت مراد من خاطفيها الإرهابيين، وفي نهاية المطاف وجدت لها مأوى في مخيم للاجئين، ولاحقاً وجدت الأمان في ألمانيا، لكنها لم تبق هناك لفترة طويلة، وهي لم تصمت إزاء ما عاشته وما عانته.
رويترز ذكرت أنها صارت سفيرة الإيزيديين إلى العالم؛

وهكذا حملت مراد مطالب الأقلية الديية الإيزيدية إلى مجلس الأمن التابع للأمم المتحدة في عام 2015 ولجميع الحكومات على الصعيد العالمي، وحصلت على الترشيح لجائزة نوبل للسلام ودور سفيرة للنوايا الحسنة للأمم المتحدة.

كانت نادية مراد واحدة من بين ما يقرب من 7000 فتاة ممن استخدمهن تنظيم داعش كعبيدات جنس وتم التعامل معهن كسيارات مستعملة لمقاتلي داعش الذين كانوا يخوضون الجهاد. شاهدت مراد كيف كان يتم فصل الرجال عن النساء والأطفال، ليُقتلوا لاحقاً ويدفنوا في مقابر جماعية. بينما يتم إرسال الأولاد إلى مخيمات تدريب داعش، و تؤخذ النساء إلى مقاتلي داعش لاغتصابهن.

في حديث لرويترز، قالت مراد أنها كانت تتمنى الموت، في ذلك الوقت، ” كنا نأمل لو كان مصيرنا مثل مصير الرجال وأن نُقتل، لكن بدلاً من ذلك –جاء المقاتلون الأوروبيون والسعوديون والتونسيون وغيرهم واغتصبونا ثم باعونا”.

العام الماضي، فضح دور السعودية -البلد التي وقع الرئيس دونالد ترامب معها صفقة بمليارات الدولارات- حيث لم تقم فقط بتقديم التسهيلات لداعش في تجارة النخاسة والعبيد –وإنما شاركت وتورطت في ذلك.

وفقاً لتقارير شهود عيان، تنظيم داعش يبيع العبدات في السعودية، وذكر موقع مراقبة أنشطة الجهاد: “إنها ليست أخباراً جديدة، داعش يقوم منذ فترة طويل بالاستغلال و الاتجار بعبيدات الجنس –خصوصاً الفتيات الإيزيديات- لكن الآن تم اكتشاف أنه يجري بيع عبيدات جنس داعش في مزادات مرعبة للسعودية –حليفة الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا”.

أحد شهود العيان قال:

يتم احتجاز عشرات النساء في غرفة كبيرة، وليست العراقيات والسوريات فقط من يتم الاتجار بهن، وإنما أيضاً سعوديات وغربيات، ممن لم تعرف جنسياتهن الحقيقية. مصادر تحدثت أن نساء غربيات كن أيضاً من بين الضحايا تماشياً مع ممارسات داعش في استعباد نساء “الكفار”:
تجدر الإشارة إلى أن عملية اتجار داعش بالبشر تتضمن استعباد النساء ممن يعتبرن “كافرات”، أي الناس غير المسلمين مثل الإيزيديات والمسيحيات، قبل بيعهن مقابل المال. السفاحون السفلة أيضاً متورطون في تطرف الشابات في جميع أنحاء العالم ويحاولون إغوائهن وإغرائهن للقدوم إلى الخلافة مع وعود كاذبة بالثروة والزواج ومغفرة الخطايا.

الأعمال الشريرة والآثام وانتهاكات حقوق الإنسان من قبل السعودية مثيرة للدهشة. الآن لا مشكلة لدى ترامب في عقد صفقة مع النظام الإرهابي وكذلك بالركوع أمامهم.

بالعودة إلى نادية مراد والدموع تفيض من عينيها، قالت لأهل قريتها ” أنا ابنة هذه القرية” ثم ناشدت الأمم المتحدة “لفتح قضية أولئك الذين فقدوا كل شيء، أهاليهم الناس الذين لا يستطيعون العودة إلى قراهم” .

ثم توجهت مراد بكلمات قاسية للعالم الذي بدا بعيداً، بما في ذلك الولايات المتحدة تحت قيادة باراك حسين أوباما والآن دونالد ترامب. رويترز قالت بأنها أعلنت عن فشل المجتمع الدولي في المساعدة على تحرير النساء الإيزيديات والأطفال المحتجزين و المغتصبين “المجتمع الدولي لم يتحمل مسؤولياته” قالت، مضيفة “أنا أقول أنكم لستم عادلون لأنكم لم تدعموا أقلية مثل الإيزيديين”. ودعت مراد المجتمع الدولي إلى الاعتراف رسمياً بالإبادة الجماعية للإيزيديين والتعامل معها على هذا الأساس وليس كصراع عالمي. من المفارقات، أنه لم يكن حلف شمال الأطلسي –ناتو- من حرر الإيزيديين، إنها إيران، جنباً إلى جنب مع الجنود العراقيين ليدفعوا داعش على طول الحدود مع سورية.

الرواية الأميركية القادمة في واشنطن أنه لا يمكن الوثوق بالإيرانيين. هم يتهمونهم بالتخطيط لتطوير الأسلحة النووية التي تشكل تهديداً للولايات المتحدة، لكنهم الإيرانيون من يظهرون رغبتهم في القضاء على تنظيم داعش.

إذا ما صدقت تولسي غابارد السيناتور الجمهوري عن ولاية هاواي والسيناتور الجمهوري عن ولاية كنتاكي راند بول ، فإن الحكومة الأميركية تمول عن قصد المتطرفين الإسلاميين وتعمل على تزويد المنظمات الإرهابية بالأسلحة. و إذا ما صحت اتهامات السيناتور فإن هذه الأسلحة تقع في أيدي داعش، ما يعني أن الولايات المتحدة هي في الواقع مسؤولة عن الإبادة الجماعية للإيزيديين بسبب عدم سيطرتها وتحكمها في هذه الفصائل.

عن:The Free Thought




Sheikh Imran Hosein Shares his Vision of Contemporary World

Sheikh Imran Hosein Shares his Vision of Contemporary World


Sheikh Imran Hosein Shares his Vision of Contemporary World

Sheikh Imran Hosein is a distinguished Islamic scholar, author of many books, expert in Islamic eschatology, international politics and finance, and contemporary socio-economic and political issues. In his work, the sheikh emphasizes Islamic spirituality, ihsan, in the absence of which all knowledge would be confined to the mere perception of worldly reality. The principal themes upon which he discourses are the nature of being, relationship to God and the interrelationship of the three major monotheistic faiths, the Messenger Muhammed (s.a.v.s.) and his teaching, and the nature of contemporary Western society with its deleterious impact on other civilizations and cultures.

Sheikh Imran Hosein has pioneered revolutionary interpretations of the Kuran and the hadises, paving the way for generations of Islamic scholars to come. With all the instruments at his disposal he attempts to educate not just Muslims and Christians, but everyone, as far and as wide as his voice reaches.

His success is based on the application of the correct methodology that he has received from his teacher, Maulana al-Asnari, which he has developed and applied further to the issues of major concern for the contemporary world.

The focal point of sheikh Imran Hosein’s study is eschatology, the religious teaching about the end-times and the ultimate fulfillment of the respective visions of each of the three great monotheistic faiths, with regard to the conclusion of mundane history. Judaism and Christianity have well-developed and even sophisticated eschatological teachings, but until recently Islam in that regard has been lagging behind. Under the inspiration of his revered teacher Maulana Al-Asnari, sheikh Imran Hosein has laid the foundations of an Islamic eschatological philosophy based, naturally, on the precepts of the Kuran and the relevant hadises. Surprising as it may appear, no Islamic scholar before him had ever approached this important and delicate subject in a systematic manner. Taking into account the sheikh’s numerous books and lectures on this subject, it is accurate to say that he has elevated Islamic Eschatology to the rank of a new branch of knowledge within the broad system of Islamic theology. It would not be extravagant to also add that he is now the world’s leading authority on this fascinating subject.

As a teacher of true, traditional Sunni Islamic doctrine, ennobled with the mystic aura of Sufism, sheikh Imran Hosein has acquired a wide following throughout the world of Islam, and beyond. Islam is an exception among the great monotheistic religions in that it has five vibrant major schools, but no central teaching authority or arbiter in matters of religious doctrine. For that reason, and in order to safeguard his co-religionists from the malevolent enticements of erroneous interpretations of their faith, which are often manipulated to serve purposes opposite to its original inspiration and intent, sheikh Imran Hosein places particular emphasis on the development of a proper methodology of doctrinal interpretation. Methodology may therefore be said to constitute the heart of his approach, as he quite correctly maintains that without proper guidelines, grounded in an intellectually rigorous scrutiny of religious texts, no consistent and viable doctrine can possibly emerge.

Confronting head-on the clash of civilizations narrative and boldly disputing the legitimacy of intolerant and extremist schools of thought within the world of Islam, sheikh Imran Hosein is a strong advocate of solidarity between the followers of the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, and Torah Judaism.

Based on his reading of the Kuran and certain hadises, sheikh Imran Hosein is, in particular, a champion of «friendship and alliance» between Muslims and Orthodox Christians. Over the centuries, and during the preceding decades with particular brutality, these two religious groups have been victims of the plundering and conquering ambitions of that portion of mankind that is most frequently referred to as the West. The latter’s main tools of oppression, in the sheikh’s mind, are the world banking and monetary system and NATO. He perceives in that part of mankind the operation of the evil forces of Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj), familiar from the Islamic and other monotheistic eschatologies. By contrast, it is in the form of Eastern Christianity, with its historic roots in Byzantium (to which almost certainly reference is made in the thirtieth Sura of the Kuran, Ar-Rum), which is presently established in Russia, that sheikh Imran Hosein perceives the Empire of Ar-Rum. He regards it as a force for the good, with respect to which the Messenger Muhammed prophesied to his followers thus: «You will conclude an alliance with Ar-Rum».

As a student of geopolitics with a keen eschatological perspective, sheikh Imran Hosein is an attentive and approving observer of Russia’s dynamic and increasingly assertive role in international affairs.

Advocacy of friendly relations and alliance between Muslims and Orthodox Christians by an Islamic scholar of such renown and depth of knowledge as sheikh Imran Hosein, and the interest that he has also displayed in the conditions that prevail in Serbia and the Balkans, should have the beneficial effect of facilitating improved relations between Muslims and Orthodox Christians in that volatile part of the world.

The sheikh’s stance as a reconciler and peacemaker – while earning him affection and respect in many quarters – has made him also a figure of controversy elsewhere. Paradoxically, the latter seems to include some segments of the Islamic community because on many points the sheikh’s insistence on unadulterated traditional Islam clashes with key contemporary political agendas.

I had the honor and the pleasure of conducting this conversation with sheikh Imran Hosein at his retreat on the island of Tobago, in March of 2017.

نارام سرجون: هل يهتز عرش الرب وتهتز من تسمى خير أمة ؟؟ الأصنام تكسر النبي

تاريخ النشر : 2017-05-23 12:40:11

وكالة أوقات الشام الإخبارية

نارام سرجون

مهما تحدثنا عن زيارة ترامب الى السعودية فلن يجدي الكلام والشرح فلن يهتز عرش الرب ولن يهتز شعب الرب الذي اختاره ليكون خير أمة أخرجت للناس .. فالرئيس الأميريكي ترامب كان في مهمة سلب ونهب للمال السعودي والخليجي واستيلاء على مفاتيح خزائن قارون التي جرها خلف طائرته وطار .. بل ونهش ترامب اللحم السعودي حتى انكشف العظم العربي ولعقه بلسانه الى أن جرّده من كل لحم .. ولذلك ليس مهما أن نقول للشعب في نجد والحجاز أي حقيقة طالما أنه لايثور منذ مئة سنة وطالما أنه قبل أن يحكمه بضعة آلاف أمير يبذرون كل ثروته بشكل خرافي وهو لايقدر الا على تصنيع مجاهدي القاعدة الذين يقتلون انفسهم وينتحرون خارج المملكة وفي كل مكان .. الملك وابنه يتصرفان وكأن من يعيش في نجد والحجاز هم فقط بضعة ملايين من الأصنام التي لاتضر ولاتنفع .. فلايبدوان مكترثين بردة فعل الشعب ولايعنيهما ان يقول أحد ان هذا الفحش في التبذير في المال والتبذير في العدوانية والكراهية والقتل رذيلة من الرذائل الشيطانية .. ولايهمهما أن تصبح اسرائيل في خطاب المسلمين ضحية من الضحايا كما كل ضحايا العرب .. فليس على أرض الجزيرة الا تماثيل لاتضر ولاتنفع ولاتغضب ولاتنفعل ولاتثور ..

ليست الاهانة فقط في تلك السرقة العلنية بموافقة الملك وابنه .. ولكن الزيارة كان لها طابع الصلف والاستعلاء واحتقار الآخر وعدم احترام معتقده وأبسط مظاهر دينه .. فالكلام المعسول والمجاملات الخطابية للشعب العظيم شيء بروتوكولي ومطلوب .. وقول غير ذلك هو في غير محله خاصة اذا كنت جرار العسل تندلق في بلعوم ترامب وبلعوم الشركات الاميريكية .. ولكن في كل ثقافة تبقى القيم الثقافية والمعتقدات شيئا لايمكن المساس به او المساومة عليه بل ينهض الغضب اذا لم تحترم .. الا أن السعوديين لم يكن يعنيهم الا حماية العرش الملكي .. حتى وان اهتز عرش الله .. واهتز قبر النبي .. وقلبه ..

ولاأدري ماهي الحكمة من اصطحاب ترامب لزوجته وابنته الى الأراضي الاسلامية المقدسة وهما سافرتان ولن تكون باستقبالهما اي امرأة أو أميرة الى جانب الملك طالما أنهما لن تلتزما حتى بالحد الادنى لآداب وتقاليد الثقافة التي تسود تلك الأراضي سواء كانت التقاليد صحيحة أم خاطئة .. فالمفروض أن نساء العرب في الأراضي المقدسة يلتزمن بالاحتشام وغطاء الرأس ..

والمفروض أن الدولة التي تفرض الاحتشام على شعبها لأنها خادمة الحرمين الشريفين يجب أن تلتزم به وتلزم به أي زائرة للأراضي المقدسة مهما كانت عقيدتها .. بوذية أو هندوسية او يهودية أو مسيحية أو ملحدة .. خاصة في حضرة الملك الذي يمثل نظريا ذروة الاسلام وولي امره – كما يدعي – وهو مسؤول عن حماية العقيدة وتراثها وطقوسها وكل تفاصيلها تماما كما ان ملكة بريطانيا مسؤولة عن حماية الكنيسة الانغليكانية بالعرف الملكي البريطاني ..

لكن الملك والأسرة المالكة كان مايؤرقهم أن يحموا العرش وأن يضربوا بكل شيء في سبيل العرش .. ولذلك تغاضوا عن كل الاهانات الرمزية التي جاء بها ترامب .. فلايزال سبب احضار ترامب لزوجته وابنته الى بلد محافظ لايفهم الا على أنه كان بذلك يمعن في اهانة العرب والمسلمين وهو يقول في رسالته: انني في أرض الحرمين الشريفين ولكني أتحدى العرب والمسلمين في عقر دارهم وبقرب قبر نبيهم .. سأرمي بحجاب المسلمين في حضرة نبيهم تحت قدمي .. ولم تعن ايفانكا ولاميلانيا حتى بوضع غلالة من قماش أو وشاح خفيف جدا شفاف في حضرة الملك أو في تجولها في المملكة قرب مرقد النبي والصحابة ..ولكن ترامب في المقابل عندما ذهب ترامب الى اسرائيل احترم مع عائلته العقيدة اليهودية وطقوسها وتفاصيلها الى أكمل وجه ..

بل واضطر الى لبس القلنسوة اليهودية السوداء على رأسه الأشقر امعانا في التواضع والالتزام باحترام عقيدة الآخر .. كما ان ايفانكا التي لم تكترث حتى بوضع وشاح خفيف على رأسها في أرض المسلمين المقدسة لم تظهر في اسرائيل الا وقد غطت شعرها بقلنسوة للاناث احتراما للطقوس اليهودية التي صارت ديانتها .. ولو أنها تصرفت بنفس الطريقة السافرة اللامبالية في اسرائيل لما ظهرت الاهانة للثقافة الاسلامية بشكل فاقع ساطع ..

المسلمون والاسلاميون احتفلوا يوما أن محجبة تركية دخلت القصر الرئاسي في استانبول لتصبح السيدة الأولى .. ولكن عندما داست ايفانكا على الحجاب وغطاء الرأس في الأراضي المقدسة فانهم لزموا الصمت .. واعتبروا ذلك من أبواب فقه المصلحة .. الذي يجيز لولي الأمر أن يفعل مالايغضب الكافر حتى ان داس على استار الكعبة ..

ولو سألتم العرعور عن فتوى ذلك لوجدها وقال لكم ان امرأة لوط وامرأة نوح كانتا كافرتين وهما زوجتا نبيين .. فهو قبل ذلك افتي لأبناء رجال الدين بأن ليس عليهم حرج في ألا يرسلوا ابناءهم للجهاد اذا لم يقبل الأولاد بل الجهاد بل خرجوا للسياحة .. وهذا لايسقط واجب الجهاد عن بقية المسلمين .. لأن ولدي نوح عصياه ورفضا رسالته ولم يركبا معه في الفلك مع الناجين .. فهل يلام نوح على عقوق ولديه؟؟ ولذلك فان على المسلمين ارسال ابنائهم للموت في سورية وألا يسالوا المشايخ أو العرعور أو القرضاوي عن سبب غياب أبنائهم عن الجهاد لأنهم مثل ابناء الأنبياء .. ولايحاسب المفتي اذا لم يستجب ابنه للجهاد .. وهذا طبعا يفسر لنا أنه لايوجد اي مفتي أو شيخ واعظ من أولئك الذين يدفعون الناس الى المحرقة الا وأبناؤه بعيدون عن الجهاد ولكل واحد دنياه وحياته المترفة المليئة بالسيارات والنساء والسياحة والمال .. فهو مثل ابن نوح .. وبقية ابناء الناس أغبياء وخرفان ..

الاهانة ليست في احتقار ايفانكا وابيها للمسلمين بل في الأصنام والتماثيل التي رأت وسمعت ولم تحرك ساكنا ولم تتلفظ بعبارة احتجاج .. ان النبي محمد لم يحطم الأصنام الحجرية كما قالوا لنا .. بل حطم الأصنام البشرية التي كانت ترى الباطل وتسمع الباطل ولاتتحرك ولاتثور ولا تمتشق السيوف لتعيد العدل الاجتماعي وتبعد خطر تجار القوافل الجشعين والسماسرة ..ان الأصنام التي حطمها النبي كانت في البشر التي حرك فيها النبي التفكيروحرك الركود في الرؤوس وأوقد الروح فيها وقادها في اعصار عظيم اقتلع الملوك والأباطرة وشيوخ العزى واللات وشيوخ هبل ..

واليوم للأسف فان كل ماأنجزه النبي اندثر .. واعاد شيوخ العزى واللات وهبل بناء الأصنام في نفوس البشر .. وتحول المسلمون الى أصنام .. مليار صنم في العالم الاسلامي.. سرقهم ملك وابنه .. وراعي بقر وابنته وصهره ..وداسوا على شرفهم ودينهم وكعبتهم .. والأصنام لم تفكر ولم تتحرك .. فالنبي الذي كسر الأصنام .. تكسره الأصنام ..

أما آن للنبي أن ينهض من جديد ويحطم الاصنام ؟؟ وأقصد مليار صنم في العالم العربي والاسلامي يصومون ويزكون ويحجون ويحفظون القرآن ومع هذا يسرق منهم مالهم وبيت مالهم ودينهم ومسجدهم الأقصى ويداس على معتقدهم وتجوب ميلانيا وايفانكا أرض الحجاز بشعر غجري مجنون نكاية بعائشة وآمنة وخديجة وزينب ..

يجب أن تتكسر الأصنام وأن يخرج البشر من هذا الحجر الصلد وكأن ساحرا حولهم الى حجارة

يجب أن يأتي من يكسر الأصنام البشرية الصماء البلهاء الخرساء ويقود اعصارا عظيما آخر .. ويقول: جاء الحق وزهق الباطل .. ان الباطل كان زهوقا ..


Dehqan: Miserable Saudi Arabia Conspires With ‘Israel’ against Iran

09-05-2017 | 13:44

Local Editor

Iran’s defense minister Hossein Dehqan said Saudi Arabia, which has a history of teaming up with other regimes against Tehran, has now become so miserable as to ally itself with ‘Israel’ against the Islamic Republic.


Dehqan: Miserable Saudi Arabia Conspires With ‘Israel' against Iran

Dehqan made the remarks in an interview fully broadcast on Arabic-language Al-Manar TV on Monday.

Brigadier General Dehqan said that over the past 38 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Saudi Arabia has gone out of its way to interfere in regional affairs to oppose Iran.

He said Riyadh spent lavishly to support the former Iraqi regime and the Persian Gulf littoral states against Iran in the eight-year Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s. He also referred to the Saudi intervention in Lebanese politics and said the Saudi rulers offered massive financial and political support to the groups they wanted in power in Lebanon. The Saudis also offered weapons to such groups.

“Then, let’s looks at what they have done in Iraq and Syria today. At what they are doing in Yemen today,” Dehqan said.

Saudi Arabia has been a known sponsor of extremist Wahhabi groups wreaking havoc in the region and beyond. It has also been leading a group of its vassal states in a war on impoverished Yemen since March 2015.

“Today, what we’re seeing is Saudi Arabia has become so miserable. So much so that it has convinced itself to curry favor with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and incite it [the ‘Israeli’ regime] against us,” Dehqan said.

Last Tuesday, the Saudi defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman, claimed in a televised interview that Saudi Arabia would fight what he called Iranian attempts to expand its influence in the region.

Dehqan responded by rejecting the accusation that Iran was after taking over territory.

“We have never been and will never be after occupying any Arab or Muslim country,” Dehqan said.

Responding to a question on how the Yemeni conflict could end, Dehqan said it was easy to think of a solution.

“First [should come] a Saudi withdrawal from Yemen. Second, a Saudi refusal to interfere in the affairs of other Islamic countries. Third, accepting the collective security order in the region, and the pullout of extra-regional forces. Fourth, submitting to people’s rule over their own fate.”

When asked if the ‘Israeli’ regime was capable of launching a war on Iran, Dehqan said he would respond by asking a question of his own.

“I answer your question with a question. Could ‘Israel’ successfully end the 33-Day War [on Lebanon]?” he said.

“Did Hezbollah, in a country limited [in terms of resources] as Lebanon [was], have access to massive financial and arms backup? Did ‘Israel’, in the 33-Day War, have any other means in its inventory not to have used?” he further rhetorically asked.

Once again asked if ‘Israel’ could attack Iran, Dehqan said, “Do not doubt that it would if it could.”

Dehqan said Iran has enough missiles to heavily target any and all aggressors.
Asked about how many missiles Iran had, he said, “Enough to heavily, seriously, and massively target everyone that is standing against us in a short period of time if, God forbid,” aggression is launched against Iran.

He advised ill-wishers, however, not to venture against Iran.

“We advise our enemies, the Americans and their other, feeble servants, not to test us,” Dehqan said.

He further stressed that the United States would not be able to effectively fight Daesh because the US itself “has created it for use as a tool.”

“It has in fact created a mobile ‘Israel’,” he said.

Dehqan said ‘Israel’ was best enjoying the situation.

“Israel is… laying back and does not face any threats. Daesh is fighting on its behalf and is providing it with security. Daesh is destroying the capacities of the Muslim world, which can otherwise be used to confront Israel’s acquisitiveness and aggression.”

Brig. Gen. Dehqan also had some advice for Turkey: “The Turks backed Daesh in a serious manner at first.”

“Their perception was that they could topple the legitimate government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad so that their favorite government would take over there.”

Source: Press TV, Edited by website team

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Palm Sunday: 25 Egyptian Coptic Christian killed in Church terrorist attack in Tanta city, Nile Delta

Local Editor

Hezbollah issued a statement denouncing the gruesome crime committed by terrorist Daesh organization targeting number of churches in the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria, and leaving dozens of innocent civilians martyred and injured. Hezbollah also offered deep condolences to the families of the victims, hoping the wounded would get well soon.


Hezbollah Slams Targeting Egypt's Churches: To Find Real Coalition against Terrorists, Sponsors

In its statement, Hezbollah noted that: “the continuous and escalating killing committed by criminal gangs covered with religion is one of the biggest crises our nation has been hit with, planned by major and regional powers that back terrorists and offer them political financial and media support. Such powers further draw the criminal targets represented by defragmenting our societies, implanting discord and disunity among its people who have been living for centuries as brothers sharing the wealth of these countries as well as the tasks to construct them and defend them.”

The statement further noted:

“Targeting believers in their churches in the morning of the feast represents all means of barbarism, and is evidence that those terrorist groups are devoid from any humane characteristic. The crime happened in parallel with the scheme to displace Christians from Sinai and other regions in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It also opens the door for discord, sectarianism and ethnic division in favor of the Zionist enemy.”
Hezbollah’s statement also stressed that:
“We, in Hezbollah, stand by Egypt and its people in those painful moments, and we call on everybody to mind the big conspiracy targeting our nation, as well as uniting under a true coalition against terrorists and their regional and international sponsors.”
Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated and edited by website team
10-04-2017 | 08:52


Egypt, Nile Delta; at least 25 Egyptian Coptic Christian have been reported killed and 55 others were seriously wounded in a bomb attack target the St. George’s church in the Nile Delta City of Tanta. The attack followed by another one in the Mediterranean City of Alexandria, the second major City in Egypt, where six people killed including a policeman at St Mark’s Cathedral. Today’s attacks against Coptic church come few weeks ahead of a visit to Cairo by Pope Francis scheduled on April 28. Egyptian Christian Minority is encountering series of terror attacks since the ouster of Egypt’s first Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, who has been ousted to Prison in July 3, 2013.

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Imran Hosein: Meeting with the Saker in beautiful Tobago by Imran N. Hosein

Meeting with the Saker in beautiful Tobago

by Imran N. Hosein

I have just spent 10 exciting days with my Russian friend, ‘The Saker’, in the enchantingly beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. I was born in the island of Trinidad where I now live, and Tobago is located just next to Trinidad in the South Caribbean Sea close to Venezuela:

This was the first time that I ever met with ‘Saker’, and I am happy to report that I succeeded in persuading him to come out in the open with his true identity, while putting his trust in the One God. As a consequence, his identity is now public. He is Andrei Raevsky, but he will continue to use his nom de plume of Saker. If you visit his website: will even see his photograph. Those who are not familiar with him will get to know him if they visit his website.

I also got him to agree to record a joint video with me in which I interviewed him for half of an hour, so viewers will soon be able to see us together in that interview in Tobago. It will be placed on my website at as well as my You-tube Channel at

We were joined in Tobago by my Serbian friend, the US-trained Attorney, Stefan Karganovic, and by his friend, a Serbian Neurosurgeon. I got to know Stefan a few years ago through the Saker, and we corresponded with each other by email before I travelled to Belgrade in 2015 to meet with him and so many others in what must be recorded as a blessed visit to that historic city. It was a dream come true for me to welcome my friend Stefan to beautiful Tobago.

Stefan has just completed the Serbian/Bosnian translation of my book on ‘Methodology for Study of the Qur’an’, and Prof Branko Rakic of the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade has written a long Foreword for the book. It will soon be published in a new edition with Prof Branko Rakic’s Foreword Insha Allah.

Both Saker’s wife, Ana, and my wife, Aisha, were also with us in Tobago.

I took them for an all-day tour all around the island of Tobago – driving from one end of the island to the other, while passing through Roxborough and Speyside where we stopped for lunch at a beachside restaurant with an absolutely stunning view of the Speyside Bay, until we reached the town of Charlottesville located at the other end of the island. Here are some pictures of Speyside Bay and Charlotteville:*

We then drove through the rain-forest from the eastern side of the island across to the western side, got stuck in soft mud at the side of the road, and eventually found a rest-shed where we could enjoy our desert – which, inevitably, was pineapple.

Perhaps the most beautiful sight of all was when we looked down at the Parlatuvier Bay (otherwise known as Englishman’s Bay) from high up a hill. My guests were all absolutely amazed by the stunning natural beauty of Parlatuvier Bay. Here are some pictures of the Bay

We also made the trip by boat to Tobago’s Nylon Pool as well as to the archipelago known as No Man’s Land.

Captain Phillips, who piloted our boat, assured my guests that whoever took a bath in the Nylon Pool would emerge looking ten years younger. Not only did they all look ten years younger at the end of their visit to Tobago, but Stefan eventually looked quite red. He spent endless hours enjoying himself swimming in the blue/green Caribbean Sea. I do not know why the native people who lived in what is now known as America, were called ‘Red’ Indians, but I am satisfied that Stefan should enter history as the first ever ‘Red’ Serbian who was authentically ‘red’.

Since it was the Christian time of Lent, when Christians have certain dietary restrictions, we bought lots of fresh fish at the Lambeau Fish Market, and took turns in cooking. I had my turn twice, and I was fortunate to escape, despite my somewhat unconventional menus, without any culinary disaster. I took lots of pineapples and two large watermelons to Tobago from Trinidad, and was very relieved when they turned out to be quite sweet. Indeed we ate pineapples so often that some of my guests may even have had dreams of sweet pineapples. I also took a local Indian bread called Dhalpouri Roti. It is soft, round in shape, and large enough for two people to eat one of them. The flour is mixed with yellow lentil called Dhall, which makes it very delicious indeed. My guests loved it.

Despite the time spent in cooking, touring, and bathing in the blue/green Caribbean Sea, we still found time for all four of my Orthodox Christian guests to visit Tobago’s Masjid al-Taubah to attend the congregational prayers known as Salaat al-Jumu’ah.

The Imam invited me to deliver the Khutbah (i.e., sermon) and to lead the prayer, and I delivered a Khutbah on Christian-Muslim relations which was based on verses of the Qur’an. 

Saker responded to the sermon with a declaration that he wanted all of Russia to be able to hear it, and Stefan had the same wish for all of the Balkans.

My sermon was based on verses of the Qur’an which explicitly affirmed faith in some Christians:

كُنتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنكَرِ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللّهِ وَلَوْ آمَنَ أَهْلُ الْكِتَابِ لَكَانَ خَيْرًا لَّهُم مِّنْهُمُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ وَأَكْثَرُهُمُ الْفَاسِقُونَ

“You (Muslims) are an excellent community evolved (by divine wisdom) for the sake of mankind, (provided that you) enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong, and you have faith in Allah. If only the People of the Book (i.e., Jews and Christians) had faith (in Muhammad as a Prophet of the One God and in the latest Book, i.e., the Qur’ān, as His revealed Word), it would have been beneficial for them: amongst them there are those who have faith, but most of (the rest of them) are perverted transgressors.”

(Qur’ān, Ale ‘Imran, 3:110)

In consequence of the above unambiguous declaration by Allah Most High in which He affirmed that amongst the Christians and Jews (i.e., the People who have the Book of Allah as we, Muslims, also have the Book of Allah) there are those who have ‘faith’, while most of them are sinful in conduct, it became necessary for Muslims to make an effort to identify and demarcate the two groupsi.e., those Christians and Jews who act in a manner consistent with a people who have ‘faith’, and those whose conduct is manifestly sinful. A people who have ‘faith’ would not harbor feelings of hatred in their hearts for the believers in Allah Most High. Nor would a people who have ‘faith’ become friends and allies of those whose hearts are filled with hatred for Muslims.

I quoted the verse of the Qur’ān which explicitly identified Jews to be a people whose hearts will display great hatred for Islam and Muslims. While some Jews did not act in this way towards Muslims, most Jews did so. This was manifest in the life-time of Nabī Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), and has once again manifested itself in the modern age in the conduct of Zionist Jews:

لَتَجِدَنَّ أَشَدَّ النَّاسِ عَدَاوَةً لِّلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ الْيَهُودَ وَالَّذِينَ أَشْرَكُواْ وَلَتَجِدَنَّ أَقْرَبَهُمْ مَّوَدَّةً لِّلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ الَّذِينَ قَالُوَاْ إِنَّا نَصَارَى ذَلِكَ بِأَنَّ مِنْهُمْ قِسِّيسِينَ وَرُهْبَانًا وَأَنَّهُمْ لاَ يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers will you find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who (openly and publicly) declare, “We are Christians”: because amongst them are priests (who devote their lives to teaching and administering religious rites) and men who have embraced monasticism (and have hence renounced the world), and they are not arrogant.”

(Qur’ān, al-Māidah, 5:82)

Not only did the Qur’ān identify in the above verse the community of Jews as the People of the Book who are without faith, but it also went on to identify those (amongst the People of the Book) who display love and affection for Muslims – and hence display an important sign of faith. They are a people who declare of themselves that: “We are Christians”.

Christians who displayed love and affection for Islam and for Muslims, did appear in early Islam when the Negus of Abyssinia (i.e., modern-day Ethiopia) rejected the request of Makkah to repatriate the Muslims (who were slaves or semi-slaves) who had fled from persecution and oppression in Makkah, and had sought asylum in Abyssinia. Indeed, when the Negus died, and the news of his death reached Nabī Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in Madīna, he performed the funeral prayer for him, thus recognizing him as a Christian who had faith in Allah Most High despite some of his Christian beliefs with which the Qur’an had taken issue.

There is absolutely no evidence that the Negus had renounced his belief in Jesus as the son of God, or that he had ceased to worship Jesus as God, prior to his death; nor do we have any such evidence from the community of Christians of whom he was the leader. When there is no such evidence from these two primary sources, dubious evidence from self-serving secondary sources is of no scholarly value. Yet the Prophet offered the funeral prayer for the Negus who was a Christian.

I argued in my sermon that such Christians who will be closest in love and affection for Islam and Muslims will once again emerge in the historical process in a time-frame that will match the contemporary emergence of Zionist Jews who have displayed unprecedented hatred for Islam and Muslims. That hatred is most visible in their barbarous oppression of the innocent people of Gaza in the Holy Land.

The verse of the Qur’ān provided important signs by which such Christians who would be closest in love and affection for Muslims, would be identified:

  1. They would be a Christian people who preserve the institution of priesthood and whose priests, from their Patriarch down to the lowest Priest, will demonstrate genuine love and affection for Islam and Muslims. This most certainly excludes the Vatican and the Roman Catholic faith, the Anglican Church (of England), and all other Christian churches in western Christianity.
  2. They would be a Christian people who preserve the institution of monasticism, and whose monks would display love and affection for Islam and Muslims. This most certainly excludes western Christianity which has almost totally abandoned monasticism and the monastic way of life. Monasteries in the West have almost all been sold, and have now become McDonalds Hamburgers etc.
  3. They would be a Christian people in whose conduct there is no arrogance. This again excludes those Christians who brought modern western civilization into being with an unprecedentedly arrogant agenda of imposing its unjust and oppressive rule over all of mankind at the point of a naked blood-stained sword.
  4. They would be a Christian people who would publicly and proudly identify themselves as ‘Christians’. This would exclude the secularized Christians of modern western civilization whose primary identity is with their nation or State, rather than with their religion.
  5. They cannot be a handful of scattered Christians who worship Allah as prescribed in the Qur’ān, and hence do not worship Nabī ‘Īsa (Jesus (عليه السلام as a third person in a trinity; and do not declare that Allah Most High had a son etc. Rather, they would have to be a community of Christians complete with their priests and monks, and hence can easily be identified. One would not have to search for them in some nook or cranny with a fine-teeth comb!

My sermon identified those Christians, referred to in the Qur’an, with the world of Orthodox Christianity.

When the prayer was over, the entire congregation of Muslims turned around and reached out to the Orthodox Christians sitting on chairs at the back of the prayer hall and greeted them with love and with affection. This first-ever visit to a Masjid was a very moving experience which Saker and his wife, Stefan and the Neurosurgeon, are unlikely to ever forget. No one turned away from them. No one rejected them. No one displayed any negative behavior towards them. I felt confident that they would have received the same welcome in all the Masajid (plural of Masjid) in the neighboring island of Trinidad. The only ones who would have displayed hostility towards them would have been those who took state-of-the-art weapons and heaps of US dollars from Santa Claus to fight their bogus ISIS Jihad in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

Unfortunately the sermon was not recorded, so we do not have a video of it which can be viewed.

In the ten days which we spent together in Tobago we had adequate time to engage in religious dialogue, and the remarkable thing about our dialogue was that it was always conducted with profound respect for each other, and for each other’s religion. At no time did our discussions reach a state in which either side was subjected to any deliberate discomfort. There was no hint of rivalry, and no debate, in which one side sought to defeat the other side, and yet, we never compromised in stating the viewpoint of our respective religions. In fact, what we did was to set an example for those who come after us, in engaging in Muslim – Orthodox Christian dialogue in a form and manner which was free from rancor and bigotry. In doing so, we conformed to Allah’s command in the Qur’ān in which He ordered as follows:

وَلَا تُجَادِلُوا أَهْلَ الْكِتَابِ إِلَّا بِالَّتِي هِيَ أَحْسَنُ إِلَّا الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا مِنْهُمْ وَقُولُوا آمَنَّا بِالَّذِي أُنزِلَ إِلَيْنَا وَأُنزِلَ إِلَيْكُمْ وَإِلَهُنَا وَإِلَهُكُمْ وَاحِدٌ وَنَحْنُ لَهُ مُسْلِمُونَ

And do not argue or dispute with the Ahl al-Kitab (i.e., People of the Book, or followers of earlier revelation who are like us since we also have a Book) otherwise than in a most kindly manner, (or except with means better than mere disputation), – unless it be such of them as are bent on evildoing, (or who inflict wrong or injury) and say: “We believe in that which has been bestowed from on high upon us, as well as that which has been bestowed upon you: our God and your God is One, and it is unto Him that We [all] surrender ourselves.”

(Qur’an, al-Ankabūt, 29:46)

The above verse of the Qur’an has therefore prohibited Muslims from engaging in religious discussions with those who received the Torah, Psalms and Gospel, except in the best way possible. This prohibition did not apply, however, with such Christians and Jews who committed acts of Dhulm, i.e., injustice, oppression, wickedness.

The verse also went on to establish the very foundation of any engagement in religious discussions with Christians and Jews in the declaration that: “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us (i.e., the Qur’an) and in that which came down to you (i.e., the Torah, Psalms, Gospel); Our Ilah (i.e., God), and your Ilah (i.e., God), is One; and to Him we bow (in submission)”.

It is not my intention to write a comprehensive report of all subjects of our dialogue since Saker and I have decided to jointly write a book which will present both Islamic and Orthodox Christian Eschatology while examining the subject of Islam and Russia. Rather I choose to focus on only one subject of our dialogue and, in doing so, offer our readers a glimpse of what is to come when the book is written Insha Allah (God Willing).

Saker already knew that the Arabic word ‘Allah’ was a combination of the definite article (‘the’) and the Arabic word for God (‘ILAH’). Hence the word ‘Allah’ meant ‘The God’ i.e., The One God. Even though the Christian worshiped Jesus as God, he was still insistent that he worshiped One God since the Bible was unequivocal in its declaration: Know Oh Israel that the Lord, Your God, is One! Hence when I repeated to Saker on several occasions that his God and my God were One God, it built between us a solid common foundation for positive dialogue.

There might, unfortunately, be some Muslims who will be uneasy with the above verse of the Qur’an in which Allah Most High ordered Muslims to declare to Christians and to Jews that: Our Ilah (i.e., God) and your Ilah (i.e., God) is One. Their uneasiness would be in consequence of their knowledge that Christians worship Jesus as God. Allah Most High has already responded to such uneasiness by asking them whether they wish to teach religion to the Lord-God (Allah):

قُلْ أَتُعَلِّمُونَ اللَّهَ بِدِينِكُمْ . . . .

Say: “Do you want to teach your religion to Allah? . . . .

(Qur’ān, al-Hujurāt, 49:16)

It is remarkable that we conducted our religious discussions in exactly the opposite way from the boxing matches staged by the late Ahmad Deedat of South Africa which sought to expose several things in the Bible, belligerently so, as false and rancid. Many Christians were enraged by those boxing matches, and those who were not enraged were secretly smiling with Deedat’s Saudi sponsors since they shared a covert agenda of driving such a thick wedge between the two faiths as would preclude any possibility of friendship and alliance ever emerging between Muslims and Christians. I believe that Saker and I were more faithful to the Qur’an than Deedat and his acolytes ever were, and we set the right example of mutual respect and proper decorum for those who will now follow us Insha Allah, in Orthodox Christian-Muslim dialogue.

I asked Saker what were his expectations for the future of Muslim – Orthodox Christian dialogue, and he was very clear and precise in his response in directing attention, first of all, to those matters wherein we differed, and which appeared to him to be beyond resolve. Saker was forthright in his declaration that Orthodox Christianity does not recognize Muhammad as a Prophet of the One God, like unto Abraham and Moses (Allah’s blessings be upon them all), and does not recognize the Qur’ān as a divinely-revealed Word of the One God. However he did go on to explain that Orthodox Christianity does not have a book comparable in absolute authority to the Qur’an. Rather, Orthodox Christianity is dependent on both the Bible as well as the Church, and the collective wisdom of its luminaries through the ages, for an authoritative declaration of what constitute Truth and Faith. And so, it appeared to me that Orthodox Christians have a possible future in which the Church and its luminaries can modify Christian views through new interpretations of Christian religious symbolism and through divine visions etc. I therefore did not close the chapter between us pertaining to the status of the Qur’an and of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High ever be with him).

I was familiar, of course with our own Islamic view that while whatever is clearly and explicitly stated in the Qur’an is eternally binding on all Muslims, there are other verses in the Qur’an which have to be interpreted, and hence that new knowledge would constantly keep on flowing from the Qur’an.

I did address the matter of Christian worship of Jesus as God, and as Son of God, and put the matter to rest between us when I quoted a passage of the Qur’an in which Allah Most High addressed Jesus on the subject:

وَإِذْ قَالَ اللّهُ يَا عِيسَى ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ أَأَنتَ قُلتَ لِلنَّاسِ اتَّخِذُونِي وَأُمِّيَ إِلَـهَيْنِ مِن دُونِ اللّهِ قَالَ سُبْحَانَكَ مَا يَكُونُ لِي أَنْ أَقُولَ مَا لَيْسَ لِي بِحَقٍّ إِن كُنتُ قُلْتُهُ فَقَدْ عَلِمْتَهُ تَعْلَمُ مَا فِي نَفْسِي وَلاَ أَعْلَمُ مَا فِي نَفْسِكَ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ عَلاَّمُ الْغُيُوبِ

AND LO! Allah said: O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men, `Worship me and my mother as deities beside Allah?” [Jesus] answered: “Limitless art Thou in Thy glory! It would not have been possible for me to say what I had no right to [say]! Had I said this, You would indeed have known it! You know all that is within myself, whereas I know not what is in Yourself. Verily, it is You alone who fully knows all the things that are beyond the reach of a created being’s perception.

مَا قُلْتُ لَهُمْ إِلاَّ مَا أَمَرْتَنِي بِهِ أَنِ اعْبُدُواْ اللّهَ رَبِّي وَرَبَّكُمْ وَكُنتُ عَلَيْهِمْ شَهِيدًا مَّا دُمْتُ فِيهِمْ فَلَمَّا تَوَفَّيْتَنِي كُنتَ أَنتَ الرَّقِيبَ عَلَيْهِمْ وَأَنتَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ

Nothing did I tell them beyond what You did bid me [to say]: `Worship Allah, [who is] my Lord-God as well as your Lord-God.’ And I bore witness to what they did as long as I dwelt in their midst; but when you took me (i.e., took my soul and hence made it appear that I was dead, and then returned my soul and raised me into the Samawat or parallel universes), You alone has been their keeper: for You are witness unto everything.

إِن تُعَذِّبْهُمْ فَإِنَّهُمْ عِبَادُكَ وَإِن تَغْفِرْ لَهُمْ فَإِنَّكَ أَنتَ الْعَزِيزُ الْحَكِيمُ

If You punish them – verily, they are Your servants; and if You forgive them – verily, You are Almighty (and) Wise!”

(Qur’an, al-Maidah, 5:116-118)

I argued that this response implied that the matter of the worship of Jesus as God, and as the Son of God, should not become a subject of dispute and debate between Muslims and Christians. The Qur’an has advised the Muslim to let the matter rest until Allah Most High deals with it Himself on Judgment Day. This Divine wisdom seems to have escaped the attention of those misguided Muslims who ignore the Qur’an whenever they take up their boxing gloves to do religious battle with Christians and with the Bible.

This brief report does not record all the matters discussed between us, since there is a book coming, Insha Allah, which Saker and I will jointly write. He and I will endeavor to set the example, as well as the stage, for future such dialogue between Muslims and Orthodox Christians so that we can advance the cause of friendship and alliance between our two persecuted peoples.

Saker has already set the example of faithfulness to his Orthodox Christian creed, and I too will endeavor to ensure in my dialogue with Saker that I remain faithful to the Qur’an and faithful Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) who personally received in Madina a delegation of about 60 Byzantine Christians (including many religious scholars) who travelled from their native Najran in Yemen to meet with him. He not only welcomed them warmly and kindly, but offered them the Masjid itself as their place of residence and rest, as well as a place for them to pray, during their stay of approximately 3 days in Madina. The inter-religious dialogue did not yield any break-through regarding the central issues which divided the Christians and the Qur’an, but also did not result in bitter and acrimonious exchanges. Before saying good-bye and returning to Najran in Yemen, the delegation of Christians even requested of the Prophet that a learned and trustworthy Muslim be sent to them in Najran so that, among other things, the lines of communication for continuing dialogue could remain open. Despite all that has since occurred between our two peoples, and which unfriendly critics will now rush to relate, Saker and I are doing precisely that – we are continuing that Orthodox Christian – Muslim dialogue that was initiated in Madina in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and upon all the messengers of Allah Most High).


Small post-scriptum by The Saker: with all due respect and love for the Sheikh, I don’t believe that he is correct when he writes that “it appeared to me that Orthodox Christians have a possible future in which the Church and its luminaries can modify Christian views through new interpretations of Christian religious symbolism and through divine visions etc.“.  The problem here is that for a teaching to be considered “Orthodox” it has to meet two criteria:

  1. It has to be the expression of the consensus patrum, the agreement of all the Church Fathers, and thus is cannot contradict the past position of the Church.  Saint Vincent of Lérins (5th century) expressed it in the following words when he said that is true that “which has been believed everywhere, always and by all” .  Thus, it cannot be the opinion of only some, contemporary, Church Fathers.
  2. It has to be “upward compatible” with what has been taught in the past.  Saint Athanasios (4th century) expressed this idea in the following words that the Orthodox faith is the faith “which the Lord gave, was preached by the Apostles, and was preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded; and if anyone departs from this, he neither is nor any longer ought to be called a Christian“.  Thus no new teaching can be accepted if it contradicts what was taught in the past.

The Church having refused to recognize Muhammad as a prophet of God and having refused to accept the Quran as a divine book, She cannot under any circumstances change Her point of view.  On issues of faith and dogmatics the Church, being the Theandric Body of God filled with the Holy Spirit, She is infallible.

However, and as long as their is no compulsion in religion and as long as everybody recognizes the absolute right of each human being to follow his/her conscience, I totally agree with the Sheikh when he writes “the matter of the worship of Jesus as God, and as the Son of God, should not become a subject of dispute and debate between Muslims and Christians. The Qur’an has advised the Muslim to let the matter rest until Allah Most High deals with it Himself on Judgment Day“.

As long as our differences are not obfuscated or otherwise minimized, I do believe that it makes little sense to engage in disputes about them. What we all have to do is the explain our beliefs and make sure that the other is not mislead/misinformed about them.  But once that “informational” phase is over, there is simply no point in engaging in disputes.  Finally, we all have to recognize that the other is following his/her conscience with as much honesty, zeal and purity of faith as we do.  While we do not have to agree with the other, we do have to respect this quest for the truth in by the other.

These are my humble comments to the wise and kind words of the Sheikh.

The Saker

من حلب الى الجليل والتخلص من نفايات الربيع العربي .. “كعب” اسرائيل في ديمونا

بقلم ارام سرجون

أعترف ان ماأنجزته تكنولوجيا الايديولوجيا في مخابر الموساد وال سي آي ايه كان باهرا في أن ينقل العقل العربي في خلال سنوات قليلة من عقل عدو الى عقل خادم للموساد ومشاريع الغرب ..

تكنولوجيا الايديولوجيا الرهيبة حولت النصر الالهي لحزب الله الى غضب الهي على المسلمين عندما صار العرب والمسلمون لايرون في ذلك الانتصار انجازا لهم بل انجازا لايران .. و”للشيعة “.. حتى بعض الفلسطينيين الذين لاتزال سكين اسرائيل على أعناقهم نسوا اعناقهم النازفة ونسوا السكين وصاروا مقلاعا بيد داود ليقتل به صاحب النصر الالهي وحلفاءه ..

واعترف أكثر أن حقن كل التراث في جرعة واحدة مكثفة قدرها خمس سنوات لاشك سيجعل عملية التخلص من سموم التراث غير المنقّى في العقل والقلب عملية تشبه التلوث باليورانيوم والمواد المشعة لاتزول آثارها الا بعد مئات السنين .. فالتراث الروحاني دوما عميق في أعماق التاريخ وهو مثل العناصر الكيماوية المشعة تبقى متوهجة شعاعيا ولاتنطفئ .. وتعيش آلاف السنين .. والتراث الديني يستحق أن يسمى يورانيوم التاريخ لقدرته على البقاء كعنصر مشع لايخمد ..

ونحن كجيل حل به هذا البلاء الذي استخرجته ورشات وحفارات السلفيين من بين رمال الصحراء لايجب أن نترك هذا اليورانيوم الذي تسرب ولوث المياه والتربة وستسقى منه الخلايا .. لايجب ان نتركه هائما على سطح الأرض فاما اما ندفنه من جديد في الأعماق أو نبطل مفعوله ..

 المعضلة ببساطة هي الثقافة المذهبية المعمدة بالدم والمجازر وعملية كي الروح التي ستلوث كل الثقافة القادمة لأنها لوثت مياه الثقافة الراهنة التي ستشرب منها الثقافة القادمة فكل الثقا فة العربية تلوثت بالمذهبية لان الدافع وراء الثورة السورية لم يكن الا ايديولوجيا المذاهب التي صنعتها تكنولوجيا الايديولوجيا الغربية .. فكيف اذا نختصر الزمن ولاننتظر مئات السنين حتى تنجلي هذه اللوثة المذهبية التي تشبه كارثة مفاعل تشيرنوبل الذي تسرب منه الاشعاع السام وتسبب بكارثة .. ونحن لدينا مفاعل (تشيرنوبل المذاهب) في العراق والشام حيث تلتقي العناصر المشعة التراثية المسيحية والاسلامية بشقيها السنية والشيعية .. لأن مرجل المذاهب والأديان ومفاعلها الكبير الذري وانشطارات الاسلام الكبرى ونهوض كل الديانات الأخرى السماوية وقعت في العراق وبلاد الشام وليس في المغرب أو ماليزية .. في هذه البلاد تكمن الطاقة الخلاقة الهائلة للعرب والمسلمين وتنتج الطاقة المشرقية في هذا المفاعل العملاق .. الذي تشقق في الزلزال الأخير وتسرب من الشقوق والتصدعات المذهبية الاشعاع القاتل اذي بدأ بتسميم الشرق .. ولايتوقف التسرب الا باغلاق الشقوق المذهبية

كيف نوقف التسرب الاشعاعي المذهبي؟؟ هل نوقفه بتدمير السعودية التي تضرب على هذا المفاعل كي ينفجر وينفجر معه الشرق كله؟؟ أم نوقفه بتدمير تركيا التي عبثت به وتسللت اليه وكانت تريد للمفاعل ان ينتج لها الطاقة العثمانية ..؟؟ والجواب سيكون: لايقتل المذهبية الا ان تقاتل المذاهب عدوا واحدا ..

الحقيقة أن أي حرب هنا أو هناك لن تحل المشكلة المذهبية الراهنة التي ستنتقل ان تركناها لتعيد انتاج كل أنواع التفاعلات المشعة المؤذية .. العرقية والدينية والعشائرية .. ولكن ربما هناك حل وحيد لهذه الحرب المذهبية .. ولايملك مفتاحه الا حزب الله .. ومفتاحه هو الجليل أو ديمونة .. ولاشيء سيعيد النصر الالهي الا عملية بقياس تحرير الجليل او قصف ديمونة الذي سيكون بمثابه كعب أخيل أو كعب اسرائيل .. فهل يقدر حزب الله أن يقدم على تحرير الجليل أو قصف ديمونا لهدم الربيع العربي وهدم الوهابية وهدم التسرب الاشعاعي المذهبي؟؟ .. واذا مااهتز الجليل أو ديمونا اهتزت القبائل العربية .. وأفاقت الشعوب التواقة للنصر .. وغاصت سقيفة بني ساعدة في الرمال ودخل “الجمل” الذي نسبت له معركة الجمل الى متحف الديناصورات .. ولكن هل هذا واقعي أم حلم طوباوي؟؟

وهنا دعونا نتحدث عن الواقعية التي تفترض أن اقتحام الجليل أو ضرب ديمونا خياران خطيران لان اسرائيل والعالم كله لن يسمح لحزب الله أن يفعل هذا دون رد عنيف .. ولايبدو هذا السيناريو واقعيا في ظل الظروف الراهنة .. ولا يجب تضخيم التصورات والامكانات للقيام بهذا المشروع الضخم وتكليف حزب الله به وهو لايملك حتى المبرر للبدء به .. لأن حزب الله في هذه الظروف لايمكن أن يقدم على المبادرة نحو اقتحام الجليل الا في حالة واحدة تمنحها له القيادة الاسرائيلية بيدها وهي أن تبادر اسرائيل بالهجوم على حزب الله .. فان حدث هذا فان حزب الله لايجب أن يفوّت فرصة ذهبية تأتي مرة في العمر كما حدث عام 2006 (عندما أعطت اسرائيل دون قصد الذريعة لحزب الله لامطارها بالصواريخ واذلالها) تنقله لتنفيذ الخيار “الضرورة” الذي قد تقدمه له اسرائيل نفسها هذه المرة أيضا ويمكنه عندها أن يحول الفخ الاسرائيلي لتدميره الى فرصة لاتفوّت لتدمير المفاعل المذهبي الطائفي التي تشغله اسرائيل في المنطقة وتلوثها بنفاياته التكفيرية الوهابية ..

ان من يحلل كلام السيد حسن نصر الله عن تحرير الجليل في احد الخطابات فانه يلاحظ أنه ربطه “بظرف ما قد تطلب فيه قيادة المقاومة من المجاهدين في حزب الله بالتحرك لتحرير الجليل” .. وهذا يعني أن الظرف المنتظر هو ظرف تقدم فيه المبررات الكاملة لتبرير التحرك أمام العالم وهذا سيكون في حال اطلاق اسرائيل عملية عسكرية عنيفة وشاملة ضد حزب الله او سورية أو ايران .. وتبدو اشارة السيد حسن نصرالله الى خيار ديمونا على أنها كلام رادع يحمل الانذار لاسرائيل التي يمكن ان تحرض ترامب على التحرش بايران أو مساندتها لتدمير حزب الله .. ويرى كثيرون ان كلام السيد نصرالله ليس لحماية ايران من تصريحات وخطط ترامب ونتنياهو العسكرية لأن ترامب قد يلغي الاتفاق النووي أو يعطله لكنه لن يهاجم ايران عسكريا على الأغلب .. الا أنه قد يساند عملية اسرائيلية ساحقة لتدمير حزب الله تتلو سقوط الاتفاق النووي .. لأن اسرائيل تدرك أن ايران من غير حزب الله يقل تأثيرها كثيرا على اسرائيل فتصبح مثل ليبيا أو الجزائر مؤيدة لفلسطين وعاجزة بحكم البعد والفاصل الجغرافي .. فاذا وقعت اسرائيل في غواية الثأر من حزب الله بعد اسقاط الاتفاق النووي فان هذا سيجعل ايران وحلفاءها غير ملزمين بأي ضبط للنفس وستطلق يد حزب الله في الجليل لتنفيذ الخيار الضرورة .. وسيكون التهديد الذي أعلن مؤخرا بضرب ديمونا سببا في ردع أي تدخل غربي أو ناتوي لحماية أو استرداد الجليل من حزب الله الذي أطلق معادلة ديمونا الرادعة ضد جنون وانتقام غربي من أجل اسرائيل في حال تحققت معادلة تحرير الجليل .. الضرورة تأتي من حقيقة أن حزب الله يجب أن يفكر في حرب تحرير الجليل عندما تتحول الحرب عليه الى فرصة له .. لا يستعيد بها الجليل فقط بل يستعيد موقع الحزب المقاوم الجليل ذي الشرف الرفيع الذي لايضاهيه أي شرف الذي عملت على تجريده منه ماكينات الاعلام الوهابي والاخواني .. شرف انجاز تحرير أول قطعة من فلسطين منذ احتلالها .. ودفن كل نفايات التلوث الوهابي والتكفير التي لوثت العقل العربي والمسلم ولوثت حتى الخلايا والدماء والمياه في الشرق ..

لاأعرف كيف تفكر الأقدار ولكنها ليست حمقاء بالتاكيد .. بل ان الحمقى هم الاسرائيليون الذين اعتقدوا في حساباتهم أن الربيع العربي سيطلق الربيع الاسرائيلي لأن الحرب السورية ستكون خاطفة واياما معدودات وينتهي كل شيء .. وتبدأ بعدها تصفية الحساب مع حزب الله ومع كل من قاوم يوما لاسدال الستار على نهج الممانعة التي بدأت بعبد الناصر ووصلت الى زمن السيد حسن نصرالله والرئيس بشار الأسد .. وكانت معركة القصير مفصلا وخبرا سيئا لاسرائيل لأنها أظهرت أن حكاية الأيام المعدودات لن تكون واقعية أبدا وأن اقتحام القصير أثبت تماسك محور المقاومة في أحلك الظروف .. ولكن لم يكن القادة الاسرائيليون يتصورون سيناريو أسوأ من سيناريو تحرير حلب بعد أن اعتقدوا أن حلب ربما تقصم ظهر النظام وان لم تسقطه .. لأن التوقعات المتفائلة والسعيدة كانت تتحدث عن معركة قاسية جدا وطويلة ستنهك الجيش السوري وحزب الله الذي قد يموت هناك بعيدا عن الجليل .. لأن خبرة العسكريين في اقتحام المدن سيئة ومريرة .. ولاتنتهي الا بصعوبة وطيف هزيمة بعد دفع ثمن باهظ .. ولكن الجيش السوري فعلها مع حلفائه ..

الاسرائيليون استفاقوا على حقيقة لم يضعوها بالاعتبار بعد معركة حلب وهي ان حزب الله سيتمكن من استعادة قسم كبير من قواته التي شاركت في تلك المعركة .. وقد تكون قريبا وجها لوجه مع الجليل تنتظر نهاية الحرب السورية .. ورغم الاختلاف البيئي والجغرافي بين جبهة حلب وجبهة الجليل الا ان الحقيقة التي لابد من الاقرار بها هي أن اقتحام الجليل اكثر سهولة بكثير من اقتحام حلب .. حيث ستوفر الأحراش والغطاء النباتي للمقاتلين تمويها ومظلات ممتازة عند الاختراق كما أن الاقتراب من المستعمرات سيحيد فاعلية سلاح الجو خاصة أن المساحة في شمال فلسطين ضيقة ومحدودة بالقياس الى معارك الحزب في سورية حيث الانتشار الواسع للجغرافيا المترامية التي تشتت قوى وكتائب الحزب الذي سيتكثف ويتركز بكامل قوته في جبهة ضيقة شمال فلسطين .. ناهيك عن أن التفوق في حرب المدن سيعطي حزب الله التفوق بلا منازع عند اقتحام هذه المستعمرات والمستوطنات الشمالية ..

ضرورة حرب الجليل تأتي من حقيقة ان حزب الله قد آذته الحرب المذهبية المفروضة عليه أكثر مما أوجعته حرب تموز وكل مواجهاته مع اسرائيل .. ويدرك الحزب أن اسرائيل كانت موفقة في اختيار المواجهة غير المباشرة معه عبر وكلاء المذهب الوهابي الذين سعّروا الصراع المذهبي واضطر حزب الله لكي يدافع عن نفسه وعن منظومته وسمعته وعن تاريخه الذي حاولت اسقاطه الحرب المذهبية .. ولكن لايمكن للحرب المذهبية أن تنتهي أو تتحرك بسرعة الا بحرب أخرى تلغيها .. مثل حرب تحرير أو مواجهة قومية تجعل الهم الطائفي أقل أهمية .. والحزب يرى أن من مصلحته تدمير الحرب المذهبية البشعة التي تشن عليه التي لن تتوقف من داخل لبنان ومن دول النفط التي تحقن الجمهور بالكراهية المذهبية بشكل متواصل .. فكما صار معروفا فان نصر تموز هو الذي جعل حزب الله متفوقا ومدرسة ملهمة للشعوب العربية التي اذهلها النصر الالهي ولم تفتش عن مذهب الحزب الذي انتصر لأنها نسبت الانتصار اليها واعتبرت الحزب جزءا من تركيبتها وثقافتها الاسلامية لأن مالدى الحزب من خلفية دينية لاهوتية له امتدادات وتماهيات مع الثقافة المنتشرة في العالم الاسلامي عموما .. كما أن نصر 56 المصري ضد العدوان الثلاثي الخارجي جعل الجماهير العربية ميالة لأن تنتسب الى النصر المصري لأنه واجه عدوا مشتركا للجميع وانتصر فانتمت الجماهير بعواطفها الى فكر المنتصر وهذا مانشر الدعوة القومية الناصرية بسرعة الى أن منيت بالهزيمة فانفض الناس عنها والتفوا حول أوهام كثيرة لاستبدالها ..

ان الأكاديميين العسكريين الاسرائيلييين لديهم قناعة ان حزب الله لن يجد طريقة اسرع لاستعادة مكانته الممانعة التي شوهتها المرحلة الاعلامية الحالية في الربيع العربي الا بنصر مبين وساحق ومذهل على اسرائيل يتوق اليه ويتحرق لانجازه اذا ماتلقف الفرصة .. نصر يضعه في مقدمة القوى العربية التي ستنال المجد وتكون انتصاراته سببا في تراجع المرحلة المذهبية لأن ايقاظ النصر على اسرائيل هو الوحيد الذي يرقأ الجراح ويسكت الأصوات التي تشوه الروافض المتهمين انهم يتآمرون مع الصهاينة والفرس على الاسلام وأهل السنة وفق المنطق الوهابي ويغسل اسم حزب الله مما ألصق به زورا من أنه لايريد تحرير فلسطين بل نشر المشروع الفارسي الشيعي بدليل انخراطه في الدفاع عن سورية التي سوقت عربيا واسلاميا على أنها دفاع عن طائفة ونظام حكم وهلال اخترعه ملك الأردن الذي ينتمي الى أم يهودية ..

الاسرائيليون يؤمنون بهذا الكابوس .. ومن يتابع المناورات الاسرائيلية يلاحظ أنها تتضمن عمليات اسعاف في المدن وعمليات اخلاء سريعة للمناطق المأهولة بسبب صواريخ أو تعرضها للاقتحام من قبل “ارهابيين” .. لكن هناك نشاطا محموما في الشمال لرفع السواتر والشراك وحقول الألغام .. يبدو أن المناورات القادمة ستكون من أجل اخلاء المدن المستهدفة بسرعة قصوى كي لايبقى مدنيون لتمكين سلاح الجو من ابادة القوات المهاجمة وتحطيم كل شيء على رؤوس المقاتلين ..

هل يمكن أن يحول الحزب أي هجوم اسرائيلي من ورطة الى فرصة؟؟ وهل هناك فرصة افضل من هذه؟؟ جيش تمرس على أقسى أنواع حرب المدن والاقتحام .. ومقاتلون منظمون وشرسون ومدربون تدريبا عاليا ولايفصل بينهم وبين الجليل الا سياج .. وحاجة ماسة لاطفاء حرب مذهبية تطهرهم من نفايات الاتهام والتزوير التي ألقيت عليهم .. انه السفر الى الجليل .. والمعراج الى النقاء الجهادي .. في رحلة بدأت من حلب الى ديمونا .. مرورا بالجليل ..

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