Ambassador Jaafari Addresses the NATO Klan Occupying the UN


July 7, 2020 Miri Wood

His Excellency, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UNSC via webcam, 29 June.

The NATO colonial racist Klan occupying the UN held its second June anti-Syria Security Council meeting on the 29th. The unindicted war criminal humanitarian bastards responsible for the horrors in Syria again shed their crocodile tears. The same vermin who have ignored Trump’s arson of Syrian wheat fields, of Madman Erdogan’s theft of Syrian wheat, that were mute over all terrorist bombings of hospitals — with NATO weapons — keened over Syrian hunger, over Syrian medical facilities.

NATO Klan running the UN created this alleged “breaking point.”
No matter to the arrogant, who try to figure out how to impose a new Sykes-Picot on Syria.

The capi di tutti capi of the UN again fixated on their demands to extend and expand UNSCR 2504 (2020), which expires 10 July to facilitate the carving up of Syria, under a Turkification plot by terrorist-controller, Madman Erdogan, and a Trumpian aspect to facilitate the stealing of Syria‘s oil and to ethnically cleanse regions of the country from native, indigenous, Syrians.

In previous, recent, reports concerning the UN anti-Syria meetings, the author found it sufficient to simply note that little man Mark Lowcock had shown himself to be a liar, when caught falsifying stats.

Syria UN Jaafari Humanitarian Aid Delivered by SARC Syrian Arab Red Crescent - السفير بشار الجعفري حول المساعدات الإنسانية المقدمة من الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري - مجلس الأمن الدولي
Addressing Mark Lowcock’s “falsified” stats at UNSC, Ambassador Jaafari shows documentation for SARC convoys in 2018. [Archive]

On the 29th, Lowcock whined that the COVID-19 cases in Syria remained low, and could barely contain the fantasy that the coronavirus might suddenly spread rapidly in the SAR:  “We can see from what has recently been happening elsewhere in the region […] the scale of the risks ahead,” sadistically chirping about the collapse of health care in Yemen (though not mentioning it is the result of the Obama- and Trump-approved genocidal bombing campaign of al Saud.). Still hearing voices (“Across the country, people who have struggled through nine years of conflict are now telling us they are at a breaking point”) — and claiming them to be Syrian, though he has not been in Syria since January 2018 — the Humanitarian Relief Coordinator demanded the right to usurp Syria’s sovereignty.

Lowcock renames NATO voices as Syrian ones. In early March, NATO country members Craft, Lowcock, Jeffrey, & Raab met in NATO Turkey to further conspire against Syria. Some met the CIA/State Department-funded organ-trafficking White Helmetstoo. Around the same time, terrorists were plotting a new chemical attack in Idlib.

In addition to demanding the colonial right of the United Nations’ NATO Klan to destroy Syria’s national sovereignty, Lowcock “noted public assurances by the United States and the European Union that their Syria sanctions programmes neither ban the flow of humanitarian supplies, nor target medicines and medical devices” though he neglected to note that per the UN Charter, no member state is permitted to launch sanctions against another member state without the passage of a Security Council resolution.

Belgium UN tagged other Syria haters in tweet.

The French pro tempore Security Council president also breached the UN Charter — again — bringing in the non-physician Susannah Sirkin to engage in criminal propaganda against Syria. Sirkin is Director of Policy and Senior Advisor of the Syria-hating, US 501(c) tax-supported charity, Physicians for Human Rights.

Bringing in the false witnesses is a deliberate misuse of the Council’s mechanism. — H.E. Bashar al Jaafari

PHR is just one of many NGOs which by mere coincidence happens to be aligned with the lies of NATO imperialism.


During the 16 June meeting, the same French ambassador brought gave the podium to the alleged widow of dark net operative, Bassel Khartabil.

The NATO Klan of the UN has a long history of inviting warmongers to the UN.

Co-penholders Belgium and Germany continued in their role of favored teacher’s pets among the UN’s House Servants, regurgitating the imperial warmongering against Syria, despite both countries’ part in dumping their human garbage into the SAR.

After each Security Council anti-Syria meeting, the UN NATO ambassadors generally throw an echolalia party on Twitter. This time, though, they were overcome with titillation over the annual anti-Syria meeting in Brussels, home of NATO headquarters. Hashtagged #SyriaConf2020, Syria was excluded from this fourth conference.

Unidicted war criminals against Syria flaunt their arrogance.

His Excellency Dr. Jaafari began his statement with a quotation of Socrates. He [rhetorically?] asked why the Council did not move on SG Guterres’ 23 March call for waving coercive measures during the COVID pandemic. He stated that the true crime against humanity was against 24 million Syrians, by member states of the Assembly. He reminded the NATO Klan that Turkish occupiers in his country have prevented the OCHA humanitarian convoy from delivering goods to the Atari area since 14 April. He asked the imperialists if they support International Law, and the UN Charter, or if they supported the Turkish-US-Israeli occupation of “parts of my country.”

Diplomat Jaafari also reminded the NATO Klan that Syria does not recognize meetings about Syria which exclude Syria’s participation, and that the United Nations has no business participating in them.

The noble diplomat also reminded the NATO Klansmen occupying the UN that Syria has two crossings and two airports — in Aleppo and in Qamishli — available for the delivery of humanitarian goods.

NB: Since the meetings have been held via webcam, Dr. Jaafari addresses them in English. We include his statement in Arabic:

بيــــــان السفير د. بشار الجعفري المندوب الدائم للجمهورية العربية السورية أماممجلس الأمن حول تنفيذ القرارات المتعلقة بالشأن الإنساني في سوريا نيويورك في

29/6/2020السيد الرئيس، لقد صدق سقراط عندما قال: “إن الإنسانية ليست ديناً، إنما رتبة يصل إليها بعض البشر”. ومن المؤكد، في هذا السياق، أن حكومات بعض الدول الغربية التي تحاول التسويق لنفسها كنموذج للإنسانية والأخلاق قد فشلت في الارتقاء لهذه الرتبة. وهذا ما أكدته هي ذاتها مجدداً عندما صمت آذانها عن دعوة الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة بتاريخ 25/3/2020 إلى تخفيف التدابير القسرية أحادية الجانب وسارعت للإعلان عن تمديدها لا بل وتشديدها، فسقطت في امتحان المصداقية والإنسانية.​ألا يستحق وضع حد لمعاناة ملياري إنسان من التدابير القسرية الأحادية الجانب عقد جلسات طارئة لمجلسكم ووضع حد لهذه الجريمة بحق الإنسانية والمساءلة عنها؟

ألا يستدعي رفع التدابير القسرية عن /24/ مليون سوري تحركاً فورياً ممن يُسّمون بـ”حملة القلم الإنساني” وداعميهم في هذا المجلس بدلاً مما شهدناه اليوم وفي الجلسات الأخيرة للمجلس ذات الصلة من مساعٍ محمومة للترويج لادعاءات كاذبة وكيل الاتهامات ومحاولات فاشلة للتنصل من مسؤوليتهم عن الإرهاب الاقتصادي والعقاب الجماعي الذي يمارسونه بحق ملايين المدنيين السوريين؟!​كيف تتوقعون أن يصدق أي عاقل أن ألمانيا وبلجيكا، بصفتهما حاملي القلم الإنساني في هذا المجلس، ومن ورائهما الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا وفرنسا يضمرون أي حسن نية أو حرص إنساني على أمن ورفاه السوريين وهم يحاربون كل سوري في غذائه ودوائه وقوت أطفاله وأمن ومقدرات بلاده ويدعمون الاحتلال الأمريكي – التركي – الإسرائيلي لإجزاء من بلادي وجرائمه التي يرتكبها بشكلٍ مباشر أو عبر أدواته من الميليشيات الانفصالية والتنظيمات الإرهابية؟!

إن من نكد الدنيا على الأحرار في هذا العالم أن تكون هذه الدول هي الخصم والحكم في هذا المجلس.السيد الرئيس،​لقد أمعنت حكومات بعض الدول الأعضاءْ في هذا المجلس في عدائها لبلادي، وأدمنت سياسات الاستعداء حتى باتت عاجزةً تماماً عن القيام بأي دور إيجابي وبنّاء إزاء الوضع في بلادي والمنطقة. وما الصمت المطبق المفروض على مجلس الأمن بضغط من الدول التي تسعى لتحويله إلى منصة لحلف الناتو إلا دليل على ذلك. ويبدو أن حكومات هذه الدول مستسلمةٌ لأهواء الإدارة الأمريكية ومطامعها ومغرمةٌ بسياسات الاحتلال والتتريك ودعم الإرهاب التي يمارسها نظام أردوغان على أراضي بلادي، وتدعم طموحات أردوغان التوسعية وجرائمه بحق سوريا والعراق ومصر وليبيا وتونس وأرمينيا واليونان وقبرص وكذلك انتهاكاته لحقوق كل من يعارضه من أبناء الشعب التركي الصديق وهو ما رأيناه في أعقاب محاولة الانقلاب المزعومة والتي تعرفون تماماً ما تبعها من انتهاكات جسيمة لحقوق عشرات الآلاف من المدنيين وموظفي الدولة الأتراك.

ونقول لكم صراحة: إذا كان البعض يحلم بتكرار تجربة الاحتلال التركي لأجزاء من قبرص منذ العام 1974 في بلادي فإننا لن نسمح بحدوث ذلك حتى ولو وقف الناتو كله خلف أردوغان.​إنني ادعو زملائي من ممثلي دول الناتو في هذا المجلس للرد على أسئلتنا بشكل صريح ودون مواربة: هل تدعمون القانون الدولي وميثاق الأمم المتحدة أم تدعمون الاحتلال الأمريكي – التركي – الإسرائيلي لأجزاء من بلادي؟ هل تحترمون ما نصت عليه قرارات مجلسكم حول سيادة بلادي ووحدة وسلامة أراضيها أم تدعمون المساعي الرامية للتتريك أو التقسيم ومواصلة زعزعة الأمن والاستقرار في منطقتنا؟

هل تؤمنون بجدوى مكافحة الإرهاب وتخليص المدنيين من سيطرة التنظيمات الإرهابية أم أن الإرهاب والاستثمار فيه حلال ومستحب عندما يخدم أجنداتكم؟ هل تؤمنون بمبادئ العمل الإنساني أم أن محاصرة السوريين وترهيبهم ومحاربتهم في لقمتهم ودوائهم هي أمر هين عليكم مادام يخدم مصالح وأجندات البعض؟ وكيف تفسرون صمتكم عن منع أردوغان لوصول قوافل المساعدات الإنسانية من داخل سوريا إلى المناطق التي يحتلها كما هو عليه الحال بالنسبة للقافلة التي كان من المفترض أن تتوجه إلى منطقة الأتارب ومحيطها والتي وافقت عليها الحكومة السورية بتاريخ 14 نيسان 202، ولم تنفذها أوتشا حتى الآن؟ واذا منعتم هذا المجلس من القيام بمسؤولياته الأساسية في الحفاظ على السلم والأمن الدوليين فمن هي المرجعية الدولية البديلة التي يمكن ائتمانُها على مبادئ ومقاصد الأمم المتحدة؟السيد الرئيس، ​مجدداً، يقوم حملة القلم بإعداد مشروع قرار لتمديد مفاعيل القرار 2165 الخاص بالعمل عبر الحدود. ولن استفيض هنا في شرح موقف بلادي المعروف لديكم والرافض لمثل هذه القرارات التي تبتعد كل البعد عن الأهداف الإنسانية المفترضة فيها وعن أحكام قرار الجمعية العامة رقم 46/182، وتهدف لخدمة أجندات الحكومات المعادية لبلادي والمساس بسيادة الجمهورية العربية السورية ووحدة وسلامة أراضيها استناداً لادعاءات أوتشا المسيسة وتقاريرها المشوهة، وتتجاهل الجهود الجبّارة التي تبذلها مؤسسات الدولة السورية وشركاؤها في العمل الإنساني بالتعاون مع الدول الحليفة والصديقة.​إن القرار 2165 كان تدبيراً استثنائياً مؤقتاً اتخذه مجلس الأمن في ظروفٍ معينة لم تعد قائمة، ولا يمكن السماح باستدامته أو تعزيزه بتضمين القرار معابر إضافية تخدم الاحتلال وتهدد سلامة ووحدة الأراضي السورية.

إن أوتشا قادرة على العمل من داخل سوريا واستخدام المعابر الرسمية المعتمدة لإدخال المساعدات بما فيها معبري البوكمال ونصيب ومطاري حلب والقامشلي. وعوضاً عن إضاعة الوقت في تقارير أوتشا المضللة وما تتضمنه من تفاصيل لا طائل منها، فإن على مجلسكم التصدي للأسباب الجذرية للأزمة والتي من شأن معالجتها إعادة الأمن والاستقرار والارتقاء بالوضع الإنساني ألا وهي إنهاء الاحتلال الأمريكي – التركي، ووضع حد لجرائمه بما فيها تدمير البنى التحتية ونهب ثروات سوريا المتنوعة وحرق المحاصيل الزراعية، ودعم جهود الدولة السورية وحلفائها لمكافحة الإرهاب، والرفع الفوري للتدابير القسرية الأحادية الجانب التي لا تقتصر آثارها على معيشة ملايين السوريين فحسب وإنما تهدف من ضمن جملة أمور لتجزئة بلادي وهذا ما يؤكده قانون قيصر سيء الذكر الذي استثنى مناطق شمالي شرق سوريا من أحكامه بهدف تشجيع النزعات الانفصالية لدى الميليشيات العميلة للاحتلال ومحاولة خلق وقائع جديدة على الأرض.السيد الرئيس،يجدد وفد بلادي مطالبته الدول التي تعهدت والتزمت باحترام القانون الدولي وصون السلم والأمن الدوليين بوضع حد لتسييس الشأن الإنساني في بلادي، ودعم جهود الدولة السورية في المجالين الإنساني والتنموي، ورفض الشروط السياسية والإملاءات المرفوضة التي تضعها بعض الحكومات، بهدف عرقلة جهود الإعمار والتعافي وإعادة المهجرين.​

وتجدد حكومة بلادي التأكيد على موقفها من مؤتمرات بروكسل للمانحين باعتبارها مجرد فعاليات استعراضية دعائية تهدف لخدمة أجندات حكومات بعض الدول المنظمة لها والمشاركة فيها في تسييس العمل الإنساني ومحاولة فرض شروطها المسيسة ولاءاتها العقيمة. وتؤكد حكومة بلادي أنها لا تعترف بأي اجتماعات أو مبادرات تعقد حول سوريا دون مشاركتها والتنسيق الكامل معها، وتجدد مطالبتها الأمم المتحدة بعدم المشاركة في مثل هذه المؤتمرات حفاظاً على نزاهة دورها واحتراماً لمعايير العمل الإنساني وفقاً للقرار 46/182.

ختاماً، السيد الرئيس،

إن دعوة الرئاسة لشهود الزور لتقديم إحاطة أمام مجلس الأمن لا يخدم المسألة النبيلة التي انكبّ مجلس الأمن على التعامل معها على مدى أكثر من 100 جلسة حتى الآن. وهي سوء استخدام متعمّد لآليات المجلس بهدف تشويه الحقائق وتضليل السادة أعضاء المجلس.​لقد تكرر مشهد استحضار وكلاء أجهزة “الكذب” في جلسات المجلس سواء تعلّق الأمر بالوضع الإنساني أو السياسي أو الملف الكيماوي. وهذا بحدّ ذاته يؤكد مدى تحامل أعداء سوريا في هذا المجلس على بلادي، ومدى إحباطهم من فشل رهانهم على الإرهاب والعقوبات طوال سنوات الأزمة.​إن الدور المناط بالضيوف الذين تدعوهم الرئاسة للحديث أمام المجلس حول مسألة إنسانية يجب أن يكون دوراً مسؤولاً وإنسانياً حصراً وليس دوراً ناقداً، متحاملاً، مسمماً ومحرّضاً ضد بلادي حكومةً وشعباً. إن من يتحدّث عن الوضع الإنساني في أي مكان يجب أن يكون بمستوى الأمانة وأن يتم تثقيفه بأحكام الميثاق وضوابط الحديث وأصول التخاطب.

شكراً السيد الرئيس

— Miri Wood

Postscript: The white man’s burden persists among the NATO Klan of the UN. Kelly Craft again demands the new Sykes-Picot against Syria, calling for the renewal of UNSCR 2504 (2020).

7 July. Despite coercive economic terrorism and destruction of Syrian infrastructure, and despite women in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib only being allowed out for public executions or fake street theater demands for the release of terrorists by other terrorists

UN Expert Calls US Assassination of General Soleimani ’Unlawful Killing’

UN Expert Calls US Assassination of General Soleimani ’Unlawful Killing’

By Staff, Agencies

United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions Agnes Callamard said the United States’ assassination of top Iranian commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad was an “unlawful” killing in violation of the international law.

Callamard said on Monday that the US has failed to provide sufficient evidence of an ongoing or imminent attack against its interests to justify the January drone strike on General Soleimani’s convoy as it left Baghdad airport.

“Absent an actual imminent threat to life, the course of action taken by the US was unlawful,” Callamard wrote in a report.

The drone attack “violated the UN Charter”, she added, calling for accountability for targeted killings by armed drones and for greater regulation of the weapons.

“The world is at a critical time, and possible tipping point, when it comes to the use of drones. … The Security Council is missing in action; the international community, willingly or not, stands largely silent,” Callamard, an independent investigator, told Reuters.

The senior UN expert is due on Thursday to present her findings to the Human Rights Council, giving member states a chance to debate what action to pursue. The United States is not a member of the forum, having quit two years ago.

On January 3, the US assassinated General Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps [IRGC] Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units [PMU], and a group of their companions just as they left Baghdad Airport while on an official visit to the country.

Both commanders enjoyed deep reverence among Muslim nations over their endeavors in eliminating the US-sponsored Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ‘ISIS/ISIL’] terrorist group in the region, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

The operation was conducted with the authorization of US President Donald Trump.

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and several other US military and political leaders who were behind the assassination.

Prosecutors in Tehran say Trump, along with more than 30 others, was involved in the assassination, and accordingly face murder and terrorism charges.

عندما يشتم بومبيو إيران على منبر مجلس الأمن!‏

 عمر عبد القادر غندور

شنّ وزير الخارجية الأميركي بومبيو حملة شتائم عنيفة ضدّ إيران في اجتماع مجلس الأمن الدولي لمناقشة الاستمرار في حظر الأسلحة عن إيران، مدفوعاً بالمخاوف «الإسرائيلية» من ترسانة الأسلحة الإيرانية، ولم يترك سلبية كبيرة أو صغيرة إلا لصقها بالجمهورية الإسلامية، وكلها اتهامات لا تليق إلا بالولايات المتحدة وربيبتها الصهيونية.

ودعا المنظمة الدولية للوقوف الى جانب السلام والأمن الدوليين حفاظاً على سلام العالم. بينما الولايات المتحدة في حالة اشتباك دائم مع العديد من دول العالم في القارات الخمس تعاقب وتضرب وتحاسب وتهدّد وتحاصر. وبلغت الوقاحة بوزير الخارجية بومبيو أن حذر الدول من خطورة التعاون مع النظام الإيراني الذي يقوم بـ «تجميع المعارف الخطيرة» وقد تزوّده روسيا بطائرات حديثة تمكنه من قطع ثلاثة آلاف كلم ما يتيح له ضرب نيودلهي والرياض وروما وأوسلو، بالإضافة الى تكديس وشراء التقنيات الجديدة والمتقدّمة والتي يمكن توريدها الى حزب الله وحماس والحوثيين.

وقال أيضاً انّ إيران ربما حصلت على غواصات تتيح لها القرصنة في خليج هرمز وباب المندب والخليج وبحر العرب وتهديد الملاحة الدولية.

وبعد ان انتهى بومبيو من أداء وصلة الشتم والتحريض توجه الى ممثلي الدول بالقول:

«أنا لا أقول هذا الكلام من عندي، بل أرددّ ما تقوله إسرائيل والدول الخليجية».

أما الجمهورية الاسلامية الإيرانية الصامدة في وجه الشيطان الأكبر فهي ماضية لا تساوم ولا تفاوض على سيادتها وحريتها، ولا تشتكي ولا تتذمّر محتسبة صمودها لوجه الله تعالى.

ومشكلة أميركا أنها لم تتعوّد مثل هذا الشموخ والثبات على الموقف الذي لا تنفع معه التهديدات ولا العصا ولا الجزرة ولا الأساطيل ولا الطائرات ولا الأقمار الاصطناعية، وقد تدرك الولايات المتحدة وتتعرّف في يوم من الأيام على هذا النموذج من العرب والمسلمين الذين لا يخافون إلا الله ولا يخشون إلا حسابه وفيهم قال سبحانه «يُثَبِّتُ اللَّـهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا بِالْقَوْلِ الثَّابِتِ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ وَيُضِلُّ اللَّـهُ الظَّالِمِينَ وَيَفْعَلُ اللَّـهُ مَا يَشَاء ُ(٢٧) ابراهيم»

*رئيس اللقاء الإسلامي الوحدوي



Late on June 30, fighting resumed near the villages of Kansafrah, Al-Ruwayha and Bayanin in southern Idlib between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed militants. Intense artillery shelling also targeted positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham across the Jabal Al-Zawiyah area. Pro-militant sources claimed that the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces tried to advance there, but were forced to retreat after several hours of clashes. In their own turn, pro-government sources say that the fighting in southern Idlib came as a result of a provocation by militants. Nonetheless, by the morning of July 1 the situation on the frontline had stabilized.

During the past week, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its counterparts from Fa Ithbatu, also an al-Qaeda-linked coalition of militant groups, were too busy with infighting and accusing each other of undermining the values of the so-called Syrian revolution. So, they were not able to concentrate any significant strike force able to deliver real damage to the Syrian Army in southern Idlib.

The security situation remains complicated in the province of Daraa. Tensions there are a result of the conflict between the army and some of the former militants, who had reconciled with the Damascus government and formally joined the 5th Assault Corps. As a result, at least 5 soldiers were recently killed in the countryside of the provincial capital and the army withdrew from the village of Kahil Jizah. Local fighters seized all the checkpoints surrounding the village and removed pro-government banners from the area.

The situation in Daraa province showcases the existing difficulties in the ongoing reconciliation process in southern Syria. Some former members of militant groups still remain committed to their radical ideology and hard-core anti-government views. At the same time, they continue to demand protection and resources for their areas in the framework of the reconciliation. Actions like those in Kahil Jizah undermine the peace process and set conditions for a new round of violence.

In northeastern Syria, forces of Turkish-backed militant groups shelled positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces near Kashal Ubayd, northwest of Ayn Issa. However, no casualties were reported there. In a separate development, SDF security forces closed the perimeter of the prison for ISIS members in al-Hasakah city. Local sources speculate that several ISIS members may have fled there. These reports remain unconfirmed.

Russia has opted to quit the United Nations system of humanitarian deconfliction in Syria because some of the system’s facilities were used by terrorists, Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on June 29 at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

“Our own investigations have repeatedly shown that some of the objects [listed using the mechanism] were used as headquarters of terrorists, therefore they should not have been given humanitarian status,” he noted adding that “Russia will continue to fulfill its obligations under international humanitarian law.”

We suggest that from now on the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs settle the issue of deconfliction directly with the Syrian authorities. It would be right,” Nebenzya added.

It should be noted that during the active phase of the conflict, mainstream media and Western diplomats repeatedly accused the Russian Aerospace Forces of intentionally bombing civilian and humanitarian targets. Russian and Syrian sources say that these supposed humanitarian facilities were in fact a part of the military infrastructure of the terrorist groups.

US To Witness Another Global Support For JCPOA At UN Security Council Meeting: Iran’s Envoy


US To Witness Another Global Support For JCPOA At UN Security Council Meeting: Iran’s Envoy

By Staff, IRNA

Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi said the US will hear once again the world supporting the July 2015 nuclear deal at the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

Ravanchi made the remarks in an interview held in New York, US, with IRNA on Tuesday.

In his remarks, the ambassador underlined that the US effort to extend arms embargo against Iran is in complete contradiction with the UN Resolution 2231.

Resolution 2231 [2015] urges full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA] on the timetable set by the Deal and sets forth the next steps for the eventual removal of Security Council sanctions on Iran.

The international community is after implementation of the JCPOA and following the Resolution 2231, the ambassador stressed, adding that the UN chief and many world leaders have repeatedly expressed their willingness to witness the implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Such willingness indicates that the world is against the US stance on the issue, the senior diplomat noted.

Iran and the six world powers- US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany- signed a landmark nuclear agreement, aka JCPOA, on July 14, 2015, after months of intensive talks.

But the US withdrew unilaterally from the deal on May 8, 2018, and imposed sanctions on Iran at the highest level of its kind.


In tortured logic, Trump begs for a do-over on the Iran nuclear deal


Written by Tyler Cullis and Trita Parsi

Even the Trump administration seems to grudgingly have concluded that breaching the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) was a mistake. More than two years after the U.S. exit, the deal still stands while the Trump administration is running out of options to force a re-negotiation. It is now so desperate it is seeking to convince the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that it never quit the deal in the first place. The lesson to the U.S. is clear: Diplomatic vandalism carries costs — even for a superpower. The lesson to a prospective President Joe Biden is more specific: Rejoin the nuclear deal, don’t try to renegotiate it.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims that UNSC Resolution 2231 defines the term “JCPOA participant” to be inclusive of the United States, and nothing the United States could do or has done can change this supposed legal fact.  According to Pompeo, even though the Trump administration repeatedly referred to its “withdrawal” from the JCPOA as a “cessation of its participation” in the agreement, UNSCR 2231 continues to define the United States as a “JCPOA participant” that can invoke the resolution’s sanctions snapback mechanism. 

The snapback permits a “JCPOA participant” to provide notification to the Security Council of a case of significant non-performance by a party to the agreement, triggering the automatic re-institution of former Security Council sanctions resolutions targeting Iran. No Russian or Chinese veto can prevent the reimposition of the sanctions contained in those resolutions. Only a resolution agreed to within 30 days that would undo the snapback — but the U.S. has the ability to veto such a resolution.

This is why the Obama administration cherished the snapback — if Iran were to renege on its nuclear commitments, the reimposition of sanctions would be swift and automatic. 

But this leverage was lost when Trump abandoned the deal in 2018 (the Presidential memoranda announcing the decision was even titled “Ceasing U.S. Participation in the JCPOA”). A senior Iranian diplomat told us at the time that Tehran was shocked that Trump would forgo this advantage. 

Now Trump is begging for a do-over. Despite the legal debate over Pompeo’s interpretation of UNSCR 2231, Trump’s gambit will prove less a legal question than a political one. The issue is not so much whether the United States remains a “JCPOA participant,” but whether the other members of the Security Council — and most prominently, its permanent members — will recognize the United States as such and allow Trump to issue a reverse veto to ensure the full re-imposition of U.N. sanctions on Iran. 

That is less likely to happen — and for an obvious reason: the Trump administration has spent the last three years squandering any international goodwill towards the United States, abandoning international agreements, strong-arming allies, and cozying up to dictators. It has threatened and cajoled its European allies to abandon legitimate trade with Iran or risk the wrath of punishing U.S. sanctions — all for the purpose of killing a fully functioning nuclear agreement that Europe views as essential to its security. Trump will need the sympathy of Europe’s permanent members to the Security Council. But no sympathy is likely to be forthcoming.

But even if Europe were to succumb to Trump’s pressure, it is unclear what objectives stand to be achieved. If, as Trump and his allies fear, a Biden administration would rejoin the nuclear accord, the snapback of U.N. sanctions is unlikely to pose a significant impediment to doing so, other than raising the cost to the United States for a return to the JCPOA. Nothing would prevent a President Biden to support the immediate reinstitution of UNSCR 2231. 

The danger, instead, is that Iran, having witnessed the malicious use of the snapback, will demand that any future resolution drop the snapback procedure. Considering that Iran will be weighing the merits of leaving the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and terminating its safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a result of the U.N. snapback, the Biden administration would likely be forced to choose between eating that cost or escalating militarily against Iran in its first months in office. 

This underscores the real reason for Trump’s move: the U.S. is out of leverage when it comes to Iran. While U.S. sanctions have decimated Iran’s economy, they have not forced Iran to accede to Trump’s demands. Iran has neither begged for talks nor abandoned the JCPOA. Its posture remains essentially the same, immune to Trump’s best efforts to cause it to lash out to international approbation. 

Though immense pain, Iran has sapped the U.S. of its leverage while keeping its own intact. Tehran can (and has) scale back its commitments to the JCPOA in response to Trump’s actions, it can abandon the JCPOA or even withdraw from the NPT and terminate its safeguards agreement with the IAEA. These, and other options, remain in Iran’s arsenal, unused for the time being but ready to be deployed should the U.S. continue on its path of diplomatic vandalism. 

This is why Biden must dispel with any illusion that he can seek a renegotiation of the JCPOA on the back of Trump’s sanctions. If a Biden administration were to signal to Tehran that it will not seek a clean return to the JCPOA, then Iran will begin using the leverage it has kept in store.

If Trump succeeds in snapping back U.N. sanctions, Biden would not even be able to leverage the risk to Iran in international isolation, as Iran would be already isolated internationally by virtue of the U.N. sanctions. Biden’s sole recourse would be to threaten war with Iran — a terrible prospect for an incoming administration that will be fighting off a deadly pandemic, resuscitating a depressed economy, and operating under the promise of being different from Trump.

Trump overplayed his hand by thinking he could renegotiate the nuclear deal and is now begging for a do-over. Candidate Biden should take note and signal clearly already now that he does not intend to repeat this mistake.

China and Russia Reject UN Secretary General Proposal on Open Borders for Al-Qaeda


June 26, 2020 Arabi Souri

United Nations UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

China and Russia are reported to have rejected a proposal presented in a communique by the UN Secretary-General presented to the current penholders, Belgium and Germany. The SG has on several occasions expressed his desire to extend the free border crossing from Turkey into Idlib for 12 months. The current mandate established in 2014 (UNSCR 2165) expires on 10 July.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the opening of Syria’s borders for the free flow of ‘humanitarian aid’ for one year; Syria, China, and Russia object it and consider it a breach of Syria’s sovereignty offering a secure passage for terrorists to sneak into Syria with their weapons as proven in the past.

Per reports, Russia proposed to deliver the intended humanitarian aid through Damascus, the Syrian capital, a proposal the UN’s top diplomat considered ‘not a viable applicable solution’, he might be worried that the Syrian state will confiscate any weapons, gears, and advanced satellite communication devices ‘gifted by the generous western donors’ to al-Qaeda terrorists operating in Idlib.

Resolutions — passed by the P5 Security Council members — require aye votes or a combination of ”ayes” and abstentions. UNSCR 2165 was extended with UNSCR 2393 (2017), UNSCR 2449 (2018)Its likely final extension, UNSCR 2504 (2020) passed with the French “aye,” and abstensions by US, UK, Russia, & China.

There are up to three million Syrians living in the region under the control of a number of assorted al-Qaeda and other Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan; the real humanitarian aid delivered to Idlib falls in the hands of those terrorists who then sell it at high prices to the needy Syrian families, whereas if the Russian proposal is accepted, convoys of the aid would be delivered under the supervision of the United Nations itself and not al-Qaeda commanders.

Furthermore, what about the 18 million Syrians not living in al-Qaeda’s safe haven in Idlib and suffering from the increased sanctions imposed on them by the same ‘generous donors’ sending the aid to al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Idlib? Don’t they deserve some help instead of renewing the sanctions against them by the European Union earlier this month and the Trump regime imposing its unprecedented regime of sanctions dubbed the Caesar Act on the 17th of the month? Can the United Nations Secretary-General explain this hypocrisy under the supervision of his organization?

We know there’s no comfortable answer to this question since the UN organization was essentially built under the control of the victors of the WWII to serve their interests not to actually implement its own Charter, otherwise, there are dozens of un-implemented United Nations Security Council resolutions and other resolutions by the United Nations General Assembly to solve the Palestinian problem, the core issue destabilizing most of the world for the past 7 decades.

There is also the UNSC Resolution 2253 issued to dry up the sources of terrorism funding and facilitating, it was issued a few hours before the infamous UNSC Resolution 2254 calling for a ‘political solution for the Syrian crisis’, to enable implementing 2254, the UNSC needs to implement 2253. The United States of America and its cronies never mention Resolution 2253 while never stop calling for the implementation of Resolution 2254, they want to include elements from terrorist groups in the political solution in Syria, ie ministers in a future Syrian government from al-Qaeda… Just naming another example of the ways the UN functions.


It is noteworthy that Antonio Guterres’ humanitarian concerns for the suffering of the Syrian people — by all evidence — is limited to support for NATO countries to impose a new Sykes-Picot in Syria (maps showing that increased, non-sovereign border openings are around areas illegally occupied by Madman Erdogan and Trump regime troops, here.)

SG Guterres did not dispatch communique in condemnation of Erdogan’s bombing the electrical grid of the Alouk Water & Power plant — twice — in October; surely Syrian people need water and electricity.

There has been no communique over Turkey’s occupation of the water plant in Alouk, either, an occupation which has seen Syrians deprived of essential water for days at a time. Surely, humanitarian concerns involve Syrians not having access to their own clean water supplies.

Erdogan War Crimes, SDF Atrocities, No Reconciliation

The Secretariat has been silent over Trump’s illegals in Syria firebombing wheat fields in Hasaka, last month, followed by ongoing arsonof surrounding Syrian farmlands, by NATO-supported terrorists.

Surely humanitarian concerns of the truly righteous would include concern for the rights of Syrians to have access to their water and their food.

NATO Allies Hold Emergency UNSC Meeting to Save al-Qaeda in Idlib

If Trump Is Thinking About a Meeting with Maduro, What About Trudeau?

By Arnold August

Global Research, June 23, 2020

Based on an interview held in the White House last Friday, June 19, the U.S. website Axios reported:

“Asked whether he would meet with Maduro,” Trump said, “I would maybe think about that…. Maduro would like to meet. And I’m never opposed to meetings — you know, rarely opposed to meetings. I always say, you lose very little with meetings. But at this moment, I’ve turned them down.”

The context of what may appear to be a sudden reversal in Trump’s Venezuelan policy is to be found in John Bolton’s recently released memoir on life under Trump, The Room Where It Happened. According to Bolton (cited by Axios), after throwing the full diplomatic weight of the U.S. government behind Juan Guaidó, Trump’s private feelings about his protégé were ambivalent:

“He thought Guaidó was ‘weak,’ as opposed to Maduro, who was ‘strong.’”

“By spring [of 2019], Trump was calling Guaidó the ‘Beto O’Rourke of Venezuela,’ [Democratic Party candidate for the 2016 presidential elections won by Hilary Clinton] hardly the sort of compliment an ally of the United States should expect.”

In the Trump lexicon, the honorific applied to O’Rourke generally means “loser,” a term to deprecate political opponents. It may be that this tentative reaching out to Maduro, as opposed to hanging on to what was appearing even in Trump’s eyes as a lost cause, has its roots in previous discussions among Trump’s Cabinet.

Any eventual contact between Trump and Maduro is an ongoing but controversial story emerging from U.S. corporate media, the White House and perhaps Bolton. In fact, only one day after Trump seemed to have opened the door to discussing with Maduro, he tweeted on June 22.

“I would only meet with Maduro to discuss one thing: a peaceful exit from power!“

However, “meeting” and “discussing” is still in the news. Moreover, the fact remains, following the latest divulgations cited above, that Trump is evaluating “discussion” from a position of weakness. As Trumps has admitted, his anointed “president“ is a complete failure to date.

The situation in Canada is different. Action can be taken now as there is nothing to wait for. The Trudeau government plays a leading role in carrying forward Trump regime-change policy through the right-wing Lima group, with its avowed intention of overthrowing Maduro and installing Guaidó.

The time is ripe, because on June 17 the Trudeau government suffered a humiliating defeat in its high profile bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. In the spotlight during the weeks leading up to the vote, we saw just how close Trudeau’s relationship is to Trump. In fact, many Canadians viewed it as subservience. This evaluation even found its way into some corporate editorials on the defeat. Also under scrutiny in the UNSC debacle was the Trudeau government’s lack of respect for international law and UN resolutions.

In a word, since June 17, Trudeau does not have either an international or domestic mandate to conduct foreign policy as he has carried out since winning office. Along with other grassroots organizations and personalities, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute was instrumental in pushing for the NO vote and creating domestic support to back up the international appeals.

If Trudeau would like to make up for his past errors and show the world there is indeed a difference between the U.S. and Canada, and that we do not perhaps stand behind every Trump move, what better opportunity that to build on Trump’s short-lived opening to Maduro? Why should Trudeau not declare that, unlike Trump, he would like to have fair and open discussions with Maduro, as anyone who believes in an “international rules-based order” should do? Surely it would take courage to do so. But this is far closer to “Canadian values” than what Trudeau has been repeating over the last few weeks. Such a courageous stand would also constitute a rebuttal of Trump’s heavy-handed, dictatorial methods. Since the vote on the 17th, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, encouraged by its and others’ success in breaking through the usual mainstream media blackout, is following up on what many see as a mandate from the grassroots. It is calling for a popular discussion and consultations on foreign policy in these terms:

“Dear PM Trudeau,

Time to Fundamentally Reassess Canadian Foreign Policy

One of the 10 subjects raised is:

  • Why is Canada involved in efforts to oust Venezuela’s UN-recognized government, a clear violation of the principle of non-intervention in other country’s internal affairs?

Trudeau has admitted that he has to take stock of a foreign policy that has been so soundly rejected by United Nations’ member states. By revising its failed and harmful policy toward the Venezuelan people, it would contribute to a much-needed atmosphere of discussion and consultation on Canada’s outdated and unpopular foreign policy.


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Featured image is from The Santiago TimesThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Arnold August, Global Research, 2020

Syria’s Jaafari to UNSC NATO Klan: Let My People Breathe


June 17, 2020 Miri Wood

Syrian ambassador Jaafari addressing NATO reps at UNSC
H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas [Archive].

The UNSC held its anti-Syria meeting via webcam, 16 June, and, despite the massive anti-racism demonstrations in western countries, the NATO clique had not a single moral scruple when it came to flouting its klansmanship in its ongoing imperial plot to recolonize the Levantine republic.

One day later, the UN website has not yet found the Council meeting worthy of a press release; at this time, the only full statement available if by the UN offshoot of the Geopolitical & Peacedestroying Affairs. The UN Speck Envoy Geir O. Pedersen re-regurgitated his speeches of the last several months: Lying concern for COVID-19 in Syria; fictitious concern for humanitarianism in Syria; demand for Syria to empty its prisons; demand for Syria to stop fighting NATO-funded terrorists within its borders; demand for al Qaeda to run Idlib; demand for the imposition of fascist UNSCR 2254 only by Syria not by the other parties involved in it; demand for Syria to relinquish all control of its borders.

In short, the unindicted war criminals of the UNSC demand the racist right to run Syria like a NATO colony.

The rabid hyenas’ humanitarian bastards concern for coronavirus in Syria remains one of the most hypocritically anemic cover stories in the history of NATO humanitarian destruction of sovereign nations, given the comparison of death totals from COVID in the SAR versus this virus in the US, UK, and France.
Coronavirus COVID 19 positive cases in Syria - Syria News

British and French P3 members flaunted a cynical mocking of this month’s bogus meeting, in the tweet sharing of a variation on a nasty, digitally altered, war pornography photograph that was viralized by NATO stenography journalists in early May.
The Brits retweeted a variation of a digitally altered photograph that NATO media viralized in May.
In May, the stenographers demonstrated their gentleman’s agreement regarding war criminal propaganda in the diligence of not noticing that the key photograph of the bombed unhospital — from various POV‘s, taken by different ‘photographers’ on site — was not only bombed on two different days (5 and 6 May), but was also two different [un]hospitals, one even underground, according to the NYT (which claimed it proved that it was bombed twice).
The vehicle in the criminal propaganda in the digitally altered — or completely created except for the very real and very illegal ambulance — viralized photograph appears to be a vandalized ambulance, not a bombed one. Thanks to the arrogance of the French and English, we now have inclusion of the operative who may have vandalized it.
“The collapse of the Syrian currency is due to our measures.” — James Jeffrey, 7 June. Jeffrey is a US Orwellian envoy paid by American taxpayers, though there is no US embassy in Damascus. The work of true diplomats is to build bridges to other countries, not bomb them, not brag about destroying the lives of their citizens.
H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the NATO criminals running the UN as the consummate diplomat that he is — he congratulated the French ambassador in French, on his appointment as temporary president of the Security Council.
Dr. Jaafari again explained to them the meaning of the noble Charter of the United Nations and then explained that Trump’s stealing of 200,000 barrels of Syria’s oil, daily, is theft, and also a breach of both the Charter and International Humanitarian Law.
— Miri Wood

Syrians hold large demonstration against Caesar Act in Homs: photos


BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 P.M.) – Several Syrians participated on Thursday in a large demonstration against the U.S.-applied “Caesar Act”, which is a new set of sanctions that are meant to force regime change in the Arab Republic.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the demonstration took place at Martyrs Square in the administrative capital of the Homs Governorate.

Credit: SANA

The demonstrators waived the Syrian national flag, along with photos of President Bashar Al-Assad and signs against the U.S.-imposed sanctions.

“They also expressed anger and condemnation of the U.S. hostility towards the free peoples, affirming that the fake humanity of the U.S. and its allies has been exposed,” SANA reported.

Credit: SANA

The Caesar Act was applied on Wednesday, June 17th, as part of the U.S.’ continued pressure against the Syrian government.

This new set of sanctions particularly targets the Syrian government and all entities and individuals that do business with them.

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Confirms via Al-Manar: All Attempts to Change UNIFIL’s Role Will Fail


 May 30, 2020

Click the photto

In an interview with Al-Manar TV Channel, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zaspykin, confirmed that all the attempts to change the UNIFIL’s missions will fail, expressing hope that the extension of its mandate becomes a chance for preserving peace in the area.

The Lebanese government has requested the extension of the UNIFIL mandate for one year amid US attempts to change its missions for the sake of the Zionist interests.

International reports indicate that Russia and China will veto changing any of the UNIFIL missions in the UN Security Council, knowing that Lebanon voiced firm rejection of any Israeli attempt to alter and, thus, undermine its role.

Zaspykin emphasized that Russia completely supports the UNIFIL mission, denouncing the ongoing Israeli violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and occupation of Lebanese territories.

Source: Al-Manar English Website


May 21, 2020,

-by Eva K Bartlett

America’s meddling in Venezuela has no boundaries. After a failed coup attempt, trying to install a bogus president, and imposing crippling sanctions, will it ever be held to account?

Venezuela is back in the news again, just weeks after yet another failed coup attempt that was almost certainly backed by the US. This time, it’s the American sanctions against the country that are making the headlines – measures that caused US company AT&T to shut down satellite TV provider, DirecTV, thereby depriving Venezuelans of a number of foreign channels.

The irony, of course, is that while it’s US sanctions that are the cause of this shutdown, had it been President Nicolás Maduro who closed DirecTV, you can bet Western media headlines would be screaming about censorship of the media (although most were rather quiet when Estonia shut down Sputnik.).

The impact of this latest development will be a major inconvenience for most of Venezuela’s poorest – another example of how the sanctions are not merely targeting the administration but the people themselves. US sanctions against Syria, Venezuela, Iran and a long list of other targeted nations have deprived them of access to vital medicines, medical equipment, income and more.

As I noted in a prior article, the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimated that a staggering 40,000 Venezuelans died in 2017 and 2018 due to sanctions. This shameful statistic lends weight to former UN expert Alfred de Zayas naming sanctions as a form of terrorism, “because they invariably impact, directly or indirectly, the poor and vulnerable.”

So well done, America, for adding another layer of misery to the heap you’ve already created.

The plan to abduct Maduro

Just a couple of weeks beforehand, on May 3 and 4, Venezuelan forces had prevented 60 paramilitaries on two speedboats – including Americans – from carrying out their plan to kidnap Venezuela’s president and replace him with Juan Guaido, who the US and Canada have been attempting to install as president since early 2019.

Guaido, the self-appointed ‘interim president’, was aware of the plot, which involved a contract of $213million according to documents that have entered the public domain. The US and Canadian authorities were most likely in the loop, too. 

Guaido first announced himself as ‘interim president’ in January 2019, to the surprise of most Venezuelans and with no election. Most countries rejected this breach of Venezuela’s sovereignty, with only a smattering of Western terrorist supporting countries that advocate regime change – and some nations that they bully – endorsing him. 

A month later, there were failed Western-backed attempts to ram ‘aid trucks’ (loaded with wires and nails) through Colombia’s border with Venezuela, the goal being to vilify the government for failing to accept what was clearly not aid (and was not coming via a proper channel either).

In March, the unpopular Guaido was booed and fled from a pro-government area in Caracas, ironically with Venezuelan security protecting him from an angry crowd. In the same month, I tried to see the supposedly massive pro-opposition rallies I had heard of in the capital, but instead came across huge pro-government demonstrations

In April, Guaido and a violent right-wing opposition leader, with the backing of the US, attempted a coup— an attempt clearly rejected by masses of Venezuelans. Fast forward to January this year and Guaido failed to be re-elected as president of the country’s National Assembly.gwedo

Guaido attempted to scale a fence before the vote took place. His claims that he was barred from entering have been disputed. (Reuters) via

In spite of the absurd amount of backing Guaido has received from Western governments, it seems even some opposition within Venezuela don’t want him, and would prefer to return to dialogue with Maduro’s government.

Perhaps this was down to Guaido staffers’ alleged involvement in embezzling ‘humanitarian aid’ funds. Photos taken with  Colombian drug traffickers and paramilitary leaders probably didn’t help his cause, either.

After so many Guaido false starts and flops, and their failure to bring him an iota of legitimacy, surely it’s time for the US and Canadian administrations to accept they are flogging a dead horse?

What’s the UN doing?

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, tweeted: “May 20 at 3:00 pm, the UN Security Council will debate the situation in Venezuela. The meeting was requested by Russia after the terrorist armed attack carried out from Colombia on May 3. We will denounce to the world the aggression against our people.”

While I do of course support Venezuela’s desire to denounce the attempted coup, and the bloodshed that could have prevailed – including of civilians – had the paramilitaries been successful, forgive me for being cynical that justice will prevail.

After all, history has shown that nothing is done when the US and allies commit war crimes in Syria. Likewise, they have never been held accountable by the UN for what they did in Iraq. And what about the war crimes of Israel against Palestinian civilians, and the Saudis against the Yemenis?

Sadly, I don’t have an answer as to what’s a better option than attempts for justice and accountability via the UN.

But I know this much: this won’t be the last failed attempt to overthrow Venezuela’s government, and it won’t be the last time the country and its allies have to condemn immoral and illegal US and Canadian acts.

So vile are these governments that even now, while the world is focused on dealing with Covid-19, they are scheming to bring more misery to the people of Venezuela. They should hang their heads in shame, but they’ve got none.  


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Amb. Jaafari to UNSC COVID Meeting: Stop Terror Virus against Syria

May 16, 2020 Miri Wood

unsc meeting covid 19 - Syria

Syria’s Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UNSC ‘humanitarian bastards‘ meeting, 29 April, calling on the NATO P3 al Qaeda supporters to end savage unilateral economic coercion and reminding them that their terror virus needed more attention than their cover story of COVID concern.

Given a lengthy bathetic title, the meeting was held via video conference, reputedly as a precaution against contagion, though anonymous sources have the UN building had been completely sanitized by the numerous time it was flooded with the crocodile tears wept by the countries which have armed the criminally insane terrorists in Syria.

Leading with their bathetically artificial concern for COVID in Syria, the tripartite aggressors added neocolonial demands for compelled reopening of the al Yarubiyah crossing, lamentations over hospitals that do not exist, and ceasefire to their collective howling.

NATO stenography media pretend this is normal.
UN unindicted war criminals lead in coronavirus statistics, 15 May. Syria’s death total remains at 3.
Physician, heal thyself should come to mind.

As every honest diplomat knows, there can be no ceasefire without a formal declaration of war. In the unique situation of Syria — in which the filthiest of the filth, those countries which have dumped their human garbage into Syria, which have armed their human garbage in Syria, and whose media have written odes to the human garbage dumped into Syria and armed — there can only be a cessation of hostilities. Translating their Newspeak into reality-based language, the mobster gang demands that Syria cease protecting its citizens against NATO supported al Qaeda factions and cease to think of liberating up to three million Syrians entrapped in al-Qaeda’s last strong haven in the Idlib province by the Turkish madman Erdogan’s army and terrorists.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya drolly explained to the NATO klan its collective error in use of “ceasefire.”
UNSC Video meeting on COVID 19 and sanctions against the Syrian people
A partial break from the P3’s Greek Chorus came via the Representative of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines [second from top, right] who called for the removal of unilateral coercive measures imposed on the SAR. She stopped short of reminding her colleagues that these are a breach of the UN Charter because a Security Council Resolution for sanctions is required to starve a member country.

One upon another, all of the P3 NATO klan and their tap-dancing House Servants functioned as hired mourners, in wailing, in gnashing of their teeth, and in rending their garments whilst suffering intractable grief for the Afrin carnage one day earlier, the spread of COVID — including the donning of the white man’s burden garb to rescue the Arab country, while their own are destroyed by the virus — and Syria’s “war-ravaged health care system.”

Reported oil tanker detonation near Afrin market has killed & injured dozens in fire.

The NATO klansmen outed themselves as “the grandsons of Sykes-Picot who want to redo what their grandfathers did and divide further what was already divided and tear apart further what they can tear apart.

Syria before the Roman occupiers began the carving. The last major imperial hacking was by the Sykes-Picot vermin, but their NATO grandsons want more.
The proud, imperial, UN P3 grandsons want to further carve off more chunks of Syria, today. This time they use their fake concern for COVID.

Not one of the P3 klansmen, nor any of their underlings, mentioned that Afrin, Syria, has been under NATO Madman Erdogan’s troops and assorted al Qaeda mercenary occupation, which is a breach of International Law and of the UN Charter; the NATO tribesmen flout both during their every important anti-Syria Security Council event.

Syria News reminds our readers that when the P3 criminals against humanity mention hospitals and health care, they do not include actual hospitals and clinics, They have never held emergency Security Council meetings to condemn the terrorist destruction of al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, nor the FSA bombings of al Watan Hospital, nor the partial destruction of the Jisr al Shughur National Hospital.

US-sponsored terrorists bombed al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo December 2013
US-sponsored terrorists bombed al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo December 2013

When the world leaders in war crimes– France, US, UK — occupying the UNSC say “hospital,” they actually mean unhospitalUnhospitals are any places — stolen homes, tunnels, caves, abandoned buildings, ancient ruins, CGI’s — that al Qaeda savages, illegals (including Mengele-types bragging about practicing medicine without licensure, and surgeries without anesthesia) and assorted human detritus claim to be medical facilities, and it is about these that the UN fake humanitarians criminally identify as “health care” facilities.

Ancient ruin declared a bombed hospital by NATO media.

The US, UK, and French unindicted war criminals did not mention that Syria is war-ravaged because they have dumped their human pathogens into the Levantine republic, and armed them with NATO weapons, and fueled their depraved, joint, psychosis with Captagon. Nor did they mention that they, the humanitarian bastards have also created the humanitarian crisis in Syria, with their illicit, draconian, economic terrorism they call sanctions which actually require a UN Security Council Resolution, which means these criminals are in breach of the UN Charter to which they are signatories.

These terrorists left their flags outside, not wanting to soil them with the blood of the Syrian women they slaughtered.

While flooding the building with crocodile tears under the white man’s burden of protecting Syrian Arabs from COVID, the Axis of Evil P3 Devil’s Ambassadors — and their tap-dancing, Greek Chorus House Servants — renewed their paraphilia-like obsessive demands for the imperialists’ forced opening of the Yarubiyeh crossing from Iraq, under the scam of providing humanitarian aid for Syrians whose country has been destroyed by these same imperial NATO thugs.

As memories have been intentionally shrunk by the onslaught of NATO stenography journalists who got perfect scores their Operation Mockingbird course, we must refresh the human mind with reality dating way back to July 2014, in order to expose the ongoing Goebbels Lie regarding the continuing paraphiliac obsession and fake COVID – related need to crush Syria’s sovereignty by opening its borders to the rat pack.

We offer two screengrabs from the same Reuters writer – the Reuters that was established before the births of most of the great-grandparents of our readership — flouting liarship impunity. On 22 February, Reuters pimped the P3 demand to reopen the al Yaarubiyah crossing from Iraq, and arrogantly lied that “Russia and China blocked the world body from using a crossing point on the Iraqi border to provide help.”

Reuters implementation of the Goebbels Big Lie, 22 February.

UNSCR 2504 was passed on 10 January, in what may be the largest Pontius Pilate abstention votes in the history of the United Nations: The US, UK, Russia, and China all withheld their votes. At the UN, abstentions are counted as “yes” votes.

This vote predated the COVID pandemic in NATO countries.

Reuters re-ran its lie to coincide with the 29 April NATO humanitarian bastards flooding the building with their crocodile tears and their colonial cross-bearing to fraudulently protect Syrians against COVID in the SAR, while their own people suffer under draconian lockdown, food shortages, criminally enforced isolation — which can quickly become desolation — shortages of PPE, destruction of health care infrastructure.

Reuters repeated its lie when reporting on the invisible WHO report that has not been made available to us mere mortals. This service, by the way, appears to occasionally put spies on its payroll.

The Pontius Pilate passage of UNSCR 2504 (2020) was a colonial compromise, both a watered-down version of UNSCR 2165 (2014) and a six-month extension given to NATO supported terrorists in Idlib.

Thought the UN Charter is clear on the inviolability of sovereign rights of member states, UNSCR 2165 (2014) and extensions UNSCR 2393 (2017), UNSCR 2449 (2018) all violated Syria’s territorial integrity.

Beginning with 2165, these resolutions permitting breach of Syrian sovereignty have provided terrorists with weapons — including of a chemical nature — finance, and the ability to smuggle out Syrian oil, artifacts, and property; Jabhat al Nusra terrorists occupying Idlib, have received their life line from Turkey, especially.

Not long after the passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014), Turkey celebrated the breach of Syria’s territorial rights by transporting poisoned measles vaccines to human garbage in Idlib — via the Bab al Hawa fake humanitarian corridor — which were used to murder approximately fifty Syrian children. Bab al Hawa is the Turkish route that Press TV journalist Serena Shim reported used for transporting weapons and terrorists in convoys covered by the World Food ProgrammeShim subsequently was killed in a convenient vehicular accident.

A conspicuous section of UNSCR 2165 (2014) shows the affinity to Yaarubiyah crossing pre-dates the phony COVID concerns by almost six years.

The author provides another four maps to explain that the spawns of Beelzebub paraphilia to Yarubiyah has nothing to do with COVID, but everything to do with Sykes-Picot idolatry.

From the still opened Bab al Hawa crossing, Madman Erdogan can continue to transport weapons and terrorists into Idlib, and into Aleppo countryside. The caliph-wannabe launched aerial and ground bombings of Hasakah governate in early October, all of which were either ignored or cheered by the NATO klan mob at the UN. Similarly, the phony Trump haters have been struck dumb over his ongoing military incursions into Qamishli since 7 August.

The illicit Erdogan regime troops have criminally occupied part of al Hasakah post-October bombings. The illicit Trump regime troops come and go as they please (except when chased by very tall Syrians who tear the criminal flags from the criminal tanks).

These maps are provided to show the malignant intention of the UN NATO club plot to hack off another chunk of the Levantine republic, so that Madman Erdogan might get his criminal annexation. The creative chaos of the phony Trump betrayal of traitor/separatist/Obama-created SDF Kurds and Erdogan’s hatred of the separatist Kurds is more readily grasped in the study of these maps which demonstrate how the two unindicted war criminal regimes are working for the same Sykes-Picot updated for the neo-imperialists.

In the early days of the foreign war of terror against Syria, the Obama State Department gave frequent press conferences in which the criminal attacks against the State by the YPG would be cheered. Given the YPG is ‘military arm’ of the PKK which is actually on the US terror list, United States Special Forces Commander Gen. Raymond A. Thomas declared the name change was required (the various flags of the many armed terrorists against Syria, here. They include photos of US-approved terrorists with US-unapproved terrorists.)

The re-marketed, YPG-cum-SDF Obama regime creation was such a hit with western colonial serfs that they missed the fact that Obama actually put together a NATO wetworker run SDF — advertised as a ‘minority’ fighting against the also the US – created ISIS terrorists.

Bab al Hawi humanitarian bastards corridor.
Note the colonial appropriation of the map-maker: Ain al Arab is the Syrian town in which the German “Kobane” company built a station.
Al Walid crossing used by Trump regime troops to illegally enter the Syrian Arab Republic, in military convoys.
Al Yaarubiyah crossing that every rabid dog of war in the UN has screamed to reopen, since it was closed by UNSCR 2504 (2020). How many foreign PMC’s are in Erbil?
Trump regime illegal American troops have used al Walid crossing for entry into Qamishli since 7 August 2019.
Turkish madman and caliph wannabe Erdogan
Erdogan holding his annexation map at the recent UNGA meeting. There were no complaints from the west on this plan to breach international law.

The audio for the video conference on the phony concern for COVID in Syria was inconsistent in volume, a problem exacerbated by the struggle to understand enough of the non-native English speakers to have wished that French were still the lingua franca of diplomacy.

The involvement of the draconian Treaty of Versailles in diplomatic language was a painfully ironic coincidence, given that Germany has become one of those House Servants against Syria. For those needing a reminder in Germany’s unindicted war crimes against Syria, see here, & here.

There is an expression about being able to trust a thief, but not a liar, which is an appropriate introduction for Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, and first to address the most recent cover story of the NATO gang for humanitarian excuses, COVID. As he has been previously exposed before the Council as a liar, there is no need to discuss the liar’s COVID concerns.

Syria UN Jaafari Humanitarian Aid Delivered by SARC Syrian Arab Red Crescent - السفير بشار الجعفري حول المساعدات الإنسانية المقدمة من الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري - مجلس الأمن الدولي
Addressing Mark Lowcock’s “falsified” stats at UNSC, Ambassador Jaafari shows documentation for SARC convoys in 2018. [Archive]

The UN Spec Envoy, Norwegian Geir O. Pedersen, affixed to Syria via some preposition (on? above? around? at?) remained stoic whilst claiming that COVID 19 and its ramifications will become a multiplier of humanitarian needs in Syria. Essentially his speech was the same as the one he gave in March, when the UN held a tutorial on applying the philosophy of Goebbels to re-colonizing Syria. Norway continues its draconian lockdown of its citizenry and of its borders while audaciously declaring its self-appointed right to enter the Syrian Arab Republic.

Syria’s COVID statistics 28 April.

The 29 April anti-Syria Sykes-Picot Award should go to Estonia’s deputy diplomat, Gert Auväärt. Perhaps he should also receive the Aesop’s Fable The Young Crab & His Mother Award for smarmy hypocrisy. Despite Auväärt’s Estonia — population a tiny 1.328 million — not doing too well in the COVID battle, sealing off its borders, and imposing a draconian lockdown on its people, this gentleman did not choke on his demands that Syria opens its borders, and its jails, on account of COVID.

Estonia, by the way, is in the bottom rungs of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, which should not come as a shock, given the income disparity in his little forest, where the top 20% of the most affluent make five times more than the bottom 20% of the least affluent. It is not, therefore, a surprise that this deputy diplomat stated his satisfaction with the illicit economic terrorism against Syria.

Those countries that break out from the former eastern block become more radical in their enmity to their former allies in order to submit their papers of acceptance to the new club: NATO, EU, the U.S.F.S.: United States Faithful Servants, and the International Monetary Funds slaves.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has officially (and wrongfully) called for a ceasefire in Syria, and has officially complained that the al Yaarubiya crossing was closed. He has not condemned the war crimes against Syria by NATO countries. This photographs show his moral character.

Guterres with Tony Blair at the 1999 Socialist International conference.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the NATO clan’s “pretentious care and lethal affection” regarding the artificial concern for COVID in the SAR, while engaged in a “sinful war against my country.”

— Miri Wood

مشاورات التمديد لـ«يونيفيل»: مندوبة لبنان «تخالف» أم «تتآمر»؟

مشاورات التمديد لـ«يونيفيل»: مندوبة لبنان «تخالف» أم «تتآمر»؟
(أ ف ب )

وفيق قانصوه

الأربعاء 6 أيار 2020

«نعم. أمل مدللي تتبنّى تماماً الموقف الأميركي في شأن العمل على تغيير تفويض «اليونيفيل» وقواعد عملها في لبنان». هذا ما أكّدته مصادر دبلوماسية لبنانية رفيعة المستوى في بيروت لـ«الأخبار» حول ما أثير عن الموقف الملتبس لمندوبة لبنان لدى الأمم المتحدة في المداولات الجارية في المنظمة الدولية عشية التجديد للقوات الدولية العاملة في لبنان نهاية الشهر الجاري. المصادر أوضحت أن التعديلات التي يعمل عليها الأميركيون «تطال خفض موازنة اليونيفيل وتقليص عديدها وإعادة النظر بالتفويض الممنوح لها عبر توسيع مهماتها بما يسمح لها بالدخول الى الملكيات الخاصة… أي باختصار كشف ظهر المقاومة».

وبحسب مصادر دبلوماسية في نيويورك، فإن مدللي «شاركت في مشاورات أميركية – سعودية – ألمانية من أجل اقتراح قرار بإدراج حزب الله على قائمة الأمم المتحدة للارهاب»، مشيرة الى أن اقتراحاً كهذا «من الصعب جداً أن يمرّ في وجود الفيتو الروسي والصيني، وهو ما يدركه من يعدّون له. لذلك، فإن التوجّه الآن ينصبّ على محاولة إدخال تعديل على ولاية اليونيفيل وقواعد عملها، في ظل شبه الغيبوبة التي تعاني منها الحكومة اللبنانية تحت ضغط الازمة الاقتصادية وجائحة كورونا، ما يعطي المندوبة هامشاً كبيراً من الحركة في تعديل فقرات من قرار التجديد لليونيفيل».

وبعد جلسة مغلقة عقدها مجلس الأمن بواسطة الفيديو، أول من أمس، لمناقشة أحدث تقرير للأمين العام للأمم المتحدة أنطونيو غوتيريش حول تنفيذ القرار 1701، واستمع خلالها إلى إحاطة من المنسق الخاص للأمم المتحدة في لبنان يان كوبيتش، حضّت واشنطن أعضاء المجلس على إعادة النظر في التفويض الممنوح لـ «اليونيفيل» بغية السماح لها بتنفيذ المهمات الموكلة إليها. وكتبت المندوبة الأميركية لدى الأمم المتحدة كيلي كرافت، على «تويتر»، أن «على مجلس الأمن أن يعمل لضمان أن تكون («اليونيفيل») قادرة على العمل كقوة فاعلة ومؤثرة»، إذ «لا يزال ممنوعاً على هذه القوة أن تنفذ تفويضها»، كما أن «حزب الله تمكن من تسليح نفسه وتوسيع عملياته ما يعرض الشعب اللبناني للخطر». ورأت أن «على مجلس الأمن إما أن يسعى إلى تغيير جاد لتمكين اليونيفيل، أو أن يعيد تنظيم العاملين لديها ومواردها بمهمات يمكنها تحقيقها».

وأشار غوتيريش في تقريره الى أن «امتلاك أسلحة خارج نطاق سيطرة الدولة يشكّل انتهاكاً مستمراً للقرار 1701». ودعا الحكومة اللبنانية إلى «اتخاذ كل الإجراءات الضرورية لضمان التنفيذ الكامل للأحكام ذات الصلة من اتفاق الطائف والقرارين 1559 و1680 التي تطالب بنزع سلاح كل الجماعات المسلحة في لبنان». كما طالبها بـ«التزام سياسة النأي بالنفس، بما يتفق مع إعلان بعبدا»، ودعا «جميع الأطراف اللبنانية إلى الكفّ عن المشاركة في النزاع السوري وغيره من النزاعات في المنطقة». وشدّد على أن «حرية تنقل اليونيفيل في جميع أنحاء منطقة عملياتها في غاية الأهمية». فيما لفت كوبيتش، أكثر من مرة، وبوضوح، الى «التذمر الاسرائيلي من موضوع الأنفاق والأحداث التي تجري على الخط الأزرق».

ومعلوم أن تعديل ولاية اليونيفيل يحتاج إلى قرار جديد يتبناه مجلس الأمن الدولي. وتطالب الولايات المتحدة، منذ عهد باراك أوباما، استجابة لمطالب اسرائيل، بتطوير عمل هذه القوات وتوسيع صلاحياتها لتشمل تفتيش المنازل في الجنوب والدخول إلى أي مكان بشكل مفاجئ. إلا أنها اصطدمت دائماً برفض الدول الأخرى الأعضاء لا سيما روسيا والصين، وفي كثير من الحالات بمعارضة فرنسا صاحبة المشاركة الأكبر في القوة الدولية، وكذلك دول تشارك في اليونيفيل، لخشيتها من أن يغضب أي تعديل حزب الله مع ما لذلك من إنعكاسات محتملة على العلاقة بين القوة الدولية والأهالي على الأرض.

مصادر دبلوماسية لبنانية: مدللي تتبنّى الموقف الأميركي في تغيير تفويض «اليونيفيل»

الأخبار: مدللي تتبنّى الموقف الأميركي في تغيير تفويض اليونيفيل

المصادر الدبلوماسية اللبنانية أكّدت أن مندوبة لبنان لم تنسّق خطواتها الأخيرة مع وزير الخارجية اللبناني أو مع أي موظف في الخارجية، مشيرة الى ضرورة «القيام بأمر ما»، موضحة أن على الحكومة استدعاء مدللي فوراً ومساءلتها بشأن مواقفها الأخيرة، مستغربة عدم إصدار الخارجية أي توضيح لما تقوم به السفيرة في نيويورك. ولفتت المصادر الى أن مندوبة لبنان «على ما يبدو تتصرف وفق أجندة خاصة، إذ أن أي طرف سياسي في لبنان، بما فيها الطرف الذي تحسب مدللي عليه، لم يعبّر يوماً عن موافقته على تعديل تفويض عمل اليونيفيل». واستغربت عدم إبلاغ مدللي وزارة الخارجية بطلب فرنسا، اثناء المداولات الأخيرة، من مجلس الامن الاستعداد لمساعدة لبنان على الخروج من الأزمة الاقتصادية، «وهي عندما سُئلت عن الأمر أجابت بأنها اعتبرت الأمر غير مهم»!

في المقابل، ينقل دبلوماسيون عن مدللي نفيها أن تكون قد اتخذت أي مبادرة أو أعلنت أي موقف خارج الموقف الرسمي اللبناني، فيما قال دبلوماسيون آخرون لـ«الأخبار» إن مخالفة مدللي تكمن في كونها دخلت في المشاورات، من دون إبلاغ الخارجية بذلك، إلا انها لم تتبنّ أي موقف بشأن ما يُقترح. ويستدل هؤلاء على كلامهم بالقول إن اقتراح تعديل مهمة اليونيفيل لا يزال يحتاج إلى وقت قبل وضعه على طاولة المفاوضات الجدية.

سعد الحريري يخفق في تحويل لقاء بعبدا الى كباش صلاحيات لبنانية ...

مدللي عُينت في منصبها قبل عامين خلفاً للسفير نواف سلام، وهي عملت سابقاً «مستشارة إعلامية» للرئيس سعد الحريري، وممثلة له في واشنطن، فضلاً عن كونها قدّمت خدمات للديوان الملكي السعودي في العاصمة الأميركية، لجهة تسويق سياسة الرياض وتأمين تواصل مع شخصيات أميركية. ويؤخذ عليها قلة التنسيق مع الخارجية باستثناء «أجنحة قريبة منها سياسياً».

ويُنقل عن موظفي بعثة لبنان في مجلس الأمن أنها «كفّت أيدي جميع أعضاء البعثة عن متابعة أي ملف وحصرت كل الأمور السياسية والمالية وغيرها بها وحدها». كما يؤخذ عليها قلة انتاجيتها، «ففي عهد السفير سلام كانت البعثة تراسل الخارجية مرة شهرياً على الأقل، ليتراجع عدد المراسلات في عهد مدللي الى نحو ست سنوياً، علماً أن لبنان موجود على جدول أعمال مجلس الأمن في أكثر من قرار، وهو يندرج ضمن المجموعة العربية وكتلة عدم الإنحياز، وتصدر قرارات سنوية في الجمعية العامة تعني لبنان واللبنانيين مباشرة وغير مباشرة».

مقالات متعلقة

Al-Jaafari urges Security Council to adopt deterrent action against the countries supporting terrorism in Syria


Wednesday, 29 April 2020 19:30

NEW YORK’ (ST )-Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has urged the Security Council to adopt deterrent action against the countries that have been supporting terrorism in Syria and called for backing the Syrian state’s counterterrorism efforts in order to complete the process of restoring security and stability in the country and achieving a Syrian-led political solution.

Al-Jaafari, who was speaking during a UN Security Council session on the situation in Syria via video, said that besides not abiding by its obligations pursuant to Astana and Sochi agreements and supporting the terrorist organizations, the Turkish regime tries to enhance its illegal presence on Syrian territories through sending reinforcements and convoys carrying weapons and heavy military equipment on a daily basis to its occupying forces and to the terrorists.

He referred to the Turkish Defense Minister’s infiltration into Idleb province to hold meetings with leaders of the terrorist groups in an attempt to continue investing in terrorism. 

 In a flagrant violation of international laws, the Turkish regime has deployed Turkish air defense systems in Idleb and supplied its occupying forces with US Hawk anti-aircraft missiles, al-Jaafari went on to say, warning of the threat that may result if the Turkish air defense means fall into the hands of terrorist organizations in Idleb.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the terrorist organizations took advantage of the period of calm following  the Moscow agreement and the world’s preoccupation with efforts to confront the Corona epidemic, to reorganize its forces with the support of the American and Turkish occupation troops. He pointed out that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization announced mid-this month that it has reorganized its ranks and formed three new brigades in preparation for  the coming confrontations in the northwest of Syria.

He also said that the Turkish regime is currently expanding its sponsorship of terrorism by openly recruiting foreign and Syrian terrorists and sending them to Libya, pointing out that the regime has transported thousands of terrorists by Turkish planes to Libya. He noted that this Turkish behavior poses a serious threat to the security of Europe and the world.

The senior Syrian diplomat affirmed Syria’s adherence to its sovereignty and territorial integrity, reiterating the country’s determination to liberate its territories from occupation be it the American, the Turkish, or the Israeli occupation or the terrorist organizations.

He reiterated that the presence of any foreign troops on Syrian territories without the permission of the Syrian government is considered as an aggression and occupation and that Syria will deal with this presence in accordance with its national constitution.

Hamda Mustafa

Deadly Afrin Explosion: Fratricide or NATO False Flag?

China calls for immediate lifting of all sanctions against Syria

By News Desk -2020-03-310

A Chinese envoy on Monday called for complete and immediate lifting of unilateral coercive measures against Syria, noting that the sanctions will harm the vulnerable country’s efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We call for complete and immediate lifting of unilateral coercive measures,” Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, also president of the Security Council for the month of March, told the council’s video-teleconferencing meeting on the situation in Syria.Getting Rich with Bitcoin, Without Even Buying BitcoinDailywebAds by Revcontent

“We are seriously concerned about the negative impact of unilateral sanctions on countries’ capacity to respond to the pandemic, especially for vulnerable countries like Syria,” he said. “Civilians and innocent people are suffering severely from those sanctions.”

China’s UN permanent representative Zhang Jun speaks at a Security Council meeting about Afghanistan at the UN Headquarters in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., March 10, 2020. /Reuters

Zhang said that China supports the call of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in this regard.

“Our position is explained in detail in the recent joint letter to the secretary-general, together with Russia, among others. We hope the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs joins the voice of the secretary-general and high commissioner for human rights in this regard,” said Zhang.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, Zhang said that ever since Russia and Turkey agreed on a ceasefire arrangement early this month, the security situation in northwestern Syria has significantly improved.

“We appreciate their diplomatic efforts and encourage relevant parties to continue implementing the ceasefire,” he said.

“It is our consistent position to support the political solution to the conflict in Syria. We appreciate the painstaking efforts of the special envoy (Geir Pedersen) and encourage him to continue facilitating dialogue between the Syrian parties, toward an inclusive Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political process in line with Resolution 2254,” said Zhang.

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“We reiterate the future of the country must be decided by the Syrian people, without foreign interference,” he said.

Credit: CGTN

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Al-Jaafari calls for lifting economic coercive measures imposed on Syria in the light of coronavirus outbreak globally

Monday, 30 March 2020 17:15 


New York, (ST)_Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, called for lifting the illegitimate economic, coercive measures imposed on Syria and other states, particularly after the spread of Coronavirus in the world. 

Al-Jaafari, speaking at a UN Security council session on the situation in Syria via video, said that the continuation of the economic sanctions stresses the hypocrisy adopted by some sides in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Syria and those states. 

He thanked the People’s Republic of China, for presiding over the work of the Council in these difficult and exceptional circumstances, and for China’s efforts in assisting 89 member states affected by the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, in a true embodiment of the values and meanings of international cooperation, humanitarian feeling and impartial implementation of the responsibility of the Presidency of the Council in maintaining international peace and security under the provisions of the Charter. 

Al-Jaafari expressed hope to jointly overcome the catastrophic repercussions of this pandemic. This pandemic has united our peoples away from the efforts of some governments to create a rift between them, and revealed the fragility of the international structures that have existed since the end of the Second World War, and their inability to serve humanity and mankind. 

In this context, the Syrian delegation reiterated its strong condemnation of the unilateral economic coercive measures used by some governments of member states of this organization as a weapon in their sinful war against Syria, and on other member states, which prevent, among other things, the Syrians and their medical healthcare workers from obtaining their basic needs to prevent this pandemic and dealing with possible cases of infection, as well as preventing the provision of food needs and basic services to Syrians. 

“Persistence of imposing these unjust coercive measures that violate international law, the Charter of the United Nations and human rights instruments, and not responding to our repeated requests to end them, the most recent of which is contained in the joint letter sent by the Permanent Representatives of eight countries: China, Cuba, DPRK, Nicaragua, Iran, Russia, Syria and Venezuela to His the Secretary-General on 25 March 2020, demonstrate once again, what we have always emphasized in terms of hypocrisy that some have adopted in dealing with the humanitarian situation in my country and other countries. In this regard, my delegation welcomes the prompt positive response of the Secretary-General to the initiative of the eight countries,” al-Jaafari said. 

He added that Syria has received recently a number of high ranking officials of international organizations partnering with the Syrian government in humanitarian work, including Mrs. Henrietta Four, UNICEF Executive Director, and Mr. David Paisley, Executive Director of the World Food Program, Mr. Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The discussions with them were positive, and included stressing the pursuit of joint cooperation, in a manner consistent with the principles of non-politicized humanitarian action, and the willingness of the Syrian government to facilitate access to all parts of the country from within Syrian territory and through a mechanism that includes alongside the Syrian state both the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to ensure that aid reaches those who deserve it and that it does not reach terrorists. 

“Syria has affirmed to its partners the necessity to compel the Turkish regime and its affiliated terrorist organizations to stop their crimes, and to enable the Syrian civilians detained by these terrorist organizations in some areas of Idleb to return to their homes in areas liberated from terrorism, and to provide immediate assistance to them from inside Syria, and support national efforts to normalize life once again,” al-Jaafari affirmed. 

He went on to say that Syria stresses that it is unacceptable to allow the terrorism-sponsoring Turkish regime to take advantage of the suffering of the Syrian refugees and use them as a bargaining card to blackmail Europe and pressure European governments to support this regime militarily under the umbrella of NATO or to give it advantages and privileges of European Union countries. It is also unacceptable to tolerate the Turkish regime’s support for terrorism and to transfer publicly, without shame, terrorists from Idleb to Libya and to other countries, after it had transferred, several years ago, many terrorists from Libya to Syria. 

“The Syrian delegation again draws the kind attention of the Security Council to the fact that the doors of Syria are wide open to receive Syrian refugees to return to their homeland, and that the Syrian state has created all conditions to ensure a dignified return to them,” al-Jaafari said. 

He condemned the prevention by the American forces and their affiliated terrorist gangs, which occupy al-Tanf area in which the Rukban camp is located, of the return of displaced persons in the camp to their chosen areas of residence. The Syrian government reaffirms its full readiness to facilitate their return and rid them of the inhuman conditions in which they live, and the exploitation of American occupation forces and their tools, which claim that they are unwilling to return. 

“The terrorist organizations supported by the Turkish regime still impose their control on some areas of Idleb Governorate,” al-Jaafari added. 

He went on to say that on Monday, March 16th, 2020, those terrorist organizations, supported by the Turkish occupation forces, attacked the facilities of humanitarian NGOs in the cities of Idleb and Ariha in northwest Syria, looting and seizing their assets, and assaulting their volunteers. 

“In my letter sent to your good self on March 24th, 2020, I conveyed to you that Erdogan’s regime and its terrorist proxies continue to use water as war weapon against civilians in Al-Hassaka city and surrounding congregations north-east Syria. It keeps cutting of the water from Allok station and its wells which prevents million Syrian civilians, the majority of which is children and women, from drinking water. This is a war crime especially in the time we are all trying to avoid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic,” al-Jaafari said. 

He stressed that some member states and OCHA were dead silent in dealing with such information, while they broke all hell loose because of alleged rumors of Gaziantep office, which became a hub for terrorist organizations and their supporting countries with the sole aim of tarnishing the image of the Syrian government. 

“In the phone call between the Syrian and the Russian presidents, on March 6th 2020, my government welcomed the achievements of the Russian leadership on March 5th, that adds to the efforts aiming to guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria expressed in the latest agreement. Furthermore, the agreement stressed the necessity of combating terrorism. The Syrian government has been fully committed to all ceasefire agreements that were concluded previously, and this also applies to the recent Moscow agreement concerning Idleb. Although we do not trust the Turkish part, that has not honored the two year- old Astana agreements, nor Sochi agreement that was concluded a year and a half ago before Moscow agreement, we are looking forward to the full and timely implementation of Moscow agreement by the Turkish regime’s terrorist groups, since it has guaranteed their commitment, the Syrian diplomat said. 

He underlined that Pederson has just conveyed to the UN that the Syrian national delegation accepted the agenda to continue the work of the constitutional committee. “Thus, the other party no longer has any excuse to evade its responsibilities, especially that its empty maneuvers and futile attempts were behind the impediment of the constitutional committee work. We were also informed that during the last period, the Syrian national delegation has suggested many proposals for an agenda according to the rules of procedure, but they were all rejected without any explanation, which led to the disruption of the Committee’s third session, until now,” al-Jaafari concluded.

هل يستفيد اليمن من الصراع الروسيّ ـ السعوديّ؟

د. وفيق إبراهيم

لا بدّ في المنطلق من الإشارة الى ان هذا الصراع الروسي – السعودي يندلع بعد علاقات جيدة بين البلدين ابتدأت قبل نحو خمس سنوات، كما أنه يتضمن دوراً أميركياً كبيراً يقف وراء التصعيد السعودي.

لذلك فهو قتال شرس بأسلحة النفط والغاز، من شأنه الانسحاب على مجمل مواقف هذه البلدان الثلاثة في اسواق الطاقة والاقتصاد والعلاقات السياسية، ويتطلب حشد أكبر كمية ممكنة من التحالفات والمؤيدين.

ضمن هذه المعطيات يجوز السؤال عن مدى الاستفادة الممكنة لليمن من تراجع العلاقات بين السعودية وروسيا واتجاهها الى تصعيد أكبر.

لمزيد من التوضيح، فإن موسكو والرياض نسجتا قبل خمس سنوات تحالفاً في اسواق النفط ادى الى نشوء حلف بين منظمة اوبيك وروسيا اسمه «اوبيك» منجزاً استقراراً في اسعار النفط حول 68 دولاراً للبرميل على اساس محاصصات دقيقة بين دول الانتاج.

لقد انعكس هذا الوضع بتحسن كبير في العلاقات السياسية بين موسكو والرياض، فكانت السياسة الروسية تؤيد ما يتعلق بآل سعود مباشرة وتبتعد عما يضايقهم بشكل غير مباشر.

لكن سورية شكلت استثناء على هذه القاعدة بدليل ان هذين البلدين كانا في مواقع متنافسة حتى تاريخ انكفاء الدور السعودي في سورية قبل أكثر من سنة.

اما ما يتعلق باليمن، فإن روسيا قبل خمس سنوات أيّدت في مجلس الأمن الدولي تدخلاً سعودياً – إماراتياً في اليمن لمواجهة ما أسماه القرار «انقلاباً حوثياً» على السلطة الشرعيّة فيه.

وظلت موسكو مصرّة حتى قبل شهر تقريباً أن «دولة صنعاء» مشروع انقلابيّ صرف لا يمكن التعاون معه، هذا على الرغم من الانتصارات الكبيرة التي أنجزتها هذه الدولة اليمنية في وجه قوات سعودية – إماراتية وحشد كبير من المرتزقة السودانيين واليمنيين والباكستانيين ودعم بحري وجوي اميركي – بريطاني – اسرائيلي ومصري ومتنوّع.

ان انكشاف هذه الهجمات التي اتضح انها تندرج في اطار الهيمنة القطبية الاميركية مع مصالح مباشرة للسعودية في اليمن ومصالح إماراتية ايضاً، واتضاح مدى ضعف القوى اليمنية المؤيدة لهذه الهجمات، لم ترغم موسكو على تغيير مواقفها بشكل بدا فيه التنسيق النفطي بينها وبين الرياض اكثر اهمية من تداعيات حرب اليمن. هنا ظهرت روسيا دولة براجماتية لكنها لم تشارك على الاقل في الهجوم الخليجي على اليمن واكتفت بتصريحات انما عند اللزوم فقط.

إلا أن هناك مستجدات تدفع نحو خروج روسيا عن صمتها في الحرب الاميركية – السعودية على اليمن وصولاً الى حدود دعمها لدولة صنعاء اذا اقتضى الامر.

ما هو هذا الجديد؟

يندرج في إطار عاملين مستجدين: الاول هو انفجار حلف «اوبيك» لخلاف على الحصص الإنتاجية وبالتالي على تحديد الاسعار.

والثاني صمود دولة صنعاء ونجاحها في الوصول على مقربة من حدود السعودية من ناحية محافظة الجوف.

بالنسبة لانفجار حلف اوبيك مع روسيا، فسببه إصرار سعودي على خفض حصص دول هذا التحالف نحو مليوني برميل يومياً يضاف الى خفض كان قد حدث قبل بضعة اشهر.

هنا تذرّعت السعودية بضرورات الخفض للمحافظة على السعر.

فلم تقبل روسيا بهذه الذريعة وفهمت انها لإنقاذ صناعة النفط الصخري الأميركي الشديد الكلفة، فأميركا تحتاج الى اكثر من 45 دولاراً لإنتاج البرميل الواحد. وهذا ليس ممكناً في ظل المحافظة على وتيرة الإنتاج نفسها في وقت تراجع فيه الإنتاج العالمي بمعدل 40 في المئة بسبب الذعر الذي يجتاح العالم من انتشار وباء الكورونا، لكن روسيا رفضت خفض إنتاجها لأنها اعتبرت ان تداعيات كورونا لن تكون طويلة الأمد بما لا يستدعي خفض الانتاج. وحافظت على معدل إنتاجها، وذهبت ردة الفعل السعودية المنسّقة مع السياسة الاميركية نحو الاعلان عن وقف التنسيق النفطي مع روسيا ورفع انتاجها من9.5 ملايين برميل الى 13 مليون برميل يومياً في موقف تحدّ لافت للروس وفعلت مثلها الإمارات التي اعلنت عن رفع انتاجها بمعدل مليون برميل يومياً.

هنا ظهر الاميركيون علناً معلنين ان خفض الاسعار الذي اوصل سعر البرميل الى 33 دولاراً مفيد جداً للطبقة الشعبية الاميركية التي اصبح باستطاعتها شراء الوقود بأسعار رخيصة.

هنا ظهر تناقض عند الاميركيين الذين بدوا كمن يحاول الاستفادة السياسية من حركة اسعار النفط صعوداً ونزولاً، فإذا ارتفع زعموا أنه لحماية النفط الصخري الذي يتطلب استخراجه كلفة عالية، زاعمين أنهم يحمون بذلك الشركات الاميركية وعمالتها، اما اذا انخفض فيدعون على الفور انه لصالح شراء الفئات الشعبية وقوداً رخيصاً.

إلا انهم يفضلون بالحقيقة خفض الإنتاج لدعم آلاف شركات النفط الصخري ذات التأثير الكبير على التفاعلات السياسية الاميركية.

لجهة العامل الثاني، فإن دعم مجلس الأمن للهجوم السعودي على اليمن لم يؤد الى حسم المعركة، بل كشف عن نجاح دولة صنعاء بصد الهجوم عن مناطقها واستدارتها نحو هجمات مضادة وصلت الى الحدود السعوديّة بمعارك برية مع تمكّنها من الوصول الى وسط السعودية بهجمات صاروخية وأخرى بالطائرات المسيرة.

فانقلبت المعركة الى محاولات سعودية لإبعاد قوات صنعاء عن بعض انحاء محافظة الجوف حيث توجد آبار نفطية وغازية.

فأين هي مصلحة روسيا؟

اصبحت التفاهمات مع السعودية صعبة وتتجه الى مزيد من التصعيد بسبب الاصرار الاميركي على قطع العلاقات السعودية مع كل من روسيا والصين باستغلال حاجة ولي العهد السعودي محمد بن سلمان لهم في معركته الداخلية في السعودية لمحاصرة إيران بشكل دائم.

كما ان الحلف السعودي العاجز عن تحقيق انتصار في اليمن اتضح أنه أضعف من مشروع السيطرة على صنعاء، لذلك فإن روسيا المنتصرة في سورية ترى تقدمها الاقليمي رهن بمدى انسجامها مع تحالفات الدولة السورية في العراق واليمن وضرورة نسجها لعلاقات معهما في اطار استراتيجي يجمع بين السياسة والاقتصاد، علماً ان اليمن يحتوي على اهم معابر عالمية وكثير من النفط والغاز والرجال.

Abdul Mahdi Says US Pressuring Iraq to Cut Ties with Iran

 March 9, 2020

Iraq’s caretaker prime minister said the US is pressurizing Baghdad to sever relations with Tehran, but Iraqis will never allow their country to become a staging ground for clashes between other countries.

“By withdrawing from the JCPOA and putting pressures on Iran and Iraq, the US further complicated the regional situation, and is now mounting pressure on us and urges the severance of ties between Iraq and Iran,” said Adil Abdul Mahdi in a meeting with Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani in Baghdad.

Abdul Mahdi has remained in office as the caretaker prime minister of Iraq since his resignation in November.

Abdul Mahdi further underlined that the Iraqi people and government will never allow the Arab country to be a venue for the settlement of conflicts or clashes between other countries.

Praising the Iranian government and nation for their genuine support for Iraq in the difficult years of the war against terrorism, he expressed gratitude to Tehran for offering assistance in the battle with a novel coronavirus epidemic.

“The geopolitical logic dictates that we employ the potential of our neighbors to fulfill our national interests and security,” AbdulMahdi stated.

For his part, Shamkhani highlighted the leading role of Iraq in restoring stability and calm to the region, and voiced Iran’s support for the immediate formation of a popular government in the Arab country.

There is hard evidence that a Western-Arab-Hebrew axis is doing its utmost to obstruct stability in Iraq, Shamkhani said, adding that Takfiri terrorists were the West’s proxies that only sought Iraq’s disintegration.

The Iranian official also lauded the Iraqi Parliament for ratifying a bill on the expulsion of American military forces, saying the Iraqi army and popular forces have proved their ability to ensure security without reliance on foreign forces.

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Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Ansarullah is the front line, not China-Russia

March 02, 2020

Paul Schmutz Schaller for The Saker Blog

During the last days, we saw dramatic changes in the Syrian situation. For the fourth time in the last years, Turkey invaded Syria. But the actual invasion is quite different since it is directly targeted against the Syrian army. This was confirmed, on March 1, by the Turkish defense minister and, on March 2, by Erdogan.

The Turkish aggression is carried out by thousands of troops, by thousands of military vehicles, and by air forces, including a significant number of armed drones. Concerning the concrete situation on the ground, there are different narratives. Apparently, on February 27, over thirty of invading Turkish military personnel were killed by a strike coming from Syria, Russia, or both; these Turkish military personnel were mixed with terrorist forces and therefore difficult to discern. Subsequently, there was obviously some confusion among the Syrian side and its allies, which allowed the Turkish army to make some important casualties.

In the last weeks, the Syrian Army had made big progresses against he terrorists around Idleb. The latter were on the brink of complete collapse. Turkey did not want to accept their defeat and this was the reason for the Turkish aggression. It is certainly true that Turkey was an ally of the terrorist forces in Syria during the whole war. But this time, the Turkish army fights directly together with the terrorists against the Syrian army. This has created a new situation, even if it is not yet a full-scale war; for example, some of the so-called Turkish „observation posts“ are surrounded by the Syrian army, but were not attacked.

The Syrian army is quickly adapting to the new situation. In particular, on March 2, the crucial city Saraqeb (on the junction of the two highways M4 and M5) could be recaptured from the Turkish and terrorist forces. The Syrians have declared a no-fly-zone over the region (Russian planes being the unique exception) and they are bringing more air defense systems to the front, in order to confront the Turkish air attacks. It also seems that the Syrian army has decided to postpone the liberation of the M4 between Saraqeb and Lattakia in order to concentrate on the more essential M5 between Damascus and Aleppo.

Hezbollah has lost some fighters by the Turkish aggression. On March 1, a massive funeral with thousands of people was hold in Beirut. On February 29, for the first time, the Iranian Advisory Center in Syria published a statement, warning the Turkish side of „the great risks of continuing the aggression against Syria“. We can conclude that these close allies of the Syrian army also adjust their position, closely monitoring the new developments.

Since Russia decided in 2015, on the request of the Syrian government, to actively support the Syrian army, it was always clear that the aim was the fight against terrorism. There is no doubt that Russia will continue with these politics. On the other hand, with respect to the Turkish invasion, it is not to expect that Russia will militarily intervene directly. Of course, Russia will defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, but merely on the political and diplomatic level. However, there will be some major grey zone since the fight against terrorism cannot simply be distinguished from the fight against the Turkish invaders.

Very probably, the planned meeting (March 5) between Putin and Erdogan in Moscow will not resolve the problem of the Turkish invasion. One may expect that Putin will put some red lines in order to avoid a full-scale war between Syria and Turkey. Moreover, he will insist that the Syrian side is the just side. But Russia cannot handle the Turkish aggression. This is a problem between Turkey on the one hand and Syria, together with her regional allies, on the other hand. China will have a similar position. There will be diplomatic, economical, and some political support for Syria from China, but not much more, at least not openly.

I think that it is completely wrong to criticize Russia or China for these positions. They are not the masters of an alternative world. They cannot dictate a political agenda. They have neither the strength nor the intention of doing so. No country should expect that its problems will be solved by China and/or Russia. It is also wrong to see Putin as the one big infallible chess player who holds the reins. As leader of his country he has his point of view just as the leaders of the other players have their point of view. Nobody is in the possession of the absolute truth. However, the history of Russia and China shows that these countries are loyal to her allies and do not exchange them like clothes. As permanent members of the Security Council they will defend the interests of Syria. But they will continue to have as good as possible relations with USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

China and Russia are strong and influential countries, but the creation of a post-Western world needs quite a few other countries. Militarily speaking, the current front line between the Western empires and the new world is in the Middle East (West Asia). On the one hand, we have the aggressive countries USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. The other side is represented by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Ansarullah (Yemen). One may add some forces in Iraq. At present, these are the regions were the sharpest fights took place. The impulses and the directives for these forces do not come from Russia nor from China. They come from the Middle East herself.

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Ansarullah all have their proper strength, experience, autonomy, and leadership. Each one has achieved great successes against mighty enemies. Of course, they collaborate and there is much mutual support. The victories of each are also the victories of all. With the Turkish invasion in Syria, they are confronted with a new task. But Turkey is not as strong as it seems. Politically, the country is divided and Erdogan has not at all the support of the whole people for his invasion. His supporters are merely ultra-nationalists and fascists. Moreover, his aggressive politics in the region (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cyprus, Greece) has not produced many friends. His politics seem to be utterly adventurous. And militarily speaking, Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran are experimented opponents. I am very confident that Erdogan will suffer a shameful defeat. The Syrian nation and people have already showed that they are able of immense sacrifices, that they are heroic fighters and great patriots.

The reactions on Soleimani’s assassination have changed the Middle East. Erdogan will not be able to stop this movement. His government has chosen the wrong side. The „new“ Middle East is modifying the relations with all other countries. The world should get used to a new Middle East: more autonomous, more self-confident, stronger. Which is very valuable for the whole planet.

Erdogan Says Asked Putin to ‘Step Aside’ to Allow Turkey to Deal With Syria ‘One on One’ – Reports



The Russian and Turkish presidents spoke by telephone on Friday amid the escalating tensions in Idlib, where the Syrian Army has been entangled in a shooting war with Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants in recent weeks.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to leave Ankara “face to face” with Syrian authorities in the conflict over Idlib during Friday’s talks.

“I asked Mr. Putin: ‘What’s your business there? If you establish a base, do so but get out of our way and leave us face to face with the regime,” Erdogan said, speaking to reporters in Istanbul, his comments cited by AFP.

Erdogan also warned that the “Syrian regime” would “pay the price” for the deaths of Turkish troops in Idlib, and said that if Russia left Damascus one-on-one with Turkey, “we will do what is necessary.”

Erdogan confirmed that Turkey had opened its borders with the European Union for Syrian refugees, and that some 18,000 migrants had already crossed the border into the EU. According to the Turkish president, Ankara could not “handle a new refugee wave” from Syria. Earlier, Turkish officials told media that Ankara had opened its borders with the European bloc amid the escalating conflict in Idlib.

“We have been saying for a long time that we are not obligated to accept such a number of refugees. You promised us assistance, but are doing nothing, so we opened our borders yesterday. 18,000 refugees have already passed through, and today this number will be 25,000-30,000, and we will not close our doors because the EU must keep its word,” Erdogan said, presumably referring to the March 2016 Turkey-EU migrant deal.

Putin and Erdogan spoke by telephone amid tensions in Idlib, the restive Syrian province where tens of thousands of militants remain concentrated, and where dozens of Syrian and Turkish troops have now been killed amid weeks of clashes.

Also on Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the recent talks with Turkey had led to the consideration of “concrete steps” aimed at achieving “lasting stability in the Idlib de-escalation zone.”

“Both sides confirmed their goal to reduce tensions on the ground while continuing the fight against terrorists,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, in an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Idlib on Friday, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya emphasized that the Syrian Army had every right to eliminate terrorists in Idlib and anywhere else on its sovereign territory.

“In recent months,  the terrorists who captured Idlib, mainly from [al-Nusra*] had dramatically increased attacks against civilians in neighbouring settlements and the Syrian military. In response to the constant violations of the ceasefire inside the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Syrian Army of course has every right to respond and to squash the terrorists,” Nebenzya said.

The Russian diplomat stressed that Russia could not restrict Syria from fulfilling the requirements on fighting terrorism set out in the Security Council’s own resolutions, especially since Damascus was doing so on its own territory. He added that he hoped that a return to the Astana agreements could help prevent a repetition of the series of events which led to the deaths of Turkish and Syrian troops.

For his part, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari accused Turkey of aggression in Syria, and alleged that Ankara was using its Idlib observation posts to provide support for terrorists. The diplomat stressed that Syria would do everything necessary to protect its citizens and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Idlib Crisis Deepens

Simmering tensions in the Idlib de-escalation zone were ramped up again on Thursday, when Nusra terrorists initiated a large-scale attack on Syrian Army positions. Syrian troops returned fire, with at least 33 Turkish troops killed in response. On Friday, the Russian millitary said the Turkish forces caught in the crossfire should not have been there in the first place. Turkish media later reported that the Turkish army had destroyed some 130 pieces of Syrian military hardware in recent weeks.

On Friday, Greek media reported that Athens had vetoed a planned NATO statement expressing solidarity with Ankara over the deaths of the Turkish troops. Greece reportedly made the decision despite opposition from the US, the UK, France and Germany.

Russia has repeatedly accused Turkey of proving unable to fulfill several key obligations related to the Idlib de-escalation zone, including the requirement to separate armed militants ready for peace talks with Damascus from jihadists.

The Syrian Army began an offensive in the Idlib de-escalation zone in late 2019 following repeated terrorist attacks on Syrian forces, which claimed the lives of dozens of Syrian troops. Tensions in Idlib escalated dramatically earlier this month after a Syrian artillery strike killed over half-a-dozen Turkish troops at one of the twelve observation posts Turkey has dotting the Syrian province. The attack prompted an escalatory response by Ankara, and threats of a full-blown military campaign.

Along with the tens of thousands of armed rebels and jihadists, Idlib is home to as many as three million civillians, and is the most populous Syrian territory outside Damascus’s control.

* A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.

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