Germany SITREP February 6th, by C.

February 07, 2017
Germany SITREP February 6th, by C.

In a sick twist, now that the Trump-bashing Steinmeier has been promoted from foreign minister to head of state, his former position goes to Sigmar Gabriel.

Who has insulted Trump even more gravely (as reported in my last sitrep).

Gabriel is a pathetic loser. Under his leadership the SPD has become a shadow of its former self. (In 1990 the SPD had close to a million members, today not even half that. Gabriel may not be the main culprit, but he certainly did nothing to reverse course.) In its current state the SPD is useless for everybody except for the higher ranking members of the party. Sandwiched between Merkel’s left-leaning CDU and the LINKE, the SPD’s only hope is that people who always voted SPD, will still vote SPD, probably mainly as a matter of habit.

So to get ready for the elections later this year the SPD has prepared as follows:

  • Steinmeier gets to be president of Germany and gives up his position as foreign minister.
  • Gabriel gets to be foreign minister (hopefully not for long) and gives up his current ministerial post and, more importantly, his position as party leader.
  • Schulz gets to be party leader of the SPD and candidate for this years election.

What a horrible move. As questionable as Steinmeier has been as foreign minister, replacing him with a bag of slowly composting, rotten potatoes would have been better than installing Gabriel. The former change might have gone unnoticed, but Gabriel will be noticed, and not for the better.

He summarised Steinmeier’s advice for him as : “Mach keinen Scheiß.” or “Don’t fuck up.”

What is he talking about? He already “fucked up” big time. If he had any sense of decency he would resign in shame and let people a take a turn, who have not already demonstrated their incompetence.

“Retire, write your memoirs, or something… But please get out of the way. It’s over for you. The Germans (which you partly insulted as “Pack”) do not respect you, your own party does not respect you, your fellow politicians do not respect you, and no one will respect you as a “German emissary”. Please spare yourself and Germany the embarrassment of being her foreign secretary.”

The best part of this story is that the SPD replaced Gabriel with Schultz.

This will look good for a couple of weeks at most. I see no way this can still look good this autumn, when people vote. But admittedly for now it looks pretty good.

All elections in Europe this year will mainly be about “Pro-One-World-Order” or “Against-One-World-Order”. Or “more EU power, more centralisation” versus “less EU power, more regional independence”. And there is no doubt where the people of the world and the EU lean.

The EU is already history and can only be saved by dictatorial violence for some time. And the SPD in Germany elects the one person that symbolises the party’s submission to this hated institution more than anyone else…

Gabriel is just incompetent but Schulz symbolises the EU-devil. This campaign will, I hope, end very badly for the SPD.

Like most established parties the SPD should listen to the people who could potentially vote for them, but instead they ridicule them. They should be agents of the people they represent, instead they try to force whatever they want on people and belittle them when they dare disagree. Here is SPD’s Ralf “Pöbel Ralle” Stegner:

from 0:09


I would like to try to show the panel what they look like from down here to the common people (1). On the one hand we hear that Germany is a democracy, a free nation under the rule of law. It is not OK to claim that you are the only one fit to represent others (2). And still Stegner says “They (AFD) do not belong up there, no matter what the people think. That is verbatim what you said less than an hour ago.

That leaves me wondering: How democratic is such a position? And how is it acceptable in a democracy that the political parties polarize to such an extreme, with all the negative consequences this entails? It must be possible that even a major party (3) has enough respect for a new up-and-coming party. That they at least acknowledge that they made mistakes. Otherwise this movement would not even exist. In this context I need to mention that since your policies are ignoring European asylum laws by decree, and accusing all critics of the current refugee policies as inhuman (4), it comes as no surprise that people who think for themselves, Mr. Stegner, even if they are not part of the parliament, say: “That is not true. Yes, we want to help, but this should have been done differently.” In this case law and order have been eliminated. Mrs. Merkel said: “I know the way, I’m going there, and who ever dares criticise me is an indecent person.” And the populace stands up to this, that is the situation.

– Moderator gives Stegner the word –


Stegner (2:06):

As long as a party has not been outlawed, it can nominate candidates for parliamentary elections. So far, so good…  But I see no reason whatsoever, for a party like the SPD, with core values like freedom, justice and solidarity, to engage with people who agitate against foreigners, who promote intolerance, who tolerate anti-semitism, and many more such things. With such a party my party will not cooperate. Say whatever you will, and even if you have 20 percent, which I find sad… Luckily in most German states 80% give their vote to other parties, that is also part of the truth. (6)  That you get a lot of attention and that you manage, in a country like Germany with a free press – spontaneous laughter in the audience – to talk of “Lügenpresse” … Yes we have a constitution in which the freedom of the press – I am not sure how you, for example (turns to the Swiss moderator), are “under the government’s boot”. In how far you are forced to do things against your will, it did not seem to me that way. Even thinking about “Lügenpresse” when certain things are reported shows that, sometimes we are dealing with lunatics. I would advise such people to seek medical treatment, I certainly do not have to work with them. They are voted into parliament, which is bad enough… But my party will fight them politically.

Good job, Ralle. That is how you win hearts and minds. Just keep on babbling incoherent bullshit, but make sure the people you talk to understand that you talk down to them. People love that. When you talk about “free press” and they laugh, they do not laugh at you… They laugh with you. “Ha, Ha.”

Funny stuff. Just next time: Don’t let it get to you that much. Keep your cool. You are a fraud and everybody (except for your 20 percent of fifty percent) knows it. For now all the others do is ask questions. Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy that while you still can.

But seriously: I think this moment of spontaneous laughter is very revealing. Much like this one:

 This kind of instinctive laughter probably tells you much more about what people think than interviewing them in a formal setting could, it comes from the collective gut.

Other News:

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***So Called “Humanitarian” NGOs Work Hand in Glove with Human Traffickers:



Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

Read the article, I should have linked to it earlier, sorry.

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***Law and Order in Germany:


A 39 year old convicted murderer, who already served his sentence, was accused of abusing his 25 year old girlfriend. He smuggled a blade into the courtroom from jail and assaulted the victim as she was getting ready to testify.

The victim’s attorney says he received death threats from the defendant’s brothers.

***More Law and Order in Germany – She had it coming:

Just look how provocatively she minds her own business. And isn’t a kick in the back of unsuspecting victims traditionally the hallmark of manliness?

***Let’s end on a funny note:

The Netherlands welcome Trump:

Thank you for your time.

Translation Notes:

  • German: “Ein Spiegelbild vorhalten” / English: “Show someone what they look like in a mirror” more or less
  • “Alleinvertretungsanspruch ist undemokratisch” – I do not know how to translate that better. If you have any ideas feel free to post them in the comments
  • “Volkspartei” means something like “relevant party of old”. Imagine e.g. new parties becoming more relevant in the US and the Democratic Party ending up with around 20% of the vote. That is when they might invoke their status as a “Volkspartei”. In Germany only SPD and CDU are usually referred to as “Volksparteien”. It’s a pretty silly concept.
  • “menschenverachtend”
  • Was ich bedaure”
  • That is very misleading. Most people in Germany do not vote at all. The “non-voters” have almost always been the biggest voter block, ever more so recently. Stegner should say: We are losing ground even among the indoctrinated idiots we took for granted. Only a little more than half the population believe in the game we call democracy, and of those almost 80% percent vote for “non-SPD-parties”.

The Winds of Change in the West

14-01-2017 | 08:23

The Winds of Change in the West

Darko Lazar

The influential liberal elites initially attempted to paint the outcome of last year’s US presidential race as proof of a functioning democratic political system.

Liberal ‘guru’ Francis Fukuyama wrote shortly after the election that, “Donald Trump’s impressive victory over Hillary Clinton on November 8 demonstrates that American democracy is still working in one important sense. Trump brilliantly succeeded in mobilizing a neglected and underrepresented slice of the electorate, the white working class, and pushed its agenda to the top of the country’s priorities.”

But today, the world is beginning to realize that Trump’s “impressive victory”, much like Britain’s decision to turn its back on the European Union, is part of a well-planned strategic shift by the west.

In both cases, the outcome is made to look like the result of ‘ordinary people’ taking to the ballot box and edging-out the competition.

And while this scenario may be possible, it is highly improbable.

The more likely scenario is that the two events – Trump’s victory and Brexit – are very much linked and are the result of deep schisms within the American and British political elites.

The grueling and merciless behind-the-scenes battles that unfolded during the race for the White House best exemplify these divisions. In that respect, Trump is not some lone warrior, but rather the face of one significant portion of the political elite in Washington, which had decided to abandon the liberal utopian agenda embodied by Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the US is undoubtedly in the process of creating its own Perestroika. As such, both Trump’s win and Britain’s exit from the EU represent a pragmatic and well-planned response to the crippling economic and political crisis plaguing the western world.

The era of global dominance ends

The western political establishment was always divided between the US [in a broader sense, the Anglo-Saxon world, which also includes Canada, Australia, and New Zealand] on one side, and the European Union [which includes European states with Germany playing the role of a hegemonic power] on the other. Although serious cracks between these two poles began to appear during Obama’s second term in office, their so-called unity was guaranteed through the mobilization of ‘western allies’ against ‘Russian imperialism’.

However, deeper schisms existed at the core of each individual pole: in the US, the division between conservatives and liberals, and in the EU, between those favoring and those opposing Atlanticism.

These divisions were further exacerbated by a deepening crisis in the west, resulting in the crumbling of political unity, and the unstoppable decline of western military and economic might.

In his article titled, ‘Toward a Global Realignment’, Zbigniew Brzezinski argues that the US “is no longer the globally imperial power.”

“As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture,” the former US National Security Adviser writes.

In other words, Brzezinski asserts that the best Washington can hope for is to preserve its advantage over its rivals, but not its position of a global hegemon.

Time is running out

The crises in Ukraine and Syria, which exposed the west’s weaknesses, the financial crisis, which came to the surface in 2008, and the endless wars against ‘terrorism’ are the main contributors to imperial ‘overstrain’.

Under such conditions, the fall of the last modern empire becomes only a question of when, rather than if.

Time is running out for Washington to make a radical policy U-turn and abandon the project of liberal utopianism.

Deep divisions in the US involving politics, class, race and ethnicity became evident even during George W. Bush’s second term. Since then, racially motivated violence has exploded across the country.

During the same period, the crisis deepened on the other side of the Atlantic. The influx of migrants only added fuel to the fire, raising suspicions that it was part of another project of the liberal elite, designed to turn Europe into a ‘multicultural utopian society’.

Thus, the EU has not only seized to be an attractive model, but the future of its very existence has come into question. Today the potential disintegration of this bloc can be predicted with a great deal of certainty.

The opinion columnist for the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer, recently proclaimed that, “the European Union, the largest democratic club on Earth, could itself soon break up as Brexit-like movements spread across the continent.”

In his piece titled, ‘After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over’, Krauthammer writes, “the autocracies are back and rising; democracy is on the defensive; the U.S. is in retreat… The West is turning inward and going home, leaving the field to the rising authoritarians – Russia, China and Iran.”

This is a short but nevertheless accurate description of the geopolitical reality, as Donald Trump prepares to take office on January 20.

America’s Mikhail Gorbachev

During his ascent to the post of president, Trump enjoyed the discrete and firm support from segments of the American political and economic elite, as well as a handful of intelligence agencies.

Faced with the new realities of the 21st century, these are the segments of the American establishment that have decided to survive, salvaging the remnants of the old empire.

Trump’s first and most important assignment is the consolidation of a new and fledgling America.

In the case that he fails, Trump could very well inherit the role played by Mikhail Gorbachev during the demise of the Soviet Union, and be remembered as the ‘administrator’ overseeing the deconstruction of the western empire.

Source: Al-Ahed News


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Russian ‘Cyberattacking’ – When the Most Flagrant Lie Becomes the Truth

January 09, 2017

by Peter Koenig

RussiRussian ‘Cyberattacking’ – When the Most Flagrant Lie Becomes the Truthan ‘Hacking’ and tilting the American elections in favor of Donald Trump’s is one of the most flagrant lies the White House has thrown around the world. Yet, Mr. Obama is desperate to make the American people and the word believe it did actually happen. As Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, said some 70 years ago, and many before and after him, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”.

In a last-ditch effort, Mr. Obama ordered the nation’s top intelligence (sic) agencies to fabricate a 25-page report, ‘proving’ that Vladimir Putin himself directed a cyberattack ‘aiming at denying Hillary Clinton the Presidency’. Thus, stated by the New York Times, Washington’s key lie spreading mouthpiece – the ultimate untruth is hammered down. It actually contradicts these agencies – CIA, NSA, FBI et al – earlier declarations, saying there was no evidence of Russian hacking. Now they have to come forward with a testimony to the contrary, that Russia, under Mr. Putin’s command hacked the US to steal Hillary the election.

What a primitive sham, if there was ever one! An attempt at outright brainwashing US citizens and peoples around the world. There were much more sophisticated means at play than cyber-attacks, namely mind manipulation by a small British data analysis firm, called Cambridge Analytica, hired by Trump’s campaign team – not to hack – but to analyze specific target groups’ mind sets, specifically in swing states, to influence their votes by highly sophisticated and targeted propaganda, either in favor of Trump or against Hillary (see also

With so much power and authority, like those attributed to top intelligence agencies, proclaiming that President Putin directed cyberattacks against ‘fair and democratic US election’ – who would not believe it? – That’s heavy stuff. You would think that such agencies must have serious sources and made serious analyses to come unanimously to the same results: Russia is guilty. It makes you forget or at best confused in the light of their conclusion to the contrary before.

So, all the doubters around the globe – reset your thinking, the CIA says so – and they are most likely helped by their pal in crime, Mossad, but that nobody is supposed to know. Of course, it’s all baloney, as were previous assertions to this effect. But as it is repeated at nauseatum by Obama himself (what an authority!), by the MSM liar-in-chief, the NYT, and now confirmed by the most trustworthy intelligence agencies in the world, this monstrous lie is supposed to become the truth.

Let’s just pause for a moment. Who is talking? Consider this: In how many elections around the globe did the US interfere? – Including in Russia (unsuccessfully) in the 2012 Presidential elections. They are countless, from Europe, to Africa, to Asia, to Latin America. Consider all the US meddling in foreign ballots, and much worse – in ‘regime change’, and with ultimately killing the ‘inconvenient’ candidate. Democracy, what was left of it, has been gradually eviscerated throughout the world by Washington and its handlers.

No, Mr. Putin did not interfere in the US elections, not now, not ever. At best, he would have only smiled how the candidates jumped at each other’s throats like fighting cocks, to demolish one another.

What is the purpose behind this new slander? It is most likely three-fold. First, it attempts to destabilize the Trump camp. The President-elect should enter his Presidency – if he is allowed to – on 20 January, under a cloud of treason. He has always said, he would like to work peacefully with Russia as a partner not an enemy – which, under the ‘hacking’ circumstances is being looked at as treason, an act that could call for impeachment as of day one of his Presidency; and second, to once again demonize and denigrate Mr. Putin and Russia, thereby further increasing justification for continuing Cold War II and for unrelentingly encircling of Russia. Eventually, the world may be duped to the point that they welcome Washington starting WWIII. At least that’s the plan. The third world war within 100 years that would devastate, first Europe, as did the previous two, then the entire world. And third, this lie is casting a smokescreen over Hillary’s war crimes, e-mails – and the Clinton Foundation fraud.

Remember, Washington needs constant enemies to ratify constantly new wars and conflicts, a never-ending spiral, in order for its ailing, fatally sick economy to survive. Without war, the US dollar hegemony would collapse. Eventually it will. It’s just a question of how much longer the world buys the American lies and deceptions, and goes along with all the wars and mass- killings. An estimated 12 to 15 million people have been murdered since 9/11, either directly through US / NATO wars, or indirectly through US proxy, mercenary-led conflicts and interventions.

The Plan for a New American Century (PNAC), the design of which has started shortly after WWII by Washington’s Zionist-led think tanks (sic), the very same that make US foreign policy, is well alive and advancing. Initially called “Pax Americana” – an allegory to “Pax Romana”, portraying the 300 bloodiest years of the Roman Empire, in the early nineties, the plan was renamed to the less revealing PNAC. The objectives remain the same – Full Spectrum Dominance – no holds barred, killing and devastating without scruples whatever dares to stand in the way. That’s what’s happening today.

Russia and China, the two last serious vestiges for the Zionist-Anglo empire to succeed, stand in the way. So, they must be crushed. If this happens with Washington’s duped allies and vassals consent, all the better. Hence, the ever more flagrant lies and demonization of Washington-made enemies. This is typical for a collapsing hegemon.

Then, there is another phenomenon complicating matters. As already pointed out before by Michel Chossudovsky, The Saker, and others, the Deep State, those who pull the strings on leaders around the globe, is divided. These elusive elitists don’t pull on the same string. There are those leaning towards the lucrative war industry in support of Hillary-type neocon ideologues, the ones who want to dominate by sheer force, where massive slaughter is but a by-product; and then, there are those favoring the subtler dominance by Zionist-US-led banking, using the fraudulent dollar-based monetary system to subdue countries and entire continents by debt. The latter seems to be more Mr. Trump’s business style, using the world for wheeling and dealing in order to make America Great again, and foremost, to keep Donald Trump’s own riches flourishing. His various Wall Street appointments for key cabinet and advisory positions seem to lean in that direction.

The war monger strategists have hired the old hand in war crimes, Henry Kissinger, to advise Trump on dividing to conquer. One of the first rather primitive deeds would be breaking the Russia-China coalition to weaken the powerful eastern alliance, SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), as well as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), making them and their satellite nations more vulnerable to military aggressions – and also to prevent them from veering off the dollar course. No doubt, neither Mr. Putin, or Mr. Xi will fall for this ploy.

Did Mr. Trump buy the soaped-up lie on Russian ‘hacking’ by the ‘intelligence agencies’? – Though he apparently did say, he would reconsider, it is highly doubtful that he would swallow this toxic bait. Even if he wants to run the United States like a business, rather than a peoples’ democracy, he needs Russia and China, as partners, not as enemies. The vessel of economic and military power is turning, gradually but steadily and without fail, from the West to the East. The New Future over the next perhaps several hundred years is in the East. Just think of the monumental New Silk Road, also called the OBOR – One Belt, One Road, initiated by China’s President Xi Jinping. It has already been launched and includes massive transportation, infrastructure, industrial and high-tech research and development investments, creating millions of jobs – and will very likely prosper under a new dollar-delinked monetary system, based on true socioeconomic output of the region. Alliances may form and become partners, if they so choose. – Mr. Trump knows it.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media, TeleSUR, TruePublica, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

George Soros joke: Trump threatens the New World Order




Billionaire globalist George Soros has penned a panicked rant in which he decries President-elect Donald Trump as a “would be dictator” who threatens the future of the new world order.

In an article for Project Syndicate, Soros begins by mentioning how he lived under both Nazi and then Soviet rule in Hungary before asserting that “various forms of closed societies – from fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise”.

This claim is confounded by the facts, which show that, “The share of the world population living in democracies (has) increased continuously.”

Soros writes that in voting for Trump, Americans “elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president,” and that his defeat of Hillary Clinton means America will be “unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world” (because that policy worked so well in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya).

Soros also slams Trump’s new cabinet as containing nothing other than “incompetent extremists” and “retired generals.”

Explaining how he supports the European Union because it is a successful attempt at “social engineering,” Soros laments the fact that the body has become “increasingly dysfunctional” and its disintegration has been accelerated, “first from Brexit, then from the election of Trump in the US, and on December 4 from Italian voters’ rejection, by a wide margin, of constitutional reforms.”

Soros also bemoans Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged undue influence during the presidential election.

“At first, he tried to control social media. Then, in a brilliant move, he exploited social media companies’ business model to spread misinformation and fake news, disorienting electorates and destabilizing democracies. That is how he helped Trump get elected,” writes Soros.

Soros says Putin “felt threatened by ‘color revolutions’ in Georgia, Ukraine, and elsewhere,” without mentioning that Soros himself played a key role in bankrolling these contrived uprisings, as well as the color revolution being fomented against Trump.

The irony of an ultra-rich elitist who has bankrolled the overthrow of innumerable governments insisting he cares about “democracy” and the will of the people is particularly rich.

The whole tone of the piece is clearly fraught with concern that the populist movement sweeping the west poses a direct threat to the plutocratic new world order that Soros has spent his entire life helping to build.

He concludes by warning that “the EU is on the verge of breakdown” due to stagnant economic growth and the out of control refugee crisis (that Soros himself again helped create in the first place as a way to obtain political power).


by Paul Joseph Watson
Newstarget from Infowars
Submitted by Lone Bear
War Press Info Network at :

Who is Donald Trump? Why the US Globalist Elites Dread President-Elect Donald Trump

Fearing He’ll Lead People to Revolt against New World Order

Global Research, November 09, 2016

This article was first published in March 2016 under the title

Ruling Elite Grows Desperate to Destroy Trump’s Presidential Bid

In the wake of the November 8 elections, it is important to reflect upon the prospects of a Trump presidency

*      *      *

This presentation examines why the globalists dread Trump as president. Like every human, Trump possesses his share of petty flaws and weaknesses. But the wave of exaggerated dispersions and insults slung on him say more about the slingers than about Trump. With this piece I’m neither advocating nor endorsing Donald Trump for president. Its aim is to simply examine the extreme reactivity coming from the elite to desperately plant another puppet as president fearing that an outsider of the Trump order could lead to a national uprising and revolt against globalism’s tyranny. Thus, it’s of critical importance for the American electorate to not be blindsided by the over-the-top cheating and nefarious barrage of subversive tactics being executed at the feverish, frenzied pace as we head toward home stretch to Election Day. 

Donald Trump is no saint. He was born with a silver spoon to a real estate developer father. He has enriched himself engaging in high profile real estate deals in New York and Atlantic City, and by the very nature of his profession as a real estate tycoon owning casinos, he has allegedly been involved in some shady deals.  

How much of his past will be investigated and uncovered in the coming weeks and months as he closes in on a possible GOP nomination for president remains to be seen.

Forget all the labels… Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, left, right. In 21st century American politics, they’re all totally non-relevant, meaningless sleight of hand, divide and rule weapons used by a handful of controlling families who’ve owned this planet for centuries with Europe’s Rothschilds and America’s Rockefellers most readily coming to mind. These ideological tags and labels have been an extremely effective means of neutralizing any and all potential threats from ever uniting to challenge or oppose the status quo power monopoly maintaining absolute control over planet earth increasingly during this last century. During the Great Depression nearly a century ago the globalist bankster J.P. Morgan boasted:

When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of [crony] capitalism to govern the world.  By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us.

Like the Democrats and Republicans forever squabbling to get nothing done in Congress as passable legislation that actually benefits the American people and not the special interests they’re beholding to. Since the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision six years ago, every powerful lobby group like AIPAC or every billionaire globalist can legally bribe politicians with unlimited campaign donations to vote according to their personal interests rather than the interests of the voting constituents. The Princeton-Northwestern study a couple years ago made it official, confirming that the United States federal government operates as an oligarchy, no longer the democratic republic historically taught in Civics 101.

The last US president that seriously threatened the ruling elite’s status quo was John F. Kennedy and Washington insiders within the shadowy government elite assassinated him and ever since have been firmly in control of America. But the turning point for the elite actually arrived exactly a half century earlier than 1963 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act, followed eight years later by the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the raw power driving the aggressively imperialistic US foreign policy. Virtually every president over the last century has either been a blue blood Anglo-elitist CFR man, a Yale Skull and Bones-er or high degree Freemason, and if the president wasn’t any of the above, you can bet the vast majority of his key cabinet posts were filled with these elitist members especially heading the Defense, the Treasury and State Departments.

A covert group of shadowy figures have virtually owned the US government for a very long time. We just know more about them now than ever before as the elite’s designated handlers of America’s top elected leaders. The elite’s favored candidate for president this year Hillary Clinton (with Bill and Chelsea CFR members) unabashedly disclosed who she receives her marching orders from when she addressed the CFR fresh off its second branch office opening in Washington in 2009 after founding member the Rockefellers had donated the land and building to the CFR in 1921 as its original New York headquarters. Here are Hillary’s exact words:

I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mothership in New York City. But it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as hard a go to be told what we should be doing, and how we should think about the future.

But business as usual amongst the most powerful people on earth appear to be seriously disrupted should anyone but Hillary become the next US president. This year’s meteoric rise of populist presidential candidate Donald Trump as the eccentric, unpredictable, cantankerous outsider as of late graphically illustrates the desperate dynamics currently in play threatening to potentially derail the globalist New World Disorder agenda. Recent news events nakedly reveal the elite’s lowdown subversions to defame and undermine Donald Trump’s increasing popularity amongst the American disenfranchised have-nots. Regardless of his enormously vain ego, vitriolic remarks and ambitious thirst for fame and power, Trump poses a serious threat to the current power broking neocons entrenched in DC as the elite’s chosen puppets fast implementing its design for one world government tyranny.

Because Trump’s run for presidency in 2012 was viewed as laughable political theater that abruptly went nowhere, his candidacy this year was customarily dismissed by elitists as yet more court jester buffoonery, totally miscalculating Trump’s potential surge to steal their thunder. With Super Tuesday’s results now in, Trump the jester is Trump the most probable Republican nominee inasmuch as he’s on pace to legitimately capture enough party delegates to numerically secure the nomination prior to the convention just four months away. NYT has him with 673 delegates to Cruz’ 410.

 Meanwhile for the first time, Economist/YouGov Poll indicates the majority of Republican Americans at 53% now favor Trump over any other elitist club GOP candidate. The latest poll out of New York state has Trump winning 65% of New York Republicans’ support to Cruz’ 12%. Like no other presidential contender or front-running party favorite in modern history, Donald Trump singlehandedly threatens to create such havoc within the plutocratic existing global order that those at the top of the power pyramid will literally stop at nothing to remove him from wrecking their long plotted prize of a one world government.

So in the face of this “crisis,” what does the Republican Party establishment do? They bring their 2012 loser Mitt Romney out of moth balls to throw dirt in Trump’s face… pretty impotent response that if anything, will only increase Trump support. Yet no doubt Mitt will be hoping and waiting from the wings of the convention as their go-to loser again.

 Trump’s populist candidacy is acting as a catalyst driving the rapid changing dynamics of the American population that for decades has been lulled asleep allowing the dark forces in power to deceptively enslave them. Trump has brought more people to register and vote in the state primaries than any other candidate in modern times. A Pew Research Center poll surveying the first dozen state primaries show that near twice as many Republican voters are participating than did four years ago. But prior to delving further into the desperado, “stop-Trump-at-all-cost” measures the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are now conjuring up, a brief look at where American citizens are currently at shapes what may unfold in coming months.

Clearly US citizens who are too often the last to know are starting to wake up from their stupefied doldrums and dumbed down ignorance. Results from another revealing poll released earlier this year found that for the second year in a row, Americans view their own federal government as their biggest problem, not the flatlined economy, unemployment, immigration or terrorism. Four out of five Americans feels “angry or frustrated” toward their government that increasingly views its own citizens as potential terrorists and extremist threats in its lockdown of our freedoms. Two decades ago most US citizens saw the feds as a friend, not an enemy. But as we move deeper into the twenty-first century, those numbers have largely reversed, especially amongst Independents and Republicans. 76% of Americans accurately believe that Washington’s run by a few big special interests strictly out for themselves rather than for the benefit of all people. In other words, Abraham Lincoln’s “of the people, by the people, for the people” long embedded as a defining principle of our democracy, did in fact “perish from the Earth,” by PNAC design right after the Mossad-neocons’ inside job of 9/11 .

People from not just the US but all Western countries are becoming increasingly fed up and angry with their federal governments, more aware of how they’ve insidiously encroached and stolen our privacy and freedoms and clearly do not represent our interests. In last weekend’s state elections German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a furious thrashing from her voting public after she’d welcomed with open arms over a million refugees into Germany. Increasingly the masses are waking up to the cold hard reality that their governments have been hijacked by treasonous puppets handpicked by the ruling elite and that national elections merely serve the deceitful purpose of offering the voting public an “illusion” of choice.

Trump’s appeal is tapping into this deepening divide between citizens and their oppressively dishonest and secretive government. Working class white males are his prototypical supporter, angry over feeling pushed around and disenfranchised by a government that doesn’t give a shit about them. The Trump campaign promise to make America great again and calling the political system broken due to selling out to special interests resonates with a growing number of Americans who believe Obama and Clinton have sold America out to foreign interests and the ruling elite.

Big business and big government are ruining the nation, and Trump’s volatile thunder is outcompeting the usual fluff and distraction fare that normally consumes the apathetic apolitical public. Even the latest antics of the Kardashian family, recent modern gladiator-big sports events and mesmerizing appeal of the latest electronic gadgetry the elite constantly serves up to preoccupy, hypnotize and otherwise deceive the dumbed down masses from paying attention to disturbing, elite orchestrated world events and machinations are no longer working as they always have in the past.

Meanwhile, instead of investing in the well-being of their own people living in Western nations, the elite has willfully destroyed the middle class, shrinking it to no longer be the majority population in America and refusing to maintain US infrastructure of highways and bridges as they literally crumble apart. Once the wealthiest city in the nation with its auto making empire, Detroit is another prime example of crumbling metropolitan infrastructure left to decay in apocalyptic ruin. With last year’s headlines Detroit’s water as a universal right denied its citizens for months at a time and this year nearby Flint’s foul brown water forsaking human health of poor Americans, these disgraceful tragedies are the story of modern America.  The globalists have willfully chosen to destroy America’s once vibrant, robust manufacturing sector that supported the world’s largest thriving middle class.

And now just as their climate change hoax with its global carbon tax presently being codified into UN law gains momentum towards global governance as a final step to formalized one world government, the elite’s uninterrupted programmed brainwashing and unobstructed, accelerated planetary destruction suddenly finds itself in serious jeopardy if an unruly, potentially uncontrollable outsider like Donald Trump gets elected as the visibly most powerful man in the world.

In recent weeks we’ve been witnessing an unheard of stampeding backlash of desperate name-calling, slings and arrows, all blatant, over-the-top attempts to assassinate Trump’s character, subdue, smear and silence his campaign, and even go so far as to plant the seed to assassinate him. A few weeks ago after New York Times columnist Ross Douthat in a tweet joked about how Trump’s campaign will end, both alternative and mainstream media had a field day reacting and speculating over whether Donald Trump will become a KIA (killed in action) while running for president of the United States.

Before he’s ever held an elected office, an ABC op-ed written by Australian John Keane is already calling the Donald a “demagogue and threat to American democracy.” The only threat to our so called democracy already killed it, and that’s oligarchy, something that one of six oligarch owned mega-media corps like ABC imparting its own biased, elitist special interest propaganda knows all about. The article drives home the common theme blaming Trump the candidate for violence displayed by the elitist Soros’ hired “brown shirts” as a staged setup that’s designed to then elicit demands to remove Trump’s candidacy and then suggests almost as wishful thinking the all too familiar assassination theme:

If the elimination of the same candidate for high office happened illegitimately, for instance by means of assassination – a disturbing but not an unrealistic possibility in a country riddled with guns and a history of political violence – would this produce equally polarising effects that kill off the give-and-take ethic of elections, perhaps even pushing the whole country down the path of un-governability, towards law-and-order rule?

See how the line of thinking goes? It’s not only sewing the seed but suggesting authoritarian control must be summoned to quell the coming unrest. This endgame scenario is exactly what the globalists are intentionally provoking and been preparing for a long time. ABC as part of the elite is engaging in more demonizing of the enemy as the pretext for increasing absolute tyrannical control… be it against Putin, Assad, Trump or violent Americans. Finally the author speaks in terms of how the elite’s choice Hillary should deal with “taming the devils of demagogic power.” This is how the MSM brainwash is spun in subtle and not so subtle ways 24/7.

The current and two former Mexican presidents have called Trump “the next Hitler,” perhaps the ultimate name in demonology. Longtime historian James Thurber whose expertise is American presidents says that such vehement reactions from foreign leaders against a candidate still in the primary season are unprecedented. Trump’s statements calling for a wall to be built at the Mexican border (despite the fact one already exists for miles in some places and that this sentiment is nothing new), after Obama’s two term open border policy allowing any and all undocumented illegal aliens, including criminals and terrorists, to freely swarm across the border (not unlike the unvetted MENA refugees coming into both Europe and America), many US citizens feel exactly the same way as Trump. And it doesn’t make anyone a racist to simply want the immigration laws already on the books to be practiced and enforced.

Trump is going for rhetorical overkill demanding the border wall be paid by Mexico, justifying it by citing the $58 billion trade deficit and subsidies Mexico receives. The trade deficits to China and Japan also provide trade war cannonball fodder meant to even up the trade ratio. Trump’s mission to balance the trade deficits includes offering incentives to US companies to return home, supply US jobs and increase US export products. With systemic offshore tax evasion and slave labor abroad driving the corporate profit motive, transnationals will stay short on loyalty to either the US or its people. But disenfranchised Americans like what they hear in Trump’s promise to “make America great again,” the same way that their “hope” was temporarily propped up by Obama until he got elected in 2008.

Indeed leaders from a host of other nations around the world have also expressed their upset toward the presidential frontrunner for what they regard as his racist views, among them Canada, Ireland, Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Of course these Trump critics are members of the same governments that per their globalists’ “multiculturalism” agenda have welcomed over a million refugees that are now overloading the system and potentially destroying Europe. And Israel and Saudi Arabia as the very home of Wahhabi terrorism, they’re about the only nations refusing to take in any refugees except for terrorists as two of the biggest supporters for both terrorism and the wars that created the migration crisis in the first place. And Turkey’s provided the terrorist safe haven and training ground. So in view of the harm that their policies have caused, none of them should have anything to say about Trump.

China’s party controlled Global Times chimed in, “The rise of a racist in the US political arena worries the whole world,” adding how the West electing leaders brought the likes of Mussolini and Hitler to power. This cheap shot comes in retaliation for Trump stating that he wants to start levying tariffs on China’s exported goods to America. The Communist Party leaders and state run media are having a good laugh at the “racist buffoon’s” expense, gloating how democracy doesn’t work. On another level, China should welcome a TPP-buster to the White House since the main thrust of that 12-nation Pacific trade agreement was designed to isolate and punish China by explicitly omitting it from membership. Trump has declared himself a nationalist vehemently opposed to all the globalist trade agreements like NAFTA and the latest TPP and TTIP that are the final nail in the coffin to America’s national sovereignty. He knows they’ve taken away countless American jobs and has promised to undue them all if elected.

Even the globalist pope who pushed the climate change and global governance agenda slammed Trump last month insinuating he was “not Christian” for Trump’s tough talk on immigration and wall building. Pope Francis supports the globalist agenda of mass migration regardless of negative consequences it’s currently causing in Europe wedging a racial-religious divide that could also financially break the EU bank. When Trump got word about the pope’s criticism, he said it’s “disgraceful” a religious leader would make such a comment, quickly pointing out the hypocrisy that the Vatican City has a wall around it – built to keep the Muslims out. A day later the Vatican spokesman became the pope’s apologist clarifying that the pope was not personally attacking Trump but was simply reacting to what he’d been told. Trump figured aloud that while Francis was visiting Mexico he’d been unduly influenced by Trump bashing for his “let’s build a wall” in a case of tit for tat.

Earlier this month it was 60 national security experts’ turn to take their licks against the Republican frontrunner. In a highly publicized open letter with chicken hawk and ISIS terrorist fraternizer John McCain, they all warned America that Trump would “diminish our standing in the world,” “making us far less safe.” Overflowing with fearmongering scare tactics, in their letter condemning Trump was found among the 60 signatures that of globalist Michael Chertoff’s, former head of Homeland Security. As an attorney prior to 9/11 Chertoff once legally represented a terrorist arms smuggler while heading a Bush commission on terrorist financing. This is also the same man who while in charge of Homeland Security also owned the company that won the bid to radiate you and me every time we pass through TSA airport security checkpoints and the mastermind of the underwear bomber false flag at the Detroit airport on Christmas Day. Turns out the young Nigerian Muslim wannabe terrorist was carrying out his patsy role wearing nonexplosive underwear meant to be caught as a CIA staged publicity stunt just to scare Americans into worrying about flying terrorists again timed perfectly so Chertoff could make his deal selling his airport X-ray machines to every airport in the world – all in a day’s work.

Speaking of work, it turns out that the NSA director Michael Hayden who just happened to let 9/11 occur under his watch of course also signed the attack Trump letter, he and Chertoff are now partners raking in big profits cashing in on their standup job as treasonous 9/11 conspirators peddling of all things a security consultant business. Hayden told the press that the CIA director could ignore Trump’s torture statement because “it’s against the law.” Back when General Hayden was CIA director (2006-2009) under the Bush regime, it was against the law then too. But Obama not only looked the other way and let Hayden and his CIA torturers walk free for their crimes, per whistleblower John Kiriakou, Obama only continued the torture practice after signing an executive order making it unlawful on paper only, not unlike he’s kind of going after the terrorists but in words only. So all the criminals went free but Kiriakou who let the world know about the torture and did two and a half years in federal prison for his good behavior courageously and morally trying to stop it. With that kind of miscarriage of justice operating every day in our crime cabal government, you can see that all these anti-Trump war “experts,” are nothing but bumbling war criminals and convictable traitors who have yet to be held accountable for their heinous war crimes, much less possess even a smidgen of any credibility. But here’s Donald’s response to General Hayden’s swipe:

I’ll tell you how good our military is doing under Michael Hayden and people such as this. We’ve been fighting wars in the Middle East for 15 years, 18 years… for four or five trillion dollars, we don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t know who we’re fighting, we’re arming people that we want on our side, we don’t know who they are. When they take over a country they’re worse than people they depose. Give me a break!

America is unable to make an understanding with Russia for a reason other than Syria أميركا عاجزة عن التفاهم مع روسيا لسبب غير سورية

 Written by Nasser Kandil,

The agreement of recycling the plutonium has emerged to lead the international scene and to reveal the mysteries of the Russian American dispute which is deepest than the issues of the regional policies, this dispute was the center of the real search between the Russian and the US experts in Geneva for four months, while the observers wonder about the essence of this exhausting work for a negotiation that required thousands of working hours of tens of experts, and related to mapping and putting goals to distinguish them between goals that must be neutralized and legitimate goals. Thus the Russia Minister of Defense revealed before the collapse of the truce in Syria that what Moscow has been given from Washington were mere general existing attainable tables that do not serve to be a basis for the military anticipated cooperation between the two greatest countries in the world.

Clearly, when we talk about military experts, we mean experts who belong to the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, but the surprising here is that what they are reaching to is a subject of announced criticisms by the Pentagon. In the negotiations of the experts the US Department of State is no more than a partner sponsor in creating positive political backgrounds, while the contents of the understandings are put by the military as long as they are military affairs. We understand after the outbreak of plutonium crisis what was happening in Geneva, what was disabled, and regarding what did the objections of Pentagon address, and how were the confrontation and the cooperation in Syria a mirror of the ability and the inability of applying the nuclear understandings of Geneva farer than the Syrian issue. The speech of the US Secretary of State John Kerry leaked from the New York Times clarifies that the Pentagon is not from the advocates of the military intervention and that the Congress will not grant an authorization for this intervention, but the US Department of State is the resentful party from the content of the understanding about Syria which Kerry does not hide that it is the best possible, he says that he knows that this understanding will not grant for the opponents of the Syrian President more than an opportunity to participate in a government under his constitutional presidency and competing him in the coming elections under international guarantees. He resolves that neither the war on Hezbollah nor targeting the Syrian army is possible.

At the climax of the escalation which seems apparently about Syria, and leaving every bilateral search about the understanding undecided by the White House, the Washington Post published a hypothesis of attacking the units of the Syrian army by the US aircrafts, but the White House responded immediately that this is not possible. Moscow announced that it granted the Syrian army with missiles’ networks S300 but the Americans just send a message of admonishment. And at the climax of the escalation, is it possible to imagine the talk about the intentions of a war that needs a lot of money that no one can fund it as how Saudi Arabia does, while Washington through its decision-making institutions and through the support of the two rival candidates for presidency blocks the Saudi deposits exposing its ally which stands behind every escalation and which encourages every involvement to fall into bankruptcy. All the US lawmakers and all the politicians know that the talk is revolving about a law, and that each law which is into effect is leading to rights that become required from the country and its public money, if the country retreats of this law and modifies it essentially in a way that affects these rights, for example if a country legitimizes to give the right of building additional floor for each one who possesses a building of ten floors and less, and then it decides to retreat, then every beneficiary who has that right can ask a compensation from the country that is equal to their assumed gains from the legislation which gave them this right, so how if the matter associates with the right of litigation and relates to material and human losses as the case of those affected by the events of the eleventh of September 2001.

It is clear that to the extent when America retrogrades to itself and becomes an American not universal, as what meant by when the presidential candidate of the traditional US war party becomes the Republican Party which is represented by Donald Trump who reaches to the limit of restricting the foreign policy with reconsidering the foreign trade agreements, starting from the Agreement of NAFTA with Mexico towards the understandings with Japan and China. He asks for imposing financial compensation for the political and the military positions which Washington offers to protect its allies. In return Washington seems to be withdrawn from the confrontations since it signed the nuclear understanding with Iran and after its foreign political equation has become based on mobilizing its position in the banking markets, in the diplomatic relations and in the Security Council as an indispensable need for every country that wants to normalize and to legitimize its institutions, then it is necessary to make a negotiation with Washington, if not today then tomorrow. And if the situation in Syria is not appropriate to bring the allies to the understanding signed with Moscow since it is not an America’s cause, then the context of the war will end either by convincing the allies, in this case Washington will save the understanding, or it will lead to the victories of the Syrian army that will require a negotiation with Washington to normalize and to legitimize the Syrian situation which will return to make an understanding with those who attended from the opposition for a government and elections and guarantees that allow the recognition of their results.

The issue then is something else, its center is Pentagon where the experts in it, work as employees in the companies of weapons industry, especially those which their financial figures reach to hundreds of billion dollars annually, which are related generally to the heavy missiles and nuclear industries, they are so-called strategic weapons. The field about which the negotiation was in Geneva and according to it was reached to an exhausting understanding. Washington escaped from the implementation by the pressure force of these companies which have disabled for the third time the application of the agreements of recycling the plutonium. The first was in 2000, the second was in 2010, and the third was in 2016 their content is to get rid of the amount of plutonium which is ready for the nuclear missiles industry that is equal to seventeen thousand missiles, which their non manufacturing and preparing leads to losses of hundreds of billion dollars. So the Pentagon has suggested the ratification on the agreement for the third time and left the schedule pending. Here is the importance of the speech of the Russian President Vladimir Putin “what is important is to implement in a clear date, not just the announcement of intentions that will be carried out after twenty or thirty years”.

In the light of a comprehensive ruling economic recession , the foreign policy becomes associated with modifying the agreements of the foreign trade, and the confiscation of the allies’ money and bribing the public opinion become an internal policy, furthermore the production of missiles that will not be used but just to satisfy the giant weapons companies becomes a defensive policy. This satirical image seems an exaggeration but the one who examines the US retrogression, the US confusion, and the manipulation with papers to make a Hollywood presence in politics, security and defense will know after the new US presidential mandate that America has become more American and less universal, and that America which we accustomed to it is no longer exist. So what Gonsalisa Rice has already said about the collapse of the Soviet Union can be applied today in the American case” When the great empires fall, they do not forecast you of the form and the date of their fall, as the flood and the earthquake, they just occur, and now it is falling”.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

ناصر قنديل
– ظهرت اتفاقية تدوير البلوتونيوم من خلف الستار لتتقدّم المشهد الدولي وتكشف خبايا الخلاف الروسي الأميركي الأشدّ عمقاً من قضايا السياسات الإقليمية، والذي كان محور البحث الحقيقي بين الخبراء الروس والأميركيين في جنيف لأربعة شهور، بينما المراقبون يتساءلون عن ماهية هذا العمل المضني لتفاوض يستدعي آلاف ساعات العمل لعشرات الخبراء، ويتصل برسم خرائط وتحميل أهداف وتلوينها، لتمييزها بين أهداف واجبة التحييد وأهداف مشروعة، ليكشف وزير الدفاع الروسي قبيل انهيار الهدنة في سورية عن أنّ ما تسلّمته موسكو من واشنطن ليس إلا جداول عامة موجودة بتناول الجميع ولا تصلح كأساس للتعاون العسكري المنتظر بين الدولتين الأعظم في العالم.

– الواضح عندما نتحدث عن خبراء عسكريين أنّ الحديث يدور حول خبراء ينتسبون إلى وزارة الدفاع الأميركية، البنتاغون. والمستغرب هنا أن يكون ما يصلون إليه موضوع انتقادات معلنة من البنتاغون. فوزارة الخارجية الأميركية في مفاوضات الخبراء ليست أكثر من راعٍ شريك في خلق مناخات سياسية إيجابية، أما مضامين التفاهمات فيضعها العسكر طالما هي في شؤون عسكرية، ونفهم مع اندلاع أزمة البلوتونيوم، ما الذي كان يجري في جنيف، وما الذي تعثر تطبيقه، وأين تصبّ اعتراضات البنتاغون، وكيف أنّ المواجهة والتعاون في سورية مرآة للقدرة والعجز عن تطبيق تفاهمات جنيف النووية، بما هو أبعد من المسألة السورية، حيث يوضح كلام وزير الخارجية الأميركي جون كيري المسرّب في «نيويورك تايمز»، أنّ البنتاغون ليس من دعاة التدخل العسكري، وأنّ الكونغرس ليس بوارد منح التفويض لهذا التدخل، وأنّ الخارجية هي الجهة الممتعضة من مضمون التفاهم حول سورية، الذي لا يخفي كيري أنه أفضل الممكن، ويقول إنه يعلم أنّ هذا التفاهم لا يتضمّن بالنسبة لمعارضي الرئيس السوري أكثر من فرصة المشاركة في حكومة تحت رئاسته الدستورية، ومنافسته في انتخابات مقبلة بضمانات دولية، ويحسم أن ليس وارداً الحرب على حزب الله، ولا استهداف الجيش السوري.

– في ذروة التصعيد الذي يبدو ظاهرياً حول سورية، وتعليق كلّ بحث ثنائي حول التفاهم من جانب البيت الأبيض، تنشر «واشنطن بوست» فرضية مهاجمة الطائرات الأميركية لوحدات للجيش السوري فيردّ البيت الأبيض فوراً بالقول انّ هذا غير وارد، وتعلن موسكو أنها زوّدت الجيش السوري بشبكات صواريخ «أس 300» فيكتفي الأميركيون برسالة عتب. وفي ذروة التصعيد هل يمكن تخيّل الحديث عن نيات حرب تحتاج أموالاً طائلة لا يوجد من يموّلها بمثل ما يمكن للسعودية أن تفعل، وتقدم واشنطن بكامل مؤسساتها الصانعة للقرار، وبدعم المرشحين المتنافسين على الرئاسة، على تجميد الودائع السعودية، معرّضة حليفها الواقف خلف كلّ تصعيد والمشجع لكلّ تورّط، للوقوع في الإفلاس، ويعلم كلّ المشرّعين الأميركيين وكلّ الساسة أنّ الحديث يدور عن قانون، وكلّ قانون يدخل حيّز التنفيذ ينشئ حقوقاً تصير مطلوبة من الدولة ومالها العام إذا تراجعت الدولة عن هذا القانون أو قامت بتعديله جوهرياً بما يصيب هذه الحقوق، فإذا شرّعت دولة لمنح حق البناء لطابق إضافي لكلّ من يملك مبنى من عشر طوابق وما دون مثلاً، وقرّرت التراجع، يصير لكلّ المستفيدين من هذا الحق مطالبة الدولة بالتعويض عن مقدار يعادل مكاسبهم المفترضة من التشريع الذي منحهم هذا الحق. فكيف عندما يتصل الأمر بحق تقاضٍ يتصل بخسائر مادية وبشرية متشعّبة كما هي حال المتضرّرين من أحداث الحادي عشر من ايلول عام 2001.

– الواضح أنه بالقدر الذي تنكفئ أميركا على ذاتها وتصير أميركية، وليست عالمية، كما يوحي معنى أن يصير المرشح الرئاسي لحزب الحرب الأميركي التقليدي، الحزب الجمهوري، هو دونالد ترامب، الذي يصل حدّ حصر السياسة الخارجية بإعادة النظر بالاتفاقيات التجارية الخارجية بدءاً من اتفاقية «نفتا» مع المكسيك وصولاً للتفاهمات مع اليابان والصين، ويطلب فرض بدل مالي للمواقف السياسية والعسكرية التي تقدّمها واشنطن لحماية حلفائها. وفي المقابل تبدو واشنطن في خط انسحابي من المواجهات، منذ وقعت التفاهم النووي مع إيران، وصارت معادلتها السياسية الخارجية تقوم على توظيف مكانتها في الأسواق المصرفية والعلاقات الدبلوماسية ومجلس الأمن، كحاجة لا غنى عنها لكلّ دولة تريد تطبيع وشرعنة مؤسساتها، وعندها لا بدّ من التفاوض مع واشنطن، فإنْ لم يكن اليوم فغداً، وإذا لم يكن الوضع في سورية مناسباً لجلب الحلفاء إلى التفاهم الموقع مع موسكو فهو ليس قضية أميركا، فسياق الحرب سينتهي إما إلى إقناع الحلفاء، وعندها تعوّم واشنطن التفاهم، أو سينتهي إلى انتصارات للجيش السوري، تستدعي تفاوضاً مع واشنطن لتطبيع وشرعنة وضع الدولة السورية التي ستعود للتفاهم بمن حضر من المعارضة لحكومة وانتخابات، وضمانات تتيح الاعتراف بنتائجها.

– القضية إذن في مكان آخر، ومحورها البنتاغون، وفي البنتاغون يشتغل الخبراء كموظفين عند شركات تصنيع السلاح، وخصوصا تلك التي تبلغ أرقامها المالية مئات مليارات الدولارات سنوياً، والتي تتصل عموماً بالصناعات الفضائية والنووية، وهي ما يسمّى بالسلاح الاستراتيجي، الميدان الذي كان التفاوض حوله في جنيف، وتمّ التوصل لتفاهم مضنٍ بصدده وتهرّبت واشنطن من التنفيذ، بقوة ضغط هذه الشركات، التي عطلت للمرة الثالثة تطبيق اتفاقيات تدوير البلوتونيوم، الأولى عام 2000 والثانية عام 2010 والثالثة عام 2016، ومضمونها التخلص من كمية من البلوتونيوم الجاهز لصناعة الصواريخ النووية يعادل سبعة عشر ألف صاروخ، يرتب عدم تصنيعها وتجهيزها خسائر بمئات مليارات الدولارات، ليقترح البنتاغون التصديق على الاتفاق للمرة الثالثة وترك الجدول الزمني معلقاً. وهنا أهمية كلام الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين، المهمّ التنفيذ في زمن واضح وليس الإعلان عن نيات ستنفذ بعد عشرين سنة أو ثلاثين سنة.

– في ظلّ ركود اقتصادي حاكم وشامل، تصير السياسة الخارجية مرتبطة بتعديل اتفاقيات التجارة الخارجية، وتصير مصادرة أموال الحلفاء ورشوة الرأي العام بها، سياسة داخلية، ويصير إنتاج صواريخ لن تستعمل لكنها ترضي شركات السلاح العملاقة هو السياسة الدفاعية، قد تبدو هذه الصورة الساخرة مبالغة، لكن من يدقق بالانكفاء الأميركي والارتباك الأميركي، والتلاعب بأوراق بهلوانية لصناعة حضور هوليودي في السياسة والأمن والدفاع، سيعرف بعد الولاية الرئاسية الأميركية الجديدة، أنّ أميركا باتت أكثر أميركية، أقلّ عالمية، وأنّ أميركا التي اعتدنا عليها لم تعد موجودة، وأنّ ما سبق وقالته غونداليسا رايس عن انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي، يصحّ اليوم في الحال الأميركية، «إنّ الإمبراطوريات الكبرى عندما تسقط لا تنبئك بشكل وموعد سقوطها، كما الطوفان والزلزال عندما يأتيان، إنها يقعان وحسب، وهي تسقط وحسب».


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War Propaganda: Syria’s Destruction by the Lies of the Western Media. “Washington will Never let Go, Their Target is World Hegemony”

Global Research, October 05, 2016

“Five million Syrian people have already been forced to leave their country. Now they are being scattered all over the Middle East: throughout Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey. Some have even gone as far as Europe, Canada and Chile.

How much more can one country endure?

And how can the rest of the world just stand by and watch as it is put through hell?

The answer is obvious:

the rest of the world does not know; it does not understand! The propaganda coming out of the Western mass media outlets and indoctrination-spreading institutions is so thorough, so professional, that to most of people all over the world everything related to Syria appears to be blurry, murky, and incredibly complex. President al-Assad is demonized on a daily basis. Heroic resistance is called the “regime’s brutal actions”, pro-western terror groups are described as “moderate opposition.”

This is what my good friend, Andre Vltchek, wrote in his recent piece about “Syria’s Heroic Fight Against Western Imperialism”. It is almost an understatement. Living in Europe, being exposed to the daily, hourly, horrifying barrage of abject lies, day-in-day-out, for weeks no end, is unbearable.

Europe, alias the West, has become infested with falsehoods, with thirst for profit and more gains and personal comfort, a hearth of egocentricity and disrespect for her brothers and sisters, let alone for the rest of the world – there is no equal on earth, other than the US of A, the Master of all Masters of crime and horror. Europe with its hundreds of years of colonization always was the chieftain of these ignoble attributes, but now, all scruples are gone; the veils are lifted. There is not even an iota of shame left.

Let’s face it, the six Anglo-American media giants that dominate the western world, can spend billions on propaganda. Money doesn’t matter. Money is made of thin air. Money for wars doesn’t matter either – it’s also made of thin air. It’s made by the dollar manufacturing machine, meaning the US private banking system. Today, 97% of all the money produced in the US is made by private banks in the form of debt, mostly by Wall Street. And the epitome of financial fraud throughout the globe is Goldman Sachs, the same GS that makes EU financial and monetary policy, through the European Central Bank which is headed by a former GS executive.

So the rest of the world, which is buying US debt as treasury bonds in their reserve coffers, is actually financing all the wars and the slandering of unbending nations, like Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela – and the list is growing every day, as people are resisting. Most of the propaganda is directed against the very nations that are held hostage by the western dollar-based casino scheme. To add a little caveat: It is all controlled by the Rothschild gang, in connivance with the Rockefellers and consortia of this world, as is the FED itself.

Syria’s fight is indeed heroic. She stands up tall and bold, while burying her hundreds of thousands of death, many of them women and children – the children who would be the future of Syria to rebuild their country. Now they are gone. They died miserable torturous deaths, by cluster bombs, phosphorous-laden missiles and poisonous sarin killer gas, provided to the terrorists by NATO, CIA and Mid-Eastern vassal allies. Others had to flee their homes, their country under the most horrible conditions of famine, disease, discrimination and violence. But the western MSM have brainwashed their public to believe it is the work of Bashar al-Assad, the legitimate President of Syria, who still enjoys close to 80% support of the Syrian population, with the help of Russia and, of course, as always, President Putin. It’s been said before but must be said again – we are in the midst of WWIII, but thanks to the number one diplomatic chess strategist, Vladimir Putin, we have so far been spared from a nuclear war.

Syria is not only fighting the most abhorrent weaponry the west invented to not just kill, but to cause tremendous suffering before death – and to cause for those who survive, generations of malformations and birth defects; generations of people who could not live normal lives, even if peace one day would return. Falluja in Iraq is just an example. Aleppo may become another such horrifying legacy, if not liberated soon by Syria’s and Russia’s armies.

When one sees the pictures of the war victims, or reality itself, the barbarism being committed in Syria and the Middle East, accompanied by the constant rumble of western lie-propaganda, day by day, there is no other option than to conclude that the west has ceased to be human. That process has started hundreds of years ago, by colonial exploitation, mass-murders, esclavisation, torture of literally the entire world by the West and its monotheist Judo-Christian religions. Just think of water-boarding and other diabolical forms of torturing, invented under the Catholic Kings of France and Spain, the infamous Inquisition that began in the 12th Century and lasted for almost 800 years. Its revolting torture methods were promptly taken over by our modern western special forces and secret services, like CIA, MI6, Mossad and all those who serve the empire – which itself is nothing more and nothing less than the descendant of inhuman European stock.

Syria is confronting an entire western culture (sic), dying indeed, but kept alive with an artificial heart, the nefarious dollar-making-machine, as long as feasible with the western pyramid or Ponzi monetary scheme. We, who see through this horror, have to stand up and scream it out to the people, to awaken them from their brainwashed state of zombie; to ignite in them the tiny spark of conscience that we were all born with. Will we succeed?

Make no mistake, Washington will never let go – not by itself, never. Their target is world hegemony – the goal of their self-indulging PNAC – Plan for a New American Century. And to attain this goal, the fall of Syria had been planned long in advance, in the early 1990’s. “Regime Change” is relentlessly being pursued – see Wesley Clark at the Commonwealth Club of California, October 3, 2007 – ‘7 countries have to fall in five years’ .

In addition to the balkanization of Syria, along with the spreading eternal chaos throughout the Middle East and North Africa, one of the key reasons why Mr. Assad has to go – is the infamous Qatari gas pipeline which the US oil giants want to pass through Syria and Turkey – and to which Mr. Assad said NO. He said ‘no’ in 2000; and a definite ‘no’ in 2007. That’s when the CIA started recruiting and training terror groups that would eventually erupt into another ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011 in Syria, to become what’s now euphemistically called a civil war – which is another outrageous lie. It’s a full-out war, driven by Washington with NATO and its European and Mid-Eastern vassal allies – and their foot soldiers and well-paid mercenaries, the western recruited and groomed terror armies. (See F. William Engdahl,  Global Research, March 16, 2016

This pipeline is meant to disrupt the Russian European gas market – and, most important – to keep the hegemony of the dollar. It would again justify printing trillions of new debt dollars, just to extend the reign of the dollar a bit longer. The alternative pipeline, Iran-Iraq-Syria to Europe would be complementary. It is favored by Iran, Russia and Syria; and covertly also by most future European clients, as they would be free from the yoke of the western dollar system. Russia, China and the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) alliance have freed themselves years ago from the rule of the dollar, using their own currencies for trade, including for trading hydrocarbons.

The only way to defeat the monster, is by pulling the rug from under its bloody boots – the monetary rug, that is. This is already gradually happening and may be happening much faster than we think. The ‘crisis’ artificially started by Washington in 2007 / 2008 – under orders of the cream of crop of the occult elite that pulls the strings on Obama, Merkel, May and Co., towards the One World Order – is never ending, as it is meant to prolong the supremacy of the dollar and its by-product, the euro, to the very Armageddon. But, We, The People, can stop it from reaching that horrifying end.

As long as the world is blind to this fact and pundits keep arguing about details of the ‘crisis’ and who is to blame for it (when the willing culprits are clearly those ‘invisible elitists’ who control the monetary system), or as long as politicians are afraid of the consequences of seeing the light, so long the hegemon will advance and encircle the world, like an octopus, gradually but steadily sucking up all its internal and external juices. It’s already happening.

Look at NATO aggressions at Moscow’s doorstep, the absurd and highly propagated US threats on Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea, are clear signals, that there is no way in heaven that Washington will seriously negotiate for anything; not for a cease fire in Syria, not for reducing weapon-grade plutonium, not for a halt to fighting in the Ukraine Donbass – not for anything. Every attempt at diplomacy is an abject failure, as it is countered with verbal insults at the UN, with lies, accusations and denigrations in all western media. Syria is considered but a stepping stone towards Washington’s Full Spectrum World Dominance – the goal clearly spelled out in the PNAC.

But Syria is no stone, let alone a stepping stone. Syria is a solid rock. Syria has the world’s strongest alliance it could dream of – Russia, Iran and China. This Alliance of Peace will eventually triumph over the diabolical US-NATO-Brussels terror-alliance of destruction and killing.

Peter Koenig is an economist, and water resources and environmental specialist. He has worked for over 30 years with the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and the Swiss Development Cooperation, in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, East and South East Asia and Latin America. Peter is also a geopolitical analyst for Global Research, Information Clearing House, RT, PressTV, Sputnik, TeleSUR and The 4th Media, China. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance

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