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While campaigning for the presidency, Tweedle-Dum, a/k/a Donald Trump, railed against the millions of illegal, undocumented aliens in the United States, describing them as “rapists”, “killers” and other things consistent with his perception of greasy, wet-backed weasels crawling like vermin over and under his beloved United States’ border; to steal its resources, to tax its wealth, to have early retirement at the expense of the American taxpayer, to exploit America’s schools and hospitals; to pollute America’s morals and interbreed with his country’s comely white women. Oh, God! Their presence was an insult. They were trespassers. They violated recognized laws established in his country requiring the acquisition of legal status before entering the United States. He vowed revenge by proposing a vast wall no different from the Great Wall of China which was erected to stanch the flow of barbarians into the Chinese heartland. He assailed Mexico and promised that the Southern neighbor would pay itself for the construction of the wall. Grandiose?……….. Indeed.

All throughout his campaign he vowed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because it was bad for the American people. He had a better plan although he never hinted at what it might be boasting that it would be something “wonderful” and really great. And, when, only 60 days into his term, he received the plan from his minions, he could not get his own party sufficiently behind him to replace the Obama plan. He was miffed. Vexed. Perplexed. He sought to assuage his hurt feelings by lashing out at something, anything. And when his proposed immigration ban was roundly scorned by a series of federal judges, he huffed and puffed, modifying this and amending that, and, still, the judges rained failure down upon him.

But, with such high regard for the illegality of trespass, he authorized an attack on a sovereign nation 7,000 miles away. Did that sovereign nation invite him to attack its airbase? No. Did it even imply that he might encroach upon Syrian air space? No. He did it anyways. He violated international law because he saw a picture of a child suffering from exposure to some chemical weapon released into the atmosphere by canisters of possibly Sarin gas or chlorine gas. With characteristic American gullibility, he proclaimed his transformation from tolerator of Assad to enemy of Assad. Rex Tillerson, the clumsy-looking U.S. Secretary of State whose only diplomatic credentials were that he ran a large multi-national petroleum corporation called Exxon/Mobil, repeated the same folderol. Instead of sticking to his president’s promise of no more foreign entanglements, Tillerson started to regurgitate the self-same Euro-trash we started to hear from Hollande and Cameron from the beginning of the Syrian uprising. “Assad has no future in Syria”. “Assad must go”. “Assad cannot remain in office”. “Assad cannot be allowed to run again for the presidency”. Ad nauseam. Yawn.

Trump’s transformation into Assad-hater was sudden and unexpected. A man not known for his ability to empathize, but, instead for his bullying tendencies, started to speak of God, even though he has never read the Bible and is unable to identify one single psalm. He changed his tone from rough-hewn Queenie to soft-spoken Weenie – borrowing the tone and timbre of genuine humanitarians like Billy Graham, Albert Schweizer and even, Tiny Tim. He pontificated about America defending the weak and standing for right: even if he hadn’t waited for an investigation into what happened that fateful day in Khaan Shaykhoon.

Nothing happened that fateful day. Nothing other than an ordinary aerial attack on a warehouse operated by Alqaeda.

The entire episode was staged by British con-men. It was produced by Saudi Arabian monkeys with help from Turkish set designers. Impossible? Let’s think back on “Syrian Danny” (Danny ‘Abdul-Daa`im) who became the poster-child for Syrian civilians suffering at the hands of the Abominable Assad. Remember him? Remember his staged scenes of horror as he nestled in the arms of kerchiefed Syrian women (really Albanians) who nursed his wounds after a barbaric pounding from the imaginary Syrian Army artillery in Homs. Remember the solemn voice of that corrupt sodomite, Anderson Cooper, as he reveled in the tales narrated by Danny in the privileged accent of a Cantabrigian-British-Syrian goon trained by MI6? In fact, just like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the fraud-laden propaganda organ of terrorism, Danny was created by MI6 for the British Foreign Office. I even doubt he was ever been in Homs, his productions having been filmed “on location” at the Shepperton Studios outside London.

Boo hoo hoo. Danny was caught setting up his scenes of war in a studio.

Anybody remember Zaynab Al-Husni who was the subject of a hundred alarms from HRW and Amnesty International? She was detained by Syrian government thugs and raped repeatedly – or that’s what the propaganda groups like AI claimed. Anybody remember the gal from Homs? You see, she was skinned alive by pro-Assad barbarians and her limbs amputated. Jeez’o’Pete! Wow. What incredible cruelty! Well, she turned up alive and, well, claiming she ran away from home because her brothers were buggiing her. Nobody apologized to the Syrian government for that disaster. The propaganda organs of HRW and AI continued to manufacture lie after lie.

But, what about the White Helmets being caught staging a rescue of a man under rubble caused by the evil Syrian Army who earlier was talking with the would-be heroes about how the scene would be filmed? Once the film and pictures were revealed, the terrorist group had to apologize to a disbelieving public. Remember our coverage of that SNAFU? I sure do. The liars of the White Helmets apologized for the embarrassing revelation calling it “poor judgment”. Really?

And there are the beheading scenes produced by ISIS in which high-tech equipment and techniques were used. In fact, ISIS had gotten so good at producing images, they were receiving glowing reviews from the same Western MSM which promoted them in the first place.

So, what am I getting at? What I’m getting at is that, as a lawyer, I am not bound to believe any version proposed by the prosecution. I have to see something other than a manufactured event – certainly an event that is well within the power of the prosecution to manufacture. What do we know about the victims other than what the various opposition groups say? Well, nothing. The victims are all in Idlib Province under the control of the Alqaeda terrorist group. If any are being treated, they are treated in a terrorist clinic or a Turk hospital or a Zionist slaughterhouse. Why should I give credence to a criminal enterprise which has been lying and fabricating events for the last 6 years?

Why should I not question the integrity of all the reporters from the West who, in a seemingly choreographed paroxysm of thespian rectitude, promoted a story which is strangely similar to others involving Chemical Weapons. Seymour Hersh already exposed this technique in his superbly documented article on use of CW in the Ghouta. He proved that it was not the Syrian Army which used the poison gas, but, instead, Alqaeda, under orders from Saudi Arabia and with the supply provided by Turkish gangsters. Isn’t it amazing how Trump is awakened in the night and told of the CW event and how, in one blink of an eye, he turns around and abandons everything he said during his campaign? Is it possible that CIA terrorists studied Trump’s personality deciding he was the excitable type who read almost nothing and studied precious few things? With Trump entering the White House with a history of bad-mouthing the CIA, is it possible the new director was persuaded to try this script on him to continue the CIA’s constant pursuit of Dr. Assad’s ouster?

I am fascinated by the absence of anything in this case. The U.S. is already laying the groundwork for rejection of a U.N. investigation by alleging that Russia might have had a role in it. The U.S. is promoting another lie: the Russians and Syrians have bombed the same town in the same place where the CW was used in order to cover up evidence. It is the most blatant of lies and, yet, there are those who will swallow it lock, stock and barrel. What did P.T. Barnum say? “There’s a sucker born every minute”. What did H.L. Mencken say? “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

The evidence existing today points to another staged atrocity. We have no access to any forensic evidence. We never will. Alqaeda will not allow a team of experts to enter the area. Better yet, only an expert with suicidal tendencies would place his life in jeopardy just to be beheaded in front of a camera clad in those very chic orange jump suits. And, of course, Turkey cannot arrange the investigation lest it reveal how totally in control Ankara is of all those cannibal terrorists it claims to be fighting. What a mess!

Trump actually knows what’s going on and is up to his neck in war crimes already. Not only has he given permission to exterminate over 70 Syrian civilians to engineer this malicious event, he has suborned it by giving lip service to his natural disgust with Assad and his army. We are lucky to have rational voices in Washington from Tulsi Gabbard, Richard Black and Rand Paul. We even have conservative supporters of Trump now expressing consternation with his backtracking on campaign promises to concentrate on internal affairs. But, failed tyrants always look to foreign affairs when they can’t get what they want domestically. It’s a diversion. A distraction. It’s a Wag the Dog scenario.

The speed with which Trump reacted to news of the staged bombing in Khaan Shaykhoon and the coordinated wave of vilification emanating from London, Paris and Berlin point to only one thing: another NATO-style false flag operation. Amazingly, I was seated in a bar yesterday talking to some regular Americans who asked me what I thought about the event. All of them expressed disbelief that Assad would do such a thing and blamed it on what one called a “compromised media”.

Don’t believe anything in the corporate media. Watch RT, Al-Mayaadeen and old episodes of the Honeymooners. Ziad




This is the day, April 8, 2017, when it became clear that the Syrian Army was on the verge of eliminating the terrorists of Alqaeda in Der’ah City. That’s why the U.S. has been sending out hints of a new campaign to separate Der’ah from the rest of Syria as part of the plan to dismember the country. In response to this and the attack on the Shu’ayraat AB, Russia has sent the cruise missile carrying warship, Admiral Grigorovitch, to the Syrian coastline. Iran has been reportedly readying units of its IRGC for deployment to Syria.

Al-Manshiyya Quarter: The SAA killed over 75 Nusra/Alqaeda rodents here on April 8, 2017. Most of these vermin were Saudis and Jordanians. It started with an attack on 5 SAA strong-points in the area of Al-Manshiyya. The usual suicide drivers and explosive belts were used to break into defense lines. None of that happened. None of the suicidal psychos even made it to within detonation range of the SAA’s perimeters. Instead, weaponized drones and cleverly positioned rangers blasted the crazed numbskulls before they could even get within sight of our army. Here are some of the identified carcasses:

Abu Al-Qa’qaa’ Al-Tawheedi (Jordanian fruit fly)

Abu Al-Haarith Al-Jazraawi (Saudi grub)

Muhammad Abaazeed (Leader of Kateebat Majd Al-IslaaKhaalid Mu’tazz Al-Mahaameedm or Brigade of Islam’s Glory, yawn)

Khaalid Mu’tazz Al-Mahaameed (Leader of Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob or Unification of the South Battalion)

In the areas of Al-Bahhaar Quarter, Al-Arba’een Park and Dam Road, 2 command/control centers, 3 rocket launchers, mortar base and a 14.5mm cannon were destroyed.



Al-Lataamina: A Nusra/Alqaeda C&C was completely obliterated when the SAA’s artillery units opened fire on fortifications built up by the rats.

Ahmad Talaal

Muhammad Sameeh Al-‘Annaab

Abdul-Muhsin Al-Shoomaani

Sameer Al-Mahmoud

Firaas Ahmad

Scores were wounded.



It appears that the 36 Tomahawks which did not reach the airbase were both destroyed by SAA air defenses or toppled over the Mediterranean by Russian air defense. We will have more on this.



Watch for censorship in this article about Fox News professional lying about the so-called CW at Idlib:


PHOTO OF THE DAY: (From Hamza Sulayman):

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«الميادين» قناة الحق والحقيقة… تتفوّق وتتألّق

ديسمبر 17, 2016

ناصر قنديل
– مع الإعلامي غسان بن جدو عرف اللبنانيون وكلّ من ساند خيار المقاومة ضدّ احتلال جنوبه عام 2000 صعود نجم قناة «الجزيرة»، التي كانت تنافسها قناة أبو ظبي آنذاك بقوة حضور الإعلامي رفيق نصرالله في مواكبة المقاومة وخياراتها ومعاركها وانتصاراتها، عبر جهود وأداء بن جدو ونصرالله، فتح القطريون والإماراتيون قنوات اتصالاتهم مع المقاومة والحكم في لبنان يحصدون ما زرعه إعلاميون أخلصوا لخيار المقاومة، وأملوا أن يفهم القيّمون على القنوات التي يعملون لها حجم الناتج الإيجابي لما فعلوه بلا مقابل، وحجم المردود المتوقع إنْ أحسنوا التصرف، ولم يكن غسان بن جدو ولا كان رفيق نصرالله مجرد مراسلين أو مديرين لمكتبين يخصان القناتين.

– في حرب تموز العام 2006 كانت قناة أبو ظبي بقرار رعاتها تغادر الخيار الذي استثمر عليه مدير مكتبها رفيق نصرالله وتذهب لخيار وصف المقاومين بالمغامرين، فكانت مغادرة نصرالله للقناة، لكن حسابات رعاة «الجزيرة» كانت مختلفة فكان لغسان بن جدو ما أراد، قناة تحقق حلمه بمواكبة أهمّ حروب الشرق الأوسط، تنتهي بانتصار المقاومة حيث هُزمت كلّ جيوش العرب، ولم يخسر القطريون عندما أزدانت شوارع الضاحية الجنوبية بشعارات شكراً قطر، وقطفت الدوحة دوراً سياسياً في الوساطة لحلّ سياسي للأزمة اللبنانية حمل اسمها بقوة ما فعله بن جدو ورفاقه في حرب تموز، وصارت كلمة الرئيس نبيه بري معادلة في السياسة عنوانها «أول الغيث قطر».

– مع اندفاع مشروع الفوضى الهادفة لتغيير الجغرافيا السياسية العربية بالاستثمار على غضب الناس، وتحييد الجيوش تمهيداً لضربها، وتصعيد مشروع الإخوان المسلمين، من تونس إلى مصر وليبيا واليمن وصولاً إلى سورية كانت قطر تنتقل إلى الصف الأول في قوى الحرب على خيار المقاومة، مستثمرة عطفاً وثقة نالتهما بقوة نفوذ قناة «الجزيرة»، المستقوية بدورها بحب الناس وثقتها بمصداقيتها التي صنع أغلبها في مناخ حروب المقاومة، حيث كان غسان بن جدو ورفاقه، فغادر بن جدو قناته، ليعلن البراءة مما تفعل ويقول لمن أحبوا المقاومة ومنحوا ثقتهم للقناة معه، أنّ زمن الوصل انتهى، ولهم أن يحكموا بأنفسهم ويحدّدوا خياراتهم.

– خلال خمس سنوات نجح غسان بن جدو في بناء ميادينه الجديدة عبر قناة «الميادين»، وخاض مغامرة الجمع الدقيق بين الإخلاص للحقيقة والوفاء للحق، فناله بعض سهام أهل الحق عندما كان البحث عن الحقيقة يستدعي عدم التعتيم على موقف الخصم وحضوره، وتناولته ألسنة السوء بادّعاء الدفاع عن الحقيقة عندما أشهر سلاح الحق وانحاز إلى صفه بلا لبس أو اشتباه،
وجاء تحرير حلب عام 2016 ليقول الناس، ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس عندما تذكّروا مشهد غسان بن جدو في جنوب لبنان، وبين النصرين في حلب وجنوب لبنان كثير من عناصر الشبه، وقد وجد بن جدو من يجلس في الميادين على المقعد الذي شغله في «الجزيرة»، فأبدع كمال خلف متابعاً ومحققاً ومحاوراً، مستعيداً صورة بن جدو قبل ستة عشر عاماً، وتألقت ديما ناصيف بثقافتها وتدفقها وحضورها في الميادين، وبرزت موهبة رضا الباشا المراسل الميداني الواعد، ولكن بقيت بصمة بن جدو ترتقي بـ«الميادين».

– خلال خمس سنوات، وبعيداً عن كلّ الكلام الفاقد للمعنى عن كيف وبأيّ مال وبدعم من أيّ جهة، نجح غسان بن جدو في «الميادين» بهزيمة الإعلام المموّل بمليارات الدولارات، برهانه على معادلة الجمع بين الحق والحقيقة، فقال لزملائه في إعلام الحق الذي تجسده المقاومة، بالحق وحده لا يحيا الإعلام، وظيفة الإعلام هي البحث عن الحقيقة ولهذا البحث جاذبية يحتاجها أهل الحق، ويقول للذين حشدوا مالهم ومعداتهم تحت عنوان البحث عن الحقيقة وهم يناصبون الحق العداء ويدسّون السمّ في عسل الحقيقة، لقد جاءكم من يكشف لعبتكم، ويقول لكم بدون الحق حقيقتكم بلا روح، والناس أذكى من أن تبتلع طعمكم، وحقيقتنا الحية بأقلّ المقدرات والإمكانات تملك ما لا تملكون، المصداقية.

– بالمصداقية نجح بن جدو ونجحت «الميادين» وفازت المقاومة وحلفاؤها بآلة جبارة في الحرب الإعلامية التي ثبت أنّ أداء أهل محور المقاومة فيها رغم كثرة ووفرة القنوات الناطقة باسمهم، لا زال دون المستوى المطلوب بكثير، فملأت «الميادين» فراغاً في جبهة حرب دون أن يكلفها أحد أو تنتظر من أحد جزاء أو شكورا.

– تستحق «الميادين» تحية النصر في حلب كما كلّ صنّاع النصر الذي كانت جزءاً لا يتجزأ منه، ولصنّاعه و«الميادين» منهم تُرفع القبعة تحية تقدير.

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The Beacon!

Darko Lazar

A joint “Israeli”-Saudi operation against Lebanon and the country’s resistance movement, Hizbullah, has claimed its latest victim.

The Beacon!

On Wednesday, Nilesat – a leading Arab satellite operator based in Egypt – cut transmission of Hizbullah’s television channel al-Manar [or ‘The Beacon’].

Saudi Arabia has showered Egypt with aid since the overthrow of President Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013. The successor government headed by former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi – whose first major career posting was as military attaché in Egypt’s embassy in Riyadh – has broadly followed Saudi Arabia’s lead on regional politics.

Nilesat’s decision to pull the plug on al-Manar came conveniently just ahead of a planned visit by Saudi King Salman to Egypt.

According to Beirut-based political commentator Ibrahim al-Moussawi, “everybody knows that the Saudi Arabian regime has always been trying to dictate some of its wishes upon most of the Arab governments. It’s not at all surprising to hear that Saudi Arabia is exercising such policies against resistance movements like Hizbullah and against the media outlets of the resistance, like al-Manar.”

Softening the Target

Silencing the voice of Hizbullah is only the latest in a string of measures adopted by the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies in recent months against both Lebanon and the resistance movement.

Last month, Riyadh led a chorus of Arab states in designating Hizbullah- a legitimate political force in Lebanon’s governing bloc – as a ‘terrorist’ organization.

The move has only served to deepen sectarian strife in a country with no functioning government, gasping under the weight of more than a million Syrian refugees and increasingly finding itself in the middle of a whirlwind that has virtually been consuming the entire Middle East.

And earlier this year, Saudi Arabia halted a 4 billion dollar program of military aid to the Lebanese army, in apparent protest of what Riyadh called “the stranglehold of Hizbullah on the state”.

The actual purpose of Riyadh’s move is a brazen rebuke of Hizbullah, which has served as Lebanon’s stabilizing force for almost a decade and more recently proved to be extremely effective in fighting terrorist groups like Daesh, for its direct challenge of the geopolitical interests of the Saudis and their global allies.

With arms deals being cancelled at a time when terrorist groups are wreaking havoc throughout the region, the UN, IMF, and, in fact, the international community have failed to provide Lebanon with any form of assistance, leaving the Lebanese national army poorly armed and – as is the case in the entire country – notoriously cash-strapped.

Whetting the Appetite For War

According to a report published by Lebanon’s al-Akhbar newspaper in March of this year, the Saudi decision to suspend military assistance to the Lebanese army and the consequent move to designate Hizbullah as a ‘terrorist’ organization have “whetted “Israel’s” appetite” for war with the resistance movement.

Citing anonymous officials in Washington, the report alleges that the Americans warned their counterparts in Lebanon, “not to give “Israel” an excuse to start a war.”

The report also goes on to claim that Tel Aviv had informed US officials that the “Israelis” are interested in attacking Lebanon, particularly in light of Saudi Arabia’s strategic shift in policy.

Ibrahim al-Moussawi believes that the Saudis and “Israelis” are no longer trying to conceal their true motives.

“It’s time to shake hands and say that they have a common enemy – the resistance movements; namely Hizbullah. They are getting closer and closer to fighting Hizbullah. The “Israelis” have been very happy. They expressed their joy when Saudi Arabia and some Arab regimes tried to designate Hizbullah as a terrorist entity. Now they are very happy over Nilesat’s decision concerning al-Manar,” al-Moussawi said.

Shoot the Messenger

While the decision to remove al-Manar from Nilesat constitutes a violation of all international laws pertaining to radio and television and the exercise of media liberties, as well as the right of citizens to information, it is hardly uncommon practice.

In 2012, both Nilesat and Arabsat took Syria’s state-run television channels off the air in a move widely believed to be an attempt to control the media narrative concerning the Syrian conflict.

In another violation of international laws guaranteeing the freedom of the media, Nilesat also suspended the transmission of the Yemeni broadcaster al-Massirah in May of last year.

This year Arabsat halted the transmission of the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen news network, which has also been highly critical of Riyadh’s military offensive in Yemen.

Responding to allegations by Nilesat that al-Manar airs “programs that provoke sectarian strife”, the channel’s general manager, Ibrahim Farhat told AFP, “This is a political decision, not an industry decision. al-Manar has nothing to do with sectarian strife.”

As is the case with the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, silencing media outlets that dare to report the truth is essential to having a free hand in carrying out mass murder and atrocities against an entire populace.

Following a decision by Apple in July 2012 to pull an al-Manar application off its iTunes store, the channel’s TV Director-General at the time, Abdallah Qasir, said that the move indicated al-Manar’s, “ability to cause great harm to Israel, and that “Israel” is extremely annoyed by al-Manar becoming so widespread.”

In fact, in 2004, al-Manar was estimated to be averaging between 10 and 15 million viewers daily.

With the “Israelis” increasingly itching for another war in Lebanon, the Saudis are expected to continue mounting efforts to peddle their own version of the narrative, and make sure that channels like al-Manar reach as few households as possible.

Source: al-Ahed News

9-04-2016 | 10:31

(Zio)sat Blocks Al-Manar TV Broadcast via Its Satellites

Arabsat Blocks Al-Manar TV Broadcast via Its Satellites

Local Editor

Here is Al-Manar, the truth partner. The Zionist aggressionon and the ignorant hatred failed to silence.

It is Al-Manar which holds the clear view and the lofty professionalism to convey the resistance’s voice in face of oppression.

All the satellites that claimed to be Arab won’t be able to conceal Al-Manar.

  • We will be where we should be
  • We will support the Palestinian Intifada as well as its men, women, elders and youngsters.
  • We will support Al-Quds and all the sanctities

It’s Al-Manar whose lenses surpassed all the delusions to expose the schemes of terrorism and atonement.

  • Al-Manar confronted the terrorists by documenting their criminality.
  • Al-Manar is the voice of the Yemenis who suffer from the worst forms of oppression.
  • Al-Manar is the voice of the Bahrainis, Saudis, Iraqis, Syrians, Tunisians, Egyptians, and all the Arabs and Muslims.

Those who got suffocated by the right’s voice and their defeats will not be able to silence Al-Manar.

In the context of the new policy of silencing the voices of freedom, Arabsat company blocked Al-Manar TV broadcasting via its satellites after moving its headquarters from Lebanon to Jordan.

Source: Al Manar TV

04-12-2015 – 20:38 Last updated 04-12-2015 – 20:38 


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