Sabra and Shatila Massacre Anniversary September 1982 – Never Forget


Sabra and Shatila Massacre - Lebanon September 1982

Sabra and Shatila massacre is the most horrific, most heinous, ugliest war crime deliberately committed by armed forces against innocent civilians, rather refugees in their houses in the camp they were sieged in, what makes it more heinous is the criminals are known and they are not prosecuted, they are celebrated as heroes by their supporters.

We are commemorating the 39th anniversary of this disgusting massacre that not even ISIS committed similar to it in the same place despite the number of beyond horrific massacres this US-sponsored anti-Islamic terrorist organization has committed.

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Video report transcript:

The massacre is one of the most horrific things written in the history of the entire world, it is the massacre of Sabra and Shatila, which was committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Beirut on this day, 39 years ago, which claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinian people.

The massacre was pre-planned by the Israeli occupation forces, which set out in the dark on the night of September 16, 1982, to commit murders that lasted for 48 hours in collusion with groups of the Lebanese Forces militia and the so-called South Lebanon Army, the proxy agent at the time, against the Palestinians and Lebanese residing in Shatila camp and the neighboring Sabra neighborhood.

The Israeli occupation vehicles sealed the escape exits of the camp and did not allow entry until after the massacre ended on September 18, when the world woke up to one of the most heinous massacres in history and to find thousands of dead bodies of women, children and the elderly who were killed in a way that shames humanity.

Despite the ugliness of the massacre that the world woke up to, the ‘international community’ did not bring the perpetrators and try them by any court, and none of them were punished for what they have committed. The matter was limited to investigation committees that reached results that were not followed by legal follow-up.

The number of martyrs who fell as victims of this massacre is not clear, as estimates indicate the death of about seven thousand martyrs, and the pictures of children who did not exceed the age of three and four while they were in their pajamas and their blankets stained with their blood, and the families killed by the Israeli occupation forces while they slept, remain a living witness that will not go away and evidence of the ugliness of the crime.

End of the Report.

Samir Geagea, the head of the Lebanese Forces militia was sentenced to prison for life in Lebanon for a number of other crimes including the bombing of a church while holding a mass, the slaughtering of the whole family of his political opponent, the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rachid Karami and a Lebanese army officer with him, and he was pardoned by the US and Saudi proxy Lebanese politicians, he didn’t spend the rest of his days repenting and asking for forgiveness, he’s the head of a block in the Lebanese parliament and a staunch opponent of the majority of the Lebanese people working publicly for the Saudi regime.

None of the Israeli officials is prosecuted or tried at a court of justice, some of them were left to commit series of other war crimes in Lebanon and in Palestine, including against Gaza, and around the world bombing, assassinating, and instigating strife, all in the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ following the steps of their main patron, the United States of America post-September 11. the USA invaded two countries and slaughtered over a million people in Iraq alone, displaced millions of others avenging the killing of around 3000 of its people in the 2001 attacks, how should the relatives of the 7000 victims of the Sabra and Shatila massacre avenge the massacre? And we’re not talking about the Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Palestinians, Somalians, Yemenis, Serbians, to count a few.

The next time the US or European officials ever mention the need to prosecute war criminals around the world ask them about the accountability for Sabra and Shatila massacre victims, then ask them about the other war crimes they’ve committed and ask them to at least shut up.

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An Everlasting Trauma: Sabra and Shatila by the Hours

September 16, 2021

Source: The Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1. 16 Sep 23:31

By Al Mayadeen

Ariel Sharon gave the commands, the Israeli-backed militiamen did the dirty work.

See the source image

On one occasion of forty hours of ruthless slaughter, “Israel’s” June 6, 1982 invasion of Lebanon, called “Operation Peace for Galilee,” hardly experienced any sense of peace. Linda Butler, an associate editor at the Journal of Palestine Studies, narrates it well

According to “Israel,” the aim of the operation was to push back the frontiers of the Palestinian resistance fighters to “protect the people of Galilee” – however, little did 3500 Palestinian and Lebanese know about how their death, sans criminal record, would protect settler colonialism miles and miles away. The second goal of the invasion was to station a government that has an affinity to Israeli settler colonialism. In this case, the president that was to assume office was right-wing leader Bashir Gemayel. 

Sharon called it, “ridding the world of international terrorism.” 

West Beirut, which engulfed the Sabra and Shatila camps, was besieged for 70 days. Three months into the invasion, 17,825 people were killed in occupied regions. West Beirut’s death toll alone, due to airstrikes, artillery and gunfire, took up 2,461 civilians.

As the death toll incessantly mounted, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) came to an understanding in August: to evacuate 11,000 Palestinian fighters and officials under the supervision and auspices of French, US, and Italian troops. The troops left by September 10, 1982. 

On the afternoon of the 14th of September, Bashir Gemayel was assassinated in the Kataeb (Arabic for Phalengist) headquarters in Achrafieh, East Beirut. Habib Shartouni, a member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, was blamed for the explosion. 

Ariel Sharon, the security minister at the time, capitalized on the assassination to execute a plan that has impacted the lives of thousands.

Sharon immediately pused the narrative that the Palestinians were behind the assassination of the Christians’ leader, and that they must be avenged as soon as possible.

Accordingto an Israeli journalist, Amnon Kapeliouk, the horrendous operation to be launched by Sharon had been “meticulously planned long in advance.” 

At 3:00 AM on the 15th of September, Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan, Major General Amir Drori, Chief of Intelligence Elie Hobeika, and the Lebanese militia’s new commander-in-chief Fadi Frem met to discuss entry into the Sabra and Shatila camps. Sharon instructed, “Only one element, and that is the IDF, shall command the forces in the area.” While the IDF gave the orders, the Phalangist militiamen did the dirty work:

Fighter jets flew at a low altitude and tankers and troops surrounded the camps from all sides. Israeli snipers were at work, tanks were shelling the premises, and all exits and entrances were blocked by the IDF. Families locked themselves in their homes. 

By 11:30 AM on the 16th of September, the Israelis announced that they had taken control of Beirut. 

At 4:00 PM, jeeps supplied by the Israeli occupation forces drove into Shatila with the guidance of arrows drawn on the walls by the Israelis. 

A platoon of 150 militia soldiers, armed with guns, knives, and axes, stormed the camp. Immediately, they entered homes, slit throats, axed, shot, and raped. On many occasions, they would also slit pregnant women’s bodies open, leaving them and their fetuses to bleed to death. Entire families and neighborhoods were lined up on the streets and shot ruthlessly. 

On Thursday and Friday, Israelis fired light flares into the camps to guide the militiamen in the massacre. One Dutch nurse described the camp as bright as “a sports stadium lit up for a football game.”

By 8:40 PM, a briefing by an army general, Yaron, took place: He said that the militiamen are confused as to what to do with the men, women, and children. They were concerned that they found no terrorists, which left them to wonder what to do with the population they have rounded up. 

At this point, the Israelis were divided on whether the operation should proceed or not. On the one hand, one commander thought things “may have gotten too far,” another commander was impressed with the militiamen’s work and that they should continue, as they called it, “mopping up” till Friday, 5 AM the next day. Upon requesting another bulldozer to “demolish illegal structures,” the Israelis unconditionally granted it to the Phalangists. 

On Friday the 17th of September, the systemic murdering persisted. Bulldozers were at work: they were digging mass graves, and scooping bodies into piles on trucks just outside the camps. The “illegal structures,” which were inhabited buildings, would be destroyed so that bodies would be buried under the wreckage. At the height of this round of massacre, 400 militiamen were involved.

On Saturday at 6 AM, loudspeakers passing through the camps would order civilians to give in to the militia, to exit their homes, and turn themselves in. At that point, it was reported that a thousand people marched out of their homes in lines. The Israeli-backed militiamen would take some of the civilians out of the line and execute them on the spot, whereas others would be dragged to trucks nearby the Kuwaiti embassy and kidnapped…never to be found again. 

At 9 AM, international journalists and media outlets entered the camps only to find piles of bodies lying down on the floor – many mutilated, maimed, and unidentifiable. Many graves were shallowly dug, leaving dead body parts to appear arbitrarily. 

By 10 AM, the militiamen left the camp and the Israelis stayed out of the “scene” as to not be blamed for anything, refusing any accountability and denying any involvement in the disaster. 

«سلطة أوسلو»: الخطيئة الأولى

الأخبار بتصرف

ثمانية وعشرون عاماً مرّت على توقيع «اتفاقية أوسلو». عقدان وسنوات ثمانٍ ثبت خلالها أن تلك الاتفاقية لم تكن أكثر من خديعة تعرّض لها الفلسطينيون، حتى يُربط مصيرهم أبداً بالاحتلال، من دون أن يقدروا على الفكاك منه. وبمعزل عن تفسير ما أقدم عليه الراحل ياسر عرفات من صفقة خاسرة أعطت إسرائيل كلّ شيء مقابل بعض الشيء وأشياء كثيرة متخيّلة، فإن ما آل إليه واقع السلطة التي أفرزها «أوسلو» يبدو من السوريالية بمستوى يصعب وصفه. إذ إنها تحوّلت إلى سيف مسلّط على رقبة المقاومة الفلسطينية، ليس من المبالغة القول إنه أمضى من السيف الإسرائيلي نفسه، فيما أضحى الهمّ الشاغل لقياداتها ووجوهها المحافظة على وجودهم ومكاسبهم، وإلى ذلك طريق واحد وحيد: “التنسيق الأمني”، الذي أضحت بموجبه السلطة حارساً وفيّاً لأمن إسرائيل ومصالحها، مع اطمئنان شبه كامل لدى الكيان العبري إلى أن هذا الواقع لن يتغيّر حتى ولو مات محمود عباس وشبع موتاً

يحيى دبوق

«سلطة أوسلو» في عيدها الثامن والعشرين: نقبل الذلّ… نقبله طواعيةً

«سلطة أوسلو» في عيدها الثامن والعشرين: نقبل الذلّ... نقبله طواعيةً
See the source image

يمكن للسلطة الفلسطينية والقائمين عليها أن يطلقوا على أنفسهم ما يريدون من أسماء وتوصيفات ترفع كيانهم السياسي إلى مراتب الدول ذات القرار والسيادة، إلّا أن ذلك لا يغيّر من واقع النظرة الإسرائيلية إليهم:…

يوسف فارس

إكسير «التنسيق الأمني»: كيف نحيا من دونه؟

إكسير «التنسيق الأمني»: كيف نحيا من  دونه؟

بعد مقتل الناشط السياسي، نزار بنات، مطلع الشهر الجاري، وما سبق ذلك من فضيحة اللّقاحات منتهية الصلاحية، وأزمات الفساد و الحضور الهامشي لـ«المقاطعة» خلال حرب غزّة، زاد الحديث في الأوساط السياسية…

رجب المدهون

الدولة السراب

الدولة السراب

على مدار سنوات سبقت توقيع «اتفاق أوسلو»، سعت شخصيات فلسطينية وأخرى عربية في إقناع قيادة «منظّمة التحرير»، ورئيسها الراحل ياسر عرفات، بالذهاب نحو حلّ مرحلي، وإنهاء الكفاح المسلّح ضدّ دولة الاحتلال،…

يوسف فارس

«أبو عمار» لو حكى: سلطة «أبو مازن» خطيئة كبرى

«أبو عمار» لو حكى: سلطة «أبو مازن» خطيئة كبرى

على مدار الأعوام الماضية، واجهت المقاومة الفلسطينية عدواً داخلياً تمثّل في السلطة الفلسطينية وأدواتها الأمنية والسياسية، التي عملت على وأد المقاومة بالاعتقال والاغتيال والتنسيق الأمني مع الاحتلال….

يوسف فارس

من «جمهورية الفاكهاني» إلى زبانية الاحتلال

من «جمهورية الفاكهاني» إلى زبانية الاحتلال
See the source image

يصحّ القول إن طموح الدولة، أو تحصيل أيّ مظهر من مظاهر السيادة، مثّل عقدة نقص لدى القيادة الفلسطينية، ليس منذ تأسيس «منظّمة التحرير» في مطلع الستينيات فحسب، إنّما للأمر جذورٌ فطرية تتّصل بواقع الشخصية…

رجب المدهون

عدوٌّ للمقاومة من أهلها

عدوٌّ للمقاومة من أهلها

على مدار 27 عاماً، واجهت المقاومة الفلسطينية عدواً داخلياً تمثّل في السلطة الفلسطينية وأدواتها الأمنية والسياسية، التي عملت على وأد المقاومة بالاعتقال والاغتيال والتنسيق الأمني مع الاحتلال. وخلال…

رجب المدهون

«فتح» تحت قيادة عباس: الراتب أوّلاً… والراتب أخيراً

Visual search query image

لم تَعُد حركة «فتح»، بعد قيادتها السلطة الفلسطينية، كما كانت قبلها؛ إذ باتت أطرها جميعاً مرتبطة بوجود السلطة التي تربط التنظيم بالرواتب والمناصب التي توزّعها على قياداتها. ومنذ بداية تأسيس السلطة،…

My Visit to Lyd, Where Historical and Contemporary Zionist Oppression Meet

August 19th, 2021

By Miko Peled


Palestine stretches from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean and goes right through the ancient Palestinian city of Lyd.

LYD, PALESTINE — One of the toughest challenges facing those who fight for justice in Palestine is breaking the Zionist paradigm, which limits the name Palestine to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. These two delineations of territory have no historical meaning and no geographical significance. They are no different from other parts of Palestine except that they were drawn by Zionists who, after the murderous 1948 campaign of ethnic cleansing, decided that they would not include those two areas within the boundaries of the Zionist state.

In 1967 the State of Israel occupied these two areas, and today the West Bank exists only in people’s imagination, while the Gaza Strip operates as a prison. After the disastrous Oslo process began in 1993, and the Palestinian Authority came into being, these two areas became known to the world as the State of Palestine.

Lyd as it was

In July 2021, I visited the city of Lyd, where I met with Councilwoman Fida Shehada, a Palestinian member of the Lyd City Council who was kind enough to spend a day with me in her city. She gave me a tour of the town before we sat down for a lengthy and detailed interview, which will soon be posted to my Patreon page.

“Lyd has archeological sites that show it is as old as the city of Jericho,” Shehada told me. However, the state and the municipality refrain from excavating because these sites have no value to the Zionist narrative. Lyd is perhaps most famous for being home to the Church of Saint George. The church was built over the grave of the famous Saint George of Lyd, who was buried in the city of his Palestinian mother’s birth after he was martyred in the early fourth century.

Church of Saint George, Lyd
Church of Saint George, Lyd, Palestine

The world-renowned hip hop band “Dam” is also from the city of Lyd. According to their website, “Struck by the uncanny resemblance of the reality of the streets in a Tupac video to the streets in their own neighborhood in Lyd, Tamer Nafar, Suhell Nafar and Mahmood Jrere were inspired to tell their stories through hip hop.”

1948 bloodbath

It is becoming clear today that the city of Lyd may well have been the site of the worst massacres by Zionist militia in 1948. In a move more cynical than can be imagined, the municipality of Lyd was renamed Lod in Hebrew, and a plaza was built to commemorate the Palmach right in front of the Dahmash Mosque. The Palmach was the largest of the Zionist militias and was responsible for committing massacres in the city.

The mosque itself was the site of a horrifying bloodbath when citizens from the city, who were fleeing the shooting, crowded into it seeking shelter from the violence. But a Zionist militia headed by Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin took no pity on those seeking refuge and massacred everyone in the mosque. More than 150 men, women and children were gunned down.

Palmach Plaza LYD
The Palmach Plaza in front of the Dahmash Mosque, the site of the massacre, commemorating the murderers as the memory of the victims lingers

Those who were not gunned down at the mosque or on the streets were forced to leave the city, and an estimated 40,000 men, women and children were made to take part in what became known as “The Death March.”

In her book “Palestinian Women, Narrative Histories and Gendered Memory,” published in 2011 by Zed Books, Dr. Fatma Kassem recorded the testimonies of Palestinian women from Lyd who survived the massacres and the forced expulsion.

Some of the women whom Dr. Kassem interviewed had witnessed the massacre at the mosque. One recalled:

The first days when the Jews came in, people went inside the mosques, they thought that the Jews would not kill them in the mosques. But they killed everyone who was inside.”

Another woman remembered:

My father and many others went inside the mosque to protect themselves. He was not fighting. He was an old man. My father and my cousin pushed them into the mosque and [the militia] shot all of them.”

The Kaminitz Law

In 2017, the Knesset passed legislation cracking down on “illegal” construction. The provisions of the new law were based on a report written by Deputy Attorney General for Civil Law Erez Kaminitz. According to Fida Shehada, this law has resulted in over 40,000 demolition orders for Palestinian homes in the north and central parts of the country alone — this does not include the Naqab, Jerusalem or the West Bank. The Kaminitz Law is one of many racist laws designed to keep Palestinian citizens of Israel from building homes.

“I remember one day I saw seven homes being demolished all at the same time, at the same minute,” Shehada told me. “I wanted to understand why this was happening and how to prevent this from happening in the future.”

This drove Shehada to study urban planning. But, she said, “then I saw that when they draw plans for the city, they only have plans for the Israeli population, not the Palestinians.” The city does not account for the growth of the Palestinian population, which makes up about 30% to 40% of the city’s population.

Miko Peled Fida Shehada

Miko Peled, left, meets with councilwoman Fida Shehada in the city of Lyd

“We have 30% Palestinian population, but 40% of the school children,” Shehada said, and smiled as she saw the puzzled look on my face. Officially, on record, the Palestinians make up 30%. Still — because of another racist law, called the Citizenship Law, which limits the rights of Palestinians to wed other Palestinians — some are Palestinian women who are married to Palestinian men are deprived of citizenship.

Their children are citizens but cannot attend public schools, “while their mothers are not allowed to study or work or leave their homes.” So, if the father dies, the mother has to leave, and if she takes the children with her back to the West Bank or Gaza, they will lose their status — which, with all its difficulties, is still better than that of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

A new reality?

In an effort to instill the love of settlement activity in the hearts of Israeli Jews, religious Zionist settlers have made Lyd their home. They have their own municipal budgets and luxury apartments built for them exclusively, even as Palestinians struggle to find housing in the city. During the uprising of May 2021, over 500 armed settlers from the racist, violent Regavim movement moved into the city’s municipality. They aimed to incite violence and terrorize the Palestinian population.

When Councilwoman Shehada questioned the mayor about this, he threatened to report her to the Shabak. The Shabak is the Israeli secret police, known for targeting, detaining and torturing Palestinian political activists. She had to remind him that the Shabak does not work for the mayor’s office.

The most surprising thing I saw or heard during my visit to Lyd was a comment by Councilwoman Shehada: “I am very optimistic,” she said with a grin. “Things are changing, we have seen more Palestinians resist and organize, and I believe that we are facing a new reality today.”

If there is room for optimism, Shehada certainly has a big role in it. “I decided to run for mayor in the upcoming elections,” she told me. Local elections are scheduled to be held in the fall of 2021. Even if the world hasn’t come to terms with reality, Palestine stretches from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean and goes right through the ancient Palestinian city of Lyd.

Adding Fuel to Fire: The Politics of Power Outages in Gaza

August 20, 2021



The continuing electricity crisis in Gaza means that it is only a matter of time before another Palestinian family dies in a fire caused by candles.

A Palestinian boy holds a candle during a protest against power cuts on November 3, 2013 in Gaza City. Gaza’s lone power plant shut its generators on Friday due to a fuel shortage, a move that will likely increase already long blackout hours in the impoverished coastal territory. Photo by Ashraf Amra. Anadolu Agency.

In late June 2006, and soon after Palestinian factions captured the Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit in an attack against an Israeli military outpost southeast of Gaza, Israel started a destructive military operation in the coastal enclave to bring its solider back. One of the main infrastructures destroyed by Israel’s military operation in Gaza at the time was Gaza’s only power plant, located in the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp where I grew up.

Israel’s F-16s destroyed the power plant with a dozen missiles as my family gathered in the middle of the night to seek some sort of protection. I remember that night vividly as my mother brought us together while Israeli warplanes fired their missiles at the power plant a mile away from my family’s house. The house would shake and the screams of children at night would be heard even clearer, breaking the relative silence of the night which was violated by the sonic sounds of the Israeli warplanes.

In the same year, my youngest brother Omar was born. Today, he is 15 years old – the number of years of Israel’s siege on Gaza – and he has probably not enjoyed a single full day of electricity in his entire life in Gaza. The year 2006 saw the start of the power outages crisis in the coastal enclave, which has only got worse over the years. At the start of the crisis, electricity was cu off for four hours a day. As the demand for more electricity increased with Gaza’s population doubling by some 70,000 a year, and as fewer people were able to pay electricity bills due to the lack of jobs, the crisis has only got worse.

For years, Israel has prevented the entry of materials needed to fix the damaged power engines and the oil tanks destroyed by its warplanes. In many instances, Israel would link allowing shipments of manufactured fuel to run the Gaza Power Plant to ceasing hostilities. Meanwhile Gaza’s power plant, which produces 140 MW of Gaza’s total need of 450 MW, has rarely been able to function at full capacity. Gaza depends on other sources to cover the rest of its needs including two Egyptian and Israeli supply lines. In many instances, these two lines have gone down, and Israel has used the pretext of the security situation in the Gaza Strip to postpone fixing the Israeli supply line.

The electricity crisis has impacted all aspects of life in Gaza. From 2006 to this day, dozens of patients have passed away due to the lack of electricity in the intensive care units (ICUs).

As forest fires continue unabated in many parts of the world due to the recent heat wave, one can only imagine what this heat wave means for the people of Gaza. In a place like Gaza, where green areas are limited, and where thousands of people live in tin houses in ever-crowded refugee camps, the heat is even worse. The only place people can escape to is the Mediterranean Sea, much of which is polluted by untreated sewage water that is pumped into the sea because the only desalination treatment in the Gaza Stirp was also destroyed by Israel in 2008/9.

The electricity crisis has impacted all aspects of life in Gaza. From 2006 to this day, dozens of patients have passed away due to the lack of electricity in the intensive care units (ICUs). It has become nearly impossible for students to sit their exams or study due to the lack of electricity. Many factories and industries have stopped working due to the lack of electricity which is crucial to their functioning. All the people living in Gaza have had to change their lifestyle including when to cook, use the washing machines, or sleep, based on the power outage schedule.

A woman helps children study under candle light during a power cut in Khan Yunis, Gaza on August 18, 2020. After Israel tightened the blockade in Gaza Strip, the only power plant in the area stopped production affecting the life especially the health sector. Photo by Mustafa Hassona. Anadolu Agency.

The power outages crisis in the Gaza Strip has created new industries, some of which have been exploited by greedy merchants. Nearly every household in Gaza has a generator. As fuel prices jumped to 7 NIS (more than $2) per liter, following the destruction of many tunnels connecting Gaza with Egypt that were used to smuggle fuel, fewer people were able to run their generators.

In 2011-2013, when Egyptian fuel reached Gaza, most people turned on their generators at the same time, creating excessive noise pollution in the overpopulated coastal enclave. As this industry developed more and with fewer people able to run their own generators in the Gaza Strip, another private industry emerged with private electricity networks and companies being established. People interested in six extra hours of electricity pay approximately $50 a month and are able to use their lights and turn on their TVs –  but not their fridges or electrical devices that consume a lot of energy.

With unemployment rates rising by the day in the Gaza Strip, only a handful of people can afford to pay their electricity bills, let alone subscribe to private electricity networks. The majority of people choose to leave their oven-like houses for the sea, which tends to be very crowded in the summer. The lack of electricity has also affected people’s ability to pump water into their tanks, creating yet another problem for Gazans.

Read: Overcrowded and Under Siege: Worrying Pandemic Scenarios in Gaza

So far, the international community has failed to provide tangible solutions to Gaza’s ongoing electricity crisis. First, it has failed to make Israel accountable and ensure it does not target Gaza’s already fragile electricity infrastructure. The international community has also failed to pressure Israel to allow the implementation of long-term projects in the Gaza Stirp that would solve the issue of power outages in the coastal enclave such as the proposal by Turkey to send a floating power plant; the proposal by Qatar to convert the power plant so that it operates on gas and to establish a gas line to provide Gaza’s power plant with the needed gas; or Algeria’s proposal to send fuel to operate the power plant.

The Palestinian division between Hamas and Fatah has added fuel to the fire in this regard. In many instances, the Palestinian governments of Gaza and the West Bank would exchange accusations over who is responsible for the crisis. Meanwhile, Israel, the occupying power, which should provide Palestinians with all needed services according to international law, acts with impunity.

The international community should hold Israel responsible and make sure that it provides Palestinians, who live under its tight siege in Gaza, with electricity.

The people of Gaza, who have experienced four major Israel offensives – the latest of which was in May 2021 and which resulted in the destruction of more infrastructure in the Gaza Stirp – deserve to live in dignity and to enjoy full, basic services. The international community should hold Israel responsible and make sure that it provides Palestinians, who live under its tight siege in Gaza, with electricity.

The denial of basic rights to the Palestinians has created a Palestinian generation that sees no hope in achieving a just solution to their plight. Meanwhile, the continuing electricity crisis in Gaza means that it is only a matter of time before another Palestinian family dies in a fire caused by candles.

Israel and the international community should fear the reaction of people like my youngest brother Omar. The situation in the Gaza Strip is unsustainable, and if the dignity and freedom of Palestinians there are not respected, regional security will always be at stake, and it will be a matter of time before another conflict breaks out, bringing even more destruction to Gaza’s infrastructure.

VIDEO: Nakba Survivors Speak: “The sky was our blanket and the ground was our mattress”


بين أسباب ذعر الغرب من انتصار المقاومة في تموز… وأهداف حربه الاقتصاديّة ضدّ لبنان

July 26, 2021

حسن حردان

 في مثل هذه الأيام سطّر رجال المقاومة البطولات في ميادين مواجهة قوات الاحتلال الغازية خلال عدوانها على لبنان في تموز من عام 2006  وحطّموا خلالها جبروت جيش الاحتلال الصهيونيّ وأذلوا ضباطه وجنوده ولقنوهم دروساً في القتال وجهاً لوجه في بنت جبيل ومارون الراس وعيتا الشعب وعيترون وسهل الخيام ووادي الحجير والغندوريّة إلخ… وقد تجسّد ذلك في حالة الانهيار في معنويات جنود النخبة الصهاينة الذين وجدوا أنفسهم أمام قتال حقيقي أصبحوا فيه شخوصاً يصطادهم رجال المقاومة في الليل والنهار، فيما دبابات الميركافا التي كان يحتمي فيها جنود العدو تحوّلت إلى توابيت لهم بعد أن أحرقها المقاومون بصواريخ الكورنيت…

بفضل هذه البطولات التي جسّدها المقاومون كان يُصنع النصر في كل ساحات المواجهة في البر والبحر وفي تحويل مدن ومستعمرات الكيان في فلسطين المحتلة إلى ساحة حرب افتقد فيها الصهاينة الأمن والأمان، مما هزّ وخلخل مرتكزات وجود كيانهم الغاصب، وقلب المعادلة رأسا على عقب، فبدل أن تُسحَق المقاومة وتحطّم قوتها وتنهار شعبيتها ويقوّض نموذجها الناجح في إلحاق الهزيمة بجيش الاحتلال، وتحرير الأرض من دنسه بلا قيد ولا شرط، وجدنا انّ المقاومة هي مَن سحق ودمّر جيش العدو الذي حاول دون جدوى أن يمحو آثار ونتائج وتداعيات هزيمته عام 2000… فإذا به يُمنى بهزيمة أشدّ وأقسى…

لقد أدّت هذه الهزيمة الجديدة لجيش العدو الصهيونيّ إلى نتيجتين:

النتيجة الأولى، ازدياد شعبية المقاومة التي أثبتت مجدّداً أنها قادرة على تحقيق آمال وتطلعات جماهير الأمة العربيّة، حيث أخفقت الجيوش العربيّة، وذلك بتأكيدها أنها قادرة على إلحاق الهزيمة تلو الهزيمة بجيش العدو وتحطيم أسطورته، واستعادة الحقوق المغتَصبة.. ولهذا نجحت المقاومة الشعبيّة المسلّحة في إدخال كيان العدو في مسار الهزيمة والتراجع والعجز عن تحقيق النصر في مواجهة المقاومين.. وبالتالي فإنّ هذا الكيان كما حقق النصر على العرب تلو النصر واحتلّ الأرض قطعة إثر قطعة، فإنّ المقاومة ستلحق به الهزيمة تلو الهزيمة وصولاً إلى إنهاء وجوده غير الشرعيّ على أرض فلسطين المحتلة…

النتيجة الثانية، قرع جرس الإنذار في العواصم الغربية الاستعمارية، التي خيّم عليها الذعر وأدركت انّ الكيان، الذي زرعته في فلسطين المحتلة ودعمته وزوّدته بكلّ عناصر القوة لحراسة مصالحها الاستعمارية ومنع توحّد الأمة العربية، وضرب حركات التحرّر وتقويض الأنظمة التقدمية، أدركت انّ هذا الكيان بات عاجزاً عن الاستمرار في تحقيق هذه المهمة، ويحتاج إلى مَن يحميه، لا بل انّ وجوده أصبح بخطر حقيقي، ولهذا فإنّ درء هذا الخطر والحفاظ على وجود واستقرار هذا الكيان أصبح مرتبطاً بتقويض المقاومة التي تجرّأت على إلحاق الهزيمة به، خاصة أنّ استمرار هذه المقاومة وتزايد قوّتها لم يعُد يهدّد فقط وجود الكيان الصهيوني، وإنما بات يهدّد أيضاً النفوذ الاستعماريّ الغربيّ في الوطن العربي، وبالتالي تحرير ثروات الأمة من نهب الشركات الغربية…

انطلاقاً مما تقدّم، يمكن تفسير لماذا كلّ هذه الحروب الإرهابية والاقتصادية التي تستهدف هذه المقاومة والدول الداعمة لها، لا سيما سورية وإيران… ولماذا شدّدت واشنطن وحلفاؤها في الغرب، الحرب الاقتصادية على لبنان، وعمدت إلى دعم أحزاب ومجموعات من الـ NGOZ، وأغدقت عليها الأموال الطائلة باعتراف المسؤول في الخارجية الأميركية ديفيد هيل الذي قال إن واشنطن أنفقت 10 مليارات دولار في لبنان ضمن استراتيجية مواجهة حزب الله..

ولهذا فإنّ ما يعاني منه لبنان واللبنانيون هذه الأيام من أزمات مالية واقتصادية واجتماعية خانقة إنما يعود في جزء أساسي إلى هذه الاستراتيجية الأميركية، القائمة على إثارة الاضطرابات في لبنان ودعم قوى سياسية وأهلية، بالتزامن مع تشديد الحصار الاقتصادي ومنع الحلول المتاحة لهذه الأزمات، وذلك بهدف تحميل حزب الله المقاوم وحلفائه المسؤولية عن الأزمات ومحاولة تأليب اللبنانيين ضدّهم في سياق خطة لإخضاع لبنان للشروط الأميركية، مقابل رفع الحصار الاقتصادي…

لكن المقاومة التي عرفت كيف تلحق الهزيمة بقوى الإرهاب في الجرود اللبنانية وتنجز التحرير الثاني، وتسهم إلى جانب حلف المقاومة في إلحاق الهزائم بجيوش الإرهاب الأميركية الصهيونية الغربية في سورية، والعراق، قادرة على إحباط أهداف الحرب الاقتصادية الأميركية الجديدة.. وهو ما كان قد وعد به قائد المقاومة سماحة السيد حسن نصرالله، في بداية تفجّر الاحتجاجات الشعبية في 17 تشرين 2019، عندما قال، لن نركع ولن نجوع وسوف نقتلك، مخاطباً الأميركيّ بطريقة غير مباشرة…

ولهذا بعد نحو سنة وثمانية أشهر، نجد اليوم أن العواصم الغربية تعبّر عن قلقها من أن يؤدي اندفاع الأوضاع في لبنان إلى الانهيار الشامل وتحلل الدولة اللبنانية نتيجة الحصار الاقتصادي الخانق الذي تفرضه على لبنان، الى هجرة اللبنانيين والنازحين السوريين نحو الدول الأوروبية، وتعزيز موقف حزب الله وتمكينه من القيام بدور الدولة في حلّ أزمات اللبنانيين من خلال تأمين الدعم من إيران وسورية والعراق إلخ… وتحقيق التكامل الاقتصاديّ المشرقيّ… مما يشكل ضربة قاصمة للنفوذ الأميركي الغربي في لبنان.. لهذا بدأت العواصم الغربية تتحدّث عن ضرورة تقديم المساعدات للبنان لمنع انهيار الدولة، لدرء النتائج السلبيّة على نفوذها في لبنان، وتجنّب هجرة جماعيّة باتجاه الدول الأوروبيّة.. وفي كلتا الحالتين يمكن القول إنّ خطة إحداث الانقلاب السياسي في لبنان بوساطة الحصار الاقتصادي واستغلال أزمات اللبنانيين الناتجة عن الحصار، لتطويق المقاومة ونزع سلاحها وفرض اتفاق لتحديد الحدود البحريّة يخدم الأطماع الصهيونية، انّ هذه الخطة الانقلابية أخفقت، ولهذا لجأت العواصم الغربية إلى استبدالها بنسخة أخرى تقضي بالعمل على محاولة تحقيق هذا الانقلاب في الانتخابات النيابية المقبلة عبر استغلال الأزمات وانفجار المرفأ وتقديم الدعم المالي للقوى والمجموعات التابعة للغرب، للفوز بأغلبية المقاعد في البرلمان بما يمكنها من إعادة إنتاج السلطة والسيطرة على مفاصل القرار التشريعيّ والتنفيذيّ للعمل على تنفيذ الأهداف الأميركية الغربية المذكورة آنفاً…

لهذا على اللبنانيين أن يدركوا جيداً مَن يقف وراء أزماتهم ومعاناتهم، وأن يعوا انّ مقاومتهم كانت ولا تزال وستبقى هي درعهم الواقي وضمانة أمنهم واستقرارهم، وحمايتهم من العدوانية والأطماع الصهيونية، وطريق خلاصهم من براثن الهيمنة الاستعمارية الغربية التي تسعى الى إخضاع لبنان وإعادته إلى زمن قوّته في ضعفه، حيث كان مستباحاً من قبل العدو الصهيونيّ…

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing: A Crime Against Humanity

July 18, 2021

By Stephen Lendman


Revanchist Israeli regimes expand the territory of the world’s only borderless state on a platform of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing indigenous people from their homes, possessions and land — to make way for exclusive Jewish developme

nt and use.

Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories are targeted for removal by brute force on land Jewish state extremists want for themselves.

B’Tselem earlier explained what long-suffering Palestinians endured throughout Jewish state history, saying:

“For decades, Israeli authorities…implementing a policy aimed at driving out scores of communities, that are home to thousands of Palestinians.” 

“They have made living conditions miserable and intolerable with a view to establishing facts on the ground and taking over these areas.”

Longstanding Israeli policy seeks “Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea” — what the scourge of apartheid is all about, state-sponsored tyranny by another name.

Over 14 million people live in the above area, half of them Palestinians denied their fundamental rights as affirmed by international human rights law.

Hundreds of thousands of settlers live on stolen Palestinian land, illegally annexed for their use.

Israeli regimes pursue their aims by state terror and other illegal means.

Creation of Israel was a case study in ethnic cleansing on a horrific scale, transforming historic Palestine into an apartheid Jewish state.

The lives and welfare of its indigenous inhabitants were irreparably disrupted, a massive refugee population created internally and abroad in neighboring states – one of history’s great crimes without punishment.

On Palestinian land Israeli regimes want for Jews only, unwanted indigenous families are uprooted, their homes demolished, followed by forcefully removing them from their land.

Time and again, Israeli courts uphold the illegal practice, including its highest, in pursuing a policy of maximum Jews and minimum Arabs on all valued land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea.

Dominant Zionist extremists believe for Israel to survive, it must dominate the region and become a world power.

Achieving its imperial aims requires dividing Arab nations into small, easily controlled states – partitioning them along ethnic and sectarian lines as weakened Israeli satellites. 

Internally, Israel is hellbent on territorial expansion by stealing it from indigenous Palestinians and neighboring states in defiance of international law.

Palestinians seeking redress through Israeli and international courts fail because Jewish tribunals and the world community have done nothing to hold the Jewish state accountable for its highest of high crimes.

It’s been this way throughout Jewish state history since 1948 — nearly three quarters of a century of injustice, notably backed by the US-dominated West.

One among countless examples of Israeli ethnic cleansing occurred last week, explained by B’Tselem, saying:

On July 7, “Israeli military and Civil Administration personnel arrived at the tent-dwelling community of Khirbet Humsah in the Jordan Valley” with sweeping ethnic cleansing in mind.

They forcefully “dismantled and confiscated tents housing numerous community members along with everything inside them, loading them onto trucks…”

Dispossessed Palestinians were forced into buses “in sweltering heat.”

Refusniks in defense of their land and possessions were expelled by by brute force.

“Initial reports indicate the forces demolished the homes of at least nine families, leaving 60 people homeless.” 

“Soldiers and Civil Administration staff continue to load the contents of the homes onto military trucks” as of late last week. 

“B’Tselem is still collecting exact information about the property that was confiscated and destroyed.”

What happened repeats time and again throughout the Occupied Territories — a crime against humanity under international law.

Responsibility for ethnic cleansing like the above lies with Israeli ruling regimes, its military and other security enforcers, along with Jewish state High Court “justices…who lend legal legitimacy” to what flagrantly breaches core international law, B’Tselem explained, adding:

What repeats time and again throughout the Occupied Territories is “a badge of shame for the international community…” 

Instead of upholding the rule of law, the world community and world body leadership “absolved (themselves) of the obligation to demand Israel respect the human rights of Palestinians living under its control and allowed (themselves) to be satisfied with empty rebukes lacking any practical consequences.”

The Fight to Save Lifta, the Last Remaining Palestinian Village

July 09th, 2021

By Jessica Buxbaum


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Lifta, the only town Israel did not demolish after the Nakba, stands as a symbol of the Palestinian right of return, but an Israeli government “development” plan may soon change that.

LIFTA, JERUSALEM — Yacoub Odeh is 81 years old but he can still remember his childhood in the Palestinian village of Lifta as if it were yesterday. Children playing together in the gardens, swimming in the pools and laying in the grass.

Today, Lifta remains as a frozen time capsule. While the residents were expelled during Israel’s 1948 ethnic cleansing campaign (Nakba), the ruins of their homes still stand. These ruins carved into the lush hillside are perceived as a symbol of the Palestinians’ right of return. This is the only town Israel did not demolish after the Nakba, but a government plan may soon change that.

In May, the Israel Lands Authority (ILA), the government agency in charge of managing public lands, issued a new tender for construction in Lifta. The development scheme, known as Plan 6036, seeks to build 259 housing units along with a commercial and business space and a luxury hotel on top of and around the existing houses. Daphna Golan-Agnon, a law professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and part of the Save Lifta Coalition’s board, explained that while the homes may not be demolished, “the village will disappear behind walls of concrete needed to hold new construction.”

The bid was supposed to be held on July 4, but significant public opposition delayed it to July 29.

Lifta Jerusalem
The ruins in Lifta, a Palestinian village ethnically cleased in 1948. Liebe Blekh | MintPress News

Attempts to demolish Lifta have been ongoing for years. The ILA first published a tender for Plan 6036 in 2010 after the Israeli state approved the construction plan for Lifta in 2006. A 2012 Jerusalem District Court ruling found Plan 6036 insufficient and requested amending it in accordance with a conservation survey on Lifta from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

The IAA survey was completed in 2017 and found that Plan 6036 could not be executed without making significant adjustments in order to preserve the ancient village. Plan 270b was drawn up to fit the survey’s findings but in 2017 the Local Planning and Building Committee of Jerusalem temporarily halted the initiative for further examination.

The recent ILA announcement was met with hundreds of letters to Jerusalem’s mayor rejecting the sale. When reached for comment, the Municipality of Jerusalem told MintPress News that it “wasn’t informed about the publication of this tender and didn’t approve it. The mayor of Jerusalem asked all the relevant authorities to reconsider the construction plan.” The Israel Lands Council, which operates the ILA, did not respond to a request for comment.

‘In one hour, we became refugees’

Lifta’s strategic location at the edge of Jerusalem has made it a prime target for land grabs. Acting as a suburb of Jerusalem, Lifta’s placement next to the Jerusalem-Jaffa Highway makes for an easy trip to the Mediterranean while still being tied to the city of Jerusalem.

Lifta, often referred to as the entrance to Jerusalem, was a wealthy, agricultural community supported by olive presses and flour mills and situated atop the Wadi al-Shami spring. Homes made of limestone were cut into the hillside and Lifta’s roads wended through the valley.

Prior to the 1948 Nakba, Zionist militias like the Haganah saw seizing Lifta as necessary to cement Jewish control over all of Palestine. According to the Haganah Historical Archives, “[s]ecuring the western exit of the city [of Jerusalem] entailed the eviction of Arabs.”  Israeli historian Benny Morris said the Haganah fired the first shots in 1947, setting off the mass expulsion of Lifta’s 2,960 residents.

In December 1947, the Haganah killed a Palestinian business owner in Lifta. Later that month, one of Lifta’s two coffeehouses was ambushed with gunfire and grenades. The attack killed six and wounded seven. Two months into 1948, the Jewish Agency chairman and future first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, boasted of the ethnic cleansing’s success, telling his political party members: “From your entry into Jerusalem through Lifta — Romema, through Mahane Yehuda, King George Street and Mea She’arim — there are no strangers. One hundred percent Jews.“

Odeh, head of the Lifta Cultural Heritage Protection Commission, was 8-years-old when Lifta came under siege by Zionist forces.

Lifta refugee
Yacoub Odeh, Nakba survivor and head of the Lifta Cultural Heritage Protection Commission. Liebe Blekh | MintPress News

“I remember one day my mother was preparing the fire to heat our room, and then [the Zionist miltiias] began to shoot. My brothers began to cry, ‘Mama, mama! They’re shooting us!’ My mom took us inside the room in the corner and under a table to protect us,” Odeh said, recalling two stories of Lifta — the town’s beauty and charm and then its tragic fall.

“There is the beautiful life and then began the miserable life because of the occupation.”

Toward the end of February 1948, Odeh’s father put him, his siblings and his mother into a truck heading to Ramallah to escape the violence in Lifta. Odeh’s father stayed behind to defend the village from the Zionist gangs.

“We were only wearing the clothing we had on because we are coming back tomorrow. We are coming back. Now we just want to be far from the shooting.” Odeh took a deep sigh and said, “In one hour, we became refugees.”

Today, 55 buildings out of approximately 450 remain in Lifta, including a club, mosque, cemetery and school, which now operates as a school for Israeli Jews. Liftawi refugees are estimated at around 30,000 and live in Jerusalem, the Occupied West Bank and the Diaspora. Most of the homes are empty, but a few are occupied by Israeli settlers. According to Zochrot, the Israeli nonprofit seeking to raise awareness of the Nakba, the “settlements of Mey Niftoach and Giv’at Sha’ul were built on village lands and now have become parts of the suburbs of Jerusalem.”

Saving Lifta

The Save Lifta Coalition orchestrated the campaign to the mayor and has been organizing since 2010 against Plan 6036. The organization spent five years working with scholars, activists, conservation specialists and higher education professionals to develop an alternative to 6036.

Their proposal aims to “expand the area of the national park and turn the village into a natural urban space for the adjacent neighborhoods,” while preserving Lifta’s cultural landscape.

The World Monuments Fund added Lifta to its list of endangered sites in 2018 and UNESCO added the village to its tentative list of world heritage sites.

‘Not something we can discuss now’

When asked about the plan’s responsibility regarding the right of return for Palestinians, Golan-Agnon said, “our plan is a plan to save Lifta as it is for the future generations to decide upon its fate.” She explained:

Many of us [in the coalition] do think there should be a right of return for Palestinians but we know it’s not something we can discuss now. So we say, it’s beautiful, keep it open, and then one day there can be a decision about what happens and who’s coming.

Dana Amawi’s grandmother grew up in Lifta and was expelled from the village in 1948. Now the family lives in Amman, Jordan. The 20-year-old said she was shaken to her core upon hearing the news of the sale. “Lifta symbolized a tiny, very small bit of hope that maybe we will be able to return to it,” Amawi told MintPress. “And now to think that other people might live in the house that I have the right to be in, it’s very sad.”

Lifta Jerusalem
A Palestinian woman holds a partially eaten fig picked from a tree in Lifta. Liebe Blekh | MintPress News

Amawi said that her grandmother fell ill after learning of the auction. “She got sick. She had a fever and she was really, really sad because to her, this is where she grew up. This is where her earliest memories are and this is where she has the right to be,” Amawi said.

Stone houses like the one Odeh spent his early childhood in now crumble from neglect. The walls are sprayed with graffiti and piles of trash line the floors. On Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath), you’ll often find Israelis bathing in the spring’s waters.

Aseel AlBajeh, advocacy officer and legal researcher at the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq, visited Lifta in 2018. Her grandmother, who lives in Ramallah, is from Lifta. “It was a painful experience,” AlBajeh said of her time in Lifta. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back to Lifta in this situation.”

‘You are here as a visitor’

During her visit, AlBajeh tried recalling her grandmother’s memories of a flourishing Lifta, but she said those stories were disrupted by the fact that she’s only in Lifta because of a permit she received from the Israeli government to enter 1948-occupied Palestine or modern-day Israel from the West Bank. “You are here as a visitor. It’s like it’s not a place where you belong, or this is what [the Israeli government] intends for refugees to feel like,” AlBajeh said. “Settlers were swimming in the spring of the village and they were blasting loud music, and it also disrupted my ability to even imagine Lifta as Palestinian.”

Jewish settlers in LIfta
Israeli settlers in Lifta hold a middle finger to a group of Palestinian children. Blekh | MintPress News

To help her reclaim Lifta, AlBajeh took a small piece of the village’s remains during her visit. She collected a broken tile painted with traditional designs from one of the house’s floors, knowing this might be the last physical object she can have of Lifta.

“Lifta is a witness of what happened during the Nakba,” AlBajeh said, explaining:

We have this connection as Palestinians, and when we see the cactus plants, we connect this as evidence that displacement happened here. And if you go to Lifta, you’ll see the huge amount of cactus. So even if the houses remain and [Israel] tries to remove the cactus, it’s still painful… It’s not about the stones or about the trees. It’s about the whole identity of Lifta and the Palestinian history, which we still connect to. “

‘We were kings in our village’

Odeh’s memories paint Lifta as an idyllic place, an oasis carved into the steep slopes of Jerusalem where life was carefree and bountiful. “We were kings in our village,” Odeh said. “Everything we need, we had — a life so simple. We didn’t need cinema or computers, no, everything we needed came from our land.”

But the minute Odeh and his family became refugees, their resources became scarce. “At that time there were no charitable associations or agencies ready to help,” Odeh recalled. “You know what Nakba means? Nakba does not mean to destroy homes. No, Nakba means to destroy the life — economic life, social life, educational life, political life. They destroyed our life.”

Upon reminiscing about Lifta, Odeh said his dream is to go back home:

I miss my childhood. Palestinian children have lost their childhood life to play like children, to go to the theater, to concerts, to football. No, until now we have house demolitions, we have arrests, we have land confiscation and killings. Every day we have events like these — if not my family, my neighborhood.”

عن الانقسام الفلسطيني في زمن «سيف القدس»


عمرو علان

الخميس 10 حزيران 2021

صنَّفت غالبية قادة المقاومة الفلسطينية معركة سيف القدس على أنها تطور إستراتيجي في مسار الصراع مع العدو الصهيوني، وقد أكّد على هذه القراءة قادة أركان محور المقاومة عندما وصفوها بالتحوّل النوعي، ولعل وصف السيد حسن نصرالله لنتائج المعركة كان الأبلغ، حينما قال إن نتائج معركة سيف القدس تفوق ما تحقّق في حرب تموز 2006، مع العلم أن حرب تموز تُعد نصراً إستراتيجياً موصوفاً، وأحد أهم التحولات في تاريخ الصراع مع الكيان الصهيوني.

إذا ما سلّمنا بهذا التوصيف ـــ وهو بلا شك توصيف دقيق لواقع الأمر ـــ يصير لزاماً على فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية مواكبة الحدث عبر وضع إستراتيجية جديدة للمرحلة القادمة، تبني على المكتسبات التي تحقّقت وعلى ميزان القوى بين فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية وبين الكيان الصهيوني الذي رسّخته المواجهة الأخيرة، لأنه دون ذلك يمكن للعدو تفريغ الإنجاز من محتواه، وتقزيمه ليصبح نصراً تكتيكياً عوضاً عن كونه تحولاً نوعياً في مسار المواجهة المستمرة، ولعل إحدى المقاربات في هذا الخصوص كانت الدعوة التي أطلقها السيد حسن نصرالله إلى ترسيخ معادلةٍ جديدةٍ تجعل المساس بالمسجد الأقصى والقدس في مقابل حربٍ إقليميةٍ شاملةٍ، حرب متعددة الجبهات تضع استمرارية بقاء الكيان الصهيوني على المحكّ، هذه المعادلة التي أكد زعيم حركة أنصار الله عبد الملك الحوثي على أن اليمن سيكون جزءاً منها، مدشِّنين بهذا صفحةً جديدةً في مسار الصراع العربي-الإسلامي الصهيوني.

يطرح هذا المنظور لنتائج معركة سيف القدس عدة محاورَ جديرةٍ بالنقاش، لكن سيكتفي هذا المقال بالتعريج فقط على قضية الانقسام الفلسطيني وبناءِ الوحدة الوطنية الفلسطينية.

أبرزت معركة سيف القدس حالةً وحدويةً بين كلّ الفصائل الفلسطينية قاطبةً، تَمثلت في «غرفة العمليات المشتركة» في قطاع غزة، فبدايةً كان قرار الذهاب إلى الصدام العسكري مع المحتل رداً على تجاوزاته في القدس والمسجد الأقصى قراراً مشتركاً بين كلّ فصائل «غرفة العمليات المشتركة»، وكان التنسيق العسكري أثناء المعركة في أعلى درجاته بين كل أجنحة الفصائل العسكرية، سواءً أكان في توقيت الضربات الصاروخية أم في طبيعتها، وظهر التناغم الواضح بين فصائل «غرفة العمليات المشتركة» في التنسيق على المستوى السياسي أيضاً، وهكذا تحقّقت الوحدة بين الفصائل على أساس هدفٍ وطنيٍّ واضحٍ وبناءً على خطةٍ مشتركةٍ، ما عكس وحدةً وطنيةً في سائر قطاعات الشعب الفلسطيني في كامل أراضي الوطن السليب من النهر إلى البحر، وامتد ليشمل كذلك فلسطينيي الشتات حيثما وجدوا.

ومن المهم الإشارة إلى كون «غرفة العمليات المشتركة» قد جمعت بين كلٍّ من حركتي حماس والجهاد الإسلامي وبين فصائل (م. ت. ف.) بمن فيهم كتائب شهداء الأقصى التابعة لحركة «فتح» في إطار موحد، وكذلك الإشارة إلى كون هذه الغرفة لم تأتِ وليدة الصدفة، بل كانت تتويجاً لمسارٍ طويلٍ امتد لسنواتٍ أقلها منذ الحرب على قطاع غزة في عام 2014.
ويرى العديد في صيغة الوحدة هذه «ديناميكية» صالحةً يمكن البناء عليها لإنهاء الانقسام الحاصل في الساحة الفلسطينية منذ قرابة خمس عشرة سنةً، فهي بُنيت على أساس مشروعٍ موحدٍ ومن أجل أهدافٍ واضحةٍ، على عكس المسارات التي كانت مقترحةً سابقاً والتي كانت تتجاهل حقيقة كون الانقسام الفلسطيني منشؤه الاختلاف في الرؤى تجاه المشروع الوطني، والتي كانت تقفز عن هذه القضية الجوهرية لتغوص في قضايا شكليةٍ من أجل تكريس تحاصصٍ في سلطةٍ منتهية الصلاحية أصلاً، وذلك عبر تنظيم انتخاباتٍ أقل ما يقال فيها بأنها تندرج تحت سقف أوسلو، ناهيكم بعبثية فكرة تنظيم انتخابات مجلسٍ تشريعيٍّ في ظل احتلالٍ يتحكّم بكل تفاصيل الحياة في الضفة والقدس، فحقيقة الأمر أن الفلسطيني ما زال يعيش تحت سطوة احتلالٍ فعليٍّ، وكل حديثٍ عن دولةٍ فلسطينيةٍ ما هو إلى «فانتازيا» ومحض وهمٍ.

وأما الحديث المستجد عن إنهاء الانقسام من خلال الذهاب إلى حكومة وحدةٍ وطنيةٍ، يقبلها المجتمع الدولي وتلتزم بشروط «الرباعية الدولية»، فهذه محاولاتٌ بائسةٌ من قبل سلطة محمود عباس والولايات المتحدة الأميركية لتفريغ نتائج معركة سيف القدس من مضمونها، وذلك عبر جرّ الفلسطينيين إلى المربع الذي كانوا فيه قبل 21 أيار مايو 2021، وإدخاله مجدداً في دوامة أوسلو والمفاوضات العبثية التي باتت مجرد غطاءٍ للاحتلال كي يستمر في مشاريع الاستيطان وضم ما تبقّى من أراضي الضفة الغربية.

لقد تمكنت الوحدة التي تشكّلت في الميدان في ما بين الفصائل من تجاوز بعض أخطاء (م. ت. ف.) السابقة، التي كان أفظعها التنازل عن قرابة 80 في المئة من فلسطين للمحتل، لذلك ينبغي على الفصائل الفلسطينية البناء على قواعد وحدة غرفة العمليات المشتركة في أي مسعى مستقبلي لإصلاح (م.ت.ف)، فالهدف المنشود فلسطينياً يتمثل في إصلاح (م. ت. ف.)، لا إفساد حركتي حماس والجهاد الإسلامي وإلزامهما بسقوف (م. ت. ف.) وتنازلاتها التي لم تؤدِّ إلا إلى ترسيخ نكبة عام 1948، وتهديد حقوق اللاجئين في العودة، وجعل مستقبل بقاء الفلسطينيين داخل الخط الأخضر في مهب الريح بعد إقرار الكيان الصهيوني لقوانين يهودية دولته المزعومة.

لقد أثبتت نتائج معركة سيف القدس مجدداً تحول موازين القوى لغير مصلحة الكيان الصهيوني، وكانت حجةً أخرى على من لا يزال يصر على رؤية اليوم بعيون الأمس، ويصرّ على تجاهل التحولات في واقع المقاومة الفلسطينية، وفي واقع حركات المقاومة في عموم الإقليم، بالإضافة إلى حالة السيولة التي يعيشها الوضع العالمي وتراجع السطوة الأميركية على المسرح الدولي، ذلك الذي لا يزال ينظر إلى الكيان الصهيوني على أنه تلك القوة الصاعدة التي تستطيع هزيمة العرب في ستة أيام كما كان حاله في حقبة خلت، لا كما هو في عام 2021؛ كيانٌ هشّ، وفي حالة تراجعٍ، باتت حتى بعض الأصوات الوازنة في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية ترى فيه «عبئاً استراتيجياً» لا قيمةً مضافةً كما كان حاله سابقاً.

يمكن الخلوص بعد هذا العرض، إذاً، إلى أن «غرفة العمليات المشتركة» قد أعطت مثالاً حياً على كيفية الوصول إلى وحدةٍ وطنيةٍ مبنيةٍ على هدفٍ وطنيٍّ واضحٍ، يأخذ في الاعتبار ميزان القوى الحاكم حالياً لا ميزان القوى الذي كان سارياً في الماضي، وهذان المعطيان ـــ «غرفة العمليات المشتركة» وميزان القوى الراهن ـــ صالحان ليكونا نواةً للوصول إلى وحدةٍ وطنيةٍ حقيقيةٍ، ومبنيةٍ على مشروعٍ وطنيٍّ فلسطينيٍّ واضحٍ، وعلى استراتيجيةٍ فلسطينيةٍ جديدةٍ تحاكي تغيرات الواقع يكون عمادها التحرير.
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Palestine: Palestinian Unity Defeats Israel

Important Note:

“Operation Sword of al-Quds” was not initiated by the Occupation entity as claimed in the below article. It was a natural Palestinian response for Anglo Zionist attempt to Judaize Sheikh Jarrah and Eastern Al-Quds, not a war between Hamas and the Occupation entity. Therefore I advise out friend “The Saker” to be careful in using terms, because, though Hamas is the ruling authority in Gaza, its not there alone. The “Operation Sword of al-Quds” started with a Cornet rocket launched by Al jihad – Jerusalem Brigades, moreover, the 2014 confrontation was launched by Jerusalem Brigades alone.

Naming Hamas serves the Anlozionist’s agenda, and the so- called “Israel right to defend it self against Hamas, classified by west as a terrorist group.

“Operation Sword of al-Quds” united the majority of Palestinians in Gaza, west bank, Palestine occupied in 1948, and diaspora Palestinians. This unity reminded Arab and Muslim peoples that Palestine is their central cause.

In his yesterday’s speech, Sayyed Nasrallah, the Hezbollah Secretary General, said “Gaza surprised the friend and enemy in its decision to implement its threat in responding to “Israeli” practices in Al-Quds.”

His Excellency confirmed:

  • “Gaza’s move was a historic and qualitative one in the history of the struggle with the enemy”,  
  • “When the matter is related to Al-Quds and its Muslim and Christian holy sites, it will not remain limited to the resistance in Palestine.” 
  • “When the ‘Israeli’ entity recognizes that it is in front of the equation that says ‘Al-Quds vs. a regional war’, then it will know that any step it will take will result in its elimination.”
  • “The ‘Sword of Al-Quds’ operation dealt a blow to the course of normalization and all those who have normalized the ties, and after this battle, the ‘Deal of the Century’ fell and vanished.
  • “‘Al-Quds Sword’ reconsidered the Palestinian Cause in the world and imposed it on media outlets,”
  • “One of the ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ results is reviving the culture and spirit of resistance as the sole way to return the occupied land.”
  • “Among the most important results of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ is that it redirected the compass in the region against the real enemy.”
  •  ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation exposed the true and ugly face of “Israel”, especially as an apartheid regime.”
  • “One result of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ was that Gaza Strip has entered the entire Palestinian equation, which is a major development in the battle,” he stated, pointing out that “When the ‘Israeli’ feels insecure in all of Palestine, the least he can do is leave.”
  • “One result of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ was that Gaza Strip has entered the entire Palestinian equation, which is a major development in the battle,” “When the ‘Israeli’ feels insecure in all of Palestine, the least he can do is leave.”


Palestine: “Hamas” Defeats Israel

THE SAKER • MAY 25, 2021 • 3,500 WORDS

Just like in 2006, when both Ehud Olmert and George Bush declared that the “invincible IDF” had, yet again, achieved a “glorious victory” and the entire Middle-East almost died laughing hearing this ridiculous claim, today both the US and Israeli propaganda machine have declared another “glorious” victory for the “Jewish state of Israel” cum “sole democracy in the Middle-East”. And, just like in 2006, everybody in the region (and in Zone B) knows that the truth is that the Zionist entity suffered a huge, humiliated, defeat. Let’s try to unpack this.

First, a few numbers. The combat operations lasted two weeks. All other missile numbers are in dispute. Rather than trust this or that source, I will simply say that Hamas fired many thousands of missiles into Israel. Some, probably less than 50%, were truly intercepted by the Israeli air defenses, others hit in no man’s land, and some actually landed and caused plenty of destruction and at least 12 deaths. The Israelis executed hundreds of artillery and airstrikes causing massive destruction in the Gaza strip and killing about 250 Palestinians. Again, these numbers are guesstimates and they don’t really tell the full story. To understand the story, we need to forget about these numbers and look at what each side was hoping for and what each side achieved. Let’s begin with the Israelis:

The Israeli scorecard

To understand Israel’s goals in this war, we first need to place this latest war in its context, and that context is that Israel was comprehensively defeated in Syria. To substantiate this thesis, let’s remember the goals of the Zionists when they unleashed a major international war against Syria. These objectives, as listed in my July 2019 article “Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel” were:

The initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS – call them whatever you want). Doing this would achieve the following goals:

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces, and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone,” but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Break up Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and force the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert, and eventually attack Iran with a broad regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all centers of Shia power in the Middle-East.

As we all know, this is what actually happened:

  1. The Syrian state has survived, and its armed and security forces are now far more capable than they were before the war started (remember how they almost lost the war initially? The Syrians bounced back while learning some very hard lessons. By all reports, they improved tremendously, while at critical moments Iran and Hezbollah were literally “plugging holes” in the Syrian frontlines and “extinguishing fires” on local flashpoints. Now the Syrians are doing a very good job of liberating large chunks of their country, including every single city in Syria).
  2. Not only is Syria stronger, but the Iranians and Hezbollah are all over the country now, which is driving the Israelis into a state of panic and rage.
  3. Lebanon is rock solid; even the latest Saudi attempt to kidnap Hariri is backfiring. (2021 update: in spite of the explosion in Beirut, Hezbollah is still in charge)
  4. Syria will remain unitary, and Kurdistan is not happening. Millions of displaced refugees are returning home.
  5. Israel and the US look like total idiots and, even worse, as losers with no credibility left.

Seeing their defeat in Syria, the Zionists did what they always do: they used their propaganda machine to list an apparently neverending victorious strikes on supposed “Iranian targets” in Syria. While a few civilian simpletons with zero military experience did buy into this nonsense, the truth about Israeli operations in Syria is simple: the Syrian air defenses have successfully prevented the Israelis from striking at important, sensitive, targets, and they Israelis have been forced to declare as major victories the destruction of empty barns as “destruction of important IRGC headquarters” thereby “proving” to a few naive folks in Zone A and to themselves (!) that the IDF is still as “invincible” as it “always was”. As for the Neocons, they doubled-up on that and declared that 1) Russian air defenses are useless 2) that Russia and Israel work hand in hand and 3) that the Israelis are still invincible. Yet if any of that was true, why has Israel failed to achieve a single one of its goals? And why are both the Russians and the Iranians still in Syria were the Russians just finished a 2nd runway at Khmeimim and they have just deployed a group of Tu-22M3 at that air base from where they can now threaten any ship sailing in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. In their otherwise “free time” they can deliver tons of bombs and missiles to the remaining Takfiri forces in Syria.

As I have been saying for many years now, the truth is that the IDF is a poor fighting force. Why? First, they have the exact same problem as the USA (and the KSA, for that matter): they rely on expensive technology, but don’t have good combat-capable “boots on the ground”. That is now how modern wars are won (see here for a list of popular misconceptions about modern wars).

In its recent history, the entire gamut of Israeli “elite” forces (including the air force, the navy, the artillery and even the Golani Brigade) got its collective butt handed to them by about 1000 and only lightly armed regular Hezbollah fighters in 2006: keep in mind that the elite Hezbollah forces were deployed only north of the Litani river to protect Beirut against a possible land invasion by Israel. Instead of taking Beirut or “disarming Hezbollah” (that was an official goal!), the Israelis could not even control the small town of Bint Jbeil located right across the official Israeli border! So much for being “invincible”!

What the IDF is very experienced at is terrorising Palestinian civilians and executing what could be called a slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people. The problem with Gaza now is the same that the failed invasion of Lebanon in 2006 has revealed: just like the Lebanese in 2006, the Palestinians of 2021 are not afraid of the Zionists anymore. Furthermore, with a great deal of help from Iran and others, Hamas in Gaza is now much, much better armed than in the past. True, some of its missiles are decidedly low tech and not very effective (low accuracy, small warheads, simple trajectory, limited range), but Hamas also has shown some pretty decent UAVs too. Most importantly, from now on for Hamas it is only one way: up the “quality ladder” (just like the Houthis did in Yemen, starting with modest drones but eventually getting very capable ones).

The other major goal of the Israelis in this war was to prove to the world (and, even more importantly for the always narcissistic self-worshipping Israeli cowards, to themselves!) that their “Iron Dome” air defense network was the “super-dooper most bestest” in the world (no doubt, due to the famed “Jewish genius”!). It now appears that at best, the Israelis intercepted somewhere around 30-40% of the Hamas missiles. The way the Israeli hid this is by claiming that their fancy shmancy Iron Drone did not even try to engage missiles which were not deemed dangerous. But in the age of the ubiquitous smartphone, that kind of silly nonsense can easily be debunked (including by showing the total chaos in the Israeli skies or, for that matter, the missile strikes on Israeli military objectives). While the full Iron Dome air defense system probably works marginally better than the quasi-useless US Patriot, the Israeli air defenses are clearly at least a generation behind the Russian ones, including the S-300s the Russians sold to Syria (again, in the age of of the ubiquitous smartphone, this is not hard to prove).

It is crucial to remember that Hamas’ missiles are much inferior to those of the Houthis and the Syrians, and even more inferior when compared to Hezbollah or Iranian drones and missiles! In other words, the “invincible” IDF can’t deal with even its weakest, least sophisticated enemies (Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and the grotesquely expensive Iron Done cannot protect the Zionists from any determined missile attacks by the Resistance coalition (Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia).

In their utter despair, the Zionist entity did what the AngloZionists always do when they fail to defeat a military forces: they will turn their wrath on the civilian infrastructure and murder as many as they can. They will also strike highly symbolic targets such as the International Press Center in Gaza or a Red Crescent hospital (under the pretext that Hamas, which is the democratically elected local government) has offices there (this is clearly a F-you to those who condemn Israel for violating international law). To a normal human being, this sounds both obscene and ridiculous. But remember, the Israelis are first and foremost narcissists and they have no means of imagining how normal human beings think or feel. All these guys can feel is self-worship and hatred for all “others”.

We could say that in this war, the Palestinians defeated both military high tech and truly medieval type of genocidal hatred.

In other words, far from showing how “invincible” the Zionist entity is, this latest war against the Palestinians has shown beyond reasonable doubt that the IDF cannot deal with any of its enemies.

Besides missiles and bombs, the Israelis love to use terror, as their ideology has convinced them of two things: the Arabs only understand force and we, the Israelis, are invincible. But this begs the question of why the Israelis did not dare to move into Gaza, not even symbolically. Yeah, I know, the official doxa of Zone A is that “Biden called Netanyahu and told him to stop”. As if “Biden” could give orders to the Israelis!

The truth is that even with a casualty rate of 10:1 in the IDF’s advantage and no armor or artillery, the Palestinians are much more willing to engage in street battles than the IDF. Would the IDF eventually win a ground battle against Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad? Maybe, probably, the objective advantages in everything (except courage!) for the Israelis is so huge that no amount of skills and courage can forever negate the immense superiority in means of the Israelis.

However, as most people in the West tend to forget, wars are but means towards a political goal. If the IDF decided to basically flatten Gaza and kill many thousands of Palestinians at the cost of casualties probably in the hundereds, then this would be politically suicidal for the Zionist regime. This is why I offer this very basic conclusion:

During the latest Gaza war, deterrence did work. But only in the sense that the Palestinians successfully deterred the Israelis from launching a ground attack against Gaza.

There is another crucial political development which should also be noted: while both Iran and Hezbollah did give their full political support to Hamas+Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the latter did not request any assistance. In other words, not only did the Palestinians defeat the Israelis, but they did so absolutely alone, with no help from the other Resistance members.

Again, those Zone A civilians who believe that Israel is scoring huge victories in Syria on a quasi daily basis won’t get it, which is par for the course. But you can be darn sure that at least most of the IDF top commanders know the true score and for them it is yet another huge disaster.

There is also a political factor to consider. While there have been coordination resistance actions by the Palestinians in Israel (proper, as defined by the UN), this is the first time when the Palestinians from Gaza, those from the Occupied Territories and those in “Israel” truly fought, if not side by side (yet!), then at least at the same time and in a common cause. This is a major political victory for Hamas+Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a major problem for Fatah and the Zionists. Now let’s look at the rest of the Palestinian scorecard:

The Palestinian scorecard:

Let’s start by the obvious one: the Palestinians were not defeated. This victory can be further subdivided in the following:

  • The Palestinian leadership has mostly physically survived, it still exists as a local authority. Plenty of Palestinians were murdered, but that did not affect the operational capabilities of the Palestinian forces (any more than the IDF succeeded in affecting Iranian operational capabilities in Syria).
  • The Palestinian leadership has also survived politically. It was not blamed by the “Palestinian street” for starting the war, nor was it blamed for how it executed it. As for Fatah, it is now, by all accounts, lost somewhere in a political no man’s land which, admittedly, it richly deserves for its incompetence, corruption and subservience to Israel and the USA.
  • Militarily speaking, the Palestinian missile strikes were not nearly as effective than, say, Hezbollah (nevermind Iranian!) strikes would have been, but, hey, they made huge progress and we can all rest assured that the Palestinians of Gaza will, sooner or later, catch up with the Houthis and, further down the road, maybe even Hezbollah.
  • By many accounts, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have made major political inroads into the Palestinian political scene outside Gaza. Even in spite of a truly immense hasbara effort by the Israelis, the international public opinion was blaming Israel for the orgy of violence.

It is interesting to note here that the famous Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has written an article for Ha’aretz entitled “Israeli Propaganda Isn’t Fooling Anyone – Except Israelis” which was further subtitled “’Hasbara’ is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda, and there are some things, said the late ambassador Yohanan Meroz, that are not ‘hasbarable.’ One of them is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.” This is how Levy’s article began:

And propaganda shall cover for everything. We’ll say terrorism, we’ll shout anti-Semitism, we’ll scream delegitimation, we’ll cite the Holocaust; we’ll say Jewish state, gay-friendly, drip irrigation, cherry tomatoes, aid to Nepal, Nobel Prizes for Jews, look what’s happening in Syria, the only democracy, the greatest army. We’ll say the Palestinians are making unilateral moves, we’ll propose negotiations on the “settlement bloc borders,” we’ll demand recognition of a Jewish state and we’ll complain that “there’s no one to talk to.” We’ll wail that the whole world is against us and wants to destroy us, no less.

Now comes the best part: Levy wrote this on Jun. 4, 2015 and updated it on Apr. 10, 2018 – years before the current disaster! Since then, things have only gone south for the IDF and the Israelis in general. Just the blowback from the war in Syria is, for the IDF, a true disaster.

Of course, “Israel” is still worshipped and faithfully served by many ruling classes worldwide (that is one of the functions of the Empire, to enforce this), but that officially lauded Israel is viewed with disgust and revulsion on most of the planet. Hence the inevitable failure of the truly galactic PR effort to brainwash the regular people into believing that Israeli is a polyyanish country, a “place without people for a people without country”, etc. etc. etc. This “Ziolatry”, if you wish, was effective when the PLO was blowing up Jewish grade schools in Western Europe, but today it has lost almost all of its traction, especially amongst thinking people.

The sad and disgusting reality about the Zionist entity is truly coming out, seeping under the propaganda walls of the Empire, and slowly but inevitably resulting in a common reaction of outrage and utter disgust for what is nothing else but the last officially racist country on the planet, the only country with an open air concentration camp it surrounds on all sides, the only country which truly, openly and sincerely does not give a damn about international law or about the lives of non-Jews (while calling their own lives sacred, of course!). This is a state which constantly repeats the mantra about the supposedly “sacred” blood of Jews while, at the same time, committing a slow motion (but very real) genocide of the Palestinian people while using non-stop terrorist attacks against any country daring to defy the order of the latest, and hopefully last, wannabe “superior race” in human history. This is also why the “crime of crimes” for politically correct and successfully brainwashed people is to declare that Israel has no right to exist. This is such a major crimethink that I want to conclude by committing it right now and asking others to join me in this “crimethink”!

Israel has no right to exist whatsoever first and foremost because it is an artificial creation of West European imperialist powers. Second, it is a country which has always engaged in atrocities and massive violations of international laws and norms. Instead, Israel is based on a racist ideology which is, for all practical purpose, indistinguishable from Hitler’s Nazi ideology (both National Socialism and Zionism have the same roots in both time, space and culture, both being products of European secularism and nationalism). For these reasons, Israel, and the Zionist ideology which supports it, are both a clear and present danger for international peace and stability (for details on Zionism as an ideology and its toxicity, please see here). Furthermore, the only possibly way for the Palestinian people to ever recover their land and their rights under international law is for the Zionist “regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” (to quote the often mistranslated sentence by Ayatollah Komenei). By the way, this awareness also presupposes a clear understanding that the so-called “Two State Solution” (2SS) is an impossibility. Yes, I know, the 2SS is currently the only one under international law, but that is hardly surprising since the state of Israel was created with not only many of the trappings of “being an internationally recognized state” but also with the shameful complicity of the country which won WWII. There is one thing which Israel has in common with the so-called “Republic of Kosovo”: they will be the very first to be liberated as soon as the AngloZionist Empire finally crashes visibly (of course, it has already crashed, hence the many disastrous outcomes for the USA and Israel on the international scene, but that is still denied officially in Zone A and,of course, by the AngloZionist propaganda and those who pay attention to it.

In truth, there is only one true “solution” to this war: the so-called “One State Solution”, meaning that those who live in this land will get to choose their leaders and lifestyles according to the old “one person, one vote” principle. All other “solutions” simply perpetuate the current genocide!

As for those Jews who still want an ethnically pure state of Israel, they can either grow up and get real, or they can choose to colonize some other planet. As long as they don’t persecute local lifeforms, that might work. But if they do this will all happen again, over and over.

Conclusion: “Gaza” and the future of the Zionist entity

I want to end here with what I believe is a glance at the future (or lack thereof!) of Israel. The website Islamic World News Analysis Group (which I highly recommend!) recently posted what it claims to be a video of a new Iranian combat drone named “Gaza” described as so: “The Gaza drone, capable of carrying 13 bombs and 500 kilograms of equipment, as well as 35 hours of flight up to a radius of 2,000 kilometers, is capable of carrying out a variety of combat and intelligence operations. According to the published images, it seems that the Gaza drone uses the Rotary Bomb Launcher mechanism under its fuselage, which can carry up to 5 bombs. This is the first Iranian drone to use this mechanism. 8 bombs are also installed under the wings and in total this drone is capable of carrying 13 bombs”. Here is the footage of this new drone. Take a look for yourself and imagine what the next round of this campaign to liberate Palestine might look like.

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ماذا بعد “سيف القدس”؟

عمرو علان

عمرو علان

المصدر: الميادين نت


يمكن القول إنَّ فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية بقيادة حركة “حماس”، بعد أن ألحقت الهزيمة بالعدو في هذه الجولة الأخيرة، باتت في مصاف اللاعبين الإقليميين.

لا بدَّ من أن المعسكر الصهيو-أميركي برمته في المنطقة يشعر اليوم بالهزيمة
لا بدَّ من أن المعسكر الصهيو-أميركي برمته في المنطقة يشعر اليوم بالهزيمة

“بأمرٍ من قائد هيئة الأركان أبو خالد محمد الضيف، رُفع حظر التجول عن تل أبيب ومحيطها لمدة ساعتين، من الساعة العاشرة وحتى الساعة الثانية عشرة ليلاً. وبعد ذلك، أمر بعودتهم إلى الوقوف على رجل واحدة”. 15 أيار/مايو 2021.

يختزل هذا البيان الّذي أصدرته كتائب “القسام” المستوى الذي وصلت إليه المقاومة الفلسطينية في توازن الرعب مع العدو الصهيوني خلال معركة “سيف القدس”، لكن نتائج الجولة الأخيرة في الحقيقة تتجاوز بشكل كبير معادلات الردع المتبادل التي أفرزتها هذه المواجهة، لكون دوافعها ونتائجها، إضافة إلى استحقاقاتها، تتمايز عن المواجهات السابقة في عدة نواحٍ.

انطلقت معركة “سيف القدس” من أجل تحقيق هدفين؛ أولهما تأمين الدعم لانتفاضة القدس عبر رسم خطوطٍ حمر أمام قمع الاحتلال للمنتفضين. أما الهدف الآخر، فكان فرض قواعد اشتباك جديدة مع العدو، مقتضاها أنّ المسّ بالمقدَّسَات أو محاولات تهويد القدس، من خلال الاستيلاء على بيوت المقدسيين وتهجيرهم، سيستدعي رداً عسكرياً من قبل فصائل المقاومة المسلحة الفلسطينية، وعلى رأسها كتائب الشهيد عز الدين القسام.

إذاً، كانت معركة “سيف القدس” معركةً وطنيةً وعقديةً بامتياز، خلافاً لسابقاتها في 2008-2009 و2012 و2014، والتي يمكن إدراجها في سياق الصمود والحفاظ على إنجازات المقاومة.

يشكّل تحقيق المقاومة الفلسطينيّة أهدافها، وتثبيت قواعد الاشتباك الجديدة بعد 11 يوماً من النّزال، تحولاً جوهرياً بحد ذاته على طريق تحرير كامل التراب الفلسطيني، لكن التحوّل الآخر الذي لم يكن متوقعاً، والذي ربما يُعدّ أكثر عمقاً، تمثل في دخول كل الأرض الفلسطينية، من رأس الناقورة إلى أم الرشراش، على خط انتفاضة القدس وتوحُّد كل الشعب الفلسطيني في معركةٍ واحدةٍ، فلطالما سعى الكيان الصهيوني إلى تقسيم الأراضي الفلسطينية، وفك الترابط بينها، في محاولةٍ منه لخلق هوياتٍ فلسطينيةٍ فرعيةٍ، وزّعها بين “عرب 48″ و”ضفّاويين” و”غزاويين”. 

إضافة إلى ما تَقدَّم، يمكن ملاحظة التبدُّل في الوعي الفلسطيني الذي واكب هذين التحوّلين، إذ سقطت فكرة حل الدولتين غير القابلة للحياة أصلاً، وعادت الفكرة الأُم والأكثر واقعيةٍ بتحرير فلسطين من النهر إلى البحر لتتصدر المشهد الفلسطيني، وحتى العربي، وسقطت كذلك أكذوبة إمكانية التعايش مع كيانٍ استيطانيٍّ إحلاليٍّ يقوم على أساس اقتلاع شعب وإحلال مجاميع سكانيةٍ غريبةٍ أخرى مكانه.

وعليه، يمكن أن نخلص إلى أنّ تحقيق المقاومة الفلسطينية الأهداف التي وضعتها لمعركة “سيف القدس”، وما صاحبها من تحولات في الشارع الفلسطيني، رفع إنجازات المعركة، لتصبح تحولاً استراتيجياً مكتمل الأركان، يُبشِّر بمرحلةٍ جديدةٍ مغايرةٍ.

من الناحية المادية، ما كان لهذا التحول الاستراتيجي أن يتحقق لولا القدرة التسليحية النوعية والتكتيكات العسكرية الإبداعية التي ظهرت لدى قوى المقاومة الفلسطينية بقيادة كتائب “القسام”، إضافةً إلى الدعم العسكري والاستراتيجي الذي تتلقاه المقاومة الفلسطينية من محور المقاومة، ناهيك بما كشفت عنه هذه الجولة من هشاشةٍ في معسكر العدوّ، سواء كان في الجبهة الداخلية أو في القدرات الاستخبارية أو في القدرة القتالية لـ”جيش” الكيان الذي لم يستطِع تقديم أيَّ إنجازٍ، ولو كان صورة نصرٍ وهميٍ لمستوطنيه.

بناءً على ذلك، يمكن القول إنَّ فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية بقيادة حركة “حماس”، بعد أن ألحقت الهزيمة بالعدو في هذه الجولة الأخيرة، باتت في مصاف اللاعبين الإقليميين، وصارت القوة الحقيقية الفاعلة في المشهد الفلسطيني من دون منازعٍ، لكن ماذا عن معسكر الأعداء؟

لا بدَّ من أن المعسكر الصهيو-أميركي برمته في المنطقة يشعر اليوم بالهزيمة، كما الكيان الصهيوني. لذلك، على المقاومة الفلسطينية، ولا سيما حركة “حماس”، بصفتها الفصيل الرئيس بين فصائل المقاومة، أن تستعدّ للمزيد من الضغوط في المرحلة القادمة، ولكن لأن الميدان العسكري أفرز توازناً جديداً للردع بين المقاومة الفلسطينية والكيان الصهيوني، فعلى الأرجح أن يلجأ الخصوم إلى محاولة تفريغ النصر الأخير من مضمونه عبر الأدوات السياسية. 

وقد تجلى ذلك في كلمة الرئيس جو بايدن التي عقَّب فيها على وقف إطلاق النار المتبادل، إذ برز فيها محوران؛ الأوّل ربط إعادة الإعمار والمساعدات المالية بسلطة الرئيس المنتهية ولايته محمود عباس، وهو الربط الذي يهدف إلى إعادة تعويم السلطة الفلسطينية، بعد أن فقدت كل تأييدٍ لدى غالبية الفلسطينيين، نتيجةً للفشل والعجز اللذين وصلت إليهما، ونتيجةً لنظرة الشّارع الفلسطيني إلى هذه السلطة بأنها باتت أداة في يد المحتلّ، بإصرارها على مواصلة التعاون الأمنيّ مع قوات الاحتلال من أجل حراسة أمن المستوطنات والمستوطنين في الضفة الغربية، ومنع أيّ شكلٍ ذي معنى في مقاومة الاحتلال، ولو كان سلمياً.

من ناحية ثانية، يهدف هذا الربط إلى محاولة تحصيل تنازلات سياسية من حركة “حماس”، مقابل تسهيل إعادة إعمار قطاع غزة، ناهيك بنقله المواجهة حول إعادة الإعمار إلى مواجهة بين السلطة و”حماس”، عوضاً من أن تكون بين فصائل المقاومة والصهيوني أو الأميركي. 

أما المحور الآخر الذي يمكن استخلاصه من كلمة الرئيس جو بايدن، فكان التلميح إلى أن الولايات المتحدة الأميركية ستعود لتولّي الملف الفلسطيني بنفسها. يأتي هذا كنتيجةٍ لفشَل الصهيوني في فرض إرادته بالقوة على الفلسطينيين. وهنا يتجلّى خطر الفخاخ السياسية، فمِن الوارد أن تضغط الولايات المتحدة الأميركية على الكيان الصهيوني في هذه المرحلة لتقديم تنازلات ملموسة، لكن ليست ذات معنى حقيقي للجانب الفلسطيني، سعياً إلى إعادة عقارب الساعة إلى ما قَبْل معركة “سيف القدس”، عبر إحياء مسار ما يسمى “مفاوضات السلام” وحل الدولتين الذي بات مرفوضاً جملةً وتفصيلاً في الشارع الفلسطيني، ولا سيما بين أوساط فلسطينيي الأراضي المحتلة العام 48، وهو ما من شأنه، إذا ما تم، تقزيم الإنجاز الإستراتيجي الأخير وتحويله إلى مجرد نقلةٍ تكتيكيةٍ، وبذلك يفرغه من معناه الحقيقي.

ظهر هذا التوجّه في التصريحات الأميركية الأخيرة التي استعادت الخطاب الأميركي التقليدي الَّذي كان سائداً قبل فترة دونالد ترامب تجاه الاستيطان والقدس، وهو خطابٌ معسولٌ، لكننا خبرنا نتائجه الكارثية على القضية الفلسطينية على مدى العقود الثلاثة الماضية.

يُعزِّز هذا الاستنتاج حول نيَّة الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، ما قاله مؤخراً مفوض الأمن والسياسات الخارجية في الاتحاد الأوروبي جوزيب بوريل، في بيانٍ نشره الاتحاد الأوروبي. وقد جاء فيه أنَّ الاتفاقيات التي توصَّلت إليها “إسرائيل” مع عدة دولٍ عربيةٍ في السنوات الأخيرة التي توسّطت فيها إدارة ترامب، ولّدت انطباعاً لدى البعض في “إسرائيل” بأن القضية الفلسطينية تمت تسويتها، وأن الوضع الراهن يمكن أن يستمر إلى أجلٍ غير مسمى.

وشدَّد بوريل على أنَّ مفاوضات “عملية السلام” لم تحلّ النزاع، ولم توقف توسيع المستوطنات التي تقوض من الناحية العملية الحل الذي يدعمه المجتمع الدولي، ونجد في هذا الكلام توبيخاً شبه صريحٍ للكيان الصهيوني، يدغدغ عواطف محمود عباس ورجالات التنسيق الأمني الذين ما زالوا يراهنون على المفاوضات العبثية خلافاً لكل منطقٍ، وهي مفاوضاتٌ تتنازل عن 78% من أرض فلسطين مقدماً. وكان بوريل أكثر وضوحاً عندما تابع قائلاً إنَّ الاتحاد الأوروبي لا يمكنه أن يستمرّ في تمويل إعادة إعمار غزة من دون وجود احتمال إطلاق مسارٍ سياسيٍ بين “إسرائيل” والفلسطينيين.

إذاً، المقاومة الفلسطينية مقبلةٌ على مرحلة فخاخٍ سياسية على شكل مغرياتٍ فارغة المضمون وضغوطٍ صريحةٍ، لانتزاع تنازلات من الفلسطينيين تعيدهم إلى حالة المراوحة التي كانت سائدة خلال العقود الثلاثة الماضية، لكن ما دامت موازين القوى في غير مصلحة الاحتلال، كما أظهرت المواجهة الأخيرة، وما دامت الانتفاضة مستمرة في الضفة والقدس، وما دام ظهْر المنتفضين محمياً بصواريخ كتائب “القسام” مع باقي الفصائل، كما تعهدت المقاومة على لسان أبو عُبَيْدة، فمن الممكن انتزاع المزيد من الحقوق العربية والإسلامية في فلسطين من دون قيدٍ أو شرطٍ، ومن دون تقديم جوائز ترضيةٍ للاحتلال، على طريق تحرير كامل التراب الفلسطيني واقتلاع هذا الكيان الصهيوني المصطنع. ولذلك، باتت القدس اليوم حقاً أقرب.

Tens of thousands attend largest pro-Palestine march in British history


Organisers say the demonstration in London was attended by 180,000 people, as Gaza ceasefire holds for second day

Pro-Palestine demonstrators marched through the streets of London, passing Parliament and Downing Street (Reuters)

By Areeb Ullah

Published date: 22 May 2021 16:07 UTC | Last update: 7 hours 49 mins ago

Holding Palestinian flags and placards in the pouring rain, tens of thousands of people on Saturday descended on the streets of central London to protest against Israeli attacks in Gaza and the rest of historic Palestine. 

Gathering on London’s Embankment, protesters marched past the Parliament buildings and through Oxford Street as they chanted “Free Palestine” and demanded an end to Israel’s occupation. Israel-Palestine: The girl who showed the world the suffering of Gaza’s children

Read More »

Some protesters lit flares showing the colours of the Palestinian flag as they gathered in the capital’s iconic Trafalgar Square, chanting “Palestine will be free”. 

Organisers, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Friends of Al-Aqsa, estimated that at least 180,000 people attended the London demonstration, making it the largest pro-Palestine protest in British history. 

Protests also took place in other UK cities, including Birmingham and Liverpool, as calls mounted for Britain to impose sanctions on Israel for its actions.

Ceasefire holds

The protests came after Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire on a Friday that saw an end to Israel’s daily bombardment of Gaza that killed at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, since the 10 May.

Despite the ceasefire, Israeli forces stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday after prayers ended in the afternoon, when hundreds of Palestinians had gathered to celebrate the ceasefire. Israel-Palestine: Ceasefire holding as aid arrives in bomb-shattered Gaza

Read More »

Israeli forces continue to bar Palestinian protesters from entering the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem, where residents face possible expulsion from their homes.

However, pro-Israeli protesters continue to be let into the Sheikh Jarrah area, according to human rights observers. 

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas held in Gaza on Saturday as humanitarian aid began to enter the besieged enclave and as thousands of displaced Palestinians returned to their homes. 

Convoys of lorries carrying aid began passing into Gaza through the Karem Abu Salem crossing after it was reopened by Israel, bringing much-needed medicine, food and fuel. 

The UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund said it had released $18.5m for humanitarian efforts.

Hezbollah Looking for the Day on Which It Joins Palestinian Resistance Fight against Israeli Enemy on All Fronts in Palestine: Sayyed Safieddine

May 17, 2021

Head of Hezbollah Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, pointed out that the Palestinian resistance has managed to settle the military confrontation with the Israeli occupation army, adding that what the Zionist enemy can still do is killing civilians and destroying buildings.

“The Israeli enemy is repeating the same follies it committed during 2006 war .”

During Hezbollah ceremony held in Dahyeh’s Haret Hreik in support of Gaza against the Israeli aggression, Sayyed Safieddine stressed that the Israeli enemy is obliged to acknowledge the new repercussions of the formula imposed by the Palestinian resistance missiles, or that it will pay a heavy price.

Sayyed Safieddine indicated that defending Palestine protects the entire Umma, adding that this battle has extinguished the flame of sedition in the Umma.

In this context, Sayyed Safieddine highlighted of the former military commander of Hezbollah, the martyr Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, and the former commander of IRGC’s Quds Force, the martyr General Qassem Suleimani, in building up the rocketry power of the Palestinian resistance.

Sayyed Safieddine noted that Hezbollah has remarkably augmented it military capabilities since 2006 war, adding that the Resistance Party is now looking for the Day on which it joins the Palestinian Resistance fight against Israeli enemy on all the fronts.

During the ceremony, the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziyad Nakhala, stressed that Palestinian resistance will continue fighting the Zionist enemy till gaining the victory.

For his part, Osama Hamdan, the commander of Hamas movement in Lebanon, stressed that the Israeli aggression unified the Palestinians, adding that the Palestinian resistance is establishing new formulas in the confrontation with the Zionist enemy.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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What makes the Palestinian catastrophe incomparable to any crime that has occurred for humanity?

May 15, 2021

By Batoul Sbeity

 Why is Palestine considered the core issue when it comes to human justice, such that Al-Quds Day- a day to raise awareness about the plight of all oppressed groups is done in the name and the sanctity of Al-Aqsa? 

1)  The perpetrating entities of the oppression:

The formation of Israel was a settler-colonial conspiracy project- the biggest of its kind in history that was founded by the hegemonic global ruling system solely to serve their interest. 

The reality is that the Zionists were hunters for sources of power in the world that could actualize their vision of a Jewish homeland, and wherever the imperialists place the Zionists, they will follow. 

During the beginning of the 20th century, imperial Britain was adamant about creating for itself an extension in the land of Palestine, which was specifically chosen due to the benefits of the strategic location and the history of the land that could be used as a justifying pretext to the world.

It is the responsibility of all of humanity to correct the biggest shame that have occurred. All nations need to apply pressure on their governments to sever ties with the occupying state and grant the right of return and compensation for all Palestinian citizens. The Zionists and their imperial masters weaponized the anti-semitism that existed within sections of the people and activated this into a slogan that was used to justify the containment of settler Jews in Palestine whilst blackmailing those resisting the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians into accepting this new reality.

The U.S.S.R was the first government to recognize the illegitimate establishment of Israel and sent a large number of settler Jews there, whilst the U.S. took over Britain’s role after rising to power in post-WWII, providing the bulk of financial, political, security, and military support to the occupying state- to the extent that its existence is purely dependent and linked to the U.S. 

Israel’s functional role is to act as a stick for the world superpower, namely the U.S., used in order to punish other entities in the region that fail to obey U.S. orders and for them to maintain a direct presence at the heart of the strategic Middle East (West Asia).

2)  The nature of the oppression: 

Israel is the only settler-colonial state existing today. This means the existence of the occupying Israeli settlers is predicated on the forced and violent removal of the land’s indigenous inhabitants prior to 1948.

During the 1948 Nakba, Israeli forces killed an estimated 13,000 Palestinians and forcibly evicted 700,000-1 million Palestinians from their homes and land. Five hundred and thirty-one (50%) of Palestinian villages were entirely depopulated and destroyed. 

The Nakba continues today. Palestinians are the largest and longest-suffering group of refugees in the world. One in three refugees worldwide is Palestinian and over 60% are registered for humanitarian assistance with the UN.
Within occupied Palestine, the occupying state has displayed no limits to their aggression in pursuit of their expansionist ideals while have not been held to any account for their crimes against humanity.  

3)  The magnitude of the oppression:

The perpetrators realize a great magnitude of direct force and violence is needed to prevent any rebellion movement since the thief understands the victim will resist with whatever they have, and they, therefore, seek to crush the spirit of this resistance. The occupying state has made it mandatory for every Israeli Jew to serve in the ‘IDF’, and they are indoctrinated from a young age to believe every Palestinian is a ‘terrorist’, whilst their survival is dependent on getting rid of the indigenous Palestinians. 

With over 2.5 million Palestinian’s living in the West Bank, an extremely densely populated region, Israel is not only seizing the best land and resources through annexing the territories and giving themselves false authority over the land, but they are striving to create an unbearable condition for the Palestinian’s living within, such that they become hopeless and would want to immigrate and abandon their own homeland. 

4)  Continuity of the oppression:

Since the financial and military existence of Israel is completely linked to the U.S., this oppression will continue until Israel loses its functional role due to the balance of powers that are increasingly not in the U.S.’s favor in the region.

Besides the axis of resistance and its proponents, all countries are turning a blind eye to the continuous oppression in Palestine, which is legitimized by the majority of the world since there is an overlap between their aims and they only account for what is in their interests. They seek to wipe the history of Palestine and grant legitimacy to Israel’s existence, although acknowledging its illegality should by any standards create an uprising.

It is the responsibility of all of humanity to correct the biggest shame that have occurred. All nations need to apply pressure on their governments to sever ties with the occupying state and grant the right of return and compensation for all Palestinian citizens. 

Mahmoud Abbas plunges into the unknown as Israel represses Palestinians

May 17, 2021

TEHRAN – As Israel continues to pummel Palestinian civilians in Gaza with airstrikes and cracks down on their compatriots in the West Bank and the Green Line zone, the internationally recognized leader of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the PNA, is going through one of his worst experiences as the leader of the Palestinian people. On the one hand, his perennially extended hands to the Israelis for appeasement talks have gotten him nothing. Israel continues to brazenly push away any meaningful solution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict while shamelessly pursuing state-sanctioned racist policies such as expanding settlement programs and evicting Palestinians from their ancestral homes.
On the other hand, the Palestinian people, groaning under the weight of Israeli hubris, are turning their back on the PNA and its leader. They saw Mahmoud Abbas unable to do anything when the Israeli regime showed disrespect for democratic trappings by preventing the PNA from holding the long-awaited elections in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Mahmoud Abbas also failed to prevent the Israeli inhumane and racist decision to evict a number of Palestinian families from their ancestral homes in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and replace them with extremist Jews, a move that caused an international outcry and eventually provoked Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to strike back at Israel.

And when Israel began its campaign of air raids against civilians in Gaza Abbas also failed to organize an international diplomatic pressure campaign against Israel to stop it from continuing its killing spree in the coastal strip. This was despite the fact that public opinion in the West was overwhelmingly in favor of Palestine because Israel’s behavior in Gaza is untenable. At the end of the day, no one can come to understand why Israel should demolish a tower hosting international correspondents and raze to the ground residential towers.

The image of children and women being taken out of rubble weighed heavy on the conscience of humanity.

As Israel pounded Gaza with rockets and artillery shells, several leaders and diplomats in the region and beyond began a flurry of diplomatic efforts to put pressure on Israel to stop its disregard for international law and human rights. 

Abbas, however, was almost absent from these efforts. He hit the headlines only when he, all of a sudden, spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden, who is widely seen as complicit in the Israeli atrocities because he stopped short of putting real pressure on the Israeli regime. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even boasted that Biden supports the Israeli crimes against Gaza. This happened at a time when even Biden’s fellow Democrats believe that Israel is an “apartheid” regime.

“Apartheid states aren’t democracies,” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet that garnered more than 310,000 likes. 

Recent developments in Palestine, especially in the West Bank and in Arab cities inside Israel, showed how irrelevant Abbas became. Jibril Rajoub, a Palestinian leader close to Abbas, admitted his boss’s isolation by saying that no Arab leaders called Abbas since the latest round of Israeli violence began.

Abbas faces growing criticism from Palestinian intellectuals to keep up with the people he claims to represent. For example, the Palestinians were in favor of holding the election even after Israel banned Palestinians residing in occupied East Jerusalem from participating in the election. But some Palestinian voices believe that the PNA should have gone forward with its decision to hold the election.

“The excuse of Jerusalem [PNA] to justify the postponement of the Palestinian election is a flimsy one, and the strongest image we had hoped to see was stolen from us, which is a picture of an Israeli soldier confiscating an election box or a soldier arresting voters for voting in elections,” Said Azmi Bishara, a prominent Palestinian intellectual and former member of the Knesset, said in a recent interview with Al-Araby Television.

Others have long criticized the PNA for continuing what came to be known as “security coordination” with Israel, a type of cooperation mainly aimed at boosting Israel’s security at the expense of the Palestinian struggle for basic human rights.


The mask of “liberal democracy” falls with a bang

May 17, 2021

The mask of “liberal democracy” falls with a bang

By Pepe Escobar for The Saker Blog and thereafter widely distributed

Nakba, May 15, 2021. Future historians will mark the day when Western “liberal democracy” issued a graphic proclamation: We bomb media offices and destroy “freedom of the press” in an open air concentration camp while we forbid peaceful demonstrations under a state of siege in the heart of Europe.

And if you revolt, we cancel you.

6 members of the same family assassinated at this bombing in Beit Lahia

Gaza meets Paris. The bombing of the al-Jalaa tower – an eminently residential building which also housed the bureaus of al-Jazeera and AP, among others – by “the only democracy in the Middle East” is directly connected to the verboten order carried out by Macron’s Ministry of Interior.

For all practical purposes Paris endorsed the occupying power’s provocations in East Jerusalem; the invasion of al-Aqsa mosque – complete with tear gas and stun grenades; racist Zionist gangs harassing and crying “death to Arabs”; armed settlers aggressing Palestinian families threatened with expulsion from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan; a campaign of carpet bombing whose lethal victims – on average – are 30% children.

Paris crowds were not intimidated. From Barbes to Republique, they marched in the streets – their rallying cry being Israel assassin, Macron complice. They instinctively understodood that Le Petit Roi – a puny Rothschild employee – had just firebombed the historical legacy of the nation that coined the Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L’Homme.

The mask of “liberal democracy” kept falling again and again in a loop – with imperial Big Tech dutifully canceling the voices of Palestinians and defenders of Palestine en masse, in tandem with a diplomatic kabuki that could fool only the already brain-dead.

On May 16, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired a United States Security Council (UNSC) debate via video link that had been stalled by Washington, non-stop, throughout the week. China presides the UNSC throughout May.

The UNSC could not even agree on a mere joint statement. Once again because the UNSC was blocked by the – cowardly – Empire of Chaos.

It was up to Hua Liming, former Chinese ambassador to Iran, to break it all down in a single sentence:

“The US doesn’t want to give the credit of mediating the Palestine-Israel conflict to China, especially when China is the president of the UNSC.”

The usual imperial procedure is to “talk”, “offer you can’t refuse” Mafia-style, to both sides under the table – as the combo behind Crash Test Dummy, an avowed Zionist, had already admitted on an appalling White House tweet “reaffirming” its “strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Liming emphasized, correctly, “this is the key reason why any solution or ceasefire between Israel and Gaza or other forces in the region would be temporary.”

The whole Global South is incessantly bombarded by the imperial “human rights” rhetoric – from convicted crook Navalny to fake reports on Xinjiang. Yet when there is a real human rights catastrophe unleashed by the settler colonialist ally’s carpet bombing, Liming pointed out how “the hypocrisy and double standards of the US have been exposed again”.

One phone call can stop it

Amos Yadlin is the former IDF Military Intelligence Directorate chief, and also former Israeli military attaché to the US.

In a meeting with South African Zionists, he admitted the obvious: the Zionist carnage against Gaza can be stopped by Crash Test Dummy – who happens to be, what else, a Zionist puppet.

Yadlin claimed that the Crash Test Dummy administration, rather the combo behind it, was getting “impatient” and he would be “not surprised if this will all stop in 48 hours.” And once again he had to reinforce the obvious: “When the Egyptians ask Israel to stop, Israel doesn’t want to stop. But if the Americans will ask Israel to stop, Israel will have to listen.”

The Empire practices trademark doublespeak when referring to the “international community” – which in theory gathers at the UN. The concomitant 24/7 propaganda barrage applies only to the motley crew of partners in crime, minions, lackeys, poodles and vassals, imperially ignoring and/or pissing on the heads of over 80% of the planet. Confronted with the reality of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and others, “rules-based international order” does not even qualify as a joke for retards.

So next time you see some sub-zoology specimen deploying the “Israel has the right to defend itself” Maximum Stupidity argument, the only possible response is to unleash facts as missiles.

Every sentient being with a conscience knows Palestine faces a racist settler colonialism project boasting an armed-to-the-hilt-military and several nuclear bombs, specialized in practicing state terrorism.

Gaza though is a particularly horrifying case. Population: nearly 2 million people. One of the top densely populated areas on the planet. A de facto open air concentration camp where no less than 50% are children, one in ten stunted to a great extent because of food shortages provoked by the Israeli blockade. The official Israeli military plan is to allow just enough food in so the whole population barely survives. 50% of the population depends on food aid.

No less than 70% of families are refugees, who were ethnically cleansed from what is now southern Israel: there are roughly 1.46 million refugees out of a population of 1.9 million.

Gaza has 8 refugee camps – some being bombed as we speak. Never forget that Israel ruled Gaza directly from 1967 to 2005 and did less than zero to better their appalling conditions.

There are only 22 health centers, 16 social services offices and 11 food distribution centers, serving roughly 1 million people. No airport or port: both destroyed by Israel. The unemployment rate is 50% – the highest on the whole planet. Clean water is available to only 5% of the population.

But then there’s the Resistance. Elijah Magnier has shown how they have already pierced Israel’s pre-fabricated aura of invulnerability and “prestige” – and there’s only one way to go, as the speed, accuracy, range and potency of rockets and missiles can only improve.

In parallel, in a wise strategic move, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have made it very clear they prefer that Hezbollah does not get itself directly involved – for now, thus allowing the whole Global South to be focused on the carnage perpetrated against Gaza.

“A landscape of iron and desolation”

Sociologie de Jerusalem, by Sylvaine Bulle, is a short but quite illuminating book showing how the battle for East Jerusalem is as imperative for the future of Palestine as the tragedy in Gaza.

Bulle focuses on the “internal racism” in Israel directly linked to the hegemony of extreme-right Zionist “elites”. A key consequence has been the “peripherization” and marginalization of East Jerusalem, thrown into a situation of “forced dependence” of Westernized West Jerusalem.

Bulle shows how East Jerusalem only exists as “a landscape of iron and desolation”, through a juxtaposition of ultra-dense and totally abandoned zones. Palestinians who live in these areas are not regarded or respected as citizens.

Beit Lahia – the horrifying detail

It got much worse after 2004 and the construction of The Wall – which prevented the daily mobility of Palestinians living in the occupied territories and the Palestinians in Jerusalem. That was an extra fracture, with parts of East Jerusalem isolated on the other side of the wall and a lot of people now living in a real no man’s land. Very few across the “liberal democratic” West have any idea how does that feel in practice.

Palestinians in East Jerusalem don’t have Israeli nationality. Most have Jordanian passports. Yet now even Palestinians with Israeli nationality are rebelling – in most cases in very poor towns in the center of the country. Young generations simply have no reason to believe they belong in Israel.

As for Israeli secular leftists, they have been “neutralized” and carry no political power, as they were incapable of integrating the working masses, which in turn were completely captured by hardcore religious extremists.

Bulle’s conclusion, expressed with way too much diplomacy (this is France, after all), is inevitable: the state of Israel is more and more Jewish and less and less democratic, a de facto Zionist regime. She believes it might be possible to rebuild the link between Jewish national identity and democracy, including the rights of Palestinian minorities.

Sorry, but that’s not gonna happen, as the current tragedy, which started in East Jerusalem, graphically shows.

The Via Dolorosa continues – as we all watch in horror. Just imagine the inter-galactic Western levels of hysteria if Russia or China were bombing, firing shells and missiles and killing children in residential areas. No wonder the Empire of Chaos – and Lies, posing as a “liberal democracy” while enabling the murderous Zionist project, is firmly flirting with the dustbin of History.

Pepe Escobar’s new book is Raging Twenties. Follow him on VKTelegram and Instagram.

US/Western Support for Israel Mass Slaughter and Destruction Throughout the Occupied Territories

May 16, 2021

By Stephen Lendman


Support by the US-dominated West lets apartheid Israel reign terror on Occupied Palestinians with impunity — as it’s done from inception since its 1947-48 war of aggression.

An illegitimately created Jewish state in the Arab Middle East remains a prescription for endless conflict.

It’s ongoing perpetually by Israel against Palestinians its ruling regimes want dispossessed of their homes and land, against Syria for years and Lebanon at the Jewish state’s discretion.

As long as apartheid Israel exists, the Middle East will remain one of the world’s hot spots.  

What the Netanyahu regime named Operation Guardian of the Walls, Hamas calls Operation Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Sword.

A statement its leadership issued last week said the following:

“We warned the enemy not to insist on attacking our holy sites and our people.” 

“The enemy, however, continued its brutality, so it’s time now to pay a price.” 

“We have accumulated our military experience in a bid to defend our people, whom we will never abandon.” 

“Our weapon is the weapon of all our people.”

“The time when the coward enemy can attack Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds without being held accountable is over.”

Sunday marks day-seven of Israeli aggression on Gaza — and throughout the Occupied Territories perpetually — defenseless Palestinian civilians paying the biggest price.

Deaths, injuries and mass destruction increase by the hour, including by smashing residential buildings in the Strip and other non-military-related targets.

In all preemptive Israeli wars, inflicting maximum pain, suffering, deaths, destruction, and slow-motion genocide are key objectives — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

On Saturday, Netanyahu pledged to continue endless Israeli aggression on Gaza.

In response, Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyah vowed that “resistance” to Israeli state terror “will not give in.”

According to Gaza health officials Sunday morning, pre-dawn Israeli terror-bombing killed over two dozen more Palestinians in the Strip, including 8 more children.

As of early Sunday morning local time, at least 182 Palestinians were massacred by Israel in cold blood, including around 50 children — thousands injured in Gaza and throughout the Territories.

Whatever the death, injury, and destruction toll at any moment in time, carnage continues to increase hourly throughout one day after another — how it’s been since May 10.

On Sunday, the UN Security Council will hold a first-ever open discussion on the ongoing conflict — to include representatives from Occupied Palestine, Israel and other regional countries, notably Jordan and Egypt.

Two earlier closed-door sessions were held in the past week.

So far, Biden regime hardliners — in support of Israeli aggression — blocked issuance of a statement criticizing it.

Over the weekend, the Biden regime again defied reality by falsely blaming Hamas for Israel’s preemptive reign of terror on Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu regime envoy to Washington Gilad Erdan thanked “POTUS” for its one-sided support.

In cities worldwide, large-scale pro-Palestinian rallies continue to be held.

Some participants carried banners and chanted: 

“Free Palestine.” 

“Israel is a terrorist state.” 

“Occupation No More.” 

“We demand change.”

“Not in my name.”

“Solidarity with Palestine.”

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and other anti-Israeli slogans. 

Jewish state flags were burned.

In the US, thousands turned out in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and elsewhere nationwide, including downtown Chicago where I live — in solidarity with long-suffering Palestinians.

According to WGN TV Chicago:

“A massive group of protesters from The Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine filled Congress Plaza in downtown Chicago Wednesday to condemn…Israeli aggression.”

“Demonstrators (rallied along the city’s) Magnificent Mile,” including near Chicago’s landmark Water Tower.

CBS TV Chicago reported on a south side “Bridgeview (rally) in support of Palestinians.”

In Los Angeles on Saturday, one demonstrator likely spoke for many others nationwide, saying:

“I’m here because I want a Palestinian life to equal an Israeli life and today it doesn’t,” adding:

“When you have a nuclear-armed state and another state of villagers with rocks, it is clear who is to blame.”

May 15 marked the 73rd anniversary of Nakba Day — the catastrophe, reflecting mass-displacement of Palestinians and decades of endless suffering under suffocating occupation.

Earlier I quoted a violently displaced Palestinian saying the following:

“I cannot forget three horror-filled days in July of 1948.” 

“The pain sears my memory, and I cannot rid myself of it no matter how hard I try.”

“First, Israeli soldiers forced thousands of Palestinians from their homes near the Mediterranean coast, even though some families had lived in the same houses for centuries.”

“My family had been in the town of Lydda in Palestine at least 1,600 years.” 

“Then, without water, we stumbled into the hills and continued for three deadly days.”

“The Jewish soldiers followed, occasionally shooting over our heads to scare us and keep us moving.” 

“Terror filled my eleven-year-old mind as I wondered what would happen.”

“I remembered overhearing my father and his friends express alarm about recent massacres by Jewish terrorists. Would they kill us, too?”

“We did not know what to do, except to follow orders and stumble blindly up the rocky hills.” 

“I walked hand in hand with my grandfather, who carried our only remaining possessions-a small tin of sugar and some milk for my aunt’s two-year-old son, sick with typhoid.”

Palestinians are no match against Israeli brutality committed against them — how it’s always been.

Nakba survivors recall the horror they endured. 

Arabs were gunned down in cold blood, women raped.

Other atrocities were committed. Hundreds of thousands displaced hoped one day they’d return.

They and descendants are still waiting, enduring ruthless militarized occupation.

On Nakba Day 2021, the 

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) explained “10 facts you need to know about the Palestinian Nakba:”

1. Zionist militia forcibly displaced from “750,000 and 1,000,000 Palestinians into exile, making them refugees.”

2. Around eight million Palestinian refugees are denied their legal “right to return to their homes, lands and other property by Israel, simply because they are not Jewish.”

3. The Nakba was well-planned forced displacement of indigenous Arabs to create a Jewish state in historic Palestine.

4. “Zionist militia begun its ethnic cleansing of Palestinian towns and villages months before the creation of the State of Israel.”

5. Jewish state Arab citizens are discriminated against for being non-Jews and treated like fifth column threats which they’re not.

6. In creating an illegitimate Jewish state by stealing historic Palestinian land, Zionist militia “destroyed about 530 Palestinian towns and villages to prevent refugees from returning.”

7. The Jewish National Fund (JNF)…holds…stolen (Palestinian) land as “the perpetual property of the Jewish People” — illegally.

8. “The Nakba did not end in 1948 and continues to this day, in the form of Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian land for settlements and for Jewish communities inside Israel, its destruction of Palestinian homes and agricultural land, revocation of residency rights , deportations, demographic engineering, periodic brutal military assaults, and forced displacement.”

9. “Many (East Jerusalem)Sheikh Jarrah…residents were ethnically cleansed from their homes during the Nakba.” 

“They currently face becoming refugees for the second or third time.”

Throughout the Occupied Territories, “(i)ndigenous Palestinians are being forced from their homes by state sponsored violence at the hands of Israeli soldiers, Israeli police, and armed Israeli” settlers.

10. Israeli law “prohibits Palestinians who are second-class citizens of the state from commemorating the Nakba on May 15.” 

“This does not stop Palestinians from remembering.”

According to the BNC, the most effective way to support justice for long-suffering Palestinians is by “(s)har(ing) stories of the Nakba from Palestinians and join(ing) BDS campaigns.”

تصعيد إسرائيلي متنقّل في القدس والمقاومة تُحذّر: ردّنا آتٍ


 السبت 8 أيار 2021

تصعيد إسرائيلي متنقّل في القدس والمقاومة تُحذّر: ردّنا آتٍ
ترافقت الصلوات في المسجد الأقصى، أمس، مع العديد من التظاهرات والوقفات الاحتجاجية (أ ف ب )

غزة في وقت كان فيه الفلسطينيون يترقّبون موعد اقتحام المستوطنين للمسجد الأقصى بعد غدٍ الاثنين، سبقت قوات العدو المستوطنين إلى ذلك باقتحامها المسجد واشتباكها مع المصلّين وإغلاقها الحرم القدسي بالكامل. خطوة تصعيدية هي الأكبر منذ سنوات، استدعت مواقف مندّدة من فصائل المقاومة، التي حذّرت العدوّ من أنّ عليه «أن يتوقّع ردّنا في أيّ لحظة». يأتي ذلك فيما يتصاعد التوتّر في المدينة المحتلّة على خلفية قضية حيّ الشيخ جرّاح، التي تحوّلت إلى مادّة اشتباك يومي مع العدو، في محاولة من الفلسطينيين لحماية أهالي الحيّ من خطر الترحيل

في خطوة تصعيدية هي الأكبر منذ سنوات، اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال المسجد الأقصى، وأطلقت النار والغاز المسيل للدموع على المصلّين الذين تصدّوا لعملية الاقتحام، ما أوقع عشرات الإصابات في صفوفهم. وتواصَل الاقتحام لساعات تخلّلتها عمليات اعتقال للمصلّين، والهجوم على غرفة الأذان، وقطع أسلاك مكبّرات الصوت. وتلت ذلك خطوة تصعيدية أخرى، بإغلاق العدو الحرم القدسي بالكامل، ومنعه صلاتَي العشاء والتراويح فيه، وسط سخط فلسطيني ودعوات إلى التصعيد. وأعلنت حركة «حماس» أن رئيس مكتبها السياسي، إسماعيل هنية، يُجري اتصالات مع عدد من المسؤولين في المنطقة لوقف الاعتداءات على المصلّين في الأقصى، فيما أكّد الأمين العام لحركة «الجهاد الإسلامي»، زياد النخالة، أن «ما يجري في القدس لا يمكن السكوت عليه، وعلى العدو أن يتوقّع ردّنا في أيّ لحظة».

وكان نحو 70 ألف فلسطيني قد أدّوا صلاة الجمعة الرابعة والأخيرة من شهر رمضان في رحاب المسجد الأقصى، جرّاء الإجراءات المشدّدة التي حالت دون وصول المصلّين إلى المسجد، والتي ترافقت مع نشر تعزيزات كبيرة في مدينة القدس المحتلّة. وجاء ذلك بعد يوم من توجيه محمد الضيف، قائد أركان الجناح العسكري لحركة «حماس»، «الإنذار الأخير» إلى العدو لوقف ما يجري في المدينة، الأمر الذي دفع الاحتلال إلى رفع درجة التأهّب على حدود قطاع غزة وفي الضفة والقدس. وحذّر خطيب الجمعة من «الخطر القادم، وسياسة الظلم التي يمارسها الاحتلال»، مستدركاً بأن «ذلك لن يدوم أمام الصامدين والصابرين في بيوتهم». وعلى مدار اليومين الماضيين، عاشت المدينة ساعات قاسية تخلّلتها اشتباكات عنيفة مع الاحتلال، الذي سمح للمستوطنين في حيّ الشيخ جرّاح بالاعتداء على مائدة إفطار أعدّها الفلسطينيون أمام البيوت المهدّدة بالإخلاء، بالتزامن مع نصْب زعيم حزب «الصهيونية الدينية»، يائير بن غافير، مكتباً له في الحيّ، وهو ما كان كفيلاً بتفجير الأوضاع ودفْع الصائمين الفلسطينيين إلى الهجوم على خيمته وتكسيرها ومهاجمة سيّارات المستوطنين وحرق إحداها. وعلى الفور، دفعت قوات العدو بعناصر كبيرة من وحدات القمع إلى حيّ الشيخ جرّاح، حيث اعتقلت العشرات من المقدسيين، وأصابت 20 آخرين بجروح، فيما رصدت وسائل الإعلام المستوطنين وهم يحملون المسدّسات ويوجّهونها نحو الفلسطينيين العزّل لإرهابهم.

استشهد شابّان فلسطينيان بعد إطلاق النار عليهما من قِبَل الاحتلال قرب جنين

وترافقت الصلوات في المسجد الأقصى، أمس، مع العديد من التظاهرات والوقفات الاحتجاجية، التي دعت المقاومة في غزّة إلى قصف مدينة تل أبيب وتلقين الاحتلال درساً كبيراً. وأصيب العشرات من الفلسطينيين في قمع الاحتلال لمسيرات شعبية في عدد من مناطق الضفة المحتلّة، إذ اعتدى جنوده على فعالية جبل صبيح السلمية في بلدة بيتا جنوبي نابلس شمال الضفة الغربية، بالإضافة إلى المسيرة الأسبوعية في قرية كفر قدوم شرقي قلقيلية لمناهضة الاستيطان. وتلا ذلك قمع وقفة دعم وإسناد لأهالي منطقة عين البيضا المهدّدة بالاستيلاء عليها جنوبي شرقي يطا جنوب الخليل. وخلال المسيرة الأسبوعية شمال شرق قرية بيت دجن شرقي نابلس، أصيب شاب فلسطيني برصاصة في قدمه وآخرون بالاختناق، بعد مهاجمة العدو المسيرة والاعتداء عليها عقب صلاة الجمعة. وعصر أمس أيضاً، اقتحم مستوطنون مسلّحون حيّ الشيخ جرّاح، في مقابل تنظيم الفلسطينيين مسيرة وفعاليات تضامنية مع أهالي الحيّ الذين يواجهون خطر الترحيل. واستخدمت قوات الاحتلال قنابل الصوت لتفريق المتظاهرين وإغلاق مداخل «الشيخ جرّاح» لمنع وصول المتضامنين إليه.

في هذه الأثناء، أجّلت المحكمة العليا في دولة العدو البتّ في قضية إخلاء الفلسطينيين أربعة منازل في الحيّ لمصلحة مستوطنين، إلى يوم الاثنين المقبل، بعد إبلاغ المحامين المحكمة برفض عقد اتفاق مع المستوطنين يقضي بملكيّة الأخيرين للأرض. يأتي ذلك فيما قرّرت السلطة الفلسطينية نقل ملفّ الحيّ إلى المحكمة الجنائية الدولية. وتصاعدت قضية «الشيخ جرّاح» دولياً، بعدما حثّت الأمم المتحدة، على لسان المتحدث باسم مفوضيّتها السامية لحقوق الإنسان روبرت كولفيل، الاحتلال الإسرائيلي، أمس، على إنهاء جميع عمليات «الإخلاء القسري» بحق الفلسطينيين في الحيّ، محذّرة من أن أفعال تل أبيب قد تشكّل «جرائم حرب». وأكّدت أن القدس الشرقية لا تزال جزءاً من الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلّة، ويسري عليها القانون الإنساني الدولي، وعليه فإن إسرائيل لا تستطيع فرض منظومتها التشريعية في الأراضي المحتلة والقدس الشرقية.

إلى ذلك، استشهد شابّان فلسطينيان، وأصيب ثالث بجروح خطيرة، جرّاء إطلاق النار عليهم من قِبَل الاحتلال قرب مدينة جنين في الضفة. وزعمت مصادر عبرية أن المنفّذين كانوا في طريقهم إلى داخل الأراضي المحتلّة، بهدف تنفيذ عملية عسكرية كبيرة، لكن الجيش أوقف الحافلة التي كانت تقلّهم ونقلها إلى حاجز سالم قرب جنين، ما دفعهم إلى الاشتباك مع الجنود هناك.

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The rapid Zionist colonisation of Palestine

By: Dr. Ghulam Habib How did Palestine turn into a war-torn land after Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Jews were living in harmony and peace among themselves? This visual documentary presents historical perspective to shed light on how the first Zionist colony was built in Palestine in 1878 to where we are today with continued illegal occupation, massacres, destruction, and expansion in oppressed Palestine.

Music in this video: ‘The Feeling Begins’ by Peter Gabriel Licensed to YouTube by: itspetergabriel, WMG (on behalf of Real World Records); LatinAutor – SonyATV, SOLAR Music Rights Management, LatinAutorPerf, CMRRA, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., EMI Music Publishing, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, and 8 Music Rights Societies. Original post here:…

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestinei (08 – 14 April 2021)


Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (08 – 14 April 2021)

 April 15, 2021

Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestine

08 – 14 April 2021

  • IOF excessive use of force in the West Bank: Palestinian child lost his eye by IOF’s shooting while 4 other civilians were injured, including a journalist.
  • Three IOF shootings reported at agricultural areas
  • In 135 IOF incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem: 94 civilians arrested, including 6 children, 3 women and a candidate running for elections
  • Ramadan Iftar Meals Banned entry, al-Aqsa Mosque raided, and the loudspeakers for the Addhan damaged.
  • Children activity “Tamr Hendi” banned in East Jerusalem
  • 13 dunums confiscated and construction of 2540 housing units approved in 2 settlements in occupied Jerusalem
  • A house and an agricultural room demolished in Bethlehem while a house notified of stopping construction works in Hebron
  • IOF established 53 temporary military checkpoints in the West Bank and arrested 7 Palestinian civilians on said checkpoints


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued to commit crimes and multi-layered violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force, assault, abuse and attacks on civilians that are mostly conducted after midnight and in the early morning hours. IOF arrested the representative of “Jerusalem is Our Destiny” list running for Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections while Ramadan Iftar meals were banned entry into al-Aqsa Mosque, which was raided and the wires of the loudspeakers used for addhan were cut.  Moreover, 13 dunums were confiscated this week and construction of hundreds of housing units were approved in 2 settlements in East Jerusalem. Even more, IOF continued its demolition operations and delivery of cease-construction and demolition notices in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. PCHR documented 200 violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by IOF and settlers in the oPt.

IOF shooting and violation of right to bodily integrity:

Five Palestinians, including a child and a photojournalist, were injured due to IOF excessive use of force against civilians in the West Bank: the child was injured in his eye in clashes with IOF in Hebron; as a result, he lost his eye while the fourt civilians, including the photojournalist, were all injured in suppression of a protest in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem.  Also, dozens suffocated due to tear gas inhalation, and others were wounded in IOF assaults during house raids across the West Bank.

In the Gaza Strip, 3 IOF shootings were reported on agricultural lands in eastern Gaza Strip.

IOF incursions and arrests of Palestinian civilians: IOF carried out 135 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Those incursions included raids of civilian houses and shootings, enticing fear among civilians, and attacking many of them. During this week’s incursions, 94 Palestinians were arrested, including 6 children and 3 women.  In the Gaza Strip, IOF carried out a limited incursion into eastern al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.


PCHR documented 6 incidents:

  • East Jerusalem: 13 dunums confiscated from Hizma village and construction of 2540 housing units approved in “Givat Hamatos” and ” Har Homa” settlements.
  • Bethlehem: an agricultural room demolished in al-Khader village, and a house demolished in ‘Osh al-Ghorab neighborhood in Beit Sahour.
  • Hebron: construction works stopped in a house upon a notice in Susya village, south of Yatta, 2 tents and an iron fence used as a sheep barn dismantled, south of Dura.

 PCHR fieldworkers reported settlers’ riots in the eastern outskirts of ‘Ein Yabud village, east of Ramallah.

Israeli closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement:

On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF declared complete closure of the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip crossings for “Independence Day.”  According to the IOF’s announcement, the closure started at 19:00 on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, and last until 00:00 on Friday, 15 April 2021. IOF said exceptions would be made for “humanitarian, medical and special cases”.

This comes in a time when the Gaza Strip still suffers the worst closure in the history of the Israeli occupation of the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods, humanitarian conditions and bearing catastrophic consequences on all aspects of life.

Meanwhile, IOF continued to divide the West Bank into separate cantons with key roads blocked by the Israeli occupation since the Second Intifada and with temporary and permanent checkpoints, where civilian movement is restricted, and they are subject to arrest.

Shooting and other Violations of the Right to Life and Bodily Integrity

  • At approximately 10:30 on Friday, 09 April 2021, IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, east of Deir al-Balah city, in the center of the Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian shepherds; no causalities were reported.
  • At approximately 14:00 on Friday, 09 April 2021, a group of Palestinian young men gathered in al-Zawiyia Gate area in the center of Hebron, and threw stones at the military checkpoint (56), which is established on the closed al-Shuhada Street. IOF chased Palestinian young men, fired sound bombs, and teargas canisters at them. As a result, many stone-throwers suffocated due to teargas inhalation. IOF continued to chase the young men into Abu al-Humus road, which leads to al-Shiekh neighborhood’s entrance, and indiscriminately fired rubber bullets at them and at shops. As a result, ‘Izz al-Deen Nedal al-Batsh (13) was shot with a rubber bullet in his right eye while he was in his father’s grocery shop and was taken to Hebron Governmental Hospital. Al-Batsh was then referred to St John Jerusalem Eye Hospital, where he underwent a surgery to remove his eye completely due to a laceration. Clashes between IOF and Palestinian young men continued until 17:30; no arrests were reported.
  • At approximately 16:00, IOF suppressed a peaceful protest organized by dozens of Palestinian young men and international and Israeli activists in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood against the displacement of 19 Palestinian families from the neighborhood, north of occupied East Jerusalem, in favor of settlers. The protestors gathered near the neighborhood entrance, raised banners against the ethnic cleansing and chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation, settlement and ethnic cleansing decisions issued in favor of Israeli settlers. Afterwards, Israeli police arrived at the area and surrounded it. They then attacked the protestors and forcibly tried to disperse them. Meanwhile, hand to-hand fighting occurred between the protestors and IOF, who fired rubber bullets at the protestors. As a result, Mahmoud ‘Eliyan, a photojournalist at Al-Quds Newspaper, was shot with a rubber bullet in his right leg, in addition to 3 other protestors. In addition, IOF beat the Israeli Knesset Member, Ofer Kseif, pushed him to the ground and tore his clothes in addition to arresting three Israeli activists, who protested against the demolition and displacement decisions. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) stated that its crews treated on the spot nine injuries in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood; 5 were beaten and 4 were shot with rubber bullets.

The Israeli Knesset Member, Ofer Kseif, stated to Israeli media that the Israeli police do not allow people to protest, and despite telling them that he is a Knesset Member, they beat them and broke his glasses. As a result, he sustained wounds and bruises in his left eye. Kseif pointed out that Israeli police only provides protection for settlers, who attack and seize Palestinians’ houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

  • At approximately 20:30 on Saturday, 10 April 2021, a large number of IOF accompanied with a Skunk carrying vehicle moved into Isawiya village, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, after an Israeli bus, which accidentally entered the village, was set on fire. IOF closed the village, established checkpoints at its entrances and then pulled the bus out of the village. Meanwhile, dozens of Palestinian young men gathered and threw stones at IOF, who attacked the stone-throwers and fired teargas canisters at them. IOF also raided and searched several houses, where they arrested 3 civilians, including 2 children. The arrestees were identified as Hasan Yaser Darwish (14), Ahmed ‘Issam Darwish (20) and his brother Majed (16).
  • At approximately 22:30 on Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, opened fire at agricultural lands, east of al-Qarara village, and fired flare bombs in the sky. No causalities were reported.
  • At approximately 00:00 on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, a large number of IOF backed by military vehicles moved into Aqabat Jaber camp, southwest of Jericho, and established a checkpoint at the camp’s entrance. During which, a number of Palestinian young men gathered and threw stones and Molotov Cocktails at the IOF and their vehicles. IOF immediately fired sound bombs and teargas canisters heavily at the young men. As a result, dozens of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation.
  • At approximately 09:00 on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, opened fire at agricultural lands, east of al-Qarara village; no causalities were reported.
  1. Incursions and arrests

Thursday, 08 April 2021:

  • At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into Beit Furik village, northeast of Nablus. They raided and searched Ma’rouf Khatatba’s house, in Bir al-Shid area. Meanwhile, IOF moved into al-Qubbah neighborhood. They raided and searched Mohammed Nasrallah al-Shambar’s house, confiscated 25,000 NIS, and handed them a warrant of the confiscated money.
  • At approximately 01:00, IOF reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Karisa village, east of Dura, southwest of Hebron. They raided and searched Rizq Musallam al-Rajoub’s (55) house, and took him to an unknown destination. It should be noted that al-Rajoub is a leader in Hamas Movement, and he was arrested several times.
  • At approximately 01:15, IOF moved into al-Masaken al-Sha’biya neighborhood, northeast of Nablus. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Ibrahim Alaa al-Dein Bushaqar (20).
  • At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Anas Isma’el Mousa’s (22) house, and arrested him.
  • At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into Azzun village, east of Qalqilya. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Rajeh Ghazi Shubeita (19) and Mohammed Zuhair Abed (17), and arrested them.
  • At approximately 03:40, IOF moved into Birzeit, north of Ramallah. They raided and searched Adham Omar Abu ‘Arqoub’s (23) house, and arrested him.
  • Around the same time, IOF moved into Kafr Malik village, northeast of Ramallah. They raided and searched Khaled Ahmed Ba’irat’s (42) house, and arrested them.
  • At approximately 05:00, IOF reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Wadi Abu al-Samen area, south of Hebron. They deployed in the area, closed the road leading to houses belonging to Abu Sbaih family, raided and searched several houses, and demolished walls around the houses. IOF claimed that they found military equipment, arrested (6) civilians, including a father and his 3 sons, before they withdrew at approximately 11:00. The arrestees are: Jehad Khalil Abu Sbaih (44), Hamza Khalil Abu Sbaih (49), Dawoud Mohammed Abu Sbaih (50), and his sons; Wael (20), Basel (19), and Na’el (24).
  • At approximately 08:00, IOF arrested Ashraf Abdul Jabbar al-Hasanat (47), from al-Dheisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, when he was near the main entrance to the camp. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 08:30, IOF stormed Sons of Jerusalem Sport Club, at al-Sa’diya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. IOF hanged a decision signed by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security to ban an event for children titled “Tamr Hindi”, which was to supposed to be held at the Club’s stadium in the afternoon. IOF claimed that the abovementioned event is funded by the PA and left a summons for the Club’s Manager, Samira Riyad al-Jo’ba, to refer to Mascovia police center, and arrested the member of the Administrative Board, Subhi Syam.

The project coordinator at the club, Murad al-Ashhab, said to PCHR’s field worker that on Wednesday, IOF raided the club and started asking questions about “Tamr Hindi” event for children, after seeing the  advertising leaflets that were distributed to the children in al-Sa’diya neighborhood. On Thursday, IOF raided the club again and hanged a decision, signed by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security banning the event, and notified the employees of that. In addition, IOF left a summons for the Club’s Manager, Samira Riyad al-Jo’ba, to refer to Mascovia police center, and arrested the member of the Administrative Board, Subhi Syam after raiding his house. They were interrogated for 3 hours about the event celebrating the reopening of the club after its closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, and then they were released after warning them of holding any event in the upcoming days under the pretext of being sponsored by the PA. Al-Ashhab added that at approximately 13:30, IOF stormed the club again to make sure that no events were held inside the club, and ordered all the employees and children, who were playing football, to leave.

Al-Ashhab said that the event was an entertaining day for children, and the employees were preparing various games for them.

  • At approximately 13:00, IOF arrested Ahmed Yehya Ayyad (28), from Abu Dis village, southeast of the occupied East Jerusalem, while crossing a temporary checkpoint established near “Ma’ale Adumim” settlement, east of the occupied city. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 17:00, IOF stopped a car in al-Tur neighborhood, east of the occupied East Jerusalem, and arrested Ahmed Dawoud al-Hidra (17) and Mahmoud Khalil al-Hidra (17), from the abovementioned neighborhood. They were taken to one of the police centers, interrogated for several hours and then were released.
  • At approximately 22:00, IOF stationed at a temporary military checkpoint established near “Psagot” settlement, east of al-Bireh, north of Ramallah governorate, arrested Abdul Rahman Jamil Matariyya (17), from al-Bireh.
  • IOF carried out (9) incursions in Qabatiya, southeast of Jenin; Sebastia, Salem, Deir al-Hatab, Azmut, Kafr Qallil, and Rujeib villages in Nablus governorate; Bani Na’im and al-Majd villages in Hebron. No arrests were reported.

Friday, 09 April 2021:

  • At approximately 00:30, IOF moved into Abu Freiha area in Beit Sahur, east of Bethlehem governorate. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Ra’ed Ibrahim ‘Abayat (42), and handed Abdullah Mohammed Abu ‘Abayat (26) a summons to refer to the Israeli Intelligence Services.
  • At approximately 14:30, IOF moved into Hizma, northeast of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Jareh Farouk Salah al-Dein (48) and Ibrrahim Ali Salah al-Dein (30), and arrested them.
  • Around the same time, IOF moved into Jamma’in village, southeast of Nablus. They raided and searched a house belonging to the prisoner Nafiz Nayef Haj Husein (42), in the eastern side of the village, arrested his wife, Elham ‘Aaref Haj Husein (40), and confiscated her husband’s monthly salary, (4,000 NIS). Elham was taken to “Ariel” settlement, near Salfit, interrogated about the salary for 3 hours, and released next day morning. IOF informed her not to receive any salary for her husband.
  • At approximately 02:45, IOF moved into Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Mohammed Ghassan Mansour (19), and Ahmed Eyad al-Sa’di (19).
  • At approximately 03:00, IOF moved into Iraq Burin village, southeast of Nablus. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Osama Mohammed Qa’dan (25) and Amro Jubran Qadous (21).
  • At approximately 10:20, IOF moved into al- Nassariya village, northeast of Nablus. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Amro Husny Jabara (30).
  • IOF carried out an incursion in Beita, southeast of Nablus. No arrests were reported.

Saturday, 10 April 2021:

  • At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into Dura and Sa’ir villages, in Hebron. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Isma’el Hussein al-‘Awawda (33), and Isma’el Fawzi al-Tarwa (40).
  • IOF carried out (3) incursions in Hebron, Beit Ummar, and Surif villages, in Hebron governorate. No arrests were reported.

Sunday, 11 April 2021:

  • At approximately 01:30, IOF moved into Harmala village, east of Bethlehem. They raided and searched several houses and arrested (4) civilians; Fadi Adel Attallah (22), Hamza Awad Attallah (24), Ibrahim Wajeeh al-Sabbah (23), and Bassam Ibrahim al-Zeir (38).
  • At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Qabatiya, southeast of Jenin. They raided and searched several houses and arrested (3) civilians; Mahmoud Ahmed Abu al-Rab (19), Mohammed Tayseer Thyab (20), and Mohammed Najeh Kmeil (20).
  • At approximately 02:00, IOF backed by several military vehicles moved into Hebron. They deployed in several neighborhood in the city, raided and searched three houses and arrested (3) civilians. The arrestees are Mustafa Kamel Shawar, Anas Ameer Rasras (51), and Omar Abdul Qader al-Qawasmah (52).
  • At approximately 02:30, IOF backed by several military vehicles moved into Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. They raided and searched Mohammed Waheed Abu Maria’s (29) house and arrested him. Meanwhile, IOF handed Hatem Ahmed Rasheed Abu Maria (31) a summons to refer to the Israeli Intelligence Services in “Gush Etzion” settlement, south of Bethlehem.
  • At approximately 03:00, IOF moved into Hindaza village in Bethlehem. They blew up the door, raided and searched Hasan Mohammed Wardian’s (62) house, one of the candidates on the Hamas-affiliated list “Jerusalem is Our Destiny”, after 5 days of his arrest.
  • At approximately 04:30, IOF moved into Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Mujahed Sa’ed al-Shunni (22) and Yousef Monthir Alian (22), and arrested them.
  • At approximately 08:00, IOF backed by five military bulldozers moved 50-100 meters into the east of al-Maghazi in the central Gaza Strip to the west of the border fence. They leveled and combed lands, and deployed inside the border fence after several hours.
  • At approximately 23:30, IOF severely beaten and arrested Adam Qara’in (18), from Silwan, south of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, when he was at Ras al-Amud neighborhood. Qara’in sustained wounds and bruises, and he was taken to one of the detention centers in the city before he was referred to Hadassah Medical Center to receive treatment.
  • IOF carried out (6) incursions in Arraba and Mirka villages, southwest of Jenin; Dura, Idhna, Deir Sammit and Samu villages, in Hebron. No arrests were reported.

Monday, 12 April 2021:

  • At approximately 00:00, IOF stationed at al-Container military checkpoint arrested Hammad Ahmed Abu Maria (28), from Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, while passing through the checkpoint. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 01:40, IOF moved into Deir Jarir village, northeast of Ramallah. They raided and searched 2 houses and arrested Mahmoud Naser Ma’ali (24), and Abdul ‘Alim Olwi (52). Later, IOF released Olwi.
  • At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into Jenin. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Mohammed Sameer Abu Obaida (23), and his brother, Ramiz (19).
  • At approximately 02:15, IOF moved into Urif village, southeast of Nablus. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Ahmed Fo’ad Sabbah (24).
  • At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into Burqin, west of Jenin. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Yazan Atef Obaidy (26).
  • At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into Qarawat Bani Hassan village, west of Salfit. They raided and searched Yehya Mohammed Mir’ai’s (24) house, and arrested him.
  • At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into Teqoa, east of Bethlehem. They raided and searched several houses and arrested (10) civilians. The arrestees are: Mohammed Mahmoud al-‘Amour (22), Mohanad Nimir al-‘Amour (23), Mohammed Rebhi al-‘Amour (22), Sufian Awdat Allah al-‘Amour (26), Mohammed Ibrahim al-‘Amour (25), Anas Adel al-‘Amour (25), Oday Izzat al-‘Amour (20), Mohammed Ali al-’Amour (22), Shady Nayef al-‘Amour (23), and Bara’ Ta’ed al-‘Amour (22).
  • Around the same time, IOF backed by several military vehicles moved into Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, and stationed in ‘Asida area. IOF raided and searched Hammad Ahmed Abu Maria’s (36) house, and arrested him.
  • At approximately 03:00, IOF moved into Arraba, southwest of Jenin. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Mona Hussain Qa’dan (48).
  • At approximately 03:30, IOF moved into Yasid village, north of Nablus. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Shams Ghaleb Mashaqi (31), a Masters Student and novelist.
  • At approximately 06:00, IOF moved into al-Tur neighborhood, east of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched several houses and arrested (3) civilians; Ahmed Khwais (49), Mohammed al-Sayyad (49), and Tawfiq Abu Sbeitan (50).
  • At approximately 23:00, IOF backed by several military vehicles moved into al-Balu’ neighborhood, in al-Bireh, north of Ramallah. They raided and searched Najeh Abdullah Dar ‘Assi’s (47) house, detained his family in one room and arrested him. It should be noted that ‘Assi is a candidate on the “Jerusalem is Our Destination” electoral list and its representative in the West Bank in the 2021 Legislative Council elections scheduled on 22 May 2021.

Alia Abdul Samad, Najeh ‘Assi’s wife, said to PCHR’s field worker that:

IOF backed by four military vehicles stationed near our building, where we live in the second floor. We heard knocks on our door, so my husband went to open the door.  We were surprised with 17 Israeli soldiers shouting and then held my husband and handcuffed him.  The soldiers spread in the house and held me and my children; Mohammed (10), Abdullah (14), and Sadil (18), in the living room. They ordered my husband to give them his cell phone  and confiscated it. I tried to give my husband a jacket and shoes to wear due to the cold weather, but the soldiers refused, threatened me at gunpoint and one of them ordered me not to move and stay with my childrenBefore they withdrew, IOF arrested Najeh and took him in one of the military vehicles stationed in front of our house.  The lawyer informed us then that Najeh was taken to “Ofer” detention center in Beitunia village, west of Ramallah.”

  • IOF carried out (9) incursions in Nablus, Tulkarm, Shufa, and Far’un villages in Tulkarm goverorate; Bani Na’im and Surif, in Hebron; Ramallah, Deir Abu Masha’al, and Shuqba, near Ramallah. No arrests were reported.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021:

  • At approximately 00:00, IOF moved into Silwan, south of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched Mukhtar ’Amer Qara’een’s (19) house, and arrested him.
  • At approximately 02:00, IOF moved into al-Tur neighborhood, east of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched Nawwaf Ayman Abu al-Hawa’s (20) house and arrested him.
  • In the evening, IOF tightened its restrictions on the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, established checkpoints and increased the number of its forces, especially at the gates of the Aqsa Mosque on the first day of Ramadan. Few minutes before Iftar, IOF banned distribution of hundreds of Iftar meals on the people fasting in al-Ghazaly yard, near al-Asbat gate (Gate of the Tribes), one of al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates, and confiscated them. And before the Isha Prayer, IOF stormed al-Aqsa Mosque, and raided the minarets there after breaking the doors. They cut all the loudspeaker cables in the Mosque to mute the Addhan, the Taraweeh and Isha prayers so it cannot be heard in al-Buraq yard, west of the Mosque. IOF claimed that they were disturbing the settlers’ Talmudic prayers and rituals.
  • IOF carried out (10) incursions in Nablus, Beit Furik, and al-Badhan in Nablus governorate; Mirka, southeast of Jenin; al-Jalamah village, north of Jenin; Jaba’, Silat al-Dhahr, and Fandaqumiya, south of Jenin; al-‘Aroub refugee camp and Bani Na’im, in Hebron. No arrests were reported.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021:

  • At approximately 00:30, IOF chased, attacked and arrested (6) civilians near Bab al-‘Amoud neighborhood, in the occupied East Jerusalem, claiming that they were throwing stones at three Israeli busses carrying settlers. Eyewitnesses said that IOF vacated the terraces of Bab al-Amud by force, beat up the people there and chased them.  They arrested (6) civilians and took them to al-Bareed police center on Salah al-Dein street in the city. The arrestees were Mo’taz Mahmoud al-Hajj, Qusai Ashour, Ahmed al-Rashq, Ali Hamdan, Mohammed Isma’el and Nabil Shreiteh.
  • At approximately 06:00, Ahmed Marwan Abu Jom’a (20) surrendered himself to the Israeli Intelligence Services in al-Maskobiya police center, in West Jerusalem, after IOF raided his house, on Monday, to arrest him, but nobody was home.
  • At approximately 08:00, IOF arrested Jawad Eisa Jaradat (24), from Sa’ir, north of Hebron, after stopping him at a temporary military checkpoint established at the northern entrance of the village.
  • At approximately 18:45, IOF arrested Mahmoud Shawish (26), when he was in al-Aqsa Mosque’s yards, in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City.
  • At approximately 19:10, IOF arrested Mohanad al-Bashiti (24), while present at Bab Hutta area, one of the Aqsa Mosque’s gates, in the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City.

III. Settlement Expansion and settler violence in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem

Demolition and Confiscation of Civilian Property

  • On Thursday morning, 08 April 2021, IOF handed citizens from Hizma village, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, decisions to confiscate 13 dunums from their lands in the village to build a new street.
  • Shokri Radaydah, Mayor of Hizma, said that the decision issued by the IOF include 13 dunums from the village lands extending from the village entrance in the western side to the northern side in order to build a new high Radaydah added that in addition to the 13 dunums, the 150 dunums located behind the street will be affected as well as IOF will control the access of the owners into their lands by establishing 3 gates as declared by the IOF.  Radaydah said that if IOF decided to continue building the road in the future, hundreds of other dunums will be confiscated.
  • In the same morning, the Israeli Municipality in Jerusalem approved the construction of 2000 housing units in “Givat HaMatos” settlement established on the lands of Beit Safafa village and 540 housing units in “Har Homa” settlement established on Abu Ghneim Mountain, south of Jerusalem.

Ha’aretz said that the final approval on the construction of the housing units in Har Homa settlement, south of Jerusalem, just needs the approval of the Ministry of Interior’s District committee. However, Ha’aretz added that construction of more than 2,000 additional housing units is slated to begin in “Givat Hamatos” settlement near Har Homa, south of Jerusalem.  The construction in the two settlements would cut off the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Safafa from the West Bank and would block any possible division of Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians as part of a solution to the conflict.

  • At approximately 18:00 on Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF demolished an agricultural room belonging to Salah al-Deen Ahmed Salah in al-Bireh and al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem for the second time under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

Salah al-Deen Salah said that an Israeli military force stormed his land and demolished the room in addition to confiscating its contents.  Salah added that the room is built of steel and wood and this kind of rooms does not need a license as it is used for storage and agricultural purposes.  Salah said that this is the second time IOF demolish the room as it was demolished last January.

  • At approximately 11:00 on Monday, 12 April 2021, IOF backed by 2 military vehicles and accompanied with a vehicle belonging to the Israeli Civil Administration moved into Susya village, south of Yatta, south of Hebron. The soldiers deployed between the houses while the Civil Administration officer handed Khalil Hussein Mohammed Shreih a notice to stop construction works in his under-construction house of 200 sqms under the pretext of unlicensed construction in Area C.
  • Around the same time, IOF backed by military vehicles and accompanied with an Israeli Civil Administration vehicle and a bulldozer moved into Khelet Taha area, south of Dura, southwest of Hebron. The soldiers deployed in the area and the Civil Administration officers started dismantling 2 tents of shed cloth and steel pillars set on 10 sqms in addition to an iron fence used as a sheep barn belonging to ‘Eid Soliman Saray’ah (40) from Yatta, south of Hebron.  It should be noted that the Israeli authorities declared Um Hothwah area as a state property declared in 1981.  In the last few months, the settlers built a settlement road connecting that area with “Negohot” settlement.
  • In the same morning, IOF demolished a house belonging to Shaker Nayef Ja’abees in Marj al-Ghozlan area in ‘Osh al-Ghorab neighborhood in Beit Sahour, east of Bethlehem, under the pretext of its location near the main street.

Hussein Breijiyieh, Director of the Annexation and Settlement Resistance Commission, said that IOF demolished a 80-sqm house in Marj al-Ghozlan area in Beit Sahour belonging to Shaker Ja’abees from Jerusalem after giving him 96 hours to demolish it and vacate the contents.  It should be noted that Shaker Ja’abees self-demolished his house in Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in 2013 pursuant to the Israeli Municipality’s decision under the pretext of unlicensed construction, and he moved to live in his parents’ house with his wife and 5 children.

Settler attacks on Palestinian civilians and their property

  • At approximately 13:00 on Friday, 10 April 2021, a group of settlers from “Ofra” settlement, east of Ramallah, attacked the eastern outskirts of ‘Ein Yabrud village, east of Ramallah. The settlers rioted the area while the villagers attempted to confront them and threw stones at them.  Immediately, the settlers opened fire and fled away; no injuries were reported.

Closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement of persons and goods:

On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF declared complete closure of the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip crossings for “Independence Day.”  According to the IOF’s announcement, the closure started at 19:00 on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, and last until 00:00 on Friday, 15 April 2021. IOF said exceptions would be made for “humanitarian, medical and special cases”.

This comes in a time when the Gaza Strip still suffers the worst closure in the history of the Israeli occupation of the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods, humanitarian conditions and bearing catastrophic consequences on all aspects of life.

The West bank:

In addition to 108 permanent checkpoints and closed roads, this week witnessed the establishment of more temporary checkpoints that restrict the goods and individuals 53 temporary checkpoints, where they searched Palestinians’ vehicles, checked their IDs and arrested 7 of them. IOF closed many roads with cement cubes, metal detector gates and sand berms and tightened their measures against individuals’ movement at military permanent checkpoints.


  • On Thursday, 08 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the entrance to Al-Eizariya village, east of the city.
  • On Saturday, 10 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the entrances to Biddu and Anata villages, and near Jab’ village’s intersection, northeast of the city.
  • On Monday, 12 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the entrance to Anata village, northeast of the city.
  • On Tuesday, 13 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the entrance to Al-Eizariya village, east of the city.
  • On Wednesday, 14 April 2021, IOF closed Kalandia checkpoint, under the pretext of finding a suspicious object, and reopened it later.


  • On Thursday, 08 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint near Dar Salah village’s bridge, east of the city.
  • On Friday, 09 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the northern entrance to Tuqu village, at the western entrance to Beit Fajjar village and near al-Nashash intersection, south of the city.
  • On Saturday, 10 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the northern entrance to Tuqu village, at the western entrance to Beit Fajjar village and under Al-Khader village’s bridge, south of the city.
  • On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the entrance to Beit Fajjar village and at the northern entrance to Tuqu village, east of the city.
  • On Tuesday, 13 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the northern entrance to Tuqu village, at the western entrance to Beit Fajjar village and in ‘Aqbet Hasna area, west of the city.
  • On Wednesday, 14 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint in ‘Aqbet Hasna area, west of the city.


  • On Thursday, 08 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the entrances to Turmus Ayya and Nabi Salih villages.
  • On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the northern entrance to Al-Bireh city.
  • On Monday, 12 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the entrances to Beit_Ur_al-Fauqa and Turmus Ayya villages, and at the intersection of Taybeh village.


  • On Thursday, 08 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the intersection of Al-Jiftlik village, north of the city.
  • On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the northern entrance to the city.
  • On Monday, 12 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the northern entrance to Jericho and at the entrance to Ein ad-Duyuk village.


  • On Friday, 09 April 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the intersection of “Shafi Shimron” settlement, west of the city.
  • On Tuesday, 13 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the intersection of “Shafi Shimron” settlement, west of the city, and at the intersection of “Yitzhar” settlement, east of the city.


  • On Thursday, 08 April 2021, IOF established 4 checkpoints at the entrances to Beit Ummar and Beit Awwa  villages and at the southern and northern entrances to Halhul city.
  • On Friday, 09 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the entrances to as-Samu and Al-Majd villages.
  • On Saturday, 10 April 2021, IOF established 4 checkpoints at the entrance to as-Samu village, at the western entrance to Hebron, at the northern entrance to Yatta city, and at the entrance to Fawwar refugee camp.
  • On Monday, 12 April 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the northern entrance to Hebron and at the entrance to Al-Arroub refugee camp.
  • On Wednesday, 14 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the entrances to Surif, Ash-Shuyukh and Beit Kahil villages.


  • On Sunday, 11 April 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the entrances to Salfit, Kafr ad-Dik and Qarawat Bani Hassan villages.
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