Syria requests compensation from US over destruction wrought by war


The government of the Syrian Arab Republic has written to the United Nations demanding that the international body compensate Syria for its human and material loses which resulted from illegal US and US allied bombings of Syrian infrastructure.

The letter comes shortly after Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reminded the world that US intervention in Syria is illegal according to the international law that the UN is supposed to enforce.

The full letter from Syria to the UN is reproduced below:

Upon instructions from my Government, and further to previous letters
relating to the aerial bombardments carried out by aircraft of the so-called
international coalition led by the United States of America on villages and areas  populated by civilians and on oil and gas infrastructure and facilities in the Syrian  Arab Republic, I wish to convey to you the following information:

• On 22 April 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate “international coalition” bombed  a gas station in the north-central part of Tuwaynan district in Raqqah governorate.

• On 29 and 30 May 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate “international coalition”
bombed gas wells in the Tabiyah district in Dayr al-Zawr (aka Dier ez-Zoir) governorate.

• On 27 May 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate coalition bombed the village of Hasu Albu Awf in the district of Shaddadah in Hasakah governorate, completely destroying many homes and killing civilians, most of them children.

Of the victims, the following have been identified: Ayd Abdullah al-Husyan, Farhan Ayd al-Husayn and Amal al-Khidr, and children such as Muhammad Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2007, Sarah Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2009, Ibrahim Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2010, Zahrah Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2016, and Yusuf Fariq al-Husayn, born in 2016.

The repeated bombardments by this illegitimate “international coalition”
continue to claim the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians and to cause
significant material losses and the near-total destruction of Syrian facilities, homes and infrastructure, as well as the utter destruction of Syrian oil and gas facilities and sites.

The attacks by the so-called international coalition, together with the illegal unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian Arab Republic by the United States of America, the European Union and other States are impeding the maintenance of those economic facilities and jeopardising the prospects for development and reconstruction in the Syrian Arab Republic.

My Government reaffirms its position that the attacks by the so-called international coalition against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant within the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic are illegal and violate the Charter of the United Nations and international law, inasmuch as they are being carried out without prior authorisation from or coordination with the Syrian Government.

My Government insists that these attacks must come to an end, and that the members of  S/2017/603, 2/2 17-11960, this illegitimate coalition must bear the political and legal responsibility for the destruction of infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic, including responsibility  for compensation.

I should be grateful if this letter could be issued as a document of the Security
(Signed) Mounzer Mounzer.

Thus far, repeated US bombardments of Syria, including in Raqqa government have come under scrutiny for hitting civilian targets as well as key infrastructure. The United States is also accused of using the chemical weapon white phosphorus in both Syria and Iraq.

One of the primary reasons that US bombings often hit civilian targets is due to the fact that America refuses to coordinate its attacks with the Syrian government. By contrast, Russian Aerospace Forces work closely with Syria and its allies and are constantly sharing crucial intelligence.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has invited the United States to participate in the legal anti-terrorist coalition in Syria, but the United States refuses to respond to his calls. Al-Assad subsequently reaffirmed that all forces fighting in, bombing and occupying Syria including the United States, Turkey and Israel, are violating international law.

Syria, like Russia is not interested in fighting the United States. Syria would prefer the US forces to vacate the country while Russia which is fully aware of the illegality of US forces in Syria and has repeatedly stated this, appears to want to bring America into a reasonable peace process.

US-Russian-Jordanian cooperation in respect of enforcing a ceasefire in south-western Syria appears to be the first such cooperative measure between Moscow and Washington. Turkey, whose forces have illegally invaded and occupied Syria from the beginning of the conflict, was brought into a similar peace process when it joined Syria’s partners Russia and Iran as a member of the Astana Group.

The US will almost certainly not compensate Syria for its loses, but the letter nevertheless is now a matter of public record which crucially details America’s war crimes in Syria.

“Greater Israel” in the Making? Israel to Control Mediterranean From Beirut to Gaza?

Global Research, July 21, 2017

With the recruitment of novice French President, Emmanuel Macron, the US Israel lobby can now boast a powerful political agent inside the corridors of power of the Élysée Palace, to liaise with those agents already resident in the British Parliament and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. It is, of course, no small achievement to have managed to recruit half of the European Union as well as the United States Senate to support the dispossession of five million indigenous Arabs who have populated the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Gaza for over a thousand years.

No small achievement of the powerful minority Zionist movement of America to enforce its political agenda upon the United Nations Assembly in direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

Hiding behind the usual accusations of ‘antisemitism’, the US Zionist movement is now in a position to control EU foreign policy as well as that of America through the new French President, the British Prime Minister (CFI) and the US Congress (AIPAC) together with the tacit approval of Germany’s Angela Merkel (who has already supplied Israel with a fleet of submarines now armed with nuclear cruise missiles). Not a bad achievement for a neo-colonial, minority political Zionist movement, in the 21st century!

So, what would be the likely consequence in the event of Political Zionism succeeding in its expansionist agenda?

1. Under the pretext of a future pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, US-backed Israeli forces are expected to attack both Lebanon and Gaza in order to occupy and control the entire Eastern Mediterranean seaboard from Rafah to Beirut – a coastline of some 312 kms (194 miles) in length.

2. The next objective of the ‘Greater Israel’ project would be to consolidate all the land up to and including the Jordan River in the East; to Eilat in the South; Beirut in the North and the Mediterranean in the West. This would entail the forced displacement of millions of Lebanese, Gazan and Jordanian citizens as well as the original Palestinians, to neighbouring states, plus the expropriation of their land and wealth by turning the population into refugees within their own countries – countries now occupied by Political Zionist migrants from Europe, FSU and America.

However, such a ‘Greater Israel’ project can only end one way, and that is in a nuclear war, which is not an existential threat that the Macron presidency, or the EU, should facilitate because gamma radiation recognises no borders.

Note: ‘Greater Israel: a nuclear-armed, US-aided, Zionist state with an agenda to confront Iran and Turkey for regional hegemony.   Intended eventually to extend from the Euphrates to the Nile by gaining control of large areas of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq plus the Sinai Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean from Cairo to Beirut.’

UN Drops Syria Truth Bombs! Wow!

UN Drops Syria Truth Bombs! Wow!

كيف سيتصرّف الحريري مع شرعية الأسد؟

كيف سيتصرّف الحريري مع شرعية الأسد؟

يوليو 15, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– بغض النظر عن الدرجة التي سيُحسب فيها تأثير موقف رئيس الحكومة اللبنانية سعد الحريري على شرعية الرئيس السوري، خصوصاً بعدما يعلن الاعتراف بها والتعامل معها رؤساء أميركا وفرنسا وسواهما، لكن من حق اللبنانيين أن يتساءلوا عن كيفية تصرّف رئيس حكومتهم تجاه تغيير بحجم من هذا النوع يبدو متسارعاً مع التفاهم الروسي والأميركي والإعلان الأميركي الفرنسي. وليس خافياً أن في كليهما كلمة مفتاحاً هي أن لا بند تفاوضي في جدول أعمال الحل السياسي لسورية عنوانه مصير الرئيس السوري، خصوصاً أنه رغم التوازنات الداخلية المحيطة بعمل الحكومة اللبنانية وآلية اتخاذ القرار دستورياً فيها، إلا أن الناطق بلسان الحكومة يبقى هو رئيسها، وفقاً لنصوص الدستور.

– خلال الفترة الفاصلة عن نهاية العام، كما يبشّر دي ميستورا، ستحدث تطورات كبرى باتجاه الحل في سورية. وهذا يعني حكماً توقع أن تتداعى بسرعة جبهة التحالف التي استند إليها رئيس الحكومة اللبنانية في موقفه من الرئيس السوري، الذي يمثل رأس الدولة وفقاً لدستور بلاده وهو القائد العام للقوات المسلحة، فكل تعاون مع حكومة سورية يحتاج توقيعه وكل تعاون مع الجيش السوري يمرّ بهذا التوقيع، والمسارات الآتية تتوضح تباعاً، فتح السفارات الغربية خريف هذا العام في دمشق، كما تنقل الصحف الفرنسية عن استعدادات الخارجية الفرنسية. وكل التقارير الآتية من واشنطن وموسكو تشير إلى توسيع جنيف ليضمّ الأكراد في وفد معارض موحّد ينتهي بتشكيل حكومة الراغبين بالمشاركة في الحرب على الإرهاب تحت قيادة الجيش السوري، ولاحقاً تشكيل قوات دفاع وطني تحمل خصوصيات مكوّناتها تكون جزءاً من الحالة التطوّعية القائمة بعد تسوية أوضاع عناصرها وقادتها وتتولى المشاركة مع الجيش السوري في حربه على الإرهاب. وسيكون مسار أستانة إطاراً عسكرياً تعاونياً أميركياً روسياً إيرانياً تركياً، لخوض الحرب بوجه الإرهاب، وسيصير النظر لدور حزب الله في سورية باعتباره شرعياً على المستوى الدولي، وربما يُطلب من لبنان المشاركة كما دول جوار سورية في أستانة، وتصير جبهة الحدود مع سورية ضمن تعاون روسي أميركي سوري مع حزب الله والجيش اللبناني، ويطلب الأميركيون من لبنان توفير التغطية الرسمية لذلك.

– حكومة سورية جديدة تتشكّل بقرار من الرئيس الأسد ويشارك فيها معارضون وتفتح ملف عودة النازحين، بشراكة ودعم دولي، وتستدعي حكومات الجوار للحوار لن تكون حدثاً بعيداً، فيكون ربما على الوزير معين المرعبي أن يلتقي بالوزير هيثم منّاع، بعد تعيينه ضمن المرسوم الرئاسي الذي يصدره الرئيس بشار الأسد بتسميته وزيراً لشؤون النازحين ويوجه دعوة للوزير اللبناني وتنتهي الزيارة بلقاء الرئيس السوري، فبماذا يوجّه الرئيس الحريري وزيره، وماذا يقول لوزير الداخلية عن اجتماع لوزراء داخلية دول الجوار السوري يعقد في دمشق ويحضره وزراء داخلية تركيا والعراق والأردن، فهل يغيب عنه لبنان، أم يعتذر الوزير اللبناني عن سماع الكلمة التوجيهية للرئيس السوري في بداية الاجتماع أو عن الموعد الختامي معه أو مائدة الغداء التي يقيمها للوزراء الضيوف؟

– قد تبقى السعودية بحكم الجغرافيا وتراجع أهميتها دولياً وإقليمياً، والفشل الذي أصابها في سورية والعراق خارج الاهتمام بكيفية تصرفها مع سورية في مرحلتها المقبلة بسرعة، ولن يكون بمستطاع لبنان ضبط إيقاع خطواته على إيقاع خطواتها، فكيف سيتصرّف الرئيس الحريري؟ سؤال لا بدّ من أن يسأل مستشاريه مبكراً عن الجواب عليه.

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WHO Cancels Shipment of 500,000 Cholera Vaccines to Yemen

With at least 320,000 cases of cholera in the country, the outbreak is caused by widespread damage to infrastructure during the Saudi-led war, U.N. officials said.

Global Research, July 15, 2017
teleSUR 13 July 2017

While the latest figures confirmed over 320,000 cases of cholera in Yemen, the World Health Organization announced that it would be canceling the planned shipment of nearly one million cholera vaccines to the country torn apart by a Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign, citing security and logistical concerns in the decision to cancel the shipment.

An initial shipment of 500,000 doses are currently in Djibouti, ready to be shipped, however WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier told reporters that the doses might be rerouted to several countries in Africa instead.

WHO’s latest figures indicate that there have been around 320,000 cases of cholera, a disease that causes uncontrollable diarrhea and severe dehydration that can be deadly without treatment. The conditions in Yemen in the midst of a Saudi-led, U.S.-sponsored war have led to a spread of the disease on an epidemic scale. Lack of access to clean water, famine, and destruction of health-infrastructure resulting from the war have been the primary drivers of the outbreak.

United Nations officials placed blame for the crisis squarely on those parties involved in perpetuating the conflict.

“This cholera scandal is entirely man-made by the conflicting parties and those beyond Yemen’s borders who are leading, supplying, fighting and perpetuating the fear and the fighting,” U.N. aid chief Stephen O’Brien told the U.N. Security Council Wednesday.

He called for greater international pressure to end the conflict.

“Yemen is facing critical stoppages of hospitals and a lack of doctors and nurses. The health system has essentially collapsed, with an estimated 55 percent of facilities closed due to damage, destruction or lack of funds. Some 30,000 health care workers have not been paid in nearly a year and no funding has been provided to keep basic infrastructure such as hospitals, water pumping and sanitation stations operating,” O’Brien continued.

A Saudi Arabia-led coalition began a bombing and blockading campaign against Yemen in 2015 in an effort to back the government ousted by Houthi rebels. In addition to targeting civilian buildings, such as hospitals, the Saudi coalition has also nearly entirely closed off Yemen’s air and seaports.

The Saudi-led coalition is heavily backed by material and financial support from the United States and the United Kingdom.

بوتين ترامب: الحلول قبل نهاية العام؟

بوتين ترامب: الحلول قبل نهاية العام؟

يوليو 13, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– يقول المبعوث الأممي في سورية ستيفان دي ميستورا إنه متفائل بعد التفاهم الروسي الأميركي بالتوصل إلى تفاهم سياسي بين الحكومة والمعارضة في سورية قبل نهاية العام، ومضمون التفاهم كما نشرت جريدة «الحياة» التي تموّلها وتشغّلها السعودية، يقوم على تسليم أميركي ببقاء الرئيس السوري. ووزير الخارجية الأميركي متفائل بخطوات متدرّجة لإنهاء الأزمة الخليجية قبل نهاية العام، والمبعوث الأممي لليمن ومثله لليبيا متفائلان بالتوصل لتفاهمات قبل نهاية العام ووزير خارجية اليابان يتوقّع التوصل لتفاهم ينهي التصعيد حول الأزمة الكورية قبل نهاية العام ومثله وزير الخارجية الألماني يتوقع نهاية الإجراءات التنفيذية للأزمة في أوكرانيا مع نهاية العام.

– المسار العسكري في سورية والعراق يقول إنّ داعش يستحيل أن يصمد في الرقة ودير الزور والأنبار حتى نهاية العام. فبعد تحرير الموصل ظهر حجم قدرة التنظيم على الصمود، ووفقاً لتسارع تساقط مواقع داعش في سورية بيد الجيش السوري تبدو نهاية العام موعداً للأبعد مدى في عمر داعش. وهذا ما يعرفه مستشارو الرئيسين دونالد ترامب وفلاديمير بوتين قبل أن تتحرّر الموصل وقبل أن يجتمع الرئيسان، ليصير البحث بين الرئيسين مخصصاً لما بعد داعش وليس لكيفية القضاء على التنظيم، وكيف لا يتسبّب ما بعد داعش بتضارب المصالح. وفي الحسابات الأميركية لتضارب المصالح أولوية اسمها أمن «إسرائيل» تسبق أولوية البعض في أميركا حول حملة التصعيد لاتهام روسيا بالتدخل في الانتخابات وفوق الحسابات الأصغر التي تتمثل بالسعي لتقييد سلطات ترامب أو السعي لإسقاطه بهذه التهمة.

– حمل الرئيس بوتين الوصفة السحرية لترامب وقوامها، حيث يدخل الجيش السوري فاتحاً ومحرراً سيدخل معه حزب الله، وحيث تريدون ألا يكون حزب الله سلّموا طوعاً للجيش السوري، فحيث يدخل حزب الله لا يخرج ولا يمكن إخراجه، فإن كانت الحدود الجنوبية لسورية تعنيكم فسارعوا لتسليمها طوعاً للجيش السوري وإلا سيدخلها مقاتلاً ومعه حزب الله، وعندها لن يكون ممكناً الاشتراط لأيّ حلّ أن يخرج حزب الله، وهكذا بعبارات بوتين حقّق حزب الله ما يريد، أن يقبل الأميركيون بمشروعه الذي دخل الحرب السورية لفرضه، وهو سورية برئيسها وجيشها إطار لأيّ حلّ، وإلا فالحربُ بيننا.

– سائر الملفات عند الأميركيين تلتزم بالروزنامة التي يحرّكها ردّ الخطر الأكبر عن «إسرائيل» بالخطر الأصغر، كوريا وأوكرانيا عهدة روسية وسوق الغاز الروسية وعنوانها أزمة قطر وتسليم المعارضة السورية بحلّ في ظلّ الرئيس بشار الأسد. كلها ملفات يمكن تطويعها للروزنامة المتصلة بتخفيض حجم الخطر عن «إسرائيل»، فيصير موعد نهاية العام موعداً صنعته الحرب في سورية، حيث حزب الله سند للجيش السوري يتقدّمان معاً على حساب داعش ويقتربان من إنهائه في دير الزور قبل نهاية العام، وروسيا تدرك ما تستطيع وما تريد، وتدرك أنّ نهاية العام موعد مناسب لنهاية الأزمات إذا خَلُصت النيات، وتوفّرت الإرادات.

– تثبيت درع الحلول لحساب الرئيس السوري علامة على نصره، لأنه الصامد والمنتصر والبطل الذي لا نظير له، رسم لحلفائه خريطة الطريق، ولشعبه طرق النصر، وحسم بإرادته نهاية الحروب، فصار عنواناً لكلّ الحلول، كما كان العنوان لكلّ الحروب.

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Update on Israeli Feud with UNESCO

As I reported in a post yesterday, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has in the past week adopted a couple of resolutions that have aroused Israeli indignation. One of the resolutions–the one which seems to have sparked the most fury–recognizes the old city of Hebron as a Palestinian World Heritage site.

According to the video in the embedded tweet below, Israel has now announced a cut of $1 million in UN funding, apparently in retaliation.

 declared the obvious,  is 🇵🇸. Why is Israel even in the UN? They’ve broken so many laws — 🇮🇱 needs to be shunned & boycotted!

 As I reported in yesterday’s post–and as the video above also mentions–the World Heritage committee, in addition to designating the site as Palestinian, also declared it to be endangered. Reportedly the concern here, or at least one of the concerns, is the threat from vandalism. Given that Hebron is inhabited by Israeli settlers, who seem to be free to commit crimes against the Palestinian population with impunity, the apprehension is probably justified. But of course this aspect to the resolution’s passage in all probability had the effect of arousing Israeli anger all the more.

The Israeli official in the video I posted yesterday–the man who interrupted the proceedings by calling for a moment of silence for “six million murdered Jews” and who was accused by the representative from Cuba of turning the meeting into a “politicized circus” by way of response–this man’s name, apparently, is Carmel Shama-Hacohen, and he reportedly is Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO. According to a report here, shortly after the Hebron resolution was passed, he declared that fixing his “toilet” was more important than the vote just taken:

Israel isn’t known for its fondness of the United Nations and its institutions, but a resolution passed on Friday questioning Israel’s continued occupation of the ancient West Bank city of Hebron and the damage it might be causing to holy sites there drew an unusual response.

“Sorry … I have a very urgent … sorry, Mr Chairman … it’s my plumber in my apartment in Paris,” Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), said sarcastically while addressing the forum’s annual gathering.

“There is a huge problem in my toilet, and it’s more important than the decision you just adopted, thank you.”

Also in yesterday’s post I made an offhand observation regarding the impression that comments by Israeli officials often leave with me. Specifically, I said:

From turning a meeting into a circus sideshow by calling for a moment of silence for “six million murdered Jews,” to accusing a people living under a brutal occupation of being responsible for their own misery and suffering–there is something about the behavior of Israeli officials that somehow always seems to remind me of the proverbial rude guest who showed up for a party uninvited.

When I wrote those words yesterday, little did I know that Israel does not even hold a seat on World Heritage Committee–which would seem to lend a sort of special significance to my comment about the rude guest showing up uninvited. But indeed, I made that discovery today.

If you go to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention website, you can find a PDF document that lists the current members of the World Heritage Committee. There are 21 of them in all. Here is a screen shot from the document (click to enlarge):

As you can see, Israel is not on the list. In other words, Hacohen, who spent part of the meeting talking about his toilet and importuning silence on behalf of “six million murdered Jews,” is not even a member of the committee. But yet, according to Israelis, it is the committee members who are guilty of bad behavior.

By the way, the World Heritage Committee’s deliberations are taking place in Krakow, Poland, and they are not over yet. The session is supposed to continue through Wednesday, so there may be more to come.

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