Syria: ISIS using weapons supplied by NATO

ISIS Drone Drops NATO Munitions on Syrian Children

Just another day in Syria

a NATO-Bulgarian GLV-HEF projectile
a NATO-Bulgarian GLV-HEF projectile

Syrian forces shot down an ISIS drone that was targeting civilians in eastern Syria on Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

The drone was allegedly carrying a NATO-Bulgarian GLV-HEF projectile.

How did Islamic State acquire NATO munitions? Probably craigslist.

Al Masdar News has more details:

According to the NDF, their forces in the village of Abu Al-Alaya downed the Islamic State attack drone while it was flying over their positions and bombing civilians in the area.

The bomb used by the Islamic State to attack the civilians of Abu Al-Alaya was identified by the Syrian military as a NATO-sponsored GLV-HEF projectile, which is produced in Bulgaria.

ISIL has been using these projectile bombs to harass the civilians in east Homs and Deir Ezzor for several months now, forcing the Syrian military to constantly monitor these villages and towns in eastern Syria

2017: The year when flying robots controlled by terrorists dropped NATO projectiles on Syrian children. 

Apparently there’s quite a lot of Bulgarian munitions that have “ended up” in Syria:

On 21 February 2016, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA News) and Frontinfo posted some footage seemingly filmed near Nabi Younes in Latakia Governorate, Syria. Amongst the footage is a fired cartridge case from a 40 × 46SR mm high explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) round produced in Bulgaria. The Arsenal 40×46 RLV-HEF round is of the 40 × 46SR mm calibre common amongst NATO states and other users, and produced widely around the world. The Arsenal RLV-HEF is built around the GLV-HEF projectile which delivers an explosive charge of 40 grams of  A-IX-1 (96% RDX phlegmatised with 4% paraffin wax) out to some 400 m. Ammunition of this type is most commonly employed with under-barrel or stand-alone grenade launchers, including multi-shot varieties documented in service with Syrian opposition groups, such as the Croatian RBG-6.

What is particularly interesting about the cartridge case is that it indicates that the round in question was produced in 2014. The presence of this cartridge case in Syria is clear evidence of the recent supply of ammunition during the ongoing fighting in Syria. Whilst perhaps not especially noteworthy in its own right, it is another data point that ARES and other organisations can record

USA and NATO Forces Are Butchering Civilians en Masse in Iraq and Syria

US and NATO Forces Are Butchering Civilians en Masse in Iraq and Syria


3463234234As it’s been recently noted, the latest mass-casualties inflicted by US and NATO airstrikes in Raqqa and Mosul reveal that Washington has decided to turn its back on rules designed to protect the innocent. In turn, the Times reports that field commanders appear to be exercising more latitude to launch strikes in civilian-occupied areas than ever before.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that we’re witnessing by far the deadliest attack on civilians in decades. Just one US airstrike on a densely populated neighborhood of Mosul resulted in more than 200 civilian casualties, according to the official numbers released.

It’s been announced that during the same month, at least 30 civilians were reported killed by a US airstrike outside Raqqa, Syria — where the real battle against ISIS hasn’t even begun yet — and up to 50 more may have died when the US bombed a mosque in Aleppo.

Yet another airstrike that was launched on March 20 in the Al-Mansour area resulted in at least 33 civilians deaths, as human rights activists reported. The Focus has already announced that the German Bundeswehr was taking part in the attack.

Foreign Policy The Nation would note that:

The carnage comes amid a push by the US and its Iraqi allies to reclaim Mosul, Iraq’s second most populouscity, from ISIS. That’s making life terrifying for the city’s residents, who’ve endured years of depredations from ISIS only to fall under US bombs.

The only logical question one is temped to ask under these circumstances is why organizations like the notorious “White Helmets” are nowhere to be found? Did these so-called “defenders of the weak” disappear into thin air once the funding provided by the United States and Britain ran dry? So then, who is going to expose the ongoing genocide of civilian populations in Syria and Iraq, which the US and its NATO allies are committing in broad daylight? Were those comic book-style heroes created just to falsely accuse Russia of the very crimes Washington is now eagerly committing in the Middle East?

AirWars, which has been keeping track of civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria, reports that there’s been over 1,300 claims of civilian deaths from coalition airstrikes in March alone. That’s about triple the count from February.

It’s now clear that US President Donald Trump is not the peace-loving president everybody had been waiting for. The Week would point out that instead of cutting American losses in unwinnable situations, moving toward retrenchment, and re-assessing America’s long war in the Middle East, the Trump administration seems to be taking bigger gambles amid US operations, loosening the rules of engagement for the military, and doubling down on conflicts that only have the most marginal relation to core US interests.There’s no doubt that for those who hoped for a candidate that would drain the swamp, he is instead making it much deeper.

So who’s going to put an end to the genocide of the civilian populations of Syria and Iraq?

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” 

Time for the UK to cut defence spending and to spend more on the NHS

USA spends 9 times more on defence than Russia. The UK spends almost 84% of the Russian total and yet the USA wants the UK to waste more money on NATO to combat non-existent “Russian aggression”. I think if the British public were aware of the true facts they would prefer this money to be spent on the NHS

US, Britain Push for Major NATO Spending Increases

Top five countries by military expenditure in 2015.

Tillerson Denounces ‘Russian Aggression’ in Push for Spending Hikes

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made his first appearance at a NATO meeting today, loudly denouncing “Russian aggression” and pushing for NATO members to dramatically increase their military spending, rewarded with applause from NATO members as he pledged US support for NATO, and laid out an anti-Russia stance.

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and US Defense Secretary James Mattis both played up the idea of NATO needing to greatly increase spending, saying that all member nations need to meet the 2% annual GDP spending, and that they must all commit to increases in “real terms” year over year.

Most of NATO doesn’t spend anywhere near 2% of their GDP on the military, and most have no real need to, given that they aren’t engaged in massive overseas wars and don’t have enemies on their borders. Germany has been very clear about not wanting to waste that much on military spending.

Tillerson’s comments played up the need for all of NATO to commit to “stability” in the Middle East, and to be ready to fight against “Russian aggression,” which is always a popular among NATO nations in calls for spending increases, but doesn’t appear likely to get many to put up the 2% annually.

Rania Khalek, Blacklisted, Smeared & Silenced For Exposing NATO Destabilization Of Syria


MINNEAPOLIS —  Though it’s been nearly six years, the subject of the Syrian conflict remains as contentious as ever. While those who characterize themselves as pro-regime change have monopolized the wider conversation on Syria, even the most tame opposition against foreign intervention, or the CIA-backed rebels—who now come in varying flavors of extremism—continues to be taboo.

Those who refuse to support U.S. military intervention in Syria and the CIA backed regime change operation there that has been well documented for over 25 years — are branded “Assadists” — and if you’re a writer or commentator?

Well, that gets you and your work blacklisted from publications and, in the case of journalists like myself and others who make up a long list of anti-interventionists far too long to mention here, even gets your speaking engagements shut down and kicked off of blogs, regardless of what topic they’re on.

It seems that opposing what clearly amounts to a NATO-imposed regime change operation in Syria in order to create the next Afghanistan in the Middle East and ultimately weaken Russia and Iran gets you characterized as a supporter of genocide.

But this is not a new phenomenon — we’ve been here before as recently as Libya and Iraq.

During the pro-war campaign against Libya, we were told, just as we were during previous conflicts, that military intervention was necessary in order to protect civilians from a madman.

The same loudmouthed pundits who led us down the bloody path of war have since been eerily silent in the aftermath — where Libya is now being overrun by groups like ISIS and the country is being described as a failed state.

In Iraq, we saw an energized anti-war movement smeared as being pro-Saddam, and now, despite what we’ve learned about both conflicts, history seems to be repeating itself. Many are now suffering a kind of collective amnesia over how war is peddled to the public.

Today we’re joined by Rania Khalek, an independent journalist who has become the latest victim  of an organized smearing and blacklisting campaign for her recent reporting on Syria. The organized campaign against her became so aggressive that several of her talks on apartheid in Israel were canceled after student groups were pressured to blacklist her events by pro-Syrian rebel activists who support US intervention and regime change.

The blacklisting of Rania Khalek garnered the attention of many notable scholars, activists and journalists including Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and Glenn Greenwald among others who signed a petition calling for an end to censorship and warning that there needs to be more open dialogue on Syria rather than silencing journalists

Iran congratulated over refugee policy which has welcomed millions of Afghans displaced by decades of US and NATO backed war

UN lauds Iran’s refugee settlement program

On Wednesday,  Sivanka Dhanapala, Sri Lankan diplomat and head of the United Nations high commissioner for refugees in Tehran, lauded Iran for its exemplary refugee settlement program which has welcomed millions of Afghans displaced by decades of US and NATO backed war and occupation.

In a world where you have multiple bad stories about hosting refugees, I think Iran is really a good news story. It’s a story that’s not told often enough,” said Sivanka Dhanapala.

The leadership demonstrated by the Iranian government has been exemplary in hosting refugees and keeping borders open,” he added.

His remarks came on the same day a Hawaii federal judge blocked a second attempt by the pro-Israel anti-Muslim Trump administration (Steve Brannon, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo, Gen.  Mattis, Gen. John Kelly, etc.) to ban Muslim refugees and travelers from entering the United States.

On February 3, 2017, John Spritzler debunked the anti-Muslim propaganda by the pro-Israel Zionist pigs.

A majority of Americans support Trump’s recent travel ban Muslims from seven Muslim majority countries because since 9/11 there has been an intense BI-PARTISAN effort to make Americans fear Muslims, using lies and manipulation. The Big Lie was that 9/11 was done by “19 Muslims” when in fact it was an inside job designed to make us fear Muslims. Even before 9/11 the US ruling class supported Israel’s violent ethnic cleansing of non-Jews (Palestinians, who are mainly Muslims) from more than 78% of Palestine. There is absolutely no moral justification for this ethnic cleansing whatsoever. Its purpose is to force the Palestinians to resist the ethnic cleansing so that they can then be falsely portrayed in the West as evil antisemitic and anti-American Muslim terrorists,” wrote John Spritzler.

We’ve also worked with the government on incorporating refugees into a government-sponsored health insurance scheme which is a ground-breaking development not just for Iran but globally for refugees,” Dhanapala said.

He also praised a 2015 directive from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei which called on education administrators to allow all Afghan children, documented or not, to attend Iranian schools.

Islamic Republic has been a generous host for more than 3 million Afghan refugees as result of invasion and occupation of Red Army followed by US-NATO invasion and occupation. There are still over one million Afghan refugees being taken care by Iranian government and local charities. In addition to Afghan refugees, tens of thousands displaced people from wars in Iraq, Syria, and Bosnia took refuge in Iran. Tehran has refused to accept aid from the US and EU governments or NGOs for the refugees.

The office of the UNHCR was established by the UN General Assembly in 1950.

The UN has reported that 40,791 Afghans sought asylum in Europe in 2016, though most of those will likely be deported back to Afghanistan as the rising tide of Islamophobia pushes even the most liberal government towards increasingly xenophobic policies.

On Thursday, the organized Jewry mourned the defeat of pro-Israel anti-Muslim Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom in Netherlands elections. Last year, Wilders was investigated for his close ties with Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Europe’s anti-Muslim individuals, political parties and organizations have long realized that the best way to hide their racism is to support the Zionist entity.

Turkey Begs Russia For S-400 Systems, Promises Not to Give Them to NATO, but can Erdogan Be Trusted?

Turkey Begs Russia For S-400 Systems, Promises Not to Give Them to NATO

Seems a bit risky to us

We reported earlier this week that Ankara is interested in a kebab-for weapons deal with Russia.

Yes, we are incorrigible — but we weren’t straying too far from the facts: Turkey is seeking a Russian load to buy Russian weapons, including S-400 anti-air systems.

Oddly enough, Moscow seems open to the idea. We can only hope that there is a very good reason for this — perhaps it’s part of behind-the-scenes negotiations about Syria or even a token of goodwill to sweeten the Turk Stream deal.

The obvious problem though is that Russia would be selling some of its most advanced military hardware to a NATO member. Which begs the question: Isn’t that a bit … risky?


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Probably. And apparently Turkey appreciates why this could be a concern for Moscow.

As TASS reports:

Turkey has no plans to integrate Russian-made S-400 long-range antiaircraft missile systems into the NATO structure, if they are purchased, Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik said on Thursday.

“The complexes that will be purchased won’t be integrated into the NATO system,” the defense minister was quoted by the TV Channel Haber 7 as saying.

Isik said on Wednesday there was progress in purchasing S-400 systems from Russia but the sides had not yet reached the stage of signing the agreement.


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We still say it’s a bad deal. But what do we know? Apparently nothing, according to Harvard University

Deranged Deputy NATO Commander, Adrian Bradshaw, Threatens War on Russia

By Stephen Lendman

Neocons infest Europe like Washington, eager for wars, deploring peace and stability, threatening humanity with their militancy.

Appearing on state-owned, operated and controlled BBC, deputy NATO commander General Adrian Bradshaw urged “a grand strategy” to counter a nonexistent Russian threat, including so-called “hybrid war.”

NATO Article 4 calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all. Collective self-defense is called for.

Attacking Russia could be the war to end all wars, humanity’s survival threatened like never before.

According to Bradshaw, invoking Article 5 is “a political decision, but it is not out of the question that aggression, blatant aggression, in a domain other than conventional warfare might be deemed” justifiable.

He lied, saying Putin may be trying to return Russia to the height of its power geopolitically. No evidence suggests it. Plenty refutes it.

Bradshaw sounds like a real-life deranged general Jack D. Ripper, Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove film character. Militant Russophobia in America and Europe risks unthinkable nuclear war.

“The West must respond by using all the tools at its disposal – economic, political, diplomatic (and) military – to deter (nonexistent) Russian aggression,” said Bradshaw.

He wants Article 5 broadened to include pretexts for war beyond an “armed attack.” No credible evidence suggests Russian cyberattacks on America or other NATO countries.

Washington invents reasons for wars, pressuring other countries to support its aggression. Attacking Russia or China would be madness. Possible catastrophic nuclear war could follow.

A Final Comment

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump vowed to stop North Korea from testing ICBMs, indicating possible military action against its nuclear capability, along with replacing its government with a US puppet regime – naked aggression if he orders an attack, besides Washington’s illegal wars in multiple other theaters.

He called Pyongyang’s recent missile test “absolutely intolerable.” America, its NATO allies and Israel test their own super-weapons, intending them for offense.

Threatened by the West, North Korea needs a strong defense. Throughout its post-WW II history, it never attacked another country.

In June 1950, it responded defensively to Truman’s aggression, initially using South Korean forces as US proxies.

Attacking the DPRK today could be devastating for East Asia, potentially affecting far more than the Korean peninsula.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

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