(Video): Mecca or Las Vegas? Why Saudis destroyed Islam’s holiest sites – English Subtitles

The destruction of sites associated with early Islam is an ongoing phenomenon that has occurred mainly in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia, particularly around the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The demolition has focused on mosques, burial sites, homes and historical locations associated with the Islamic prophet Muhammad and many of the founding personalities of early Islamic history. In Saudi Arabia, many of the demolitions have officially been part of the continued expansion of the Masjid al-Haram at Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and their auxiliary service facilities in order to accommodate the ever-increasing number of people performing the pilgrimage.

Concerns are growing among Muslims as Saudi authorities plan to destroy the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad in the holy city of Mecca. Reports say under the plan, the historic site will be destroyed and replaced with a royal palace for King Abdullah for his visits to Mecca. The work is part of a multibillion-dollar construction project in the holy city which has already resulted in the destruction of hundreds of historic monuments. Saudi Officials claim that the plan aims to expand al-Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque to host more pilgrims. Riyadh is under fire for mass destruction of historic buildings in Mecca. Some reports say up to 95 percent of Mecca’s millennium-old buildings have been destroyed to be replaced with luxury hotels and shopping malls.


(Video): How British Empire & America gave rise to Kings of Saudi Arabia – English subtitles


Senior Arab political analyst and writer Anees Naqqash recounts how the British Empire played a decisive role in the creation and regional rise of the modern state of Saudi Arabia, and how the Americans later provided protection in exchange for control over Saudi oil.

According to Naqqash, who is a prominent feature on Lebanese and Arab media, the Saudi royal family has for decades been used by the British and Americans due to their political and economic expediency.

Naqqash was speaking at an event promoting his new book ‘A look at the course of future transformations to the Gulf’.

Source: Al-Wafa’a Islamic Party (YouTube)

Date: 6 October, 2018

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Neither East Nor West: A One Palestinian Palestine

22-12-2017 | 15:30
When facts get blurry, returning to history can be useful. The colonialization of Palestine and its occupation by “Israeli” forces is not a saga based on which Palestinian grandparents make up stories to tell the new generations. In fact, these grandparents were exiled from their homeland, Palestine, where the “Israeli” apartheid entity was established and its immigrants came to become the settlers of these occupied lands.


After more than 69 years to the plight of the Palestinians, and the day when the “Israelis” attacked Palestinians and committed the infamous Deir Yassin Massacre, US president Donald Trump announces his decision of moving the US embassy to Occupied Al-Quds [Jerusalem] and simply declares that Al-Quds to be the capital of the occupying apartheid regime. At least since the 1967 war, the United States has been “Israel’s” strongest advocate.

A Quick Historical Review

Al-Quds, the capital of Palestine, is an Arab and Muslim small country in the Asian continent that has a very sensitive strategic location owing to its history, geography, and the fact that it is the cradle of different civilizations and religions.

For Muslims, Al-Quds was the first qibla, before the Kaaba in Mecca. This spot was the place from which Islam’s Prophet Muhammad proceeded on his journey, described as the ascension to heaven in Islamic literature. It is also the place in which Jesus called for Christianity, shared the Last Supper with his disciples. Historically speaking, Al-Quds has generally been the site for Muslim pilgrimage, prayer, study or residence. Al-Aqsa Mosque was a particular seat of learning.

This city, where people from the different faiths lived together, became witness to the worst crimes committed by the “Israeli” apartheid entity which was established in 1948 by virtue of the Balfour agreement, which was set up by Britain in the course of World War I. The roots of the idea of establishing an “Israeli” apartheid entity goes back to decades earlier. In 1896, Theodor Herzl, a Jewish journalist living in Austria-Hungary, published the foundational text of political Zionism, Der Judenstaat [“The Jews’ State” or “The State of the Jews”], in which he asserted that the only solution to the “Jewish Question” in Europe was the establishment of a state for the Jews.

It is worth mentioning that in 1916, when Palestine was still under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Jews back then were not Zionists, and they constituted 3 per cent of the population who lived side by side with people of other faiths. It is worth noting here that the people of Palestine differentiate between Judaism and Zionism. The latter is not a faith, but rather a political phenomenon with expansionist, racist and colonialist aims that under the cover of the Jewish religion takes on a religious appearance and tries to pursue its goals as the savior of the Jewish people.

Muslims represented the majority of the population back then, followed by the Christians.

If we are to overview the entire history of the region, the story becomes endless. But the guidelines provided above present a few of the links that make up a full chain; the bigger picture.

Palestine and the Iranian Revolution

In 1979, a dramatic change took place in the Asian continent. A popular movement led by Imam Ruhollah Khomeini was initiated in Iran and an Islamic Republic was established. Iran no longer was a client to the United States of America. The Asian country also no longer supported what it declared to be an occupation, and an apartheid regime.

For three decades before the Islamic revolution, between “Israel’s” illegal establishment in 1948 and Iran’s revolution in 1979, the two countries had close relations based on common strategic interests. Iran became an important source of oil for “Israel”, and “Israel” became an important source of weapons for Iran. It has been reported that thousands of “Israeli” businessmen and technical experts aided Iranian development projects.

Even before the revolution, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini paid a great deal of attention to al-Quds, the holy Aqsa mosque, and the Palestinian cause.

As early as 1968, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini addressed the Palestinian cause in his struggle. The ideas behind the revolution inspired the slogan “Neither East, nor West – Islamic Republic!”

“My proposal for establishing an Islamic government does not mean a return to the past. I am strongly for civilization and progress”, said Ayatollah Imam Khomeini in January 1979. By that, he meant that Iran does not have to be under the impact and rule of the communist thought at that time represented by the Soviet Union, nor by the capitalist ideology that was raised as the only method of success by the US. Yes, rejecting both the influence of capitalism and communism, Iran decided to become independent and different. For Imam Khomeini, “Neither East Nor West” was a proposal that proves the freedom from subjugation and guarantees success in creating an independent strong identity and defending rights.

For Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, who descended from the Islamic Shia school of thought, the oppressed and the oppressors was a notion that was the focus of his attention. It was a must to support the oppressed, and not only in defend Islamic sanctities. It was the spirit of the revolution that rose from the people with Ayatollah Imam Khomeini’s leadership to support the oppressed across the world in order to realize a just cause.

But of course, Palestine was of vital importance owing to its Islamic identity. Deciding to establish an “Iran” with an independent Islamic identity, Iran’s Ayatollah Imam Khomeini stressed throughout his discourses that Palestine is a central cause to the Muslims.

In an interview when in exile in Iraq’s Najaf city during the early 60s, he said

“When you realize that the blood of your innocent brothers and sisters are shed in the holy land of Palestine and when you notice that our territories have been occupied, and our homes are demolished at the hands of the Zionist criminals, under such circumstances there is no other course left but continuing of jihad. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to extend his material and spiritual aids in this lofty struggle.”

In remarks at a meeting with a group of Palestinians and Bishop Cappucci on 2 April 1979, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini said

“For many years now, perhaps twenty years, I have repeatedly aired my views on Palestine and “Israel”, and I will say again: We condemn “Israel”. “Israel” is an usurper. The land it has taken, it has taken unlawfully. Al-Quds must be freed and “Israel” driven out. The Arab governments must unite and drive “Israel” out of their lands and sever the hands of the colonizers.”

In 1979 and shortly after the revolution, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini designated the last Friday of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan as a new national holiday – al-Quds Day– to “proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim people of Palestine.”

Ayatollah Imam Khomeini always considered that returning to Islam and uniting is a prerequisite to save Palestine and block Zionism’s expansionist plans. Islamic differences were never an issue for Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, in fact he always called on Muslims to put their differences aside and seek unity.

Imam Khomieni, addressing the Muslims altogether stressed that the apartheid regime will not stop at a certain end, noting

“I have continuously spoken about “Israel” and its crimes in my sermons and writings, and have brought to the notice of the Muslims that “Israel” is a cancerous tumor in a corner of the Islamic countries which will not be satisfied with Al-Quds and the other places. No, they (the Zionists) intend to move on. They are the followers of America’s policy and America does not simply aspire after one place . . . the Muslims must awaken.”

Extracting of the Ashura philosophy in Islam, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini noted in another sermon

“Truth will defeat the satanic and tyrannical forces. Your troubles and suffering are not new to Islam and the Muslims, the forces of tyranny have always opposed Islam and fought with the Muslims.”

While addressing the people, he pointed out to the different dimensions of the war on Palestine and the Muslims, and explaining at the time the notion of the “colonialization of the mind” and how it is used to manipulate the people of the region as means to weaken them.

“Those who seek to rule over these countries (the imperialists) have, through the distorted propaganda they have circulated over the past few hundred years and the influence they have achieved in the universities and the centers which educate the sons of Muslims, made the Muslims lose hope in themselves, they have made them lose themselves. The Muslims must strive to find their greatness.”

In the Last Message, The Political and Divine Will of His Holiness the Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, reiterated that the international Zionism does not stop short of any crime to achieve its base and greedy desires, crimes that the tongue and pen are ashamed to utter or write.”

Iran Maintains Position; Palestine Central Cause 

After the passing away of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the pro-Palestinian discourse did not stop. It is true that the two countries do not share the same borders, and they come from different Islamic schools of thought, and they speak two different languages, but Ayatollah Imam Khomeini had demonstrated that nothing can impede Iran from standing by Palestine and the Palestinians. It is Islamic values and ethics that form the driving force behind the Iranian support, and true values do not die in general.

In fact, the speeches of His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, leader of the Islamic Revolution, are a continuation to that same identity that supports the Palestinian cause. From the Islamic Republic’s point of view, it is and has always been a confrontation against oppression and distortion.

In all his discourses, Ayatollah Khamenei describes unity as the only way to resist the aggression of the enemies of Islam. He explains that “unity is not the same as adopting identical views. On the contrary, it means that people with various tendencies must move shoulder to shoulder and consider national interests as preferable to everything else, especially their own interests. They must not allow selfishness enter political and social arenas.”

Pointing out to the importance of confronting the “Israeli” apartheid regime and realizing the liberation of Palestine, Ayatollah Khamenei noted in one of his speeches that “pinning hopes on the compromise process and begging the Zionist enemy for peace. This option will only help “Israel” to humiliate the Palestinians and dictate its demands to them. This is what we have already witnessed.”

Also, stressing the idea of colonialization and usurping of property and land, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted in a ceremony that “Palestinians are by no means going to live outside their own country forever. Or if they are living inside the country, they are never going to be an oppressed minority forever, making room for the invading outsiders to stay in their country.”

Just like Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei time and again reassures that Iran’s position on the issue of Palestine is crystal clear.

“Our position on the issue of Palestine is also clear. We believe that all Palestinian lands belong to the Palestinians. Those who tried to wipe Palestine off the map of the world made a mistake. Such a thing will not happen. Palestine will survive. The usurpers have occupied Palestine for a few decades, but there is no doubt that Palestinian lands will be restored to the people of Palestine and to the world of Islam.”

The “Israeli” soldiers have carried out all sorts of crimes against the Palestinians; from killing the people, destroying their homes and farms and arresting and torturing men and women and even their children, to humiliating and insulting that nation and trying to destroy it, to building illegal settlements and attacking the Palestinian refugees in the camps inside Palestine.

Al-Quds: Neither East nor West

Very recently, Ayatollah Khamenei said in comments on the US move to declare Al-Quds as capital of the “Israeli” apartheid regime

“Today, the issue of Palestine is at the top of the political issues of the world of Islam and the Islamic Ummah. Everyone is responsible towards defending Palestine, and the freedom of Palestine and the Palestinian nation. Everyone is responsible towards fighting and working to that end.”

He pointed out to the “Israeli” regime and the US’s desperation

“The enemy is desperate in this regard. You should know this. When they claim that they want to declare al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime, this is a sign of their desperation and incapability. Their hands are tied on the issue of Palestine. Without a doubt, by doing so, they will receive a harsher blow and the world of Islam will stand up against them.”

Today, Iran stands strong in face of the US decision, and voices support to the Palestinians as well as urges the international community to act. Iran does not stand alone but is supported by regional players both state and non-state actors. For instance, as Lebanon’s Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah clearly stated that the resistance stands with utmost readiness to defend al-Aqsa mosque and support the Palestinian brethren, Turkey’s Erdogan pointed out that al-Quds is a “red line” for Muslims who will not accept any aggression on its Islamic sanctuaries, and said that what “Israel” is doing against Palestinians wolf does not do against the sheep.

Today, Iran reiterates “neither East, nor West” but an independent Palestinian Palestine that has the right to preserve its people, land and sanctities. No East Al-Quds and no West, but a one Palestinian al-Quds acknowledged as the capital of Palestine and its native people.

Source: Al-Ahed News

خطبتا الجمعة للشيخ احمد بدر الدين حسون من جامع الروضة في مدينة حلب 14 7 2017

THE PROPHECY OF SYRIA & YEMEN – Imran Hosein Animated

Who Killed theTunisian singer Thekra?

Who dare to Say مين يجرا يقول

Her Last Song Tells


Singer killed because she made a song against Saudi Arabia kingdom and the political system in KSA

Thikra’s family accuses Jamal Mubarak of her murder

Family of the late Tunisian singer Thikra has exploded a bomb stating that they possess solid evidence proving that Jamal Mubarak, son of ousted Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, is involved in her murder.

Tawfiq Al Dali, Thikra’s brother, has made a call out to all those that have any information about Thikra’s murder to come forward. Forensic reports have shown that Ayman Al Suwaidi, Thikra’s husband and who is accused of killing her while being intoxicated, suffers from stomach problems and therefore was not drunk during the time the murder happened.

Thikra’s family doubts her husband shot her and then committed suicide, but rather strongly believes Jamal Mubarak had a strong hand in the murder of both. The family assured that it holds vital evidence that the former overthrown Tunisian and Egyptian governments fabricated evidence and placed the blame on her husband.

It is said that there was a relationship between Thikra and Jamal. Thikra’s family has called on all members of the press and lawyers from Tunisia and Egypt to help in uncovering all the fact. In addition, Thikra’s family has released phone numbers, emails, and created a page on the social network Facebook for people with information to contact them.

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خامنئي: السعودية كالبقرة الحلوب بالنسبة لأميركا وسيُقضى عليها في النهاية..

خامنئي: السعودية كالبقرة الحلوب بالنسبة لأميركا وسيُقضى عليها في النهاية

قال المرشد الإيراني السيد علي خامنئي «إنّ السعودية كالبقرة الحلوب بالنسبة لأميركا»، معتبراً أنّ «المجتمع الإسلامي اليوم كبقية المجتمعات يعاني من مشاكل».

ولفت خامنئي إلى أنّ «هناك بعض الناس الوضيعين ممن سلبوا بعض عناصر الأمة الإسلامية حقها في تقرير المصير كالحكومة السعودية، وهذا بسبب البعد عن القرآن وانعدام الإيمان «.

وقال: «لا يجب الانخداع بالمظاهر وهؤلاء سيسقطون، لأنهم باطل وسيزولون ويُقضى عليهم، وسرعة ذلك مرتبطة بصحة عمل المجتمع المؤمن».

وأضاف «حماقة السعوديين جعلتهم يظنون أن بإمكانهم جلب صداقة أعداء الإسلام بالأموال، لكنهم في الحقيقة يفرطون بالثروات الوطنية لأعداء الشعوب».

وذكّر خامنئي بأنه «يوماً ما كانت هناك حكومة إيرانية قال لها الأميركيون صراحة إنها شرطيهم في المنطقة، لكن الشعب الإيراني تمكن من إسقاطها رغم كل الدعم الذي كانت تحظى بِه وجاء بنظام الجمهورية الإسلامية الذي لا تطيق القوى العالمية رؤيته».

ودعا الحكومة الإيرانية «للوضوح في التأكيد على أصول الإسلام»، معتبراً أنّ هذا الأمر «لا ينافي العلاقات العالمية». وأوضح المرشد الإيراني خلال جلسة «الأنس بالقرآن» في أول يوم من شهر رمضان المبارك أنّ «السعوديين أشداء علی المسلمین، رحماء مع الكفار، لكن سيقضى عليهم في النهاية».

نارام سرجون: هل يهتز عرش الرب وتهتز من تسمى خير أمة ؟؟ الأصنام تكسر النبي

تاريخ النشر : 2017-05-23 12:40:11

وكالة أوقات الشام الإخبارية

نارام سرجون

مهما تحدثنا عن زيارة ترامب الى السعودية فلن يجدي الكلام والشرح فلن يهتز عرش الرب ولن يهتز شعب الرب الذي اختاره ليكون خير أمة أخرجت للناس .. فالرئيس الأميريكي ترامب كان في مهمة سلب ونهب للمال السعودي والخليجي واستيلاء على مفاتيح خزائن قارون التي جرها خلف طائرته وطار .. بل ونهش ترامب اللحم السعودي حتى انكشف العظم العربي ولعقه بلسانه الى أن جرّده من كل لحم .. ولذلك ليس مهما أن نقول للشعب في نجد والحجاز أي حقيقة طالما أنه لايثور منذ مئة سنة وطالما أنه قبل أن يحكمه بضعة آلاف أمير يبذرون كل ثروته بشكل خرافي وهو لايقدر الا على تصنيع مجاهدي القاعدة الذين يقتلون انفسهم وينتحرون خارج المملكة وفي كل مكان .. الملك وابنه يتصرفان وكأن من يعيش في نجد والحجاز هم فقط بضعة ملايين من الأصنام التي لاتضر ولاتنفع .. فلايبدوان مكترثين بردة فعل الشعب ولايعنيهما ان يقول أحد ان هذا الفحش في التبذير في المال والتبذير في العدوانية والكراهية والقتل رذيلة من الرذائل الشيطانية .. ولايهمهما أن تصبح اسرائيل في خطاب المسلمين ضحية من الضحايا كما كل ضحايا العرب .. فليس على أرض الجزيرة الا تماثيل لاتضر ولاتنفع ولاتغضب ولاتنفعل ولاتثور ..

ليست الاهانة فقط في تلك السرقة العلنية بموافقة الملك وابنه .. ولكن الزيارة كان لها طابع الصلف والاستعلاء واحتقار الآخر وعدم احترام معتقده وأبسط مظاهر دينه .. فالكلام المعسول والمجاملات الخطابية للشعب العظيم شيء بروتوكولي ومطلوب .. وقول غير ذلك هو في غير محله خاصة اذا كنت جرار العسل تندلق في بلعوم ترامب وبلعوم الشركات الاميريكية .. ولكن في كل ثقافة تبقى القيم الثقافية والمعتقدات شيئا لايمكن المساس به او المساومة عليه بل ينهض الغضب اذا لم تحترم .. الا أن السعوديين لم يكن يعنيهم الا حماية العرش الملكي .. حتى وان اهتز عرش الله .. واهتز قبر النبي .. وقلبه ..

ولاأدري ماهي الحكمة من اصطحاب ترامب لزوجته وابنته الى الأراضي الاسلامية المقدسة وهما سافرتان ولن تكون باستقبالهما اي امرأة أو أميرة الى جانب الملك طالما أنهما لن تلتزما حتى بالحد الادنى لآداب وتقاليد الثقافة التي تسود تلك الأراضي سواء كانت التقاليد صحيحة أم خاطئة .. فالمفروض أن نساء العرب في الأراضي المقدسة يلتزمن بالاحتشام وغطاء الرأس ..

والمفروض أن الدولة التي تفرض الاحتشام على شعبها لأنها خادمة الحرمين الشريفين يجب أن تلتزم به وتلزم به أي زائرة للأراضي المقدسة مهما كانت عقيدتها .. بوذية أو هندوسية او يهودية أو مسيحية أو ملحدة .. خاصة في حضرة الملك الذي يمثل نظريا ذروة الاسلام وولي امره – كما يدعي – وهو مسؤول عن حماية العقيدة وتراثها وطقوسها وكل تفاصيلها تماما كما ان ملكة بريطانيا مسؤولة عن حماية الكنيسة الانغليكانية بالعرف الملكي البريطاني ..

لكن الملك والأسرة المالكة كان مايؤرقهم أن يحموا العرش وأن يضربوا بكل شيء في سبيل العرش .. ولذلك تغاضوا عن كل الاهانات الرمزية التي جاء بها ترامب .. فلايزال سبب احضار ترامب لزوجته وابنته الى بلد محافظ لايفهم الا على أنه كان بذلك يمعن في اهانة العرب والمسلمين وهو يقول في رسالته: انني في أرض الحرمين الشريفين ولكني أتحدى العرب والمسلمين في عقر دارهم وبقرب قبر نبيهم .. سأرمي بحجاب المسلمين في حضرة نبيهم تحت قدمي .. ولم تعن ايفانكا ولاميلانيا حتى بوضع غلالة من قماش أو وشاح خفيف جدا شفاف في حضرة الملك أو في تجولها في المملكة قرب مرقد النبي والصحابة ..ولكن ترامب في المقابل عندما ذهب ترامب الى اسرائيل احترم مع عائلته العقيدة اليهودية وطقوسها وتفاصيلها الى أكمل وجه ..

بل واضطر الى لبس القلنسوة اليهودية السوداء على رأسه الأشقر امعانا في التواضع والالتزام باحترام عقيدة الآخر .. كما ان ايفانكا التي لم تكترث حتى بوضع وشاح خفيف على رأسها في أرض المسلمين المقدسة لم تظهر في اسرائيل الا وقد غطت شعرها بقلنسوة للاناث احتراما للطقوس اليهودية التي صارت ديانتها .. ولو أنها تصرفت بنفس الطريقة السافرة اللامبالية في اسرائيل لما ظهرت الاهانة للثقافة الاسلامية بشكل فاقع ساطع ..

المسلمون والاسلاميون احتفلوا يوما أن محجبة تركية دخلت القصر الرئاسي في استانبول لتصبح السيدة الأولى .. ولكن عندما داست ايفانكا على الحجاب وغطاء الرأس في الأراضي المقدسة فانهم لزموا الصمت .. واعتبروا ذلك من أبواب فقه المصلحة .. الذي يجيز لولي الأمر أن يفعل مالايغضب الكافر حتى ان داس على استار الكعبة ..

ولو سألتم العرعور عن فتوى ذلك لوجدها وقال لكم ان امرأة لوط وامرأة نوح كانتا كافرتين وهما زوجتا نبيين .. فهو قبل ذلك افتي لأبناء رجال الدين بأن ليس عليهم حرج في ألا يرسلوا ابناءهم للجهاد اذا لم يقبل الأولاد بل الجهاد بل خرجوا للسياحة .. وهذا لايسقط واجب الجهاد عن بقية المسلمين .. لأن ولدي نوح عصياه ورفضا رسالته ولم يركبا معه في الفلك مع الناجين .. فهل يلام نوح على عقوق ولديه؟؟ ولذلك فان على المسلمين ارسال ابنائهم للموت في سورية وألا يسالوا المشايخ أو العرعور أو القرضاوي عن سبب غياب أبنائهم عن الجهاد لأنهم مثل ابناء الأنبياء .. ولايحاسب المفتي اذا لم يستجب ابنه للجهاد .. وهذا طبعا يفسر لنا أنه لايوجد اي مفتي أو شيخ واعظ من أولئك الذين يدفعون الناس الى المحرقة الا وأبناؤه بعيدون عن الجهاد ولكل واحد دنياه وحياته المترفة المليئة بالسيارات والنساء والسياحة والمال .. فهو مثل ابن نوح .. وبقية ابناء الناس أغبياء وخرفان ..

الاهانة ليست في احتقار ايفانكا وابيها للمسلمين بل في الأصنام والتماثيل التي رأت وسمعت ولم تحرك ساكنا ولم تتلفظ بعبارة احتجاج .. ان النبي محمد لم يحطم الأصنام الحجرية كما قالوا لنا .. بل حطم الأصنام البشرية التي كانت ترى الباطل وتسمع الباطل ولاتتحرك ولاتثور ولا تمتشق السيوف لتعيد العدل الاجتماعي وتبعد خطر تجار القوافل الجشعين والسماسرة ..ان الأصنام التي حطمها النبي كانت في البشر التي حرك فيها النبي التفكيروحرك الركود في الرؤوس وأوقد الروح فيها وقادها في اعصار عظيم اقتلع الملوك والأباطرة وشيوخ العزى واللات وشيوخ هبل ..

واليوم للأسف فان كل ماأنجزه النبي اندثر .. واعاد شيوخ العزى واللات وهبل بناء الأصنام في نفوس البشر .. وتحول المسلمون الى أصنام .. مليار صنم في العالم الاسلامي.. سرقهم ملك وابنه .. وراعي بقر وابنته وصهره ..وداسوا على شرفهم ودينهم وكعبتهم .. والأصنام لم تفكر ولم تتحرك .. فالنبي الذي كسر الأصنام .. تكسره الأصنام ..

أما آن للنبي أن ينهض من جديد ويحطم الاصنام ؟؟ وأقصد مليار صنم في العالم العربي والاسلامي يصومون ويزكون ويحجون ويحفظون القرآن ومع هذا يسرق منهم مالهم وبيت مالهم ودينهم ومسجدهم الأقصى ويداس على معتقدهم وتجوب ميلانيا وايفانكا أرض الحجاز بشعر غجري مجنون نكاية بعائشة وآمنة وخديجة وزينب ..

يجب أن تتكسر الأصنام وأن يخرج البشر من هذا الحجر الصلد وكأن ساحرا حولهم الى حجارة

يجب أن يأتي من يكسر الأصنام البشرية الصماء البلهاء الخرساء ويقود اعصارا عظيما آخر .. ويقول: جاء الحق وزهق الباطل .. ان الباطل كان زهوقا ..


Huffpost: Jewish woman poisoned Prophet Muhammad


Posted on

On January 13, 2017, the Huffington Post (Arabic) refused Israel’s lobby, the ADL request to remove an article published on November 29, 2016 – which claimed that a Jewish woman served poisoned food at a party given by Jewish leaders of City of Khyber to celebrate the peace treaty with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

It is troubling that an antisemitic screed cleared The Huffington Post’s editorial review process and that our concerns so far have been ignored. We call on The Huffington Post to immediately remove this offensive entry and to ensure that the proper safeguards are in place so that the Arabic site is free of antisemitism and incitement against Jews,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

Maybe, the Zionist Jew moron was not told by Israeli MEMRI which translated the Arabic article that its English version was publish by The Huffington Post on September 13, 2012 under the heading, The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad. The article was written by Kamran Pasha, Hollywood writer, director and novelist.

The Prophet had complex relations with the Jewish tribes of Arabia. When he founded the Muslim community in Medina, he had drawn up a treaty with the Jews of the city, which guaranteed their freedom of religion and sought their alliance against the military attacks from Mecca. But as the Prophet’s power had risen in Arabia, some of the Jewish tribes switched allegiance to the Meccan attackers, leading to warfare between Muslims and Jews. But with the defeat of Mecca, the Prophet sought to repair the breach of trust between the two monotheistic religions and worked for reconciliation. The Jewish chieftain of Khaybar invited the Prophet to a feast to cement better ties moving forward. But not everyone was happy with hosting a banquet in the victorious Prophet’s honor, and one woman of Khaybar poisoned the meal. Several of the Prophet’s companions died, but the Prophet spit out the poisoned food before it could take effect. The assassin was captured and the Prophet asked the woman why she had done this deadly act. She shrugged and responded that Muhammad had defeated her tribe and she was simply avenging them. The Prophet forgave her and let her go,” wrote Kamran Pasha.

According to Israeli Wikipedia, the Jewish woman’s name was Zeynab bint Al-Harith, and the incident happened in June 628 after the surrender of the Jew fighters to end Muslim siege of Khyber.

American Jewish poet and historian Tamam Kahn in her 2010 book, UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad, says that the Prophet of Islam married two young Jewish widows. They’re Juwayriya (Barra) bint al-Harith, daughter of chief of Israelite tribe of Banu Mustaliq, and Safiyya bint Huyayy, daughter of Huyayy ibn Akhtab, the chief of Israelite tribe of Banu Nadir.

Last month, ADL had criticized The Huffington Post (Arabic) for accusing British pop singer George Michael’s homosexual tendencies.

Interestingly, on December 26, 2016, The Jewish Daily Forward boasted that George Michael’s maternal grandmother was Jewish, and at age 34 he admitted to be a gay.

Sad to hear that George Michael has died. He was an exceptional artist and a strong supporter of LGBT and workers’ rights,” Guy Faulconbridge quoted Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn saying.

Arianna Huffington, a Greek American columnist, author and actress, co-founded the Huffington Post. Her former spouse Republican millionaire congressman Michael Huffington turned out to be gay. Currently, Huffington Post is owned by Time-Warner. Its President and CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes has a Jewish spouse Margret Lowry Brim, an Emmy award-winning TV producer.

Huffington Post is anti-Muslim, pro-Israel Neo-Conservative propaganda outlet . The so-called ‘Neo-Conservatism’ is a Zionist Jewish club.

بطاقة معايدة للنبي .. أمة بلا نبي ونبي بلا أمة

بطاقة معايدة للنبي .. أمة بلا نبي ونبي بلا أمة

ملاحظة هامة جدا

ياأيها الذين آمنوا لا تتخذوا اليهود والنصارى أولياء بعضهم أولياء بعض ومن يتولهم منكم فإنه منهم* إن الله لا يهدي القوم الظالمين

قال بعضهم وبعض اليهود هنا هم اليهود الصهاينه  أما بعض النصاري فهم أتباع المسيحية الصهيونية فهم أولياء بعض أما اليهود والنصارى  المعادين للحلف اليهودي الصهيوني فلا علاقة لهم بالآية الكريمة

 للمزيد شاهد هذا الفديوللعالم السني الشيخ عمرن حسين

 أما قوله “ومن يتولهم منكم فإنه منهم“ فهم معظم قادة وعلماء “الأمة الأسلامية” شاهد بعضهم في الفديو التالي  


‎بقلم: نارام سرجون‎'s Profile Photo

هاقد اقتربت نار الجهاد “الاسلامي” من جسد النبي ولامست ثوبه الكريم .. ولكني لست بحاجة لشجاعة أجمعها في قلبي لأعتذر من النبي أن النار لامست قبره الكريم واقتربت من جسده المقدس المسجى في المدينة .. فأنا لن أعتذر للنبي ولن أطلب منه الصفح والغفران على شفافيتي وصراحتي وصدقي .. لكني سأهديه في هذا العيد قطعة من قلبي أكتب عليها كبطاقة العيد معتذرا وآسفا أن معايدتنا له كانت هدية من نار .. وهو الذي جاء لعتقنا من النار .. وسأكتب على بطاقة المعايدة التي قطعتها من قلبي ووضعتها في بريد مكة وألصقت عليها طابع بريد عليه علم سورية:

أعتذر منك أيها النبي ليس لأن النار التي أوقدناها في الشرق لفحت وجهك الكريم .. بل لأن غضبنا من اجلك صار صناعيا .. ولأن انفعالنا الهائل صار مبرمجا مثل آلة .. ولأن الحزن لأجلك حزن مسبق الصنع مثل الجدران مسبقة الصنع وورق الجدران ومثل قلاع هوليوود الكرتونية ودمى الحديقة الجوراسية .. فنحن لدينا قوالب مسبقة الصنع للغضب الاسلامي والحزن الاسلامي والانفعال الاسلامي ونخرجها من خزائننا القديمة للمجاملات فقط كما نخرج حكايات عنترة والزير التي يكررها الحكواتيون في المقاهي القديمة .. وليس بامكان أحدنا يارسول الله أن يصنع دمعة واحدة عليك ليس لأننا نزفنا كل دموعنا حتى آخر قطرة بل لأننا تعلمنا في الأحزان النبوية والاسلامية تحديدا أن نتحول الى منافقين نستورد الدموع في زجاجات كما نستورد العطور الباريسية ونقطرها في عيوننا .. ولأننا صرنا نستورد الدين من مساجد “السي آي اي” ومساجد “الموساد” في السعودية كما نستورد المياه الغازية وعبوات الكوكاكولا .. والدين الذي أكملته لنا في يوم الوداع وأتممت به نعمتك علينا يا رسول الله صار فرعا من فروع شركة لوكهيد مارتين الامريكية لصناعة محركات طائرات الشبح وصواريخ كروز بعد أن باعه آل سعود وشيوخ المال مع براميل النفط ..

ورغم أننا منافقون فانني في هذا البوح في العيد سأصدقك القول بأن استنكار المسلمين للهجوم قرب مرقدك الشريف يشبه مجاملاتنا المنافقة لضحايا حوادث قطارات الفقراء في الهند ..ليس هناك الا دموع صناعية

وغضب مسبق الصنع وورق جدران مزوّق ودمى جوراسية اسلامية:

لاتصدق كلمة واحدة من كل ماقيل من غضب يارسول الله .. ولاتكترث بتلك الرسائل المستنكرة التي انهمرت بسخاء من الزعماء والملوك والأمراء وكل ذوي المناصب الفخرية والألقاب الفخمة وكل الشيوخ وأصحاب العمامات النفطية والمقامات الأزهرية .. ولاتلتفت الى كل أكوام الانفعال الذي غصت به الشاشات وأثقلت به البيانات وعبارات الذهول واللاتصديق على موائد الافطار عندما لامست النار تراب قبرك .. ولاتثق بشجب واحد ولابعبارة مليئة بالتوجع والتفجع .. فكل مارأيته وسمعته صادر عن أمة لاتستحي من النفاق ومن الرياء حتى على نبيها الذي صار الحريق حول قبره بورصة استثمار باسم النبي تصب ارباحها في بيت عائلة آل سعود .. يارسول الله ولاتغرّنك تلك القصائد القرشية العربية في حبك والموت على نهج نبوتك .. فهذه أمة صارت بلا نبي .. والأدق أنك – وأقولها وقلبي منقبض – صرت نبيا بلا أمّة ..

هل تصدق يارسول الله أن أمة تحتفل بموت عابري السبيل الفقراء حرقا في حي الكرادة البغدادي هي أمة ستكترث ان رأت النار في مرقدك الكريم؟؟ كيف يستوي في الروح حزن عليك وبهجة في موت الأبرياء؟؟

هل تصدق يارسول الله حزن هذه الأمة التي تلد انتحاريين يذهبون الى مدارس الأطفال الصغار عمدا في حمص ليقتلوا الأطفال لانهم كفار وأبناء كفار وكأنهم اختاروا الكفر صغارا ؟؟.. وهل تدري أن كل مساجد أمة الانتحار هذه لزمت الصمت من المحيط الى الخليج ولم توبخ من هلل لموت الاطفال .. شفاه شامتة وأحيانا ضاحكة من موت الأطفال تابعت صلاتها وصيامها وزكاتها وحجها ودعاءها بالنصر للاسلام والمسلمين .. هذه هي ذات الأرواح الحجرية التي تعلن غضبها اليوم من أن يصل اللهيب الجهادي الى قلبك ..


 هل تصدق غضب أمة يارسول الله تبيع الأقصى الذي صليت فبه ولايزال أثر جبينك مطبوعا على ترابه وانت تصلي ؟؟ أمة لاتبالي أن تدوس أحذية جيش اسرائيل ومستوطنيه مكان جبهتك لكنها تنتفض أن النار لامست تراب قبرك؟؟


هل تثق يارسول الله بمحبة أمة لك وهي تذبح أبناء الناس وتنحرهم من أجل السلطة والحكم وكرسي الخلافة .. وتقدم أبناءها قرابين من أجل أن يكون لها أي خليفة؟؟

ماهذه الامة التي تغضب من نار اقتربت منك ولكنها لاتستحي أن تحرق الاطفال في اليمن وهم جوعى وتقصفهم منذ عام كامل بالنار .. فكيف لك ان ترضى باحراق المسلمين لأطفال المسلمين ثم يغضب الغاضبون المنافقون من نار تقترب منك ..

يارسول الله .. نحن جميعا أشعلنا النار في جسدك وقرآنك .. جميعنا مذنبون .. بالأمس قتلنا حفيدك وبكينا عليه ثم تباهينا أن اليهود هم فقط قتلة الأنبياء .. واليوم نتباهى ونتسابق لسكب الغضب لاجلك وتدب فينا النخوة والشهامة والغيرة عليك أيها النبي .. ولكن انظر كم فتوى قتل وموت وحرق بحق المسلمين ننتج كل يوم حتى صرنا نقتل بعضنا كالضباع وننهش بعضنا كالكلاب المسعورة .. أحرقنا مساجدنا ودمرنا بيوت الله وهانحن اليوم نقترب من قبرك لندمره بأيدينا .. فهاقد “جئناك بالذبح” شعارا وجاءك المجاهدون المؤمنون الوهابيون بالانتحاريين وحورياتهم تسبقهم ..

يارسول الله سأعترف لك أن كل مشكلة الاسلام أن المسلمين لايعتنقون الاسلام من أجل الاسلام بل من أجل الخلافة والسلطة .. فنحن لانؤمن باسلام بلا سلطة .. ولذلك يجن جنون الناس كلما تسربت السلطة من فريق مسلم الى فريق مسلم .. لأن الاسلام بلا سلطة فارغ من الايمان وغير جذاب ولن تجد له وليا ولانصيرا ..

يارسول الله في العيد سأقول لك .. أننا صرنا أمة بلا نبي لأن ديننا الجديد لم يأت به نبي … وأنك صرت نبيا بلا أمة .. وربما كان ذلك أكثر سعادة لك وراحة في عليائك .. فهذه أمة تثير الشفقة .. وتجلب العار على أنبيائها لأنها الأمة الوحيدة التي تكره نفسها وتكرهها كل الأمم .. وهي لذلك لاتستحقك يامن عفوت عندما قدرت وأطلقت من كان يريد بك شرا .. وأنت أيها الكريم ابن الكريم لاتستحق أن تتبعك أمة مكروهة مريضة مجنونة ..

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Sayyed Houthi: We Will Fight under All Circumstances till Achieving Victory


Local Editor

Sayyed HouthiLeader of Ansarullah Movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, asserted that the Yemenis will continue their fight steadfastly and constantly against the Saudi-led aggression, noting that KSA’s coalition aims at inaugurating ISIL to move Aden and all the southern provinces into anarchy.

Addressing a massive rally in Sanaa on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) Birthday, Sayyed Houthi added that ISIL plots to strike the existing entities, weaken the Umma and deform Islam’s image in order to serve the US-Zionist interests.

Sayyed Houthi pointed at that the US wants the war in Yemen to be prolonged, noting that the Yemenis will fight under all the circumstances till achieving victory.

The inevitable outcome that Holy God has pledged to enable his loyal worshippers to reach is victory, Sayyed Houthi asserted.

Yemen has been since March 26 under brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition. Hundreds of Thousands have been martyred and injured in the attack, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

Riyadh launched the attack on Yemen in a bid to restore power to fugitive president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi who is a close ally to Saudi Arabia.

Source: Agencies

23-12-2015 – 18:23 Last updated 23-12-2015 – 18:23

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Ramadan Karim: Syria Mufti – Ahmad Badrideen Hassoun

الإخبارية السورية – حوار خاص مع سماحة مفتي الجمهورية الشيخ الدكتور أحمد بدر الدين حسون – حسين الفياض

كلمة د عبد الستار السيد وزير الاوقاف بمناسبة حلول رمضان | #الفضائية_السورية 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Islamic State claims Texas attack, its first on US soil

The Ugly Truth


Jihadist group says ‘soldiers of caliphate’ carried out shooting at event showcasing cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed

Times of Israel

The Islamic State jihadist group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for its first attack on US soil, a shooting at an event in Texas showcasing cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed that left the gunmen dead.

“Two of the soldiers of the caliphate executed an attack on an art exhibit in Garland, Texas, and this exhibit was portraying negative pictures of the Prophet Mohammed,” the jihadist group said.

“We tell America that what is coming will be even bigger and more bitter, and that you will see the soldiers of the Islamic State do terrible things,” the group announced.

It marked the first time the extremist group, which has captured swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, claimed to have carried out an attack in the US.

US police said two men drove up to the conference center Sunday in Garland, where the right-wing American Freedom Defense Initiative was organizing the controversial cartoon contest, and began shooting at a security guard, who was wounded in the ankle.

Garland police officers then shot and killed both men.

According to US media reports, the two suspected jihadists were Elton Simpson, 31, and Nadir Soofi, 34, who shared an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

Simpson was being investigated by the FBI over alleged plans to travel to Somalia to wage holy war, court records show.

Many Muslims find drawings of the prophet to be disrespectful or outright blasphemous, and such cartoons have been cited by Islamists as motivation in previous attacks.

According to court records seen by AFP, Simpson was sentenced to three years’ probation in 2011 after FBI agents presented a court with taped conversations between him and an informant discussing traveling to Somalia to join “their brothers” waging holy war.

The prosecution was unable to prove that Simpson had committed a terror-related offense, but did establish he had lied to investigators when he denied having discussed going to Somalia.

The White House said that President Barack Obama had been briefed on the investigation, which Texas police said was ongoing.

“There is no form of expression that justifies an act of violence,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group listed by civil rights watchdog the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Muslim hate group, had organized the event, which drew about 200 people.

At the event, attended by Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders and AFDI co-founder Pamela Geller, supporters held an exhibition of entries to a competition to draw caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

AFDI had offered a $10,000 prize for the winner of the contest, which was billed as a “free speech” event.

Commentators were quick to draw parallels to the January mass shooting at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris that killed 12 people and wounded 11 more.

But the magazine’s film critic, Jean-Baptiste Thoret, who only avoided the attack because he had been late for work, said “there is absolutely no comparison.”

“You have a, as you said, a sort of anti-Islamic movement (in Texas)… the problem of Charlie Hebdo is absolutely not the same,” Thoret told Charlie Rose on PBS, according to an advance transcript released on Monday.

Gerard Biard, chief editor of the magazine, added: “We don’t organize contests. We just do our work. We comment on the news. When Mohammed jumps out of the news, we draw Mohammed.

“But if he didn’t, we didn’t. We don’t… We fight racism. And we have nothing to do with these people.”

On Twitter, jihadist Abu Hussain Al-Britani, who extremist monitoring group SITE identified as British IS fighter Junaid Hussain, described the gunmen as “two of our brothers.”

But Simpson’s father Dunston told ABC News that his son, who he said worked in a dentist’s office, simply “made a bad choice.”

“We are Americans and we believe in America,” Dunston Simpson said. “What my son did reflects very badly on my family.”

Wilders told AFP in an email that he was concerned he may have been targeted because he, like one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists killed in January, is on a hit list circulated by Al-Qaeda supporters.

“I am shocked. I just spoke for half an hour about the cartoons, Islam and freedom of speech and I had just left the premises,” he said.

“This is an attack on the liberties of all of us.”

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Al Saud: Kingdom of Blood, Destruction and Fear

Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh

Al Saud

Remembering the Wahhabi forces has always been associated with remembering the criminal practices of their ancestors since the political deal between Mohammad bin Saud and Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, which stated that the first must protect the ideology of the second in order for it to spread, while the second gives legitimacy to the rule of the first. A political deal that is still in practice until today, since Al Saud is leading the political scene in the kingdom, while the religious leadership is under the control of Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab’s sons.

In April, 1802, Saud bin Mohammad’s (grandfather of Abdul Aziz) Army invaded Karbala  and slaughtered 4,000 Muslim Shiites, despoiling the holy shrines, “including that of Martyr Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). After despoiling the city, the Wahhabis left, taking with them precious spoils which included swords inlaid with jewels, guns, golden jewelry and Persian carpets, which they carried on the backs of 4,000 camels,” according to American author Dore Gold.

In parallel, Catalan orientalist known as “Ali Bey Al-Abbasi” records that the invaders of Karbala had passed the swords on the necks of men and young boys of all ages.

Dore Gold quotes another Western source as saying that they ripped up the stomachs of pregnant women and left the embryos over the bodies of their mothers, “for their savageness did not quench their thirst, so they did not stop murdering.”

In the next year, Holy Mecca fell in the hands of the Wahhabi Army under the leadership of Saud bin Mohammad who demanded

“the razing of all the mosques and hermitages dedicated for the revival of the prophet and Ahlul Beit”.

They razed “the hermitages of the companions… the army razed the hermitage in Al-Nour Mount where Gabriel sent down the revelation to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Moreover, the Wahhabis appointed a guard on the mountain to prevent pilgrims from praying on its top, it was a prayer which pilgrims performed in the spot where Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to meditate and worship God.”

The author documents what later took place in Taef, when the Wahhabis

“passed their swords on everyone they met, without separating between men, women, or children, and did not hesitate to tear up the innocent people into pieces while they were in their beds and homes.”

Gold adds that:

“In the Medina, the Wahhabis applied their religious ideology which demanded razing tombs. They tried to raze the fancy domes over the tomb of the prophet, and the Wahhabi invaders took away all the precious objects in the tomb and despoiled the treasure of the prophet’s mosque.

This is what the grandson of the establisher of the third Saudi state – Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, known as Ibn Saud – did. So, what did history record about practices throughout his rule?

Eldon Ratter, an English who converted to Islam, narrates about the changes he had witnessed after the Wahhabis came. On that day, Ratter visited

“the place where Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was born, and it was a spot in the pious shrines, like a small mosque with a dome and a small hermitage.”

When he mentions the changes, he says:

“The Wahhabis have destroyed the dome of this structure and its hermitage, and they removed the curtains and other decorations… Today, every time the prophet’s birthday is mentioned among people of Mecca, their faces turn gloomy and they begin cursing the people of Najd (because Al Saud are from Najd).

Wahhabi fighters’ practices built fear among people from the control of Ibn Saud over the holy cities of Muslims. Back then, India, which used to be the largest Islamic country, demanded internationalizing Hijaz, specifically its holy cities, according to Dore Gold’s book “Hatred’s Kingdom, How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism”.

The concern in the Islamic world emerged after Muslims halted traveling to perform pilgrimage out of fear of being offended by the Wahhabis, since the latter believe that they get closer to Allah by killing Muslims who disagree with them.

In 1926, and four years before taking over Al-Azhar Sheikhdom,  Sheikh Mohammad Al-Ahmadi Al-Zawahiri headed the Egyptian delegation to the World Muslim Congress which Abdul Aziz called for, and gave confidence to Muslims just for the sake of preserving his position in Mecca. Sheikh Al-Zawahiri says that the delegates who attended Mecca congress: “Were all against the government of Ibn Saud and the Wahhabis in Hijaz, and even though the minority supported Wahhabism, when they arrived to Mecca and witnessed the changes, they were disappointed… in reference to the razing of the companions’ tombs and the holy city’s features.

What did Zawahiri see in Mecca?Imam Mohammad Ahmadi Al-Zawahiri

“It was prohibited to begin the prayers with the term “Prophet of Allah”, because this was considered (by Wahhabis) polytheism, and Allah should be the only one addressed during prayers.

So in the largest Mecca mosque, Zawahiri saw Wahhabis reprehending an Egyptian man and asking him:

“Did you use O ‘Prophet of Allah’ in your prayer?” 

But out of fear, the Egyptian man denied it.

Zawahiri tried to pacify the scared Egyptian man that day and told him:

“To be honest with you, I also begin my prayers with ‘O Prophet of Allah’.” 

In other words, the man, who later became one of the most significant religious figures in Egypt and the Islamic world, was also scared to pray freely in Mecca like any devout Muslim!

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Sayyed Nasrallah Blistering Speech in Solidarity with Yemen, April 17th, 2015

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When a Terrorist Is Not a Terrorist


What the Chapel Hill police in North Carolina initially pitched to the world as ‘a parking dispute’ was the deliberate killing of three young and devout Muslim American students by an ideologically driven ‘new atheist’ killer named Craig Stephen Hicks. What the The Economist unhesitatingly calls ‘terrorism in Copenhagen’ involved the attempted shooting of a Danish cartoonist who repeatedly mocks the Prophet and Islamic beliefs as well as the lethal shooting of a Jewish security guard outside a synagogue. A friend understandably poses a serious question on Twitter that might have been dismissed as rhetorical overkill just a few years ago: “Are only Muslims capable of terrorism?” 

I find it deeply disturbing that while the Chapel Hill tragedy is given marginal media attention except among groups previously worried about Islamophobia and racism, The Economist considers that important principles of Western liberal democracy are at stake apparently only in the European context. In the words of Zanny Minton Beddoes, the new editor of the magazine: “Jacob Mchangama, a lawyer and founder of a human-rights think-tank called Justitia, told me it would be a disaster if his country were to grow faint-hearted in its defense of free speech. ‘There can be no truce in the struggle between secular democracy and extremism,’ he says. Above all, politicians should avoid the trap of saying or implying that violence was really the fault of provocateurs, or that religious insult was to be equated with physical injury. Giving in to that sort of relativism would be letting down those followers of Islam who were brave enough to stand up for free speech, and indulging in a sort of “bigotry of low expectations”, said Mr Mchangama, whose paternal forebears were Muslims from the Comoros Islands. A good point.”

I am quite sure that this is not a good point, at least as phrased by Mr. Mchangama. Of course, governments should take action to protect all who are violently threatened, but to refuse to regard Islamophobic messaging as a species of hate speech while so regarding anti-Semitiic slurs or Holocaust denial is to combine two things that are both unacceptable: ignoring the root causes of political extremism and pathological violence; and prohibiting and punishing anti-Semitic utterances as hate speech while treating anti-Islamic or Islamophobic speech as requiring protection from the perspective of ‘freedom of expression.’ Admittedly, these outer bondaries are difficult to draw. Should the views of professional historians that cast doubt on the magnitude of the Holocaust be forbidden? Should critical literary and satiric treatments of Mohammed and the Koran be suppressed for the sake of public order? In the former case we have the experience of the French historian, Robert Faurisson, while in the latter case, that of Salman Rushdie. In my view, the writings of both should be regarded as forms of protected speech, and if a government is unable or unwilling to do this, it compromises its own claims to legitimacy. And what it certainly should not do, is defend Rushdie on freedom of expression grounds while punishing Faurisson on the basis of defamation or collective hate laws.

Another trope along a similar trajectory is the push toward acknowledging ‘war’ between the West and Islam, an embrace of the infamous Huntington thesis of ‘the clash of civilizations.’ Roger Cohen, an ethically oriented regular contributor to the opinion page of the New York Times, in a column headlined as “Islam and the West at War” [Feb. 17, 2015] criticizes the Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, as well as Barack Obama, for describing the adversary as a ‘dark ideology’ and as ‘violent extremists.’ Cohen insists that such terms are euphemisms that evade the central reality of our time, namely, that the West is confronting Islamic movements and governments throughout the world, and even argues that Islam is ‘fair game’ because it “has spawned multifaceted political movements whose goal is power.”

The article also observes that young Muslims feel alienated and are drawn toward ISIS and other radical Islamic movements. Cohen asks the central question “Who or what is to blame?” and then suggests that there are two opposing sets of responses. His descriptions are worth quoting in full: “For the first, it is the West that is to blame through its support for Israel (seen as the latest iteration of Western imperialism in the Levant); its wars (Iraq); its brutality (Gunatanamo, Abu Ghraib); its killings of civilians (drones); its oil-driven hypocrisy (a Jihadi-funding Saudi ally).”

And then comes the second type of response: “… it is rather the abject failure of the Arab world, its blocked societies where dictators face off against political Islam, its repression, its feeble institutions, its sectarianism precluding the practice of participatory citizenship, its wild conspiracy theories, its inability to provide jobs or hope for its youth, that gives the Islamic state its appeal.”

I find several serious flaws in this way of presenting the issue. It should be obvious to any objective commentator that both sets of issues are interwoven, and cannot be separated except for polemical purposes. Furthermore, the failures of the Arab world are presented as detached realities, implying that the Western colonial legacies endured by the Arab world are irrelevant. We need to recall that following World War I, almost one hundred years ago, the European colonial powers effectively insinuated their national ambitions into the diplomatic process that produced the Middle East as we know it today. Such moves undermined Woodrow Wilson’s advocacy of self-determination for the peoples comprising the collapsed Ottoman Empire as well as the promises of a unified country made to enlist Arab support for the war against Germany and the Ottomans.

These historical antecedents certainly contributed to the authoritarianism of the region as the only basis for sustaining a coherent order in the artificial political communities with which the region experienced the transition to political independence. And the sectarianism that Cohen laments was clearly inflamed by American occupation policy in Iraq, as well as providing the most palatable way for Saudi Arabia to justify its hostility to Iran, deflecting attention from corruption and gender cruelty of its dynastic rule.

Overlooking this legacy of colonialism also ignores the effects of the Balfour Declaration, which gave the imperial blessings of British Foreign Office to the Zionist project for Jewish homeland in historic Palestine that were later endorsed by the League of Nation and the UN. It is debatable as to how much of the turmoil and violence in the region is attributable to the open wounds caused by the dispossession and occupation of the Palesinian people, but it is certainly part of the sad regional story that has unfolded in the last several decades.

Not surprisingly, Cohen finds the second series of explanations “more persuasive” and especially so in light of “the failure of the Arab Spring,” which he believe is partly a consequence of Obama’s refusal to do more to promote and sustain democratic outcomes in the Middle East by way of intervention. Somewhat mysteriously he blames the Syrian tragedy on American ‘nonintervention’ without bothering to consider the prolonged national disasters that have followed from such interventions as the sustained ones in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the more limited one under NATO auspices in Libya. In each instance the aftermath of intervention was not democracy, or even stability, but chaos, strife, and a worsening of human security.

Cohen never ventures to suggest that in light of the colonial legacies in the region, abetted by the oil lust of the West, the least bad arrangement at this point that can be fashioned is a less corrupt and more responsible authoritarianism. As deficient as Saddam Hussein and Muamar Qaddafi were from the perspective of human rights and democracy, they did maintain order within their borders and their countries were rated rather highly by the Human Development Indicators (HDI) of the UNDP. If the United States is to be blamed for its diplomacy during the recent past, it would seem much more convincing to hold the Bush Administration responsible for the downward spiral of politics in the region than to point a critical finger at Obama. It was after all during the Bush presidency that an American interventionary resolve was linked to and justified as ‘democracy promotion.’ If we focus on the alienation of Arab youth, it would seem to be much more the result of these military and political interventions than a consequence of the Obama reluctance to engage the United States in yet another war with a Muslim country. Indeed, Obama can be faulted for being too quick to authorize drone and other air strikes, while pursuing an unimaginative diplomacy that remains the best hope for achieving sustainable peace in the region.

Cohen’s diagnosis and allocation of responsibility is a telling expression of the liberal mind-set as it addresses the interlinked agendas of anti-terrorism and Middle East politics. Liberals both minimize Western and American responsibility for what has gone wrong in the spirit of Bernard Lewis and make the partisan United States relationship to Israel seem almost irrelevant to the troubles of the region, thereby overlooking the high costs of the policy. For instance, many knowledgeable observers agree that regional stability would be dramatically enhanced by the establishment of a nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East. Yet such a policy option was never even considered in diplomatic settings, apparently because it would exert too much pressure on Israel to give up its arsenal of nuclear weaponry, which has given Israel a monopoly on nuclear weapons in the region that insists on preserving at all costs, including risking a disastrous war with Iran.

At this stage there are no easy answers as to allocating responsibility or producing causal explanations for terrible realities being endured by the peoples of the region. Quite clearly there are no good military answers to the various unresolved disasters in the region, although that is where the sort of ‘war thinking’ that Cohen affirms continues to place its bets.

In contrast, I would contend that a more imaginative diplomacy responsive to international law remains the only way forward. Such an orientation would look with favor on Iran’s active participation, especially in relation to Syria and to the possible negotiation of a regional security framework. It would also presuppose the relevance of a just and sustainable resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, which it turn depends upon the adoption of a normal approach by the U.S. Government to its relationship to Israel. Until such a reorientation on the part of Washington policymakers occurs, the path of least resistance is to engage in one air war after another, and mindlessly lend aid and comfort to Sisi’s harsh oppression in Egypt and the dismaying blend of autocracy and theocracy in Saudi Arabia.

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Despite Standing with Charlie Hebdo, Abu Mazen Represses Palestinian Artist’s Cartoon

A snapshot of Mohammed Sabaina’s drawing from his website.
Published Wednesday, February 4, 2015
On Tuesday, following widespread pressure and condemnation, Ramallah-based Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida issued a statement apologizing for a cartoon by Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabaina of Prophet Mohammad that they published on Sunday.
“We strictly deny all allegations or interpretations attempting to establish a link between the published drawing and depictions of prophets or disciples,” the statement read. The Palestinian daily added that “a committee was formed to investigate the published cartoon, which became a subject of controversy.” The paper noted, “The cartoon, when published, aimed to defend religions and convey a message of love and peace.”
 The issue has been a hot topic in Palestinian political and media circles since Sunday, and Mohammed Sabaina has been the subject of widespread criticism. It seems that the wave of Islamophobia that rose in the West after the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdohas been met by religious hysteria in Arab countries, dealing a deadly blow to free speech.
Sabaina, a famous cartoonist and former prisoner, born in Jenin in 1978, is the primary victim of this unbridled hysteria. The Palestinian public and journalists were outraged by Sabaina’s caricature, which depicted a man standing on planet Earth, surrounded by an aura of light, carrying a beating heart as a handbag, and spreading seeds of forgiveness.
Although the meaning of the cartoon is evident, many chose to incite outrage and exploit religious sensitivities. They flaunted their muscles in a pretentious defense of Prophet Mohammad, likening Sabaina’s drawing to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, despite the great difference between the two.
Others cited fatwas recently issued by the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, which forbade the “depiction of the Prophet, peace be upon him, through images, whether in drawings, animated pictures, or still images,” and prohibited “ministries of information and publishers from portraying the Prophet in novels, plays, and movies, as well as on television and in cinema, etc.”
Sabaina did not want to get caught up in attacks and counter-attacks between Arab countries and the West after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Thus, in his cartoon, he adopted a defensive approach, rather than an offensive or apologetic one. Journalists and netizens, however, failed to see that, and accused him of “blasphemy and violation of Islamic teachings.” Some reporters chose to aggravate the situation and tarnish the image of the cartoonist, who is known for his firm national standpoint.
Sabaina tried to contain the situation, which spread quickly through the mainstream and new media after the cartoon’s publication.
On his Facebook account, he wrote: “I reject the claim that the drawing includes a depiction of the Prophet. The person [in the caricature] represents a Muslim who follows the calling of our Prophet Mohammad. As for the aura surrounding him, it is the light of our Prophet, and the goodness emanating from Islam.”
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas joined the heated battle and, ironically, opened the door to further escalation. Palestinian official news agency WAFA reported on Monday that “the president ordered an immediate investigation into the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad published in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper.” Apparently, the big fuss around Sabaina’s cartoon prompted Abbas to resort to threats and intimidations, and issue an illegal decision that compromises free speech.

Sabaina said: “In front of any investigation committee… inquiry, I love this country.”

 WAFA quoted Abbas as stressing “the need to take deterrent action against those responsible for this terrible mistake, out of respect for sacred religious symbols, most notably the prophets and messengers.”
Abbas had joined the French and Israeli prime ministers in the historic march in Paris after the deadly Charlie Hebdo attack, under the pretext of supporting freedom. It seems that he was nonetheless upset by this cartoon, though Sabaina used all possible artistic means to avoid the religious frenzy that resulted from the previous incident, and used his own style to defend the Prophet.
This position reveals Abbas’s double standards regarding freedom of expression — he is known, after all, as “Palestine’s Karzai” — as well as the double standards of the PA, which has previously shrugged aside Palestinian sensitivities by paying condolences to dead Israeli soldiers. In the midst of this political absurdity and manipulation of religion, Sabaina said: “In front of any investigation committee… inquiry, I love this country.”

Solidarity campaigns
After a wave of negative reactions to the cartoon, Al-Hayat Al-Jadidasoon “broke the artist’s pencil.” Its board of directors issued a decision to “temporarily suspend those responsible for publishing the caricature.” This arbitrary decision came only a few hours after the newspaper ordered an internal investigation into the scandal, noting that the appropriate procedures had yet to be performed.
This decision reveals the precarious state of Palestinian print media, and how strictly it accords with the PA’s inclinations, not to mention the influence of religious fanaticism on Palestinian media and its shallow approach to the art of cartoons.
The Palestinian daily mentioned in its statement on Tuesday that it “submitted the outcome of the internal investigation to the authorities that President Mahmoud Abbas assigned to the file.”
In the same context, a number of social networkers launched a campaign in solidarity with Sabaina, writing “We are all Sabaina” on their pages. The cartoonist is, in fact, known for his efficient role in circulating the letters of prisoners in Israeli jails.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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One millon Muslims and Orthodox Christians in the streets of Grozny

The Saker

Over a million people – Muslims and Orthodox Christians – have taken to the streets of Grozny to protest against the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed by the Charlie Hebdo magazine:

Their slogans were:

“We love Prophet Mohammed”
“No to Mohammed cartoons”
“Islam is a religion of peace and creation”
“Violence is not the method”

Orthodox priest from Chechnia and other regions joined the demonstrations.

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Dying ‘good career move’ for French hate-mag

The French so-called satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – more accurately a hate-inciting, racist rag – has published its first post-massacre edition this week, with print sales going through the roof.

Which just goes to prove the hoary old showbiz observation that “dying can be a good career move.” That dictum describes how washed-up artists and other celebrities are often rescued from obscurity following their death, with sales of old records or biographies benefiting from a surge in renewed public interest.

The same would appear to be true for the previously obscure French political weekly magazine where 12 people, including senior editorial staff, were shot dead last week allegedly by gunmen claiming to be affiliated with the Al Qaeda/Takfiri terrorist network. (The network instigated and spawned by Western military intelligence for all sorts of covert operations, including regime change in Arab and Muslim countries.)

The remaining staff at the Paris-based publication have this week produced an edition despite the trauma of the past seven days. But instead of the usual 60,000 copies, the publication has hit a record print run of 3 million. Some Paris news agents were reportedly sold out within minutes of opening.

Online editions have also been translated into several languages in addition to the normal French version. And the magazine has reportedly been inundated with new subscriptions and donations from around the world amounting to over $1 million.

Moreover, French newspapers and other international media have reprinted the front page of the magazine, although many major outlets, including American news channels CNN and ABC, as well as the New York Times, declined to print it (more on that in a moment).

So, from a financially struggling magazine that catered for a minority of readers, many of whom were reactionary bigots, Charlie Hebdo has become an international sensation. On the back of its slain cartoonists, the publication can look forward to lucrative sales and a global readership.

A good career move indeed. And presumably that cynical conclusion won’t be objected to by our Western satirists given their supposed commitment to freedom of expression.

The stellar outcome for the French hate-rag is unfortunate. That’s because this magazine is not the paragon of free speech and intelligent political satire that has been made out by Western governments and the mainstream media since the killings last week by two gunmen, who by the way were well known to French state security services for their terror links.

Charlie Hebdo is more accurately described as a publication that excels in inciting hatred and dehumanizing stereotypes of Muslims in particular. Apologists for the rag, claim that it is an “equal opportunity” exponent of satire, ridiculing all political and religious organisations. That is not true. A review of its past contents show that the publication is not the fearless champion of free speech that all the weeping millions of “Nous Sommes Charlie” supporters would have us and themselves believe. It has never, for example, given deserved criticism of Western-sponsored Zionist terrorism towards Palestinian civilians, human rights defenders, medical aid workers and journalists.

The magazine has abused the principle of free speech as a cynical cover to promote hate speech and in particular to foment prejudice against the Muslim population of France and Europe more generally.

Muslims have become the most vulnerable community in Europe and around the world for persecution by Western state and non-state bigots. Over the past week, Muslim communities and places of worship have been attacked by mobs in Germany and France amid the climate of hatred that the likes of Charlie Hebdo and its state benefactors have been responsible for.

The French government might claim this week that it is “at war with terrorism, not Islam.” But that is disgraceful cop-out of responsibility by the French authorities. All Western governments are responsible for fuelling a nefarious climate of Islamophobia and negative stereotyping of “Muslims as terrorists” over the past several years. It is absurd for these governments to try now to disclaim responsibility while they continue to bomb Muslim countries in a fictitious “war on terror” against extremist groups that Western states have created in the first place to advance their imperialist agendas. Added to this are Western state police powers directed towards the Muslim community and legions of unlawful imprisonments and other miscarriages of justice.

The French government has not merely allowed the hate-inciting Charlie Hebdo to spew its anti-Muslim bigotry every week. By doing so gives the publication’s nauseating contents a tacit seal of official state approval. A privilege that is not extended to viewpoints that criticise Zionism, even though the latter is deserved and legitimate under principles of free speech.

Astoundingly, over the past week, the Charlie Hebdo hate-rag has been transformed by the French authorities into some of kind of heroic standard bearer and model of Western democratic enlightenment. The names of its deceased cartoonists have been cited with honours and cherished like saintly figures. French national narcissism has gone into self-serving overdrive, and we are all supposed to murmur with touching respect.

The French and international public are being manipulated as never before to rally behind dangerous reactionary anti-Muslim prejudices – and all this is presented as a virtue so beautiful that tears are to be shed!

The latest edition of the hate-filled French magazine features on its front page yet another cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). As noted above, several Western mainstream media outlets have refused to re-print the cover, meekly saying that it may be “construed as provocative.” Provocative is an understatement.

This rag has poisoned societies with its bigotry that has culminated in fuelling violence – violence that is felt mainly by Muslims. And yet shamelessly it peddles another gratuitous insult against Muslims and claiming it as a self-vindication.

As ever, the Muslim world is responding with restraint and dignity to the latest vile conduct by Western so-called free-speech secularism.

All humanists must find ways of defeating Western state-sponsored hostility and violence by peaceful means. Further violence and death is only a boon for the bigots and the authors of conflict. For them, death, violence and terrorism are always a “good career move.”



Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in newspaper journalism. He is also a musician and songwriter. For nearly 20 years, he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organisations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, he is now located in East Africa working as a freelance columnist for Press TV and Strategic Culture Foundation (Moscow).

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In the Charlie Hebdo psyop double standards, logical fallacies and crass ignorance are everywhere

The Saker

Many of pointed out that apparently the French and most westerners seem to be much more upset when 12 people die in Paris then when hundreds, thousand and tens of thousands die elsewhere.  It appears that the 1980s slogan “don’t touch my pal” which was originally supposed to denounce racism now has been “re-worked” into a, if not racist, then at least a chauvinistic mode: don’t kill French leftists no matter how offensive their discourse is.  I won’t make that case again here, but because by now anybody still capable of critical thought “got it”, but I will look at another, much less noticed case of double standards: the one about the issue of moral pain.Here is what the official doxa tells us: Muslims have no right to whine about their Prophet being insulted, this is part of free speech.  It is disingenuous for them to claim that they have been hurt by these caricatures, in reality they have not been hurt, they just had their feathers ruffled by a bit of disrespectful speech.  How can you possibly compared such ruffled feathers with issues of life and death?

So is there such thing as moral pain and can it be compared to physical pain?

Let’s look at the record as it stands in the West:

Any psychologist will explain to you that not only does moral pain exist, but it can be worse then physical pain.  This is why some people confess to crimes (whether real or not) when they are told that their family members will be tortured next even though they themselves had found the internal courage not to yield to torture inflicted upon them.  An idea can hurt more then physical pain.

The Geneva conventions specifically forbid mock executions even though all they inflict is fear (a form of moral pain).

In France, it is currently illegal to even question the official version of the so-called “Holocaust” precisely because doing so would cause moral pain to the very few actual “Holocaust survivors” still alive.  This protection from moral pain even extends to the relatives and descendants of “Holocaust survivors” who were born already after the war and how never suffered from any ill-treatment themselves.

At the famous Nurenberg trial Julius Streicher was sentenced to death even though he never committed any other crime then “infecting the German mind with the virus of anti-Semitism“.  He was, by the way, also viciously tortured before his execution.  His crime?  He was the founder and editor of a newspaper, Der Stürmer, a nasty racist propaganda paper whose name can be roughly translated as “The attacked” or “The stormer”.  Apparently, hate speech can even get you the death penalty in the West.

The 8th Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” especially if it “degrading to human dignity”.  Apparently, for the Founding Fathers human dignity was an extremely valuable and real thing which deserved to be protected.

Even in GITMO (hardly a bastion of civilization and human rights!) following the 2005 scandals about the desacration of the Quran, it was decided that the rules about the manipulation of the Quran (which had already existed in the past) would be strictly implemented.  So even in waterboarding GITMO insulting the Prophet is considered beyond the norms of civilized behavior.  Apparently not in Paris.

What about law defending against slander?  Are they not here to protect people from the pain resulting from somebody else’s speech? Do we not care if somebody dear to us is insulted or ridiculed?

So who are we kidding here?  Do I need to bring further examples to make my point everybody in the West already knows that caricatures like the one published by Charlie Hebdo really bring on real pain to Muslims.  We are not talking about ruffled feathers or irritation, we are talking about real moral and psychological distress here, the kind which normally western civilizational and legal norms try to protect people form.

The truth which others dare not speak but which I will spell out for you here is simple: western elites have the same attitude towards Muslims as Victoria Nuland has for the EU: f**k them!  That is the real message not only Charlie Hebdo but the entire teary circus around the Paris massacre sends to Muslims worldwide: bleep you, your religion and your Prophet, bleep you and your victims – thousands and even millions of your dead Muslims (Iraq anybody?!) are not worth 12 of our guys, and we get to limit your speech, but don’t you dare limit ours!

And if a Muslim dares to object, he is instantly reminded about “his” stonings, burkas, terrorist attacks, etc. with the inevitable punch line: Islam is in no position to give lessons to the civilized West.   Sadly, Islam is vulnerable to such attack because of its support for the death penalty and its use of various frankly inhuman execution methods, but that is far from being the full picture.

First, until recently the West ALSO had plenty of execution methods which are infinitely worse then those legal in Islam (anybody doubting this better read the Wikipedia entry under Robert-Francois Damiens or remember that the French abolished the guillotine only in 1981 and against the popular will).  Second, at least Islam is honest about its punishments.  Compare that with the USA were people are officially sentenced to prison terms like in other civilized countries, but where it is well known, understood and accepted that your chances of being brutally assaulted or anally raped are very high, especially if you are weak, and where people are held in supermax isolation units which the UN correctly defines as torture.

Second, it is artificial to compare two (or more) civilizations by only comparing their penal codes.  Why not compare other forms of violence such as warfare or genocides.  Here, even the worst of the worst Muslims (the Ottomans) compare very favorably with the Europeans, I am sorry if I offend the latter, but that is a fact.  Though, of course, there have been plenty of examples of Muslim atrocities (by the Ottomans and the Persians in particular), but compared to what the West did to entire continents (African, North and South America) these are truly minor incidents.  Of course, folks in the West are not too knowledgeable about all this, and the comforting narrative is that Europe was civilized, a heir to the Greek and Roman civilizations (a lie – post Frankish Europe re-discovered antiquity thanks to Muslims and Jews!) whereas the Muslims are just goat herders from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.  Comforting narrative for sure, but factually wrong.  Muslims, however, are very much aware of this history and don’t like to be looked down by the very westerners which they see as rather brutish and always bloodthirsty.

Third, there is a feature of modern western civilization which does set it apart from pretty much all others.  The quasi-total absence of the sacred.  For a modern, secular and educated person in the West there is very little which is truly sacred.  In the past, wives and mothers still used to be sacred, and telling an Italian or Spaniard “cornuto” or “hijo de puta” could get you knifed. Nowadays a French rap group proudly calls itself “Nique Ta Mère“.  Some will say this is progress, I suppose.  In the USA, the flag is sacred.  At least to some.  And, apparently, for millions of people in France – free speech, including deliberately offending free speech, is sacred.  Except when it is directed a Jews, in which case it can land you in jail.  For most Muslims, the prophets are so sacred that every time they mention their name they add “sallallahu alayhi wasallam” (peace be upon him).  Now, you don’t have to be a Muslim yourself or to approve of the Prophet to be capable of understanding that the Prophet Mohammed is truly dear and even sacred to Muslims.  The fact that there is nothing sacred left in the West does not mean that the rest of the world has slouched down to a similar degree of degeneracy or that those who hold nothing for sacred have a license to impose their lack of anything sacred or their indifference on everybody else and offend them to their (sick) heart’s content.

The most disgusting kind of westerner is the kind that actually takes pride in offending the feelings of those who still do have things which are sacred to them.  This is what Charlie Hebdo was all about.  Theirs was not a “discourse”, it was an endless quest to become the most offensive, vulgar and crude newspaper in Europe.  And, by the way, before the latest Charlie Hebdo psyop, this disgusting and stupid paper printed 60’000 copies for a country of 66’000’000 people.  But then, apparently, some French matter more then others (what else is new?).  Double standards again.

When considering any aspects of the Charlie Hebdo psyop you will inevitably find that double standards and logical fallacies are everywhere.  That some speech is freer then other, that some victims matter more then others, that some atrocities are more atrocious then others and that some pain gets more respect then other.  But the worst for me is this sickening solidarity with those who made insulting others into some kind of noble feat, these “heroes” are lionized for their “courage” to generate real moral pain in others.  I see nothing noble in that at all and the fact that they were brutally and viciously murdered by, apparently, a gang of Takfiri freaks does not make then anyway more respectful.

One more thing: some of you have expressed outrage at the fact that Sheikh Imran Hosein said that the biggest evil the world has ever seen will rule from Jerusalem.  Clearly, the good Sheikh is a vicious anti-Semite, right?


I wish that those who speak about the “Christian West” actually knew a little something of Christianity, especially of Christian eschatology.  What the Sheikh was saying is in no way different from what the Church Fathers said, including that the Antichrist would rule over the world from Jerusalem.  A 5min search on the Internet gave me these pretty decent sources:


Islamic eschatology is, by the way, remarkably similar to the traditional Christian one.  A quick search under the term “Dajjal” yielded these sources:


As for Sheikh Imran Hosein’s advice to the Muslims of France to leave while they can, it is fully in line with this admonition of Christ Himself who told his apostles

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.  Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.” (Matt 10:14-15). 
One does not have to agree with what the Sheikh says, but that is hardly a reason to call him crazy or anti-Semitic.Frankly, what I see taking place is mostly a lashing out against Islam and against Muslims which is first and foremost based on crass ignorance.  I personally am not a Muslim and I vehemently disagree with some teachings and practices of Islam.  And I am on record saying that I fully support what I call “Putin’s ultimatum” to the Takfiri freaks: stop or we will exterminate you.  And, when needed, Putin did exactly that: since 2000 Russia has literally executed every single leader of the Chechen insurgency, every single one.  Some were killed in Russia, others in Chechnia, others even elsewhere, but they are all dead.  And the Wahabi “Icherkian” insurgency has been literally exterminated too.  Not only that, but Putin has fully backed Assad, the other man who has not hesitated to physically exterminate as many Takfiri freaks as possible (and Assad did such a good job of it that they had to retreat to Iraq).  And I am on record supporting Assad too.  And, finally, I have always fully supported Hezbollah and Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, not only in their war of national liberation against Israel, but also in their struggle against the so-called “Syrian opposition” (where the freaks who murdered the Charlie Hebdo people came from!).  I don’t think that anybody even minimally honest can accuse me of having any sympathies for the Takfiri/Wahabi terrorists or for their actions in Paris.

But to those of you who take issue with my statement that the “West” cannot win against the Muslim world I say this: take the example of Russia and realize that the Russians can kill Wahabis, but they cannot kill Wahabism.  It took a Muslim man like Akhmad Kadyrov and his son to defeat the Wahabi ideology in Chechnia.  The same goes for the West: no matter how many ISIS or al-Qaeda terrorist the western security services kill (or, pretend to kill!), the ideology of Takfirism will only be defeated by other Muslims (who, by the way, are always the first and main victims of the Takfiri freaks!).

Just take one look at Hollande, Merkel or Obama and tell me that they have anything at all to say other then vapid platitudes and insipid lies?  Do you really believe that they have anything to oppose to the ideas of Osama bin-Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or even Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab or Taqi ad-Din Aḥmad ibn Taymiyyah?

Methinks that the western leaders are both too arrogant and too ignorant to face this reality and that they think that they can outsmart the devil on their own – hence the unleash the Takfiri demon against Muslim world and the Nazi demon against the Donbass.  I say that with leaders like that the West has exactly *zero* chance to prevail.  And considering that with each passing year the western leaders become even dumber, more arrogant, more pathetic and more clueless, I see no reason to believe that the West will win the “clash of civilizations” it itself created.

Now please don’t shoot the messenger.

The Saker

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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