Iran protests sanctions
Iranians protest the re-imposition of US (world govt) sanctions, 5 November 2018

The imposition of sanctions on Washington by a world whose development is being grievously impeded by its brutal and asphyxiating hegemony is overdue.

The world that is invites us at seminal moments to contemplate the world that is not in obeisance to the understanding of history and historical events as the story of the roads not taken.

Imagine for a moment if instead of Alexander’s Macedonians invading and conquering the vastness of the Persian Empire, it had been the Persian Emperor Darius who’d invaded and conquered Macedonia and the Greek city-states with his elite army of Immortals. What kind of world would have been fashioned as a consequence?

Imagine if the outcome of the Second Punic War had not been Hannibal’s defeat at the hands of Rome but his…