President Lahoud to Al-Ahed: Liberation One of the Most Beautiful Days in My Life

Fatima Salameh

25-05-2018 | 08:49

It would not be a “Resistance and Liberation” holiday without hearing from him. He holds the title of the pro-resistance president and the “man” – described as such by the master of victory.

Emile Lahoud

His national and historic positions, which never abandoned the resistance, testify to that. The path of President Emile Lahoud, the nationalist, is full of honorable stances that carried Lebanon from the age of dependency to liberation. He defended the resistance before he knew them. It is enough that he is one of those who sought to liberate the land. The historic victory of 2000 was the pride of his reign and the result of his courageous positions that supported the path of Jihad at a time when the entire world stood against him. He was offered a lot in exchange for abandoning this path. He chose to work with conscience and in accordance with his convictions, which are not bought and sold.

In an interview with al-Ahed, President Lahoud recalls many stages, from his time as commander of the Lebanese army to the time he took over the presidency. His does not conceal his “joy” with the liberation of the land during his reign. He describes this event with pride. He tells how he learned about Hezbollah and its leader for the first time and how very proud he was of meeting him [the leader]. He often expresses his happiness that he is living in the time of the resistance fighters, who have returned Lebanon’s stolen dignity.

Emile Lahoud

Below is the script of the interview:

Eighteen years after liberation, what does President Emile Lahoud remember from that era?

It is the most beautiful day of my life. Before that date, there was no hope that we would be able to regain our dignity. Our land has been occupied for 22 years. All the officials who inherited the government were accustomed to this issue until it became obvious. Truthfully, I never heard of Hezbollah. When I took over as army commander, I was living in Rayak. The atmosphere was charged against Hezbollah. When I wanted to visit my family in the north, they used to send me telegrams asking me to be careful and watch out for Hezbollah members who intended to kill me. However, the teaching inside the house, which does not know a path of sectarianism, made me not interested in the matter, even though the picture in my mind drawn about Hezbollah is that it was a Takfiri group. When did I learn of Hezbollah? It was in 1991, when I took over the army command. A decision was issued by the Lebanese state to position the army in the South. I went to Tyre. One of the officers told me: “For 22 years, I was deployed here. I was a company commander and we received instructions that ‘if a militant is caught, we must hand him over to the intelligence services, who in turn will imprison him.’ You are a new army commander, what are your instructions for me in such a case?”

I asked him, what is their nationality, are they Palestinians? He said no, they are Lebanese who want to return to their villages, which are occupied by the “Israelis”, and they carry out operations against them. Sometimes we catch them before they arrive as they are on their way to the valleys. What do you want us to do in such a situation? I told him: “Lebanese who want to return to their villages that are occupied by the Zionists are resistance fighters. You have to support them.” He told me, “appreciated” and he rejoiced. It was the first time an officer thought in this way. ” To me, as Emile Lahoud, any nationalist army commander should not ask permission from anyone to issue such an order. Should I stand in the face of those who seek to liberate the land! On the contrary, I should be an absolute support for them.

Then I returned to Beirut and the President of the Republic, Elias Hrawi, told me:

“Emile are you crazy? You are supporting people who are causing trouble at the border. Tomorrow an “Israeli” soldier will be killed and [“Israel”] will attack all of Lebanon.” Do you want to ‘destroy’ Lebanon?

I told him:

“Have you ever heard of an army commander whose land is being occupied and he gives an order to his officers that whoever liberates the land should be imprisoned? We must support them. He told me: I give you an order to confront them. I told him: I will not obey.

In 1993, the resistance became stronger than before. The Zionists were annoyed and exerted pressure on the Americans, who in turn pressured the Lebanese state and the Security Council. The latter took a decision to get rid of Hezbollah. The Lebanese state at the time issued a decision. I remember an incident that took place at the time. Members of the army spoke to me. They told me that a Zionist tank bombed a Lebanese area and killed a woman. What do you want us to do? It was the first experience with “Israel”. I asked them: is there a Lebanese tank in range? They said yes. I said, what are you waiting for? Respond. At this point, the President of the Republic summoned me and told me: “Emile, what is happening? How could you do that and give an order to respond? I told him this is what I must do. He asked me more than once to eliminate Hezbollah with the support of the UNIFIL forces. I told him: You are not understanding me, I will not do it. He told me: ‘Tomorrow is the meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense and you have to attend.’ I said, ‘I will not attend.’ He replied, ‘then we will take the decision without you. Someone else will be the army commander.’ I told him: let him come. I am doing my duty and what my conscience tells me. The next day I came late to the meeting. I found them meeting with the UNIFIL commander. They designed a map for the elimination of Hezbollah. I told them: what are you doing? Fold this map. The commander of the UNIFIL forces replied: ‘they have taken the decision in the Security Council.’ I told him: let them take whatever they want. I will not comply. Let them bring another army commander to carry out what they want. What right does the Lebanese state have to order a national army to strike its people because the “Israelis” are annoyed?

Emile Lahoud

All this and you had no interaction with Hezbollah. When was your first direct contact with them?

After all these years, there was no contact between us. But there was absolute support on my part.

The first contact in which I got to know Hezbollah was in 1997 when I got a call saying that Hadi, the son of the Secretary General of the party, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, was martyred. I told them, this is the first time that an Arab leader presents his son as a martyr. I want to get to know him. Indeed, the measures were taken. I found him relaxed although the news of his son’s martyrdom was announced an hour before my visit. We spoke for about ten minutes as I consoled him. I felt that we would win and triumph with this leader. Days passed, and we did not meet. In 2000, at the time of the liberation, Sayyed Nasrallah asked me to meet him. So we met and he presented me with an “Israeli” rifle. After that, I never saw him until I left the presidency. At the time, we sat for about three hours and talked about everything. He told me, ‘I do not know you.’ I told him, ‘We met in good conscience.’

What does to Emile Lahoud that the land was liberated during his reign as you have always described this event with pride?

It means my dignity. I take pride in this event very much. I am glad that the dignity of the Lebanese had been restored during my days. Is it possible that the “Israelis” occupy our land for 22 years and no one is shaken. Only a handful of resistance fighters met and liberated the land and defended us. Without them, “Israel” would have been among us.

How did the liberation of the land contribute to your military experience?

We can achieve the impossible. Many asked me what I was doing. No one can resist “Israel”. I told them, you will see. The resistance is the immunity of Lebanon. I am surprised how some people speak after the conclusion of the elections on the need to disarm the resistance, after all that it has done! They certainly get money from their masters who incite them to do so.

How do you perceive the golden equation, which you supported early on?

Without the golden equation, Lebanon would no longer exist, especially after the events that took place in Syria and Iraq, which made Lebanon strong and able to stand up to “Israel”. Unfortunately, we did not learn that we must preserve it through national action and not through sectarianism.

Today, the Palestinians are doing all they can to liberate their land. What is your advice for them given the experiences with the liberation of Lebanese lands?
There is no talk with “Israel” except in the language of force. I do not want to criticize, but when I hear some Palestinian officials talking about the need for a settlement, this does not return the land. The solution is only by force, just as we did in Lebanon. Here, I recall an incident. At one of the closed summits of the Arab heads of state in Khartoum, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said ‘how can I possibly pay for the salaries for the ‘Strip’ when the Zionists are not allowing the funds to arrive. I ask you Arabs to mediate with the concerned parties to put pressure on “Israel” so that the money can reach us. I told him, ‘Abu Mazen, behave like we did in Lebanon. It is shameful to beg for our salaries. We have to attack them by force. If you acted like Lebanon, you will not be here right now.’

You have always said that the the crisis in Syria will conclude with a victory. How do you describe the situation seven years after the crisis started?

Syria triumphed. The losers including the Zionists and the Arabs are coveting a winning card. That is why they are pressing in the last quarter. But they will not triumph. The crisis will soon be over and with it the conspiring mentality in Lebanon will end.

A final word

How lucky we are that we have lived in the time of the resistance and the men who sacrificed themselves for the homeland.

Source: Al-Ahed

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In Solidarity with Palestine: Occupation Unacceptable, Palestine is destined to Liberation


14-03-2018 | 15:45

The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine held its fourth annual convention in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut, entitled the Fourth Global Convention for Solidarity with Palestine: Entire al-Quds the Capital of Entire Palestine.

The gathering, which took place between March 11 and March 14, 2018, hosted a group of prominent activists from all over the world, most of whom were honored for their activism for the sake of the Palestinian cause.

Speakers voiced great support for Palestine and the Palestinian people, especially amid US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the “Israeli”-occupied holy city of al-Quds.

In this regard, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, an activist and spokesman for a minority branch of Neturei Karta, an anti-Zionist group stated that:

“Since the beginning of Zionism, Torah Jews living in the holy land have been viciously beaten, arrested and murdered for simply voicing their opposition to the Zionist “Israel”. They are likewise arrested and beaten for refusing to serve in the “Israeli” army.”

He further stressed that:
“Our hearts cry with all the victims, the Jews and Palestinians, all of us are suffering together under this satanic Zionist “Israel”.”
“Let the world know, this is not a conflict between religions, Zionist “Israel” is not a Jewish state! It is only Zionist and should never be referred to as a Jewish state,” Weiss added.
“The occupation of Palestine is simply an unacceptable occupation. We plead with the world bodies to rethink the justice in establishing a state against the will of its inhabitants, the original Muslims, the original Christians and the original Jewish community. We plead with the world leaders and those bodies to free Palestine and end its unjust occupation.”
He further expressed sympathy saying
“Our hearts are with al-Quds, our hearts are with Palestine.” 
On the sidelines of the convention, al-Ahed news website team interviewed prominent participating foreign figures among them the parents of martyred hero Rachel Corrie, the American activist who was massacred by an “Israeli” occupation forces armored bulldozer in a combat zone in Rafah, Palestine.

Mrs. Cindy and Mr. Craig Corrie stressed that:
“For all of us that care so much about these issues, care about the Palestinian people, and care about people everywhere, it is important to connect. It is so exciting to connect with people all around the world, who are finding ways to respond to the needs that are here. It is very heartening to come together and see and hear directly from the people who are most affected by this, to hear what most on their minds at this moment, that helps us go home and share with people there where we need to focus.”
They further considered that the Lebanese people are committed to helping the people of Palestine.
“We all need to go back to our different places and of course those of us from the United States have an incredible another work to do on this issue and so many others. And having met people in solidarity with the people of Palestine, I think it is much easier to do it, and Inshallah (God’s willing) we will make a change.”

“There are steps that would come out of here (the conference). They may take time to see what those accomplish, and we may not realize when we are doing those steps what we are accomplishing. One thing we’ve learned with the 15 years since we’ve been working on this issue is that you don’t know where the ripples will go.
 We certainly realize what our daughter Rachel has done and we hear that reflected back to us, and 15 years later from all over the world there’s pretty amazing this young woman could have some impact like that. So, we try, we do what we can, and Inshallah we will help.”

Commenting on Trump’s decision regarding al-Quds, the Corries considered that only a little has been said about the decision.
“We will hear more about that. We of course feel such great responsibility for that and discouragement about it, we object it strongly.”

One thing we want the Palestinian people to know is that there are many organizations that support them. One of the heartening things to us here is to see people from all over the world. We just want them to know that support is there. There is much work to be done, they added.

“If there is any sort of good side to this is that it is clear and manifests to the world that the US is not any sort of broker for any deal between “Israel” and Palestine. Palestinians have known that for the entire time,” Mrs. and Mr. Corrie stressed.

They further considered that the liberation of Palestine is inevitable. It has taken too long, and it may take a considerable time. It is clear that we have to work to our justice, and that will be to the benefit of all of us.
Meanwhile, in another interview, Gilad Atzmon, a British musician and an author, originally from the “Israeli” entity after renouncing his citizenship, he stressed that although he is not a Trump supporter,
“I think that this is the best thing America has done for very many year, because it brought to light that America is not a negotiator, it is rather a side on the conflict. I’m not talking as a Trump supporter, but I think that everything Trump is doing somehow leads to very positive developments, it brings light to this conflict. We people have to take positions, and this is positive.”
Elsewhere, he said that
Palestine will be liberated, there is no question about that. Though there are few questions that remain open. “I don’t have any doubt that “Israel” can’t any longer sustain its existence. Some “Israelis” have been brave enough to stand up and to admit that “Israel” has never been founded.”
For his part, Jimbo Simmons, an Indian American member of the Choctaw Nation and of the Governing Council of the American Indian Movement expressed that the Indian people’s solidarity goes way back to the 1970s as the American Indian Movement when we received a solidarity message from the Palestinian people during our struggles.

“For me, I still long to learn more how we as native people and indigenous peoples in North America could support the Palestinians in their struggle more effectively. That’s why I’m here to learn more in this respect,” he said.

“I like for the Palestinians to know that Trump doesn’t represent Indian people and Indian nations, he only represents his own self-interest. So, what he’s doing will not end support and will never end support of America,” Simmons noted.

Sometime, all of us will be liberated in the future, but we have to struggle. Some of us won’t see the enemy’s up, but at the end it is a generation struggle, so it continues and continues’ and my children, as well as the Palestinians’ children will live to see that accomplishment in their lifetime, Simmons said when asked about any hope of Palestine being liberated.

For her part, Ms. Emily Hurndall, mother of Tom Hurndall, a British volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement, and an activist against the “Israeli” occupation of Palestine who was shot in the head in the Gaza Strip by a Zionist soldier, said:

“I’ve come to understand that so many people over the world are operating, agencies, campaigners and people from different sort of disciplines. Everybody is working separately and everybody is using their skills and knowledge to support the Palestinians in their human rights, but if we can find a way to disseminate, unite and work together even better in a concentrated way, because it takes so much effort and time to overcome Zionist lies and “Israelis'” lies… so much time is wasted. If we can find a way to cut through all that, and just work more effectively to use our time better….”


To the Palestinians, Mrs. Hurndall expressed anger on their behalf “because it could not be more designed to provoke, it cuts to the quick of everything that means to be Palestinian; that their identity is wrapped up with al-Quds, it is just the center of their identity, and therefore it is deep-rooted and it says everything about Trump.”
Trump has total ignorance and lack of awareness, and lack of empathy to everything that means to be Palestinian, she said.

“Given the steps the Palestinians have made, I know it is incredibly slow, but given the steps of these last years, and given social media, there is no going back now.
 This is not an issue that people want to let go. There is no question of people letting it go. And the messages are spreading internationally, we are getting much better spreading the message. And therefore, there is no way it is going to succeed without horrendous battle or real struggle. Freeing Palestine is going to happen, but the more people know about it we can’t let it go,” the lady concluded.
Amid hopes to see the occupied lands liberated from the Zionist settlers, there is no doubt that a very hard work needs to be done on different levels until this ultimate goal is achieved when the sun of freedom rises over every grain of the entire Palestinian soil.
Source: Al-Ahed
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أول استقلال مع «ميشال عون»

روزانا رمّال

نوفمبر 22, 2017

صودف أن عيد الاستقلال في لبنان يتزامن هذه السنة مع أكبر عملية ابتزاز يتعرّض لها، ومع أصعب اختبار دستوري وميثاقي لاستكمال ممارسة مهام المؤسسات العامة، فأحد لم يكن يتوقع بعد كل أيام السنة من الودّ والانسجام السياسي الحاصل جراء الصفقة الرئاسية الحكومية أن يكون حضور الحريري لملئ كرسيّه في جادة شفيق الوزان خلال عرض الاستقلال السنوي هو حدث ينتظره اللبنانيون والمراقبون الدوليون، لم يكن متوقعاً أن يصبح الواجب الوطني مفصلاً من عمر الدولة اللبنانية ولحظة يتنفس فيها الصعداء لبرهة ثم تنحبس الأنفاس حتى يقرّر الحريري اطلاع اللبنانيين على فحوى الابتزاز الذي اتفق عليه المعنيون عبر إرغامه على ما «لا طاقة له به».

إنه أول استقلال مع «ميشال عون» كما يناديه اللبنانيون. هذا الرجل الذي لا يعنيه لقب الرئاسة لأنه مناضل قديم… في أيام الاستقلال يظهر المناضل ميشال عون بشكل واضح او ربما أوضح. في ايام الاستقلال يقول عون للبنانيين والعالم لن أقبل بهذه المهزلة، وقفوا عند مسؤولياتكم، ومستعدّ للتضحية بالرئاسة. يعرف جيداً هذا المناضل أن تحدي المجتمع الدولي، وخصوصاً الدول العربية بقيادة المملكة العربية السعودية يعني «مقتلاً» في هذه الظروف التي تمر بها الرياض. وهي ظروف لا تقبل فيها المملكة المساومة وسط خيارات عمودية بين إقصاء أمراء كبار ورجال أعمال وقطع للعلاقات مع دول جارة مثل قطر، ونسف كل ما يتعارض مع سياستها بضوء أخضر أميركي. يعرف عون جيداً من دون أن يحتاج أحد ليذكره بما جرى سابقاً مع الرئيس اميل لحود عندما تمّ عزله بدعم أميركي مباشر وأول مَن عزلوه هم جزء من اللبنانيين الذين قرروا خوض غمار التجربة الى آخر الطريق فقاطعته الدول الكبرى والصغرى وصار قصر بعبدا خالياً من أي زائر يشير إلى أن الرئيس لا يزال موجوداً يمارس مهامه بشكل طبيعي ما خلا بعض الحلفاء.

القلق لا يزال حاضراً، وعون كما اللبنانيين يترقبون المزيد من الخيارات باتجاه التعاطي مع لبنان، وربما الرئاسة، هو الذي يدرك ان استهداف الحريري هو استهداف للصفقة التي أتت به الى قصر بعبدا. يعرف أن التضحية بهذه الصفقة وارد. وهو بذلك يضع نفسه أمام خيارات صعبة ويعلن استعداده لخوضها، لا يبالي الرئيس اللبناني بمقاطعة الرؤساء العرب والأجانب له. هذا ربما بديهي فقد فهم خصومه قبل حلفائه ذهنيته والخلفية التي ينطلق منها في مواقفه، لكن الأهم هو شيء آخر وفي مكان آخر. الأهم ان الرئاسة اللبنانية لأول مرة من خلال عون استطاعت قلب مزاج المجتمع الدولي والتأثير عليه بتحدّيه وتصلّب موافقه. وهنا لا تتم مناقشة صوابية مواقف عون من عدمها بل تتم الإضاءة على تعاطي الدول الكبرى مع الرئيس اللبناني خلال الأزمة فقد كانت هناك إمكانية غير مسبوقة من حشد اهتمام غربي كثيف، بالرغم من اعتبار خصوم عون انه حليف حزب الله وإيران بمفهوم «التبعية» ما يدحض هذا الكلام جملة وتفصيلاً. فقد بدا ان الأميركيين والفرنسيين وهم أكثر من يمكن ان يقدّموا مؤشراً بديهياً عن الموقف من عون لحظة فشل خطة الاستقالة المفترض أن تخض البلاد والمؤسسات، فقد بدا الرئيس ترامب والرئيس ماكرون بعد أن ضبط عون إيقاع الازمة مجبرين على السير وراء الموقف الرئاسي اللبناني الذي أحرجهم وصار أمام الفرنسيين مسؤولية كبيرة في تلقي الدعوة اللبنانية في التدخل والبحث باسترجاع رئيس حكومة لبنان من منطلق التلويح بتدويلها أولاً وباعتبارها قضية حريات وخرق للدستور اللبناني ثانياً.

تسلّح عون بالشارع الذي التفّ وراءه يقول جزء كبير من اللبنانيين إنها المرة الاولى التي شعر فيها بالاستقلال الحقيقي، لأن رئيسنا استقلالي. ها هو «يخالف» خطط الغرب ولا يقاطعونه ويصادق الإيرانيين ولا يفرضون عليه عدم التعاطي مع المملكة، بل هو زارها فوراً لدى انتخابه رئيساً، بل هو غير مستعدّ لتلبية شروط أحد. ها هو يحالف الشيعي «حزب الله» ويحمي كرامة السنة «تيار المستقبل» وكرسي الرئاسة الثالثة.

الأكبر من الاختبار في زمن الاستقلال هو الشارع اللبناني الذي التفّ حول الرؤساء عون وبري والحريري والتفّ وراء الوحدة الوطنية. وقد اكتشف الكل أن اللبنانيين هم يد واحدة في لحظة صادقة تتعلق بمهابة وكرامة البلاد، وأن اللبنانيين ميالون او تواقون للتمسك بالثوابت الوطنية، إذا لم يتم العبث بأمنهم واستقرارهم وتهديدهم او فرض عليهم رؤساء كرسوا الرئاسة اللبنانية لخدمة مشاريع أو اصطفاف معين بدون التوقف عند مقام الرئاسة.

في زمن الاستقلال صار للرئاسة اللبنانية «قيمة». فبدون مجاملات او جدالات يعرف كل لبناني أنها كانت كرسياً فارغاً حتى ولو تمّ ملؤه فصلاحيات رئيس الوزراء طغت لفترة من الفترات، وتسلّحت بالجو السياسي الإقليمي الملائم. وهناك رؤساء أساؤوا استخدام صلاحيات رئاسة الجمهورية، لكن الأهم أنهم لم يدركوا او يلتفتوا إلى الحفاظ على مهابة هذه الكرسي وحدها أمام المجتمع الدولي.

أما عن خطاب الاستقلال:

فالاستقلال مع ميشال عون هو توضيح كل شيء وليس ترفاً أو عيداً ولا عرضاً عسكرياً.

الاستقلال مع ميشال عون هو وحدة الوطن.

الاستقلال مع ميشال عون هو التصدي لـ «إسرائيل».

الاستقلال مع ميشال عون الابتعاد عن الفتنة.

الاستقلال مع ميشال عون هو حماية الدستور.

الاستقلال هو نصيحة أبوية صادقة.

لبنان مع ميشال عون سيّد، حر، مستقل..


مقالات مشابهة

A Walk to Liberation…

Fatima Haydar

25-05-2017 | 16:03

It’s much more than your ordinary hiking trip. It’s when the land speaks to heaven.

A Walk to Liberation...

With every step I take, the land underneath my feet whispers stories of brave men who trudged up Mount Safi, better known to Southerners as the Revolutionaries’ Mountain.

Mount Safi with its rough terrain and cruel weather is never forgotten, but it is during this time of year that visitors particularly southerners pay tribute to the mighty mountain.

Seventeen years had passed and Mount Safi stands proud safekeeping secrets of the brave Revolutionaries’ stories of heroism and endurance. Stories waiting to be told… waiting to be passed on from one generation of Revolutionaries to another.

A Walk to Liberation...

With only a backpack on my back, I set out on a walk that changed my perception of the littlest of things. At 10:15 a.m. [Beirut time] the hiking group I accompanied met with Abu Hadi, a Hezbollah field officer, who took us on an excursion.

The Hezbollah-sponsored daytrip was held on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day. On May 25, 2000, Lebanon’s southern villages witnessed the withdrawal of the occupying “Israeli” entity – a date which marks the victory of a brave handful over the apartheid entity’s so-called “invincible army” in South Lebanon.

Our two-hour walk which started from Ain Boswar, a village in Nabatieh Governorate in South Lebanon, ended in Mleeta, the Hezbollah Resistance Museum or the Tourist Landmark of the Resistance, as it is officially known.

A mile or two up the mountain with nothing much to carry cannot compare with the same miles walked with 40 to 50 kg [88 – 110 lbs.] of military equipment that the Revolutionary men carried under enemy bombing and fire.

A Walk to Liberation...

Abu Hadi, a veteran in his mid-forties, wore his military uniform that camouflaged with the surrounding. With his southern Arabic accent, Abu Hadi tells us about the profound relation of Mount Safi to its neighboring villages that endured moments of heroism and pain at the same time; as the area had been shelled during the “Israeli” aggression in 1993 and 1996.

The veteran officer went on to talk about the mutual relationship between the Revolutionaries’ Mountain and the Revolutionaries themselves, who had gotten used to dwelling in the area prior to the 2000 liberation.

He told us how the men would carry their military supplies and weaponry in addition to food and gas tanks from nearby villages up to their camp site at Mount Safi, pointing to an old man-made well where they would get water given the lack of pipelines.

A Walk to Liberation...

In his will, Martyr Abdulmalik Karaki tells Martyr Moustafa Karaki: “Whoever wanted to be assigned to Safi Mount particularly in the pre-liberation stage [2000], would have to sacrifice greatly and be physically fit.”

The presence of the Islamic Resistance on Mount Safi dates back to 1986 – 1987 due to its strategic location as it overlooks the Western Beqaa area, Said, Tyre and the towns nearby, Abu Hadi added.

Back then, Great Martyr Leader Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi managed the Resistance’s military operations from Mount Safi.

Abu Hadi noted the strategic importance of Safi stressing that had the “Israelis” occupied it, the entire South would have fallen.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. Luckily, it wasn’t too hot.

At times, mist would cover the entire mountain transforming the field into a heavenly place; a view that sends you into a state of serenity and peace.

All the way up Mount Safi, the sole thought on my mind was how tiring the hike is. I wondered how the Resistance men bore the hike through the years.

Women and young ladies from different walks of life took part in this life-enlightening walk. Like me, they were all pushed by the curiosity to experience what it is like to be a Revolutionary, as many of them are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters of these honorable men.

A Walk to Liberation...

A light breeze blew as we sat listening to Abu Hadi narrating stories of valor. Under a big branched tree sat Hajje Zeinab, mother of martyr Abbas al-Mousawi who fought in Syria.

For Hajje Zeinab, the mother of seven young men, the walk is a continuation of her son’s path. She had already sacrificed a son and is relentless to sacrifice the rest for the sake of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and his Household.
Given her life experience and wisdom, Hajje Zeinab advised us to learn from the events of Karbala and withstand the way Sayyida Zeinab did when she was deprived of her loved ones by Yazid.

I would never forget her comparison of Imam Hussein [AS] and his loyal Sahaba who fought Yazid and his tyrant army; she said “Hezbollah men are the successors of Imam Hussein [AS] and they are fighting the same army of Yazid – the ‘Israeli’s and their Western and Arab allies are the Yazids of this age.”

At 12:30 p.m., we reached Mleeta weary, thirsty and hungry. The women and young ladies were all desperate for a cozy place to relax in.

As I sat in the restaurant, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, I look at mighty Mount Safi. I smile. I take a deep breath of fresh air. I think of those brave men who suffered and persevered so that we are safe and free. I think of those courageous Revolutionaries fighting today to defend our honor.

To Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah… To all the honorable men of Hezbollah… To the sons of Imam Hussein [AS]… To whom we owe our lives… This is dedicate to you.

Many Happy Returns to you, the makers of victory.

Source: Al-Ahed News

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Italian Delegation: Hizbullah Best Answer against Terrorism, No One Can Hide the Crimes of KSA! (Part 1)

 Fatima Haydar

The “Israeli” apartheid regime’s troops completely withdraw from South Lebanon by May 25th, 2000. Sixteen years on the liberation and the Lebanese still cherish this day stronger than ever.
Italian Delegation

This year, it is not only the Lebanese who celebrated the 16th anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, an Italian delegation that visited Lebanon to show solidarity with Hizbullah had a lot to say to national, regional and international public.

The Italian delegation consisted of 11 activists and public figures from Italy and Spain among which were Alberto Palladino, an Italian journalist and executive board member of Solidarite Identites, a humanitarian organization to support the Syrian people, as well as Italian politician Giovanni Feola, leader of the Italian CasaPound movement.

Other members of the organization were: Poalo Sebastianelli, Rodrigo Gomez, Manfredi Pinelli, Rudy de Astis, Carlo Pezzolesi, Dario Zimbardi, Davide Granconato and Damiano Crudele.

It was not a coincidence that the delegation’s visit to Lebanon coincided with the Resistance and Liberation Day. According to the delegation’s deputy speaker, Alberto Palladino their visit to Lebanon was “much intended. We want to participate in this victory and this march”.

Italian Delegation: Hizbullah Best Answer against Terrorism, No One Can Hide the Crimes of KSA! (Part 1)

Palladino indicated that the Resistance’s May victory is very important and that it is a “symbolic victory because in this time no one can invade another sovereign nation; all the people in the Mediterranean zone, every free people have the right to defend their homes from invasion…”

He went on saying that “The victory of Hizbullah against “Israel” is the symbol of a new freedom in the Mediterranean zone. On another level, it is a very great victory because a powerful and very well-equipped army was defeated by the pure resistances of Hizbullah revolutionaries.”

According to Palladino, it is via their organization’s work in Syria that they met Hizbullah and founded a relations ship with the group.

He indicated that the Italian delegation intends to “create or rebuild the relation between Europe – specially the countries that are in contact with the Mediterranean Sea – and the close east; that is, the Middle Eastern countries on the Mediterranean Sea” pointing out that through “analyzing our similitudes, we find that we are very close in culture and history as well as political views”.

Palladion explains that the main example of likeness between the European and Middle Eastern countries in the Mediterranean zone is the fight against terrorism saying that “terrorists have engulfed Syria as it did in Paris and Brussels; so we have to be close as much as possible to solve it.”

When asked about the concerns over the wave of terrorism that has extended from the Middle East to Europe and the delegation’s expectations from their visit, Palladino said, “We aim to launch a signal through this activity to have the Europeans understand that there is an alternative to the official relation between Europe and Arab countries.”

“Take Saudi Arabia for example, our government and politicians have diplomatic ties with it; Saudi Arabia is killing the Yemeni people and no one in the West spoke out” Palladino said.

He added that “everyone in Europe considers Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, but no one speaks of the situation in Yemen where our military planes are sold to Saudi Arabia and are used to kill the Yemenis.”

On the level of Hizbullah’s fight against terrorism in Syria, Palladion said that the group “gives the best example it can give to the world” shedding light on the fact that now Hizbullah and its martyrs are the best answer against terrorism.

“It is not a terrorist organization! Hizbullah is fighting outside its territory and spending weapons, money and lives to defend the freedom and security of Syria and the Syrian people,” he added.

Palladino went on to say that “No one can hide the sacrifices of Hizbullah in Syria in the same manner that no one can hide the crimes of Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen as well as their public attack against Iran!”

He indicated that “now, people in Italy are getting their information directly from the source – your website for example – via the internet, and they no longer depend on the official media for news” explaining that Europeans are becoming more aware of the truth and their view Hizbullah.

To be continued…

Source: al-Ahed News


28-05-2016 | 16:43


hizbullah flag skying

“If there was no Hizbullah, there would be no hope, no Mouqawamah, no victories, no freedom; there would only be ‘Israel’ and its hegemony. Hizbullah saved us all. And on this 16th annual Resistance and Liberation Day, as a means of moving forward in the next phase of our battle for total liberation, it is best we remember and cherish this undeniable reality.”

by Jonathan Azaziah

What if there was no Hizbullah? Resistance and Liberation Day isn’t merely a time of celebration in commemoration of the history-echoing victories achieved by Hizbullah. It is also a time for deep reflection, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted in his breathtakingly wonderful speech today. Indeed it is a time when we should be reflecting on where we are in our struggle, the severity and the status of the regional and international equations, and how to progress forward towards our ultimate goal of rendering ‘Israel’ obsolete. And I can’t think of a more profound point of pondering than the following question above: What if there was no Hizbullah? We don’t have to start as far back as 1982 when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance first emerged out of its humble beginnings of namelessness, nor do we need to refer to the ‘93 and ‘96 ‘Israeli’ aggressions, nor the liberation itself on May 25th, 2000, as the majority, not the vast majority or even most persons, unfortunately, but the majority of Lebanese agree that Hizbullah’s triumph over the cancerous Zionist entity and the end of the monstrous occupation were good things. So let us start with the 2006 July War and allow me to ask again: What if there was no Hizbullah?

If the Mouqawamah disbanded after the liberation of Lebanon, there most certainly wouldn’t have been a 2006 July War because the Zionists would have launched their devious, murderous aggression much sooner. With no Hizbullah to defend the Jnoub, ‘Israel’ would have ripped through villages, towns and entire cities with a genocidal Jewish savagery not seen since the Nakba.

‘Israeli’ occupation forces would have reestablished their illegal buffer zone, only this time, they would need no SLA or like-similar auxiliary to do their dirty work because there would be no resistance to contend with, thus leaving the enemy nothing but free reign to expand their control all the way into Beirut, the full spectrum of the Lebanese coast, the Bekaa and beyond.

Yes, it’s true that there were Lebanese communists, socialists and other leftists who fought the usurping Jewish entity when it invaded Lebanon in 1978, and though their sacrifices and bravery should be saluted, the truth is that their effectiveness was minimal at best and despite their best efforts, ‘Israel’ expanded and felt emboldened enough to further its expansionism in 1982. So if there was no Hizbullah, simply put, Lebanon would be lost.

With no Hizbullah, which the ‘Israelis’ view as their number one enemy, their most dangerous enemy, their most effective enemy, etc. and they have reiterated this over and over, Lebanon would be subjected to a Palestine-style occupation. Colonization, ethnic cleansing, settlements, destruction of olive trees and other crops, theft of resources, contamination of water, a barbaric gulag-like prison regime that makes Nahal Oz and Ofer look like five-star resorts, more settlements, the proliferation of completely insane Jewish supremacist squatters throughout Lebanon’s greenest, most beautiful lands, and of course, routine, Halakhic-Talmudic, ritualistic massacres of civilians, especially children, as Lebanon is fractured into a hodgepodge of Swiss-cheese-statelets.

As ‘Israel’ doubles in size, it sees zero threat coming from the Syrian Arab Republic and decides to launch its Takfiri destabilization project. With no Hizbullah, there is nobody to guard and/or liberate the Syrian-Lebanese border, i.e. the ultra-strategic, ultra-rugged Qalamoun Mountains and the Arsal barrens, from the Takfiri scourge. With no Hizbullah, the Wahhabi terrorists move into the Homs countryside with ease, overrunning the Syrian Arab Army in the pivotal battle for super-imperative Al-Qusayr. Homs itself falls. Then Damascus. Then Hama, Quneitra and Daraa. The Syrian Arab Army is bloodied, exhausted, pushed to collapse and before we can even blink, the Syrian Arab Republic is no more and a Saudi-style, Zionist-normalizing Takfiri emirate now rules over Bilad al-Sham.

Massacres of Lebanese Sunnis, Shi’a, Christians, Druze and anyone who doesn’t submit to Takfirism begin with reckless abandon on the border as well as deep into Lebanon’s northern regions as there is no Lebanese Islamic Resistance to stop the carnage. Why should we go to such extremes? Because long before Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Russian Aerospace Forces intervened in Syria, it was Hizbullah, with its tactical finesse, brilliant hybrid guerilla-conventional warfare and sacrifices, which intervened at a most critical time, staved off the Takfiris and prevented Syria from falling into US-‘Israeli’-Saudi hands. With no Hizbullah however, Syria would be lost, and the pluralism that has long prevailed among the peoples of Bilad al-Sham is shattered into countless, unsalvageable fragments.

With Lebanon and Syria removed from the regional picture in a mere matter of years, Palestine is alone and abandoned, as Resistance Axis bases of operations and coordination in the Levant are destroyed and occupied by ‘Israel’ and its Takfiri tools. With no Hizbullah, the Second Intifada ends early as there is no external support provided by the Lebanese Islamic Resistance; there are no moujahideen to smuggle guns and missiles into the West Bank and Gaza Strip; there are no moujahideen to train the Palestinian Resistance in the art of tunnel-digging and rocket-building; there are no moujahideen to teach the Palestinian Resistance the effective, ghost-like resistance strategies that were integral to pushing the ‘Israeli’ terrorists out of Lebanon. With no Hizbullah, ‘Israel’ doesn’t need Operation Pillar of Cloud and Operation Mighty Cliff, as it decapitates the Falasteeni Mouqawamah during Operation Cast Lead. There is never a siege on Gaza because it never gets liberated to begin with and another stage of the Nakba begins as the Jewish supremacist regime begins the final purge of all “Goyim” from the River to the Sea. If there is no Hizbullah, Palestine is lost.

With Lebanon, Syria and Palestine gobbled up, the Zionists, high as a kite on their “chosenite” arrogance, launch an invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran with full-blown US-NATO-GCC support. And while one can never count out the Iranian people, without support from their Hizbullah, Syrian and Palestinian allies, it’s hard to imagine Iran making it out of such an encounter fully intact. In the simplest terms one could muster: With no Hizbullah, with no Divine Victory in 2006, the Resistance Axis is eviscerated, the neocons’ New Middle East comes to fruition, ‘Greater Israel’ is resurrected from the graveyards of South Lebanon, and the entire region goes up in flames, ushering in a Dajjalic era of unthinkably evil Anglo-Jewish hegemony. And this isn’t too far off nor some kind of farfetched doomsday scenario. Everybody has heard former NATO Commander Wesley Clark’s infamous “7 countries in 5 years” interview as well as his comments on why ISIS was unleashed; everyone has read the “Clean Break” document; everyone has studied “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” aka the Oded Yinon plan. This was the scheme. Eliminate Hizbullah, take over the Arab-Islamic world.

And yet there are too many lummoxes to fathom who still vomit the nonsensical Zionist-Wahhabi hasbara about Hizbullah being “just as dangerous” as ‘Israel’ because “Hizbullah is trying to implement an Iranian project”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. It’s essentially too asinine to even attempt to process. This is the irony though, isn’t it? If there was no Hizbullah, these bigoted, utterly atrocious dimwits would be lost too; either under Zionist jackboots or on a chopping block set to be beheaded by Takfiri lunatics. One way or another, even the likes of these clownish sectarians owe Hizbullah a debt, whether they want to admit it or not. As does our region. As does the world. Every one of us does, truly. For if there was no Hizbullah, there would be no hope, no Mouqawamah, no victories, no freedom; there would only be ‘Israel’ and its hegemony. Hizbullah saved us all. And on this 16th annual Resistance and Liberation Day, as a means of moving forward in the next phase of our battle for total liberation, it is best we remember and cherish this undeniable reality.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to Al-Ahed: Hizbullah Made Nation Proud, Forms A Model for Defeating Zionists

Mukhtar Haddad

In a statement to the al-Ahed News Website, the spokesperson for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, congratulated the Lebanese people on the anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation day.

Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif

Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif added, “When we look at the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the occupation by the Zionist entity of Arab lands, we see that there are two visions on this matter; the first is the resistance strategy focused on expelling the occupying enemy and relying on the people of the occupied nations. There is another vision that relies on international human rights institutions and foreign powers which claimed to support the Arab resistance. [General Sharif] notes “experience has shown that defeating the Zionist regime and the liberation of the occupied territories came with the entry of the Lebanese people into the arena of resisting the Zionists. And the resistance in Lebanon has forced the Zionists enemy to flee from the south.”

Brigadier Sharif stressed that,

“the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has become a symbol of steadfastness, courage and will. It was able to expel the Zionist enemy from southern Lebanon, as well as defeat the Zionists during the July 2006 war.”

We congratulate the Lebanese people and the Arab and Islamic nation for its resistance and for making the nation proud and defeating the Zionists. He added,

“the hearts of the Muslim and Arab peoples are always with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.”

The spokesperson for the Revolutionary Guards also said, “this model is a beacon of light, turning the resistance into a role model for those whose lands are being occupied by the Zionists,” adding that the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon was a good role model for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, which defeated the Zionist enemy in the wars of recent years in the Gaza Strip.

Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif congratulated the Islamic nation, the Lebanese people, Hizbullah, the families of the martyrs, and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on this occasion and expressed hope that the resistance will soon liberate Palestine and Al-Quds and the Islamic nation will get rid of this insidious entity “Israel”.

Source: al-Ahed news 

26-05-2016 | 13:18

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