Saudi-backed troops suffer more setbacks as Ansarallah forces surround Marib

By News Desk -2020-03-30

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – The Saudi-backed Islah militias are on the verge of losing another governorate in northern Yemen, as the Ansrallah forces steadily advance along the Jawf-Marib axis.

According to the latest field report from Yemen, the Ansarallah forces have captured the Labnah base in the Labnah Mountains.Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do ThisSunny TwitterAds by Revcontent

This advance on Monday puts the Ansrallah forces in position of taking control of the entire Al-Jawf Governorate for the first time in this war.

Making matters worse for the Saudi-backed troops, the Ansarallah forces are also at the doorsteps of Marib city, which, if lost, would mean the Islah militias have conceded another administrative capital in Yemen.

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أكبر عمليّة عسكريّة نوعيّة استهدفت العمق السعوديّ عبد السلام: استمرار العدوان والحصارعلى اليمن يعني استمرار الرّد


أكد رئيس وفد صنعاء المفاوض محمد عبد السلام أنه «في ظل استمرار العدوان، من الطبيعي أن يكون هناك رد من هذا النوع». والمقصود العملية التي أعلن عنها المتحدث باسم القوات المسلحة اليمنية العميد يحيى سريع.

وأشار عبد السلام إلى أن «استمرار العدوان والحصار يعني استمرار العمليات بوجه العدوان»، لافتاً إلى أن «بيان التحالف يناسب دولة تعرّضت لعدوان لا لدولة تعتدي على اليمن لخمس سنوات».

ولفت إلى أن «دول العدوان شنت أمس أكثر من 60 غارة، واليوم 20 غارة، وإذا أرادوا إيقاف العمليات فليوقف العدوان ويفك الحصار».

واعتبر رئيس وفد صنعاء المفاوض أن بلاده «في موقف الدفاع أمام تحالف تقوده أميركا»، لافتاً إلى أن «الإعلان الصريح لوقف العدوان هو الحل». وأضاف «نحن نريد السلام من موقع الاستهداف والحصار، ومن مصلحتنا قبل الآخرين وقف العدوان».

وختم كلامه قائلاً «إن دعوة الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة (وقف إطلاق النار) مرحب بها، لكن بإصدار دول العدوان قراراً واضحاً بوقف العدوان، وأن يترك لليمنيين تقرير مصيرهم»، مؤكداً أن «المواقف المنحازة لقوى العدوان لن توقفهم عن الرد إلا بوقف العدوان وفك الحصار».

وكان المتحدث باسم التحالف العقيد تركي المالكي قال إنه «لم تسجّل أي خسائر في الأرواح حتى إصدار البيان»، مضيفاً أن «اعتراض الصاروخين تسبب في سقوط بعض الشظايا على بعض الأحياء السكنية في المدينتين»، وفق تعبيره.

فيما كشف المتحدث باسم القوات المسلحة اليمنية العميد يحيى سريع، أن «العملية التي نفذت في الداخل السعودي استهدفت أهدافاً حساسة»، معبراً أنها «أكبر عملية عسكرية نوعية استهدفت العمق السعودي».

وقال سريع في بيان له، أمس، إن «القوة الصاروخية للقوات المسلحة اليمنية قصفت أهدافاً اقتصادية وعسكرية في جيزان ونجران وعسير بالسعودية بعدد كبير من صواريخ بدر وطائرات قاصف k2».

كما أشار إلى أنه «تمّ قصف أهداف حساسة في العاصمة الرياض بصواريخ ذوالفقار، وعدد من طائرات صماد 3».

وتوجّه سريع إلى المملكة قائلاً: «نعد النظام السعودي بعمليات موجعة ومؤلمة إذا استمر في عدوانه وحصاره على اليمن».

المتحدث باسم القوات المسلحة أكد أنه «سيتم الكشف عن تفاصيل العملية العسكرية الواسعة والنوعية خلال الأيام المقبلة».

وأول أمس أقرّت قوات التحالف السعودي بأن «الدفاعات الجوية السعودية اعترضت صاروخين باليستيين في أجواء العاصمة الرياض، وفوق مدينة جازان».

وقال المتحدث باسم التحالف العقيد تركي المالكي، إنه «لم تسجّل أي خسائر في الأرواح حتى إصدار البيان»، مضيفاً أن «اعتراض الصاروخين تسبب في سقوط بعض الشظايا على بعض الأحياء السكنية في المدينتين»، وفق تعبيره.

فيديوات متعلقة

أخبار متعلقة

Yemen, Five Fiery Years, Changed Political and Military Equations


On the 27th of March 2015, the coalition countries started their barbaric aggression against the Yemeni people. The Saudi regime launched its declared war against Yemen with the participation of more than 17 Arab and foreign countries and with military and logistical support from US, Israeli Enemy, Britain and a number of Western countries.

A global war with all the meanings of word, it is best described for its brutality, hatred, bloodshed and destruction. Aerial bombing campaign targeted everything in Yemen, earth and man. The US-Sadudi aggression targeted cities, villages, mountains, sand and cemeteries, even the animals were not spared from the abundance of their hatred. News and international newspapers were dominated by images of a Yemeni victims targeted by coalition warplanes.

The coalition with its warplanes remained superior and dominating for a period of time, firstly due to the surprise, especially because the military establishment, suffered disintegration, partisan conflicts, and lack of loyalty within it. In addition to the fact that the war was in its infancy and that many countries were still pervasive in the war.

The Yemeni reaction was also confined to the self defense. The Yemeni Army did not start recovering and catching its breath until after it fully coalesced with the people’s committees, and they were united, unified, and merged under a coalition to face wide fronts. After the committees unified under their belief in the cause, justice and sincere national desire to defend the land, the capabilities of the Yemeni Army began to evolve with some military messages to the local and outside enemies.

Yemen sent several powerful messages to the coalition, the most important of which was the strike of coalition leaders in Marib in September 2015 and the Janjaweed leaders in Mukha in December of the same year, and other painful strikes.

With the coalition countries insisting in their aggression against the Yemeni people and committing crimes against women and children, the Martyr President Saleh al-Samad announced in 2018 a ballistic year, to inaugurate a year in which we witnessed the development of the Rocketry Force that began targeting into Saudi Arabia’s depth, and targeting military airports and helicopter stations in Asir, Najran and Jizan.

2019 was the year of the Air Force One, and the Yemeni military has managed to radically change the equation of war so that it launched joint offensive military operations, which were carried out by the missile force and the Air Force operating deep into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The most prominent attacks were the attack on  Aramco in Rass Al-tanorah, in Abqaiq and Khurais. This attack almost brought Aramco out of service forever, had it not been for the initiative of the Supreme Political Council, which announced that he would stop targeting Saudi lands, on the condition that the kingdom stopped bombing Yemeni cities with airplanes, which was done at a good rate.

In 2020, it was declared the year of Air defense, and the armed forces revealed strong defense systems that they developed with Yemeni hands.

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Yemen Showers Riyadh, Saudi Cities with Zolfiqar, Badr Missiles, Uses Sammad-3, Qasif K.2 Drones in Biggest Op

Translated by Staff

Yemen Showers Riyadh, Saudi Cities with Zolfiqar, Badr Missiles, Uses Sammad-3, Qasif K.2 Drones in Biggest Op

Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yehya Saree pronounced yet another statement about a new qualitative military operation against Saudi Arabia in response to its continued war on Yemen.

The operation is the first one announced after the country entered its sixth year of the brutal war that claimed lives of thousands of civilians, destroyed the country’s infrastructure and economy and brought it to the brink of famine.

The Yemeni Armed Forces issued the following statement:

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

{So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you} ~ Holy Quran, al-Baqarah – 194

Fulfilling the promise of the Leader of the [Yemeni] revolution, and beginning the sixth year of steadfastness, and in response to the aerial escalation of the coalition of aggression in the past years, the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out –with Allah’s support- the biggest qualitative operation targeting the Saudi depth.

The joint military operation between the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force targeted several sensitive targets in the capital of the Saudi enemy, Riyadh, with “Zolfiqar” missiles and several “Sammad-3” drones.

The operation also targeted many economic and military targets in Jizan, Najran and Asir with several “Badr” missiles as well as “Qasif K.2” drones.

The Yemeni Armed Forces vow painful operations against the Saudi regime had it continued its aggression and siege against Yemen.

The Armed Forces will uncover the details of the wide-scale military operations in the coming days.

Long live Yemen, honorable and independent.

Victory be to our resistant and steadfast dignified people as well as all free people in the nation [Ummah].

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Sayyed Nasrallah Urges A Quick Return for Lebanese Expatriates: Covid-19 More Dangerous than A World War

Sayyed Nasrallah Urges A Quick Return for Lebanese Expatriates: Covid-19 More Dangerous than A World War

Zeinab Essa

Beirut- Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Saturday a televised speech in which he tackled the latest developments, particularly the Coronavirus outbreak.

At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated the Muslims on the beginning of Shabban Islamic month. Hailing the wounded Resistance men sacrifices, His Eminence congratulated them on their Day.

As he warned that “The war with Coronavirus might be long”, Sayyed Nasrallah discussed the issue of Lebanese expatriates, seeking to return to their homeland upon the Coronavirus outbreak.

“The issue of expatriates’ return to Lebanon, regardless of any reason, is their natural right,” he said, pointing out that “The Lebanese government must work to make them return as this is their right.”

Moreover, His Eminence called “The Lebanese state and people to shoulder their responsibility in this field.”

“The expatriates’ return, especially the students, is the issue of all Lebanese,” he added, noting that
“The discussion isn’t related to the principle of the expatriates’ right of return, but to the manner and timing.”

Clearly enough, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that Hezbollah’s demand “is the urgent and safe return of expatriates to their homeland.”

Slamming some sides’ unreasonable fears from the return of the Lebanese abroad, His Eminence explained that “Their return does not mean a particular area, region or sect. They are from all sects and screaming from beyond the borders.”

“Speeding up work, seriousness as well as day- and-night efforts are a must to finish the issue of expatriates,” he emphasized, pointing out that “The current government’s assumption of responsibility and success in this historic mission will be a real pride for it.”

According to Hezbollah Secretary General, “No one has proposed the random return of expatriates. It is required to work seriously for a safe, thoughtful, calculated, and speedy return for expatriates. We must seriously tackle the issue of their return. We should not be stopped by the obstacles. Rather, this task must be accomplished, and we have capabilities.”

“There are countries, where the spread of Covid-19 is still limited, and therefore the return of Lebanese abroad must be expedited,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, noting that “The health and security threats urge the government to rush to work for the return of the Lebanese abroad.”

In this context, His Eminence said: “Another reason for their return is the weak health systems in some countries, which might lead to social collapse. There, crimes take place. Shall we keep the Lebanese in these countries face their destiny?”

Sayyed Nasrallah also unveiled that “The government has started working to return expatriates through the relevant ministries,” reiterating that “This requires cooperation from us all.”

“This file is the responsibility of everyone and is greater than the government and the state,” he declared, noting that “It is big and dangerous, and it must be tackled in days and hours because there is an imminent danger.”

Hailing all the voices calling for the return of the Lebanese abroad due to Coronavirus, Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that “It is normal for returnees to undergo medical examinations and quarantine, and no one has said the opposite.”

“It is useful to feel that we are part of a global war,” he said, urging the Lebanese to “benefit from the experiences of countries confronting Covid-19 virus.”

As His Eminence appreciated “All the exerted efforts to fight to coronavirus,” he elaborated that “There are superpowers that are being disoriented and helpless such as the US administration, British government, and others more.”

“People calling for declaring a state of emergency amid coronavirus pandemic do not know exactly what that means,” Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed, pointing out that “The situation in Lebanon is generally reasonable, and the government is shouldering the responsibility, as it’s taking good measures within the available frameworks.”

Hailing “The government’s response against the virus” as “good and reasonable”, His Eminence recalled that “Our people have experienced greater calamities than coronavirus and were able to overcome them.”

“We are still at the beginning of the battle with the outbreak of Coronavirus and at the beginning of the danger because the enemy is unknown,” he went on to say, cautioning that “The battle against the virus is still short and tighter measures are required otherwise all efforts will go in vain.”

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah called for “More planning and strict implementation in order to combat the virus. We must stress the general and strong commitment to the mobilization procedures.”

“The beginnings of social work and solidarity are very promising, and long-term plans must be se,” The Resistance Leader added, urging “Solidarity between the various forces in all towns to provide aid to everyone who is in need.”

On this level, His Eminence mentioned that “Social solidarity is not an occasion for political competition,” denouncing “The high prices and the monopoly of some goods, which are due to the greed of some traders and monopolists.”

“The ministries, judiciary, and the security services are required to be tough in facing price hikes and monopolies,” he stated, calling “Honorable traders to intervene to break the price hikes.”

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah explained that “The increase in prices of goods must be addressed. I urge all merchants to decrease profit and break the circle of greed and monopoly.”

To the bank owners, His Eminence sent a sounding message: “The file of small depositors must be addressed and banks must return funds to depositors because people need money to face the crisis. The banks must return the money of small depositors to its owners.”

“Today is more difficult than the July 2006 war. All cities are closed and banks must help the country,” he cautioned, announcing that “The amount of $6 million pledged by banks to fight coronavirus is inglorious.”

According to His Eminence, “It is no longer possible to keep silent on the banks’ seizure of small depositors’ money.”  

To the rich, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “In light of the decline in the global economic situation, a day may come when your money becomes worthless.”

On the international level, he warned that “The repercussions of what is happening today are more dangerous than a world war, and we might face a new global situation.”

“It is not known today whether the EU will remain, or will the US disintegrate as well? This entire liberal capitalist system is under discussion,” he stressed, pointing out that “A small virus has imprisoned billions of people in their homes. Let’s think about this.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further stated: “Resorting to God is one of our most powerful weapons, especially from people who have broken hearts,” noting that “The US administration presents itself as great. However, it’s now confused and unable to confront the virus.”

On the Yemeni front, Sayyed Nasrallah renewed his call “to the aggressors on Yemen, especially Saudi Arabia, to end their brutal war.”

“For humanitarian reasons, the whole world should urge Saudi Arabia and its allies to stop the war on Yemen,” he added, expressing his great appreciation to Ansarullah revolutionary Leader Sayyed Abdel Malik Al-Houthi’s initiative to exchange the Palestinian brothers arrested in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi prisoners in Yemen.

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Lebanese Expatriates Stranded in Corona-hit Countries Must Be Returned Immediately

March 29, 2020


Mohammad Salami

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah highlighted Saturday that the process of returning the Lebanese expatriates, who are stranded in corona-hit countries and interested in going back to their country, must start immediately.

In a televised speech via Al-Manar TV Channel, Sayyed Nasrallah explained that any procrastination in this file will expose the expatriates to health dangers in the countries which will witness a large-scale outbreak of the coronavirus during the coming days.

Sayyed Nasrallah added that the coronavirus outbreak might lead to a social and security collapse in certain countries, which will endanger the Lebanese expatriates as they may be killed there.

“Even in the United Sates, the rate of arms purchase has sharply increased because of the fear of the security collapse.”

Sayyed Nasrallah maintained that all the Lebanese locked in corona-hit countries have the right to return to their country, adding that the Lebanese authorities’ duty to return them must be also indisputable.

“Whatever the threats are, the Lebanese authorities must respond to the pleas of the expatriates,” Hezbollah leader said, “Preventive measures can be taken to guarantee a safe return to the expatriates.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further stressed that the returning expatriates have houses in Lebanon and have vowed to financially contribute to the process aimed at bringing them back to their country.

Sayyed Nasrallah further called on all the Lebanese, including the wealthy people, to help the government carry out this mission which would be a source of pride for the cabinet, when done.

“Medical capabilities, closed hotels, and funds must be consecrated by all the parties for this mission.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also urged all the Lebanese political parties to avoid the mutual provocations and cooperate in order to help the government in face of the Coronavirus challenge.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah called on the bank owners to ease the transactions from the Lebanese families to their children studying abroad, stressing that it is a simple mission in case a serious decision is taken.

Coronavirus Challenge

Hezbollah Secretary General stressed that all the Lebanese must recognize the fact that the confrontation with the coronavirus is a world war as all countries are preoccupied with this challenge, citing the failure of many world governments to address this threat in their countries

“In comparison with the confusion storming the world countries, including the major powers, the confrontation with the coronavirus in Lebanon is acceptable and promising.”

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the government is taking good measures in this regard, adding that Hezbollah does not oppose any of them and explaining some people propose declaring the state of emergency without knowing what it means.

In this regard, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the efforts exerted by President Michel Aoun, House Speaker Nabih Berri, PM Hassan Diab and all the ministers to confront the coronavirus.

Sayyed Nasrallah highlighting the importance of mitigating the political rifts in the country in order to concentrate all the efforts on facing this pandemic, citing the eminent threat posed by the virus whose nature and essence have not been discovered by the scientists yet.

Thus, the plan to face the coronavirus depends mainly on imposing home quarantine and social distancing in order to siege the threat, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that this is adopted by all the world countries, including China.

Sayyed Nasrallah called on the Lebanese to keep committed to the state general mobilization, adding that violations will waste all the previously exerted efforts.

Sayyed Nasrallah hailed all the initiatives of the political and social organizations to help the needy people during this crisis, highlighting the veracity of competition in this field.

Hezbollah Chief suggested coordinating the efforts among all the parties and organizations, shedding light on helping the families which reject to apply for aids due to moral concerns.

Sayyed Nasrallah called the judiciary to try all the merchants who are raising prices and monopolizing during the crisis, urging the honorable tradesmen to break monopoly and lower prices by dumping the market with their commodities.

Sayyed Nasrallah further highlighted the importance of ending the crisis of the small depositors, stressing that the human and moral responsibility imposes on the banks to solve this problem by returning the funds.

Hezbollah leader addressed the bank owners, “What is the suitable rhetoric that we should use in order to stir your humaneness?”

“You have earned billions of dollars from the Lebanese deposits since 1992, benefiting from certain governmental policies. Now you have to help your nation during this calamity.”

“You donated $6 million dollars to the Lebanese government, while your children’s weddings used to cost millions of dollars.”

Sayyed Nasrallah considered that the Banking Association grant to the government was shameful, highlighting the ceremony held at the Grand Serail for this purpose.

Sayyed Nasrallah called on the premier Diab to announce publicly that the banks would not fund their nation during this crisis in case they reject that, adding that this would be enough.

Will USA keep united?

Hezbollah Secretary General called on all the educated, elites and thinkers to observe the major changes caused by the coronavirus, adding that since World War I and II, the world will be reshaped and political coalitions may break up.

Sayyed Nasrallah wondered whether the United States would keep united or the European Union would remain, adding that even the efficiency economic system of capitalism and the heath care policies are being questioned.

Sayyed Nasrallah also called for considering the moral lessons given by the woe of the coronavirus “which is still vague despite all the technological and scientific development in the world”, citing the confusion of the US administration in dealing with the pandemic.

Saudi War on Yemen

Hezbollah Secretary General hailed the steadfastness of the Yemeni people in face of the 5-year Saudi-led war on their country, calling on KSA to halt its aggression amid international tendency to ease conflicts in order to concentrate efforts on fighting the coronavirus.

Sayyed Nasrallah also greeted the initiative of Ansarullah leader Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi who proposed releasing a number of KSA’s servicemen in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Saudi, which highlights his commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

لماذا تتأجّجُ الصراعات الاستراتيجيّة بين تركيا والسعوديّة؟

د. وفيق إبراهيم

تعكس الخلافات السياسية المتصاعدة بين تركيا والسعودية صراعاً عميقاً على زعامة العالم الإسلامي بعناوين فرعية مثال دعم الاكراد وكشف خلفيات مقتل الاعلامي السعودية جمال الخاشقجي وفضح الانتهاكات السعودية في اليمن، وإدانة أدوار «فدرالية الاخوان المسلمين» في الحروب الإقليمية ودعم أفرقاء الصراع في ليبيا وعشرات المواضيع الأخرى.

هناك اذاً قتال تركي سعودي على مستوى العالم الإسلامي بشكل يوحي انه اشتباك على ادوار كبيرة يمكن اختزالها بزعامة العالم الإسلامي وليس اقل منذ ذلك.

لذلك، فإن ما يبدو بوضوح هو ان الأتراك يحاولون الاستفادة من الخلاف الإيراني – السعودي المفتوح منذ 1980 وما ادى اليه من ضمور الدور السعودي الى حدود الخسارة في سورية والعراق ولبنان واليمن وافغانستان ومعظم العالم الاسلامي.

ويسعون ايضاً للانتفاع من تراجع الدور الأميركي لتعبئة الفراغات التي يخلفها.

هذه من الاسباب التي تشرح دواعي القتال السعودي – التركي المتسارع نحو مزيد من تصعيد بنيوي لا يمكن التخلي عنه إلا بهزيمة واحد من طرفيه.

وللأتراك ميزات اضافية في هذا الخلاف الاستراتيجي اهمها ان دولتهم كبيرة ومتماسكة ذات تاريخ سلطاني كبير يعود الى نحو الف عام، فيما لا يرقى عمر دولة آل سعود لقرن من الزمن مع الكثير من فبركة مناوشات عشائر وعصابات يحاول المؤرخون الموالون لآل سعود تصويرها وكأنها معارك لتأسيس مملكة، فيما يجزم المؤرخون المحايدون والمعاصرون ان مملكة آل سعود هي نتاج مخابرات بريطانية أدارت في مطلع القرن العشرين غزوات قبلية ووهابية ودعمتها بإسناد جوي بري لتشكيل هذه المملكة بوظائف نفطية واستراتيجية.

كان المطلوب تأسيس دولة تلبي الاقتصاد الغربي بالنفط وتمسك بالعالم الاسلامي من خلال الحرمين الشريفين وموسم الحج وتاريخ نشوء الاسلام في شبه الجزيرة العربية.

هذا ما أداه آل سعود حتى هذا التاريخ.

لكن خسارة السعودية أدوارها في معظم البلدان العربية والمدى الإسلامي دفع الدور التركي نحو مواقع متقدمة، خصوصاً أن تركيا مجاورة لسورية والعراق وتسيطر على فدرالية الاخوان المسلمين التي أتاحت للسياسة التركية الوصول الى اليمن عبر حزب الإصلاح الاخواني وليبيا عبر قوات السراج وحزب الاخوان المسلمين القوي في مصر وأجنحة الاخوان في السودان ولبنان والاردن وباكستان وصولاً الى افغانستان التي تقيم دولة قطر المتحالفة مع تركيا علاقات عميقة مع منظمة طالبان فيها، وامتداداً نحو فروع القاعدة وداعش وهيئة تحرير الشام، فتُهدي هذه الخدمات بالطبع لصالح انتشار الدور التركي.

هذا ما أدى الى استنفار سعودي لعرقلة هذا الصعود التركي الوحيد القادر على وراثة الدور السعودي في العالم الإسلامي.

لانه يمثل دولة تركية سنية كبيرة تستفيد ايضاً من تراجع الدور المصري وشيعية إيران وازمات معظم الدول العربية في الجزائر والسودان وليبيا وتونس وسورية والعراق واليمن.

لذلك وجدت السياسة السعودية نفسها في وضع مأزوم مع تركيا لاستخدامها الاخوان المسلمين المعروفين بفكرهم الرافض للانظمة الملكية والساعي الى خلافة اسلامية بزعامة مرشدهم الأكبر. بالإضافة الى السعي التركي لبناء مراكز نفوذ له في الدول العربية والاسلامية.

لذلك وضع السعوديون خطة لعرقلة النفوذ التركي داعمين اللواء حفتر في وجه السراج حليف تركيا في ليبيا مستهدفين حزب الإصلاح اليمني الاخواني الموالي لتركيا في اليمن وكذلك يساندون الدولة المصرية في قتالها المفتوح ضد الاخوان المسلمين في صمر والسودان. موزّعين توجيهات صارمة على حلفائهم العرب والمسلمين برفض كل ما هو اخواني – تركي شملت حتى الحركات الموالية لهم في العراق وسورية ولبنان أيضاً.

هي اذاً حرب مفتوحة بين الطرفين وصلت شظاياها الى شرق سورية وأنحائها الشمالية، حيث قام مسؤولون استخباريون وسياسيون سعوديون بزيارات متعددة بواسطة مروحيات أميركية الى شمالي سورية عبر كردستان العراق وتبين أن الهدف هو عقد تحالفات بين العشائر العربية في تلك المناطق مع قوات قسد الكردية، عبر تمويل سعودي كبير للطرفين العربي والكردي في آن معاً وبموافقة أميركية.

واتضح ان الخطة السعودية تستجيب لمحاولة وقف الاندفاعة التركية من جهة وللإصرار الاميركي على تفتيت سورية بإنشاء كانتون كردي يكون من جهة أخرى مقدمة المشروع الأميركي الذي يريد تأسيس كانتون إضافي في كردستان العراق، ما يؤدي تلقائياً الى إثارة أكراد إيران وربما اكراد تركيا.

يتبين اذاً ان التنسيق التركي – الروسي عميق بنظام الحاجة المتبادلة واستراتيجي وليس لمجرد لقاءات ظرفية استوجبتها تطورات الأزمة في سورية.

ما انتج ردود فعل تركية عنيفة تجسّدت بإرسال اسلحة الى حزب الإصلاح اليمني وتعزيز احتلال الجيش التركي لأراض سورية وعراقية بالإضافة الى تمتين العلاقات التركية مع الروس وإرسال تنظيمات اخوانية وإرهابية للقتال في ليبيا الى جانب السراج حليف تركيا.

ولم يتوقف الغضب التركي عند هذا الحد، بل ذهبت محكمة تركية الى اتهام قياديين أمنيين سعوديّين ومعهما نحو 18 معاوناً لهما باغتيال الخاشقجي في قنصلية بلاده السعودية في اسطنبول وهذان القياديان هما القحطاني المسؤول في الديوان الملكي السعودي والعسيري نائب رئيس المخابرات، ما يعني اتهاماً تركياً للملك سلمان وابنه ولي العهد محمد بهذا الاغتيال. ومن المؤكد ان المخابرات التركية بحوزتها ادلة اضافية واضحة تؤكد هذا الاتهام، لكنها لا تفصح عما لديها الا تدريجياً تبعاً لمستويات الصراع مع الدولة السعودية.

هناك اذاً اتهام رسمي للدولة السعودية باغتيال الخاشقجي. وهذا يكشف ان الاشتباك السعودي – التركي أصبح استراتيجياً ولم يعد مجرد تنافس محدود، وتحوّل صراعاً على زعامة العالم الاسلامي تحاول تركيا الاستفادة فيه من التراجعات الاميركية والسعودية الإقليمية. فتسعى لإعادة بعث امبراطوريتها العثمانية بلبوس اخواني.

فهل يسمح الأميركيون لهم بهذا الدور؟

يعملون لعدم دفع تركيا الى احضان روسيا، لكنهم لن يسمحوا لها ببناء امبراطورية ضخمة، فالسعودية بالنسبة اليهم تبقى البئر الكبيرة للغاز والنفط وجذب المسلمين بما تملكه من حرمين شريفين وموسم حج وتاريخ إسلامي.

لذلك تبقى السعودية افضل وسيلة للسيطرة الاقتصادية والجيوبوليتيكية، في إطار نظام تقليدي يعود الى القرون الوسطى ولا يتغير مطلقاً نحو دولة ديموقراطية حديثة قد لا تنصاع للأميركيين وتجرّد معها قسماً من العالمين العربي والاسلامي.

إن هذا ما لا يريده الأميركيون أبداً ويعرفون ان آل سعود ليسوا اهلاً له فيحتفظون بهم ملوكاً لدعم نفوذهم في العالم.

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