Saudi Arabia’s Web of Hate Is Spreading One of the Worst Forms of Islam – And This Is Where It Leads

Douglas Murray

Its roots lie in the Middle East and its web of hate spreads across the globe. But it is also here in Britain – and growing.


Saudi Arabia's Web of Hate Is Spreading One of the Worst Forms of Islam - And This Is Where It Leads

Since Wednesday’s carnage we have learned that 52-year-old Khalid Masood is believed to have converted to one of the worst forms of ‘Islam.’

Whether during his time in prison, or the years he spent in Saudi Arabia, Masood adopted Wahhabism.

This misinterpretation of Islam grew up in the 18th century. It is a Middle Eastern movement similar to Calvinism.

A return to the strictest version of the religion. A joyless, unforgiving and hate-filled worldview. But in the 20th century this horrible worldview got lucky.

The House of Saud who ruled Saudi Arabia after its creation liked this form of Islam. And the Saudis had something the world increasingly wanted – oil.

And after the Arab oil embargo of 1973, the Saudis increasingly had the West held hostage. We needed Saudi oil, and they were happy to sell. But it was a devil’s bargain.

For the Saudis used their oil money for many things. They enriched themselves, living playboy lifestyles in London and Dubai.

But at the same time these hypocrites spread their harsh version of Islam around the globe. While rich Saudis drank, danced and smoked in Knightsbridge, the ideology they pushed taught another message.

At Wahhabi schools – known as madrasas – in the UK paid for by the Saudis, students are taught to hate the modern liberal West.

They are taught to despise and look down on us and our freedoms. The same message is taught at Wahhabi mosques across the world. The Saudis pay for the buildings and appoint the clerics.

Today across Europe there are thousands of such institutions of education and religion which exist because they are paid for by the Saudis.

In 2007 it was estimated that there were around 70 Wahhabi mosques in Britain. By 2015 the number had risen to 110.

In 2015 the flow of money to UK mosques was reported to have reached a record high. It is the same story almost everywhere in the world you go.

Wahhabism grows fast because it has deep pockets. The Saudis spend billions every year exporting this ideology.

An undercover investigation in 2007 found that Wahhabi mosques in the UK were encouraging the physical abuse of women who refused to cover their hair.

A more recent Channel 4 probe in January revealed mosques in Derby and Birmingham were preaching hardline messages.

Followers of Wahhabism include Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebolajo, shoe bomber Richard Reid, 7/7 ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan, and hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

There may be little we can do to stop this poison spreading around the world.
But there is a lot we can do to stop it at home.

We should have stopped the Saudis being allowed to spread their hatred here a long time ago. But a combination of greed for oil and fear of false charges of “Islamophobia” have stopped any British government to date from confronting this.

Last Wednesday we were reminded of where this disgusting ideology can lead. Perhaps now we can finally face it down. For all our sakes.

Source: The Sun, Edited by website team

25-03-2017 | 11:23


by Jonathan Azaziah

Linda Sarsour is the trash that just keeps on sinking, ain’t she? This vile, ultra-collaborationist, boot-licking House Muslim, fresh off “protesting” with every degenerate known to man at the Soros-funded #WomensMarch, is back in the news after she organized a fundraiser and procured $100,000.00+ in the name of repairing damaged Jewish graves in Missouri. Where to even BEGIN with this slimy creature and her latest slimeball activity?

The most logical starting point perhaps is that Sarsour The Sanhedrin Slave’s move represents an upholding of Muslim “Goyhood”–that is, the Jewish narrative that Muslims cannot be considered human, or decent, or part of the greater fabric of the US “melting pot” unless they are subservient to Judaic discourses, fawning over Jews, acting like Jews and going out of their way to please Jews. Linda L’Chaim is what her name should be as she is saying “cheers” to Jewish supremacy whilst cloaking it in salaams and a hijab. Yet again, she’s plastered throughout liberal media where praise is heaped upon her by Jews across the spectrum for her promotion of (fake) Muslim-Jewish solidarity.

We all know that if she raised money for a defaced mosque, a burnt-down church or, GOD FORBID, children in Yemen orphaned and disabled by the Zionist-aligned Saudi regime–which, for the record, she adores and whitewashes–the establishment would either not give a rat’s ass or find a way to slander her. But in this age of an Israelified America specifically and a Judaized West more generally, kissing the Jew-ring of the Jew-kings is a surefire way to skyrocket one’s person to social and political stardom.

Which brings us to the next point of pertinence: If this wasn’t a matter of socio-political opportunism and/or Linda Lilith getting marching orders from one of her controllers, what the hell would be the point ANYWAY when police don’t even know who did it? It still hasn’t been designated a “hate crime” after a week of investigation and if we’re keeping it 100% honest here, even if a “White Supremacist” or a “Muslim extremist” turns out to be the patsy, the most likely culprit for wrecking the headstones is the Jews themselves! Every single time the MSM hysterically screeches about a swastika or some other fake expression of “Jew-hatred” being scripted on a synagogue or in a dorm room, a Jewish community center or on Jewish graves, a Jew turns to be responsible.

It just happened recently at Northwestern. Why do the Yahoudlings do this? Easy! To keep the fraudulent notion of “anti-Semitism” alive and well so other minorities–Gentile minorities, that is–think of Jews as “one of their own” instead of the privileged, wealthy, globe-holding oppressor-class that they actually are.

Next question:

Why in the name of God is a Palestinian woman, and an ostensible “activist” and “liberation advocate” at that, raising money for a Zionist institution? Yes, the Chesed Shel Semeth Society is both Orthodox Jewish (read: the most supremacist of the supremacists) and Zionist. The group, which also operates the Beth Shalom Cemetery, was founded by Russian Zionist Jews and has served as the historic link between the St. Louis Orthodox Jewish community and the Jewish usurpers in Palestine since 1888. For decades, it funded Zionist Hebrew schools in both Poland and Russia. It also has operational ties to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, one of the most powerful Zionist organizations in the Midwest and the group responsible for sending St. Louis Blue Bacon (cops) to the cancerous Zionist regime for “riot” training.

Considering these facts, Sarsour The Succubus and her partner in this hideous escapade Tarek El-Messidi weren’t raising money for “their Jewish brothers and sisters” but an organ which represents the Halakhic-Talmudic terrorist cancer occupying Palestine. I’d ask how she likes THOSE apples, but knowing what we do about this putrid woman, she probably won’t care and will happily bob for more if that’s what Soros orders.

And finally: Why did ANYONE have to raise money for these Zionist pigs ANYWAY, Muslim or otherwise? Don’t they have the damn dough themselves? Obviously, they do. Just look at the top two personalities on the board of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis – Harvey N. Wallace (Board Chair), the owner of the second-biggest accounting firm in all of St. Louis, and the extraordinarily demonic Kenneth Kranzberg, an American Jewish Committee patron and the the Chairman of Kranson Industries, (dba TricorBraun), one of the biggest packaging suppliers in all of Amreeka. Couldn’t one of these “philanthropic” Jewish gents paid to renovate the rather minuscule damage to Chesed Shel Semeth’s headstones? Of course they could’ve. It is, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, piss-on money to them. So why didn’t they? Because then they couldn’t milk the story for all that it’s worth and keep Jews in the news to the detriment of “Goyim” everywhere. Keeping this in mind, it should be more than evident that Linda Bint Shlomo’s fundraiser is indeed nothing more than a publicity stunt to reinforce Jewish hegemony and colonize Muslims even further.

To close:

While we wish it didn’t have to be said, thanks to the likes of Linda Sarsour, it most definitely and emphatically does – Muslims do not have to give one iota of a damn about anything that befalls Jews in America (or anywhere in the world for matter), let alone lick Jewish boots, just so we can be considered “upstanding citizens” in this hyper-capitalist, hedonistic, materialistic, consumerist society which is diametrically opposed to everything good and righteous we hold somewhat dear. We simply don’t. For we are the ones oppressed here; the ones aggressed against; the ones threatened and in danger always.

It is in fact the Jews who should be proving ***their*** humanity to ***us*** since they are the ones who fuel Islamophobia, degrade society with pornography, lobby for the wars that destroy our homelands with direct invasions and indirect terrorist destabilizations, stage false flags, brainwash our children with their Hollywood filth, do everything in their power to illegally uphold the disease in Palestine called “Israel” and so on. Jews are the 1% of the 1%. The shadow government behind the shadow government. The puppetmaster pulling the strings of the puppetmaster. And the vice-regents of Dajjal. We don’t owe them a bleeding thing except our resistance to their criminal, hegemonic, Kabbalistic system.

As for Sarsour, she is the gleeful agent of this system–the Sanhedrin’s Slave, as mentioned above; the Mishpucka’s Menial; the Vilna Gaon’s Vassal. And it is beyond telling that with all the horrors facing the Ummah today because of Organized Jewry and the illegitimate, virus-like ‘Israeli’ regime, from the Takfiri terrorist assaults on Syria and Iraq, to the genocidal destruction of Yemen by Al-Saud, to the occupations of Palestine and Kashmir, to the renewed aggression against Iran, Linda The Liar thought her time was best spent raising money for superficially damaged Jewish graves instead of any of the aforementioned states. She’s operating outside the fold of Islam. No clue why she even bothers keeping up the facade anymore. When she disregards the suffering of her brothers and sisters in faith for those who are responsible for their suffering, she’s totally exposed.

She might as well just convert to Judaism. And truth be told, with her services rendered to the Kehilla in her tirades of hasbara against Syria and Yemen, her defense of the murderous Saudi regime, her commitment to the existence of ‘Israel’, her censorship of all discussion on Palestine at the #WomensMarch and now THIS… She’s practically a member of “The Tribe” already.

Erdogan: The Sultan Of An Illusionary Ottoman Empire

Global Research, March 09, 2017

This is the fourth and last in a series of articles based in part on eyewitness accounts about the rapidly deteriorating socio-political conditions in Turkey and what the future may hold for the country. The first, second and third articles are available here: First, Second, Third.

In many conversations and encounters I had over the years with former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, he emphatically echoed his boss President Erdogan’s grandiose vision that by 2023 (the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic), Turkey will become as powerful and influential as the Ottoman Empire was during its heyday. Under the best of circumstances, Turkey cannot realize Erdogan’s far-fetched dream. Had he stayed the course, however, with his socio-political and judiciary reforms and economic developments, as he had during his first nine years in power, Turkey could have become a major player on the global stage and a regional powerhouse.

Sadly, Erdogan abandoned much of the impressive democratic reforms he championed, and embarked upon a systematic Islamization of the country while dismantling the pillars of democracy. He amassed unprecedented powers and transformed Turkey from a democratic to an autocratic country, ensuring that he has the last word on all matters of state.

In retrospect, it appears that Erdogan had never committed himself to a democratic form of government. The reforms he undertook during his first nine years in power were largely induced by the European Union’s requirements from any country seeking membership, which he exploited as a means by which to propel himself toward his ultimate goal. A quote attributed to him in 1999 describes precisely what his real intentions were from the day he rose to power. “Democracy” he said, “is like a bus, when you arrive at your destination, you step off.”

His role model is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (meaning “Father of the Turks”), who founded the Turkish Republic in 1923.  Both share similar personal attributes as they sought to lead the nation with an iron fist while disregarding any separation of power. However, Atatürk was determined to establish a Westernized secular democratic state while Erdogan went in the opposite direction.

Erdogan steadily moved to create a theocracy where Islamic tradition and values reign supreme while assuming Atatürk’s image, which is revered by most Turks. Erdogan presents himself as one who leads with determination and purpose, generating power from his popular support, ultimately seeking to replace Atatürk; with the new amendments to the constitution, he will be endowed with powers even greater than Atatürk ever held.

With his growing popularity and most impressive economic growth, Erdogan successfully created the status of a strong and resolute leader—the “father” of a new Turkish Republic—and artfully penetrated the consciousness of the Turkish public while using Islam as the undisputed pathway that will lead Turkey to greatness. He is determined to preside at the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic over a powerful nation among the top ten largest global economies and that extends its influence East and West, akin to the prodigious influence that the Ottoman Empire enjoyed.

To realize his grand vision, Erdogan took several measures to consolidate his absolute power.

First, clearing the way: Erdogan embarked on the complete marginalization or elimination of anyone, in and outside the ruling AK Party, that challenged his authority or advanced new ideas for solving the country’s problems. Those who did not support his policies and dared to question his judgment were not spared. He resorted to conspiracy theories, accusing his political opponents of being enemies of the state aiming to topple his government, in order to continue unopposed to realize his vision for the country, analogous to the influence and outreach of the Ottoman Empire. He even fired his long-time friend and confidant Davutoglu because Davutoglu differed from him in connection with the Kurdish problem, and especially because of Davutoglu’s reluctance to support the constitutional amendments that will grant the president sweeping and unprecedented powers.

Second, the need for a culprit: Erdogan needed a scapegoat to blame for any of his shortcomings, and found the Gulen movement to be the perfect culprit that would provide him with the cover to overshadow the massive corruption that has swept his government. This also provided him with the “justification” to crack down on many social, political, and institutional entities, silencing the media, controlling the judiciary, and subordinating the military.

The aftermath of the attempted military coup in July 2016 gave him the ammunition to conduct a society-wide witch-hunt, providing him with the excuse to purge tens of thousands of people from academia, civil society, judiciary, military, and internal security. This has allowed him to assume total control of all departments in the government and private sector. He described his purge as a necessary evil to cleanse the public of the ‘cancer’ that has gripped the country. In so doing, he ensured that the political system revolves around the presidency, leaving him completely unchallenged to pursue his imperial dream to resurrect the stature of the Ottoman Empire as the country prepares to vote in the constitutional referendum on April 16.

Third, the creation of Ottoman symbolism: To project his grandiose vision, Erdogan needed to instill Ottoman images into the public consciousness, including the building of a 1,100-room ‘White Palace’ as his residence at a prohibitive cost to taxpayers. His most recent project was the Çamlica Mosque, the now-largest mosque in Istanbul, standing on the eponymous hill that overlooks the entire city.

Recently, Erdogan started the construction of another mosque in Taksim Square—once the site of the fiercest protests against Erdogan in his career—with all the style of the Ottoman era. Erdogan has even instructed that the national anthem be played on modified drums and brass instruments to make the music sound as if it were being played by bands of the Ottoman period. His purpose is to indoctrinate the public in a subliminal way to his perspective of the glorious Ottoman period.

Fourth, foreign policy assertiveness: Under Erdogan, Turkey has become increasingly assertive and forceful in the region. In Cyprus, he is determined to strike a deal largely on his terms. In Iraq, he placed Turkish troops over the objections of the Iraqi government to maintain his ruthless war against the Kurds. In Syria, he allowed thousands of foreign fighters, including many who have joined ISIS, to cross the border to strengthen the anti-Assad fight, while fighting the Syrian Kurds to prevent them from establishing their own autonomous rule, fearing that the Turkish Kurds would also demand autonomous rule of their own.

Erdogan further promoted the policy of “zero problem with neighbors,” and although presently Turkey has problems with just about every neighbor (and its prospective EU membership has completely diminished), he continues to claim that Turkey enjoys good relations internationally. Erdogan still uses Turkey’s membership in NATO as a sign of greatness; the fact that Turkey has the second-largest number of ground troops in  NATO reinforces his illusion that Ankara enjoys unrivaled military prowess in the region and commands the respect and attention of the international community that the Ottoman Empire was accorded.

Fifth, promoting Islam as a powerful tool: Erdogan is also using Sunni Islam to promote the country as a republic with Islamic ideals supported by a loyal state apparatus. He portrays himself as the leader of the Sunni world that would restore the Ottoman era of influence while cementing his authoritarian rule in the form of a neo-Sultan. To be sure, Erdogan is vigorously promoting – with the support of his party – Islamic nationalism systematically and meticulously. Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish analyst of politics and culture and author of the new book The Islamic Jesus says that “political propaganda is in your face every day, every single moment. If you turn on TV, if you open newspapers…”

Former Prime Minister Davutoglu said in 2015 that Turkey “will re-found the Ottoman state.” Although Davutoglu was fired, he—like most Turkish officials—depicts the government as the rightful heir of the Ottoman legacy. To that end, Erdogan uses Islam as the unifying theme that would propel Turkey to the greatness that the Ottoman Empire enjoyed. In fact, Turkish religious leaders have always thought of themselves as the standard-bearer of Islamic civilization, and though this failed with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, to them it must now be corrected. As they would have it, “Turks once again should lead the ummah [Islamic community] as the new Ottomans.”

Sadly, Erdogan, who is still seen as a hero by nearly half of the Turkish population, is leading the country on a treacherous path. Turkey and its people have the resources, creativity, and institutions to make Turkey a significant power. Erdogan, who demonstrated an uncanny ability to harness his country’s natural and human resources, could have made Turkey such a power on the global stage. Indeed, he would have been the Atatürk of the new era had he simply continued with his historic reforms while protecting the rights of every individual and creating a real model of Islamic democracy.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire was largely precipitated, among other things, by its internal political decadence, the arbitrary exercising of power, and gross violations of human rights that dramatically eroded the foundation on which the empire was built.

In whichever form Erdogan wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, he will fail because no country can survive, let alone become great, as long as the government walks on the backs of the people and stifles their freedom to act, speak, and dream.

There is where the greatness of any nation rests and endures—the Ottoman Empire never provided a model worthy of such emulation.


Daesh Crimes against Christians in Sinai

«Israel», Saudi Arabia Close Ranks against Iran

Local Editor

The “Israeli” entity and Saudi Arabia presented a united front on Sunday, issuing almost identical warnings of caution against Iran Sunday as the two countries urged the international community to punish Tehran for a myriad of activities they alleged undermined regional stability.

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif, Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir and

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, the “Israeli” entity’s War Minister Avigdor Lieberman and the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir closed ranks, despite their respective countries having no official diplomatic relations, as they rebuffed statements made by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif calling on Sunni Muslim Gulf states to help reduce violence in the area.

Among the accusations levelled against Iran by “Israel” and Saudi Arabia, who were subsequently joined by Turkey, were its involvement in the Syrian war on behalf of the country’s President Bashar al-Assad, its development of ballistic missiles, its funding of Yemen’s Ansarullah and its efforts to undermine various regimes in the region.

Al-Jubeir called Tehran “the main sponsor of global terrorism and a destabilizing force in the Middle East”.

He sidestepped a question about the entity’s call for concerted action with Sunni Arab states amid growing speculation that the two countries could normalize relations and join forces to oppose Tehran, much as Turkey had done.

The six Arab members of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC], especially Saudi Arabia, accuse Iran of using sectarianism to interfere in Arab countries and build its own sphere of influence in the Middle East. Iran denies the accusations.

“Iran remains the single main sponsor of terrorism in the world,” Adel al-Jubeir told delegates at the conference. “It’s determined to upend the order in the Middle East … [and] until and unless Iran changes its behavior it would be very difficult to deal with a country like this.”

The international community needed to set clear “red lines” to halt Iran’s actions, he said, calling for banking, travel and trade restrictions aimed at changing Tehran’s behavior.

Lieberman said Iran’s ultimate objective was to undermine Riyadh, and called for a dialogue with Sunni Arab countries to defeat “radical” elements in the region.
“The real division is not Jews, Muslims … but moderate people versus radical people,” Lieberman told delegates.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also criticized what he called an Iranian “sectarian policy” aimed at undermining Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

“Turkey is very much against any kind of division, religious or sectarian,” he said. “It’s good that we are now normalizing our relations with ‘Israel’.”

Zarif opened Sunday’s session with the call for dialogue to address “anxieties” in the region. This followed a visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Oman and Kuwait last week to try to improve ties, his first visit to the Gulf states since taking power in 2013.

Asked if Iran’s envisioned regional dialogue could include the “Israeli” entity, Zarif said Tehran was looking at a more “modest” approach. “I’m focusing on the Persian Gulf.
We have enough problems in this region so we want to start a dialogue with countries we call brothers in Islam,” he said.

Zarif dismissed any suggestions his country would ever seek to develop nuclear weapons. When asked about the new US administration’s tough rhetoric on Iran’s role in the region and calls to review the nuclear deal, he said Tehran did not respond well to threats or sanctions.

US Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, said he and other senators were preparing legislation to further sanction Iran for violating UN Security Council resolutions with its missile development program and other actions.

“It is now time for the Congress to take Iran on directly in terms of what they’ve done outside the nuclear program,” he said.

Senator Christopher Murphy, a Democrat and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Washington needed to decide whether to take a broader role in the regional conflict.

Source: Ynet, Edited by website team

20-02-2017 | 12:02


ما المفاجآت التي خبأها السيد نصرالله..؟

السبت 18 شباط , 2017 22:41

إيهاب زكي – بيروت برس – 

لم يعد من المبهر أو الصادم اكتشاف التحالفات العربية “الإسرائيلية”، بل أصبح تخوين أصحاب هذه التحالفات بحد ذاته خيانة وطنية، كما أمست التبعية لهذا الكيان حكمة تمليها الضرورة، والفضل في الوصول لهذا الدرك يعود للنفط حصرًا، وكما تعامل الإعلام النفطي مع خطاب السيد نصرالله في يوم سادة النصر، بأنه يمثل خيانة للوطن والمواطن اللبناني، فما علاقة لبنان وما الضير الذي سيلحق بالمواطن اللبناني إن كان هناك حلف إماراتي “إسرائيلي” أو سعودي “إسرائيلي” أو عربي “إسرائيلي”. وأينما وجدت عربيًا أو مسلمًا ينادي بالتطبيع مع هذا الكيان لا بد وأن تجد أنه مدفوع نفطيًا، أو أقله ذو خلفية نفطية، فهذا مثلًا يوسف الكودة رئيس حزب الوسط الإسلامي في السودان يدعو حكومته لإقامة علاقات مع “إسرائيل”، وهو حزب سلفي لكنه يوصف بـ”السلفية المخففة”، ورئيسه خريج جامعة محمد بن سعود في أبها، وهو يعتبر أن السودان خسر ماديًا ومعنويًا من معاداة “إسرائيل”، كما رحب بزيارة الكيان إذا دعاه للزيارة، وهو يؤصل لهذه الخيانات شرعيًا وفقهيًا.

ومن هذه الأمثلة ننطلق بالقول، بأن السيد نصرالله كما يبدو وحيدًا في مواجهة هذا الإعصار الصهيوني، إلا أنه رجلٌ بأمة، فما الفائدة التي ستجنيها “إسرائيل” من كل هذه الجهات دولًا أو أفرادًا أو منظمات وتنظيمات، مقارنةً بترويعٍ واحدٍ يزرعه السيد نصرالله في عقلها وقلبها. فالسيد نصرالله بخطابٍ واحدٍ قادر على طي آلاف الصفحات الكاذبة من تطمينات حكومة العدو لجمهورها، وخطابٌ واحدٌ قادر على أن تقوم هذه الحكومة بإلقاء كل مخططاتها للعدوان على لبنان في أقرب سلة للمهملات، وفتح الخزائن والعقول لإعادة رسم مخططات تتناسب مع ما أحدثه الخطاب من ترويع، ومن المفارقات الطريفة أن هذه الخطابات تساهم باستنزاف خزائن النفط أيضًا، من خلال المساهمة في تحديث الخطط الصهيونية، وإطلاق الأقلام والألسن عبر القنوات والصحف ومراكز الأبحاث للنيل من شخص السيد نصرالله، ولكن كل هذا الإحداث اللفظي لن يساهم إلا في إشباع رغبات الغوغاء، وهذا ما لن يكون له اي تأثير على أي قدرة ميدانية قتالية أو سياسية للحزب.

وخطاب سادة النصر للسيد نصرالله دليل واضح على وهن الكيان الصهيوني، كما أنه دليل قاطع على أن السيد نصرالله يوازي بحد ذاته عشر فيالق للحرب النفسية، وأثبت أنه قادر على أن يجعل من الأمر الطبيعي مفاجأة صادمة، فكيف سيُسخّر المفاجآت الحقيقية. فقبل سنوات قال السيد نصرالله “لا توجد منطقة في فلسطين المحتلة خارج نطاق صواريخنا”، وقال أيضًا “ليعلم العدو أن الحرب القادمة في حال وقوعها، ستكون بلا سقف وبلا حدود وبلا خطوط حمراء”، ومن الطبيعي الاستنتاج من هاتين الجملتين أن مفاعل ديمونا لن يكون خارج نطاق الاستهداف، ولكن اجتماع ما يمثله السيد نصرالله من هاجسٍ مرعب في العقلية الصهيونية، مع صدقه وجرأته وقوة شكيمته، يجعل من عاديّاته مفاجآت لمجرد تغيير صياغة الجملة أو المفردات، وسيعمد العدو تحت وقع هذه الصدمة لأن يسخر كل طاقاته في محاولة لاستكشاف هول ما يحتفظ به السيد من مفاجآت، فإذا كان ما سيلي خارج نطاق المفاجآت، فما طبيعة تلك المفاجآت:
1-    استهداف حاويات الأمونيا في حيفا.
2-    استهداف السفن الناقلة لمادة الأمونيا.
3-    استهداف مفاعل ديمونا.
4-    صواريخ تطال كل نقطة في فلسطين المحتلة.
5-    إمكانية الدخول إلى الجليل.
6-    استهداف سلاح البحرية.
7-    تدمير أغلب ألوية جيش العدو في حال الدخول برًا إلى جنوب لبنان.
8-    القدرة التدميرية العالية لصواريخ الحزب.
9-    حصار بحري على كيان العدو.
10-    معادلة مطار بيروت مقابل مطار “بن غوريون” وبيروت مقابل “تل أبيب”.
ناهيك عن تلويح السيد من قبل بإمكانية امتلاك منظومة دفاع جوي، وذلك حين دعا الحكومة اللبنانية للتصدي لاختراقات سلاح الجو الصهيوني، وإلا سيكون الحزب مضطرًا للتصرف، لذلك إن سؤال المفاجأة أو المفاجآت التي يحتفظ بها الحزب دون كل ما سبق مما دخل دائرة التوقع، كفيل بقضّ مضاجع ذلك الكيان بقده وقديده.

ويبدو أنّ لهذا السؤال إجابة واحدة لا سواها، وليست هذه الإجابة تحمَّل السيد نصرالله وحزب الله ما لا طاقة لهما به، حين نقول بأنها حرب إزالة الكيان، وقد تكون المفاجأة الأولى أنها ليست حربًا ثنائية، بل ستكون حرب الجبهات المتعددة، الجبهة اللبنانية والسورية والجبهة الجنوبية في غزة مع مشاركة إيرانية، وهذا يقود إلى طبيعة المفاجأة الثانية وهي حرب الزوال، رغم أن السيد نصرالله لم يقل ذلك، وأنا شخصيًا لن تفاجئني هذه المفاجأة، حيث يبدو الكيان الصهيوني في هذه اللحظة كلاعب الشطرنج الذي يعتقد يقينًا بانتصاره لكثرة ما أطاح بأحجار الخصم، لكنه يتفاجأ بالعبارة المميتة والقاضية “كش ملك”، فـ”نتن ياهو” يتفاخر بأنّ كيانه في نظر العرب لم يعد عدوًا بل حليفًا، وهذا ما يجعله يظن بانتصاره، وكل أولئك الملوك والأمراء والرؤساء على رقعة الشطرنج العربية أصبحوا في قبضته، ولكن لا زال هناك لاعبٌ مقتدرٌ يتربص به التوقيت المناسب، ليفاجئه بـ”كش ملك” وذلك هو محور المقاومة.


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Lest There Be Any Doubt: Israeli Support for Syrian Terrorists

Posted on February 10, 2017


Readers can go here to view a Daily Mail article reporting on “secret missions,” mounted by Israeli forces on a “nightly” basis, “to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.” Written by Jake Wallis Simons, a Daily Mail “Global Editor” who “embedded” himself with the Israeli troops carrying out the rescue missions, the article includes photos and videos of wounded jihadis being given medical treatment.

The story discusses treatment by paramedics at the scene, on the Syrian border, as well that given in an Israeli hospital, where the militants are then transported. Simons characterizes the effort mainly as  “humanitarian” in nature, though he allows for the possibility of certain political objectives as well, including the goal of winning “hearts and minds” in Syria as well as improving Israel’s reputation internationally. He makes no mention of Israeli ambitions of overthrowing the Syrian government or the horrible atrocities that may have been, and most likely were, committed by the very people being given medical treatment, but discerning readers will keep those things in mind.

What we do find, near the bottom of the article, is the following confession:

“Significantly, an Israeli spokesman confirmed that no medical support has been provided to any militants from the Shia alliance.”

In other words, wounded Iranians or Hezbollah fighters–presently in Syria to fight ISIS terrorists–will not have their wounds stitched up by the “humanitarian” Israelis.

For several years now there have been reports of Israel giving support of one kind or another to terrorists in Syria. The Daily Mail article would seem to provide confirmation of this for anyone who may still have entertained any doubts.

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