Syrian War Report – November 19, 2019: Kurdish Radicals Try To Burn Russian-Turkish Patrol

South Front

Kurdish provocateurs have tried to burn a Typhoon MRAP vehicle of the Russian Military Police and a Kirpi MRAP vehicle of the Turkish Army in northern Syria. The incident happened during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol, which was conducted in the framework of the safe zone agreement reached between Ankara and Moscow.

Russian and Turkish forces once again showed an amazing restraint and avoided the use of force against the Kurdish radicals. Nonetheless, a Turkish vehicle rammed one of the cars involved in the provocations.

Such actions of Kurdish radicals affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces pose a serious threat to the shaky stability in the region. If their actions lead to casualties among Russian or Turkish personnel, they will easily find themselves in the situation when the Turkish Army will have to resume its military operation in the area and Moscow will not hurry up to rescue them once again.

The intensity and frequency of attacks on the Russian-Turkish patrols by pro-SDF rioters that are always timely supported by journalists are a strong signal that these developments are a part of well-organized pre-planned campaign to instigate tensions in the area.

Local experts say that by such actions the US-affiliated part of the Kurdish leadership is attempting to undermine the de-escalation and demonstrate to the so-called international community that the US troop withdrawal led to the destabilization of northern Syria.

At the same time, the SDF leadership announced that it rejects the deployment of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in the town of Tell Tamir. Earlier reports appeared that the Russian Military Police will establish an observation point there. The Russian military convoy even deployed near the town. This move is aimed to de-escalating the situation north of the town, where clashes between Turkish-led forces and SDF units in some cases backed by the Syrian Army.

However, it seems that the SDF leaders have once again demonstrated that they are more interested in keeping their fleeting influence than in stability in the area.


Iraqi Intel. Chief to CNN: Warns of Daesh Resurgence

Iraqi Intel. Chief to CNN: Warns of Daesh Resurgence

By Staff, CNN

Senior members of Wahhabi Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] are plotting mass prison breaks and a resurgence of terror after taking refuge in Turkey, according to the head of Iraqi Military Intelligence.

Lt. Gen. Saad al-Allaq told CNN that Iraq had handed dossiers on nine alleged terror leaders to Turkey. The subjects included top financiers with access to “huge” amounts of money to fund operations around the world, he said.

And recent communications from Daesh point to plans to try to break prisoners out of camps and jails across Syria and Iraq, al-Allaq said.

“Huge international efforts should be taken to deal with this issue because these criminals … are able to leave these camps and go back to their countries and thus they pose great danger in countries like Europe, Asia and northwest Africa,” al-Allaq said.

There are an estimated 10,000 alleged Daesh militants including many foreign nationals in custody under the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] in northern Syria. A nearby camp holds 70,000 women and children. Each has been described by the US as a “ticking time bomb,” even after the killing of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and some of his deputies.

The intelligence al-Allaq has on Daesh figures emerged during a wide-ranging discussion about Iraq’s role in finding al-Baghdadi, who was killed in a raid by American troops in October.

The general said senior Daesh figures known as “emirs” have access to enormous amounts of cash and were forming new cells in Turkey.

They escaped from Daesh’s last stand in Baghouz in eastern Syria earlier this year and bribed their way through SDF lines to relative safety in Gazientep in southern Turkey, he said.

“Some of its important leadership fled north, I mean in the direction of neighboring countries and into border areas like Gazientep,” he said.

“They have secretly crossed into these areas from the Syrian-Turkish border – top leaders who have money. They crossed with the help of smugglers by paying large amount of money and have secretly entered Turkish territory.”

He added: “Those elements who are right now in Turkey play a key role in the recruitment of fighters and terrorists.”

He said a new Daesh mission the terror group codenamed “Break Down the Fences” intended to storm jails where their followers were being held and try to rebuild its structures from there.

Most European nations are refusing to repatriate either imprisoned fighters or their families. But that leaves them in camps where brainwashing into Daesh codes can continue.

Al-Allaq said that if Daesh was successful in regaining control over these vast reserves of supporters the results would be “a catastrophe”.

ISIS Captives Offer a Convenient Pawn in Turkey’s Syria Chess Game

By Vanessa Beeley


Turkey recently threatened to send 1,200 ISIS terrorists back to their countries of origin in the EU, the U.S., and the UK. Turkey’s Interior Minister, Suleyman Solyu, claimed that extradition would begin on Monday, November 11, ironically on Armistice Day. Ankara claimed it would even send back those whose citizenships have been revoked. How Turkey plans to follow through with this threat is another matter. Turkey’s history of both incubating terrorist groups and blackmailing the European Union is well known.

Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, had this to say about the Turkish ISIS deadline:

Turkey has manipulated the ISIS phenomenon from its very beginning, just as Pakistani military intelligence facilitated and manipulated the Taliban and Al Qaida. Just as Bin Laden was found under the noses of Pakistani security forces in Pakistan, so Al Baghdadi was found a couple of miles from the Turkish border in an area (Idlib) crawling with Turkish and pro-Turkish militias.”

Given the complexity of the situation, it is important to examine the reasons behind Ankara’s posturing and Turkey’s support for ISIS fighters when they serve Turkish economic and military interests at home and in Syria. Turkey’s interests may or may not overlap with those of the United States at any given moment, but there is a  synergy concerning oil interests and Syrian territory-annexation or occupation. Coincidentally, U.S. President Donald Trump also threatened to “drop jihadists” at Europe’s borders if the UK, France, and Germany refused to repatriate ISIS nationals. As Peter Ford told me:

Turkey’s threat to send ISIS prisoners to Europe is simple blackmail: stop whinging about Turkey’s behavior in Syria or we open the floodgates. In reality, Turkey has better uses planned for its ISIS foot soldiers and camp followers.”

No other country neighboring Syria has been so heavily invested in harboring terrorist groups on their territory and providing the porous borders required for the passage of these groups, arms, and equipment into externally-created conflict zones inside of Syria since the war against that country began in earnest in 2011. As Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said recently, in an interview with Syrian TV and the al-Ikhbarya channel:

…we are in one arena, the whole Syrian arena is one – a single theatre of operations.  From the furthest point in the south to the furthest point in the north Turkey is the American proxy in this war, and everywhere we have fought we have been fighting this proxy.”

On November 11, President Assad was interviewed by RT Going Underground, during the interview he pointed out:

Since ISIS started smuggling Syrian oil and looting Syrian Oil in 2014, they had two partners: Erdogan and his coterie, and the Americans, whether the CIA or others. ”

A prison break opportunity for ISIS fighters

October 9, 2019. Turkey launches “Operation Peace Spring,” ostensibly to push Kurdish separatist forces back from its borders with Syria. The move effectively allowed Turkey to take control of two cities, Ras Al Ain and Tel Abyad, where clashes are ongoing between Turkish proxy forces, made up of an assortment of extremist fighters that had previously occupied Idlib and other areas of Syria, and the Syrian Arab Army supported partially by the SDF Kurdish forces previously allied with the U.S. and supported by Israel.

A major beneficiary of this unlawful push into Syrian territory has been ISIS brides along with that followers and fighters that were imprisoned in the notorious Al Hol camp and other ISIS holding camps in the region. These dangerous ideologues see the Turkish incursion as an opportunity to escape their Kurdish captors and for the so-called ISIS brides to reunite with their husbands who are already in Turkey, according to their own testimony. One Russian ISIS bride told Kurdistan 24, a Kurdish media outlet:

We want Turkey to attack here. If the Turkish army comes to this area, I will be able to flee and meet my husband, who I know well is in Turkey.”

Turkey Syria ISIS

In the same interview, a French ISIS bride expressed hope that Ankara would invade the camp and enable their flight to Turkey. Under cover of one particular Turkish airstrike, an alleged 800 ISIS-affiliated individuals managed to escape the Ain Al Issa camp according to the same Kurdish media report.

Perhaps in an effort to justify his perceived abandonment of the Kurds, President Trump tweeted that the Kurds were deliberately releasing ISIS prisoners to draw the U.S. back into the conflict, a claim echoed by Turkish officials who claimed that the Kurds were taking money for releasing ISIS fighters or their families.

Donald J. Trump


Brian Kilmeade over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We are not going into another war between people who have been fighting with each other for 200 years. Europe had a chance to get their ISIS prisoners, but didn’t want the cost. “Let the USA pay,” they said…

Donald J. Trump


….Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming! Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey? Never ending wars will end!

When Trump previously floated the idea of withdrawal from Syria in December 2018, the Kurdish contras threatened to release 3,200 ISIS fighters. While Kurdish leaders denied that this had ever been considered, the threat was enough to cause Trump to reel back from withdrawing from Syria.

A recent report from the New York Times claims that Al Hol camp contains some of the most violent and steadfast ISIS supporters, 10,000 women and children from 50 countries, two-thirds of the children under the age of 12. In the report, a woman interviewed in the piece stated that she was committed to bringing back the “caliphate” and that her children were on “God’s path” towards violent extremism.

report in the Spanish language El Pais, describes a “radical matriarchy” set up to facilitate escape for ISIS followers and overseen by a tyrannical female Emir. According to the report, these female extremists pay upwards of $ 9,000 to “ISIS traffickers” to bribe their SDF guards. El Pais describes the camp as a radicalization and indoctrination center where women and minors are being converted into extremist military cadres willing to persecute those who do not comply with the religious extremism being forced upon the camp’s inhabitants.

Shortly after Ankara’s military operation began, a senior Iraqi security expert, Hafez Al-Basharah, claimed that Washington was attempting to transfer 3,000 ISIS terrorists from Syria to Iraq where they would be transferred to a “safe area.” The U.S. would use the Turkish occupied zones inside Syria as a holding base for the ISIS fighters until their transfer to the three chosen bases inside Iraq.

Various Arabic language media outlets have reported that the United States is planning to produce a Super ISIS – an even more radical, violent version of the group’s previous incarnation. Hessam Sho’aib, a Syrian military expert on terrorist organizations, announced to Sputnik Arabic that various reports from U.S. “think tanks” indicate the heralding in of an ISIS renaissance in Syria and Iraq. The reports, according to Sho’aib, also allude to U.S. intelligence involvement in the birth of ISIS, its apparent demise, as well as its rebirth. A rebirth that would ensure the sustained recycling of terrorism and the perpetual destabilization of the region.

Certainly the U.S. faux withdrawal, the invasion of Turkish extremist proxies, the retreat of SDF prison guards as well as the apparent corruption of the remaining SDF factions in charge of the camps, have all contributed to the latter-day ISIS “Operation Breaking the Walls” which appears to be allowing followers and fighters to regroup, expand and reinforce their military capability on the borders with Syria. At the same time, the ISIS prison break gives Turkey the opportunity to blackmail other NATO member states into ignoring the atrocities and war crimes being committed by the assortment of extremist groups under Ankara’s command inside Syria.

Turkey plays both ends against the middle

The Turkish repatriation of foreign ISIS fighters has already begun, according to a report in Middle East Monitor. One American fighter has already been deported and travel plans are in place for seven German nationals affiliated with the terrorist group. It appears that Turkey’s threat was not idle and that the U.S.-led alliance in Syria may be about to reap what it has sown for the past nine years.

Turkey Syria ISIS

Waseem Ramli, a short-lived Syrian honorary consul representative in Montreal before the multiple neoconservative interests in Trudeau’s government campaigned to have him removed on the pretext of being loyal to the elected and internationally recognized Syrian government, referred to Ankara’s betrayal of their own NATO allies thusly:

For the past years we have been warning the western governments of what may happen if they continue supporting the continuation of the war in Syria but they never expected to be backstabbed by one of their own NATO allies!

Guess we will be seeing these governments scrambling to figure out how to deal with this situation  while they continue to refuse to acknowledge that their best option is opening a line of communication with the Syrian government.”

President Assad alluded to Ankara’s strategy in his interview with RT Going Underground:

Actually, the relation between Erdogan and the EU is two ways: they hate him but they want him. They hate him, they know that he is fanatic Islamist, they know this, and they know that he’s going to send them those extremists or maybe terrorists.”

Turkey is essentially playing both ends against the middle. ISIS was first allowed into Syria from Turkey. The Caliphate’s economy was able to flourish, enriched by millions of dollars of oil smuggled into Turkey and sold to Israel. ISIS was the perfect invention to fulfill Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman aspirations of toppling the Syrian government, annexing more Syrian territory, plundering resources, pillaging industry and finally eliminating the PKK Kurdish factions. Former Ambassador Ford asserts that U.S. Coalition policy makers were effectively acting in accordance with Turkey’s Syria policy:

The U.S. knew all this and turned a blind eye. As long as ISIS was advancing towards Damascus, what was not to like? Turkey got a free pass to support a terror group which curiously never mounted a significant attack against the U.S. beyond a few provocative beheadings but which gave the U.S. Coalition a pretext to put forces in Syria.”

Ford also pointed out that ISIS periodically commits atrocities on Turkish soil, conveniently, Ford says, “whenever Turkish assistance and subsidies were reduced for some reason. It appears, as Ford concluded, that “ ISIS was in the mafia protection business after all.”

Indeed, Turkey apparently used the thousands of conveniently collected ISIS prisoners held in Syria as additional manpower to reinforce the ranks of the swiftly rebranded “Syrian National Army,” a cynical attempt to portray former extremists and terrorist groups as a pseudo-nationalist “legitimate liberating force” under Ankara’s command. Ford says that many of the captured ISIS fighters were caught on their way to bolster the ranks of the pro-Turkish FSA and other extremist groups occupying Idlib.

It is no accident that many of the fighters who were caught in the end of days for the Caliphate were on their way to Idlib, to be recycled as pro-Turkish FSA. Or HTS (Hayat Tahrir Ash Sham), the Al Qaeda affiliate, tolerated when not actively assisted by Turkey. So Turkish help in freeing ISIS prisoners is no fanciful conspiracy theory.” (emphasis added)

The move would not be without precedent either, as Turkey allegedly recruited and retrained ISIS fighters to participate in Ankara’s Afrin land grab in February of 2018.

The latest bogeyman in the global terror portfolio

The U.S. Coalition has effectively given Turkey free rein to maneuver and recycle terrorist and extremist factions with impunity in order to achieve its political ambitions in Syria. That campaign has failed miserably, western journalists fleeing the north-east of Syria during the start of the Turkish operation came face to face with the monsters unleashed upon the Syrian people for nine years, by their governments in the West and their allies in the Gulf States and Israel.

Having described these extremist, sectarian gangs as “moderate rebels” for nearly a decade, the media was suddenly confronted by their bloodcurdling brutality and were tripping over their own narratives in their haste to condemn the Turkish proxies for their unbridled aggression against the U.S. and Israeli-backed Kurdish contras, media darlings for the anti-anti-war left in the West and Israel’s partitioning instrument to secure Syrian territory east of the Euphrates.

Israel Kurds Syria

The irony of the situation is not lost on Waseem Ramli, or indeed upon Peter Ford, who concluded:

Whatever the case, the irony is that Western governments would rather tie themselves in knots than accept the obvious solution which would be adopted automatically if these countries were serious about the ‘international rules-based system’ they preach at others: hand over the jihadis to face Syrian justice. Their crimes were committed on Syrian soil, overwhelmingly against Syrian victims. If a Syrian jihadi committed a crime on British soil, would we not absolutely demand they faced British justice? Instead, we behave like a tinpot dictatorship ourselves, autocratically stripping British citizens of their nationality.”

ISIS is the latest bogeyman in the global terror brand portfolio, serving a neoconservative agenda in the Middle East. Turkey has been the midwife and the curator of this and other terrorist groups on behalf of its NATO allies who are intent upon ushering in a new government in Syria and fomenting regional unrest. In 2017, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and media advisor to President Assad, predicted that Erdogan would turn on his former allies. Two years later that prophecy is being fulfilled.

I hope that Europeans will discover who he is before it becomes too late. I mean it. Because two years ago when Merkel came to him to discuss the issue of refugees I said she is coming to the source of the problem. He is the origin of the problem.”

Assad: EU Should Fear the Terrorists It’s Backing in Syria, Not Refugees

Assad: EU Should Fear the Terrorists It’s Backing in Syria, Not Refugees

By Staff, RT

Speaking to RT’s Afshin Rattansi, Syrian President Bashar Assad said it’s hypocrisy for European nations to fear that Ankara will send refugees to Europe, but continue to sponsor terrorism in Syria.

The Syrian leader argued that the primary concern for Europe should not be the Syrian refugees which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now threatens to release to Europe, but the “hundreds of thousands” of terrorists Europe allied itself with.

Assad told Afshin Rattansi that while there might be some extremists among those who fled the war-torn country, the majority of the refugees do not pose any acute threat, as opposed to hardened terrorists who may turn on their patrons.

The relationship between Europe and Turkey is love-hate, Assad said. He noted that although the EU “hates” the Turkish leader, European nations cannot but listen to what he has to say.


Turkish Forces Loot Electric Power Transformers in Northeastern Syria

Global Research, November 06, 2019

Forces loyal to Erdogan in the Turkish Army and accompanying terrorist groups looted electricity power generators and transformers from a number of villages and towns they infested in the Hasakah countryside. A car blew up with the invaders while they were preparing it to blow up civilians in a market.

Among the towns infested with Erdogan forces that witnessed the robberies were Shallah and Amirt in the countryside of Ras Al-Ain in the northern Hasakah province.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Army and its al-Qaeda affiliates are preventing the residents from returning to their homes in the villages infested.

This is not new for the Turkish Army, since the early days of the US-led War of Terror waged against Syria, Erdogan forces have stolen oil drilling and extracting heavy machinery, factories, and its production machines, especially in Aleppo stripping it to the walls and most of the times destroying that as well, wheat and burning what they can’t steal, and the oil first looted by the FSA then by Nusra Front to be replaced by ISIS followed by the Kurds and now the Trump forces, all robbed items go through Turkey.

Syrians call the Turkish pariah Erdogan ‘the thief of Aleppo’. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad reiterated that in his latest interview by saying: ‘When I called Erdogan a thief (during the visit to the SAA troops in Idlib last month) I wasn’t calling him bad names, I was just describing him, he’s a thief.’

While Erdogan forces were looting cities, others were preparing more killing tools but tasted the poison themselves when a car they were booby-trapping to detonate in yet another market blew up prematurely.

The explosion killed scores of the terrorists in the village of al-Ahras in the countryside of Ras Al-Ain, another number of the terrorists were injured and severe damage to the properties was caused.

Some local sources reported seeing Turkish army officers among the terrorists when they were preparing the vehicle.

Syria has declared the Turkish incursion in northern parts of the country as an illegal invasion despite any Putin – Erdogan agreements and the ‘Syrian state is determined to fight this invasion and all other invasions by all means until liberating the last inch of the Syrian territories’ numerous official statements by all Syrian officials.


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Featured image is from Syria News

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الثاني من نوفمبر 2019

من باب التوضيح: الناس المقهورون الذين نزلوا وينزلون الى الشارع من حقهم ليس إسقاط الحكم والحكومة فحسب، بل قلب هذا النظام من أساسه. ومن حقهم القيام بكل ما يلزم لاستعادة حقوقهم وحمايتها، بل وعليهم الاعتراض الدائم من أجل إسقاط هذه التركيبة والصيغة الطائفية، والذهاب نحو دولة مدنية حقيقية، فيها قوانين واضحة وزجرية تمنع عودة المرض الطائفي الكارثي. ومن باب التنويه أيضاً، فإن من نزلوا وينزلون الى الشارع من حقهم قول كل شيء، وفعل أي شيء، ورفع أي شعار يخدم قضيتهم.

وما هو ملازم، في هذه الحالة، رسم علامة استفهام حول كل أبناء النظام الذين ينضمّون الى الحراك، متضامنين أو داعمين أو مساعدين. لأنه في لحظة الانفعال التي لا تزال تتحكّم بحشد من الانتهازيين والمراهقين، يتحول الأمر الى سذاجة تقارب حدّ من يغلق عينيه عمّا يدور حوله، وحول العمل الجاري من أجل استغلال قضيته لأهداف أخرى.

وللسذاجة فصولها في مقاربة بعض التطورات والوقائع المتصلة بما يجري منذ عشرين يوماً. واقتراب موعد تأليف الحكومة سيصدم معظم المشاركين في الحراك، عندما يسمعون أسماء المرشحين لتمثيلهم في الحكومة وكيفية اختيارهم، وكيف سيتم الترويج لهم تباعاً. وهؤلاء يتوزّعون على منظمات العمل المدني (مدني!!)، الى جانب خبراء الأحزاب «غير المتطرفة». ويمكن قراءة بعض الأسماء في اللائحة، لتجد مرشحي «بيروت مدينتي» و«حزب سبعة» الى «ناشطي» المنظمات الداعمة لحقوق الإنسان ورفض العنف، مروراً برجال سنسمع أنهم أهل قانون واستقامة لأنهم حصلوا على ورقة مبايعة وقّعها فضلو خوري، ما غيره… وسيواصل «المفاوضون الحقيقيون» استبعاد أي رمز من رموز اليسار الحقيقي، لأنه «متطرف يريد تحطيم الدولة». وسيتم استبعاد أي علماني حقيقي لأنه «يعرّض التركيبة اللبنانية للاهتزاز».

وللسذاجة في عدم مراقبة ما يجري من حول الحراك فصولها الغريبة. ولنأخذ مثلاً ما تفعله السفارات الغربية.

السفيرة الأميركية اليزابيت ريتشارد ملّت الانتظار في بيروت منذ انتخاب الرئيس دونالد ترامب، وهي تعاني الأمرّين. من جهة، لم تعد سفارتها مصدر القرارات الأميركية بشأن لبنان. وهي تستمر في تسقّط الأخبار عن موعد اختيار من يخلفها في منصبها. ومن جهة ثانية، هي مضطرة الى الاستماع الى اللبنانيين على أنواعهم، وتجيبهم بقليل من الكلمات وكثير من الغمزات والضحكات، وتترك لهم التفسير، علماً بأن مساعدين لها، وبينهم من يتولى مهمات غير دبلوماسية لكنه يحمل صفة دبلوماسي، يتولون الشرح بإسهاب. لكن للسفيرة، كما كل الدبلوماسيين في لبنان، نظرتهم الى السياسيين اللبنانيين. وهي نظرة غير محترمة مع الأسف، ليس بسبب الفوقية الأميركية فحسب، بل بسبب الدونية المفرطة عند جماعات لبنانية معتنقة لثقافة القناصل منذ زمن بعيد. وما تتمناه ريتشارد قبل مغادرتها بيروت غير قابل للتحقق، لأن من ترغب في الاجتماع به (يعرف بعض القريبين منها أنها تقول إنها ترغب في ذلك من كل قلبها) ليس من النوع الذي يرحب بها!
السفيرة التي تشرح أحياناً أنها من فئة الناس العاديين في بلادها، تهتم أيضاً لـ«مشاعر المواطنين الرافضين للفساد». وهي التقت قبل أيام، برفقة مسؤولين من السفارة، شخصيات لبنانية؛ بينها مصرفي تعرف أنه على صلة بقوى 8 آذار. لكنها تميّزه لناحية أنه يفضل حياة أميركا على حياة إيران. وتعرف أن روح عمله مرتبطة بقرار وزارة الخزانة الأميركية. وتعرف أن ميوله الشخصية ليست حيث يقف الآن سياسياً. لكنها تفضل أن تستمع منه الى بعض المعطيات، كما بعض الأسئلة، التي تفيدها في بعض الأمور. وتستمتع بتحميله كمية من الرسائل التي تعرف أنه سيحملها على وجه السرعة الى مرجعيته السياسية حيث القناة المباشرة مع حزب الله.

المصرفي الشطّور فعل كل ما توقّعته السفيرة تقريباً. عاد بمحضر عن اللقاء. من كان موجوداً وماذا دار في اللقاء، ومن سأل ومن أجاب ومن قدم إيضاحات. وكيف كانت تعابير الوجوه، وخصوصاً أنه استفاد من وجود إعلامي في اللقاء كان له دور في الحوارات والإيضاحات. لكن المهم، أن موجز ما نقله المصرفي هو الآتي:

ــــ حرص الفريق الدبلوماسي الأميركي على نفي «أي علاقة لنا بما يجري، لكن تحقيق المطالب يحتاج ربما الى استمرار التظاهرات وأي أساليب احتجاج أخرى، بما فيها قطع الطرقات». وعبّر الفريق عن قلقه، على صيغة أسئلة، عن احتمال حصول «توتر مسيحي ــــ مسيحي في حال تركّز الحراك في مناطق معينة وانحساره بعيداً عن جمهور أو مناطق حزب الله».

«رسائل التحذير الضرورية»، عندما تأتي من سفارات ودول، لا يكون فيها أدنى حرص على سلامة المواطنين

ــ يملك فريق السفارة نظرة سلبية الى الوضع الاقتصادي والمالي، ويتحدّث عن صعوبة في توقع خروج لبنان من الأزمة (بالمناسبة، قال سفير أوروبي بارز إن تقديرات واقعية تقول إن لبنان يحتاج الى 5 سنوات على الأقل للخروج من النفق الاقتصادي الحالي إن باشر إصلاحات كبيرة). لكن الفريق الدبلوماسي الأميركي يرى «إيجابية» لناحية أن «واقع لبنان اليوم سيجعل المسؤولية تقع على ميشال عون وحزب الله».

ـــ إشادة متكررة بقائد الجيش العماد جوزيف عون «الذي يبدو أنه أفضل من يعرف لبنان من بين جميع المسؤولين، برغم أن ميشال عون هو من اختاره لمنصبه، لكن واشنطن تتحمّس له بعدما تعرفت إليه وهو محلّ احترام المؤسسات الأميركية وستواصل دعمه في منصبه ودعم الجيش».

ــــ اعتبار أن دور وسائل الإعلام يمكن أن يتجاوز ما تحتاج إليه السلطة، بل يمكن أن يكون رافعة ليس فقط لشعارات بل لشخصيات من خارج النادي المعروف. وفي تدقيق جانبي، مع أحد المسؤولين في السفارة الأميركية، يكون الحرص واضحاً حيال «انتباه» الإعلام الى «منع الترويج لمحتجّين متطرفين يريدون تغييراً جذرياً لتركيبة النظام، لأن الواقعية تفترض العمل على تغيير سياسة النظام وسلوكه، ومعرفة أن الإصلاحات المطلوبة هدفها لا يتعلق حصراً بإرضاء الناس، بل باستعادة ثقة المجتمع الدولي».

لكن الأمر لا يتوقف هنا بالنسبة إلى الإحاطة الخارجية بالحدث اللبناني. لأن ما هو أهم يتعلق بدور الأجهزة الأمنية والعسكرية. و«رسائل التحذير الضرورية» بعدم التعرض للمتظاهرين، عندما تأتي من سفارات ودول، لا يكون فيها أدنى حرص على حياة المواطنين وسلامتهم. وحتى لا يجتهد أحد، يكون الجواب الغربي واضحاً: «ممنوع على القوى الأمنية القيام بأي نشاط أو إجراء من شأنه إحباط الاعتراضات القائمة، والمطلوب هو احتواء التحرك لمنع استغلاله من الطرف الآخر»، علماً بأن هذه «النصائح» تترافق مع مطالبات بإجراءات خاصة لحماية السفارات والقنصليات والمؤسسات الغربية، وتسهيل مغادرة من يشاء من الرعايا الأجانب. بالمناسبة، هل هناك من سأل كيف ترك الجيش (والقوى الأمنية) الطرقات مقفلة أمام مسافرين، بينما تولى تأمين خط سير آمن لقافلات تنقل رعايا السعودية وغيرها؟ بالإضافة الى عدد كبير من الأسئلة حول دور الأجهزة الأمنية في بعض الأنشطة وخصوصاً ملف قطع الطرقات أو منع فتح بعضها.

لكن السذاجة تأخذ منحى أكثر خطورة، عندما لا ينتبه الناس المقهورون الى من بات يقف «إلى جانبهم» في الحراك. تذكّروا هذه اللائحة: القوات اللبنانية، حزب الكتائب، وليد جنبلاط والحزب الاشتراكي، قيادات 14 آذار، فؤاد السنيورة ورضوان السيد مع كامل فريق الانقلاب المستقبلي على سعد الحريري، قيادة الجيش وقيادة قوى الأمن الداخلي، الجماعة الإسلامية، جميع المنظمات غير الحكومية وخصوصاً تلك المموّلة من حكومات وجهات غربية، الجامعة الأميركية والجامعة اليسوعية، أرباب الفساد من «المتبرعين» من أصحاب شركات الترابة والاسفلت، وحشد المقاولين وممثلي الشركات الناشطة في الأعمال التجارية العامة… وصولاً الى الولايات المتحدة وفرنسا وبريطانيا والسعودية والإمارات العربية المتحدة وقطر وتركيا… ومحمد دحلان!

السذاجة هي في الإصرار على عدم رؤية كل هؤلاء، وعدم القطع بينهم وبين الحراك. فبقاؤهم مؤثرين على المسرح، سيعني ضياع اللحظة، وتبديد السبل التي تسمح بالوصول إلى الأهداف التي من اجلها خرج الناس إلى الشوارع.


South Front

In response to a recent escalation in northern Lattakia, the Syrian Army has deployed a batch of reinforcements south of the militant-held town of Kbani. According to pro-government sources, the Syrian military leadership is also considering to deploy units from the Tiger Forces to the area. If this is confirmed, the Syrian military may undertake offensive actions around Kbani in the near future. During the past few years, militants used Kbani as a foothold to shell and attack government-controlled areas. The liberation of this town may become a turning point in restoring security and defeating the terrorism in this part of Syria.

Turkish-backed forces shelled a US military column near Tell Tamer in northeastern Syria, Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov, the head of the Reconciliation Russian said on November 3. No casualties were reported. Nonetheless, such developments indicate that the situation around the Ras-al-Ayn-Tell Abyad zone still remain tense.

Clashes between Kurdish armed groups and Turkish-backed militants are ongoing near Sakiru, Masoudia and Umm Baramil. Both sides claim that they killed lots of enemy fighters. However, video and photo evidence from the area indicate that most of the developments are never-ending artillery duels.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition has increased its military presence in the Rumeilan oil field area. Local sources say that the number of US-linked mercenaries deployed there has also increased. US forces regularly conduct patrols between the Omar oil fields and the Rumeilan oil field. While the number of US troops deployed in northern Syria is decreasing, the US military presence along the eastern bank of the Euphrates is growing.

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