The Awakening Conscience

March 15, 2017
The Awakening Conscience
This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “The Empire should be placed on suicide watch”. It is all coming to an end for the 1% and their minions.

Comment by nice try

If by “the gods”, you mean “the Rothschilds/Soros”… the US/NATO/EU MIC axis has become too difficult for the 0.001% to control. Destruction in the name of profit is all well and good, but the political/corporate psychopath puppets the 0.001% put in charge of running the show in US/NATO/EU have come to believe their own mythology… that a New World Order can be achieved., and the MIC/Deep State will rule supreme.

The realization has dawned on the Rothschild/Bilderberg/Davos class that there are ample nukes to ensure they and theirs do not survive an atomic WW3. So Clinton “somehow” doesn’t win the election, and the potential of the 0.001% deliberately crashing the Bretton Woods/US$-reserve-currency system is being made increasingly clear. Clear to all except the blind psychopaths at the top political/military/corporate levels. To use the Stanford Prison Experiment analogy, the guards think they are in charge of the entire prison system, not merely hired, brainwashed thugs working for the 0.001%.

The fly in the ointment is that the Rothschild/Soros/Bilderberg/Davos class has not been able to gain full control over Russia, China and Iran. In the past, the 0.001% could use an emerging empire to topple the established ones. The Axis powers of WW2 finally weakened the old European empires to the point the US empire could easily be put in place with little public or political awareness. The Marshal Plan and the United Nations being billed as the road to inevitable peace… once China and the USSR were contained, infiltrated and subdued to meet the cheap resource/labour requirements of the 0.001% capitalists.

Add in the current infighting between the long-view generational “old money” Rothschilds/Rockefeller-class and the impatient “new money” Soros/Gates/Koch-class and you have a nuclear powder keg, with idiots like Soros throwing regime-change/refugee matches at any fuse he can find.

Wikileaks and Snowden represent a millennial sub-class in the spy-spook industry that also knows the nukes will be pointed at the sitting-duck facilities they work in. The leakers are smart enough to know the only way to get those nukes pointed elsewhere is to make the NSA/CIA spying establishment impotent. Think fragging, but instead of killing the brainwashed officers, they are killing the system by exposing its secrets to public scrutiny. Spying when everyone knows you’re doing it… is not spying… it’s being stupid

When patriots are no longer willing to be cannon fodder or simply follow psychopathic orders, the empire fails.

French elite chose their new pawn, Emmanuel Macron, former Director of Banque Rothschild

February 10, 2017

by Cosimo

The Short Version: In a shocker on Jan. 25, the French elite moved to destroy the right-wing candidate, François Fillon with a scandal that may be fake. The elite is clearing the way for their new pawn, Emmanuel Macron, a former Director of Banque Rothschild. Macron’s misdeeds are revealed here. The dissidents shine an unwanted light on the Macron-Rothschild connection and in return, the elite seemed to have gotten the police to put unspecified arrest charges against the well-known dissident Alain Soral. The FN will likely lose the second round of the elections. The Socialists, former pals of the elite, are running fourth in a field of four.

France: Scandal-Shock in the presidential race

Recall that in France, the April/May elections are for just the presidency. Legislative elections will follow in early June, but in the Fifth Republic, the President is extraordinarily powerful and the Senate and Chamber of Deputies are not.

On January 25, the French election campaign was thrown into turmoil when the oligarchs made it known that they had switched support to another candidate than the usual right-winger. Their tricks are quite visible no.

The background ins that France’s globalist elites are in a panic. As elites elsewhere are also in a panic, really. Across Europe in 2017, voters are ready to kick out the oligarchy’s pawns with elections in France, Italy, Germany and perhaps Holland. American just elected an anti-globalist president. That’s Huuuge!!

In France, the oligarchy finds itself cornered, which only happens once or twice a century. The National Front is at record strength, as anti-elite as ever. The French elite enjoyed service from the utterly fraudulent “Socialist” Party since the summer of 1914, but in the last 5 years, the “Socialists” set new records for unpopularity and have little chance of winning elections any time soon, if ever.

Why the Elites Turned on Fillon

A casual observer might think the French oligarchs would be happy with François Fillon, a regular politician from the party now known as Les Républicains. That’s the old UMP, with a fresh name in 2015 but nothing else changed. Fillon was Prime Minister in the right-wing and very pro-American Sarkozy government, 2007-2012. Fillon was a safe bet if the polls can be believed, they showed him winning the second round of elections, the “knock-out round.”

This comes as shock a to people, especially outside France, but the oligarchs have rejected Fillon. A list of his “defects” reveal a stubborn French patriot who defends Christians and family values, who wants French-Russian friendship, and who is not a dyed-in-the-wool Europhile. This ordinary right-wing politician didn’t support the Maastrich Treaty which is a foundational document of the EU. That was 1992, and since then he rebuilt bridges with the Europhile elite, or so people thought. Fillon wants to end the sanctions and he’s also calling for an EU-Russian conference to work out new security arrangements. Fillion is also supportive of Syrian Christians, who have been a main target of the terrorists. In 2015, he spoke at a meeting of 1600 supporters of this endangered minority. (

It’s shocking how Christian churches have been so silent on this state-sponsored attack on their coreligionists. That silence means that Fillon has gone out on a limb in opposing the genocide of Christians because the US, France, Saudi Arabia, even Israel are up to their eyeballs in supporting the terrorists.

I could summarize it by quoting Gérard Bardy, current president of the Union de la Presse francophone-France (UPF) and an author of books on Charles De Gaulle. “In my latest book, “De Gaulle was Right, – The Vissionary” (Ed. Télémaque), I do not hesitate to say that F rançois is, to this day, the only heir to Gaullisme.” ( )

The oligarchs schemed quietly fo two years to build a brand-new candidate to oppose Fillon, but the immediate trigger may have been an interview which Fillon gave to both Le Monde and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, published January 22, so 3 days before January 25, when The Chained Duck quacked its bombshell allegation. ( )

January 25 the elite’s chosen date to rock France with this scandal. Le Canard Enchaîné claiming that Fillon, as a Senator put his wife and two adult children on his expense account as his aides. There is no doubt they were paid from his parliamentary expense account. This type of nepotism is common practice among French politicians on the left and on the right. The salaries are in the public record and it’s legal. This nepotism is only illegal if the relatives didn’t work to earn their salaries. At time of this writing, Fillon’s supporters claim there is no evidence He did anything illegal, and they say it’s all cooked up.

The oligarchs could have uncorked the scandal at any time in the last 20 years. They could have uncorked it before the LR primary of Nov. 20 and 27, which would have caused the victory of Nicholas Sarkozy. Why not December 1, after their favored candidate didn’t win ? The oligarchs were clever and disciplined. They waited out December and most of January so their scandal would gain the greatest effect. When Le Canard Enchaîné ran the scandal on Jan. 25, Les Républicains didn’t have enough time to replace Fillon with someone else. Alain Juppé, the runner-up in November understand what was afoot, that the oligarchs support Macron, so he ruled himself out of a second chance to be the LR candidate.

Even if the charge were true, it’s worth noting how artificial this scandal really is, because that artificiality reveals a deeper truth. This routine scandal has been magnified and allowed to be sat on, probably for many years, which would support a suspicion that the scandal was cooked up. It’s also crucial to keep the sense of scale. This scandal, if it’s true, cost French taxpayers €800,000 over ten years. By contrast, as w will see below, Macron’s scandal cost France at least €9 billion, so 100 times greater. The only way the oligarchs could inflate this relatively small account-padding into a career-destroying mega-story is because the elites own all of the mass media and have the power to turn any story into whatever size they want. This sizing is only partially based on the collective gullibility of their readers. Gullibility can be overcome with more repetition, as Goebbels noted in the 1940’s. To rephrase, compare €80,000 a year to the €14 billion a year revenues of Alstom’s power division, described below.

Emmanuel Macron, Director at Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild S.A.

When the oligarchs pushed out Fillon, it became undeniable that Macron is their man, but in fact the process to create Macron the Candidate started two years ago.

Who is Macron ? Until he resigned on August 30, 2016, he was the «Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances» a second-tier post where he is best knows for a labor law which cuts salaries, allows employers to demand work on Sunday, and the usual right-wing stuff, but his greater importance is his contribution to the de-industrialization of France, where the giant, Alston was sold off to its American rival GE for a song). But since Macron also spent years as a Director at Banque Rothschild, he became a puppet of the rich and powerful, and they can work magic and turn Macron into a temporary somebody.

Macron and his Rothschild connection is really bad news for the French. Here is why:

The last time the Rothschilds put a puppet into the presidential office, it was to overthrow the great President Charles De Gaulle, who had become anti-imperialist. At the time, all the American Lügenpresse told us was that he kicked NATO out of France. In reality, De Gaulle’s offenses were far greater. Few Americans known that he used the prestige of his office to oppose the US wars in Southeast Asia. His speech in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Sept. 1, 1966) is breathtaking in its deep and eloquent denunciation of the American Empire. A French transcript of that speech is at The most important offense is that De Gaulle, as a French patriot, was not interested in a European Union where France would lose her sovereignty, and De Gaulle had managed to Make France Great Again with a strong economy based on industrial competitiveness. The cherry on the top was his remark that “Some people even feared that the Jews, until then scattered about, but who were still what they had always been, that is an elite people, sure of themselves and domineering, would, once assembled again on the land of their ancient greatness, turn into a burning and conquering ambition.” (press conference, Nov. 27, 1967 – in the wake of the 1967 War). The elites decided De Gaulle had to go.

The chosen tool was Georges Pompidou. Like Macron, Pompidou was a relative nobody, but he was a former Director-General of Banque Rothschild. Behind-the-scenes support was vital for Pompidou to stage an insider revolt against Charles De Gaulle. Once Pompidou became president, he gave La Banque de France over to private bankers in early 1973. Dissidents scathingly call the legislation «la Loi Pompidou, Giscard, Rothschild». Destroying the Bank Of France was a huge treason. From 1936-1973, the sovereign French government ran its Bank of France to serve the public. The government borrowed money for public works at little or no interest. Bank policies were designed to grow the economy. Public Banking. It was the key to creating “The Glorious Thirty”, the 30 years of postwar economic growth and prosperity (1945-1975). Stripping France of its national bank killed off that prosperity in a few short years.

So Pompideou stands as a great warning. When a Rothschild pawn is running for high office, the people should be very concerned about what comes next. Unfortunately, the French Lügenpresse swept all that under the rug and turned De Gaulle into first a bogeyman, and later a remote icon of history. The only people who bring to light how this is relevant today, and how France needs another De Gaulle are the French dissidents which I discuss below.

The French business press has mentioned that Macron was a Director of Banque Rothschild, but this is not much discussed. Only the dissidents give it the prominence it deserves.

The French public know two big bad things about Macron. Alstom and the Macron Law which attacks labor. The third, the Rothschild connection lies hidden in plain view.

Because the Macron Law it affects all working people in France, the polemics around it have attracted widespread attention. It allows top-down changes to labor contracts with the consent of whichever trade union represents 50% of the workers. It abolished the restrictions on Sunday work, an important item and a serious blow to family life – a strategic goal of anti-humanist liberals, since strong families are a basic protection against predatory capitalism. It ends the 35 hour work week and allow companies to demand 46 hours work for up to 12 weeks a year. This law is another attack on the working class, with the propaganda that it will increase employment.

Macron wrote this law, but in an endless string of frauds, the French media call it la Loi El Khomri even though El Khomri, the Labor Minister, didn’t help write it and seems to have opposed it. ( Macron says long and loud that he would have gone much further in this law, if political realities hadn’t restrained him.

The Alstom matter is more serious, really.

Macron’s role in the sell-off of Alstom is very strategic damage. It de-industrializes France.

With his portfolio in the “Socialist” government, Macron should have worked to prevent the sell-off of Alstom to GE. This stands as a second clear warning that Rothschild puppets can inflict serious damage.

Alstom was one of France’s few remaining high-tech dynamos, a key to French prosperity in the 21st Century. Nuclear reactors, high speed trains, electricity transmission, etc. GE has a similar set of industries, so the American giant offered to buy the nuclear power and electrical transmission part of Alstom for €12.35 billion, but not the train business. That was a paltry sum for businesses with an annual turnover of over €14 billion. Any businessman would understand GE’s initial offer as a fire sale price – but Alstom was not in distress. Even worse, after all the flim-flam such as a US Department Of “Justice” fine ($970 million) for bribing Indonesian officials, French share-holders ended up with less than €3.7 billion. French people made a public outcry and an effort to prevent losing this jewel, but to no avail. Macron should have prevented this catastrophe, and he did nothing because he’s a neoliberal with masters to please and – amazing at is seems – his French masters serve American masters. The American website, Counterpunch, ran a detailed story on Alstom two months ago, although it failed to highlight the role of Macron as the most responsible “Socialist” minster. Link:

Behind GE’s Takeover of Alstom Energy

Emmanuel Macron, the Candidate

In the last two years, the oligarchic press, the French Lügenpresse, has been trying to turn the nobody Macron into a major candidate, creating a big PR campaign. The French website Le Vent Se Leve (The Wind Rises) has a good short exposé at “How The Medias Fabricated Macron The Candidate”. The exposé note that more articles were published about Macron than all three of the other “Socialist” candidates combined, a peer group that included Hamonthe “Socialist” presidential candidate. Polling data from before this campaign started, in late 2014, shows only 6% of the public considered Macron as a serious candidate. The way the glossy press portrayed him, you’d think the 1970’s pop star, Johnny Halliday, was being created all over again. Minus the good mood music and the Ford Mustang driving-on-the-beach commercial, however.

In April 2016, Macron started a political movement,“En Marche”, and it was clear he was preparing for a presidential run and he was soliciting campaign money. When he resigned on Aug. 30, President Hollande called him “a methodical traitor” so the bridge to the “Socialist” Party was truly burned. What’s curious, so odd and artificial, is that Macron waited until November 16 to announce his run for the presidency. That delay indicates Macron has run a stealth campaign.

Macron’s ties to Rothschild are in the French media if you know to search it out, but the ties don’t get the prominence and the analysis that it should. The Lügenpresse describes Macron as an “independent centrist.” He is “independent” of everything – except the oligarchs. “Centrist”? Really ? No, this label is as meaningless in France as anywhere. There’s only one polite label for Macron; he is a neoliberal. That means fundamentalist capitalism where, without exaggeration, nothing matters except the accumulation of capital.

Alain Soral, the Dissident Who Must Be Silenced

The critical importance of the French dissidents is that they make the connection between Macron and Rothschild, as well as Pompidou to Rothschild. The dissidents are the only people in France who describe 1968 as a Color Revolution created by hidden networks, and the dissidents also lead the way in describing De Gaulle as a great patriot, when the mass media tries to paint him as an authoritarian nut, just some obscure old general. A lot hinges on how people evaluate “1968”. It was sold, then and now, as being spontaneous, anti-authoritarian, romantic, etc. It was a great sales job and only the dissidents unravel the marketing of “May, 1968”.

The dissidents are a major force in France. Their main power is word of mouth. They are sprinkled throughout France, at most income levels and ethnicities, so they can bend the ear of non-political French citizens. I estimate there are about 250,000 dissidents, and obviously Alain Soral one of the most prominent. The main dissident web site is and it averages 144,000 unique visitors a day. Almost none of this is in English. This is French nationalism at work and one of their goals is preservation of French culture and French language.

If ever the French oligarchs needed to suppress the dissidents, it’s now. The arguments of the dissidents are strong, but their biggest obstacle has been the passivity of the French people. Passivity is ending in France as it is elsewhere. So the elite decided it was time to call in the police.

The French police have been trying to arrest Alain Soral since Thursday, Feb. 2. The police haven’t stated why they want to arrest him, but the leaders of the “Socialist” government have said in just so many words, that they want to permanently silence Soral and Dieudonné. To quote Valls, the recently departed prime minister, “Death! … Uh, I mean social death!” So yeah, the oligarchs want the dissidents silenced for the duration of the elections.

Soral and fellow dissidents have been on the receiving end of a concerted campaign of intimidation with arrests and trumped-up civil suits. This has been going on for a decade and it’s a case of attempted murder social death by a thousand cuts. It drains the dissidents of money and energy.

Unlike the US, France does not have free speech. Some topics can’t be discussed openly without fear of arrest. Comments which can be interpreted as racist, as “hate speech”, or as “supporting terrorism”, or merely as revisions of details from the official history of the Holocaust, or simply annoying a few well-connected Jews, are all prosecutable under French law. In the US, back in the old days when free speech was not all that free, we had gray zones for artistic license, for humor, and for speaking when reporters were not present. France never developed these gray zones because they had free speech from 1881 until the new laws of 1972 and 1990 slowly crept up on them.

One example can give you an idea how this works. Dieudonné, an Afro-French humorist fills large halls at all his performances, at 50 Euro a ticket. He’s extremely talented, insightful, and his humor is gentle and fierce. This is all too dangerous and subversive. For a Facebook posting, he was sentenced to 200 days in jail or 30,000 Euros fine, reduced on appeal to 2 months or 10,000 Euros. After the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, he posted, «Je me sens Charlie Coulibaly.» “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.” It was a hybrid name. Charlie for Charlie-Hebdo, the humor magazine where the victims had worked. Like Dieudonné , they had been humorists, and Dieudonné understood that not everyone likes funny men. Coulibaly, supposedly one of the terrorists, was AfroFrench. Well, Dieudonné is Afro-French, too. Dieudonné said he was trying to do the Christian thing and to lovingly reconcile these two opposites which he said he also finds within himself. He told the court that he “condemned the terrorist attack, holding back nothing, and without any ambiguity.” The upshot is that in France, the government decides what’s funny.

Soral’s Views On The Election

In an interview on Saturday, Alain Soral had some interesting comments.

Soral says the globalists are very concerned after Trump’s election and “the loss of America”. They believe they have no choice but to hold on to France «à tout prix», “at any cost.” He says the Empire is in panic mode because Hamon, Fillon, and the FN are all against the globalists.

Soral says the “globalist oligarchy” expected and wanted Juppé to win the LR primary. For them, Fillon is “too French, too Catholic, and not submissive towards the Empire.” He notes that the attacks on Fillon are coming from the globalist right-wing, not – as you’d expect – from the left. The globalists see Fillon, even with his Bilderberger membership, as a member of the “grande bourgeoisie” and too close to Putin. So the oligarchs need Macron and they are doing everything to puff up Macron “who incarnates the candidate of the Empire.” Soral says Macron is a nobody, an of course the Empire magnifies Macron’s small accomplishments into the serious doings of a serious candidate, the same as they did with Manuel Valls before they had to dump him Easily made, easily broken, like a pie in the Mary Poppins musical.

French Polls

Let me end this essay by asking what the polls do or do not reveal. First what do the polls say, and then the question of their credibility.

Broadly, the polls claim that Marine Le Pen will be the victor in the first round, with 29% or so of the vote. But in the second and decisive round, she will be defeated, either by Macron with 66% of the vote, or by Fillon with 58%. These are approximate numbers from an assortment of polls. So all the polls say the NF will not gain the presidency.

However, it’s a serious question to ask if these polls are credible. The American pollsters lied outrageously during the 2016 campaign. I hindsight, we can see this was a cross-organizational attempt to create an electoral reality with the use of well-coordinated lying. This stunt was also international and crossed channels. Three weeks before the elections, Paddy Power, an Irish betting firm, “called the election” for Clinton and paid off all the bets on her, saying there was no point in waiting. They paid out a few million needlessly. One can only speculate how Paddy Power was reimbursed, in cash or in more favorable treatment of internet betting,; it’s trivial, really. So the manipulation of perceptions is not just a theory, it’s a fact.

A history of honesty isn’t worth a lot in a very high stakes situation, which is what we have here.

French polls must raise and then answer three questions. First, were citizens really candid with pollsters who represent the establishment ? Second, which people will actually go to the voting urns, and third, how can the pollsters estimate the stay-at-homes ?

At the March, 2014 municipal elections, French voters stayed home in record numbers, causing a tidal wave of losses for the “Socialists”. They lost towns they had held for 100 years. The polls were wrong because voters boycotted the “Socialist” Party that ignored the working people. In 2014, the FN only gained 2 or 3 towns and a modest number of seats. But in the last 3 years, as the economic crisis grinds on, the FN has gained voters and more legitimacy. So it’s harder to rule out an FN victory.

There’s no need to mention Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the Left Party. Fringe leftists get more coverage than they have electoral prospects.

Rothschild behind the creation of the Zionist terrorist state

Rothschild reveals crucial role his ancestors played in the Balfour Declaration and creation of Israel

If Americans Knew | February 9, 2017

The Times of Israel reports that Lord Jacob Rothschild recently revealed new details about the crucial role his ancestors played in obtaining the Balfour Declaration, which “helped pave the way for the creation of Israel.”

The 80-year-old Rothschild is the current head of the banking family and a strong supporter of Israel.

The Balfour Declaration (text below) was an official 1917 letter from the British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, addressed to Lord Rothschild, a Zionist leader in Britain at the time and the current Lord Rothschild’s uncle.

During a television interview, the Times of Israel reports that Balfour revealed for the first time the  role of his cousin Dorothy de Rothschild.

Rothschild described Dorothy, who was in her teens at the time, as “devoted to Israel,” and said: ‘What she did, which was crucially important.’”

Rothschild said that Dorothy connected Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann to the British establishment. Dorothy “told Weizmann how to integrate, how to insert himself into British establishment life, which he learned very quickly.”

Rothschild said that the way the declaration was procured was extraordinary. “It was the most incredible piece of opportunism.”

“[Weizmann] gets to Balfour,” Rothschild described, “and unbelievably, he persuades Lord Balfour, and Lloyd George, the prime minister, and most of the ministers, that this idea of a national home for Jews should be allowed to take place. I mean it’s so, so unlikely.”

The interview was was conducted by former Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub as part of the Balfour 100 project. Taub interviewed Rothschild at Waddeston Manor in Buckinghamshire, a manor bequeathed to the nation by the Rothschild family in 1957, where the Declaration is kept.

According to Ambassador Taub, the declaration “changed the course of history for the Middle East.”

The Times reports that Rothschild said his family at the time was divided on the idea of Israel, noting that some members “didn’t think it was a good thing that this national home be established there”.

Dorothy’s letters are also stored at Waddeston. They describe her later dealings with diverse Zionist leaders and her advice on the organization of the Zionist Conference, according to the Times.

Rothschild said that the Declaration went through five drafts before finally being issued on November 2, 1917.

Alison Weir reports in her book, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, that drafts of the declaration went back and forth to Zionists in the United States before the document was finalized. The main writer was secret Zionist Leopold Amery.

Balfour Declaration Text:

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you. on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour

France’s election in total chaos for the mainstream

February 06, 2017

by Ramin Mazaheri

France’s election in total chaos for the mainstream

Is this the end of France’s mainstream political parties?

The day of reckoning certainly should be near. When 77% of France believes parliamentarians, are corrupt then you have a fundamental problem with your system. If you don’t trust you’re the highest rung of the legislative branch, then that house needs to be purged.

It seems it’s going to happen this election cycle for the executive branch, at least. Legislatively…that will require much more revolutionary spirit.

In my daily reporting for Press TV I’ve covered this “our politicians are all corrupt” story many times over the years. I’m always interested to ask the French the simple question: “Why is France so especially mistrustful of their politicians?” Their response usually is…to defend the system they find so corrupt, LOL:

They say that because they live in such a very, very free country only they are can say these types of things openly (state of emergency nearing 16th month but ignore this). Yes, only the impossible-to-seal mouths of the truly-free French dare speak the truth! The truth being, by implication, that all politicians everywhere are corrupt.

This is, of course, not at all true.

First, the French have some outdated fantasy of other countries being ruled by a secret police, where all criticism can only be whispered in dark alleyways. Never mind the omnipresence of their own secret police.

Second, the entire world does not all share their faithless cynicism in politicians. This is a French cultural problem which runs deeper than hypocrisy, which is a very human foible we all share. I discussed politics with dozens of Cubans recently and I never heard any depressing, cynical thoughts about their politicians as are routinely expressed here. I heard complaints, but different ones, and that is my point.

But, rationalize such cynicism however you like. In fact, let’s move on and just blame the Roma and the Muslims, LOL.

Of course, we still must return back to the reality of staggering corruption in French politics.

The downfall of Francois Fillon, the ‘great man’

Ingrained in Western capitalism and their bourgeois democracies is the idea that the masses are ignorant and that a great man is needed to lead them. A man of moral integrity and prophetic vision – much more than just a “council of grandfathers” must guide the French tribe.

Fillon was that man…according to his campaign platform.

His idea was that only a person of his irreproachable moral integrity could…properly inflict twice as many austerity cuts properly.

He was the clear favorite so this idea actually resonated – the moral part seemed to obscure the austerity part, apparently out of desperation for the lack of moral fortitude displayed by those in the nation’s highest offices.

Fillon was high in the polls and high above us masses in his country manor, just marking an ‘x’ on the calendar for each day he was closer to surely taking office in May.

All he had to do was not screw up, because I can report there was simply not enough proof of support for Marine Le Pen to beat him in the 2nd round, or even make it close. Of course, we are still months from the vote, and things change.

And change they did!

We are now all patiently waiting for Fillon’s proof to disprove “Penelopegate”: allegations that his wife and children got over 1 million euros in ghost jobs.

He hasn’t and he won’t.

He says he will share “proof” of work such as pay slips only with the police. LOL, Francois, proof of payment is not proof of work.

If Frank had any proof…he would have immediately shown it to the media to clear his name and continue coasting to the presidency. However, he only had bizarre identity-politics accusations such as “misogyny” against his wife to counter the claims. I feel bad for the reporters who had to report that without irony….Image result

And how the mainstream loved Fillon! This poster from mainstream magazine Le Point was all over Paris back in November, forcing everyone with a brain in their head to roll their eyes backwards to their personal happy place. It reads “The Incredible Mr. Fillon”.

LOL Le Point, great call on that one! Superb journalistic instincts! Impeccable analysis! I see why you are the top of the top here in France!

Well, every journalist takes orders from whoever signs their paycheck, and the larger point is: The 1% loved Fillon, trusted Fillon, and he was one of them (just on the basis of ghost job income).

Not 1 but both mainstream parties ousted? Pinch me I’m dreaming….

Fillon has absolutely and properly plummeted from 1st to 3rd place in the latest presidential polls. He wouldn’t make the 2nd and final round, were the vote held today.

It’s a shocking fall, but maybe the French are finally punishing people for corruption? If the state won’t do it, as in China, then it’s up to voters. This idiosyncrasy of the Western democratic system – corruption is punished by not winning re-election, as opposed to the prison terms handed out for normal crooks – has clearly worked out fantastically for the 1% in France, who staff Parliament.

Problem is, Fillon is still running 3rd – he could make a comeback.

They all do in France, at least on the right – Sarkozy, Juppé, etc. On the left they are more likely to get permanently exiled – Strauss-Kahn, Cazeneuve, and does anyone see a comeback from Hollande?

Makes one wonder: Which side has the greater moral backbone: The conservative Catholic rural voters or the urban and urbane Socialists? One would think it would be the former, but explain that riddle then?

Anyway, my point to international readers is that the joyful arrival of Penelopegate currently portends the death of not just the already-dead Socialists but the conservative Les Républicains, i.e. both mainstream parties.

That, in a western democracy, is extremely rare, and I can’t recall a postwar historical example in any of the West’s UN veto-wielding nations.

So, now who? Wait…why are you looking at me? I work for Iranian state media, not a fashionable, rich media like Le Point – I must know nothing, right? I didn’t even think Fillon was that incredible?

Frozen mainstream Eskimos float the old out for an icy funeral

Polls currently have 4 candidates within 8% points of each other. I hate to say I told you so, and I’m directing this one towards the US and Trump-Clinton: ignore “margin of error” at your peril.

You can’t call a race when it’s that tight so…check back later.

However, I predict the mainstream media here won’t take this honest and sensible view: The 1% can’t show any disunity among something as important as the presidency – remember how it was “Clinton for certain” in the US?

The mainstream doesn’t want to report the actual facts – that there is chaos, instability and unpredictability in France’s election. Nor is the mainstream media, as Trump v. Clinton reminded everyone, in the habit of listening to the needs of the masses or reporting things properly.

They will circle the wagons around a preferred candidate very soon.

But for now it is fair to say that Marine Le Pen will almost definitely get into the second round…and lose against whoever she faces: There hasn’t been a poll which showed her winning the 2nd round that I’m aware of.

I refuse to believe, because it takes time for my brain to accept change, these most recent polls, which have former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron beating Le Pen 66-33% in the 2nd round.

Maybe my brain was impacted by all the tear gas and other violence thrown my way during the months of protests against his Macron Law to accept the heretofore shocking idea that he could be president in May, or that he should be.

The Macron Law…man, that will stand in infamy. That was the right-wing roll back of France’s labor code last year.

Now THAT was the biggest blow against French culture in recent years, as it brings France more in line with the US-UK-German economic model.

There went France’s worker security – nobody punches a clock here, the vast majority have the stability provided by a monthly salary – but now you can get used to more part-time work like in the three Anglo-Saxon countries I listed. Get used to lower wages, as part-time work always pays worse, but the capitalists love this programmed underemployment – keeps ‘em desperate scared and docile.

There went your French exceptionalism, and the colorblind among us will note that it did not go because of a chubby mother in a hejab pushing a stroller while hoping for the best future for her children…but you believe whatever you want.

There went, sadly, my quiet, no-shopping-allowed Sundays in Paris, which is the densest Western cityand so, so busy most of the time. Yeah, let’s turn this place into Tokyo or Manhattan, sounds great.

Of course, it’s not like families need a guaranteed day of togetherness for unity, or like workers need a guaranteed day of rest to be happy and moral the other six. Is there some way I can be a capitalist while I’m sleeping, because I’m just wasting time and time is money, right?

And now, here comes Macron: He will be the lily-white gold-worshipper in the middle of the circled wagons, safely protected from us common Indian savages who simply want to hold on to what little we have and not lose any more.

Get on the Macron train, or think of one hand clapping

Prediction for Le Point’s next cover: “The Incredible Mr. Macron!”

Blame Hollande. Blame him left, right, up and down, because Macron was a nobody until Hollande made him Minister of the Economy. Ugh! We are stuck with Macron for decades, because the pro-banker 1% will keep propping him up no matter what – no pro-capitalist politician ever dies in France. Among the English-speaking media it’s basically St. Macron, sent to destroy the France’s (far more admirable) postwar social model.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. It can’t be. It won’t be.

But it looks like it might be.

Because French voters simply must punish the Socialist Party for their betrayal on austerity, and they will; they simply must punish Fillon for the embezzlement and hypocrisy which he has not been able to disprove whatsoever.

Rejecting the mainstream is the trend in the West or…has this trend died out? We don’t know and it’s not clear, but it’s certainly looking that way more than ever in France.

What about Marine Le Pen? Well, she proposes non-mainstream ideas but is a part of the mainstream – the National Front has been prevalent in the media for decades. She is not like Trump, who is a true outsider form the political game.

Le Pen is capitalizing on all this, recently saying she’s a candidate against the moneyed elite and “of the people” and she is…as long as those “people” are totally White.

Of course, many of her supporters don’t care about a little thing called “minority rights”, which is what prevents Western democracy from being outright mob rule.

Certainly a lot of her supporters suddenly are all about minority rights when you talk about places outside of France…in places like Lebanon when it comes to Christians, to give just one example, but anyway….

Le Pen is sort of in-between on this mainstream idea, I must grant, and the same should be said for the left’s Jean-Luc Melenchon: He gave up on the mainstream Socialists in 2008. That’s ahead of the curve, right? Ya gotta give him that.

But it’s not really that long ago, eh? It’s still hard for many believe in his bona fides as a leftist and many view him as an egomaniac, rightly or wrongly.

He might get over the hump, but he’s currently polling at 11%. In the 2012 1st round presidential election he got…11%. “Stagnation” has certainly been the watchword for France during the past 5 years….

But if you’re asking me who to vote for he’s the best viable candidate. He has so far refused to ally with the mainstream socialist Benoit Hamon: the newcomer Hamon has the hot hand, so the sooner Melenchon would give in the more watered-down his proposals would be in this hypothetical new left union.

And his proposals are great: Like Le Pen he wants a democratic referendum on the Euro, European Union and NATO, and he wants to scrap the 5th Republic and write a new, modern constitution that isn’t tainted by De Gaulle’s postwar paranoia of the people. He’s the only politician who is clearly anti-xenophobia, Hamon being tainted by the Socialist’s mistreatment of Roma, refugees and Muslims.

Going with the capitalist adoration of the “great man”, the “political savior”, “Mr. .00001%” –are you telling me that’s the smug banker Macron?

That is exactly what the mainstream media will probably start spoon-feeding France.

We’ll see how many French swallow it – given that Macron is currently the most popular politician in France, many already have dutifully taken their conformist medicine and are awaiting a pat on the head (and a pink slip).

However, which two politicians have the 2nd and 3rd-highest approval ratings? Hamon and Melenchon, in a tie.

So how the heck do you explain that?! Whoda thunkit just a couple weeks ago?! What does that predict for the election?

You explain it by realizing that rejecting the mainstream is what the past year has been all about across the West. My White Trash Revolution (WTR) theory continues to trend correct.

The right has been dominant, but Fillon’s apparent taxpayer scam could push France’s WTR back to the left.

One can dream.

All that is certain is that there is no certainty today in France’s presidential election.

A lot can change between now and the first round in late April, but the mainstream’s tactics only change, never their goals: They want someone to keep the money flowing to the 1% and that man was Fillon – now it will be Macron, sorry Frank.

Macron is so new, so smug, so Rothschild-y that maybe France’s voters won’t buy the mainstream onslaught that’s coming? That onslaught will be, of course: We must stop Le Pen at any cost, even if it means Macron.

That game plan stays the same with or without Fillon.

But maybe the Left will seize the historical moment and surmount the obstacles which will inevitably be obstructed by the mainstream.

Regardless, I encourage France’s voters to drop their cynicism about politics in general, above all. It’s not normal, useful, accurate or right.

American spies, Primakov’s death, and Russian Pharma, by Scott

January 18, 2017
American spies, Primakov’s death, and Russian Pharma, by Scott

This is my corner so I can rant on and on about what bothers me the most today.

Take, for example, the recent revelation made by Russia’s Foreign Ministry that the US intelligence community was instrumental in the death of Evgeny Primakov, who was allegedly on dialyses for liver failure at the time.

US intel may have contributed to Russian ex-Foreign Minister Primakov’s death – Zakharova

Primakov has been hated by Clinton’s necons for his stance against the war on Yugoslavia and creating the model of multipol world.

He was also hated by the neo-liberals in Russia for his tireless work to restore the Russian economy and finances destroyed in the 90s.

Leaving the juicy spy story aside, ask yourself what was another story that happened with the similar scenario? The case with Magnitsky’s death orchestrated by Browder, but being blamed on Putin and the entire population of Russia, with multiple sanctions introduced by the same fractions in the US senate that later introduced sanctions against Russia “for Ukraine.”

Since the 90s, when pharmaceutical manufacturing was effectively destroyed in Russia. any attempts to rebuild a domestic pharmaceutical industry was met with the furious resistance of Washington. The multilayered sanctions on Russia had been in place for the past 25 years, with more being introduced every month. See, for example, the The Magnitsky Sanctionsalso known as The Magnitsky Act, or the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012

And the Ukraine-related sanctions, “Concurrent with the signing of E.O. 13685, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) issued Ukraine-related General License 4, which generally authorises the exportation or reexportation to Crimea of agricultural commodities, medicine, medical supplies and replacement parts for medical devices that would otherwise be prohibited by E.O. 13685.”

How do you like the fact that the US Senate sanctions the transfer of food and medicine between the regions of the Russian federation?

The scenario of medical torture via withholding of lifesaving drugs was implemented against Primakov. Now, however, it’s the Russia who blames the US.

Keep in mind that the global “Mice” always use the same scenarios over and over again.

Actually, if you digest the plot, the story points at someone inside the Russian government being in cahoots with US security services.

Why instead of going directly through the Department of State and Kerry, a diplomat went to buy drugs from a private doctor for cash?

Anyone who is familiar with the American health care system known that it’s a part of the general punitive system along with private jails and courts. It has been designed to intimidate and to keep everyone in line. Those who are not part of this system, are being thrown out and deprived of the necessary drugs and care and left to die.

In the light of it, the idea to go to a private doctor for someone who is not a citizen and to buy medication for cash, is absurd.

But the most important for us part is the following…

While in Russia production of many lifesaving drugs is being hampered by the international sanctions and insiders sabotage,  a budget black hole like Scolkovo, which is paid to develop those drugs domestically, brings Israeli companies and their products to replace American and Europeans.

Israel’s Teva and Russia’s Nanolek partnered on the biopharmaceutical plant at Nanolek’s facility in the Kirov region.

Consider, that all they do in Russia is just packaging, with the actual drug manufacturing talking place in Israel.

It doesn’t relieve Russian strategic weakness of dependency on the foreign made medication.

What’s even more interesting is that similar deals between Russia and the US companies are being black-marked as “Chubais and American Pfizer are being revealed as Rothschild’s threats to the Russian security.”

Meanwhile, the same exact actions by Israelis are being hailed as “cooperation between two countries.”

While the US Senators and European Union bosses scream and jump up and down like chimpanzees in heat, companies from Israel slither quietly into lucrative Russian market via “free trade” vortexes created by their sticky littler fingers.

Going back to Primakov’s death: Kerry personally sent necessary medication through his channels. To me the whole thing was a set up by the mice on both sides, to get rid of Primakov, whom they hated, and to implement in his death Kerry, whom they also hate.

The reality is that there is a “Mice” organized campaign to attack Kerry and to shift blame for the US foreign policy from the deep state to Kerry, who actually did all he could to dampen the deep state’s plans.

They set us up and put us against each other so we would destroy each other by our own hands, and they would stand aside, watch and cheer.


Another issue that you should be aware, is that this revelation about the US secret services being involved in Primakov’s death Zakharova made during her interview to Vladimir Solovyov’s show on Russia One TV channel.

Solovyov is known for his self-proclaimed loyalty to Israel.

One of his most famous saying:What kind of your Slavic ancestors? Jews came to the territory of Russia in second century, and Slavic tribes appeared here only in the 6th century. So, you (Russians) are our guests here in our (Jewish) country .

I don’t know what sources of information Solovyov uses, but multiple archeological discoveries showthat our Slavic and  Scythian ancestors lived on the territory of Russia as earlier as 3500 to 5000 years, and even as early as 20,000 years  before the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

If you believe their own stories, Jews at the time were still pharaoh’s slaves.

If Solovyov and Co. consider Khazars, a Turkic tribe, as their ancestors, then they have no relation to ancient Jews and Israel, and shouldn’t use these names as their self-identification. As the Russian saying goes, Solovyov can sit on certain something, or suck on it, but he cannot do both at the same time.

The fact that Zakharova, being a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, has become a frequent guest for the Solovyov’s   Cirque des Souris  is very troubling.


People took a notice that unelected Solovyov is shown on the federal TV channels  every day for hours, tells the society what to think and what to do, discusses the current events with the Israeli secret service agents and  pro-Washington journalists and activists. Meanwhile, the president of Russia is shown only occasionally for a few seconds in news.

While the Russia’s federal money are still flowing into the mice’s pockets, the US federal money stream came to an abrupt end. Tragic for mice, so tragic…

  • Journalist Albats declares the end of liberalism

Журналистка Альбац заявила об окончании эпохи либерализма 


RIP: DarthPutinKGB, Sputnik_Not, AmbYakovenkoNot, Russia__Not, RusEmbassyNot, TipsyMilosZeman, SovietSergey and many others.

  • Globalists in Davos can’t get back to their hotels and got stuck in the mountains. Did someone decide to arrest them all at once?

@katMotja Что-то случилось в Давосе
Участники форума в Давосе не могут попасть в гостиницы из-за инцидента в горах.

Footage of boxer Amir Khan doing sex acts over Skype released on porn sites. They sat on this Skype video since 2013. Maybe they tried to make him to take a “backpack” for Trumps inauguration?  Amir Khan is a Pakistani origin.  And maybe he told them, ‘So what? Show me who didn’t.”



A featured image: Sheep shearing by the Kiev junta members and Chubais, “Don’t resist, sheep, or Putin will, invade you.”  Works every time.

Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy

Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy

by Dr. Elias Akleh


Zionism is a brutal ethnic–cleansing racist colonial ideology developed in 1896 by Theodore Herzl; an Austrian Jew. Its main goal is the establishment of the Greater Israel Project in the heart of the Arab World, extending from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq, as a Jewish-only homeland for what is termed the “Jewish People”.

The majority of world Jewry had adopted this ideology, and with the financial and military help of coerced pro-Zionist Western heads of states; mainly Britain and USA, they were able to accomplish the first phase of this colonial project by establishing the state of Israel on the occupied Palestinian land after the genocide and ethnic-cleansing of a majority of Palestinian Arabs. The second phase; namely the destruction of the neighboring Arab countries; Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and the brutal forceful eviction of inhabitants in the form of the massive refugee crisis, is now in progress.

Zionism, like bolshevism, communism, capitalism, liberalism and all similar ideologies, is a tool created by the Secret World Government; the Hidden Hand, to recruit and manipulate mainly Jews and to pressure Western Christian World to wage long term wars in the Middle Eastern region against the Moslem World in order to generate war financial revenue in their pockets and to gain even more control over the regional rich natural resources such as oil and gas. Even though Zionism has been successful, so far, in gathering the Jews in the colonial state of Israel and in spreading havoc in the Arab World, yet Zionism will prove to be the cause of their ultimate doom in the future if they keep pushing for the end goal of the Zionist ideology; the establishment of Greater Israel Project.

Zionism was invented as a homeless nationalist ideology without a nation. It did not have an identified homeland with a nation. Its main goal is to create an artificial nation out of religious followers, who are alien to each other in language, culture, nationality and even race. This artificial nation is to be militarized and manipulated to control the rich natural resources of the Middle East. Judaism and Jews were selected to be this colonial tool due to the Judaic religious connection to the land.

Zionist ideology was born out of Judaism; a supremacist, racist, manipulative, genocidal religion with a racist discriminative warmongering blood thirsty god (Satan), who demands bloodshed, child sacrifice, total destruction and enslavement of all goyims (non-Jews), and the hording of all gold and silver. Those, who apologetically attempt to separate the two, have not read or understood the Judaic teachings and historical events narrated in the Old Testament and in other Judaic texts.

To recruit reluctant Jews into Zionism anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiment needed to be intensified to alienate Jews from their countries of birth. Since its inception it was understood that anti-Jewishness and Zionism are inseparable partners. Despite the existence of Jewish ghettos, encouraged by supremacist Jewish Rabbis to keep Jews separated from and un-assimilated within the goyims, many Jews found it more prosperous for them to get out of the ghettos and to be assimilated within the country they live in. Such assimilation had, before WWII, dramatically reduced anti-Jewish sentiments in many countries such as Western European countries including Germany, the Americas, North African Islamic countries and the Arab Middle Eastern countries. Jews, being citizens of the country of their birth, lived relatively in peace and in harmony with the other citizens of the same country. They were not interested in moving to a new country where they would have to die in colonial wars against its inhabitants. Thus Zionist agents had fomented and promoted anti-Semitic attacks against Jews as a means to compel them to “escape” persecution and immigrate to Palestine. Without anti-Semitism pushing Jews to immigrate to Palestine, Zionist project would certainly fail.  Zionist founder Theodor Herzl said:

“It is essential that the suffering of Jews … becomes worse … This will assist in realization of our plans … I have an excellent idea, I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”

This partnership was recognized by Jewish writers and historians. Benny Morris; the Israeli historian, described in his book “Righteous Victims” how Herzl recognized that anti-Semitism would be harnessed to his own Zionist purposes. Israel Shahak; an Israeli professor in the Hebrew University, describes in his book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” the close relationship that have always existed between Zionist and anti-Semites exposing the fact that Zionists use the anti-Semites for their own colonial purposes. University faculty professor Allan C. Brownfeld states in his essay “Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History” the long historical alliance from the end of the 19th century until today between Zionism and anti-Semites.

The danger of Zionism against Jews did not escape Jewish politicians nor Jewish Rabbis. Immediately after Balfour Declaration in 1917 a Jewish Minister in the British Government; Lord Edwin Montagu submitted a memorandum to the British Cabinet as a response to Balfour Declaration and a harsh criticism of Zionism predicting an increase in anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiments as a result. He described Zionism as “a mischievous political creed, untenable by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom.” He also prescribed Zionist organization as “illegal and against the national interest … largely run by men of enemy descent or birth, and by this means have dealt a severe blow to the liberties, position and opportunities of service to their Jewish fellow-countrymen.” Acknowledging the Judaic belief that a Divine leadership is required to form a Jewish nation, he wondered sarcastically “I have never heard it suggested … that either Mr. Balfour or Lord Rothschild would prove to be the Messiah.”

Lord Montagu asserted that there is no such thing as a Jewish nation. A Jewish Englishman is not of the same nation as a Jewish French, Jewish Russian, Jewish Arab or any Jewish citizen of any other country, similar to the fact that a Christian Englishman not of the same nation as a Christian French, Christian Russian, Christian Arab or any Christian citizen of any other country.

He also predicted that declaring Palestine as a Jewish national homeland will increase anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiment, and “every country will immediately desire to get rid of its Jewish citizens … because we [Jews] have obtained a far greater share of this country’s [and other country’s] goods and opportunities than we are numerically entitled to … we compete unfairly.” Jews will be stripped of their original nationality and become foreign Jews. Having Jews, from different countries with different languages and different cultures, transferred into Palestine would create a Tower of Babel. Palestine will become the world’s largest Jewish Ghetto.

Furthermore Montagu denied that Palestine of 1917 is associated with Jews or is a fit place for them to live in. Although Palestine had played a large part in Jewish history, it also had played a larger part in Christian history, and played even the largest part in Islamic history. A religious test of citizenship is a “bigoted and narrow view of one particular epoch of the history of Palestine” he stated.

Even without stating it specifically in words Montagu predicted the demographic issue; the Palestinian demographic bomb or Israel’s “Palestinian question” similar to Nazi’s “Jewish question”. He indicated that there are (at his time) three times as many Jews in the world as could possibly fit into Palestine even if you drove out (ethnically cleanse) all the Palestinians living there at the time. He questioned if only one third could be transferred into Palestine, then what will happen to the rest of Jews? Who would be the lucky one third? Does this mean that Christian and Moslem Palestinians would make way for all these Jews giving them their land and means of living thus making themselves foreigners in their own country?

Montagu was not aware of the whole Greater Israel Project, and thus could not foresee Zionist expansionist plans and the resulting devastating wars that are happening now in the region.

Many Jewish Rabbis of the time recognized Zionism as the worst enemy of the Jews, opposed it and urged their young followers not to adopt it. In 1922 when a Jewish Agudath Israel organization was spreading Zionist ideology and calling for the colonization of Palestine among European young Jews especially in Poland, Hungarian Orthodox Rabbis, perceiving the threat, published a resolution opposing Zionism and urging their followers not to adopt Zionist colonial plans in Palestine. The resolution was signed by 196 Rabbis from all over the world. Unfortunately, although many Orthodox Jewish organizations initially opposed Zionism, the majority of them turned around due to infiltration, political pressure and financial bribery, and adopted Zionism and supported the state of Israel.

Eventually, Zionists succeeded in establishing the state of Israel. Yet after few decades of constant wars against Arab countries Israel’s Jewish families had lost their initial victorious euphoria and got exhausted and tired of sending their children to war. Immigration to Israel subsided, and young Israelis started abandoning military draft and leaving the country ostensibly seeking further education. The Secret World Government needed to do something drastic to perpetuate its war in the Middle East. Thus the false flag terrorist attack of 911 and other false flag terrorist attacks in Europe were perpetrated and Islamophobia was created in order to recruit the Western Christian world into wars for Israel against Arab/Moslem World. Moreover regime change and terrorism within the Arab World have also been created through what is falsely called Arab Spring; a movement created by Zionized American Administration.  

While American and NATO military forces are fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East, Israeli government, having more free time, continues violating the many UN Resolutions perpetrating war and humanitarian crimes against the Palestinians, demolishing Palestinian homes and at times complete villages, turning the whole Gaza Strip into a starving concentration prison camp and a military testing ground for Israel’s new weapons, and expanding more colonies (settlements) on usurped Palestinian land among many other numerous crimes. It also continues shipping arms to terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra to continue their destruction of Syria and Iraq.

Yet these Israeli crimes have not gone unnoticed as in the past. Thanks to the internet Israel’s crimes against Palestinians and Arabs, its false flag terrorist attacks against the USA and European countries, its bribery of political officials, and its nuclear Sampson Option threating world peace and blackmailing the Western World to do Israel’s biddings are being exposed to the whole world. According to a 2003 European commission opinion poll 60% of Europeans within 15 countries see Israel, not Iran not North Korea and not USA, as the greatest threat to world peace. Such opinion accompanied with solidarity with the Palestinian cause are on the rise as we witness with the wide spreading of the BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanction Israel) movement. Zionist secret weapon; anti-Jewishness (anti-Semitism), is on the rise but has been gradually turned around to become anti-Israel instead.

It is also noticeable that some anti-Israeli government sentiment is on the rise among American Jews themselves. Jewish organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Tikkun Olam, Satmar (Jews Not Zionists), Jews Against Racist Zionism, and Neturei Karta International (NKI) are raising their protesting voices against the inhumane policies of the Israeli government.

Yet, one must not be disillusioned by these Jewish organizations. Although they seem to be liberal and humanist, yet supremacist Judaic theology, or at least elements of it, is still ingrained in their Jewish psyche and identity. The fact that they are still calling for the implementation of the already dead and impractical two-state-solution asserting their support for an Israeli state for Jews, whose existence in itself and in any form negates a Palestinian state over the whole Palestine and deny Palestinians’ right of return to their own homes and land.

Abolishing Zionism and returning Palestine to its original owners would not guarantee global peace because the real threat resides in the core of the Judaic teachings that call for the supremacy of the Jews as god’s chosen people and its hatred and enmity to all goyim.

A Summary of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate in israel

A Summary of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate in Israel

There has been much that has already been written about the Rothschild crime syndicate. We acknowledge that for those who are not part of the general global awakening and the truth movement, such discussions could get too confusing and even overwhelming. As such, it is my intent in this article to unravel and shed light on any still-lingering confusion by speaking to common people and not just my fellow intellectual elites, academicians, and fellow independent researchers.Before I begin, I want to emphatically state the following:

To those freemasonic architects of control whose aim has always been to lie and confuse the masses by muddying the truth, let it be clear that what I am about to discuss is NOT a “conspiracy theory” – a pejorative they commonly use when they yearn to assassinate articulate dissent. No, we are academics; we are not interested in “conspiracy theories”. However, we are [and should be] very much interested in conspiracy FACTS since it is our job to investigate and expose lies and spread the truth. And may I remind you of the old Christian proverb that the biggest trick the devil has ever pulled [throughout human history] was to convince the masses that he doesn’t exist. With that preface in mind, I now get into the crux of the matter.

For approximately 250 years, the multi-faceted Zionist Rothschild crime family, with its prototypical Luciferian, anti-Christian, anti-religion, globalist aspirations, has tirelessly worked to intertwine and morph itself into the already existing global financial power structure as well as take over the helms of the mass brainwashing apparatus that we now call the controlled western mainstream media.

And up to now, they have mainly succeeded. But in the last two decades or so, albeit slowly but surely, things have been finally turning against them, thanks primarily to the general global awakening and the truth movement facilitated through an unprecedented proliferation of knowledge, courtesy of the information technology revolution that is connecting us all together.

If we aim to truly expose and eventually derail and defeat the satanic Illuminati agenda and the New World Order mechanism – or more accurately translated, New Secular (godless) Order which is a more precise translation of the Latin phrase, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” – which has been in making for centuries, then we must arm ourselves with the up-to-now hidden knowledge of not just the version of history that has been [and still is being] taught to students in our Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, but instead turn to the alternative, hidden version of history which used to only be available and known in various so-called “elite”, occult, and esoteric circles throughout the world, especially in the Western so-called “civilization”. Yes, information was always power as it will forever be. At any rate, it is nearly impossible to delve into such matters without stumbling on the name Rothschild.

George Orwell put it best in his legendary book, 1984: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Throughout the Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, the Rothschilds are what I call the ultimate, obsessive-compulsive architects of control – so meticulous that there have been few examples in modern [or post modern] history that matches them.

Note: Do not be alarmed by the word “occult” which literally means, “clandestine, hidden, secret or knowledge of the hidden”. This, of course, does not have to be satanic in nature but it could be. However, by shedding light on such matters, this up-to-now hidden knowledge will no longer be occultic but transparent, apparent, and self-evident. Hence we take away its occultic mystique and in this case diabolic nature. Let us be comforted by the Word of God as delivered through Apostle John, peace be upon him, some 2000 years ago:

“The light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness has not overcome it” – John 1:5.

Let us begin with some brief and on-the-surface facts about the Rothschilds, especially their hidden hand in the Middle East region:

In 1917, the British subsidiary of the Rothschild crime syndicate effectively arm-twisted and forcibly lobbied the British Government to promise to grant them Palestine in exchange for getting the United States to get involved in World War I on the side of Britain and thus ensure a British victory over Germany, et al.

Thus the Balfour Declaration was conceived. This was a one-page official letter (business executive-summary style) from the British Foreign Secretary at the time, Arthur James Balfour, to Baron Rothschild stating the following: “His Majesty’s government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this objective.”

There was a big problem with this scenario: Palestine was never Britain’s to grant away. It rightfully belonged to the Palestinian Arabs who had dwelled there for centuries – ever since time immortal as recorded in the Old Testament, albeit portrayed in a negative light due to the Israelite bias. Thousands of years later, in walked the Rothschild Zionists, usurping their way in, as usual, since this has been their traditional method of stealing power and resources for centuries. Slowly but surely, they started to brutally and forcefully evacuate the land and take over. In the past several decades, the Zionists have murdered and victimized millions of innocent and defenseless Palestinians. They are still committing genocide to this day with the full blessing of Washington, London, and Brussels but more importantly the Rothschild crime family who are the behind-the-scenes agents of the highest echelons of diabolic earthly power with a lust for control and domination. I will not elaborate on the nature of their esoteric Luciferian agenda since that could be a separate topic for another article.

According to the Jewish English historian, Simon Schama, the Rothschilds own 80% of what they have opportunistically called “Israel” – a blasphemy unto itself according to true Torah Jews who correctly point out (according to academic Judaic biblical understanding) that after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Roman General Titus, as prophesized by Jesus Christ some 40 years earlier, that a nation of Israel can ONLY be assembled by the Messiah himself and absolutely by no earthly power or authority and that the contrary is nothing short of a satanic agenda and contrary to the will and directions of the Divine Providence.

The creation of the Zionist State of so-called “Israel” was massively unjust right from the beginning: an entity conceived in treachery, theft, and cruelty and politically justified vis-à-vis the evil of the burnt offering which is the exact meaning of the word Holocaust. In this manner, the evil Rothschilds’ cult of Moloch belief in human sacrifice, in this case the Holocaust, was a precursor and a required harbinger for them to steal and carve their own nation state.

Naturally, this profound inequity continues to breed conflict today, as has been the case all along. It is no exaggeration to state that the founding of this Rothschild Zionist State, along with the blind and absolute ideological and financial support by their corrosive AIPAC and JDL lobbyists among other traitors in Washington, London, Brussels, and Tel Aviv may dangerously be a contrived forerunner to World War III itself, as we have been gradually witnessing this possible trend taking place in the Middle East in the past several years, starting with the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 followed by other covert wars and anarchies to follow which is dangerously drawing in global powers such as Russia as well as China and India (in rhetoric) and regional powers such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It’s hard to fathom that this puny, desert-stricken patch of Rothschild Zionist-created entity which measures no more than 8019 square miles – all of it illegal and stolen of course – practically controls the Middle Eastern foreign policy mechanisms of the governments of the US, EU, UK, Canada, France, and many others in the Western world. Apparently, at least for now, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Rothschilds have always been fully behind this Frankenstein golem, falsely and blasphemously called, “Israel”, in which the Rothschilds are both the Frankenstein and the golem.

At any rate, here are more facts about the broad spectrum of the power of the Rothschild crime syndicate:

The Rothschilds own the Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), the two biggest news media agencies in the world which naturally have stayed subservient to their master’s propaganda talking points, albeit with a clever twist of what seem like “objectivity” which it totally is not. The Rothschilds also have a controlling share in the Royal Dutch Oil Company, the so-called “Bank of England” which in reality should be called, “The Bank of Rothschilds” as part of their original five European banking branches in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples, as exhibited in the Rothschild five arrows coat-of-arms, symbolizing the five sons of the criminal godfather Mayer Amschel Rothschild who lived from 1744 to 1812 in Frankfurt, Germany still the financial capital of the Federal Republic of Germany courtesy of the Rothschilds.

They also own LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), exert tremendous covert influence at the Federal Reserve, the ECB (European Central Bank), IMF, World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements. The Rothschilds also have ownership of the majority supply of actual physical gold in the world. They own the London Gold Exchange which sets the price of gold every day. It is estimated that the Rothschilds own over half of the wealth of the entire planet – estimated by Credit Suisse to be $231 trillion which is reportedly managed and controlled by the 85-year old Lord Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of this crime family.

And here’s a very interesting relatively recent fact: One week before September 11, 2001, the ZIM Shipping Company broke its lease which it had held for 30 years with New York’s World Trade Center Building Complex which of course were owned by Silverstein Properties. ZIM Shipping Company is 50% owned by the Rothschilds, hinting that they possibly had a hand in 9-11 via quo bono circumstantial evidence that is just begging to be officially investigated but of course is not because the Rothschilds are way too big and encompassing. Here’s a crucial side-note addendum: ZIM Shipping Company was formerly known as ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd. and Zim American Israeli Shipping Inc. It is the biggest cargo shipping company in Israel, and one of the top 20 global carriers.

Back to the past, in 2005 Forbes magazine ranked Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the original godfather of this criminal family back in the 18th and early 19th century, as number seven in its list of “The 20 Most Influential Businessmen of All Time“. Incidentally, Mayer Amschel Rothschild is referred to as the “founding father of international finance”.

The Rothschilds were directly involved in financing the British in their War of 1812 when England invaded Washington D.C. and burned our nation’s capital to the ground. Three years later (in 1815), the Rothschilds took complete control of the Bank of England, but kept the name as a decoy, of course, with all the other national banks that they now own throughout the globe.

The Rothschilds were also directly involved in financing the Southern secessionists during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was in fact a Rothschild agent.

After their hostile takeover of the Bank of England in1815, the Rothschilds have been expanding their banking control literally all over the world. Their method: Pressuring various countries’ corrupt politicians to accept massive IMF loans, which they can never repay, of course, and thus go into a form of debt slavery to the Rothschild banking powers. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. And if that fails, invasions can follow. Does that sound familiar?

As stated above, the Rothschilds also exert powerful influence over the world’s major western mainstream news media outlets. By repetition of the same deceitful propaganda throughout their news cycle, the masses are duped into believing exaggerated horror stories about “evil dictators” such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Moamar Gadhafi of Libya, and now Basher Assad of Syria, etc. Again, does THAT sound familiar?

The Rothschild crime syndicate has had their hand in fomenting nearly every European war during the past 250 years, two of which were meticulously designed to become world wars in the 20th century alone. They also install presidents and prime-ministers, dethrone and install kings (with Freemasonic puppet replacements), foment false revolutions and coup-d’etats, create and stimulate social, ethnic, moral, cultural, political, and geopolitical divisions and sectarianisms, bankrupt nations through wars and rumors of wars, use and abuse of economic tools (their favorite modus operandi) such as interest rate manipulations, contrived economic bubbles followed by financial collapses, recessions, and full economic depressions, in addition to currency exchange manipulations, and the list goes on and on. Like vermin, the Rothschild blood-suckers live to profit from all these societal and economic ills.

On the cultural front, they have always worked hard [again from behind-the-scenes] vis-à-vis the hidden hand of the immoral and godless Freemasonic power structures to corrode long-cherished moral values and spread all manners of sexual deviations and perversions which their godless liberal surrogates have worked hard during the past 50 years to make these filth into a competing norm across Western Europe and North America. By abusing sacred phrases such as human rights and democracy, these utterly deprave, morally corrupt, liberal surrogates are directly arm-twisting tradition and moral societies to adopt their decrepit moral relativism and ethical ambiguity vis-à-vis the modern, secular so-called educational systems which they had a major hand in designing. In other words, a multiple decades-long cultural campaign of mass brain-washing to mislead the peoples of the world, especially in Western Europe and North America regions to persuade the public to call what is good evil and to call evil what is good. This of course was prophesized by Prophet Isaiah in the 8th century B.C. when he wrote, Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20).

From the gecko, they aimed to destroy Western Christianity (Catholicism and later on Protestantism) which unfortunately to a great extend they succeeded. They infiltrated the very Catholic Church in the 15th and 16th centuries during the Italian Renaissance vis-à-vis the Borgia popes who were Spanish Maranos in heritage.

They tried to do the same with Eastern Orthodox Christianity but utterly failed – then and now. Today, we must be grateful for the enthusiastic resurgence and hopeful revival of the Eastern Orthodox faith as a viable moral, ethical, and political force to be reckoned with, especially among the youth of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is one of the many reasons for their fanatical Russia-phobia media campaign. They typically insert this via their news media neuro-lingual programming of repeatedly calling this or that world leader a “dictator”, as they continue to do so, for example, with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s former President Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s recently deceased former President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolás Maduro, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, and the recently CIA-deposed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as well as Philippines’s new President Rodrigo Duterte. These world leaders (among many others) are continuously singled-out and red-flagged because of their stern and courageous audacity to openly oppose [and expose] the Rothschild Illuminati power structure, albeit without directly invoking their name. They are frequently (if not repeatedly) character assassinated via all the western mainstream media outlets which they happen to own and operate.

Back to the resurgence of religion and traditional values, the surge in traditional Catholicism should also be celebrated in countries like Poland, et al., although this is a sensitive topic for Russia, especially after the fall of the USSR in 1991. Nevertheless, this Catholic resurgence does serve as a force to combat moral relativism and cultural decay that is running rampant in the North America and Western Europe regions, albeit we are at the threshold of a great modern revival of traditional values in both aforementioned regions.

And as for the true, revolutionary, modern, righteous, political Islam, the Rothschild Zionists perceive that as their greatest threat while all along, they foment and fund the most brutal and savage-like versions of false Islam such as Wahabism and Salafism via their Saudi and other Gulf Arab puppet proxies vis-à-vis the bloody ISIS savage mercenaries, in order to distort, confuse, and muddy the perceptions of the peoples of the world and even Muslims themselves towards Islam.

This is so since their ultimate geopolitical plan in the greater Middle East region is to first evacuate big chunks of it vis-à-vis chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, and the wars that cause depopulation by horrific deaths which are then followed by the current refugee crisis across the massive war-torn areas of the Middle East and North Africa. This is intentionally done so in order to once-and-for-all implement their evil “Greater Israel” project which comprises confiscating all the lands from the Nile River (in Egypt) to the Euphrates River (in Iraq).

Long ago, they even codified this hegemonic concept in their despicable Rothschild Zionist flag which is on a white background falsely symbolizing peace, comprised of two blue stripes symbolizing the Nile River and the Euphrates River (at the top and bottom) with their so-called “Star of David” which in actuality is their Star of Remphan – a Babylonian and Egyptian symbol signifying the satanic cult of Saturn worship that the Israelites most probably plagiarized and adopted from the Egyptians while wondering around in the desert for 40 years after their liberation/ expulsion from Egypt. Please refer to Amos 5:26 as well as Acts 7:43 for a specific mention of this Star of Remphan. Besides, King David absolutely had no star or symbol, as many Orthodox Jewish rabbis would gladly testify. The eternal and true symbol of true Torah Jews is none other than the Menorah, symbolizing truth and light. However, King David’s son, the mystical King Solomon certainly did have a star (or symbol) and that was the upright pentagram symbolizing humanity. Turn it slightly to the left or right and you have the Luciferian Baphomet symbol – an idol or deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping.

Anyway, why are the Rothschilds obsessed with their ominous control and conquest of big chucks of the Middle East? The answer is very cryptic and mysterious which I may greatly elaborate in future articles. In brief, in order to directly control and spiritually abuse the powerful and esoteric energy vortexes of these very ancient and magical lands. And their trump card if their hegemony is ever challenged or threatened? The so-called “Samson Option”, Israel’s deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons against any country whose military may defensively attack Israel. These are but just a few exoteric examples of the wicked strategies of the Rothschilds and other so-called “elite” powerful families who are numbered to be 13 who rule the earth today with a clear satanic agenda for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.

Back to some of the geo-economic strategies of the Rothschilds, here comes the Iran dossier. Revolutionary and modern Islamic ideology aside, could gaining control of the CBI (Central Bank of Iran) with its sizable gold deposits be one of the main reasons that Iran has been intensely targeted and demonized for close to 40 years by the western media and the warmongers in Washington, NATO, and Tel Aviv? Objective researchers point out that Iran is now one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is NOT under Rothschild control. Before 9-11, there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran – not that they would amount to much in the macroeconomic global sense. But in the case of Iraq and Libya, their supply of physical gold was vast, as is reported with Iran.

By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were completely swallowed up by the Rothschild system and by 2011 Sudan and Libya followed. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was even established in Benghazi while the country was still at war!

Again, objective researchers contend that Iran is not being demonized because they are a nuclear threat, as facts have proven over-and-over that Iran is clearly NOT a nuclear threat. And yet, the Rothschild-controlled mainstream media along with puppet politicians relentlessly keep repeating this lie even after the signing of JCPOA, the acronym for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between P5+1 (Russia, China, US, UK, France + Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What then is the real reason? Is it the trillions to be made in stolen oil profits, or the trillions to be made in war profits (a two-centuries long Rothschild specialty), or is it to start World War III for whatever diabolic financial incentive, or is it to simply destroy the CBI (Central Bank of Iran) so that no one is left to defy Rothschild’s money racket? It might be any one of those reasons or worst, it might be all of them!

To sum up, what used to be pejoratively referred to as a “conspiracy theory” is now being discussed openly among credible academics, cutting-edge independent think-tanks, and ultimately the governments of the nations of the world.

Lastly, an old John Maynard Keynes & E. F. Schumacher concept for a global currency called the Bancor may still be a viable Rothschild global currency scam and along with it their proposed, controversial, octopus-like global central bank swindle, dominating every financial aspect of today’s modern life.

The criminal Rothschild godfather, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, famously said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.” Whoever continues to control the monetary system of the world will in effect control the policies and laws – globally speaking. What is the Rothschilds’ strategy in achieving this? One of the preliminary measures of incorporating a global currency seems to be the destruction of all currencies around the globe in order to justify its inception.

As stated, calls for a global currency began to come about after World War II, when British Economist John Maynard Keynes and the British government proposed the Bancor as a world reserve currency. The current ongoing economic crisis, especially ever since the Great Recession of 2008, has set the stage for the demise of the dollar as the current world reserve currency in order to possibly make way for this proposed Bancor or whatever other name or electronic/ digital currency system they come up with, to make their propaganda more marketable since the cat is totally out of the bag with the Bancor, figuratively-speaking.

One thing is for certain, Washington, the Fed, and their allies are in on the plan, as the Fed continues to devalue the dollar through “quantitative easing”, better put, printing more and more worthless paper money. Washington continues to grow by spending more-and-more only to exacerbate the problem. Perhaps, this is all part of the Rothschild plan to destroy the dollar once-and-for-all.

Timothy Geithner, former president of the New York branch of the Fed and later on Barack Obama’s Secretary of Treasury from 2008-2012 openly endorsed the one world currency. He, more-or-less, admits to it (in this brief video) from a meeting at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, incidentally a major political & economic think-tank arm of the Rothschild power structure:

Some argue that the US housing market bubble, US auto industry’s near collapse and its subsequent US Government bailout, Wall Street and banker bailouts, as well as the drastic reduction in manufacturing here in the US are all contrived events in order to systematically crush the US economy and the dollar in particular, with the ultimate goal of making way for phase two of the ominous Rothschild and other elite families’ final takeover of the world’s monetary systems and the completion of a New World Order feudalistic dictatorship, better put, the New Secular/ Godless Order. The writing is certainly on the wall.

Now, let the real people’s social, political, economic, but most importantly spiritual revolution begin. We are at the threshold – and some would say in the midst of – a grand new global reality. If we are to defeat this Rothschild satanic agenda, we must all work together, shoulder-to-shoulder and hand-in-hand, or we are doomed.

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