War by November 4, Says Imran Hosein

Usually when somebody predicts the end of the world by such-and-such date, I don’t pay it any heed. However, Imran Hosein is a man who has made a lifetime study of Islamic eschatology, and whatever your views on that subject may be, I feel compelled to mention that I’ve run a few of Sheikh Hosein’s videos before and found his analyses on world affairs pretty solid. So take it for whatever it’s worth: global war will begin by no later than November 4, 2016. Why the date in November has to do with the US presidential election. In Hosein’s words,

“They cannot take a chance that Donald Trump will become president. They cannot take that chance. Because Donald Trump says, ‘It makes no sense for us to have this antagonistic relationship with Russia.’”

If you would like to construe that as a ringing endorsement of Trump, I guess you’re free to do so, and maybe in some respects it is. But Sheikh Hosein isn’t the only one with such a view of Trump. Consider the remarks of Mark Dankof as quoted in a recent article at Veterans Today:

OK, I’m going to vote for him as the only alternative to the unthinkable election of the Whore of Babylon in November. I agree with Stephen Lendman that Clinton’s election is the best guarantee of World War III. But a Trump Presidency is not a panacea for what ails us. It could end in disaster if he’s elected. Time tells.

By the way, if you follow Sheikh Hosein’s talk all the way to the end, you will see he also predicts that in the upcoming war NATO will be destroyed  and that Israel will emerge as the dominant world power. Interestingly, the Book of Revelation offers a similar view. The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote in November of 2011, almost five years ago:

Part 7

The Final Destruction of YAM

It comes in chapter 18—YAM’s (America’s) final downfall and destruction. “After this,” says John, “I saw another angel coming down from heaven.” [18:1] He then gives us the angel’s words:

Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great. She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird. For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries. [18:2-3]

As may be expected, the merchants and kings are quite distraught by this turn of events:

When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: Woe! Woe O great city, O Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come. [18:9-10]

In one hour? So is YAM destroyed in a nuclear war? We don’t know. John doesn’t say, and of course such things as nuclear bombs were beyond his comprehension. What he does tell us is this:

Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: “With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again.” [18:21]

Maybe it’s an earthquake. All we know for sure is that at three separate points [18:10, 17, 19] the text emphasizes the destruction occurs in “one hour.” In any case, the Apocalypse has reached a major turning point: one beast has fallen; the other remains standing.

The other beast that “remains standing” is Israel. Interestingly, it would seem that Islamic and Christian eschatology both have similar views, at least on the downfall of America and the emergence of Israel as the global hegemon. There’s more to the story, though. Maybe at some point I’ll repost the entire article. Or if you like you can check out one of Hosein’s other videos or one of his books. There is probably quite a bit of agreement, if you look closely enough, between the two religions and their respective prophecies.


“Being a Jew and a Zionist are one and the same” (Jewish Chronicle)

By Gilad Atzmon

Anti’ Zionist Jews insist that Zionism and being Jewish are entirely different matters that have nothing to do with each other. Jonathan Boyd, the Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) claims the opposite.  According to Boyd, statistics proves that “being a Jew and a Zionist are one and the same, they cannot be separated out.” Demands to separate Zionism and the Jews tear “Jewishness in two,” Boyd wrote today in the Jewish Chronicle.

According to Boyd, a 2010 JPR survey of British Jewish attitudes towards Israel found that “82 per cent of British Jews say that Israel plays either a central or important part in their Jewish identity. 95 per cent of British Jewish adults have visited the country at least once, and 90 per cent regard it as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.”

I guess that Jewish statistics has now replaced the Talmud and the Torah as sources of law. If as many as 90% of Jews believe that Palestine is a Jewish land, then the Palestinians must have been living there by mistake.

Boyd opines that drawing parallels between Nazis and Israelis, or calling for boycotts of Israeli products makes British Jews feel threatened.

I agree with Boyd. I am not keen on the equation between ‘Israelis and Nazis.’ I think that it is not fair to German National Socialism. Israel is a democracy and its crimes reflect the popular choice of the Israeli Jews and according to Boyd the vast majority of world Jewry who identify with Israel and Zionism. National Socialist Germany wasn’t a democracy and the different measures of political oppression it inflicted on Jews and others lasted for, at most, 12 years. Israel’s racist abuse of Palestinians has been going on for almost seven decades. 

Boyd further reveals to us that most Jews do not believe in God. They actually believe in the ‘Jew.’ In 2013, JPR asked British Jews which aspects of Jewishness were most important to them.  Eighty-nine percent highlighted “feeling part of the Jewish people.” 

This makes economic sense. Instead of inventing a god who chooses you over all other people, the contemporary secular Jew cuts out the almighty middle ’man.’ The Jews love themselves just for being themselves. This seems the ultimate form of collective narcissism. JPR’s findings agree with what I have observed so far: all permutations of Jewish ID politics from JVP to ADL and beyond are in practice different forms of intense tribal self love. 

Boyd explains.

“The reason for that is because the Jews are a people over and above a religious group…the truth is you don’t actually have to believe anything to be Jewish. According to Jewish law, you simply need to be born to a Jewish mother, or convert. What you believe, or practice, whilst vital to the maintenance of that identity, is immaterial to your fundamental status as a Jew.”

There you go. Jewishness is a blood related identity, call it biology or race or a matter of conversion. Conversion into what? You guessed right –collective narcissism, self love or shall we simply say, ‘choseness.’

But Boyd insists that British Jews are also connected to Britain.

“That (Zionist) feeling does not necessarily translate itself into Jews wanting to live in Israel. While about 35,000 have made aliyah since 1948, most British Jews feel very connected to Britain.”

According to Boyd, EU data reveals that “84 per cent (of British Jews) feel fully part of British society.”

Fascinating. I would advise Boyd and his fellows at the Jewish research institute to try and find out what the British people think about the Jewish Lobby, the CFI and the LFI that push them into immoral interventionist wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.  Boyd and his institute should try to ascertain what British people think about the fact that a tribal foreign lobby dominates Britain’s political affairs.

What do the British people think about the idea that an ethnic group that amounts to less than half a percent of British society has so much influence in politics, finance and media?

Looking into these topics may help to save both Britain and its Jewry from an unfortunate disaster. 


israelis protesting sexual harassment

by Jonathan Azaziah

A most disturbing statistic has emerged out of the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity: 28 of the 32 Jewish women inside the Knesset have gone on record about being sexually harassed or abused at some point in their lives. This is a reflection of the larger problem of sexual violence within the psychopathic Zionist enclave, which has been described not only as a “pedophile’s paradise” but also as a “human trafficking haven”, and we all know that “human” is merely a euphemism for young women. Indeed, 1 in 3 Jewish women, that’s right, a whopping 33% of ‘Israel’s’ female occupiers, have faced sexual harassment, rape, assault or other forms of sexual abuse and violence at the hands of Jewish men. And while I do not feel sorry even in the least for any of these creatures, as they are usurpers, murderers, colonizers and land thieves first and foremost, just as much so in fact as the ‘Israeli’ men hurting them, numerous insights can be drawn from this ‘societal’ plague which will allow us to gauge how the enemy thinks, works and executes its pathological agenda. For if the Jew hates his own women this much that he can commit such egregious crimes against them, is it really so surprising that the Jew peddles pornography on a global scale to undermine Gentile morality (see Nathan Abrams’ “Triple-exthnics” in the Jewish Quarterly), trafficks young women on a global scale (i.e. the Russian-Jewish mafia; see “Red Mafiya” by the courageous Robert Friedman), deliberately targets women in his wars of aggression against Palestine and Lebanon and unleashes savage women-killing proxies against our people (i.e. the Phalangists of yesteryear and the Takfiris of today)? Is it really?

And while there are ‘Israeli’ leftists–what the f*** is an ‘Israeli’ leftist anyway?! A supremacist squatter who maims your children and burns your olive trees while shouting “workers of the world, unite!” in the midst of his/her crimes?–like the “post-Zionist” Jews of 972 Magazine wondering, “Why are so many Israeli women subjected to sexual harassment?”, pinning it on everything from a “military culture” to “patriarchy”, “mommy and daddy issues” to “aggressive heteronormativity”, all of this Neo-Marxist, ultra-Freudian, Frankfurt-School-Identity-Politics-fueled gobbledygook is simply an obfuscation of the real issue at hand: JUDAISM. Yes, Judaism is the reason why ‘Israeli’ women are sexually harassed and abused, just like Judaism is what drives the Zionist abomination to commit the most unspeakable crimes against the Palestinian people.

For a closer look at the basis of this important deduction, let us plunge with vigilance into the Talmud. The ire of the Chazal (Hebrew acronym for {rabbinical} sages of ‘blessed’ memory) against the Jewish woman is just mind-boggling in its vileness and ruthlessness. BT Baba Bathra 16b states, “The birth of a girl is a sad occurrence.” BT Yebamoth 59b perversely describes the Jewish woman as a sexually-ravenous creature that would even give herself to otherworldly creations, “A woman who has intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.” Whereas Islam treats the woman in marriage as the best friend, lover and Queen of her husband, Judaism treats the woman as an object that should not be conversed with; BT Aboth states, “It is not good to talk to women, not even your own wife.” Whereas women are the backbones of Islamic communities and some of Islam’s holiest figures are women, like Lady Khadija ([A.S.]; the first Muslim, first wife and first love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W.W.]), Lady Fatima al-Zahra ([A.S.]; Muhammad’s daughter, wife of Imam Ali [A.S.], known as the ‘leading woman of the worlds’), Lady Asiya ([A.S.]; protector of Prophet Moses [A.S.] as a child) and Lady Maryam ([A.S.]; holy virgin mother of Prophet Jesus the Messiah [A.S.]), the rabbis belittle and degrade their women; they tag them as inferior. BT Kiddushin 80b says “Women are lightheaded.” 29b of BT Kiddushin states, “It is forbidden to teach the Law {The Talmud} to a woman.” That must be because according to the rabbinate, they are lightheaded! Most despicably, in BT Gittin 91a, the rabbis view their women as throwaways, interchangeable with other throwaways, “It is permissible to divorce your wife if she burns your dinner, or if you see a prettier girl.”

BT Sanhedrin 25d views the majority of female Jewry as practitioners of witchcraft. BT Shabbat 152b describes the Jewish woman as a “sack of excrement.” BT Sanhedrin 100b describes the Judaic female as a “valueless treasure.” The Talmud permits the Jewish male, i.e. the aspiring rabbinical ‘sage,’ to sodomize his wife as much as he chooses to do so because, she is not fully human (though still above a Goy woman). To the rabbis, a Jewish woman is a slab of freshly cut meat right out of a kosher butcher shop. While the Islamic female has the power to initiate divorce if she is unhappy and her marriage is irrevocably broken, the Jewish female ‘slab of meat’ is a slave to her husband even after a divorce. These women are Talmudically referred to as the agunot, “the chained” in Hebrew, and until their ex-husband grants permission to her, ‘the chained’ woman is forbidden by rabbinic law to remarry. And unlike Islam, where the mother’s station exceeds that of the father, in the rabbinical courts of Judaism, the man’s word is akin to God’s word and the woman’s word is worthless. Islam assertively encourages its followers to respond to all Muslims, male and female, with the Arabic greeting of peace and harmony, “Assalamu ‘alaikoum (peace be upon you).” In contrast are the multiple verses of BT Berakoth that forbid any Judaic man from even greeting a Judaic female. And in a bombshell that is clearer than a sky free of clouds, verse 13a of Horayot, the final tractate in the Talmud’s Mishnah, says “A man comes before a woman in {all} matters of life.”

Still, it gets worse vis-a-vis the Gentile. Since the Judaic hatred of the Goyim extends to their being, to their marrow, to their very soul, why wouldn’t it extend to their Goy children as well? BT Yebamoth 98a is a reflection of this, “All Gentile children are animals.” And there is an especially intense Jewish hatred for female Gentile children, as confirmed by BT Abodah Zarah 36b, “Gentile girls are in a state of niddah {filth} from birth.” This is due to hatred of the female half of the Goy ‘species’, as the monstrous Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Schneerson would opine, being embedded in rabbinical law. BT Sanhedrin 81b-82a shows that there is an acronym used by the rabbis to describe Gentile women in totality, “NSHGZ,” which stands for Niddah (filth), Shifchah (slaves), Goyyah (heathens) and Zonah (whores). These terms apply to Goy women without exception. As it is well-known by the awakened, Gentiles are considered subhuman according to Judaism and its rabbis and BT Niddah 45a adds another layer to this rabbinical ‘wisdom,’ stating, “Women cannot conceive before they reach twelve years and a day, according to the Rabbis. When asked how it was possible that a Gentile girl conceived at age six, the Rabbi replied that Gentiles are not human.” And BT Kiddushin 66c puts the final stamp on the ‘NSHGZ’ principle, “The best of {the} women are filled with witchcraft.” The Judaic male, striving to please his rebbe and become one at some point in time himself, recites the following ‘prayer’ from BT Menahoth 43b-44a, every morning, in a ritualistic renewal of his hatred for the Goyim, “Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.”

And let us not forget the Old Testament (the corrupted Torah), Judaism’s holiest book of which the Talmud is merely an exegesis on. Throughout Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Samuel, to name just a few, women, be they Jewish or Gentile, are looked at as nothing more than sex objects, slave girls, harem, servants and window dressings. Even the greatest of Jewish women, female nobles and alleged prophetesses, like Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, the daughters of Lot, Esther, and Deborah, also to name just a few, are depicted in the pages of the Jewish Bible as nothing but deceivers, prostitutes, deviants, warmongers and sex-mad wenches who only live to pump out children for their husband-overlords in service to their so-called ‘god’.

Taking all of this in, as unsettling as it is, is it not ABUNDANTLY clear why Jewish women are at such a horrible risk of being sexually attacked by woman-hating Jewish men in the Jewish “state”, an entity where Halakha (Jewish law) reigns supreme and “Jews can be Jews” without worrying about interference from those pesky, moral Gentile authorities? And is it not ABUNDANTLY clear why Jews engage in so much wanton violence against Gentile women, whether on the Zionist or Jewish Cultural Imperialist levels? If it still isn’t, allow me to spell it out for you one more time: IT’S THE JUDAISM STUPID.

Jewish-‘Israeli’ women wanna end their suffering? Firstly, leave Palestine because you don’t f****** belong there. And second of all, leave Judaism too while you’re at it. Learn how to be a human instead of a Gentile-hating supremacist, and a second-, even third-class Gentile-hating supremacist in the eyes of your coreligionist men at that. And then after you’ve freed yourself from the mental bondage, if you’re truly cleansed of the toxicity that is Judaism, find yourself a good-hearted, manly Gentile man who’s going to treat you like Lady Khadija (A.S.), Lady Fatima Az-Zahra (A.S.), Lady Asiya (A.S.) and Lady Maryam (A.S.), not a degenerate, Torah-loving, Talmudist aspiring rabbi who hates you and wakes up every morning to say a ‘prayer’ thanking Satan that he wasn’t born with a vagina.

#DeathToIsrael #JudaismIsToxic #JewsHateWomen #ThrowOutTheTorahAndTheTalmud

A Palestinian Christian Speaks Her Mind

The lady is right. There is nothing Christian about Zionism. American Christians should be standing in solidarity with their Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine. The fact that more aren’t is shameful.

The United Methodist Church’s General Conference opens tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. The conference takes place every four years, and this year, as was the case in 2012, a measure calling for divestment from Israel will be up for consideration.

The divestment measure in 2012 failed by a narrow margin, but what has occurred in the years since, of course, is the Gaza destruction of 2014, in which Israel killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, including 521 children. Be that as it may, a Methodist minister has penned a shameful commentary opposing this latest divestment measure, an article in which he not only gets some of his facts wrong but also, disgracefully, fails to mention the enormous injustice done to Palestinians in 1948, the 2014 bloodletting in Gaza, or the illegal settlement construction and land grabs continuing to this day.

“Pressuring Israel will not end the occupation, because Israel is not capable of making peace unilaterally,” he asserts, implying in essence that Israeli doesn’t have “a partner for peace,” a trope which has been a standard Zionist talking point for a number of years.

Below is an article I wrote back in 2014 about a divestment measure under consideration by the Presbyterian Church at that time. It offers some insight into some of the pressure tactics that likely are being exerted against the Methodists at present.


Do They Worship Jews or Jesus?

By Richard Edmondson | June 7, 2014

Recently Israeli media published a report about a US Christian couple, Chad and Libby McJunkin, who, along with their ten children, converted to Orthodox Judaism. In doing so, they have adopted new names for themselves: instead of Chad and Libby, they now go by Shalom and Nechama, and they are even considering making “aliyah” to Israel.

I am glad the McJunkins have taken the step they have (although I do have some concerns for the McJunkin children, who apparently are being forced to adopt a new lifestyle not of their own choosing), for this is something I’ve been advocating a good while now: Christian Zionists should simply convert to Judaism.

Unlike other Christians, who worship Jesus, Christian Zionists worship Jews. Jesus is secondary, if he even figures into their thinking at all. So if their predominant object of worship, as a collective whole, is the Jewish people, then why not simply become a Jew? It makes enormous sense, especially when you consider that Judaism, stripped of all its trappings, basically is about self-worship. The theology of regarding oneself as “chosen” gives justification to a variety of crimes, including murder, land theft, and even genocide, for after all, if these things are being done by “chosen” ones, then they must have the approval of “God.”

This is the thinking of many Orthodox Jews, and it is also the thinking of Christian Zionists. In fact a quote from McJunkin sums it up rather well:

“When I came in to contact with people who told me about the Hebrew scriptures and I learned about the Torah, I realized there was a conflict between the Five Books of Moses and the New Testament,” McJunkin explained. “One was true and the other was totally false — and it’s obvious which one was false.”

In other words, McJunkin regards Old Testament narratives about conquest and genocide, and of God’s sanctioning such misconduct, to be more believable and worthwhile than the Gospel accounts of a man who came along and told Jews they should instead be loving, merciful and compassionate.

If McJunkin truly feels this way, then I say it is only right and natural for him to convert to Judaism. Moreover, it seems there is some financial incentive in it as well:

So far, the Jewish community has stepped up to help the McJunkins as they embark on their new path. People they had never met hosted their wedding, and others are contributing to a crowdsourcedwedding shower fund to assist them in purchasing new dishes, housewares, appliances, Judaica, and kosher groceries.

“There is a simple mitzvah of showing love to a convert,” said Alexander Rapaport, executive director of the Masbia food kitchen network, who organized the online fund. In the last three days, 221 people have donated $9,335 toward a $20,000 goal.

No doubt about it, $9,300 would come in handy if you’re trying to raise ten kids. And all you have to do is wear a skull cap and say, “I support Israel.”

The reason I bring up the McJunkins’ story is that another divestment-from-Israel measure will be coming up when the Presbyterian Church holds its General Assembly later this month, and as per usual, Jews are planning to descend en masse upon the convention to badger, cajole, and hector the delegates into voting it down.

And also not surprisingly, as these things go, some within the church itself are siding with them. One such individual is Christopher Leighton, and it’s tempting to reach the conclusion that people of this nature would do well to simply follow the lead of the McJunkins.

Leighton is quoted in an article on the divestment measure by the JTA, in a story identifying him as “a Presbyterian minister who is the executive director of the Institute for Jewish and Christian Studies in Baltimore.”

The gist of it is Leighton is deeply concerned this year’s divestment measure will pass (the last one, two years ago, was narrowly defeated by a vote of 333-331), and I’m inclined to believe that ministers like him are one of the main inspirations of Americans dropping out of the church and adopting atheism.

Christian conservatives often like to complain about “moral relativism,” but what could be more ethically “relative” than grappling for some sort of means of justifying what Israel is doing to the Palestinians? I can’t think of any. Yet the problem, as Leighton sees it, is that many of the delegates who’ll be attending this year’s assembly just don’t understand the “complexities” of the Middle East.

“The vast majority of Presbyterians don’t know these issues or the historical religious complexity of the region,” he said. “What they’re bombarded with is ‘Palestinians are suffering terribly. If we don’t do something about it we become complicit in an injustice.’ The arguments put forth traffic in all kinds of stereotypes that require work to undo.”

“Stereotypes”—presumably such as Israel’s abuse of Palestinian child prisoners, or its continued settlement building in contravention of international law. Yes indeed, stereotypes of this nature certainly “require work to undo,” but rest assured, Leighton will get plenty of help from his Jewish allies.

According to the JTA, “Jewish communal officials” are working furiously to “head off” the divestment measure, and a letter opposing it, “signed by more than 1,500 rabbis, cantors and seminary students of all streams of Judaism,” will be presented at the assembly. There also seem to be murmurings of veiled “consequences” the Presbyterian Church may face should the General Assembly approve the measure:

Rabbi Noam Marans, the American Jewish Committee’s director of interreligious relations, said the combined damage of the study guide and the passage of divestment overtures would likely have consequences for Jewish-Presbyterian ties, although he did not want to outline them until the assembly had finished.

The word “consequences” is also used by Dexter Van Zile, an analyst with the pro-Zionist CAMERA group, which seeks to influence media reporting on Israel, and who is quoted also in the story:

“Let the General Assembly decide and the church live with the consequences,” Van Zile said. What consequences? Again, no elaboration. But Van Zile also expresses the view that passage of the measure will amount to “a punch in the nose to the Jewish community.”

The General Assembly will take place June 14-21 in Detroit, and there are at least five separate divestment measures up for consideration. Part of what has Israel supporters so upset is the publication, earlier this year, of Zionism Unsettled, a study guide compiled by the Church’s Israel/Palestine Mission Network which analyzes the roles of Zionism and Christian Zionism in “shaping attitudes and driving historical developments in the Middle East and around the world.”

“The publication of ‘Zionism Unsettled’ by the very voices backing divestment in the PC (U.S.A.) revealed an agenda that is not about church investments,” says Ethan Felson, of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. “These backers of divestment want to return their church to a place of retrograde anti-Jewish theology, hostility to mainstream Jews and, of course, a blind eye to the responsibility of Hamas and Hezbollah on the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the steps Israelis are forced to take to defend themselves.”

Or in other words, those who support an end to Israeli occupation are terrorist sympathizers, and that will include the Presbyterian Church if it passes the divestment measure. How’s that for Zionist intimidation? And of course, by default they’re also anti-Semites—naturally.

There will also be an effort to demonstrate to the Assembly delegates that “left-leaning and dovish Jews” also oppose divestment. In fact, this is being described as “a pillar of organized Jewish pushback” on the matter, and apparently here J Street is playing a critical role.

Rachel Lerner, J Street’s senior vice president for community relations, who has made the pro-Israel case to church groups in the past, said she had decided not to attend this year’s assembly because of the time commitment. She changed her mind, however, when she read “Zionism Unsettled.”

“It portrays Zionists as pathological and racist and scarred and unable to act in any normal way,” she said. “It ran contrary to everything I think Zionism stands for. I was personally offended by it. I think it says something about the movement, where divestment is coming from and who it is coming from in the church.”

The sad part is Lerner and her fellow Zionists will get plenty of help from inside the church. The JTA makes clear that Leighton isn’t the only one.

“The stakes are very high,” says Rev. Katharine Rhodes Henderson, who also opposes divestment from Israel. She adds that “divestment today may mean full-out BDS tomorrow, and that’s the decision that Presbyterians face.”

It is of course absurd, patently so, to believe that Jesus would have countenanced the infliction of violence, the building of massive walls to divide people, the ongoing subjugation and humiliation of an entire population, along with the assassination of its culture, that are part of day-to-day life for Palestinians under occupation.

Things are changing, however. Mindless, unequivocal support for Israel is becoming, shall we say, “retrograde,” and I profoundly wish that people of this backwards persuasion would simply go—do as the McJunkins did—and convert to Judaism.

For in remaining within the church they seem to be doing their utmost to poison the Body of Christ.

Eichmann and the Jews

March 04, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

“The Jews are coming” is an Israeli comedy sketch TV show that examines the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, broadcast on Israel`s channel 1

The Expert Witness – Part 1

November 09, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

The following is the first part of Gilad Atzmon’s Expert Witness Testimony at Arthur Topham’s criminal trial.  This part contains a brief summary of Atzmon’s perception of the Jews and their politics.  In the next part Atzmon will explain how these ideas serve to vindicate all forms of criticism of Jewish politics, ideology, symbols, rituals and so on.     


Attorney Barclay Johnson: Mr Atzmon, can you please elaborate on the notion of Jewish Identity Politics.

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: Identity politics is a relatively new study that looks into the meaning and the means of identification of various groups. Instead of asking what is X or Y, identity politics delves into the question of what identifying as X or Y may entail.  I have gone through the court case documentation and detected a considerable lack of understanding of the complexity of the terminology related to Jewish matters: identity, religion, race and politics. In particular, I encountered confusion in the comprehension of the crucial distinction among:

  A: Judaism (the religion)

  B:  The Jews (the people)

  C: Jewishness (the ideology)

In order to grasp these notions we must elaborate first on the meaning of Jewish Identity Politics.

Instead of asking what or who are the Jews, we will simplify the question. We will ask what those who identify themselves as Jews mean by that.

Years of studying of Jewish identity politics led me to the conclusion that we are dealing with three non-exclusive categories.

A: The Religion – people who identify as Jews because they believe and follow the Torah/Talmud. Ladies and gentlemen-this category is innocent. The history of hundreds of years of rabbinical Judaism proves that orthodox Jews have never been involved in a genocidal act against another people.

B: Ethnicity – people who identify as Jews due to ancestry and family lineage. Ladies and gentlemen, this category is also innocent. Having a Jewish mother doesn’t make one into a war criminal!

C: Politics – those who identify politically as Jews. Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, this category is far from innocent. Zionism-the promise to bring about a Jewish homeland in Palestine was executed at the expense of another people: namely the Palestinians. But Zionism is not alone. In fact all forms of Jewish politics are racially exclusive. Ask yourself, can Mr. Topham or any other ‘Goy’ (gentile, non-Jew) in this room join the group ‘Jews for Peace’ or ‘Jews for Human Rights’? The answer is NO. And why? Because the Goyim in the room are not racially qualified. The conclusion is inevitable. The 3rd category is racially oriented and to a certain extent, racist to the bone.   ‘Jews for peace’ is in practice as racist and exclusive as “Aryans for Palestine” or “Whites for free love.” And yet, most of us would react angrily to White only clubs but we are somehow forgiving when it comes to Jews only associations.

Attorney Barclay Johnson: Mr Atzmon, please make sure that we understand you correctly. Are Jews a race?

 Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: Not at all. Jews are neither a race nor they are a biological entity, but Jewish politics is always racist or at least driven by racial orientation!

Attorney Barclay Johnson:  How does the model you sketched above help to understand Israeli politics, Jewish Identity or progress in this court case?

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: In practice, every Jew who identifies as a Jew subscribes to one, two or three of the categories above.  Let’s examine the case of an American Jewish settler living in occupied West Bank. Yes he follows the Torah (1st category), yes he is Jew by ancestry (2nd category) and certainly, he identifies politically as a Jew (3rd category). But what about the Jewish Marxists who went as far as Spain to fight Franco in the name of the revolution? These revolutionary Jews didn’t follow the Jewish religion, they were not the 1st category. They only subscribed to the 2nd and the 3rd categories. What about Noam Chomsky? He is not a religious Jew. Again, he only subscribes to the 2nd and the 3rd   categories. He is a Jew by ancestry and also identifies politically as a Jew[1]. Albert Einstein? The Jury is out on that one but it would be reasonable to argue that he subscribes to the 2nd category.

I argue that it is the Jewish political element, the subscription to the 3rd category that leads towards some unsavoury acts whether they be the cold blood murder of Palestinian families or extensive Jewish Lobbying in the West.  Those acts deserve criticism, politically and ideologically.

Attorney Barclay Johnson:  But how does this model help this court to further its understanding the case of Arthur Topham or the accusation of hate speech?

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: As I mentioned before, categories 1 & 2 are totally innocent. And indeed, no one really criticises Neturei Karta (Torah Jews) or Satmar Jews in related to Israeli crimes in Palestine. These two ultra orthodox Jewish groups made it clear that they oppose the crimes committed by the Jewish State and Zionism. Moreover, nowadays, no one really criticises Jews as a race, biology or ethnicity. What we do see is opposition Jewish politics and ideology. However and this is crucial. In the West we tend to believe that every politics & ideology must be subject to political and ideological criticism. My Lord, if every form of politics and ideology must be subject to criticism, this rule must be applied also to Jewish politics and ideology, and as far as I can tell, Jewish politics and ideology deserves a lot of criticism.

Attorney Barclay Johnson:  But it seems as if Jews are often feel hated if their politics is criticised.

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon:  Correct, yet, the fact that Jews feel hated doesn’t mean that anyone really hates them. It is also be possible that some Jews feel hated because they actually project their own hatred onto others.


Attorney Barclay Johnson:  I am slightly confused here it seems as if we are dealing with a sophisticated multi layered identity.

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: You are totally correct, this topic is indeed confusing and for a reason. Contemporary Diaspora Jewish politics struggles to maintain this confusion because it stifles any from of criticism of Jewish politics. In order to understand this construct we should imagine the following kosher trinity.


When we criticise Jewish politics (Israel, Zionism, the Lobby etc’) some Jews are“racially offended” in spite of the fact that race, biology, blood or ethnicity was never mentioned.   When we criticise Jewish racism some Jews hide behind the argument that we are criticizing their religion. When we occasionally criticise the religion or some obscene Jewish religious teaching we are quick to learn that Jews are hardly religious anymore (which is true by the way). The meaning of it is simple, yet devastating. The Jewish triangle makes it very difficult, or even impossible to criticise Jewish politics, ideology and racism because the Identity is set as a field with a tri-polar gravity centre. The identity morphs endlessly. The contemporary 3rd category (political) Jew is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, this is the quantum mechanics that is set to supress any possible criticism.


Attorney Barclay Johnson: In the last 7 days this court learned about some very problematic segments within the Talmud and the Torah. Yet, you insist here that the religion is innocent. Can you please enlighten us about the role of religion?

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: This is a crucial point. While I argue that the Jewish religion is an innocent category, this is far from saying that Judaism is clean of some very problematic teachings and even racist and supremacist preaching.

Here is the problem. The historical facts are plain. In spite of some very problematic Judaic teachings that are both Talmud and Torah related, rabbinical Jews have never been involved in any collective murderous attempt against anyone else. This fact suggests that in spite of some horrid segments, it was actually the Talmud that restrained the Jews for centuries. Such a view vindicates the Talmud despite its uncomfortable teachings. But things are about to get very uncomfortable now.

It is not a secret that in contemporary Israel, it is the orthodox Jews and the followers of the Talmud who lead the most racist and murderous abuse of the indigenous Palestinian population. Thus, we have a clear question to answer. If it was the Talmud that restrained the Jews for centuries, why doesn’t it restrain orthodox Israeli Jews now? The orthodox rabbis argue that it is the addition of political orientation that interfered with Judaic peaceful teaching.

Another possible answer is that we were wrong all along.  It wasn’t the Talmud that restrained the Jews, actually it was the ‘anti-Semitic’ church that repressed Jews. The collapse of the Church together with the rise of Israel and the influential Jewish lobbies in the West have led to a severe sense of impunity that is translated into a tsunami of violence and rise of Jewish supremacy that is religiously driven.

Here are some marbles taken from the Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, an Israeli Chief Sepharadi Rabbi. http://www.timesofisrael.com/5-of-ovadia-yosefs-most-controversial-quotations/

On Goyim:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”  Weekly Saturday night sermon in October 2010

On Muslims:

 “They’re stupid. Their religion is as ugly as they are.”

— Weekly Saturday night sermon in December 2009.

I cannot judge whether this is indeed the case but I can clearly say that the only way to deal with these issues is to discuss them openly and to make sure that as much information as possible is available to all of us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe that this is the principle that guides Arthur Topham, who for over 30 years has made some of the most important texts on the matter available to us all.

I wouldn’t know about‘Germany Must Perish’ unless Mr Topham had made it into a satire. Would you? Even the Crown Expert, Mr Rudner, admitted that he wasn’t aware of the text and actually confirmed by this admission the importance of the Radical Press. Two days ago Mr Rudner admitted that ‘Germany Must Perish’ is a hateful text. Congratulation to Mr Rudner. It took the Jewish world more than 7 decades to denounce one of the most horrible Jewish texts ever. Is not Mr Rudner long awaited denunciation the direct outcome of Mr Topham’s satire?


Attorney Barclay Johnson:  History. In your book, ‘The Wandering Who,’ you delve into the notion of History and Jewish history in particular. Can you please elaborate on the topic and its relevance within the context of ‘Holocaust denial’ and so-called ‘hatred?’

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon: History becomes a meaningful adventure once we learn to narrate the past as we move along. This means that as we are changing constantly, our understanding of the past is also shifting. Accordingly, history, at its best, is the ability to visit, re-visit and revise our past as we progress in time. This understanding of history must be applied to any chapter in our past including the Holocaust.

It is no secret that Jewish institutions oppose the Holocaust being subjected to revision and the outcome of this opposition is tragic, especially for the Jews. Instead of letting the Holocaust become a dynamic universal ethical lesson it has been reduced into the new canonical Jewish religion. It has its shrines (museums) prophets, preachers and even a new God figure: ‘The Jew,’ the one who was forsaken by God, yet resurrected himself from the slaughter, and against all odds, made Israel into a nuclear super power that too often threatens world peace.

Once again, our duty to the Jews, to humanity, to Canada as well as to Israel is to fight this intellectual stagnation. To burst the bubble with an injection of refreshing and controversial thoughts. But isn’t that what Radical Press and Arthur Topham have been doing for the last 35 years?

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the most disturbing images of National Socialist Germany’s persecution of the Jews are those old archive films of book burning. It is rather disturbing that in Canada in 2015 it is actually the Jewish lobby that leads the call for book burning. One would expect Jews to draw the necessary lesson from the Shoah. Freedom of speech and expression are our most precious assets. It is what made Athens into the core of universal thinking. It is down to us to keep this promise for the sake of our future generations and humanism in general.


  [1] Professor Chomsky recently endorsed Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP): http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/mazal-tov-to-chomsky-and-jews-voice-for-peace.html

Zionists Have ‘No Right to Even One Centimeter of the Land of Palestine,’ Says Rabbi

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Ironic isn’t it? That the State of Israel, and the worldwide anger over its racist policies and illegal settlements, now has in essence come to represent a threat to the safety of Jews? That at any rate seems to be what’s on the minds of the folks at Neturei Karta, the Orthodox Jewish organization that for years has been speaking out against Zionist aggression against Palestinians. Of course now, with a new intifada raging and with videos such as this one going viral all over the Internet, the stakes are even higher.

My take on Neturei Karta is that they endeavor to draw a clear line of demarcation between Torah Jews, or “the authentic Jewish people,” and the Zionists, and to wholly disassociate themselves from the latter. Furthermore they try to make this as public as possible. I would probably do the same thing in their position. In this, their latest video, they call for an international peacekeeping force to protect the Al Aqsa Mosque from intrusion by Israeli settlers.

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