No Amos Gilad: Syria is not dying


assad[2]Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad, 64, head of Israel military propaganda wing boasted during a recent military conference:

Syria has disappeared, Syria is dying. The funeral will be announced in due time. This Bashar al-Assad will be remembered in the history books as the one who lost Syria. Until now, he has lost 75% of Syria, in practice he controls 20% of Syria. His future, if I can predict it, is shrinking all the time. We may yet see him as president of ‘Alawistan’,” the Times of Israel quoted him saying on June 30, 2015.

Amos Gilad has every right to live in a self-denial like many other Israeli Jews – but may like to know Al-Sham (Syria) even existed when his ancestors were conspiring with the Roman occupiers of Palestine to kill Jesus on the Cross over 2000 years ago.

How reliable Gilad’s ‘prediction’ is – one has to know that for his role in the Jewish army’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Gilad sued the Zionist regime for “irreversible mental damages”. In February 2009, then prime minister Ehud Olmert suspended him as Israel’s ambassador to Egypt for slamming Zionist regime over negotiating a ceasefire with Islamic resistance Hamas ruling Gaza Strip.

Amos Gilad took part as one of the leading commanders of 30,000-strong Jewish army’s 34-day invasion of Lebanon with no air force and navy in Summer 2006 – but couldn’t save his country from a military humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah fighters. One wonders, how he expect to destroy Assad regime which is supported by Hizbullah, Iran and Russia.

Gilad is a hawkish Jew war criminal. He commanded the murder of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank from 1974 to 1979 as chief of Israel Occupation Force (IOF) intelligence. His family emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Palestine in 1939 and settled in the Palestinian city of Haifa. Gilad was also involved in the plot to poison PLO leader Yasser Arafat in Paris.

Israel has been instigating destruction of a united Syria for decades. It always wanted to create a pro-Israel Kurdistan state alongside its borders – consisting of Kurd autonomous entities within Iraq, Syria and Iran. Currently, it’s also eyeing on large Kurd minority areas in Turkey. The so-called Arab Spring and the latest US-Israeli invention ISIS/ISIL are all part of Zionist plan to destabilize Israel’s neighboring countries and partition them into defenseless Arab entities.

The recent election setback for president Erdogan’s AKP ruling party, has busted Ankara’s anti-Assad balloon. The leader of main opposition party CHP, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu , has warned Erdogan against military action.

A good politician knows that feeding off chaos and war will bring disaster instead of success. This country is not a plaything for your ambition,” he said.

On his part, on Saturday, Erdogan vowed that Turkey will never allow a Kurdish state on Syrian soil. The idiot should realize that the only way to stop the US-Israel to create a Kurd state, as they established KRG in Iraq, is to join forces with Damascus and Tehran against the US-Israel-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’ in the region.

The earlier the Sunni Arab rulers wake-up to the truth that the alliance between Syria, Iran and Hizbullah is based on strategic interests and not on Shia Islam, the better for their survival against Judeo-Christian imperialism. Syria is ruled by an anti-religion Ba’athist establishment which intends to keep religion out of state affairs. Iranian regime and Hizbullah, on the other hand, are rooted in Islamic theology.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian 


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Ziad Fadel

مقتل العشرات من إرهابيي جيش الفتح بغارات سورية في ريف ادلب

IDLIB:  We are delighted to report the deaths of 98 rodents confirmed by aerial and ground reconnaissance as the SAAF is beginning a major “softening up” of the area before the Syrian Army assault on Jisr 

Al-Shughoor.   Reports from our family and sources in Latakia prove that a huge offensive is about to start.
Even areas like Slinfeh, Qardaaha, Al-Hiffa and Al-Rawdha are now filled with over 40,000 troops and volunteers champing at the bit to exterminate the vile, syphilitic filth infesting the Syrian homeland.

Al-Majaass:  Syrian Air Force has battered a grouping of Nusra vultures as local residents act as spotters for our bombers.  Many locals are positioning homers for the guided missiles with which the air force has been equipped generously by the Russian Federation.  After the rats were annihilated, a unit of the SAA-Mi went in and collected data on the carcasses.  They counted 29 of whom only these were Syrians with valid papers:

Habeeb Sa’ad-Al-Deen Al-Saani’
Hishaam Muhsin Haaroon
Muhammad ‘Ali Raa`if Sillu
Muraad ‘Abdullah Al-‘Abdullah

Abu-Dhuhoor:  The SAAF went into the air again based on perfect Intel and slaughtered the teeming rats once again trying to mount some pathetic attack on the Abu-Dhuhoor AB..  No assessments have been accomplished as the area is rife with vermin.

Ihsim:  In the Jabal Al-Zaawiya area where more and more SAA and volunteers are massing for the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor.  SAAF hurled fire and brimstone at the cowering hyenas as SAA spotters gave perfect coordinates to kill 19 of the mercenaries.  No names.

Shannaan Village:  Also in the Jabal Al-Zaawiya area, SAAF dropped a thermobaric bomb on an area strictly inhabited by the rodents, who, using their etiquette, evicted the legal owners.  Over 30 rodents were killed who belonged to Alqaeda/Nusra. 

Jannat Al-Quraa:  An artillery barrage with mixed Howitzer and FROG missiles struck a bull’s eye here with dozens of casualties reported by the rats on their Turk-Zionist-supplied cellphones.  They could not get any help as the SAA had surrounded the area snuffing out the life of the stinking, malodorous, purulent, diseased hyenas.

الجيش السوري

Tal Salmu:  Nusra took a beating here at the hands of SAA SF in an ambush described as “perfect” by our source.  However,  it is extremely difficult to obtain details from SF operations.

Umm Jareen:  SAA crushed 3 packs of rodents belonging to Nusra and Jaysh Al-Fath here:
Hassan Muhammad Zu’aynu
Jameel Khudhr Al-Nujoom
‘Alaa’-Al-Deen Mahmoud ‘Atwa
Shafeeq Khaalid Zammaar
Layth ‘Abdul-Quddoos Rahhaala
Saamir Muhammad Mabrook
The rest were all foreigners.  The total number of dead rats was 20.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people’

Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people’


Pope Francis (R) talks with Ignatius Aphrem II, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, during a meeting at the Vatican, on June 19, 2015.

The world leader of Syria’s besieged Christians has issued a heartfelt plea to the West to “stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people.”

The Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, said he was not asking the West for military intervention to defend Christians.

If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.

“State institutions need to be strengthened and stabilised. Instead, what we see is their forced dismemberment being fuelled from the outside,” he told Vatican Insider.

Patriarch Aphrem, head of the Syrian Orthodox Church, said the most blasphemous thing a person can do is to call suicide bombers “martyrs”.

“Throughout its journey through history the Church has also been a suffering Church,” he added. Speaking in the days after meeting the Pope in Rome, he had just returned from Qamishli, his home town, where he met thousands of new Christian refugees who fled after Islamic State jihadists attacked Hassake, in Jazira province.

Islamic State terrorists who die while carrying out their atrocities regard such deaths as martyrdom. They believe it secures them passage to paradise.

The Patriarch contradicted this view. He said: “Martyrdom is not a sacrifice offered to God, like those sacrifices which are offered to pagan gods. Christian martyrs do not seek martyrdom to demonstrate their faith. And they do not wilfully shed their blood in order to obtain God’s favour or some other prize, like Paradise.”

Along with bishops of his church he recently had talks with President Assad of Syria. “President Assad urged us to do everything in our hands to prevent Christians from leaving Syria. ‘I know you are suffering,’ he said, ‘but please don’t leave this land, which has been your home for thousands of years, even before Islam came.’ He said that Christians will also be needed when the time comes to rebuild this devastated country.”

He said the majority of Syrian citizens support Assad’s government and have always supported it.

“We recognise legitimate rulers and pray for them, as the New Testament teaches us. We also see that on the other side there is no democratic opposition, only extremist groups. Above all, we see that in the past few years, these groups have been basing their actions on an ideology that comes from the outside, brought here by preachers of hatred who have come from and are backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. These groups receive arms through Turkey too, as the media have shown us.”

He said Islamic State was not the Islam that Syrians have learned about andlived alongside for hundreds of years. “There are forces that fuel it with arms and money because it is useful in what Pope Francis calls the ‘war fought piecemeal’. But all this also draws on a perverse religious ideology that claims to be inspired by the Koran.”

Both Major US Parties are Plagues on Humanity

Both Major US Parties are Plagues on Humanity

They are all the same in their corporate soullessness

There has never been a dime’s worth of difference between the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and Barack Obama, and less than ten cents separates the worldviews of these Democratic political twins from the Bush wing of the Republican Party.

Each has their individual quirks. Barack destroys international order and the rule of law while dabbling at song; Bill dismantled the U.S. manufacturing base and threw record numbers of Blacks in prison as he toyed with his trumpet; George W. played the fool who would Shock and Awe the world into obedience; and Hillary is the evil crone that curses the dead while screaming “We are Woman” like a banshee. But they are all the same in their corporate soullessness.

They all lie for a living, and they live to lie. Hillary Clinton commingled official and personal criminality through the medium of email. Knowing that, in a life dedicated to crime, she could never successfully sequester her private and public conspiracies — and, in the perfect spirit of neoliberalism — Hillary privatized all of her email correspondence during her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State. The fate of millions of Haitians whose country’s earthquake and development “aid” are under the Clinton family thumb were doubtless bundled into the tens of thousands of messages she erased on leaving Foggy Bottom.

Republicans have harassed her ever since, seeking an electronic smoking gun to show Clinton’s cowardice or lack of resolve to “stand up for America” and “our troops” or some other nonsense. What the Benghazi affair actually proves is that the Obama administration was just as intent as the Republicans to maintain the fiction that the “rebels” put in power by seven months of NATO bombing of Libya were not various flavors of Islamic jihadists — some of whom were already turning on their erstwhile masters. The U.S.-Saudi project to create and nurture the international jihadist network is a bipartisan venture that dates back to Jimmy Carter’s presidency — and, therefore, nothing for Democrats and Republicans to fight about. However, the GOP’s churning of Clinton’s emails does provide a glimpse into her quest to run for president in 2016 as the woman who vanquished Muammar Gaddafi (“Qaddafi” or simply “Q” in Clinton’s usage).

Hillary best expressed the ghoulishness of America’s ruling duopoly.”

A number of Clinton’s correspondences were with Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton family spin-master who wrote nasty things about Barack Obama while working for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign — which made it impossible for her to hire him at the State Department. Nevertheless, Clinton needed his talents for hype for the campaign ahead. Their emails in the summer of 2011 discussed how Hillary’s status as stateswoman could soar when the Libyan leader was finally eliminated. “This is a historic moment and you will be credited for realizing it,” wrote Blumenthal, feeding the crone’s huge gizzard of ego, according to an article in Monday’s New York Times. “You must go on camera,” wrote Blumenthal. “You must establish yourself in the historical record at this moment.” Hillary was anxious to seize the time to establish what Blumenthal described as “the Clinton Doctrine.”

The Times piece somehow concludes that Obama stole Clinton’s thunder with an 1,100-word speech, in late August, declaring: “The Gaddafi regime is coming to an end, and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people.” But Hillary best expressed the ghoulishness of America’s ruling duopoly two months later, in October, when Gaddafi was savagely butchered by screaming jihadists. “We came, we saw, he died,” cackled the banshee.

In the annals of global diplomacy, no more vulgar words have been spoken by a major power foreign minister or head of state. Yet, Clinton’s calculated quip perfectly encapsulates the bloodlust that is the common characteristic of both the governing duopoly of the United States and their suckling children in ISIS and the other proliferating al Qaida factions.

Thanks to Seymour Hersh, we now have a much more plausible scenario for the May 2, 2011, demise of Osama bin Laden, the “OG” of the U.S.-Saudi spawned global jihad, whose body will never be located. Virtually the entire U.S. account of his death is a lie, repeatedly contradicted on its own terms — another layer of fictional Americana in the age of empire in decline.

“Jihadists find it difficult to take orders from ‘infidels,’ even when the ‘Crusaders’ are paying the bills and supplying the weapons.”

Clinton was hard-pressed to imagine how she might trump the president’s bin Laden death-watch extravaganza. Her opportunity came five months later, when she delivered her gruesome paraphrase of Julius Caesar on the occasion of Col. Gaddafi’s murder. In the context of Washington’s deeply racist foreign policy, Gaddafi and bin Laden were equally deserving of death, although Gaddafi was among the most fervent and effective fighters against Islamic jihadists: his government was the first in the world to request a global arrest warrant against bin Laden.

The Libyan Islamists were quickly transferred to the new U.S.-NATO-Saudi-Qatari front lines in Syria. The CIA station in Benghazi was at the center of the action — and got burned in the wild and unwieldy process of herding jihadists, who find it difficult to take orders from “infidels,” even when the “Crusaders” are paying the bills and supplying the weapons.

The U.S. consulate and CIA station in Benghazi were attacked on September 11, 2012. The next day, the Pentagon’s intelligence agency issued a report predicting that a “Salafist principality” — another term for an Islamic State — would likely arise in Syria as a result of the war, and that “Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey are supporting these efforts.” Moreover, the establishment of such an Islamic “principality” would create “the ideal atmosphere for AQI [al Qaida in Iraq, which became ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi” in Iraq — events that have since transpired.

The Defense Intelligence Agency report didn’t say so, but the “Western Powers” included the United States, through its CIA.

“The Pentagon warning about the rise of an Islamic State may have had some effect on U.S. policy in Syria.”

The document was declassified this year as the result of a suit by a libertarian right-wing legal outfit. The people of the world continue to be fed the fiction that the U.S. is engaged in a long, twilight struggle against al Qaida Salafists whose international network was created by, and continues to benefit from, “Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey.”

However, the 2012 Pentagon warning about the rise of an Islamic State may have had some effect on U.S. policy in Syria. One year later, in September of 2013, President Obama backed off from his threat to bomb Syria in “retaliation” for a chemical missile attack against civilians — a crime much more likely committed by western-backed Salafists. The conventional wisdom is that the Russians tricked a hapless Secretary of State John Kerry into agreeing to the peaceful, internationally supervised destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal; or that the refusal of Britain’s Parliament to go along with an air assault on Syria made the U.S. position untenable; or that Obama feared losing a vote on the issue in the U.S. Congress. None of this rings true to me. The United States is not easily deterred by the opinions of Europeans, who in the end accept Washington’s acts as a fait accompli. And, it was not clear that Obama would have lost the vote in Congress — a vote that he requested, while at the same time declaring that he did not need the legislature’s permission to “punish” Syria for crossing his “red line.”

I think that high Pentagon officials and elements of the Obama administration — probably including the president, himself — took the Benghazi disaster and the Defense Intelligence Agency report to heart, and decided that it was better to keep bleeding the Syrians and their Russian, Lebanese and Iranian allies through a prolonged war, than to bomb al Qaida into power. For the U.S., regional chaos is preferable to the triumph of the, ultimately, unmanageable Salafists — unchained.

The thirty-plus year war against Iran would, however, be ratcheted up. The Bush administration was snatched back from the brink of a military assault against Teheran in 2007 when — to the great consternation of Vice President Dick Cheney — all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies declared, publicly and unanimously, that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program, years before.

“President Obama claims the right to disregard and methodically undermine international law through “humanitarian” military intervention.”

The spooks reaffirmed their consensus in the 2010 National Intelligence Estimate — again, that there was no evidence Iran has any intention of making a bomb. The Obama administration has since avoided asking the intelligence agencies for their analysis on the issue, knowing they would get the same answer. Instead, they rely on Israeli propaganda, pick and choose various “experts” from inside and outside the arms control “community,” or simply put forward unsupported statements on Iran’s capabilities and intentions: the Big Lie. While Bush was humiliated by facts supplied by his own intelligence experts, Obama has escalated the confrontation with Iran, applying crippling sanctions and the whole range of low-level warfare, in close collaboration with Israel — proving, once again, that Obama is the “more effective evil.”

Obama has nearly completed knocking off victims on the “hit list” of countries that George Bush was working on when General Wesley Clark ran across it in 2002. Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Somalia have been invaded since then, and Sudan was stripped of a third of its territory. Only Iran and Lebanon remain intact and outside the U.S. imperial umbrella.

The Republican-Democratic duopoly plays tag-team in promoting the Project for a New American Century — a doctrine promulgated by neo-conservatives in 1997 that has served as the guiding light of both the Bush and Obama administrations. The differences between the two teams are merely rhetorical. The Bush regime is described as “unilateralist,” although it employs the same “Coalition of the Willing” approach to aggressive war as does the Obama administration. President Obama claims the right to disregard and methodically undermine international law through “humanitarian” military intervention, whereas Bush claimed to be “spreading democracy.” Same weapons systems, same mass murder, same objective: U.S. domination of the planet.

“The spooks reaffirmed their consensus in the 2010 National Intelligence Estimate, that there was no evidence Iran has any intention of making a bomb.”

There’s nothing democratic or humanitarian about the U.S. imperial project. Therefore, its maintenance requires the deployment of 24-7 psychological operations worldwide, but directed primarily against the U.S. public.

Republican strategist Karl Rove was far more honest than his Democratic counterparts when he explained to a reporter, back in 2004:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality–judiciously, as you will–we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors ” and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Election seasons are reality-creation festivals, during which the two corporate parties pretend to put forward different visions of the national and global destiny — when, in fact, they answer to the same master and must pursue the same general strategy.

The continuity of GOP-Democratic rule — the near-identical depravity — is horrifically evident in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where six million people have been slaughtered by U.S. surrogates since 1996 — the largest genocide since World War II. Successive U.S. administrations — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, assisted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, the high U.S. official most deeply implicated in the entirety of the genocide — have armed, financed, and covered up the Congolese holocaust. Each administration has collaborated with its predecessor to hide the crime and obscure the question of guilt — and then to continue the killing.

Decent people do not vote for political parties that produce such fiends, who deserve Nuremburg justice of the capital kind. Any talk of “lesser evils” is both stupid and obscene.


Obama’s letters to Ayatullah Khamenei


AyatollahKhamenei-ConferenceonIslamicUnity55_zps31c3f9f6[2]If one follows the Jewish mass-media, he will find that Benjamin Netanyahu is still posting letters to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei on behalf of Israel’s ‘Guardian Angle’ US president Barack Obama.

In August 2013, the western media claimed Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al-Said was carrying a secret message to president Rouhani concerning opening direct contacts between Tehran and Washington. Iranian foreign minister Dr. Zarif rejected the news as ‘gossip’.

The Time Magazine, Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal claimed on November 6, 2014 that Obama sent a “secret letter” to Khamenei seeking his help to fight ISIS/ISIL, the Zionist monster created by CIA and Mossad. On February 13, 2015, these Israel Hasbara organs claimed that Khamenei responded to the “secret” letter.

Both claims were rejected as propaganda lies by Iranian foreign ministry.

On Monday, Iranian parliamentary officials have claimed that last week Obama sent a letter to Khamenei seeking the Leader’s help to resolve the stand-off between the US and Iranian negotiating teams in Vienna. The letter was apparently delivered by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi during his recent visit.

Mehrdad Bazrpash, Majlis (parliament) president of foreign policy board said that Washington and Obama, himself, need a nuclear agreement with Iran as Washington is in a more dire need of an agreement than Iran.

He further pointed out that the US hypocrisy in its secret messages and in the public has ruined the wall of trust between the two countries.

The contents of the United States’ private messages to Iran are different from what the American officials say in the public“.

In their private messages, they respectfully demand the Islamic Republic of Iran to come to the negotiating table and make an agreement but they threaten Iran in their media and before the eyes of their own and other countries’ people,” Bazrpash said.

His remarks came as media reports said on Sunday that the US is still raising more demands a few days before a July 1 deadline comes to an end, and evades endorsing fulfillment of the undertakings it accepted under the April 2 Lausanne agreement.

In Vienna, the parties have agreed to extend the talks by one week from their self-imposed June 30 deadline. Another week for Israel and its Jewish lobby groups to blackmail leaders of the US, France, UK and Germany to walk away from signing a long-term deal with Iran.

The difficulty with any kind of a negotiation at this level is to keep it focused on the primary issue,” said General James Cartwright, a nuclear policy analyst with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Jewish advocacy group established in 1962. During 2003 invasion of Iraq, CSIS’s Jewish ‘nuclear expert’ Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman, produced most of the propaganda lies about Saddam Hussain’s WMD. Now, he is repeating same lies about Iran’s nuclear program.

An analysis by professor Mohammed Nuruzzaman (University of Kuwait), published on December 11, 2013 is worth reading to understand why Israel-Saudi Arabia are against a US-Iran friendship.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


AL-HASAKA:  Desperate for some victory to act as a counterweight to Jaysh Al-Fath’s occupation of Idlib; to alleviate the questionings about ISIS’s ability to attack Syrian military bases; to explain the shrinking real estate ISIS occupies and to establish that Allah is on its side, the rats of the Caliphate of Cockadoodledoo have tried to establish a foothold in the southwestern corner of Al-Hasaka.  The number of rats they used is paltry, frankly, and their technology is substandard.  3 suicide bombers, IEDs in cars, screaming banshee-like apes, rodents with their heads swaddled in towels like carnival freaks in a barber shop, slaughtering innocent civilians…..all this….led to the following:
THE SYRIAN ARMY HAS NOW COMPLETED A STRANGULATION MANEUVER TO BLOCK THE RAT ESCAPE FROM THE ONLY AREAS THEY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SURVIVE IN.  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE HAS LEARNED THAT the terrorist rodents who express their fealty to the Caliph of Cuckoo have been routed in Al-Hasaka.   The areas of Al-Nashwa Villas and Al-Nashwa Sharee’ah are encircled by SAA and extremely vindictive locals who will not take prisoners.  Wael reports that he heard the military commander in Al-Hasaka is issuing warnings not to summarily execute rodents because their interrogations can disclose much about their organization.   He has explained that the captured ISIS rodent is actually valuable despite obvious metabolic deficiencies.  By the by, almost every rat is an Arab non-Syrian or a foreigner from Europe, Asia or Africa.
There is skirmishing, only,at the Immigration Bureau, Central Prison, Visa Office and Security Services.  The skirmishing is limited to the SAA and security services hunting down and finding huddled rodents.  Wael also reports that several foreign rats, mostly Pakistanis, are defecting and indicating a desire to be sent back to their homeland.
طوق أمني للجيش والقوى الوطنية على مناطق تواجد إرهابيي داعش في الحسكة
Do not believe the Western Media or, especially, the Arab propaganda-lie factories.  We can confirm the rats have never set one claw in Al-Saalihiyya Quarter, Al-Nifti, Tal Hajar, Al-Naasira, City Central, Judges’ Residences, Military Quarter, Al-Sinaa’ah, Marshu or the Medical Residencies.  All are secure and Rat-Free.
قوى الأمن تلقي القبض على مجموعة إرهابية في مدينة حماة
Families are now returning to their homes in Al-Nashwa comfortable in the thought that our army and militias have the situation well in hand.
NEWS ALERT:  The SAAF, responding to very accurate Intel from the MI folks, took to the air over Saydaa, Der’ah Province, and pulverized a building in which 38 Chechen commanders were meeting to discuss the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and how nice it would be if they beam themselves back.  This is a developing story that is just another chapter in the flop-laden world of joint American-British-Jordanian planning.
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العماد فريج في زيارة ميدانية لقواتنا العاملة في الحسكة

وحدات الجيش العربي السوري وقوى الأمن الداخلي تحكم سيطرتها الكاملة على حي غويران في الحسكة

مراسل الإخبارية السورية في الحسكة أحمد الحمدوش

القضاء على عدد من الإرهابيين في حي النشوة الشريعة والنشوة الفيلات في الحسكة

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Muslims don’t be Tempted by the Devil (ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/FSA

Muslims don’t be Tempted by the Devil (ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/FSA


Those who get tempted to go and fight with ISIS in the name of Islam are being taken as fools and lied to in the name of Satan.

They will entice you with promises of going to paradise in the name of Allah. They will entice you with promises of virgins, but anyone who is truly religious will know this is not true. Even in the Bible there is a warning about being tempted by the devil and the USA is using these very same tactics to recruit terrorists.

1 John 2:4 He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

Meaning that a person who says they are doing in the name of God and then breaks the 10 Commandments which includes that shalt not kill, is a liar.

Revelation 21:7 “He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. 8 “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” 

When reading the Qur’an it refers a lot to the Bible and follows the same morals of Peace to all men. Islam is a peaceful religion, so why are so many being tempted by the lies of the devil?

No religion adheres to killing in the name of God/Allah. In the Qur’an I read 35yrs ago it stated that your can kill the infidels (those who do not believe in God) but this does not include Jews and Christians, as they were believers before you. It was one phrase I always remembered. It also referred to the Bible throughout, which made it unfathomable tI

Young girls are travelling to Syria to be Jihadi brides, but they are unaware that a fatwa was given to the terrorists to take a Jihad bride, just for the period of their fight against Assad. Not to be confused as a wife in the usual sense of the word.

A Jihadi bride will be gang raped, she will be stripped and sold, she will be beaten and will definitely become pregnant. As many Tunisian jihadi brides have told in the past, that it is a life of hell. They returned home pregnant with no clue to who the father of their child is, oh the many terrorists who raped them.

A Jihad Bride going to a war in Syria or Iraq is nothing more than  a Prostitute, to quench the sexual appetite of the butchers. They only want you for the short term, they will strip you of your virginity and they will share you and sell you. Your life will be in tatters, with nobody ever wanting to you again. If you are ever allowed to return to your homeland, you may be imprisoned and you will bring shame on your family. You will spend your life as a single parent bring up your bastard terrorist child alone.

I read the Quran over 35yrs ago and I will never forget the part which says it is ok to kill the Infidels (those who do not believe in God/Allah) but this does not include the Jews and Christians who were believers before you. The Quran refers to the Bible throughout and must be difficult to understand, if you don’t know the stories from the bible first. It is like reading the last chapter of the book, without reading the rest of it.


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