Sayyed Nasrallah on Resistance and Liberation Day: Tension to Escalate in Region, Daesh Coming to An End

Nasrallah Message to Palestinians

Palestine Banner to Be Raised again

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the 16th anniversary of the

“Beware of those who want to present “Israel” as a friend and an ally. I say to our people in Palestine to beware of these traitors and collaborators who want to create a thousand different enemies and conflicts other than “Israel”. Beware of those who want to abandon you and have in fact abandoned you time and time again. If they had anything to give you to help you, they would’ve done so years ago. Beware and do not count on those who have let you down for 70 years. You won’t receive any support or good things from them,”

Zeinab Essa

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the 16th anniversary of the “Liberation and Resistance Day”.

Addressing a huge crowd of people in Nabi Sheit, Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated the Lebanese people on this great occasion, on the historical divine victory resembled by the 2000 Resistance and Liberation Day.”

“Today on the Resistance and Liberation Day we liked to come back to the town of former Secretary General, Martyr Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi… We liked to mark this ceremony in the Bekaa land. Despite its geographical location, the Bekaa was always the frontline in our war against “Israel”… The Bekaa was and always will be loyal to the resistance,” His Eminence said.

On the occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah explained that “We insist on commemorating this occasion every year because it provides evidence that we are live people and a nation that adheres to its present, history, culture, achievements as well as to the sacrifices of the martyrs. We commemorate this blessed day because it is not only a day of the utmost importance and uniqueness not only for ‪‎Lebanon‬ but for all free people of this world.”

“We are proud of these achievements and we are to raise our children and grandchildren and all the coming generations on this culture” he added,

Calling on the Lebanese every year to approach this occasion as a national day par excellence and to deal with this victory as being the victory of them all, he thanked Lebanese Prime Minister Tamam Salam for making this day as a national holiday.

“On this day in Bint Jbeil in 2000, we offered this victory to the Lebanese and Palestinian people as well as to all free people in the world,” His Eminence stated, pointing out that “we insist on marking this holiday due to its cultural value more than its political or military value.”

In parallel, he called on the Lebanese who are still overlooking this day and disregarding its importance to put their partisanship and the political rivalries aside and to reevaluates their stance on this great occasion. “We want as an unfading national day in the history of this dear country.”

The Resistance Leader went on to say: “It is imperative that we recall the reasons which led to the defeat of “Israel”. You beloved and blessed people, with your resistance and your sacrifices, you broke the myth of the invincible Zionist army.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further addressed the people of the Resistance by saying: “You transformed the “Israeli” army into the defeated army which fled in the middle of the night like cowards.”

“There exists some sides in the region that want to forget how “Israel” emerged and occupied ‪Palestine ‬ through the most abominable crimes. They want us to forget the all Zionists’ massacres, terrorism and wars of aggression,” he warned.

In response, His Eminence confirmed: “On this blessed day, we remind everyone that we will never forget Palestine and we will never forget the crimes of “Israel”, the tumor.”

Recalling that “Israel” is the real enemy, he warned that “Israel” wants our riches, sanctities, lands and resources. It is the biggest danger.”

“Some want to present “Israel” as a friend but we know better,” he cautioned, assuring that: “We know that only comprehensive Resistance, in all its dimensions, military, intelligence, economic, political, security, religious, security, official and
popular can deter this enemy.”

According to the Resistance Leader, “it is this Resistance which gives our people strength, especially in an era of Arab betrayal, Arab abandonment and Arab invention of artificial enemies.”

To the people of the region, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a sounding message: “Forget these traitorous Arabs. Resistance is the only guarantee of our security and our liberation after God.”

As His Eminence reminded of the occupied land and captive bodies with the apartheid “Israeli” entity, he vowed: “On this blessed day, I reiterate my promise that the remaining Lebanese lands of Ghajar, Shebaa Farms and Kfar Shouba Hills and our prisoners will be liberated and the bodies of our martyrs despicably held by the enemy will be recovered.”

In addition, he stated “we must uncover the fate of the Iranian diplomats who were handed to “Israel”.”

Concerning the Palestinian cause, the Resistance Leader underscored that “when we declared May 25th Resistance and Liberation Day from Bint Jbeil in 2000, there was nobody happier than the Palestinian people. The door of hope was opened to Palestine as our Palestinian brethren saw that the enemy which practices humiliation can be humiliated and beaten. We saw the Aqsa Intifada and the liberation of Gaza after our great victory.”

On the 16th anniversary for the Liberation, Sayyed Nasrallah urged the Palestinian people to beware of those taking advantage of the confusion in the region.

“Beware of those who want to present “Israel” as a friend and an ally. I say to our people in Palestine to beware of these traitors and collaborators who want to create a thousand different enemies and conflicts other than “Israel”. Beware of those who want to abandon you and have in fact abandoned you time and time again. If they had anything to give you to help you, they would’ve done so years ago. Beware and do not count on those who have let you down for 70 years. You won’t receive any support or good things from them,” he emphasized.

Moreover, he viewed that the only salvation lies in unity and perseverance of the Palestinian people parallel to their blessed resistance.

“I vow to you that unlike these traitors and cowards who pretend the Palestinian cause is now irrelevant that we in Hizbullah shall not be shaken. We, in Hizbullah, will never abandon you.”

Similarly, he assured that those who have supported Palestine since day one, namely the Axis of Resistance, will continue to support it.

“Iran, ‎Syria‬ and Hizbullah will never leave you alone in this fight. The Resistance Axis will not be defeated! We will be victorious and the Palestinian flag shall be raised so all know that the conflict with “Israel” is the only thing that remains until it is ultimately eliminated. We will return to Palestine. This day is coming soon,” Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated.

Moving to the Lebanese arena, he stressed that the army-people-resistance equation will remain a source of strength for the country in this era of Arab inaction and global support for “Israel”.

“Our strength in Lebanon is being targeted and the entire axis of resistance in this nation is being targeted. Some do not want the army to get stronger and they are even taking advantage of individual incidents to practice sectarian incitement in order to tear our people apart. Everyone must be concerned with preserving the elements of strength,” he added.

According to His Eminence, “the municipal elections held here in ‪‎Lebanon‬, including in the villages on the border with occupied ‪Palestine‬ proved that people were able to vote because of this Resistance.”

“If it wasn’t for struggle and our martyrs, there wouldn’t be voting in these blessed villages. There would be occupation, terror and oppression. There would be destroyed homes, “Israeli” prisons and massacres,” Hizbullah Secretary General underlined.

Meanwhile, he insisted that “this Resistance took our people out from darkness and gave them the normality of a regular life.”

As Sayyed Nasrallah called for Parliamentary elections based on Proportionality, he clarified that “some parties refuse to hold parliamentary elections under the pretext of the security situation.”

To them, His Eminence said: “Now, this pretext is over and the municipal vote proves this. We call for an electoral law that guarantees right representation. We oppose the 1960 electoral law and support electoral law based on proportionality. The municipal elections are complex and more difficult to conduct than any other elections. This excuse that parliamentary elections can’t happen due to security reasons is over.”

On this level, he announced: “If elections take place based on proportional representation, Hizbullah and the Amal Movement’s parliamentary blocs will shrink, however despite this we are calling for such a system.”

“Those who refuse a proportional-based law are those who want to monopolize authority,” he continued.

He also warned that “there is a psychological war and pressure on Hizbullah to abandon its moral and political duties.”

“Hizbullah will not abandon its obligations. He wants to have the presidential elections must sit for discussion and dialogue,” he added, calling all sides to deal with the situation in the region with high responsibility and awareness.

Back to the region, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed: “With everything happening in the region , so much chaos and destabilization, from ‪‎Yemen‬ to Egypt, ‪‎Syria‬ to ‪‎Iraq‬ and now the genocidal warmonger Avigdor Lieberman getting selected as “Israeli” War Minister, with the escalated expected tension we must be vigilant.”

Despite all that is taking place, the Resistance Leader vowed on this blessed day that our final victory is near.

“Our final victory will be the day that there is no Zionist project and no Takfiri scheme in our region. This day is coming… The beginnings of our final victory were set in motion on May 25th, 2000 and the full realization of this triumph will come soon. On this 16th annual Resistance and Liberation Day, we renew our vow to the Sayyed of our martyrs, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi that we shall preserve this Resistance and continue to achieve victory after victory. Daesh ending is near.”

Source: al-Ahed news

25-05-2016 | 21:01

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What’s The Big Difference Between USA/NATO’s Moderates And Extremists In Syria? There Isn’t One

What’s The Big Difference Between NATO’s Moderates And Extremists In Syria?


isis_constitutionBy Brandon Turbeville

So what’s the big difference between the “moderate” terrorists and the extremist terrorists running rampant in Syria today? At one time, we were told there were no terrorists at all. Then, we were told terrorists were indeed present but that there were also moderate, secular, democracy-loving freedom fighters in the country. Now, after the nature of the so-called “rebels” has been revealed ad infinitum by the alternative and independent press, it is admitted that the “fighters” in Syria are terrorists but, apparently, some are moderate and some are extreme.

Of course, they all have the same goal of Sharia. They all hate minorities, Christians, Alawites, Shiites, etc. They all torture. They all rape. We could go on and on. In the world of the West’s “rebels,” there is not one shred of difference between any of the armed groups fighting against the secular Syrian government besides the names they call themselves.

Still, we are told there are clear differences and that the U.S. State Department knows just what they are. Only, they aren’t telling the American people. Or the Russians. Or the Syrians. Or anybody. The “moderate” terrorists are thus a very mysterious force, a group of which we may speak but also one that never shows itself.

Of course, there are groups that the United States admits are brutal killers but somehow rationalizes to the public that they are “our” brutal killers. The U.S. can, at times, be forced to admit that the groups it supports as “freedom fighters” have committed atrocities, rapes, murders, torture, and establishment of Islamic theocracy upon unwilling inhabitants. Essentially, the U.S. can admit (when pressured) that these groups have the same ideology as ISIS, although the State Department will never say these exact words.

Thus, it is clear that any designation of terrorist groups as “extremist” or “moderate” is obviously based on political motivation and geopolitical designs, not the nature or action of the terrorist group in question. If that were the case, then Ahrar al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam, and other groups would easily be listed as terrorist organizations that would subsequently not be covered under the “ceasefire” agreement. After all, there is no distinguishing characteristic that sets these groups apart from ISIS or Nusra other than a name.

But when the Russians attempted to remove these groups from the list of non-protected terrorists in Syria (terrorists protected at the insistence of the West), the United States, Britain, France, and Ukraine rushed to their rescue and blocked the Russian proposal. This is, of course, despite the fact that both of these groups, which make up around half of the “Syrian opposition forces” thanks to Western name changes, have repeatedly worked together with Nusra and ISIS forces. Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham have both worked so closely with ISIS and Nusra that the groups themselves are virtually interchangeable. Nevertheless, the U.S. is only digging its own international public relations grave with its refusal to designate known and obvious terrorists as precisely that, particularly when it has launched campaigns of destruction and death across the world on the basis of allegedly “fighting terror.”

The Russians have now forced the Western nations to admit that, despite their rhetoric, terrorist organizations are doing their bidding and have never truly been the targets of NATO forces. While the Western public remains entirely befuddled as to the nature of the crisis in Syria (many do not even know there is a Syrian crisis) Western propaganda has created such a complex and distorted view of the situation that any newcomer or casual observer would find it incredibly difficult to navigate through the lies and deceit.

For the rest of the world, however, much of that propaganda is ridiculous and transparent and, for that reason as well as many others, the United States and NATO are losing more and more credibility by the day.

Image Credit:

Terrorist Chief Visits US; State Dept. Says it ‘Didn’t Know’

 photo moderatemassacre_zpsd4nmddeh.jpg

A terrorist leader drops in for a friendly little visit in Washington. What can you say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times before? The US is supporting terrorism in Syria. US officials are hypocrites. There are no ‘moderate’ rebels, etc. It’s all starting to sound like a broken record.

For more on the Al-Zara massacre, see A Moderate Massacre: US-Backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Slaughter Civilians in Syrian Town.

‘US Cooperating With Al-Qaeda : Former US Diplomat

‘US Cooperating With Al-Qaeda : Former US Diplomat

RT” – After the Al-Qaeda 9/11 attack on America the US is cooperating with the terrorist group as it did in Libya, Bosnia, and Kosovo, says former US diplomat Jim Jatras.

A senior figure from a Syrian rebel group Ahrar Al-Sham with links to Al-Qaeda reportedly visited the United States at the end of last year, according to an American news website.

Syrian militant group leader Labib al Nahhas, who calls himself “chief of Foreign Political Relations at Ahrar al-Sham,” allegedly arrived in the US capital for a short visit in December.

RT: What’s your take on the visit to the US by a key Ahrar Al-Sham figure? What do you think about the State department response when they were asked about this? They seemed to be quite evasive, didn’t they?

Jim Jatras: It is clearly tap dancing. And frankly it begs credibility that a fellow like this could come to the US. What – we don’t have visa controls? We don’t pay attention to who is coming into this country from a war zone? And they expect us to believe that officials of the US government were not aware of the visit? Mark Toner said that he [the Ahrar Al-Sham figure] didn’t have any meetings here, meaning the US State Department. I would infer that maybe he had meetings elsewhere with some other agencies.

RT: Do you have any idea what was behind the visit to the US?

JJ: My sense is that that they were operational meetings. We are hearing more and more noise about this so-called Plan B if the Russian and the Syrian governments do not knuckle under and agree that at the end of the transition Assad will go. We are getting these threats from the Saudis and the Turks, and frankly they are being backed by the Obama administration, that some kind of forceful action will be taken to secure a victory for these terrorist forces if we don’t get our way on what we demand from a supposed transition. And this worries me very much… They will step up their support for these terrorist groups. And I think Ahrar Al-Sham is one of the key components here despite their very close connection with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front and their participation in this massacre at Zarah.

RT: Why do US officials keep working with this group which has been linked to Al-Qaeda and claim that they are not terrorists? Do you think that the US would be forced to sort of backtrack on their position or will they dig their heels in?

JJ: I think they will dig their heels in. This is not a mystery to anybody in Washington. They know very well that Ahrar Al-Sham and other so-called moderate groups are closely connected to Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda. And they don’t back away from them because they know without cooperation with Al-Qaeda, which is what it boils down to, they have no policy options in Syria; that they have to accept the fact that Assad is going to stay in power and the terrorists must be defeated. And they cannot accept that.

RT: With more evidence showing there is a link between Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Qaeda – doesn’t it become more difficult for the US to deny that there is a link? Wouldn’t they have to reevaluate at some point?

JJ: No, I don’t think so at all. They know very well there is a link. And they also know most Americans simply are not paying attention. And here we are – how many years after the 9/11 attack on the US by Al-Qaeda and we are cooperating with Al-Qaeda as we did in Libya, as we did in Bosnia, as we did in Kosovo. They simply do not care because most Americans don’t seem to care.

RT: So, where does this lead the peace talks? Because obviously Russia does care, Assad does care.

JJ: I am not optimistic. I really am not. If the US and the Obama administration had a rational policy, we would be backing up, we would be rethinking our policy and the evidence is all to the contrary. Every once and a while you hear somebody say: “Looks like there is a deal between Washington and Moscow.” But all the evidence to me seems to suggest that they are still taking their marching orders from Riyadh, from Ankara and the Gulf States. And they are still bent on by hook or by crook securing a victory for the terrorists.

Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership,

World War “O” : Strike Syria and Ignite Iraq

Global Research, May 24, 2016
Obama Divide

This incisive article was first published three  years ago in September 2013. It focuses on the process leading up to Obama’s air campaign allegedly against ISIS initiated in September 2014.  The title  reveals what is now an ongoing process of destroying both Iraq and Syria as nation states.

*      *      *

If the Obama Administration orders the US military to attack Syria, Iraq will burst into flames overnight. Several Iraqi groups have declared that they would attack US interests inside Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East in retaliation.

Violence in Iraq has intensified as a result of the US-led covert war on Syria. This has made the Iraqi government very eager to see an end to the fighting in the neighboring country. When it comes to its position on the Syrian conflict, Iraq is in the same camp as Russia, Iran, and China. Baghdad firmly supports Russian, Iranian, and Chinese calls for a negotiated settlement, and is opposed to any ideas of a US attack on Syria.

The Militia Factor

A US strike on Syria will not only see Syrian retaliation. There will be a regional response against a US attack that will include Iraq.

While Mohammed Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran [image below], has denied that Tehran will target American interest in Iraq, he has warned that a US attack on Syria will not be able to contain the violent consequences.

Iran may not intervene directly inside Iraq to attack the interests of the US, as Foreign Minister Zarif emphasized during a press conference in Baghdad he held with his Iraqi counterpart, but this does not mean that the Iraqi groups allied to Iran will not attack US interests inside Iraq.

Mohammed Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran (Reuters)

Mohammed Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran (Reuters)

Iraqi militias like Asayib Ahl Al-Haq have openly warned that they will retaliate against the United States.

If the US attacks Syria, then Iraq cannot avoid being drawn into the conflict. Even if the Iraqi government declared itself neutral, in one way or another Iraq will be drawn into a war against the United States. American officials are aware of this too. The Wall Street Journal has even reported that US officials have said that the US Embassy in Baghdad was a potential target if a US attack on Syria takes place.

Overtly emphasizing the Iranian connection, the Associated Press had this to report on the repercussions that the US would face inside Iraq from an attack on Syria: “Iranian-backed Shiite militias are threatening to retaliate against American interests inside Iraq if the United States goes ahead with strikes against the Tehran-allied government in Syria, according to Iraqi security officials and militants themselves.”

The Threat to Oil Production

The Iraqi militias will attack the major business interests of the United States inside Iraq. American oil interests inside Iraq are especially vulnerable. What this essentially translates to in the vernacular is“kiss your sweet oil goodbye, Yankees.”

Reuters has reported that American oil companies are under close watch by the militias inside Iraq and that Exxon has moved “most of its workforce from the southern West Qurna-1 oilfield project to Dubai until tensions ease.”

The operations of Exxon Mobil and the Anglo-American oil giant BP will both come under attack in Iraq and be paralyzed. If US allies such as Britain get involved, then they too can expect their companies, like the Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell, to be attacked and paralyzed.

Reuters / Atef Hassan

Reuters / Atef Hassan

The Regional Chain of Resistance

The mainstream media in the US, Western Europe, and the Arab petro-sheikhdoms are quick to point to an Iranian connection with the militias in Iraq, whereas the Shiite Muslim nature of these militias has provided an opportunity for the mouthpieces of the Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf to demonize and slander the Shiites as a threat to the Middle East.

These mouthpieces are essentially running a smear campaign about a Shiite Muslim conspiracy. The London-based Al-Hayat newspaper, a tool of Saudi propaganda owned by Prince Khaled bin Sultan, has alleged that these Shiite militias are getting ready for a sectarian regional war that will see them eventually go to fight in not only Syria, but also in Bahrain and Yemen.

An Iraqi retaliation against the US goes beyond Iranian influence. The Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, who does not always see things eye to eye with Iran, promised twice with high fanfare in 2006 — once during a visit in Tehran and a second time while in Damascus—that his forces would help either Syria or Iran in any possible future wars against the US. The Iraqi cleric even emphasized that the US, the UK, and Israel were the common enemies of Syria and Iraq and working to divide the people of both countries. Even though Sadr has decided to distance himself from the events in Syria and has disagreements with Tehran, many of his followers are supportive of Damascus.

The bottom line is that Iraqis will use the opportunity of a Pentagon strike on Syria to retaliate against the US in sympathy and solidarity with Syrians. Moreover, some of these militias, including the one controlled by Moqtada Sadr, fought as resistance movements against the US and UK forces occupying Iraq. This has cultivated a sense of commitment to any regional project that opposes and resists the US and its allies. This has fixed these Iraqi groups to the Resistance Bloc that includes Syria.

Iraq, Baghdat (Reuters / Ahmed Saad)

Iraq, Baghdad (Reuters / Ahmed Saad)

While the misleading reports about the plans of these Iraqi militias to create a network to act regionally are mostly propaganda, the anticipation of a regional war in the Middle East is not.  An attack on Syria will not be contained within Syrian borders. It will escalate regionally in the Middle East and even develop into a global conflict outside of the Middle East’s borders.

Beyond Syria and Iraq…

If it decided to attack Syria, the US would literally be putting a match to a powder keg in the Middle East. Iraq would just be the start. The whole neighborhood would eventually catch fire.

Aside from taking extra security measure in Iraq, the US government has asked many of its diplomatic staff to leave the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. The US has also urged American citizens to leave Lebanon, because Lebanon will almost automatically be drawn into an American conflict with Syria. Hezbollah and other Lebanese groups are allied to Syria and will support Damascus against the US and its allies.

Turkey and Israel, both major cheerleaders of a US-led attack will certainly get involved. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan has even foolishly declared that Turkey will join the US in any military action without thinking of the consequence for Turkey, as if the fighting in Kurdistan or the instability on the border has not been enough for him and the AKP. Faisal Mekdad, the deputy foreign minister of Syria, has also warned that his country will militarily retaliate against Israel, Jordan, and Turkey in response to an American attack against Syria.

Syria does not stand alone either. It has many friends and allies around the world. Russia, Iran, and China, Syria’s three most powerful backers, form a formidable opposition to the US and its allies.

Maalula, a historic Christian town near Damascus, Syria (AFP Photo)

Maalula, a historic Christian town near Damascus, Syria (AFP Photo)

For the sake of diplomacy, the Iranian government, Syria’s staunchest ally, has avoided making any direct threats against the US and prevented its military commanders from making any aggressive statements that could aggravate the situation after President Obama announced his plans to strike Syria. Tehran, however, would become involved in the conflict. Together with Syria, the involvement of Iran, Hezbollah, various Palestinian groups, and their Iraqi allies would turn the entire region from the Eastern Mediterranean to NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan into a giant conflict zone.

If American oil corporations are expecting disruption in Iraq as a result of an American attack on Syria, then they should be aware that expansion of the conflict would disrupt global oil supplies. Economically, the entire world will feel the pain generated from such a conflict. The prices of oil and gas will go up. This will lead to higher fuel, transportation, and production prices that will raise costs in almost every sector. Airfare, public transportation, food products, industrial goods, heating, and shipping prices will become greater as a result.

Then there is the reaction of Moscow, Syria’s other big strategic partner, which has to be considered by the United States. President Putin has made it extremely clear that the Russian Federation will support Damascus if the US does attack it directly. The US cannot ignore the Russian naval presence off the Syrian coast or Russia’s military capabilities. If the situation escalates, the Russian naval armada in the Mediterranean could assist Syria.

The Chinese have even sent a warship as an indicator of where they stand.

No wonder there is a popular campaign in the US against the war in Syria that in its satirical message asks Americans to support Obama “kickstart World War III” by attacking Syria.

Russian Aerospace Forces helped eliminate around 28,000 terrorists in Syria ~ Daesh vehicles destroyed by Syrian Army’s Air Force


Syrian Free Press


Russian Aerospace Forces:
around 28,000 terrorists eliminate in Syria

The Security Council of the Russian Federation (SCRF) affirmed on Tuesday that the Russian Aerospace Forces helped in eliminating around 28,000 terrorists in Syria and that the Russian operation in Syria is conducted according to accurate military plan.

In a press statement on the sidelines of a high-level international security meeting held in Grozny city, Deputy Secretary of the SCRF Yevgeny Lukyanov said that the joint Russian-Syrian military operations have helped eliminate 28,000 out of an estimated 80,000 terrorists that make up the ranks of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, which means around 35% of the members of the two terrorist organizations, while the US-led international coalition killed only 5,000 terrorists over the last two years.

He pointed out that the main goal that Russia was seeking to achieve in Syria is to launch a political dialogue, which is the only way to end the crisis, adding that Syrians should solve all issues themselves and Russia is helping them do that albeit on a limited scale.

Lukyanov said that some sides predicted that Syria will be a new Afghanistan, but that will never happen with Moscow, as there is talk of a precise and limited military plan.

On Monday, Head of the Russian center for coordinating and monitoring the cessation of hostilities in Syria, Lt. Gen. Sergei Kurylenko, stated that the Russian Aerospace Forces intend to continue launching strikes on the sites of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is trying to carry out new terrorist attacks.



Daesh vehicles destroyed by Syrian army airstrikes
near Palmyra and al-Shaer oil field

The Syrian Army’s Air Force launched airstrikes against gatherings of ISIS terrorists and movements of their vehicles in the eastern countryside of Palmyra City and in the vicinity of al-Shaer oil field to the northwest of the city in Homs province.

A military source confirmed that a number of vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes, some of which were equipped with heavy machineguns.

SANA, Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh
SANA, R.J/H. Said
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:

Kerry Threatens War-Without-End on Syria

Syrian Free Press

Kerry Threatens War-Without-End on Syria

Alleged peace-maker John Kerry threatened to wage war-without-end on Syria – if the Middle East country does accept the US demand for regime change.

That’s hardly the language of a supposed bona fide diplomat who presents an image to the world as a politician concerned to bring about an end to the five-year Syrian conflict.

The US Secretary of State repeatedly sounds anxious to alleviate the appalling suffering of the Syrian nation, where over the past five years some 400,000 people have been killed and millions displaced as refugees.

Anyone who has not been brainwashed by Western media propaganda knows full well that the suffering of Syria has been caused by Washington and its allies sponsoring a covert war for regime change in that country.

Kerry was speaking during another round of failed negotiations — this time in Vienna — along with other leaders from the 17-nation International Syria Support Group that includes Russia, as well as the United Nations.

The “support group” is a disgustingly erroneous name, given that certain members of this entity — primarily the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — have done everything in their power to sponsor a proxy terrorist war on Syria. If the truth were not so abject, it would be laughable.

In a Voice of America report headlined “US still has leverage in Syria,” Kerry is quoted thus: “He said the greatest leverage [on Syria] was the fact that [President] Assad and his backers would never be able to end the war in Syria if they declined to negotiate a political settlement.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry, right, speaks during his meeting with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir.

Consider the pernicious import of that for a moment. In other words, America’s top “diplomat” is laying down a criminal ultimatum to the sovereign state of Syria and its elected government of President Bashar al-Assad. Kerry is saying in no uncertain terms that unless the Syrian authorities do not accept Washington’s demand for regime change, then the country is facing never-ending war.

Of course, being a weasel-worded diplomat, Kerry does not use the illegal term “regime change”. He instead talks about “political transition”. And he has set a date in August for this “transition” to take place. But what Kerry’s euphemistic jargon boils down to is this: the Syrian president and his administration must vacate government — or else face more violence and destruction.

This is the political objective that Washington and its allies in NATO, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have wanted all along. They want what is an independent, anti-imperialist Syrian government to give way to some composite regime that would be a puppet for Washington’s geopolitical interests in the oil-rich, strategically vital Middle East region.

Any replacement regime would spurn its erstwhile allies of Russia, Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement to become an American vassal.

In reality, the supposed pro-democracy change that Washington allegedly wants to install in Syria would be dominated by a repressive, fundamentalist regime that would betray the interests of the Syrian people. We can count on this outcome because the proxies who are waging Washington’s covert war are dominated by extremists fully aligned with their despotic sponsors in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Kerry’s apparent confidence in predicting that Syria faces a war of attrition if it does capitulate is a tacit admission by Washington that it controls the illegally armed factions in Syria.

The United States may officially proscribe terror groups like al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra and the so-called Islamic State (also known as Daesh). The US pays lip service to “defeating terrorism”.

But anyone with an informed understanding of what is really happening in Syria and other countries subjected to US-led regime change knows that Washington has orchestrated these same terror groups for its criminal political objectives.

This is corroborated by the fact that Washington refuses to coordinate its (ineffectual) bombing campaign with Russia to eliminate the terror groups. It is corroborated by the fact that Washington and its allies point-blank refuse Russia’s proposals at the UN Security Council to designate other known terror outfits — Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Shams — as terrorist.

Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Shams are every bit as vile and barbaric as the other al Qaeda-affiliated franchises. They all espouse the same twisted death-cult ideology; fight alongside each others (when they are not feuding, that is, over war spoils); and ultimately they all share the same sponsors and American-supplied weaponry.

Syrian government forces in Palmyra, central Syria.

It is openly admitted that America’s allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as Qatar, bankroll Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Shams and that this nexus serves as a conduit for American weapons from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why else would John Kerry begin his week of “diplomacy” in Vienna by first making an urgent visit to Saudi King Salman last weekend. Kerry was reportedly appealing to the 9/11-sponsoring Saudi regime to support his diplomatic push in Vienna. The Western media “reported” Kerry’s Saudi visit as if it were a benign mission, as they usually do. Whenever it should be obvious that what he was really doing was trying to get the Saudis to ease off on the terror war in Syria.

Washington is currently trying to wrangle regime change in Syria through a political track. That is a world of difference from gullible Western media projections of Kerry’s pretensions of “negotiating peace”.

Yet all the while the US and the Saudis are reserving the right to use “Plan B” if the political track should not materialize in regime change.

That is what Kerry really means when he said in Vienna that “Assad and his backers would never be able to end the war in Syria if they declined to negotiate a political settlement.”

Washington’s “leverage” in Syria is due to the simple, diabolical fact that it and its despotic allies ultimately can turn on and off the violence when it is expedient for their interests. And that violence relies on the deployment of known terrorist organizations, including the ones that Washington’s double-think refuses to recognize as “terrorist”.

So let’s put this into stark perspective. Despite his Orwellian title of diplomat and peace-maker, US Secretary of State John Kerry is the public face of a terrorist enterprise.

What other world power gives itself the right to threaten nations with “regime change or war”? And yet this same nation considers itself a paragon of democracy, human rights and law-abiding probity.

The United States of America is a rogue regime on a criminal scale that exceeds the very worst in history.

As a parting footnote, John Kerry is a decorated American “war hero”. He served four months as a navy officer during the US genocidal war on Vietnam during the late 1960s. Kerry received a bunch of medals for his “actions”, which according to reliable accounts from veterans on his river-boat patrols, involved shooting fleeing Vietnamese peasants in the back.

This is the same Kerry who is now purporting to bring peace to Syria.

Like everything that Washington says, it is full of lies and deception. The abiding lesson: don’t turn your back on Washington and its terrorist-sponsoring, war-mongering “diplomats”.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


Syrian military chief linked to Al-Quaeda & ISIS
freely visits US, State Dept says it ‘didn’t know’…

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