Qatar Unplugged

by Ghassan Kadi

When Qatar received its independence from Britain in 1971, its population was a meagre 100,000. Fifty years or so later, its population has ballooned to nearly 2.2 million, but only 275,000 are actual Qataris. The rest are not migrants, they are not going to be integrated in the population as fully fledged citizens, they are simply hired expats on contracts, performing different tasks, and when they finish their work, they return to their homes.

In the few centuries leading up to its independence, successive Qatari emirs have engaged in fierce battles with rulers of Bahrain and the Wahhabis of Najd (to become later on Saudi Arabia). The Al-Thani family took the throne by the mid nineteenth century, and they continue to do so today.

The peninsula that was marred by regional and tribal conflict was otherwise a quaint pearling centre until oil was discovered in the 1930’s.

When the British declared Qatar as a protectorate, a reciprocal deal was struck between the Qatari rulers and the British, in which Britain wanted to secure safe trade routes whilst the Qataris needed protection from their neighbors and rivals.

The new-found oil wealth might have reduced the need of those warring tribes to continue fighting over limited resources, but their rivalries and hatred towards each other did not go away. As a matter of fact, Qatar refused to join the United Arab Emirates and chose independence instead.

The seemingly united Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is in reality a consortium of ancient enemies who were brought together by common fear over their wealth from would-be invaders. Certainly, over and above their fear of each other, they also fear Iran and this fear goes back to the days of the Shah and beyond, and it is much deeper than a sheer sectarian Sunni-Shiite hatred.

Security has always been a Qatari obsession, and it doesn’t take much research effort to read about the many military conflicts that the Qataris have had with their neighbours. It’s a long story of deception, treachery, distrust, invasions and pillaging. And what is interesting is to note that historically speaking, the Qatari rulers had no qualms seeking protection from friends afar against their local neighbours.

But why would a country, which has never been a true state in its own right till very recently, a so-called nation that has a population that is no bigger than that of a single district of Damascus, Aleppo or Baghdad, why would such a tiny insignificant entity want to be a regional leader? And why would it be so adamant about using Islamist Jihadists to destroy much older and bigger states like Iraq, Libya and Syria?

The more one looks into what Qatar is doing, the question of why it is doing so become less significant. The question changes from why is Qatar doing what it is doing to the question of what Qatar really is.

Qatar is not a nation. It does not have the foundations of a nation. Qatar is not even a state when it has the population of a municipality, and it is definitely not a regional leader.

Qatar ought to be seen for what it is. Qatar is simply a very big and rich company. It is not any different from Shell Oil or BP, with the single difference that it has a UN-given mandate that gives it a seat as a UN member and the legitimacy that comes with it, something that private corporations do not have.

This is on the political scene. On the military scene, Qatar is a much more sinister “company”. In this respect, it is not a Western partner, a colony, a vassal state, an agent state or an ally in strategic military alliance.

Qatar is simply an outpost, a precinct, but not for America as first comes to one’s mind.

The rise of Blackwater Security Company to prominence, a couple of decades ago, raised some eyebrows about the nature of future reliance of rich states on hired security. Qatar most certainly depends on the USA for its defence, just like historically it has depended on Britain. Strategically, it has reciprocated favours with the American “Big Brother” when it offered its soil as a base to launch the attacks on Saddam.

Geopolitically, Qatar has played a big role serving the interests of the same “Big Brother” in Syria. It spent billions on munitions to supply Al-Nusra Front, and other terrorist organizations within Syria. Speaking of Syria, one should not forget the huge role that Qatar played in Libya against Gaddafi.

In both Libya and Syria, the role of Qatar was not restricted to financing revolts, but Qatar has also contributed significantly to the propaganda campaign, using its elaborate Al-Jazeera network to ramp up public anger against both Gaddafi and Assad.

Al-Jazeera has gone to the extent of staging events in Hollywood style productions, creating backgrounds that are similar to iconic places in major Syrian towns and filming scenes of actors dressed up in Syrian Army uniforms performing massacres against civilians.

So once again, how and why would such a small “nation” be so adamant on destroying Syria?

And here’s another big question. America has a major ally in the Arabian Peninsula, and this ally is Saudi Arabia, so why does America need another major ally in the same region? Convenience can be an answer to some situations. For example, when the US needed a base on the ground to attack Iraq, it couldn’t have used Saudi soil (being Muslim holy ground) without angering the Muslim street to an extreme, so Qatar was a handy religiously-neutral ground. By why does the US need Qatar in the fight against Syria? And why would America continue to intimidate its Saudi friends by appeasing their Qatari rivals?

A closer analysis clearly shows that Saudi and Qatari policies in Syria have had many congruencies, but some stark differences as well. In Egypt, The Qataris supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi and the Saudis did not. In as much that they both sponsored all terrorist organizations, Saudi Arabia primarily backed the “Free Syria Army” (FSA), The Army of Islam and other minor organizations, whilst Qatar was the main backer of Al-Nusra Front and what later became ISIS.

The polarization of Qatar with Turkey forming an MB-based front against Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi-Salafist front became more obvious when Qatar absconded and refused to attend GCC meetings. Needless to say that the major leadership rival for Saudi Arabia is the Sunni Turkey, not the Shiite Iran.

What is least obvious behind the Turkish-backed support of Qatar is the silent partner; Israel. Now, after the downing of the Su-24, Erdogan wants to build a military base in Qatar. How odd indeed? Why does Turkey need a base in Qatar? And how would America allow having a non-American base in Qatar?

Perhaps the question becomes easier to answer if we ask it in a different manner; if we ask who is it that really needs a military base in Qatar? Again, the only non-Qatari party that would love to have a base in Qatar is none but Israel.

It is easy to allow imagination to fly and go astray, but given the American-Iranian nuclear deal, any Israeli attack on Iran needs a launch pad that is close enough to Tehran, and you cannot get much closer than Qatar. Is the proposed Turkish base in Qatar going to be a disguised Israeli base? This is not a far-fetched speculation.

The relationship between Qatar and Israel is weird, unique, and perhaps the first of its kind. Qatar is not hiring Israel for a fee per se. Israel is protecting the “company” of Qatar and using its UN state membership status to legitimize actions that can only be sanctioned by states; a new type of warfare that not even Blackwater is capable of doing.

Qatar is neither a nation nor a state. It is a major corporation like Haliburton. It has a UN-given guise of a state, but it is a corporation that seeks survival and in doing so, it has contracted its security to Israel. Strategically and geopolitically, Qatar is an extension of Israel in the Gulf, an Israeli outpost and precinct. Its aspirations for regional leadership are just a façade created to hide its actual substance and to mislead observers from what it really is.

A clan with 200,000 subjects who need 2 million foreign expats to look after them, ten expats for each national, in order to make sure that water and hospitals are running, there is food on the supermarket shelves, and teachers are there to teach their children, is not by any measure a regional leader, a self-respecting nation, let alone a nation. A tribe is perhaps a good description of Qatar, but the word “company” hits the nail on the head.

The Al-Thani clan, the owners of the “company” aka Qatar, have gone the full circle. They are back on the track of their treacherous predecessors who were prepared to sign off to the devil in order to guarantee their security. This is exactly what the current Qatari royals are doing with Israel, and the best protection Qatar can get from Israel is by covertly striking a deal with Israel in which Qatar is rendered a military Israeli outpost.

Every other action Qatar does that is not directly related to its security, is simply a cover up and a diversion.

The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world

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Yahudi Saudis Wants….

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family to Select the West’s “Moderate” Jihadists Who Will Take Over Syria

Global Research, December 09, 2015

The Saud family, Saudi Arabia’s royals, have called together a meeting on December 15th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of their fellow fundamentalist Sunnis who are fighting against the secular Assad government to take over Syria, and the Sauds will announce after the conference which groups will have the West’s blessings.

The only armed group that has thus far been announced to have been invited is Jaysh al-Islam, which is a Salafist-Wahhabist fundamentalist organization, and like all Salafists and Wahhabists, is rabidly anti-Shiite. By contrast, Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, is a Shiite, and, furthermore, he has always insisted upon a strict separation of church-and-state; so, he’s considered like the devil, by the Sauds and other Wahhabists and Salafists (including the leaders of America’s other Arabic allies: Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain).

This hatred against Shiites, and, really, all non-Sunnis, originated long ago:

In 1744, the two founders of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Ibn Saud and Muhammad Ibn Wahhab, swore their mutual oath that the Sauds would exterminate Shiites, and that Wahhabist clergy would recognize the Sauds as the rulers appointed by God. From that time to this, little has changed in Saudi Arabia, exceptthe discovery in 1938 of the world’s largest reserves of oil, which, moreover, is the cheapest-to-produce type of oil. The United States allied with the Saud family in 1945 so as to guarantee to America lots of cheap oil, and to guarantee to the Sauds lots of American military support for keeping the Saud family in power there.

The American expectation had been that the jihadist clergy wouldn’t be so influential to the Sauds if the Sauds had all the weapons they need in order to terrorize the non-royals there; but, in recent decades, that hasn’t turned out to remain true. Chopping off the heads of lots of nonbelievers no longer suffices for the Sauds. In recent times, it turns out that when clergy question the Sauds’ anointment by God, the Sauds need to pay attention, after all, notwithstanding the American alliance. Arab Spring made this clear. It’s a new world now. The Sauds are pressured, more than ever, to kill Shiites and other non-believers (people who aren’t Wahhabist or — as Wahhabism is known outside Saudi Arabis — Salafists). The only trick is for the Sauds to hide this intention until they’re fully in a position to act upon it. 9/11 was just kids’ stuff.

Wikipedia says: “Jaysh al-Islam leader Zahran Alloush gave a speech on the merits of Hajj in 2013 and praised Usama bin Laden, addressing him by the honorific ‘Sheikh’ and the honorific ‘rahimahu Allah’. … Alloush addressed the Al-Qaeda organization Jabhat al-Nusra as ‘our brothers’.” However, Al Qaeda itself has not been invited to the Riyadh conference, because doing that would be too much for the U.S. public to take. The Sauds need to fool Western publics, and therefore need to mind their manners as they proceed along. Cutting off heads of Saudis who challenge the regime or the Quran is one thing, but allowing Al Nusra or any other branch of Al Qaeda at their conference would significantly disturb Westerners.

Wikipedia adds: “Alloush said that Alawites are ‘more infidel than Jews and Christians’.” Assad isn’t just a Shiite, he’s an Alawhite, which is the least sectarian type of Shiite — like an atheist, in a fundamentalist’s eyes (and, even in the West, atheists are feared and despised — bigotry is strong in every religion; it’s how aristocrats become able to manipulate masses).

By contrast, the type of jihadists the West is considering for inclusion as ‘moderates’ is the type that can fool Westerners. All of that type are people who live outside Syria and who aren’t risking their own lives in jihad, but who are nonetheless aiming to ‘represent’ the people who are risking their lives there. In other words, these are slicksters, who seek acceptance both from suckers in the West, and from terrorists inside Syria.

Thus, some of the attendees will look like any businessman one would see on 5th Avenue in NYC, or like any candidate for President of the United States; and one such person who will be attending the conference is Dr. Khaled Khoja, President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. He gave an address recently, on October 31st, at Britain’s prestigious neoconservative International Institute for Strategic Studies, where he spoke with gentlemanly hatred of both Russia, and the leading Shiite nation, Iran; and he said (40:00- on the video there) that only civilians were being killed in Syria by Russia’s bombings in Syria, and that Russia especially targets hospitals. So, he looks and sounds like just the right type of person for U.S. President Barack Obama to present in the West as being an acceptable person to rule the Syrian people. Obviously, someone such as Khoja would be loathed by both Syrians and ISIS etc., even at the outset, if he were to become appointed to lead Syria, but this is a show put on only for Westerners anyway. That’s where the first suckers must be targeted and manipulated. And the case for this is unmistakable:

All polling that Western firms have done in Syria shows clearly that in any free and fair election in that country, only Assad would have any chance to win. He is supported by a majority of Syrians in all polls, while all polls also show that Syrians feel fear and disgust at the United States and blame it for ISIS, which is almost universally despised among the Syrian population.

So: although the Sauds will ultimately select the candidates to replace Assad, or else will make the first-round selection of the West’s stooge to rule in Syria, it’s not going to help anybody but the West’s aristocrats, who are championing ‘democracy in Syria’ by insisting that that very thing be prohibited. Nor will this conference help to reduce the refugee crisis that the EU is experiencing from America’s latest round of international invasions: Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and so forth. It’s merely a PR operation that’s being carried out by the West’s aristocracies, to put on a show for the West’s suckers, while carving up the world.

The people who should be removed from power are clearly the leaders in the West, where democracy has died, and where deceit of the masses by the aristocracy has taken its place.

Only if the charade is forced to end, can peace become established again. But maybe things have already gone beyond even the possibility of that happening. Who will even allow the masses now to know the truth?

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Erdogan: the Trojan Horse of Terror

by Ghassan Kadi

Love him or hate him, Erdogan has been a survivor; a hero for some, and a stick in the mud that would not go away for many more others. He has thus far managed to dodge many serious decisive moments, the last of which was the recent parliamentary elections that he won with flying colours despite the predictions of many analysts, including myself, that he was destined to lose abysmally.

Even though the November elections did not give Erdogan the 66% majority that would enable him to change the constitution, after being in power for more than a decade, his initial domestic financial successes, one would imagine, became plagued by his failed regional gambles in Syria, however, the November elections came to give Erdogan a new lifeline that he himself perhaps did not believe he was going to achieve.

With this win, Erdogan felt invincible. For an Islamist, and this is what Erdogan is, feeling invincible takes on a whole new meaning.

This is a simplistic translation of a Quranic verse: “If God is by your side, no one can defeat you” (Quran 3:160).

Erdogan believes he is invincible because he believes that he is on a mission and that God is by his side. If he had any reason to doubt this divine role he believes he has, the November election results put that doubt to rest.

Many people of different religions believe God is on their side and have done this throughout the ages, but in this age of ISIL, it is rather difficult for a non-Muslim to imagine the impact on an Islamist’s mind to believe that he is invincible because God is on his side. It is seen as a license to do as one pleases, a carte blanche, and a mandate to act at will.

After the downing of the Russian Su-24, many conspiracy theories were proposed, and this is not unusual. The big questions that many analysts and observers tried to, and are still trying to resolve, is what made Erdogan do it and who was behind his decision.

There are two main possibilities; Erdogan either acted on his own accord or in conjunction with a second party. The second party can only be the United States. It cannot be NATO because the European side of NATO is currently bogged down in trying to establish where Europe should place its focus and action in the wake of the Paris attacks. And even though the EU seems to have recently rewarded Turkey by granting it funds to curb the influx of refugees and for making more promises regarding the prospect of Turkey joining the EU, France is adamant about fighting ISIL and Hollande’s recent trip to Moscow and subsequent military involvement in the skies of Syria speak volumes.

Even the UK and Germany have joined the fight, not so much under a Russian umbrella, but the European determination to fight ISIL seems to be gaining momentum.

So did the USA whisper in Erdogan’s ear to make him shoot down a Russian jet?

If the answer is yes, then both parties, ie the USA and Turkey, would have something to gain from this action. Many theories have been put forward in an attempt to explain what America would gain, but in reality, they do not hold any ground at all given that such action can evoke a full-on confrontation between America and Russia.

Even the foolhardy George W Bush would not risk an all-out war with Russia. Why would Obama do it now and for what reason?

Obama had, and still has, his chance to intimidate Putin militarily if he wishes to do so in Ukraine. If anything, any such intimidation would be more effective given the location of Ukraine relative to Russia. So why would America choose Turkey to intimidate Russia if this can be better done in Ukraine? No logical answer can be found, because there isn’t one.

Perhaps some early clues emerged in the outcome of the extraordinary NATO meeting that Turkey asked for almost immediately after shooting down the Russian jet.

The NATO meeting defended Turkey’s right to protect its sovereignty. It is not unusual for an organization like NATO to defend one of its members. The subtle messages however have to be read in between the lines.

The meeting reached the conclusion that this matter was up to Turkey and Russia to resolve. Obama made it much clearer when he said that “Turkey and Russia must talk and de-escalate”.

What must be gleaned from this is that NATO, and of course America, are both distancing themselves from Turkey on this count. If Turkey wants to fight Russia, they are implying, Turkey will have to do this alone. The USA’s refusal to accept Russian evidence on the oil smuggling business between ISIL and Turkey is nothing more than cheap talk. This is not to forget that as the USA refutes such evidence, it is at the same time calling Turkey to close its borders with Syria.

What does this say about the big question as to who was behind the decision to shoot down the Su-24?

There is little doubt that the decision was Turkish and only Turkish.

The self-proclaimed invincible Erdogan has taken yet another huge gamble, believing that God is by his side and that he will defeat the “infidels”.

When Turkey became a NATO member, the world was different, the power structure was different, the ideologies were different, and it is truly a comedy of errors that in the time of global war against Islamic terrorism, Turkey continues to be a NATO member when it is one of the biggest supporters of Islamism. But the West is yet to wake up.

NATO cannot abandon Turkey all out, and there is no reason for it to do so either. That said, there must be some growing European unrest, especially in France, as to how to deal with a NATO member that is clearly supporting ISIL.

Whatever the intricate details within NATO may be and what goes on behind the scenes, Russia knows well that Erdogan stands alone in his offensive. NATO will not support him.

The onus is now on Russia to decide how to deal with the aftermath of the downing of the Su-24. Contrary to the rhetoric of many cynics who see that President Putin has been cornered, in reality, he has many options and he is in the rightful and privileged position to be the one who can make the choice.

One must admit that nearly two weeks after the downing of the Su-24, the mosaic of forces that have come into play is making the situation volatile and requires a lot of wisdom on the part of Russia for it to be contained and prevented from causing a serious escalation.

That said, there is no doubt that Russia holds the key and has the military presence that is most dominant. Russia can respond in many different ways according to her own choosing. In between the extreme options of taking it on the chin and nuking Ankara, and/or having a full-on confrontation with NATO forces in Syria and beyond, Russia has a myriad of choices; all of which can downsize Erdogan putting him in the corner in which he belongs.

It would be shortsighted to even think that the quick punitive measures that Russia took against Turkey are going to be sufficient. Discouraging Russian tourists of visiting Turkey and canceling military cooperation, and even suspending the TurkStream project and other similar measures, hardly constitute what one would put in the basket of a befitting punitive measure given what Turkey has done. It is not about tomato trade as Putin has clearly put it recently.

However, any escalation resulting from a Russian “retaliation” would be unwise, and can lead Russia into a military bog that she does not need.

The deployment of the frigate Moskva with its S-400 arsenal is realistically more of a media stunt and cannot be effective if those highly effective surface-to-air missiles are to be deployed from the Mediterranean against targets in far eastern Syria. After all, even with their enormous 10-Mach plus speed, they become virtually ineffective if used against enemy planes engaged in a dogfight hundreds of kilometers away. Such surface to air missiles will need to be planted alongside the Turkish-Syrian borders. In the meantime, Russian air-to-air missiles will do the job.

Even though individual NATO countries have made presence for themselves in Syria, and even though America is sending troops to Kurdish-controlled Northern Syria, Russia continues to deal with them as partners in the war against ISIL; albeit without a central command that unites them. In reality however, with its surface-to-air, sea-to-air and air-to-air defenses, Russia controls who can and who cannot fly in the skies of Syria.

Moscow and Damascus should therefore “use” those forces for as long as they are bombing ISIS and avoid any confrontation with them at all cost. All the while, Moscow and Damascus should continue with their resolve to free up the Idlib-Aleppo region, which is conveniently close to the Mediterranean and the defense systems bases already on the ground, with a special attention and focus on moving north towards the Turkish borders. This move must be done whilst sticking to two major rules; 1) providing air defense to fighter bombers using interceptor jets which will be ready to shoot down anything that looks least suspicious, and 2) trying hard to avoid any deliberate confrontation not only with NATO, but also with Turkey.

The more Turkish loyal forces currently located in Syria get pushed away north towards Turkey, the more Erdogan is going to feel most intimidated and hurt. Later on, the more the get pushed east, it will hurt Turkey even more.

As Syrian troops supported by Russian air power liberate the Aleppo region, S-400 batteries will need to be deployed in those newly-liberated regions, on the ground, and the push to take land back from the terrorists should move east with more and more S-400 batteries deployed to eventually cover the 1000 Km border line between Syrian and Turkey. There is no better humiliation for Turkey than doing just this, without creating any reason for a major escalation.

Russia must also remain steadfast in her support to her key reliable partner in the war; the Syrian Army.

The world is changing, and Europe is definitely the best place to witness this change. Had Erdogan decided to shoot down a Russian jet prior to the Paris attacks, he might have got some sympathy from his EU partners in NATO, but a lot has changed ever since the Black Friday of Paris, and the European focus is now on fighting terrorism and curbing the influx of refugees with the full knowledge that they will be infiltrated by Islamist terrorists.

If Europe has not woken up to the fact that Turkey is and has been supporting ISIL despite all the evidence, it must surely and finally realized that Turkey is and has been the gate keeper of the so-called Syrian migrants who have been infiltrated by Islamist terrorists. The “bribe” money offered to Erdogan to stop refugees is a testimony of this realization. Unless they are all absolute morons, someone in Europe must at least be beginning to realize that Turkey is not a strategic NATO partner, but rather an Islamist Trojan Horse.

Again, there is little doubt that Erdogan has acted alone. In his action, he is putting much at stake, including a confrontation with Russia at a time that Europe, especially France, is trying to be Russia’s partner in the war against terror, and at a time in which NATO would go out of its way to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia.

Any speculation that Erdogan was pushed by his senior partners is most unlikely.

Back to how Erdogan regards himself as “the” protector of Islam and the “one” whose support comes directly from up above.

As an Islamist first and foremost and a Turkish nationalist second, Erdogan sees himself as the custodian of Islam and Muslims. He is not against ISIL in its ideology and doctrine. He is only sometimes against it when its decisions do not match his own or do not come from his command room.

He has thus far survived tumultuous events domestically, regionally, and internationally.
He managed to fool the Saudis and Qataris and used their funds to establish his own dreams. He now even wants to build a military base in Qatar. He smiles to the Israelis and plays the partner game with them. He has capitalized on the NATO status of Turkey, a status it achieved when Islamist terrorism did not exist and when Turkey was a very secular country. He smiles to the Iranians and even struck huge business deals with Russia. Many find him hard to understand, because they do not really look at his Islamist agenda.

Despite many policy failures, he is still standing. A survivor he may well be, but Erdogan will eventually fall on his sword.

In downing the Su-24, it is highly likely that he has finally bitten much more than he can chew. This is potentially the mistake of his life that will bring him tumbling down.

Give any megalomaniac enough rope, and he will hang himself. Erdogan is no exception.

The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world


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Al-Manar on Arabsat Decision: Saudi Won’t Win Battle Already Lost by Israel

Local Editor

Al-Manar said that Arabsat’s decision to block its broadcast is political, stressing that the Lebanese Communication Group will go on with its policy to stand by the oppressed people in our nation.

Ibrahim Farhat, the General Manager of al-Manar, said that the Arabsat’s decision is not because of professional reasons.

“It’s because of Saudi’s failed policy, starting from Syria and ending by Yemen,” Farhat said during a live interview on al-Manar tv.

“Since its beginning, al-Manar was standing by the resistance and the legitimate issues in our nation, on the top of which is the Palestinian cause.”

“They want channels that are of one affiliation. They want channels that seek sedition,” al-Manar director-general said referring to Saudi Arabia, which is the main financier of Arabsat satellite operator.

“They won’t be able to win this battle.. this battle which was already lost by the Israeli enemy in (July) 2006, when this structure was destroyed. However, al-Manar persisted and will do so God willing.”

Earlier on Friday, Arabsat suddenly blocked the broadcast of al-Manar without explanation and in violation of a contract.

Israeli warplanes destroyed al-Manar’s headquarters in Haret Hreik n July 16 2006. However the channel resumed broadcasts within two minutes from a secret back-up studio and never went off the air during the 33-day Israeli aggression.

Source: Al Manar TV

07-12-2015 – 13:00 Last updated 07-12-2015 – 13:03

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Torture (Medically) and Suffer of the Prisoner of Conscience Sheikh AlNimer Due to Deliberate Medical Negligence

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

010The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) is concerned about the health condition of the prisoner of conscience Sheikh AlNemer due to the medical negligence since the first day of his arrest on July 8, 2012.

The Saudi government has not committed to provide the medical care for Sheikh AlNemer, as he was shot four bullets in the left thigh by the security forces during the arrest. They dragged him out of his car, then deliberately shot. As a result, he got three bullets in the middle of his left front side thigh bone (Femur), and one lodged in the back of the thigh after crossing from the front and passing besides the bone. After being shot, he fell to the ground, which caused bruising in different areas including around one eye, one of his hands, on his back, cut on the back of his head due to hit with a back of the firearm (Buttstock), which then required four stitches, and a cut in the right toes.

These injuries have not been treated well, and consequently causing constant pain and some were severe over the first three months. This led to sleep deprivation and other health problems. He also suffered from severe wound infection causing severe pain that was deliberately ignored in the first three weeks but then treated. This medical negligence was a deliberate approach of torture. Moreover, due to the brutal arrest, he lost some artificial teeth in the front topside. Yet, Sheikh AlNemer suffered the most from the four bullets and the outcome of the wounds and fractures.

After his arrest, he was transferred to the Dammam Central Hospital and underwent a surgery to remove three bullets, which consequently shattered the bone. As a result, the surgeons removed parts of the thigh bone in the center, which decreased the length of leg by two centimeters and a half. The surgeons placed an external link that looks like the U letter, and then it was removed after nearly three months. His family believes that the medical treatment was not enough and he needs more medical care and there are experts who could treat such cases outside the kingdom, and some specialists believe that there are better ways to perform this procedure to avoid the shortage of the bone, which then led to limp.

The post-surgery rehabilitation required by the surgeon and orthopedic specialists was not provided and that led to a mobility impairments (difficulty walking) and such a condition could be a permanent. The fourth bullet was removed after more than two years, without a clear explanation of the long delay. Due to the surgery and lack of medical care as well as the lack of sun exposure since the arrest and detention in the Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh, more than two years, his left femur bone became more like an arc shape. There was not a doctor for the post-surgery rehabilitation to guide him through physical therapy and such, nor providing walking stick or crutches. Therefore, he was forced to walk on an injured bone. Although he remained in custody for about two years in the prison of the Security Forces Hospital, then transferred to Al-Ha’ir prison in Riyadh on 03/09/2014, no medical care was provided. He was only dealing with people wearing civilian clothes, but disallowed to deal with doctors. After the transfer of Al-Ha’ir prison, the prison officials began to take Sheikh AlNemer to the clinic almost routinely, then asked the usual medical questions to patients and then returned back to the cell. He also was given a weekly sun exposure for an hour.

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Abdullah Al-Zaher…a Saudi citizen. Despite being arrested as a child, Saudi Arabia is set to kill him after prosecutors demanded crucifixion

In September 2015 the death sentence issued against Abdullah AL-Zaher (who was arrested when he was a child aged 15 years), was endorsed by the appeals and high court, and his case file was sent to the ministry of interior for implementation after it was approved on 5th October 2015. He was then suddenly transferred from the General Directorate prison in Dammam investigation to the new Al-Ha’ir prison in Riyadh, without any explanation, where he was placed in solitary confinement. His sentence endorsement and unexpected transfer raises serious concerns about safety, as his is execution is imminent and could be implemented at any moment.

Al-Zaher was arrested in March 2013, where he was shot at by Saudi security forces, who subsequently caught him and hit him with their weapons, until he fell on the ground bleeding.

Al-Zaher was then transferred to Awwamiyya city police station, where he was beaten by officer’s, with wire iron all over his body so that the effects were visible. He was subsequently transferred to Qatif police station for investigation and then transferred on to the social observation house (Juvenile detention centre), which is a dedicated prison for children.

The authorities resumed the interrogation by officers, and they brought a sheikh to confirm and ratify his words, then he was forced to sign a paper without reading it or consulting with his family. His young age was an additional factor, as due to the suffering during his time in the children’s prison and as a result of the physical and psychological torture, his weight significantly decreased and the effects of torture left visible signs; including a significant deviation in his nose which still remains.

On 12th September 2013, he was then transferred to the General Investigation prison in Dammam, where he suffering weight. Here, he was interrogated, and seven counts against him were issued as follows:


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