‘Israel’ Not Ready for Hezbollah War: ‘State’ Comptroller

Zionist Soldiers

December 7, 2016

Despite the Israeli riot on the entity’s northern border with Syria, which may be misinterpreted by some analysts as a sign of power, a realistic report from the so-called State Comptroller, Joseph H. Shapira, asserted that the Zionists are not ready for any upcoming war against Hezbollah.

The report confirmed that the Zionist home front suffers from severe weaknesses, revealing that more than two million Israelis in the northern settlements are not protected from Hezbollah missiles which are estimated to outnumber 100 thousand and expected to be heavily launched during the military confrontation.

It added that even the basements are not prepared and equipped, criticizing the reluctance of the Zionist political and military leadership and accusing it of refraining from providing the home front with its needs.

The report tackled the bureaucratic confusion dominating the different competent authorities, stressing that the evacuation plans have not been set yet amid the conflicting powers.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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VIDEO: Discover life inside Aleppo hospital after rebels turned it into a terror base

VIDEO: Discover life inside Aleppo hospital after rebels turned it into a terror base …




Intriguing footage has emerged from the recently liberated Aleppo National Hospitalrevealing the medical facility had literally been transformed into a jihadist headquarters prior to its capture by government forces.

Upon entering the building complex, sometimes refered to as the Optical (Eyes) Hospital, Syrian government troops discovered loads of weapons, ammunition, paperwork, makeshift prison cells, a Sharia court, body armor and various Islamist flags

At 0:35, the video also shows Aleppo Citadel, a government-held site only 750 meters west of the hospital. Although the medieval fortified palace has been damaged due to almost five years of clashes, it would mark a huge symbolic victory for the Syrian Government if its military forces were able to secure the historic fortification.

By ignoring International Law, israel justifies future attacks on themselves

Israeli Jets Strike Targets Near Damascus AirportBy Palestine News Network,

israel jets air strike

Arab news outlet said today Wednesday morning that Israeli jets struck targets at a Damascus airport.

According to Al-Mayadeen television channel, the jets targeted the Mezzeh Military Airport in Damascus, which neighbors President Bashar Assad’s palace.

Loud explosions in the Mezzeh neighborhood were also reported on social media.

Al-Arabiya TV channel , meanwhile, reported that fires broke out at the airport and that emergency vehicle sirens were heard in the area.

There were no official reports on the matter by the Syrian administration or Syrian or Lebanese state media. A Facebook page identified with President Bashar Assad’s regime, “Damascus Today,” noted that the incident was the result of “internal malfunction.”

Last week, Syria said that Israeli jets attacked west of Damascus, with reports in Arab media saying an arms convoy intended for Hezbollah was the target. The news came amid tensions along Israel’s northern border after clashes between the Israeli army and militants affiliated with the Islamic State group.

USA Policymakers Propose Working Closer with ISIS’ Sponsors

US Policymakers Propose Working Closer with ISIS’ Sponsors

By Tony Cartalucci – New Eastern Outlook – 07.12.2016

US-based corporate-financier funded policy think tank, the Brookings Institution, published a particularly incoherent piece titled, “Should we work with the devil we know against the Islamic State?” The piece’s author, a senior fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings, Daniel Byman, claims (emphasis added):

Saudi Arabia has proven a major source of terrorist recruits and financing, while the Syria-Turkey border was a major crossing point for Islamic State recruits. Both countries [Saudi Arabia and Turkey] still have much to do, but that’s the point—if the Trump administration alienates them, the Islamic State problem will get much worse. With the United States on the other side in Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia might send anti-aircraft weapons to Syrian rebels and otherwise escalate the fighting in ways dangerous for international terrorism—actions that, so far, the United States has helped reduce.

In essence, Byman is admitting what the rest of the world already long ago concluded – the vast fighting capacity the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) possesses is not only a result of immense state sponsorship, it is sponsored by two of America’s closest allies in the region – Saudi Arabia and NATO-member Turkey.

It was Turkey’s own foreign minister who inadvertently admitted while trying to make a case for the Turkish invasion and occupation of northern Syria that Turkey itself served as the primary staging point for ISIS and supplied the summation of its weapons and reinforcements required in Syria and beyond.

A May 2016 Washington Times article titled, “Turkey offers joint ops with U.S. forces in Syria, wants Kurds cut out,” would quote the Turkish Foreign Minister admitting (emphasis added):

Joint operations between Washington and Ankara in Manbji, a well-known waypoint for Islamic State fighters, weapons and equipment coming from Turkey bound for Raqqa, would effectively open “a second front” in the ongoing fight to drive the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, from Syria’s borders, [Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu] said.

Byman confirms this with his appeal for the United States to remain aligned and committed to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Retroactively Blaming Syria for a War the US Engineered 

Byman continues by claiming:

Assad facilitated the flow of fighters to Iraq to kill American soldiers there after the 2003 U.S. invasion. He has supported terrorism against Israel and otherwise opposed U.S. interests. And an Assad victory would be widely, and correctly, seen as a triumph for its biggest friend—the clerical regime in Iran.

However, according to the US Army’s West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) in a 2008 report titled, “Bombers, Bank Accounts and Bleedout: al-Qa’ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq,” it is admitted that not only did Syria play a significant role in fighting Al Qaeda and its affiliates since their inception, but that underground networks were involved in trafficking terrorists into Iraq during the US occupation, not the Syrian government itself.

It would state:

Syria can almost certainly do more to disrupt the traffic across the border. However, it is unrealistic to expect the regime to expend more energy, given the economic and internal political importance of the underground cross border trade to Syrian social and political leaders, and the inherent limits of the regime’s ability to enforce a crackdown indefinitely.

Byman’s other ‘moral metrics’ for opposing Syria include “supporting terrorism against Israel” and being otherwise opposed to “U.S. interests,” but neither accusation is qualified. In reality, Byman is admitting that the US is aligned with two of the largest regional sponsors of terrorism, including sponsors aiding and abetting ISIS itself, and seeks to depose the Syrian government because it otherwise opposes US interests.

Byman then claims:

Assad’s regime is the primary culprit in a war that has killed roughly half a million Syrians and driven millions more into long-term exile.

Byman also laments that an Assad victory would create more refugees still – apparently oblivious to the “successful” regime change the US carried out in Libya in 2011, leaving the nation a failed state and the epicenter of the current and still ongoing regional refugee crisis.

In his eagerness to blame the Syrian government for the ongoing war, Byman strategically omits his own direct role and those of other US policymakers who, for years before the war began, advocated and plotted for its fruition.

From the Beginning, an Alliance with Terrorism, An Alliance of Convenience

As early as 2007, US journalists like Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour Hersh warned of US policymakers plotting with Saudi Arabia to use militants aligned with Al Qaeda to overthrow the governments of both Syria and Iran. In his article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?,” Hersh prophetically reported (emphasis added):

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

Byman himself, in 2009, would sign his name to a Brookings policy paper titled, “Which Path to Persia?: Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran” (PDF), in which he and other US policymakers would advocate the use of terrorism, color revolutions, staged provocations, sanctions and a vast array of other methods to provoke war with and overthrow the government of Iran. As a prerequisite for war with Iran, the paper noted that Syria would need to be dealt with.

In 2011, it became clear that many of the methods described in minute detail in the Brookings policy paper were put into practice, targeting the government in Damascus, not Tehran.

In essence, the Brookings Institution and their gallery of desk-bound warmongers have not only advocated a destructive war they themselves calculate has cost nearly half a million lives, but have advocated both before and during the war, the state sponsorship of terrorist organizations to fuel this war.

Byman’s latest piece promoted by Brookings all but admits the US maintains an alliance of convenience with the state sponsors of ISIS – not to defend any sort of value, principle, or moral imperative, but instead to achieve a self-serving geopolitical objective at the cost of such values, principles, and moral imperatives.

Byman concludes by claiming the Syrian government is too weak to consolidate control over Syria, omitting that there exists no alternative more unified or capable than the Syrian government. He then claims that the US should continue backing the “Syrian opposition,” either oblivious of or indifferent to the fact that no such thing exists aside from ISIS and other foreign sponsored terrorist organizations. Aside from Raqqa and Idlib run by ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise – Al Nusra respectively, the Syrian government has already indeed consolidated control over the country’s main urban centers, including Aleppo.

For Byman and other policymakers like him, they find themselves moving imaginary armies across the battlefield that simply do not exist. In the end, the US will have to either abandon its enterprise in Syria, or pledge increasingly open support for ISIS and Al Nusra.

What could possibly be gained from a ceasefire in Aleppo besides allowing the USA sponsored terrorists to re-arm & regroup?

Barack Obama condemn Syria and Russia and call for immediate ceasefire;

Aleppo: Theresa May and Barack Obama condemn Syria and Russia and call for immediate ceasefire

Joint statement from six Western powers asks Russia and Iran to use their influence on Syrian government to secure cessation in hostilities, as rebels also make rare plea for truce

In an unprecedented joint statement, the UK, US, France, Germany, Italy and Canada have asked the Syrian regime’s allies in Moscow and Tehran to urge President Bashar al-Assad to consider a ceasefire in Aleppo in order to stem the city’s “humanitarian disaster”.

“The regime’s refusal to engage in a serious political process also highlights the unwillingness of Russia and Iran … Despite their assurances to the contrary,” the statement read.

“The urgent need now is for an immediate ceasefire to allow the United Nations to get humanitarian assistance to people in eastern Aleppo. Only a political settlement can bring peace for people in Syria.”

In a rare admission of weakness on Wednesday, rebel factions within the city also asked the UN to help implement a five-day-long truce in the fierce fighting in order to evacuate 500 seriously wounded and other civilians from besieged neighbourhoods.

The calls come as Syrian government forces and allied militias managed to retake almost three quarters of rebel-controlled territory late Tuesday night, and after a medical evacuation and aid plan proposed by the UN was vetoed by permanent Security Council members Russia and China on Monday.

A siege since August and sustained ground and aerial offensive on east Aleppo since September – which has intensified in the last two weeks – has left hundreds of people dead, decimated the area’s medical facilities, and left 250,000 civilians on the brink of starvation as winter sets in.

A World Food Programme spokesperson described the situation as Aleppo’s “slow descent into hell”.

In one conversation the The Independent had with an activist inside the rebel-controlled side of the city, it was suggested that the long-suffering people would “welcome death” rather than suffer any longer or put themselves in the hands of the regime’s feared secret police.

Captain Abdel-Salam Abdel-Razek of the Nour el-Din el-Zinki rebel group said in a statement that the future of the city could be negotiated during the proposed humanitarian pause, which the coalition of rebel factions wants the UN to monitor.

Map Update: Syrian Army captures 85% of east Aleppo, on verge of total military victory


ALEPPO, SYRIA – A military source informed Al-Masdar News that the Syrian Army captured a number of districts in Old Aleppo.

Under the direct command of the prominent Tiger Forces commander, Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan, tasked with the liberation of Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods, elite units from the Syrian Army would continue their advance capturing the entire northern section of the Old City: the districts of Karm Al-Jabal, Al-Mashatiyah, Qadi Al-Askar, Aghyor, Sahat Al-Tananir, Qastal Mishet, Qastal Harami, Al-Aryan, Farafira, Al-Kaldaniyah, Bab Al-Hadid, and Bab Al-Nasr.

The source also confirmed that the Syrian Armed Forces would proceed to capture Jubb Al-Qabba, Al-Safsafa, Al-Ma’adi, Sheikh Lutfi, and Marjeh which lie south of the landmark citadel.

Symbolically, advancing units from east Aleppo had met the garrison of the Aleppo Citadel entering the medieval palace from its main gate- a scene considered unfeasible by many several months ago.

Dozens of insurgents were killed in today’s battles while over a hundred surrendered. Meanwhile, hundreds of families were evacuated to IDP centers where they are granted basic accommodations and health care by the Syrian and Russian governments.

Currently, heavy battles are taking place between the Syrian Army and the jihadist rebels of Jaish Al-Fateh and Army of Aleppo on all axes of Aleppo. The government forces aim to seize the rest of the city as quickly as possible, and only the districts of Kalaseh, Bustan Al-Qasr, Ansari, Mash-had, Sukkari, Zibdiyah, Salaheddin, Karm Al-Da’ada’ and Sheikh Sa’eed remain out of the 45 districts that were under rebel control less than two weeks ago.

Syrian Army Regains 78% of Eastern Aleppo Neighborhoods – Map

December 7, 2016

Aleppo map

Syrian army and allied forces managed on Wednesday to retake 78% of the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo, as they recapture Aghyour, Bab Al-Hadeed, Al-Farafera and Al-Safsafa (Old Aleppo).

Hezbollah Media Center reported massive escape during Tuesday night by the armed groups toward southern Aleppo from the eastern part of the province, mainly  Kalasa, Bostan Al-Qaser, Al-Ansari, Al-Mash-had, Al-Sokkari and Al-Salehin along the way to Sheikh Saeed.

Earlier, sources told Al-Manar TV that armed groups have withdrawn from remaining districts in the north-east of Aleppo through a 700 m-width corridor located between the Citadel of Aleppo and the Eyes Hospital toward the southern part of the terrorist-held neighborhoods.

Source: Hezbollah Military Media Center

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رسالة المعارضة السورية اليائسة الى دونالد ترامب ..سنلعق حذاء نتنياهو ياسيدي

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بقلم نارام سرجون

الحقيقة انني لم أستمع لكل هذا الهذيان والعتاهة التي يرددها هذا المختل من جماعة “ثورة الكرامة السورية” لانني أعرف كل ماسيقوله حرفا حرفا .. وأنا أكره الاستماع لما أعرفه عن ظهر قلب ولايحمل الجديد ولا المفاجآت ..

ولكن بعد ان استمعت له وهو ينادي شعب اسرائيل عشرات المرات كما لو أنه ينادي على أهل مكة وآل البيت وكل الصحابة بتبجيل واحترام ويعدهم بالعيش الرغيد والسمن والعسل وجنات تجري من تحتها الأنهار ويعاهدهم ويبايعهم وجدت أن علي أن أشكره من كل قلبي لأنه وفر علي الكثير وقدم لنا قلسفة (الثورة السورية) على طبف من ذهب دون الحاجة لعناء الشرح والتحليل ..

هذا المعتوه طبعا يحب القصص البوليسية والأكشن الذي تكتبه أغاثا كريستي .. ولذلك فانه كتب هذا البيان الممل ليقول بغباء منقطع النظير أن اسرائيل هي التي تمنع انتصار الثورة السورية وهي التي تصنع للأسد انتصاراته وهذا هو سر عدم انتصار الثورة .. ولذلك فان الثورة السورية قررت أن تطمئن اسرائيل بأنها ان تخلت عن الأسد فان الثورة السورية ستعطيها كل الأمان وتبدا معها مشروع السلام الذي تحلم به اسرائيل .. وكأن اسرائيل تقصف دمشق من أجل أن يبقى الأسد .. وتسلح جبهة النصرة في الجولان من أجل أن يستمر الاسد .. وتسقط الطائرات السورية التي تضرب النصرة من أجل أن يعلو شأن الاسد .. وتحارب حزب الله لأنه يحارب الأسد !! ..

خرافات وأساطير وقصص بوليسية لاتنتهي .. منذ اليوم الأول تنسج الثورة قصصها البوليسية .. عن قضيب حمزة الخطيب الذي صار (قضيب الثورة) .. وتتحدث عن النظام الذي ينسف شوارعه من أجل اتهام الثورة بالعنف .. ويقتل خلية الأزمة .. ويقتل صهر الرئيس وأركان حكمه .. ويقتل العلامة البوطي .. وقتل قبلا رفيء الحريري .. ويطلق سراح الاسلاميين لأسلمة الثورة .. ويشكل داعش .. ويصنع جبهة النصرة .. ويقتل الأطفال في الغوطة من أجل اتهام الثوار بالمجازر .. الخ .. واليوم تطلق الثورة آخر رواية بوليسية مثيرة جدا وهي أن الثورة اكتشفت ان هزيمة الثورة في حلب صنعتها اسرائيل لأن لواء جفعاتي ولواء جولاني هما من اقتحم أحياء حلب الشرقية !! وليس الكوماندوز السوري ..

لكن دعوكم من كل هذه الخزعبلات .. فما وراء الاكمة شيء آخر تماما .. فهذا البيان هو صيحة يائس .. وهو ليس موجها الى السوريين وليس الى المسلمين ليغفروا للثوار عمالتهم وليبرروها .. بل هذا البيان في باطنه رسالة الى دونالد ترامب وضعته الثورة في بريد اسرائيل على أساس أن مفتاح ترامب هو تل أبيب .. فهناك من يضحك على الثوار ويقول لهم: لم يعد لكم أمل الا أن ترغموا ترامب على أن يحافظ عليكم بثمن بخس لأن الرجل سيتخلى عنكم ويترككم لقدركم بين يدي بوتين والأسد .. وعليكم بتقديم بيان يحرج ترامب امام ايباك ان تخلى عنكم أو تخلى أو ضغط على حلفائكم السعوديين أوالاتراك لأن ايبلك ستعنفه وتلجمه وتعيده الى الصواب .. وهو اعلان صريح جدا جدا لالبس فيه أنكم عملاء لاسرائيل .. وأنكم تعتبرون الاسرائيليين من سكان الغوطة .. وعندها سيلجم ترامب بوتين والاسد ويمنعهما من الاجهاز على الثورة وسيقبل بالنصرة ويغير مواقفه جذريا ويكون أشد مرارة على الأسد من الراحلة ماما هيلاري .. وسيكون اكثر شجاعة من اوباما الذي وصل الى الشواطئ وعاد بخفي (كيماوي) ..

وطبعا حسب المعلومات القديمة جدا فان هذا الاقتراح تركي قطري وكان في الأدراج ينتظر ساعة الصفر بمثابة القرش الأبيض لليوم الأسود .. وقد باركته السعودية .. والتنظيم العالمي للاخوان المسلمين .. ولن يعترض عليه الجولاني .. ولا البغدادي ولا جيش الاسلام .. ولاشيخ وهابي او سلفي واحد من المحيط الى الخليج .. ولا شيخ من شيوخ “حماس” ..

ماتسمعونه الآن هو قلب الثورة السورية النابض الذي سمعناه منذ اليوم الأول الذي أعلنت فيه (الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام) ..وأعلنا فيه يومها أن (اسرائيل تريد اسقاط النظام) .. ثورة تبيع كل شيء .. لامبدأ لها .. ولاكرامة .. وتفعل أي شيء بغض النظر عن انسجامه مع المنطق والشرف ..

هذا البيان ليس بيانا شخصيا بل هو بيان كل من شارك في هذه الثورة الاسرائيلية على المقاومة العربية والاسلامية الصافية النقية .. والبيان المطول الذي يتلوه هذا العميل الصغير مبلل ببول البعير السعودي وبلعاب الملك عبد العزيز آل سعود .. وهو نسخة عما يقال في الكواليس منذ عقود بين العملاء العرب والاسرائيليين .. من عملاء آل سعود الى آل بني هاشم .. وآل ثاني .. وآل الصباح .. وآل نهيان .. وآل مشعل .. وآل هنية .. وكل الآلات الخونة ..

هذه ثورة رخيصة جدا متقلبة جدا .. انها أرخص من حذاء راقصة
اطمئنوا فان ترامب يعرفكم .. ويحتقركم باسرائيل ومن دون اسرائيل .. والرجل لايبحث عن أحذية الراقصات تتميح على بابه ليحبكم .. فما يقوله الميدان هو مايسمعه ترامب وليس ماتقولونه .. ونحن في الميدان مع حلفائنا .. رغما عنكم وعن اسرائيلكم .. وعن ترامب .. واذا لم ينفعكم اوباما ولا هيلاري ولا زيارات سفيركم اللبواني فلن تنفعكم هذه الرقصة المتهتكة الخليعة أمام ترامب .. انه سيزيد من احتقاره لكم .. لأنكم جديرون باحتقاره ..

من كان له الصبر والجلد على سماع حذاء راقصة فليستمع الى طقطقات أسوأ حذاء لأسوأ راقصة .. وليدقق السمع ليسمع كيف لسان الثورة السورية يلعق حذاء نتنياهو واليتيه ..

رابط الفيديو



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