BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:39 P.M.) – After short but high-pitched battle, elite forces of the Syrian Army have taken full control of an imperative half-way point in Damascus’ East Ghouta region – the town of Beit Sawa.

According to military-affiliated sources, insurgent fighters of Faylaq al-Rahman and Jaysh al-Islam abandoned their positions in Beit Sawa after the Syrian Army breached their main defensive line on the town’s outskirts and entered its center.

Elite Syrian assault troops had their operation to take the town backed up by tank and artillery forces as well as airpower.

The capture of Beit Sawa has now burst open the door for the Syrian Army to advance on a major militant stronghold in East Ghouta – the town of Masraba – from its southern and eastern approaches.

It is yet to be seen if the Syrian Army commits to fully-fledged attack on Masraba tonight (Wednesday) or holds off operations against the rebel stronghold for another day.